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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 9, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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thinking more like a unifier and saying that to himself to remind himself, i've got to unify and bring things together. he had to shake everything up to get the attention and now i think you'll see him point toward a general election. maria: great insights, mayor guiliani. mcdowell and thank "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: wednesday morning after the primaries, big surprise for the democrats and chaos among the republicans. good morning, everyone, bernie sanders won michigan. the polls got it wrong. his momentum looks like it's been restored. another surprise, bernie took 30% of the african-american vote and the turnout in this democrat promissory, was very strong. the republicans, donald trump won big in michigan, despite the attacks, he won by a double digit margin. the establishment guy, if i can call him that, marco rubio, he faded badly. and top democrat debby
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wasserman schultz trying to defend hillary, no-- said no democrat is threatened with indictment. that doesn't work. "varney & company" is about to beg begin. ♪ >> i must tell you it's very, very important, as a republican, that our senators and that our congressmen get reelected and we put a good group of people together, that we keep the people that are there. we have some terrific people. not all of them are on my side, but we have some terrific people and it's very, very important if we're going to be effective, it's very, very important. stuart: there you have it, donald trump won three more states last night. record turnout of the polls in michigan, in fact, the turnout broke a record which had been set back in 1972. full results. ashley: yes, 2.4 million people in michigan, broke, shattered
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at 1.9 million set back in 1972. whatever you want to say about donald trump in this primary race, he's bringing them out. let's get to it, trump wins michigan, talking which, let's begin there. let me see, updated results, 36.5 to 24.9. let's move on. where are we going next. mississippi, there we go. 47.3% for trump. cruz coming in at 36.3%. so, much tighter contest in mississippi. idaho, cruz wins idaho and out in hawaii 42% trump. and he takes three of four. stuart: in idaho, the republican turnout was over 2,000, which iold is the popion. evebodyvote uarttheelege unt. on the rubcansi, trump, 99 lead. this is changing, 458 to cruises 359.
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marco rubio and kasich. stuart: bernie sanders took michigan, and mississippi hillary. let's go to the delegate count. >> good night for bernie sanders, but when we look at the delegate count, you can see mrs. clinton way out ahead, 1221 to bernie sanders's 571 not quite three times as many, two and a half times as many delegates. stuart: the top of the show i said the republican party is in they've been holding secret meetings to bring him down, bring trump down, stop him at all costs, secret meetings with liberal billionaires, what's going on here? tammy bruce is here, i say the republicans have brought this on themselves and you say? >> well, yeah, over a series of years, and chaos, in fact, when i think the republican elite were abandoning and betraying the base that's when chaos was
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ensuing, and it was more quietly and this is the end result. it doesn't have to be chaos, real leadership can bring people together, and steady, mr. trump could do that, and perhaps mr. cruz and rubio can have discussions. the democratic end, look, you've got bernie sanders with momentum and you've got hillary who's going to have to move to the center, that's not where her party wants to be, that's where the chaos is, double digit lower enthusiasm. really, the democratic party i think is in much more of a problematic dynamic than the republicans. stuart: i say the biggest price last night was bernie sanders winning in michigan. ashley: yes. stuart: he wasn't supposed to according to the polls. ashley: amazing. stuart: he's got momentum now, that gives him the big move. >> the polls are wrong in part, the people that are coming out. and the reason that he's defied the polls is that people that are coming out for him that are not called or considered.
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in a-- just like for mr. trump, it's a big batch coming out. stuart: and the polls are out this morning, and they show donald trump ahead in two key states, first, florida. trump 40% support. hometown senator marco rubio second. cruz-kasich, 19 and 5. that's florida. trump way out front. that's a poll out today. in ohio, governor kasich's home state. trump in the lead with 41%, i'm sorry, that was florida. i'll go back, give me ohio. trump 41, kasich 35, cruz 19 and rubio way down there at 7%. a trump supporter is active in politics. >> i've been active for while and very active this morning. stuart: you're a happy guy this
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morning, aren't you? >> yeah, happy. stuart: donald trump happened to get 60% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination on the first ballot. that's a big row to hoe, a big mountain to climb, isn't it? >> it is, if it was proportional. once we get to the 15th, starting in florida, starting in ohio and then on, it's not proportional, it's winner take all, and we saw the two polls, those are big states. he'll get a lot of delegates just out of those two in florida and ohio and it's sad to see what's happened to marco rubio, a complete implosion of his campaign and his advisors talking to him getting you out before florida and should think about doing that. stuart: you're piling on. really, really nasty. >> no, i'm not. i'm calling it like it is and i'm being as objective as possible, but the race, i believe that donald trump is the best candidate for the g.o.p. i think he'll reach out to a lot of independents, a lot of democrats in ohio, michigan. stuart: you've got to convince a lot of people. hold on a second, a sound bite.
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donald trump speaking after his victory, i'm a unifier, come on, unite around me. >> i must tell you it's very, very important as a republican that our senators and that our congressmen get reelected and we put a good group of people together, that we keep the people that are there, we have some terrific people. not all of them are on my side, but we have some terrific people, and it's very, very important if we're going to be effective it's very, very important. stuart: he's looking very presidential there. now, you tell me honestly, do you think that cruz and rubio and kasich are all going to say, okay, donald, you're the winner. you've got it, we'll unite around you? >> those-- . [laughter] three may not and rubio is going to stay in, most likely, even though he shouldn't, he'll stay through florida. kasich has a better shot in ohio than rubio in florida. stuart: that's inside politics. i asked you are they going to
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stand behind donald trump. they said that would, as the nominee and they should. for the republican party, this is the best thing since ronald reagan, he's not shortening the spectrum, he's doing good for the party. and everybody talking about the liberal billionaires, a terrible idea. we need to listen to the voters, the voters in mississippi, in michigan, in new hampshire, and now in alabama, all over the country look at the map, it's a trump map. >> can i add something quickly? if trump wins florida and ohio, forget about delegate count. that's going to be a signal that he's the choice. in any other normal dynamic the system would rally around that individual. so, we can talk about delegate counts, but if he takes both of those states, that's the statement, both of those other men will be out. it's game over literally. stuart: the establishment has to back him. >> at that point. stuart: if he wins florida and ohio. >> the establishment, it's an amorphous thing. is chris christie the
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establishment? he's supporting trump. mitt romney, i supported in 12 i think is ma i can-- making a huge mistake, going against trump. the establishment needs to listen to those going to the polls, the party wants donald trump, and it's much more enthusiastic, we have the enthusiasm, let's capture it. stuart: i'm going to make the statement to all of our guests, if donald trump for any reason is not the republican nominee, i say the republicans lose, you agree? >> yes. stuart: you agree? >> not necessarily, the enthusiasm was high before he entered the race, depends how he handles it. if he's not the nominee, something bad occurred. ashley: they lose. stuart: and we're going to move on to our baseline, the stock market and finance. dow futures, that implies how the market is going to open, up 70, 80 points. please remember, today i should
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say really this week, is the 7th anniversary of the start of the bull market, yeah, seven years ago, the dow was at 6,000, seven years ago, 6,000. ashley: incredible. stuart: today, 17,000. did you miss it? did you miss the big rally? i can tell by your face, you did. >> too late now. stuart: how about the price of oil this morning, while we're on the subject of finance. 37.29. that could change. 10:30 eastern you get new numbers how much oil is in the supply chain, that could change, that market. look at chipotle. it has shut a restaurant outside boston after four employees got sick. >> oh, boy. stuart: talk about bad pr at the worst possible time. they're going to open down big. we don't show you charts often, but look at this, this is chipotle the last 12 months, that's an awful slide on that chart. i'm making a point about pr, just terrible today. ashley: they've had terrible pr. remember they shut their stores recently and had a big kind of
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come to jesus moment with all the employees and said this is what we're going to do, bang. this is the same restaurant, by the way, where customers were believed to have gotten sick from norovirus outside of boston, mas mass. four employees showing the same type of symptoms, they temporarily shut down the restaurant, but the pr is abysmal. stuart: that's tough. more on the bernie sanders surprise in michigan. we have a bernie supporter on the show. it's sad news for me and everybody else in the world, i believe. legendary music producer sir george martin has died. he was known as the fifth beatle. that trademark sound that you can hear right there. that was the beatles sound, that was the sound that he produced for the world's greatest rock band ever. that would be my personal opinion. ♪ >> and what you're hearing now "love me do" you'll hear more of this throughout the program. george martin, sir george
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>> what the american people are saying is they are tired of a corrupt campaign finance system and super pacs funded by wall street and the billionaire class. they are tired of a rigged economy in which people in michigan, people in illinois, people in ohio are working longer hours for lower wages, worrying to death about the future of their kids. stuart: all right, that was bernie sanders after his very big win last night. he was a surprise win, too, in michigan. i'm going to bring in anna, a nevada super delegate who is backing bernie sanders. welcome back, erin, great to see you again. >> great to see you, good morning. stuart: i'm sorry we had a terrible fight about tax rates
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the last time you were on. it seems to me you got great momentum after last night's win, but the deck is stacked against you. the delegate count, the super delegate count is really stacked against bernie sanders. can you show me a clear path to the nomination for your guy? >> yeah, i don't think it's stacked against bernie sanders at all. right now when we're talking about the pledged delegates, we're talking, i believe it's 218 between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we're about to go into some pretty big delegate rich states like florida and ohio. i think after we saw michigan, ohio looks really good. we saw from here in nevada that hispanic voters are starting to trend toward bernie sanders so i think that bodes well for him in florida, and i think that he'll do surprisingly well in illinois even though the polls are not showing that quite yet. stuart: the delegate count, the regular delegate count at the moment is 1,221 for hillary, and 571 for bernie sanders.
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i've got to say the deck really is stacked against. you've got to win really, really big in the take it all or nothing states later on. >> except for you're talking about the super delegates like myself that are not bound and i really, call me idealist and optimist, i think they're going with the popular vote at the end of the day. stuart: you got a good turnout in michigan and that's a surprise, too. almost everywhere else democrat turnout has been down sometimes by 30, 40%. republican turnout up. last night in michigan, democrat turnout up, and i guess you'd say that's because of bernie sanders? >> oh, absolutely. he really motivates people. he motivates young people, he motivates the middle class, people are excited about him and they like his vision. so, i think we're going to see more of these high turnouts now that he's coming across as a viable candidate. he just keeps going. people keep saying he's going to be gone and he keeps pe
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serviering. it's exciting. stuart: you realize he doesn't motivate me, you knew that anyway. >> okay, maybe we'll get you at some point. stuart: doubtful. highly unlikely, but, you know, one hopes. thank you for coming back, appreciate it. >> nice to be here. stuart: politics focuses on mississippi, donald trump and hillary clinton won big. jo ling kent is looking at exit polls. you're focusing on evangelicali republican vote. jo: it says that donald trump is eating away at ted cruz's lead that he's supposed to have evangelical voters. he got 47% of the vote. 41% went to ted cruz. remember, mississippi is an important state for trump because it reflects a lot of the issues that he stands for, 76% support the muslim ban. 60% want an outsider in the white house. 73% decided who they wanted to vote for before a few days ago.
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and 56% of those people, they went for donald trump. stuart: wait a minute, late deciders went to are donald trump? >> early deciders made up the large majority. 73% decided early and those people went with donald trump. so that means that early on, they saw some of his policies and position and said, yes, we want that, so trump is actually resonating more in the south among very conservative evangelicals than maybe we previously thought. stuart: ted cruz was supposed to take the south, not take the south, but perform very, very well in the south. jo: trump tightening his grip. stuart: debby wasserman schultz, very much a top democrat, she told megyn kelly not one person on the democrat side is facing the threat of indictment. she didn't back down either. watch this. >> let's not be melodramatic. we have-- >> how is that melodramatic? those are the facts.
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>> yes, it's gotten a little vulgar on the g.o.p. side, no one is facing the threat of indictment. >> there's no one facing the threat of indictment on our side either, megan. >> there's an open doj investigation into mrs. clinton right now. >> let's not be melodramatic.
9:24 am
how is that melodramatic? those are the facts. >> well, predicting that there's someone who is facing indictment is definitely-- >> there is no prediction. stuart: memo, don't ever tell megyn kelly don't be melodramatic, not going to work. >> and two words, magical thinking for downer debby. no other choice, they've got to move forward. there's a cliff. there's no road to turn on. it was embarrassing. we clearly know what the situation is and i thought megyn kelly handled that well. it's at fact of the matter. ashley: you have people granted immunity and the fbi on your trail, i think there's every right to be melodramatic, especially when that person wants to be the next president of the united states. stuart: i can understand that debby wasserman schultz couldn't say everything else. what on earth are you going to say in that position, you're in the democrat party, what are you going to say. >> the democrats have always
9:25 am
operated this way and they've gotten away with it. that's as true as videotape responsible for benghazi. they've had magical thinking for seven years and the media let them get away with it and now they don't know how to extricate themselves. stuart: coming up soon, the stock market is happening. about to see the opening bell, you can see it on the program. in the background, one, a socialist wins the michigan primary for the democrats. second, a lot more trouble out of china, small business not hiring, how about that? that's the back drop to a market which will open at around 17,000 on the 7th anniversary of start of the bull market when it was all the way back at 6,000. how about that? look at chipotle, please, it's going to go down. another huge pr problem. that stock will take a hit at the opening bell which you will see moments from now.
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>> this is the best thing to happen to us since ronald reagan. he is someone who is broadening, not shortening it or is shortening the spectrum but doing good for the party. the billionaires, it is a terrible idea. we need to listen to the voters.
9:30 am
stuart: he is pretty good club boris epstein is a trumped supporter and has been good this wednesday morning. you want to get stuff like that you need to watch a start at 9:00 a.m. every weekday. five seconds to go and we will start this trading session and probably go up 50 or 60 points. the dow industrials opening a little bit. i want to digress for a second. talk about bad pr at the worst possible time. the news from chipotle. they have shot arrest front outside boston after four employees got sick. we are on that story. let's bring in ashley webster. liz is always here. kevin kelly hanging out. overs there in chicago. i want to talk about cit coin. worst pr, worse time possible. ashley: the same restaurant that
9:31 am
recently had customers get sick again from north of virus. this time four employees feeling unwell, they shut the store down 20 miles outside boston. this comes after the entire chain of stores was shut down for a big company-wide meeting on how to prepare food properly and some of the procedures they take so this is awful p r. stuart: i feel bad for them in a way. a fine company but look what is happening. >> i don't feel bad for them, this is a systemic problem they have yet to reform. they haven't figured it out yet, they haven't found the root cause of what happened last time. this is a terrible situation systemically happening not only the consumer is that their employees. this is something they need to address and it is a high valuation, people are betting on a turnaround and they will figure out they can't figure out.
9:32 am
stuart: remember when we were down on mcdonald's? liz: investors not loving it, seven consecutive quarters of down sales. now hitting record highs, why the company went back to basics, stripped down their menu, less is better. that is what mcdonald's did. stuart: who would have thought we would see not the demise of chili but 2 point loss for the stock just as mcdonald's was turning around and going up to a record high. liz: mcdonald's did better than chipotle ten years ago. stuart: it is like politics. look at the big board. let me remind you march 9th, 2000, -- what was it? 2009. that was the low for the dow, 6,000 and change, 6,000 and change seven years ago. look at it now. we're 60 points, 17,024. so, kevin, you want to throw
9:33 am
cold water on this bull market? >> all good things must come to an end. if we take a look at gap earnings on the s&p 500 they are at $90 for the year, 22 times earnings, really expensive. you take companies and they fudge around with their numbers like what caterpillar did. if you take that number you see a real disconnect from the fundamentals. 8% decline, and the central bank, central bank, the bank of international settlement saying the overhang, central banks losing their efficacy, they can stimulate growth, they are rising risky assets. stuart: efficacy. come in belize. capt. said the bull markets in terms of profitability corporations ahead of itself oversvalued.
9:34 am
what say you? >> it has been overvalued. and it is going to be the economic data we will see later in the month. we have seen data over the past month or so, decent data if it continues, maybe this thing will continue. any negative news, stuart: do you have a joke? liz: this was a rodney dangerfield. stuart: i want to focus on a socialist winning michigan last night. bernie sanders won in michigan. he got a third of the black votes, taking the victory podium so to speak. isn't this troubling for investors?
9:35 am
>> complete the crumbling. it wasn't the the wealth of nations. this country was founded upon taking from the people. it is about the benefit of the people. socialists want to take from the pie, they don't want to grow the possibly give you think the government can do better with your money than you can then vote for a socialist. stuart: that is politics. i'm talking investors, investors don't care about this. >> we have three branches of government. investors are banking on the other two branches are going to new it anything bernie sanders wants to do. he is not an omnipotent being. anything he doesn't try to implement can be muted. stuart: global market is over but you are not a socialist. we got a lot of speculation ahead of the apple event which is roughly two weeks away from now. there is a lot of talk about a new screen for the iphone.
9:36 am
lori rothman, coming please. lori: mark your calendars, march 21st, apple will hold its next event and we expect a new version of the iphone with a better screen along with a new ipad version. and the apple watch. the characterization of iphone sales stable but soft according to specific press security. apple opened slightly lower, stock has been back and forth. looking for this new announcement, new products around the bend. stuart: made the. doesn't sound like that huge break for. i churning around midnights. ashley: looking for the next big product. we keep reinventing the same one. speculation on the big screen which is heading to with the samsung galaxy is with the video going over curved edges based on
9:37 am
patentss apple has filed, not to say the product is coming out, just shows the idea and technologies appellees played with but the your point about the stock, yes, we need something. more accessories -- stuart: apple stock has lost? momentum. said that earlier this morning, momentum. >> debt overseas and bring that back as opposed to its capital back from overseas. liz: we are talking seven sizes of phones. that is what ashley is talking about. ashley: they can't use the capital, hard to bring it back. that is the important thing. and buy back more stock. stuart: can we see united continental. i want to see the stock. it is up a tiny fraction.
9:38 am
former continental ceo, in my opinion the best airline executive since the second world war. he may -- you wants to come back as non-executive share. what is going on with this? >> centered around continental, a highly highly respected. significant stake holders say this is a company that is failing. and american airlines, at their ceo had a heart attack. last october he comes back and is faced with a fight over the board. and activist investors and capital management people, on the board to keep the company turned around. stuart: i would like to see running the whole shebang all over again. he made continental airlines the best airline in america from
9:39 am
worst to first. the guy is brilliant. the worst thing that ever happened to continental, the worst thing. >> should be making money hand over fist. so profits are not doing well. >> their record is terrible. stuart: i am the guy has to -- and small-businesses. and ahead of the election, do i take this as a serious side of the slow down. liz: this should be a wake-up call. and independent businesses, they are not investing, they are not hiring. when bureaucrats in washington use the tax code as google
9:40 am
essentials to torment small-businesses you got to sad have we lost the entrepreneurial spirit, turning into europe, the small little guy turning to the microphone and tomorrow. stuart: the last word to you, a slowing u.s. economy. >> talk about hiring and small business, how disappointed this is, too much uncertainty. no one is willing to commit to anything after 5 years, six years since the recession, we are not out of it yet. i would not be hiring myself either. we need someone to be dynamic out there and we are not seeing it in political candidates, donald trump is a big story right now. people don't have faith that he or the democratic side could bring this country out of its malaise, we start seeing something, business optimism is not going to go on.
9:41 am
stuart: a lot of people believe donald trump is the man who in do just that but that is another story. look at the big board, the trading session, we are not 6 feet points, 17,025. a top isis commander killed, isis referred to him as his minister of war. we got him and we are sending in b-52 bombers to get the rest of them. we are covering that one and donald trump wins big in michigan despite all the attacks. he is still calling for the party to rally around him. next, why and many republicans are still hoping for a brokered convention. the gop is hopelessly split. more varney in a moment. can a business have a mind?
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stuart: listen to this, breaking news from the pentagon. the report reveals the pentagon used drones to spy on u.s. territory for nonmilitary missions. usa today saying -- ashley: we don't know exactly, we know there iman military but it is unusual is this was reported by the pentagon inspector general. stuart: they are military drones run by the pentagon used for non-military observance. ashley: it happened less than 20 times between 2006 and 2014 saying they were always compliance with existing law but since technology has become so advanced the lot may be outdated. stuart: we don't know why they were looking at these things. we would like to know more.
9:46 am
could have been mapping the territory. here is donald trump talking about ted cruz last night. watch this. >> ted cruz is interesting because he is always saying i am the only one who can be donald trump. you have to vote for donald from pain you will vote for donald trump pain you will be miserable, you have to vote for me but he is the only one who can be donald trump. he never beats me. take a look. in never beat me. stuart: whenever we run a sound bite like that from donald trump our next guest winss. he usually comes on the show but this morning he is not. i want to go right at this. donald trump is in 13 states. if you go into a brokered convention in any way, shape or form and donald trump is not the
9:47 am
nominee for republicans i say republican candidate whoever it may be, loses big time. i you going to fight me on this? >> maybe. i don't know if i will. i think donald trump loses big time. the clip you showed, donald trump was lying. ted cruz has been donald trump a lot of times, a lot of these contestss. it simply wasn't true. stuart: in the forthcoming primaries you think he loses? >> i think we are on course for an open convention. brokered convention is the wrong term because there are no broker's anymore, no smoke-filled rooms. you are right that donald trump is denied the nomination, if he comes up short, everyone agrees he gets 1237 delegates that he needs he is the nominee. if he comes short of that, there will be a big fight. i personally think there should be a big fight. i understand your point is it
9:48 am
brings the party apart if they deny him the nomination even if he doesn't have enough delegates to earn it out right. also think you appreciate that if he gets the nomination he breaks the party because there are a lot of people who will not support a protectionist, statist, nativist. it will end in key years no matter what. it will end in tears no matter what. stuart: why don't you guys rally around trump, the clear front runner? why not get behind him? if you got behind him he would win? >> i fundamentally can't agree with the guy. he has positions and character that repulse me. stuart: i hate to interrupt you because you are a star guest and don't like to interrupt you, you know what i mean. my argument is trump takes these
9:49 am
positions but they are merely negotiating positions, they will change as the negotiations proceed. >> i understand lose your position is don't worry, the things he claims are his core convictions are all for sale. stuart: my position is you don't know what his eventual position will actually be. >> not a fantastic argument for a guy when you tell me the one thing i am supposed to rally around are just negotiating positions and everything else i can't stand from his fraud, his lies, his willingness to make schism bipartisan on protectionism, to go after the first amendment, to talk about single payer health care as a good and glorious thing, pad riding calling myself a republican. my only job is to say what i believe and i hear varied little of donald trump that i can
9:50 am
subscribe to or believe in. i will take ted cruz, i will take john kasich, i will take george pataki, those words i never thought would come out of my life. stuart: i don't believe a word of george pataki. i don't believe it. time is up. >> george pataki mate beat a breach too far. always comes back. stuart: nice way to end this interview. my son. i got a smile. thanks. we appreciate it, at see you soon. up next, our point man on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, judge andrew napolitano. the d n c says there is no threat of an indictment hanging over any one of their candidates. how about that? ted cruz and john kasich supporters join us in the next hour and i will ask, really talking a brokered convention, they really want that? why not rally around the clear
9:51 am
front runner? we will be back.
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stuart: the head of the democratic national committee deborah wasserman shultz appeared on fox news/night and claimed there is no democrat candidate under threat of indictment in she was being interviewed by megyn kelly. = megyn kelly stopped being melodramatic. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. judge napolitano: what is wrong with melodramatic? we do it every day. i don't think she was being melodramatic. she stated a fact, there is a criminal investigation of one of
9:56 am
the two major democratic candidates for president and the democratic party runs the risk of nominating someone who might be a defendant in an espionage prosecutions. hours you concerned about that? that is the question. stuart: i presume the fbi was watching the interview and when the head of the democratic party says we are not, not one, not about candidates, under threat of indictment, the fbi says wait a minute, you are. judge napolitano: i don't know if the fbi cares what debbie watson and schulz says but they certainly care what hillary clinton says, when hillary clinton lied to bret baier's face in the town hall with bernie sanders in debate over whether or not she send e-mails that contain state secrets the fbi was certainly concerned about that. stuart: she said she had not sent overseas any classified material marked as classified.
9:57 am
judge napolitano: a grossly misleading statement because nothing is marked classified. she also said these things became classified, became secret, top-secret or confidential after she sent them. they are secret, top-secret or confidential by essence of what they contained in them, state secrets. stuart: can you tell me it was definitely president obama who has the call on whether or not an fbi indictment goes forward? judge napolitano: of course he has the call. stuart: 15 seconds left. judge napolitano: to be continued. stuart: christians around the world clearly under attack for practicing their faith. 2015 called the first -- worst year for christian persecution on record, the second hour of "varney and company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> all right, we've got
10:00 am
breaking news coming at us. it's about isis. what have we got? >> u.s. special forces have captured the head of the atlantic states group unit that was trying to develop chemical weapons. this is a big success, his name is al afare, he used to be upped under saddam hussein and he is it's a success for the new tactic of using special forces on the ground. moving around, getting intelligence and trying to get the leaders of the individual units. stuart: they didn't drone this guy, they captured him. ashley: yes, they did. what are they going to do with. >> intelligence. stuart: guantanamo bay. what are they going to do with him? what questions can we ask and can we waterboard him, play loud music, deprive him of sleep? what are we going to do with this guy? we've got him, what are we going to do with them liz: chilling use of chemical weapons and radioactive
10:01 am
material stolen out of iraq. stuart: it's very chilling, if all we do is your name, rank and serial numbers liz: and read him the miranda rights. stuart: that's just breaking and like to have more on this one. to the election, please, listen to donald trump, wait for it, the diplomate. >> if we embrace what's happening and if everybody came together instead of spending all of this money on these ridiculous ads that frankly are wrong, if you -- and they're just false ads, it's, you know, it's terrible. if everybody came together, nobody could beat the republican party. stuart: that was this morning on fox and friends on the fox news channel. trump won three more states last night. now, what is his delegate count now on the republican side? >> on the republican side, right at 458 is what we have. for ted cruz 359 and robert yo
10:02 am
151 and kasich hanging on 54. stuart: he's way ahead. ashley: 99. stuart: look at the map, please, trump has won, i believe the count is 15 states and he's in a position to win at least two more, two more very big states because look at this late poll. this is, first of all, out of florida. key state, obviously, trump 40, rubio 24, that's florida. okay. and that's ohio, okay? 41 for trump and kasich at 35. bottom line here is as follows, he leads in florida and he leads in ohio. ted cruz's campaign spokesman is with us now. welcome to the program. >> good morning. stuart: sir, we now have trump as the clear front runner. front running in terms of delegates. front runner in terms of number of states won. he's way out in front. how are you going to catch him? >> well, a couple of things,
10:03 am
one is the race continues to consolidate, you know, a few days ago, we had a five person race now a four person race, son that's going to come down to a two person race between donald trump and ted cruz and we believe and we know that in that two-person contest, donald trump's not going to be the nominee, ted cruz is going to be the nominee because everybody knows donald trump, everybody has an opinion of donald trump, and at the end of the day, most republicans don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, they want an alternative and ted cruz is a proven conservative who will be a great nominee as a party and go on to win in november. stuart: let me come right at you. this is my opinion, an opinion, i've got it. if you take the nomination away from donald trump, no matter how you do it, the republicans will lose because donald trump will take the millions of people who voted for him, he'll walk and won't back ted cruz, marco rubio or anybody else. you get rid of trump and you lose. and you say? >> well, i think the republican nomination is not something to
10:04 am
be given or taken away other than by the voters. the voters decide who the nominee is and less than half the states have voted so far, my own state of california we vote last on june 7th and i think that every state's voters deserve to have their voice heard by electing the delegates to choose the nominee and the standard bearer of our party. donald trump is not someone who should be the standard bearer of the party, you look at his behavior and support of labor ral causes and candidates in new york city for 40 years and this is not someone who can prosecute the case against hillary clinton. as air continues to come out of the donald trump balloon and republican field continues to consolidate down to a two person race, this is going to be an interesting contest and we think that senator cruz is on track to become the republican nominee once we get down to the two person field. stuart: i would say that the air doesn't look like it's coming out of the trump balloon. but i want to play a clip from
10:05 am
a cruz fundraiser from last night. andrea mcwilliams, listen to what she said about donald trump's wife. >> if donald trump is elected, mrs. trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude, the first first lady that's the third wife, and the first foreign born first lady in the century. in contrast, heidi cruz will be our first pro-life first lady. she also is a-- >> and what difference does it make-- >> you know, your guy, ted cruz, has already got a reputation for sharp elbows, some would say dirty tricks. are you sure you want to go there about the candidate's wives? >> no, i think that the person who is the issue in the campaign is the candidate. and only the candidate. that's the person whose name is on the ballot and that's the person who is running for the office and so, whether it's donald trump or it's ted cruz or marco rubio or john kasich, it's their record, their
10:06 am
history in office, and who they are as an individual that's ultimately what should be determinative for the voters and everything else. stuart: did you put that out from that person who talked about trump's wife? was that any part of the cruz campaign? >> no, as a matter of fact, that's the first i've heard of it and i think it's inappropriate. stuart: okay, we take it. thank you very much for joining us, sir. important times, are they got? >> thank you. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's turn to governor kasich. he's counting on ohio. it's a must-win state for him, he's the governor. listen to this. >> you know, we're all familiar with march madness and now, the home court advantage is coming north, and next week we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be all over. stuart: former attorney general of the united states of america and a kasich supporter, alberto gonzalez is with us this morning. sir, it's unusual for us to be talking about john kasich as
10:07 am
opposed to your work as attorney general, but that's where we're going this morning. we're going with kasich. it is, i think you'll admit, a really, really long shot to see john kasich as the republican nominee. do you agree with that, do you? >> well, listen, this is outside of my lanes in terms of probabilities and what needs to happen and likely scenarios. what i look at is qualifications of the people still in the race and from moo i perspective, as someone who has actually been with the president as he deliberated who should appoint to the supreme court, with the president in the situation room and making a decision men and women into battle, i have an idea what kind of special person it takes to actually serve in that office. as i look at the landscape, without question, in my mind, you know, john kasich is the most qualified. that's what i focus on. people, i let other pundits and political experts evaluate whether or not there's a realistic shot. from my perspective, i think he represents the best hope for america going forward.
10:08 am
stuart: got it, all right. thank you very much, sir. next case, dnc chair debby wasserman schultz, she says there is no one facing the threat of indictment on the democrat side. want to make any comment on that? >> that's j us political stand and by the way, one thing that was said in the previous interview with judge napolitano, this is not be a fbi indictment. the fbi is in the business of doing investigation. they'll present the evidence to the department of justice, probably make a recommendation, as to whether there's enough evidence for indictment. but at the end of the day it's the department at the department of justice, the attorney general in particular, who then makes the decision whether or not to pursue an indictment. of course. the president of the united states and the executive branch could overrule and override the decision of the department of justice. but as a general matter, the attorneys in the department of justice whether indictment is appropriate and i think as
10:09 am
chairman of the dnc, there's a possibility, a threat, a possibility of something happening from the department of justice. stuart: to repeat, it's president obama's ultimate call? he's the one who says, yes or no? >> well, what i suspect is going to happen is that the attorney general will have the final call within the department of justice. there probably will be some kind of communication with the white house, informing the white house, this is the decision of the attorney general and then the president may or may not weigh in. i hope he doesn't weigh in. i think that puts the president in serious political danger and i think he should defer to the professionals at the department of justice. stuart: mr. attorney general, alberto gonzalez, i'm glad we eventually got back to your turf. >> that is my turf, much more comfortable talking about that, but i'm a big supporter of john kasich and very optimistic about his chances. stuart: thanks very much, sir, we appreciate you being with us today. >> you bet. stuart: take a look at the dow
10:10 am
jones industrial average on the upside. bottom line here, we're at 17,000. seven years ago today, we were at 6,000. we've gone up roughly 10,000 points since 2009. ashley: ow. stuart: that, ladies and gentlemen, is a rally. hope you didn't miss it, ladies ap gentlemen. look at the latest read. by the way in about 20 minutes the latest read on how much oil we've got in supply in america. and 10:30, the oil storage numbers, that could change the market. at the moment, oil is holding fairly steady around $37 a barrel. look at chipotle. ooh, it has closed a restaurant outside boston after four employees got sick. we keep saying this, it's the worst pr possible at the worst possible time. chipotle stock down 3 1/2%, just at $500 a share. back to the bull market anniversary, do you have any comment whatsoever, liz? >> it's striking, consumer
10:11 am
discretionary and they really led, i'm sorry, get the buzzer, cue the buzzer, [buzzer] . ashley: discretionary liz: thank you for that. things you don't have to spend money on. thank you. this is a bull run that gets no respect, it's the rodney dangerfield of bull runs, so we're seeing across the board, the dow, the nasdaq, really firing on all cylinders since that low. of course, a lot of government padding and help, but we'll take it. stuart: you know who i feel sorry for? >> who. stuart: people who seven years ago saw it plunging and plunging and never got back, went to crash. i know those people liz: i do, too. stuart: donald trump has split the g.o.p., it's the g.o.p.'s own doing in the view of some. one of trump's biggest critics will join us next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
10:12 am
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomple let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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10:15 am
>> the real donald trump, mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero, capitalized, and quit. why are they now spokesmen against me? sad. got zero, got zero shall the only people i know who got zero
10:16 am
are the ones who paid 25 grand to be at trump university. those are the ones-- >> right there, mitt romney reading mean tweets about himself on jimmy kimmel last night. i thought it was funny stuff. ashley: a bit flat, it doesn't endear anybody. stuart: wait a minute, you call that worked liz: it worked, oh, my goodness, we have buyer's remorse and should have voted for mitt romney. and he turned out to be right about mideast foreign policy issues and i thought it was funny, he's rebranding himself. stuart: you're bucking to be the contrarian on "varney & company" liz: i'll take it. i think it's funny. stuart: let's be honest, shall we, our next guest is no fan of donald trump. we know it, he knows it, donald trump really knows it. his latest article is entitled "why i can't support donald trump", welcome steve hayes from the weekly standard. how are you doing. >> i'm surviving.
10:17 am
stuart: why i will never support donald trump, that's you, isn't it? >> i'm not going to support donald trump this year. not going to happen. stuart: if for any reason donald trump is denied the nomination, he's not the guy, the republicans whom so ever they nominate will lose, he'll take his marbles and the establishment guys. >>-- >> you look hike you're looking to defeat the will of the people. >> depending how it's done. donald trump hasn't won yet, if he's 1237, he's the nominee, he hasn't won the nomination yet. he hasn't won the nomination yet, he's not the nominee. if he goes to the convention with the most delegates, i think he's got a good argument. if he goes to the convention with the same number of
10:18 am
delegates roughly as ted cruz, then you'll have a fight. stuart: stop it, you guys, you will stop it. >> they are definitely not my guys. stuart: mitt romney, we had him on the screen, he's not your guy. >> no, he's not my guy. ask mitt romney how he felt about me in 2012. if the party high hierchy if they swung in, but he hasn't won the nomination, if there's a contested convention, i would expect the other candidates and 65% of the republican primary voters who are not supporting donald trump, will fight as hard as they can possibly fight. stuart: okay. if it's donald trump against hillary, if it's donald trump against bernie, would you still not vote at all? 'cause that's like-- that's like giving the--
10:19 am
that's not giving the presidency to a socialist? >> it's not. i mean, i'll flip your logic. by saying i refuse to vote for hillary clinton, which i do, then it's a defacto vote for donald trump, so you should be happy. [laughter] >> you're logical, you've got me op that. fairly logical. just flip the coin for a second, explain to me how it is in the year 2016 we have two basically socialists at the head of a ticket for the democrats. that i cannot explain. >> it's an amazing developments and the fact that bernie sanders won in michigan is stunning. barack obama back in 2007, 2008, 2009 the, people like me and others who were saying, look, this guy is basically a socialist, we were sort of not only laughed at and mocked, they said that's in politics, you can't say something like that about the president of the united states. turns out he basically was a western european style
10:20 am
socialist and what you're seeing now is democrat, the democratic primary electorate wanting seg that's a purer version of barack obama in the case of bernie sanders. stuart: what do you think it's like for a guy like me who comes to america for living under the constitution and what is happening to me here? you're right, steve, some of the time. >> some of the time, i'll take that. stuart: breaking news of hillary clinton, what's this? >> yeah, the republican national committee suing to obtain hillary's state department records from early 2013 to late last year, also, the e-mails of hillary's associates, in part the statement reading, clinton's actions while secretary of state are manifestly relevant to whether she is fit to lead this country liz: we haven't seen that before. a lawsuit like that at that level? >> here is where stuart varney talks football. can't wait. nfl free agency starts today. 32 teams bidding for top
10:21 am
talent, millions, tens of millions of dollars at stake and the future of some teams, by the way. i know this. some sad news, terrible news. legendary music producer sir george martin, sometimes known as the fifth beatle, he produced some of the beatle's biggest, greatest hits and he really created their signature sound. what a guy. george martin, sir george martin died, 90 years old. ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds ♪ ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds ♪ ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ you both have a
10:22 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
10:24 am
>>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> well, we thought we'd bring you something different.
10:25 am
that would be the nfl free agency which begins at 4:00 eastern today. it's expected to be a feeding frenzy. fox sports 1 insider pete schrager is with us. lets me get this right. a whole bunch of guys get free agency and the bidding starts at 4:00 this afternoon, i think i've got that right. so you tell me, schrager, who is the top talent? >> here is the deal, it started over the last couple of hours, teams have already begun talking with agencies. it can't be official until 4 p.m. eastern, but essentially, their contracts are over and they're free to sign with any employers and there's supposed to be a billion dollars worth of contracts signed in the next 12 hours. stuart: who is the top talent, the most expensive desirable talent? >> the guy to watch a 0swiler, he was on the bench behind him for the broncos. his contract is up and the
10:26 am
promising young quarterback on the market. you can't pay enough for a quarterback. multiple times want to sign brock osweilor, 15 to 20 million a year set to make. stuart: we have he got to leave it. a lot of money. it starts formally at 4:00. thank you very much, sir. in just a moment we are going to get the latest number on how much oil we've got in storage. the price for oil right now, 37.26 is likely to change, because this is a supply-demand number. we're going to find out how much supply there is. and that will affect the price. if it affects the price of oil, it will probably affect the stock market as well. we're going to bring you the storage oil number when it breaks.
10:27 am
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10:32 am
and they will not change until the second half of this year were supply comes off line significantly in the united states and that is what is going to the number. until then, we will have $40 on oil. hopefully summer driving season will be robust for the price of gasoline so cheap and drivers will jump on the roads versus fly employ gasoline inventory down with cruz struck to make more gasoline. stuart: and jumping on the cheap gas, believe me. >> be careful what you wish for,
10:33 am
stuart. stuart: checked the big board. oil up a buck and now the dow up 43 points. i guess that is a partial webster ratio. 17,008. seven years ago we were at six. look at garden. all of garden and longhorn steakhouse up 3%. that is the best performer in the s&p 500. how about that. donald trump not at all concerned about his evangelical support. watch this. >> i'll tell you with the evangelicals, they get it. they get me. they understand me. i'll be the best thing that ever happened to them. i may not 100%. stuart: okay, right now in miami, carly c. arena is speaking not a ted cruz rally. i was superb on trent assume she is in florida.
10:34 am
the poll this morning shows that donald trump was in the lead in florida. key state. joining us now, the reverend franklin graham. i was surprised when i saw you walking in the studio. we are very glad to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. stuart: how do you explain donald trump once such a large proportion of the evangelical vote in michigan. >> it's a frustration at donald trump has tapped into this frustration across the country. i am frustrated. i love the republican party last year. i am independent. i am just fed up with the politicians. i have no hope in the republican party and i don't have any hope in the democratic party. the only hope for this country is god and i'm going to go to all 50 states and speak on the capitol steps. this coming week i'll be in
10:35 am
denver, santa fe, phoenix and i'm going to all 50 states having prayer meetings, asking people to join me. we just pray for this nation because the only hope is god. and the politicians have missed this country a big time. tree into a think of an evangelical is someone who preaches the word of god, go forth and attempts to multiply. i would've thought the evangelical would go for ted cruz. he is an evangelical. he is that that train of thought. i still don't understand how christians who believe in the word of god are going to go out there and proselytize. how could they go for trump? >> i am not supporting any candidate's bid i am staying out of the race. no question i think donald trump has tapped into this frustration and he's an outsider. he's not part of washington. evangelicals are wanting a strong leader. they want someone who holds onto
10:36 am
difficult values. they're looking for someone who has values, but when it comes to politics, it is hard to find us. i think people are looking for strong leadership that may see that possibly with donald trump. stuart: are you surprised at this? >> i think everybody is surprised. no question i am surprised. the reason i am not shocked this because i travel across the country and i see and hear the frustration of people frustrated with washington. it just takes the budget appeared bright before christmas when the republicans did not push back, didn't fight the spending. and bad days -- you know, we elect politicians to go and represent a step of faith. when they don't, people just get fed up. stuart: 40 years ago in hong kong i saw your father had a crusade. how is he now? >> is 97. pretty good. his mind is fairly clear.
10:37 am
he is just old. he is still with us. stuart: god bless them. franklin graham, thank you very much for dropping in. it is a delight that you are here. thank you, sir. i am staying with politics. jo ling kent has been looking at the polls in particular. how did hillary do with black voters first on michigan? >> michigan insurance 65% of the african-american vote. if you compare that, you see the numbers on your screen compare that to mississippi last night. you know, she had a 30% to bernie sanders said she has a much larger, stronger based on african-americans. 89% in mississippi. stuart: bottom line in michigan she did not than 30% of the black vote. i went to bernie sanders. >> the 30% jump to a is the normally area. they lost among white men to
10:38 am
bernie sanders issue is weak in the working class. that elected democrats making $100,000 or less, sanders 151% of that block. some of the more traditional areas of support for secretary clinton were eroding last night in michigan. that's why he's not a big surprise there. stuart: it was a big surprise to >> it is interesting she is blowing 20-point lead in michigan, iowa and nevada. something is going on here. stuart: guess it is. it is called bernie sanders. i want to pick one particular stock moving and that would be chipotle. the restaurant chain was forced to shut just one store. but it is the same store before when some of its workers got sick good for employers think in a store north of boston did the stock is down 5% right of $500 a share. market watcher keith fitzgerald is with us now. talk about bad pr at the worst possible time. could be worse with chipotle,
10:39 am
could it. >> no, i saw that across the headlines last night i thought here we go again. that is a bad reaction for an investor because they've been there before. at least this time they're getting out of ahead of it. we are voluntarily closing it. where's the customers? i don't think they'll be there. stuart: down 26 bucks. just drop below as we speak. i want you to compare what is happening to chipotle with what is happening at mcdonald's because it's like a tale of two totally -- to restaurant chains. mcdonald said nearly 120. >> if you look at the social mean, you think chipotle should be the winner and mcdonald's the loser. in fact the exact opposite is happening. two numbers i want to bring to your attention that people don't know about. 70% of mcdonald's customers go there more than once a month. 40% of chipotle customers go there more than once a month. you've got something on the
10:40 am
order of 70% of 18 to 35 euros going to mcdonald's at least once a month. 40% of millennial scottish chipotle once a month. i think that is the number you wouldn't expect as an analyst. but that is when mcdonald's is doing what it's doing. it's popular among young people who want to eat there. stuart: absolutely fascinating. >> and it's not just for the coffee. how much are you paying? keep it on the mark. thank you for joining us. we appreciate that. >> about you. christians persecuted, murder for practicing their faith. 2015, the worst year for christian oppression on record here and we will deal with that.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> good morning from the new york stock exchange. rebounded nicely on the dow up 72 points. that is a session high. it marks the 10 points and nasdaq climbing 20-point spread by the way, today marks seven years since the start of this bull run. it is the third strongest bull run in history and not in the top 159%. s&p up 192%. interesting energy of the last seven days but today the energy sector is leading s&p. they've been talking about the
10:43 am
price of oil. oil hit a session high of almost 4% today. exxonmobil and chevron late in the dow with gains today. you can't talk about the leading exporters talking about and output trees and bullish inventory data. more "varney & company" after this. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have
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to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
10:45 am
stuart: kaddish h. above lake and down 5%. big draw. one restaurant outside austin has been closed after four employees got sick. very bad pr. down 20 bucks. doctors issuing a warning about alzheimer's. this is interesting. >> is a link between alzheimer's and cold sores. scientists at oxford, cambridge, manchester university, they are saying essentially and, basically if you get that back. in a system that could lead to alzheimer's or dementia. they are wondered what creates the sticky plaque buildup or the wrong folded proteins in the brain. they could be caused by a reaction to bacteria like. herpes and chlamydia.
10:46 am
stuart: now this, after years of addiction from the ancestral homelands, there's a new report that says 2015 was the worst year on record for christian persecution. fox news radio tod stiles is here. this seems to me like the persecution of christians is escalating. >> very disturbing report, absolutely. 7000 christians were killed, slaughtered because of their faith and 2015. nearly doubled the number from the previous year. we are talking about the shooting, stabbing, beheadings. it is not just murders in the the slaughter of these christians. many folks are driven out of their ancestral homelands. they are on the run and the culprits, and the folks behind this overwhelmingly islamic radicals. stuart: what about the use of the word genocide? secretary kerry will not use that word. he is not used it yet.
10:47 am
there's heavy pressure to say it is genocide because that would trigger all kinds of action on our part of the united nations i think. by this reluctance to use the word? >> the big elephant in the room is people doing the killing. the islamic radicals. this administration is hesitant when it comes to identifying muslims who are doing the killing. that is one of the reasons -- i think that is the exact -- but, stuart, no other way around it. how many of the reports on terrorism where they've been white watching the terrorists. he was responsible for terrorism? they terrorism? they been taken as things of official government documents. they don't want to stereotype or marginalized. stuart: beta one and mention religion. they won't say islam. they all say christiachristia ns. they don't go there. >> the facts are clear. they're slaughtering christians in the middle east. the concern is they will start
10:48 am
slaughtering christians in this country if we don't do something about it. stuart: i don't think we've done anything. nothing at all. i have to ask you. you're an evangelical? >> yes, i'm an evangelical christian. stuart: can you see yourself supporting donald trump? >> choose the loo. a few extra dollars on the offering plate. stuart: rehear year. >> my preacher is going to call me. casual blasphemy. i like that. ted cruz is holding a rally in miami. listen to this. >> not only was donald nowhere to be found in the fight against amnesty, or by sending the gang of eight. out of eight members of the gang of eight, donald gave over
10:49 am
$50,000. now you don't get to spend 40 years of funding open border democrat and then suddenly wake up one day and decide you are securing the border. and you know, here in south florida, you all look familiar with mayor lovegrove, the very gone on television explaining why that resort brings in and hire americans. in o'donnell's explanation was? after two debates ago he went on cnn and they asked him, wiry grey and foreign workers instead of hiring americans? he said he can find many americans who are qualified.
10:50 am
stuart: ted cruz speaking at a rally for himself in miami. important point here is that carly fiorina was speaking for ted cruz right before ted cruz appeared. therefore, carly fiorina is now backing ted cruz. very interesting. more "varney" in a moment. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
10:51 am
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stuart: >> and peter barnes at the campus of miami dade college in miami, florida or the battle is fully engaged. ted cruz holding a rally here at this hour. ted cruz and donald trump now double teaming florida senator marco rubio who finished way behind them in the michigan primary in mississippi primary and other contests yesterday. both trump and cruz calling now for rubio to drop out of the presidential race. rubio saying he is staying and then whoever wins florida next tuesday will be the party's nominee. back to the studio. stuart: bernie sanders won in michigan. that was a shock to democrats or the polls forecast a big trip by hillary. here's another surprise. berger took a third of the african-american vote. hillary was supposed to win it all. on the other side of the donald
10:55 am
trump on by a double-digit margin. the polls forecast a much narrower victory. here's another surprise. the best he could do last night was to comment there. less than eight months to the general and both parties are split. look what's happening among republicans. the establishment gets together with liberal billionaires for secretive closed-door meetings. they are desperate to stop trump. imagine this. global warmer tint coat your green energy tax credit by elon musk. a republican party to with republican leaders like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. the democrat are far less socialist. keeps winning. he's bringing out the crowds. enthusiastic, large crowds. his opponent, hillary clinton has an enthusiasm gap. she has a trust gap and she's being investigated by the fbi. that is a very worried party. it is the outsiders who are
10:56 am
stirring things up and that is because countless voters think of themselves as outsiders. people are being left out. trump and sanders are giving voice to those people. foolishly, i am going to make a couple of predictions. that's a dangerous game. every crystal ball has been broken. here goes anyway. if donald trump is not the republican candidate for any reason, republicans lose. i say this because i can't feel those millions of trump voters turning to a cruz, rubio or kasich. if bernie sanders is the democrat candidate, and all the free stuff in the world will not buy socialist the white house now or hopefully other. and if hillary is indicted on a criminal charge, she will not be the democratic candidate. as the newly minted american citizen, i shall be casting my first vote ever in november. as of now, i haven't a clue to the candidates will be.
10:57 am
that is how divided and chaotic both parties are.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
11:01 am
that is the only way that we beat donald trump. stuart: clearly, carly fiorina outdid ted cruz. leslie, to you first. could i interpret that as she wants to be his vice president? >> absolutely. just not that. i have a woman. another woman. she will be vice president. also, donald trump. >> obviously, the majority of people are voting for donald trump. he is part of the establishment.
11:02 am
joining the non-trump bandwagon. anybody but trump. she is on it. you are a democrat. of course you would appreciate that. >> i want to remind everybody. getting back to 2009. 6000. we are now at 16,000. the price of oil is up. how about chipolte. way below $500 a share. give it the news.
11:03 am
believed to be outbreak of neural fibers that shut down this one schiphol they store. the same one where customers did get sick several months back. the local health department there is investigating. dismal pr. >> all right. we've got it. i want to get back to breaking news that we had earlier. special forces have captured, not killed, captured the head of a isis chemical weapons unit. knowing a thing or two about security. we got the guide. what are we going to do with them? are we going to put them under some duress? what the president said about guantánamo bay and how it has to
11:04 am
be shot down. yes. we have an administration that is against enhanced interrogation tech meeks. we have a president that wants to get rid of the facility that was custom-built for these kinds of individuals. have not committed crimes on u.s. oil. they have a man's intelligence value. really, i think that they have paid themselves in a corner. what are we going to do now is a catch 22. >> a have that guy. sitting somewhere. what are we allowed to do to him. what can we say to him? >> you are allowed to use those. by the uniform justice. only those techniques after the
11:05 am
cia's enhanced techniques are banned. we flipped back to the original methods of interrogation. you cannot use something like waterboarding. we go back to that which we did prior to 9/11. >> kind of speculative. a lot of talk in the uk and britain. this has appeared as speculation. what do you know about this? >> it is gone beyond speculation. the man who is in charge of counterterrorism has gone on record here and they have now gone to the severe level of threat alert. they have some form of intelligence. the fact that some very large attack could be a minute. 129 killed.
11:06 am
look at san bernardino. the biggest attack since 9/11. >> an attack in the uk. uk is where it may have been. >> used the term against western type of living. it could be attacking the sports event that we saw in paris. they are going after our culture. after our civilization. >> yes, they are. >> james clapper said isis would like to use chemical weapons here in the united states as well. let's get to the picture of maria sharapova. breaking news on her and the situation. ashley: failed drug test at the australian open. >> five warnings sent out to
11:07 am
all. going to be banned. free from the international tennis federation. also, the russian athletic federation also sent out. you can no longer take it did it will be banned as of january. so when out as early as september of last year. a little more hard to believe. weighing in. roll that tape. >> no one is facing the threat of indictment. >> there is one facing indictment on our end either. >> let's not be melodramatic.
11:08 am
>> predicting that there is someone that is facing indictment. stuart: do not be melodramatic to making kelly. leslie marshall. i think she was in a corner. i think she is spinning. i think that there is the threat of indictment hanging over hillary clinton. >> i do not agree with that. she really should have said that there is an investigation. all questions will be answered did i do not believe that an indictment will be put forward. that is not criminal negligence. >> that is normal, though.
11:09 am
you have to have an investigation in order to subpoena people. >> nobody is under the threat of indictment. >> no, no. do not be valid genetic. both parties. >> back of put our guys at risk. >> bernie sanders. pulling off quite an upset. he won. a narrow victory over hillary clinton. what do you make of this? >> we cannot necessarily meet the polls. did they and are they getting it wrong in the states going forward. bernie can breathe a sigh of relief.
11:10 am
he may do very well in california and stayed like that. hillary clinton still has more of half of the delegates needed to be the nominee. what this showed me, he did well in dearborn. in flint. african-americans. he did much better. going forward, we will see a lot of bernie supporters coming out and saying this is our candidate. i think that they will fight to the bitter end. >> i agree with that. >> then there is donald trump. he took three states last night. now we are looking ahead to florida and ohio. i have pulls out this morning. they showed donald trump. a cnn poll. this is florida. trump 40, rubio 44. we have case that gap dirty
11:11 am
five. in both cases. trump leaves the home guide. i mean, what do you say? >> i think the game is over for everybody, but donald trump. my fellow liberal democrats blasted me. i live in a state where arnold sorts of nader was my governor. i say it before and i say it again. obviously, very appealing to voters. they will come out and support him and vote for him. >> you are on the left. i am not. if donald trump is not the republican nominee for whatever reason, the republican who is the nominee will not win.
11:12 am
especially if it is donald trump. go, donald go. what paul can i believe? >> you could regret that. >> donald trump will not be our president. >> i am a fellow american now. >> republicans differ. >> next case. winning three more states. that was last night. may be able to wrap it up i this time next week. question, when will the establishment get behind him? a trump supporter is next. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> 45 minutes ago, we got the news on the big drawdown.
11:16 am
that is sending energy stocks generally higher. what you are seeing on your screen now are a bunch of energy stocks. we got this just coming in. the house planning to take up the mideast genocide bill. what is this all about? >> killings. another religious sect or in the region. by putting the genocide label on it, it ratchets up. it also ratchets up the international pressure on something to be done. a very loosely worded treaty. to get the genocide label on a particular action taken by others does require other nations to come together.
11:17 am
>> this bill goes through the house. they passed it. it goes to president obama's desk. thus far, president obama has not been afraid to use that word. the sales would inflame religious tension. it is a longshot. and international tribunal. stuart: if the president, if it gets to the president's desk and he does not sign it, it will be and 10.
11:18 am
donald trump. we need three more primaries. his odds are good until next week. trump gets 40% support. home state senator rubio down at 24. move on to ohio. this is john kasich home state. trump 31. donald trump is leading in the two most important states. chairman of arizona's campaign for trump is back with us again. i do not blame you for smiling like this. >> it is a great day to be with the trump campaign. absolutely. we are very, very happy right now. do you think, after next tuesday, trump has florida and
11:19 am
ohio. would you expect those establishment people coming over and saying trump is a guy. trump is the winner. >> yes, we do. it will be a real big day. taking both ohio and florida. marco rubio telling his own supporters. whoever wins florida will be the nominee. that will be the end of the line for the campaigns. kasich and marco rubio. i can tell you, if you cannot win your home state, the people that elected you to go work for them, do not have the confidence. that should be the end of the line for their campaigns. eventually, the other people will come around. >> old on a second. last night's victory speech, he
11:20 am
sounded conciliatory. rubio, you have to get out of the race. you have to come around me. i am going to win. that tone did not last very long. for a moment there, he was saying, come on. join me. do you think that that counts for anything? >> he is a uniter. he is a great guy. he is a uniter. he brings people together. again, they are still running against him. get out. let's unite the party. we are expanding the party to unheard-of levels. setting all-time records of the people that are getting off the couch and coming out to vote for donald trump. expanding the republican party.
11:21 am
he is the person that will absolutely be the democrats come this fall. at the same time, while they are still in the race, we have to run against them. >> ted cruz. would you support had cruz? >> i am a lifelong republican. i want to see a republican in the white house. they will move our country forward. i have been on with donald trump since before he even got in the race. we need you in here. i have been on from day one. i believe very strongly that he is the person to get us there. this is not a normal candidacy. he is the leader of the movement. >> okay. i think that you are right. up next.
11:22 am
we discussed the life of the fifth beatle. that would be sir george martin. [laughter] ♪
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. speed to the parent company of olive garden. that is why the stock early today hit a brand new all-time high of 68. sad news today for anyone. sir george martin, he was the beatles producer. passed away at the age of 90. come on in, james roden. i have to tell you, right there, the world's greatest beatles fan. welcome to the program.
11:27 am
>> i hope to live up to that introduction. this is a sad day. people who are fans of popular music and popular culture. it was so profound. it extended beyond the beatles. >> the beatles burst on the scene. a very distinctive sound. >> i would put it slightly differently. they finally cemented that found. what they lacked was any experience in the recording studio. that is where george martin came in. he was the record producer. the only record producer in britain. when he did that, he understood how music got recorded. he understood how to get the beatles sound that they had
11:28 am
perfect it in the clubs onto a disk. it went beyond that. a really instrumental figure. there was no one outside who plays an instrument on this mini beatle records as george martin. >> destined to become their first number one hit. beginning with a slow ballad. it was george martin who said speeded up to twice the momentum, boys, and they did. it was george martin's idea that the song should begin with the chorus like it did. he was a musical genius in his own right. >> you are far too young. you do not remember the early days. people like me do. it is a pleasure having you on the show. it really is. >> thank you, stuart.
11:29 am
stuart: next, we have to look forward. home territory. he has to win there. look at a lineup on the fox news channel. >> for a special audience event. >> we know the challenges that we have. i will do what is right with you. >> getting voters answers from every gop candidate. >> we are in this together. megan sits down with ted cruz. at 10, donald trump sounds off on hannity. at 11, marco rubio with megan. tonight, only on fox news channel. ♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear.
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>> we have a breaking development on the elections. charlie gasparino is here with new elections. >> listen, this could change. and is early. some better pulling. talking about the quinnipiac. his internal polling.
11:34 am
he will likely suspend before florida. listen, what i did is what every reporter does. internally, talking about the victory. this is what his guys are saying. they do not see a path to victory. better to get out sooner rather than later. they see some polls later in the week. him meaning donald trump. as of right now, if this thing does not change, we should be checking this daily. daily. the story of him dropping out. >> often, it is. they look at him and they say, okay, marco. what kind of damage will you do to the party right now. what type of damage will you do
11:35 am
to your reputation long-term. this is not coming from the campaign. this is coming from the guys that give the campaign its life. keep on the story. if the polls do not change, if they change a little bit, maybe he stays in florida. he gets out right after. coming to an end for marco rubio. >> interesting. >> we talked about how trump is ahead in florida and ohio. north carolina. this state also votes next tuesday. blake bergman, who is strongly showing in north carolina now? >> that is one of the great unknowns. the last one does show nine and on the democratic side, hillary
11:36 am
clinton of 10. really going forward here and looking at the polling. this may be a wait and see. the first is 72. what is unique about it, it is being awarded to apportion it leave. in theory, you could finish second, third and fourth. that is how many they have are ready been casted here. >> stuart. >> make you very much indeed. a surprise upset. bernie sanders one michigan. hillary clinton still leads with delegates things to the female vote. >> i am not mia.
11:37 am
bernie sanders established momentum and hillary lost it. you are a hillary supporter? >> no, i am not a hillary supporter. i am a cruz supporter. stuart: that is my mistake. that is my mistake. >> that is okay. i have a comment, though. a great night. women will vote for values. ted cruz's values resonate with women, i think. secondly, just honest. after all, isn't the new risen,
11:38 am
orange is the new blue. posing well with men, but not so much with women. >> the last time i checked, i am a lady. [laughter] >> i just got your politics wrong. that is all. we have carly fiorina who has jumped on board did i think that she will help build momentum. they'll respected among women and very well liked. stuart: could you shift your support to donald trump? the establishment got out of rehab finally and recognizing i don't know what took them so long.
11:39 am
their knight in shining armor. >> if trump wins florida and ohio next week, it is over. >> i will be getting a trump bumper sticker. >> that is what you may have to do. >> anybody but hillary. >> you will not live that down. stuart: no, i will not live it down. brian calley is here. he is a kasich supporter. served, welcome to the program. good to have you with us. i do not see a clear path to victory for your guy. he does not have the delegates. everything depends on all ohio. at the moment, trump leads.
11:40 am
this type of election. changing dramatically. over the course of just a matter of days. coming up in delegates. tied with ted cruz. a different part of the conversation now. very successful and very popular in his home state of ohio. a whole new race starting out this morning. i am confident having a big win in a state like ohio. trump has 446. cruz has 347. rubio has 151. you cannot win on delegates.
11:41 am
there is no way that you can do it. >> it is actually possible that nobody will make it to the delegate threshold. before or after the convention. the democrats. >> let me throw this out to you. if donald trump is not the republican nominee, somehow or another, he is not that guy. i say the republicans lose. you cannot win. and you say? >> i think that that is absolutely false. we have outstanding candidates remaining in this race.
11:42 am
i happen to like john kasich the best. i think all the candidates running on the republican side, i'd only would make that her presidents then hillary clinton, but also they can win. >> i share your thinking about john kasich. he is a very popular guy. >> thank you very much. great to be on the show. she sues her college and she is getting her day in court. ♪ i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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♪ >> good morning. live from the new york stock exchange. a rally underway. one hundred points on the dow. the nasdaq up 14 points. crude oil prices. geopolitics. today's trading. shares of chipolte. new reports of norovirus. one restaurant has even closed after e. coli came into sharp criticism here just a couple months ago.
11:45 am
the markets highly anticipating the march 31 release. much more varney and company after this. ♪ you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at this one is for the judge and the judge only. suing her law school because she
11:47 am
cannot find a job as a lawyer and she is over $100,000 in debt. >> two days ago, the law schools in motion to dismiss the case was reject it by the court. the court decided that there was a case here. the case is, she has this evidence that the law school lied about the track record from raju it's getting jobs. she relied to her detriment on those lies. that is called fraud. made to induce someone to a sense of reliance. stuart: a lot of other people could say exactly the same thing. >> i went to law school and cannot get a job. that is a frivolous litigation. costing her to go there instead of somewhere else.
11:48 am
we do not know exactly what for with these drones. >> our kind of guy reporting that the pentagon has done this in response to requests by local law enforcement. drones have been used to shed light figure alliterative lee and literally. if that is the case, it does violate federal law which prohibits the use of the military in enforcing federal law. the military would lend equal it meant to local law enforcement. we need to know more facts. i doubt that these were loaned. operated by the military. violate it at least two federal
11:49 am
laws. >> a big old federal case out of it. >> it is telling the truth that you believe in them. it is limited to observation. [laughter] i want my coffee, all right. u.s. special forces just captured. captured in isis guy who is in charge of chemical weapons operation. captured him. what are we allowed to say to him? >> they are allowed to follow the army field manual for interrogation. torture are what you may call interrogation. i know what you want to do and that is unlawful. >> can we play loud music in his
11:50 am
ears? >> no. >> absolutely not. >> can we starve him? >> absolutely not. you can do what the fbi did with saddam hussein. >> the fbi agent. the best friends. he will tell you how effective those tech weeks are. >> we think that this guy has information out there. chemical weapons. >> we think that he is a ticking time bomb. >> i am not going to answer that. [laughter] we will have some on the set
11:51 am
next. how about that. ♪ at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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11:55 am
stuart: president obama preparing for his historic visit to cuba. welcome to the program. >> that is okay. that is okay. i just came back from a trip to cuba. the cuban cigars. >> a president obama. negotiating a free movement of cigars. that is what you want. >> it has been a long time. i think it has been a long change. >> yes. [laughter] >> i have not done it yet. i cannot tell. it smells rich and strong. >> we give it 92 points.
11:56 am
>> i am told that the quality of cuban cigars, in the last 50 years, has gone down. they have not been running things properly. what say you please not they do not have the correct checks and balances. perhaps they are not up to the ledger. some people believe that cuban cigars are the best. proving that the non-cubans are just as good as the cubans. stuart: what is this about -- the best according to this. >> this is a financial show. >> we cannot take any advertising from cuban cigars right now. making some money.
11:57 am
>> we will keep it from the cigar industry. >> may be six months from now, the cuban cigars will be all over america. >> i will be happy if that is the case. stuart: get me some cubans. the end of the embargo. it has been a long time. the cuban government is doing well. >> if i keep this, i am going to keep it -- [laughter] >> i will not tell anybody. >> a cigar aficionado magazine. there will be more varney after this. ♪
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