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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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behind it. what you see as the republican establishment for millions and millions of negative ad before florida. i don't think it's going to work. it makes no sense. maria:.mod of wine. good to see you. dagen mcdowell, we will see you tomorrow. stuart varney over to you. do not don't you love those europeans? given us a very nice stock market rally. you are going to love this one. good morning, everyone. i'm turning to the election first. extraordinary pressure on mark arabia to drop out. this is the political story at the moment. revealed looks like he is going to lose the primary in his home state. the establishment wants him to unify the anti-trump. huge pressure. these now, please. he says he stays in. look at the spirit box paul, rubio is 23 points behind donald
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trump in florida. 23 points behind. trump says come on. unify around me. no unity among democrats. a very testy debate last night. hillary confronted over benghazi dish is the one who called her a liar is wrong. bernie sanders fired up. he smiled a lot since my record is better than yours. how about this one. when chipotle restaurant is closed for one day. some employees got sick. the value of the company jumped $542 million not one day. wonderful europeans are going to confiscate more money. stocks are going up nicely. when the opening bell rings. "varney & company" is about to begin. well, well, well.
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is there no end to this lunacy? further into negative interest rate territory. deposit money with the central bank and they will give you back even less than they give you back yesterday. greater confiscation and they are going to print even more money as well. the world turned upside down. the dow is going to go up 100 points to the opening bell. actually, what you have on this? stuart: mario draghi got out the bazooka a lot more than everyone expected. negative interest rates down 2.4% negative from .3. boosting those asset purchases an extra 20 billion from 60 to 80 billion a month. he also said they are looking at non-corporate bonds, non-big bonds to purchase, which is something no one anticipated. kind of becoming an asset manager. >> printing money more than printing and they will take 0.4%
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off of what you get them if you put money with it. >> now they are buying corporate bonds. that is crazy. >> that puts them into the middle of managing the corporate bond markets, which no central bank. >> the message says get out and invest and hire an expand. that is what the whole thing is about. stuart: we've tried to explain that without getting wonky. congrats. let's get politics. we are on solid ground of politics. two polls for you. the one candidate, read it and weep. donald trump leads in florida with 43% rubio, 20%. moved to ohio. the hometown of governor john kasich. said man is 34%, trump 29%. reveal all the way down at 7%. read it to the polls the following. huge pressure and marco rubio to leave the race.
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the antitrust vote can unify. more on that coming up in just a moment. the democrat debate. hillary clinton, a big confrontation of benghazi. she was shown a clip from patricia smith, mother of one of the four americans. the clip similar to this one on this program. >> listen to what is happening to your country. this one then if he should live. she right to my face at a very, very hard time and she has been my sins. stuart: hillary was questioned about that last night. here's how she responded. >> secretary clinton, on the night of the attack in benghazi, benghazi -- [inaudible]
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>> i feel sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lasted benghazi. and i can't imagine the grief she has for losing her son. but she is wrong. she's absolutely wrong. stuart: the benghazi bonds that hillary lied. hillary said the benghazi mom was wrong. i have no question. >> why would they make this out. i can't think of it. is she doing it for political gain. there is no such thing. it is sick and disgusting. she's not -- is wrong yet she is accusing her of exploiting this dad of her own child just for
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what? just to be mean? stuart: well, the benghazi mom said when hillary saw her over the casket, hillary said it was the video. >> that's all of us, too. by which another said that to her. second of all, by which you make this up? i'm very interested to have someone post a meme summaries and why this woman would've just made to suffer the heck the heck of it. ashley: i will say the person asking the questions last night asked that question because you could hear the boos saying how dare you even mention it. stuart: they booed at because he brought it up. and they cheered wildly later on when hillary said no i'm not going to be indicted. it was a hillary crowd. only after the republican side of the election process to donald trump on hannity last night talking about the establishment. the republican establishment. roll tape.
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>> these are people taking advantage of our country. beta one has drawn borders, but that stuff flowing across the borders. they treated unfairly because they benefit from that. politicians will do what is right for the people that gave them the money. stuart: he is running up against the establishment. loggerheads right there. the party split. >> it is split in the split is even split. we have crews and kasich and rubio. you think if they really wanted -- we've got anti-trump that they would unite against them. it is very catty and it's very childish and i don't understand what is happening. it is an embarrassment to everybody involved. ashley: i also think it's a huge insult to all the people who turned out to vote for donald trump. basically the establishment of saying you don't know better. you are trying to get someone
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who selected as a terrible representative of the republican party. we will do our best in science class. >> i'm one of those supporters. he doesn't represent us. now they are saying from the establishment doesn't like somebody, they will risk losing an election over that. ashley: is backfiring on the establishment. >> mitt romney of all people who repeatedly las animas is how we should run a campaign. whether you support trump or not, why would she do that? stuart: mitt romney made a mistake. i've not seen him on the air for a couple days. he's retreated to the background. jeb bush met with rubio yesterday. jeb bush meets today. i guess he is trying to organize a one-on-one crews versus trump. >> at least he has the class to drop out.
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stuart: how about this to change the subject entirely. mcdonald's all day breakfast is a winner. now it may be expanding. lauren simonetti, if we missed it, what is that? >> mcdonald says serving breakfast all day long. last year it started offering some other long, but customers usually had to pick me up there make or biscuits. now you cannot vote. that is a big deal for the kitchen to handle it. mcdonald's might make changes nationwide. this out right near an all-time high of all day breakfast at the day breakfast is a hit with investors since october when they started it. stocks up $18. the first day of nfl free agency turning into his ending spree in the biggest deal. brock oz violated the 25 road except in a four-year deal with the houston texans were $72 million. the player has started just seven games in his entire nfl career. jaime king, the brewer is
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retiring its icon. the most interesting men in the world by sending the actor to mars in the final ad and said to debut in 2007, the sales have tripled. do not worry, they will replace the 77 of the someone younger. ashley: ageism. stuart: whereof i been? i've not seen it. >> is really popular for a decade now. great one-liners. stuart: how old is it? >> 77. >> i'm sick of seeing him around. >> i'm done. i am done. stuart: i have a suggestion. why does. why doesn't the psyche is make donald trump -- maybe not. >> he is the most interesting man. the dow jones industrial average opens about 90 points i 90 points higher when they get this
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up and running. not a bad rally. we were up 160 at one point. now we are up 80, 90 points. the republican establishment won't rally ahead at the moment. republicans do not have a chance to win the election. we will have more "varney & company" and in all that. -- in a moment.
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in europe you gave money to the central bank will take even more money off of it. ashley: the european markets turned lower, too. once the euphoria of the european central bank realize now that the central bank is very nervous. in other words, conditions must be bad for them to take this
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step. an al qaeda seeping in. stuart: from japan, europe and america, give us control. they are out of control of policy. but will with policy. we believe you out of this one. to the election, yes please. i think donald trump is not the nominee, the gop loses. lisa is with us now. >> high, stuart. stuart: the backdrop is a furious attempt to organize republicans into one single candidate to oppose donald trump. their way of beating donald trump. i repeat, if donald trump is not the nominee, the republicans lose. what do you say? >> i would say they probably aren't this point not going to be one candidate to take on donald trump. we know tuesday, march 15. the reality is that they win ohio and florida, it is likely his. it's going to be mathematically
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impossible. stuart: the central question to me is this. if donald trump is not the nominee, where did those voters go? millions of people who voted for him, you don't think they are going to be really annoyed? i will not vote for a rubio or cruz or kasich. they will walk with you what to hillary because they don't want this. >> at a cost they will walk to hillary. hold on. regardless what happened, we have a very split party because we are talking about two thirds of voters that haven't voted for donald trump. if he gets the 1200 or dissent and that he needs to win the nomination, i hope the party does support him because we are going to need a united republican debate. stuart: the writing is on the ball. >> it's not because it's two thirds republican voters have not supported them.
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we have a process set in place for a reason. we need to let republican voters speak and he does get the 1237 vote if he does win ohio. if they get the 1237 that i hope republicans rally behind him. i agree with you. i 100% of the valley behind the music is the 1237. if not, if he does not win ohio, which he may not looking at the latest fox news poll and q-quebec that is still to be seen because between right now and march 15th, that is a lifetime in politics. a lot can happen between now and then. if they go to a contested convention scenario, that is very complicated scenario. stuart: i've got it. you're really ignoring the truth here. the establishment of the republican party is really screwing up the party. you are dividing this party something awful. you are insulting donald trump voters.
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>> first of all,does not support donald trump, it doesn't make them part of the establishment. i am not part of the establishment. i'm not working for anyone in the establishment. i am not working for anyone in leadership or anything like that. i don't appreciate you calling me the establishment. that being said and what a lot of people are doing -- i am going to give you a straight answer. a lot of people at the point -- stuart: i'm sorry, i'm really frustrated because they see this split in the republican party handed the election to a hillary or bernie. i don't think america needs back. >> i think we should let republican voters decide. stuart: come on. the writing is on the wall. >> we should also not ignore what republican voters are saying. we should allow republican voters to decide who their nominee is. that's why we have a process to
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let it play out in support whoever wins the majority vote. stuart: tell mitt romney to lay off. you lost the last one. >> i said i don't think that was right. it is self-serving and i don't think it added in a benefit to the divide we see right now. i never supported him. stuart: i didn't mean to imply that you did. >> are we good? stuart: we are good. you are going to come back. i just know you'll come back. >> i know, i know. stuart: rubio says he regrets getting into the mudslinging match with donald trump. i think it hurt his campaign. >> i would do it differently. i really would. my kids were embarrassed by it. my kids did -- my wife didn't like it. it doesn't reflect who i am. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: this is political story today. marco rubio, enormous pressure to drop out. listen to what he said last night. >> the reports because there is one from cnn, cbs and one from fox business suggesting they've had discussions with people on your team about dropping out before florida and possibly --
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>> that is 100% categorically false. i've never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team for planet earth or anyone on any planet. i am not dropping out of this race. stuart: i say maybe he should drop out now to save his political career before he gets beat in his own state. >> absolutely. i completely agree with that. the fact he is still at this as an embarrassment. he's embarrassing himself. he is so far behind. losing florida would be horrible. that would be humiliating. in the senate, right? people will say they don't like him, florida doesn't like him, why is the politically involved in florida at all. get out while you still have some dignity. stuart: last night he was asked if he regrets getting down and dirty in the mud with donald trump. here was his response. >> you've got a little dirty on the campaign. >> first of all, that is not who i yam. let me say something. i would do it differently. i really like.
9:25 am
my kids were embarrassed by it. my wife didn't like it. i don't think reflects the era that is not who i am. >> you regret that? >> i would do it differently. i would. >> i don't think it reflects good. what an eloquent statement. the reason he regrets it is because it didn't work. he proved how desperate he was. i didn't mind it. it was funny to me. not a rubio supporter. was that humiliating. don't get down on wrestling in the mud with donald trump. stuart: thanks, everybody. the europeans can do about them, going further into interest rate printing more money as well. moving our market up just a little. we will bring you the opening bell next.
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>> 30 minutes ago, i went on the air, the top of this show and i said, oh, thank you, those wonderful europeans are giving us in america a gift, why? because the europeans are going further into what we call negative interest rates territory. if you give the european central bank money and deposit money with them, they give you a lot less back, don't get your money back and that may be the
9:30 am
worst today and printing up a storm over there and even more than they were printing last week, that was supposed to lift our market. a couple of hours ago, it did, we were going to be up 160 the opening bell, but not now. the opening bell has stopped ringing and trading beginning at 9:30 precisely and we're going to go up only 30, 40, 50 points, that's it. not the 100 point gain that we were expecting. we shall discuss. joining us today, scott shellady in chicago. dr barton in new york and elizabeth macdonald and ashley webster, we've got them all on the show today. shellady, got to go to you first. central banks, negative interest rates, it looks like they've totally lost it, and you say? >> boy, you're 100% correct. like you said earlier at the top of the show, i was watching as well. as draghi delivered and overdelivered. by overdelivering to the
9:31 am
markets he's given them more to worry about, hey, maybe it's worse than we think and negative interest rates are a drastic, throw in the towel maneuver, to do more than he expected. now the market is slowly, but surely waking up to my political party, not a democrat, republican, common sense, what he did today, he's afraid of what happened and he is taking the drastic measure. stuart: you're nodding your head, ashley. ashley: oh, my god, it must be bad, nervous about the state of the eu's economy that they're taking these extraordinary steps liz: you've got to talk about in your-- european crisis. >> if we raised interest rates here cutting them to the bone and beyond, we have a rapidly rising dollar and a real problem.
9:32 am
so, i see their negative rates-- >> go ahead, speak again, scott. >> yeah, it's synthetic interest rise here, the fed doesn't have to do anything. and the rest of the world is go to do it for them and our dollar is going to get stronger and worse for the foreign companies and by default, it's an interest rate hike. stuart: i understand, and that's good, scott. go ahead. >> here are the numbers out of the countries that have done negative. one of the things that happened, savings doesn't go down like people think, and people get scared and the savings go up. they started saving kash 'n gold is up 20 bucks an ounce. stuart: that's what they do, gold its coin and save value no matter what. stick it under the mattress, 500 euro notes or something like that, they don't spend it, certainly not. we had gold up there just a
9:33 am
second ago, i think we're up, what, 20 an ounce? >> it's up 20%. stuart: that's what happens with negative interest rates. how about the price of oil? down a bit today. 37.52. scott shellady, dare i say stability in the market? >> 45 bucks-- we didn't get bullish, but overdo it on the bear side. around 25 to 40 bucks a barrel will be fair and the story is not the plunge in oil or the rally back is how low oil is going to stay how long. that's the bad part. stuart: i'm going to stay with you for a second, scott because we've got natural gas, the price is at a 17-year low or thereabouts, it's very, very low and we have bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying
9:34 am
we're going to ban fracking. fracking gives us cheap natural gas. i can hear you laughing, fill out your thoughts. >> initially my thought was what the frack are they thinking? [laughter] number two, they didn't destroy our energy sector which largely got us out of trouble in 2008 and 2009 and didn't go into the deepest recession that we thought we might. we need their help and they need us to keep pumping and doing what they're doing to keep things going because if we see that sector turnover, we are going to be in this longer than we thought. stuart: since when has a democrat gone out there and tried to hurt poor people. poor people benefit the most from cheap natural gas and now they're going to stop it and the democrats leading the charge. >> from an engineering standpoint, stuart, one of the things, environmental things they're worried about here, a properly constructed well never had those problems, only the few times that something has gone awry has it ever done anything so we're barking up
9:35 am
the wrong tree here. stuart: the greeny drama. you like that, liz liz: yes, sort of st. patrick's day, anything green. stuart: i bring you news on chipotle. the stock right now is back up again, up another four bucks, look what happened yesterday. remember, please, the company closed one restaurant for one day outside of boston. a couple of employees got sick, one restaurant closed for one day and here is the chart, it doesn't show it. one day because they lost 542 million dollars. that's a haircut. ashley: you want the number, 7 billion of chipotle. stuart: 7 billion. 500 million closed for one day. ashley: what the norovirus will
9:36 am
do for you, salmonella. stuart: at the worst possible time. you want to say anything, dr? >> if you remember we talked about how the same-store sales and companies in the food industry affected by these things, three to six months. we're only three months in, this isn't over yet. stuart: ouch. we've been following this story mcdonald's all day breakfast. now they move into a full menu all day breakfast in some areas liz: wonderful time to be alive only in tulsa, and in arizona. people were showing up, wait a second, this isn't all day breakfast, i only get mcmuffin or a biscuit. i want the sausage burrito. i'm excited about this. and now offer the chicken breakfast all day so my four-year-old will be happy.
9:37 am
what a time to be alive. stuart: what a time to be alive. scott shellady, you can speak. >> the reason they're doing all day breakfast because the millennials don't get out of bed until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon liz: the boomers are up late. stuart: shocking. >> october, stuart, you and i were talking macdonald was my pick of the day, four days before the four day breakfast and you busted my chops, really? and we got into it and it's been ours ever since. stuart: better sales growth as a payment processor, square is a payment processor, nicole, explain it all. >> well, jack dorsey of twitter is also the founder of square. the mobile payments company, they do the software, when you go point of sale. look at this, the stock is up 1.4%. this is the first report since the ipo, the investors are very pleased here today. and that's because when they came in, the revenue, the fourth quarter, topped even the
9:38 am
highest of estimates. so-so far, so good for square. stuart: how about the airline stocks? we bring this to your attention because two democrats, one-- both senators, i believe, democrats, they are introducing the name of the bill, the forbidding airlines from imposing ridiculous fees bill. ashley: yes. stuart: okay? it will be an act when it's passed, it's a bill before it is. ash, senators in the united states senate don't they have something better to do. ashley: you think. stuart: rather than try to micromanage the rules. ashley: i can only think it affects their airline on a daily basis, marky of massachusetts, bloom enthal of connecticut, yes, could they be doing better thing? there are isis and all sorts of thing threatening us. airlines with nickel and diming, that's what they say, they couldn't justify the fees
9:39 am
they're charging based on the costs that have gone down the last several years, the cost of oil liz: we need the government in there doing this. stuart: the senate in there doing it? that's minutia liz: no buzzer on you. stuart: i like that word, scott. >> why can't the free market figure that out? i don't go to airlines that nickel and dime you, i don't fly them. if the rest of the world does that, we don't need anybody telling us how to spend the money. stuart: the trouble is it's know the a free market, it's a ologopoly. >> new word. stuart: the negative interest rate territory, we apparently think it's okay. the dow is up 60. donald trump labeled a fascist and compared to hitler.
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and next, someone who worked closely to trump and got fired on "the apprentice." clay aiken on the real trump next. ♪
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but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. >> i just want to say i've never been so torn. this is a very, very tough decision. you're both amazing people. there is no loser tonight. stuart: ah, that was former celebrity apprentice clay aiken. you saw him there before donald trump fired him.
9:44 am
wait a second, your mom loves trump and to vote for-- >> i said she would vote for him. i don't think she loves him. she was going to vote for him because of the debate the other night and the way that people ganged up on him, there was a push-- >> your mom likes him and-- >> he fired me on national tv. stuart: wait a minute, you know the guy. i mean, he's been compared to a fascist or compared to hitler, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. you met the guy and talked to him. >> yeah. stuart: he's not like that, is he? >> no, i don't think he's a fascist or racist at all, i don't agree with ted cruz on pretty much anything except for the fact that i'm not convinced that he is necessarily should be running in the republican party for the nomination. stuart: i get the point and maybe his politics are different from your politics, i get the point. i don't think calling him a fascist. >> i don't think they're as different as you think they are, that's my point. stuart: i don't think it's right. you can't call this man--
9:45 am
>> you're not hearing me. i said i don't think he's a fascist, i don't think he's a racist, i think he's a democrat. stuart: oh, that's interesting. >> and i think that's what's most concerning to me, i was talking to somebody the other day, how i believe he's this way and he speaks another way and that's what worries me about him becoming president because i don't know what he'll be when he's president, you don't know what he'll be when he's president. i'm not sure he knows what he'll be when he's president and that's far more frightening to me even than someone i might disagree completely. stuart: i understand, i've got it. i thought you were totally opposed to trump for his politics or charisma, whatever it is, that's not the case. >> i like him as a person. i always say he's like the uncle that gets drunk the a the wedding and embarrasses you, but you wish he would shut up. stuart: i understand. there are a lot of big names and comparing you to big names here, boosting you up, lad.
9:46 am
we're got johnnie day monday, might ditka. >> the bears. he and i have so much in common. stuart: not quite. they've endorsed him, but not clay aiken. you can't be won over? >> no, no, i am a democrat and i certainly don't agree with anything he's saying right now. nor do i agree with anyone else on that side of the aisle who is running for president. >> okay. >> but i think the concern for me more is that i don't really know where he falls. stuart: when you were the doing the apprentice, do you spend time with him. >> you spend more time than you did with the judges on idol. stuart: that's right, you were on idol. >> came in second on that, too. america's number one number two. stuart: donald trump, is he an easy guy to talk to or get along? >> he is very charming in person. what you see on tv, what you see on the rally stage is not necessarily what i'm used to.
9:47 am
he's very charming and approachable and has always been very nice to me so it's a juxtaposition that's hard for me to calculate and justify when i'm watching him. stuart: clay, a pleasure having you on the show. come back if you're not careful. [laughter] we appreciate it, thanks so much, sir. stay on donald trump, he needs 1,237 delegates to win. ashley, how is he-- >> i stayed up all night with mathematicians, had the slide rules-- does anyone use a slide rule? the winner take all states from now until the end of the primary season. the states that are shaded there are winner take all, a total of 391 delegates up for grabs. now, if trump wins all of those, he would still need another 400 delegates. so, let's go to the second map, now, these are the winner takes most states left from now on.
9:48 am
the delegate total among these is 449. so, he would need 57% to get a win at the 1237 if he wins the winner takes all delegates? does it make sense? >> you're telling me that it's an exceptionally hard row to hoe. ashley: even at a better pace than he's at now. stuart: the other side of the coin, whomso ever opposes him, one candidate or four, they've got to do better liz: to spoil it for them and then you'd go to an open convention. stuart: here is what i'm hearing, the bottom line, nobody is likely to get, 1237. ashley: don't underestimate donald trump, but it looks like they're going to limp into cleveland-- >> not over yet, holy toledo. stuart: he's still sitting
9:49 am
here. it's fascinating. >> and some of the winner take not, north carolina where i'm from, next week, they proportion their delegates by congressional district and so many of these states have been gerrymandered to the point that the districts are very, very red liz: what has this democracy come to? >> those districts that are red could end up going to trump and he could get a lot more than people would expect. stuart: even more from clay aiken. >> didn't let me leave. [laughter] >> hillary clinton confronted over her e-mails at the democratic debate last night and asked whether she would drop out if indicted. she skirted around the question and even called it ridiculous. judge napolitano is on his way, more varney after this. >> i'm going to give the same answer i've been giving for many months. it wasn't the best choice, i made a mistake, it was not prohibited, it was not in any way disallowed.
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>> well, it's not such a bad rally, we're up 67 points, remember, it's those europeans that are doing this. we keep saying this, gone further into negative interest rate territory. that means if a bank puts money with the european central bank,
9:54 am
they won't get it all back. in fact, they'll get less than yesterday. got it? apparently that's good for us. politics, please, hillary was pressed by jorge ramos from univision, he asked if indicted would she drop out of the race? listen to her response. >> i think that what we've got here is a case of overclassification, i am not concerned about it, i am not worried about it, and no democrat or american should be either. >> the questions were, secretary--questions were who gu permission, was it president obama? >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors, it was permitted. >> if you are indicted would you drop out? >> oh for goodness -- that's not going to happen. >> and judge napolitano. >> i'm sorry that she gave answers like that because she knows if she's indicted she will be forced to drop out, and
9:55 am
she knows that there's a substantial legal case being built against her by the fbi which was listening to what she said last night. she knows that the fbi will call her in and say mrs. clinton this is the evidence that we have, shall we present it to the grand jury or work with us, she is a hopson's choice that she doesn't want to make. stuart: why would she be forced to drop out? >> good question, politics will force her, the law will not force her, but the fact that an indicted human being out on bail and subject to the court, subject to the summons of the court on a moment's notice is on a national political ticket, i think, would cause even the democrats to reconsider the wisdom of this. stuart: why would she be out on bail? you'd have to arrest her and charge her on that. >> she technically would be arrested, technically, at the time she appeared in court to plead not guilty. stuart: that bad? >> yes, that bad.
9:56 am
a mug shot, and fingerprints. stuart: okay. what do you make of her response? >> oh. stuart: she was asked jorge ramos specifically said, look, if indicted would you drop out? >> she said, oh, that's ridiculou ridiculous. stuart: and accompanied by what she said. >> i never sent and received anything classified, we know that nothing is marked classified, it's a dog whistle to the fbi. says to the fbi her natural inclination is to lie. that will gin the fbi up, she's smart, she must know this. stuart: so far, it's gone over the top and a lot-- you heard the cheering there. >> i don't think it's going over the top. the question that jose ramos asked in my view was the most important, profound, courageous question put to any political candidate in any of these debates and i love our colleagues, do superb job, especially with what megyn kelly went through with one of
9:57 am
the debaters. that question should be asked of mrs. clinton. stuart: if indicted will you drop out, that's the question? >> that's the question. stuart: she is going to respond in the same way. >> the more she responds in that way, the less credibility she'll have. stuart: extraordinary. >> entirely and comparing herself to condoleezza rice and colin powell, they didn't have private e-mails in their own homes and streaming to private server. stuart: just like you and i. have you ever seen an election like this? >> no, and i think more surprises might be coming. stuart: what do you mean? >> i don't know, a gut feeling because perhaps because i'm so youthful compared to you. [laughter] >> thank you, judge. what a pleasure it was. >> am i coming back at the 11:00 hour? >> donald trump says the establishment is taking advantage of our country. we're going to see what an establishment guy has to say about that in a moment and
9:58 am
remember, do you remember the obama phone program, free cell phones for the poor? how here comes obama internet service, subsidized for the poor by you. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> the second hour of "varney & company." here is what we have for you. we start now. both democratic candidates want to ban fracking. wouldn't that hurt the poor who benefit most from cheap natural gas, which is the result of fracking? we're on it. donald trump fires back at the republican establishment and says that the powers that be are taking advantage of the american people. you heard it from clay aiken last hour, we're going to talk to another former apprentice steven baldwin. he supports trump. hour two really does start now. ♪
10:01 am
>> now you're talking, we could use a 1100 point rally could we not? 17,100. our market is getting some help from the europeans. ashley: you're complaining, apparently you heard. stuart: thank you very much, thank you very much. and how about the price of oil? it was getting close to $40 a barrel. it's backed off, 37.62. moving a bit lower at this hour. how about chipotle. four employees get sick from one restaurant and they-- the stock, not today, but the stock yesterday took a half billion dollar haircut. how about that? and chipotle down a bit more this morning, now it's 15 cents, wouldn't you know it. mcdonald's testing the full breakfast menu in some areas, that stock is still close to an all-time high. more in a moment. politics dominates the headlines today. new poll from fox news, donald trump leads florida by a wide margin. 43.
10:02 am
rubio 20. cruz 16, kasich 10. now, ohio the home state of governor kasich. he leads who% and trump behind him 29. rubio down at 7%. in ohio, a big endorsement for john kasich. ashley: ohio football coach urban meyer saying he is endorsing mr. kasich. go win this thing. stuart: our producer who insists that is big endorsing, he's arguably the best college coach in history and right nows' hedging himself right now, the producer. >> i'm not hedging. [laughte [laughter] >> i've got to take this, listen to what donald trump said on hannity last night. >> these are people that are taking advantage of our country.
10:03 am
these are people that i know many of them, but they don't want to have strong borders, they want stuff flowing across the borders, they don't want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly because they benefit from that. politicians will do what's right for the people that gave them the money, not what's right for the country. stuart: oh, that was strong stuff. come on in, rnc, republican national committee communications is with us this morning. what are you guys, you establishment guys, when are you going to unite around trump instead of fighting him tooth and nail? >> first, i take issue with fighting anyone. what we've shown from rnc perspective, treat them fairly and give them a level playing field. make sure they compete for as many voters and voices as possible. whenever one of the those candidates, rather, reaches 1237 delegates, they become our nominee, plain and simple. that's how the process works.
10:04 am
stuart: why did mitt romney go out and call donald trump a fraud and a phony and other names? if you're not fighting, why did he do that? >> well, i think you have to ask mitt romney. i don't actually speak for mitt romney. this is a point in the election, several people are making-- >> he's speaking for you? >> hold on, stuart, hold on, mark levine came out strongly for ted cruz. senator rubio had a ton of people come out for him and governor kasich in his support. this is what politics is about. americans have two important rights, one to make their voices heard and speak out on elections, whether it's tweeting, talking, posting something to facebook, op-ed, in a forum they see appropriate and we think it's great that so many people are engages in this. we're seeing record turnout in almost every single one of our contests because so many people are engaged on our side. that's what you're going to see on the democratic side. this is what americans politics
10:05 am
is all about. stuart: i put it to you that all of these people are coming out, by the millions, frankly, for donald trump. >> great. again, i mean, what-- behind the guy is right. >> the process for every campaign is to get the people that support them to come out and express their support and tell them why their candidate should be best and hope that people go to the voting booth or the caucus site and cast their ballot for them. that's what the process is about. i think it's great that so many people are engaging and intensity on our side. we recognize as republicans that they'll do a phenomenal job contrasting to bernie sanders or hillary clinton. as mr. trump continues to get the votes and supports, he will be the nominee. if somebody else gets to 1237, they'll be the nominee, a simple equation. stuart: i believe jeb bush had a meeting or conversation with
10:06 am
marco rubio yesterday and i believe mr. bush will speak with governor kasich today. is he trying to get them to drop out? >> i don't know. again, i think whether it's governor bush, mitt romney, rush limbaugh, mark levine, sean hannity, bill o'reilly, people are engaged in this process and interviewing people and endorsing people and speaking out and exposing different sides. several people on fox have given people forums to talk about why their candidate is better or worse than another, but, again, that's a part of the process, each one of these individuals, some who held public office and some who are prominent pundits, some who have twitter followers and youtube channel, expressing themselves, that's the beauty of american democracy. stuart: i'm joining it. thank you very much for joining us, sir, appreciate it. thank you. >> you bet, thanks, stuart. stuart: moving on to the democrats, bernie sanders, he took on hillary clinton last night. you know, dare i say the man's becoming much more likeable.
10:07 am
he's smiling a whole-- he's engaging these days. look at this. >> political, fighting for workers, fighting for the poorest people this this country. madam, secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. stuart: i'm sorry, that didn't quite capture is, that's where bernie sanders says directly to hillary i can match my record every day. if you watch the whole thing, you can see him becoming much less of a curmudgeon, can i say that? ebony kay williams is with us. i think he came as a much more personable guy and smiling and didn't see him like that before. >> he's feeling good about michigan. and you're right, you know why it matters? hillary clinton, she wants to tout being the more established candidate, more experienced rather. he's the happy warrior, i am
10:08 am
fighting for the little guy. what do you think about his policies, however impossible they may be, he comes across as inspirational and inspired liberals. and hillary clinton has an authenticity, likability problem. stuart: she does. how on earth did bernie sanders get one third of the african-american vote in michigan? >> flint, the people inside on the ground in michigan, when they had that debate in michigan, both hillary and bernie, and they looked at who was talking, the concern was flint, michigan, water crisis of course, who comes across as more believable on that issue, that's bernie sanders. stuart: that means it's a flint, michigan issue that brought black voters to them, but it won't be repeated in states that don't have a flint, michigan. >> i don't think it will be in the south. for some reason, hillary clinton has a strong hold on
10:09 am
the south and some of the older voters remember bill clinton. and bernie sanders has come late to engaging communities of color. she has a benefit. ohio, i think some of the more industrial states, i think that bernie stands a good chance. stuart: is it your mom or you leaning towards trump? >> it's my mother. she's not leaning, she's all in. anytime i say anything that's remotely, remotely questionable about her candidate, she won't speak to me. [laughter] >> hey, mom, speak to us any day you like. thank you very much, indeed, appreciate it. to the, ma-- to the markets, europe diving deeper into the negative interest rate situation. here is the story. you put money with europe central bank and they won't give it back to you. they'll give back less than last week and they're printing
10:10 am
a whole lot less money. ashley: i'll try. they put off the bazookas and doing everything they can to kick start the european economy. they've got .4 minus percent and the banks are paid more for doing that increasing monthly purchase of bonds by 20 billion euros, about 25 billion dollars. corporate bonds, and they're saying you don't know the impact of negative interest rates and yet, you're continuing to go with it and increase how negative you go. so there are a lot of questions being asked where does this end up. stuart: liz is pulling a face liz: i'm not pulling a face, i'm laughing, you would sooner teach a cat to bark than getting europeans to do the common sense thing, which is dial back the tax and regulatory states. they're loaded down with taxes and the central bankers doing things like that. stuart: all over the world,
10:11 am
central bankers are printing money and dropping rates. ashley: right. stuart: none of them are saying give us a tax cut. ashley: without really nothing. nobody's doing that. stuart: we're certainly not doing that here yet liz: and i'll continue to pull a face. i don't care. ashley: i want to see a barking cat. stuart: chipotle, the stock is down a little bit. down another $2. yesterday, they closed one store for one day, and on that one day, the stock lost $542 million. one of the sick employees did test positive for a very contagious strain of the norovirus. ashley: four employees, in fact, picked up the very, very contagious norovirus, once someone has it, it spreads like wildfire. no customers reported being sick. the store near boston is
10:12 am
closed, the second time. the market cap, you said they lost-- >> 540 yesterday. ashley: and 7 billion since mid act, they've had different outbreaks, norro and-- >> . >> you want to talk about bad pr liz: and they have the criminal probe in simi valley, the potential coverup there. stuart: donald trump takes on china. tough talk, yeah, he threatens a 45% tariff on all the stuff that they send here. we're going to hear one of the chinese government's biggest critics, what does he have to say about trump and china after the break. >> what china has done to our country is the biggest theft and the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> thihis is one i didn't want o hear, give me china, give me china. china, do you ever see china. china.
10:13 am
china. china. we don't win anymore. when was the last time we won. we lose to china.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> authorities have obtained a large batch of isis registration forms. i didn't know they had registration forms for isis, ashley. ashley: they do. it's fascinating. what happened, sky news out of the uk, a reporter was given a thumb drive stolen, reportedly by someone disenfranchised with isis and got hold of this thumb drive and contains thousands upon thousands of people who have signed up to join isis, apparently there's an employment form. i kid you not. it has special skills, mother's maiden name, level of education, what was your previous job, who recommended you to us. they put their name, address, phone number, you name it liz: they ask for references?
10:17 am
>> they want references, i swear, have you ever been in a war before, skills on the battlefield. stuart: are you sure it's not a joke? >> no, ironically it was stolen from the computer that belongs to the head of isis internal police, often compared to hitler's ss. the reporter in question has vetted this and vetted it and said it's true. he shared it and it contains the names and addresses from people from 51 countries, including the united states, and has links to the families of these people who signed up to fight liz: if you're upset about it you complain to the isis human resources department. ashley: it is stunning. stuart: it's the names that we want. ashley: if it turns out to be true, it's a huge coup. stuart: it is. a lot of questions surrounding what donald trump, as president, would mean for our relationship with china. china. because donald trump's had a lot to say about china. joining us now, the author of
10:18 am
the book, the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. what would it mean for our relationship with china if donald trump is the president. >> if donald trump does what he says he's going to do he's going to drop the language of cooperation and impose on china. that's necessary, beijing's behavior is unacceptable, trade, china sea or support for iran and north korea. we need someone who will use america's increasing leverage over beijing, that's essential at this point. stuart: we have increasing leverage over them, do we? >> oh, we certainly do. stuart: in what way? >> trade. they need the u.s. market. last month their exports dropped 25.4% year on year, that was a big drop in january. this goes back now about half a year. so clearly, they need our market and clearly, if president obama were to say to the head of the port of long beach, slow down your customs clearances, this would be a
10:19 am
major material effect on the chinese economy. stuart: do you think that's how he would do it. he would say-- >> that's what --. >> is china worried about this? taking notice, obviously? >> he's the only candidate that beijing is concerned about. we know that because the day after the nevada caucuses, state media went after donald trump. so this is an indication that beijing is concerned that he would change american policy. stuart: are you for trump? >> i am an independent. i am not supporting any candidate because i think they're all deficient. stuart: are you leaning? >> no. stuart: you're not leaning towards trump on the-- >> i'm leaning on -- there are problems there, the question is will trump do what he says he's going to do and plus, also, i think he misperceives a lot of our important he wielements of relationship with china, but
10:20 am
nonetheless, there are other things. stuart: donald trump gets support because he has a tough stance. his negotiating position is tough and goes from there. that's what he's doing with china and you approve. >> yes, because that's what beijing does to us, and we have to sort of attitude of engaging the chinese, trying to bring them into the international system, trying to help them, all the while they're trying to undermine the international system including the united states so we need to change our policies towards beijing. you know, if it's trump, that's going to be a good start. stuart: all right, gordon chang, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: first, it was free cell phones for the poor, remember obama phones is this now the federal government wants cheap internet for the poor, maybe even free and you're going to pay for it. more varney after this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
>> how about this? stronger sales growth at dollar general. the stock is up 5%. we bring you this because it's the top performer of all the 500 stocks in the s&p 500. question, do you remember the obama phone program? cell phones for the poor, subsidized by you for a tax on your phone bill? remember that? still around. now we hear that program could expand to internet service, joining us now, heat street political editor, gillian, welcome back. >> thank you. stuart: what? it was insane, free phones were ridiculous and now free internet? >> yes, the fcc wants to expand the program and probably get their way when the vote comes down on march 31st. they want to expand it to include wi-fi and already the g.o.p. conventioners are saying this is insanity, a program riddled with waste, fraud and abuse and we're not going to
10:25 am
cut it back. stuart: the program was riddled with abuse, and a couple of our people got obama phones. >> i did, yeah. stuart: you applied and got it. >> the sec does not, they know about the problems. and 41% of the people signed up for the companies couldn't prove eligibility. now we'll expand it, internet companies are thrilled by it, comcast issuing a statement or or-- >> will it work through a cable, free cable for the home or a free smart phone to get netflix on it? >> it's going to be, the details are hashed out, but the point is, basically, this is subsidized internet service, and people who are paying for their internet are going to be the ones that end up paying for it and there's a huge incentive for companies to go out to try to sign as many people up. the fcc wants to grow it 2.5 billion dollars a year up from 1.5 billion dollars saying they think that--
10:26 am
>> 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion. >> yes, and they want to sign up as many as 5 million totally new beneficiaries for this. so this is growing a program and it's one of the worst programs in government. stuart: you don't get the internet now, oh, we'll give it to you. ashley: yes. stuart: 5 million of you come out, we want to know who you are. >> they're aggressive in recruiting this liz: doesn't this help the internet companies just as the phone programs helped the phone companies? >> absolutely, they're getting new people signing up. i was looking at a company that's earned $80 million off the program in 2013 alone, $20 million fine for waste, fraud and abuse, a fourth of what they're earning. come on, they'll do the same thing. stuart: you always smile, but i don't know why. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: both democratic candidates for president want to ban fracking. i'm going to pick a fight over this one.
10:27 am
i'll take a deep breath over this. and urban meyer from ohio endorse john kasich of ohio. that's big, is it not. more varney in a moment.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> i'm going to call today very modest rally we're up about 40 points. but 17,000 and 40 please remember seven years ago as of this week at 6,000. we have come a long way. hope you didn't miss it. [laughter] twitter, that is down -- we're talking twitter down 4%. they're gong thoopped out additional stock and cash bonuses trying to stop employees from leaving. down it goes 16 on twitter. expedia that is a winner, why? it got investment firm to give it an upgrade. and up it goes 4% expedia.
10:31 am
urban my per head football coach has endorsed john kasich. we brought in tamara because she knows about that to explain to me -- why this is a big deal. speak. >> it's a being deal because urban myer is the highest paid employee in -- public employee in ohio. he's a championship winning coach. he's the second highest paid coach in all of college football behind nick saven he's a big deal so i know money doesn't necessarily define the man. but -- [laughter] he's very well paid and very successful. >> so he's a very important figure in the state of ohio. governor kasich is the govern of ohio. he's standing in the primary next tuesday. this you think does this put kasich over the top more than he is now? >> i think it helps i don't know if it necessarily puts him over the top but urban myer has rock
10:32 am
star stat ties i met him across the street from fox and it was like -- big deal for you. i had to put it on instagram and show you. >> move on to politics. 3450e9 your approval, bernie sanders he was asked about his stance on fannie mae and freddit night's debate. watch this . >> hillary clinton join me if we're serious about climate change about imposing a tax on carbon on the fuel industry -- and making natural investments in in efficiency and sustainable energy and ending fracking. >> let me explain something the method by which you extract natural gas and other fossil fuel and rock from underground. fracking by the way has produced a lowest price of natural gas in 17er years. a huge benefit to anybody who is
10:33 am
poor or elderly tamara bernie sanders wants to end fracking so does hillary clinton. end fracking a benefit that is are also helping poor people and older people. or what are you democrats thinking about? [laughter] >> well i'm thinking about the long-term effects of the earth on my family and your family. >> no you're not . you're not going to sell that garbage to me. >> but -- you don't really feel that? >> do you want to know i'll throw you fur a loop because i will bet you you don't know how i really feel. ting that fracking -- ting i think you're going to lose this one. wind is 70% effective 100 out of the year efficient 7 days. >> will you answer the question on fracking? >> fracking -- wind, so or particular all of this is garbage. we need to work on nuclear energy in this country.
10:34 am
we have 120 plants provide 20% of energy, nuclear energy is what we really need to focus on and that would be a bipartisan goal. why can't because you know what, i'm not going to win the fracking debate with you. i'm not going to engage in it. >> what on earth do democrats think they're doing interfering with best benefit that poor people and elderly have had testimony >> best benefit for poor people is jobs and health care. an elderly people. >> back to fracking please . does not -- doesn't hill rit and bernie, they don't want energy independence and they don't want cheap naturally gas for our citizens. cheap and affecting people's water. >> epa said it doesn't. >> studyings that say that it does. >> home of the green -- oh, it doesn't hurt. >> natural gas fired electricity has lowered carbon emissions. >> thank you very much.
10:35 am
told you i wouldn't engage in this debate. >> you have the segment i didn't want to have. >> turn around and say bernie and hillary you shouldn't be coming out with that nonsense please don't do that. you are sidetracking the whole debate. why saying that? >> because they don't listen to me just the way you don't. >> oh, i listen carefully. i do. every word. tamara are we done with you? we are. >> story of my life. [laughter] >> you're going to interject somehow or other. still on politics our next guest wrote the book clinton inc. and right now clinton inc. has necessary deeing gat count wrapped up before voting is finished. daniel helper is with us. do you think that -- she's got the delegate count racked up. i mean, and superdelegates as well. delegates she's home free isn't she? >> yeah that's exactly correct. pledge delegates determined by
10:36 am
voters, hillary clinton has a decent lead but not a commanding lead and insurmountable lead but factor in unpledged, superdelegates hillary clinton has something like a 458 superdelegates to bernie sanders 22. now who are these superdelegates? they're party elders, they're some of them are lobbyists. some of them are elected officials and she has the democratic establishment and very is hard for an insurgent candidate like bernie sanders to gain any sort of traction in really for him to actually compete in the democratic primary. >> now, she was asked last night by jorge ramos if you're indicted, will you drop out? she said that's ridiculous i amt going to answer that question. you answer if she's tithed does chef to drop out? >> kind of no. it's not a fore gone conclusion that she had if she were to be indicted actually drop out. it doesn't change that much in the perception of what e she's tone. you either believe now that she's doing something wrong or not.
10:37 am
a lot of people have dug in, it's a partisan fight so republicans -- >> override all of this? >> i don't know if she can override it but not sure is that she necessarily drops out. keep in mind when richard nixon was impeached he got out like he oval office put his head down and he left. what does bill clinton do, he was able to ride it out successfully and fight back and now he's more popular than what he left overoffice that's a remarkable feet. and it's not clear to me necessarily that she would drop out. but it's a great question. worth asking and interesting that she won't answer it. and she won't say -- definitively to say -- >> you can't really -- >> it's a bad question for her. she's under fbi investigation and that's bad. that's not a good political yet she's likely to be the next democratic nominee. i agree with you. >> daniel help per thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks stuart. >> back to the market. look at this.
10:38 am
we're now down, we started out before the actual market opened futures including a gain of 160 points we open the market up about 100 points. now we've gone down 22. the europeans have tbifn us a nice boost negative interest rates stuff that helps us initially but now we're down 15 points. come on in james, there's a thring or two about stocks, let's look at this -- negative interest rate thing. seems to me like central banks around the world have just lost control. and they don't know what they're doing and that'ses ultimately bad for us. : i think it's dangerous. first of all it's feels intuitively wrong second never been done and don't know long-term side effects of it and don't side effect of quantitative easing and could backfire because it could kreatd create a deflation psychology an say i want to hold my cash it
10:39 am
won't make you spend whether you're a corporation or individual and finally it tells you that they're worried that they feel they're running out of bullets to do this and add one more, it can weaken financial institutions institutions so i don't think it is particularly good news. >> any idea how you would react? i don't to personalize this but supposing negative interest rates cam to america you don't get it all back. what would you do? >> make you want to borrow money to buy a car. terrible psychology you wouldn't want to hoard your cash and insulate yourself from -- potentially weak financial institutions and a decline in pricing. : you put it in cash. literally hundred dollar bill under mattress maybes that's why they're talking about getting rid of the hundred dollar bill. they're proposes to get rid of the 500 euro note to europe. >> right, and they're going completely down the wrong path what they need is fiscal reform. regulatory reform. >> tax cuts. >> that's what that means.
10:40 am
nobody is doing that. japanese is not, european is not we're not doing it. all they're doing is taking the money, confiscating it with negative interest rates and precincting more money in eights place. >> in fact last time we jump start our economy and get out of the funk from the 70s, with precisely that. that's what we did. we cult regulation. cut taxes and it worked. central bankers are doing what they can it shall but it's likely not going to work have diminishing returns what we need is politicians to take control. >> james awol you make great sense. thank you so much sir. appreciate it. we heard from clay aiken last hour former apprentice guy. now another former apprentice contestant will tell us what it's like working with donald trump. is actor stephen baldwin a trump are supporter. just watch this from clay aiken. >> you can't call this man -- >> no, you're not hearing me. i said i don't think he's a fashion -- or racist but i think he's a democrat.
10:41 am
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from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief what happened to the rally right has been higher. but investors are still skiddish and we're seeing stocks pull back. dow right now has moved to the downside that is now down 17 points. the s&p 500 down 1, nasdaq composite also lower down about 9 as oil pulled become and gold gain. on the dow we have some winners
10:43 am
still remaining indeed that would be goldman sachs until cisco system and looeders while microsoft, exxon and caterpillar under pressure. couple of movers including box supported higher than quarterly revenue. that is a good performer there up 2.9% square ceo jack dorsey came out with the the first report. up side now is down 5.5%. start your day on fox business every morning at 5 a.m. i'll start your day there alongt with lauren simonetti. till our . we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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10:45 am
>> all right. well where are we going first here to the story -- >> sure if you want to do that. >> no go to special guest. >> stephen baldwin special guest i want him on the show. because last hour, here he isest that stephen baldwin now last hour clay achen on the show fired from the apprentice he doesn't like him and not going to vote for him . now hearing from this guy another apprentice casualty actor steen baldwin sorry about that. >> on the battle field of trump. [laughter] i had been a casualty. >> but you are a supporter of trump are you not? >> yes, i am, for me in the realm of common sense logic, for me -- just me --
10:46 am
i think he'll make america great again no question. one week bever before the first republican debate i was on another network doing an interview, and i simply said i think america is going to respond to donald trump because he spikes his mind he's not politically correct or a politician. one week before the first republican debate, now i get a whole lot of people going -- where's that crystal ball of yours? baldwin i think it's interesting time and i think sure enough again i think mr. trump could do a wonderful job. >> i know you're a christian. >> hard core. >> big time -- i understand that i've known for some years. now donald trump says things which i think are unchristian. >> right. >> insulting, whatever, insult is an unchristian thing and foul language. how do you get over that in your support for him?
10:47 am
>> i won't ask you if you ever use foul language. >> forum -- >> correct. and i try to do my best as well. but everybody makes mistakes. i think that mr. trump now has kind of learned along the way like he's going to continue to learn along the way. and everybody is going to turn out and say oh, baldwin wants president that will learn along the way. well, you know what, every president learns along the way. >> his wife is munching him to be more presidential saying that, and he tries. he goes up in front of cameras and he starts out presidential. he's calmer, and then he takes the bait from an insult off he goes. >> this is going to sound crazy rather have a slightly foul mouth president that thinks for himself and makes decisions and follows them through that help americans than one that et
10:48 am
cetera, et cetera, et cetera. i think that mr. trump, polls are show now we have florida, now we have this -- the americans are speaking the voters are speaking, ands it's just clearly establishing for itself that mr. trump is the person they're looking for. >> now, you are promoting a new movie it's called god's club i believe. it just released on dvd. hold on a second show a clip please. roll tape. >> in two days we launch our new bible club. >> wow that's going to have some consequences. >> i remember this still being a free country. what if people don't believe in what you believe? do you think it's fair to shove it down their throats? >> no one is forcing anyone to come to the bible club. >> that looks good. >> elaborate. >> good wholesome family entertainment. [laughter] no friends of mine joe, jack in l.a. put this movie together with their company, and now as i
10:49 am
interest so something that a lot of young people are facing in public schools today about what they can speak about and what had they can't speak about, there's a wonderful line in the movie that says wh created the law of a separation between church and state it was never intentded to become a separation from god. that's a fact. >> that is something i'm going to watch. do you ever talk to your brother about politics? [silence] okay. >>ed a good news leave it there stephen baldwin. it was a pleasure. good luck with the movie. weapon appreciate you being here. >> fall yacht at the university of missouri after last year protest over mishandling of the incident what is the fallout? >> they have a $32 billion budget short fall. hiring freeze, they're saying unexpected, significant drop in freshman enrollment up to a fifth. >> is that directly related to
10:50 am
the events at that university surrounding racial -- >> people wanting to sign up or potential freshman are saying value of the degrees is it worth it when you're silencing protest there and they're breaking out there. may have been mishandled. >> got it, thanks. check the price of natural gas that is at the lowest level in a -- this century. i should say this century. inits of millions are saving a lot of money on our heating bills. are we nots? all thanks to the fracking boom. democrats they want no to shut the industry down. i have something to say about that in a moment . ♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> i'm blake berman where the race for the white house has a focus on ohio. governor john kasich is defending his turf there and he just picked up an endorsement from quite possibly most popular figure in that state urban myer, head football coach at ohio state. >> leadership that you've shown in the state of ohio since we've been back either before your friendship as a friend, and as a true supporter of what you stand for now that i really know what you stand for. we'd like to tell you we wish you the best.
10:55 am
>> recent ohio poll put myers approval rating at 85%. the latest fox news poll shows kasich with support of 34% of ohio republicans in the primary there. topping donald trump by just 5 points and within the margin of error. stuart i'll send it back over to you. >> the price of natural gas has dropped. the lowest level this century. yeah, a 17-year low. love it. tense of millions of people the bill for home heating has come way down. love it. well not everyone loves it. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have come out against fracking. that's the drilling method which is produced very cheap natural gas. and the debate sunday, both candidates said clearly, they oppose fracking. that they would impose so many regulations on it that the frackers would be driven out of business. no fracking, no cheap natural gas. the financial times calls this troubling. "the wall street journal" call it is amaze, and so it is.
10:56 am
who would have thought that in thes would turn their backs on the poor? that's what they're doing, it is poor poem and the elderly who benefit the most from cheap, natural gas. let's get right out of here. hillary and bernie are doing bidding of environmentalist who is oppose fossil fuels and natural gas is a fossil fuel. greens are are powerful and wealthy voting block. to win their support l hillary and bernie have to fall in line with them. so at the precise moment where they're all enjoying cheap energy, the greens demand we roll it back . and hillary and bernie fall in line. one last point, fracking has given america a good shot at energy independence. at long last, we don't need people who hate us and try to kill us. nothing would help our enemies more than a fracking ban. that's another reason why hillary and bernie's fracking ban is amazing to hurt the poor and help our enemies is to say the least, troubling.
10:57 am
our emotions not even as much cushion stuffed up or not
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
♪ speed to look at what we have for you. the dow jones industrial average not owing very far. the europeans have to confiscate markets are down. to politics. governor john k said picks up a big endorsement. i am told that that is very big news. marco rubio way behind to the polls. also. facebook's latest purchase. it is an app. jo ling kent will demonstrate. "varney & company" continues right now. ♪
11:01 am
we started like we always do. politics. governor kasich beats donald trump by five points. get this. i am told that this is a big endorsement. i can understand that. urban meyer comes out in support of john kasich. world tape. >> we have been backing you before. your friendship and a friend. a true supporter of what you stand for. we would like to tell you we wish you guys the best. stuart: look who is here. gretchen carlson. of course, elizabeth. gretchen. [laughter] i am told that the urban meyer endorser is a very big deal.
11:02 am
it means a lot. >> especially in the state of ohio. the ohio state university. as it is referred to. i think that it is very interesting. tromp. you have nascar drivers getting in on it. celebrity endorsements often times do not mean anything. i do think that this one means something. >> i think in this election cycle, the politicians endorsements do not mean anything. newspaper endorsements all mean anything. sports and celebrity figures do carry some weight. >> he does not really come out supporting candidates. >> hillary clinton.
11:03 am
bernie. the way i look at it, smiling a lot. i feel the guy was more approachable last night. >> then his poll numbers will continue to go up. people see him as authentic already. more of authenticity and it is being likable. >> i know that we saw in michigan that he won. i think that that is sort of a micro cause. you have an interesting racial mix in the state of michigan. you have to wonder if you are hillary clinton, that is what will be in the future. stuart: supposed to win michigan, monica. >> authenticity.
11:04 am
it does not matter to these voters. he is authentic. in the early 1990s, i have more respect than i do for most american democrats. it will tell you exactly what they believe in. twenty-five years of history. i think she may be winning the superdelegate primary. stuart: that is a little strong. >> the guy was a communist and remains a communist. he has been a, missed his entire life. the media has failed to go back and look at his history with cuba. >> he went to the soviet union. >> that is what i am saying. going back and looking in depth
11:05 am
about what bernie sanders really is. stuart: okay. >> i cannot say that anymore, either. he calls himself a socialist. [laughter] stuart: donald trump criticizing the establishment. we got this from hannity. just roll tape. >> these are the people taking advantage of our country. they do not want to have strong borders. they do not want to have taxation. politicians will do what is right for the people back dave them the money. not what is right for the country. trish: tromp number one appeal to voters every time he says he is self-funded. he does not owe his life or anything else to lobbyists or the establishment. as long as he continues to hammer that home, i think that
11:06 am
he continues to go up in the polls. trish: it is ridiculous. he has been in office since 1990. hillary clinton is part of the establishment. stuart: pile on bernie sanders half-hour. >> to gretchen's point about donald trump, founding fathers, their visions were for city leaders. i am not a professional politician. i am what the founders intended. you go into server country for two years and then you go back to what you originally due. stuart: laying off bernie for a second. i want to move on to the university of missouri. protected the university of missouri. in roman is down. $832 million budget deficit. here is the real headline.
11:07 am
remember that fired communications director. she was terminated and now she is appealing that termination. >> she said that she did not receive due process. >> from what i saw, she received a lot of it. stuart: she had a lawyer and two investigations. >> enrollment is d specifically of monks to freshman. by 20%. people saw what happened there. parents got smart and thought maybe we do not want our kids in this environment. nowhere in it does he say, maybe we should allow all points of view on this campus. maybe that would ring more students back. stuart: he really blew that one. >> well, i think so. they will also face a penalty. maybe they will rethink their thinking. stuart: good.
11:08 am
accountability. >> the media, this was a pinned off area. the media could not be there. is this america, or what? losing that on the first amendment grounds. >> university bowed to conservative voices and the media. >> i want to leave time for this. you have a cameo role on house of cards. let's take a look at this. world tape. >> monica, have to get your look on this. >> they would not want to admit it. her being down there for the primary. stuart: juan williams. [laughter] >> a whole lot of lines. [laughter] in it several times.
11:09 am
move on. we have to earn our lives. stuart: how many takes did it take to get it right. >> because they were so good, it did not take as many. five? >> fewer. i think like they are for. we had to keep it quiet for a few months. >> my take on this show. >> i like being quiet, actually. >> that is the end of the rapidfire round. thank you to our guest. quickly. check that date board. we did have the rally. we are down about 40 points. how about the price of oil. oil is down. maybe that is why the stock market came off a little bit. it is not looking good for senator marco rubio.
11:10 am
rubio's home state. tromp, 43, rubio at just 20. marco rubio told megan kelly that he is not dropping out. >> cnn, cbs and fox business suggesting that you have had discussions with people on your team about dropping out of this race before florida. >> that is 100% categorically false. i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or anyone on planet earth or any planet for that matter. stuart: bret baier is with us this morning. could you say that it isn't marco rubio's best self interest to get out of the race now to save his political career. before he is beaten in his own home state. >> obviously, it is coming to an
11:11 am
end as well. this is not going to work. he is going to go into private public cyst. he says he is going to fight until the interior. it is possible that he closes the gap. in our poll, he is so far behind. it will really be an uphill battle to close that by tuesday. stuart: non-trump candidates. they have mounted a furious attack on donald trump. trying to get together. >> he even sees that when he went after tromping kind of got down in the mud, he was hurt by it. that was not him. that was not his campaign. his kids were embarrassed by it. the anti-trump movement is coalescing and spending tens of millions of dollars on ads.
11:12 am
you know that every ad, almost, every other ad, is some kind of anti-trump had. his base is so loyal. one correction from earlier. he self-funded campaign. in reality, he has loaned his campaign $17 million. stuart: i am sorry. i have to interrupt you. we have president obama about to hold a news conference. here is what he is saying. >> not interfering with our five lateral relationship. how much we value our great alliance and partnership with our friends up north. we are holding together so
11:13 am
deeply. sometimes, it is easy to forget how truly remarkable our relationship is. more than 5000 miles. the longest in the world. every day, we do some $2 billion in trade and investment. that is the bilateral economic relationship in the world. workers of the business people, students, to arrest, neighbors and of course every time we have a presidential election, our friends up north have to brace for americans who swear they will move to canada. typically, it turns out fine. [laughter] this is now my second meeting with justin.
11:14 am
i am grateful i have them as a partner. he campaigned on a message of hope and campaign and change. positive and optimistic vision. a world stage. this country is leaving on climate change and cares deeply about development. from my perspective, what is not to like. of course, no two nations agree on everything. in terms of our interest, values, how we approach the world, few countries match up the way the united states and canada do. our two nations are more closely aligned than ever. we want to make it easier to trade and invest with one another.
11:15 am
the candidates for u.s. exports. supporting about 1.7 million. so many of our products are built on both sides of the border in integrated supply chain. this coproduction makes us more competitive in the global economy as a whole and we want to keep it that way. moving back and forth across the borders. we discussed how to move forward with the transpacific partnership. today we also read her for hundred of firms. nato allies, united for the threat against terrorism.
11:16 am
training and advising in iraq. providing support. we are working closely to prevent foreign fighters. full implementation. even as we uphold the privacy of our respected citizens. it has led to a measurable drop in violence. though leaders and getting humanitarian to syria who are in desperate need. meanwhile, our two countries continue to safely welcome refugees. i want to commend justin in the canadian people for their passionate leadership on this front.
11:17 am
the united states and canada are fully united in combating climate change. i saw both of our nations threatened by rising seas melting permafrost, disappearing glaciers and sea ice. we are focusing on making sure the paris agreement is fully implemented. today we are also announcing some of the steps. our goal to bring down that same image and in the oral and gas sectors. >> international aviation. we are announcing a new heart ownership. later this year, i will welcome our partners, including canada
11:18 am
to our white house on the arctic to deepen our cooperation. we are also grateful for canada's partnership. i want to thank you for the continued support. i will continue with my upcoming visit to cuba next week. we will work to help colombia achieved peace and remove the deadly legacy. we will work with partners across the hemisphere to prevent the spread of the seek of virus. working together actively for diagnostic and vaccines that can make a real difference. finally, our shared values. our commitment to human development. continue to guide our work as global partners. we are stepping up our efforts.
11:19 am
we are urging to help ethiopian. reaffirming our commitments to the health and education around the world. top africa initiative. renewable energy. >> i want to thank you for my partnership. your cooperation for our countries for years to come. i would like to think that it is only the beginning. i look forward to welcoming you back. i am pleased that we are able to announce the next leaders summit will be in canada this summer. the prime minister is invited me to the parliament.
11:20 am
i look forward to the opportunity to speak directly to the canadian people about the future we can build together. prime minister. >> good morning, everyone. it is an honor to be here. as i have reflected on the stories relationship between our two great countries, returning to president kennedy. what unites us. far greater than what divides us. that is president obama mentioning earlier, geography made us neighbors and shared values made us kindred spirits. it is our choices, individually and collectively that make us friends. that friendship notch by much hard work has allowed us to do great things through our american history. to the free trade agreement and
11:21 am
now, today, on climate change. the president and i share a common goal. we want the cleaned growth economy that continues to provide good jobs in grade opportunities for all of our citizens. i am confident that by working together, we will get there sooner than we think. let's take the parents agreement. both asa bolick declaration on climate change. a guide for growing our economy in a sustainable way. they have committed to signing the agreement as soon as possible. the president and i have announced today and will take action to reduce methane emissions nearly by half from the oil and gas sector.
11:22 am
reduce use and emissions of fluorides. 118 standards for heavy-duty bill calls. we also announce a new partnership aiming to develop a sustainable economy in the art deck. new standards based on scientific data. from fishing in the high seas of the arctic as well as new standards. less emissions. also promote it in the region. in addition to putting it there. preserving that diversity in arctic. both more open and save.
11:23 am
the airports and in toronto and in québec. as well as the station in montréal and vancouver. creating a u.s. canada working group in the next 60 days. accessing how we will resolve areas on the no-fly list. >> we acknowledge the fundamental relationship between canada and the united states. we have historically been each other's largest trading partners. each and every day with the goods and services across the border. today, we reaffirmed our commitment to streamlining trade between our countries. overall, the president and i agree on many things. including the paramount
11:24 am
importance. the direction we want to take our countries and to make sure there is a clean and prosperous future. we made tremendous progress on many issues. fortunately, i will leave town with my beloved expos still here in washington. can't have everything. i would like to conclude, barack's leadership on the climate change filed to date. i want to ensure the american people that they have a real partner in canada. canada and the u.s. will stand side-by-side to confront the pressing needs. the entire planet. i am very much looking forward to the remainder of my time here in washington. thank you again for your leadership and your friendship. i know that our two countries can achieve great angst by working together as allies and
11:25 am
friends. as we have done so many times before. >> we will take a few questions. >> thank you mr. president. i want to ask you about the supreme court. a highly qualified nominee. can you give us a sense of what other fact or is you are considering? does it affect your decision to know that your nominee is very likely to hang out in the public eye? frankly, should that be driving your decision, you are askinsoms forward at this point. i wanted to ask you, i know you have been watching our presidential campaign here in the u.s. you even made a joke about americans that may be frightened of a donald trump candidacy.
11:26 am
donald trump or ted cruz winning the presidency. you obviously see eye to eye with him on a lot of issues. how would this affect the relationship. >> even though was not directed at me, let me just -- [laughter] i do want to point out that i am absolutely certain that in 2012, when there was the possibility that i may be regularly elected, there were folks saying they were going to go to canada as well. one of the great things about canada's relationship in the united states, it is bipartisan. with respect to the supreme court, i have told you what i am looking for. i want somebody that is an outstanding jurist. has impeccable leadership
11:27 am
credentials. who, by historical standards, would not even be questioned as qualified for the court. obviously, it is somebody who i want to make sure follows the constitution. cares about things. precedent. understands the necessary humility of a judge. at any level. looking at the statute did looking at what the elected branches are doing. not viewing themselves. elected representatives. also recognizing the critical role that that place in.
11:28 am
ensuring that it does not skew in ways that systematically leave people out. they are cherished documents like the bill of rights. >> i will do my job. outland in the constitution. i find it ironic. people are constantly citing the constitution. suddenly reading into the constitution. requirements. precisely the interpretive
11:29 am
approach that they have been rejected. well, cannot, you cannot abandon your principles if, in fact these are your principles. a nomination has been made. i am confident that whoever i select, among fair-minded people, will view that as an eminently qualified person. deciding whether they want to follow the constitution and abide by the rules. ultimately, under doing our democracy and that ensure that the supreme court does not just become one more extension of our polarized politics.
11:30 am
if and when that happens, our system is not going to work. it is not that the supreme court or any of our courts can be sealed from the rest of our society, these are human beings. they read the newspapers. our goal is to have them be objective and be able to execute their duties in a way that gives everybody, both the winning party in the losing party of any given case a sense that they were treated fairly. it depends on a process of selecting and confirming judges that are perceived as fair. my hope is that cooler heads will prevail and people will reflect on what is at stake here. once a nomination is made.
11:31 am
>> abundantly clear whenever the president of the prime minister sits down to engage on important issues. the relationship and friendship between our two countries goes far beyond to individuals or any ideologies. i have tremendous confidence in the american people and look forward to working together with whoever they sent to this white house later this year. >> good morning. this meeting is happening at a unique point in the canada u.s. relationship. you have very little time left ear. you have several years to talk about and think about canada's most important relationship. we need to lay down some
11:32 am
markers. whether those things may include something. allowing goods and services to flow more freely. on a more personal note, you got a chance to observe each other. i would like to ask you for your impressions. president obama as a potential legacy. we do think it is especially keen to see the prime minister do something. >> we very much did engage on big issues throughout our conversation. over the month leading up to this meeting today. issues that are important not just to our citizens, but to the
11:33 am
entire world. how we ensure that there is no contradiction between a strong economy and a protected environment. how we need to work together as individual countries. addressing the challenges of climate change. how we continue to ensure security for our citizens here at home. also, stability and opportunity and health security. people around the world facing pandemics and violence and issues. these are big issues. they will continue to. one of the things that we highlighted is we have different scales.
11:34 am
different perspectives on similar issues and shared values. it is actually a benefit. we can complement each other. i look forward to many, many more years that live out to the both of us. a collaboration between our two countries. >> the topic this morning has been what is that stake. climate change. our commitment towards the populations. canada and the united states. lucky countries in many ways. always have a lot to do to be together in the world. keep on doing in the years to
11:35 am
decades to come. we hope in the centuries to calm. somebody that was a deep thinker. someone with a big heart and big brain. for me to be able to count, who has lived the true meaning and about to encounter. it is a great conference to me. people that you can't trust. people that you can count on. personally. especially when you are facing very big challenges. we are doing this right now in the united states and canada. >> always pleased to hear from president all, how he has engaged with the difficult issues of the past.
11:36 am
he is a man of both tremendous heart and tremendous intellect. being able to draw on his experience and wisdom as i face the very real challenges that our countries and world will be facing in the coming years. it is something that i appreciate deeply. >> well, alex, was it? let me just know, first of all, the tenure of your question seems to apply that i am old and creaky. you managed it well. do not think that i did not catch that. it is true. in my congratulatory call, i indicated to him that, if in fact, we plan to keep your dark hair, you have to start dying it early.
11:37 am
you hit a certain point that it is too light, you will be caught. i think justin and his delegation, one of the things that we learned very rapidly. this is a team effort, not a solo act. they are bringing the right values. you nervous energy. the enormous passion. commitment to their work. perhaps, most importantly, it is clear that they are keenly interested in the process of solving problems. i think that that is how democracies are supposed to work. that is reflected in the positive response to the work that they have done so far and i think that that will carry them very far.
11:38 am
the larger role is self impairing. he is going to do a great job. we are looking forward to partnering with him. we look forward to having him and his team as a partner. >> with respect to big ideas. you do not fix what is not broken. a set of revolutionary concepts. what it does require is not taking the relationship for granted. it does require a steady effort. perhaps, most importantly, it requires because we have so much
11:39 am
in common that we recognize on the big looming issues in the horizon, it is vital for us to work together because though more aligned we are, though more we can shape the international agenda to meet these challenges. climate change is such an example. this will be a big problem for everybody. there are countries that will be his worst buy it. in some ways, canada, the united states as well. countries. they can manage better. responsible for a lot of the carbon dilution that is causing climate change. if we are not stars cited, if we do not pool our resources around the research and development and clean energy development, then,
11:40 am
other countries will not step up and it will not get solved. that is a big idea. that is a really important effort. with respect to the economy a market-based economy. also, underwrites our individual freedoms in many ways. we value our business sector. we value entrepreneurship. what we are seeing across the developed world and this will have manifestations in the developing world, the need for
11:41 am
more inclusion in the world, making sure that it is broad-based. making sure that people are not left behind in a globalized economy. that is an area, that is a big idea for the united states and canada to work together on. if we do not get this right, if we do not make sure that the average canadian board the average american has confidence that the fruits of their labor, the opportunities for their children are going to continue to expand over time. if they see society in which a very few are doing better and better in the middle class and working people are falling further and further behind. that destabilizes the economy. it makes it less efficient.
11:42 am
it makes it rapid in its growth. it also starts destabilizing our politics. working together to find defect have ways. not to pretend that we can shut off trade. forgetting that we are a nation of immigrants. the world is big. we are going to help shape it. we will value our openness and our diverse city. the fact that we are leaders in a global supply chain. we will do so in ways to make sure that everyone benefits. that is important. i know justin shares that
11:43 am
commitment just as i do. >> someone as provocative even some of the protection rhetoric from some democratic candidates. do you have a timeline where you may make a presidential endorsement? do you feel political heat is constraining your pool of nominees? >> nominating disappeared c quickly, i think it is important for the supreme court to have the full complement of justice.
11:44 am
i am having to take shortcuts in term of this election and vetting process. with respect to your first question, i have heard this argument a couple of times. i have been blamed by republicans for a lot of things. select date their party. one of my bureaucrats is agree to which polarization and the nasty tone of politics has
11:45 am
accelerated, rather than weighing over the course of the last seven and a half years. i do all kinds of soul-searching in terms of other things. i can do better and making sure we are unifying the country. i also have to say, margaret, objectively, it is fair to say that the republican political elites and many of the information outlets, social media and news outlets, talk radio, television stations they had been deceiving the republican base for the last seven years. cooperation or compromise
11:46 am
somehow is a betrayal. the positions on issues. they are politically advantageous. there is a them out there an end us. whatever problems you are experiencing. the tone of dow politics, which i certainly have not contributed to, i do not hate that i was the one to prompt questions about my birth certificate, for example, i do not remember saying, why don't you ask me about that. [laughter] you know, why don't you question
11:47 am
whether i am american or whether i am loyal or whether i have america's best interest at heart. those are not things that were prompted by any of the actions in life. all of those efforts. a creative in firemen, a place where donald trump can thrive. doing more of what has been until the last years. it is not as if there's a massive difference between mister trumps and mister cruise's position.
11:48 am
for that matter, it is not that different than mr. rubio's positions on immigration. mr. cruzan mr. rubio, their own families are the products of immigration. the openness of our society. i am more than happy to old the only office holder that was elected by all the american people. the bridge divides and helps us find common ground. as i said before, i think that exist all across the country. you see it every day and how people work together and live together and play together and raise their kids together.
11:49 am
what i am not going to do is validate some notion that the republicans crack up that has been taken place is a consequence of actions that i have taken. what is interesting, i will just say one last thing about this. there are thoughtful conservatives that are troubled by this. troubled by the direction of the party. allowing them the circuit we transpired.
11:50 am
ultimately, i want a effect if were publican party. this country has to have responsible parties back and governed and are prepared to lead whether they are in the minority or the majority. i have often said, i want a serious effective republican party. challenging some of the blind spots. i think that that is useful. i believe there have been trade deals on occasion in the past. often times they have served the interest of global corporations. not necessarily serving the interest.
11:51 am
i am absolutely persuaded that we cannot put up walls. around the global economy. selling a bill of goods to the american people and workers that just shut down trade somehow. somehow, your problems will go away. it prevents us from resolving some of these big events and the decline of our manufacturing base and so on. that is an area where some traditional conservatives and economists have had some important insights. they cannot be presented, effectively, if, if it is combined with no interest in helping workers and dusting of unions.
11:52 am
providing tax breaks to the wealthy. rather than providing health to folks that are working hard and trying to pay the bills. certainly, it will not be heard, if it is coupled with the anti-immigrant that betrays our values. >> the democratic voters doing just fine. two good people that care deeply about our country. working people in this country for a long time. my most important role will be
11:53 am
that i bring everybody together so they focus on winning the general election. >> i will be asking the prime minister my question in french. i will continue afterwards. >> talking about lumber. it is a major problem. thinking about solutions to avoid that conflict. several agreements. what can you do so that the fermentation survives the november election and that all of this has to be restarted a year from now? >> looming over the conflict in
11:54 am
october. to what extent is the fear of losing the democrats? kind of hampering progress on this. a number of agreements. what can be done to not be lost on a new administration. everything has to be started all over again. >> for months and months we have been preparing this meeting. a lot is at stake. canadian workers and canadian economy. among the discussions, we raise
11:55 am
the questions. they keep on working on that. totally confident that we are on the right track. the next weeks and months to calm. now in terms of the decisions that we have taken and the work we have done today, i am extremely confident that that is what we have managed to achieve. i am confident that all of this is going to become a reality. not only is it good for one side or the other side. our economy -- the population is so did. we are going to have agreements
11:56 am
that will facilitate crossing the borders while increasing all of the security of our citizens. with a lot of progress and a lot of success today. >> any issues over the course of an extremely productive course. working on it intensely by our respective friends, colleagues and delegations over the past weeks and months. certainly, lumber came up. i am confident that we are on a track towards resolving this.
11:57 am
they will move forward. we found such broad agreement. indeed both of our countries. the kids in the future. workers and businesses. tackle the challenges on the economy and environment. this is what friendship is all about. feeling extremely good. a gun this morning. the work remaining.
11:58 am
over the coming weeks and months on the issues we prop forward today. >> it will get resolved in some fashion. our teams are already making progress on it. long-standing bilateral irritant. hardly defines the nature of the u.s. canadian relationship. we have some very smart people and they will find a way to resolve it. undoubtably to the dissatisfaction of all parties, that is the nature of these kinds of things. each side will want 100%. they will find a way for each side to get 60%. people will complain and grumble.
11:59 am
it will be fine. in terms of continuity, one thing i will say, as alex described, and administration, seeing things very differently than i do. what you discover is, for all the differences you may have in your political parties, when you are actually in charge, then, you have to do what is needed to be done and what is in front of
12:00 pm
you. one of the things that is important for the united states or for canada or for any leading power in the world is to live up to its commitments and to provide continuing momentum on efforts even if they did not start under your administration. there is a whole host of initiatives that began under the bush administration. some that i was very enthusiastic about. saving millions of lives. preventing hiv, aids or provided vital drugs to those already in fact did with hiv-aids. some think that deserves enormous credit for. we continued we continued that but there are also areas when i was outside


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