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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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first time since january 5th. [closing bell rings] this is where the markets shaking out as we close the dow jones for the week. up better than 50 points. s&p and nasdaq trading higher. look at crude oil, above 36 bucks. gold trading higher as well. david: here is what everything you need to know right now. >> no doubt if we remain divided donald trump wins. remaining divided is a path to catastrophe. >> 2016 we're having an election perhaps the most important in a generation. >> i'm last governor standing. we're only four of us, we're the little engine that can. >> such common sense, somebody said donald trump is conservative on certain things. i am a conservative but i'm called a common sense conservative. melissa: a conservative who is not attending the largest conference of conservatives in the country.
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donald trump backing out of his speech at cpac. fox business's peter persons is there. what is the buzz about this. >> everybody is shocked by this. donald trump was scheduled to speak to this group of 11, 12,000 conservatives backing out at last minute this afternoon. both trump campaign and cpac officials this was about scheduling, about formatting that there is, that each candidate was given certain amount of time, give a speech, take questions from the audience. but cpac said the trump people got cold -- decided at last minute for some reason not to participate but there was also some buzz that trump may have backed out after a blistering speech by general any beth martin, ahead head of tea party patriots. called out trump for being flip-flopper, not a true conservative. but a trump spokesperson told us
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earlier today that this was opportunity to campaign tomorrow in key states, florida, and, in key states, florida and kansas which are having primaries and caucuses coming up, not about trying to avoid tough questions from the tea party. take a listen. >> he is the candidate that has who had more press conference than anyone. he is one that takes tough questions. he goes to the debates knowing that moderators and opponents are going to dog file on him. mr.-- dog pile on him. mr. trump is not speaking at cpac this year, because have election tomorrow. >> some things he does they don't understand. i think this is whiff and mistake. missed opportunity for people in this hall, packed hall behind me will be very disappointed. reporter: all trump's rivals are here. after that dr. ben carson who is
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suspending his campaign will also be here making remarks. tomorrow marco rubio will be here. melissa, back to you. melissa: peter, thank you so much for that. here to weigh in, howard kurtz fox news media analyst and "mediabuzz" host. howard, thank you so much for joining us. first of all what do you think of him backing out of cpac. >> a bit after finger in the eye to cpac to back out at last minute. may make more sense to campaign in all these states but they have known that for a while. he took a lot of incoming managed not to get too defensive except against marco rubio, little marco he called him. he may have gotten a mixed reaction. he is not running as doctrine air conservative. a mixture of conservative and moderate positions. overall he doesn't need attention at cpac way some other candidates do. melissa: you mentioned debate where you were. let me play awe few of the highlights.
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i have a specific question on the other side. let's listen. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. you ask him about the economy first thing he does is launch attack about little guy thing. >> he hit my hands. nobody ever hit my hand. look at those hands. are they small hands? >> people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> donald has been part of the corruption in washington you're angry about. >> he is trying to con people giving him their vote just like he conned these people giving them their money. >> the real con artist is senator marco rubio. the people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. breathe, breathe. >> can i ask a question -- melissa: here is, everybody says they hate this. they sound like, you know, fifth graders, not even high schoolkids. they sound like little boys on the playground or worse yet in
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the bathroom. but at the same time the guy who is dishing it the most, who started it is winning. so i don't know if i believe all these people who say that they're disgusted and they hate the back and forth. what do you think the truth is? >> nearly 17 million people watched that debate last night. melissa: right. >> the thing that went viral with not all the issues that discussed and our fox news colleagues did a great job, there were a lot of sub sanity tiff issues, trump's joke about his hands and anatomy. i watched him on the rope line. a third of the questions was about his endowment. melissa: right. >> there is a little bit of conflict there. melissa: right. >> i do think trump set out to be constrained and presidential. melissa:s that was presidential and high road? wow. >> that was not at example of that worst moment moment. it was a joke. people laughed in the room. i thought worst moment was going after little marco. tried to be restrained toward
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senator rubio. then rubio got under his skin. when he did that seemed like mud fight. there were a lot of other questions where he was on the defensive, particularly with the moderators pressed him about budget math and other things. he didn't lose his cool. that was his goal going in. i don't think the debate did anything to interrupt the trump express. melissa: let me ask you one more question, observing this and watching debate last night with other people. fox news moderators are the toughest. they really, their follow up questions are so precise. they go in for the kill every single thing. they're so well-informed. when i watch the democratic debate i do not see msnbc and cnn going after the democrats in the same way. what do people out there in the audience think about that? because the democrats, their feet are not held to the fire because they don't do a debate on fnc. these are the moderators being really the tough ones? >> depends on the moderators. i thought anderson cooper did a
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good job with one of the democratic debates and asked hillary clinton and bernie sanders sufficient questions. on that point, hillary hasn't gone anywhere near fox news on this campaign. melissa: right. >> bret baier will talk to bernie sanders. message went out to hillary and got scheduling issues or. melissa: getting her hair washed or filing her nails. >> the irony she does quite well in debates, putting them on football games and weekends an holidays. a lot of people wouldn't see it. if there were to be one on fox a lot more people would see it. melissa: i would like to see her go up against bret, chris and megyn. david: people have voted, we got the biggest rating for 20162015. economy adding 52,000 more jobs than expected in the month of february. unemployment rate holding steady at 4.9% but, the picture is not rosy. u.s., playing out in the race
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for the white house, here to weigh in on uneven economic recovery, lenore hawkins. good to see you lenore. >> good to see you. david: sounds kind of old hat. there is this america service-based. they are employed. relatively happy. may not think the economy is not roaring as much as it should be but they're okay, let me put it that way. the other sector those folk unlucky to be born in the manufacturing sector for whatever reason. they are underemployed or totally ununemployed. they are having effect on political race. they are largely ones gravitating towards donald trump. am i right. >> absolutely. a lot of manifestation is in this election cycle no wonder, we heard time and time again the weakest recovery in history.
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the jobs report today was a gift to the federal reserve. very much a goldilocks report, where, yes the number of jobs was better than expected but quality of those jobs is same thing we've been seeing for years. quality is not just there. we saw wages decline when there is expectation wages were going to go up. the jobs are still in kind of retail and health care and restaurant service. they're not those high-paying jobs. so while, yes more people are getting jobs and percentage of the population having jobs they have bonn from say $100,000 a year jobs to $50,000 a year job. yes, they're employed -- david: we're told by so-called experts this is change from the economy. moving worldwide from manufacturing to service. that means a lot of jobses will be discounted. i think that is load of you know what. in fact we have had other times in our history, 1980s, for example when we lowered cost of doing business just at time we had a big technology boom.
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guess what happened? we found all these new jobs. there were 20 million new jobs developed in the 1980s, despite the move towards high technology and loss of manufacturing jobs. if we lower the cost of startup businesses i think we can do well. am i pollyannaish? >> oh, god, no. we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. so of course it is difficult for to us be competitive. we have incredibly burdensome regulatory system makes it really hard for small companies to start. makes it difficult for medium-sized companies to get the job done. they have so much paperwork they have to pay somebody to get to. the big guys, are pretty well-defended by complex tax code and regulatory system make it hard to get up there to compete with them. that puts damper on innovation because the big guys are protected. what you want is really competitive environment where a little guy very quickly can be a threat to the big guy. that keeps everyone on their
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toes. that keeps us as donald trump would put, winning. david: little guys are more innovative and one who is really empower their employees with a startup, with a chance to really improve. >> little guy says i think i can do this better differently. the big guy, he has vested interest doing it way always it has been done. david: gotcha. >> the more we protect big guys with red tape, more you will not see little guys that challenge everything and puts america on cutting-edge. david: thank you, lenore hawkins. that was our advantage. hopefully we get to it. melissa. melissa: louisiana, kentucky maine have their say. fox has special coverage starts live at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. david: coming up right here, new develop in the fbi investigation into the hillary clinton email server. we have a new information on her
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aides and their handling of classified material. wait until you see this. melissa: ben carson talking to cpac in the next hour. widely expect he is getting out of the race. we'll take you back to the convention stage as soon as he gets to the mic. david: rest of the republican candidates are back to the trail made of tomorrow's big grab for delegates and more for next week. what you can expect coming up. >> guess what? it is now march madness and we're heading up north to the place, to my turf, okay? let me just tell you this. i will win ohio every day you read headlines about businesses
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the fbi is investigating whether former secretary of state shared passwords with her former aides and we now know the server contained top secret information. catherine herridge has information. very disturbing, catherine. >> i will get to that in just one second. first the news that appeared in the "new york times" today. last time we heard from i.t. specialist bryan pagliano when he took the fifth before the benghazi select committee on capitol hill. since as we reported yesterday he struck an immunity deal that provided computer security logs to fbi reportedly show no evidence of foreign hacks but desai per security experts said that sophisticated attack will leave no footprint. >> sophisticated cyberattack is able to masquerade as legitimate user. that is to say a computer program could masquerade as mrs. clinton or one of her authorized subordinates. by doing this you can move information in and out of the server with any log entry
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showing normal entry. this is what is so frightening about sophisticated attack like this. you won't be able to detect it. reporter: what is more telling than the security logs, forensic review conducted of fbi of hardware including server. everything a server processes leaves traces of cyber. did na in most cases fbi specialists discern the cyber dna contains malicious code has been breached. bottom line the security logs don't tell the whole story. fox news learned that investigators have short list for aides which is standard practice in most fbi investigations working up to mrs. clinton who would be the last. the source side not uncommon in high-risk, high-profile investigations for the fbi director to sign off on every interview. this week on the hill director james comey said he is deeply involved. >> i am very close personally to that investigation, to insure that we have the resources we need including people and
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technology and that it is done the way the fbi tries to do all of its work, independently, competently and promptly. reporter: intelligence source also told fox news that the fbi is investigating whether mrs. clinton and her close aides shared computer passwords. this goes some way to explaining how this highly classified information got out of secure panels into that unsecured personal email network, david. david: catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. melissa: here with latest take on details, what it means for hillary clinton presidential bid, judy miller and richard fowler. judy, let me start with you? >> this is continuous bad news for mrs. clinton. drip, drip as she points out. she is running on platform, of experience and competence.
4:19 pm
who do you want to get three a.m. phone call? if she can't protect classified information, if the information is hacked, made a basic misjudgment how secure the information was, if she shared her password, so many areas of vulnerability for her that this has got to be a nightmare for this campaign. melissa: rich, law enforcement sources are telling fox news the fbi could interview hillary clinton and some of her aides, over the next few weeks. how do you think that impacts the campaign? >> i agree with judy, this is definitely, a drip, drip, drip, nightmare not so much if you look at numbers, us in the political class, those who live off the next scandal and breathe off next scandal we care about hillary clinton's email. all the numbers show, every single exit poll, every single person who registered to vote for hillary clinton shows voters care less about emails, benghazi and transcripts. melissa: hang on. do they care more about the fbi interviewing her? when it get to the point fbi brings her in and somebody on
4:20 pm
her staff get indicted for this, they don't care, they don't care? >> no, i'll tell you why. she spent 13 hours, almost 13 hours on capitol hill, yet still voters in tennessee, arkansas, texas -- melissa: that is not indictment fbi. rich, hang on. in fairness, that is a political committee and it is easier to point at them say this is political witch-hunt. when the person on the other side of the questioning is politician. when you have the fbi coming in and interviewing folks, giving them immunity and possibly handing out an indictment, you don't think that's obviously a lot more serious? >> well, listen there is folks out there all across the beltway to want to put this cloud over hillary clinton but sadly this cloud has absolutely postively no rain. it is just a cloud. she continues to show over and over again momentum in this race is on her side. democratic voters, overwhelmingly the american people want to vote for her in record number.
4:21 pm
melissa: hang on, if the fbi ever comes after me, i remind myself that is empty cloud. no rain coming. >> this is empty cloud. melissa: i would be shaking in my boots if the fbi was coming after me. >> it's a terrifying experience having had it as journalist being interviewed about my sources, i can tell you it is truly frighten i think her aides will also consider it that way. more than, rich, it is a question of the trust. look at her negatives on whether or not people trust her. are they going to trust her more because she may be under indictment or her staffers may be? this is very serious. melissa: we've got to go. appreciate your time. david. david: judy knows all too well, yes indeed. cancer break through that could save millions of lives. a scientific leap to a cancer-fighting vaccine that's next. honest to the core. our panel weighing in on the more flexible donald trump, pressed on his changes views. take a listen. >> mr. trump, one of the things people love about you is they believe you tell it like it is
4:22 pm
but time and time again in this campaign you have actually told the voters one thing only to reverse yourself within weeks or even sometimes days at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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david: very good news. cancer may have a new kryptonite of sorts. british researchers have a new way to identify immune cells capable of detecting tumors thises a path for treatments to take down cancer. joining us for more on discovery, professor at nyu medical center. dr. raj. thanks for coming in. what is most exciting to you about the discovery? >> immunotherapy where we use the body's own immune system to fight cancer is a real break through in the field where the scientists found a way to identify which specific immune cells, we call them t-cells, can
4:26 pm
identify cancer cells specifically and kill them in large numbers. a lot of immunotherapies are successful in only a third of patients. this break through they identified t-cells that can kill a large majority of helper cells. david: without getting too much into the weeds here, i may make medical mistakes, forgive me. >> no worries. david: customized vaccine for individual based on particular kind ever cancer, not particular in general sense but particular to the patient. that sound very expensive. is that what they are looking for? >> they are. each tumor is different and each tumor, the cells tend to mutate. why it is so difficult to treat. it is hard to target that. but in this experiment they found a way to find out what the mutations are and which immune cells of parity's own blood can actually attack specifically mutated cells. david: i hate to get to practical here. we have to think of money. not everybody has money for this type of treatment.
4:27 pm
wouldn't it be outrageously expensive? >> any treatment like this is outrageously expensive in the beginning. by the way this is very preliminary study. clinical trials are probably starting next two years. we're quite far away when this will be readily available. as you know, treatments get more researched and used more often the costs tend to come down at this point. this will potentially be very expensive treatment. david: hopefully insenttives will be there so -- incentives will be there so prices come down. dr. raj thank you very much. melissa. >> thank you. melissa: donald trump threatening to start a trade war with china and mexico when he gets into office. what that may mean for you and things you buy. david: donald trump and republican establishment could leave permanent scars. "wall street journal" op-ed by peggy noonan said the party will never be the same. her colleague, james freeman will be here. >> don't worry about it little
4:28 pm
marco. >> big don -- >> don't worry about it little marco. you ought to -- >> gentlemen, you have to do better than this.
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opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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we believe in the power of active, by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. david: expecting unexpected this election cycle. we all have to do that. donald trump backing out of cpac this year, normally a must on conservative calendar, while former nominee mitt romney continues his push against the front-runner. >> i can not in good conscience
4:32 pm
vote for a person who has been degrading and, disruptive,. >> in so doing, elect hillary clinton? >> i'm going going to do what my conscience i believe is right for country. david: all this leading peggy noonan for "the wall street journal," the republican party is shattering and nothing will ever be the same. but if true, maybe that is not such a bad thing. here to weigh in, james freeman from the "wall street journal" editorial page. good to see you. republican party is shattering. is that true? >> i am ott no not sure it has to shatter. i'm a little more optimistic, insults always begin -- go ahead. >> maybe some day. but, i think i'm a little more optimistic, maybe because i'm only part irish. and i think the, i think issue
4:33 pm
here is that, republicans have to talk to the trump voters especially middle class voters. david: but they're not. >> no i disagree. david: hold on a second, how many trump voters do you think mitt romney has spoken with? >> mitt is not the guy to talk to them. these are people who wouldn't show up for him in 2012. i don't know anyone outside the romney household looks to him for guidance on political matters. it is really different approach and i think you saw it thursday night, ted cruz, talking to those voters, in a very effective way, telling them trump is not the vehicle to get done what you want to get done. in fact he is the guy who is funded all these people in washington who created the situation you don't like. david: here is why. i think you would agree with peggy on this. for years, conservative who is are republicans saw the republican party embracing all kinds of things that they didn't agree with, like embracing financial bailouts. you and i both spoken out
4:34 pm
against those. not embracing tea party. sort of ignoring, good tea party did in the 2010 elections. getting and further away from conservative notions by the presidential nominees they have like mitt romney. so, that's why it is fracturing because the republican establishment went so far against the wishes of people in the republican party. >> they haven't lived up to ideals. i think barack obama deserves a lost blame for the economy that has he created causing a lot of frustration. trump he looks right now as happy gilmore of politics where rough-and-tumble character bringing new peel in and stuff the establishment doesn't like it. cruz is anti-establishment guy. david: cruz is speaking at cpac. let's go there. whoops. there it is. >> are small businesses all over this country. [cheers and applause]
4:35 pm
you want to crush the economy, hammer small businesses like we've done the last seven years. and you want to unchain the economy, lift the boot of the federal government off the backs of the necks of small business. [cheers and applause] if i am elected president -- >> you will be. [cheering] >> we will repeal every word of obamacare! [cheers and applause] we'll pass common sense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [cheering] and we will pass a simple flat tax. [cheers and applause]
4:36 pm
where every american can fill out our taxes on a postcard. [cheering] when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [cheers and applause] now i understand, that a lot of people in this country are angry. i get being angry. i'm angry too, for far too long politicians in both parties lied to us. they make promises on the trail, then they go to washington and they don't do what they said. and you know issue captures that better than immigration. listen, immigration is a law enforcement matter. immigration is a national security matter but at its heart, immigration is an economic matter. when you allow 12 million people to come to this country illegally, you take away millions of jobs from u.s. citizens, from legal immigrants.
4:37 pm
and you drive down wages, for everybody. [applause] in republican primary, everyone says they oppose illegal immigration. the question to ask, was in 2013, when the battle over the "gang of eight" amnesty bill was being waged, where did you stand? did you stand as far too many establishment republicans did with barack obama and the democrats pushing amnesty on millions of americans? or did you stand as i was proud to stand, with millions of americans saying, no, we will not have amnesty? [cheers and applause] , you know, i'm told, that donald trump talks a fair amount about immigration.
4:38 pm
there is a natural question to ask. during the "gang of eight" battle where was donald? well, sadly worse than nowhere. donald was funding the "gang of eight." he gave over $50,000 to five of the eight members of the "gang of eight". and last night donald on stage promised all of us to be flexible. he said that over and over again how flexible he was. let me tell you, everyone at cpac, flexible is code word in washington, d.c. for the getting ready to stick it to you. [cheers and applause] have you noticed every time they're flexible in washington, it benefits giant corporation, it benefits wall street and benefits working men and women of this country get left in the
4:39 pm
cold. [applause] here is what we're going to do. if i'm elected, we're repealing obama care, we're passing a flat tax, we're abolishing the irs and pulling back federal regulators, we're stopping amnesty, we're securing the borders. and here is what is going to happen. millions and millions of high-paying jobs, wages coming up for everyone, young people coming out of school, getting two, three, four, five job offers. morning in america. [cheers and applause] >> the second critical issue in this election is freedom. you know for all of us, justice scalia's passing just two weeks ago, underscored the stakes of this election. i was blessed to know justice scalia for personally for 20 years.
4:40 pm
i started my career as law clerk in the court and litigated in front of the court and arguing cases in front of the court over a decade. justice scalia was a lion of the law and he ferociously protected the bill of rights for all of us. [applause] his passing underscores that this election is not about one branch of government, it is about two. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ruling that government can take our religious liberty away and force everyone of us to violate our faith on penalty of prison or fine. >> no, no. >> we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ordering ten commandments monuments torn down all over this country. [booing] we're one liberal justice away from the supreme court erasing the second amendment from the
4:41 pm
bill of rights. [booing] we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ordering veterans memorials torn down if they have any religious symbols torn down, all over this country. [booing] and we are one liberal justice away, from the supreme court making a subject to the world court and united nations and international law and giving away u.s. sovereignry. [booing] in debate last week there was moment of clarity on this issue. hugh hewitt asked a question about religious liberty on and the supreme court. donald trump turned to me, ted, i have known a lot more politicians in my life than you have. on that is he is surely correct. he has been supporting democratic liberal politicians for decades. ted, when it comes to the supreme court, you have to be
4:42 pm
prepared to compromise, you have to be willing to cut a deal with the democrats. let me make it very clear to every man and woman here at cpac, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. [cheers and applause] and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] because if any president does what donald is promising to do, cut a deal with harry reid and chuck schumer, to agree on justice scalia's replacement, then we know that replacement
4:43 pm
will be a left-wing judicial activist who will strip away our rights. i give you my solemn commitment every justice on the supreme court will be a principled constitutionalist, faithful to the law, who will vigorously protect the bill of rights for each and everyone of us. [applause] the third key issue, this election is about is security. for seven years, america has abandoned our friends and allies, and has shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. the world is much more dangerous because of it. once again, in the debate last week, there was a moment of clarity in this choice. donald trump told us, he will be night trillion between israel and the palestinians. [booing]
4:44 pm
now let me be very clear, as president i have no intention of being neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel! [cheers and applause] and if you can not tell the difference, between terrorists who walk into shopping malls with dynamite strapped around their chest to blow up women and children and the soldiers protecting innocent, if you buy into the media and left-wing narrative of moral equivalency, then that draws into question the judgment any individual would have as commander-in-chief.
4:45 pm
[applause] over the last seven years, we've seen the united states military weakened. we've seen our ready neas degraded. we've seen morale plummet. now america has seen this happen before. we've seen a left-wing democratic president weaken the military as jimmy carter did and in 1981 ronald reagan came into the white house. [applause] now what did reagan do? he cut taxes, he passed regulatory reform, the economy took off. millions of small businesses grew. trillions of dollars of government revenue. he used that to rebuild the military, he bankrupted the soviet union and we won the cold war. [applause] i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorism.
4:46 pm
[applause] we are going to unleash incredible economic growth and rebuild the military so it remains the world's mightiest fighting force. [applause] no longer will the military be governed by political correctness. [applause] no longer will it be a top priority of the pentagon to provide glut ton-free mres. [laughter]. instead, we will have a commander-in-chief who says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. [applause] we'll have a president willing to utter the words radical islamic terrorists.
4:47 pm
[applause] [cheering] and one of the most disgraceful things we've seen over the last seven years, is sending our fighting men and will into combat, with rules of engagement that tie their arms behind their back and make it impossible for them to win, and defeat the enemy and to protect themselves. [applause] that is wrong, it is immoral, and in january 2017, it will end. [applause] america has always been reluctant to use military force. we are slow to anger. but if and when military force is required, we should use overwhelming force, kill the
4:48 pm
enemy, and then get the heck out! [cheers and applause] and it is the men and women gathered here, the men and women of cpac. it is young people. lovers of liberty. lovers of the constitution that will lead that fight. [applause] it took jimmy carter, to give us ronald reagan. and i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution, and who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this great
4:49 pm
nation. thank you and god bless you! [cheers and applause] david: that of course is ted cruz, a very powerful speech. haven't seen the likes of that speech, i would vent you are, again my own opinion, haven't seen that kind of a speech yet from ted cruz. this could be a moment for him. of course he is speaking to conservative political action conference on a day when donald trump canceled his appearance, where ben carson is about to appear, apparently with some announcement of course he hasn't formally taken himself out of the political race. he did essentially by not appearing yesterday in the debate. we want to bring in two republicans, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. evan siegfried who is there at the conference. evan, what do you think about my comment, my personal opinion, i have never seen ted cruz fired up. he is in his element, very supportive crowd but looked more
4:50 pm
comfortable than i've ever seen him? >> david, you're absolutely right. ted cruz is in his element and he is fired up. conservatives here have been excited since last night's debate over ted cruz and marco rubio. they are excited today over ted cruz's speech and also been excited for marco rubio's speech tomorrow. nobody has been excited for donald trump which is very unsurprising given his lack of conservative credentials. david: particularly since he pulled himself out of cpac all together. ben carson, we assume he is pulling out of the race. if he does, where do his votes go? >> i think his votes will go to marco rubio and ted cruz. i don't think they're going to go to donald trump. david: i understand, but among the two, do you think more goes to cruz? a lot of it depend how they behave over next couple days? >> i think more goes to cruz. the fact is, that i think, that donald trump is not going to be recipient, and that is why he blew off cpac.
4:51 pm
look, no way you could have juxtaposed a trump performance over what you just saw. this was a spell binder. i happen to agree with you, i think this could be real turning point for cruz. if he gets some traction out of cpac, remember we have primary/caucuses tomorrow. we have important primaries coming up on tuesday. david: very interesting. >> this is good performance, very interesting turn in the race. brad, evan, thank you so much. sorry we had to truncate our segment. we wanted to show the cruz rally. trump's trade war. has he kind of softened his take on that. seems he did last night. what does it mean for you more on that coming up pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
4:52 pm
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david: donald trump concedes it is not as easy as it sounds at same time. he pledges to rip up every trade agreement and start fresh. what it means to consumers. drifted buckner. david, i was a he was softening trade war comments. >> 70% of the our economy depends on purchase of goods. when we're buying, we're not just buying from united states. imagine apple phone only produced in kentucky, the costs would be exorbitant. he is having to soften a little bit. we have huge percentage of our economy, 13% relies on foreign trade. think bill pack, he kind of got caught in the idea his clothes, his other products they come from china. david: he admitted that. he admitted in fact because it is cheaper. >> yeah. david: you think what happens if he was to move apple production into the united states. we've got a list, 90% of the parts of iphone are made overseas for example. would take years to develop a
4:56 pm
workforce that accommodate manufacturing cheese. chinese factories are always on core, workers in china make $12,000 a year for 60 plus hours of work. >> cost efficiency, cost efficiency, cost efficiency. that is what globalization should do for us of the isolationism, telling customer what you will pay for. david: donald trump knows that. he makes his products, his clothes and everything because of that so don't you think a lot of his trade war stuff is just rhetoric? >> americans love simplicity. he answers simplicity i will take care of you. listen to him over and over again. i will take care of you. that is why they listen, i think rhetoric on the campaign trail will differ if he becomes president from his trade policy. >> economically it will have to. david: david buckner, thank you very much. we're awaiting a major announcement from dr. ben carson. expected to be his last on the campaign trail.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
david: 155 delegates are on the
5:00 pm
line in louisiana, kansas, kentucky and maine tomorrow for the grand ol' party. nebraska is up for grabs for democrats. fox business special coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. don't want to miss it. don't want to miss ben carson, he will be right up at cpac. that does it. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: you are watching a live feed of senator ted cruz. he is speaking there at the conservative convention otherwise known as cpac. we are also waiting as david asman just mentioned for dr. ben carson to begin speaking to the crowd. you can see ted cruz very much in his element there, relaxed after last night's big debate. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. an kuhl conservative political action conference. that is what cpac stands for. this is in national harbor, maryland, over the next few days. with me kat timpf reporter for "national review."


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