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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 15, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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of ohio and florida. maria: be here when i join neil cavuto and lou dobbs. great to see you. thanks for joining us, ashley webster is in for stuart varney, "varney & company" starts now. ashley: a big political day ahead. five states of voting and marco rubio is taking a last stand in florida and the same for governor john kasich in ohio. the big factor, of course, one mr. donald trump. on the democratic side, bernie sanders gaining momentum in ohio and illinois, could mean another upset could be in store for hillary clinton, remember michigan? staying on hillary, two big gaffes from her on the campaign trail. she links donald trump supporters to lynch mobs and then says no americans died in libya, while she was secretary of state. and a complete surprise from vladimir putin, russian troops
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pulling out in part out of syria, isis still on the ground, putin says he has met his goals. "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ >> join me in the white house to make our country all it should be. >> we are going to create an economy that works for working people, not just for billionaires. >> there is only one campaign in a position to beat donald trump and win the republican nomination. >> we will address our problems right here in our hometown and revive the spirit of america right here. >> you have to be honest, you have to be correct, and you have to be truthful, but you can't say whatever you want to say. >> get out tomorrow and vote. think about your children. think about your family.
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get out tomorrow and vote, okay? >> and they are voting up till now and donald trump getting a lot of the votes. that's, of course, the candidates making their final push. let's get to it. florida and ohio primaries today. let's face it, the last stand for marco rubio and john kasich. look who is here, kat to join us and talk about this. let's begin with marco rubio. if he loses florida today and polls suggest he's down heavily to donald trump, he's got to go home. >> he should have, think about it in cost benefit analysis, let's say he somehow wins florida, he gets to stay in the race a little longer and ultimately lose the nomination. if he loses, that's politically humiliating to lose your own state which he's probably going to do. ashley: with him getting down and dirty with the hands reference and all that, the final nail in his campaign? >> i think it made him look desperate because he himself
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i'm not going to the level of the personal attacks. the fact that he did do that, proves, i don't know what else move. he's not as good at it as trump is. whether that's good or bad, it doesn't work as well for him. ashley: john kasich says if he doesn't winnowo he's going to drop out. and some polls have him slightly ahead and a fox news poll had him tied. >> i like john kasich, even if he wins ohio and trump wins florida, he needs 110% of the delegates, and which is only 100 and you can only get 100 at most. i'm not a mathematician. ashley: he sees himself as the grownup in the room, but it doesn't necessarily-- doesn't fire up the voters like donald trump. >> that makes sense, but it doesn't matter how grown up you are, how you win elections is how you win the vote.
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ashley: let's bring in anthony scaramucci, who would have thought that a socialist might run away with it? what's going on in this country? >> he's the polar opposite of donald trump. he's preying on the same fears basically, ashley, and so he's-- the guys on the right of gravitating too trump and the guys on the left to bernie. the addage, don't wrestle with a pig, because the pig likes it, that's been donald trump. i was at an event with a group of democrats talking about bernie sanders, they got him out of the race the way you sort of have the other republica republicans. if it's a trump hillary bashing-- >> he's gone far beyond what they expected. if he does well, because he appeals to a certain group of voters that hillary clinton apparently can't connect with, how much of a shudder does that
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put through the democratic party if bernie sanders has a good day today especially in the pivotal midwest? >> i personally don't think a big shudder, i met with a group of guys yesterday, some of which are super delegates. they've controlled that process very differently than the republicans so the establishment of the democratic party is going to basically block bernie sanders from getting the nomination. >> she may get the delegates in a clinical sense, but she doesn't have any momentum, does she. >> she's running the exact same campaign as she ran in 2008. a lot of underperformance. ashley: yeah. >> a lot of bad sound bites, a lot of misremembering things. ashley: we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. >> when she goes head to head with donald trump, they're not ready for that. who underestimated donald trump. >> the jeb bush campaign, the scott walker campaign. i'm o for 2.
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ashley: you underestimated. >> the guys i wanted for the job, they didn't make it, but the people's choice looks like donald trump liz: and goodbye rubio tuesday. he was candidate interrupted by donald trump. he was promising and taking on jeb, the new obama version, and that was obama's rise to the presidency, his path. but candidate interrupted is rubio. >> goodbye rubio tuesday. ashley: how long did you think about that. >> not long, you like the beatles so i tried to get the rolling stones in there. >> a good sound bite and give e-mack a royalty. vladimir putin ordered a partial pull out and largely saying they reached their goals, what was that to keep assad in power? >> it looks like a surprise early withdrawal and russia
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says they're going to keep several hundred personnel on the ground there, but it's too early there to say mission accomplished. they did take out 17 field commanders, 2000 rebels, isis though still controls a big swath of the country. so, that's why the russians are saying we're still going to continue to do air strikes, ashley. they did take out, you know, the russian-- excuse me, the chechen military commander, omar, recruiting isis. >> you have to read between the lines with vladimir putin. and more on that, more on putin and syria. we're a business network, let's take a look at the dow futures for you. moving lower after bank of japan game a gloomy outlook, didn't provide stimulus, things aren't so great. the dow off 83 points, what it's showing when we open about 23 minutes from now. some downward revisions from
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january, too. oil looking lower, loss some ground yesterday, but gas up a penny overnight to $1.94, that's the national average for regular gasoline. stuart varney, moaning, i can hear him somewhere right now from where he is. we'll work on it. back to politics, let's bring in congressman david jolly, a republican from. fla. thank you for joining us. congressman, you called on donald trump to drop out, well, clearly he didn't do that. now, it looks like he could run away with it. after today, he could be the clear nominee. what are your thoughts? >> i did, listen, i have grave disagreements with donald trump, particularly his comments of banning all muslims. i appreciate the fact that he seemed to have walked back a little from that. the republicans are facing a difficult choice. if he's our nominee, certainly we need somebody who stands in stark contrast to hillary clinton. once we get past cleveland at
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the convention, republicans will begin to coalesce around our nominee, but let's see what happens in cleveland. ashley: is it better for the republicans to have a clear choice, if donald trump gets the 1237 he needs, is that better than going into cleveland with no one with the required number of delegates and kind after free for all? there are those that suggest if those happen, hillary clinton, if she's the democratic nominee would walk in the white house. >> i called on donald trump to withdraw, grave disagreements with him, but look, it he's winning it fair and square. the candidate with more votes than the other. my candidate is no longer in the race, donald trump might be our nominee and let's see in cleveland. certainly tonight could be a big part of whether or not he has a clear pathway or not. >> what did you miss, congressman and what did the other candidates who were forced to drop out, that donald
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trump knows and is appealing to voters? what is the key ingredient that you don't get and donald trump does. >> the rallies, 15, 20,000 people. section months ago, i'm not sure we realized all of those folks would turn out and vote. s' mobilizing voter, liken him to jessica ventura, and he's growing the voter base the republican party and that's why some of the elders don't know what to do with it. if it's at cleveland and brokered, i hope it's from the delegates bottom up, not from the elders, not trying to have the elders make the decision, the voters. ashley: and in florida, marco rubio, if he doesn't win today, should he drop out tomorrow. >> he has a tough channel,'s working hard on the campaign trail, whatever happens,
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remember, this is a guy who energized our party in 2010 and tried to tackle the hardest issue in the countries, immigration reform using his political capital and has the ability to expand our party when it comes to youth and hispanic americans. marco rubio is a leader of our party regardless what happens tonight. remember the talent that he is and contributions going forward. ashley: thank you for taking time out. great to be with you. it's a taxing day. thank you. and this, a huge day as well for john kasich. he vowed to drop out if he doesn't win his home state of 0 ohio. and hillary clinton doubling down on comments that donald trump is inciting violence. she's linking trump supporters to lynch mobs. more varney next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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it ♪ ♪ you know, i'm bad, i'm bad ♪ >> great stuff. the late michael jackson. his estate, by the way, will earn more money than any musicians in history this year. $750 million after the sale of his half of the sony publishing c catalog, and included some beatles songs. and paul mccartney encouraged him to buy some publishing rights. and you have worked with governor kasich and what happens if donald trump wins ohio, can you get behind donald trump. >> first of all, john kasich is going to be winning ohio so i
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don't think it's a decision i'll be making. ashley: let's say if donald trump wins ohio, can you get behind him as the nominee. >> any one of our republican candidates would be better than hillary clinton so i'm going to support the republican who ultimately wins this, whether it's in the next month or two or coming out of the convention in cleveland. ashley: donald trump has, you know, touched a voter base that has yet-- which has, you know, certainly has been greater than anyone could imagine, tapped into a lot of anger, a lot of anger against the establishment. are you concerned that john kasich is the establishment? >> no, i'm actually not. john kasich, although he's had relevant experience in my mind, the experience is exactly what you need in the white house. you don't need somebody that's going to go in and have to train. we've had that for the last six or seven years and i personally am not looking forward to that, but john kasich is his own man and i think you've heard him
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say his republican party, that's, you know, who he identifies himself with politically. he's his own man and he has the right experience and has the right track record. if you look at what he did in washington, balancing the budget in congress and in ohio down 350,000 private sector jobs when we took office and because of john kasich's leadership, we're up over 417,000 jobs. we had an 8 million dollar budget deficit and surplus. ashley: with all of those accomplishments, why isn't he further up in the polls? >> because of the media attention that donald trump is getting and when voters are getting an opportunity to see who john kasich is really is and to be able to meet with him one-on-one in the town hall meetings, we're seeing people who are deciding later, are deciding to vote for john kasich. we saw it in new hampshire, we saw it in michigan and we clearly think that's going to rule the day in ohio.
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tomorrow when we wake up, john kasich is going to winn ohio. and in the calendar, i think he's going to do well. ashley: if he narrowly loses, will he be encouraged to stay in the race? he said he'll drop out if he doesn't win. >> first of all, i expect that john kasich is going to win ohio. i don't know that we'll get there. if that happens john kasich will make that decision tomorrow. ohio is a must-win state. we know that in order for a republican to win the white house they have to win ohio. ohio is important and again, i believe that john kasich will win ohio. ashley: we shall see. appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: and hillary clinton continues her attack on donald trump and suggests that the trump campaign is divisive and violent, and harkens back to lynch mobs. more varney next. >> when you are inciting mob
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violence, which is what trump is doing in those clips, there's a lot of memories that people have. you know, they're in the dna. people remember mob violence that led to lynching. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> on a tuesday, it's another super tuesday. look at north olmstead, ohio clear cleveland where voting is underway, it's all very calm and orderly in north olmstead, apparently. to politics, hillary attacking trump again, claiming they're inciting mob violence and comparing it to lynching. here she is on town hall on msnbc. >> when you're inciting mob violence which is what trump is doing in those clips, there's a lot of memories that people have. you know, they're in the dna. people remember mob violence that led to lynching. people remember mob violence that led to people being shot, being, you know, grabbed, being mistreated and it's something that has a deep, almost psychological resonance to people who have ever been in any position of feeling somewhat fearful, somewhat worried. ashley: kat, let's go back to you. interesting comments to liken
9:24 am
this and using the word lynching. to you first, is that for wont of a better expression, race baiting. >> of course it is. fact check, there's a major difference between the trump rallies and-- there was lynching at the lynch mobs, and that's the main difference that makes it so bad. as we said earlier, there are so many things you can use to attack donald trump on, there are so many, you're going to go with this race baiting crazy garbage? why? that's disrespectful to the intelligence of all voters and people say, she's right people are going to start getting lynched if she's not the president. ashley: do you think that's going to see-- >> get a dura flame log, it's to say cause enough violence that the independent voter
9:25 am
doesn't turn out. ashley: does trump ultimately gain from this chaos and does trump get any traction liz: blue collar workers are also minorities as well. they've got jobs during this down turn. i'm sure they might go offended hearing this, the minorities are going to the trump rally. ashley: we don't want to miss the opening bell. we're moments away from the bell ringing on wall street. the back drop, oil is down again, and some say there's more chance of a global recession. stocks at the open after this. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> i think the voters need to decide this. as you mentioned i did call on donald trump four or five months ago. look it, he's winning fair and square and in election when a candidate gets more votes than the other, they win. my candidate is no longer in the race and donald trump may well be our nominee, let's see in cleveland. ashley: that was a frank summation from congressman david jolly at the top of the hour.
9:30 am
remember, we start at 9 a.m. eastern every weekday, they're clapping and cheering down there on the new york stock exchange. the opening bell ten seconds away. a gloomy outlet from bank of japan on its economy and gloomy outlook on the economy as a hole. we're going to keep our eye on oil because it seems like that has an impact on what we do on a daily basis. we're off and running and expecting to fall not by much. eight points or thereabouts. we're down across the board in europe and asia finishing mostly lower as well. down 24, picking up a little. downward momentum. let's bring in liz macdonald, anthony scaramucci and mike murphy. you know in honor of stuart, let's begin with politics. what happens, the business angle, what happens if the republicans have a brokered convention? it could happen. so what would it do to the markets? mike, let me begin with you, markets love clarity and a brokered convention is anything, but clarity. >> absolutely. it's one we've seen over the
9:31 am
culmination of the last several months, candidates out there fighting and it's the person-- if the person that doesn't have the most votes doesn't get it, we don't know how that would play out. that would be bad for the market, i hope that doesn't happen. ashley: one republican candidate in particular the markets say anyone, but hillary? >> john kasich, but, he doesn't have a path to the nomination unless there's a brokered convention. if there's a brokered convention and let's say a person like donald trump has 1100 delegates not to 1237, it's a disaster for the republican party not to allow him to become the nominee. so my guess is that will happen. what will happen with paul ryan and the house leadership and mitch mcconnell. will they come around and coalesce around donald trump. ashley: one big hot mess. >> my prediction is they will. i think that trump has enough gears in the gear box, he'll
9:32 am
shift through, a more regular presidential sort of gear. he's grinding gears right now. ashley: he's done that pretty much through the onset. stuart: todd, what about a brokered convention, is that bad for the market? >> good morning, anything could be worse than what's going on right now? they're acting like a bunch of three year olds and national republican committee is trying to get him out. and still with a brokered convention, and hey, we're going to support him, that will be the end. ashley: retail sales down despite cheap gas and home heating hasn't helped. you could say it's hillary's nightmare. she's calling for more taxes and no fracking. >> yeah, that's bad. weaker than expected retail sales knock out auto and gas sales, just up 0.3%. ashley: anemic.
9:33 am
>> electrons. ashley: down. food and beverages down. people are going to restaurants, that's a solid sector right now. retail seattles are down despite gas prices. ashley: extra money in people's pockets. >> that is chewed up by health care costs and possibly future higher taxes under a clinton administration. ashley: what do you think is going on? >> if you look at this, it has the lines of we're looking at interest rates and that's telling that the feds will not raise rates. they may in june because they're data dependent, but no reason the fed has to get out in front of a soaring economy because it hasn't-- >> what's that, go ahead. >> why are we surprised that retail sales are lousy. we have lousy jobs, we have really no growth other than the balance sheets are growing, but the actual development of pr ukt duct is not growing. why are we surprised? people can't spend money, they don't have it. ashley: true. let's move to the coal sector
9:34 am
slammed under president obama and now hillary says put coal out of business and i guess we can expect more of this when she's in the white house, right, mr. scaramucci? >> look, it's a terrible strategy. imagine what she's saying. going to put families and their children basically out of work in the welfare line. so, i don't like the strategy, but she likes appealing to her base. the biggest concern for wall street is if secretary clinton gets the presidency, she is a political weather vane and her base has been from the left and she'll have to get bernie voters on her band wagon, those are the policies she's going with. it's not going to be the third bill clinton term, it's going to be a bernie sanders-- >> a weather vane. ashley: no, i don't think so, i think that's okay [buzzer >> now, let's start, i mentioned oil earlier and so much for that protection freeze, right?
9:35 am
and not only are we not going to freeze we're going to open the spigots more. todd, we've seen oil come down the last couple of days, and it seems like the major producers have no interest in freezing, they're actually increasing production. >> you know, i think we're probably going to come down to 34. i thought that 38 was a great spot to go to in the first place. i think that 34 is very much in the card. it should have stopped on the way up, but i thought we'd get to 38. we did, so now on the way down, i don't care what they do over there. it has less effect. we know we've got 100 supply of oil in america and they're going to hold back and manipulated themselves through here and we're going to see a shortage of oil on other own because that's what we always do, which is fine they want to create buying and selling and obsolescence and they will do that and it will be held back in place as and-- >> right now they don't like the market share, do they? no way they're going to give that up.
9:36 am
>> it's oil-tary policy. >> we have monetary policy and we have-- >> does that get the buzzer, michael? >> i made that word up. [buzzer] three and you're out. the bank of japan gave a gloomy outlook. they've raised the possibility of a global recession from from 20%. are we halfway there? >> that's super troubling, and that's why i agree with michael about the fed not moving right now. the specter of deflation is is growing as well. and i think the japanese are saying to the rest of the world, we have a shrinking d demographer and those will hit the united states if we don't have the proper tax policies and regulatory rubric.
9:37 am
>> and they don't know the outcome of negative interest rates. >> i think we're jumping the gun to talk about negative interest rates here in the u.s. i don't see that. remember one thing, ash, recessions happen of the it's in the ordinary course of economic cycles, recessions hampe had a-- recessions happen. they think of 2008. ashley: how much global recession affects the u.s.? >> the irony is negative rates thoughts of pump liquidity in, that they would spend it, that's not happening. it's the irony, it's having a reverse effect. ben bernanke and a fed chair supported negative interest rates. ashley: quickly. >> quickly, negative rates for our viewers, think of your dollars now as assets. they're going up in value and that's why you're getting negative rates. once you start to think about the dollar as an asset and not a fungible currency, ashley, then you can start to
9:38 am
understand this better. ashley: very good. a lesson. thank you very much. shoe retailer dsw beating the street 5% on the news. by a buck 46 at 28.95 and also let's take a look at brazil. petro bra. in sao palo, calling for removing of the head of that company not only corporate, but political area as well. a mess in brazil. and all day breakfast heading to the olympics. i always thought it would be an olympic event liz: that's a good way to put it, all day break fast, an olympic event. it's in the olympic village in rio and 6 million are expected to. ashley: for the athletes. >> and these two. >> six million people are expected to come so--
9:39 am
>> six million people. >> to the olympics. >> good move for mcdonald's, good exposure. >> great moves. that's why you see the stocks at all-time highs. you look at all day breakfast. why didn't they do it sooner. >> google pressing congress to lose regulations for safe driving cars to get on the road sooner. nicole petallides at the nyse. nicole: they want to speed it up and move swiftly, get it on the road. the directors are speaking to the senate to make the case they're coming soon, how soon? there's the google self-driving vehicle and there is some backlash in california, for example, they've imposed rules that say it should not be operated without a human inside. there was a fender bender in california with a google car and a bus, the argument was even a human might have had
9:40 am
that little fender bender, but they've gone over a million miles with 17 to 20 accidents. so pretty good rate. ashley: probably better than the human rate. all right, nicole, although the stock is down a little bit. and microsoft would allow xbox gamers to play against ps 4's and, i have two sons, and one is xbox and one ps, they can play each other, is this a big deal liz: a huge deal to get the customers in their whoeel house. it's up to developers to open games open to both systems. ashley: and they're rabid about their product, aren't they? >> what we've learned from the digital revolution, open systems work and create more market share, more product demand and a better environment. ashley: good point. let's take a quick look at the big board for you, we're just ten minutes into the session for you. oh, boy, yeah, kind of opened with a bit of a thud.
9:41 am
off 100 points. no surprise after what we saw in europe and asia. russia surprising the world by saying it's headed out of syria. the war planes already headed home. and vladimir putin says he's achieved his goal. isis is still on the ground, but assad regime stabilized. and lt. colonel allen west after this. ♪
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we continue the look at polls, black lick, ohio near
9:45 am
cleveland, that is what they're telling me. and people are getting out to vote. >> look at that. ashley: it's good. and the big board, off the lows of the morning, and we're down about 82 points and half a percent on the dow. 17,147. to a developing story, the white house this morning, easing more travel restrictions for people who want to visit cuba, e-mack on the story. >> they're listing more restrictions on american tourists and listing limits in transactions and americans dollars. the president wants to appoint this as nixon and china a moment. he needs to get this up and running before a g.o.p. takeover of the white house. >> i'll be there the end of the month. >> good for you. >> yeah. >> actually for business. >> for business, i think there's a huge infrastructure play there. >> what kind of communications
9:46 am
infrastructure, real estate and likely to start and launch a fund there in conjunction with the-- >> very interesting. >> cuban government. >> good stuff, all right. on the other side of the story, to syria, russian leader vladimir putin announced he's pulling his troops, most of them, out of syria because he says they've accomplished their goals there. let's bring in lieutenat. colon allen west, what is the story here? why is putin doing this? >> vladimir putin learned the lessons of afghanistan. 's he not going to get bogged down in a retracted war or nation building. he had an operational objective and that was to make sure that he tipped the balance of power to assad in syria and he's done that, as well aided by the obama administration, he had as a very strong ally now with
9:47 am
iran, who has a land bridge through iraq and they can continue to support syria because they have the force there and they have billions of dollars that the obama administration released to them so they can support hezbollah, which is right next door in lebanon, and they are helping bashar al-assad. so this pullout means that president's words of assad must go has not happened and he's been strategically outmaneuvered by putin. ashley: and what should in the west, what should the response be? it appears that assad's situation has stabilized? >> the thing that we have to look at. russia going in to go after isis, that was a deception and an ruse, we have to take down eye sis and possibly an al qaeda affiliate. what we have to be concerned about, where does vladimir
9:48 am
putin focus himself now. he had overextended lines of communication and logistical support. if i'm ukraine, maldova, the baltic states, i'm going to be nervous because now he can turn his full attention there. ashley: he's doing this because we're told the economy is in rough shape because of low oil prices, it's also a tactic take people's attention away when they're active on the international front. so there is another reason behind it as well? >> absolutely right. and that's one of the reasons why you see that iran is willing to purchase from russia these brand new t-90 tanks, state of the art fighters jets, s-300's a means by which he can bolster the economy. when you have the shortened lines of communication between russia and logistical support to the ukraine or baltic states, that's than the
9:49 am
extended lines into syria. ashley: thank you for joining us. before we go, i wanted to give you a plug. you have a new show on fbn fridays, wall street week, does it debut this friday. >> this friday. ashley: what can we expect? >> it's the old show, and lou ran that from 1970 to 2005, we brought the show back and piloted it and we're very, very blessed to have fox business take over the show from us. this is a show about how people tick, ashley, not necessarily watching the ticker. it's sort of like an h.b.o. real sports for business. we're bringing general petraeus on our inaugural guest to talk about the situation with isis and syria, how it relates to your portfolio from a national security perspective. ashley: sounds-- >> that will be our first guest, but we have a whole group of guests. ashley: on when, 8 p.m. >> 8 p.m. on fridays. ashley: terrific, congratulations. back to politics, hillary
9:50 am
clinton sparking outrage with her comments on libya during a democratic town hall. she says nobody died there while she was secretary of state. not a single person lost, she says, absolutely, by the way, no mention of the benghazi attack. more varney next. . >> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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9:54 am
>> all right. let's take a look at the big board for you. we're off a little more than 100 points and coming back. the dow at 17,151 or thereabouts. valeant is saying they look at risk, and shares down more than 30% hitting a whole new low. the previous all time low was $39 shattering that. to politics, why not? when asked about foreign policy, hillary had yet another gaffe during the town hall. she says there were no lives lost during the conflict, roll tape. >> libyas with an a different kind of conflict, we didn't lose a person and had no
9:55 am
problem in supporting our arab and our allies with nato. ashley: all rise, judge napolitano. i know you want to jump in here, we didn't lose a single person in libya. >> she really wants to rewrite history and one of the reasons she had the private server is so she could control the historic record by keeping from journalists, from the president, from the rest of the state department outside of her circle what she really knew and what she really was doing. and libya is honestly her beast in the night. not only benghazi, whereof course four americans were murdered, americans about whose death she lied to the very families of the-- >> blaming a video for inciting the violence which know wasn't the case. >> she instigated and pressed the use of military and nato in order to destroy the gadhafi government.
9:56 am
she signed permission for americans arms dealers to ship to groups the cia told her were terrorist groups, groups it was a felony to provide to, she authorized in her capacity as secretary of state. the destruction of gadhafi, tony blair and president bush said was a partner of ours, the destruction of gadhafi with chaos, no central government, who is moving in? isis, she don't want to talk about any of this and-- >> when she boldly sits there in a town hall on national television saying we did not lose a single person. how can she do that when we pointed out four lives lost on that attack in benghazi. >> i don't know what was going on. ashley: does that not count? >> i don't know what's going through her head except she doesn't want to confront this. she was not confronted by the
9:57 am
questionnaire. what about chris stevens? what do you mean we didn't lose my lives. a teaser for you, one of the things found on her server ambassador stevens with his itinerary two days before, wonder who got their hand on that. ashley: and she's likening donald trump's rallies to a lynch mop. two minutes away. is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world?
9:58 am
whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
9:59 am
>> we are going to work until literally the polls close. >> if you want a candidate who defeats trump or some other republican, you are looking at him had right here. >> when i win ohio and continue to take this program forward, it
10:00 am
is going to send up such a positive message to the world. >> we're going stalk the country and do what needs to be done and win 99 delegates here in florida. >> got illinois, missouri, we've got north carolina. we've got ohio, we've got florida. you've got to vote tomorrow. you've got to volt. vote. if you have a headache -- if you dying -- >> if you have a headache, if you're dying, get out and vote anyway. live in ohio black lick i kid you not -- in idaho and in kansas city, missouri a look there. in the middle there. we've seen certainly in black lake, ohio, a initial steady stream of voter turnout expected to be once again pretty good. primaries in five states today. trump for big wins last stand in florida and john kasich fighting it out in ohio his home states kasich that is on democratic side. bernie sanders gaining momentum
10:01 am
in ohio and illinois and could be in store for a big day in politics. we've got it all covered. let's take a look at big board for you been a town kind of day in asia and europe and we're following suit. down 81 points an the dow, though, down 100 points 20 minute's. oil down 2% found out that russia and saudi arabia haven't frozen it and oil coming down. interesting story spcialty drug maker cutting its outlook faces debt default risk that's not good news. down 30%. down 33% at 45.84 brand new low. previous was 49 bucks so it is going town shattering its previous low. 45.87. all right bad sign for the economy. a dip in retail sales in february. by the way, january number also revised low. this is despite cheap gas in
10:02 am
home heating if oil. bad news for hillary, right economy is tanking so she can't jump on to that. of course she wants to get into the white house and raise taxes. government spending. >> that's rise surprisingly weaker retail sales number knock out auto and gas and rose 3.4%. that's bad sales down in electronic, furniture, across the board -- so what they're doing is health care costs are going up, and they're also saving money and pay down debt so you're right. what will this mean for the clinton campaign? she continues to basically tout president obama's economic achievement . >> so when you see this happening. >> absolutely. interesting liz. back to the election if donald trump takes florida and governor kasich wins in ohio then donald trump wouldn't have necessary delegates to be the nominee just yet which raise specter of a broken convention joining us
10:03 am
right now republican from pennsylvania and trump endorser congressman tom. congressman thanks for joining us. my question to you is a broker convention bad for the party? would it open for the door for a democrat to get into the white house? >> first of all i don't think there's a brokerd convention, but if, in fact, there is one, i don't see it being a bad situation. it's people make the decision, voters make the decision and that is what counts. >> yeah, but if donald trump gets a thousand delegates not the 12037 required an go to a brokers convention and they become the nominee that's not going to sit well is it? >> it won't get to that point. i think republicans are going to come together. pretty much after today, trump is going to have a good day today. he's going to take florida. it's neck and neck in ohio and one step closer to being the republican candidate for president.
10:04 am
>> can the republican party gather and back donald trump, so many people out there saying they just can't do it. it feel to me like gop is wants anybody but trump and feeling that strategy. can they get behind donald trump? >> yes, let's make that determination on who is saying they can't get together. it's the establishment. it's the people who want to control everything. and this is an ano, ma'am plier if them. they have no control over this. the washington insiders, wall street people. no control over there. you know who controls this, voters, my state of pennsylvania all over the country. and i am hearing overwhelmingly from people from all walks of life. all of the parties saying i'm voting for trump ept a businessman who create ares jobs and i'm tired of political games in d.c. and 19 trillion dollars in debt. 15 to 20 million people out of work and let me ask you this, said this once before, how's it been going last 30 years with
10:05 am
governors, and senators and career politicians as president? not quell. [laughter] >> can donald trump if he's the nominee beat hillary clinton if she's a democratic nominee? she's got a lot of more on her side with regard to experience. but could that be, you know, negative for her and can donald trump put aside all of the chaos that surrounds him and actually win the white house? >> well if you count experience as a state department that is troubled, still troubled given the fact under her so-called leadership benghazi if that's experience, and look at the past -- issues thats she's been involved in. no, i think that donald trump can beat hillary clinton. and i'm looking forward to seeing donald trump with the president of the united states. >> wow, it's a fascinating process regardless. thank you so much congressman we appreciate it. we have videos of now john kasich voting in
10:06 am
te and thereeia ac i' jaes. from what wean teltu steady althougg fod
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
but five contest on the democratic side today as with. bernie sanders gaining on hillary clinton. we know that poll showed them virtually neck and neck in ohio, illinois, and missouri. pass aforementioned evan here fascinated by this, evan because we have a socialist that is giving a former secretary of state a former -- you know, former first lady of the white house a real run for her money. what does that say about him and hillary clinton's campaign? >> i think it says more about him than it does him. it's an indictment i think of the democratic party about hillary clinton's vulnerability as a candidate. that's an e-mail, scandal is all of that aside. before we even get there. this really is problems with hillary's campaign. you know, elizabeth touched on this traitd issue and how big a deal this is. bernie sanders has been very effective beating hillary clinton over the head you know, you support these trade agreements. it's cost jobs for people in industrial states like ohio.
10:10 am
i think that's why we saw victory in michigan for bernie sanders, that surprised a lot of people. i think if you can pull out even one state today actually maybe doesn't get him the nomination but forces the thing and it actually, she should thank him because he's making her rather a better more interesting can't in this race. >> i don't know she's making it more interesting but made a number of gaps. but i want to make had the point she's clinically amassing delegates to win. but i would argue she's no momentum. >> no. >> almost like people are by default many people, you know, they're looking at him as a socialsist. like i like what bernie says but fiscally it doesn't make sense to me so hold my nose and vote for hillary clinton. that's oik to get you to a nomination but what does that do in a general election? >> bernie sanders is appealing to young voters and working class white voters. very strongly behind bernie sanders. can hillary clinton tap into them as in the general election if she is the nominee?
10:11 am
>> this is the argument with my friends they think it is impossible for trump to go into the white house. i said listen, trump does something that no other gop candidate does, and that is he possibly disrupts the conventional map. so these states like michigan, like pennsylvania, that you would never in a million years could think could go red go red, they might that's interesting ab trump candidate city. >> never underestimate donald trump. appreciate it. all right we have some breaking news on oil, liz what's going on with that? >> obama administration is going to say no to gas drilling off the southeast coast of the united states so they're going to yank it. basically going to reject it. here's what's going on. an estimated 30 trillion cubic feet in that gas there. hundreds of millions of barrels of oil, they're basically saying, we will not allow any oil drilling off of the coast of georgia, virginia, and the southeast coast right now. >> that's interesting because a lot of governors of states and representatives are calling for
10:12 am
this, and it was a bit of surprise when the obama administration said all right, let's look at this. but what pressure from the green -- you say? >> interestingly enough reports indicate that defense department will track it for you and find out why defense department is opposed to drilling off the southeast coast -- >> more jobs. >> yes. >> pulled away. >> all right thank you. >> sure. >> donald trump called fascist someone known mr. trump for 35 years and says trump critics have him all wrong.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
>> city for the first one to take on donald trump? by that point -- >> that was john kasich talking to reporters coif a scrap ji john kasich going after donald trump. he wassing to an oughted that was put together by a pack, political action committee called our principles essentially formed to try to stop donald trump from winning. it's a minute long ad that calls bimbo, dogs, fat pigs, and then it finishes with this is how donald trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. what's interesting? is john kasich saying he wasn't aware he was saying such things but blinged on the campaign trail but now i've seen this. very disturbed, concerned wiive a wife and daughter.
10:19 am
so coming out of swinging a bit off after casting his vote interesting to see what response we have from donald trump. i'm sure we'll have. my next guest has known donald trump for 35 years and he takes that section to critics calling him a fascist and racist also with him unlikable problem with hillary. welcome ed klein. look, you know donald trump very well. and the image that we're getting from his critics fascist, racist, nazi-like you've known him how close it is that to the donald trump you know. >> warped view of people, humanity, the world. donald doesn't have these theories. he's like a -- real estate developer who ceases advantage. principle and plans, those aren't important to him. he can be nor enemy one day, chris christie, your best friend the next day. it is all very flexible.
10:20 am
>> did you he doesn't look presidential even his quite a few says come on donald, you have to look more presidential behave in a presidential way. is he capable of that? because he doesn't have a filter in terms of what he says? >> most important question about donald trump, 30, ho years he's been a real estate developer. keeping everything kind of flexible, changeable, can he take all of those years of experience and transform himself, grow and develop into a democratic president? >> he has a thin skin and when people the criticize he comes back tenfold. >> isn't that what scares voters they don't want somebody flexible and principle m >> he is. >> maybe not a good thing m >> when you talk about optortune i. we don't know which will play in the end. >> of hillary clinton at the town hall had event in ohio.
10:21 am
hillary clinton slipped up while answering a question about benghazi and libya. watch this. >> different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a certain person and didn't have a problem in supporting our european and arab allies in working with nato. >> not a single life lost ed klein, collective memory? >> hillary has been in a state of what i'd call pathological denial all her life. her father beat her mother it was okay. she married a guy who assaulted women, raped women, denied it. she's denied her accomplicety in benghazi it doesn't surprise me at all because this is her -- >> having said all of that she got a teflon quality she's handily over bernie sanders and could be the democratic nominee
10:22 am
despite everything you've just said. >> true, but my liberal friends when they hear things like that, they blink their eyes, turn away, pretend she didn't say it because they don't think they have any other choice. we know this because we follow it but does average voter, person watching this do they take her face value? >> look, 60% of americans think she's fun trustworthy when people say what word comes to mind when we say hillary clinton almost 60% of people say liar. >> untrustworthy ed klein thank you so much for being here. appreciate it. special coverage of the super tuesday 2.0 action tonight 7 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. well the list of supreme court nominees to replace justice scalia down to three candidates. we'll break 2 it down for you, after this.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> the list of possible o supreme nominees now down to three. jerry will last is leer to tell us who is being considered. jerry. >> bang through these and tell you some sin decisions, the clerk for the liberal champion william brennan you should know that. famous guy everybody knows him. a lot of respect for this. chief judge of federal appeals right now heover saw two domestic dmr decisions, unabomber, bombing in oklahoma, and so there are prosecutions in both of the cases. he rebuked cia for not making the drone strikes public. which i thought was very interesting. okay. >> who next? >> terese first hindu seventh
10:27 am
born justice and here's what's interesting he defended e jeffrey in private practice before he was a judge. also backed epa in clean ptd power plant not once but twice you should know that. paul is third african-american justice in the court's history. young guy, and he formerly clerked with justice to strike down a u anden dog people charged with crimes if they entered the country illegally. >> interesting. >> very, very -- front runner or know this? >> goland but calls to get a woman in there, black woman in there. all about checking off boxes for groups that are trying to make their voices hard at this time. but probably the establishment
10:28 am
candidate. but terese will be popular with the president. >> very interesting. thank you very much. bernie sanders is virtually tied with hillary in three of the states voting today. who would have thought a socialist from vermont could give hillary clinton a run for her money? more varney after this. >> i think we are going to do just fine on tuesday. i feel that we have a lot of momentum in this campaign. i think that people understand our message. we look forward to tuesday and we think we're going to pull off some surprises.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. .... stuart: stock alert for you. take a look at tiffany.
10:32 am
citigroup cutting it to a neutral rating. it is taking a look at the democratic side. polls showing a virtual dead heat in ojai oh, illinois and missouri. senior director is with us now. who would have thought a socialist could run away with it. what are your thoughts on that? >> who would have thought that a guy could be a household name and taking on one of the longest standing against names and politics. absolutely nobody, but here we are. >> weakness over hillary clinton. more of the governing side of politics.
10:33 am
bernie is a really good campaign. he is passionate. he connects with people. even though an older john norman, he is still solid. also to the working class. how can she appeal to those people? hillary who was pulling ahead in michigan lost to bernie sanders. yes, it is white voters. it is young people. we will have that confirmed today or not. ohio and illinois. looking forward to states like
10:34 am
indiana and wisconsin. it is the blue-collar working class democrats. if nothing else, bernie sanders wanted to push issues forward.vs further up on the platform. if not, give those voters a voice that they felt they have not had in a long time. >> we are seeing hillary clinton rack up the delegates. moving forward just on the delegate count. as she heads towards the general election, as the nominee, she does not have the momentum that a bernie sanders would have dared. >> primaries are really important. they make them stronger. if you win a primary, you have a win under your belt. i am not as afraid as primaries. i know some people do not like
10:35 am
them for the party. i think that hillary has to be more on their game. it has really forced her to sharpen her skills. >> very interesting. what is a very big day again in the primary race. >> a brokered convention could be a reality for a republican. trump takes florida. they will not have the necessary delegates to take on the nominee. david webb with us now. would a convention, and i am being told this, a convention would not be a good age for the republicans because it can weaken the statute of the gop and give them a significant advantage in the general election. how would you respond to that?
10:36 am
>> people are projecting at how they would respond to that. nobody really knows. if we get to a contested convention, making it tougher to get to the 1237. they will go back and see what they do to solidify around the nominee. that is for politicians. in their own best interest. the establishment does not want to loose. they will not want to come out and put forth someone that could not even win in the primaries to go in and win a general election. that is just how politics work. >> should he be the nominee anyway? based on what you just said? >> the people in the primaries, typically republican voters, the rules very, how it works is
10:37 am
people make their choice. you do not go against the choice of the people. the democrats did that. they have a system to the way our representative republic works. they have people that can decide the nominee. we do not want to become the democrats party. the challenge is to solidify around a candidate. it will get down to two. if ted cruz does not do well today, donald trump is still poised to lead. if he goes in, he will be very shy of the votes. >> whatever happens, it is very fascinating to watch. appreciate it. gerri seinfeld. gerri seinfeld spelling off some assets over the weekend. he sold 17 cars.
10:38 am
is that right? >> 15 of them were portions. $22 million. that is a rare 1955 porsche spider 550. the same model that james dean was driving when he crashed his car. he also sold his 1960 volkswagen beetle. why is he selling his cars? you know what, i do not have time to use these cars, i want others to enjoy them. >> we do not know that question either. >> that is right. market watchers david scranton is with us. thank you for being here on a day where the market is meandering. very close to even. you like some dividend plays. tell us about it.
10:39 am
>> it seems obvious to me that the market topped out at some point in 2015. now, it is trending downward. >> okay. we have party done a 50% retracement on the upside. we're waiting for some bad news to start the next drop. you always want to be conservative, more defensive, high dividend paying stocks. stuart: like what? give me an example. >> four rise in. people will not give up their seller -- cellular phones these days. entergy is a great example. people still need utility. >> it is also over a 4% dividend. you also like a company called -- industries.
10:40 am
>> that is right. they are a chemical company. dow and dupont are really one of the same. they struggled a little bit. it controls its costs a lot better. part of the reason that dow and dupont came together is you have the economy skills. their art to huge companies that will be difficult to digest each other. i think they're the real winner of that merger is ultimately one bill. stuart: interesting. you believe that the market is on its way down. overall, heading down. how low do we go, and do you think? >> are we going to lose, is it a big drop or is it a steady fade? >> the s&p 500, right now, a little bit over 2000.
10:41 am
it has to drop at least into the low 1500s. it has to drop the low the high levels for both 2,002,007. stuart: wow. okay. thank you for being here. how is this for a headline. donald trumps office is an unlikely melting pot. deal with that after the break. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. take a look at the dow jones industrial average today. it had been down over 100. the nasdaq down 22. burkett, caterpillar, goldman sachs. we are seeing apple a winner. up about 8% this month. moore morgan stanley raises iphone sales. children's place has up arrows today. they are doing very well with their profits and sales numbers. that is your leader today. start your day every day on fox business. starts at 5:00 a.m. we have all the breaking news that you need. ♪
10:44 am
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stuart: now this. trump rally. what is he saying about that? >> the effort on the left to disrupt rallies. we need to condemn violence.
10:46 am
candidates do have an obligation. paul ryan speaking moments ago. >> the target of others. >> addressing both sides. he is also saying, we need to condemn any. candidates have an obligation to provide their harmony at these rallies. >> all right. thank you very much. breaking news in the belgium capital. an officer has been slightly injured. this race is linked to the paris attacks. we are monitoring the situation for you in brussels. the headline in the "new york times." an unlikely melting pot.
10:47 am
>> that is right. they found volunteers. different immigrant backgrounds. it is the headlines. these individuals, they do not like undocumented workers coming in. cheating to get in. they do not like the fact that jobs are being outsourced. >> is going through the long legal process to get to the united states. you can see other people running across the border and ignoring all of the rules. >> they are also finding that the volunteers range from democrats to libertarians to conservatives. >> interesting.
10:48 am
stuart: five states voting today. governor kasich desperately needs a home state. going into those in ohio. all heil republican congressmen. supporter joins us now. congressmen, do or die day for john kasich. if he does not win ohio, he is going to drop out of the race. why is this race so close with donald trump? why is donald trump still pushing so hard? >> i think that we have several good candidates. i think john kasich is well-known. he is well-liked at home. a positive vision for america. he has shown he has aproven record at the state level.
10:49 am
stuart: you believe that we are headed towards a brokered convention? it makes the scenario about more likely. what does it do overall for the gop? does it hurt the party? >> probably no candidate will have 1237 delegates going into the convention. it may just be a contested convention. if it goes to two ballots, then it is a brokered convention. i do not think that that hurts the party, necessarily. i think that the process works. whoever wins this has to earn it. whether it is john kasich, donald trump or whoever. they have to win by getting the delegates. that is the way the process works. this is not horseshoes or hand
10:50 am
grenades. you have to be at 1200 to be our nominee. >> donald trump going into 8000 delegates close to what is needed. if he does not get the nomination, that will upset a lot of people. >> the process has to work. he has to earn it. going and convincing the delegates before him. who knows what could happen about wayne. that is the way the process has worked and that is the way that the process still works. you have to earn it. we will not give this to anybody, nor should we. that is what happens through the primaries. it looks like cleveland may be exciting. >> thank you for taking time to talk with us. we really appreciate it.
10:51 am
>> do or die for marco rubio. we have reports from florida and ohio next. a woman has her home vandalized. even received death threats. it is all because she is a trump supporter. we will be talking to her next hour. ♪ you both have a
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>> ohio is make or break today. voting is underway. jeff, what is the progress? >> we are in the cleveland suburbs. perhaps you see people coming in the polling place. they are coming after john kasich. at least donald trump is. governor kasich having voted this morning just a short time ago. the precinct downstate. people saying that governor kasich is for amnesty. that is the latest charge. he has changed his position on legalization versus citizenship. we should have a path to legalization, not citizenship. firing back there.
10:56 am
a big rally yesterday. he is running a radio ad today. he had his daughter taped a radio ad for him today after an attack ad against him which had women saying some of the things, repeating some of the things that donald trump has said about women over the years that were not particularly flattering. >> flying "fast and furious" here. >> it is a really tight race. thank you very much. we have more varney just three minutes away. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. >> it is fast approaching 11:00 a.m. here on the east coast. it is super tuesday. five states voting today.
11:00 am
meantime, to gaps from hillary clinton. and then saying no americans died and libya while she was secretary of state. a super pack backed by chicago. a new ad slamming donald trump. the third hour of varney and company begins right now. ♪ ashley: some breaking news. this was short time ago. shots fired in brussels belgium. the shots were fired. an officer has been slightly injured. the prosecutor says that this rate is linked to the paris attacks. multiple suspects are reported to have fled the scene. back here at home.
11:01 am
another super tuesday. including all ohio and florida. it could very well be the make or break day for many of the candidates. katie is here. are also cheryl casone. to you first, katie. what are your predictions. can trump take ohio? what do you think? >> he spent a lot of time on super tuesday two weeks ago. john kasich is very popular. i know the chairman was hosted this summer. working very hard to promote in that state. it will be a close race. if donald does in fact take ohio and does take florida, he will have a very good night and a very good path forward.
11:02 am
>> right. a much better chance at winning florida. it is close in ohio. >> i think he has a very good chance. doing very well with union members. that manufacturing sector of ohio. he actually has a good shot there. >> that is right. the trade deal. you know, i will say something, absolutely right. it is the blue-collar worker. the senator has said that he will retire. i love it. to donald trump now. his words may be coming back to hot him. anti-trump ads featuring women.
11:03 am
listen. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> look at that face. would anyone vote for that? she has the height. she has a beauty. she is crazy. these are the minor details. >> she will take care of the kids. [laughter] there you go. it lasts for a minute. what do you think? >> this is donald trump's third rail. to have women reciting his verbatim what he said, a time when democrats are talking about a war on women. we have republicans out there saying donald trump himself has been saying that.
11:04 am
>> the question is are ready out there. how will donald trump do versus hillary clinton? i am sure that this is the first day and hillary clinton will do. she has arsenal. gop voters. kind of thinking about what the future could he on a trump clinton ticket. ashley: katie, what do you think on that? >> women are 50% of the electorate. women were 55% of the elect are it. the majority of the 55% voted for barack obama. donald trump has a 68% disapproval rating among women generally. they always struggle with single women. you look at that ad here i thought it was great. young women, older women. maybe looking like your mom or
11:05 am
grandmother. >> interesting to see how trump response to that at here it let's go to the democrats now. hillary clinton may still be in the lead. we asked this question all morning. how does a socialist come this far? >> let's face it, his policies will take the u.s. economy we have had both sides say that. he would be bad for the u.s. economy. we are losing manufacturing jobs. corporate outsourcing overseas. the same line that donald trump has been taking. both are perfectionists. >> the government will look after you. it is not surprising that you can get one third of the vote. >> young people that do not necessarily think that socialism
11:06 am
is a bad day. actually asking them what socialism means. it limits choice. it does not expand it or make your life better. it comes down to the reason why a socialist is beating is because people do not actually understand what it means. >> really quick, one word, france. that is all i needed to say. >> albright. staying on hillary. listen to what she has to say. it is coming. i promise. no, we do not have it. >> what happened? >> do not ask me. he is accusing, she is accusing donald trump of creating this
11:07 am
mentality. i think that uses very inflammatory. what is your take on that? >> well, of course it is. turning out the african-american vote. individuals are responsible for their own behavior. when you see videos pushing around a young black woman like she is a ragdoll and you have donald trump pay legal fees for a guy that punched a black road tester, next time, we will have to kill them. it does not help the cause. certainly does not help when donald trump is willing to do this for someone who says we need to kill him next time. we have never seen donald do this before, but he has never gotten this far. he is not a clear politician. he is a businessman.
11:08 am
that is why people like him. look, these are the people that are angry. a lot of these angry folks out there are donald trump supporters because they are fed up with politicians. >> the anti-trump crowd knows that. >> quoting what donald trump had said. i agree with what katie just said. it is pretty ironic and rich. my first amendment speech is being hurt by the protesters. he is supporting laws. that is pretty ironic and rich. i do not think that they are more prepared here it more prepared than they were a week ago. this has only been the last few days. they will handle it. he will handle it.
11:09 am
>> but they aren't, though. trump was saying there has not really been any violence at the rallies which is the opposite of the truth. i would argue they are not handling it in the way that they should. >> paul ryan says that the left is behind the protest. there is some truth to that, isn't there, katie? >> well, of course. interested in shutting down free speech of others for years. i believe bill ayres was in chicago last week. it is a separate issue from what we are dealing with from the trump campaign. shutting down the free speech of others. free speech and free assembly does not include taking away free speech rights of other people. when you have the front runner threatening, his campaign manager who is now 16 assault
11:10 am
charges and blaming the journalist and saying she made something up, it really is rich to see him complaining about it when he does not respect the rights of others either. ashley: thank you so much for joining us on a fascinating day of politics. it could be a race changing day for donald trump. let's bring in stephen miller. stephen, you are probably listening to that debate. let's talk about that. >> i think that he has been very strong in denouncing the it is important that we not engage in any confusion here it donald trump has spoken amongst hundreds of thousands of loyal patriotic citizens across this country. families, senior citizens, that young, the old.
11:11 am
i see military veteran standing there. wounded warriors, disabled vets. these are some of the most wonderful amazing people you have ever seen. it is important. in chicago, you have an organized far left disruption. you have violent radical protesters trying to disrupt peaceful citizens. suggesting that donald trump would be responsible for that. >> in the old days, they used to carry these people out in stretchers. that is very inflammatory, is it not? >> i do not believe that anyone believes that the protesters in chicago that were organized by far left groups were in any way making their decision to engage in violent disruptive behavior of pond donald trumps rhetoric. that is just foolish. that is excuse making.
11:12 am
this is a typical left-wing disruption that we have seen for years. shutting down conservative free speech. you see what people give speeches. you see it all over america. far left roddick will protesters disrupt free speech. it just is not right to say that donald trumps rhetoric has anything to do with it. >> road test and all sorts of political rallies. this is a golden opportunity for donald trump to show his temperament. to show how presidential he is. he is not doing that. he is not showing who he is. who you could be at all in terms of presidential. >> i just do not see that. canceling the chicago rally. that was the definition of a rational reasoned measure.
11:13 am
he could have gone forward with the rally, but he did not hear it that was a responsible measure decision. i think that it is one that people have applauded here and what concerns me, what really bothers me is that people are making a distinction that is not there between the rhetoric of donald trump which is been very responsible and the behavior of the far left road testers. you cannot link the two. you just cannot link the two. ashley: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it on indeed super tuesday. tonight starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. right here on the fox business network. it is going to be good. a woman receiving death threats because of her support of donald trump.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
ashley: some breaking news. continuing to follow this story. shots fired in brussels. we are now learning that three police officers have been injured. twenty police cars involved in all of this. ak-47s may have been used in the shooting. two suspects are currently on the run. the search for them is ongoing. a very tense situation. two stocks now, apple moving higher. morgan stanley raising its estimates. 46 million units. the stock of two and a quarter percent. their separation into two independent obliquity traded companies in the second half of this year remains on track. the stock down 5%. $9.15. our next guest is a supporter of
11:18 am
donald trump. has been getting death threats and seen her house vandalized because of their support for donald trump. judy explains to us what happened. judy, thank you for joining us. explain to me what has happened to you. >> i was watching the election results on tuesday night. i had my window cracked a little bit. my shades open. the next morning when i got up, i saw that my two trump signs were missing from my yard. i set them back up. and i got out there, they were gone. and then i turned around and looked at my home and it has graffiti on it. one side had revolution and on the other side they had written can you see the world through the tear gas. then i looked down at my garden and there was a big crowbar could with a sharp and on to it they had put in the ground.
11:19 am
that, to me, told me if i would have walked out i would have probably been dead not here today speaking to you. it is very upsetting. i did not do anything to anyone except for put a few trump sides signed into my yard which i am allowed to do. they have ruined my life. i cannot sleep in my own home. i do not need to get emotional. tuesday night was my last night of real rest. >> you have every right to be emotional, judy. did you put the signs back up in your yard? >> yes, i did. nobody is going to tell me who i can vote for. right now, it is just scary. this whole situation is. >> did you tell the police? >> i did.
11:20 am
i started getting protection on sunday. since then, i have had these people riding by my house. they shout lock lives matter. i have this one motorcyclist when i was out tending to my plants. he says, you are going to dive. i just could not believe it. there is just so much hatred. just because of a couple signs. it really upsets me. it really does. we have lost our freedom here. i live in the city. it is not going to stop. stuart: you are still voting for trump? >> sim. i am voting for trump. i will keep those signs up. it is not fair that someone is trying to terrorize me over it. no. >> thank you for joining us. >> i like to think that the
11:21 am
people and all the women, virginia trump organization, have a rally at my house. it was really nice that they came to support me. ashley: we thank you again. we wish you all the best and stay safe. >> thank you. i am going to try. >> outrageous. it is do or die for marco rubio in florida. we will have more on that next when we had to miami. ♪
11:22 am
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11:25 am
see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ashley: super tuesday. five states voting today. donald trump is being witty in the polls there. connell mcshane. campaigning pretty hard. it does not seem to be working. >> the public polling. this is -- down by more than 20 points and some of the polls coming in today. the campaign in the candidate himself have been insisting that the race is much greater than that. winding up in west miami. it all began for him, he started
11:26 am
his political career. he still makes his home on the back of a pickup truck with a bullhorn. earlier in the day, though, we made an appearance. when he was there, he talked about where his campaign has gone. what this turned into. i think you will know who he is referring to. listen. >> i whole life i have been told being humble is a virtue. now,. [applause] now, being humble is a weakness. being self-absorbed. now being respectful to one another is considered political correctness. >> investigative reporters to figure out that that is a donald trump reference hidden in there somewhere. things are fairly quiet at city hall here in miami.
11:27 am
many floridians, including marco rubio, have are devoted. voted early. >> connell mcshane. >> very relaxed. he is about -- [laughter] thank you so much for all the hard work that you do. donald trump. the owners of the chicago cubs. andrea on that next. >> a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> look at that face. would anyone vote for that? ♪ [engines revving]
11:28 am
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find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. ashley: let's get right back to politics. five states voting today. it will be dual die day -- do or die day but the candidates. great to have her here. cheryl casone, listening donald. okay, andrea, i think rubio is done in florida. i think kasich could squeak out a win against donald trump in ohio, but i wouldn't count on it. >> i agree with you. i have a question. is it a prerequisite that you must have the reddish accident
11:32 am
to sit in that seat? ashley: i'm from nebraska. just kidding. i am english. >> there's something so profound and wrong. we saw them fail in new hampshire. we sat in philip in iowa. your analysis is spot on. you will see a trampling of florida. while rubio is correct, i don't think the spread will be that huge. ashley: enough for him to stay in? >> he has to go. if he loses the way i believe he will lose, he will have to go. i am with you in ohio. it is going to be close to i'm not confident that kasich will win. ashley: interesting. donald trump, his words may be coming back to haunt him. the super pac funded by the chicago cubs rolling out an anti-trump ad that features what he said about women over the last 25 years. it is pretty damning.
11:33 am
doesn't hurt them? >> not today. ashley: not today. a lot of what they thrown at him it hasn't worked and i don't embezzle burgh either. if you look at the commitment of trump supporters, it's astounding. they made up their mind about in the month, two months in advance and nothing will move them. they already have heard the accusation that he's a sexist. and they say, you know what, we don't care because the professors. is that we are going to put that aside because he's given a voice to bus. a group of individuals, mostly middle-class, mostly blue-collar had a voice. they fill both sides don't represent that. i >> when he goes up against the easy presumption right now, then what happens? >> is such a great point, cheryl. i see it turning into one
11:34 am
massive gender war. i really see it being women versus men. i think hillary will have the mainstream media. i think she will have women's magazines and trump is passing into that as obama said, the angry blue-collar male. you will be men versus women. we try to bridge the gap of the gender wars. this is going to push us even further apart. ashley: fascinating, isn't it? >> everyday is a new surprise. ashley: so happy to have you here. our next guest says despite the criticisms against him, donald trump will win when it comes to foreign policy, come in. explain yourself, please. let's begin with china as donald trump likes to say. what is his position other than getting tough on them and putting them terrorists and basically not letting them win
11:35 am
all the time. that is so great, but what does it mean? >> what it means as china has been eating our lunch. during the obama years alone, the trade deficit have increased in mass to displace 800,000 american workers, mostly in manufacturing. his proposals are not unique. romney last week criticized for them. he proposed essentially the same 40% tariff when he was running for president. i think it makes sense. paul krugman, hardly an ideal blog agrees with me. in order to bring china to the table, propose a big tear up so they will negotiate away all the trade practices and biases against american products. ashley: is a trade war and our interest? >> we are in the trade for. they are firing rockets and firing rockets on the airplane was doing shots. it is time america defended itself. it makes sense. ashley: moving on. next issue immigration.
11:36 am
his issue is enforcing immigration laws whatever they are and build a brick build a big wallet have mexico pay for it. what am i missing? >> certainly mexicans won't pay for it directly. they run a terribly corrupt regime. it is probably the most corrupt or nearly the most corrupt place. you'd have to go to a place like slovakia or the ukraine to find some place as corrupt. you can't pay people to see wages or provide them with decent drinking water. when they do, they send home revolutions. all the money they send back. if we start taxing mac, i will finally bring the president of mexico to the table because he needs those reparations going back. so that will -- we've never been able to get mexicans to cooperate on immigration. ashley: the money been earned here, been sent back to mexico so the family affair. >> right. exactly. if you could bring him to the table, you'll need mexico's
11:37 am
cooperation to enforce the immigration law and that's the way to get it. ashley: very good. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> daycare. ashley: atop nfl safety safety official actually linked football to brain damage. after that, the nfl put out a statement. it said that the nfl back on the front burner. all rights, judge andrew napolitano this year. mr. varney goes into faith. but it did open the door little bit when you have a submission that is the link between getting hit hard in brain injury. i can tell you if it opens the door because of the unusual procedure catastrophe lawsuit is in. this lawsuit as a class action in which the representatives of the class if it's watching for more afraid he might need and what the representatives suing on behalf of every nfl player
11:38 am
who has sustained a concussion. that case has been settled. about 97% of the members of the class accepted the settlement. the 3% rejected the settlement have challenged it and asked for the opportunity to vindicate their own cases. that challenge was argued before a federal appeals court in philadelphia two weeks ago. so my guess is the underlying case will not be opened up no matter what new admissions came out because there were admissions made privately, not as public gets yesterday along the road that produced settlement. the evidence of injury to the players produced by their lawyers and experts is truly overwhelming. it doesn't matter if the nfl admits it. ashley: going forward, does the nfl have to change the way he approaches the issue?
11:39 am
>> is going to be spending a lot of money for it may even be visiting players who don't want to risk their post-nfl careers by getting injured now. it's a difficult position for them. figures what they say in the most protective helmets available. they have rules that are aggressive. it is a contact sport, but it wasn't until recently that what we thought was innocuous contact with in fact causing permanent irreparable injury and premature death. so the answer to your question is i don't think the statement yesterday will have an effect on the settlement or the oral agreement in the circuit court. ashley: could the nfl from this point on how someone signed a form that says i'm aware of the risk involved in this sport and a large amount of hard contact that comes along with it and by signing back on them a player doesn't raise any opportunity.
11:40 am
>> prior to the lawsuit, prior to the awareness of these in juries and prior to the attitude of the nfl players union, they'll have to negotiate through the collective bargaining entity those type of waivers might have prevented a lawsuit. i don't think they will anymore and i don't think the msl even attempts. no one with time it. you know, this is a big deal to the players union. >> issei masri and 80 million of the next five years, i'm playing football. i played football since peewee days. i've gotten to a point where i'm a professional star. >> the flipside of that is the nfl has to provide an environment in which people can play football, produced the excitement that football produces. the people pay a lot of money to watch it. i preserved to help them lunch entity of the players. it's the job of the nfl to find a happy medium.
11:41 am
>> can i go back to the legal question. and the testimony he cited research out of boston. you can only diagnose cte after the individual death. this research is now pointing to diagnosing a person at the life. would not bring back the lawsuit a new lawsuit based on the change in the research, which he kind of put his foot in his mouth yesterday. >> can't be a lawsuit by the thousand member class of the original laws. it is more or less too little too late. you should have known of this before you settle the case. it could form the basis for collective bargaining in the future and protection that the newer nfl players will want or present nfl players will think. ashley: i think we've heard the last of it. >> no we haven't. ashley: up next, trump and the evangelical vote, why he might
11:42 am
might not be getting as much of the boat as he thought. -- vote as he thought. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. which allergyeees.
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11:44 am
pfizer coming under pressure. later in the s&p 500 into positive territory. talking about the possibility and a tie up. that is a winner. oracle will report after the bell. right now down about 1%. fox business at 5:00 a.m.
11:45 am
11:46 am
ashley: it is super tuesday. back to politics. five states voting today including ohio. in make or break day for several candidates. come in, tony perkins for the family research council. thanks for joining us. you are backing senator ted cruz. >> that's right. as an individual, not an organization i represent. and supporting ted cruz because they think he is the best candidate to undo the damaging policies the president has put in place in the last seven years and the only one that has the courage to get it done. he shown that here in washington to me. >> the numbers actually favoring donald trump over ted cruz are actually little skewed. they are not correct. why do you say that? >> the term is kind of like an old pair of socks. the term has become a little
11:47 am
elastic in terms of what an evangelical truly is. when you actually dig down a little bit deeper, when they look at those who go to church on a regular basis, does with the decisions in their lives actually break forward ted cruz. behind that, marco rubio. we are now down to a two-man race. it is between donald trump and ted cruz. a very important chapter as they write the country. even in the chapter is done today, it's not the end of the story. the most competitive gop primary we've seen in history is not going to be over today. it's going to go all the way to cleveland in july. ashley: but is an evangelical? you gave a broad description. is this someone who goes to church every sunday? have you make a distinction when you do the polling? >> that's a really good question. some break it down more clearly. these are self-described
11:48 am
evangelicals. the varner group has seven points a look at. an evangelical is one who professes a faith in jesus christ confessing in jesus christ confessing their sins and realizing without them there is not salvation. they believe the word of god is in fact true, inherent in that it is the word of god and we seek to live according to the teachings of god, the principles of scripture. they are applicable to all aspects of our lives, not just sunday mornings, at how we raise their children, how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace and how we vote in the voting groups. and that is what a true evangelical lives. ashley: very quickly, what are we going to find my morning? is marco rubio going home? >> i really do think this is a two-man race. it is ted cruz and donald trump and they go head-to-head. i think they make a race all the way to cleveland, ohio in july. ashley: it is going to be fascinating.
11:49 am
tony perkins, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. always great to be with you. california governor jerry brown with a plan to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. cheryl, what is this? >> if trump were ever elected we would have to build a wall around california to defend ourselves from the rest of the country. this is the same governor. he put the l. in liberal. he is giving financial aid to illegal immigrants, drivers license is to workers. ashley: but be honest. california isn't capable of building walls. >> quite the infrastructure project. >> what's interesting is one of the most problematic orders we have is california. arizona, yes or california as well. no doubt about it.
11:50 am
>> i think that helps donald trump to be honest with you. >> i don't think governor brown is that popular. >> now this. if clinton were to go head-to-head with donald trump, who is millennial folklore? it may surprise you when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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11:54 am
ashley: back to politics. a story from "usa today" said the general election comes down to a fight between donald trump and hillary clinton. millenniums will overwhelmingly back of the clinton. charlie kerch here. you know, you're the president by 2034. maybe before that. what are your thoughts on what millennial's will do? will they vote for hillary clinton? >> i have to agree with the "usa today" poll. quite frankly i'm disturbed by it. getting people are starving and demand a new leadership in a new set of ideas, principles and values. unfortunately, the republican party is probably going to nominate the one candidate that will make hillary clinton more different and millennial's. even a generic republican put up against hillary clinton is almost 50/50 with millennial spirit however, the "usa today"
11:55 am
poll shows in a hypothetical matchup of donald trump with hillary clinton, hillary clinton would get 56% of support. that correlates exactly what we are hearing on campus. it's very disturbing and disheartening for me because i want to see hillary clinton defeated. >> he plays into a lot of the negative stereotypes. republican conservatives is enough of it as racist old rich white guys. i'm not going to say donald trump is xenophobic or racist. he is rich and he has a white guy and he plays into the stereotype and quite frankly we want to broaden the base and grow the party. i have great hesitancy about nominating someone that so shamelessly plays into stereotypes because people are hesitant to get behind. if we're not careful, we will see a divide that is so stark that the youth vote could go 60,
11:56 am
70%. ashley: as it largely because donald trump isn't offering free stuff like education and everything else? is that part of the reason? >> even a hypothetical marker revealed against hillary clinton, the four-point split with millennial good hypothetical ted cruz is a six-point split. so it is not even a republican democrat. a different type of republican but unfortunately is heading in there with a lot of older voters. with my generation, it doesn't speak the same way and it turns out to younger voters. i am saying right now we want to broaden the base, we have to reconsider who we are going to nominate. we have to be hillary clinton ad don't think donald trump is the best person to do that. ashley: will have to do that. it's not easy being a republican millennial. thank you so much. we appreciate it. an economist is, but the new wave for highway projects.
11:57 am
>> they want to charge based on the number of miles driven. been a while after cars have been eating into the federal gas tax election. the highway fund and basically has run out of road. >> the more you use, the higher tax you pay. >> the thing is sort of like the value added tax later in europe, the so-called vehicle miles tax will be layered on top of federal gas taxes that you pay at the pump. so that is the same. you have to have a device installed into your car. >> sounds awful. thank you very much. more "varney" after this. is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
11:58 am
of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. ..
11:59 am
ashley: quick look at the big board down 23 points, we are down 100 earlier in this session, we are waiting to see what the fed comes up with
12:00 pm
tomorrow based on their meeting today. don't forget 7:00 p.m. tonight, special report, a supertuesday 2.0. our gang including neil cavuto. we saw connell mcshane in florida pretending to cover the race in florida but he had shorts and flip-flops on. neil: he did and he does, i have no doubt. if you could work a little harder, carry your weight around here, young man. great job, great job. we have a lot going on. we went into today with 367 republican delegates did say what its title you nine of them have been awarded an island, they all went, nine delegates to donald trump, we're down to 358 delegates to be decided. it seems weird to me that the location furthest from the continental united states, 15 of


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