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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 2, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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issues. dagen: number one on twitter. maria: and tuesday was a big day. thank you, that will do it for us, see you tomorrow. "varney & company" is next, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much, maria. here is how it stands the day after. hillary pulled away and she almost had it sewn up. bernie won four states, but that race is just about over. ted cruz, hanging on, he won three states, including the big prize, texas where he won big. marco rubio had a tough night, but yet again, donald trump was the center of attention. he won seven states, and then he held a news conference. just as the results were coming in, trump had all the cameras turn his way, i'm a unifier, he said, i can get along with everyone. he was more conciliatory and to some more presidential and again, he did win big, seven states. and then the turnout. more records, big increases in every republican contest. and the democrats, the
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opposite, in every contest, turnout was down. hillary did not pull in voters like trump. it's wednesday morning, it looks like clinton versus trump in november, doesn't it? "varney & company" is about to begin. all right. sound bite, i think is coming here, that should be donald trump on your screen, not me, have we got it, there you go. >> people are going to find it hard to believe, but believe me, i'm a unifier, once we get all of this finished, i'm going after one person, hillary clinton, on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is going to be a big assumption. i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run and i think that's frankly going to be an easy race. stuart: that was donald trump during that news conference, justs a the results were coming in, there he was, hogging the screen. it was a different trump, he was, shall we say, a graceful winner, dare i say, presidential. trump's spokesperson katrina is
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here. get right at this. >> was that deliberate, donald reaching out. let's make peace, deliberate? >> of course it was, now that we have seen pretty much where a lot of the voters stand, and as he mentioned, being someone that can unite the party, winning moderates and conservatives, and evangelicals and across all spectrums of republicans, it is time to come together and understand that donald trump is the candidate that cannot only unite the party, but bring in the new voters they're going to need to win in november. stuart: katrina, it's a tone that i was referring to. the way he spoke, the words he used. that was different. again, deliberate? >> yeah, i think so. i mean, mr. trump is definitely someone who has been learning how to campaign, learning how to be a politician. and of course, there was a softer tone, a bit of humility, a welcoming of the other
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candidates, even. and i think it was deliberate because he knows and understands that we are now to a point, you know, the goal from all the pundits across the board was that donald trump had 300 delegates by the end of last night, that he was definitely on his way to win the nomination and we had more than that. so, of course, the tone is different and it was definitely deliberate. stuart: donald trump was nice, i thought, pretty nice to ted cruz, he called him ted, but cruz was not so nice in return. roll tape. >> we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane and vulgar, who has a life long pattern of using government power for personal gain or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. stuart: so, katrina, on
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thursday night, the next big debate on fox news, i might ad, is donald going to come back as the aggressive big guy who beats up on ted cruz, do you think? >> no, i don't think so. i do think that mr. trump is going to continue to talk about the things that he wants to do for the country, another policy that's going to be released here pretty soon and i think that that's where he's going to focus and we'll see marco rubio and ted cruz trying to take their last stand going into florida, not the other way around. stuart: so the niceness from donald continues, okay. >> absolutely, absolutely. stuart: i do want to mention chris christie, a lot of people talking about how he looked a little awkward in the background throughout-- look, there he is. it looks like he's not quite sure why he's there or maybe he's wishing he was the guy upfront and not the guy in the background. what's your take on this, please, katrina? >> oh, i've seen some of that on social media. i think that governor christie
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was standing there showing support for mr. trump and we've all been caught on camera not wanting to look like we want to look by other people. i think it's mr. christie supporting mr. trump. >> thank you, a fine night. thank you, katrina pierce. look who is with us, john tapper, how, john is a tough guy, if you've ever see the show, he's a tough guy, no nonsense. so, john, do you like trump? >> well, you know, i think he's more deliberate than we think. you know, when you think about him launching his campaign, he did it with immigration, took over the news cycle. i think the term that's going to win this election is not traditional conservative, but moderate conservative. and i think there's a real disconnect and we look at the pundits and everybody saying he's not a true conservative, he's not a true conservative. i think a true conservative wins this election. i think a moderate conservative wins the election.
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stuart: are you going to pick it. >> i'm with much of what he stands for, i'm not there yet. stuart: you're working on it? >> i'm working on it. stuart: you're going to be with us for the next 40 minutes. >> i am. stuart: you're a lucky guy. let's get to marco rubio, as i said before, i think he had a tough night. donald trump went right after him. watch this. >> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio, he had a tough night, but he works hard, he spent a lot of money. stuart: he's a lightweight as i talked about before. i always liked marco until a week ago when he decided to be-- and like don rickles. ted has won something, marco has not won, you've got to be able to win. stuart: rubio did win one state, minnesota. ashley: he won the caucus. and a lot of people drawing
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comparisons between him and walter mondale when mondale won just minnesota and d.c. and if rubio can win d.c. he's the walter mondale of 2016. he's the choice of the g.o.p. hierarchy, they don't like ted cruz and keep donald trump out. stuart: he's a the establishment man and it's a tough battle. marco rubio got down and dirty and wrestling in the mud. personally, i don't think that turned out so well for rubio. >> neither do i, not becoming at all. it puts trump in a unique situation, his art of the deal is to unify. it's difficult for him to unify when everybody else is hostile to him. so that will be an interesting situation watching the next debate, how does trump unify while rubio attacks? >> but he did start it. >> sure did. stuart: donald trump really started the mud wrestling, no question about it and i think he won that contest. >> i think, too.
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if it's that kind of insult contest, he'd win handsdown. but i think that rubio sort of brought it down to a lower level last week, i do. stuart: do you agree it looks like clinton-trump in november. no way around that, i don't think? >> i don't see how it changes, the establishment changes the flow of the tide. stuart: i think that the establishment is going to organize a broker add convention, disaster. >> trump will go independent and hillary if she's the candidate will go into the white house, that's what will happen. >> trump unifying the party might be trump saving the party. stuart: there he is, john tapper, another half hour. don't forget, tomorrow night, that's the republican debate and a lot of people will be watching. it's on the fox news channel. 9:00 eastern, the next g.o.p. debate. let's go to the markets, okay? we've got-- i'm going to call this a minor league pullback for the opening
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bell. down maybe 50 points. pretty good coming off a 350 point run-up yesterday. now, we're on 17,,000 watch for the dow this week. one good rally, that's all it is, that's all we are away from it. the question of the day, will the markets start responding to the election? more on that in the opening bell. take a look at the price of oil this morning, $34 a barrel. the latest read on the supply of oil at 10:30. the big news though, gasoline, look at this, a near 3 cent per gallon spike overnight, a buck 78. why the big jump overnight. ashley: one of the reasons, refineries cutting production because of an excess of oil supply and they do this for maintenance and especially hitting the midwest and bringing up the average. eight days in a row the gas prices have gone up. stuart: it's breaking my heart. it is. i topped up my town and
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chrysler van, just topped it up with five gallons and paid $7 cash. >> unbelievable. stuart: isn't that good? >> the three cent bump rate. stuart: serious stuff, this is happening, a powerful earthquake magnitude 7.8, it struck off the west coast of the indonesian island of sumatra. indonesia has issued warnings for a tsunami. no damage or casualties have been immediately reported, but we're following that one closely. the astronaut scott kelly returned to earth after a one-year mission in space. there he is. you can see it, he landed in kazakhstan tonight. he had to be carried out of the space capsule. that's what happens, you get rubbery after a year of weightlessness. nasa reports that a two liter's soda bottle worth of fluid was shifted out of scott kelly's legs and towards his head
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during the year in space. ashley: i'll remember that at the next cocktail party and throw that in. >> he gets rubbery. six debates will do that to politician is. stuart: can you imagine a year of waitlessness. >> feels like an elephant on your chest when you-- >> i would say so. stuart: we're 11 minutes into the show and we haven't talked about hillary yet. don't worry, we're going to get there. we're going to ask a democrat congressman point blank, is she had a weak candidate? got to love it, more in a moment. >> we have to ask america to be whole, fill in, fill in what's been hollowed out. >> usa!
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> we have to make america whole instead of building walls, we're going to break
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down barriers. >> i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton, on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption. stuart: okay. hillary is saying she will make america whole. trump saying it's a big assumption that she will be his rival. okay, there you have it. come on in, connecticut democrat congressman. trump has a point. hillary could well be indicted and that will be a problem, won't it? >> there's two interesting things about that, stuart, that you had to say trump has a point, and that, i think points to one of the key dynamics in november, what it means to have donald trump at the top of the republican ticket. assuming that's what is what happens. look, i think this e-mail issue is-- it is under investigation, i personally, i don't have any particular insight into it. i personally would be shocked if she were indicted. stuart: why would you be
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shocked? >> well, because i sit on the intelligence committee and i know in great detail what were in the e-mails that were classified. i know the facts around this case and absolutely nothing deliberate on her part in which she deliberately conveyed information. stuart: you'd be shocked if she was indicted. >> absolutely. stuart: to you it's off the table, it's not a problem as she sails forward, she's the nominee, correct? >> well, look, she rocked last night, and the e-mail thing was a persistent irritant. the idea that there wasn't something like that for the democratic candidate. remember john kerry when john kerry ran for president, here was a genuine war hero with three purple hearts and dogged over the course of the campaign, with the idea perhaps he wasn't the war hero he was quite to be. if it wasn't e-mails, it's something else, the nature of a hard-fought presidential campaign. would you stay there for a
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second and focus on the turnout for republicans and for the democrats. bottom line, ashley, i know you've got the numbers, the republican turnout way up and democrats down. ashley: reverse of 2008. 2016 versus 2008, begin with, the republican side, and look at the states and the voter turnout compared to eight years ago. look at this, georgia up 35%, massachusetts up 25%, oklahoma, tennessee up 63% in voter turnout on the g.o.p. side. virginia, remarkable, up 110%, now, quickly, take a look at the democratic side comparing 2008 to 2016, all of these are negative numbers, this is how much turnout fell. georgia down 32%, tennessee off by 40%. the rest oklahoma down 22%. they were all negative. which, by the way, i point out a reverse of 2008. stuart: it is. congressman himes. what do you say about this? again, this would seem to be a
9:18 am
problem if you've got such a low turnout on the democrat side and such an extraordinary turnout for the republicans? >> i don't think it's a problem at all. i think it's perfectly predictable. look, it's the reason that a lot more americans went and saw terminator two than went and saw "my dinner with andre", a movie with two people talking about dinner for two hours is less interesting than a movie where there's blood in the streets and cgi and special effects. stuart: that's a pretty good analogy. i'm not sure it works, but that's your point of view. congressman, look, thanks indeed for coming on the show, we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. stuart: what about bernie sanders? he won four states on super tuesday and actually got 90% of the vote, but that's his home state. and tapper on socialist sanders. you can't go without this. >> this campaign isn't just about electing a president, it is about making a political
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this campaign and on the lake when we announced on that beautiful day. what i have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president, it's about making a political revolution. stuart: well, a political revolution, it netted four states for the socialist bernie sanders. how did we get to this point. we have a candidate for a major party a socialist. >> this is astonishing. the despair to have student loans paid and candidly, the desire to health care, free health care, it is motivating these individuals to back a candidate. this revolution, could be the revolution of bankruptcy. where is foreign policy? where are the resources to deal with the issues in the world? where are the resources to apply to other elements to
9:24 am
protect our country, it's narrow. it's short-sighted. and i believe that most of those followers are looking at it in a selfish way, candidly. stuart: his support is a revolution because he's so, so different from the politics which we're used to in america. >> no question. but if you look at the history of democracies, those who want when they approach 52% of the population, take control of the electorate and democracies go bankrupt because of that. stuart: look at europe. it scares me because we're getting close. stuart: it's europe, we look more and more like europe and going down that road, it's a terrible thing. >> right now we are. you know what's at the end of that road. the voters don't. stuart: okay, all good stuff, tapper. stay. to the markets, yeah, we're back on dow 17,000 watch after a near 350 point rally yesterday. hey, smile, boys, your 401(k) is coming back. the opening bell is coming up as well.
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here is the economic back drop to the election, sub-3% growth for ten straight years. food stamp use near record highs again. who will get this economy moving? that's next. >> tonight was another decision point and the voters have spoken. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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him in training >> there is a thought or tell i'm a bit of humility, a welcoming of the other candidates even. i do think it was deliberate because he knows and understands we are now to a point. the goal from all the pundits across the board with donald trump having 300 delegates by the end of last night that he was on his way to win the nomination. stuart: that was katrina pierson, donald trump spokesperson. i was asking her about the press conference last night where he got a lot of attention. he came across karma, bless down and dirty, almost presidential. i asked, is that deliberate? you deliver it. you're more disappeared donald trump with big wins last night. now he's looking more
9:30 am
presidential and a striving for more more presidential than as a political factor appears the opening bell on wall street is now ringing in beginning an eight seconds. remember, yesterday we were up nearly 350-point here is that as a rally in the house. the trading just beginning. just beginning. we are down ever so slightly. 19 points, maybe down 50 by the time things really start to move. he was with us today? ashley webster, john tapper is here right in new york city. one could rally away from 17,000. >> that is right here to get a laugh here marching down bottom up your baby girl full text it is coming soon. stuart: back to 17,000.
9:31 am
dan in chicago, common, please please. 17,000 this week geared >> we get a decent manufacturing number tomorrow. then what was the 17,000. stuart: you didn't hear it. that was the buzz there. it is a service sector indicator, correct? >> it's abroad based indicator. >> i say follow the bouncing ball. there's no predictability. the fact is to be dropped before that? there's an unpredictability today. >> we don't have earnings right now. we have to worry about despite is when march looks like a nice window to get there. after that competition is yes.
9:32 am
trent ashley: good economic data. saying we can raise rates. not the market friendly. stuart: what about oil? oil down, stocks down. oil up, stock said. oil goes way below $30 a barrel. you're not going to have the dow 17,000. that is a fact. the next question is when will the markets are responding to the elections? we think hillary versus trump in november. when does the market reaction come in? >> the market would react today unexpectedly swept super tuesday. that is not happening. hillary is more predictable, which markets like your trump is not so predictable. if the markets had a choice, they would go within establishment gop candidate who would bring stability to the markets. he's so unpredictable.
9:33 am
>> hillary clinton, wall street is not afraid at all. they would love to see her come in. >> you think the market would do well. what he thinks a do you think the markedly jewish settlers in november? >> we can see incredible volatility because he is too unknown. he is to himself all at all. as you want more predict the bowl? that's really what this market will do. >> is unification marks & spencer bread messaging, long time to develop comfort and get some predictability. stuart: big-name spare but watch them every day for you. apple over 100 yesterday. by late afternoon and is now 100 right now. facebook had a great day in backup a fraction today. 109, almost 110 based the good netflix not a fraction this morning holding steady at 98. amazon all the way back.
9:34 am
584 as we speak. amazon -- i'm sorry, also that otherwise known as google. i'm going to call back dead flat. please show me microsoft. two dollars. i am smiling because i own a little bit of microsoft. hillary, do you own any of those big-name stocks? >> apple, facebook, amazon. the relationship between sports authority going under an amazon going up. we will see big box stores. not all of them, but many go wonder and amazon continues to grow. amazon is a threat to netflix. the program and everyone turns to his really given a run for not looks money. everyone should watch the relationship and even the relationship between ups, fedex and amazon. amazon will have their own bluebird to deliver your packages.
9:35 am
>> we don't do relationships on "varney & company." >> i love your microsoft. it is taking a lot of shelf space. tell me. >> there's something else there. stuart: moving swiftly along. chesapeake is an energy company got really beat up here for former ceo has been indicted. >> chesapeake does not expect to face criminal prosecution. in the meantime when you talk about the federal grand jury, stock is down about 2%. the energy sector already downgraded the stock down 40% this year for 2016 and now they have to contend with it. stuart: got it. very much indeed. we are down 44 points as expect it. do remember we were up 350
9:36 am
yesterday. turning to the economy because we have had it 10 straight years below 3% growth. whether we're going to break out of this? >> once we start getting more clear, we will need to see some growth in our economy. once we start seeing some stabilization in china and some growth in europe, we will start breaking about 3%. keep in mind that will grow significantly over. i looked back to 1950. 3% is the norm. we have been below it for too long. we will eventually get back on. stuart: is the limit to ronald reagan and the glory years of the 1980s who would have 4% to 5% growth. we have certainly spiked up to that at one point. when do we get back to that? >> we definitely did.
9:37 am
>> we get back to it when we create an environment conducive to the growth of business. 600,000 small businesses open every year. 720,000 close. those are the statistics we have to change. we are bleeding to death. >> we made beneficial tax policy. we have to have that to create new sectors and see them grow. we also have to help areas like biotech or within type knowledge e. cybersecurity, that is where we see the growth. stuart: john no-space talking about. we have to light of main street again. years ago, 66 or send a business is run by families. today 42% are. and tasty family, small businesses, main street. the dollars could get dollars could give people a food stamp programs. stuart: the people you are
9:38 am
talking about who got squashed, they are going for trump. that is almost the backbone of his support. that is my opinion. >> donald junior said something interesting. he called his father a blue-collar billionaire. that is how i think some of the working people that are supporting him are perceiving him and that is an interesting connection which can equate to some crossover voters. stuart: you are pretty good. if you are not careful, you'll be back on the show in a have to get up at 6:00 in the morning. >> i get lucky sometimes. stuart: "the wall street journal" siding with apple over the unlocking of the san bernardino's iphone. here's the headline. apple is red on encryption. that is "the wall street journal." that is march the first. apple is right on encryption. joining the biggest names in silicon valley in siding with apple. any comment on this from anybody? >> i don't think that a corporation has a fiduciary
9:39 am
response ability to violate the privacy of their customers. stuart: okay, see when the apple site. >> a fiduciary accountability is to their shareholders. i don't know where political falls and other than goodwill in the marketplace. i don't see the market running up and banging on apple's work to free up all of our phones. >> we have to be a good number of the community. all corporations and that means protecting lives. >> doesn't the marketplace determine how we act as a good corporate citizen, not the government? >> it should. stuart: how many concessions have you given to china? bent over backwards for them. ashley: as protecting the brand name. >> the future responsibility. stuart: we mention the sports authority. they did file for bankruptcy.
9:40 am
they plan to eliminate 140 stores out of 463. they missed the $20 million interest payment back in january. we knew this was going to happen. they are going to restructure back in 2006. sales at sports authority stores match those of sporting goods. sports authority just couldn't adapt. the presentation was poor. they continue to expect. >> they also have hunting and fishing. i can back to sports authority list. >> it's their relationship. stuart: higher profits, higher sales. abercrombie and fitch up 4.5%. the stock has hit a new high. 57. xanga. it's not the farm bill people? farmville.
9:41 am
the ceo is going to step down. investors like it. the stock was up 7%. check out the big word. real stability. none of the volatility. down 48 points for the past 10 minutes. please remember we were up 350 yesterday. coming up next, the former path of the world largest employer, wal-mart u.s.a., on who he could be backing this election cycle. he endorsed to jeb bush before bush dropped out. bill simon, that is his name, he joins us at the 11:00 hour of the show this morning. next, a man who has been personally attacked by donald trump on several occasions. donald trump appearing much more presidential last night. our guest jumping on the trump train. we shall see because we are back in a moment. ♪
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>> metaclasses and forgotten in our country. it was the predominant factor in making our country into a country that we all love so much and that we are also proud of, but we have forgot the middle class. you do that was a rather different tone. you've got to admit. dare i say he looked a tad more presidential. look here, steve hayes who does not think donald trump looked more presidential. >> elect more presidential. he can perform. >> donald trump is not my cup of tea. what he saw from him last night was good for him. he did a very good job for the
9:46 am
most part in a press conference he took a shot of paul ryan. he suggested he would once again was a fan of planned parenthood. but it can't do is they can't erase the stuff from the previous several days. it can erase the fact he called for severe restrictions on the free press. stuart: but he doesn't bother the people who went to the polls. the million to support them. what is a sign here and the establishment is trying to cook up a broken convention in cleveland. cook it up in cleveland. that is the kiss of death for the republican party. >> donald trump is good case of death. look at the exit polls in states like virginia, arkansas, tennessee, i'll swear. 50%. more than 50% of the republicans who voted yesterday said they would be too satisfied that
9:47 am
donald trump is the nominee. that is the bridge that is not prepared donald trump is the nominee no matter how many press conference is. >> who also bring an extra voters for the republican poll? look at that turnout. up 110% in virginia. >> donald trump deserve some credit. stuart: who the republican party as good >> not out of credit. >> you have a lot of people showing up to vote against donald trump in addition to people showing up at the polls voting for donald trump. stuart: donald trump as their nominee, this is big time. >> i asked the question first. i will vote against trump is planning? >> there are people voted for other candidates.
9:48 am
that is not logical to suggest because he is waiting that other people are voting against other candidates. ashley: he can take some of the credit for all the massive turnout. you think it's better with a bunch of traditional establishment candidates that we would see this reaction? >> this is the problem with the pro-trump arguments. the pro-shrub argument suggested this as a binary choice. either you are for the establishment and for the christy k street money grabbing washington republicans are you are for trump. there is a huge middle section. the majority of the republican party old school down the road conservatives, movement conservatives. not just a conservative intellectuals in washington, but across the country. i don't think they're being spoken for. stuart: never say we did not allow our program to be used as a platform. [laughter] i just couldn't resist it.
9:49 am
>> he is good. we appreciate it. i have some news. facebook ceo sheryl sandberg gave >> report card -- you like relationship stories. she is dating the ceo of the big video game publishing company. 10 minute months ago her husband died in a horrible situation when they were on vacation in mexico. he is worth an estimated $4 billion. >> you have to bring money into it. >> warms the heart. >> national review headlined. the republican nomination will be decided in cleveland. kiss of death. hillary clinton won seven states. donald trump says she might not be able to run. janet napolitano -- judge
9:50 am
napolitano on his way. >> she's been there for so long. if she hasn't straightened out by now, she will not straighten it out in the next four years. it will just become worse than worse.
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stuart: donald trump took aim at hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal. she may be the democrat avery, that might not be able to run good >> i will go up to one person. that's hillary clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption. i don't know that she will be allowed to run. i think that is frankly going to be an easy race. stuart: that's an obvious question. can you run a presidential election if you are under criminal indictment. that's a good legal question. the man who answers every single day, andrew napolitano, the judge. can he run? >> under the constitution you can run. it is a political question. do the democrats want to have a nominee who is either indicted lori's potentially a target of the justice department. >> democrats want to know in advance whether or not mrs. clinton is going to become a criminal defendant. stuart: it's entirely political. if someone was in prison for murder, theoretically they could
9:55 am
run for high office. >> or a half dozen cases. they are in new orleans, chicago and hudson county, new jersey of political officials, indicted, convicted, running from election from jail and winning. stuart: political suicide if hillary clinton is indicted and she has the democrat nominee. why is it so bad? >> because the voters will run from her and drove, putting credibility into the judicial process that has incited her. director called me yesterday talked about how thorough and methodical they are being, how he's receiving reports every day. it is unheard of to be receiving field report from the team that is doing the investigation. so many responsibilities for 10,000 fbi agents and he's receiving reports daily from some of them because of who she is.
9:56 am
if she's indicted before the nomination, before the convention, her nomination collapses. the worst scenario would be for her to be indicted after she is nominated. they have to have some emergence a procedure to replace that. i don't think america wants to nominate him one who is going to be a criminal defendant and prosecution. stuart: that is how high the political stakes are. i have very few doubts that she is going to be the democratic nominee. she is one of two people who could become the next president of the united states of america. the idea that person should be indicted by the obama justice department and the obama indictment is an extraordinary extraordinary -- >> you know, it would be extremely disruptive to the political process if she were indicted after her nomination becomes inevitable, whether she has the nomination or not. it would be extremely disruptive to the concept of justice for them not to indict her if there
9:57 am
is a case against her, just because she is hillary clinton and just because she's running for president. stuart: this is a mess. you can say we've been through this, move on. >> i know you have a tape from a congressman who claims to have seen angles and said they are not the basis for your the case against her for how they failed to secure state secrets is well documented, publicly known and overwhelming. stuart: judge, thank you. we will see you at the 11:00 hour. a big win for donald trump. he's emerged as the clear front runner. there i said he started. i think he did last night. chris christie. may i say he looked a little awkward last night. didn't look like he wanted to be right behind donald trump. we've got all the election action for you. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away. ♪
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio, he had a tough night. but he worked hard, he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i talked about before. i always liked him until he decided to go hostile, become don rickles, but a don rickles has a lot mortality. at least ted cruz has won something, you've got to be able to win. stuart: that was several of donald trump's more memorable comments. he went after him calling him don rickles. and politics is entertainment and created a huge turnout for the republicans this go-round. there's a tebow, another one, on the fox news channel. trump when he wasn't talking about rubio, was very, he tried to be conciliatory last night. he took a new tone. watch this.
10:01 am
>> i'm a unifier, i know people are going to find that hard to believe, but i am a unifier. once we get this finished, i'm going after one person, hillary clinton, if she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption, i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run and i think that's frankly going to be an easy race. stuart: all right, trump the unifier, a man who insulted a war hero, john mccain, and the pope and-- he went after your dad, meghan mccain is here. no question about it. >> it's nice to hear, you said nice things in the break and e-mack, and people are calling establishment all day long to me. if you disagree or agree with someone's politics, ever person that existed except donald trump is establishment and dangerous. stuart: and trump wants to be a
10:02 am
unifier and wants to reach out to you and other people like your dad and mainstream republicans, will that work? >> you have paul ryan coming out saying our party is not the party of the kkk and david duke, and you know, i think this is going to get messy. i think he can stand up there all day and say he's a unifier. stuart: you don't think it works? >> i feel like the party is tearing itself apart and i feel alone in my party. last night said at that planned parenthood is a great organization. i'm ardently pro-life, almost militant about it. it makes me wildly uncomfortable, especially after the videos at that came out last year, that's still an organization, you're comfortable supporting? these are integral platforms why i'm a conservative and why i'm a republican, that he doesn't agree with. this is part of the problem is i'm a republican. this is why i'm a republican and if you're-- >> come at you like this. i think that if the republicans ditch donald trump after all of this support and all of his wins in the caucuses and primaries, i think that's the
10:03 am
kiss of death to the republican party. >> listen, this is democracy in action, the voters have spoken, any other candidate right now with this kind of momentum and wins, i think people would be rallying behind. many people are so skeptical how conservative he really is. he has a scandalous background to put it mildly and quite frankly, i just don't-- he wh you're on television and saying you don't know if you can get rid of david duke and not accept his endorsement and have to say it a few times over and over again. i'm going to say something a little dark now, my family has a long history of racism in politics going back 16 years ago and the idea that we're going to bring this back into the republican primary politics i think is dark for america. stuart: some people question whether trump is a conservative, and trump says he is a conservative. roll that tape from last night. >> i'm more conservative than anybody on the military, when taking care of our vets on the border, on the wall, on getting rid of obamacare and coming up with something much, much better and certainly getting
10:04 am
rid of common core and bringing education to a local level so that you're going to have good education for our children. stuart: is he or is he not a conservative in your opinion? >> i think to many conservatives and republicans voting, immigration is the only thing that they really care about, it's the number one sort of-- the reason that marco rubio has been hit so hard because he was involved with the gang of eight. for me being conservative means pro-life as well. you're supporting planned parenthood on television, makes me think you're probably pro choice, okay with the abortions and what's going on with the company. and so many things that he does, his fiscal program, everything that he's coming out and saying in a lot of different ways. i question if he's conservative or not, but to a lot of republicans, the only thing that matters is the border. stuart: okay. stay there, please, i wants more from you in a second. austan goolsbee is here with us this morning, former economic advisor to president obama. austan, always welcome back. you've got a smile on your
10:05 am
face, surely a smile on your face, we've got to have that. what do you feel about trump, open-ended question, what do you think about him? >> i think trump is the product of the republican establishment unleashing some dark forces that they can't control and i'm afraid that trump is himself unleashing some things that even if-- in the general election, you hear him now saying i'm going to be a unifier and to the middle, i don't know that he will be able to and so that kind of scares me. stuart: can i come back on that a little? i think that to some degree, i think donald trump is the product of barack obama. you know, for many, many years a lot of people have not been able to express their anger at illegals inside the country, we're racists if we say that, not allowed to express righteous anger at some muslims who have come to our country and killed us. >> not to. stuart: anger and along--
10:06 am
>> and says, hey, i'm not having this. >> well, stuart, not to somebody-- there have been a lot of whole lot of expressions of righteous and other non-righteous anger for all the years that obama has been in office. when i was in washington, they're marching down the street with signs with him with a hitler mustache and screaming, yelling, coming to town halls, so, if what you're saying is they don't like obama and therefore, obama caused trump by being unlikable, i don't know. i mean, i think the people read is as i punched you in the face because your face was asking to be punched. i don't buy into that logic. stuart: okay, i wanted your opinion on him and you gave it. hold on a second, i've got a segue to get to the stock market because we've been seeing stability, ladies and gentlemen, we've been down 40 odd points for a half hour. you don't get that very often. we go up or down frequently, but right now we're down 40 and staying there.
10:07 am
the price of oil, we are down 18 cents, but at $34 a barrel. by the way, about 25 minutes from now, we'll get the latest report on how much oil there is in storage, how much oil supplies there is there. it's an important point and might move the market. we'll bring it to you when we get there. into earl a 3 cent spike, don't like this, nearly a 3 cent spike in gas to 1.78 as the national average. is this switching from winter blend to summer blend. ashley: refineries are cutting production because there's so much oil and maintenance, and helping to push up. stuart: this is breaking news from exxonmobil, you've got it. ashley: i've got it. they're slashing their rig count, the rigs they have out exploring for more oil by 60% liz: that's a big number. ashley: that's a huge number. exxon is like big ole is struggling.
10:08 am
lowest profit in 13 years and slashing the drilling budget. it's been down liz: will oil prices then go up because they're not pumping out? getting this, world wild since 2014, a billion dollars more, excuse me, a billion more barrels, so that's going to take years to work off. that's why you're seeing gas prices trending down toward a buck in a number of states, a buck 25 in eight states now. stuart: when the news on exxonmobil came out the drilling rig reduction, oil was down about 30 cents, now it's down 10 cents and coming back, so maybe that moved the market. i want to talk about the economy in relation to the election. is a bad economy good for trump? i'm asking you this one, ashley. ashley: is it good for trump? absolutely is. stuart: a bad economy is-- >> because he can say, look, he's had this coming up to eight years off the obama administration and their
10:09 am
handling of the economy, that comes into his wheel house. >> he can say i can get america rolling again. stuart: austan goolsbee, i know he's still there and probably still has that smile on his face. >> every word of that. [laughter] >> okay, a slow economy, and it is a slow economy, austan, you know it is a slow economy, isn't that good for trump? >> yeah, i agree with every word you said there. and, look, trump has proven remarkably adept at just changing what he said to be 180 degrees from what he said previously and claim credit. so in china, he went for years saying china's eating our lunch, and then china goes into meltdown and he says, see, i told you china was going to hurt us. and so, i think for sure, if the economy is bad, it helps trump. stuart: you know, austan, i think you're enjoying this almost as much as we are. i really, really do. >> i love the demolition derby
10:10 am
so much when i go to the county fair and this is it, i love it. stuart: a slow economy, and austan goolsbee, you know this is a slow economy, that surely is bad for hillary clinton? >> i don't think it's good for hillary clinton. i'm not disputing that at all. stuart: excellent. >> as you know, stuart, every time i come on here, i don't overstate how well the economy is doing. i do think it's slow. i think most of that is coming because the world is really in meltdown. stuart: we disagree on that and-- >> we have a lost decade of lost gdp growth 2% haven't seen that since world war ii, how does hillary clinton play it, attack president obama's policies to create the issues. and health care-- >> and you insulted austan goolsbee. he's the architect of these policies. >> i appreciate that you say that, stuart. i appreciate that you say that. >> first of all, compared to the rest of the advanced
10:11 am
economies of the world, 2% is not that bad and as i say, i know that stuart and your view had as been that it's policy. the fact that it's happening all over the world and it's happening the least in the u.s. suggests that it's not u.s. policy, it's global down turn. stuart: okay. i want to focus on the turnout last night. [laughter] because this is important,s this politics, pure politics, huge turnout for the republicans last night, lower turnout for democrats. up for republicans, down from democrats. you've got some numbers for me. >> i do, and searching through them, look at the numbers for you, speaking with the g.o.p. side because this is quite remarkable and it's a complete reverse of what we saw in 2008 when we saw the democrats come out in big numbers and the republicans didn't. let's begin with the map here. stuart: whoa. ashley: 110% turnout from eight years ago. tennessee 63%. georgia up 35%.
10:12 am
now, let's flip this board and see how many democrats came out compared to 2008. >> oh. ashley: all the numbers are negative. georgia off 32%, tennessee-- what does it tell you? >> it tells you a lot. what does it tell austan goolsbee who is still smiling? not good. donald trump is bringing in all sides from the political movement. jump on board, austan, come on. it's a new movement. >> i'm jumping to my death. stuart: look. >> i think if that plays out in the general, that will be worrisome for the democrats, though i would just highlight two things, one, close elections tend to britt out lots of turnout, why in 2008 for the democrats was way up and 2012 was obviously way down. stuart: oh. >> and, too, 15 million people, 18 million people will vote for
10:13 am
trump in the republican primaries, but you've got to get 65 million people to win the general election. so, both sides are going to have to massively ramp up turnout from what the levels are in the primaries. so we'll have to see if it's an indicator, in the past it hasn't been an indicator. stuart: nice try, austan, you've got tenure, almost choked on that. tenure, we appreciate it and thank you very much indeed. meghan mccain, thank you. >> thank you for having me. stuart: great stuff. hillary clinton and donald trump, yeah, they fired shots at each other last night. the frontrunners have emerged and the real fight for the white house starts now. watch this. >> i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption. >> we know we've got work to do, but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
>> i do want to update that earthquake just off the coast of indonesia, just off sumatra. ashley: west of northern sumatra. we have tsunami warnings for these regions. this was a very swallow earthquake, the shallower the earthquake more likely the tsunami. we've seen nothing yet, but warnings for the western coast of australia and christmas islands, a small island. they're keeping a close eye. no reports of damage. maria: it's the tsunami to watch for liz: 7.9 magnitude. ashley: 7.9, 8. maria: it's frightening, terrifying. show me the big board fast because we've come back a little bit. the dow is down just 20 points. that's because oil is no longer as down as it was. exxonmobil cutting their rig count. going to produce less oil
10:18 am
somewhere down the road, but that's brought oil back and bringing the stock market back just a little as we speak. now this, my next guest, he created a pro trump super pac, despite donald trump insisting he doesn't need help from outside groups. and william, it looks like establishment republicans are ganging up, supporting rubio, and going for a brokered convention in cleveland. what would you make of that? >> well, i think eventually they're going to have to get hyped the winner. i think that trump is going to go all the way with this and i think trump is right last night when he said we all have to get united. i think he'd make a great leader. he has a history of putting deals together, reaching across, you know, his adversaries and-- >> you're the founder, the ceo
10:19 am
of jewelry exchange, i believe. you know what business is all about. are you attracted to trump because he's a business guy? >> i am. stuart: do you think this country could run along business lines? can you transfer the skills in business to the skills required to run a country? >> i can, especially in trump's case, because he works so much politically with people, and building stuff, in politics and getting things done, and he has a history of taking over some government projects, doing it privately with no profit and getting it done at one third, one fourth the price and government is so wasteful, it'd be nice to see things done efficiently for once. stuart: have you been active in politics before? i ask because donald trump has brought a lot of new people into politics and i'm wondering if you're one of them? >> i am. i originally was supporting rand paul and then i did some
10:20 am
efforts with ben carson and i've come around. and i'm warming up to him. i think he'd make a great president and if you look at his inner circle of people that he does business with and people that he works with, nobody has anything bad to say about him. if you get to know the man, i believe he's a very, very good person, you know, unfortunately, he's also a celebrity and he knows how to get headlines, and i think some of the his headlines can rub people the wrong way. stuart: you're happy, i'm sure, you run a trump super pac, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: perhaps one of the awkward moments last night, there it is. chris christie, he stood behind donald trump at the victory speech and he stayed there throughout the entire speech. didn't really look that comfortable, did he? the social media world lit up on this one, believe me. it's not important, but to some people it is.
10:21 am
more varney in a moment.
10:22 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> whoa, is there a lot of on-line talk about chris christie or what? standing stoically behind donald trump last night. liz, what is the social media saying? liz: this is an awkward reaction from chris christie, there's out there a social media fire. one twitter reaction says he looks like the guy who suddenly isn't sure if he turned the stove off when he left the house. so they're making fun of chris christie's nonverbal reaction. this is sort of of an eli manning and peyton manning moment. you want to make sure in a moment you've got the nonverbal in order.
10:25 am
social media will pick on it. stuart: if that's what's going on in social media and spiking on social media on super tuesday when donald trump won seven states and hillary won seven. if all they're concentrating on chris christie in the background looking awkward, it doesn't tell you much about social media and politics. let's move on, something serious, north korea and you've got it. ashley: u.n. security council adopting harsh sanctions, i'm sure pyong yang is shaking right now, but the strongest measures ever used to pressure the north koreans to abandon the nuclear weapons program. that's what this is all about, two months after north korea conducted a test, what was called a hydrogen bomb and you remember that and launched a satellite into space, but many believed they were testing new missiles so the u.n. security say new measures liz: they say they're the harshest. ashley: what they say. stuart: and china is on board.
10:26 am
and china-- >> or iran or any other country doing dealings with north korea. stuart: well-said. we're moments away from finding out how much oil we have in storage. the more oil in storage, the numbers go up, we'll see, but when the numbers break, they could move the markets, stocks included. we'll have the number for you, i promise. donald trump says he's the great negotiator, we'll ask a former spokesman at the u.n., can he negotiate, mexico, china? then we have bill simon the former boss of the world's biggest employer, that's wal-mart. he joins us in the next hour. he was a big jeb supporter. what does he think of trump? bill simon later in the show. more varney in a moment. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
10:27 am
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let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. >> we interrupt our super tuesday coverage for breaking news on oil inventories. this serious. all you have in storage is a very big dole that could affect all of the markets. we've got the numbers. >> are you kidding me plus 10.37 million barrels. that's more than quadruple. >> over expected. >> i'm watching price of oil trying to here down 33.84 that surprises me that's right. the more oil o you've got in storage, the lower the price. >> absolutely. s that's why now the dow industrials are up 82 points. >> are we going to see 99 cents gallon of gas at the time? >> seeing oil fall because you've got 10 million extra barrels in storage, we're down
10:31 am
at 34 dollars a barrel. what was a different story right now. with us is bridling energy ceo frequents guest on this a driller himself. what do you make of that number 10 million extra barrels of oil in storage and in america give me some perspective on this. >> well i think rpghting a build of 3.3 we had 9.9 last night. so number is not far off what we expected yesterday but it is high compared to where we expect the number to be overall. but i think stuart what we're talking about now is this is becoming the norm. inventory bills don't shock the market. you're watching price of oil as i am. but not seeing price come down when we saw inventory price doesn't come up even. u now what the market is looking at we're passed all of that it is supply and demand production numbers that's what is moving the needle. >> i've got numbers this morning saying that globally round the world, there's an extra one
10:32 am
billion barrels of storage, l ever of oil put into storage since 2014 over a billion extra barrels of oil in storm storages is all about the glut isn't it a glut in storage in america, a glut around the world and this glut ain't going away any time soon. >> you know, stuart you're right we're a wash with oil o not just in the united states but around the world and united states really has been really the momentum builder for putting this much oil into storage. now some good things are happening in 115,000 has come justify line. second half had of this year we think we'll see a tremendous amount of oil half a million or 00,000 barrels a day worth of supply offline that will move the needle. supply trees you have been talking about it step one. freeze the production of the big players in opec and second sun with we have to cut production. unless we cut production we're with sitting here with a lid on
10:33 am
oil over 40 dollar number if we can get to that. so we have to bring that offline it is coming in the united states. stopping. >> but we all feel for you guys. you are the people who made america energy independent. we don't want to see you guys cut production going bankrupt and walking away from a wonderful business. but at the same time that is almost bound to happen isn't it with a glut like this. >> we're down to 400 rigs running we've lost 200,000 plus jobs these are not easy to replace as you know we pay some of the highest wages in the united states and these guys can't go up to oil patch now to define the job that pays them $100,000 a year so families are hurting out there. so i say be careful with 99 cent gasoline, because there's a price to pay for that and people impacted by that. so trying to make america great again and spirit of donald trump. so that's my plug for him today. >> so 20 seconds, can you make
10:34 am
8000,000 drilling an oil well. can you do that, 100,000? >> we can. we pay average of $120,000 in oil highest paying wages of any industry and hard to replace jobs. these people have to move all over the place and you can't turn it on with a dime so fracking has stopped right now. we want to get it going right now and can't do it at 30 for oil. >> thanks for joining us bright i think e-ling energy. we brought you breaking news moments ago, that the united nations had imposed very tough sanctions on north korea. we're told that the toughest sanctions in 20 years. rick is here used to work at united nations at the united nations what do you make of this tough sanction on north korea i heard that before, haven't i? >> oh, totally, look this is failure in threat or there's the thing that happened ten years ago called proliferation security initiative that is abbreviated psi. that authorized every country in
10:35 am
the world to board north korean ships and infect any ship they thought was carrying any type of a material or tool or anything that could be used to assemble a nuclear weapon. that has not worked because there isn't a political will of the country. nobody wants to step up lately and board a ship and say let us inspect. because it is on its face when when you try to stop a ship. it's, it's on the offense. it is offense offensive so if you don't have a political will from a country it won't happen. whether this resolution now says that we can board ships faster or we can board more ships, it doesn't matter we've always had the authority, what has been missing is political will. we're still missing the political will from china. we're not pressuring china to do anything about this. >> all right i want your opinion
10:36 am
on donald trump. used to be the guy at the united nations, what do you think would happen if donald trump is the president of the united states of america? what do you think would be the reaction from mexico or the reaction from china? >> look, countries at the u.n. deal with who is elected, and if you look around the world stuart, there are many oddities it is not always clean electing heads of state. not what people want. sometimes it is what the people want. but my point is that the united nations community is extremely comfortable with having somebody come that may or may not represent the feeling of the elite in the country. so it doesn't matter what -- what washington, d.c. or the media is going to be saying about trump. they're going to deal with a president trump. they're going to take him
10:37 am
seriously and take his representative at u.n. very seriously, and it's all about the policies. they're used to strong men. they're used to people that are big and loud and trying to push their way. so i think when it comes to the u.n., you're going to see a strong america under a president trump if he's elected. and you're not going to see them back away or not deal with the united states. >> rick grinnell we appreciate you being with us thank you very much indeed. obama administration's war on coal really hurting large swaths of the country. jeff flock is at the mine in i think i'm pronouncing this right, uriksville in ohio finding out if coal has a future. you want to tell us, i can see you're in another interesting situation. are you underground? looks like it. [laughter] >> we're in what they call a man trip stuart, we're about 200 feet or so below the ohio
10:38 am
surface here and i tell you this is what coal looks like look at that -- there it is black gold. but i'll tell ya, coal is underfire these days. this mine and if you take a look that's what they call the conveyor bright light there . and that is what coal would normally roll out of this place on. but right now -- [laughter] a lot gong on here. assembled miners and today on fox business stuart giving voice to this industry that just had been so underfire. this gary is a permit guy, right -- >> correct. >> you say these days the government doesn't want you to have a permit. >> this would take you five to six years. and they just keep teeghtening screws on the requirements that is making it more and more difficult to mine coal so under tough conditions right now. >> stuart as you know natural
10:39 am
gas is out there too as another piece of competition but you know they say mainly, if the government regulation that has really put that on things. jeff flock in a coal mine. thank you very much indeed e jeff. i don't think we knew it took five or six years to permit as you say a new coal mine that's the use of regulations to put an industry out of o business. that's what's going on. we'll be back with jeff throughout the day on the fox business network. ted cruz, he's not out of the race thanks to a big win in his home state of texas last night. he says he's the only candidate who can beat hillary clinton. greg abbott is a big cruz supporter, and he'll joins in a moment. >> that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat donald trump. [applause]
10:40 am
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10:42 am
movers dupont loser and gamble gaining. exxon down one and a half percent and may look for potential acquisition to offset the dip that they have seen in production. stock is at 80.74k state saw the forecast so well during the holidays and these beat the street. and there's a one week chart this it is up 15% this week. we want you to look at sports authorities maybe file for chapter had 11 bankruptcy. every day you read headlines about businesses
10:43 am
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10:44 am
>> that is the world's largest seed company it has what you'ring loo at right now is dow jones industrial average is down the 0 points now monsato heard by strong dollar farms cutsing spending. it is biggest lose or of all the s&p 500. dow industrial down 87 following news that there's a lot of oil in storage and price of oil is going down some more. politics ted cruz notching big win in texas, oklahoma, and alaska in part because of an endorsement from our next guest. texas governor greg abbott
10:45 am
welcome to the program. good to have you with us. >> thank you, stuart. >> now, the day after it seems to us that the nontrump candidate are try aring to get together so that it's a brokered convention in cleveland to take the nomination away from donald trump. what do you say about that? >> i say it's way too early for that stuart is. if you look at what happened last night you see now ted cruz has notched four victories in four states. ted cruz has proven that when him versus trump ted can win. if you look at what happened in arkansas for example he came just a few percentage points short of winning arkansas. i do believer that there are some candidates who are running that have no viability no pathway to win this nomination and good for the campaign process if they were to drop out so that we can win on this down even further once this is winner down completely and be the true conservative ted cruz versus donald trump and republicans
10:46 am
will gravitate toward the true conservative in ted cruz. >> senator cruz must win florida i think it's march the 15th and i think it's win or take all. without win if he doesn't win florida, ted cruz cannot win the delegate count, am i right on that? >> no, you're wrong on that. i don't know if you meant to suggest rubio. but certainly rubio has to win florida if rubio doesn't win florida he's complete toast. >> ted cruz has to too. if you look at the count to do negative that the cleveland convention ted cruz has to win florida. >> you know, stuart i have to disagree with you for this reason. and that is what we have seen repeatedly is that if it is ted cruz versus donald trump, ted cruz could almost runnel the table. against donald trump, so if the field does get win out and gets down to ted cruz versus donald trump ted cruz will win states. >> you're not trying to knock off rubio but get him out of the way and kasich and dr. carson
10:47 am
out the way and if you think it's a clear shot that ted cruz but you have to get the other guys out the way first. >> they're in lies the challenge, and i mean it's example ted cruz would have won arkansas last night. ted cruz could have won other states last night at other candidates not been in the race. >> okay, lepts suppose that senator cruz is not the candidate and not rubio, it is, in fact, donald trump. let's suppose it is. would you unite around the trump candidacy? >> well, first, i believe that hillary clinton would be a complete disaster for the united states. she has been in parcel of the obama administration and perpetuate it actually used language on the campaign trail that she would tack a further left disastrous for our economy and disastrous for heavy handed regulation. so, of course, i'm going to back whoever is republican nominee is. but stuart i believe that person is going to be ted cruz.
10:48 am
>> i think donald trump has brought a lot of people into this election. that would not have been in this election had it not been for donald trump. i mean turnout among republicans was extraordinary in texas i'm not sure how high it was but you brought out extra couple hundred thousand people i think didn't you? >> stuart, it was a record turningout in texas. i think that same thing is happening across the country, and yes you're making a very key point. and that is state after state after state there's record turnout in republican primaries and if i was a democrat, i would be concerned to death right now. because it's showing that the republicans have a ahead of steam behind they them to crush democrat miss november. >> but it's ahead of steam for donald trump. and it's not donald trump on the ticket, you don't have that head of steam. republicans are in trouble. no? >> not necessarily and here's why. that is what republicans are really looking for is the standard barer for true conservative principles. ted cruz is only candidate remaining in this race
10:49 am
demonstrated true conservative principles that align with the core of the republican party. and i think that the republicans will galvanize to vote for him in record numbers to crush hillary clinton in november. >> governor abbott i'm sure you had a wonderful night last night and thank you for getting up article this morning to do it again. thank you governor. >> thank you stuart. >> yes, sir. >> look at apple please the stock hit 100 yesterday holding a movement -- i just said it now it is 99.99 company standoff with the fbi of unlocking terrorist iphone rages on but a late development. >> they made a formal appeal via a court appeal at 11:00 last night in the dead of night and essentially this is heading potentially to a u.s. district court level. stuart, apple is continuing to say that they need congress to act legislation here. so that's what the issue is going to end up with congress. >> i don't think that has any impact on the stock price at all. nothing to do with dropping below 100.
10:50 am
totally separate in my opinion. okay. i saw a rather different donald trump last night. dare i say conciliatory, calm, more a little more presidential than i've seen him before. that's all in my take which is next. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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10:54 am
>> this was an exciting evening so great to be in florida. it's so great to be with friends and the press and the media and everybody. [applause] but i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas he worked hard had on it and i know how hard he worked actually so i congratulate ted cruz on that win that was an excellent win. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio with a tough night. but -- he worked hard. i would love to see the republican party and every get together and unify, and when we unify, nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. >> by k last night our election kofnlg was in full swing, it was gripping. the most interesting election in decades was rolling. about 9:40 donald trump did what he's done so often before. he grabbed all of the attention. he went in front of the cameras, all eyes on him. and then he it something he's not done before.
10:55 am
he was conciliatory, he was relatively calm didn't get down and dirty instead of liar, liar senator cruz was ted. i'm a unifier he said and bring people together. a little more presidential than we've seen before. the insiders in the republican party are alarmed out it mildly. this morning, the establishment is talking up the delegate count. they're hoping for a brokered con syringe in cleveland. really? they think they can deny trump the nomination. ditch the guy whose brought in millions of voters, deny it the clear will of the people. that would be political suicide for the republican party. no, this is the day after. the morning after. and we're waking up to reality. hillary barring a catastrophic criminal indictment and banning insanity will go for republicans. mark your calendar, thursday
10:56 am
night the gop debate on fox news i want to see if trump stays calm, almost presidential and i want to say if fading establishment tries for a last gasp before it dies.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> date has been an amazing period of time, even from an educational standpoint. >> do not get in to anger, con artists who try to take advantage of the suffering and hardships. >> tonight was another decision point and the voters have spoken. >> the people who knew me as mayor, congressman and tell me a had voted so strongly to put us in the white house.
11:00 am
>> we have come too far in this country to that is turned back. >> i will tell you now, we will be donald trump in the state of ohio. >> why sit there and talk about each other and tear each other down one way of such import issues to deal with. stuart: here we go. let's get right added. donald trump won big last night, sweeping sentence for tuesday's dates. in his victory speech, he says he is a unifier and is bringing people together. record turnout at the polls for the republicans. roll tape. >> i'm a unifier. i know people will find that hard to believe. once we get all of this finish, i am going to go after one person, hillary clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption.
11:01 am
and i think that is frankly going to be an easy race. >> i'm a unifier. that is worthy of comment from anthony k. williams and elizabeth mcdonald. he says he is a unifier and he is a much different tone from what we've heard before. do you think they came across as a unifier and a little bit more presidential last night? >> he certainly came across in a tone that he can sell that better. stuart: did you buy the new slightly different more presidential donald trump, yes or no? >> i didn't buy it, but it's compelling that enough people will buy it. personally i'm a tough sell. trial lawyer. exactly. i applaud the compelling effort made by donald trump. this is what i like about it.
11:02 am
hillary is changing her tone. she is talking about america already been great at bringing together more love and kindness. this is trump trying to usurp the clayton town. liz: clinton is saying i am a unifier. trump is saying im. stuart: you are right. he got run out of hillary trying to be -- ashley: wouldn't you rather be great again? stuart: donald trump won big last night. are you going to give me an argument on that? >> no, i'm not. stuart: mexico trying to counter the negative tone of dealers residential race. this is new. this is breaking the last couple of hours. >> according to basically the top officials in mexico's saying they want their consulate across the country to do a diplomatic push to meet and basically
11:03 am
politicians in the united states and they plan to meet with contenders. once the two are paid for democrats and gop, mexico will sit down with the presidential contenders to talk about mexico and how great trade is with the country. >> they want face-to-face and mexican consulates in the united states. >> they want the conflict to do a diplomatic post that mexico was great. this is a message about putting up the wall. stuart: they are walking into our general election and using their consulates in america to put their point of view in this ongoing. liz: people, politicians and public figures. stuart: i don't see anything wrong with that. bring it on. why not. next case, hillary clinton did when big last night. she took seven states. democrat voter turnout, look at that. that is way down. down in every single primary race yesterday.
11:04 am
turnout down for the democrats. and in massachusetts, 20,000 democrats left the party just since january 1st of this year. albright, eboni u.k., that turn out to me spells not good news for the democrats. >> that is being kind. it's a blistering indictment of the lack of choice on the left. this is where do you shed a tear for the democratic party. they have a front runner. to donald trump's point, the lawyer in me feels wrong about this or they don't know the legal status about the availability to run. i think every voter left or right deserves to have a fully available candidate. stuart: you really are turning. >> i just have a tear for the democratic party. stuart: regardless of our imo problems and legal problems, issued good candidate?
11:05 am
she's not fired up. >> we know she was candidate in 2080 there. there we go. stuart: i've got on the prompter the e-mail scandal all over again. and the 9:00 hour this morning on this program, the democrat from connecticut defended hillary clinton. watch this. >> they sit on the intelligence committee and i know what you most are classified. i know the facts around this case and their thugs really nothing delivered on her part in which she conveyed classified information. so i would be shocked. true to you her to write there. the congressman, no indictment coming. judge napolitano said the fbi has been thorough with the investigation. roll that tape. >> director comey yesterday talked about how thorough and methodical they are being. about his receiving reports every day. to be receiving field report from the team that's actually
11:06 am
doing investigation. among her responsibilities. 10,000 fbi agents enhanced receiving reports he's not even sure that he will be the nominee because of the e-mail problem is. stuart: >> the tape showed a gentleman talking about her lack of intention around to mean anything. that doesn't matter. that is not the burden of proof. that is what i want people clear run. the burden of proof under the espionage act in which she is being charged requires gross negligence. ashley: the congressman from connecticut said that. there were some e-mails that he wasn't even allowed to look at because he did not security clearance. let's think about that. >> you can't identify the candidate when they are in damage control.
11:07 am
hard for them to identify. stuart: another point in the results to liberal commentator thomas :-) says he's got an opinion on it. he thinks that the black voters could get on the trump bandwagon. what do you make of that? >> let's be clear, there were certain people in the black community that trump is disqualified. but there is another portion. black people are no more single issue voters than anyone else hear some of them will play those offensive terms or comments. first his pocketbook concerns versus leadership. they may supersede those concerns. stuart: avenue economy did well. don't miss it tomorrow night. the next gop debate tomorrow on the fox news we have returned.
11:08 am
how about that. why don't we look at oil. we look at that? the price of oil despite the fact there's an extra 10 million barrels of oil in the supply and america. go figure. almost 35. there was a 3-cent per gallon spike just overnight it took us to $1.78 and on the national average. it is outrageous. ashley: because of the refineries cutting production, doing their maintenance. the massive amounts of oil i don't understand why it's going high. the dow was up for.
11:09 am
governor rivera republican state attended the rally of the top three gop candidates. did you make your mind up? give attended the rally of trump, cruz and rubio. who are you for? >> the position i took this primary election was to let the people make their own decision. what i saw coming out with a lot of people, and all the rallies with massive groups, and the voters and lots of people at the watch party last night. i went to the republican party headquarters. you had trump supporters, ted cruz supporters, other supporters that were there all sitting in the same room watching to see who is going to win the election and up on the last night. that's quite remarkable to get all those people in the same room together. stuart: there's a lot of talk today about a broke her
11:10 am
convention in cleveland later this year. a lot of talk the establishment and i hate to use that word, the nontravel candidate. bake at a brokered convention in cleveland and take the nomination away from trump. that would be the kiss of death. >> i do think we have to listen to the people of our nation and it is true that people worry about the direction our nation is going. we worry about president barack obama and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we have to listen to people because it's been really engaged. you see people never come out to vote. people who have never come out to rally. it's not walk of life event when i went to the general watch party. it was quite remarkable. stuart: you take the nomination away from the guy who's brought in all these extra voters feared if you do that, the republican party is not listening to the people. they lose badly.
11:11 am
>> i am with you would need to listen to the people and let them make up their minds. we've got a long ways to go. you still got some elections next tuesday. a survey of march 15th elections. as i see it, there's someone for months as last night. people come in different places, second and third. we still have a little bit different to go. donald trump is waiting in different categories, delegates. i'm not sure we are quite finished yet. we will know soon. stuart: i was in oklahoma two years ago. when i was there, i was told and i realized it's probably the most republican state in the nation. is this so? >> absolutely. i will tell you that barack obama blastoff 77 counties in the state of oklahoma. not just once, the two times in a row. the democrat vote in the state of oklahoma is really depressed around a little low for 22%.
11:12 am
you saw oklahoma go for bernie sanders. democrats in our state are mainly conservative democrats. they are not early sanders type democrats. people stayed home last night in the democrat party. ted cruz on one side, bernie sanders on the other, which is quite diverse. stuart: thank you indeed, governor. great pleasure to have you with us. this just developing. google's former ceo eric schmidt agreed to head up a new advisory board, discussing defense innovation. >> is another average versus silicon valley, the pentagon. defense secretary ashe carter pleading mess. carter and schmidt lament of members to the board to use best practices and innovation from the public sector and the private sector together to come up with -- that sounds to me
11:13 am
like the defense department wants to get silicon valley on board with the development of a big new fabulous weapon. >> i would imagine so. that is the way it is. after the break, the world's largest employer, wal-mart u.s.a. his name is bill simon. his guy, jeb bush out of the race. assignment does say that donald trump is an interesting phenomenon. >> a more conservative than anybody on the military when taking care of our veterans on the border. on the wall. i'm getting rid of obama cared and coming up with something much, much better and certainly getting rid of common core and bringing education to a local level so you will have good education for children.
11:14 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
11:17 am
stuart: the price of oil touch $35 a barrel. we've not been there for a couple months. that is big news in the financial world heard it put the stock market at just a little. this is the big five sporting goods that have a disappointing sales forecast. they are down 10%. now this. a developing story. the u.n. opposing more sanctions on north korea. the toughest in 20 years. can you tell me what one of these sanctions is? >> it's interesting. they are going after two entities of hoping the north korean government of 10 individuals that have ties to the government of the arena. they are going to freeze assets and essentially cut them off financially, freeze their accounts. two individuals reading through this order they didn't eject and more part of -- it is interesting, securing materials to further the nuclear aspirations of north korea. that's kind of interesting.
11:18 am
stuart: freeze the assets. they've got a problem. >> guess we will cut off shipments and rocket fuel. >> we will see about that. donald trump winning big last night. he won seven straight states. he says he can unite the party. l. simon is the former wal-mart ceo. i repeat, the former wal-mart ceo. bill simon is with us this morning. good to have you with us. >> a connoisseur. how are you? >> i'm remarkably well. at night last night. you used to be a jeb bush supporter. >> i still am. stuart: you still are. you call trump an incredible phenomenon. does that mean that you now support donald trump? >> you know, going forward what is happening that donald trump has been really fascinating to watch. he has taken the political coalition that president reagan
11:19 am
built probably in the late 70s and turned it completely on its head. that has been interesting to watch. as far as mr. trump goes, he's got the opportunity to unite the party. he made steps towards that last night. stuart: you approved this press conference, this news conference about 9:40 last night. he grabbed all of the attention in the middle of the election results and outcomes donald trump and madeleine focuses on him. ifad he gave a performance which was more subdued. i thought he was looking to be a bit more presidential. are you buying that? >> i saw the same thing and that's exactly what is going to need to do. the candidate of a party who once supported the party can't be at war with the majority leader and can't be aggressive and insulting to the elders of the party. he's got to bring that together and if that together in a few
11:20 am
deaths, many will rally behind. stuart: do are an important guy. used to run the biggest employer in the world. you ran wal-mart for heavens sake. what you say cows and can you see yourself getting behind a donald trump candidacy if he is the republican nominee? >> he's got some work to do. please asked that the parties support him and has threatened to run as an independent if they don't. it is now time as is demonstrated last night, he's clearly in control. it is time for him to demonstrate he supports the party. if he does come in many people will rally. stuart: what is he have to say? you are a great guy. marco, forget about all the nasty stuff i said. let's get together insane. that's not going to work on it is that? >> not talking about any candidate in general. the concepts and principles and the conservative police of the party. he will have to reach out and
11:21 am
embrace and understand as the candidate and eventually if he were to win as president, he has to work with the speaker and the majority leader to get things done. if you can't work goes in the party, the chances he will work with those across the aisle and nearly impossible. that is ultimately what i am. we need certainty, consistency, stability. that is in the business community one fast and when our economy will begin to grow. >> you have got to have tax cuts. are you with me on this? cutting of individual tax rates and corporate tax rates. are you with me on this? >> absolutely. corporate taxes are way too high. is forcing a lot of money off shore. personal rates are too high. when they don't invest and spend money we are left with a service economy. i'm very passionate about u.s. jobs in u.s. manufacturing. we can rebuild manufacturing if
11:22 am
we just get an economic growth. that has to come in the form of tax credits. stuart: we left the best until the last. i was a pleasure. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. now it is time to florida, ohio, louisiana. the issues you care about after the break. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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11:26 am
stuart: this is the day up to super tuesday. 11 states held primaries yesterday. now check the exit polls. what are voters concerned about at the polls? jerry will assist in the research. massachusetts big issue. what was that? >> people were angry. that was the overriding issue. trump took 61 people. rubio took 13, crews took 12, kasich took aid. stuart: strangely the hope of democrats and that government dated my government. >> this is the big issue. people who want a candidate outside the political establishment permit people who are angry vote for trump. those are the mud in fact there's. stuart: arkansas, was the big factor there?
11:27 am
>> do you share my values? this is what grew supporters say. we are talking about abortion, all those hobbit and issues. cruz 42%, rubio 31%. stuart: what a huge difference of massachusetts. what a huge difference. virginia is next on the list. >> these relate to siders and rubio 138% of late to siders. only 18% went with trump. 16% buy with ted cruz. stuart: that is not issues. >> people who couldn't make up their mind. stuart: you can't tell me this, what is defined as the late decider, the day of the vote. >> that day you are trying to figure out who you're going to vote for. >> that maybe thinks trump's attacks on rubio and rubio's counterattack worked.
11:28 am
>> he didn't get penalized it looks like. thank you. donald trump sticks to his guns. build up border while he sat up make mexico pay for it. we have the mayor of one of those border towns and he's going to react to this. >> we are going to build a wall. believe me. we have a trade deficit with mexico. other very happy about it. either way, who was going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? we are going to make a wall 10 feet taller.
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
stuart: donald trump won seven states last night. during his big speech he did not back up his plan to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. roll tape. >> mexico is going to pay for the wall. we have a trade deficit of $58 billion a year. $58 billion. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. it is so easy. i've had these guys say you don't really mean mexico will pay for the wall.
11:33 am
as sure as you are standing there, 100% mexico is going to pay. stuart: by the way come in the radio, texas, trump got 35% of the republican vote. come on in. the mayor, that would be peak times. welcome to the program. good to have you with us. >> thank you for the invitation. they might donald trump visited with you at the border fairly recently i think. you are in the shot. i can see in the right-hand side of the screen. you told him in no uncertain terms with a smile on your face, and going to be no wall. is that correct? >> yeah, we discussed the wall. he thinks very differently. they give us an opportunity. keep in mind, the radio, texas is the imminent nation of the western hemisphere. we do so much trade. going back to the wall, i told
11:34 am
them with all due respect, it is impractical. especially the south texas area with the agricultural community. we have livestock. stuart: did he listen to you? >> he was very personable as they know. in a live band he did the same. based on what i have heard as of last night, i think he said if we have a natural barrier, of course that is a natural barrier, i believe now his position is just over a thousand miles and i am hoping it is beyond -- i hope there is no wall. if there is come there is, it won't include our area. >> i think it is 96% hispanic. it is that high, isn't it? >> it is. i'm hispanic as well. stuart: there were 4000 republican voters yesterday.
11:35 am
4000. that was stored in a thousand democrats. that is a chunk of people. 35% of them voted for donald trump. does that mean that some hispanics are okay with the wall were okay with donald trump? >> well, and our population is 260,000. obviously we do have a republican following day. the nature and conservative as well. obviously he's got a following there. stuart: could you see yourself going for donald trump? could she do that? >> well, there is a long way to go. >> is that an absolute now? >> obviously as the mayor i need to stay mutual. there's still so much ground to cover. but it's interesting times. believe me.
11:36 am
very interesting times. stuart: your honor, sorry i am out of time. you come back because they really do want to discuss in detail the hispanic vote and how much of that might go to donald trump. come on back, would you? >> by all means. thank you for the invitation. i've got so much more to sell about the radio. stuart: i have been there. 1973. banks for joining us. we'll see you again soon. you've got the latest numbers in the delegate count on rubio in texas. >> yeah, we do. cruz 99, trump 33. we are trying to figure that out because you have to get 20% of the vote to get a delegate. turns out in three districts within texas he did manage to get more than 20% of the vote and came in second in each place. that would give him one delegate each. stuart: a good explanation.
11:37 am
we will turn it to rubio. a rough night overall. he won once they come in minnesota. i personally am looking at this. not sure i see a clear path to the jury for mr. rubio, senator rubio. jason rao, senior rubio advisor. you heard what i just said. can you give me the straight line path to victory for your guy, senator rubio? >> i understand last night was not quite as good as we expect it. when you think about conventional wisdom of going into last night with donald trump will run the table and went 10, maybe all 11 states in a didn't come close to doing that. that is one thing i would point to. while all the voters who voted, 36 or send voted for john. the problem we have today is the problem with had now for several weeks, wishes there is a too crowded a field of good candidate that are splitting up the non-trump vote. until we are able to consolidate
11:38 am
behind one candidate, i think it's going to be very hard for us to stop this guy. stuart: this is what i am hearing. the establishment is rallying around marco rubio and some of the other candidates with a few towards taking it all the way to cleveland to the convention and brokering that convention. the word is the establishment is trying to dump donald trump. i think that would be the kiss of death for the republican party. but he seemed as background noise? >> is more than establishment. most thinking conservatives around the country recognized to does not represent to our party is good a lot of people are frankly believe and i caught myself among them that donald trump would destroy our party as their nominee. he's not representative of who we are. he is a deeply flawed candidate that is conned his way to this point. you guys were talking about we
11:39 am
are the establishment should have taken on donald trump sooner. i would argue the media should have taken on donald trump sooner. stuart: if you ditch the guy whose broad and obvious extra votes that is won by my count 10 states at the moment, it you ditch him. you wreck the republican party. >> if you look at the map of where donald trump fits into the elect girl college, he'll get slaughtered. cnn put out a poll a couple days ago that as hillary clinton beating him by aides, where is mark arabia beats hillary by three. he is not a face of our party. he called them something in today. 35% of republicans won't vote for donald trump. it outweighs buddy death and damage to the party. stuart: thank you for joining us. this is an important question and we're not done with it. appreciate it. >> hillary clinton may have won big last night. she got seven states.
11:40 am
look at this. democrat voter turnout overall way, way down. those percentages. ed kline is with us, author of unlikable, why hillary is not firing up. you say she's got a wish list. >> you know, in my view in the face of this juggernaut, hillary and trump, which entered the land of odds. wishes will make things come true. on hillary's side, if she is indicted, which i think there's a very good chance she will be, and to buy her people she will run anyways because she's got millions of votes. the democratic party has spoken. this is how democracy works. she's not really indicted. all she as his charge. i don't think that's going to work for her. stuart: are you saying she can't run?
11:41 am
>> absolutely not. stuart: why? >> why? somebody under criminal indictment for lying to the fbi, taking contributions flushing the secretary of state to the clinton foundation, supporting perjury, and no. not going to happen >> just as equals is wishful thinking. as you just said. they go to the convention. trump will have 1237 delegates are very close. are they going to stop them from getting the nomination or put up a third-party candidate? that romney? kill the republican party. colin donald trump a demagogue.
11:42 am
how about hillary clinton? you are in the you are in. she certainly comes close to saying that it is racism in america holding you back. absolute nonsense. ed kline, everyone. thank you indeed. i know we will see you again. an entirely different subject is one of the biggest cases to be argued in front of the supreme court in two decades and it is being argued today. we will tell you what to you what it is, why it matters aftet this. ly. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors.
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11:45 am
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stuart: judge napolitano is with us. put it in layman's term. what is this one all about? >> a texas statute that basically says if you want to provide abortion services in the date of texas, you can only utilize physicians who utilize physicians to have admitting privileges at haas does and your facility must be akin to a hot adult in case there are emergencies involving either the aborted baby or the mother. stuart: the safety of the mother. >> that is the argument of the texas legislature. the other argument is imposing burdens on our right to have an abortion. they are trying to cut down on the number under the guise of save in the supreme court. >> there's not much dispute as a month ago but without justice
11:48 am
scalia they are. we don't know which way this will go. stuart: isn't it legitimate for a state legislature to put some restrictions on the practice of abortion which has been al qaeda in general terms by the supreme court. >> not only is it legitimate, it is constitutional. this is a test accord only uses for abortion. does the state regulation, which says it is there for safety imposed an undue burden, close quote, on the right of the women to choose. and onto burden would be my wife wants an abortion and the facility to master here, feel they won the state of texas to let us use his 200 master of your admin can afford to get here. stuart: that is the case that the texas legislature of the legislation went through and was put into effect in texas, could radically downshift the number of abortion clinics available in
11:49 am
texas. >> the supreme court is going to be faithful to the jurisprudence that exist this moment and stick with the undue burden test, it has to decide if the purpose or effect of the texas statute imposes undue burden on the right of the woman to make this choice. it will sustain the decision which upheld the texas statute. however, the statute is presently being stayed that it's not enforced until supreme court rules. stuart: may i just say something. >> say whatever you want whether i give you permission. stuart: not one of our subjects. i would prefer to see these issues so politically as opposed to by nine unelected judges. >> you know who made that argument? justice galena. this is not a federal issue, but by each state. if you don't want to live in a state where there is abortions, go to another state.
11:50 am
he also told legislators felt legislators work closer with the people than unelected judges and legislators better to address these issues than light tenured judges. >> you and i are in agreement? stuart: i am last now. thank you much indeed. hillary clinton has a likability problem. maybe that is a democrat voter participation really fell off a cliff yesterday. we have a clinton supporter who always smiles and is on next. to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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stuart: hillary clinton won big last night. she won seven states. but she struggled to get the voters out. democrat turnout across the country, look at it down in every single race. holly is that man is here. a clinton supporter. usually smiles. there you go. surely a little concerned when democrat turnout is down so much and republican turnout is up so much. >> i'm not concerned at all. dismissive just like that. you are comparing it to obama and that is unprecedented in
11:55 am
african-americans running for the presidency. that galvanized people. it is kind of a false analogy if you will. false comparison. stuart: you are worried if it is trump hillary. >> yoga to passion. if it is trump and overcome the democrats to come out in droves, especially given the supreme court issues that they will be overwhelmingly huge democratic turnouts. stuart: humans in a landslide? >> now, it'll be a close election. never underestimate your competition. stuart: why aren't you a republican? you are relatively conservative democrat. you are a guy i associate with steve jackson and the last generation. they would be republicans. what are you a republican? >> cap the country is democrat and within the democratic party,
11:56 am
you have to keep them centuries. stuart: your wing of the democratic party is dead, isn't it? >> i don't think so. stuart: yesterday's good >> it may appear that way. >> you are out on the limb, a relatively moderate or the conservative democrat. you are at odds with vast bulk of your party. hillary clinton wants to tax more, spend more, run up the debt. give stuff away. she's more like bernie sanders than you. >> i think she will be tough on foreign policy. she will moderate an office. think about this. in terms of voter turnout, and 35% of the republican party say that they will not vote for trump if he is the candidate. get most people who support bernie sanders said they will vote for hillary clinton if she's the candidate.
11:57 am
stuart: could you support donald trump? absolutely no way. what happens if hillary is indicted? >> blew across that bridge when we come to it. i don't think that will happen. i don't think the evidence is there. when people talk about the hacking that took place, back then it wasn't major issue. for now it's a problem. the u.s. government was hacked into the firewall security systems. stuart: i notice you turn to the camera. >> now, i turn to your colleagues. stuart: that is what you're doing. >> people will come out for hillary if it's against trump. they will be terrified and the supreme court issue. >> i couldn't stop it. that's the way it goes. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
.. ♪ ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. stuart: i came on the show at
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9:00 eastern time feeling why away, raring to go. i had a spike of energy. don't know where i got it from. i went to bed at 12:00 midnight. i was up all night with neil cavuto discussing the election and supertuesday. now i am tired out. neil: it sounds to me like you are applying, all little bit of whining. you were great last night, tired or not. we are focusing on where we stand in the contest if you count them on the republican side, we get 15 primaries and caucuses. donald trump is one candidate, ted cruz, marco rubio, one of them. john kasich and ben carson haven't won anything yet. hope springs eternal for them and for john kasich in these winner-take-all states like ohio. connell mcshane has the latest


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