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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX Business  March 18, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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monday, have a great week, good night from new york. ♪ >> this show has never been about investments we have talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarters, new york city, the new "wall street week." >> welcome, our new home on fox business network i am anthony scaramucci with maria bartiromo, host with mornings with maria. >> great to be with you, we're thrilled that you and "wall street week" are here at fox
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business network, an iconic program. >> let's get to business, general david petraeus former director of cia, he is a retired four-star army general, one time lead u.s. central command he serves at kkr global institute chairman. welcome general petraeus, a delight to have you on the show, our first show, on the old program you are the highest rated 57. >person. >> great to be with you again thank you. anthony: are americans safer today than they were two years ago? or 15 years ago. >> i think you know it has been up and down, americans are safe. but i think that the threats are more complex than arguably more numerous than they have been in the past, if you talk to law enforcement professionals, those in the intelligence business, they feel they have insight they generally need to prevent attacks, they are doing a
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great deal of, that much without ever surfacing. seeing daylight if you will. but they feel also a little bit on edge. they feel worried, they might miss something, they are concern about the possibility of so-called lone wolf attack. the individual who self-radicalizes after reading somebody in social media from the islamic state. they are worried about that. they are working very hard to ensure that, they can identify, then preempt attacks before they take place. anthony: there is a tension right now between civil likeries and need to look -- civil liber liberties and meed to look at the phones and decrypt them. >> there is a tension between privacy rights, and really rights of technologists, to make machines that people will buy. then on the other hand, legitimate need to law
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enforcement and intelligence agencies to be able to get information from the devices. this is being played out in a very public and big way right now. if you ask me, do i want our government to have the ability to decrypt what someone has to the phone, i would say yes. do i want apple to make a backdoor to enable that? i would say no. like mike haden, i don't think that apple should be compelled to make a backdoor that would make entire technology so much more unsafe. anthony: on a case by case basis, you say we need access. like a search and seizure, in fourth amendment bill of rights thing. >> i do, but we have to figure out the mechanism, i don't think it can be where there is a universal backdoor that is there, there is no question, those who wish us will, will
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-- who wish us ill will find that and use it for criminal purposes. maria: on one hand you want to be able to get that information from the phone, but is apple being asked to create software that will make everyone vulnerable? >> that is the question, i think along with mike haden and others who have been surprisingly, i think, resist ant to the notion they should become pehled to create -- campbelled to create software that penetrates their own question -- own system, i have questions about that, this is say international issue not just about u.s., where we generally trust our government . to make use of what it has. what happens when china goes to apple. and russia? who might go after someone, again in human rights realm. so, that is the issue. a very significant one, i have sometimes wondered if it might
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not have been better, if there was a quiet conversation with apple, they said this is a serious issue, privately, you can help us find what is in this phone? maria: this international issue is so important, you saw in argentina a person put in jail in brazil. the head of facebook there. could it be that has not come up in china. could apple really be operating in china without giving chinese government access? >> i think to date, again we'll see what they might be willing to reveal. certainly, over the course of the last decade or more, as the mobile systems in particular, have mull flied so much, there has been a supportive approach. that was my experience in my last government job. the problem has been, the snowden affair, has cost firms like google, tens of billions of dollars, threatened main others.
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and so there is a reservation now that did not exist before, there is a concern that was not present before. and you can see this sort of ebbing and flowing back and fort. anthony: all -- talk about al qaeda and isis for a 6, this is helping us put down some terrorist uprising. >> yes, absolutely. you know i want our government to have the ability to get insights, in to any kind of system that is out there. i don't necessarily want our government to confess it tote world. we have -- conget it to the world, we have capabilities, we should use them. >> you dish usually in accordance with the law. but, we have to have those to identify would be attackers, would be plotted, 9/11s of the future. anthony: we have to adapt to new world. it is good for business too. maria: much more with general
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petraeus thank you. anthony: hillary clinton security breach is being handled different 3 from others, that is up next, "wall street week" will be right back. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back to "wall street week" we continue now with general petraeus. anthony: a fascinating election season, what is your opinion about the way that things are going in this election cycle with the republican frontrunner. >> what you really have to take from this. that the front-runner in this case, and also the number two, on the democratic side, has really tapped into something that is very different. there is a sense out there among a sizeable part of u.s. citizenry that unlike every
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other generation before, they might not actually be able to provide a better future for their children, than they have had. this is astonishing in some respects. just sheer numbers, 4.9% unemployment rate, and percentage of those employed, that were off out of the market coming back in, is gradually easing up. gdp growth is 2.5%, and china is slowing down the rest of the world is experiencing a bumpy ride. >> a little bit of rage growth. >> a bit of wage growth, but that is really the issue. there has not been real wage growth for a substantial number of americans, donald trump has tapped into this. bernie sanders was into it as well. we have to recognize that. this makes this situation different.
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the american public is not satisfied with politics as usual, and not satisfied with politicians. maria: a letter that foreign experts policy wrote, they are worried that donald trump does not have foreign policy advisor leadership this country needs. anthony: if he could get the right advisors, could that work. >> again, i hope he would, it is all well and good to say you consult with yourself, i would like to know at some point, who are the individuals on whom he will rely. even in the past they have been strong, say in foreign policy, richard nixon for example, he had a sense to hire dr. kissinger. anthony: you think that the community would rally around a republican nominee, if it was a nonestablishment person like candidate trump? >> i don't know it rally would be the right word.
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i think that people feel a responsible to help whoever might -- responsibility to help whoever meeting president of u.s. i am one that believes that no one of us is smarter than all of us together. looking for a thoughtful, pragmatic prudence leadership. maria: you know, as we move closer to the election, the mudslinging will begin, donald trump has said many times, that what hillary clinton did, by installing a personal server in her home while secretary of state is far worse than what you did. i want to say have you been a real gentleman about this subject, have you not discussed it or said anything about this. i want to ask, do you think hillary clinton is being treated differently from you? >> she is being treated fairly. and i think that you know there are people, critics who claim otherwise. there are supporters that claim otherwise, both sides
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are given fantastic alarcon spare rasy theories issue the debate, and treatment has been fair, i think that we'll see how this plays out. lou: the. maria: are we going to see it ramp up into the election? do we hear from jim comey, talk of an indictment? >> that is a good question really for the attorney general, rather than head of investigation. anthony: i have learned from you, there is a process in place, the government itself, sort of subordinates of the law is that true? >> very much so. a strength of our system, we're all equal before the law. anthony: i had lunch with justice scalia just once in my life. he were talking about the construct. he said, anthony everyone has flowery -- do you think that is true. >> i do. maria: we have this whole
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debate about the naming of the next person for justice scalia's seat. how does it feel to you in terms of the two-sides not able to get together. it feels like this is getting in the way, and has been, to getting things done. >> it has very much so. this is why highlighted earlier that fact that this election seems to show that politics as usual, that has been quite disfunctional, with exception of last year, you have to give credit to congress passing trade promotion authority for the president, and omnibus bill. and funded budget for two years, last year there was an example of what right looks like. but now we're back to neither side will budge. is this really the case that we just sort of us is spend the -- suspend the responsibilities for next 9 months? so, it is going to be very
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interesting. the nomination of judge garl and is one that is not you know, a hard left or a pandering to the liberal wing if you will of the president's open party, this is a centrist, an individual with an established track record, that will be a very interest debate. anthony: do you think this could perhaps tip it, we break partisan strug -- struggle in washington. hor dwash. or do i think we'll still be at las vegasse laggerheads. >> if not you will see establishment out flanks again and again. until i think it realized what american people want is folk us who will do deals, get something done for the country, and make a difference for those who feel they are being left behind. anthony: you are in privacy sector, sir. you have to adapt to new
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business environment. do you think your politicians are aat that pointin afast enough. >> the voters are saying no. maria: one issue is trade. you think trade and immigration is ripping the republican party apart, let's talk about trade authority. you did a deep report on the north america trade agreement. that we were not actually getting what we should have gotten out of that. we continue to -- >> to the contrary, i think that north american free trade agreement now 21 years, has had winners and losers. but net effect, for all three countries has been very positive. maria: but we should capitalize on it more. >> we should be capitalizing on it more without question. canada and mexico are two of our top three trading partners, there are huge
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strengths, mexico is risen in the ranks of car exporters, every car made there is 40 percent u.s. content that shows that aim of integration of our three economies, a market size of 500 million nearly people. we have descent demographics, shared values, no threats. no ethnic sectarian default lines or divides. i have said what has come after american century, assuming last century was described as was. is not the chinese century or asia know, it is actually the north american decades, the number of decades will be determined by how well washington turns what are headwinds into tailwinds. like education reform, and so for. anthony: so well said, not in the campaign rhetoric right
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now, but we need to integration, it does lower prices and improve the lives of great many people. maria: so what about this wall that trump is talking about? >> i think that this is elect rhetoric, i think that net flow of people in each of last two years has been to mexico rather than from mexico. i was just in mexico, i heard that perhaps we should be paying for the wall. anthony: coming up, collapse in oil prices is good news when you fill your car. what does it mean for the world, are we less secure, and more open to global threats? that is next.
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anthony: welcome back to "wall >> welcome back to wall street. we are talking to cia director general david petraeus. let's talk energy security as a collapse in the oil market made the world more unstable? >> i think it created complexities. it's good for us. we still import 9 million barrels per day and export for so there is a 5 million deficit we are importing everyday so this is good for our balance of payments. it's good for the united states. if you are country helper that the net exporters say one of the gulf states, russia venezuela some of our friends, then obviously a huge blow and this is a big challenge for exampleex for our partners in the iraqi government. they used to have $110 per barrel price. now it's down to 40-ish.
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this is a big challenge for them each of the gulf states has recognized now that it have to take serious measures to reduce its own. >> does it make some of those states more unstable? >> i don't know stability is the issue. there is no question they have to carry on economic reforms. they have to start charging people for gasoline in those countries, for electricity, perhaps even some ballyhoo adde, taxes or other ways of generating revenue. in the past they didn't bother to do it because they had huge surpluses. that is not the case now and they are all going through process for nice and they have to transform their economies. they really have to expand beyond just exporting oil and gas. >> it seems to me this would have huge geopolitical applications. when you think of our allies like saudi arabia seeing oil prices where they are or russia,
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what are the geopolitical implications >> europe will benefit enormously by and large except for norway. there is much more pressure. does our military footprint changes will? >> the biggest change there as we save a couple billion dollars on fuel for air force and navy in particular but there is no question about this pressure it puts on vladimir putin in russia.pu by the way we are not just exploding in terms of producing crude oil. we are the number one natural gas producer in the world and we have just begun to export that in liquefied form. >> just for her viewers that export ban was lifted last year. soon after crude oil ban was lifted but the omg was waiting waiting -- ing. >> waiting on the construction>i of the facilities to do the
8:56 pm
liquid vacation up the gaspé with our price below $2 per million btu ads liquid patient transport and gasification is still below the price of russia selling gas to europe so it should huge boom for europe as well and puts a great deal of competition to market that was almost monopolistic in the power the russia had. >> it doesn't seem like it has slowed down russia. they decide they're going to do airstrikes and syrian putin decides he's going to pull out and stop three at. >> by the way he is withdrawing, not pulling out of much of what >> he is w he withdraws will be easily reinserted if his partner bashar al-assad is threatened by forces on the ground. and beyond that he's clearly keeping capabilities there at the russian airbase in the russian naval base. those are his interest and he will use those on shore tobashat support bashar al-assad and continued offenses against in some cases those we are s supporting.
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he is dropped a predominant number of bombs on the islamic state or the al qaeda affiliate. >> general wonderful to have you here today. >> it's great to be with you. next weekend guest will be strategist entrepreneur author tony robbins. have a prosperous week everyone. [alarm beeps] ♪
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