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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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but he's going to have to go further. and there's other issues out there. charles: yeah. >> other things that the panel noted. charles: obviously, guys, it's very complicated. i wish we can have more time to hash it out. we will tomorrow night. and we hope you come back and watch it. in the meantime here's lou dobbs right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump confronting his critics who say he's weak on world affairs. delivering his biggest foreign policy speech to date. trump just moments ago outlining his foreign policy vision before the country's leading pro israel group apec. >> my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. [cheers and applause] i have been in business a long time. i know deal making.
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and let me tell you. this deal is catastrophic. for america, for israel, and for the whole of the middle east. lou: trump also meeting with senior republicans less than 24 hours before the next primaries and caucuses. 98 delegates at stake in tomorrow's elections. the theme of today's meeting, party unity. in the closed door meeting, congressman will be here shortly. also republican leaders fiercely oppose to donal donald trump's candidacy preparing 100 day campaign they say to try to rip their presidential nomination from him. and the talk of a third party candidate grows in washington. >> if he's the nominee, there will be no conservative running in the race. and the vichy republicans who are coming to terms with thees e
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takeover of their party have to understand that. lou: wow. well, eric will join us tonight to tell us what's going on with that third party talk. also, president obama declaring a new day in america's relations with cuba and for the first time in almost a century, a cuban president welcoming an american president in cuba. >> the path that we're on will continue beyond my administration. the reason is logic. the reason is that what we did for 50 years does not serve our interests or the interests of the cuban people. >> we'll take up all the day's political developments and there were many we'll be talking with former reagan white house political director he had rollins. and journalist michael goodwin. our top story tonight. a major foreign policy test for donald trump. trump used his speech at apec,
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a first time he has used a teleprompter in the campaign to take on his critics who is he's weak of foreign affairs. trump also took on those who said he would not be a staunch defender of israel. trump insisting he is absolutely pro israel. but today's apec conference provided a platform for his chief rival as well, especially hillary clinton to attack the republican front-runner. we're going to go to apec very quickly. ted cruz, senator cruz talking there right now as you see. let's listen in. [clapping] >> on wednesday night of this week, in synagogues across the world, jewish people will read the magilla, which tells the
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story of the miraculous rescu rescue. the miraculous rescue of the jewish people from the hands of a wicked persian king. when the evil doer plots to kill the jews, he describes them as a nation that is scattered and spread out. the town that teaches that the jewish people at the time was divided amongst themselves and that the lesson is that when the force is good or divided, evil can prevail. but when we come together in unity together, we can defeat tyranny. today we are facing a similar time of challenge for america and for israel.
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but today i give you a word of hope. in the next few months, we will bring this country together first by unifying the republican party and then by reaching out and building a coalition of young people and hispanics and african-americans and women and blue-collar workers and jewish voters and reagan democrats. [clapping] which will lead to a commanding victory in november that unifies this country and brings us together. and standing together, america will stand with israel and defeat radical islamic terrorism. [clapping] i want to thank the delegates, the over 18,000 people here. the 4,000 young people. the leaders of the pro israel movement who are gathered here today.
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you will play a critical leadership role in making this happen in bringing us together. indeed. just today my league lindsey graham very kindly hosted an event for me here. which should allay any doubt anyone might have that the god abraham, isaac, and jacob can still do americas. i want to begin by asking all of us to remember taylor force. a texas who hailed an eagle scout, west point graduate, an army veteran. on march 8th he was stabbed to death by a palestinian terrorist in israel. the terrorist didn't ask for his passport. influenced by the relentless campaign of the genocidal
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hatred toward jews, all he cared about was injuring or killing as many civilians as possible. at least ten people were injured by the time the terrorist was neutralized. the brutal force is yet another reminder that america and israel are in the fight together against radical islamic terrorism. [clapping] we need a president who will be a champion for america. and we need a president who will be a champion for israel. in my time in the senate, i have -- lou: senator cruz talking before apec have all of the candidates vying for the presidency this year, we will go back if we do hear a new development from the senator.
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joining us now, congressman tom marino, a member of the homeland security committee and also serves on the foreign affairs and judiciary committee. congressman, great to have you with us. we're just listening to words from senator cruz very accommodative. promising healing and bringing the country together. you wouldn't know such a thing was possible if you listened to all of the vitriol on all of the campaign trail these days, woul? >> no. you wouldn't. but i think donald -- i heard a little bit of his speech just as i was getting ready to come down here. and, you know, he's made that israel a commitment number one. but getting back to the issue of vitriol, i think you're going to see it wean at this point because bottom line, lou, it's inevitable. donald is going to have the delegates and he's going to
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win the primary and beat hillary clinton. i had a meeting with him today -- you couldn't meet with a more polite, humble man who sat and listened to a bunch of congressman speak. and that's a pretty tough thing to do. but he did it well. lou: are you talking about his patience at that point? >> yes. i am talking about his patience. because you know when we congressman start talking, it's tough to get us to stop. lou: well, i'm going to use a tactic of diversion if i may and turn to his conversations with the washington post editorial board in which he basically called for a withdrawal of significant american forces. and a realignment of nato to conform to what is a new reality on the 21st century. and that's certain to create a lot of buzz and talk and energy and controversy on the campaign trail and certainly there in the city. in which you work.
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it made a lot of sense, however, to me, and it took cognizantence of a nation that was born 60 years ago. >> i go overseas several times a year and meet with the other nato countries, and they have to make a shift. it has to get into fighting terrorism. but another thing that i think donald brought out clearly was that the united states cannot continue to fund nato on its own. the other countries have to step up to the plate, put the resources there, the money, the equipment, and the personnel to make it effective. lou: and as we look at what is happening now throughout the middle east, his reaching out in the -- in his comments today to the folks that have apecked -- he seems genuinely
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and to those folks there because he's getting standing i don't even, oh, vacations, talking about issues that they think simply were not present if had his mind. he absolutely refuted that today, don't you? >> absolutely. and i'm going to paraphrase a little bit. but he said there's absolutely no light that gets between the united states and israel. and that's when i heard the most loud applause. lou: well, congressman, we appreciate you always being with us. great to see you. >> my pleasure. lou: we're coming right back. there's a lot more to cover, and we've got it right here for you. stay with us. we'll be right back lou: donald trump today assuring his supporters they're about to win the nomination. >> we're doing very well in arizona. and very well pretty much every place else. so we won't have to worry about fighting at a convention. lou: will trump clinch the nomination before the convention? hed rollins and michael goodwin join me here next with
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lou: well, the antitrump movement, that includes left and right in this country unexpected help from the
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mexican government. mexican diplomats in this country are now mobilizing to help immigrants in this country gain citizenship so they can vote ahead of the november election. the mexican government holding free workshops in chicago, dallas, las vegas, using what are -- at last count, 46 mexican consulates in this country to help those immigrants -- i mean it's astounding. the mexican government encouraging their people to naturalize into another country citizenry. the mexican government say they're not interfering in our elections no matter what we think. joining us now former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, ed rollins, michael goodwin. both fox news contributors. gentlemen, there is so much much bizarre, crazy, unimaginable nonsense going on in this election year.
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let's start with the mexican government using its consulates to build a base of new voters. your reaction? >> well, donald trump has now brought unity of two countries already, and it's just getting started; right? the mexican government and the american government both working against him. lou: it's remarkable. >> it's absurd. how do they feel if we feel a bunch of texasians to vote in their election? they wouldn't like that. lou: and the ignorance first and foremost is beyond. >> it's beyond. lou: it really is. let's go to other. i don't think you could call they will much mormon elements of bizarre, absurd, specked cals, the idea of a third party being pushed by bill crystal, the weekly standard? what in the world? has he taken leave of his senses? >> well, the idea that rick
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perry would be on the ticket as the names have been discussed. i mean why not go right with michael bloomberg and get a real democrat? lou: yeah. >> the whole idea -- lou: i don't think that's the case. i don't think he's worried about winning. i think they want to destroy the republican party because they had the affrontry to have the ideas that were not his. most of these people that are -- i won't use some names of columnists but these are people whose time have long since past, my god. and the nonsense that they're spewing. >> i think donald trump is on his way to be nominee but if you want a conservative, you've got one of the greatest conservatives ted cruz in this thing. but they don't control either one of the front-runners or certainly don't control a third person. they want their own person in there who's going to fail and fail miserably. starting a third party is
7:19 pm
expensive and feudal. >> and it will elect hillary clinton. >> and it will elect hillary clinton. lou: which i don't understand how bill crystal and the weekly standard stay in business? how does rich in the view stay in business? do they think that they're wearing suicide vests in this country? >> i think the reality is we've still got a race to go here, and the bottom line is -- one of these gentlemen are going to be the nominee of our party, and we should try to help get them elected. lou: one of those gentlemen, as you put it, donald trump says he believes he'll have 1237 delegates before the convention. >> absolutely he can make it. he's on a roll. he's going to, i in arizona, but he's going to start going places like new york. way ahead california.
7:20 pm
lou: 64% in the emerson poll. >> just gave a big boy speech. he just spoke to apec. it's a big boy speech. he sat up there and said all the right lines. saida supporter of israel. tonight that anybody in that audience couldn't applaud. and you contrast that with the president of the united states today in cuba apologizing for 50 years of us being bad to them when they were the ones that became a socialist economist nation and trying to put missiles aimed at us. so the contrast was dramatic. lou: and how did he wrap up that speech? that's one of my favorites. >> yeah. well, look, i think the whole thing was a disaster. and ed's point about trump giving this speech, i think this was the best substantive speech he's given on any topic. and if it is now a model, i think that -- immediately people will look at him differently because he overperformed the expectations. that's something -- lou: and, you know, i think two people were particularly surprised. one had to be hillary clinton,
7:21 pm
who did not -- as best i could see get the same level of enthusiasm. and she is a darling of apec or has been. >> right. lou: there are standing ovations for donald trump. where did that come from? >> right. and i think for him substantively the point is not so much that he's going to get the jewish vote or a majority of it, but that he held his own, and he was clear and made it difficult for her and obama. so he will take the fight to him on all of these issues. lou: and i think the other person had to be surprised is barack obama. he won't see it probably until a little later after all of the excitement of cuba has worn off. but today, if you listened as he was talking with castro, the man is talking about temporarilyism and bringing american values. there's no life in the man. there's no excitement. the man could have been talking about hardware in the local store. a chore that he didn't want to
7:22 pm
do. and then there's donald trump and then there's ted cruz and the energy that they brought to what they're doing is a star contrast and answer to anyone who asked whether will a new leader make the difference? that's already the answer. >> absolutely. charles: gentlemen, thank you. >> appreciate it. charles: ed rollins, michael goodwin. breaking news now. the justice department has just asked a federal judge in california to cancel tomorrow's hearing and its case against apple over the case of breaking into encrypted iphones. the fbi is saying quote cautiously optimistic that it can access the phone used by the san bernardino terrorist without apple's help. and that that was supposed to be a hearing set for tomorrow. and we'll see what's going to happen. what does that mean if apple isn't necessary to open an apple phone?
7:23 pm
big doings in federal court. and at the fbi offices in washington. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe donald trump will defeat hillary clinton in november? we would like to hear from you on that. i know. that makes a lot of suppositions, and you tell us how it works out in your mind and who you think will prevail. that's on twitter at lou dobbs news. we would like to hear from you. and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram lou dobbs tonight. everything found at lou well, almost everything. the folks at red bull taking their latest stunt to one of the seven natural wonders of the world. professional divers taking a 100-foot leap off victoria falls. now, that's a little much. they climbed up slipper wet rocks before taking the plunge into the current below. you know that form
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approximates my own. it's just so close. >> case of red bull. lou: yeah, exactly. need a case of red bull up there or something. up next, a big endorsement for donald trump and utah. the utah speaker of the house greg hues joins us. he is supporting the donald. in utah. how is that going over? we'll take that up with him in the effort to steal the nomination from donald trump. the chairman of the republican national committee admits that might just happen. >> well, you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee. there's nothing magical about the number. it's 50% plus one. so no one's disenfranchised. lou: you know, if you follow that reasoning, you're very, very smart, and you can actually maintain your balance on very slippery surfaces. we'll have a few thoughts about that and a lot more in
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lou: a few thoughts on bill crystal and his mad dream of a third party. 100 day campaign to deny donald trump the inspect nation. if that fails, by golly, then a third party bid. this is spearheaded by ultraconservative -- bill crystal. i hope you are sitting down, you will be thrilled and shocked by the named floated for an independent run. are you ready, rick perry. not the most compelling or inspiring choices, not change agents you might expect of
7:30 pm
ane independent run. not even the republican national committee could stand it. they condemned the idea. rnc chairman reince priebus said this is far too late for a third party candidate, sounding just a little bit woeful about it. maybe that was miment in coul imagine missio this his less than convincing assurance. >> well, i mean, i think it would be highly unlikely if it's not, i can tell you that, i think it would be somewhat unusual but, you know i can't 100% guarantee that, but i can't imagine right now sitting here, believing it would be anyone but the three remaining candidates.
7:31 pm
lou: i suppose you are convinced now, right? trump's response one of incre in. >> if the establishment were to put up an independent candidate. >> if they are going to do that, they are going to do that, then you might as well run the election to hillary clinton or whoever runs, if they are going to be stupid and do that, instead of embracing the millions of people who are coming in to vote, they will do that. lou: stupid is a big word, usually used in reference to people with big jobs in washington, d.c. he understands that smart people have a grand opportunity to unite the wars g.o.p. factions, that is why
7:32 pm
he started meeting with lawmakers and top conservatives, delivering the speech at aipac today. using a teleprompter for the first time, he that is a concession to his newly arrived awareness that some messages, particularly in foreign policy have to be carefully cop strublge constructioned and delivered artfuly, trump more than a frontrunner, he looks like he may make america the winner. our quotation of the evening, on his adapting how did adapting to changing conditions and circumstances? our quotation this eve inning by neurallist victor frank else, the last of human freedoms, the ability to choose one's attitude in a
7:33 pm
given set of circumstances. we're coming back with more stay with us. >> donald trump is favored to win the's arizona primary tomorrow, but he has to in utah as well, will he? we take it up with utah's speaker of the house,. >> this guy is just having car fun, maybe a little too much fun. we'll show you what happens to this guy in his fun car, when lou dobbs tonight continues right after these messages we'll be right back.
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lou: my next guest endorsed donald trump, joining us the speaker of the house for state of utah, greg hughes, the utah caucuses begin tomorrow, it is a great deal, thank you for joining us mr. speaker. >> thank you. lou: you are a rare fellow, how did you come to be supporting donald trump with 53% in latest poll, utah going for senator cruz? >> so, utah is in a different place in the last 24 hours. leading up to the caucuses. we have more attention from candidates running for president, even from both parties, than we have ever seen as a state, not just a fundraising they troll for campaign contributions. they are fighting for support
7:38 pm
of utahans, i came to know donald trump jr., he was here for a hunting expo. i was supporting marco rubio and his campaign here in utah, when marco rubio's campaign was suspended a got a call from donald trump jr., and asked if i would support his father, i like the trumps, i loved seeing donald trump'scampf what donald trump has been saying, but not only resonates with america but always with me, i said, are you going to come to utah, i don't wanted to be the apologist, but if you can't make it i don't know that i want to explain why. and so, here we had donald trump come, a phenomenal rally friday night, 4 hours, before the rally started, we have a city block line of people wanting to get in to with in
7:39 pm
the rally. lou: that energy seems to be everywhere. but in utah, cruz. mitt romney is out there, senator mike lee. mitt romney is attacking him like a junk yard dog. are you going to run in to mitt romney any time soon? that should be quite a collision? >> let me tell you, i have gotten my share of grief over this endorsement but i care about this country, we have a silence majority here, we saw it friday night at rally, there are a lot of people excited, i believe this is the nontraditional candidate. look. we've been supporting republican senators, and governors to run for president, forever. even i was, my last hope of the senator marco rubio. lou: first term senator. >> it failed us, we're left with a country, i think damaging debt. lou: do you think that
7:40 pm
republican party, you heard reince priebus. i mean come on. this is the status quo this is the establishment, clinging with breaking nails, brass -- grasping the last few inches of possibility they can stay in power, it is ugly to watch. >> you are so right, we have had candidates who have been the establishment candidates, for conservatives, people who said he is not our guy but here witnesses -- we're republicans, but we know he is better than the democrat alternative, but we're team players. any time, someone would say we don't want to support a john mccain or a mitt romney, these establishment would roll their eyes issue those very people are looking to to go
7:41 pm
around, it disappointing. lou: who is going to win tomorrow? as i said, cruz heavily favored issue kasich was 25% of the vote. for first time, it looks like donald trump may be an also-ran in utah, do you think that will change? >> not a winner-take-all state. i believe that you will see a lot of grassroots enthusiasm about donald trump, and a portion of delegates that will go to national convention, and supporting donald trump. lou: speaker of the utah house, greg hughes we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: good luck, don't run into romney. >> i'll watch out. lou: take care. a group of friends in poland tax their car out for a high-speed joyride, they had manage other than -- something
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other than joy after drifting, did you see that? there it goes, embarrassing. front wheel popped off, there need for speed has been replaced for need for a car with a decent front end, all its tires. up next ballot to over throw donald trump, because say he is not conservative enough. among them eric ericsson, he is leading a revolt. pushing for a third party alternative, and eric is my guest, here, next, stay with us.
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lou: joining us now, eric erickson. radio host for wsb in atlanta, georgia. fox news contributor. great to have you with us. you have got to have your blood pressure up just a little bit. feeling something, everyone saying third parties are a crazy idea. this is not the time. tell us what is on your mind. >> you know, i said, i think right now talk of a third
7:47 pm
party is not helpful. a distraction from ted cruz. but there are a lot of conservative, not establishment guys, but social and fiscal conservatives who think that trump is not one of them. they want someone to vote for. lou: now, you think cruz is one of you? he was 4 years, an establishment republican. he -- >> no, i don't think he is. >> i'm sorry? >> i don't think he is an establishment guy, those in washington are opposed to him. he stood up for conservatives again republicans in the senate. that is why none of them want to support them. i think that cruz is more of a conservative. lou: a unifier? >> he is more for republicans than trump is. lou: this becomes fine slices.
7:48 pm
you came together, a group of social conservatives, why in the world would you not work to within the party, just to work with trump? to work with cruz? rather than start with a premise you are going a third party way. unite behind you know, who would it be? rick perry, whatever. >> we release a statement after our first meeting is that we want to work within the party. we would like kasich and cruz to hopefully unite. lou: kasich? i am really confused. a conservative are you kidding me? >> oh, god, no, i can't stand john kasich. right now he and cruz in the race can't come to an accord. like reagan had to go with
7:49 pm
george hw bush in 1980 to solidify the party. we may have to solidify the party with cruz, god forbid kasich to stop trump. lou: what is your reaction, because there is not going to be a third party, we can agree on that, it too late. how about this one? how about trump and cruz? would that suit you? >> not really, trump would call the shots. i am not going to vote for donald trump. lou: all right. that is -- if you then, others follow your lead, hillary clinton, wins, right in. >> i think if donald trump gets nomination, hillary clinton wins. lou: woe, woe, you know better, that is congestionture. >> listen, it -- >> then say hillary clinton wins, if conservatives decide they are not voting for trump, that would be well -- >> listen, i think that in the last 25 polls donald trump has
7:50 pm
been behind hillary clinton 6.s, higher negatives, lower trust levels. lou: his -- woe, in fairness to him, gallup has his net unfavorable down 14% in short order, he has not moved toward this charm offensive that is general election. >> right. we have to talk about his unfavorable declining forward likability level. donald trump is just not likeable. lou: do you really think that this election is about likability, i think it is about getting the job done. >> listen, every election is a "show boat," obama 2012 was a ter i terrible candidate but he came across as more like in. lou: you are too smart for this. you sound like a neilist. you are going into future with a bang. i mean come on, what are you going to do with brass tax and
7:51 pm
short strokes? are you staying in the party and support the nominee or are you really committed to hillary clinton. >> if donald trump is nominee, i am not voting for him or hillary clinton. i will find someone else to vote for. lou: they are stark choices thank you, eric. >> take care. lou: up next, donald trump naming his foreigner policy advis addor -- advisors outlining different views, we'll take it up with k t mcfarland, she is joining me here next, stay with us. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want,
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lou: with me now, kt mcfarland. donald trump delivering a speech that was in your opinion? >> gutsy and unequivocal. he has been trashed with he can't be president because he has no foreign policy. that speech was substantive, hawk i shall and pro israel. he talked about what no one else is talking about. that obama is going to try to use the u.n. to impose a peace
7:56 pm
agreement between the palestinians and the is reallies. lou: it looks like he's positioning himself to be secretary-general of the united nations. he transcended president of the united states. watching him in cuba today. and he is so dour and down and ahas no energy. he is not -- people may be inspired by him, but it's not an inspiration that is even noticeable. the man lacks energy. contrast that with trump or even cruz as i said earlier in the broadcast and you see the difference in this country just with a new leader because it's so sapped of energy if he ever had it. >> he's like jimmy carter was in 1978, 1979 and 1980. he was moaning about everything.
7:57 pm
everything is bad and it's all your fault. we had a new president in 1980 in reagan and everything changed overnight. the new values. what made me so mad about president obama in cuba today. here he was doling out the goodies. we are going to give you trade, tourism and education, then he said and we welcome the criticism and commentary you the cubans have about america's short comings? lou: he would like to hear a lot more of that. it makes him somehow if not more interesting, it gives him more stamina. as we look at this, we saw standing ovations at aipac. he has a national security team that he announced to the editorial boofortd "washington post." and i thought it was a pretty good list of names.
7:58 pm
>> lot are businessmen who have been in that world and done deals. they are particularly knowledgeable about the energy sector and cyber sector. it's not just a bunch of think tank guys looking for government jobs. and walid phares who is the best terrorism expert who predicted the arab spring. lou: as we look ought just a little bit, putin withdrawing in syria. there is a shift there. the chinese aggressively continuing to assert themselves in the south china sea. extending, not contracting their reach. we are headed somewhere and probably before january 2 open of 2017, don't you -- before january 20 of 2017. don't you think? >> the chinese are going to go after us, and the russians. they are all going to grab what
7:59 pm
they can while they can, worrying they may have a strong president coming in next year. lou: it's quite interesting to watch. and radio silence of bb netanyahu over this period has been remarkable. appreciate it. we have to bring you up to date on our online polling. 88% of you have say donald trump is the last best chance to make america great again. that is i would say decisive. following -- please follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news. follow me on instagram on "lou dobbs tonight." that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. and good night from new york.
8:00 pm
[♪] kennedy: i'm watching the chalky factor. it's scott bale. he's congealing presidential race in donald trump's favor, finally letting the world exhale as he reveals his support for the reality star. perhaps it's the images of protesters clark that burned saucy rhetoric into his brain. but he couldn't help himself -- >> i want him to go into washington and blow


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