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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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>> the conversation doesn't end here, you can go to my face book page, like my personal page or my show page at trish intel and follow me on twitter. lots of social media out there. let's send it over to liz liz: we have breaking news. ohio governor john kasich has just begun holding at town hall in illinois, trying to rally support ahead of major primaries in illinois and his home state of ohio after donald trump's big michigan we in where john kasich came in third place. in the last half-hour jeb bush confirmed he will meet with ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich and have a florida primary next tuesday night with a winner-take-all event in the race for the white house. who will jeb support? a political bombshell came out as fox business covered bernie sanders's surprise win in michigan. fox business was the first to
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bring you the news that neil bush, brother of a jeb and george w. has joined ted cruz's finance team. do we have a sibling scandal or rivalry on our hands? the primary no one is talking about but should be, the second-biggest primary behind florida isn't winner-take-all like the sunshine state or ohio, blake merriman live in the ignore at your peril state. when it comes to the battle for democratic delegates, the race is tighter than it looks. we break down whether it is a real possibility or a pipe dream that bernie sanders could overtake hillary clinton for the nomination. chilling images from iran testing missiles with running messages against israel written directly on the missile. are these tests just a violation of the new nuclear deal with iran? you may be surprised by the end to attack the seventh anniversary to the u.s. bull market with the major indices down for the year, might not
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feel like a full environmental but do the bulls have further to run? the clock is ticking, the final hour of trading, anything can happen. let's start the countdown. at this hour we continue to have a green screen markets celebrating their third longest bull market in history, march 9th, 2009, lows of the financial market meltdown, an ugly day back then but the climb began. seven years later here we are. since then the dow has jumped 160%, the s&p 500 up nearly 193%, the nasdaq is up, this is a big one, 270%, seven years ago. today the energy sector leading gains all oil pot selling $38.20. for those who want to know, oil is at $47 a barrel seven years
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ago. on a bullish u.s. gasoline draw this morning we saw a build of 4 million barrels a we're looking at names right now but look pretty good. we have renewable names, first solar up, devon energy moving higher, gas explores with chesapeake and marathon so it is a good overall day for the energy complex whether it is solar or oil, telecom and health care, frontier communications, and an attractive stock, and it is pulling back by 6%. a bad day for the biotech, proposed changes to medicare reimbursement plan that would cut incentives to use more expensive drugs reagan big-name, we have others pulling back by 1/3%, biogen down 2.3%. shares are down 5% at this hour. let's get to the battles for
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michigan. onward to palm tree and buckeyes, candidates hit the ground running back on the campaign trail, sweating it out ahead of next tuesday's florida and ohio primaries, marco rubio says whoever wins his home state of florida will be the republican nominee. >> here we are, it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? and it will again this year, not once but twice, not once but twice we will have to decide the presidency here but it starts a week from tonight. liz: will get his home state? of ohio 66 delegates, they are major states here, the primary y tip the scale. the second-biggest primary race but unlike florida and ohio is not the winner take all area. blake merriman is in north carolina. to explain to viewers the
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hyperimportance of that state. >> exactly right "cavuto" the 2 delegates in play tuesday night. what makes north carolina unique from the other is is it is not winner-take-all. these candidates put a lot of focus elsewhere, marco rubio in florida, john kasich in ohio, donald trump flying all over the country as a front runner, they can weather you finish second, third or fourth, pick up some delegates tuesday night and picking up delegates is the name of the game. john kasich earlier today was trying to make the argument that because only half of the states or a little less than half of the states have gone out to vote, that this risk has just begun. >> i can tell you we have an election where 50% of the delegates have been selected, 50% are not yet selected. donald trump, ted cruz and i are did even going into the last half of this match.
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don't be thinking it is over yet. >> reporter: ted cruz has been campaigning in florida, in marco rubio's backyard of miami. the delicate man simply put to this the two person or 6. this is the argument he is trying to make of him and donald trump. he picked and the endorsement of carly fiorina who was trying to get republicans to coalesce around ted cruz. >> it is time now to unite behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who can be the d.c. cartel, time to unite behind ted cruz, ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: back to north carolina, one of the interesting factors going into all this is the polling has been few and far between, the last poll was three weeks ago with donald trump up 9 but also several candidates in
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the race who are not in it now so it is anyone's guess what happens tuesday night. liz: donald trump leads with 458, ted cruz is the closest with 359, thank you very much in speaking of ted cruz, the only republican besides donald trump who won estate last night is piling on the political firepower and now we have jeb bush possibly deciding who to support. the breaking news is jeb bush will be meeting with john kasich, ted cruz and marco rubio campaign so you know some type of endorsement will be next the ted cruz getting idaho last night. so now he trails gop front runner donald trump as i mentioned by 99 delegates in the battle for that nomination. what must he do to close the gap in tuesday's major nomination contest? let us bring in former virginia attorney general and ted cruz supporter and senator ted cruz's path forward. thank you for joining us.
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does that have required convincing marco rubio and john kasich to pull to the side of the road and drop out of the race? >> that is up to those two. you heard ted cruz speak to their supporters and say what your supporters are saying, there's only one competitor who can beat donald trump and hillary clinton and that is the guy with a proven conservative record who has taken on the establishment in washington and we heard carly fiorina join that rain today and she is one of the most attentive and forceful forceful makers of that announcement, pounding that message so we are glad to see her get on board today and ted cruz is the only option for those folks. liz: do you know how you know he may be that person carly fiorina says he is, that could possibly be donald trump when you hear donald trump talk about it, he has a good sense that ted cruz is the one to battle at the moment and it hit him hard at that news conference last night
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which some people thought was terrific and others thought was lower went, constantly why're and all that. >> not a single issue. liz: two of these issue is, a lot of our viewers. all the tax plans of all republicans and democrats add to the deficit and a lot of tax friendly ideas that seem to them simply balloon the deficit. what is going to do about that? >> for starters ted has put more proposals for cutting spending on the table than any other candidate. you have to do that when you are spending more than you are taking in. it is a hard thing to do politically. nobody wants to identify cuts here or there. donald trump hasn't done that. ted cruz has done that. i saw steve more yesterday and steve has been an your network frequently said ted cruz has the best tax plan.
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ted -- steve is all about what gives us the most economic growth. ted cruz hits the nail on the head. i will say kid himself has said when talking about the tax plan the exact number isn't the most critical thing. it is the structure and wiping out the tax benefits for special interests. which gets to your deficit. liz: you could go back to iowa where he was unafraid to say what are we giving ethanol breaks, like the government picking winners. and he still won eyewall which was interesting. i would like to get to the accusations of the dirty tricks. this is two times he campaigned and had to come out. it can't be a good thing and had to let go of tyler who had tweeted it is all rather puerile at certain points. this has gotten stuck. >> one way it did stop is the
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way it was handled last time around and that was a whiff retire with the campaign but the most recent one as i understand was volunteers in hawaii and i have run for governor and attorney general and statewide, never for president, how many times do we say god save us from our friends. people get overenthusiastic and do other things but none of this has an affect that is a particular -- didn't have an effect, hawaii was the least a where marco rubio got a single delegate. he got two delegates in hawaii and that was it. it didn't have an effect and it does distract as you listen to donald trump's attacks, it distracts from the issues that affect people's lives, that affect economic growth which is what ed is talking about. liz: you just got nominated to the virginia the supreme court, the big development as we watch
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that. don't know if you heard but there is an empty seat at the supreme court. >> i am aware of that as of this afternoon i withdrew from that participation. liz: you have withdrawn. >> was honored to be considered. liz: you have withdrawn from that but from a justice perspective, should that seat be filled sooner rather than later? >> yes and it will be. they have broken the impasse in richmond and for our impasse on our supreme court, the u.s. supreme court you have a situation where you have this long tradition of democrats cutting off consideration including joe biden of nominees in final years of terms, this is a great opportunity on the u.s. supreme court for the american people to weigh in. you are not just going to me that the president, you are going to let a justice and each candidate who is the final nominee is going to have to lay out in a fair bit of detail what
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the american people are going to get on the supreme court with them as president and that gives us more opportunity for accountability on the court and nobody has ever been more prepared in that regard and ted cruz who clerked on the supreme court, offered 80 briefs on the supreme court, no one is as prepared as he is to get that right. >> will you join us again on the show? >> i will be glad to. liz: the former virginia attorney general up for nomination to the state supreme court. the closing bell 47 minutes away, 24 hours after its annual analysts say, chevron, look at that. a nice 4% bumped to the upside, top spot for the dow jones industrials so what happened? . comments in a barron's blog, two price tag at grade so it is talked about, doubling down on crude prices will rise this
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year, announcing it will lead two drilling rigs in west texas comment adding, not subtracting. the rise in oil prices this year too little too late for one of the major oil economies, what the slide in oil is forcing saudi arabia to do, something it hasn't done in ten years. we will tell you what. countdown coming right back, the dow turns back back -- negative, now is back. find fantasy shows.
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liz: be at 37 minutes away from the closing bell and we have a market moving higher at the moment but we have the dollar up 3 points so we will see if we can call it a win to the upside. yesterday's on "countdown to the closing bell," this is why you need to watch the show, brian kelly from gas utility fund which is up 11% over the past five years told you about his one stock pick. when guest says the company, and natural gas is the most performing sector of the year. this is hitting a lifetime intraday high, that happened yesterday. just slightly below that $50.51 but if you stretch it out this company has done really well and
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managed to diverge natural gas, the overall performance of the commodity more than $0.25, one gas has a dividend of 2.4%. precisely plummeting gases prices have forced what turned out to be a pretty stunning possibility. one of the richest nations on the planet is going to which its hat in hand to international bankers asking for a loan. that nation's saudi arabia. the oil-rich company will bake for up to $8 billion, that is the first time in a decade the kingdom has made a plea like this. more insight, a former opec chief economist, dr. sami, how bad must things be in saudi arabia has indeed billion dollar loan according to reuters.
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>> most opec countries are highly dependent on oil for and exchange, the government budget, expenditures. the persian gulf, saudi arabia, kuwait and others are in pretty good shape over a period of time, but saudi arabia looking for additional funds to supplement more avenue although they support the capacity because of price decline. they can probably sustain its because saudi arabia has debt capacity to raise 8 billion, the more concern is other opec countries that are for like venezuela, nigeria and others, they will have a more difficult situation. liz: i don't know who wants to lend to countries, not much of a turnaround, though we have oil up 3%. to this concept of a freeze. three weeks about this possibility, is this a fairytale?
3:21 pm
can opec ever find religion and decide to freeze? we will do it if iran and everyone else does, you know iran doesn't want to do that. >> correct, absolutely correct but the question is all the producers inside and outside opec have maximum production capacity. talking about a freeze, it it means they keep the level they are producing now and even if they don't they cannot increase more except for iran. iran is the only one that can actually increase production for $1 million a day. the rest produce up to the maximum production capacity. liz: your call on oil going forward hovering around here. >> they would go up. they would go up a little bit more, probably by the end of the year up to $50, obviously like anything else, $50 is a reasonable price.
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liz: we saw a drawdown in gasoline, 4 million barrels, the expectation for oil is pretty much gone par here. good to see you, thank you. >> thank you very much. liz: closing bell 40 minutes away and we have stocks above the flat line. the dow is slightly unchanged here. oil hardly the most urgent issue developing at this hour in the middle east. what appeared to be a coordinated mass stabbing in israel as numerous attacks took place yesterday. the stunning story of one victim who fought back with a terrorist's own weapon. what happened? can't believe it. that is next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. liz: major worrisome had lent out of the middle east, iran indeed king in a second day of missile tests stand of the
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nuclear deal while it can't build up its nuclear weapons, it can pursue what is on your screen, testing of other defense in systems, today's tests following the launch of two rockets marked with the phrase, quote, israel must be wiped out, written in hebrew. this has israelis in separate incidents fought back against terror attacks yesterday. an israeli citizen tried to stop an attack by hitting a terrorist over the head with a guitar. 12 people were wounded, one man, an american tourist was killed before the attacker was shot down by police. it was a different situation just outside tel aviv where a jewish man collecting for charity was stabbed, but reportedly pulled the terrorists's night out of his own neck where it was embedded, and then shake down the attackers used the same knife on a terrorist, killing nevada
3:28 pm
attacker. harry and should take note, his release fight back. tough. in iraq, intelligence officials confirm the capture of the head of isis's chemical weapons unit being questioned by american military officials and has already confirmed details about the group's plans to webinar as mustard gas. let us get to the markets. if you have been watching the lower part of the screen you have seen at the howard toppling back and forth but let stretched out over the past seven years. today marks the seventh anniversary of the u.s. bull market for equities, the third longest bull market in history. it won't be considered a bear market until the indexes are down 20% from their highs. we haven't gotten there yet. is marked optimism about to get stampede? to the floor show traders at the stock exchange, where were you seven years ago?
3:29 pm
>> reporter: i was right ear. maybe not on fox business but i was working here and probably pretty busy. liz: we were all very busy. david asman and i am working for mr. j as we watch of the markets roiling, an ugly scene. we wondered when it would end and that was the day, right there and we started to move up with a few fits and starts. wait till you see this going, a stable markets don't last longer than seven years. >> i see us having a chance to move higher but we are at a crossroads. the ecb is going to meet tomorrow, the fed next week, interest rates are in the air. quite a few things we have to look at including our slightly improving macro. i know a lot of people who don't see a bright and rosy future and they may be right. i think we have a chance to move higher and positions accordingly.
3:30 pm
liz: you are never wholly steven gold foil. he made a call on oil that at the bottom, at 6% after you called that. >> 16.678 to be accurate. liz: if you are going to be accurate, congratulations on that. it is a great call but goldman sachs furrowing water on the trade. where does that go? you can see the five your picture here. >> the global oversupply of oil is not finished. we talk about $50, your previous guest said it would, talking about 41 for it to hover. people talk about u.s. turning those the gets back on, the marginal producer, not really opec, saudi arabia, saudi arabia can only cut, what people have
3:31 pm
to realize it is not like a water faucet, you don't go to the wells you turn off and turn them back on so i think crude continues its rally and with it hovering and energy name is doing better there is more to the upside. liz: a lot are getting hammered. as the date pulling back by 17%. when you look at these names with it that the apaches of the world or integrated oil, at this trading range, relatively higher at $38.29 where do you see this going and why does it matter to the entire equity market? >> it matters for a couple reasons looked look at how exxon has been performing and chevron as you said earlier relative to the other names. the best companies are performing pretty well, exxon might be up 70% and that is an industry that has been broken for a year-and-a-half, two years. those equities are performing well and weaker companies are not. the other thing with oil,
3:32 pm
talking on monday the trend looks good for oil. if you believe the break-even point for shale produces is 45, oil has a couple dollars to go before people think about getting back into big production. liz: if you guys think, is only march, we won't see some stomach churning moments with equities will throughout the next several months everybody is wrong. right? >> we will see some stomach churning moments tonight. we saw mario draghi doing his thing in the morning. you will see a left turn or right turn by the close. liz: we will see. good to see all of you. we have the closing bell ringing in 32 minutes, 28 minutes. big wins and losses, big upsets and even a potential family tiff taking shape last night as voters to to the polls in michigan and mississippi, donald trump extended his lead as the horse race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders
3:33 pm
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9 remember the cartoon underdog? senator bernie sanders dominating the headlines today after a surprise win in michigan, beating hillary clinton. clinton had a commanding lead in literally every poll ahead of the primary but math is a funny thing we've a showing of different stories with sanders lost ground on pledged delegates, the margin she won by in mississippi was so much greater than his 2% lead in michigan, he clocked in at 571 delegates, to her 1,221 including the superdelegates. momentum might be on his side. she has a commanding lead in ohio and florida, two winner-take-all states next tuesday but indeed get some motion going for him.
3:39 pm
syndicated radio host and former aid to senator chuck schumer and michael goodwin from fox news. you have to read knit that was a surprise, he took michigan. >> it was a very big surprise. obviously the polls got it wrong. they overestimated the african-american turn out in michigan and as a result she lost by a very small margin. essentially split michigan. delegates will split evenly. t wall him in mississippi. all in all she had a good night last night but michigan was the bigger surprise. bernie sanders is underdog. he looks a little bit like underdog. it is a good story for him but going forward you will see more of the same. she will win most of the '90s he may have to win here and there. she is going to be the nominee. it will take longer and people thought. liz: if he looks like underdog -- donald trump is not the underdog. he continues to lead, continues
3:40 pm
to smashed all kinds of records at least when it comes to getting new voters to join the republican party, won three states last night. where does it go from here and do you expect marco rubio will pull out before florida? he does not want to lose his own state? >> i am not sure what he gains by pulling out. it is a total surrender. each passing day comes and goes i think he is more likely to stay in. if he pulls out now, all that money spent in the last one will be wasted. there will be no conclusion to this and i think he feels duty bound to fight this out on his home turf. liz: he is so young, the future ahead of him. nixon ran, the world is littered with people who ran and lost, ronald reagan too. >> he has an immediate decision to make, he has to decide if he wants to run for the united states senate, he has to do that very soon and if he loses his home state will jeopardize his
3:41 pm
chance to be the republican nominee for u.s. senate in florida and you will hurt him going forward if he wants to run for governor of florida. he is a talented politician, he has a bright future but he has to make a big decision. i tend to think he should drop out to preserve the opportunity but florida has relieve voting. people have been voting for two weeks, he has a large share of those votes and looks good in early voting exit polls. liz: 66 delegates in ohio, can john kasich take it? >> he can but i don't think he will. this weekend or next week and next tuesday. liz: using the machine is a popular. >> did not have a great opponent in the last three elections. you ready against a weak opponent and donald trump is back on track. there was a sense last week he was underperforming, losing steam, all the negative advertising was taking a toll, still might, but yesterday we saw him back on track and big
3:42 pm
plays in those two states. those two victories. >> there is a debate between now and then and he has to play more presidential. he did lose ground after the last indeed be. if he comes out swinging and talking about bailing out i don't think that will be good for him in ohio and florida. liz: we had an infomercial for his products. >> there are a lot of things donald trump needs to do to improve his game, looking more presidential is one, working more with republican members of congress, talking more about the voters instead of himself so much and just making more friends and fewer enemies. liz: i will say something really or original year. it is that marathon, not a sprint. >> why didn't i think of that? it is not a triathlon. i hope you are training.
3:43 pm
liz: i am training. you want to see? what other kind. >> get on board. we need you. liz: good to have you here. last night during election coverage, i got this same lou dobbs to engage in a selfy during the commercial break. you would have seen that. defeat followed me on twitter come on board,@liz claman, claman. all the wonderful clips right there. "countdown to the closing bell". is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. liz: breaking news, quote, call out civil war is going on inside
3:48 pm
marco rubio's campaign, sources telling us that fox business network charlie gasparino has the story. charles: stay in or get out, you and i covered it as you know, not a good night for marco rubio, did not win one stage or one delegate and these were not winner-take-all contest, he did very poorly yesterday. worse than that to date internal polls came out way behind in ohio and in his home state of florida. what you have now is donors going directly to marco rubio and saying get out now. or definitely get out after florida. be nice if you got out now. do not hand the gop nomination to donald trump. if you do that in all likelihood you will have elected hillary clinton and you will be something along the lines of essentials destroying the republican party, what major donors are saying. his intentions are will tell you, they think, these are the donors, it poll numbers don't change, he may find good polls
3:49 pm
somewhere but they think there's a shot that he will drop out of the race if poll numbers don't change before florida. they think even though he said he is staying in in the convention, he is definitely out. liz: conventions in july by the way. >> we have paid staffers and dollars to doughnuts right now marco rubio siding with paid staffers, he will be at at cnn debate tomorrow, still running around campaigning. we should point out a lot of the gop back money that would fly into florida and go heavily negative through ads against donald trump so things might change but clearly there is some doubt on the part of donors based on internal polls and his performance last night. liz: michael goodwin came from saying i don't see what marco rubio gains from dropping out, interesting way of looking at it. he says because the donors themselves say this was all for
3:50 pm
naught but who are you pleasing? the donors or the entire party? charles: donors have jobs to do rather and raising money for a losing cause. what donors are saying, at least the ones that care, with all due respect you are handing the election to donald trump and by virtue of that you are handing the election to hillary clinton. donald's negatives are very high and if you give john kasich and ted cruz a chance, may be the lesser of two evils, trump or ted cruz, and not establishment, at least you are preventing donald trump, we saw him last night. i personally like gold a lot but he was pretty erratic last night. talking about bringing the party together but then attacking people, could have done without seeing his stakes in mind and whatever he had, signature businesses, very bizarre and they think that type of
3:51 pm
candidate -- they think that type of candidate is not going to beat hillary clinton if she doesn't get in the and she probably won't get indicted. liz: here comes slow-motion of the stake falling, the trump stake and it was wrong. no one pushes -- charles: what was the guy's indeed speaking on? jeremy? liz: jeremy was a journalist but what matters is there is a thin skinned aspect here wind reporter asks a question, he goes right after her. charles: that is what donors are telling marco rubio. why elect this guy? this is the bottom line with marco rubio, this is a day to day story that is developing. he is not out yet. donor says he is listening when they tell him to go. he might leave the day after if he loses, he may get positives,
3:52 pm
i don't know. this is on the table right now. i am staying on it. fox business is staying on it. liz: charlie gasparino breaks it right here. two minutes until the closing bell rings with a herd got spooked last year, investors yanked $140 billion out of u.s. equity funds in 2015. that may have you attempted to run for the act sets but michael holland says shut the door, stood down, calm down. his case for diving head first into specific stocks he will name is coming the. "countdown to the closing bell" coming back, dow was up 12 points.
3:53 pm
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liz: gold pulling back a little bit, looking dull to investors. this is the third loss in a row. gold miners interestingly enough behaving in a different way, right, lori? >> liz, we're expecting mario
3:56 pm
draghi to wave his wand and bring new round of stimulus there. the safe to say gold miners, copper companies benefited from broader strength going on with the big picture. barrick gold, newmont mining all up nicely today. that spdr gold trust, a basket of the gold-backed stocks, down .8 of 1%, liz. liz: lori, thank you very much. warren buffett says dive in when everybody is running away, interesting considering about is is -- about $140 billion pulled out by fraidy cat investors past year. mike holland says now the time to be in equities, chairman of holland and company. why are you not scared? >> maybe not perfect time. seven years ago was perfect time. liz: i would say. >> one of your earlier guests talked about exxon. that is one of our stocks we
3:57 pm
talked about. fullness of time when you have all these people exiting the stock market, when you have all these people selling bonds into the bond market which warren buffett is also doing, you have to get, these are persistent facts you have to pay attention to them. that means $140 billion come out of the market. this is where the prices are after it is gone. great companies are selling at reasonable prices because of this. you and i talked about these companies in the past. companies like google, chubb, jpmorgan. they have very modest valuations because of the selling. liz: what do you consider modest valuations? 11 price earnings ratio? >> yes. talking about valuations with these great companies, google selling price earnings multiple less than its growth rate. these are crazy things. where the companies pay off big, fat dividend yields this is no-brainer time. liz: what would you stay away from, mike? >> interesting. warren buffett you cited before,
3:58 pm
just bought precision cast parts. liz: bought the whole company? >> bought the whole company and long-term shareholder delighted how he does that and capital markets part of it. goes to the part of the market most expensive. he just sold one of his biggest debt offerings ever, $9 billion in corporate debt from berkshire hathaway. i don't want to be on other side of that trade. i'm delighted as berk share shareholder not to be bondholder. liz: you look what he does. he his favor the days are ones we see 100, 200 points to the downside. >> blood on the street. liz: what i wanted was cheap now. so why not get in? >> $140 billion voted against warren buffett's strategy. i think i go with warren buffett. liz: last you checks right? >> last i checked. liz: are you worried about the fed raising? will it hurt? >> fed begun to lose confidence
3:59 pm
the markets. seven, five, four and three, they did a pretty good job. actually most couple years. zero interest rate, no the a good idea. liz: where were you nine years ago when the market hit bottom, march 9th. >> right here? fortunately made some money since then. liz: because you went in. mike, great to see you. mike holland, holland and company been a friend of this network since we were a baby one day old. fifth bump. on the seventh anniversary of the start of the bull market look at markets. we're up about 25 points. and this really jumped out at me. seven years ago i decided to check. starbucks was trading at $4.13. seven years ago. today, 57 bucks. what a trip down memory lane. number one grossing movie, fox's
4:00 pm
"avatar," remember that? here is the closing bell. we love bringing you along for the ride. david, melissa, over to you. [closing bell rings] david: stocks ending the day on a positive note. not too big of a positive note but when you think of how they have come in seven years it's a good sign. 31, 33 points on the dow jones industrial average. the s&p settling up about 9.7. nasdaq about 25. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis and this is "after the bell." brand new at this hour --, the public is getting its first opportunity to pay respects to former first lady nancy reagan lying in repose at the reagan national library. we'll take you life to seem my valley. nfl free agent period is officially open. we'll bring you details who is going where as soon as they come out. crowds are


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