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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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stuart: as you leave you, we are delighted to tell you we have a rally. the price of oil is up over a dollar. my time is finally out. neil, it is yours. neil: it appears to be a lockdown situation in san diego. it is not confirming. we are told that workers have been told to seek shelter because of a possible, and i stress, possible, active shooter. all are in lockdown just as a precaution. we have been told that the san diego police department is responding to the same reports of a shooter.
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we will keep you posted on this as any new developments, our way. they have not confirmed any of this. we can tell you that this is a fairly large operation. the facility itself has 6500 military and civilian professionals. 2100 individual civilians. it is a large structure. infrastructure for that entire community. we have any further word on this. we will be going back there right away. markets in the meantime that are up. you kind of know the joe with this. that seems to be the one that matters the most. connell mcshane.
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>> almost unpredictable at this point. you look at the screen and save the dow is up. you look at oil. the opposite was true today. you gain back the losses that we had today. a 4% rally. maybe we are just down a lot. the market is being lead led hired nationally by some of the oil related stocks. exxon and or chevron. two and a half, three or 4%. pretty strong consumer numbers. i guess if you are speaking of consumers, sprint into the conversation about consumers. eighteen, almost 19% gain for the stock today. overall, we have the rally in oil. i know what the fed will say.
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before we say anything else, what oil does, stocks do. >> thank you, my friend. still no further updates about san diego. hopefully, there will not be any. we are watching it for you, though. also watching activity six days ahead of the iowa caucuses. getting on in. and. falling below 15%. >> below 50%. they support clinton. down from 54% two weeks ago. let's get back to june.
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clinton held a 46-point lead over bernie sanders. his support has grown bit by bit. now he seems to be a legitimate contender. another poll that fox news did. resolve a little uptick in consumer confidence. there is growing pessimism of the economy. more americans think the economy is getting worse thing getting better. can you link the problems in the polls to this? i say she is more closely aligned with the obama administration than any candidate. with those policies, we have the slowest recovery in this economy since world war ii. that certainly helps bernie sanders on the campaign trail. >> thank you very, very much. the opponent aggressively trying to court steelworkers. they are at a disadvantage with
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some of these trade deals. she has come out again some of those trade deals. jamie weinstein on how they are gaining traction. i think they have always had visited new hampshire higher. most have given up on any thought of him winning iowa. that may change. >> that would be big. hillary clinton thinks it is a firewall behind iowa and new hampshire higher. he had all these other states where she was leading. the momentum from iowa and new hampshire higher, a lot of those voters taking a second look at bernie sanders. maybe hillary clinton is more vulnerable than we thought. it could change the whole paradigm of this election. >> the argument has always been, certainly, the minority vote
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which has always been counted on in the south. you get to the primaries and the like. that is where will really come to fruition. rarely have we had a candidate lose those first two big events. and lived another big day to tell about it. then what? >> her husband, bill clinton. some people argue it is because they do not know who bernie sanders is. you can reevaluate. if hillary clinton is really the person they want to go after. take a second look at bernie sanders if he wins these two states. neil: is a pro- bernie or anti-hillary? what is it? >> bernie sanders speaks to your
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heart. a lot of these issues on anti-wall street. they think hillary is too close to wall street. foreign policy is probably far more closer to the democratic debate. they are hard is with bernie sanders. bernie sanders tries to make the experience argument. if he beats her in iowa and new hampshire higher, people will look at those kind of narratives. bernie sanders surging in those first two states. >> thank you very much. if you were to say, prior to the real started this election year that donald trump would be capitalizing on the evangelical, married three times, controversial among that. you have to wonder what gerri would be doing.
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evangelical states must win and remained so. if donald trump would pull off a win here, what's the big deal. >> donald trump went to church on sunday and i will. a solid game in iowa. this will be an interesting challenge for cruise. they are talking about that 57% of the iowa caucus goers on the gop side are you evangelical christians. right now based on the last poll, basically said that he is doubling that lead.
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trump does have the strong appeal with the first time conference goers in iowa. they are going for the first time. guess who they are supporting. it will be an interesting, i can see it being an iowa surprise. ted cruz said it just yesterday. if trump wins iowa, if he wins new hampshire higher, he could be in unstoppable. tracy: trump can live without winning iowa. >> that is right. if he you were to pick up iowa, obviously, the whole rationale, picking up on it in the south, all of that could go away. what do you think? >> it makes it more difficult
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for ted cruz if he does not win iowa. you are talking super tuesday. a lot of the states including texas. cruise with the organization that he has and the money he has raised, he could be in it for a long run. they win south carolina. it makes it a lot more difficult. as for an established candidate or someone might work a rubio to come out and win. neil: we will watch very, very closely. fox business on the day the caucus was itself. we are there once the polls close. beginning at 8:00 p.m. until whenever. it will be so crucial. pretty much all of the
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candidates will be there. we're trying more information. there were reports in this first about 40 minutes ago. the shooter at the naval medical center in san diego. there was a posting on a facebook page. an active shooter has been reported in building 26. the post goes on to say all occupations are designed to fight. a middle school is even shut down. given their proximity to all of this. the navy is not commenting on it. so far no reports of injuries or anything. shutting the whole thing down. this facility has a clinics. nine. mary care sites with their family members. the facility has more than
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1.2 million outpatient visits and 2015. better than 19,000 patients. it is obviously a busy facility. just report the bat indicating that any military facility shutting it down. getting to the bottom of it later. ♪ we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing
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spieth team we have monitoring these developments right now. this navy medical center. reports about 45 minutes ago. and at this shooter on the scene. that has not even been confirmed by the navy. just the reports were enough to
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prompt police to recommend a shutdown of the area. they say that no one has been dispatched. this is a case of the navy handling it on their own. we have no reports of injuries. an active shooter on the scene. reported in building number 26. this is a point for vets that may need medical assistance. we do not know if it was an angry vets. we do not even know what transpired. shutting the whole thing down. that is where we stand. no reports of anything else. you know the drill. all too well. all right. stocks of close to 300 points.
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sixteen minutes after. there is a lot of pressure on the federal reserve. charlie gasparino. speaking of the markets. i am not expecting a move on part of the federal reserve. do they telegraph something? >> i think that they are leaning on the fed not moving. that is in march. maybe not do it all year. neil: all year? >> who knows. the fed does not have to. we have a stronger dollar. it depresses exports. the desire, the desired impact of slowing stuff down, you know,
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you think that there are commodity bubbles and things like that. chances are, they probably will not do it to an election year. the only caveat is this economic conditions improving from markedly. you really do have to worry about inflation. i do not see that either. neil: when they meet like this, what do they do? >> i have never been in the meeting. they go over everything. they go over tons of data. they go over every scenario. they have a dual mandate. keeping inflation in control. making that dual mandate is a big thing. janet yellen, she favors monetary stimulus, would probably care less about
12:19 pm
inflation and more about full employment. using the fed mechanism to do that. she is the type of person that will not raise rates. >> anymore or less than ben bernanke? >> they all are. he did not care. >> he would raise rates one full point. >> i will say this. we do not know a lot about it. one of the things that yellen said, terrorism has to be factored into market than what people do. even the fed. do you raise rates when global markets are unsettled by terrorism? i am just saying that she said it. not me. >> thank you, very, very much.
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more details on this naval center facebook page. there were three gunshots fired early this morning at the naval medical center. an admissions point. for veterans seeking medical attention. we do not know anything more than that. the in active shooter was reported in the building. that prompted the navy to shut the center down. out of an abundance of caution. a very similar feel to the naval facility shutdown when the shooter went wild there and shot about eight folks then. that does not appear to be the case here. they were both naval facilities. i will keep you posted on this. it knows of the shutdown.
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it is not really describing why there is a shutdown. some of them indicate that shooting on the scene. the navy itself has not detailed that. we will keep you posted. more after this. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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neil: hit by pants by hip we're getting more information. one appears to be an active shooter. our fox five affiliate out there reporting an active shooter has indeed been reported at the center. furthermore, this is quoting from said page, all occupations are advised to run all non-emergency response personnel. they spoke to fox five.
12:25 pm
they heard several gunshots. saul heavily armed law enforcement. we are told local police are not there. naval officials are. on its website, the naval medical center is the largest most comprehensive military in the u.s. active duty personnel. we hear a number of references. apparently, one of the facilities, not the only one. it does not mean that one of them was involved in this act to the deep. we are just told that that is where all of this started. the surrounded area in lockdown. including three local high schools. middle schools and childcare
12:26 pm
center. also taking precautionary steps near the san diego zoo. i am not sure how far that is from there. social media sites as well. trying to update us on facebook and the like. how is any of this being relayed on social media sites. how do you get your hands on that information? this was an issue that donald trump took up an issue on with our very own maria bartiromo. >> we are snooping on isis. these are people that are beheading people. they are beheading christians. >> i want to be able to snoop on isis. it is a primary tool.
12:27 pm
we will figure out what to do. we will not allow isis to use the internet. neil: go slow. policing this up by all means. get your hands on it when it becomes necessary. not confirming any of this. only referring folks to a facebook site. maybe itself, i must stress they have not said that. three shots fired. the navy citing a witness who reported such. i know it seems like a bad distinction. as soon as we get reports of this act to the date, we shut the whole facility down. that facility is shut down and locked down. area schools, stores, childcare centers. that widens. more reports come in.
12:28 pm
out of an abundance of caution. slow the traffic. stop the traffic. a former verizon boss. i do not intend to grab you on a day like this. it does come as a backdrop to donald trump and others. fair game to get information if it telegraph stuff like this. >> i agree with what donald trump has said here. it is very difficult for telephone companies and for social media companies to get suspicious information to the right law enforcement authorities. today, it is only done under a court order. i am not fine with that. neil: they should do a little more? >> i am not speaking for verizon
12:29 pm
or at&t. i want to be very clear on that. my personal preference here is that would be that information flows more easily to the likes of google or twitter or verizon or at&t to law-enforcement authorities. the only way it is transmitted today is by court order. >> a lot of this stuff is readily available. the first time we had was from the naval medical center. an active shooter has just been reported in building 26. all occupations are devised. they announce it on facilities or social media. what authorities will start questioning is was anyone else using the social media site? telegraphing this. that is where they go after guys. say, all right.
12:30 pm
>> well, sure. let's not be naïve about this. the government has sources for information. they monitory the internet. just like google. >> do they monitor it after the fact? oh, we should have heard these names. just doing a naval facility. you know what i mean? >> in terms of homeland security, i think that they are all over this stuff. it is all kinds of law enforcement. a lot of this information is generally available on social media sites. a social media site before they do bad stuff. information ought to flow more easily. i think this is what mr. trump
12:31 pm
is suggesting. telephone companies to law enforcement. i understand that. do i fear that. the nsa monitors satellite conversations. all of this information is generally available anyway. if social media sees something suspicious, they ought to be able to turn that over to the authorities. they have received reports. whatever is going on, the navy is handling it and not local police. ♪
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neil: i promise you we have what information we are getting from the san diego facility shutdown at a naval center there. an alarming shooting situation or worse. the navy would be asking help from local authorities, police or fire and neither has been called on this 6500% community.
12:36 pm
whatever happened originated from a report. talking about a shooter. active duty soldiers. just a report. a caution of great deal. certainly not evidencing itself. again, i feel by aged to pass this along. i am sure people were in that community. wondering why things are shut down. we will keep you posted. keeping you posted on a big run-up in stocks today. oil is moving up. this is in unbroken length.
12:37 pm
it goes up, stocks go up. jeff. >> just session highs. a few moments ago. we are up 180. we are not even flirting with 132. this is session highs. at the very highest. this is the highest it has been all day. nothing has changed. it is not like this on inventory reports. there was a drawdown. a jumping consumption. this is all about opec today. there has been chatter off and on. this is the strongest chatter we have heard so far. it could be close to saying okay doing something about production. that word is coming both from opec itself as well as from the
12:38 pm
iranian oil minister. he thinks that there is flexibility by both opec as well as russia. that really has boosted this market. we are at 175 as we speak as well. you give production cuts from opec. gas prices i leave you with. still on the way down. the average now is 182. a gallon. we could be on the bottom. san diego. this could be interpreted as very good news. there wasn't a sense that the crisis is behind them. we are told that students and
12:39 pm
staff are continuing to shelter in those respective places. whether that applies to the naval facility at self is anyone's guess. if there ever was any danger, not extending to those outside this regional center. a market running up. a lot of it is originally. it sort of acts as a counterbalance. saudi arabia. it is increasing production. i am sensing a bit of a tiff. >> opec is certainly changing. everybody would like to see higher prices. they are also looking out market share. looking at a new entrance. more oil into the markets.
12:40 pm
the market is always jittery. we also look at what that means for us here in america. that is a good news bad news story. the good news is for those industries that deep end on fuel him up. the energy industry hiring hundreds of thousands of dollars of new workers is hurting and those jobs are vanishing. there is good news bad news about where the price environment is. neil: you have to wonder whether the uae and kuwait thinking about reassessing output and production, maybe they have the message as well from the saudis.
12:41 pm
you sucked up a lot of the pain. the industry here is proven to be more resilient. they have to figure out what they can do on their end. iran. even with a quote of reduction, they just stand at the gate. they like their brother to produce less. they can ramp up it more. it will undertake a voluntary production. i don't think so. >> china over 6%. in the middle of this oil cascading fear. i cannot imagine it has transpired since then. what do you think? >> looking at china.
12:42 pm
their demand is down. they benefit from a low price environment. it is a big thing. japan not recovering. us not recovering. it has a big impact. it eased up as soon as they got to european stick around. you are watching fox business. ♪ eck out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) seize it! weinto a new american century.
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>> okay. neil, news on weight watchers. weight watchers shares are up 7%. after oprah winfrey prefers to weight watchers. in a twee.
12:46 pm
he bred lose weight. duly noted. careful. purple. a weight watchers call for you. like connell mcshane getting snotty. connell: 300-point advances to the upside. this is the other part. we spend a moment talking about consumer confidence. the fact that it went up does. if there is a message in all of this. the stock market decline.
12:47 pm
it is 3 m. chevron. courtesy of our infamous map. all 30 dow stocks are higher, neil. right at 10:00 a.m. eastern. stocks and oil to the highs of the session. >> apparently, you can eat red and lose weight. i assume you can eat some amount of red. >> you always get to have the pride. neil: make it an italic in thing. let me see what she recommends about cabbage. [laughter] neil: thanks, buddy. i appreciate that.
12:48 pm
apple is going to be announcing earnings after the closing. the stock is now finally over 100. there are concerns. what about iphone growth? here is the thing about apple. only in this world with this company sells 75 million of something. wow. ♪
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neil: this is earning report card season. there are some seminal issues that do represent or are considered for the markets. a barometer.
12:52 pm
a high-tech mutual fund. new television, software, that sort of thing. there has to be some good news coming out of this. it does not necessarily have to be how they did in the last quarter. that can be anyone's guess. i don't know what to make of this. it is that there is no new things coming on there. no hot, sexy technology. it used to be the case. >> full disclosure. i am also an apple shareholder. i think there are some that should be on the iphone.
12:53 pm
where the success came out at a time where people were not really clamoring for a new phone. seven will come with new bells and whistles. moving from a six to a successful not be quite the leap from a 6287. the six as is in incremental jump. i definitely think the iphone drives their entire business. where apple sees some hope, i think -- neil: the whole thing is stupid. >> i think that there is money to be made. >> nothing, google has a jump on
12:54 pm
it. no one is taking command from the consumer side. whoever ends up winning that is in for a lot of money. whether they end up winning is another question as well. that is where their hopes are. neil: no new off the chart revolutionary product. revolutionary what they would do. i may be missing something. >> i think the watch is still see some news. it would indicate that it is more than your dick tracy type of watch. it really is an advance. as they gain strength.
12:55 pm
things are going better in china than a lot of people are anticipating. it could be another upside to this story today. the success came. the growth in income type of account. it does offer that 2% yield. it pays 11 billion in dividends last year. about 35 billion in stock. caching the shareholders. we think this opportunity for them to continue to grow. if you are hanging on a high-tech wonder like apple for the dividend, that is a real sort of calm down. >> definitely not the rocket ship that you were hoping for when you made this investment.
12:56 pm
pushing this market am making a big difference. whether it is iphone or cars. we will see. making some big moves and doing some damage. >> i am jumping on it. there are no updates out of san diego. in apparent lockdown. an area of facility. whatever is going on is unique to the naval facility. we are told that the police and fire officials have not been called in. it does not appear to be the case. stick around. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. >> all right. what ever happened with this san diego naval incident where they had a shot down on a naval
1:00 pm
center they are. any more facts or anything would explain why this was shut down. the navy never confirmed or verify that. something that appeared under the facebook page. the navy still insisting no shooter. no shooting. no incident. the lockdown is still on. we will get you posted. a big run-up across the board. the new york stock exchange. some of the stocks have been big winners this month. some are very familiar. that stock is up 15%. they have a bad holiday sales season. they will close some stores.
1:01 pm
they unload the property obligations. also time warner inc. hbo, cnn. there is a rumor that apple is actually looking at time warner. they may just do better by netflix. apple can buy them with plenty of money left over to buy them lunch. 8.5%. they have a very good demo. they kind of made the transition to judge her wealth -- transition to digital. american express, their outlook, not good. investors not happy. nasdaq is up 20%.
1:02 pm
>> we have the iowa caucuses. we will be there this weekend. the caucus vote next monday night. a lot of people ask me why is i was so difficult to gauge and get results from. in the scheme of things, a little over 100,000. it could be a record this year may be. it is kind of a process. it is not just a straight up or down vote. the guy who knows it very well, the unpredictability of his caucus. fairly consistent. because, neil, unlike other states, the iowa caucus is not just going to your local school and pressing a button.
1:03 pm
making sure that every republican that you can find spends four hours on a snow week, likely snow evening, being coddled into voting for and supporting who you want to be supported. the question then i well, right now it is does the force of donald trump's personality bring out new caucus goers that have not been a part of the process before? can he beat ted cruises strong ground game that we know is getting committed republicans who have caucused historically. neil: when you vote in iowa or you go to one of these three things, however they do it, you cannot just walk in and walk out. you are there for a while.
1:04 pm
right? >> you have to be committed to what you are doing. you have to be willing to have knockout drag out brawl's. you have two talk about who is best to represent. it is a really fun process. neil: that is what makes it kind of goofy. the one thing that i do wonder about, they say it would be a record number of people voting this weekend. the winner could emerge you set a tone. that is the magic of iweb. that is the magic that it is going to take.
1:05 pm
every campaign, particularly the two front runners, our focus on one thing and one thing only. making sure that people know where to go. what the caucus process is. getting who they want to turn out. ted cruz yesterday was saying if you were to lose i well, they've been lose new hampshire higher. donald trump may be unstoppable. do you agree with that? >> i totally agree with that. it would flow like wildfire at the march super tuesday primaries. it could be game over.
1:06 pm
you have the other candidates, rubio, kasich, chris christie making a difference. >> that is exactly right. it could be made, june before the republicans have a nominee. neil: i don't know they will even have it by the time of the convention. thank you. an online editor. i want to switch sides. indulging me with hillary clinton. down a lot with new hampshire higher. can she afford to lose. both states. >> she can. this would be a very long dragged out primary process. she could afford to lose it him
1:07 pm
up but she does not want to. she is committed to staying there. she has poured her campaigns resources in there. she did not really care for iowa. she really did care about it last time. the far more time there. trying to win this dead heat. probably winning new hampshire higher. they do favor hillary clinton. you want to be the side on the momentum. they have an infrastructure.
1:08 pm
what is your choice? a 74-year-old socialist? bernie sanders. i do not think that there is time. it is hard to qualify on the balance sheets. structural, small things that are very important and crucial to running. another thing. this fbi investigation. we have no idea what is going to go on there. convincing joe biden not to run. this is their predicament. you think of george mcgovern. the liberal passion of the property. favoring after that stumble.
1:09 pm
the party went on to lose in the landslide. it is really, no side really books in perfect shape. >> good chatting. thank you very, very much. pickup pilot in new hampshire higher. a former business site. even when ted cruz says i include iowa. donald trump when dan picks up new hampshire higher. >> it is a long process. we should not jump to a conclusion. as to what the next the prize shall be. it is a little too early to make
1:10 pm
the projections. neil: these are all just possibilities. you hear from establishment republicans. probably overbroad. they fear donald trump. they fear ted cruz. so far of the petri dish candidate. soaring as a democrat. >> you do not know. you look at the history of these two individuals. they are unusual in certain ways. in some cases, make people on comfortable. we have a big disadvantage in america. the whole process of selecting a leader is very strange.
1:11 pm
if you are a corporation, this is the last way that you determine. >> enter one michael bloomberg. possibly entertaining a third-party. the bernie sanders. he would be a somewhat viable candidate. he projects calmness. trust. any results. most new yorkers like him. those that drink big soft drinks, i guess, don't. this guy has a good pedigree. i think that that would come through. a lot calmer than donald trump. a lot more seasoned than ted
1:12 pm
cruz. i think that is what he is considering. they know math. they know addition and subtraction. furthermore, they know to get things done. they know to get things done in a private world. a very different world than washington. i do not know if that skill set applies were even is helpful. we call it democracy in america. it has turned frankly into entertainment. that is where the excitement is. politicians are afraid to compromise.
1:13 pm
very safe routes. what you do not get his big top problems being tackled. that is what is causing you to make the point that even a business person could survive in that world. it would be very difficult. >> good catching up with you. and update on what has been going on in san diego. the naval medical center is evacuating some workers. you can see they are leaving. from the facility. th is outi. we dnot ow wtherhat meanthathe csis h pasd theare st bng taken up group by group. 6500 votes. a lot of individuals doing it. 19,000 veterans, soldiers and
1:14 pm
even civilians have gotten what seems to be quality care over the last year. apparently, a lot of us went down to reports. remotely confirming the navy. we will have more after this. ♪ you both have a
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our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: back to san diego right now. workers are being evacuated. reports of gunfire. that has not been confirmed by the navy itself. there was even so much as a shooting. a facebook mentioned.
1:18 pm
something of that sort there. san diego a very big navy town. congressman darrell eisele. this district includes northern san diego. congressmen, correct me if i am wrong. >> we have not received any confirmation. my district does run from the large veteran facility in la jolla. all the way to orange county. a navy and marine town. over 50,000 marines. it is a bit military town. it is a big concern, obviously, if they are not able to maintain security. whether this is an actual shooting or not, a real question of what does it take to make the site secure. >> also you are familiar with the washington naval yard.
1:19 pm
of course on the border with maryland. a shooter or former worker got onto the facility. there are these types of scares. do you know about the screening process? do you know what type of security measures are taken? >> these facilities are not made that comment or type facilities. almost throughout san diego. they are not checked for firearms. we rely on, if you will, armed security. again, tugh, this is a rare occurrence in a city of 2 million people. >> one thing, though, congressman, the navy did not call for or requests remotely.
1:20 pm
does the maybe handle some security and will only bring in local officials at the be. they would do it. camp pendleton and north island. they have law enforcement. they have contract law enforcement personnel for guards and so want. an active duty military person. wou be ndleon be. hea goeout all o the. whether this is true or not. this kind of a facebook post is not the way to find out whether something is really happening. neil: i guess they shut down and then asked questions later.
1:21 pm
donald trump made a little bit of news earlier. this was prior to this event. more not after the fact. i am paraphrasing right here. >> this is one of the great debates here in washington. you have and continue to have the right. if you post something on facebook, you give up that fight. if you send an e-mail between two people, you should have an expectation that is private. that has been true since the fourth amendment was passed. we, as a country, respect the right to privacy. we have managed to indoor, fight great wars. for 240 years without making our
1:22 pm
people live in a police state. i think for most of us, here in washington, that is what we expect to continue. defend people's liberty. rooting out those that have heard us. >> i appreciate your indulgence on breaking news. i appreciate it. darrell eisele did we have stocks of near 300 points. here is the reason. oil up 6%. i never thought i would see the day where i would be regularly reporting that stocks would go up when oil goes up. it is just weird. i cannot still wrap my hands around it. it is true. more after this. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor,
1:23 pm
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neil: stocks up about 300 points. $32 a barrel.
1:26 pm
i would not walk in on any day. today, along the markets. keep reporting. information comes available. they will have a lot of money. they have billions upfront in sanctions. with interest, they have a lot of it. making deals with the europeans. now, now, the president of iran with the pope. there is a golden moment right there. what does this mean and where are we to go from here? former department official on a lot of messages. i see this sort of stuff. we do not need you. we just make a big airbus order. screwed you, boeing. now we are talking to the pope and the pope loves us. what do you think?
1:27 pm
>> the pope does not have its head in the game. all of rome is bending over backwards. he met with the italian prime minister. they actually covered up the statues that have, god for bid, nudity. >> i heard about that. >> kind of we mesh. they cover those up. just bending over backwards. it looks weird. this is part of iran. not just the money. $150 billion eventually from sanctions released. also, sort of a diplomatic surge in places, sort of welcoming across europe. coming back to the pope. the idea that you attack christians. that unified mosques. neil: how do you know that he is not doing that?
1:28 pm
he might be very aware. using this as an opportunity. we will meet and shake hands. then i will tell you how concerned i am. more to the point, iran. how do you know? it seems like that is exactly what is happening. >> the vatican has a state department that is a lot like our own department. they have a foreign ministry that really wants them to play a bigger role, in kind of a bad way. playing peacemaker in theory up. they really have no constituencies left in theory up. targeting quite severely pared. i do not think that there is really any hard talk going on behind the scenes. neil: the fact that they did this huge plane deal on airbus,
1:29 pm
not that may be boeing would have left that, it would have been a thing of the past, it is a clear message that the iranians are telling the world. we have all of this money. we will spend it. anything that even hints of u.s. interests. >> there is that. they are running up against some of the realities in the region. talking about going public. the value 20 times that of the exxon mobil. they are the ones with a lot of cash. yes, iran will focus on making deals. they can look at the political calendar. we can understand that the very favorable political climate that they are enjoying a washington may change come january. neil: thank you again. all right.
1:30 pm
we have a big attempt to deal with. we are not even close. forget about paying it off. what if i told you, within the next decade, it will be 30. $30 trillion. that is the congressional budget office saying that. that is the best case scenario. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering
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. neil: you know, sometimes it just seems like an awfully big number, you know, 18 trillion, whatever. that's our debt. in a decade it's going to be 30 trillion. what brings us there, though, gerri willis has been examining the data and has some unpleasant details to share with you right now. gerri. >> federal hector costs are sorg up 13%. double digits and why?
1:35 pm
you can thank obamacare, my friends. take a look at the numbers. so for the first time in our history uncle sam spending more money on health care, medicare, medicaid, obama's subsidies last year, 936 billion versus 882 billion for social security. we thought social security was the big one, look at that. amazing. now, what you also need to know about this is that obamacare is taking up more and more of our tax dollars, few and fewer people enrolled han expected. the congressional budget office says it's not 21 million. we know we told you it was going to be 21. no, it's going to be 13 million. so more people enrolling in this health care, 11 million of those 13 million will be getting subsidies. so we are putting that bill. we are pating for that. and what's the result for this? more and more and more debt. the projected debt in 26 years $30 trillion.
1:36 pm
and the deficit rising as well. so you can look at it in 2026 it will be 12.4 trillion growing from 1 trillion in 2. it just goes up and up. and we only have ourselves to thank of it and in love growing entitlement programs. neil,. neil: it's amazing, gerri willis, i'm always reminded of the late great robin williams who says we owe this money to ourselves; right? well, we're not paying. just not paying. i always thought that was brilliant. liz macdonald is here, tom sullivan is here, you know, i give you credit, tom, a lot of times bragging about the, oh, the deficits are down to half a billion, maybe 400 million. it was just a brief period, was it? >> yes. and the problem -- i love the way that the president says i've cut the deficit in half. but the problem that we keep mixing up -- everybody mixes up deficit and the debt and the debt has grown substantially. neil: and the debt is piling on top of our deficits.
1:37 pm
>> i'll go back to george bus bush. it was around 5 trillion and he moved it up to 10. now we went from obama 10 to 19. so i guess eight years of a president, you double your debt. neil: well, now it's so bad doing nothing than with higher interest rates it will grow of its own force. >> right. five years at the interest that we pay on our national debt will be greater than what we spend on our national defense. neil: is that right? >> think about that. >> and what rate winning dagen because rates are so low. what if they go up? >> exactly. that's why american people are -- don't worry about it because we're borrowing 2% over ten years and this year the annual deficit will increase for the first time in six years because we are spending money triple the rate of inflation this year. neil: is that why you wore red. >> what? . neil: is that why you wore
1:38 pm
red? >> to make the point. neil: is that a metaphor. >> no. i wore red because i was really angry this morning. >> i wore a red tie for that exact reason. neil: i appreciate that. what do you make of what's going on? will do that i wore black and white because i'm very black and white about that. neil: you're very clear. that's the way you roll. >> when does a debt bomb become a problem? when social security and medicare go belly up. it's going to happen in 15 years. so that means interest costs alone as we talked about the cost alone is going to basically talk up all of our tax revenue. neil: incredible. >> that means -- less defense spending, less medical research, less money spent on highways. so 2030 is the year that you're going to see congress having to make those tough decisions. what are they going to spend money on? is it going to keep funding social security and medicare or cutting back. neil: to address it right now kasich the ohio governor who has been surging as of late in
1:39 pm
some polls in new hampshire has been making the debt a centerpiece of his campaign and getting a handle on it. and he goes back to what he did in ohio and what he did as house budget chief to finally reverse that trend, but it's tough to sell as a candidate, isn't it? >> well, interesting about kasich because that's really the -- the problem i have is that the candidates you sat there and question these people and nobody really -- none of them other than kasich and carly fiorina mention shrinking government. but the fundamental problem is we have grown government to where we want government to do this and this and this and this and guess what? it takes money. >> right. but people don't -- it's not a populous issue yet, and it won't be in this campaign -- i'll telling you. it won't be a populous issue until people hit their own wallets. >> or when there are automatic cuts to the benefits 85 cents to the dollar and your benefits get cut. neil: i think we have a shot of growing our way out of it. but if we just doubled our growth. >> that's part of it.
1:40 pm
but the other part of it is -- >> that would go on the interest call. >> you're talking about interest year, dagen, we boomers, they're countingous to be dead and gone because we're eating up so much of it. >> no sacrifice and admit that you're taking out more than you ever put into medicare and social security. you're taking more than you ever put in. and until somebody wakes and up acknowledges the truth about how much they're sucking from the government, it would never -- >> just a footnote to what dagen is saying. the cbo says two-thirds of households get more than government benefits -- neil: hold on. hold on. viewer services. oh, that was just dagen. i'll talk to you later. >> what? . neil: no, that's -- >> you call yourself a conservative, then be one. neil: look at the time. >> what? what? . neil: speaking of -- all right. we've got a lot more
1:41 pm
including all of you viewers who have left in a huff come back. we've only lost $2 trillion in market value this year. stick around
1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
year, it's a bigger increase, 5.8% and better than expected. so bottom line is home prices are going up all around the country. mortgage rates that are still low -- you have, you know, job market getting a little bit better. the best areas for growth in terms of geography, portland, oregon, san francisco, and denver. those are the best. now, to the markets. we have a nice rally, 270 points on the dow. remember apple earnings. that's a big one. after the close of trading today. so for now, we're being driven higher by oil and consumer confidence numbers but after the close, the apple number will be huge. neil's back with more coast to coast here in just a moment
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
neil: all right. ahead of the announcing earnings after the closing bell. apple's up with a subscription content plan available through its news app. it's going to give publishers a new way -- we're told from sources, to control who sees these articles, who pays for these articles. it could be another way that the publishers would get paid back themselves. but obviously apple would get paid in this process as well. but it would also seem to telegraph at least -- that the day forgetting all of this stuff for street free might be going. but, again, for apple that's very good news assuming that people are so jazzed by the content that they're getting that they would happily pay
1:46 pm
for it. we'll see. you know, today's gains not withstanding this market is still down about $2 trillion on the year. that is what the market value has surrendered just this year. larry on that. a lot of folks i'm thinking of you, larry, who pinned their hopes on the markets and finding aggressive returns that could pay them nicely in retirement. so they sacrificed a lot, put a lot of money into the markets, only to discover that what goes up can go crashing down. what do you tell them? >> well, people -- and i watch your network all the time, neil, and i see 100 time a day people talking about how the market is long hall. the problem is when you're younger you think long hall is just a couple of years. i've been in the market for 35 years and over 35 years with lots of ups and lots of tragic downs, i've still made money over the long hall. but the point is half the people in the country aren't in the market at all so chances are young people looking at this aren't going
1:47 pm
to be in the market. but those who do want to get in the market maybe they need to really question whether they're ready to invest or not. there's a lot of things you can do other than put your money in the market right now . neil: well, what do you tell them? >> well, first of all, if you want a high guaranteed rate of return, i mean 20% on your money, the best place to do that is to pay off your credit card debt. neil: bingo. >> it's amazing how many people want to get in the market and still have high credit card debt. neil: you're right about that. it's like a 20% return right now. well, let's assume they do that and i hear a lot of young people come up to me and say, neil, i don't like the markets, i saw my parents lose their house because of this. >> yeah. neil: so i'm keeping it conservative so a lot of these guys will invest in bonds or keep it in a bank savings account. what do you tell them? >> well, they say they put it in a bank savings account but pretty much the stats tell us only 17% of americans have even three month's worth of
1:48 pm
money saved and half the country couldn't cover $100 unexpected expense. so that's a great idea. please save some money. i have no issues. save some money. get three months. six months worth of expenses covered. save that money before you go into the market or buy bonds or do anything with it. i'm good with that. neil: yeah, to your point in earlier interviews, you said there is a great deal of security. god forbid something happen, a car go on you or oil or whatever, you have the money to replace or fix it. >> well, it doesn't take much to put the family completely under these days. a hot water heater will do it, a break job will do it. neil: all right. good stuff, larry, thank you so much. written so many best-sellers, got it from the screeners, and it was very useful advice. donald trump says all of this is just part of the same story if you think about it. we're going into a recession. in fact, he thinks we should
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
>> so what's most important? you don't think we're going to go into a recession or you think we should go into a recession? >> i think we should go into a recession because our economy is really weak, you think what's going on in the stock market, i think the stock market is the only remnant that saved people from saying that the economy is terrible. neil: what an interesting interview that donald trump had with maria bartiromo. but on that charlie gasparino on how a recession would be hotter for donald trump. >> it's weak, very tepid like donald trump. neil: is that donald trump? >> yes. neil: what do you think of that?
1:53 pm
what he's saying is that the market is masking what is really -- >> well, it's in donald's interest to, like, you know -- i was going to use another word. go negative on the obama economy and, you know, i think the more the stock market shows nervousness, the more people feel scared. the more likely they would pick an outsider like him for establishment figures. that seems to be -- barack obama was able to bypass the fact that he wasn't, you know, didn't spend a lot of time in the u.s. senate basically spend more time as a state senator and a community organizer than a real politician. he was able to bypass his lack of experience by saying will, listen, in '08 the country's going to neal handbasket, we need change, i give you that change. neil: and, by the way, we had a fairly even raise until the melt down. >> right. neil: and of course we know what happened. but what do you make of ted cruz now saying, look, if i lose iowa, trump picks up iowa and wins new hampshire, i
1:54 pm
mean -- he might be unstoppable. >> i know he's trying to rally the base, but i think he's right about that. and he's not just saying it behind the scenes and i've been saying this on your show. if trump wins ohio iowa, that's a huge win. neil: sarah palin with the big evangelical community backing him. >> that may be the margin of error or whatever. neil: but that community, you would think would look at scans of donald trump and his marriages are saying, look, we like the guy. >> yeah. neil: that's telling. >> you know what the tells me too about the republican electorate? it has changed. neil: absolutely. >> the grassroots used to be -- neil: not the same ol' party. >> used to be very evangelical, they care less about abortion rights or being pro-choice or antiabortion than they do acare about sort of meat and potato issues. they care about the border. i will say this. the republican establishment
1:55 pm
they're the ones that screwed up the most because they ignored that border issue for the honest time. neil: so what happens if he were to lose those two states. >> do you think he's going to lose south carolina? . neil: i'm asking you. >> , no. neil: adjusted itself to that possibility. >> no. it hasn't. maybe you and i -- neil: but they've already chosen. they thought cruz was a far worse alternative; right? >> i don't know. we'll see what happens. neil: i just think some of these others in iowa who are saying -- >> maybe he thinks that cruz, maybe he thinks that rubio can beat cruz easier than trump, so that's why he's saying tha. neil: trump win the whole thing? >> i talked to a fairly significant republican gop operative today he told me if trump wins iowa, which it's going to be tough but if he does and he wins like new hampshire like they think he is, they think he can run the table. that's what he told me.
1:56 pm
neil: for president? >> that's another story. we'll see bloomberg. i don't have this confirmed, just throwing it out there. that he has nor poll out there. so he's really thinking about -- neil: he's running for -- >> yeah. he has this whole thing with congress. it's a little different than new york city council -- neil: a little bit. >> the new york city council. neil: thank you, charlie gasparino, we have a lot more of this including the fallout right after this every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud,
1:57 pm
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. .
1:59 pm
neil: all right. six days away from iowa and two big newspapers committing themselves in two different areas. "boston globe" endorsing john kasich saying that his record as governor of ohio shows him to be pragmatic, fiscally responsible executive. "boston herald" endorsing chris christie saying former u.s. attorney, christie knows something about being on the front lines on going war on terror. i don't know whether newspaper endorsements really matter much
2:00 pm
in the scheme of things but two governors who no doubt going to argue that they have got at least two very influential publications backing their efforts to be next president of the united states. we'll see where that goes. trish regan. take it away. trish: i will, thank you so much, neil. caught on camera, hillary clinton staff admitting sending information over unsecured server was necessary because of speed. well tomcome to the teleagainst. -- welcome to "the intelligence report." this is leading to questions whether hillary clinton and aides broke the law when using private email server when she was secretary of state. here is one of her aides, wendy sherman, admitting yes this happens. >> now we have blackberrys. it has changed the way diplomacy is done of the things appear on your blackberry that would never be on an unclassified system.


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