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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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europe is this is the man on the right in that picture wearing the hat, wearing a light-colored shirt. batman is wanted for questioning. he may be linked to the attackers. that picture just released by the belgian authorities to all points away to batman. our tennis. neil, it is yours. >> thank you very much. at least 180 wounded, could you more. it all started this morning with explosives at the airport and an hour later the metro station train station is the rush-hour train was departing. we've got the latest right now with the european correspondent suzanne lynch from brussels via skype. i understand you were there when all of this first happened. is that right? >> i just ducked into one of the buildings here in the heart of the quarters. just looking down the metro station, about 300 meters from here, from the headquarters and
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that is where it took place this morning. it now appears at least 20 people were killed and many, many more injured. there was a real sense of silence at the moment around this area. still is that eastern and dylan says, fire engines come at satoru go into that area still cornered off here. neil: was there anything unusual going on prior, anything that struck you as odd? >> in one sense, brussels has been on alert for this kind of attack it over them in a heightened sense of security with a very visible presence of an army personnel in the streets of brussels. hopefully we pass some heavy arms soldiers and the jewish radio station on my way to work. this level of security has
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become familiar and in a sense have always to worry about security. it is the head of the e.u. is to tuition. so in one sense, the authorities there used to u.n. security company is having high-level security and access. more people getting into different buildings here. but what is happening here today has really shocked people. there's a number of thdon and p, but not the terrorism here. neil: just thinking about heightened sense of alarm and maybe even prior to today's attack with the shootout with salah abdeslam who might've been a key orchestrator in the pairs attacks last november. did you notice folks in belgium or around the brussels area for more on pins and needles than normal or did it all just really
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escalate this morning? >> i think it really escalated this morning even though the last few months there has been awareness that elgin is at the center of a lot of the terrorist networks around europe because a lot of the assassins involved in the terrorist attacks were aware of that. in c. and there has been little terrorist act committee taking place, the jewish museum also a few counterterrorism raids were suspects have been killed with nothing on this scale. in that sense people are shocked what happened here today. people are asking questions. as early as monday, the last few days the interior wars that belgium was on higher alert for some kind of revenge since the arrest. was the security tight enough? should it have been opened?
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should there've been more security? i was in brussels myself last night in the metro. and there was some security, but nothing more we've seen over the last few months. the intelligence services. >> i'm wondering if a lot of those parties were sort of skittish to massive shutdowns in the face of criticism they receive shutting down all source of displays and shopping around the city during the holiday last year. that sort of weight on their balance of going too far, not far enough. as you hear anything about that? >> that's always been a priority with the balance between security. the last week things have changed. last wednesday, less than a week ago quite near to where i live in brooklyn a man was killed but the counterterrorism operation. on friday we saw the seizure of
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salah abdeslam good things have changed. there have been development in the last week that many people would argue warranted a higher level of security. this morning the prime minister has confirmed the level has gone up to number four. he hasn't been that they are in the week in november after the paris attacks with the race going on in brooklyn. people are now questioning whether that was the right move and whether there should and the extra security alerts considering what has happened in the last 12 hours. neil: suzanne, thank you very much. be safe. we appreciate it. the irish times european correspondent -- assisted direct her. here we go with an airport being targeted. i'm sure that is not an accident. >> no, sir.
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it is absolutely not by accident. what triggers these kinds of things is anybody's guess but it really have to believe last week was a trigger mechanism. the problem is they were telling everybody that this individual they arrested was talking to them and what he was telling them. but that is certainly going to make anybody but got any additional to leave the country are continuing bombing strategy to put that strategy into harbury shimbun that happened. it's a terrible thing. the bottom line is that couple things that go on here. number one come with the people in the country, radical islam extremists coming into the country have been brussels a mini caliphate that goes on where they refuse to be a simulated that want to operate by sharia law. all of those things based on the liberal attitudes to the contrary perpetuate this performance of radical.
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it's going to continue to happen. >> to know whether authorities on about? if they are looking for suspects or anything that they still access those communities or just avoid them altogether. >> i think it's a combination that they will access the communities, particularly during exigent circumstances such as this. they kind of look the other way. i really have a concern for our own country. in 2009 in hudson county, new york, a man who beat and his wife, an islamic man fired after the brewers tried to get a restraining order against them in the court rules they could not issued a restraining order since the practices of his religion forbids out. we have the pledge of allegiance and the flag of the united states in 2014 and four, colorado and arabic substituting one nation under god with one nation under allah.
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in 2014 -- i'm serious. in dearborn, michigan in 2014 devoted for-3 to incorporate sharia law both criminal and the last that as a way to settle things up in the islamic community. this is horrible. we are looking at this from the standpoint of what's going on in europe. we need to look what's going on in their own country as well. neil: as we are weakened, we are getting word that the brussels airport will remain closed through wednesday. for those traveling ahead of the easter holiday, the flights might be few and the pickings might be slammed on the eve of holy thursday, good friday, of course the holy weekend. this could change a lot of behaviors across all of continental europe. >> is written that code. this is just one little last night of this enclave in
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brussels that has really caused everybody to open their eyes. it is going to impact -- nobody's going to want to find two sections of europe and maybe all of europe and all over the world they are going to be very cautious about where they go, what they do and when they do it. this has to have leadership. it has to have leadership from the world to start this radical islamist extremism and the leadership, the core of the leadership for the united states of america. we had an individual who was trying to make a sequel to every country and we are better than everybody else. >> thank you, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. neil: we're also getting word of a third on that authorities at the scene were able to defuse if we point out one was found at the train station, one at the airport.
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acclaimed 20 lives. this third bomb was reportedly found by security services at the airport. so the first one as you know was near the front of the airport for folks come in, drop off their baggage and perceived deeper into the airport. it's gotten to that point very easily and not of god deep enough into the airport to do the damage he or she or they did. again, you probably asked the question why brussels. it is of course the epicenter of the european community. but there's much more to it than that. morgan ortegas. here we go with brussels, which of course has been on the receiving end of a lot of not only planned attacks, but coordinated attacks and scheming attacks. now the city is essentially going to be in lockdown for a
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least the next 24 hours, possibly more. >> yeah, good afternoon, neil. one of the most frustrating things about waking up in hearing about the attacks as those of us working on her shoes were among time for the past 10 to 15 years were not surprised. there's a lot of play in europe. clearly the presidential candidates have talked about the migrant crisis and the refugee crisis that it's much bigger. there's communities without europe that has been living and festering and having the source of that committees that have been going on for quite some time. that's when i was at the u.s. treasury i worked on these issues and i was sometimes aghast at the responses they did not allow us to interdict, that they were concerned about privacy, which we all are. the chickens have come home to roost to an extent from some of the policies europe has pursued, and saying what the world is looking for, the europeans and partners in the middle east looking for american leadership,
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which we so desperately need at this time. i was in munich last month which senator john mccain and i was struck. i think everyone on the code i was struck at how nervous the europeans were that the steering crisis, about the crisis in ukraine. the world is dying and thirsty for leadership. this is where donald trump has been smart in projecting the strength that americans want to see. for a very much disagree with him is on his comments yesterday about backing away from nato. now is not the time for a presidential candidate to making comments similar to president obama about our allies. now is the time to strengthen relationship with nato and allies that have been cast aside for the past 70 years. neil: would've plenty of times to go into the politics of this. i wanted to get your reaction to the u.n. status on this. it seems to favor the separate but equal exist in many community with regard to extreme communities and the rest. the secretary-general strongly
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condemned the terrorist bombings today. the statement goes on to say that the secretary-general hopes that those responsible will be swiftly brought to justice, confident that they'll done in europe's commitment to human rights, democracy and here's the key, peaceful coexistence will continue to be true and lasting was on. when you make of that? >> most of the people in the u.n. have their head in the sand but that the statement they want to release it if you are committed to democracy, committed to human rights comic you don't allow terrorists to blow up citizens. you don't allow people to live in a society where they are worried about getting on the subway or airplanes. a few months ago, senator graham was on your end of struck me because he said on fox business he was worried within the next year would have the same type of attacks in the u.s. i don't know what is preventing us from having this attack in the u.s. i'm not trying to have fearmonger intact pics, but the
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reality is even though americans are tired of 15 years of war, we still have to be vigilant and this is not a word that just goes away because we wished away or improve immigration day. it's much more complicated than that. neil: thank you area, very much. we told you about the brussels airport remaining closed through tomorrow. that's possibly longer. you have been asked here in with how these extreme emergent these with a live shot of the airport as we speak. the obama administration expected to announce tepidly new measures to tighten security at u.s. airports following these attacks on the verge of the busy spring and easter holiday travels days away.
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neil: all right. we are learning at least at the airport how this all went down in brussels today. the ceo of the airport confirming what some suspect a terrorist involved in us, at least two of them blew themselves up at the check-in area. you've heard a great deal about how the configuration of the airport is to walk off the street or in your cab or car or drop off and check-in some airports in the united states. read a few good men, you can check-in, drop the bad stuff literally feet from the door, roughly the same in brussels and it is they are, at least two of the assailant were not told by the brussels airport ceo blew themselves up right on site. we don't know exactly what transpired at the train station and how that particular lotion went. we do know openoffice a rush-hour train was just leaving. very latest now from lieutenant
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colonel gary shafer, armor army intelligence officer. we are closely monitoring angela merkel, the head terminators addressing reporters in our nation now in berlin. again, europe on heightened alert to put it mildly. other countries at or close to their highest alert. isn't this akin to sort of like closing the barn door after all the animals have left. what now? >> absolutely. everybody knew something was about to happen. around washington we have seen here a physical presence higher than normal. they went out several days ago. frankly the arrest of the french bombing suspect was the trigger. we actually talked about the fact that when he was captured that is what happened. my big concern is not europe. europeans have to fix this. they know that now.
12:20 pm
i'm more worried about what is going on here. john brennan admitted before the french attack he didn't share critical information with the french. more importantly, domestically, tsa has gone through and done what i was a work slowdown. all the tsa folks are making life for the american public because they got caught capturing. now you have people in l.a. and chicago, in the sure it and all the cities you mention, laguardia. tsa now is actually encouraging, creating conditions for the terrorists to come here and do the very same attack. neil: the reason i mention it is because president will be back later today taking airport security. while that they have you do to make things safer for you and your eyes better guard against
12:21 pm
the stuff that happened today. >> first off, get serious about the war and isis. the ideas keep them there. 10 years ago we didn't have this threat domestically. what we are doing this play the long game, getting them over there. the refugees stream is something we have to pay attention to. mark my words, we will find us some of the folks in the attack yesterday and last night in europe came to the refugees stream. that's got to take it seriously. secondly, with got to get our military more aggressive. can the pentagon building, going after leadership and other things. they've got a look at our profile here. what we look like to the enemy? it's called red teaming. i've done it as several folks have before. we need to take seriously outpaces these vulnerabilities to go about patching those. this is something we've not done to the level necessary to protect the american people and now is a time to get serious debris just not done it yet.
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>> what intrigued me this morning and the initial report that this might not have been in response to the capture of salah abdeslam, the paris orchestrator who was taken in a shoot out earlier last week. that this might have been a planned event in the might of been his planning for that event. so much we don't know. but that would raise an even scarier issue that this was a man responds to the crackdown in brussels, but a separate brand attack. >> i think this was his planning. that's the issue. basically they set it up for the moment he got had. that's when the ball started rolling. there's no doubt this is carefully orchestrated here this was planned for a month if not within six months. what i'm saying is his capture was the trigger event. when he got nabbed would start falling. it took 48 hours to get everybody rolling.
12:23 pm
this is clearly a separate attack. but that said, the two can be related. these are not mutually exclusive. i would argue they knew somebody was going to grab them to grab them eventually and that would be the trigger for them to set off the entire thing to happen at once. i do believe like you decide to be a very carefully orchestrated event and it tells me also europeans are still not taking this seriously enough and i don't think our intelligence community is doing the best they can to get ahead of this as much as they should to protect us. neil: that worries me we are getting almost numb to these developments. colonel, thank you, my friend. stocks, no reaction. what does that tell you? a nonplussed reaction. when you think about it, just to humanize this. 11 people at an airport, 20 at a train station are dead. think of those 11 at an airport. many of them could be in route to a holiday.
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nicole: i am the quote petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. multiple bomb blasts in brussels. we started off with some selling. we started off with a very ordinary way. it has come off the lows. the s&p is down one. the airlines. many of them are down two-3%. the dow is down one 10th of a percent. look at american airlines. not only are the airlines under pressure, but some of the other
12:28 pm
travel sites. they have come off the lows. expedia down 2%. as is trip advisor. somewhat of a light trading day across the board. these travel stocks are in focus. >> thank you very much. neil: the islamic state. claiming responsibility. largely seen as retaliation. not exclusively. a suspect in terror killings. brussels was a target.
12:29 pm
brussels and commuter fares were a target. brussels being the center of the community. you add it up. good to have you. >> the liberal. the european union. a place other ways of rights and enjoyment. all of the things that radical islamists hate about the west. trump preferring a world and theology rate were doctor and is set out and that is all there is to it.
12:30 pm
>> a reason why they never carry out a lot of these attacks. low populated areas. a role to play in new york. again in 2001. so many times since. london, madrid, paris. multiple attacks they are. the heart of the european financial world. nothing of their new united political world. it does not seem ever to be the response of a lot of these terrorist. severely rocked. they are shaken. they come back quite stirred. >> capitalism at its heart. billions of people's and companies making decisions in freeway.
12:31 pm
i think it is very clear to see that this mindset, there is only one way. and after capitalism. i think that they think that they can attack it and they can knock it down. we have trouble catching them because they are a distributed network. a-uppercase-letter is a alternate distributed network. it is a starfish with a thousand million billion legs that you cannot cut off and kill. stuart: thank you very much. an update from angela merkel. germany will be working in concert with l jump to find and punish the perpetrators of the belgium attack. can you imagine the heat that she is under? maybe controversial policy.
12:32 pm
allowing all of those refugees from syria. how do you think that that changes things now? coming up after this. ♪
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the 15 take a very close look at this picture. the perpetrators behind the attack at the airport.
12:36 pm
the two gentlemen on the left blew themselves up. the one on the right, they don't know where he is. these guys on the left, they both are wearing a single black glove on their left hand. we are told that good that just they were trying to conceal detonators. this image was unintentionally leaked to social media by bill jump always. they were happy to die for this cause. where do you find these guys? also, anyone. former governor, presidential candidate bobby jindal. that is the issue now. be vigilant. many critics are saying, a.b.
12:37 pm
with the best of reasons. you left us vulnerable with the open door policy to all of these migrants. what do you make of that? >> first of all, thank you for having me. clearly, open borders to not work. the obama administration, more serious refugees without the proper vetting. a year and a half ago, i gave a talk in london about the threat that wants to come into our society without emigrating. i talk about no go zones. the politically correct crowd went crazy. islam has a problem. radical islam. we have to do two things. those muslims, those muslim leaders not willing to condemn
12:38 pm
these acts of violence. they will not enjoy or award in the afterlife. >> you do not have the liberty of seeing this image. supposedly to hide a detonator. they are dying for a cause. seconds away from blowing themselves up. >> now is the time for them to condemn these individuals. the suicide bomber, they arrested him on friday. we also need muslim leaders to say they explicitly embrace freedoms. concentration.
12:39 pm
the charge in paris at the time. absolutely. a lack of a simulation. why do people want to call members in our western societies if they do not want to embrace our freedoms? longing for people to come and use the freedom we have. taking advantage of our freedom of speech. that is why it is also important for muslim leaders to explicitly say they and praise is for christians. >> what do you think of donald trump's solution of this?
12:40 pm
>> donald trump. president obama will even say we are. any muslims that paid us that want to kill us. so far to thinking that every muslim potentially hates us or wants to kill us. we will not let anyone in our country unless we vetted them. you have to integrate. neil: leisure having you. thank you. jfk international airport. it is among all airports in the united states.
12:41 pm
being announced momentarily. a measure that will be taken. all tsa posts to make sure they are getting it. the irony is guys walk in. just a few feet in from the main road. the main street outside the airport. blew themselves up. they had not even penetrated the security breaches of that airport. now what do we do? after this. ♪
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neil: all right. now i says is taking a vowel. black days in return for aggression against it. roof erring to last week. one of the masterminds in the paris attack.
12:45 pm
november of last year. this was retaliation. that event on the part of police. it is what it is. tai and security. >> airport security. what we would think in the aftermath of something like this. appealing directly to the cuban people about the importance of democracy. what happened in brussels. another reminder that the world must unite.
12:46 pm
>> our prayers are with the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity with them. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally and they'll jump. we will still attend a baseball game there. the tampa bay here. they all have a moment of silence here on the house floor. airports all across california. it is telling fox that the f vi remains in a heightened threat posture. a homegrown violent extremists.
12:47 pm
the upcoming days and hours as well. >> we have not been told of any change. going to head down there for argentina. coming back home. dealing with what has been going on. >> making a statement shortly, i understand. the president should come back home. respond to the personal attacks. especially as you are upping security efforts at u.s. airports. we are told in the brussels airport attack. especially the two on the right, i am sorry, on the left.
12:48 pm
>> the three suspects from the airport this morning. what has my attention is the two men on the left. they are both wearing black gloves. that could be evidence for a dead man switch. the trigger for the device is essentially on the pressure of holding onto that handle of the luggage cart. the individual is shot and taken down by police. they lose back grip on the cart. that will be sufficient to detonate the device. that is what has my attention there this morning. the individual on the right, which the million officials
12:49 pm
believe, is out large. have at least two suicide that and possibly other devices at that airport. fairly experienced on maker to make the devices. without having any incident. also, being able to transport them. the type of explosive that has been used most recently in the paris attack and have been used here. you can buy the components over the counter. the bad news is it is highly unstable. it is hard to handle. it is hard to move without avoiding some kind of accident. stuart: the terror guy in this image, do we know -- he did not die. he did not donate himself. do we know his whereabouts?
12:50 pm
>> we don't. in connection to the attacks. we believe they are on the left. the two bombers. we also had a statement of responsibility to isis. the amount news agency as part of their official propaganda wing. basically, making it their business. drawing that are wreck line between a terrorist attack and isis proper. they made that kind of link after the paris attacks. they made the same kind of link after san bernardino did they also made the link today. talking about multiple suicide bombers. additional devices speaks to a broader conspiracy.
12:51 pm
my contacts are telling me this morning that this plot to attack the airport and the subway system was are ready they are. the timeline was moved up. pushed forward. if they did not use what they had, they would lose it because of what they told investigators. >> there will be returns for aggression against it. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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you 15 there is a man hunt going on. he did not low himself. the other guy did. throwing down a detonator. the pressure on that defies. they are dead. the guy on the right is not. how we find him. that is where cyber expertise probably come in handy. the train attacks today that killed 20. we suspect that they blew themselves up as well. >> certainly, there is a digital trail. there is no question about it that they were communicating via multiple devices. whether encrypted or not. they planned their attacks using the communications that you and
12:56 pm
i use. if there is government agencies, out law enforcement tapped into surveying that chatter, they generally work towards these attacks. they use that to catch the perpetrators. >> piecing together why some who themselves up. >> thinking with their motivations are. we as americans cannot fathom that people act in this way. they are cultures that do so.
12:57 pm
they obviously chose major transportation hubs. choosing brussels the point to do it. i am sure that there was chatter to this effect. certainly after the capture last week. >> you know, to actually be able to pinpoint who is doing what and when and having enough
12:58 pm
resources. it taking place. somewhat of an impossibility. who is up to no good and when they will execute their crimes. if a trading criminal organizations. getting roles on the inside of these terrorist groups. like you can man to man determined what the next terrorist attack will be by either being a part of it, as an undercover order overhearing it and reporting it to the authorities. >> thank you, my friend, very, very much.
12:59 pm
from the scenes of the terror incidents. a guy at the airport. at the train station. maybe a mix of both. possibly the bombers could be among them. the bomber itself may be from the subway. they are slowly going to confirm all of this. all right. connell mcshane with the very latest. you are still piecing together a lot of different pieces to a much larger puzzle. the equivalent of a isis oh fishel and news agency.
1:00 pm
the metro and brussels. also spoken how their attackers detonated their explosives belts. homicide bombers. people dead as a result of these two attacks. it will take further investigations on whether that claim from isis is a credible claim. these new claims from the local authorities of a search for three fugitives includes 80 or all of these people. the man on the right side of the screen it is someone who they wanted to question. the man with the hat. someone said to be still looked
1:01 pm
for. a larger search for clues and exactly what happened. there was a rapport report from one of the public broadcasters earlier today. a rifle having been found next to the body of one of the attackers. that was something that stood out to these parties. in unused explosive help being were covered at the airport. let's remember, this comes just days after the arrest of this key figure. the one lone survivor from the paris attacks that was brought in from brussels on friday. >> older people of russell's. sincere sympathy and prayers. leaders in europe, meanwhile, continuing to scramble.
1:02 pm
the latest threats from isis that there could be more to come. ashley webster with more on that. >> belgium authorities congratulating themselves on that. here we are just days later. we have this attack. he was, essentially, living right under the noses of authorities did very talkative today. europe should share intelligence in the terror war. earlier today david cameron called for a united response. here is what mr. cameron had to say. >> we absolutely stand with them at this difficult time.
1:03 pm
the attacks in britain and france and germany. we need to stand together. >> we also heard from angela merkel just a few moments ago. she gave a statement. no english translation on this. she basically said that they will work with well jump to find and punish. angela merkel under a lot of pressure right now. the open border policy. well over a million migrants. some of those migrants carrying fake theory and passports. we do know that border patrols have been beefed up in holland, the netherlands. france as well.
1:04 pm
so much for the border free desires of the european union. we also have a statement from that you leaders themselves. this latest attack only strengthens our resolve to defend from the attacks of the intolerant. we will be united and firm in the fight against hatred. neil, what is interesting, a lot of finger-pointing today. questions as to why authorities would make it public that they were actually cooperating with authorities. singing like a canary. that could have forced this terror attack today. all the bullies that he was about to blow their cover. >> i heard the same exact thing. angela merkel was already feeling this in the polls. these recent elections in
1:05 pm
germany. getting battered by a far right party. >> absolutely. winning in the regional elections. under a lot of pressure. not only from the outside, but those from within her own party. she has maintained that she believes an open door policy is the best way to go. a growing number of people say no. bottom line, it is very dangerous. we know that they issued a wanted notice for at least one terror suspect. dressed in white and wearing a hat. the other two were wearing black gloves on their left hand. it would late eat later indicate that they were holding a device. they blew themselves up as well
1:06 pm
as a chunk of that airport. that was by the baggage claims. thank you for joining us. >> i imagine that that was pretty frightening. >> i was waiting in the baggage area for my luggage. actually, my best friend came back from miami. they were supposed to land after me. we were going to go home together. when he landed, i told them to give me a call. i heard this really about explosion. i had no idea. i did not realize what was going on. i thought that maybe it was a suitcase or something falling down. i did not know. my friend said that he just landed, but they would not let me off the airplane.
1:07 pm
i saw a lot of police officers running around the baggage claim area and shouting that there was an explosion. they all took us out. that is where i saw a lot of dust and smoke. glass shattered on the floor. they took it outside the parking lot. more blood. people crying. people had blood on their clothing. a lot of panic. people were crying. they did not know what was happening. it was total chaos. neil: did this happen right at the baggage claim? >> i think it was the floor above. the baggage claim area, the departure hall was at this level.
1:08 pm
>> easy for me to ask a question like this. did you see something suspicious or unusual? >> i was just standing there with my suitcase. talking to each other. something must be happening. i had no idea what it was. neil: you are probably aware of this. there is a picture release of the media that shows them detonate themselves. one, a brighter color coat with a hat. he may just have quietly walked away from there. you had friends that were not seeing anyone sort of mingling
1:09 pm
around. neil: you are pretty cool and levelheaded. your friend from miami. how is he doing? >> he is okay. he had to stay on the airplane for two hours. then they let him off. he is okay. neil: great to hear that. they will keep the airport closed through at least tomorrow. possibly longer. what do you think of that? >> it is so sad. our country has been hit hard. they would close it down for the next day. this will have such an impact for the next couple weeks,
1:10 pm
months. maybe even years. i heard people saying we can revoke our tickets. >> i imagine this is going to change a lot. >> the 22nd of march will be a radical change from now on. they'll jump will never be the same. >> a beautiful country and a beautiful city. a commander. congressman. the plane stayed up on piano joining us. we are told that this has been expedited by the arrest of
1:11 pm
islam. i am wondering, whether that actually sped up plans since ashley webster was reporting. he seemed like a canary to authorities. maybe including this very attack. >> it is not an unlikely scenario. the opposition does not know exactly what was disclosed. it was reported that he was captured. the smaller cells have a choice. either attract or retreat. it is possible, certainly, i think that time will tell. certainly possible. we saw very similar things. >> they do not accidentally target certain airports. they account for 24 million passengers a year.
1:12 pm
some critically including a u.s. military member. that is part of the strategy, right? getting as many people from as many countries in a place where you will likely see just that. >> yes. that is what is called a soft target. also, not just people that hold the trigger or strap and explosive vest around them. turning a blind eye or supply logistics. a safe harbor in the apartment. supplying arms and ammunition. it is about a network as much as anything. in the neighborhood, they had those sympathizers. they had people trained by isis.
1:13 pm
they do not know who was there. our southern border is similar. 250,000 people coming across. we have no idea who they are. isis, al qaeda and those that want to do is harm can come across, two. >> responding to these developments. the president certainly should not be in cuba right now. joining the cuban national team. u.s. team here. i am wondering whether you agree with this. this is john kasich moments ago. >> i am a little surprise that surprised that the president is going to a baseball game when i believe he should, and i would have been cutting short my digit. neil: the argument for not doing that is to not let terrorist dictate your schedule, or, for
1:14 pm
that matter, shared your alarm or that you are over react inc. what do you make of that? >> the president's job is to make sure that america is safe. it is appropriate for him to assure the american public. i do not think that that ensures the americans of anything. our triple threat, our southern border, our refugees, our travel pieces, all of those are part. >> just flying back home now. >> thank you very, very much. all to the president.
1:15 pm
we are is also hearing. that they have been evacuated. they have the vacuum waited. a nuclear station. a quick evacuation. more after this. ♪
1:16 pm
1:17 pm
1:18 pm
neil: i want you to look at something. wall street just sort of collectively shrugging the dow.
1:19 pm
it has been kind of that way in and out of positive territory. why is that? >> what are we concerned about here? this is a tragic event. this is the life. this is the reality. you know, we look at this. we see the authorities and what they are doing. the fed speak, or, dated. >> the game that has been going on for seven years still matters and that is all people care about. they are still accommodated. we keep going. charlie: you go back to the 1990s bombings of the london stock exchange. since then, since consecutive
1:20 pm
terrorist attacks, it has diminished. from then, 9/11, with that said, here is the problem that we run up against. some of this stuff ain't repetitive, we're seeing this more and more. paris was not that long ago. here is the one thing that i have learned. it has nothing to do with his pullet of coal philosophies. it has to do with the way he looks at the markets. when the herd starts thinking that terrorism is an issue, this will impact consumer spending and other issues, what does it take to do that? i cannot tell you. there has to be an inflection point. for one thing, this notion is not here. and another, it could change.
1:21 pm
they happen more frequently. what do you make of that? >> at what point does this become a fact where they are afraid to walk the streets. that is not what is happening here. charlie has mentioned something about 1990 that is interesting. 9/11, obviously, a tragic event and everyone is thinking about it. we have been through this before. everything will be okay. the mac i do wonder the frequency. >> let's break it down. fundamentally, i hate to put it into anybody's head. trading did stop. you could not get prices on a lot of stocks.
1:22 pm
>> the four trading days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. came back monday. that is a big thing. you will not have that. this is where it becomes kind of a guessing game. when is the inflection point. people say we have a real global terror issue. not just random attacks that cannot be contained. >> let's talk inflection points. it has a lot to do with what is going on. we mentioned the mentality. i will not say his name here. hey, what is going on here? >> go back to mid february. everyone thought that those stocks were going to zero.
1:23 pm
that was a misconception. that was a bit wrong. >> is a world now coffee on the other side? >> i would argue that they are. everyone starts mistaking market action for fundamentals. we will go up 5% this year. charlie: i agree. here is where the herd really changes. imputing the potential cost to consumer spending on another terrorist attack. you hate to say that it could. you do not want to project something this tragic. it is a possibility that something this bad could happen here. we have, theoretically, better security and intelligence. that is where it really becomes an issue here. >> how will people take that and
1:24 pm
what will authorities do about it. look at the refugee crisis and start throwing money at these issues. >> with events like today, merkel has no power. she is are ready losing popularity. >> they do need refugees over there. >> i am with you there. i can see angela merkel's tone of it collapsing as she is speaking. we're getting a little bit more detailed on this shock that we got out of the brussels airport. the two on the two on the left blew themselves up. by the way, they are piecing together the attackers behind the train station attack. a couple of them may still be alive. more after this. ♪
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
. . . .
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
>> frankly, look, we're having problems with muslims and having problems with muslims coming into the country. we are seeing it, whether it is california where they killed 14 people, two young married couple. she possibly radicalized him, nobody knows. she came here on fiance visa. they said he wasn't radicalized and but was radicalized after he met her and they killed 14 coworkers. neil: that was donald trump on maria bartiromo's show this morning. "washington examiner" on all of that. this is helps him. he has been advoid kates for a longest time put a stop on all muslims. some people don't like political correctness of that but the fact that these incidents sort of get people to think think, well, maybe he has a point. what do you think? >> what he is saying resonating with people in america who are
1:29 pm
afraid after terrorist attack happening here on our soil. if you look at some poll numbers that have come out over past few months, a majority of the americans saying at very least they want to slow down the refugee program, if not stop it completely. so what trump is talking about, banning one group from coming into the country, i think today he added to that by saying he didn't mean stop it completely but to increase scrutiny to the point where we have some idea of people coming into the country is not adverse to what most americans are saying they want according to poll numbers. just a matter how we're saying it. that of course has alarmed gop establishment. they don't want to look like they're discriminating against one particular group. neil: you were first to point this out, a lot of what he says, events transpire make him look prescient or timing helps. all is how it is delivered i understand that. incidents like these. getting tough on ourrd bother. europe getting weak about its borders.
1:30 pm
problems develop. go zones, communities protest that they don't have such thing but concentration of muslims where they rarely break out of those communities, trump and others take that to the next level, these are separate societies. we have to watch these guys. events like these sort of reinforce the fear, right? >> what it does it shows the difference between trump and other candidates. it lays it out in black and white. trump is talking action. what can we do? what should we do? how do we make america safer? we need to vet these people and know who is coming in here. hillary clinton saying we can't close the borders. people willing to condemn the attacks not talk action. trump as he has done on many other issues helped him skyrocket to the top of the polls. talking what he can do as president. that is what is resonating with people.
1:31 pm
you have attack coming today, trump coming out there saying we need to know who is coming into the country. i will remind you, neil, what he is talking about is not different than what the house passed in november with at least four dozen democrats joining in would have essentially halted syrian and iraqi refugees coming into the country. neil: you're absolutely right. >> they're talking about it today. i just came from capitol hill. they're saying, yes, let's do that. neil: susan, let's real quick i know i'm pushing my time limit and yours no doubt, utah with the republican caucuses, but i imagine in arizona where the border issue has become the issue, all of this is probably going to help donald trump? >> oh, from the get-go, sure. set one talking about let's do something to close borders and stop the porous nature of things there. there is a big fear that terrorism can get into the country through the southern border. neil: yeah. >> so i think that it is, sometimes takes a little time for that stuff to sink in but i think this will help him today.
1:32 pm
neil: susan, always a great guest. i learn a lot. i write it down and i take credit for your insights. >> i'm flattered. in the case of new york's laguardia airport, the place outside central terminal where travelers are dropped off, placing luggage on luggage racks. they will tighten that up. whether that means they can't right there or push that back, similar issues at jfk, other major airports, where they are we'll have more after this. don't let dust and allergies get between you
1:33 pm
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then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: all right. to right now the big game is on between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. the president is attending this game. he has not disrupted his schedule here in light of events in brussels. some argue that is a pretty good move, don't look deterred. continue with plans as usual. much the same approach others say times of strife to be a baseball game at times like this when the world is scared and you're implementing tough new airport measures, not best optics.
1:37 pm
deneen borelli said not a smart move. he also says the president should continue with game. even though i love the deneen, if you look panicked, that you will jet right back to washington, you have kind of done the terrorists bidding, right? is that the gist of what you're saying? >> that's right. listen, i'm no fan of president obama's foreign policy but i also know that the president sees bigger than just one terrorism attack overseas. so my view is, we should not be cowering to terrorism. the question is not whether or not the president should attend a ceremonial few innings at a baseball game in cuba. the question whether or not this lame duck president should be going to cuba and a victory lap of come mow dieting foreign dictators hostile to cuba in the first place. that is the real question all of us i think can agree on. neil: deneen, you say he should
1:38 pm
hightail it back to d.c., though. why? >> first of all my thoughts and prayers are with the victims in brussels. clearly president obama is being used as propaganda tool. when you think about ronald reagan, he knew evils of russia and with their communism and he said to tear down that wall. what president obama, he is hanging out in cuba. now he is going to attend this baseball game. he is basically saying, let's play ball, nothing to see here. i find it very outrageous, neil. neil: but what if he is stopped that, went back to washington, is there a middle ground here, don't go to the game because that looks a little too trifle odd but continue with your south american tour, i guess that picks up tonight or tomorrow? >> why is even in cuba? you had raul castro trying to hold up his hand. neil: i know what you're saying. we'll not get into that debate. >> sure. neil: part of a sojourn gets him to there, i agree controversial issue but idea of disrupting
1:39 pm
that trip could be program problematic. >> he is the president of the united states, neil. he needs to show some leadership. brussels is realing from this terrorist attack. president obama in communist cuba. he should be at the white house working with our allies, trying to figure out how we are going to defeat isis. that is what he should be doing. not going to a baseball game. neil: that is fair point. what do you make of that, president, should at least on a day tightening airport security standards around the country, to be in the country for that? >> i what i think important for your viewers to know, neil, as somebody that served president bush during 9/11, states and local people on the ground are the ones who are insuring that we have maximum levels of security for our hard targets from california to new york city and i believe having worked with all of them they're doing everything that needs to be done to secure our soft targets and
1:40 pm
to insure maximum levels of security for all all-americans. i would be more interested in having a question whether or not president obama would put on twitter the list of foreign, of political prisoners that raul castro says doesn't exist and whether or not he should go to baseball game. >> neil, picture speaks a thousand words. we'll have photo of obama in baseball game in cuba while belgium, brussels, is reeling from terrorist attack. again it is outrage just. neil: guys, thank you both very much. you express your views eloquently and strongly. speaking of belgium, the prime minister will take additional security measures at its borders. keep in mind the belgians were very, very strict about this wouldn't allow anyone into this country of all refugees when there was original act-up of violence at some of these key sites and they closed their border entirely. now they're boeing to do even more, after this.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> it is time now for your fox business brief. certainly brussels, the big story markets or otherwise. some other interesting items we're watching today. for one, libya does not plan to attend a meeting on the 11th of april of oil-producing nations about freezing oil supply. it is something important to the oil market with libya not going and iran already not boeing to this meeting maybe it won't be
1:43 pm
as important of a meeting as was first thought. check in on the price of oil at $41, down by 13 cents. not really much of a move. but we're above 41 in terms of oil. in terms of stocks and reaction to the attacks, impact of places you would predict after terrorist attack, we've been watching travel stocks quite closely today, the ones we're highlighting, expedia, pricelines they're all down. airlines are the worst performers in the market as you would normally see on a day like this. broader market not much impact. neil back in a moment. keep it here.
1:44 pm
here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this
1:45 pm
you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. neil: all right. we're learning now as we take a closer look, and believe me authorities are as well in belgium on these two men on the left who ended up detonating themselves and much of the front of that airport in brussels. the guy on the right, they don't know where the heck he is but belgium federal prosecutors on wires are saying raids are happening pretty much across the country to look for those who might have been involved in these attacks. very analogous to what they did in paris in november after those attacks. that led them to brussels ironically enough. lizzie macdonald on what we're learning and safeguards we're taking to make sure certain there is no repeating here. >> good to be with you, neil. high visibility security alert in new york city, in new jersey.
1:46 pm
bridges, tunnels, rail systems also, all area airports, across the country this is happening well in cities including atlanta, boston, chicago, denver, los angeles, miami, philadelphia and washington, d.c. it is both federal, state and local law enforcement, depending on the area. we're talking basically law enforcement with bomb-sniffing dogs, k-9 presence, police patrols, automatic weapons in some instances. they're checking the tracks, depending on the city and also we're seeing, for example, in union square, in washington, d.c., random spot-checks of luggage and backpacks. also amtrak, they are doing a up and down the eastern corridor, a heightened police presence. now no credible, specific, threat right here, right now, at any of these areas or any city or any place in the united states. but if, fbi director here in new york city for the new york
1:47 pm
office, his name is diego are rodriguez, he is saying here and in the area, fbi is ramping up surveilance of terror suspects. we know four dozen terror suspects in the united states are on heightened risk alert. what we're seeing, fbi is saying they will do 24/7 surveillance of these suspects as well. we know already there have been at least 900 plots revealed in all 50 states across the country. i will say this too in new york city, getting back to new york city, police commissioner bratton permanently deployed in times square a police unit to basically cover the subway systems in times square and in, also above-ground as well. back to you. neil: lizzie, thank you very, very much. >> sure. neil: speaking of new york, former nypd commissioner howard safe iris with us.
1:48 pm
sadly my friend we always get together at moments like this and i can't do that. here in new york, commissioner, we're taught if you see something, say something, if you're in the times square area as we are midtown manhattan, that would warrant saying something almost constantly. what do we do when we're supposed to be extra vigilant and extra watchful, what does that mean? >> we have to look for things that are suspicious but the fact what happened in brussels can happen anywhere in, in any country unless we take some specific precautions. i mean the ticket area is a place that is virtually without security and we need to fix that. neil: in brussels airport, it has been many years since i was there, it probably has changed but it is analogous but similar to termnal c in newark, international airport, you can
1:49 pm
get dropped off, checked in into some carriers at the front, only feet from the doors, apparently we're not told, could have been other methods, assailants in the attack simply bottom in, only feet from the doors blew themselves up. now there are other upstairs they went upstairs and did this none of this required going past security where they were. in either case. what do you make of that? >> well, it's what the norm is but we have a new normal. i was recently in the country in europe where in order to get into the airport you had to go through a check point where they had dogs, where they had mirrors. where they had technology. and, inconvenient as that might be, it may be what we're looking towards in the future because, anybody can go into a ticket area, and blow themselves up as they did in brussels. the other thing we have to do is, we have to take a serious look at our immigration policy everybody knows what the profile
1:50 pm
of these bombers are, and what the profile of these terrorists are, although people don't like the word profile, the fact is they are usually young men between 20 and 40, who are arabs or muslims and we have to make sure that before we let anybody into this country that we understand who they are and where they came from. we also have to stop being politically correct about how we surveil people in this country. you know, there were lots of booed intelligence obtained from surveilling mosques and i know it is not politically correct. but, we have to not be politically correct. we have to worry about the safety of our public. neil: but apparently we are still politically correct and i think gets to the point where we compromise our own security. we are beefing up security at airports across the country. part of that making it more difficult to drop people off at front of an airport, et cetera. but what else should we be doing? >> well we should be using
1:51 pm
technology. i mean there is technology that will alert to explosives before they get into an area. we should be doing that. we need to ramp up our intelligence of the truth is we need to have people inside of these organizations and there are ways to do that although, unfortunately i don't think we're doing it well enough. neil: commissioner, thank you so much. good seeing you. -- put out a statement, rough english translation, something like this. i will go right to the end of it to show you what we're dealing with. we're vowing black days for crusader's countries due to their aggression on islamic state and coming will be greater whoa! cuba right now, the baseball game about to begin. tampa bay rays vonal team. president there, raul castro there. heightened security efforts at major us air port. we'll be going into effect.
1:52 pm
more after this.
1:53 pm
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neil: all right. the anticipate right now where they're laying flowers and moment of silence. people just coming by as they do, after tragedies, and remembering those lost in the attacks today. better than 30, it could be more. we're told that at least half a dozen were critically injured. some severely so. we're keeping an eye on that. eight americans among those injured in the attacks today. various reports say maybe as many as 10. bottom line all united in yet another terror attack gripped much of the world again. meanwhile a manhunt still on for those that person traded the attack. we know a couple died in the process but others are still loose, including that guy on the far right, in the hat looking for him.
1:56 pm
good luck but i'm sure they go through the usual venues, electronic surveillance, checking phones. chatter all of that. deirdre, whole source of apple controversy? >> indeed. we've been following these chapters, fbi versus apple, right? you know this as well as i do, neil, aphas actually in the past unlocked phones for law enforcement, if you want to count0 times -- 70 times since 2008. neil: really. >> not just this one. neil: just not this one. >> people are saying hey, tim cook, why not this time, especially 14 lives were lost, other people killed in december 2nd in san bernanadino california. we keep reminding people the iphone was owned by municipality of san bernanadino. neil: sounds like a kid or someone to crack this thing to make it a moot point. one of my twitter followers said
1:57 pm
fbi to apple, never mind. , if someone found a way -- >> indeed they would. every single operating system apple makes, maybe they have to go to court over it. we don't know. we don't know the results yet. but to your point the fbi said we found a third party. get the data ourselves. neil: i suggested at time go to the apple store here in new york city. >> go to genius bar. neil: go to genius bar. they figure it out in nanosecond. >> this has not helped their brand. neil: incident every time we get something like this -- >> it comes up. i want to say with regards to paris and apple stock, apple's stock is down over past 52 weeks, alphabet, google being microsoft and facebook are not.
1:58 pm
alphabet google, facebook down past 52 weeks. it is taking pr hits on this particular matter. i was on the frowned in paris. there is lot of talk about encryption. the franco brandp of isis is not relying on encryption. they use burner phones. they use it once. goes to unidentified person and they throw out the phones. doesn't matter neil, we'll argue how much privacy and security do we need, what is the right balance. neil: that always goes in the inverse to the threat. >> right. neil: people will put that aside, as real threat which appears to be. i want to get reaction, belgian federal prosecutor on the wire saying third suspect, we're all presuming that is the guy in white, right? >> he is still on the loose. neil: he is still on the loose.
1:59 pm
this gentleman was seen running away from the airport. they detonated devices in their left hand, to make it less conspicuous to the airport. he ran away. now there is desperate manhunt. >> there is a desperate manhunt. speaking of power of social media, belgian authorities at one point actually asked citizens, please don't go on periscope. please don't go on twitter. if you see a raid on neighborhood, please don't tweet it out. we're doing work we're supposed to be doing to try to find this guy. neil: amazes. i have a feeling we'll be very busy tonight. speeds obviously following up these developments there are primaries tonight, caucuses in utah.
2:00 pm
i will see you tonight. breaking this hour, everyone. an arrest warrant has been issued. that terrorist responsible for today's deadly attacks there. i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. zero wing in on these three men. you see them all right there. moments before the explosions. these are the man authorities want to talk with, if, in fact, they are still alive. the two men on the left were probably suicide bombers. he could be seen running away from the airport. looking for


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