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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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footing and fighting on their heels. maria: thank you so much. great day, everybody. appreciate it, don't forget to tune in tonight for a special super tuesday coverage kicking off at 6 p.m. eastern. i'm looking forward to joining neil cavuto at 8 p.m. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed, yes, it's super tuesday. hillary clinton is looking past it focusing on trump in november. good morning, everyone. hillary is confident of a sweeping victory today and she's already switched her focus from bernie sanders to donald trump. headli headline, democrats prepare a battle plan. and the republicans are divided, party unity, no sure thing, watch for a huge turnout in republican contests and lower turnout for democrats. get to the markets, please. stocks could go up with the opening bell today and we are
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on dow 17,000 watch for this month. and american frackers cutting oil production, so oil prices going up and the dow opens up maybe 100 points. last headline, female viagra doesn't do much. let's get on with the show. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> you know, maybe we're a little earlier, but we are on dow 17,000 watch. i doubt that we're going to get there today, but this month, 17,000, that's possible. we will be up triple digits, thereabouts, when we open up this morning and we get rolling. why would that be? why would we be up 100 points. look at oil, drillers, american drillers are finally cutting production, that means less supply, eventually, that's keeping oil around what, $34 a barrel as of right now.
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i've got some bad news, that's on gas. >> no! >> chiming in there. gas has gone up for seven straight days, the national average $1.75. i'm going to digress, i topped off my van. ashley: 1995. stuart: no, i pulled in seven gallons and capped it, you don't drive? >> no, why would i do that, you get people to drive you, you don't drive, i know how to live. stuart: stocks are in lock step with oil. any other reason why the dow is going up? >> well, also, i hate to risk the buzzer, but the fed head william dudley said he was dovish
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[buzzer] >> there are risks, but he's suggesting that we should hold on rate hikes. market love it and hoping to push, i just got sold. stuart: move on, rubbish, let's get to politics, come on. it's super tuesday, it is here. donald trump on hannity last night saying this. when asked about his hard stance on illegal immigrants. roll that tape. >> it's negotiatable. by the way, it is negotiatable, thanks are negotiatable, i'll be honest with you, make the wall two feet shorter or something, everything is negotiatable. >> it's not negotiatable and building it. >> building it, no, know the negotiatable. stuart: look, we brought you that clip because he's talking about all things being negotiatable. that's my point. trump always laid out a strong position and negotiates from there and that's what he's talking about last night. that's my point, kat. >> he's great at making deals? what are deals? negotiating.
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it should be obviously. the wall ten feet taller and now two feet shorter. people don't-- they don't care because, you know, he hasn't always thought the things he's saying now in the past. he was more lenient and pro choice and then he changed his mind. people don't really care about that that support him. people look at him as somebody who they are confident will stand up and be strong for america and care about, these little things don't matter. stuart: if you read the art of the deal, you read that book a long, long time ago, clearly, you come up front with a hardline position and beat them over the head. ashley: and gives them negotiating room. stuart: exactly. ashley: if things are low, it's lowering. stuart: he's the exact opposite of barack obama and withdraws. >> he apologizes first, i'm sorry, but we might need to talk about something, that's not a great way to start. i don't know, i'm not a business person. stuart: you are now. >> maybe i should be.
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stuart: we're off, we're running, "varney & company" started, we're five minutes into the show and we will know tonight if we're onto something, if we're right about this because we've been saying it's looking more and more like donald trump versus hillary clinton, that's the contest in november. and the clinton camp, as we reported, is getting ready. look at this headline from the new york times, here it is, inside the clinton team's plan to defeat donald trump. she's going right at donald trump. how about "the washington post" today, the headline. even before super tuesday, clinton is thinking about a likely matchup with donald trumpment and look who is here this tuesday morning, super tuesday. fred barnes, no less. do you think we've got it right, fred, that it really is almost certainly going to be trump-hillary? >> indeed. i think that's true. hillary, oddly enough, has probably an even better chance of winning the democratic nomination of trump does to win the republican nomination, though he has an awfully good
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chance, too, practically unstoppable. maybe nine of the ten primaries and maybe all ten of them. and how about this as a proposition, fred barnes. without trump the republicans can't win, they can't get the enthusiasm, without trump they can't win. >> i don't think that's true, with all due respect, stuart. i think the can't win with trump. they could win if marco rubio were the nominee and even with john kasich as the nominee. stuart: whoa. >> the problem with trump is, not that democrats are putting together this huge campaign to run against him, they'd be doing that against any republican candidate, though they seem to be more inspired if it's going to be trump, the problem is defections among republicans. as you said earlier, the party is not unified. i talk to people all the time, every day, who say they'll either vote--
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republicans, people who work on capitol hill and campaigns, say they'll vote for hillary clinton rather than trump. stuart: no, say it ain't so, fred barnes. i've not met a republican like that, i haven't. >> well, come to washington. there are an awful lot of them. look it, in the last national poll, it showed that 35% of republicans said they would never vote for trump and 13% said they probably wouldn't vote for trump. now the other 52% are enthusiastic for trump, but you can't have defections like that and beat hillary clinton. stuart: well, i'm so glad we talked to you on this super tuesday morning, you agree with me that it's going to be clinton-trump, but you don't think that trump can win win against hillary. that's interesting because you talk to far more people than i do, that's a fact. 20 seconds left, you do not expect the republican party to unify around donald trump as the candidate? >> i do not. it will be a very interesting convention whether people like
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rubio and jeb bush and ted cruz, even show up. stuart: by the way, i'm hearing all kinds of reports that rick scott, governor of florida will endorse donald trump today. that's just background chatter, but i'm hearing it. and that might make a difference, we'll see. >> rubio loses if he endorses trump and that's a fact, okay? >> i don't think rubio's going to endorse trump, but you mean, if scott endorses trump, trump is probably going to win florida anyway. stuart: maybe the writing is on the wall and that's why scott-- >> it's very clear on the wall. stuart: you've got an extra minute's time there. throwing time around here this morning. fred barnes, everyone, thanks for being with us, thank you. >> you're welcome. stuart: hillary is raising money, a lot of money and she's using trump to do it. she's saying, essentially, you want this in the white house? that's a scare tactic. ash, i think that the negative research teams, the dirt
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diggers, i think they're coming out in force. ashley: full force, this is just the tip of what we can expect. basically she sent out an e-mail asking people to donate $1 to her campaign, she says, come on, trust me, you'll feel better after you donate, hillary clinton saying trust me. so, this is the -- this is the message she's sending out. tomorrow, donald trump could win enough states, talking about today, to rack up a prohibitive delegate lead, that, she goes on to say, absolutely terrifying to imagine, but you have the power to prevent that hothead from ever becoming our president. so, there you go. that pretty much lays out how she's going to approach a fight with donald trump if that's-- >> ten seconds, fred barnes thinks that trump loses to hillary. >> not necessarily, and whatever they dig up people don't seem to care. possible. stuart: if you want to hear from the candidates, you've got to tune in to us.
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i'll be talking to governor john kasich later this hour and even he says trump will sweep tonight. why would he sweep that? and dr. ben carson, would he support trump if he's the nominee? i pose that question and get the answer at 10:50 this morning. apple lawyers, ahead of the capitol hill today. there's been a major legal win in new york on the apple story. lauren simonetti, you've got it. >> a new york federal judge siding with apple and that apple does not hand-to-hand over information in a case the tight with apple and the san bernardino terrorist iphone, that hearing at 1 p.m. eastern time and james comey, apple general counsel and cyrus vance will testify, tim cook will not be in attendance. and triple-a put out a report
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showing three and four u.s. drivers are afraid to ride in driverless cars. this might be why. a self-driving google car struck a public bus in california last month in testing, just a fender bender, but first time google technolo technology caused a crash, and they have to put in technology that buses don't yield to traffic. stuart: and e-mails, a final batch released for hillary clinton. judge napolitano, major misconduct. that's what he says. i think he's being rather mild. he's next. >> what difference at this point does it make?
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>> another e-mail dump from the state department. it revealed ambassador chris stevens, who was killed in the benghazi attack, seriously
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considered leaving the country. ashley, details, please. ashley: yes, interesting, it shows that 17 months before ambassador chris stevens was killed back in september of 2012 in that benghazi attack, that he basically wanted out, was very concerned about the security of the situation there. in one of these e-mails sent to the clinton key aides of clinton back in 2011, the year before, basically talking about the situation southeast of benghazi was unsecured to the point where ambassador stevens is considering departure from benghazi. he was trying to see at the time whether it was an irreversible situation. this was all sent on to hillary clinton, but we have no idea what her response was. ment, but this was being raised almost a year and a half before that fateful night. stuart: indeed it was, ashley. thank you. attorney general loretta lynch pressed on hillary's e-mail investigation by bret baier last night. she said nothing. roll tape. >> the matter is being reviewed like any other like it, when we look at how classified
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information has been handled and they look at all the facts and evidence and they'll come to a determination in due time. >> would you ever have a private server. >> with regard to? >> e-mails. >> well, we just our doj servers here for e-mails. >> so you wouldn't have a private server at home. >> i don't comment on that. >> you wouldn't. you use doj servers. >> i use the department of justice e-mail system. [laughter] >> bret, praise him, boys and girls, because he pressed hard, i don't think he got much of a response from the attorney general. as you heard from the laugh moments ago, judge napolitano is here. >> attorneys general don't like to be cross examined, that's what bret baier did, diligently with a smile on her face. stuart: she did not get her back up. >> she also walked away from a time commitment. stuart: yes. >> which had been given by fbi director jim comey.
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last october he was asked, it's not on tape, it's reporters making notes from what he said, the tape wasn't allowed. when do you expect this to be tied up? well, let me tell you that i give a daily report on the fbi's investigation, unheard of for the fbi director to get a daily report on an individual investigation because there are so many investigations going on and so much to manage. let me tell you, i expect the fbi to be expected by the middle of january, this is last october. we're now 45 days beyond the middle of january. what did we learn yesterday? another 200 e-mails that came out that were confidential or secret, there now were, in the four years that mrs. clinton was secretary of state, during the course of which she diverted all of her professional e-mail through her husband's server, over 2000 e-mails that were confidential, secret or top secret and she will say, i didn't know it. that is simply defies belief
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that the nation's chief diplomate could receive, read, and send on 2000 e-mails among the 55,000 she sent, that were in the category of state secrets and she didn't know it. stuart: what changed is that hillary clinton is now the presumptive nominee for the president of the united states. one of two people who can could be the next president of the united states. yet, we have this hanging over the entire election process. >> here is how the dynamic changed, if i can get away from the constitution and politics, the democrats now have an interest in knowing what is the end of this fbi investigation. stuart: that's right. >> because if this investigation comes down after the democratic national convention, and mrs. clinton is the nominee after that convention, it will be catastrophic. the democrats want an answer now. stuart: if it comes out after today, when she's likely to be sented as the democratic nominee. >> they're not going to come
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out after today. i don't think it's going to come out in the next 12 hours. stuart: no, so in other words, that's hanging over the democrats and hanging over the whole electoral process and it should not. >> look, the fbi will accumulate this evidence and send it on to the attorney general, we think it should be presented to the grand jury or know not. and it will be public. stuart: thank you, judge. stuart: ford motor companies. ashley: impressive numbers, year over year, best for ford in years, best month for sales of suv's, lincoln brand by the ways up 30% year over year, strong numbers for february for ford. stuart: cheap gas. i'm going to call it a mini rally on our hands, 90 points up. we are actually back on 17,000. watch for the dow industrials, not going to happen today,
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♪ maybe this is female vying yeah music, i don't know, i'm just saying. and they say that the female viagra pill may not work as well as some hoped. ashley you've got the story. ashley: they did a study and took the results of eight separate studies and put them together and 6,000 women, they found that the taking of this pill, it's marketed and approved last year. stuart: let's get to it. ashley: one half of a sexually satisfying encounter was to the pill. stuart: how can you you have a half of a sexual ly satisfying
9:25 am
encounter. >> i don't think anybody wants that, i don't think anybody wants half of a sexual encounter. stuart: what do you think of the product itself. >> that's what they're offering and also making people nauseous and dizzy and you can't drink. so basically, yeah, you get whatever that means, one half of a sexual encounter and you feel like you're going to throw up. so i'd say, i don't know. [laughter] >> i think why is anyone taking this and out there. i think it's a joke, not real. ashley: this is in addition to the average two or three fully satisfying sexually encounters a month. >> you want a half satisfying one and nauseated, thumbs down. stuart: i'll returning to reality. valeant pharmaceuticals. ashley: the sales are disappointing. are we done with this? apple, a hearing later on capitol hill, we want to talk about the stock though, is it a buy?
9:26 am
it's been hanging around the mid 90's for a long time. down from 134 last april, we're looking at apple, the stock today. overall the market is going to be up. by the way, we have a bull on the show coming up, who is buying three big names, we'll tell you who they are in just a moment. ♪
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when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders people and ..
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treated to dare clapping. they are cheering. now up and running. expect in a gain of 80, 90 points right there on the opening bell. we are moving to the upside of this very early going. fix that screen at the top. up 66-point. that is where we are. ashley webster is here. elizabeth elizabeth mcdonald this elizabeth mcdonald is here, todd horvitz, mike murphy right here. what are the odds. 17,000 on the dow this month. >> almost a near certainty i would say. stuart: that's a good way. >> the market has overreacted to the downside. people are realizing now oil wasn't going to go down forever.
9:31 am
is that at least on some sort of a balance in the load event 30s that people will focus on earnings and america will be back about 17,000. stuart: interesting you brought up the oil people, the drillers speared a story that is attracting guys are cutting production. crude oil at the moment is down 5 cents. happened $34 a barrel earlier. we are holding right around $33 a barrel. let me show you come in marathon are pulling back on shale oil production. they are really cutting back on it. the stock is actually down. todd, come on in, please. "the wall street journal" cutting production. that's been a big impact today. >> i think it has. when you start cutting production, we will have the oversupply of what we have. you are going to see some movement to the outside.
9:32 am
that is how we create our own shortage in oversupply i.e. there's not being are starting. by the way, just so you know there is the one in 17,000 chance we get that. stuart: what does that mean? >> i think there is no chance. 60 before sevena. stuart: ashley, you would have prevented the ratio. ashley: i had the charts out again this morning. we spoke to some economists. oil right now is essentially flat that the market up 89. the markets getting a push for some nice gains in asia and europe. even though china is manufacturing for the seventh month in a row, a bigger impact. they start two-edged lawyer. >> as of now, oil is dead flat. move but just a fraction.
9:33 am
the stock started to move up a fraction. don't pull a face like that. [laughter] >> however, yesterday's decoupled. technical jargon is that? "varney" yesterday said we went for 10 long years for the economy has not grown even 3%. below 3% growth for 10 straight years. what are we going to get 3% growth? >> we will get it. the middle of that, we have the great recession. we had almost a financial collapse. but backwards for the last 10 years. >> practically every decade. >> not recessions like the great recession. the last time you had a financial collapse.
9:34 am
>> we had a serious financial recession. what helped it? a lot of spending from the government. the eisenhower years back 90%. the reason gdp was the government was spending just like now. >> i think we will get back to 3%. we have to work through a lot of things. we need to get the fed out of the market in my opinion. then you get three markets working for themselves when they get back to 3%. stuart: we get 3% growth tax-cut. can you agree i'm not one? lower sales at dollar tree. just 2%. kate spade and make sandbags. not luggage, but handbags. high sales, high demand of 20 bucks. barclays down just 2%.
9:35 am
but they cut the dividend. that's why it's down 7%. that is a european bank all the way down at $8 a share. it is a big deal. i'm going to stick with my feeling on barclays is never completely recovered from the rate collapse. at some point they need to wash all that stuff out and only at that point. stuart: this is a good story. ford motor company, u.s. sales in 11 years. the stock is up 4%. by the way, and it was up 20% versus last year. ashley: best ever sales of suvs out there. stuart: gm just came out with a 7%. i guess it was suvs.
9:36 am
stuart: gas is $1.50. you can afford to buy it. >> many suvs are on fire. stuart: i filled up my chrysler town and country band the other day in new jersey. i topped it off with five gallons. i paid $7 cash. can you beat that in chicago? >> listen, i filled up my big pickup truck for $42. i am with you. cheap money and cheap gas will continue to drive it. they are still giving away 0% financing deals with an effective rate of 0% is really 6% or 7%. that is going to continue as long as we're cheap gas and cheap money, sales will continue to grow. stuart: forthcoming you own it and you like it any think it's going to go up from here.
9:37 am
>> ford pays a great dividend first of all the 4% range. the sox made a move from 17 down to $12. the key is buying down here at 12 and $13 range. you are getting a company that is going to get bigger margins because of the suv sales. suvs, bigger trucks come at bigger margins. that goes to the bottom line for ford. and you've got the dividend while you wait. stuart: he was so on and mike for the future of facebook. >> facebook is a nonstory in my mind. we all know about the users. we all know about the growth in company and that it has almost 2 billion combined users using that app. the key is at dollars. if you want advertisers to place and not in a magazine or a television or target me directly through facebook. the advertisers come along and that's going to help companies skyrocket. first joined dollars company.
9:38 am
stuart: first, trillion dollars. facebook would have to go to $200 a share. >> would have to be a 300-dollar stock to get. you think it's going up there? >> for apple, the highest we've ever seen a 600 billion. facebook has the bass. stuart: do you want to give me a time frame? >> i think it's a great company to buy at these levels. if you look at the pullback on the facebook is held extremely well. stuart: it might be the next big take of technology. up and comer runs the table, just like apple did a few years ago, amazon did last year. is there a chance of that? >> they are there already. stuart: wait a minute. todd, what did you say? >> facebook is a better model. i don't know how fast it's going to get there, but it's a
9:39 am
consumable ad. you keep going back and back to it. i think the model is great and they will make a lot of money. over time they will be very successful. stuart: without a headline for the day. facebook becomes the first trillion dollars company says mike murphy on this first day of march, 2016. i want to look at apple. the hearing today all about the fbi case against apple. i want to talk about the stock. it has been languishing in the 90s for some time. it was 134 last april, 97 this morning. is it worth owning that 97? >> on the pullback you definitely wouldn't want to short the stock. i don't own apple currently. i think they are sitting on a ton of cash and people look at the cache is a positive. they don't earn return on the cache. i think apple needs to innovate if they are going to create the next ipad, ipad, iphone. to me that's the biggest.
9:40 am
stuart: a new iphone, just a new version of an existing iphone. liz: yes, that's right. special edition coming out later this month. essentially $400 for a four-inch screen with apple pay and a more powerful camera and other future bond there. here's the thing, wall street already downgrading the number of iphones apple will sell in this model. is it equal to the watch? not a lot of money coming in. maybe a billion bucks. stuart: show with us her for using the word accoutrement out? they've got a different word for everything. honeywell says it is no longer pursuing a merger with united tech. that is another downside here to call, another price. >> these are big manufacturing companies. elevators, landing gears,
9:41 am
thermostats. honeywell gained 30%. basically honeywell is going to take over technology that supposed to be a $90 billion deal. $100 billion is going to be huge. united technology with huge. i can tell you the united technologies basically said we're not going to get regulatory approval for this. we are not plain and we don't want any part. going by the way is the beneficiary of them breaking up the deal. stuart: we are all tempted to use the word huge like huge. we are going to give you the buzzer if you do that. check the big word. 11 minutes in the trading session up 73 points. 16588. up next, governor john kasich is donald trump is going to sweep super tuesday. that is today. why did he say that? he joins us after the break. ♪
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stuart: trump is going to win all of them. but you keep holding your own and we have our campaign plan. everybody has to do with the way they want to do it. our campaign plan was ultimately to hold around in some of these places and we will ask back. and then we are going to head north. stuart: joining us now, you just saw him governor john kasich. welcome back to the program. if you say and you did that donald trump and just sweep them
9:46 am
off today, what is your game plan to actually win? you're going to be so far behind that you really can't win. >> stuart, sorry but you can't. at the end of the day, i had just been told that about 30% of delegates will be paid, which leads, you are a good calculator, i think you look at stocks. 70% are yet to be picked. i don't know if you know much about american football, but a lot of things get decided in the fourth quarter. secondly, here is what we see right now. we have a lot of voters who are just picking outsiders because they think the system doesn't work. they continue to pick outsiders think in outsiders can somehow fix the system. when they pick outsiders in the outsiders don't fix the system, they get more angry and pick more outsiders. so the only way to stop it is to be able to get the attention of the spokesman links abound that if you are a performer and you
9:47 am
really do know how to get this done and you really have produced in the past and you have a vision for the future, that is how i believe you killed these voters away. i don't need to peel them away by attacking donald trump. i just don't think it works that way. stuart: that makes you the perfect vice presidential candidate with donald trump. chris christie turns around. >> zero chance, stuart. i have no interest in not. i'll be governor of ohio. i am going to win ohio and as soon as i went ohio, everybody in the 24/7 news cycle will turn around and let me let's talk about john kasich. it is just the way it works. we have a campaign plan and we are carrying out that campaign plan. ultimately it means that we have to head north, which is what we will be doing soon. stuart: i have to ask you again. i know you are smiling about this, governor. are you absolutely flat out ruling out any chance that you
9:48 am
would they endorse donald trump didn't be become his vice presidential candidate? >> there is zero chance i will be anybody's vice presidential candidate. end of story. stuart: would you endorse -- >> stuart, let me answer the question. the situation is you are in your brain with people. if donald trump were to somehow endorsed david duke, of course i wouldn't endorse them. let's see where this goes on what happens between now and then. i don't like to get into speculation, but people in the arena i have a lot of respect for. this is not easy to do. people who are willing to be out there to get beaten and bloodied and sweat and work hard, you have to have regard for that. i would prefer to be able to be someone who emerges from the process. stuart: do you think it is possible to restore republican unity after donald trump for
9:49 am
what he has said about ted cruz, marker revealed what they said about each other? is it possible to give back to the unified party? >> there really is no republican place where you go to have the meeting. the party is very decentralized in very diverse. i was just sitting in a room with a democrat who was a pretty well-known writer. he says we live in fear of you, john kasich because we know you can get the crossover votes. if i am the nominee, the message i have had, the message of reform, the message of what i've achieved and what i would hope to achieve is something that resonates. it's a matter of whether i can hang on here and perform well enough when we head to the north so people can hear my message. i'm very optimistic about that. stuart: governor kasich, we appreciate you being with us. a big day. don't forget, super tuesday coverage starts on the fox business network ethics be an eastern time tonight. of course, the republican
9:50 am
debate, do not forget that on the fox news channel thursday 9:00 p.m. eastern. big political week. that is an understatement. video of a fight of a high school fight club california. some people are outraged at this. i say it is perfectly normal male aggression. what is wrong with that? full discussion in a moment. >> the full outrage is part of the feminization of boyhood among the middle class and above. it is one more polarity in our society. young guys are regressive. in my high school or my school from first grade up, we didn't wear gloves. these kids are regulating themselves or they are whacking each other with their skinny long arms. you both have a
9:51 am
9:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect.
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no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: if you think you can get rid of young male aggression, you are mistaken. you can pontificate all day long about how we must reduce violence in our society, be you are not going to up fights between youngsters. i was referring to that. that is a high school fight club in california. they put on the boxing gloves and fight it out a male
9:55 am
aggression. outrage come you can't do that. that is violence in the schools. joining me now is someone who knows a thing or two about male aggression. >> yeah, i do. i have a teen fund so i understand mel aggression and humans in general. we are aggressive. it doesn't mean it is to get acted out in a violent way. stuart: of course it does. young teenage males have always gone up against each other. they are usually fighting about a girl. you know that. we've got to talk it out. >> i'm not saying not. this was organized. they were videotaping at. stuart: they were gloves. they have rules. >> here is the reality about young teens. their judgment is off because that part of the brain is not developed. they are impulsive. when you're hitting another child, it can be very dangerous.
9:56 am
the fact it is not supervised is where perez conmen. they're not going to be feminist you think that violence equals masculinity is dangerous. stuart: i'm not saying that. i'm simply saying you cannot change the human condition. >> you can channel it. it's unsupervised thereby can it be taken and supervised. so it doesn't get too extreme. stuart: get out of here. >> i would not want my son in a fight club at 16 years old. he takes it to the basketball court with his masculine friends who are very appealing. they are not feminized as they are playing it out on the basketball court. stuart: can you stop young men fighting? >> i don't think you can stop it, but you can oppose a superego wednesday should i be worried about you? kids don't have the judgment in
9:57 am
place. stuart: totally wrong, but i loved having you on the show. >> with that accent, you can call me wrong anytime. stuart: wait a second, i've got a correction. ashley: the sales were actually down 1.5% in february. ford was up 20%. not such good news for gm. the sales were down. stuart: republican candidate governor of ohio, john kasich made news on the show. he says there is zero chance he'll run as vice president. more on that coming up at the top of the hour. ford motor company best ever for suv sales. the second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
9:58 am
then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. ...
9:59 am
>> all right. everybody, major news just made on "varney & company." governor john kasich on this program says, and i'm quoting now, there is zero chance i
10:00 am
will be anyone's vice-president. and that's the headline this super tuesday. and there is this from hillary clinton. she is looking beyond super tuesday. she's looking to november and her target is donald trump. that's the way she thinks things are stacking up. trump-clinton. here is a headline, 20,000 democrats quit the party in massachusetts in the last seven weeks. that has republicans see record turnout. hour two, super tuesday, here we go. ♪ >> there is zero chance i will be anybody's vice-presidential candidate, period, end of story. we'll see what happens. let me ask the question. the situation is you're in the arena with people. now, if donald trump were to somehow endorse david duke, of
10:01 am
course i wouldn't endorse him. let's see how this thing goes and see what happens between now and then. stuart: that was john kasich said it on this program 10, 12 minutes ago. ashley, first your reaction. ashley: what he said there reading between the lines, he's certainly open to endorsing donald trump. that's what i got out of this. he said he wouldn't. as for being anyone's vp nominee,'s he still in the race. stuart: there's zero chance at any point that i would be anyone's vice-president liz: that's a ston i-- astonishing, he balanced the budget. every president elected since 1960 carried ohio. kasich would help that ticket, but not being vp, that would be hard. ashley: you've got to remember, because, you know, if it works out and they come to him and we want you to be the vp, the g.o.p., i think i would do
10:02 am
that. we'll see, but he said that. senator rubio piling on the insults as he goes after trump. >> he says i'm sweating all the time, it's hot here, am i sweating? he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange. stuart: okay. with me now, senator tom tillis from north carolina and he's a marco rubio supporter. do you think he was doing the right thing there, getting personal against donald trump, cracking a lot of jokes, down in the mud with donald trump, do you think that's the right thing for him. >> the fact that you're covering it and a number of the other networks are after not listening to marco in temps of his policy positions for years, if it's a launching point for him to be able to go back to the things that he said very much, unlike mr. trump on
10:03 am
policy solutions, i guess that may be the price of admission in this election cycle, but i hope that we get back to the things that i think marco does best on the stump, talking about specific-- e wait a he canned is -- second, senator, having said that, is there any way to restore republican unity if donald trump gets the nomination, how do you go back on what marco rubio said. >> i'd do anything to get this back together. i was in an eight-way race, in north carolina. we won an election everybody thought we couldn't win. what makes it appealing is we have diverse views. i believe there will be a party backing marco rubio in november. stuart: he must win florida, at the moment he's behind donald trump in florida and we're hearing a lot of chatter in the
10:04 am
background that maybe rick scott, the governor of florida, might endorse donald trump. it's background chatter, but that's what we're hearing. a rock scott endorsement of donald trump and not marco rubio would just about put marco rubio out of the race, wouldn't it? >> i think what right now what we've got to do is continue to gather delegates. i think we're going to come out of super tuesday with a three-man race going into the elections that are also involving north carolina on march 15th. i think that marco has run a disciplined campaign and do everything he can to win florida, i hope that he does win florida, but this is about gaining the delegates to continue to stay into the race all the way up to cleveland, if necessary. stuart: okay, senator, we appreciate you being with us. very important day and your man is right there in a very difficult position. senator, thank you. >> he is. thank you. stuart: it's a difficult position, but thanks for joining us, appreciate it. look at the dow jones industrial average. we're up 128 points, what's this?
10:05 am
>> a good manufacturing read on the ism manufacturing index, also, construction spending coming in very strong. that ism number was five months straight of contractionary territory. it's not great, but a positive read market bouncing. stuart: oil is up a little. 33.83 the last count. dow is up 124. good news on manufacturing, there you go. . ashley: 10-year treasuries moving higher. stuart: the yield. ashley: the yield. yes, moving up to 1.76 another sign of risk off, rick on-- >> getting the buzzer [buzzer] >> back it politics, please. next case, the clinton campaign is preparing to go on directly against donald trump. they're planning for november, that's the way they see it. it's clinton, trump. look at the headline from the leftist bible, that will be the new york times. inside the clinton team's plan to defeat donald trump, right at trump and from "the washington post," see this.
10:06 am
even before super tuesday, clinton is thinking about a likely matchup with trump. liz, the campaign is sending out e-mails, warning about donald trump liz: yes, and here is the issue. and hillary clinton has set aside bernie sanders, focusing the fire power and canons on donald trump because he seems to be now the presumptive nominee. when will the tide turn, where there's always a tippingpoint against a presumptive candidate and we haven't seen that with either of them. but now hillary clinton gunning for trump. stuart: i think she's got the democratic nomination sewn up. do you go with me on that liz: yes. stuart: and massachusetts, nearly 20,000 democrats left the party this year. we're only seven, eight weeks into the year. many to vote in today's republican primary for donald trump.
10:07 am
congressman, democrat from kentucky joins us now. now, granted, sir, there are over a million democrats in the state of massachusetts, and the defection of 20,000 is not that big a deal, but it tells you something about the huge turnout that donald trump is getting versus the limited turnout that hillary clinton is getting. and i put it to you, sir, that turnout has to be of concern to every democrat in the country? >> well, it has been for several elections now, stuart, and by the way, thank you. i didn't get a donald trump ear piece, i got a good one, i hear you perfectly. yeah, that's one of the big issues, we just had a governor's race in kentucky and last year, only 31% of the voters came out. we elected a republican governor who got 16% of registered voters and it's basically because democrats didn't turn out. so, we do have an energy challenge and excitement challenge and we're going to have to work on that. stuart: does hillary do it for
10:08 am
you? does she bring the fire to the table that you really have to have or are you on bernie sander's side? >> bernie has lit into something and inspired young people with his idealism. so i think that's going to be hillary's big challenge, how to translate that enthusiasm for that ideaistlistic challenge. what bernie sanders has done just like donald trump, bernie has brought a lot of young, energized people into the political equation and hillary can keep a lot of those, she will be a good shape. >> yeah, but she's got to keep them. a high, high turnout amongst young people to get it there. the other side of the coin, donald trump, did you ever really expect him to bring out all of these in you voters who are flocking to him from both parties, actually?
10:09 am
>> i don't think there's one person in washington d.c. who understands what's going on out there. i think everybody's baffled, so, no, nobody saw this coming. sure, it's a reflection of anger, but i think it's a reflection of some other things. people are caving authenticity. whether or not donald trump is authentic hhe's not a politician, and total authentic. stuart: i thought you'd come out swinging, having a go at donald trump. instead you're sounding slightly defensive you're not sure whether he's going to do it. >> stuart, what i'd say, on paper, there's no chance in the world that donald trump gets elected president, but we just had a race in kentucky, like i said, after the republican primary, we felt we had nominated the candidate who could not possibly beat our democratic candidate and he's now governor. so i've learned recently that polls are problematic and that
10:10 am
you can't take anything for granted. i am certainly encouraged by all of these numbers where, you know, his disapproval rating is in the 60% range nationwide. his standing among african-americans and hispanics are dismally low, so, i mean, my head tells me there's no way in the world he'll ever be president, but then again i've got the recent experience in kentucky to give me pause. stuart: congressman, thank you very much for coming on the show, refreshing and we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: tonight, fox business, special coverage of super tuesday, we'll bring you the live results as they come in. yes, i'l'll be part of the show 6 p.m. eastern. >> we have breaking news, wait a minute, from the rolling stone. oh, yeah, mick and the gang, they're going to play in cuba. ashley: the first major band to play in cuba, march 25th, the first major act since the 1959 revolution. they'll be playing this concert three days after president
10:11 am
obama visits havana. stuart: is it a free show? >> it's a free concert. i was just go eth -- getting to that. let's not forget that rock and roll, young people were persecuted because it was supposed to promote capitalism. stuart: who is older, mick jagger or castro? >> mick jagger. [laughter]. >> castro. stuart: the price of oil pretty flat, around $33, $34 a barrel. ashley: to point to the manufacturing number, 49.5%, it means we're still in contraction. so, it's good, but not great liz: right. stuart: it's not as contracting. ashley: a little bit better liz: here you go. stuart: let me tell you, crisis time. virtually overrun by refugees. we're going to pose this question, is europe about on the verge of of flat-out
10:12 am
breaking up? at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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10:15 am
>> all right. we're up 100 points and over that actually. mildly encouraging economic numbers at the top of the hour, giving us a minor pop. 16-6. look at ford motor company, best month ever for suv sales and the stock's up 3%. that's got to be cheap gas. ashley: it has to be. suv sales are up, but let's not forget that ford's trucks do very well. but highest numbers, best figure in 11 years, year over year, the overall sales for ford were up 20%. let's not forget gm sales, down 1%. having a stellar, stellar months and trucks and suv's having the best month ever. stuart: any comment whatsoever, liz macdonald? >> no. >> good point. >> good point. >> we're trying to avoid the buzzer.
10:16 am
stuart: all right, serious stuff. latest on the migrant crisis, greece, where more than 7,000 refugees camped on the border. hundreds clashed with police and tried to force their way through macedonia, we brought that to you, tear gas tired. in calais, there are makeshift shelters been there for years, a camp known as the jungle. they were throwing rocks at the cops. and joining me, i've got a feeling that a european breakup is moving quickly along here. >> i think that's right. there are multiple pressures now on the european union, which any one of which would cause a dramatic change. it's sparked feelings across the european union that their lives are no longer under their control, decisions are made by angela merkel in germany to
10:17 am
admit a million refugees, turns out they're not in germany, but thisser' in macedonia, and other places. and plus the economic issues, it's dangerous at this point. stuart: you don't think it's going to be a big blowup, do you? you think it's going to be the long decline of europe as it turns into a vast-- >> some people have to look at whether to break from the currency. from a u.s. point of view, i think that would be a plus and i think that-- >> wait a second, you say if europe breaks up in the way that we know it and the brits leave europe, that's a plus for america? >> absolutely. the european union has stifled the ain't of the united states to put coalitions together to protect our interests around the world. and the idea that there can be a separate european defense identity, which is critical to ever closer union, the goal of the real eu supporters, would be the death nell for nato.
10:18 am
so i think to have more of our allies like the brits, like the dutch, like others who would come with us around the world, would strengthen the west generally. stuart: i think that the demise of europe is the demise of did ktic socialism to use bernie sanders' expression. >> unless bernie gets elected here. stuart: that's what they've had in europe. two, three generations. >> they've sheltered under american protection, and spent the money on social welfare programs. that's the path we're on in this country and there's nobody standing behind us to protect us. stuart: can i sum it up look this, europe gone as we know it this year? >> i don't think as-- i don't think this year, but i think it's on a path to dissolution, absolutely. stuart: ambassador john bolten, thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with you. stuart: apple's top lawyer, testifies to congress this afternoon.
10:19 am
notably absent, tim cook. this is apple versus the fbi. >> the fbi wants apple to design its operating system in such a way as to make it possible for the fbi to get into cell phones by itself. it doesn't want to have to go to apple and ask. and what that creates is a situation in which the bureau has essentially designed the operating system for modern telephones.
10:20 am
10:21 am
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> breaking news, and it comes from the speaker of the house, paul ryan. big stuff, ashley. ashley: it is, and he says this, that any republican presidential nominee must reject any group built on bigotry. of course, this is all about
10:23 am
donald trump and david duke and kkk. his disavowing. stuart: trump has not disavowed trump-- i'm sorry, the kkk conclusively or categorically. he has not done that. ashley: right. stuart: so ryan is saying, if you don't do that, we're not going to support you liz: and john kasich virtually told you the same thing. stuart: so this is coming to a head, isn't it? . republicans are saying, trump, you're with you, but you better repudiate the ku klux klan. >> basically saying you're not qualified to be the candidate. stuart: wynn as in the gaming stocks, the best performer on the s&p 500 right now. how come that's happening? i'll tell you, macao gambling revenue looking up. up goes wynn resorts. apple, their executives are
10:24 am
going to be on the hill talking about unlocking the terrorist iphone. welcome everyone from pennsylvania, congressman tom barrino. you're in the hearing. >> i am. stuart: are you one of those who is saying, hey, apple, you've got blood on your hand if you don't open it up or the other side of the coin, where do you stand? >> i tell you where i stand, i'm waiting to hear the testimony. i'm a law enforcement guy for 18 years. encryption is a rn po-- important part of our lives and we carry it around routinely and also, law enforcement needs information that's why we're having the hearing today. i want the public, the people to hear what it taking place and what each side is testifying to. and once i garner this information then i'll make a
10:25 am
determination as to what if any legislation congress has to implement. this is a policy issue and congress makes the laws. stuart: why isn't tim cook there? >> i have no idea why mr. cook is not here, but that's not going to prevent me from asking the person from apple some tough questions, as i'll ask the federal law enforcement agencies and the locals tough questions as well. we get back to a personal issue, we get back to the personal property and our information that we have. but we're talking about a law that's 227 years old and we have to compare that law to today's society with the high-tech equipment that we carry around with us, with a myriad of information on it, personal as well. stuart: okay, ambassador john bolten was on the program just a moment ago and off camera, he suggested a question which you or your fellow panelists might want to ask of apple, that question is this, how many
10:26 am
concessions has apple made to china? that's a pretty good question. >> that's a darn good question and that's really at the top of my list today. stuart: i mean, they have made concessions to china. it's not quite the same as unlocking the whole iphone system, but that's a pretty good question because apple is defending its commercial and economic interests and it wants to do business in china and it has made concessions to china. i think it's a pretty good question. >> it's an excellent question and if it-- when it gets to me and that question hasn't been requested i'm going to drill down into that and my question is broken down into examples, but we're going to get down to the issue that congress makes the laws and we're going to have this open to the public. that's why, we want the public to get involved and call us and tell us what they think about this? because as a personal citizen, i don't want just anybody getting information that i have, but also, as a prosecutor, if it's information that is going to be handled properly through the warrant
10:27 am
system, these are all issues that i will weigh out before i make my decision. stuart: congressman tom marino, thank you for joining us. we'll watch it happen. >> you're welcome. stuart: governor john kasich saying on this program, he will not be anyone's vice-president. we'll play you the sound bite. first this, actor kennedy, had he said i think my biocan eat 50 eggs, i think that line in the movie, and also in naked gun. he passed away on sunday, he was 91 years old.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
tree into look at his beard gaining more ground. up 173 points over 1% fear that it doubt. governor john kasich on the
10:31 am
program today said there is your chance he will run as vice president. roll the tape. >> there is zero chance i will be anybody's vice presidential candidate. end of story. stuart: would you endorse -- >> stuart, let me answer the question. the situation is you are in the arena. if donald trump were to somehow endorse david duke, of course they would endorse him. let's see where this goes in what happens between now and then. stuart: we talked about david duke. we just heard paul ryan said they would support anyone who doesn't announce -- that is coming to a head. joining us now townhall editor. good morning. i am saying if the republicans don't unify, if trump is the
10:32 am
nominee and the republicans do not unify around him, trump does not win. in other words, unity of the party is very important. i don't see how they get back to that with all the insults they passed around. how do you get back to unity? >> i don't know, stuart. i don't know if they want to unequivocally condemn the. this isn't just about a nominee who happens to be running as a republican. this is also the future of the republican party and how they want to be defined. you heard paul ryan say we are not going to defend someone forget behind a nominee who won't just about the. yesterday at their senate race is at stake on the republican side as a result of the doctrine candidacy the air more than welcome to run ads against donald trump to distance themselves. i'm not so sure republicans want to coalesce around someone who isn't unequivocally saying that
10:33 am
there is no room in the for the country, no room for what they stand for. i don't want any votes from white supremacist groups. >> it's all over by the end of today. if he does well it is expected to do, even though there is this thing in the background, despite all of that it's too late. >> it depends though. he is going to look great for donald trump if the polling matches at this stage is probably going to win. he will have a good night based on the polling. however, we still have to get to the 1200 plus delegate number to have a single nominee. because there's a three-man race between donald trump, ted curzon riper rubio, the delegate count is split and donald trump has to get to the top tier number in order to solidify the nomination. we actually have a couple weeks ago before we get a nominee in place. maybe we well.
10:34 am
it is still on the table because of the delegate count. unless there is a race between donald trump and worker rubio, donald trump will win. we have to look at the delegate numbers. stuart: as of right now, the issue is a big deal at the moment. after we've heard from paul ryan. we also had john kasich on the program half an hour ago saying you've got to repudiate this guy. i'm not going to be apart of anything. i'm not going to endorse somebody if they don't do that common is they don't repudiate the. this is coming to a hug right now. >> is shed. this is an easy thing to do. the idea of donald trump hasn't come away ps i did not believe in anything they believe their guy is quite frankly are anti-american and not in line with what the constitution of the united states says.
10:35 am
it goes back to when i sat at the beginning of the segment. this isn't just about donald trump running as a republican and happening to be in the far right now. this is the future of the republican party and how they want to be seen. the majority of the party does not want to be seen as a party that supports someone who isn't willing to condemn the. it pretty easy thing to do and donald trump hasn't done it. stuart: it's a very easy thing and the right thing to do. thank you for joining us for >> banks, stuart. stuart: video shot at a trump rally appears to show a secret service agent possibly with a photographer, grabbing him by the knack. the video was taken by our next guest, welcome to the program. you shot this video that our viewers are seeing now. i was at this rally yesterday and i want to point out a number of reports yesterday with this
10:36 am
altercation between the "time" magazine photographer and a secret service agent in this video was provoked by these photographers choking a secret service agent. the reports are running us and completely mischaracterized the sequence of events. stuart: take me through this. as i am told, the photographer was behind the little fence that is erected to keep them in place. the black wives matter people were coming out of the rally. the photographer just moved 18 inches we on the fence and that is the point for the secret service guy grabbed him and the video that we all see now. is that accurate? >> that is correct. we are kept in a press than as members of the press. they were trying to get a better angle of the protesters at the event. when he was told to step away from the railing of his press and by the secret service agent, he use some colorful language to tell the secret service agent
10:37 am
that out of his way and at that point he was choked and thrown to the ground. what is more worrisome about this is the way to art term supporters have react to. they suggested the photographer be shot, teaser, taken between his legs and much of that i have to credit to donald trump. at his rally will point to members of the press and call them. he will tell his supporters that he wants to relax laws in order to make it easier to sue members of the press. he will blame networks like yours are having a poor debate performance because he was asked tough questions. donald trump may not have had control over the secret service agent and the video, but he does have control over messaging. stuart: that is important because it wasn't trump's bodyguards. it wasn't his personal staff that did this. this is a secret agent come a secret service agent to protect donald trump. there should be distinction made their peer the altercation was between the photographer who
10:38 am
strayed outside the barrier. you are putting the blame on trump. i'm wondering if that is actually legitimate. >> i am saying that important to distinguish the secret service agent if this is not a point by donald trump. the reaction that i've seen in the past 24 hours from trump supporters who have seen the video has been unbelievable to say the least. i credit that to donald trump is feeling animosity and not they're telling thousands upon thousands of voters that nine out of 10 members are evil and that they deserve to be treated this way. >> on the other side of the coin, it is a fair point to make that people try to break up a shrub rally or anybody's rally, a force always wants the candidate and secret service and their handlers is legit a forceful response. you can't let people take over your rally in the middle of a
10:39 am
presidential election. >> we are not talking about protesters. the photographer was manhandled by secret service agent because he was trying to get a shot of the protests happening in doing his job. stuart: i do take your point and i'm not trying to argue with you. get it in perspective because it was a secret or vizcaya as opposed to a trump guy. interesting conversation and great video. thank you indeed. >> sure. thanks. we are up almost 200 points for the dow. automakers coming in with pretty good sales figures overall. gm's sales went down. suvs for all of them that did well because -- cheap gas. stuart: look at oil. auto parts makers are all up, too. gas national average has gone up.
10:40 am
oil -- i am getting whiplash. gasoline is an average price of $1.75. oil is $33 a barrel. it is not that far up the night is why the dow was up nearly 200 points. a disney i.t. information technology employee laid off. he was forced to train the foreign worker who replaced him. now he supports donald trump and he joins us. i clearly remember having to tell the kid that couldn't write anything because my job was being turned over. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works.
10:41 am
come on in. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
10:42 am
>> i am nicole petallides. not too high up to 200 mark up 184. s&p at 24, nasdaq up 71. better manufacturing numbers at home. though doubly pushing up the idea of a rate hike that brings optimism. oil down seamlessly wonders on wall street. jpmorgan made in the way of the dow jones industrial average. jpmorgan took went 3% doing very
10:43 am
well today. the shares in the upside with vehicle sales. their best suv month other. 2.3% also posted growth. that's up 5% bringing those auto parts makers, the leader of the s&p 500 higher.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: market rise of the graphic. up 193 points. 16.7 is where we are now. my next gas with an emotional testimony before a senate panel last week describing not only be laid off from his job at disney world, but also forced to train the foreign worker who replaced them. come on in, please. welcome to the program. good to have you with us. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. a couple rapidfire questions. the foreign worker replaced to cavemen on some kind of visa. is that correct? >> yes, the foreign workers who replaced hundreds of us here in orlando and anaheim were floating weeks before. stuart: hundreds of you are part of the jobs you had in hundreds of foreign workers came in a vc
10:46 am
says. do they know what they pay these foreigners? >> they came in on the h. one b. visa. i don't know what they pay. however, the bulk of these people that apply are at the very lowest pay scale out of the floor. they all claimed to comment on this descent because they are better than americans, yet they comment on the lowest pay scale. stuart: is this happening on a mass scale, not just disney, but others. this is going on with resorts and holiday areas. is it going on a mass scale? >> absolutely. disney is not an anomaly. this is happening in illinois and one of the senators at the hearing, dick durbin sent a letter to the ceo yesterday demanding he rethink his plan to retain hundreds of i.t. workers in illinois, his home state. stuart: you now support donald trump. tell us why. >> trump has been the most vocal about this.
10:47 am
they should hire everybody back it is replaced by the foreign worker. he is the most vocal about it. ted cruz is also brought it up as well. this is an issue come into the presidential level and getting more attention. americans are starting to see what is happening inside back at this issue. stuart: real fast, are you organizing with the other local people forced out of a job? >> yes, we have an organization. my attorney called u.s. we have people from all over the country contacting her and letting her know what is going on. she's there to help them legally. she is also there to contact senators because they are starting to reach out to the ceos. stuart: thanks for joining us. you can come back again. republicans have showed up to the polls in record numbers this
10:48 am
year. not so for the democrats. 20,000 left the party that donald trump is next. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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10:52 am
welcome back to the show. >> always good to be with you. stuart: you always say you are in this to win it. can you show me a clear path to victory. >> the path to victory would be the people awakening and recognizing that we are offering exactly what they asked for. someone who could not be bought or sold. someone who has a life of achievement, someone who loves america. someone who is honest. stuart: you don't have the delegates. without the delicate you can't win. >> at the same time, recognize my candidacy is very nontraditional. this is not something that was part of my plan, but rather a
10:53 am
response to millions of americans. he continues to be that. they are pushing us to stay in, who are supporting us, bringing in about more money than we did last month. they are saying we are with you until the very end, whatever that happens to be. i'm responding to them. if you are just a minute, i never would've done this in the first place. stuart: it looks likely that donald trump wins big today, looks very likely that he will be the nominee for republicans. if he is, would you support him? >> of course. i would support whoever the nominee is. that is something all republicans and conservatives misunderstand. if they decide i'm not going to support this person, they are voting for the other side. they need to understand that
10:54 am
clearly. stuart: at the moment, it doesn't look like a lot of republicans understand the party is bitterly divided. the back and forth between the candidates. i put it to you so right now it is not a unified party. >> no question. i remember after the last debate so many international reporters asked me, aren't you embarrassed? isn't it embarrassing for your country? we have just reached a point where we don't understand what's going on in the world anymore. it's a little bit alarming. almost like the roman colosseum and rome was being destroyed and people were only interested in what was going on in the colosseum. stuart: dr. ben carson, thank you for being with us today. appreciate it. now let's talk about democrats. almost 20,000 democrats in massachusetts have left the
10:55 am
party. i was just since january 1st of this year. this is massachusetts for the democrats have long held overwhelming medical power. you have to ask, why would so many people that the party that runs the state? answer? it is strong. that is massachusetts secretary of state william galvin, a democrat. he expects 700,000 people to vote in the republican primary today. that is way more than the number of registered republicans in massachusetts. if the independents increase in the voter count. why are they coming out again? it is trump you think about this. all over the country never republican contest so far turnout has been huge. donald trump who was brought in those extra voters. here is what i'm getting at. if he is not the nominee, those extra voters who found him in the primaries will probably not just switch to rubio or cruiser hillary. the republican will turn out not
10:56 am
to normal and not being the republican has a very hard time winning. if trump is the nominee, that looks very likely, the republican party must rally behind it. they must unify if they don't. hillary has a much better shot of winning. this election is all about donald trump. it's been that way since june when he got in the race in the first place and i will still be all about him after today. the poll suggests trump wednesday to super tuesday. tomorrow morning republicans have to decide, are they with him or not? do they want a massive turnout or not? whatever happens, donald trump has changed the republican party for a long time to come when results come in tonight, you will see a writ large
10:57 am
.... ....
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: almost 11:00 o'clock on the east coast and we do have a
11:00 am
rally. 161 points. monday is looking up these days. positive data on manufacturing. that is what is helping to move stocks higher. john k said making news. will not be anyone's vice president. trompe making mexico pay for a war at the border. he says that that will never happen. the third hour of varney and company is about to begin. ♪ >> we are close to the high of the session for the dow industrials. closing 200 points. positive report on manufacturing. look who is here. peter marie she.
11:01 am
why is this rally? what is behind the market rally? >> finally, a theme to be focusing. so where they got old into thinking cheap oil was bad for america. >> okay. look at the price of oil. the drillers, american fractures have less supply. we do have oil down just a little bit. that is part of this market rally. when i think oil is stabilizing. first, we have to pick him and torres.
11:02 am
american fracking looks outlawed. at least it should stabilize. >> okay. we have the famous ashley webster ratio. oil up, stocks down. >> yes. it works 90% of the time. stuart: oil down. >> one way or another, it usually translates. >> the dollar strengthening, two. >> oil is down $0.13 at the moment. it is down. your ratio does not work today. >> it is not perfect. >> all right. professor. come on then. a new record, i believe.
11:03 am
ten straight years without a single year of 10% growth. >> the obama administration has been an absolute failure. it just has not generated a lot of growth. 2.2% since the recovery began. averaging about 4.54.6% a year. generating twice as many jobs. i keep seeing a wall wall street chance. stuart: if we get a change of bullock low-power, a republican getting in, do you think we will improve our rate of growth? >> i do not think we will get that if we have a bush look-alike. we have to have radical change.
11:04 am
i think that some of the things that trompe is saying makes a lot of sense. all of these people in america that have been disenchanted sized, basically getting rich using the presidency and the democratic party, they have minorities to get the votes they need. they are starting to wake up and say, wait a minute, neither of the parties are for me. it could be a fraction is relationship if trompe wins. that means you buy on aid depth. >> you do not think that the market goes up. >> i think that it goes through a really choppy. a lot of fighting going on. >> check the ford motor company. best ever.
11:05 am
that has to be cheap gas. >> 175. no doubt about it. always been a huge seller. now we are seeing suvs. their best month ever in the month of february. ford having a stellar month. >> the wranglers really moving on the shelf. >> this is terrible news for global warming. >> certainly if you are concerned about conserving gasoline. frankly, that is what is happening. high gas prices are good. let's face it. there is only one ford explorer. there is really only one ford f150. i will be 6 feet tall. cowboy boots. drive an f150.
11:06 am
>> i have to tell you, i tell everybody, i have been doing this for a couple hours now. filling up my chrysler town & country van in new jersey. thank you very much. i got 5 gallons into it. you know how much i paid. 5 gallons. >> less than $10. >> i paid $7 cash. >> right to mcdonald's to get your coffee. stuart: $0.53. thank you very much, everybody. i want to move on to the apple store it. their top lawyer going to capitol hill today. liz, any idea what we may be hearing. >> the bottom line is, what will congress do. there is no legislation here.
11:07 am
via court orders. what will congress do? subject to wiretapping and government entering. that is what is key here. will a judiciary committee recommend legislation? >> i wish tim cook with testified today. ambassador bolton suggested this question. how many concessions have you already made to china? >> he had a point. peter, one last topic for you. you say donald trump beats hillary clinton. it has to do with the economy. explain. >> obama and warren buffett would like you to believe that the economy is great.
11:08 am
trompe is really offering a set of policies that would turn things around. he will articulate those into a positive vision. g with, he has negatives. the trick here is for donald to recast himself into the general election. something that hillary has demonstrated that she cannot do. >> he speaks in soundbites. he wears a bowtie. peter, thank you very much. all good, my friend, all good. governor john kasich two when does on this show earlier. he will not be anyone's vice president. listen to this. >> there is zero chance that i will be anybody's presidential candidate. end of story. let me ask the question. you are in the arena with
11:09 am
people. if donald trump or somehow to indoors david duke, of course, i would adore sam. let's see what happens between now and then. paul ryan came out publicly and said we will not publicly endorse anyone that does not repudiate the kkk. do we have that sound bite? >> let me be very clear about something. if a person wants to be the nominee on the republican party, there could be no invasion and no games. a cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not pray on people's prejudices. >> tom mackler joined us. the texas republican party share. this is a breaking story. this is all about trump not yet fully repudiating the ku klux klan.
11:10 am
now we have the republican establishment saying if you do not do that, we will not support you. what say you? >> good morning. it is great to be on your show this morning. that dialogue will continue. there will be some clarification on the part of donald trump. >> the republican party saying, hey, look, donald, it out there and repudiate or else. >> i do not know if that is the case at all. i think that that is a dynamic situation. it will take care of that. hopefully today. we will move on to other things. you are the gop chair in taxes. this has to be ted cruz's two or die. that state today. >> texas is a 900-pound gorilla in this race.
11:11 am
we have more delegates. 165 delegates in play today. eighteen eighth of the number of delegates necessary to make the nomination. ted cruz is very popular in texas. a lot of people underestimated him in 2012. >> tom, one thing that i am hearing is an extraordinary turnout for the republicans. 1 million ballots have already been cast in texas before the doors open, so to speak, today. is that accurate and are you looking for a record turnout? doesn't that favored donald trump. >> we certainly have a record turnout. it will definitely go over 2 million by the end of today. we have two weeks of early voting.
11:12 am
by 7:00 o'clock tonight, we should be over 2 million. i think that it is interesting listening to the dialogues on your show a few minutes ago. people are frustrated. they are angry. our voter turnout has very much improved in texas. the democrats are increasing. they are in serious trouble. this will all point to a republican victory in november. stuart: thank you for joining us. we will see the results tonight. up next, hillary clinton drawing up her battle. it is that he's she and a head to head battle. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. .... stuart: losing money. that is a six-year low. kate spade. they make handbags.
11:16 am
that is a three-month high. donald trump and hillary clinton will be the nominees, that is my opinion. new york times headline. inside the clintons plan to defeat donald trump. they are looking ahead. clinton with a likely matter. looking ahead. democrat strategist joining us this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> you your big worry has to be turn out. hillary, so far, has not fired off a massive number of voters. donald trump has a lot of extra new people coming to his side. would you agree? >> we have had strong turnout in the contest so far. i think turnout in the primary. stuart: hold on.
11:17 am
democrat turnout in all of the caucuses and primary plus far has been down from where it was in 2008. >> well, just because it is not another record high, after 2008, does not mean that it is depressed or problematic. >> 31% in south carolina. >> you will have a lot of voters. they will say that this is outrageous. this is a candidate that is an embarrassment. a disgrace. his own party saying we do not want him. a hash tag on the right. we cannot support him, let's come up with some other ideas. turnout in a primary, aside, that is a really huge problem. not just for the republican party, but for everybody. he must be stopped.
11:18 am
he absolutely must be stopped. stuart: can you unify your party? what about the democrats? it looks like to me that hillary will be the nominee. what about all of those bernie sanders people. love those youngsters turnout for hillary? >> yeah, i think that democratic primary voters will joyfully vote for the democratic primary. i think both clinton voters will vote for sanders. i think sanders of voters will vote for clinton. absolutely. stuart: i have looked at the crowds when hillary speaks. they are not jumping up and down and shouting and screaming. trump's fans are. >> she is popular among all democratic primary voters. even sanders voters thinks that she will be the nominee.
11:19 am
clinton voters think that she will be the nominee. you will find a democratic party that is unified. not just behind the nominee, but the issues and values that they represent. issues like racial justice and income inequality and gender of quality. those are all really good important conversations for us to have as a party. >> racial inequality. racial division and gender inequality. you are basing the campaign on that. are you? >> i am not basing the campaign on that. i am highlighting. stuart: what about the economy? what about prosperity. >> gender equality and racial justice. those are all part of economic disparity. i am talking about the issues
11:20 am
that have been part of this primary so far. as a party, we welcome those conversations. right where people are talking about the kkk. stuart: i take your point there. i have one last one for you. what you think should be the top rate of federal income tax? right now, 39.6%. what do you think that it should be? the top rate? >> i am not an economist. i can tell you what voters think. stuart: the same response from virtually every democrat that i have on the show. i am not an economist so i do not know. two wanted take a guess at who you think it should be. >> you do not want my economic advice. stuart: i want your opinion. what is a fair rate of tax for the top income earners.
11:21 am
>> i opinion is not important. i am not going to give my opinion. my opinion is about what the voting public want. they want the rich richer to pay a little bit more. stuart: how much more does the voting public want? >> well that would be a tough number to pin down. making $250,000 a year. they want to see income inequality reduced. stuart: the risk of the knowing our paymasters, i wanted to extend this a little bit. i have six children. i have nine grandchildren. i have had good money. i live in new york city. ipay 60% of my income in taxes. do you think that that is fair?
11:22 am
>> total income on taxes. stuart: yes, i do. you should see my paycheck. gone. gone. you think that that is legit? if you think i should pay more or less? >> i would ask another question. people who work full-time and are not able to feed their children. >> what is so hard about you passing judgment on a 60% tax rate? what is so hard? >> well, first of all, i'm not sure that that is what you pay. i will tell you this, if you'd like, i don't know. >> do you think that i should pay more?
11:23 am
what is so hard about this? >> i can tell you this, we should be able to provide basic tools for everyone to be able to get by. a lot of people feel that we do not have that right now. stuart: okay. failure to answer the question. i have a smile on my face. good news or bad news. smile. [laughter] thank you very much for being with us. come on. kick me around a bit. more varney after this. ♪
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
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11:27 am
and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: we have toyota sales figures then a few moments ago. that stock is up one and a half percent. we are up 220 points. we are up 17 k for this month of march. i want to get back to the interview we just did. look, i said 60% of my income and tax. what do you want me to pay, she would not give me an answer. i like how they want to raise
11:28 am
taxes. you should avoid paying the high taxes. never, never, never. cut government spending. cut government waste. that is awol in this debate. >> it is a simple direct sharing. they just go with this mantra. the rich will pay more. >> i love that they tell everyone else to do, but they do not come with any facts. the republicans divided, big time. can they unify for the fight with hillary in november. andrea joins us in just a moment. ♪
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
stuart: i am becoming a believer here. maybe 17 k this month. how about oil. it is up. part of the reason why the dow is up. >> $34 a barrel. that is up. to politics, yes, please. republican side. donald trump and the ku klux klan. roll tape.
11:33 am
>> i want to be very clear about something. if the person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no games. bus reject any group or cause that is built on a katrina. this party does not play on people's prejudices. >> andrea is here. it looks like it is almost -- trump must repudiate. the ku klux klan or the republican party does not endorse him anymore. >> paul ryan is absolutely right. wanting to discount. no matter where it is coming from. he really should. he should do it. however, let's look at the political side. nobody cares what paul brian
11:34 am
said. no one cares that paul ryan is not too endorsed donald trump. only helping donald trump up until this point. stuart: you do not think that the republican party can unify around trump? >> truly, it is despicable. i am taking a backseat just a little bit from twitter. it is so nasty online. i have never seen a party throwing so much money at attacking a candidate. >> that romney has tarnished his reputation by coming out and despicably doing what harry reid did to him. in a way that is so gross, stuart. rich white guy fighting with richer white guy. that is a terrible, terrible storyline. stuart: hillary clinton rolling all over. that is what worries him.
11:35 am
>> yes. she said i will run a campaign based on bigotry. we are talking about it here today. she wants to talk about everything. she wants to tackle bigotry. look, paul ryan did say something important. he said we do not want to stand or back anybody who takes the contrary into position with the kkk did the gop is not backing someone that takes that position. that will hurt the party in the long run. >> stay there, please. a lot more in just a moment. i want to bring in the republican strategist. i wanted your take on this with paul brian and others in the republican party.
11:36 am
we are not going to endorse anybody like trump lsu repudiate bigotry. this is the establishment fighting trump on the ground. >> i think that it is a big issue. i am sure he well. in one interview, renounce david duke support. i just think that this is not a real issue. i do not think that he supports these extremists. many republicans are trying to use this to beat him up going into super tuesday. i think that they will have to take a hard look. >> i use that expression for lack of a better word. do you think that they will ever come together and endorse trump
11:37 am
if and when he is the republican candidate? >> i think that they would be crazy not to. your general elections are a choice between hillary clinton who lied to the families about the benghazi families, claiming she did not e-mail classified information or donald trump. if you do not support donald trump in the general election, if he becomes the nominee, you are supporting hillary clinton. i frankly think that they are losing their minds. [laughter] stuart: losing their minds. thank you very much for coming on the show in such short notice. bringing up the subject of john k said. he said, there is zero chance that he would be anybody's vice president. let's roll that tape.
11:38 am
>> zero chance that i would be anybody's. let's see what happens. let me answer the question. the situation is, donald trump somehow endorsing. of course, i would not endorse him. let's see what happens between now and then. >> he stops on two issues there. a lot of people say, a great balanced ticket. >> may be 41970 or 1980. the problem is he is trapped in a time warp. we're kicking the can down the road. jobs, jobs, jobs. i think, oh my gosh, he is still using the old talking points. you hit the nail on the head
11:39 am
airing a commercial break. why would any man admit that they would take the second slot. he cannot do it and he is under pressure. a lot of people believe that if john kasich word to get out, they may be able to beat, trump. >> 6% of the vote. that is a very small number of votes. >> behind the scenes they have been trying to get kasich, carson, trying to manipulate others. they did not want to get out until they were ready. they can just now have this. unfortunately, they have not been able to do that. >> the super tuesday primaries. they may not win texas. >> 13 votes taking place. >> he went 11 states.
11:40 am
>> i call that a sweep. i have to show you this rally. super tuesday is, of course, today. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. i will be along at some point to that program. we will go to the results together. it will be interesting. on thursday, the next gop deep eight starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. here it is on fox news. you have to watch that. >> i saw that in your prompter. what is going on? the highly anticipated pill may not work as well as personally like. >> i entertain it. my presale for my book on this type of topic dropped yesterday. you can get it on amazon.
11:41 am
i hope that i will be back on this show. making money and spending money. go to amazon and spend the money on the book. >> asked a question about female viagra. i will let you off the hook. [laughter] stuart: supreme court justice breaking his silence for the first time in 10 years. the judge on what he said. bat is our judge. judge napolitano next. ♪
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: not too far off session highs. off 233 points. gaining nearly one and a half percent. the nasdaq almost 2%. gaining 88 points. energy. two weeks bob. to the downside. marathon oil. a group overall has been going over the unchanged line. so has oil, why the weight. best performing group. doing very well. earnings. autozone. all names that came out with numbers. you can see up 12%. up about 6%. start your day at 5:00 a.m.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: high of the day. market alert. 232 points. how about the price of oil. $34. that is the story. new developments on donald trump. trump university. >> new york appeals court is saying yes. trump university. online courses.
11:46 am
the new york attorney general already saying that it is a legal. this university misled students into believing they were paying for university courses. the issue is, well donald trump be pulled in to testify on this case. stuart: interesting timing. clarence, asking a question in court. should people convicted of domestic violence be banned from owning guns. good one. can you give me another area where a misdemeanor suspends a constitutional right. i think it is a good question. >> the answer of the question is no. defined as a crime for which the maximum penalty is a year in jail.
11:47 am
>> a domestic violence case. does not always involve violence. it could involve threatening gestures. they could involve staying out of a part of the house. whatever it involved, violence. sense of striking someone. it did not involve guns. it was not allowed to buy a gun. >> impact of domestic violence in a state court. domestic violence in domestic court. even if you are a cop. even if the domestic violence has nothing to do with this. justice, asked that question of the government lawyer. going back to her table.
11:48 am
no one asked to say anything. a minute that was perfectly logical. people did not know where the voice came from. justice. he went back to the podium. it shows that people that commit the mistake violence are likely to be involved with other acts of violence. now, trumping, no pun intended, trumping a constitutional right is the constitution of a misdemeanor. a misdemeanor is such a low level crime. it cannot take away a natural right. the right to keep and bear arms. stuart: you think a program on person, pro- second amendment will lose. >> because of the untimely death and a part g or. there is probably sustaining the
11:49 am
behavior below. why doesn't justice, asked questions? he thinks that it is unnecessary to get her. a lot of people agree with them. just does not happen to be on the supreme court. >> asking the question for a lot of reasons. why are you putting on a show? his theory was, concessions from the lawyer that he planned to rule against, he used those concessions to try to change his colleagues minds when they have their conferences right after the argument. >> is there any truth to the belief that maybe justice, spoke because justice scalia does not. >> such changes have taking
11:50 am
place. stuart: wanted that be something. commenting on the speech. judge, thank you very much, sir. you heard donald trump say he will build a wall and make mexico safer. after the break. ambassador from mexico to hear. he is on the show. watch this. >> we will build a wall. believe me. we will build a wall. by the way, who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? we will make the wall now 10 feet taller. ♪
11:51 am
11:52 am
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11:55 am
mexico loses. far less money will go from america that to mexico. trade would eat you wrapped it. >> i think certainly it is a scenario that no one is happy to have in mexico. the two companies of the buildings. the basic issue here is you have to look at the facts. that would give donald trump a great deal of leverage. damage to mexico being significant. that is leverage in any negotiation. >> significant to the united states. >> there is 6 million jobs in the united states. twenty-six states and america
11:56 am
have mexico as the number one and number two trading partner. hiring 600 u.s. jobs directly, if you want to impact your second largest export market of u.s. goods, be my guest. >> that is a fair point. how do you feel about the former president using obscenity. saying he will not pay for this war? >> i have always believed that you do not confront grandstanding with more grandstanding did fraudulence with fragile lands. you take on someone who is a walking fact to rezone and two's lips are as loose as fax like donald trump. no two countries on the face of the earth that are more
11:57 am
important than mexico in the united states. wanting to enter into the same for the past month, one could say that mexico is already paying, in terms of treasury and a lot because of u.s. demand for drugs. crossing the border to mexico. if we want to go down that road, there will be lots of arguments. >> that wall will never be built. is that your position? >> this is the decision of the united states. it will have a profound impact of the well-being of the united states. >> thank you very much for joining us, sir. we appreciate you being here. >> my pleasure. thank you. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> i think we should give full credit to the ashley webster oil stocks and oil up, stocks out there that is what you have right now. oil at 34.63. the dow up 256. our time is that. meal, it is yours. neil: i was made by the last guest. that is really cool. thank you, my friend. appreciate that. speaking of flatulence, we have candidates across the country making their presence known. this is do or die for anyone if your name is not donald trump and hillary clinton, steak super high for ted cruz who is voting at the very hour in his home state of texas. the bottom line is he's got to win here. you hear much the same from the likes of john kasich in ohio when their home states are up for


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