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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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one of the things that is important for the united states or for canada or for any leading power in the world is to live up to its commitments and to provide continuing momentum on efforts even if they did not start under your administration. there is a whole host of initiatives that began under the bush administration. some that i was very enthusiastic about. saving millions of lives. preventing hiv, aids or provided vital drugs to those already in fact did with hiv-aids. some think that deserves enormous credit for. we continued we continued that but there are also areas when i was outside
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the government i questioned how they were approaching it. i might have tweak it to be extended involved foreign policy. i might say to my foreign policy partners we have a problem of doing it this way, but here it's a suggestion for how we can do the same thing to meet your interests in a slightly different way. you are always concerned about making sure the credibility of the united states is sustained or credibility of canada is sustained or when there's turnover in governments, the work that has been done continues. particularly when you have a close friendship and relationship with a partner like canada, it is not as if we are doing the arctic or entry and exit visas vanishes when the next president comes in.
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of course i intend to make sure the next president agrees with me on everything. just in case that doesn't happen, the u.s./canadian relationship will be fine. thank you, everybody. charles: welcome to coast-to-coast, charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. that was president obama and canadian prime minister just wrapping up their joint news conference together. peter barnes standing by in the white house with more. >> donald trump has not even started measuring the drapes and he dominated this press conference between the canadian prime minister and president obama. questions divided two for the u.s. press corps and two from the canadian press corps, two questions were about donald trump. it comes back to a joke the
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canadian prime master made about a web site set up i had gone living in nova scotia in the atlantic, if donald trump wins, meaning we would welcome americans to move there. the president started this off by referring to this joke and this website. listen. >> every time we have a presidential election our friends to the north have to embrace for americans who swear in the room move to canada if the other party wins. typically it turns out fine. >> now everybody is trying to walk this back. the president himself and the canadian prime minister saying he has tremendous confidence in the american people to let a new president and he will work with whoever the american people select. charles: thank you very much.
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president obama saying the republican party is turning into something not effective. he says it is irresponsible. dagen mcdowell and connell mcshane, what the make of the press conference? dagen: very interesting the prime minister has been on the job four months and he is like this with president obama on climate change. i was waiting for him to shout -- i am -- connell: dagen mcdowell speaking french. dagen: it is an old joke from kids in the hall. we have two economy is that i week if not in your recession. because of the collapse in energy prices, they are worried about climate change and talking down essentially the fossil fuel business. you have candidates economy grew at the slowest pace since 2009, since the recession back then. you have towns, cities like calgary and edmonton that will
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stay in recession or contract into the new year, same-store in hard-hit areas of the country, oil edged natural gas producing businesses and this is their focus on mutual love fest. charles: to be honest before he was sworn in, he was sold as their version of barack obama and where i find interesting, they rejected the conservative government which has done an amazing job getting through the great recession in favor of this quasi socialist. the new what they're getting and they will pay an economic price. connell: tried to start talking about climate change but peter is right in pointing out that the presidential election will hang over all these comments foreign leaders make and only if the leader of mexico was intel would you see a more pronounced effect. we talk about the presidential election, not about issues this year but demotion and anti-establishment and all that. if we talk about one issue it
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would be treated because that is that the part of it what people are quote at the angry about. that is what this came back to today when the president was asked by one of the reporters if he feels responsible for having created donald trump, he gave his most political answers, republicans were creating their own issues that this election here, we heard the prime minister talk about streamlining trade between the countries, the election, is an anti trade election, bernie sanders and donald trump. dagen: the wall street journal today. charles: the irony for a canada that's prime minister being here is if we talk about ripping up n nafta most americans only think of the mexican part, not the canadian part. let's take ohio. $54 billion a year and exports, guess what the largest country is those exports go to? canada overwhelmingly.
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if we are going to rip up nafta, the present small-business. if we are going to rip that up it will have a negative impact on canada and a lot of american companies exporting to canada and that is an interesting -- connell: the most pro free-trade comments in the. any conversation about this election in months. dagen: to that point the prime minister of canada is going to have to make friends and be nice and be pals with the next president of the united states even if it happens to be a republican and you will be a lot tougher if it turns out it is donald trump because he has to make a case which canada is our number one trading partner in the world, even ahead of china. important relationship regardless of whether the next president agrees with the prime minister. connell: the liberal politicians are going to be the ones making arguments in their own self-interest for free trade and going against the supposedly conservative leader if that is to donald trump is it elected.
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charles: to that point, the u.s./can a relationship transcends party politics and work with anyone america lacks saying we have this relationship, it is a republican fine, donald trump, flying, the dates dagen: the prime minister can look to his left and see how the job can age you. he looks very young and saucy right now. charles: is that another french word? but listen. tonight at the indeed the this will come up. this will be first and foremost on trade. the american public will have to educate themselves and for a long time this is how you get cheap tvs and computers but also some people have to focus on the job aspects because going back to ohio, according to the business roundtable, 1.5 million jobs exist because of exports.
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is a dicey proposition. dagen: people who are feeling donald trump or barry sanders, those manufacturing jobs lost in part because of trade they will never come back likely but the roster over the last three decades, a giant swath of the midwest and the south. connell: if you are john kasich who is up by 5 points trying to win some states, fairly at least on this issue economic issues, middle of the road guy or center-right guy as opposed to donald trump who is protectionist in for the policies but if you are john kasich in your homes the even the argument dagen mcdowell made that it is hard, these jobs are never coming back, you have to retrain yourself and get a different job. easier to say i am going to bring those back, those jobs back from china. anybody asks hall, will bring those jobs back. dagen: john kasich has 79%
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approval rating, doesn't need to do anything but that donald b. donald. charles: this is something of a lot of swing states a central issue whether it is ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, take a look at a photograph, recent photograph of any automobile manufacturing full and you will only see robots. you can talk about that but it is more difficult when you talk about the dollar, donald trump talks about currency manipulation. everyone does it. this morning that ecb did it big time but it is resonating. connell: the counter argument is the only simple counterargument is all the things you having your house, your television, whatever you using is cheaper because of free trade in. someone lost their jobs in that house -- charles: i would rather have a job that tv, but there are so many factors to and a lot of people in this country make big money, good money by exporting
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goods. dagen: something donald trump says on the campaign trail, donald trump, the majority of cars that are sold in the united states and manufactured in the united states. the parts can come from elsewhere and the whole car is not the in the usa but the vast majority are symbols in the united states of america. charles: the number one most american car would be something like that toyota. dagen: because the parts are made here as well. charles: it is a complicated thing and people are frustrated. the next hundred years it will be more complicated. the harder part is revamping education and to your point retraining people. that is more difficult than a simple solution. dagen: that is not resonating with voters. you need better job skills. for someone, greek minister and -- manufacturing job went to mexico some years ago and they have been told that election season you need better training,
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better skills and you see what they're doing. before someone making the climate change document somebody says why would i care about this, this will be long after i am gone, make the argument to someone in nearly 50s or 60s but as to work and have an income for x amount of years the you have to be retrained or have a dog in a different industry that doesn't exist yet, that is exciting to someone -- charles: thanks a lot. if you are a climate change denial air, watch out. the justice department a be coming after you. we have details next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex
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are threatened by rising seas, melting permafrost, disappearing glaciers fancy ice and so make sure the paris agreement is fully implemented and double our investments in clean energy and development. >> climate change atop initiative between the united states and china. but the climate rules and act already are creating economic damage to our country, marc joins us now. is interesting, we just had this conversation, two economy is, canada heavily invested in natural resources particularly fossil fuels, suffering badly and the top priorities climate change. what do you make of that? >> trudeau was elected as one of his tenants and president obama made it as a centerpiece, two politicians trying to bask in the media spotlight saying we care about the climate and we are going to do something. meanwhile canada, the obama
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administration will not approve the keystone pipeline which could be argued if you care about climate change is a good thing for climate change because if you are worried about the climate change impacts the impact will be much lower because you will be getting off of coal and other sources of oil. the obama administration is going after fracking and a shutdown hundreds of coal plants and closures so they are shutting down the energy economy based on these when in reality they can't do anything about the climate at all even if they try and you could zero out u.s. emissions and it won't have an impact on global emissions. charles: we have seen evidence of that because of the fracking power emissions of gone down, we can't stop china or india, they won't agree to anything that would stop them because they want to power their economies that having said that what the make of the fact that climate change still resonates as a political issue and those politicians on the democratic side are sort of on the climate
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change band wagon. >> they are playing to the party's based in the democratic party. on the republican side there is no concern. if you look at public opinion polls gallup has found the least concern among global warming a mayor and americans since 1989 when they started asking the question of the fear of global warming. so the american public by and large does not care. a survey cannot 62% of americans represented by skeptics in congress. what happens here is they are trying to sell the un/paris agreement, president obama will sign the agreement, paris and the law, will bring the united states to international regulations now, trying to commit to you and mandates and meanwhile we are going forward with domestic man picks through that eat the. none of this has been ratified by the senate or authorized by congress so the next president ultimately is going to deal with it. charles: you are the founder of climate depot, somewhat of a
12:19 pm
global climate warming skeptic if you will. you already talked about how they tried to sell this to the american public and that is failing but what about the notion, criminalizing voices like yours, take a listen to what will read a lynch had to say yesterday. >> under president clinton the department of justice won and won a civil rico action against the tobacco industry for its fraud under president obama, the department of justice has done nothing so far about the climate denials scheme. >> this matter has been discussed, we received information about a of referred it to the eye to consider whether it meets the criteria we could take action on. charles: what do you illogical that? the obama administration going criminally after climate denier is like yourself lee >> this is an going on for two years. senator wychehouse has been pushing the idea, using organized crime racketeering charges against global warming
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skeptics. the environmentalists, jailing skeptics as war criminals and putting them in the head with three square-mile and a plot. it is in an effort to suppress dissent, stop any kind of debate from going on. etails and shows climate ond establishment comparing global warming skeptics to holocaust deniers. is all an attempt to silence the debate because they want to go forward with these policies, want to actually sidestepped any science and go to centralized planning and that is what this argument has been about, the u.s. admitted their goal is wealth distribution that has nothing to do with environmental policy. charles: that will be expensive. they asked the second and third world nations don't grow your economies, in the meantime we will make a deal, promised billions of dollars, they get that, so not only will the cost of living go through the roof, the rest of the world doesn't try to develop their economies,
12:21 pm
what if a democrat is elected, either one, where does that put us? perhaps we will deal with a harsh reality that this is going to be rammed down our throats one way or the other. >> and executive orders, john kerry tried to say global shaming, a commitment to you in paris agreement, if the next president, hillary clinton, that will recodified into law. if the next president doesn't by the u.n. agenda that it can be withdrawn. this election is going to be a referendum on global warming. it is interesting lot of republican candidates are not talking about the u. n paris agreement or the epa regulation, that is where it is coming, the next election determine the fate of centralized planning, energy economy to what i call medieval witchcraft, they think eat the regulations and you and rules are going to somehow alter hurricanes, storms and whether. is a form of medieval witchcraft to believe that but they don't
12:22 pm
care about the actual science, they care about central planning. giving the government more power, bureaucrats want to impose an ideology that bans fossil fuels, energy the works and they are not going to relentlessly promote renewables which are not ready for -- charles: at some point they will be and that is the nature of the economies to make that happen but your point i think that is a part of the discussion with respect to the next supreme court nominee sort of feeling those things among others. really appreciate it. jeb bush meeting with all the gop presidential candidates except one. take a guess who didn't make the cut. just engage when we come back, i will tell you. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away.
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more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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charles: the race for floridian inga, jeb bush meeting with marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz ahead of next week's primary. blake berman has the details. >> a big part of the focus on
12:26 pm
florida including the presidential debate in miami later tonight. today he will speak with john kasich and ted cruz. john kasich told greta van susteren he has known. for years and just might push for that endorsement. >> i will ask him to support me but he is a guy i have known for a long time and i will tell him what is going on out here. >> marco rubio was bush's political protege. marco rubio told megyn kelly not only have the two already met but have been in touch multiple times since bush dropped out of the presidential race. marco rubio would not reveal what they talked about and he even said he was not sure if bush would support any one at this point. >> it was a meeting about the way to people have known each other for 20 years and i have known him for that long and
12:27 pm
don't want to go into details of personal conversations, nothing mysterious. >> reporter: missing from all of this is donald trump. no talks the we know of are scheduled between trump and bush as of now. before something tells me that won't happened at least not now. may be in the far future. remember how the original star wars started off, something like that. isn't it sort of political suicide to be meeting with jeb bush? voters flat out rejected him. i don't know anyone -- outside john kasich, is there something else, strong political machine in floridian that it is worth the risk? >> the endorsement on the political side have been absolutely meaningless for the most part. it has really helped, nikki haley in south carolina, marco rubio finished second but you are right, why would these
12:28 pm
candidates in such an anti-establishment outsider year wants to align themselves with bush? there is the money, the organization, all that is nice but i would point to the fact that it is five days to go in for at and they cast their ballots at this point. what exactly can jeb bush do? who knows? the endorsement of urban meyer in ohio was more consequential than what jeb bush can do in florida. charles: i know arnold's endorsement was more powerful. the establishment underestimated this whole race. thanks very much, really appreciate it. marco rubio certainly feeling the heat from his donors, but the report that he is going to get out of the race. charlie gasparino won that it's going to join us with the latest on that next. hey dad.
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>> senator marco rubio feeling the heat of his senators. a call rubio, however. take a listen. >> now there is no one from cnn. there has been one from cbs and fox business.
12:33 pm
you have had discussions. >> that is 100 are said category. it is not -- or anyone on any planet, for that matter. we will win florida. >> charlie gasparino. what did you think of it? >> i would have to be wrong. here is what we know. one of the refreshing things we know about donald trump, the refreshing thing, he does speak his mind. not having discussions. donors have called them. he listened to them.
12:34 pm
charles: one word on that conversation, it would have been a discussion. do you see what i was saying? charles: everybody knows it. it is a laugh. all his donors know it. i do not know how he is defining staff either. these are donors. being urged by donors to drop now. maybe he found a pullback gave him some light. >> okay. the whole thing is contingent on him not seeing a way out. he maybe has a shot. it is absurd. everybody in america. >> every reporter on this planet followed fox business.
12:35 pm
let's define, let's get the definition. >> that is a problem. >> i think that there are two sets of people that want him to drop out. one set of people that are close to him. you lose florida to a degree. do your self and your family a behavior. if donald trump is your key nemesis, why would you siphon off votes that could potentially go through north carolina and the others. >> there are some donors that talk to marco about this. he did listen to them and did not object to them.
12:36 pm
he may do it if things do not change. i will say this. still a couple of days left. if he does not and it is saturday or sunday and he is still 20 points down in florida, i think you should keep your eye on the phones. if he loses to donald, who would want them as the nominee? >> getting crushed there. this is sort of emblematic, if you will. none of them want to drop out. they beat themselves up in the actual primaries. >> so powerful and smart. we have made every mistake in the book. >> we really think that there is a chance. there is a way to prevent them from that.
12:37 pm
i know that marco was thinking this way. there'll be tons of horse trading where i may emerge. rubio sees the polls. other polls are doing very well against hillary clinton. >> he has to have a great debate. a great debate. rise in the polls. somehow, see trump fall back a little bit. charles: i am leaning towards your theory. i do not think that all of the news things are going to happen. >> i agree. this is not my theory. i think we need to define discussions. [laughter] >> bernie sanders. guess what.
12:38 pm
momentum going his way. does it even matter how much money he takes and owl many votes he gets? we will discuss it next. ♪
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12:41 pm
bernie's shocking. continuing to surge. reports that he is bringing in five no billion dollars. he got the money. we know that. it is the democratic strategist. what is the deal here? where is the disconnect? of course we are all learning about these so-called superdelegates that make this whole idea of having a democratic primary not even important. >> even without the superdelegates.
12:42 pm
>> they are divided up proportionately. dividing up the landslide the way it is now. bernie has to win in the landslide. you have to crushingly when. it is not a normal election. delegates, delegates, delegates. >> there is not a direct correlation. there is some major discrepancies there. >> a super electoral college. that is done proportionately. yes. it will feel, it will not feel quite like a peer victory. a lot of upsets in the parties. neil: no matter what, winning over officially. >> a michigan victory for sanders is something that nobody
12:43 pm
predicted. states like ohio, indiana, pennsylvania are coming up. there is a path for bernie. i do think that they have to be landslides. >> bernie sanders is a flamethrower. it is hard for me to believe that he can continue this momentum. somehow go to the convention and keep quiet. he can really shake things up. >> absolutely. it looks like voters do not want the democratic primary to be over. they like having him out there. it is not just a pullback against washington. we're saying republicans and
12:44 pm
democrats push back against the party. >> it feels like bernie is so much more optimistic. you have to wonder, how much of this hurts in the general election? we will hear them over and over again. some of that is beginning to happen with the democrats as well. >> managing to be strong and aggressive. something about negativity. a emotional response to people being offenses. a little less defensive. bernie coming out of nowhere. beating her in states like
12:45 pm
michigan. that everyone seeing seinfeld. >> absolutely remarkable. 5 million. is it something here that does not bode very well for the party. >> i think that it is a little bit disappointing. we are having an unusual year for the republican. a super turnout for republicans. this is a record making year. really appreciate it. speaker paul ryan.
12:46 pm
talking about a lot of alternatives. he is the man. he will make it happen. did you have to ask yourself. why are central banks pumping up the markets and economies. a 300-point reversal to the downside. oil, i don't know. it is also down, too. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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12:50 pm
how ted cruz has no senate support. steve party comrades, if you will. that is one. it is official. you do not want trump to be president, well, how about speaker ryan. the man behind the pack. charles, nice to see you. a trump kind of thing. helping donald trump a lot more than it is hurts. >> i think that you are right. please go to draft speaker
12:51 pm there is this speaker. >> getting off a commercial ride off in the beginning. the cease and desist. >> i am not in gauged. this operation and the team is not engaged. any of these candidates. you all know that you have to have 1237 delegates. those are the rules. if you do not get 1237 delegates on the first outlet, then the confusion starts in the chaos starts. charles: with all due respect, we all know the map now.
12:52 pm
zero delegates, should not have a chance at the presidency. i consider ted cruz and donald trump to be outsiders. coming in and telling the gop voters that are already upset, you are right. we will go against your will one more time. the largest paper in south florida. and unprecedented move. they did not endorse any of the candidates. i will vote and i will support any candidate that is the republican standardbearer. trump, cruz, rubio. if it happens in a deadline convention. a guy like paul ryan. a family man. he not only is a great leader,
12:53 pm
but he is a great uniter. he will unite the party. he will unite america. i do not know speaker ryan at all. having similar sentiments. trump or nobody. want to take a listen to this. >> mitt romney. the 2012 presidential candidate. >> no, i will not sit down. i will write in the name of a conservative. >> that is an important value of our country. i could not support a guy. charles: what would you do? >> definitely would not be for bernie sanders. i am afraid i would sit it out.
12:54 pm
>> ambassador, essentially, they are saying that they would not go as far as voting for someone else. vote for the nominee no matter who it is. because of the disarray, they need someone that would heal it and that would be paul ryan. >> that is what he wrote about. the first question to me was about donald trump and all of these attack ads. it seems like the more attack ads against donald trump against romney coming out and, i think he was out of order. of putting down the donald. >> what is your opposition to donald trump? >> all i was here for was to show the people that in case of the deadlocked convention, i
12:55 pm
want to raise that to paul ryan. we will have 1 million votes. a million signatures that will support paul ryan. charles: have you spoken to paul ryan about it? >> no, i haven't. charles, can i tell you this? if anybody were asked to be the president of the greatest country in the world, the most powerful country in the world, i cannot see anybody turning down an honor like that. charles: lowered to the speakership. maybe the white house. we have to leave it there. >> thank you very much for having me. charles: we will see you again soon. >> i hope so. john kasich topic donald trump.
12:56 pm
this could be a sign that a brokered convention is inevitable. hazing paul ryan next. ♪
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12:59 pm
charles: welcome back to coast to coast. i am charles payne and four neil cavuto. it shows kasich beating out donald trump in his home state of ohio. leading to the brokered convention everyone is talking about. caitlin on what this means for the party. >> good to be with you. charles: at this polis correct and it seems inevitable -- >> john kasich winning his home state of ohio. if he does not, i think that it becomes clearer and clearer that donald trump is on his way of
1:00 pm
securing the necessary delegates. charles: his number one second choice. ninety-seven approval rating. he has some momentum. let's assume that this does happen. i think of brokered conventions. i go back to 68. that was a jab at neil. don't tell him that i said that. >> there are no real brokers left in the republican party right now. donald trump does not get the necessary delegates on the second ballot. the contenders can contest his nomination. the real consensus alternative.
1:01 pm
john kasich is trying to make the case. keeping donald trump from getting the necessary delegates. peeling off delegates elsewhere. he can start to be the consensus kind of candidate. that also assumes that marco rubio will not win his home state of florida. if he does, that also changes the game. >> more presidential. there are certainly power bases out there. what the role of people like may romney be? >> a very difficult position. for the contested convention.
1:02 pm
donald trump not getting the necessary delegates. it also creates a real image problem. the rnc and the republican establishment. it would look like it was kind of taking away the nominations for donald trump or at least from his supporters perspective. i think they would have to be really transparent about what is exactly going on. they are of course have ways to rewrite the rules right before the convention. a meeting right before the convention, as it always does. i think that that could also be problematic for them. it changes a lot of the strategy here. >> having said that, if donald
1:03 pm
trump has not won a majority in the state so far, certainly a floor outlet he and he has local followers and going out to stadiums with only 5000 people. gop voters who have not voted for him, it does not seem like that are is anyone that is their leader. >> from his challengers perspective. >> i voted for someone else. does my vote count also? >> you heard marco rubio. something like 60% of republicans are not supporting donald trump. i think that helps to fuel that argument. ted cruz has come out in favor of a contested convention. does not get the necessary delegates.
1:04 pm
it is fair game for us to challenge. trying to emerge the alternative to donald trump. i think that it will be very hard to see cruz as a consensus candidate. a tough strategy for the remaining candidates. ted cruz is also arguing that he can win the amount of necessary delegates outright. >> i think donald trump as to when like 57%. >> an uphill battle. >> presenting a great opportunity for a unifier to put it all together. >> thank you. >> meeting with all but one republican candidate.
1:05 pm
daniel, i just don't see why, well, ted cruz. i do not meet with jeb bush. whatever remnants were left. is that how it shakes out? >> it appears that way. it is not as though it comes with many voters. jeb bush would not have dropped out. it comes with a big donor network. was able to raise over $100 million. look, this is not the year where jeb bush collects him. jeb bush has not ran for office in florida in 10 years. it may be beneficial to somebody that could come with a bigger price deemed that in establishment that is bigger.
1:06 pm
>> donald trump candidates. let's meet. i do not get it. they're not doing any harm with meeting with anybody. social media will eat this up. jeb bush right now. >> if jeb bush, jeb bush when he left the race, he was tangling up with donald trump. he should endorse donald trump. it was reverse psychology. this guy is a dealmaker. i think that that would do the most damage. >> we talked earlier with charlie gasparino.
1:07 pm
it seems like, okay, seeing what he does tonight in the debate. do you think it is possible? >> i think that it is less likely. he does have the best chance of beating donald trump. sixty-five, 70% of the teams to be anti-donald trump. he does provide the best chance. it is a tough that. it is a tough state for him to win. obviously. a lot of florida voters have voted early. one indicates marco rubio winning those. ted cruz or somebody else. the early voter deficit. you might as well just stay until tuesday. it could hurt marco rubio's
1:08 pm
future political future. >> we will see. really starting to heat up. both sides are not budget right now. what is the fallout from that? we will discuss it when we come back. ♪ at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view.
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charles: ices documents leaked. we're talking names, addresses, phone numbers. lieutenant colonel tony schaefer on this. what do you think it is going to yield us? >> it is going to yield a lot. the isis strategy and tactics. this is eminently a good ring. this shows you the playbook. first, it will narrow down where we need to focus. one of the things we have been trying to do is look at their social media. look at who they are targeting. we can put some water on the street. the traditional espionage. you want to have a double agent. someone who actually gets into that stream and goes into isis. this is a very good thing.
1:13 pm
i think that they will take full advantage of it and do some very aggressive things. >> i am not sure how it went down and how the british media outlet that their first. was there any obligation? officials having a chance to go through this. people will move and all this stuff. >> yes, and no. it operates a lot differently than ours. and while more independence, if you will. if someone did get an early look, they were able to get ahead of this. they have had a larger problem. a larger number of folks joining isis. i think it recognizes the challenge here.
1:14 pm
even with understanding now, they will have to go back to a similar methodology. a similar pool of work roots. you cannot get people from north dakota to want to come and join isis. we will focus better on some of those. >> how they have been able to get westerners sympathetic to their approach. a member of isis turning on them. is there a way to learn how the dissatisfied members are. you have to look at why this happened. how it happened. who else shares the same sentiment. they put forth this idea that they are coming. it is coming rapidly. there is always an achilles' heel. , they need to getcommunities, together now to figure out how
1:15 pm
to exploit this. how to go about going after the leadership to diminish the ability to encourage them to join. there has been no pushback. no deceit of them in the media. no deceit of them on the ground. other intelligence that we are getting. i think you will see a serious pushback against isis over the next six months. >> it is long overdue. you are right. they have a lot of weaknesses. thanks a lot. really appreciate it. >> taking up the supreme court nominee. the debate should be over. i want to take a listen to what he has to say. >> why this charade? why all this outrage? somebody never resolved in a
1:16 pm
confirmation. it is because the other side is committed to using this process to score as many political points as possible. that is it. plain and simple. >> the committee member from louisiana actually agrees with representative chuck grassley. thanks a lot for first coming out to speak with us. chuck grassley said that there would be a full-blown debate on whether this would actually be a debate. looks like a few fireworks going off there. will the president ultimately have the full senate able to chair on this? >> i think that things will be resolved. i think that it is very appropriate in an election year. i am putting citizens in charge. put them in the drivers seat to the presidential election.
1:17 pm
it is a unique opportunity. i think that it is appropriate. >> the counterargument was resolved with the election of president obama. a four-year term. what do you say to people? >> the most recent was of the republican senate. that has consequences, too. that is what we are playing out. >> one of the topics in the general election. it will be argued on the other side. the will of the american people not being listened to at this particular point. president obama's term. the senators saying he has no right. refusing him of constitutional rights. >> particularly in light of this being just as scully is passing, i think we should do what justice scalia always did.
1:18 pm
read the words and apply them as written. the constitution is very clear. the president has the right to nominate the senate. properly, it is written under the constitution. not acted upon the end of the session. the president would have to renominate following the session of congress. reading the word that justice khalil would. just have to ask you.
1:19 pm
for who the gop alternately nominated. >> find someone at the same constitutional ideology. >> i would not call it an ideology. what the job is supposed to be about. apply the laws of the constitution and statutes as written. not making up as he or she goes along. >> senator, thank you very much. really appreciate your time. >> you heard last hour. paul ryan's camp is now responding to us. we have the response for you next. ♪
1:20 pm
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1:22 pm
1:23 pm
charles: outpolled both initially sending out. can we say iphone seven. some expect that the new iphone will have a 4-inch screen. maybe that will get unveiled. a race to the white house. one group is pushing for paul ryan to run for president. speaker ryan spoke person saying "it is a formal request. we are asking them to stop their efforts. we want to make the disapproval clear. they are not confused or misled. of course, just during the last hour, the head of the organization on. take a listen. >> show the people that encased the deadlock convention, there is paul ryan.
1:24 pm
i want to show paul ryan that in case there is a deadlock convention, we will have a million votes. a million signatures that will support paul ryan. >> it looks like he is not going to stop. he is pretty serious about it all. >> here is the thing. about one week ago, i told neil that this was bouncing around on the show. on the third ballot, do not be surprised. paul ryan with get in there. paul ryan reluctantly took the speaker job. i do not want to be away from my family. he has kids. blah blah blah. we are not best friends.
1:25 pm
he is not a bsr. he is kind of drawing the line in the sand. >> when i brought that up to the ambassador, who would turn down and opportunity to be the president. certainly, the public wants him for the white house. how could he say no. >> you have some other good things there. i am speaker of the house right now. there is a lot of work to be done. marco rubio will get crushed in florida. there is a good chance that donald wins that. at that point, if that happened, well on his way.
1:26 pm
>> i asked one of his donors point blank. here is what that guy said. marco is right. no discussions of him dropping out. a major donor. [laughter] >> you picked up the phone. i know his mentor at one point was jeb bush. is there no one that can pull him aside and just have a hard to heart? >> fairly close. i understand he had that heart to heart. charles: have you seen her posture lately? >> it reminds me. a big boxing fan. they start getting pummeled.
1:27 pm
you look over at the wife and the kids. they are almost at that point where you want to say hey. >> you and i are on tv. the media matters. they sit around saying, oh god. imagine it being every day. every minute of the day on the internet. saying something about you and your family. when you are winning, it is one thing. when you are not winning, it is something else. he fights back. charles: but to your point, everyone is impacted. >> family and friends. >> something that most people have kind of forgotten about. a year ago, rubio thought that he was going to be president. >> whether he drops out before or right after. i think that there is a good chance.
1:28 pm
if he has a good debate and trump still is ahead of the polls in a major way, i do not see the rationale. >> how do you score these debates. trump one. >> you know. you are a smart guy. donald really did not answer many questions. it looked like they were changing and they really did not. i think that will make donald trump look like the environment. nothing has helped rubio. >> his advisers, the guys i talked to, tell him they will be president one day. do not ruin this long-term by handing it to trump. we are the party apparatus.
1:29 pm
a lot of people work for this party. these are average people that work for parties. they put in the time. counties all across the country. they are not super rich. it is toxic. what the donors are telling marco rubio is, these are guys with a lot of money, do not ruin it for the future. do not hand it to this guy. some people will think about you as the guy. they will compare him to chris christie hugging obama. charles: wow. charlie gasparino. thanks a lot. >> where is that money going? it is not really shocking. we will have the details next.
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
. .
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
charles: well number changes every week, right now we know the banks paid $110 billion. these are fines tied to the
1:34 pm
mortgage crisis but there is no transparency where that money is going. did you get yours? gerri willis and liz macdonald. joins us. i love when government takes action on behalf of all the people and take all the money. >> that is exactly what happened. they took all the money and put it in their pockets. $109.9 billion, government collected fines against six different banks. you note banks. bank of america, jpmorgan chase, all the big banks on planet. where did the money go? "wall street journal" set out to find this. did they call the government to get answer? no. was there goao report? no. they did investigation and literally scores of foia requests. treasury department pocketed $50 billion. went to the government, uncle sam. 45 billion went to consumer relief but some of that consumer relief -- charles: 45 million? >> billion. some of that consumer relief went to organizations that helped consumers.
1:35 pm
you know how that works. charles: like new york state gets some. the, hud, gets some. they started to slice and dice this thing. it was free-for-all. >> slush fund. >> like gerri said, "wall street journal" analysis 65 went to stayed and federal government agencies. tell you something. bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying we'll make wall street pay. we'll make banks pay. making banks pay for tappan zee bridge or high-speed internet that pork projects bureaucrat wants. is not going to victims. gerri has been all over the story since the housing collapse took place. victims see some of the money but not enough money. we've seen that time and again with these guys. >> this is slush fund. a way for government to get a pocket load of money without working hard. >> making banks pay and making the government bigger. >> yes. charles: i brought up many times why does wall street allow this? if any entity to fight back and
1:36 pm
push back, i know old saying you don't fight city hall, it would seem to be wall street. one of my hypotheses, this relationship none of us ever go to jail. we'll keep giving shareholder money in return and that is the odd symbiotic relationship. >> you scratch my back, i will scratch yours. you charge me a few shekels at margins. a little bit of money and fines. won't threaten my business. not putting me in jail. >> this is the devil's bargain banks have made. i talked to insiders at citigroup and jpmorgan chase. the inside joke they feel like they're treated as budget line item for the government. a lot of money goes into treasury as gerri pointed out, federal agencies. politicized lending got us in trouble in the first place, leads to politicized lending. what the banks say don't hit us with admitting liability in any of these settlements. government comes back, all right you will not get liability. we get that we'll stick with you
1:37 pm
big fast impressive number to settle. charles: even when they do there is no culpability amongst anyone who orchestrated that so-called, whatever. but, there is still too big to fail. you got to wonder -- >> even worse. >> what would be a bert remedy? a perp walk? remember mary jo white, sec threatened perp walks, or doj threatened perp walks. they threatened admitting legal liability. they back off, take a lot of money. becomes opportunistic behavior at government to do this. charles: they will be in a pickle if democrat was elected. we'll get back to the genesis of all this, community reinvestment act. federal government says i will stop you doing business across state lines if you don't do certain things, make risky loans. got to the point where they made so many the government had to buy them, freddie mac and fannie mae. >> government told them do to do it. by the time george bush took office, 50% of the your loans -- charles: bill clinton took the community reinvestment act and put it on steroids.
1:38 pm
it went parabolic. >> every president wants more. >> right. >> domino effect and really starts with the federal government. >> quickly as journal pointed out too, we've seen this behavior of big fat settlements not going towards victims, not going to what it intended. started one of the big examples was 1998 master settlement with the tobacco companies. it went, not go towards stopping smoking. a slug of it did but most went to state spending whatever they want to spend on. >> the new york state are spending some of the money at state fairgrounds to rebuild the horse barn. really? >> or rebuilding the tappan zee bridge, right? charles: essentially the conclusion we're coming to is that no real justice has been served. >> no. charles: and this probably will get worse, particularly if a democrat is put into office. because they will be shamed, these banks will be shamed making high-risk loans. there will have to be some sort of a deal made where the government buys them, fannie mae, freddie mac,
1:39 pm
something to that effect and get it building again. no way it is inevitable unless someone in office let's stop it. if you eastern a house, put 10 to 20% down. make the payments. do it the old-fashioned way. >> there is one bank who stepped out of that if you remember. bank i america? >> bank of america. >> did a special deal will offer loans with 3% or less down. they're not using government to stand behind it. charles: because those loans come with sort of handcuffs or -- i know that the government loans, they have been nickeling and diming them. i know if you're getting these loans and using fha the government hit them with some fines. first quarter kel and diming then. we rather take risk on our own. >> they're working with one of these consumer agencies that probably got a big settlement in this particular story we're talking about today. a group that has been very in front of consumers on this and they have really taken a lot of money from the banks.
1:40 pm
it is interesting, now they're in bed together. >> don't you guys think there is a big red flag should go off in your brain when you hear bernie sanders and hillary clinton say we'll stick it to the banks and wall street. where does the money end up? charles: dodd-frank hasn't helped. homeownership at all-time low in part because you can't get a loan. there are negative consequences, call them unintentional or not. intelligent people know this will happen but they do it for political reasons and idealogical reasons and i know they don't care about main street. maybe main street is learning that as well. you ladies look fantastic. i love the black and purple. eagles of death metal. jesse hughes, giving new details on the paris attack and gave it on this network. kennedy joins us next. ♪
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1:43 pm
merck, coca-cola, chevron. to the downside, microsoft and cisco. much more fox business coming up after the break.
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charles: new details on the paris terror attacks. eagles of death metal tells fox news's kennedy others may have been involved in the attack. >> i walked past dude supposed to be security guard for backstage, didn't look at me. promoter i went to, i want wanto put on another guy. some of the guards are not here yet. six or show wouldn't show up at all. >> why is that? >> you know, out of respect for the police still investigating, i won't make a definite statement but i will say it seems rather obvious they had a reason not to show up. charles: kennedy joins me now. much i was watching that last night. i bottom chills throughout the whole thing. it was incredible emotional sit-down with jesse. he was really open. it is obviously still so traumatic for him. he is very honest about detailing what he say and, you
1:46 pm
know talked about seeing several tourists earlier in the day hours before they played. he knew they were out the place. he could tell by their expressions, what they were wearing. the fact that they were so dour, that they weren't fans of their band. eagles of death metal is really fun band to say. great rock an roll band. they have funny songs f you're at our show you're there to have a good time. you know when people are out of place. charles: what can you do about that? in other words he saw it, felt it, does he think there should have been, law enforcement should have been able to pick up on same things he saw? it felt like there is some other people may have been involved who were supposed to be there to secure the place. >> yeah. charles: but the did the exact opposite. >> obviously paris law enforcement, they're clearly working on the case. he has a very close relationship with a lost cops who were there that night and a lot of officers still investigating and you know, that is why he didn't want to overstep the bounds.
1:47 pm
saw it was odd security guards didn't show up. he speculated they were tipped off. what was the relationship? what dud know about these attackers and why would you stay away? did you know something ominous was going to happen? if so, why didn't you come forward and say something. charles: was it six of them? >> he said at least six security guards didn't show up that night. for venue at that size that is a lot of people. charles: that is a lot of people. that's crazy. >> yeah. charles: yellow flags, red flags, alarms something has to go off when that happens this. is sort of unprecedented, but you wouldn't imagine it would be this horrific. you have a gut feeling someone that something is wrong. >> said that he had a bad feeling about the whole day. that stuff was going wrong all over the place. and, it was just off. he also said that, law enforcement, who went that night, they chose not to take their guns. he said of the eight cops who were there, they chose to leave their guns at home, for whatever reason. part of it was political correctness. they didn't want to alarm other
1:48 pm
people there and make them feel like there was authoritarian presence. he imagined how differently the night would have gone if those cops had been armed and able to defend the innocent people there. charles: was that unusual for them -- is that something they would do on and off any particular night decide to bring guns or not bring guns? >> jesse described as a coin toss. personal decision for each and every law enforcement officer. the fact that all -- charles: odds of seven coins being tossed and everyone coming up on heads. >> like hillary's caucus night in iowa. charles: kennedy, great stuff. catch the second part of kennedy's interview with eagles of death metal jesse hughes. sad and strong stuff. thankthankthank you, did i. you heard from charlie gasparino, donors pressuring marco rubio. what if rubio doesn't listen? could he still have a slim shot?
1:49 pm
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charles: there is a new "fox news poll" showing marco rubio now down only 20% in home state of florida. fox business reporting that the senators donors saying he should drop out before the florida election. former rudy giuliani pollster, pete snyder is there is a chance
1:53 pm
for senator rubio to pull this thing off. before i came up to the studio i did some report by some polling organization i'm not familiar with, that had him in single digits. is that kind of stuff, pete you think marco rubio is holding on to? >> i think he is trying to hold on to any glimmer of hope. look as fox news contributor, of course i believe the "fox news poll" much more than any other. look this could easily be in single digits. the problem for marco rubio, if he loses his home state, like the old boys to men song, that is the end for him. i think it would be horrible for his brand if he tries to slog in and there really isn't much of a path beyond this for him. charles: there are other races next tuesday. if marco rubio were to get out, if is ultimate objective was to stop donald trump, he certainly would help his other rivals and in other states besides florida. it gets back to the notion that these establishment candidates, it is ego first and nothing else matters.
1:54 pm
>> well unfortunately with a lot of politicians ego tends to be the number one thing on the list, charles. charles: really? >> you've been around enough of them. you know this. you can smell it a mile away. look what is happening in florida, the entire jeb bush crew is sitting on the sidelines. they can't wait for marco rubio to go down. this is kind of vin dicktiveness. look at chris christie did in endorses donald trump. do you think because he is in love with the man and his policies. or did he want to screw over the entire rest of the field? i mean i think it is latter. charles: crabs in a barrel syndrome they call it. do you know if marco rubio is airs ads? i read last night he is not even airing ads in florida. that is running up the white if that is the case. >> only his super-pac is pumping in millions of ads. coffers in the rubio campaign are relatively thin right now. not another, not a good sign, a poor leading indicator if you will. charles: pete, what do you make
1:55 pm
of all the talk of contested or brokered convention? ultimately would that help or hurt the party? listen, it is going through, morphing into something, not completely different but markedly different than it was before. some say it's good. that you have to make this transition. maybe a brokered convention would be part of that? >> charles, i think a brokered convention would be absolute disaster for the party. if the party tried to wrest the nomination away from donald trump, and i mean, one, donald trump would love the media coverage of that every second of the day. do you really think you're going to pull one over on the guy who wrote "the art of the deal"? he will be doing back-room deals left and right. having a plane fly to remote airstrips, courting delegates for weeks and months ahead of time. this would be bad thing for the party. no matter what, come out fractured and probably lose in november. charles: where do you see this going? the conventional wisdom holds if donald trump loses ohio or florida, it is inevitable there
1:56 pm
will be a contested/brokered convention? >> i think there could be a brokered convention. i think donald probably pulls out both. he knows what the stakes are here. we have a lot of miles left on the track as well. again i'm not in anyone's camp. charles: right. >> i haven't endorsed anyone for president. i think if donald has type of night he did this past tuesday next tuesday he is going to be coasting to the nomination. charles: all right. of course no pun when you said he knows what the stakes are. really appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. charles: right now stocks are dropping. remember we had this four-week winning streak but certainly at risk. a little sloppy here. ecb took on extraordinary measures and initially wall street applauded them. then they thought, hey, why are they taking on extraordinary measures?en 150 point rally is now down. more after this. by looking at global and local insights
1:57 pm
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charles: stocks dropping, guys. mario draghi takes "nuclear option."
2:00 pm
right now it is not working. i'll be all over this on "making money," 6:00 p.m. eastern time. don't forget i will have katrina pierson on, trump's spokesperson the we'll have a lot to talk about. meantime, here is trish regan. trish: thank you, charles. mother of a murdered benghazi victim who hillary clinton called out as just wrong of her allegations is here. in exclusive interview. she will respond to hillary's comments. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." hillary clinton grilled whether she lied about benghazi victims and to the american public what happened that night in september 11th in 2012, when four americans were killed at compound in libya. hillary clinton originally said it was spontaneous, stemming from up riding on anti-muslim video on youtube. email to her daughter on the night of the attack suggests that hillary clinton knew it was a lot more than that.


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