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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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that's what you see here. you see it most in marco rubio. this is very out of character for him. marco rubio is trying to play donald trump in a movie right now and doing a really bad job at it. should have stuck to who he was, taken him onto policy, you'll see. lou: breaking news! it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means polls have closed in the first of the super tuesday states and the biggest electoral prize of this hour is georgia. where fox news is now projecting donald trump will win by a comfortable margin based on fox exit polls. that leaves marco rubio and ted cruz battling for second place, and on the democratic side in georgia, fox news can project now hillary clinton will easily defeat senator bernie sanders. fox also projecting clinton will win a second large state, virginia, and on the republican side, it remains too early to call the race in virginia,
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where both trump and senator rubio are battling for first place, comfortably ahead of senator cruz, kasich and carson. also too early to call the republican race in vermont where kasich, who campaigned heavily there, is surprisingly competitive this hour with trump. we'll have the latest for you on those races, but also in vermont, fox is now projecting the home state senator bernie sanders will easily defeat hillary clinton. so the race is coming to this, the numbers are rolling in, the votes being counted. as i just was turning to michael goodwin. any surprise on these results early on? >> if rubio is close in georgia, that would surprise me, because i think that one of the -- that was one of the states where we fought he would not get above the 20% margin which i believe is the threshold there.
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15 or 20. so that's what he needs to get delegates. if he's running close to trump for first place, it would suggest he's going to get a bunch of delegates out of it. lou: we want to say again, too close to call on the republican side in vermont, which i think surprised a lot of people. we've got a long ways to go through this evening, and as soon as our decision desk lets us know what they've decided, we will have the projection for you. as we sit here now, it's really important to figure out the prospect here. how much does trump need to make this a -- we talk about a sweep loosely of the 595 votes. >> what i've seen so far, georgia a critical state, short-term and long-term, is when there's a gigantic win, and my sense is that indicates he's going to have a big night. lou: and we should also point out, he's also holding a news conference at 9:00 tonight to.
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my knowledge, this has never been done. >> dominated the day by talk of the news conference tonight, and from early this morning. >> what news conference? >> what is he going to do at the news conference and who's going to be there. it's one more example of how good he is with the media. >> true, he knows how to steal the microphone. that's the theme. the candidates are dying to take the microphone. not only to votes but story of the day. and they look desperate and he rolls in and says i'm going to have a news conference, what's he going to say? he says interesting stuff and he's the guy to follow. that's the fact. they're having a hard time catching him. it will be interesting to see the second place. how much of a distance between donald trump when he makes the win and the second place winner will tell us where the second place guy is going to be able to go from here. lou: and, of course, it's more than just inside politics, we're talking about a delegate count that will be affected,
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certainly going to texas. even if cruz were to hold, and win his home state, which is what everyone expected, based on the polls going in, i mean it's still a passel of delegates to win, 155 of them. >> my guess is rubio will not break the mark. if they do, they will split the delegates. lou: if they do, that's effectively a win for trump. >> that will be the total we're focused on. how many delegates did each candidate get out of this? going into today, cruz had 17 and rubio had 16. it shows you what a long road they have to travel in the delegate world. and that is -- in the end, that's all that matters. >> trump enters the evening with 82 delegates. i got the sense talking with lieutenant governor dan patrick that he wasn't quite as confident. they had a million early votes
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in texas, and the assumption was on the part of the cruz camp those were mostly theirs, we don't know if that's holding or not. obviously, we'll know more later. >> the interesting pattern is most of the voters, the exit stuff i heard earlier. trump had voters early and didn't go away from him, this is the in the close like others. he's got a solid base of voters that haven't moved away from him from the start to finish. lou: going to be a fascinating evening. stay with us, and speaking of fascinating, turn to fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen at cruz headquarters in stafford, texas with the latest. james? >> reporter: good evening, from the redneck country club. yes, that is the actual name. venue ted cruz will be addressing supporters tonight. i've been searching in earnest of rednecks, i find hospitable texans. he spoke to reporters at the time, and instead of positting
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super tuesday as a do or die moment. he cast it as a potentially fatal blow to the rubio campaign and what cruz sees as the second and final and decisive phase of the gop primary which cruz thinks he will enjoy a clear shot at the front-runner, donald trump. >> for any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning who has not won any states. for any candidate who wakes up and has a negligible number of candidates, time to think about coming together and unifying and presenting a clear choice. >> reporter: here in texas, republican primary turnout increased from 2008 to 2012, and at a polling station in fort bend county, a public library in katy, texas, there wasn't a single moment in several hours we observed when there wasn't a line of voters waiting to cast ballots. the real questions in the lone star state are these, will
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donald trump come within striking distance of ted cruz? and will marco rubio across the 20% threshold he needs in order to walk away with any of the delegates from the lone star state tonight, lou? lou: interesting questions, one the microsoft cloud allows us to
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lou: donald trump moments ago tweeting thank you georgia. the state he has just won. we have new information now on how trump did win, and here with much of that is fox business network reporter jo ling kent from our virtual studio. jo ling? >> reporter: lou, big prize in georgia for the gop. 76 delegates, and i want to show you how donald trump eked out what would have been called a win right now. those who prefer the next president to be an outsider. 59% went for donald trump. this continues ongoing trend that we've seen in other early states, georgia continuing. that but the battle for second and third place between rubio and cruz very much still happening. want to show you something about rubio here. those who oppose the muslim ban proposed by donald trump. they support rubio the most. you see 34% there. rubio in the past has called this ban unconstitutional. he says it violates the
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constitution, he thinks trump was impulsive in proposing. that 34% of them are going for rubio in georgia. one other thing i want to show you, shared values are very important to them in this early primary race. the early exit poll data shows those people are going for cruz. you remember shared values often equate to religion in this particular case, there are expected to be many evangelicals voting in this race. we'll see how they end up turning out. the secretary of state of georgia saying that voter turnout has been very, very high. lou? lou: jo ling kent, thank you very much. we'll be going back to jo ling for more as we get more information from the exit polling. joining me political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca bird, and editor of the "national review," rich lowry, rich, great to have you here. rebecca, any surprise for you in those demographics, those
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numbers that we're breaking down in the exit polling that jo ling just presented? >> well, some of the early exits are surprising for me in virginia and vermont, lou, where we have john kasich in a tight race with donald trump up in vermont, and in virginia, a tight race unfolding between marco rubio and donald trump. if they are able to come close to beating him or overcome him in either of the states, it's going to punch a hole in the narrative that donald trump is unstoppable and he'll be having people ask a lot of questions about what they did there that worked? . lou: you think two states would make the difference? >> it could, because right now donald trump is sort of like a runaway train, so he's sort of steam rolling his way to the nomination. lou: no, i understand, i understand. >> still the likely nominee. you know, lou, everyone in the party is look for some way out of. this you have donors, on conference call trying to figure out how they could possibly attack trump.
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all the candidates talking about maybe taking it to the convention floor. lou: any loophole they can find in what appears to be the republican candidate of destiny, rich lowry. i have never seen -- it's extraordinary, i have never seen a time which the establishment of any party has been a raid against the prospective nomination of not one, but two candidates because the gop establishment, the ryans, the roundtables, the chamber of commerce, the mcconnells, are fit to be tied at the thought of cruz or trump? >> i don't buy that, lou, the establishment clearly doesn't like trump, elements of it. not organized in the least. they couldn't organize a two-car parade down fifth avenue. donald trump has not been hit with negative advertising as you would expect to see for any front-runner of a party for eight months straight. now it happened a little bit in
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arkansas and oklahoma before tonight's results. >> you think they are opening their arms. the next i'll here is the "national review" is embrace donald trump as well? >> because we're conservative. no. lobbyists in washington, can we deal with this guy? yeah, they're talking themselves into that. trump helps that narrative by saying everything is negotiable. you have to have a little establishment. i'm not a maniac like ted cruz, and what's the source of ted cruz's mania? he's a rock ribbed conservative who believes what he says. lou: do you think he can slip here, eight victories, not ten, as have been generally thought would be his top-end performance? that would have, as rebecca suggested, some influence? >> it will have little influence on the momentum because the media has been itching to declare this thing completely over. lou: wait a minute, wait a minute, the same media that has been attacking him full force
7:17 pm
throughout his decided now -- >> yes. lou: looking for anything? >> they want to make him the republican nominee and attack him more lou. that's how it works. >> my goodness, sounds like a death spiral. [ laughter ] >> maybe it's somebody circling a drain. rebecca berg, thank you very much, rich lowry, thank you. up next, marco rubio is banking on personal attacks to take down trump. you probably noticed. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands? [ cheers ] >> he said i have small hands? they're not small, are they? i never heard that one before. i've always had people say, donald, you have the most beautiful hands. >> that's where we are, folks, here on super tuesday. will the attacks backfire?
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. lou: we're getting more and new information in on the republican race in virginia which remains, as you see there, far too close to call, donald trump, with 1% reporting has a lead. he's holding almost 39%. rubio, 31%, and cruz back at 18%. we're going to be bringing you that, and it's very slow, these numbers. i'm a little surprised how slow virginia is to bring the numbers. in joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton. also fox news contributor. john, it's great to have you here.
7:23 pm
what do you make of the contest so far? too close to call in vermont. too close to call in virginia as well. trump has taken georgia. that was expected. we don't know how those margins are going to hold up and the early margins are sizable in trump's favor, but again, so early that it's hard to make anything of it. >> right, i think that's right. and i think as far as the exit polls go, i haven't believed exit poll in 20 years. lou: shame on you! >> who asked me when i left who i voted for if my life depended on it. the issue is how well ted cruz does in texas. i think trump will prevail essentially everywhere else, but for senator cruz, i think he needs a substantial win in texas. i believe, based on the way his organization has handled the long, early voting period in
7:24 pm
texas he could well have a big win, and that propels forward into next tuesday. some momentum for him biazzo high for kasich and florida for rubio don't come for a week after that. lou: we're a little more than an hour and a half away from the polls closing in texas, we're frustratingly far from that. we have alabama, massachusetts, oklahoma and tennessee to come in as well as georgia, vermont and virginia. but when you talk about what can be done there, it's going to be interesting to see based on the thresholds with the 20% apportioned-vote threshold in the state of texas. what's going to happen to it? winning it would not deny if trump does perform well there or rubio performs well there, it wouldn't deny them delegates? >> i worry when parties begin to tinker with their rules.
7:25 pm
the democrats had a long series beginning with the mcgovern disaster in 1972 that kept changing their rules, and it was a wonderful thing for the republican party and republican candidates, because it's very hard to predict what these changes do. i think proportional representation generally is a mistake. i think you should reward candidates who can carry the states in the primary that they need to win in the general election. so let's take vermont on the republican side. who cares who wins vermont. we're not going to win it in november anyway. likewise, a mystery to me why anybody cares why hillary clinton won south carolina. lou: i think john kasich cares greatly tonight. that's his best opportunity. >> you know, as i've always said, lou, as vermont goes, so goes the nation. lou: ambassador, one quick question, speaker ryan coming out today and carrying the democratic talking points water, talking about any
7:26 pm
candidate who's a racist, a bigot would be unacceptable. were you shocked that the speaker would be so bald in his affront to his own party and nominees? >> i wasn't clear what he meant. i think the republican party has to be unequivocal in rejection of racism. we need to win this election in november. and people are mounting high horses at this point. that's a mistake. we have to see who wins the primaries and caucuses and got to win in november. lou: in one or two cases, john, they're mounting high horses when they should be looking for shetlands. thank you very much. john bolton, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: a lot more ahead. polls are closing shortly in four more key super tuesday states. we'll have more information for you. we'll be able to analyze this from every which direction, every which demographic group
7:27 pm
and category. we're watching a very competitive race at this hour in virginia. early yet, 1% of the vote as you look at the totals. they haven't moved for some time. we expect those to roll up quickly. the national liberal media and the gop political establishment trying manufacture controversy around donald trump. shame! >> mr. trump, how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke? >> i disavow, okay? lou: for the speaker of the house paul ryan, that wasn't enough. ryan, as john bolton suggested, well, he went running to the saddle of his high horse. we'll let you know what he has to say. i'll take it up and a lot more with ed rollins and michael goodwin. stay with us. a lot ahead on a very important, very busy, super tuesday election night in america. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. lou: speakerrer paul ryan today proving he's not above playing dirty politics. did i say filthy politics? earlier, ryan weighed in on the manufactured controversy over whether trump had fully
7:32 pm
disavowed former ku klux klan wizard david duke. >> i want to be very clear about something. if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's prejudices. lou: wow. joining us, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed roll lips, pulitzer prize-winning columnist, michael goodwin. both fox news contributors. michael, john bolton called it a high horse. what is he talking about? there's the disavowal. is there some obligation to engage every reporter, every network anchor to, you know -- what is going on? >> apparently to ryan there is. look, to me, lou, the issue is just about the timing. if he's going to do it today, it's clearly aimed at influencing the vote tonight.
7:33 pm
lou: yeah. so that makes him the enemy -- >> well, i think -- lou: -- of candidates out there for whom one could draw such an inference, right? >> that's right. he's putting his thumb on the scale in advance, and it's really an anti-trump move. lou: so ryan is scared of the fact that -- he thinks he should be setting the agenda for the republican party, and he knows if donald trump were to win, his agenda would be crushed. is that wrong, ed? >> if he doesn't get in tune, he can pass all the bills he wants to, and obama's going to veto them. you get a republican president in there -- lou: well, he won't be speaker very long. >> i think that's reality. you have to come to some coordination. and i think the key thing here is obama wouldn't deal with him. i think trump will sit down and deal with him. he may have different views on certain things, but by the time they get done, he's gown to be running -- going to be running a republican agenda. lou: there is something peculiar about ryan because he is, as a
7:34 pm
member of the establishment here, intruding into -- he is subverting the will of the people, in point of fact, trying to influence it. and at the very least, that's objectionable. i would think most people would say. >> well, look, romney also spoke up a lot this week including today. again, i believe, trying -- lou: the two amigos. >> that's right. and, look, they are gatekeepers in their own way. they are trying to prevent their hold on the establishment, their corner of it -- lou: who wants these guys around? i'm sorry. to use trumpian language, but they're losers. they're big losers, and they should have been winners. [laughter] >> equally as important, donald trump did not set the rules of the republican party. he went out and he won under their rules. there's no evidence of him cheating anywhere. he went out and made his case to the party, state after state, and he's bringing more people to the game. so, you know, at the end of the day, you can't say, gee, the
7:35 pm
rules weren't right. he's winning this thing fair and square. you may not like it, but he's winning it fair and square, and a lot of people do like it. >> lou, quickly, a lot of their contempt for trump sounds to me like it's contempt for trump's voters. and i think that is the great mistake they are making here. because if they don't keep trump's voters in the republican party, they're never going to win another election. lou: you know, who are they? i mean, when you think about this, these are some of the most mediocre -- they have performed as mediocrity's will. they have not succeeded in an agenda. i'm talking about the majority leader of the senate, i'm talking about the speaker of the house, i'm talking about mitt romney, i'm talking about paul ryan -- the person, not the speaker. they have lost so much for the republican party to even make a claim on the status quo is pathetic, let alone wanting to support it against all comers. >> but they are responsible for a lot of the anger out there among republicans.
7:36 pm
lou: absolutely. >> and i think to a certain extent that's their frustration. and you see in poll after poll people saying at least trump might try. they haven't got it done, and maybe he'll be different. lou: you know, that's another element of what we're seeing in the exit polling, and that is considerable -- i've always rejected anger, i thought it was just frustration. >> real anger. lou: and these folks are the ones who dismiss the middle class. they have put the back of their hand to the working man and woman in this country and their families. and they're acting like they're protecting this nation from someone who wants to make it better whether it is ted cruz, whether it is marco rubio, whether it is donald trump. >> well, look, i think the first point of the anger, the first focus is president obama. finish but i think it then falls to the republicans because the feeling among a lot of these voters for donald trump is that the republicans have not protected them, have not fought be back hard enough, have not secured any victories against obama.
7:37 pm
lou: let me be clear, i'm talking about paul ryan who is doing the bidding of barack obama. it's mindless. and there's a huge rebellion within the house on even the spending bill because he's given so much away. and i've got to go. real quick, last word. >> no, i mean, i think at the end of the day they have to sit with trump. trump's to going to be the nominee. they have to work out in this campaign the things they think are important and see if he'll buy into them. lou: ed rollins, michael goodwin, thank you so much for being here. we're watching a very tight race in virginia. 49 delegates are at stake there. trump is leading in the early going. again, it's still 1%. i keep saying to the control room, that's 1%. i'd like to see a change in that 1%. virginia, are you listening? donald trump already projected to win georgia. also more polls closing at the top of this hour. tennessee, oklahoma, massachusetts and alabama. and up next, donald trump
7:38 pm
turning his fire on hillary clinton. ♪ ♪ >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to be president. doesn't. [cheers and applause] she'll do a meeting, and then she'll show up fave days later to -- five days later to another one, go home, go to sleep. lou: town hall's nick adams joins us. he says a trump presidency would be the best thing not only for america, but for the world. he joins us next as more super tuesday results continue to trickle in very slowly. they're trickling. trickle, trickle. stay with us, we're hoping there'll be a flood right after these messages. stay with us. ♪ ♪ my school reunion's coming fast.
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lou: well, we have new information about what super tuesday voters are thinking in at least a couple of states, and here with that is fox business network reporter jo ling kent again. jo ling, give us what you've got. >> reporter: we're talking about the texas gop primary. 155 delegates at stake. let's take a look at how some of those to voters are going. the latest are breaking for ted cruz. no surprise, it's his home state, 38%.
7:43 pm
but marco rubio getting 24% of those voters. he's had some support in new hampshire and other states, so he's doing pretty well in this exit poll data. take a look at the moderates, those individuals are breaking for trump 41%, ted cruz 23 and marco rubio also getting a big slice of that pie at 20%. among those who make more money in texas according to early exit poll data out of this republican race, we see that those who makeover $200,000 or more, each household, those are going for rubio, interestingly. but a close second with third and also trump. lou? lou: jo ling, thank you so much. jo ling kent. my next guest says a trump presidency would wipe out political correctness in this country and be the best thing for both america and the world. columnist, nick adams.
7:44 pm
nick, great to have you with us, and we want to recommend the book to you highly. nick, you just heard moderates going for trump. i think there are people at home going, wait a minute, moderates are voting for trump? >> lou dobbs, it's great to be here, and i can tell you donald trump has tapped into something. he has captured the rise of the anti-p.c. politician in 2016. and i think every day ordinary americans are looking for somebody that can thump, and donald trump can thump, and america needs to thump. it needs to thump a whole range of things, whether it's political correctness, china, islamism, all of those things need to be defeat, and i think people are seeing donald trump as the best hope for that. lou: well, it is fascinating to watch this phenomenon because, as you say, trump has gal galvad a significant movement. the numbers keep rising. we have heard all sorts of myths about this guy -- >> ceilings. lou: yeah. there is he's not going to make
7:45 pm
it, he's insincere, he's not serious. once he started moving, oh, well, it's transitory, ephemeral. then we hit ceilings, and, i mean, every one of these great political savants and gurus in this country have been proved to be utterly and completely wrong. >> that's exactly right. and i think they're going to continue to be wrong, lou. i think it's very clear that donald trump is going to be the next president of the united states. i think he's going to absolutely pulverize hillary clinton in a general election. i think he's going to wrap up this nomination very quickly. lou: well, that isn't what's reflected in head to head polling, as you know, nick. but what is interesting is to see how well he's doing in texas among moderates. i mean, that is ciewpt intuitive, and it would have to be something he would be pointing to. >> well, his appeal is broad, lou. i think people are just, in general, sick and tired of seeing grown men cater walling like spinsters when something rather innocuous is being said. lou: yeah. there's a lot of innocuous being
7:46 pm
said. >> well, there certainly is. and i think people are seeing donald trump as a strong person, and i think the discussion now rather than this circular firing squad that's happening in the republican party, i think the real questions that need to be asked by americans are do we want the brinkly past of hillary clinton or the huge future of donald trump? do we want an alpha male or do we want a divisive feminist? a butkuser or a butt -- butt kisser or a butt kicker? firmly, donald trump. [laughter] lou: you should be writing copy for donald trump on that one. we thank you so much, nick adams. great to have you with us. with up next, donald trump set to hold a news conference, 9 p.m. eastern. by the way, just coincidentally, polls will be closing in four more states at the top of this hour, tennessee, oklahoma, massachusetts and alabama. and by the way, texas closes at 9 p.m. now, don't you find that interesting? 155 delegates all at risk, if
7:47 pm
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7:51 pm
recent polling from all four states showed donald trump is leading the republican field. he is expected to win all four. results are already in. fox news projecting a trump victory in georgia, and he's already expressed his thanks to the folks in georgia, giving them the win. rubio and cruz are still battling for second place. still far too early to call the race in virginia where trump and rubio are battling for first place. and hillary clinton winning in georgia and virginia. bernie sanders winning vermont. joining me now, the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp, and investigative reporter for the washington examiner, sarah westwood. sarah, you're -- i wish i could say we've got a bunch of states, but we're sort of stuck in virginia for the republicans. we're waiting to kind of work this through. your thoughts on what you've seen so far in both the clinton and trump victories. >> well, the clinton victory is not much of a surprise.
7:52 pm
her friend, governor terry mcauliffe, helped deliver that state for her. but on the republican side, it's really important to watch where those returns are coming from, because we only have about 1% of returns in right now. virginia's a politically diverse state. the southern part of the state votes different hi than the northern part of the state, the suburbs. washington d.c. is literally the establishment's backyard. if that's where the returns are coming in from right now, fairfax county and that area, it's no surprise that rubio is neck and neck with trump. it's when we start to count votes in the rest of the state, we'll see how it's really going to shake out. lou: believe me, sarah, i have been begging governor mcauliffe to speed the process up there in virginia. matt, your thoughts. >> i think it's a big -- i think what i'm looking at tonight is does ted cruz pull off texas. if he doesn't pull off texas, it's really hard for him to make the case. on march 15th marco rubio has
7:53 pm
florida, john kasich has ohio. they have the same test. but i think for marco rubio and ted cruz, they have to show they can win someplace besides their home state. so each one of them would love to pull off a win in one of these states tonight. lou: i've got to ask you as we're waiting for more results, the club for growth and a few others threatening candidates who go along with trump. is it time to bring a establishment outfit like that, attack dog, the club for growth, kind of bring them under rein? >> well, this is an area where the establishment needs to be careful when they're making these sweeping declarations against supporting donald trump when the reality is donald trump is probably going to be the republican nominee. so it's time for the republican establishment to watch what they say and look at it through the lens of donald trump eventually being their party's standard bearer. to come out and say we're not going to support anyone who is endorsing the likely republican
7:54 pm
nominee is potentially putting themselves in an uncomfortable position in the future. lou: and, matt, we've got just about a minute left here. your thoughts on the same issue. the establishment, whether it's ryan holding forth on a high horse as ambassador bolton put it, whether it is the so-called club for growth which is a front for an attack dog? >> right. no, i think this is very dangerous for the party. people need to take a breath. if republicans and conservatives say they would never vote for the nominee of donald trump, what they're basically saying is they're going to help hillary clinton become the president. we've been through eight years of that. we cannot handle that. they ought to stop saying it and think about the big picture. lou: and the optics are that, for example, speaker ryan looks far more comfortable with president obama than he does, apparently, with the nominees, prospective nominees of his own party. matt, sarah, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: coming up, neil cavuto
7:55 pm
picking up our super tuesday election coverage. ♪ ♪ >> this is fox business coverage of election 2016, super tuesday. here is neil cavuto. neil: all right. we're beginning to find out why they call it super tuesday. you have a lot of primaries and a lot of events, and you've heard already, 595 delegates up for grabs among republicans, 865 among democrats. could go a long way to at least defining this race and maybe ending this race depending on which leader you think about, hillary clinton likes to think she would be inevitable with a good pick-up of delegates tonight, much the same for one donald trump who has redefined political history. we are minutes away from polls
7:56 pm
closing right now in alabama, in massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee. the big battle to watch, of course, will be texas later on where, of course, you hear a good deal about ted cruz wanting to win in his home state, telling me he's got to win there, and if he doesn't, he might as well hang it up. i've got maria bartiromo with me, stuart varney. stuart, i'm going to given with you. the pressure is on the other guys to put up, right? >> yes. and if marco rubio comes out of tonight without winning a single state, he's in serious trouble, and if ted cruz does not win texas, he's finished. i think the writing is on the wall. trump is the nominee, it's onward to november. neil: you know, we've seen a great deal of friction back and forth within the party, right, maria? can we stop this guy? can we do anything to stop this guy? obviously referring to what they
7:57 pm
confer prejudicial remarks out of the likes of donald trump. the party's frantic about. that they keep going back to, because he supported the open borders and others, siding with trump, that we need a better count who's coming in and out of this country. that's the central issue of trump's campaign. neil: he latched onto that right away. peter barnes is at trump headquarters in palm beach. prime pickings for that. we're about an hour away from wh trump, a press announcement. he isn't doing a cheerleading event, trumpeting what he hopes
7:58 pm
is a lot of wins tonight. do we know what's up with that? >> reporter: i think it's probably a victory lap. there have been rumors here locally, he might get additional endorsements, no confirmation of that, neil. so he has already, as you know, been declared the victor in georgia. already tweeted out a thank you to georgia. we expect that to be the first of several such tweets tonight as the night goes on. but yeah, in about an hour or so from now, here at mara lago, his florida residence and club and resort, we expect him to come out and thank voters and republicans in several states for launching him on the way to this nomination, potentially, neil. neil: interesting too, peter with, that announcement, whatever it's going to be, he is -- to paraphrase sure the varney in the driver's seat here. it is the delegates he runs up. almost 600 at stake. there's a feeling he gets 300
7:59 pm
of those, the rest parcelled out among others. but it can be significantly more than that, right? >> it could be, in fact, he seems so self-confident and confident of doing well tonight that he didn't even bother to campaign in any super tuesday states today. he started out this morning in ohio, which held primary march 15th, and kentucky, which has its caucuses this saturday, and heen hee heends -- he ends up in florida which has a primary on march 15th. playing it forward from here. neil: if he has a strong night, stuart, is the pressure on the others to really deliver in some of the smaller primaries ahead of the winner take all ones or run out of air here. >> get out of dodge. neil: you think it is, really? >> of course it is. no. of course it is. [laughter] >> i believe the pressure is on them. kasich's going to hang on till ohio. i get it. neil: that's a winner take all
8:00 pm
state. 56 delegates which is where trump was campaigning today. >> campaigning today, not a super tuesday state. the republicans are obviously split. it is madness on the part of the republican party if they reject donald trump as the nominee after he's won three straight primaries and god knows how many tonight. you reject him, you are crazy. neil: we are comfortable in saying that tennessee is going to go to donald trump. we can also say alabama to donald trump. massachusetts to donald trump. in the state of oklahoma, we see that ted cruz has a slight lead over marco rubio and donald trump. remember, there was a late-minute poll surge for ted cruz in oklahoma. again, he was largely and is largely expected to do well, that is ted cruz in his home state of texas.


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