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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 7, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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favorite state to watch, i worked bush '04 there, the most surprising thing, cruz is going after rubio in florida, not trump. trump is still ahead and he's opening at least ten offices and he wants to wipe rubio out in florida. maria: he does. great to see everybody, have a great day and thanks for joining us, "varney & company" begins now, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much. oh, what a difference one week makes, just a week ago, it looked like a done deal. clinton versus trump in november. now, there are some doubts. good morning, everyone. among democrats bernie has not faded away. he won three states over the weekend and vigorously attacked hillary in last night's debate. hillary's e-mail trouble was swept under the rug. her nomination, while very likely is no sure thing. among republicans, the establishment's furious attack on trump may be working. cruz has gained momentum and trump lost it and so has marco
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rubio, the republican party flat-out split. tomorrow, michigan votes and hillary must win big. the end of a great love story, ronald and nancy reagan, they loved each other and it showed. we'll spend time remembering what they did for america and each other. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> if you're talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know-- >> excuse me, i'm talking. let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> i don't give speeches to wall street for hundreds of thousands. >> he was against the auto bailout. i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> oh. >> i think that is a pretty big difference.
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stuart: i'd say things got a little heated between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ashley webster, i believe, watched this all the way through. ashley: all they did was criticize each other about things in the past, the auto bailout, the wall street bailout, they talked about government spending and intervention. they talked about trade, nafta, everything that was backwards-facing. what about the economy? what about foreign policy? what about the issues, quite frankly, the republicans have been talking about in their debates although not with a lot of class. however, you know, this-- not with a lot of class. ashley: they're trying to knock each other down about who they supported in the past and i want to know what are they going to do for us in the future? and we never found out. stuart: we will at some point, just not yet. let's move onto the republicans because there's a new wall street journal-nbc poll, shows
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trump up big in michigan, votes tomorrow. and then cruz, rubio, kasich. this poll was taken from march 1st to march 3rd. that is before thursday's debate and the weekend primaries and of course, before the romney attacks. there may be some momentum for cruz, this is new. he won big in maine, and kansas over the weekend. robert jeffers is with us, sir, you are a trump a supporter, but it's cruz who has got the momentum now. what do you say? >> well, we knew this was going to happen. what you have happening, stuart, is the non-trump evangelicals who had been splintered among a variety of candidates are finally coalescing between the last conservative standing to oppose donald trump and that happens to be ted cruz. the good news for trump is, going forward, while evangelicals will continue to be an important part of the vote, they won't be as important and you see that in michigan. i mean, right now in michigan, trump and cruz are neck and
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neck when it comes to the evangelical vote, but the overall vote, trump is leading by a wide margin because evangelicals are not as about i go in michigan as say in south carolina. stuart: do you sense the tide is beginning to turn a little, that maybe america is not quite so keen on trump's style as it was? you yourself, you're an evangelical christian, surely you must have some reaction to trump's use of bad language and belittling his opponents on personal grounds. are you comfortable with that in public life? >> look, just because i have said some very supportive things of donald trump, and i do think he could make a great president, that doesn't mean i endorse everything he says or does, any more than he endorses everything that i say or do, but i still think he could make a great president. i think that americans are looking for leadership right now, and they're looking, stuart, for an outsider, which really donald trump is the only true outsider who's left.
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stuart: can i just press this? >> yes. stuart: would you be comfortable in donald trump was sitting in the oval office using profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or what would you think if that happened? >> well, i would go back to what i said to you last week. you know, george s patton wasn't known for his great language or tone when he walked to his troops, he was known for winning battles and i believe, stuart, we've got to understand, we're in a battle right now against islamic terrorism. we're in a battle against illegal immigration and drugs pouring into our country. i think americans want somebody who is going to win the war, not looking for somebody whose tone or vocabulary who they're going to vote for. stuart: thank you for being on the show. >> thank you. stuart: got to get to those markets, we did it friday, closed above 17k for the first time since january. we have been talking about this for a long time on this program. dow futures right now suggest a
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mildly lower opening at opening bell. so we have 25 minutes away. 50-odd points just below 17,000. as for the price of oil, look at that. up today, 36.26. opec's talking $50 a barrel oil. wishful thinking in my personal opinion at this stage, but i've been wrong before. and mike murphy is here and you said 17,000 last week and we got there. >> i did. stuart: now what? >> now i think we have to turn here at this 17,000 level for a while. stuart: churn? >> churn. so go up a little, go down a little. oil has really been leading us and the move that we got in oil early this morning in the overnight markets as well. i think that that tells you that the market is looking to move higher not lower. so i think the move is to the upside. stuart: it's early in the year. if i've got a chunk of money to invest early in the year, a lot of people do get a chunk of money for 401(k), the time you put it in. you would say a cross section of stocks would be better than bonds at the moment or some kind of commodity trade or real estate.
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you'd put it into stock, would you? >> absolutely, a diversified portfolio of stocks is going to outperform any other type of investment. two weeks ago would have been better than today no doubt, but still a great time to invest. >> that's because you don't sell real estate. you don't sell commodity trading futures, you're basically a stock guy, aren't you? >> i'm a stock guy, but i also sell portfolios. so if in your position you'd be better off than bonds and better risk adjusted return in bonds, that's what i would suggest. stuart: fair and balanced, welcome. stay with us, we'll talk to you later. earlier, i talked about the passing of nancy reagan. she and the president flat-out inseparable, a genuine long lasting love. she passed away of congestive heart failure at age 94. i remember ronald reagan whose policies allowed me into the american dream. what influences did nancy have
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on those policies and the president's performance. here with us is judy, you worked inside when they were president and first lady? >> i covered them, yes. stuart: the early part of the reagan administration? >> a few months before i went overseas. stuart: what do you say to the foreign proposition, no nancy, no reagan presidency the way we know it. >> i think it's absolutely accurate. stuart: you do? >> i do, her influence as donald trump would say was huge. and she was a five foot four, size two, designer pit bull. she was enormously influential. he never made a move without consulting her and even the memoirs written afterwards acknowledge her influence and perhaps the most important legacy of reagan, which is shifting from a virulent anti-communism, calling the evil empire, to a country why whom the united states could do business. d
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day-- they wouldn't have happened without her giving that policy advice. stuart: i hate to tell you this, but "the washington post" is not sharing this view. let me quote from the obituary upfront in the washington post this morning. it says, this is as first lady, from '81 to '89, mrs. reagan had had a knack for inviting controversy, from her spending habits to her requests at the white house abide by an astrologer planning the president's schedule. a chaotic relationship with her children and stepchildren rivals a soap opera plot. that's what they say right upfront in the obituary. >> the first paragraph of the obituary. what ever happened to speak no ill of the dead. it i've been accused and others, of fawning over mrs. reagan. this is not true. you have to look at a person's record and life in whole. of course, people have difficult relationships with
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children and stepchildren, she did, but does that take away from the fact that she was an enormously softening influence on him in some respects. look at her position-- >> hold on a second. i've got you, is this the left being nasty at the wife of ronald reagan. this is the new washington post trying to be quote, fair and balanced and start off with an atrociously tough and by the way, incorrect lead because nancy reagan did not spend government money redoing the white house and buying $200,000 worth of china. she did it through donations and that might be a welcome fact to some people who want to look at her as a symbol of greed as opposed to the restoration of glamour, it depends what you think of the role of the white house and the first lady in american society. stuart: thank you very much. much more on nancy reagan throughout the program.
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>> i will say no to illegal drugs. >> i will say no to illegal drugs. >> and i will help my friends to just say no.
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>> peyton manning is going out on top. he's expected to announce his retirement today. now, here is a chance for two guys with british accents to talk about football. ashley: why not? the type of football you throw. stuart: ashley, the best ever? >> he has to be one of the best. i don't know, tom brady has a pretty good career going right now. two super bowl victories, five mvp's, all-time leader for regular season touchdowns, single season record for touchdowns and amazing, we thought his career was over after he had a neck problem with the colts. picked up by the broncos and flounders around and even this season when he went on to take the broncos to the super bowl title there were questions about, he's got a weak arm, not very mobile, a quarterback never has been, but you know what?
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he came through and he's also on top of all of this, a really nice guy and i feel like buying a papa john's pizza every time i see it. stuart: it could have been joe montana, dan elway, dan marino, no, no, peyton manning. ashley: i thinking joe montana, but-- >> there will be comments on this. ashley: sure, i'll apologize to everyone. stuart: amazing. back to nancy reagan, let's do this, i'm calling this the end of a great love story and that's what it was. throughout this program we're talking to people who knew and worked with the reagans. joining us now is charmaine yost, former presidential assistance to worked daily in the white house. off the top, give your best memory of nancy's influence over ronald reagan and her relationship with him. >> stuart, i'm going to something somewhat negative in
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'87 talking about the iran-contra affair, usually controversial and one of the worst moments really of his presidency and what you saw there was him taking responsibility for something that was negative and now, we know, after the fact, that it was nancy reagan who was encouraging him to talk directly to the american people, to connect with that relationship that he had with the american people and you know, i was there in the white house at the time and it was a powerful, powerful moment of him drawing on that relationship that he had. they talked about him being the great communicator, but really, she was encouraging him with her own knowledge of marketing and public affairs and how to communicate. stuart: he did not want to do it, did not want to go to national television and apologize or say what happened to iran-contra, but she talked him into it. are there any other examples where she had a profound impact on policy?
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>> well, you know, you'd played a clip of her talking to young people with the "just say no" campaign. that remains a standard of first lady activism. she set a high bar how she ent guised the anti-drug community and really coming up with the "just say no", simple and people made fun of her, but it was so effective to the fact that even today, probably young people who don't remember who nancy reagan was, do know "just say no", it had that deep of an impact in terms of the the american psyche, that she was able to deliver that and commit to that in a way that showed what kind of communicator she was on her own. stuart: i wonder if it's a passing of era of class and style. i wonder if that will have any influence on the current low tone of the debate, certainly on the republican side and
9:18 am
measured measured-- america today. >> it's an interesting observation, i hope it's not the passing of an era and the fact that we're spending time to pay tribute to a remarkable woman, a true lady, the first lady, i think it's a good thing for all of us, that's what she gave to this culture was a beautiful example of how you can stand in the center of your own power as a person, and the fact that she developed this relationship with an unusual and extraordinary man and that together in their partnership, she really changed this country. stuart: charmaine yost, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. stuart: now this, we have heard things like this before, hearing it again. north korea threatening nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea. and ralph peters coming up with that in just a moment. >> mitt romney continuing the vigorous attacks on donald trump. and romney asked what happens
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company
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would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> mitt romney continues his full throttle attacks on donald trump. they-- the establishment, that is, they don't want trump to get
9:23 am
the nomination. judy miller is still with us, a glutton for punishment. >> right. stuart: my contention is that cruz now has momentum, that the attacks on trump to some degree are working and that the tide for trump is beginning to turn against him. what do you say? >> i agree with you. [laughter] no, and look, this was supposed to be rubio's moment. marco rubio was supposed to attack and seize the momentum, but his campaign has fallen flat and cruz is picking up, quote, the establishment view, the establishment supporters even though he is the furthest thing from an establishment candidate. so, i think the republicans are getting themselves into a box here, in order to defeat. stuart: definitely, yeah. >> in order to defeat the front runner not viewed as a republican, they're going to nominate or may nominate someone who is going to have a much tougher time beating hillary clinton than perhaps donald trump. stuart: listen to what ted cruz had to say about the media.
9:24 am
just waiting to unload a whole slew of anti-trump comment and commentary before the general election. roll that tape. >> i think an awful lot of reporters, i can't tell you how many media outlets i hear, you know, have this great expose' on donald on dinner -- different aspects of business dealings or we're going to hold it until june or july. all the media attacks on donald not talked about now, september, october, november, if he were the nominee, every day on the nightly news would be taken donald apart. the media knows donald can win the general that hillary would wallop him. stuart: talking october, november, what about now? it's started, unloading on trump. >> we have the references to the fact that 300 people applied for jobs at mara lago and he hired 17 americans. u you're going to see the investigated reporter, but ted
9:25 am
cruz is not immune. the stories, people lying in wait who detested cruz not a single senatorial nomnation. stuart: who detests him? >> in the most collegial of clubs, ted cruz almost aliena alienated himself by being for himself. stuart: only one supported him. >> and i've seen seen that from one in the senate. stuart: ted cruz, barry goldwater-- >> that's the danger. stuart: check it out. they're calling it a ghost octopus, a new species of octopus found in the waters off hawaii. very small, it's white, and it's found in deeper waters than any other. i don't know how deep that is, but that's, it's moving. ashley: cool. stuart: i guess. look where the market is going to open.
9:26 am
ever so slightly lower, down maybe 40 points. what are you laughing at? it's a nice video. ashley: everything on this program. >> and i'll see it on the oscar runway. stuart: are we going to get 17,000 or 16,000, which comes first? ♪
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>> we are of. we are running this monday morning. we are down ever so slightly. twenty points lower. let's see where we go today. we have ashley with us. we have. >> with us. we have scott and mike murphy. all right. what do we have first? 18,000 or 15,000? >> you are making that one easy. fifteen and 18 is easy. we may take a breath. the momentum now is to the
9:31 am
upside. stuart: scott, what say you? >> i do not think we will hit 18 and i do not think we will hit 15. we have not seen any fundamentally change since the beginning of the year. we are putting all of these people back to work. our gdp is still low. we are not making anything. something is wrong with the economy. >> i think that there is something wrong with the world economy. i will get to that in a second. we have the ecb meeting on thursday. they could push negative rates even deeper. stuart: i will get to that in a second. that is a major headline this morning. the oil minister says the freeze
9:32 am
is now on. it is in place. $50 a barrel oil. the price of oil is going up, scott. >> yes. we will grind higher. we will not have any rip your face off in oil. we have a ton of overhanging ready to be sold. oil looks a little healthier. if you think we will see 18,000, you think we will see $50 whale. >> $50 oil by the end of the year. prices will grind higher. this oil price is classic. already, gas is up $0.06 over the last week. i will check the big technology names.
9:33 am
we checked them almost on a daily basis. i do own some of it. how about google. also known as alphabets. down slightly. apple. apple is under attack by hackers. not just any old hacker. >> ran somewhere. that is exactly what it is. basically encrypting your data. asking you for money. in order to provide an electronic key in order to unlock it did almost untraceable back legs. that computers have not seen this. dow are being targeted. stuart: i am a corporation. i use apple. i use mac.
9:34 am
some outside corporation hacks into my system. steals the data. i cannot get at it did they say, we will give it back, but x numbers of dollars. you are shot down. >> what about those that have been infected prior to this weekend. >> i just wanted to mention apple is to pay a $450 million settlement. this e-book price settling issue. they appealed and the supreme court has rejected it. the mac he stole your thunder. >> he is terrific. >> netflix. did you binge watch? >> yes. i saw the whole thing. you know that old saying.
9:35 am
it makes you struggle. yes, i've been watched. this is a reason, they do not watch network tv anymore. one out of seven hours by 2820 could be spent on netflix. it is a house of cards. >> how long did it take. >> i just appreciate grocery livery. [laughter] >> we are down 45 points. we are five and a half minutes down to the session today. look at disney. they have a new and demated movie. suit help you out.
9:36 am
it is the biggest disney animation debut. murphy, you saw it. >> i did not see it that way. i thought disney did a great job of loading this movie. we have been watching the coming attractions. i think they did a great job with that. the reviews are good. >> such a small part of disney's overall catalog of assets that make money for them. >> it goes back. really where they make the bulk of their money. the movie, the headlines can be negative or positive. this being positive is really helping disney stock break through the 100 level.
9:37 am
>> knocking off that pool. the same department of motor vehicles. it takes on modern day current event issues. >> three of my grandchildren were at magic kingdom about 10 days ago. >> what is this i see? another brick and mortar store for amazon. >> that is absolutely right. we heard that amazon is looking to move into brick-and-mortar. san diego. we know what happened to borders. we know barnes & noble has been struggling here it in the meantime, this had a subscription security. quietly removed. that really freaked out a lot of people.
9:38 am
they will restore that. stuart: down very slightly. looking at politics in our financial coverage. it says the markets have not responded to donald trump has the gop front runner. wall street does not think he is going to win. >> i said that before. >> i took the editorial from you. so far, i do not think that this election has had any impact on south rices. >> anyone who thinks that they have figured out this election, it is so different than anyone we have seen in the past. stuart: scott, would you say the same thing? so far there has been no impact. >> i think so.
9:39 am
barking from the sidelines. what happens if we have some problems with hillary. we have all of this turmoil on the gop side did who is going to be the next president? >> we do not like to get technical on this program ever. the bank for international settlements. they said that there is really huge trouble brewing. do not pose us please. >> think you for setting us up. economists fire warning shots. >> yes. these are the countries. all gone negative. now we have the ecb meeting on thursday. the problem is, no one knows long term. they do fear that down the road
9:40 am
it could be very negative. >> if i am living in europe, for example, what happens to me? no rate of interest. >> you put it in the mattress. >> a difference between .25 and negative 25 will not have that much of an impact. >> the first time in ever. >> $7 trillion worth did $7 trillion worth of bonds do not pay you a dime. stuart: scott, last word to you. >> we are hearing about stories of manufacturing firms.
9:41 am
mattresses and or safes. that is the stock you want to be involved with. [laughter] stuart: you cannot preempt the buzzer. precisely 11 minutes into the recession. that is not a big deal. up next. napolitano. he does not think that hillary should be delighted. listen to this music. ♪ ♪ i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested.
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>> new information on the hillary e-mail scandal. she personally wrote 104 of the classified e-mails being investigated by the fbi. she is not worried. world tape. >> i am delighted that he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has. i think that we will be moving towards a resolution. >> albright. >> she may be hearing that soon. >> not delighted. i suggest to you that she is terrified. terrified. violating federal laws. the proper care and handling.
9:46 am
knows how the whole thing got started. she does not want to hear him answer. a nonsecure venue. i am staying on hillary. he is the brother of a rumored vice presidential candidate. an investigation into hillary's e-mails become enclosed. watch this. they have cleared her. >> looking into it. stuart: i do not get it. >> i know. i know. the justice department being concluded.
9:47 am
a catch-22. confirming mrs. clinton. would you like to come in and be interviewed by us. no one will ever say guest to that question. refusing that interview. wait a minute, you are innocent. on the legal issues. you push this thing further and forth her. the democrats consistently brushing it off. it is just like all the other scandals in the past. in their opinion, general putsch
9:48 am
reyes received for exposing a tiny, tiny fraction of what mrs. clinton exposed. they hope it will go away. they want to wish it away. the director of the fbi about politics. how could it just go away? >> it is theoretically possible. no crime was committed. a crime was committed, but they cannot prove who committed it. it is extremely unlikely. well documented. they will deal with it promptly.
9:49 am
that is two months from now. you have gone through all of these primaries and caucuses. probably locked up the nomination by then. >> don't you want to know before the nomination proceeding is completed if your potential nominee could be a criminal defendant. don't you want to know that? if she is the nominee and she is a criminal defendant, they have a disaster on their hands. >> we had more of it. they agreed to pay. $450 million. conspiring with five publishers to raise the price of e-books.
9:50 am
they denied, they said that they did not do it. the supreme court basically says we will not hear it. north korea. threatening attacks on the united states. colonel ralph peters on that next. plus european leaders beg turkey to stop the flow of migrants. please, stop them. more varney next. ♪ was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live.
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the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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north korea preempting strikes on the u.s. and south korea. ralph peters is here. a big exercise going on. is this finally getting to a little more upbeat eschenbach a little more stronger? >> no. this has been going on for decades. they are routine. south korean military. with each passing year, north
9:55 am
korea's new leader, he had the cutting edge haircuts. he may not know his own limitations. his generals are afraid to tell him that news. trying to disagree with them. trying to counsel them. he may believe that north korea may have the power to hit the united states with nuclear weapons. we are in a peculiar position of relying on the common sense of north korea's generals who do not want a war against this loose cannon leader. the dangers, well, i would not be an alarmist about it. even a convention let alone a nuclear. >> understood. i want your comments on what is going on in europe at the moment.
9:56 am
meeting with turkish officials today. they are begging them to stop the flow of migrants. crossing turkey. they are begging them. it seems to us that yet again, europe is in crisis. the crunch board is getting closer and closer and closer. what is your thought on this? >> the european union is chronically diseased. the migrant crisis is exposing internal weakness right and left. the unspoken concern here is that we are, as you said, we're betting for turkey to turn off the tap. destroying turkey is democracy. attacking our kurdish allies. we need the airbases for our own confused serious policy.
9:57 am
kennedy, at the same time. stuart, the most creative people in hollywood would have great difficulty. the bottom line for europe is this. mass immigration. just does not work with european values. the societal values and morality of the greater middle east compatible with civilization. >> kernel, thank you very much for joining us, as always. donald trump says, waterboarding. one of trump's supporters. a former navy seal response to that in a moment. barely coming up in last night debate. don't the democrats want to know before hillary is emanated whether she will be indicted or
9:58 am
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maria:... ...
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>> it is 7:00 in the morning in california, we're a half hour into the trading session here in new york and right now, the dow industrials are just below 17,000. the establishment, that would be the republican establishment, continues to attack donald trump vigorously, pouring millions of dollars into negative ads, especially florida and illinois and that would be ohio as well. a possible proof today, that that strategy could be working. sparks fly at the democratic debate, very little mention of hillary's e-mail scandal. that was swept under the rug. and peyton manning retiring. we'll ask our sports guy, is he the greatest of all time? ♪ >> knows the that donald
10:01 am
couldn't win the general that hillary would wallop him. the only one that could beat. >> and ashley, the michigan votes tomorrow, and i've seen that poll that puts trump way outfront ahead of ted cruz. ashley: yes, this was taken a little while ago before romney and the debate, this is the wall street journal/nbc poll. rubio at 17%, john kasich at 13%. trump leading in almost every demographic, men, women, conservatives, and evangelica evangelicals, whatever they are. ashley: i can't figure out exactly, no one has given a proper explanation. stuart: a nonspiritual guy, right? whatever they--
10:02 am
>> the only other place that cruz beats trump is conservative percent. stuart: i think that margin of lead will really, really narrow by the time the poll is taken. ashley: there's no doubt that ted cruz has momentum. stuart: donald trump with 41% there, that was taken before the debate liz: before romney. stuart: before romney and before the weekend when cruz won two big states. i think that will change. i'm going to stay on donald trump. chairman david avella is with us now. so, are you behind the attacks on donald trump, david? >> no, stuart. go-pac doesn't endorse in the presidential race and you give me the wonderful opportunity to come on and offer a fair and balanced look at the state of the race and how candidates are performing. stuart: okay. let's suppose it goes to the convention and it's a brokered convention. i say that the republicans lose in that event.
10:03 am
those millions of people, if he's not their guy, not your guy, the republican guy, they don't vote. i don't think you can win. what do you say? >> stuart, the reality is the overwhelming majority of republicans are going to support the nominee. for donald trump or whoever our nominee is. what i hear from donors, as well as the reaction from the crowd at the debate the other night in detroit, is they believe the republican nominee should be supported. we have been working for seven years to get away from the agenda of president obama. we're not going to allow hillary clinton to be that third term. let me also say that this was all underscored by the rnc chairman prebus getting on the stage and saying that the party is going to be behind our nominee. stuart: what happens if donald trump doesn't have the 1,237 delegates that he needs at the
10:04 am
convention, he falls just a little shy. then it goes to a brokered convention. if donald trump, what happens if he -- if you deny the leader in delegates the eventually nomination of the republican party? that's my case? that's what i'm saying. i'm not sure you can win like that. >> stuart, that's what this whole process is about. look, republican nomination process, just as the democrats, is not one big national poll, it is 50 states casting their ballots, sending delegates to a convention, where the party, through their delegates, picks who the nominee is, that's why this isn't talked about too much. that's why this, who becomes a delegate is so important and smart campaigns right now are making sure their supporters are the people being elected however the state process is for selecting a delegate. they're making sure their supporters. so, that if someone doesn't go
10:05 am
into cleveland with 1,237 votes, their supporters, via delegates, will make sure they become the nominee. there's so much more to becoming the nominee than just the national polls that are going on and in addition to each contest casting their vote. because here is another stat that isn't talked about, stuart. in order to have your name in nomination, you have to have the majority of delegates in your state, in a state. so unless you're even nominated you can't be considered, unless it goes much later, but then the delegates have to adopt rules that allow someone else to ultimately become the nominee. it's a rather complicated process. stuart: yes, exactly. >> but it goes to, let me add one more thing, it goes to what albert einstein said, you have to know the rules and then you have to be able to play the games better than everyone else using the rules. stuart: but you're going to lose if it looks like it's a back room deal and i think
10:06 am
that's a fact. >> the nomination process. stuart: but if the rules are carried out in the back rooms, it doesn't look good, does it? >> they're not, they're going to be on the floor of the convention, stuart, look, and all of the polls that -- all the polls that show hillary clinton potentially winning are about as valuable as an ice maker is in the north pole. i am ooh, we're several months out, for goodness sake, no one thought that donald trump would be in this position. stuart: that's an interesting analogy. thank you, sir. i want to move onto the democrats. listen to the-- wait a minute, have we got breaking news? here, los angeles. ashley: lax, los angeles international airport reporting a power outage, but this is mother nature, a thunderstorm rolling through, they're fairly rare as you mentioned in southern california, caused the power to go out, emergency generators have kicked back in and going literally building to building, making sure everything is back up working as it should.
10:07 am
having said that, the airlines are allegedly reporting no delays liz: you should call in. heavy winds are also a problem as well. stuart: i think that's right to call that breaking news. because whenever you hit lax out of power, no matter what the airlines tell you, if i'm at the airport now, i know i've got a problem. thanks, everybody. now let's get to the democrats and listen to what joaquin castro says about hillary clinton and the e-mail scandal. watch this. >> it's been settled by the congress. you know, the congress has looked it, the justice department has looked into it and they've cleared her. >> the justice department is looking into it, but that's for another-- >> she's been cleared? i missed that. stuart: she's been cleared? former democrat senator from indiana evan bayh joins us. >> great to be with you and i'm glad we don't have a power outage here. stuart: you've got look on your face that says wait a minute,
10:08 am
where is he coming from today? don't you want to know before you nominate hillary as the candidate for the democrat, don't you, before the nomination, whether or not she's going to be indicted? >> i think that's only fair and the fbi appears to be reaching the point where they'll be making decisions after a thorough investigation. i would think the bureau is going to play it by the rules, call it fair and square, but i think they feel some public responsibility to make a timely decision so voters can decide. stuart: you want it out that fast. >> absolutely. stuart: you want to know whether or not your nominee is going to be indicted or not. >> i think it's only fair to know what the outcome of this is. stuart: you don't think it's going ton fluffed off, you can't just dismiss this. >> anybody who knows the director of the fbi and the bureau, they're not going to allow for political interference, if there would be an attempt to politically interfere, it would be leaked quickly. it will be done by the books and facts and know what the decision is before too long. stuart: do you think that a nominee who is indicted or even
10:09 am
is close as this to a criminal investigation, is that candidate seriously damaged? >> well, those are two different things. if somebody is under an active indictment, clearly, that's a major political liability. stuart: a kiss of death. an active indictment, you, hillary, you are indicted. is she out at that point? >> i think it would be close to a lethal blow. stuart: how damaging is the current situation where she is under criminal investigation? >> well, it's taken a toll, but i think we're going to have a decision here, so, if the outcome is, as she said, look, i made a mistake, it was not-- that the bureau determines it's not criminal. there were stories the last few days that apparently her system was not hacked, so it's quite possible national security was not compromised, if that's the outcome of all of this, stuart, a lapse in judgment, but nothing criminal, no harm to the national security, then i think the public puts it behind them. stuart: if drafted, would evan b bayh run?
10:10 am
>> i'm sure she's got that-- you always answering your nation's call, but i fully expect she'll go a different direction. stuart: great to see you. >> great to be with you onset. stuart: all right, check that big board. we just turned positive and we're certainly back to 17,000, look at that. 17005. how about a price of oil. closer and closer to $37 a barrel. so, oil inching up, now stocks are-- >> the webster ratio. stuart: the webster ratio, i'm glad you said that. pier one up 15% and gave an upbeat forecast and now it's up 18%. ubs raises the price target on mcdonald's, listen to this, $131 a share and moving lower now at 116. that's from ubs, 131 at mcdonald's, how about that? president jimmy carter says he no longer needs treatment for his cancer liz: wow. stuart: isn't that wonderful news? liz: that's an amazing story. stuart: how did this happen. ashley: you know, look, he had
10:11 am
tumors, he had melanoma and brain tumors, they used radiation pinpointed at the tumors and also on this immune boosting drug he took every three weeks, it's called-- >> kitruda. ashley: it's considered a game changer, relatively new and considered a game changer and so far, there's no sign that any of the cancer cells have returned liz: right. ashley: he'll have regular scans just to make sure, but it's a remarkable story liz: that is unbelievable, an eye opener when we saw the story. the drug gets your immune system to fight the cancer, this is by merck, 20 billion in sales over the next decade gets your body to fight tumors, it may be not just lung cancer-- >> merck makes the drug, it's a great story. european leaders as we've told you are putting pressure on turkey to stop the flow of migrants. europe appears to be, yet
10:12 am
again, sliding into absolute chaos. wait until you see what's happening at the borders. donald trump doubles down on his calls to bring back waterboarding. up next a navy seal to says that if donald trump is president, we'll fight wars to win. what does that in a moment. >> we have to beat savages. we'll play the way that they play the game. if we treat your people well, will you we are playing by rules, but they have no rules. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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10:15 am
s >> the gold mining stocks, please, the price of gold bullion is close to a 13-month high around 1280 per ounce, those are doing well today. i want to return to the european crisis, please. the eu in turkey, officials meeting today and they're discussing migrants and what to do with another million of them. ashley: again, critical summit, what can turkey do?
10:16 am
greece is probably the worst country in europe to try to deal with it. essentially bankrupt. we've got 14,000 migrants stuck at the greece-macedonia border. it's turned violent as the migrants are trying to get through. about 300 or so, stuart, m migrants are let through each day, which is nothing, more coming from the other side. eu may offer them more than $3 billion to take the refugees back from greece and also to stop to try and stem the flow. >> in france. >> set up camps. >> going to be gigantic, if you took a million people. ashley: one and a quarter million migrants last year, at least another million this year. eight eu countries have set up temporary borders, it's a mess, no real answer and we've found out there are eu countries now putting boats into the mediterranean to patrol and try
10:17 am
to stop the migrants from coming from turkey across the mediterranean. stuart: totally intractable problem and europe is at stake. now, donald trump says that torture laws need to be expanded to defeat isis. watch this. >> i happen to think that when you're fighting an enemy that chops off heads, i happen to think that we should use something that's stronger than we have right now. right now, basically, waterboarding is essentially not allowed as i understand it. >> you'd like it to be. >> i'd like it to be at a minimum, at a minimum to allow that. stuart: at a minimum to allow that, waterboarding. joining us now former navy seal who fired a couple of shots in anger. let's extrapolate out a little bit. donald trump is the president, we waterboard and torture. you do the torturing. >> okay. stuart: a couple of weeks later, a couple of months later, america's civil
10:18 am
liberties union or whomsoever comes after you and says you were under trial. >> it's for donald trump to take my back. we're getting information from these guys leading to making safer place and we've got these guys chopping off heads and putting them in shoe boxes and sending them home. >> you want to pull fingernails out, waterboard. >> i don't want to, but the thing that the u.s. soldier is very good at and trained very well-to-do it, we celebrate who we are from what we do and the american soldier in the interest of safety they joined the military to kill people, to kill bad guys, to safe about america, torturing is in line with that, i believe. i think there are some limits to it and not necessary for all things, but that's the way it is. stuart: we don't want to do that. we don't want our society in our name to have that done.
10:19 am
>> why? because of morality? the problem is when you have the morality clauses, we're the only side abiding by the rules. we have one happened tied behind our backs. the american public is happy saying we're better than that. if the american populous are better than that, we on the battlefield are losing our lives because of that morality statute. stuart: you are speaking for yourself. the military, the front line guys, how do the rest of the military feel about it. >> a lot on the same page as me, there are some people who have a moral objection, i'm sure, the military may not be the place for them. the fact is we need to understand that these guys are willing to do anything, they're burning people, drowning people, they're cutting people's heads off. we need to have maybe not that type of lethality, but definitely something that says, hey, wait a minute, i'm going to tell them everything because they're going to waterboard me or-- >> that's war and war is not
10:20 am
pretty. stuart: and peyton manning, officially announcing his retirement from football, a question for our sports guy, is peyton the best quarterback ever? [vet] two yearly physicals down.
10:21 am
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
10:22 am
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> after 18 years in the nfl, peyton manning will announce his retirement this afternoon and he's going out on top as the super bowl champ. fox news radio's jared max is here. greatest ever, yes or no? >> greatest quarterback i ever saw. sports fans have an argument who is the best ever. i think the only way to do it in fair terms, comparing apples and organizes, the greatest i saw was peyton manning. stuart: that goes according to statistics and yards he through.
10:24 am
>> statistics and x-factors, thrown for more yards than any quarterback in nfl history, more than a quarterback in a season, same with the touchdown, five mvp, 14 pro bowl selections, the numbers are there, for a long time he was greatest regular season quarterback ever. he won a super bowl and then a second and the second, stuart, he won coming just a few years after he sat out a whole year multiple neck surgeries and i wondered. i didn't think he'd come back to play. he found a home with the denver broncos and four straight titles and resiliency and ability to win. i never saw anybody manipulate a football game as well as i've seen peyton manning as a quarterback. stuart: that's the stats and the player. what about peyton manning as a force within the game. is he the greatest ever at that? >> i think his football iq, higher than anybody i'd seen. ash was mentioning joe montana. joe montana won four super bowls, how can you argue
10:25 am
against that. montana versus peyton manning, i'll pick peyton manning in a game over joe montana. joe montana and tom brady are similar. i'd put brady ahead, i didn't see tidle or-- >> who? >> i'm not being funny, i've never heard of those people. >> if we go back. >> a quarterback. >> people will tell you. >> he was great in your time. you would have the bias for it and i totally get that. >> terry bradshaw won four super bowls. stuart: he's fantastic, too. before your time? >> i caught the end of terry bradshaw's career. fran tarkenton, a guest with you a lot, jim kelly. ashley: bart starr. >> won the first two super bowls. stuart: why is tom brady so unpopular? looking from the outside of football and kind of looking in. everybody tells me, can't stand tom brady. >> probably some good
10:26 am
psychology classes across our country could look at why do we love peyton manning and why is tom brady. >> and stop it, what did manning do now? >> there's thought he could go into the broadcast booth, but a lot of folks are saying they see him going to the front office because he already thinks like a general manager. and players know that he thinks like a coach. he was not an easy player to always play for because he demanded for everything he demanded of himself, he nt with aed of his teammates as well and some people weren't up to it and there were arguments sometimes on the field, but you won't find anybody who won't say that peyton manning is in the argument of the best quarterbacks ever. stuart: the best soccer player of all time? >> georgeo for the new york cosmos, but. >> pele, pele. stuart: from the '60s, stanley mathews. >> oh. stuart: nobody in our audience will ever remember, but he was-- >> what year was that?
10:27 am
he played for black pool and then for-- . >> we've gone way into the 50's. >> the big baggie shorts. stuart: he was pa tea totaller and a vegetarian, late '80s, stanley mathews. moving on now, we've got this just coming in, flags at the white house and the travel buildings lowered to half staff in honor, of course, of nancy reagan. the white house, they haven't done it yet, but it will be coming very shortly. back in a moment.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
stuart: we are seeing it happen now. the flag on the white house lowered to half staff in honor of nancy reagan.
10:31 am
not very flattering. the article starts out like this. first lady, mrs. reagan had a knack for inviting controversy. the request of the white house. it goes on about her chaotic relationship with her children that were rivaled a soap opera plot. howard kurtz is with us now. would you react to that? i was quite shocked. >> you know, stuart, i was on the air yesterday. i was flooded with memories. i thought the wording that you just cited they are was too harsh. i have to say, it is not just to be 100% going by someone's life.
10:32 am
we talked about the bad rap or bad is that nancy reagan got about the designer clothing she had gotten. what a contribution this woman had made. >> also dwelling to some degree. what kind of person was she? i do not think that that was brought out very well. i know that the ownership of the washington post has changed. amazon now owns the washington post. has it changed? he is now the new owner. >> the publisher is fred ryan who has a long association with the reagans and the reagan foundation. i would say, that obituary, then on that was probably written a couple of years ago.
10:33 am
>> there was a debate last night. anderson cooper tried to ask. this came up in the debate last night. watch this. >> do you invest the investigation to be wrapped up soon? talking about your e-mails every single day. >> let me start by saying, last time i checked, as of last night, donald trump had received 3.6 million votes. that is a good number. stuart: that was not picked up on. it was not pursued. a very brief item. a major media for him. how do you explain?
10:34 am
i do not know how you can explain. why is it that it took such a small part of the debate? >> the way he framed it gave an obvious escape hatch. how do you respond to him? he failed to follow-up. i know that this has been brought up in a number of these debates. it is the justice department, of course. setting up hillary's private e-mail server. i do not know how does you do not drill down on that. you were kind of giving the presidential candidate a pretty easy pass. that is one thing where he failed to bring up was the specifics. i do not want to preempt
10:35 am
whatever brett will ask or talk about. i will put every dime that i own that he will pursue that question. >> this is a big moment. this is the first time hillary has appeared on fox in two years. i do not think that the whole thing will be about the e-mails. >> can i go back to the debates last thursday night? all of those insults. i get a sense that america is growing a little tired of it. they have to move on, so to speak. you pick that up, too? >> they did ask a lot of questions. you cannot stop presidential candidates who want to stop each other.
10:36 am
a lot of people may be favorably inclined. in part, it may reflect that. people are kind of sick of the name-calling at this point. they may like to hear or see a little bit more of the issues affecting their lives. >> one day i would like you to critique "varney & company." i do not know how we would do. i think you are a fair and balanced guy. thank you very much. howard kurtz, everyone. our media guide. pulling even with ted cruz for second in the latest polls. trump 42.
10:37 am
where is that from? >> the local fox affiliate doing that. wait, wait, wait out front. he is losing ground. >> mr. trump did support the auto bailout. negative about the auto bailout. >> trump does not have faith. >> actually lost, since last week, lost 5%. i think the problem, they are doing better. they cannot get closer to trump. splitting the vote between them.
10:38 am
>> they tend to stay home. he really needs to pull them out. >> marco rubio at down 6% in the past week. >> i want to get back to nancy reagan. come on in, art laffer. stimulating the economy. any role in formulating that policy. >> i am sure that she did. i cannot imagine them not being eye to eye and in sync on that issue. even going back in time. way before becoming president. they were really close partners. they were partners all the way
10:39 am
and everything. an amazing couple. the influence the two of them had on the world is astounding. >> i heard of her passing yesterday morning. i did not first think of ronald reagan. that is not what came to mind. what came to mind was it was a love story. they loved each other. did you observe that firsthand? >> we see it all the time. they really did love each other. they acted almost like newlyweds all the time. look at the letters he wrote to her when he was gone for a day and a half to two days. it is really quite amazing the affection they use towards each other. they shared a lot of common views. they had very different roles they played.
10:40 am
you could tell when he was upset. she had a steel fist with a velvet glove. >> when i first heard of this news yesterday morning, how much class and style the reagans had. such sharp contrast that the policy took today. you are right. he was someone who could act like a president. she was someone who could act like a first lady. they were fine lovely people. i do them because of the social group that i was in.
10:41 am
she was the queen of that group. all of their friends were the classiest people you will ever see, stuart. they were wonderful. that story has never been told. art laffer, everyone. we will see you soon. thank you. >> take a look at the share price of apple. it is down slightly. give me the story. >> thought to be protected against tax. reuters finding out that apple's mac computer was subject to rent somewhere. basically stealing your data. say to you, you have to pay money to us to get that data back. this is startling. we thought that they were safe.
10:42 am
>> how is this for a political deadline. a full explanation coming up. ♪ is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
10:43 am
nicole: right now the dow jones industrial average is up 38 points. negative territory. moving into the green here.
10:44 am
17,044. the s&p is down one. the nasdaq is down 13. here is a look at the winners. caterpillar, chevron and boeing are leading the way. we are also keeping a keen eye on apple. you just heard elizabeth macdonald talking about that. the stock is down about 1%. the best performing group. you see all of their affair. start your day at fox business. ♪ after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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10:46 am
stuart: why would peter 1 b up 20%. the dollar is very strong. pier one is all about imports. they are up 22.99%. google all of them are down. all of them are netflix. ever so slightly higher.
10:47 am
our next guest says hillary clinton cannot count on bernie sanders supporters in november if she gets the nomination. they will not switch. kelly riddle is with us now. explain that. they do not drift over. why is that. >> it is a social media movement called bernie or bust. we do not trust hillary clinton. trustworthiness was a number one issue. over 90% voted for bernie sanders. they do not trust her on wall street. they do not trust her on trade issues. her husband push for nassau.
10:48 am
they do not feel like she is authentic enough. >> i see the argument. voting for hillary. a bit like basically voting for the republican. one less vote for hillary. one more vote for the other side. >> well, yes. many of them said that they are open for voting for republicans. hillary clinton rally, actually, last week. we are all for sanders. controlling big money. that is what we like for bernie sanders. they are antiestablishment. you see donald trump supporters and bernie sanders supporters kind of coming together. one thing, there is an online poll. bernie or bust. they had pledged to write and bernie sanders named.
10:49 am
that is a lot of diverse city. >> i do not know what proportion of the vote he has gotten. it has to be about 30 or 40%, i would think, if you look across the board. huge negative for hillary. >> yes. you are also seeing an enthusiasm gap. primary contest. the turnout for democrats was under 26%. driving more independents and democrats to the polls to vote republican. you really have to take it into consideration. the momentum for people in a general contest. what am i saying? george w. bush.
10:50 am
the people before him against 2008 against barack obama. his ranks outweighed what people were feeling about mccain or mitt romney. stuart: fairpoint. stuart: thank you. one week ago, the election looked all but decided. my how times change. my take on that is next. ♪ a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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10:54 am
>> i am blake bergman and michigan. john kasich is hoping to pick up his first state of the election cycle. campaigning here against tomorrow's primary. donald trump leading by two. a survey from nbc news has trumped up by 19. the real clear politics. the republican frontrunner tomorrow. hillary clinton leads as well. clinton hitting the 60% mark. bernie sanders is not giving him a no.
10:55 am
campaigning all across the state today. michigan is the largest state in play. hasek has three rallies in place here today. it has been another extraordinary week. bernie sanders has not -- nor has the e-mail problem. more potentially damaging. grabbing community in a criminal investigation. hillary is running away with a delegate count. she is not quite a sure thing now. along came mitt romney.
10:56 am
he leaves a blistering attack campaign. big money. the establishment is in a furious fight to eliminate the nomination for trump. trump lost it. he is not quite a sure thing either. sunday morning. news that nancy reagan has passed. haven't times have changed. the reagans have clashed. they loved each other. it showed. tailored up in a criminal investigation. the front running republican uses foul language in public. or personal bullet entering terms. oh what a difference between then and now. stability and insult. class and no class. oh what a difference just in the last week.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> prices started out lower and then turned positive. the white house flag. assistant. how nancy helps stop the talks that ended the cold war. politics. hillary clinton. both candidates moving forward. fox news tonight with threat there. expected fair and balanced tonight. inside the rubio meltdown. we have the spokesperson for the rubio campaign just a few minutes from now. the europeans are offering billions of dollars to turkey.
11:01 am
keeping those migrants inside turkey. we will cover that one for you. european crisis all over again. the third hour starts right now. ♪ stuart: right out-of-the-box. here is the latest poll out of michigan. this new poll shows donald trump still way ahead. hasek and crews are tied for second. fox news contributor mercedes. that seems like good news for trump. the latest poll is way out front. that was taken over the weeken
11:02 am
especially in a primary. it will award a lot of delegates. >> the attacks on crop, have they had some limited effect, do you think? >> donald trump, reagan's democrats can pete out hillary clinton's block. >> trump is down 5% from the pull a week earlier. hasek and crews are up.
11:03 am
>> mitt romney. he is continuing vigorous >> i just do not excel. it would be wise for mitt romney trump voters. this is exactly what they want to stay away from. mitt romney represents that class. stuart: would you agree with me, though, that the republican saye
11:04 am
are not at this point where we have made peace within the party. it will take a lot of time to heal the wounds. >> it is almost like a hostile takeover. >> it seems like it sometimes. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head in a little debate last night. just watch this. >> you are talking about the wall street bailout. destroying this economy. excuse me. i am talking. >> he was against the auto
11:05 am
bailout. i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against. somebody that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that that is a pretty big difference. stuart: it. it will get more difficult for him in the states of new york and california. it is a much more diverse electorate. >> if you look at the delegate
11:06 am
count is, it is so far behind. he is certainly doing a lot further and deeper into this campaign. >> still has a problem with her speeches to wall street. i am not going to relieve my golden -- unless they release their speeches, to. >> hillary says, wait for it, hillary says she is delighted that her former aide has been given immunity. the cases close. mercedes, your take on that. >> this is not going to resolve any time soon. it could go to a grand jury. the fbi will most likely want to be talking to hillary clinton. the intelligence community gone amok. i do not think that it tells, necessarily, this issue is yet
11:07 am
to be resolved. >> i would have thought that democrats wanted to speed this up. >> by the way, he has been cleared by justice. he is the twin brother of jo ling castro. the vice presidential favorite for hillary clinton. >> this thing has drug on and on. it is not going away. i am so glad he has been granted immunity. yeah, right. i want to move on to the migrant crisis. this is extremely important. europe is breaking up over this. offering turkey billions of dollars. keeping the migrants in turkey. do not let them out. what is the latest? >> $3.3 billion is on the table. greece is bankrupt.
11:08 am
does not know what to do. an announcement or a belief that many of these migrants have been shut down. we have eight countries now in europe. eight countries that have temporary border controls put up. apparently not. the latest reports are some hostility. >> bottom line here is that that you is looking at turkey and saying we will skip your money, you have to stop.he mercedes, ty
11:09 am
much indeed for being part of this. we appreciate you being with us. check that they board. a very, very modest gain in the early morning. we are up 12. look at oil. 3694 right now. look at the stocks that are lifting the dow. the dow is up 13 points. caterpillar, chevron, dupont, all of them on the upside. let's get back to politics. [laughter] stuart: marco rubio. not having a good weekend. he did take puerto rico. that news came in early this morning. rubio.
11:10 am
sportsperson. the statement in the washington post this morning. inside the rubio meltdown. frustration and perceived blunders. you are not like that, particularly. >> an overwhelming margin. fired up after that victory yesterday. you can also grow the party. 50,000. we feel really good about our chances. >> you do not have a clear path to victory. >> it is an open race as far as we see it. >> virtually impossible to do that. unless you win everything.
11:11 am
>> marco will win florida. he is hitting the ground running this week. he has one here before. donald trump is not the conservative. he should lead our party. on saturday, trump did not do as well as he was anticipated to do. he beat charlie by frankly doing the right thing. not a true conservative. he will keep doing that. people will designate to that message. i met marco rubio many, many times. i think that he is a good hand. i think that when he went after trump the small hands, the sweating, the orange, i do not think that that major guy look presidential. i think that it hurt him. i think that people were a
11:12 am
little embarrassed by it. >> swinging at him and fighting back. >> marco wants this to be about policy issues. i think that the media has given a lot of coverage. we would like this to be more about policy. marco rubio is the one that knows the struggles that the working families face. he knows how to keep our country safe. he wants to talk about that. you will see a focus on policy. donald trump does not have solutions to all the serious issues he faces today. stuart: you have a tough job. you came on the show. we appreciate it. coming up, we remember the life of nancy reagan. why nancy was instrumental in ending a cold war.
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> you better take a look at this. some of the big tech names. the overall market is higher. all of them down significantly. those are the stocks that went way up / tear. i want to move on to the passing of nancy reagan. she had passed at the age of 94. our next guest served as the executive assistant. ronald reagan and private. you had access to the family. away from the oval office. in their private quarters. you solve them relate to each other as husband and wife. we think of them as in private.
11:17 am
>> it was an incredible relationship. a fairytale relationship. something i have never seen before between two people. they would hold hands when they were in private on the elevators. domestically are overseas or in the white house. as close as two people could ever be. >> maybe nancy was instrumental in giving the talk going that ended the cold war. is that accurate? >> it is. reagan cap telling his national security team to let me know when they are ready to have a construct if dialogue. that went on and on. she always called him romney. she never referred to him as the
11:18 am
president. she said you cannot wait. you have to go now. that opened the door. stuart: do you actually remember those conversations? >> they were private, but i was well aware of them. >> did not want to be the power behind the throne. she did it because she wanted her husband to be a great president. is that accurate? >> correct. never ran for president. never been elected. never been successful without nancy reagan. she was that much of a force. stuart: i want to get your response to this. the washington post today.
11:19 am
i am sure you have seen it. it starts, nancy reagan had an undeniable map for inviting controversy. her spending habits. they could rival a soap opera plot. all of that in the first paragraph in the washington post obituary. what do you think of that? >> reagan was too nice. his heart was too big. nancy had to step in. she did that throughout the presidency. when somebody needed to go, nancy reagan fired her secretary of state here at fired the white house chief of staff. two kind, too nice. always had the reputation of staying the dragon lady. nothing was ever for her.
11:20 am
very glad that you share with us today. stuart: disney's new movie is called sue topi up. we will tell you why one critic is calling it the most political film yet. ♪
11:21 am
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> the financial story of the morning. it is the price of oil. way above $37 an hour. all of them are. then there is disney's latest animated movie. zootopia. it won the box office this weekend big time. ashley: karen whitney says that this is the studios most advert leave political movie yet.
11:25 am
the 10% of the predators. the mysterious substances created by a villain. she says, wilke, the praise treatment of the predators were flex the police forces racism and violence towards the black community. some of the strongest imagery that they have ever produced. >> a great movie. the kids loved it. >> interesting take on it. >> that is interesting. mitt romney takes a page from harry reid. goes after donald trump on the issues of taxes. a bombshell on trump's tax returns. trump fired back. watch this. you cannot let that romney in
11:26 am
this race. he is a joker. i have some great sportsmen right here. when you see someone joke, generally speaking, once a joker, always a joker. they romney gave that election away. a failed president that should have easily been one. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. hi...i'm pamela yellen.
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11:30 am
. stuart: we're up. holding above at 17,000. we're up 28 points because the price of oil is above $37 a barrel. and how about j.c. penney? i think we once put this thing on death watch, didn't we? shouldn't have ton that because that stock price is a two and a half year high. just crossing now. a brand-new university poll, it shows trump leading by 13 points in michigan. 36 cruz, 23 kasich, 21. look at marco rubio down at 13 pest. >> yeah. boy, this means the race is tightening, the poll had a 19 percentage-point lead between trump and cruz now to 13 percentage points. stuart: and that poll was taken very recently; right? >> yes. stuart: after the debate? and right after the weekend. ashley: , yes. stuart: so after the romney attacks might have had abimpact and that's why trump's lead is narrowing.
11:31 am
liz: it taps way, yes,. stuart: okay. got it. i'm going to stay on politics. mitt romney attacking donald trump calling him a phony and fraud. look who's here. penny lee who worked for senator harry reed. let's remind everybody, penny,. >> i have a good history here . stuart: i'm revising and taking a look back at what happened. in 2012 harry reed stood stood on the floor senate and said mitt romney doesn't pay taxes. read knew that was a lie at the time. now we've got romney doing the same thing to donald trump. what do you make of that? >> irony is rich. i have to say. you talk about full circle here. i would say in against to harry reed no surprise to you he was relying what he was told. and he was told this information by his very credible source within the republican party.
11:32 am
and stallworth within utah politics. mitt romney, i don't know where his fax come from but he knows something -- he says we have reason to believe. okay. give us your reason, mitt. tell us. >> and i think we can make the whole campaign about reason to believe. stuart: so you're with me on this? >> that -- stuart: room knee should come clean as harry reed did not come clean -- >> harry reed revealed the source and where it came from. you know, he was proven that not to be true. we do know that mitt romney did pay lower amount of taxes, and i think that starked the whole debate. stuart: why do i figure that the party you belong has left you behind? because you're a nice lady. you've got a good -- you smile, you're a moderate kind of person. >> i am a moderate democrat. stuart: left you behind, haven't they? >> it has shifted -- stuart: shifted? >> more left. there are many in my party
11:33 am
that would disagree with many of my positions. but, you know, that's what makes the party so great. stuart: you couldn't vote for bernie sanders, could you? you couldn't do it? don't -- >> as they say, it's not about the almighty, it's about the alternative. so whoever -- it depends to see who the republicans put on the other side. stuart: okay. forget the other side for a second. you could -- i don't think you could possibly vote for bernie sanders, could you? >> there are -- i am a staunch as you know, staunch hillary supporter so i still believe hillary will be there. i'll take a look at bernie, but it will be an interesting point. stuart: if you're a hillary supporter. >> uh-huh. stuart: don't you want to know fairly soon whether or not she's going to be criminally indicted? because if you don't find out soon and you nominate here -- >> as soon as we know. there's an investigation going on and before we make any ifs and -- or whatever. i think the fbi is going to be doing that. stuart: what are you going to do if you nominate her. >> all in the hypothetically
11:34 am
. and if the easter bunny comes down, who knows. stuart: that was a night gneiss out. [laughter] you're a diplomat. you should join the state department. you really should. >> definitely. stuart: penny lee, we appreciate you being with us. and i think you should vote for bernie sanders. >> i look forward to hearing who you vote as your first chance to vote in america. stuart: i believe we have the secret ballots. >> yes, we do. and mine will be secret as well. stuart: it was fun, penny. thank you very much indeed. all right. check that big board, please, because we're up 31 points at 17,038 market watch hawkins. what do you think we hit first? 18,000 up here? and going to get on camera here. 18,000 or 15,000? which is it? which is first? >> right now the market momentum is definitely moving up. but if i look at the broader market, we've had the fourth strongest first four days of march since 1928.
11:35 am
if i look -- and we went up 3.8%. if i look at what happened when the markets go up, say, around 2% or more since the beginning of the s&p, that's been about 14 times it has gone up that much. but ten out of those 14 times, it actually declined for the rest of the month. so looking at historical norms, it doesn't seem likely we're going to see the market go up all that much. but the momentum is rather impressive. but thoroughly looks like a short covering rally. stuart: a short covering rally. you almost got the buzzer for that. you mean it won't last? >> well, we've seen so many stocks got hammeredly really hard. those are the ones performing the best. the sectors got hammered the hardest starting with the may highs, the ones pushed down the most. those are coming on strongest, which makes me think a lot of that could be people trying to protect the downside of that. stuart: now, i don't want to get into politics or ask you what your politics are. that's not the point of the interview here. but i do want to know who do
11:36 am
you think would be the best candidate to improve the economy? across the spectrum. bernie, hillary, trump, kasich, et cetera. >> well, i believe for a economy to do well, you have to have a strong labor market, you have to have government not causing so many problems that businesses are afraid to move, new businesses are afraid to get started. so that pretty much kicks out bernie and hillary because the two of them really like to have more government control, more government control means it's harder for businesses to try new things and grow. trump scares me when it comes to his international trade policy. i'm not quite clear on what it means that we're going to win and other people are going to lose. he has lots of outcome-based claims that he's going to do really good things and the company's going to be strong. but not a whole lot on exactly how that's going to happen and what we do know kind of violates an awful a lot of the constitution so that country scares me. so that puts me down to cruz, rubio, and kasich at this point. out of those, i think you're
11:37 am
more likely to do better with either, say, rubio or cruz because kasich is always a big fan of the minimum wage. and minimum wage has shown to be a very difficult thing for growing new jobs. it also increases the unemployment. those who most need jobs can't get them if you can't raise the unemployment, just look at what happened in seattle. mostly cruz and rubio. rubio's tax plan looks really good. i like his -- stuart: this is very good. >> dropping it down. but -- stuart: it's very good. the process of elimination, and you've come down to cruz as best in the economy. >> it really is. it's kind of the least painful. stuart: thank you very much indeed. now, wait a minute. i've got more for you. i want to ask you about europe because you're the lady who has spent a great deal of time living and advising people on their money in europe. we've got european union leaders meeting with turkish officials today. they want to give them $3 billion to keep a million
11:38 am
migrants in turkey. now, again, you live in europe -- i mean at least half the year i think. is this migrant crisis just apparent? is it obvious as you -- i know you're in italy much of the time. is it obvious when you visit there? >> it is in parts of italy because italy, you know, right off of africa we get an awful lot coming in. there are some italian cities that regularly get overwhelmed without having to go save people in the mediterranean. so, yes, you do see it in parts. where you're really starting to see the impact, though, is traveling within europe if i go from, say, italy to france, it's supposed to be no different than if i go from, say, california to new york. because they're all within that euro zone and you're not supposed to have the borders for the movement of people. but that's changing because this crisis is making it so every country says no. no. no. italy, you keep them. we don't want them. and so the barriers are starting to go up. and i think it's really starting to show the cracks in kind of the structure of the
11:39 am
euro zone. none of those countries have an economy that they're confident can handle such an enormous influx. stuart: that's true. >> but on the other hand talk about a humanitarian crisis. stuart: this is our story and we're keeping on top of it because i think europe is really beginning to crack up. that's a fact. >> i agree. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. come again soon, okay? >> thank you. stuart: this. i've got a new report out that says a growing number of german restaurants are banning pork so they don't offend muslim migrants. what's this? ashley: they are. and ham and bacon as well. it's happening in schools, day care centers, publican teens, now politicians within angela merkel's political party saying enough is enough. they say pork is a part of the german culture, if you don't like it, don't eat it. so the tension is rising but it's interesting to see that these steps are being taken. >> yeah. it's at the heart of
11:40 am
german cuisine. you can't overrule the majority to satisfy minority. that's not the way democracies are. if you don't want to eat pork, don't eat it. you don't have to change the quissene for everyone in the country. stuart: that was the host i let. liz: i can imagine muslims won't like that themselves. they would feel the toward them. ashley: this just continues to rise as another fact toward that. her own party now rising. stuart: i think it's the end of her career. ashley: it could be. stuart: that would be my opinion. liz: you can't make moves like this. stuart: no, you can't. liz: it's pathetic. stuart: lawyers for accused army bowe bergdahl want to meet with donald trump. we'll tell you why after this
11:41 am
this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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11:43 am
are greeneries after three weeks of gains. technology, though, is not participating in the rally today. in fact, you're seeing names such as netflix down 3%, amazon, facebook, alphabet, all to the downside. amazon gained over 115% last year. netflix gained 135%. here today is wynn. wynn is to the upside today. right back this group is doing very well over 20% for this year. as revenue many mccow is doing better. stocks selling off there. and the stocks are selling off there. nike, visa, microsoft, start your day fox business at 5:00 a.m. fbn a.m. we'll see you there
11:44 am
11:45 am
. stuart: live look now. donald trump about to hold a campaign event in concord, north carolina. north carolina holds its primary march the 15th. looks like a big crowd to me. a brand-new university poll. trump 13 points in the lead in michigan, 26 cruz rubio 23, ashley. ashley: it's interesting we have seen in several positives now where donald trump since last week has seen his lead just contract a little. having said that, both in the monmouth poll and the poll from local fox affiliate, he still has a 20 plus percent lead over either john kasich
11:46 am
or ted cruz. stuart: but it's marco rubio -- ashley: yes, marco rubio has been on the slide for a while now iraq and kasich is taking both rubio -- the thing is romney having an impact on trump? . stuart: probably yes. liz: , yes. stuart: a little impact at this point. liz: yeah,. stuart: all right. lawyers for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. they say they want a deposition from donald trump because they think his comments may keep bergdahl from getting a fair trial. judge napolitano on this one. in what way with whatever trump had to say about anything, what would that affect bergdahl? >> i can't see how it would. the argument -- my client can't get a fair trial because of something out there in the community is normally shown by polls of community attitudes. but this is not the community attitude because the jurors will come for the military. this is the military prosecution.
11:47 am
it's almost inconceivable that something a presidential candidate is saying no matter how likely you may believe it is that this person will become the president could influence the outcome of a case. and if it does, asking that person questions under oath against their will is harder than the root to proving that . stuart: unless the lawyer think so that donald trump would be so unpopular within that very fine that the opinion would be swayed towardberg gall bawl dahl. >> look, the government's case against bergdahl is extremely weak. the gentleman who interviewed him for two days wrote a report that he himself not be prosecutor. the charges are relatively low charges than they were kicked up to very serious charges. stuart: trump called him a traitor. that's what happened. >> however strong that is, trump is entitled to his opinion and that opinion is of no moment to this case. he's not a witness to any of
11:48 am
these events, i don't know what evidence they could get from him. stuart: can i just briefly ask you about hillary clinton who wants to go after guns by going after gun manufacturers and making them liable for accidents or incidents that occur with a gun. that's going right to the heart of it. look at the sound bite for a second on hillary. >> the best way to do that is to go right at the people -- you talk about corporate greed of gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make. stuart: make them liable, you go right after -- >> partly of that is the anomaly of bernie sanders. a left wing provision who is pro gun rights because it comes from a state she wants to violate due process. she wants to make general motors liable for a drunk driver who drives a general motors car and injures. that's the same analogy.
11:49 am
if you could show that the manufacturer knew or ought to have known that this weapon would be used to commit a specific crime and put it in the string of commerce anyway, then there's liability. but it's nearly impossible to show that. she wants the manufacturer to be liable without that kind of showing. stuart: right. >> it will essentially put the gun manufacturers out of business or send themovers. stuart: you made the gun, the gun killed this person, the gun maker is liable. >> the concept of due process connotes fairness. you cannot impose liability on someone or something for someone or something that they didn't do. stuart: but once you introduce that kind of liability. >> then there's no limit to i. stuart: you've opened up pandora's box. >> your friends, the president's lawyers as you like to call them will become fat and rich and democrats. stuart: they already are. the lawyers -- you know this. the lawyers are democrats. >> i honestly don't think
11:50 am
she's doing this to pander to lawyers but to pander to people who hate fear and misunderstand guns. stuart: got it. judge, as always, thank you very much indeed. >> you're welcome. stuart: donald trump driving a wedge between himself and the gop establishment. question. how can a split party win the general election? you both have a
11:51 am
11:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:54 am
stuart: election alert. politics. the gop seems -- that's an under statement. seems to be split. down the middle, in fact, thanks to donald trump. look who is here right on the set with me. watts, former oklahoma congressman and the author of the new book dig deep. i come out pretty strong saying this party is split, and i have a hard time seeing how a split party can win with any candidate in the general election. and you say? >> talk about dig, dig better than i can answer those questions. stuart: i'll get to the votes. >> i think you're right. i think there are challenges, and i don't think it's any secret that as split as we are right now that it's going to
11:55 am
be very challenging while senator clinton, secretary clinton is kind of, you know, stabilizing her base. she's going to be the nominee. i felt like that all along. we had no clue who it was going to be on the republican side with 672 candidates. so it's going to be pretty challenge at the end of the day to bring it all together. and then the front-runner today you've got probably 60, 65% of the vote that says he's not our choice. so at the end of the day, you know, you'll have some people burying the hatchet but the handle still hanging out. stuart: good point because if donald trump is not the eventual candidate for the republicans, what happens to all those donald trump voters? they're gung-ho for him. would they be gung-ho for rubio or cruz? >> that makes it an even messier story because if you go to a brokered convention, you're not going to have anybody that's going to come out of there happy. because if it's not donald trump, his supporters are going to be unhappy.
11:56 am
if it's not ted cruz, his supporters are going to be unhappy. so it's a very messy situation. so, you know, i might take that $2 bet that we're going to go down in flames. stuart: referring to a -- we have some students in the audience with us here today. and as i usually do, i said here's $2. if anybody can name president capital of various countries. and the young lady, student in new york came forward and said i've got the correct answer to the capital of new zealand. which is. do you remember? liz: willing ton. stuart: yes, it's willington. so that's the $2 that i lost. dig deep. what's the book about? >> well, it's about calling the best of us to throw ourselves into the midst of our circumstances to get the job done. you know, peyton manning just retired today. boy, he's had to dig deep on many occasions. david grain, oklahoma city started his business in hobby lobby with $600 today
11:57 am
multibillion dollar corporation. so it's really just kind of looking within and not saying stuart is the cause of all of my problems. at some point you've got to take a good look in the mirror and say what am i doing to contribute to this? . stuart: so you're a capitalist, aren't you? >> i am. stuart: firmly on that side of the aisle. you're a capitalist. to you, it's individual liberty and freedom. that's jc watts. >> well, -- and, stuart, not only is that me, i think those principles are woven into the fabric of the earth. i don't care if you're red, yellow, brown, black, or whit. stuart: still in america? still? >> well, there have been challenge. but it's because the bad principles on the government side pushing toward other things. those things are in the fabric of the country, and i don't care what your skin color. if you don't apply them, you don't get to the mountaintop. stuart: i will dig deep for you. thank you for being on the show, sir.
11:58 am
>> thanks for having me. stuart: more varney after this
11:59 am
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stuart: as we leave you, the dow industrial average has recovered nicely. well above 17,000. up another 50 points. why are is that? because the price of oil is above 37 bucks a barrel. my time's up. neil, it's yours. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. well, the candidates are busy. let's take a look at what's going on in concord, north carolina. as donald trump gets ready for a huge rally there, north carolina is one of those winner take all states. that's the second biggest hall that date. second only to florida. so it makes you think not only does donald trump want to run the table. but if there is any problem in florida, he can counter that with a respectable winner take all showing in north carolina. hard to say this much is not gearing up for what will be a busy day of primaries tomorrow, ahead of that -- take them all on the 15th. connell mcshane to the delegate math. hey, connell.


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