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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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tuning in one by one telling your friends on social media, it's all really great to see. we're just thrilled, so thank you. and let's keep it up! in the meantime, we've got a market that's up 255 points, liz claman is going to take you through it. liz: that's right, go, fox business. it's a stampede of the bulls on wall street, the dow jones up about 252 points after oil reverses course, consumer confidence improves and some major american businesses say the fourth quarter was just fine. oil still trading in lockstep with the markets, but this time the bulls are just bathing in the stuff. crude first dipping below $30 per barrel this morning before taking flight, getting a boost from hopes that opec producers and maybe even the russians might finally reduce output to decrease the supply glut that sent prices tumbling last week. oil now up 3.5%. are we losing steam here? it had been up 6%.
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the day is not over yet. we're gearing up for apple earnings after the bell. our question this hour, could steve jobs' ultimate creation where he unveiled the iphone in 2007 end up being the downfall of apple this time around? a bull/bear battle on apple's iphone dependency. and the 2016 candidates are heating up the iowa campaign trail by pressing the flesh, gathering new endorsements and even doing a little old-fashioned mud slinging in the iowa caucus as it nearses. carl cameron on the ground with a live report from iowa, plus our political panel on who would win a trump versus bernie faceoff. can the bulls erase the bear paw prints from the dirt yesterday? we're less than an hour from the closing bell, so let's start the "countdown." muck. ♪ ♪ liz: bring out the fine china, the bulls are back.
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at least for this second. okay, let's not get hysterical. the markets are jumping, and you can see lots of green on the screen. the reasons? well, number one, maybe they were simply oversold. the skids are greased with an oil rally, plus consumer confidence so far in january beat expectations by a comfortable margin. so as rough as january has been, and you guys know that, that's a pretty good trick. let's get to oil. it erased yesterday's 6% loss earlier today, pulling back right now, but oil officially settled at $31.45, but pulling back right now. the markets, which have been closely racking oil, will they do the samesome right knew we're up 248 points, but our traders are on the trading floor, they'll battle that out in just a second. it matters to your money and your portfolio. but you know what? we absolutely can tell you this, as a result of oil's rally today, it comes as no surprise that energy stocks are leading the gains on wall street. a lot of the gain for the dow is coming from exxonmobil,
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chevron, you can see both of them up 2.5, near 3%, conocophillips nearly 2% too. 3m, minnesota mining and manufacturing, is pretty darn healthy, and corning -- tickle symbol -- [laughter] ticker symbol glw. you know what that stands for? glassworks. well, corning is jumping about 4, nearly 5%, this reporting better results than analysts were expecting. how big is the bull herd at this hour? volume running about 6% above average. we're up 242 points for the dow jones industrials. let's get right to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, cme and the nymex. john corpina, simply oversold or still tracking oil? >> i think we're continuing to see this market trade with oil. i wish we could get away from that and keep everything
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independent of its own. every time oil moves in a different direction, it gets grouped along with it. very interesting activity we've been seeing in the market so far this week. selloff yesterday, recoup it today, and tomorrow we've got fomc. so i think investors might wait out tomorrow morning to see what really comes occupant of washington. apple -- comes out of washington. apple today, facebook tomorrow, so some pretty big earnings that could help this market. right now i think it will tend to stay higher as the week goes on. liz: well, color me green, larry shover. listen, consumer confidence for january hanging in there. the consumer looks semi-decent. and when we're looking at the case shiller home price index. this number goes back, though, it's a little delayed. it's from november, but it beat estimates too. is john corpina right when he says there's enough evidence for this market to stand on its own? >> i think he is dead right on that. i think we're underestimating the consumer.
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we look at the bad retail sales number, we don't realize that the consumer is spending money in other places. look at the service industry. we're so locked up with the oversold oil market, the stock market, we don't realize the consumer is doing very well. it's a lag effect, it's going to take a while, but we're seeing it and -- liz: would you have said that, larry, would you have said that yesterday when we were tanking in the final hour? >> yes, yes! yes! i said it last week we were deeply oversold. sentiment is trumping fundamentals. this market is deeply oversold i said it last week, be not last month -- if not last month. this is like candy from a baby, realizing this is all sentiment, it has nothing to do with reality in the u.s. economy. we are underestimating the growth and inflation prospects here in the u.s. liz: okay. well, the baby among us is elliott warren. hi, elliott. that's right, he knows. he's the young pup here, but
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look, the young bulls are certainly excited by all of this. what happened? earlier i looked up and saw crude oil was up 6 %, now we're up 3.5%, is this is this the the bears doubling down on their bearish bet here, absolutely not believing this rally? look at oil right now, heading back down. >> well, you know me, liz, you know, the speaker right before me is very gregarious about crude. if the crude rally is what has been driving stocks up, i am no expert on stockings, but that means your stocks are probably a buy. crude though, this guy's talking fundamentals, fundamentally speaking we have tons and tons of oil. i'm not going to argue the point about possibly being oversold down at $26. however, there's only technical reasons for crude to rally right now, and we're still sitting below some technical support levels from where i sit. i think over 32.80 you could sort of make an argument to take
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crude higher. for me to say we were oversold at any point, i'm not prepared to do that yet, but i'm also not prepared to say sell, sell, sell here either. i agree with what you said earlier, i think you take a wait and see look. and i think crude's a sale under $33. liz: well, jpmorgan's outlook, saying that by year end it'll be 2,000 for the s&p instead of 2,200. a lot of that has to do with the pullback in oil. that would still, e believe, bake in a 6.6% rally from here. good to see all of you guys. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, liz. liz: here's something that you might not know. even if you don't own apple stock, you been relying on it to lift the market. it carries so much weight in the s&p that it's added a huge chunk to the index's growth over the past five years. could all that change in the next hour when they report q1 earnings? and why am i even asking that?
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sales of its prime product, the iphone, are projected to slow down with no clear blockbuster device on the horizon. can apple squeeze any more juice out of its flagship phone? it's a bull/bear debate with our bull, dan i'ves, and our bear, john -- [inaudible] from pointview wealth management. dan, why the perception that suddenly the iphone is a bad thing? >> they're the victim of their own success. you live and die by the sword. i mean, it's the gold standard of consumer technology. they're held to a higher standard. they are dependent on the iphone, but that's why they're the largest market cap in the world. i view this as a white knuckle quarter especially in terms of march guidance. i think the streets are going to telegraph that. and we get through it, iphone 7 is what you're -- liz: does it break iphone sales record? they have a 73 million unit sale of something. >> year-over-year they do show an increase.
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i think the street is focused on that march guidance, putting the hard hat on, i'd say 45-50 million would be what the street's looking for. and then you get into this period into iphone 7. that's the engine cook's going to talk about. liz: okay. does the engine peter out, john? >> yeah, i think the upcoming guidance for the quarter is important. the chinese devalued the yuan for the december quarter, and the company's putting a lot of pressure on iphone 7. we saw this story before when they went from the 4s to the 5 and the 5s, and there was no new form factor until apple 6 came out. it underperformed the s&p 500 by 18% in 2013, and we're seeing that replay right now. liz: buy, sell or hold? >> i would, in the short run -- long term i would not be buying apple here until they embrace
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apple tv and switch to a subscriber-based mode el and get away from -- liz: dan, a that's the whole thing, everybody's saying it's going to be a hoe hum value stock. >> and it's being valued like that right now, seven times x cash. that's what they need to prove. you go into iphone 7, as he's talk abouted about, that's the potential 250 million number. but the bears right now, they definitely have the story. it's a dark cloud over apple's head. that's why tonight, it's a huge prove me not just quarter, but more guidance going forward. >> i think a big number coming out of tonight whether they hit or miss. the team in cupertino is not happy, and they could unleash the mother of all sharing purchase programs and -- liz: that's just engineering. i don't like that because it doesn't mean -- i think that'll send a negative signal that they don't have anything in their back pocket. >> you know, apple has $200 billion in cash on the balance
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sheet, so we can't ding them for not using their cash and then ding them for using their cash. i wouldn't be surprised if -- liz: well, let me just say the stock is losing its gains. it had been up more than a percent, now it's up half a percent. you talked it down, dude. [laughter] one last comment. if not apple, then what? >> well -- liz: another stock. >> yes. so if you want to stay within tech, i would like at a company called flextronics, 10% free cash flow yield, and they're the backbone behind the internet of things because they're a supply chain manufacturer. liz: yeah. and they make stuff in mexico. what about you? >> i think you look at cybersecurity, a name like powwow, that's the gold standard, that's what i view as growth, up 50% -- liz: palo alto networks. our all and our bear.
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we will have the numbers the second they are released. of course, you can see the best analysis because david asman and melissa have brilliant guests all set up for this, and they will help you understand exactly what's going on. so stay tuned for that. and we are losing steam. remember when we started just 12 minutes ago, we were up about 250, we're up 228 for the dow jones industrials. still a gain of 1.5%. closing bell ringing in 48 minutes. corn on the cob, corn chowder, cornbread, candy corn -- no, wait. not really corn. it's all on the menu in iowa. the 2016 candidates are gorging themself on the stuff as they crisscross the state of iowa as caucus day approaches, six days away. carl cameron has some kernels of truth about what's going on. he's live in des moines. take a look at the lineups here. who feels most unstoppable now? we'll tell you who's waiting in that line and who they're dying to see. you've got to hear that, coming right up.
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"countdown" coming right back to tell you. ♪ ♪
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liz: 43 minutes before the closing bell rings. we're looking at the markets right now, here's the breaking news: the materials matter today. what a difference, though, it was last week that so many of them were getting crushed. it is the leading sector of the s&p 500. you see u.s. steel, joy global all moving higher, anywhere from 10 to 12%. caterpillar, which had gotten hammered yesterday, this is a stock that really matters to the s&p 500. i want to check it today. it's up about 2%, so managing to scratch back some of the losses from yesterday. breaking news, donald trump has just -- sorry, he hasn't gotten it yet, we're hearing he's about to get an endorsement from somebody you guys may have
3:18 pm
heard of, maricopa county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaio, this following this morning's endorsement from jerry falwell jr. everybody's focusing on the iowa caucuses right now, and while it may seem like donald trump is gaining a lot of steam, past races have shown in the days before the caucuses things in iowa can shift very quickly. shoppers go from shopping to buying, ask they switch their -- and they switch their positions. carl cameron is on the ground in iowa with a big line behind you. first off, who are they waiting for and, secondly, yeah, things could shift, could they not? >> reporter: sure, of course they can. all the polls suggest that donald trump and ted cruz are at the top of the bunch with a good, hefty margin and a comfortable lead, but all the polls suggest that somewhere between 30-40% of iowa
3:19 pm
caucus-goers will change their minds. that's actually a pretty small line for donald trump, but we're about three and a half hours before the event here in marshalltown. earlier today they had marco rubio on the campaign trail, tonight it'll be donald trump. trump has been on a roll, punishing ted cruz for a variety of things, not least of which is his being born in canada, and today trump was calling ted cruz a liar repeatedly. ted cruz, on the other hand, has been firing back at all levels at donald trump, and earlier this week he met privately with pastors. pastors have a lot of sway in the caucuses because 65%, about, of the evangelical -- of the caucus-going republican vote is evangelical. so by talking to the pastors, what cruz did was essentially warn them to get to work and stop trump. watch. >> and if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead
3:20 pm
in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> reporter: about a month ago, cruz was leading the polls and boasting about it, now he's senting cautionary -- not compliments -- cautionary notes to republicans saying it's time to stop donald, or he could run the table. liz? liz: oh, yeah, i know, but let's explain to people about the iowa caucus. this is completely different from showing up to your regular polling place, correct? some people don't understand how it works in iowa. >> reporter: sure. okay, so a caucus quite literally means an informal meeting of people to either arrive at a decision or a consensus about something. it is not a state-run, official election in the sense that these are run by the republican and democratic parties. this will be the first iowa caucus ever that is actually binding, in other words, how people vote in the caucuses on monday night will actually have
3:21 pm
a relationship to who ends up being the nominee whereas in the past the whole thing could have been undone by a state convention of republicans which is what happened in 2012, so they fixed that part of it. when republicans go in, they will gather in rooms or in parts of the building where the caucuses are taking place, per campaign that they support. and then they will have a closed, secret ballot, and they'll vote. democrats vote over and over and over again, because any candidate that doesn't make 15% gets eliminated, so you can vote six or seven times, but it's not going to be for the first person you've chosen if they get bounced. liz: sounds like a new york co-op meeting where the food starts getting thrown. [laughter] carl, good to see you. thank you very much. i think the guy behind carl was trying to sell buttons to all you viewers. more on the 2016 race coming up in just a few minutes. hillary clinton made her case last night at a big town hall where martin o'malley and bernie sanders were.
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ebony williams and tammy bruise here to battle out -- bruce here to battle it out. and be sure to watch the next republican presidential debate on the fox news channel thursday night beginning at 7 p.m. eastern time. we have got the dow leader topped off by 3m on that big earnings report i just told you about. top other leaders, j&j, chevron, boeing, exxonmobil, goldman sachs along with procter & gamble and jpmorgan. more with gerri willis, that's next, on "countdown." don't go away. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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liz: closing bell, 34 minutes away. take a look at the markets here, and we are losing some of the gains. remember, for the dow jones industrials, the high of the session, up 300 points, we're better by 234 right now, but we're watching this closely. the s&p at a level of 897, had been at about want to say 1990, so watch this very closely.
3:27 pm
it's important to see exactly whether we lose some traction here in these next 23 -- well, 33 minutes. so everything she touches turns to gold, and today once again it was weight watch ors. you want to talk about the oprah effect? it's in full force right now. it's the tweet heard round the stock exchange. the tv celebrity posted a video on twitter saying she lost 26 pounds so far on weight watchers and even eating bread every day. what's the oprah effect? take a look at the stock, ticker symbol wtw, up 19.5% simply on that tweet. remember, it sold off a couple sessions ago, but weight watchers at $13.29. that's all it takes u is an oprah tweet. is coach finally cool again? no, austin, not craig t. nelson. >> oh. liz: not that coach, the handbag maker. more than 130 members of the s&p 500 are out with earnings this
3:28 pm
week, and coach is jumping a pretty significant amount here. gerri willis has been digging into the numbers. hi, gerri. >> hi. coach doing very, very well here, reinvigorating its brand. its earnings out today, 61 cents a share on revenues of $1.27 billion. they're doing very well, and why? a couple of very interesting reasons. number one, it bought stuart weitzman, the shoe line which is very popular here in new york and, frankly, all over the cup. that's adding to revenues dramatically here. and the other thing that's happened that's fascinating is in asia, particularly china, consumers there, women there are trading down to coach. people who would have bought louis vuitton before their economy fell into the crater are now buying coach. that's very interesting. they're having a very good quarter, and the stock added about 10% today. two other companies driving the dow today, 3m added 48 points to
3:29 pm
the dow, j&j adding 26 points to the dow. you can see the move there, pretty dramatic. j&j reporting earnings of $1.44 a share on revenues of $17.81 billion. both of these companies are struggling with the strong dollar, but they're certainly making investors happy today. liz: yeah, they are. thank you, gerri, very much. and, again, for a while coach kind of wasn't cool, right? and now it suddenly gets a couple of good designs plus, of course, the shoes. bag plus shoes equals fabulous. as well as the dow is doing right now, it's coca-cola that's actually a laggard here, falling about a third of a percent, visa's the ore one, pretty much -- the other one, pretty much flat at the moment. the once, so-called inevitable candidate, hillary clinton, has been asked to answer the honesty
3:30 pm
question over and over. thisbernie sanders appeals to millennials because, they say, he seems honest. what does the vermont senator have to perhaps win iowa? ebony williams and tammy bruce in the green room right now, but they're going to fight it out. that's next on "countdown." hi, ladies, stand by. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on.
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liz: closing bell, we're 26 minutes away, and we're looking at a market right now holding at least for the past 11 minutes. we're still up about 239 points for the dow jones industrials. keep your eye on the transports, up about 2%. yes, we got stabilizing oil that moved slightly higher during,
3:35 pm
well, pretty decent, up about 6% during the regular session, but they're still moving in lock step with each other, stocks plus oil holding together. it's an all-out dogfight right now in the hawkeye state, and the democratic race is actually closer than people realize. support for hillary clinton has pulled back below 50%. bernie sanders comes in with 37% of vote, but the game changer could be that 10% of voters who are undecided, up from 2% of voters just two weeks ago. we told you iowa changes fast and furiously. today clinton made a last ditch effort, releasing an ad in iowa called "children." showing her lifelong commitment to children and families. i'm joined now by our children of the corn here -- [laughter] ebony williams, political analyst, and tammy bruce, conservative radio host, both fox news contributors. [laughter] to my children of the corn, listen, so she comes out with
3:36 pm
that ad, i get it. but bernie sanders seems to be gaining, and when you take in the aggregate some of these polls, tammy, looks like he might be a little bit ahead of her. >> yeah, you know, that ad would have an impact if we were voting a mommy. we want a leader. bernie sanders' problem is in the south. he has no support from african-americans. unlike what happened in 2008, yes, barack obama also surprised her at this point in time, but he had a road to the nomination. bernie sanders technically really does not. her issue, of course, is the fact that he's pushing her so far to the left at this point, and that fox news poll, what people may be missing -- and you noted that the undecides went from 2 to 10%, this is the first time where during the primary season and during polls each, every caught has lost support, gone into undecides. that's an indicator of the lack of enthusiasm. those are the people who don't like anything that they're
3:37 pm
seeing, and that's dangerous for hillary or whoever the nominee is. liz: this concept of a shoo-in, ebony, has been thrown up into the air and hit like a clay pigeon. >> that is a concept of yesteryear. it's a new political day. and tammy hit the nail on the head about this lacking of enthusiasm, and bernie sanders himself called hillary out on this issue, how there's absolutely no enthusiasm on her campaign. when you look at donald trump and bernie sanders, politically kind of opposite in many ways, but they share that issue of enthusiasm. liz: isn't it interesting the bernie sanders -- don't call him 75. he said, 74, not yet. [laughter] >> don't age me. liz: the older gentleman is grabbing the younger vote and attention. >> because he seems authentic, for better or worse. and people aren't necessarily lining up to support him because of his policies, they like bernie, feel the bern. >> yeah, she gets older voters. the issue is will those younger voters go out, and the older votes will. so that could be a danger for him.
3:38 pm
the other issue is when it comes to hillary and the nature of her confrontation with him is the nature of specifics, that you're right, ebony, it's about the idea -- and i contend that i think the democrats know that they are going to lose, and now it's, it is the purist of a protest that they're doing, rejecting her. because i think that it really finish. liz: i don't think the democrats think they're going to lose. and here's what, listen, there's some breaking news that we are just getting right now, and i'm just being told that the democrats have just added an unsanctioned debate in new hampshire just five days before granite state voters go to the polls. the debate is going to be live, prime time on, imagine this, a thursday, because democrats have been doing it on weekends, right? on thursday, february 4th. ebony, what do we maintain from this? are they that scared of donald trump? >> no, of course, i actually agree with tammy. i think they are waking up and smelling the coffee. it's kind of forcing hillary
3:39 pm
down people on left's throat as running unopposed against someone who's not really a tried and true democrat. bernie sanders is technically an independent. this is not working in their favor -- >> i think it's dangerous, though, with those undecideds. the more they've seen o'malley and sanders and hillary, the more democrats peel away and go away. i think it's a mistake -- liz: and then there's the confidence with which donald trump presents himself. listen to what he told maria bartiromo -- the full interview will air tomorrow, but here's what he said when asked can he win anywhere? >> i think we'll bring new york in, virginia, i think we'll win michigan, i think we'll win ohio. we're going to win west virginia big. they love trump. we're going to live in florida. in florida i have 48%, poll just came out. liz: he sounds like -- >> i'm calling iowa for ted cruz, this will come down to the ground game.
3:40 pm
liz: ted cruz. >> yes. because it will, since they are tied effectively according to the new fox poll and it will stay that way, 39% of the voters there can change their mind. more of donald trump's supporters say they could change their mind, than ted cruz voters, and he has infrastructure to get the vote out. liz: and on the dems side? >> i think bernie standers wins iowa -- sanders wins iowa and new hampshire. >> i agree. >> hillary is the presumptive nominee, she becomes the nominee, but she has a real challenge in tond trump in a general. liz: thank you so much. i want to know what you were comparing on the blackberries -- [laughter] >> we'll never know. liz: we'll have you back. tune in to fox business for all the action in iowa on caucus day. neil cavuto hosts our coverage beginning 8 p.m. eastern on february 1st, and watch part two of maria's interview with donald trump beginning at 6 a.m. no need to go anywhere else.
3:41 pm
closing well, 19 and a half minutes away, and we do see gains for the nasdaq, the s&p and the dow. the dow up 264. we're heading back out to the, with me pits -- cme pits where jeff flock is diving into the oil world and telling us what's going on with the markets. jeff? >> reporter: absolutely no changes in the fundamentals in oil toed, and we were up 3.7%. why was that? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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liz: breaking news, if you're wondering why the markets are doing so well, the markets continue to be attached at the hip to crude oil which surgeried today by -- surged today 3.25%. we are pulling back right now to 31.30, but this did deliver some
3:46 pm
of the boost we're seeing in stocks. why? why up 3%? well, comments from the oil to cartel -- that charming group known as opec -- the group saying it's willing to cooperate, perhaps, with non-opec members, read russia, to control the price and global supply of oil because there's a glut. jeff flock is standing at the cme. no glut of traders there i see behind you, but more on what's really driving crude's gain. >> reporter: yeah. we just finished trading here in the european interest rate options and normally that's a big day because of the lead-up to the fed, but oil overshadowed everything. we at one point got as high as 32.41, closing down about a dollar from that but still well up over 3%. more chatter today from the middle east than ever before, starting with iran. the oil to minister from iran saying that he thinks there is flexibility on the part of opec and russia to cut production instead of produce wildly as they have been. in addition to that, look at
3:47 pm
other things. opec itself saying it will cooperate with other non-opec members if they can get a deal somehow, and there was news from china; their oil imports in december up 9.3%. yes, a lot of that went into the strategic reserve in china, but still china buying oil. so a lot of bull, bullish news today for oil to, and that's, you know, that's why we've gone up so much, and that's why stocks went up so much as well. so everybody's happy. liz: isn't it interesting, the chinese no matter what's to going on in their world are sucking up commodities and putting them away for a rainy day. >> reporter: they're getting it cheap. i mean, they're smart. that's real smart. liz: smart and scary sometimes too. thank you very much, jeff flock. look, oil is just a part of the story. you heard jeff mention the fed was overshadowed, but it's only day one of a day two meeting. the first day of the two-day meeting, tomorrow's decision day.
3:48 pm
so will they or won't they? will they ever even hike rates? forget tomorrow, at all this year? fox business' senior correspondent charlie gasparino here. >> i don't think they're going to do it this year. liz: at all? >> yeah. there's a couple things going on i think that negates the reason to raise rates anymore from here. now, we'll see. obviously, if the stock market keeps going up, you know, it gives them a little bit of wiggle room to maybe do another quarter point hike, although i will say this, the global glut in oil is not going to end just because russia and the saudis cooperate on output, you know? we have so much oil in this country because of fracking right now, the fact is that price goes marginally up a little bit, some of those frackers do some more fracking, you see what i'm saying. liz: top it off again. >> it's just, low oil prices are here to stay, and it's going to have an impact, i think, on the markets going forward. be that as it may, remember, the dollar is pretty strong right now thanks to a lot of reasons
3:49 pm
including the fact that we're the tallest midget in the room. liz: it was great in davos, we didn't pay $19 for a cappuccino. >> yeah, i know, it was really good. and that restaurant, ilyos -- liz: it was affordable. >> but by the dollar being strong, that essentially is a rate increase. because it basically does things to our economy, makes our exports more expensive. it slows down the economy. so you're going to -- to raise rates as the dollar dose, is stronger and stronger seems to be putting a double whammy on the u.s. economy -- liz: so you say no more rate hikes. >> i don't think they will, we'll see. liz: everybody talks about them losing credibility. >> it's not just me. you were in davos, i was in davos. one of the great things about davos is that, you know, a lot of it's a dog and pony show, but you do get to meet some really smart people, and everybody says, everybody i spoke to said they doubted, they were highly doubtful that the fed would
3:50 pm
raise in rates in -- raise rates in march. liz: the market's down 10% since the tight bing in december. no more, this wasn't a good idea and you missed your window -- >> probably in 2012. it's really hard to predict these markets that are so, you know, correlated to weird stuff. like in the old days when i was a kid covering wall street early on, markets were correlated to earnings, you know, and things that are tangible, you know? this market is correlated to the fed, to weird stuff with the dollar, you know? liz: and the fact that it's with oil too, and by the way, most people who trade oil right now, and i heard this in davos too, they don't even take possession of it. it's not like -- >> well, these are the commodities. liz: traders. >> that buy the futures contracts. liz: so the mom and pops of the world are left to sit there and
3:51 pm
say, look, apple's coming out after the bell today, do i buy that company, and yet there's still -- >> but here's the problem with the fed keeping rates as low as they did. the fact of the matter is they created a bubble this all these -- not just in commodities, but they created a bubble in all these tech stops. apple, was apple really worth what it was worth? almost a trillion dollar company. liz: more than exxonmobil, more than -- >> right. you've got to ask yourself, you know, that's one of the downsides of keeping rates low, it creates bibles. anyway -- bubbles. liz: and i've got the iphone, and you've got the samsung. >> i get what they give me here. i don't even know the difference. [laughter] i don't care about these things. liz: charlie, good to see you. thank you very much. >> we had a good time. liz: we had a great time. you got to eat at ilyos more than i did. i was working so hard, sweating -- >> how can you sweat in davos? it was freezing. did you like my outfit? liz: yeah, like the fonz called and wants his jacket back.
3:52 pm
>> did you like my track suits? liz: sex sexy, hot. we're waiting not just on apple, but at&tment should you buy in the next nine minutes? there's adam shapiro ready to give us the scoop on all that's going on in these last couple of seconds. ♪ ♪ these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales.
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liz: breaking news, we're minutes away from two big earnings report out after the bell. let's get to new york stock exchange, adam what do we need to be watching it. reporter: you want to watch revenue number. 76.54 billion. watch iphone sales. wall street wants to see 75 million or bert. anything below that would be trouble for apple. especially people thinking apple and iphone sales juggernaut may be coming to a slowdown.
3:56 pm
2/3 of revenue come from iphone sales. at&t, keep an eye on at&t. in the last quarter they were able to add to revenue by 19% after they acquired directv the question how many new at&t subscribers to wireless service they haves as part of conversation with directv. revenue 42.75 billion. liz. melissa: we're watching all of it. speaking of at&t, with minutes left in today's trades is now the time to buy at&t. we're not saying you should buy something in four minutes but yeah, we kind of are. mark spellman says, what about at&t? >> old slow, boring at&t. which is exactly a good stock in this slow. liz: for widows and or fans. >> as far asker people looking for slow, steady growth, low interest rate environment and this stock has yield of 2 1/2 times treasury 10-year bond.
3:57 pm
that is amazing. they did a lot of acquisitions. you mentioned directv going forward in 2016 it will concentrate on synergies. we like it in our alpine fund. liz: they have made gutsy moves. there are people looking for hotter thing. you talk about t-mobile, john ledger and always colorful ceo of t-mobile, we're coming out with drinking game during at&t's conference call. it is just a gimmick. you're supposed to take a drink when at&t mentions profitable growth and bundling. it is a way to get attention but maybe they are trying to find something sexier than the ol' boring story? >> be careful. certainly 2%, low growth, low rate environment if i get a stock with balance sheet that good i don't think they will be spending a ton of money and i
3:58 pm
get-year-old of 5 1/2%? i think that is great position to have in the portfolio. liz: with that dividend it is always nice. what about reversal in the market? we are up 260 points on the dow. >> highly correlated with oil prices for sure. i'm not sure that will last. we have 96, 97% correlation with oil. i think at some point that is going to split. we'll decouple away from oil. heavily into the earnings season. saw it through this morning, proctor & gamble and johnson & johnson, two companies that have a lot of overseas dollar exposure, they actually did pretty good. proctor & gamble had 2% organic sales growth. that was a lot better than people thought. liz: give me a signpost our viewers should look for before they go all-in to buy a lot of stock. >> i think there's four characteristics or a bunch of characteristics i will say. first of all, look for u.s. domestic revenue sources. low debt balance sheets.
3:59 pm
look for healthy dividend supported going forward and hopefully rising. that is what i think will pay off in the next six to nine months. liz: two billion under assets and management. i'm listing to you. mark spellman. that does it for "countdown to the closing bell." david and melissa, apple and at&t. can't wait to watch it. melissa: we have a a lot going on. set to report the most anticipated quarterly earnings of its history. full coverage and analysis of apple's major announcement this hour. david: on political side, six days away from iowa caucuses things are getting uglier on the campaign trail. we have the latest blow by blow as candidates jockey for last minute support in the hawkeye state. melissa: the president of iran meeting with the pope today, asking the pontiff to pray for him. david: first take a look at stocks which had a pretty good day. looks like they're rallying into the close over 280 points on the dow.
4:00 pm
here is how all of the indices are trading right now. looks like everybody was up at least a full percentage point. [closing bell rings] nasdaq the least lively gainer of the day, but even nasdaq was up over a percent. gold had a nice hefty $16 gain. melissa: oil once again behind the move in stocks. jeff flock is watching all the action from the cme in chicago. jeff, what do you make of today's turn around? reporter: oil driving everything i think today, fair to say, melissa. we're down in the after-hours. closed down 3.7%. we got as high as 32 at one point. he had, you know comments from iran. we had comment from opec itself about the possibility of maybe cutting production. that would be huge. one trader saying that could


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