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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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taken particularly on the chin here. the housing slowdown. there i snapped it. to gerri willis. taking that into the next hour. >> republicans in nevada holding caucuses today. one week before super tuesday. i am gerri willis and four trish regan today. who takes nevada for the conservatives? i am asking gina loudon and marjorie clifton. what do you see for tonight? >> it will be a similar showdown. states passed new hampshire and iowa. trump still unanimously the lead. who will take the stage. it has been interesting to see the developments. the personnel and their staff. comments about rubio.
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trying to take a stance about moral ground and integrity. that will play well with his evangelical voters. at the same time, again, the establishment republicans are trying to see that rubio has the last gap. any candidate that wins nevada, iowa and new hampshire has always been the republican nominee. it will be a really important race for momentum. it will be important to tell the story of rubio's viability or not. >> it seems like you are talking to is number two. support on conclusion. >> that is right. i do think that there are some interesting things happening. the message sent by ted cruz's campaign was, if we cannot pull it together for a campaign, it kind of leaves that question out there, can they pull it together
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, for example, to appoint a cabinet as president. i am concerned that perhaps some of the anti-establishment votes that we will go to ted cruz's campaign, we may see a fall into rubio's camp. that would go towards supporting the establishment feared. gerri: rubio cruz. rubio cruz. it seems that it's only thing we talk about these days. margie -- marjorie, to you. it will be critically important. what role does nevada play? >> it is funny. everything about this election so far has defied what the polls have said here it it looks like who is number two. does number two really matter when it comes down to the general election? what trump has managed to do is prove everybody wrong.
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super conservative states and super religious states. you know, again, looking like the clear front runner. causing most of the republican party and issues like, for example, the supreme court issue. what does it mean if you lose the election? if trump does become the nominee and cannot win against clinton. the test playing around what do we do in this current administration if and when the president becomes trump or clinton. >> what is going on with the supreme court nominee. now we have a group of republicans out there saying, we will not block anything. what do you make of that? >> starting strong. it is not something that we traditionally see. deciding to stand strong. i do think that it is interesting this time. with donald trump, i think it
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will absolutely resume. i think the establishment will throw everything out they got in an unprecedented way. all the other candidates that have won the traditional primaries have also been establishment appointees, if you will. the nominee of the establishment. trump is anything but that. basically doing away with the establishment. the primaries going forward. i think that there will be a lot more. i do think that this fire is really important. i have heard donald trump say several times that if he is president, he will definitely appoint someone like a scalia. and so, those were the things i encourage you. we have been watching this for a long time. gerri: following up on what gina was saying about establishment
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did anti-establishment. trump had commented. listen to this. >> we are not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. >> smiling and laughing. i would like to punch him in the face. i tell you. gerri: marjorie, what do you make of those comments? >> someone the other day was asking what they could say that would get him in trouble. it seems to be nothing, really. ten days ago, lindsey graham came out encouraging republicans to rally around a moderate candidate. i think, honestly, what a lot of people are concerned about is this may be the only chance.
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who is he going to put in? why not now at a time where obama needs to have a moderate. heading back that. placing download instead of prolonging it. >> i think that this goes to temperament. a lot of people asking a very tough question. does donald trump have the temperament to be president? >> we have some great candidates on the gop side of things. i have kind of enjoyed the contract idea. the democrats sitting down to watch their candidate. every time she opens her mouth, she will tell another lie. you contract out with someone like trump, the worst fear that you have is that he will tell the truth in an unbiased way.
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i kind of like back contrast. i do not really have a problem with him over truth teller. >> i would argue that it is unfiltered commentary, but not necessarily truth. it is not factually correct. there is not policy behind a lot of the things that he is saying. it is more unfiltered commentary. >> i think it is some category a or category b. thank you so much for coming on today. great job, gina and marjorie. fresh off his second-place victory. marco rubio is getting flooded with endorsements. including one from former presidential candidate rick santorum. why marco rubio.
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the number one is commander and chief. there is nobody in this race that has the experience that he has paid the threats that confront us. that was probably the first thing that attracted me. a lot of people criticized along the very basis. he does not have a lot of experience. what do you say to them? >> marco rubio was on the foreign relations committee for a better part of five years. it has been involved with stopping funding for hezbollah. those are a lot of the things i was impressed with. particularly in venezuela.
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those are areas that show he has a broad understanding reach of national security. he has actually gotten things done in washington. >> that is a big ring endorsement. i want to talk to you about evangelical voters. you have done very well with that category. you represent for people that have described themselves as christians. >> marco rubio will rise to the top here. it will take a while. we will get through nevada through march 1. i think you will start to see him rising up to be the main threat to donald trump. trump had an opportunity and i'll and south carolina to overwhelmingly heavy christian states. really finishing very poorly in
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the other one. i believe that people will start to showcase. who is the conservative backend challenge trump? i think rubio is the clear choice there. i think that that will start to play it self out over the next couple primary days. >> we are hearing stronger and stronger voices. could you support him? >> i think that marco rubio will end up winning this election. donald trump has done an amazing job in his campaign. thirty-35% of the vote. i think, if you look at the poll numbers, this is where he tops out. sooner rather than later, other republicans that do not have a chance, i saw this four years ago. everybody stays in the race. trump may end up winning this
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thing. if they do not have a path to get there, get out of the way unless someone in the principal can win it. a lot of quote establishment people are supporting rubio. if that is an establishment conservative, and establishment person, we have someone with that kind of conservative as the establishment candidate, we are in pretty good shape. gerri: it is always a pleasure to talk to you. thank you for coming on. >> think you. do not forget to watch fox business tonight. hosted i our very own neil cavuto. i want to tune in. president obama says he will close with wonton amo bay before the end of his term. up next, a colorado lawmaker leading the fight to keep those
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men out of his state. he will join me. plus, will sun makers be held liable? a potentially ground breaking case. the sandy hook massacre. that is later. stay with us. back in two minutes. ♪
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>> president obama making his final pitch to fulfill his campaign promise to close wonton amo bay. releasing more detainees and transferring the most dangerous of them here to the u.s. his announcement after a former detainee was among four people arrested for isis ties.
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our very own up late or amend. now that congress has this long-awaited land, what is next? >> still remaining at the facility. the congress earlier this morning for closing the facility. for central points to it. the process will continue for 35 detainees are ready deemed eligible for transfer. he said 10 detainees are currently in the military trial phase. that will carry on as well. what to do with the most dangerous. the president said his administration will work with don gress to identify a future or current facility here in the united states. >> part of my messages we are already holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states because we threw the book at them.
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there have been no incidents. we have managed it just fine. >> current law does not allow for the transfer of gitmo detainees for the u.s. on the senate floor, mitch mcconnell maintained that idea. >> we will review president obama's plan. u.s. communities. he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against that. >> the plan did not approve significant details on a facility for congress to even consider. back to you. >> thank you. let's go back to congressman mike kaufman. a location to send these detainees. >> no. absolutely a not.
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we have a bipartisan opposition to bring them onto soil. that is fine. all due process is given to those legally in this country. >> everybody i hear, numbness says there is no way the president's plan will be put into action. >> i think that it is probably an issue going into the 2016 election. i cannot figure out why he is doing that. running for president. as was ending the war in iraq. certainly pulling out all u.s. forces. look at what that has done to iraq.
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a far worse situation. a pool for terrorism. a weakness in american for foreign-policy. gerri: i think about, what if this actually did happen and you end up with prisoners. are there worries that there are these truly bad guys that will convert american prisoners to a terrorist way of life? >> the security considerations bringing them into colorado. that part is not a concern to me. giving them all the due process rights by bringing them onto u.s. soil. these are, albeit regular amends. they may need to be housed in guantánamo bay.
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they are all with this. how many of the former detainees that have been released. how they returned to the battlefield to target america. we need to keep this open for another president feared a stronger commander in chief. utilize this. when we make amends off the balance field. we have a place to put them. >> right now, we don't. >> did you hear his comment, though. we have managed it just fine. would you agree with that analysis? >> no. again, i think he has released prisoners that never should have been released. never a dollar it detainees that he has released that returned to the battlefield. it is not our homeland security.
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the president is continually underestimating the threat to the united states. he talks about the terrorism act guantanamo bay being a recruiting tool for terrorism. i think it is the lack of america's leadership. and security issues. >> what you object to here is due process. goodness knows what would happen if they were let loose in the american prison system. giving the folks due process. what is your ultimate fear here? has not used guantanamo bay to use these hardened terrorists. where leasing another 35 without any regard to the fact that they may have very well return to the
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battlefield. just real concerning to me. combat veteran. i think i will do everything i can to keep it open. projecting american strength. we know that weakness fights aggression. that tool is called guantanamo bay. to secure the words that are out there. gerri: thank you for coming on and talking to us about it. >> thank you. gerri: apple losing big big-time in the court of public opinion. including iphone owners. apple should comply with a court
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order. in a battle between privacy rates and national security. the focus. that is next. ♪ ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> a new poll shows apple is losing badly in its war with the fbi. one of the san bernardino terrorist. bill gates meanwhile is in the specific government. a case where the government is asking for information. apple should provide that information. elizabeth macdonald. tell us the latest on this. >> it also is showing that half of the majority of smart phone users, iphone users say, guess, apple should give the information to the fbi. there is a new court filing made i apple.
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it reveals that since out over, it has rejected about one dozen out of the government. fifteen request to get into iphone. it shows that the public knows what is going on with the fbi case. it could have information. separate from that, a broader issue of the government really trying to get into apple iphones to get that information in those phones. the context is to act like other cell phone companies to act on this legislatively. >> do you agree with the majority of americans? should apple cooperate with the fbi? >> i am a libertarian. i think in this case, maybe this is because my office was right across the street from the world trade center.
2:28 pm
i do not think it is good public relations for apple to be more cooperative did. gerri: they made a real plug here. steve, do you agree? >> it is about brand reputation. apple was cooperating with the fbi. what happened was, somebody changed the password on the iphone.
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the government into the bidding. that is the principle at issue. all iphones to be able to be broken into. do we want phones to be encrypted? can they be accessed in criminal cases or financial security? >> i think that both sides are right. >> i agree with what you are saying. not just what is doing right for the country, but what is good for the shareholders. being more cooperative. i think a have heard their public image by seeing things that they are siding with terrorists. that is an exaggeration. i think it would be good for the company. both usually happy with the outcome. >> how can we even call that when you have views like this?
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>> because, terrorism is around us. let me just pose this question to you. apple could cooperate in a way that we stop a school from being bombed, yeah, i am in favor of that. >> silicon valley, for the first time, letting all the devices be wiretapped. would people, would they go for that? in cases of national security and crime. >> that is a tough call. the wiretapping is a difficult one for people. terrorism is with us right now. we are under attack. i think people's views of what is acceptable to stop terrorist attacks. my line has moved, quite frankly. i see this bed of terrorism
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really escalating. >> it is on this issue. people are educated. they want to have their say. [laughter] >> she got the best of you. that is what i am hearing. thank you so much. appreciate it. is the liberal media added again? hillary clinton. the inevitable nominee. how we kurds joins me next on the rush to anoint hillary. back in two. ♪
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>>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> breaking right now. a federal judge ruled that top aides to hillary clinton will be questioned under oath. using or allowing the use of private e-mail servers when clinton was secretary of state. we will bring it right away. the liberal media anointed hillary clinton, despite bernie sanders strong showing and his momentum. she won the nevada caucuses by just five points. barely got a victory in iowa. the liberal media. joining me now is how we kurds.
2:36 pm
>> the liberal media. she has not held a press conference in more than 75 days. the scandal for the private e-mail server. the pundits, the pragmatic -- hillary cannot win women. decimated to younger voters. then comes nevada. she wins five more delegates. it is likely reset the clock. bernie cannot win. hillary is the inevitable nominee. >> i remember when she was up against obama. here comes hillary. she will win. >> it works so well. you would link we would learn our lesson. there is an underlying point. iowa and new hampshire. probably the best dates for
2:37 pm
bernie sanders. he destroyed her in new hampshire. bigger more diverse states. that played to hillary clinton. not doing well among other voters. she does have that as her firewall. it is not as if it is irrational. the media business, you have to make a prediction. you have to jump the gun. a long way to go and a lot could happen. the fbi primary. that news item you read just before you came to me. i think, given our horrible track record, we look at the republican side. we will be a little more cautious. the one i will tell you what is inevitable and crazy to me is the way democrats even did this
2:38 pm
in the first place. hillary could line up these people that are loyal only in the party. how the party tells them to vote. >> it is kind of like the establishment candidate. the nobel prize winning economist. wrote the other day a story that should have been much bigger in the press. advisers under all, and bill clinton. bernie sanders adding up. based on the notion that we have more than 5% growth on the year. yet, there really has not been, drilling down on the cost. how his plans would work and whether they are realistic. journalist, they do not really take him seriously.
2:39 pm
that is a mistake. >> i was going to say it is often because of the political class. do not understand it. bernie sanders plan would drive gdp down. you look at the details. howie kurtz, great to have you on. thank you. do not forget media budget. 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern every sunday. privacy rights are under fire in california. students have been ordered to hand over their personal information and school records to a nonprofit. adam schapiro has the details. >> california concerned parents. whether they are in compliance with federal guidelines on teaching and offering educational opportunities. that part aside, millions of students, it is about 10 million
2:40 pm
in all that were part of the california public school system from 2008 to the present, their personal data that could include social security numbers, bomb addresses, that will be turned over to a court appointed security master. it is actually a firm called consulting. they will be going through this data to figure out whether disabled students are getting the same kind of opportunities of nondisabled students. the bottom line for a parent that does not want their kids information shared with anybody, this is all supposed to have been under seal, but who knows who can hack into it. you can opt out. there is a form there that will allow you, and this is all private, allows you to opt out of the disclosure. for the record, no state, no public school system in the
2:41 pm
entire united states can never require you to give your child social security number as a necessity to enroll them into school. not allowed. you do not ever have to give your social security number to enroll. gerri: i will remember that. what responsibility do gunmakers have? potentially, a groundbreaking lawsuit. the sandy hook massacre suing. a heartbreaking case with major legal implications. that is next. ♪ (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. >> a very good afternoon from the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks are selling off sharply. one day after the dow and the s&p 500 rallied into positive territory. what happened? oil yesterday was up 6%. today, it reversed course. down 4.5%. a plan to freeze output levels is ridiculous. stocks falling right along. no surprise. energy is a worst-performing sector today. energy of 2.5%. chevron up 4%.
2:44 pm
financials, the sector as a whole down one and a half percent. that is what was hurting those names today. much more on fox business after this short break. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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are the families pointing the finger at the wrong party? joining me now is jan morgan. >> hi, gerri. it will not go anywhere. the cases have been dismissed. because of the protection of lawful commerce and arms ask. you cannot sue gun manufacturers. i think that it is so sad that they are wasting valuable time devoting their energies. instead, they should be focusing on ways to prevent future mass shootings at public schools. for example, if you have a second, it did not matter whether adam landa had a 9-millimeter pistol.
2:47 pm
he broke the glass in that school. there was an unarmed security guard did the teachers there were unarmed. many public schools in this country are allowing teachers to carry on campus. a good guy with a gun is a good way to stop that people with a gun. gerri: should there be women, these lawsuits, you are calling them frivolous here it should they be disallowed? >> i just think that they should be disallowed here and the fact is, this is a very dangerous resident. should this go through? this is one of hillary clinton's big talking points. one of the things that she wants to do is repeal this particular act. if you start allowing people to hold gun manufacturers liable
2:48 pm
for the criminal misuse of properly functioning legal products, what will that do regarding cars? we will start manufacturing tools. we have had people killed in mass numbers. people who were drinking and driving under the influence. will we blame car manufacturers were people texting and driving killing people because they're not paying attention. we need to focus on the real issue at hand. i wish the families would focus on pushing for more mental support. adam lanza clearly had medical issues. he would not communicate with his mother in any other way than e-mail. once again, looking for monetary compensation, they should go after his mother's estate. it was his mother who failed to
2:49 pm
secure her legal firearms. >> i think we all have to reach out to the kids. >> thank you so much for coming on the show. good to see you. >> absolutely. bernie sanders loves to talk about denmark and sweden and wonderful socialism. my next guest says socialism is not good. it is a violation of human rights. coming up next. ♪ you both have a
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> socialist senator bernie sanders wants america to be a socialist country. even liberals are blasting the agenda. a violation of basic human rights. joining me now with details.
2:53 pm
why do you believe socialism is a violation of human rights? >> countries that do not violate human rights can have social discovery meant. that is okay. branches of government that exists. constitutional rights. a country like denmark or norway or sweden. that is perfectly fine. when socialism is done, someone using socialism as a mask takes control. they will help the people. ultimately end up losing. >> it is my believe. having no idea what socialism is. a recipe for how government works. explain it. >> and academic definition of
2:54 pm
socialism. arguably, many democratic companies have social policy. having a socialist government. some people academically believe that they are the same thing. that is one way of looking at it. >> the details here. what is your major objection to the way socialism is? >> take countries like venezuela. the prices will be a certain way. because they set prices. what is up happening is massive shortages. a humanitarian crisis. i actually made the largest contribution allowable to the campaign of bernie sanders. the democratic front runner right now is unfortunately someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships. saudi arabia.
2:55 pm
countries that execute people for being gay. countries that restrict all present regions. some that ban christmas. i would rather have bernie sanders beat the democratic front runner. at the same time, on the republican side, you have the front runner. that is awful as well. your father was a political prisoner. tell me about that. >> my mother was shot by the regime. my first cousin is currently in prison in venezuela. gerri: you know what you are talking about. this comes from experience. >> it can exist.
2:56 pm
the problem becomes that is wiped away and the executive decides to take control of everything. redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty. you end poverty not by preachers tribute in well. i am a leader in free markets. dictatorships are a much bigger problem. >> you did a great job of explaining exactly what the problem is. thank you for coming on the show. really appreciate it. special coverage of nevada's caucuses. it kicks off at 11:00 p.m. eastern. we will have more intel after the break. ♪
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. gerri: we are headed into the final hour of trading today. let's take a look at markets. stocks weighed down by lower oil prices and a miss in the consumer confidence index.
3:00 pm
down 183. watch fox business tonight for special coverage of the nevada republican caucuses hosted by neil cavuto. kicks off at 11:00 p.m. eastern. liz? over to you. liz: so much breaking news here. look, for the markets not quite a red scare but the bears are driving the dow and the s&p into the red for the month as wall street erases yesterday's gains, take a look at the dow industrials barely off the lows of the session down 186 points. energy? financials? do you own any of those? tanking in lock step with oil. the culprit of the day, iran directly responsible for oil's fall taking stocks with it, after iran's oil minister calls opec's plan to freeze production to january levels ridiculous. after first saying they would do it. cruise closing down 4.5%, settling at $31.87. just below that right now. so as oil falls, the republican


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