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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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make live -- >> better, cheaper, more abundant and available than before. >> i can't wait. and that's our show. thank you for lou dobbs. donald trump closer to securing the republican presidential nomination with impressive victories in three states last night. michigan, mississippi and hawaii. and trump pulled it off despite a barrage of attack ads from all quarters against him. >> this was an amazing evening and i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> i think what this shows really more than anything else is that advertising is not as important. it really isn't as important as competence because there has
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never been more money spent on hitting somebody than was spent on me. >> and even more money may be spent in the upcoming week. trump now has 458 delegates, meaning that he needs just 54% of the remaining outstanding delegates to win the republican nomination. his next closest rival is senator ted cruz. he needs 62% of those outstanding delegates and cruz last night won idaho, but it's donald trump who has the momentum going into next tuesday when the winner take all states of florida and ohio hold their big primaries. speaking of momentum, brand new fox news polls just out tonight show trump trouncing rubio in his home state of florida. in ohio an entirely different picture, a closer race there and one that has ohio's popular governor, john kasich, in the lead, trump just behind him. both rubio and kasich are now fighting for their political
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lives. trump is holding a campaign rally tonight in fayetteville, north carolina, and we will be going there live when it begins. and the presidential race equally interesting on the democratic side. bernie sanders pulling off a stunning upset over hillary clinton in michigan. we'll take up all of that, all things politics, with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, the blaze's amy holmes, author political commentator nick adams. also tonight clut iks blasting president obama saying he has unilaterally implemented amnesty by handcuffing border patrol agents. listen to sheriff of pin nel county, arizona. >> what's happening now is that when an illegal is apprehended and they're supposed to be given a promise to appear. >> a notice to appear. >> a notice to appear and that's not even happening. it could be 30, 60, 90 days, some point out. we already know it's proven that
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a majority of these individuals will never show up for their court hearing so this is a complete sham. so the fact that the president is saying, well, this is our process, basically it's de facto amnesty because there is no consequence. theres no enforcement of the law and there is no tracking of where that person is. >> and when the sheriff says it is a sham, he means it is a sham along the entire mexican border, some 2,000 miles of sham. share testify babue will be among our guests later. joining us now republican strategist ed rollins. ed, great to have you with us. >> thank you very much. >> ed, we're watching something special happen here and there is a funny reaction in the media and amongst i understand his opposition and the democrats, but this man is running up impressive victories. >> he had a big day yesterday. i mean, winning in mississippi, winning in hawaii, winning in -- obviously in michigan and is
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coming second where he didn't win is extraordinary and equally as important what he is tapping into, what a ston she is me as a lifelong republican is yesterday 59% of the republican voters were anti the republican establishment in washington. the new polls you have here, 63% of republican voters are against the republican establishment in washington. this guy has tapped right into that. the republican establishment, the elites are doing every single thing that can take him out and it's not even putting a dent -- it's like shooting out of a bb gun and he's shooting back with a bazooka. >> fascinating state last night, michigan -- they are all fascinating but the results particular in michigan. in michigan an upset win by senator bernie sanders. every poll had hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders. john kasich's folks, the governor of ohio, his folks were telling us he's going to win in michigan. trump wins and they both are on
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this message and that is the working man and woman and the american family are middle class and the threat that the establishments of both political parties, democrat and republican, pose to those folks and those messages carrying the day for both of those candidates. what do you make of it? >> the idea that the established candidate in the democratic party, not the communist or the socialist but the established candidate gets beat by a socialist in a part that has uaw, a large african-american support, that hillary clinton loses that is just astonishing to me. that's about as big an upset as i've ever seen in politics. >> and the message that is -- that has resonated from the beginning, from last june when trump entered the campaign, he's talking about immigration, he's talking about jobs, he's talking about the economy and he is talking about the people who are basically saying they are in leadership positions but they can't be bothered with their followers and the people for
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whom they're ultimately responsible. this is a message about an outsider who is prevailing and i don't see any room for anything but an outsider as we look at all of these polls. >> i like john kasich, he's been a friend of mine for a long time, but his message is i've been a good governor send me to washington because i will be a good president. they don't want that and i think he's going to be shocked next week even though he has sort of a slight edge. rubio is going to get killed in florida, it's a two, three to one margin at this point in time. it's my sense this race will come down to cruz and trump and those are two outsiders, one totally outside, never been elected. >> i have to get your reaction to jeb bush meeting -- tomorrow he meets with cruz and kasich, he met with rubio today. the establishment is just not backing off. they mean to screw it up for themselves, for everyone else. i mean, are these people really this obtuse, ed? >> i think -- you know, i think jeb has had the most miserable
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year of his life and i think to a certain extent he is not going to endorse, i can't imagine he is going to endorse, he doesn't like rubio, cruz has more to do with his son's future than anything else, i think he will just wish them all well and welcome them to florida which he is no longer the governor so it's like the chamber of commerce at this point in time. he certainly doesn't have any impact. >> ed rollins, appreciate it. joining us tonight the former governor of arkansas, former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. great to have you with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. >> i have to say romney is really blessing the republican party with his sudden appearance and presence and he doesn't seem to shut up day to day. what in the world do you think is the affect of what he's doing? >> well, i think it's helping donald trump. i mean, nobody who is a strong supporter of donald trump is going to listen to nominee and say, oh, i didn't know i was that dumb for supporting donald
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trump. thank you, mitt. i really appreciate telling me i'm an idiot. i'm now going to go and vote for somebody else because you said so. nobody is looking at him as the republican is a vanity. they just aren't. i think it's amazing that so many people in the establish of the party they still don't get it. lou, they are not afraid that donald trump will be the nominee and might lose. they're scared to death that he will be the nominee and that he might win and win -- and if that should happen then all of the wonderful wing dom of being able to take care of themselves and the donor class at the expense of the working class finally goes away and it really will be a disruptive election, but that's why people are supporting trump. >> do you know i truly believe, mike, and i want to hear what you think of this, i truly believe there is a spirit -- and i don't think it's subconscious, i think it's very conscious -- within the gop establishment
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that they just as soon lose the election as have trump win. >> they had. but be sure to understand why. there is a lot of money to be made by playing the game that politics has become. three words tell it all, follow the money. if the donor class gives to the political class and they do the bidding of the donor class, they keep getting more money, the power then shifts. the reason nothing changes, whether democrats or republicans in power, is because the same donors are feeding the political class and they get what they want, but look how many people, 5 million manufacturing jobs lost since the year 2000, 5 million people have lost their homes in foreclosure. we bail out big banks and the smartest guys in the room but the poor guy standing on concrete floors all day, he gets a gut punch. he loses his pension. >> right. >> the way i like to frame it, lou, is typically elections are
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horizontal, this is the most liberal, this is the most conservative. this is not a horizontal election, this is a vertical election. people don't care so much about where a person is horizontally. here is their question, are you going to take us up, are you going to take us down, are you going to keep doing what we've been getting or are you going to do something different? and they're willing to take a chance and do something different because what has been done in the name of so-called conservative orthodoxy isn't working out real well for most of america. >> you know, this conservative orthodoxy -- i couldn't agree with you more, i think you've got it exactly right. but this conservative orthodoxy i laugh about it. mitt romney is now the high priest of conservative orthodoxy? the bush family, they are suddenly great conservatives? paul ryan is a conservative? are you kidding me? who is coming up with this nonsense and why does the national media continue that closed feedback loop that let's them go along bliss flee unaware of reality?
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>> well, i think what is most troubling to me, lou, is that many people are so upset that the voters are making a different voice than they the elites would make that they have suddenly forgotten that there is not a selection for the nominee, it is an election. and rather than going out and saying, well, if donald trump is the nominee i won't even vote or i will go out and vote for an independent, i've heard republicans say that. now, donald trump was paraded in front of the world and made to sign a pledge that he wouldn't run as a third party person. i think that was an appropriate pledge for all of us to make. i made the same pledge because if we're going to use the apparatus of the party we ought to be loyal, i get that, but the party ought to be loyal to the nominee. >> good luck with that. >> i'm not speaking as somebody who is involved with this. i'm not an endorser, i haven't endorsed anybody, but i endorse a fair and free election and i tell you what i don't endorse, i don't endorse the establishment believing that they know better for america than the americans
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who have been getting kicked in the rear by the policies of establishment. they don't get it. they are the problem. they're the ones that have messed this up. >> do you know what excites me, it excites me that these issues are being talked about in this campaign as they have now never been talked about in my career. the issues of illegal immigration in a very profound way, border security very profound way, the tpp free trade, fair trade, there have been one or two candidates, you have done it as a candidate, but i have to say this is a remarkable time. we are listening to our presidential candidates irrespective of the establishment's wishes, focusing on profound issues for the megyn kelly, the working man and woman and his or her family. governor, we are out of time. i just want to say it's great to see you. thanks for being here and come back soon, will you? >> look forward to it. thanks. >> thanks, mike. ted cruz confident he can
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narrow trump's lead, even win the nomination. >> when we get head to head with donald trump we are going to beat donald trump over and over and over again. >> florida polls, however, strongly favor trump. can trump withstand the furious attacks of cruz, rubio and the establishment? we'll talk about it with former trump adviser roger stone here next. ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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our next guest detailing the connection between senator ted cruz and the bush family, writing today in the daily call, for example, quote, ted cruz is the ultimate insider. former top bush 41 policy aid and globalist. my ivy leaguer and establishment insider. there is no better example of this than ted's actions surrounding the big wall street banks and their secret funding of his political ascension. joining us tonight the author of those remarks, former donald trump campaign adviser as well roger stone, political consultant who works for presidents nixon and reagan. author of the bush "jeb and the bush crime family, the inside story of the bush family" that's a lot of work to describe you in brief, roger. >> good to be here. >> ted cruz and the bush family,
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there's supposed to be a big announcement there as well tomorrow in the case of ted cruz. what do you expect that will be? will it be a perhaps jeb bush endorsement of senator cruz? >> i think it's ironic that while donald trump is being endorsed by ben carson ted cruz is actually putting out a press release announcing that he is being endorsed by neil bush who is refrauding of an s and l cost u.s. taxpayers $1.5 million. this is like being endorsed by bernie madoff. >> it's better than that, roger, because neil is also the co-chairman of the finance arm of the campaign. >> precisely. so i think what this means is the battle lines are drawn, in other words, mitt romney spilled the beans when he said ted cruz is among those acceptable as the nominee. you have romney waiting in the wings in the bullpen all made up, you have paul ryan essentially advertising his availability by saying he is not
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available, you have ted cruz who is happy to take a brokered convention, you have marco rubio who probably doesn't make the finals as a possible nominee because he loses florida. the establishment is playing a many-handed game, but the bottom line is stop donald trump short on the first ballot and then uker this nomination away from her on a subsequent ballot. >> and locked out of that lineup -- well, anyone come up with the nouns for that that are appropriate -- that list that you just enunciated, john kasich who says -- >> john kasich -- >> he would be excited to see a brokered convention and i would be, too, if i were running and had only, what is it, 40 delegates. >> yeah, look, "the new york times" reported this two sundays ago, at least two of the campaigns actually have powerpoint presentations about how the brokered convention would work. ted cruz has said he would be happy to be crowned by the king
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makers. so there is an all out stop trump effort. this is very reminiscent of 1964 when the goldwater revolution overtook the republican party, the establishment waited too long, then they unloaded on goldwater at the end and couldn't stop him from the nomination. >> or '76 with reagan and ford, or 1980. in the leadup 1980 of course, ted kennedy and president carter. i mean, it's -- it's extraordinary to see what we're witnessing here. the results are never good, though, and this establishment seems to be utterly bereft of any sense of consequence or history. >> no, the consultant class, the lobbyist class, they're an owe plek tick about a president that can't be bought and can't be bullied. a president who is not beholden to the current washington wall street money structure and therefore a president who couldn't be guided at all
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through special influence money or influence peddling. they're petrified about it. so what are we getting? the same thing they did to goldwater. he is a fascist, he is a bigot, he is a hater, he is mentally unstable, he's going to start a war. it's the same nonsense, those things weren't true of barry goldwater they aren't true of donald trump. >> the same claims against ronald reagan in 1980. >> precisely. >> he was styled as if he had never been a governor, never been an executive, as if he had some sort of itchy trigger finger on america's nuclear arsenal and war was assured said all of those opposed to him politically. we're watching the same thing with trump. trump by the way -- you know, this is the year of the outsider. everybody one has agreed on that amongst the political elites, if you will, and yet here we are and there's only one outsider in the entire cast of candidates in either party and that -- >> that's exactly right.
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>> -- name is donald trump. why is that so difficult for everyone to -- in the elites at least -- to understand why the american people are moving toward him and the democratic party bernie sanders of late? >> yeah, i think the rise of trump is a repudiation of 30 years of failed policies, whether it is bush, clinton, bush, obama, whoever is next, the policies remain the same and they've left us economically broke, they've put us at a giant disadvantage in trade, their immigration policies have made our streets unsafe, their adventurous foreign policies cost us blood and treasure with nothing to show for it. so i think the motors are set up. now, ted cruz has skillfully tried to sound like an outsider but when your campaign is funded by $2 million secret sweetheart loans from wall street banks and you lie about it saying that you traded in your wife's retirement in order to fund your campaign,
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it just demonstrates that he is the wall street candidate, he is an insider as he was in his long association with the bushes. >> roger, we always appreciate your observation. great to talk to you. have a great evening and we will talk again soon. >> lou, thanks for having me. >> follow me on twitter lou dobbs news, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. >> let's take a look at a video, impressive. the folks at red bull are at it again. look here. whoa. this time taking to the streets of st. paul, minnesota, professional snow mow bleeler levy levalli ripping through the streets of its hometown, the city shutting down roets and bridges allowing lots of space for a lot of thrills. look at this. amazing. up next we will have some amazing thoughts on the
4:24 am
republican establishment's war against donald trump, a war that trump now wants to end. >> believe it or not i am a unifier. i unify. i mean, you look at all of the things i built all over the world. i am a unifier. i get along with people. i have great relations. >> the subject of my commentary tonight and i will tell you about a would be thief who just may be, well, not the brightest criminal in all of the world. or even in his neighborhood. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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a few thoughts on what has become a full on conflict against the republican establishment and the voters who represent trump who added three more states to his string of victories last night. the republican elites increasingly frantic after trump's wins when he had i will took mississippi, and hawaii.
4:29 am
we shouldn't hear for about his ceiling by earnest political staff vanities. he won ohio and mississippi by more than 40% or at least he has a new higher ceiling now, about halfway through these primaries trump has won 14 out of 22 contests. cruz has taken seven states, rubio has won just one state plus puerto rico. you would expect rationally that the republican establishment would get together, they would meet with the donald to organize, synchronize the party and campaign strategies and set agendas to begin to prepare for calls for unity and to pivot to the general election, but no, not these elites. instead jeb bush has emerged, setting up meetings with rubio today, kasich and cruz tomorrow, no meetings sought of course with republican front runner trump. and as rubio is drained of money, spirit and support the moneyed elites quickly turning not to the people's choice but
4:30 am
instead they embrace cruz who is running well behind donald trump in the major contests leading into next tuesday. while the hapless establishment seeks out another favorite and they have done for years and years, as their choices fall one after another in this primary campaign, walker, christie, bush, rubio, their newly mentored darling standard bearer cruz, what a record they have. the elites haven't done a thing right in their choices over the last two presidential elections. in their off year election success had nothing to do with the party, it was authored by a spontaneous movement, an expressi popular will which became the tea party in 2010, 109 freshman congressmen elected to the house and senate, the freshman class the largest in modern history, 99 of them republican. by the way, had nothing to do with republican leadership. maybe because the gop elites couldn't stand even that success and just had to co opt that
4:31 am
movement, well, they keep trying to do something -- something that's, well, apart from rational and in the interest of the party and the nation. this time i think trump is right, it is time for republicans to unite around him and embrace the trump phenomenon for what it is, a movement. my guess is the party elites will finally come around, perhaps they will even come together with the voters themselves. we'll see. >> our quotation of the evening on bringing people together like donald trump who is attracting independents and democrats, bring them together. so i thought we should quote one of trump's leading and most passionate detractors tonight. we turn to senator lindsey graham in the spirit of coming together. graham once said, we don't have a lot of reagan-type leaders in our party. remember ronald reagan democrats? i want a republican that can attract democrats. congratulations, senator, it looks like you've gotten just
4:32 am
who you asked for. so the question becomes now what, senator? we're coming right back. stay with us. uncharacteristically donald trump is bragging about his big win in michigan and deservedly so, calling on those trying to tear him down to instead unite behind his campaign. >> let's come together, folks. we're going to win. i say let's come together. believe it or not i am a unifier. i unify. >> if anyone can bring together the warring factions of the republican party, including the establishment, it's certainly donald trump. the blaze's amy holmes and town haul communist nick adams here next. and here you go, a beach full of jet ski stunt men finding a creative way to keep low flying drones out of their way. the video of how they do it, what it looks like coming up next. "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us.
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earth hour is about empowering people making a difference to change climate change with passion and excitement earth hour is about inspiring climate action celebrating a global movement and impact ♪ join us at 19th march at 8:30pm ♪ joining me now town columnist nick adams, author of the book retaking america, crushing political correctness, i'm also joined by the blaze's amy holmes. >> let's start with bernie sanders taking michigan and at the same time donald trump taking michigan and their stories not incredibly divergence and their messages seemingly on point. it's about working men and
4:37 am
women, american middle class families and their futures. amy, your thoughts. >> i think that's absolutely right, lou, and it's also about being outside of the political system and chat lengthing the status quo. bernie sanders, this is a big upset for hillary clinton, while it may not change the ultimate outcome it does show that hillary clinton still a very weak candidate, a poor politician and remember, one of the big debate points prior to michigan was that she was accusing bernie sanders of being against the working class because he voted against auto money and she was very proudly touting her own support of that bailout money. well, michigan voters said they still liked bernie sanders better. >> what do you think, nick? >> well, that's absolutely right, lou. look, this has been the rise of the anti-pc politician year and we have certainly seen both bernie sanders and donald trump do incredibly well. it's important, though, to remember that one is a socialist and one of course is an
4:38 am
unabashed capitalist and what could be more american than being an unabashed capitalist but without a doubt i think that people have known a tremendous inclination towards people that don't emanate from the political system because they're sick of the intellectual and moral lily pugss that occupy the political establishment on both sides. >> it is -- on some days it seems like one establishment, two political parties with their separate elites who are just as obnoxious, one as the other, democrat and republican. the american people are sending a very strong signal here, amy, and this is the year of the outsider, we've known it since nearly the very beginning of the campaign, but with trump's entry and his success over the course of, you know, all of these campaigns, he has won -- well, 14 out of 20 states. this is really an impressive place. there's no doubt he is going to move forward in my mind, how about yours as the nominee?
4:39 am
>> well, it looks like he is ahead in florida, a winner takes all type of state, also ohio and in terms of mr. trump his win in michigan is very bad news for john kasich who was hoping to do well as the boy next door, you know, representing the midwest and donald trump blew him out of the water as well as his other competitors. but i also have to say that donald trump is such an entertainer and such a great salesman that when he has put out on stage the trump steaks, the trump water, all of that was brilliant, i have to hand it to him. he literally served up red meat for his fans. >> yes, he did. and i thought it was a brilliant way to shut mitt romney up and that was obviously a bouquet, nick, to romney who had said all of those things weren't being produced anymore, they weren't his, they had failed and right there in front of you with all that visual aid donald trump said, there you go, mitt, you got it wrong. >> well, yeah, it was
4:40 am
flamboyant, it was exciting, it was provocative. it was donald trump. lou, it was a great example of exactly why so many people are so enthralled with him. can i tell you when it comes to florida we obviously have the fox news polls that was recently released, very recently in fact. >> today. >> it's very clear that if marco rubio stays in this race he's going to be calling donald trump daddy because the voters in florida -- >> ouch. >> the voters in florida are waiting with several 2-by-4s to absolutely land some blows on him that his ancestors in cuba are going to feel. >> okay. nick, amy, thank you very much. >> wow. >> i mean, as we look at those numbers it is -- it is something to see the degree to which -- it seems to me as we wrap up here i believe trump was just -- part of this was he was imminently successful in tagging marco rubio on his absentee record
4:41 am
going through 80% absences from committee meetings, including the sba committee, 60% absent tease on the principle committees foreign relations. there we are. amy holmes, nick adams, thank you both for being here. >> thanks, lou. filming extreme sports isn't an easy job certainly and a drone operator learned the hard way, a quad copter drone capturing the perfect shot of a jet ski landing and got it up close and personal. the jet ski jumped higher than had been expected, the drone, a $3,000 drone we're told, a total loss but at least the jet skiers got a great picture. and this spectacular crash i'm sure it being seen all around the world tonight. up next, pinal county, arizona, sheriff paul babeu joins us, he's blasting the obama administration on what he calls chamborder security. he says the obama white house is
4:42 am
actually preventing border control agents for enforcing our immigration laws. >> these are the cops. these are the men and women who swore an oath to protect our country. these are the cops at the border. and this administration literally has handcuffed them from doing their job. >> sheriff paul babeu joins us here next. stay with us. we when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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joining us tonight to talk about border security or its absence a man i've been talking with probably for over a decade about border security pinal county arizona sheriff paul babeu. >> thanks for having me. >> let's go to the point that you're trying to get people to focus on first of all and that is the fact that the president of the united states has ordered the border patrol basically to not do its job, handcuffing them, preventing them from enforcing border security, period. give us, if you will, your sense of just how severe this is. >> well, i stood yesterday with border patrol agents who had the courage to come forward from arizona, texas and across the country saying two things are happening, the ntas which stands for notice to appear when illegals are apprehended they
4:47 am
are walked out the front door into our communities and they used to be given a paper called a notice to appear in 30 days, 60 days show up. they're not even issuing these to a lot of these illegals anymore. that's outrageous. so what was laughable most of them would never show up anyway, they are not even given the effort. second is the fact that these high trafficked areas for drug and human smuggling that they are not assigning border patrol agents to these known areas. so what brandon judd and myself, we said clearly this is an effort to show a lower number of apprehensions thus the boarder is more secure and everything is just fine. >> brandon judd the head of the border patrol union. >> yes. >> sheriff, when you're talking about -- what they're really saying is they don't want the border patrol to go where the problem is, where they could interdict smugglers, actually apprehend illegal immigrants. this is outrageous.
4:48 am
why in the world -- why isn't congress reacting? why isn't the republican candidates talking about this? is it bad politics right now in this primary season? >> no, some are. it almost seems so obscene, outrageous like how could this really be happening and these border patrol agents 20 years plus of service they said, look, i never signed up for this. the leader kurlakowkki who was appointed by obama told these guys if you don't like this not enforcing the law find another job. >> i've got some news for him, i'm not sure how good it is, but instead of taking that direct order if instead they managed to persevere for 316 days there will be a new president in the white house. >> thank god. >> sheriff. >> thank god. >> indeed. we appreciate you being w thanks so much. >> thank you. a teenage robber pulled a gun on a philadelphia cab driver, but his timing was way,
4:49 am
way off. >> i don't have anything in my wallet. i don't carry -- >> give me your wallet and your phone. >> please don't take my phone, i need that for me -- there's a cop. >> what's the problem? >> sir, i don't have anything in my wallet. i don't care -- >> the would be thief didn't pay attention to the fact that there was a sheriff deputy in his car right behind him with flashing lights. the officer arrested the teenager, he remains in custody on robbery and assault charges. quite something. up next, mitt romney paying a visit to jimmy kimmel to read all the mean tweets that he received from donald trump supporters. there wasn't time for them all, of course. >> i'd pay good money to watch mitt romney crying in a ball pit at a chuck e. cheese. @mitt romney equals loser. that's true, actually, i lost. >> andy levy and joanne san is a
4:50 am
chin ski take all of that up. stay with us. they will be here in moments. coming right back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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donald trump last night in his victory speech defended his trump brand of products and sent a little bit of a bouquet as i said to mitt romney who had accused him of having these failed products. he lined the stage with different trump products that
4:54 am
mitt romney said were no longer in business. the donald shot back at romney's attack at his brand thusly. >> mitt come up and he really shouldn't have done it, it wasn't becoming honestly and he talked about the water company. well, there's the water company. we sell water and we have water and it's a very successful -- you know, it's a private little water company and i supply the water for all my places and it's good, but it's very good. trump steaks. do we have steaks? we have trump steaks. >> joining us now to tell us what to make of all of that the co-host of red eye andy levy and correspondent for the greg gut field show joanne nosuchinsky. great to have you here. >> thanks. >> what an impressive put down. your reaction, joanne. >> i know what i'm spending my next paycheck on. >> i can't wait. >> yeah, that's a whole bunch of trump wine and i think my next job might actually be trump vineyards. he must have a vineyard if he's got some wine. >> who knew you had these
4:55 am
ambitions. >> i'm all about it. i love this. this is exactly the response we all want to see from trump. serving it right to mitt romney is excellent. >> andy, i know you first of all had to be impressed with three victories last night, i mean, just join me in a great rah-rah. >> absolutely. the republicans are in fine hands. >> what do you make of this. >> the problem, is, joanne, you won't be able to spend your paycheck on trump steaks because they are out of business. >> i said wine. >> oh, go get it. >> on trump water because they are out of business, you won't be able to spend your money on the trump magazine because it went out of business and trump wine is not owned by donald trump so that could be sort of a problem, too. my thing is it is weird to me -- >> he comes up with these irrelevant -- >> i have heard a lot of people for the last seven years talk being how president obama has demeaned the office of the presidency by going on late night talk shows and doing comedy bits and then for some
4:56 am
reason they have absolutely no problem with this. >> because -- >> i thought this was embarrassing. >> this is how trump started out. >> you forgot us mention trump national golf course, the doral. >> that does still exist for now. >> i thought it was impressive market snul never be invited there, andy. >> and then romney goes on kimmel and does mean tweets. do we have any of those? let's take a further sampling. >> okay. donald trump is trying to pull america back from the brink and freaking mitt romney is playing with matches in the bathroom. >> is there any truth to that? >> i'm not touching that, i'll tell you that. >> okay. @mittromney equals loser. that's true, actually, i lost. you may not have noticed. let's see, how are you anyway and by the way where do you buy the -- >> it goes on and on as you saw
4:57 am
there. as romney often does. am i being unfair to mitt romney to say that he is a desperate traitor of his party and unrelently embarrassment. >> i think that's a pretty fair assessment because this goes to show his speech the other day attacking trump, encouraging the gop to rally around -- and voters to rally around the other candidates. >> but not naming one. >> but not for the health of the gop and the nation it was so he could get a little more time. he wants that taste of the celebrity back. >> it seemed that way, didn't it, andy? >> if i were trump i would be very worried about this. mitt romney has shown that he is very good at keeping rich republicans out of the white house. so i would just -- if i were trump -- >> wait, did you just call donald trump a republican. very nice. >> he is a republican. >> very nice of you to say that. i would expect less of you. >> well, thank you. >> i agree with you, joanne. absolutely high form of complement.
4:58 am
speaking of obama, skipping the funeral of the former first lady nancy reagan so that he can be at this southwest by southwest technology conference, your reaction. >> it doesn't surprise me. obama has never really cared about optics before. i find it very hard to believe that south by southwest wouldn't accommodate him maybe by changing the time of his speech so he could go. >> or maybe the location. >> exactly. why not? do it via satellite. that's what technology and entertainment is about these days. >> come on. >> but the taxpayers -- taxpayer money wouldn't be spent -- >> he's got a chance to bro out down in austin and you want to blow that out to have to some downer funeral. come on, bro. >> you've got a point. i don't know. i didn't think of that. did you think of that, joanne? >> no. >> let's turn, if we may, to the law school law school. a young lady who doesn't feel that she got a very good deal. what did she graduate, 2008, and
4:59 am
she still hasn't found a job. she's suing its law school because she spent a lot of money, borrowed a lot of money. what do you think? >> she said, too, that she went to the school because they pride themselves on the fact that a throughout of their alumni got jobs right out of the gate. and she actually got one was the thing, she was offered a job which apparently she didn't want to talk at a law firm, but she said she sent out 150 resumes and hasn't gotten any response, to which i say you're doing something wrong. i just -- you know, maybe she is not a desirable -- >> there's probably a typo in the resumé. >> or a grammatical error. >> lawyers are a very detailed lot and they expect -- >> at first i assumed this was another entitled millennial story, but, look, if the law school is mist representing its statistics in terms of placing people which is what she's alleging, let's find out if the law school is lying because if the law school is lying they should not get away with it.
5:00 am
>> we should do what she should have done in 2005 -- >> due diligence, lou. >> with those words of wisdom from not only andy levy. cohen, thank you. your life. >> a living wage, $15 an hour. john: politicians promise. >> we are carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> every 4-year-old in america have access to high quality preschool. >> get private insurance out of health insurance. >> we'll open up those sliebl laws and have people sue you like you have never been sued before. john: our top 10 worst political promises this election. and a few good ones. that's our show tonight.


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