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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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shots being fired on capitol hill. capitol police are ordering everyone to, quote, shelter in place. we are told that these shots came from the capitol visitors' center. again, the capitolisitors center is where they originated from. we're going to continue following the story. ashley webster in for liz claman right now. ashley: all right, trish, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we are just following news of this shooting. as you just mentioned, trish, at the visitors center or is what we believe on capitol hill. as a result of that, the white house is in lockdown, people are being told to stay in place or shelter in place is the normal wording on this. as we also mentioned, the white house also put on lockdown because of this report. there's a white house briefing, the daily briefing that goes on every day, and we understand that is going on as we speak. and there you can see josh earnest talking to reporters as he does every day. again, reports are congress, the white house on lockdown after
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reports of a shooting. we are told that staff in the capitol complex, again, are being told to shelter in place. these reports of gunshots being fired in the capitol visitors center. now, the white house this these situations routinely put on lockdown immediately, as you can imagine. we also hear reports that the north lawn has also been cleared at the white house, and the pennsylvania avenue that runs right in front of the capitol building has been cleared as well as lafayette park all the way down to h street. we understand that now that there has been one police officer shot. we're just getting word on that. so, again, lockdown on capitol hill, the white house in lockdown as are people working inside the capitol complex, being told to shelter in place. at one point they thought maybe this was a drill but, apparently, this is no drill. again, reports of one police officer being shot, other people saying there were injuries, and people are being taken to some sort of shelter.
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all of this reportedly beginning at the visitors center in the capitol hill complex. and we believe it's contained to that area, at least that's what we believe. apparently, the gunman in thel n captured, that's according to reuters. but, again, one police officer shot. this is information being cited from the congress' sergeant at arms office. so the word went out just about five minutes ago, shots heard at the capitol. we believe that the visitors center, now there's word that a police officer has been shot. the north lawn has been cleared away, pennsylvania avenue hut down, and those inside -- shut down, and those inside the complex being told, essentially, do not go out, shelter in place which, of course, is standard operating procedure in these situations. again, hearing from the sergeant at arms' office that, one -- we do not know the condition of that officer, but one police officer has been shot. we're also getting word that the
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gunman or if there is just the one gunman has been apprehended. that's all we have at this point. again, no senate session in progress right now. we did show you pictures of josh earnest giving his, you know, daily white house brief to reporters and seemed completely unfazed by what was going on elsewhere in the capitol hill complex. but, again, the white house is in lockdown, people are being told to stay in place. unfortunately, this is something that's become i wouldn't say common, but certainly not unheard of. we've had people jumping over the fences to get into the white house. but again, we've not heard anything else other than many complete lockdown -- in complete lockdown. the north lawn of the building, of the white house is being cleared out as has pennsylvania avenue. of course, authorities move very, very quickly in this situation, and people are well drilled, especially those who make their living and go to capitol hill every day. they are well aware of the dangers, and when they're told
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to stop and shelter in place, that's exactly where they stay. and that's what we have right now, even for some of our own members who work for fox news and fox business say that they have been told, stay put, and the only information we have is that shots fired at the visitors center part of the capitol. we understand according to one report that a capitol police officer has been shot, but apparently not seriously and that the shooter themselves are in custody. hopefully that's the case, but that's what we've heard to this point. we're also, don't forget, into the last hour of trading. the dow moving higher. let's go down to adam shapiro at the new york stock exchange as we continue to follow what appears to be, let's hope, an isolated shooting at the capitol. adam, what can you tell us from the market point of view? >> reporter: yeah, ashley, the report of shots fired calm in i- came in at about telephone minutes til 3:00 -- ten minutes
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til 3:00. then the reports that the injury to the officer was minor and that, as you reported citing, i believe, it was reuters that a gunman had been captured, you saw the market go back up. we're trading up 26 points. to give everyone a perspective of where this alleged shooting has taken place, you've got the capitol and the supreme court. the visitors center is actually underground in between the supreme court and the capitol. so this would have happened, if it's accurate, at that facility. you go down some stauers if you're coming -- stairs if you're coming from outside to get to the visitors center. when the reports came out, stocks sod out, but then when the report came out it was a minor injury and a gunman had been ap rehemmedded, stocks started trading higher, and at this point the dow is up 27 points. ashley: thank you very much, adam. we are joined by dan bongino, former secret service agent joining us by phone. dan, what's the standard
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protocol? this is not the first time we've had reports of shots at the capitol, but what's the protocol from law enforcement's point of view? >> well, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you shelter in place, that everybody's familiar with the shelter in place plan. you don't want a bunch of unnecessary people roaming through the hallways, reason being once you get people to shelter in place, stay in their office and close the doors, if, god forbid, the incident was a larger incident than this one appears to be and there was an active gunman, you can discriminate pretty quickly between, you know, your personnel and potential bad guys, for the lack of a better term. so that would be the first step, to shelter in place. ashley: and i would imagine this is a well-patrolled, you know, area. there's a lot of police officers. so i would imagine they can act pretty quickly in at least i don't want to say surrounding the situation or at least trying to get a hold on, you know, how to lock it down, so to speak. >> yeah. that's actually a good question because post-columbine the
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entire response modus operandi for an active shooter changed completely. the old way of looking at this was cordon off the situation, make sure you could surround the threat and then try to either negotiate or tend to victims. that's no longer the way law enforcement and capitol police or secret service would respond to a potential active shooter situation like this. the idea now is to directly confront the problem even if you have to bypass potential victims of a shooting to do so. so, yes, they're very well trained at doing this. they've gone over this hundreds of times. they're very good at what they do. >> yes, they are. i don't know how familiar you are with this. it's in the visitors center. how easy is it to get a gun into visitors or center? wouldn't you have to go through some sort of metal detector or patdown before you got there? >> yeah, i'm pretty familiar with the visitors center both as a former agent and as someone who's visited the capitol quite a bit.
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it's very difficult if not impossible, and being a little short on details as all of us are right now, my guess here is that someone -- this had to happen at the actual metal detech to have. this is a pretty typical security problem. wherever your access control point is, in this case the metal detector, you continuously have to push these lines out farther and farther and farther because, i mean, you could technically show up at the metal detector with a gun, sadly start firing and clearly, i mean, if you created a secure environment maybe on one side, but on the other side you have people with guns. so that's the problem with these, they have to be pushed out farther and farther and farther. that's why we have magnetometers nowhere close to the airport's actual entrance to the airplane. you have to walk down terminals and things like that. ashley: right. we all complain about the invehicles, but it's moments like this we realize it's very
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important. >> yeah, of course. i mean, you can't have, you can't have this kind of thing happen outside of a congressman or senator's office, god forbid. and although this situation seems to at point, again, a little short on details, we all are, but it seems under control now. you'd rather this happen at an entry point, at an access control point than happen inside a critical area in the building where people could start taking hostages, and then you have a whole different level. you have a def-con one crisis there. so that's totally different. ashley: dan, hang on, if you could. we're going to have rod wheeler joining us too. rod, i'm sorry, they haven't told me who you're with, but how can you, what can you provide to us as we look at these scenes? and as i say, they're all too familiar these days. police officers surrounding the capitol complex, the white house. everybody's on lockdown. i would imagine thanks to drills and previous occasions that
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we've seen shootings they've got this down to a fine art, right? >> absolutely, you're absolutely correct. i was formerly with d.c. homicide branch, and i was just downtown this morning. let me just kind of share with you and the viewers exactly how we staff the police officers around the capitol. now, where that visitors center is located is a major entryway into the capitol building, and there are about 40-50 police officers, mainly u.s. capitol police officers, that surround the entire capitol building. and they're all armed. now, we also have officered on the rooftops around the capitol. believe it or not, all the time, 24 hours a day. so where it appears as though this shooting took place, from what i hear and from what my sources are telling me, is that it was right -- just before you get inside the visitors center. now, that hasn't been confirmed, but i do have some officers on the scene down there that's feeding me information. and i'm also being told that they also was able to subdue the shooter.
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so they do have the, a person in custody, and they still have the area on lockdown. just so that the viewers also know, there are several other buildings right around the capitol where, obviously, a lot of our congressmen and senators' offices are. those buildings are on lockdown as well. as a matter of fact, many of the employees that work in those buildings were told to shelter in place, do not go out until the situation is under control. the lead agency for this investigation right now will be the capitol hill police department right now, but the d.c. police will come in because there was a shooting. and typically what we do, we do have jurisdiction over that area as well in the event of a major situation like we see going on right now. ashley: rod, very quickly, do you have any sense of who the gunman was? did they tell you, your officers on the scene, what this person was, what he appeared to be? >> no. actually, you know what? they're still calling, i'm to getting more information, and i'll pass it on to you, but you don't want to speculate because,
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see, the police aren't exactly sure if there's no one else that's involved with this. they do have the one person in custody, but now right now our responsibility is to make sure there's no one else, there's no backup, you know, individuals in that area that's trying to cause harm. as soon as i get more information, i'll let you know, but they are about to have a press conference in a few minutes. ashley: okay, very good. the area, you pointed this out, he would have tried to take the gun into the visitors center, and he would have been stopped just short, am i correct? >> you're exactly right. ashley: through metal detector or patdown, so that's the moment that he probably pulled the gun out. >> well, that's what i've been told. in addition to that, there are metal detectors there, and there's a number of police officers, uniform police officers by the way, that stands right there at that visitor entrance. so that area is very heavily guarded. you have officers outside in vehicles, you also, we also use police dogs in that area there where the visitors center is and, obviously, these are sniffer dogs sniffing for bombs
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and things like that. just so you know, that's one of the most secure areas in our nation's capital. ashley: i would imagine shelter in place is the rule right now. there's a lot of space to check to make sure there's no one out there with a gun, so this can take quite a long time, can't it? >> well, it will take a long time, but again, as we've learned with all of these shootings, we just had one a year or two ago at the navy yard. every police department down there in that area, the capitol police, the fbi police are involved now, secret service police, they all have a responsibility. and this came as a result of our training from that navy yard incident. so everyone down there has a responsibility, they're in various buildings down there, and they're just checking to make sure that there's no other threat that exists. ashley: i've still got dan bongino on the line, former secret service agent. of dan, you know, this is the problem. okay, they have a shooter in custody, we have that word, but we don't know, there could be
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others out there that could be in different areas of the capitol. >> yeah, and that's always an issue in the curt and law enforcement arena -- security and law enforcement arena is, is the first attack a distraction to open up other avenues of attack? the secret service used to train on over and over using the malcolm x model. these are the kinds of things that the casual civilian, luckily, doesn't have to think about. but law enforcement, these are the things on their mind right now with this, hopefully, just an isolated incident. and we saw this, by the way, remember in the paris attacks where the initial explosion was at a stadium with subsequent layers of attacks happening later on. again, we don't know that's the case, we all hope it's not, but that's not the luxury we have in law enforcement. hope isn't a plan. ashley: also, dan, it's kind of interesting because congress is on recess, the lawmakers are all back in their districts. for washington, it's fairly quiet and empty right now.
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so if someone was trying to make maximum impact, this would be a strange time to do it. >> yeah, you're right. that's a good point to make. but remember, some of this is more symbolism than necessarily, you know, impact in the sense that you could actually wound a congressman or united states senator or some member of government at that level. the symbolism matters more than anything, and a little bit of maybe reverse psychology. hey, you know, they'll never think we're going to attack when congress is out of session, so maybe security's at a lower profile. you know, you never really know what terrorists are thinking. ashley: right. >> body counts and things like that, they get someone in the process, they're perversely thinking that may be just an added, sick bonus for them. ashley: all right. let's bring in a former nypd police detective. pat, thank you for joining us. we've heard from rod and dan telling us, look, there is protocol when events like this unfold.
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everyone goes into that mode, they know what they're doing. are we especially on alert given that every, on the evening news every day we see what's been going on in belgium, the continued raids and arrests? we are on high alert, are we not? >> no question about it. we've been on high alert for a while, but the events in san bernardino and the events in paris and now most recently brussels, i would say, have ratcheted up our concerns relating to small arms tactical assaults as well as terroristic events and active shooters which, by the way, we haven't defined with clarity yet what's unfolding here at the capitol. it's safe to say it's one of the three. so the answer is a decided and resounding yes. much, much so. ashley: and, pat, you know, it's impossible to stop someone from doing this. i guess the key is to try and stop them from doing, you know, the least amount of damage because if someone turns up to the white house with a gun and it appears that this gun came out just as he was getting close
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to the checking area, if you like, to get into the visitors center. not a whole lot you can do, but the quickest thing to do is to contain the situation. >> unquestionably. unquestionably. the fact is, and it's sad, but you're spot on. it is 1,000% impossible to protect when someone's going to pull out a weapon. if they're under surveillance because of various affiliations and they're part of developing intelligence, which we have no indication that's the fact pattern here, that's a different animal entirely. but a random act of shooting incident, it's not even a needle in a pile of needles, it's a needle in a mountain of needles. the answer is to minimize casualties, minimize risk and what that comes down to is, as you pointed out, oi say, i advise regularly if you can, run. run, run, run. run as fast and as far as you can. you're not trained to fight with these individuals. ashley: yeah. >> unless you're armed and trained, any heroic atechs are likely to be -- attacks are likely to be suicidal.
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it's sad that i have to write them, to be very frank with you, and the reality is that, you know, everyone deeply concerned about this, and it's a sad reality of 2016 america. because if you can't run, i know it's interesting because back on september 11th rudy giuliani told everyone not to run, but to walk as quickly as you can and to walk north, the million people that were stuck when the towers went down. what i say is don't walk, run. if you can't run, if you can't run, shelter in place. find a hiding spot, take some cover. think pragmatically. ashley: very good stuff. >> sad but true, my friend. ashley: the reality of life today. let me bring in chad pilgrim, fox news producer down in d.c. what have you heard? are you still sheltering in place? >> no, i was outside the building which is where i am right now, and i am standing right now on constitution avenue and new jersey which is just to the southwest of the u.s. capitol. i'm right on the edge of the capitol complex here.
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i was outside when this all went down, and they have at least given a little more leeway. i'm looking at a couple of quickly unfurled stretches of police tape here, and they won't let people all the way up constitution avenue which is the main thoroughfare right between the capitol and senate office building. there was some confusion initially because there was a drill this morning in the u.s. capitol for an active shooter situation. and initially, and they were very specific to this, the capitol and not the capitol visitors center. this is the underground, attached area directly in front of the capitol between the library of congress and the supreme court and the u.s. capitol on the east side. and they were specific. the drill was the capitol. the cvc, the capitol visitors center was not affected, here we are now, it's the capitol visitors section. you can imagine the panoply of
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people up here for the cherry blossom festival. when i was cutting through a few minutes ago, it was astonishing how many people were in there. but they are still telling folks to shelter in place inside the house and senate office building. no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building. if you're outside, seek cover. now, they have, like i said, i'm up here pretty far. you can get further up the hill on the senate side because i initially tried to get up on the house side, and they had blocked off independence avenue on that side, so this is going to be somewhere around the center of the building on the east side of the capitol, and i can't progress up there because they've shut this down tighter than a drum. ashley: right. which is what you would expect, chad. we understand that the latest report has the shooter is, quote, down and on the way to the hospital. one individual was hit by shrapnel, we believe that's the police officer at the visitors center. he's taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. it happened in the north
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visiting center screening area. but as you mentioned, chad, everything is shut down extremely tight. they are expecting some sort of news conference from capitol hill on the latest. we know pennsylvania avenue was shut down, the north lawn was cleared out. didn't we have the easter egg roll this morning? >> we did, and the house and senate are out right now, so there's not many members of congress here. skeletal staff. in fact, i've struggled to get information confirmed because the usual people are off on vacation. this is, you know, a two week break here for the easter or recess here on capitol hill, and a lot of the folks i go to quickly, in fact, one got back with me that's a pretty good source and is away. i'm trying to get it too. so that's the frustration trying to confirm something. ashley: we understand that the north lawn has now been opened up, which is an encouraging sign. it was locked down as we mentioned, also pennsylvania
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avenue, everyone else being told to shelter in place if they're inside. but we have just learned that the north lawn has been reopened. so we'll continue to follow that. and, of course, we are waiting to get some sort of official word maybe through a news conference from officials at, on capitol hill. but, again, reports say a single shooter just before entering on the north visitors center screening area of the capitol complex, and that's when, apparently, a gun came out, shots were heard. one police officer apparently was injured by shrapnel. he is expected to be okay. the shooter's in custody and is, quote, down and on the way to the hospital. and we're now getting word that the situation is, quote, under control. there were concerns always in situations like this that it's more than one shooter, a coordinated attack of some sort. you never know. but it appears it was one gunman when is in custody, down and on the way to the hospital was the way it was put to us. and, again, the police officer
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at the capitol there at that visiting center area was hit by shrapnel, is expected to be okay. the white house is in lockdown, congress is in lockdown. we should point out that congress is in recess right now. lawmakers are all back in their own districts meeting with their constituents, so it is rather quieter than normal in the area. again, we had the easter egg roll this morning on the white house lawn which is the annual event for the kids to come out for that. but thankfully, this is happening way after that. but it appears, as we have been told, that the situation is now under control. but as you can imagine, the response is fast, it's quick, everything is locked down. warnings go out immediately, and that's what we saw here. it appears to be contained to that area at the north screening area of the capitol building. let's bring back in rod wheeler who gave us some great information earlier. rod, what are you hearing? >> the only thing i can add right now from what i'm hearing
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from my sources is about 2:00 this afternoon there was a tour boat right along the potomac basin which runs on the back side of the capitol building, and it overturned around 2:00. so that was kind of interesting earlier. so we had a number of officers in that area anyway. and these, the fire department actually rescued a number of people that had turned over in that tour boat. so initially, the police here with this situation was trying to make sure that there was no connection between the two incidents. because how ironic was it that that boat turned over just in the middle of the water right behind the capitol there, the potomac basin, and then we have this shooter that walks up to the area here. now, the police officers, as i indicated earlier, right there at the area where the guy came in with the weapons, they were all armed police officers, and there was a number of officers on the outside of the area patrolling as well. so the police response was less than ten seconds, literally. they took this guy out. and from what i'm also being
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told, i'm not sure if you reported this yet, is that the police officer that was hit was hit by shrapnel. and he's going to be okay. now, they're transporting him, just so you know this is new information, to gw hospital. as a matter of fact, he's there now. he's already arrived at the hospital. and the shooter was taken down, he was injured, but he was not shot from what i'm being told. ashley: okay. >> again, information is still coming out. ashley: so, rod, let's kind of review very quickly. we were told by a fox news senior producer chad pilgrim that there was some sort of drill this morning -- >> that's right. ashley: -- in the capitol complex dealing with an active shooter situation. then we have a tour boat overturning around 2:00 this afternoon on the backside of the complex, on the potomac area, and then we have a real shooter. a lot of confusion, you can imagine, for people there. they're trying to figure out, you know, i know a boat overturning isn't relevant, but
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it required emergency service, and then you have this is it a drill or isn't it a drillsome. >> exactly right. law enforcement wasn't sure exactly what was related to what. in other words, when you had this boat that turned over right around 2:00 this afternoon, that was a little we peculiar because that normally doesn't happen. but then we had the drill this morning. just so that you know, we always are these drills at least once a month down there if not in the capitol building, one of, you know, the government buildings around the capitol building. every month we have these active shooter drills, so our response is really pristine when it comes to the police response. and even when it comes to the employees that work in those buildings, i mean, they know exactly what to do. so the police sent out, the capitol police sent out a text message this afternoon telling everyone to helder in place, that -- shelter in place, that there was a critical incident taking place, and that's when this whole thing started. that's when everything went into a hockdown, and as you just -- lockdown, and as you just earlier reported, the lockdown
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is actually being lifted now for most of the buildings. ashley: and, rod, stay right there. a source confirming to fox news that shots were fired at the capitol visitors center this afternoon on the north side. we're told the situation now is under control. there is no longer a threat. that's what we are told. we're told there was a single shooter who was shot by law enforcement, but no word on his status other than he's on the way to the hospital. we also believe that a police officer at the visitors center was hit by shrapnel, expected to be okay, but, obviously, being taken to the hospital to be taken care of as well. so that appears, and also we're told that there does not appear to be any other threat to any other parts of the city although we do have the white house still, i guess, in lockdown although now we're being told it's under control, that soon be released, i'm sure. but all things considered, a quick response, rod, and one that had what appears to be a good outcome. >> that's right.
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and the white house, from what i'm being told, is no longer on lockdown. i haven't confirmed that, but i'm being told it's no longer on lockdown although the security measures that are in place right now are at their highest level. and you know what? especially because of everything that's been going on around the world with brussels, we have to take extra precautions. we, meaning law enforcement. especially in our nation's capital and cities like new york city. we have to take extra precautions because we never know if this is a precursor or to manager else that's a now, what are the investigators doing right now? i can tell you that ashley: yeah. >> they're trying to identify exactly who said guy was who came in there with the weapon. what was his situation? and whether or not he was affiliated or associated with any terrorist groups because we have to rule those things out. now, the joint terrorism task force has been notified. as a matter of fact, they're on the scene. i'm looking added some of your shots on the screen now. ashley: yeah. >> and i can see some of those guys i know. so they're down there, and they're working this case right now just to make sure
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that this guy hasn't placed any bombs in vehicles or anything like that around. so the situation even though it's under control for the actual entryway to the visitor center, it's not necessarily under control for the police until we can rule all of these out. because right now is a critical point in the investigation. ashley: yeah, and, rod, you know, we talk about intelligence, there's wen lots of break down in intelligence gathering in belgium dealing with the terrorist attacks there. but in a situation like this, you can't really stop anyone. i mentioned this earlier. they have a gun, walking up to the white house and started firing. in this case getting to the visitor center. before they get to that checkpoint, getting a gun out. it's just something we live in. it's a society we have. it's a free society, and it's just something we have to live with, but it's very difficult to prevent. >> it is very difficult to prevent. but i'm going to say this. in support of police and law enforcement, we actually train for that type of situation.
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just a few years ago we had over at the museum. he opened fire. do you remember that. ashley: yes. >> and there are going to be these individuals that we know nothing about that could walk up to our major buildings and entities that open fire. so we have officers that are trained now to do immediate response, which means any time something like that happens or that threat prevents itself, they know how to take immediate action to take that threat away. ashley: rod, you have been terrific with the information you provided and your expertise. we appreciate it. and i'm sure we'll be checking back in with with you. but, again, rod wheeler, thank you very much. let's go now to andrew peek, former u.s. army intelligence officer. andrew, this is a situation we've become aware of, and i would say used to, but we're aware of the dangers as we watch what's happening in europe on a daily basis. but it appears this situation was taken care of quickly. and very efficiently, would
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you not say? >> absolutely. you know, i think the surprising thing about the gunman is that the shooting is that it took place in the visitor center; right? ashley: uh-huh. >> where the security is actually much tighter than in many of the senate and house office buildings. there's actually airport-level security in the visitor center. so we're just fortunate that the incident took place there and not in, like, the russell building or dirksen building which would have potentially resulted in many casualties. ashley: makes you wonder the motivate here. of course we don't know the identity of the shooter. what may have precipitated this. but congress is on recess. lawmakers are all across the country at home with their constituents. it's pretty quiet right now on capitol hill, other than the staffers of course and all the media. it would be a strange time for someone if they wanted to make a maximum statement. >> absolutely. it would be a really strange time. you know, recess is a point where not only the
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members go back to their districts but mostly the staff are only allowed to take vacation during this -- during those weeks. they're not only are there no members, but there aren't many targets of any kind. which really leads you to think that it's -- of course not a very well organized potentially mentally unstable individual. ashley: you know, it's interesting, andrew, as i mentioned what we see in europe going on every day. i would imagine we're very much -- we're always on high alert. there's no doubt about that. but what we've seen in brussels, we must be on with extra high alert. would you agree? >> absolutely. without a question. you know, it reminds me of the l.a. scare about a month or two ago where there was a potential threat e-mail or sent to the l.a. school system. so in the interest of public safety, it wasn't too long after san bernardino attacks, they shut down the school system for a day. and even though it was a false alarm and probably, you know, in the grand scheme of things they didn't need to do that,
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it is definitely the smartest thing to do. ashley: it is. and, you know, when we hear of -- when we first get word reported gunfire at the capital, it's such an iconic of course symbol of what is america, that and of course new york city is always, you know, a target. but when you hear things like this, and it involves washington d.c. you can't help but first think of terrorism. >> absolutely. and you remember the flight 93 that went down in pennsylvania during 9/11. ashley: yes. >> was supposed to hit the capital. because it is a symbol. and dc is symbol. the pentagon, the white house, but particularly the tallest building in town. the capital. ashley: andrew, where are you? are you in the capital complex area? >> no. i'm actually in new york on a business trip. but i was just talking to a senior staffer who is currently on lock down on the senate side. ashley: yeah. >> and he said to me, riley that apparently the gun is mightier than the pen.
3:34 pm
so, you know, i'm glad to see that they're taking it with a little bit of humor there. ashley: all right. andrew peek, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it very much. just a recap, again. a shooting this afternoon at the capitol hill complex at the visitor center on the north side. a loan gunman it appears took out a weapon, he has been caught. a police officer was injured. receiving shrapnel injuries we understand. the shooter is on his way to the hospital. we're not sure what the injuries are. but he's in custody. we're told that the threat is over. the lock down or the area around the north lawn which has been shut down is now reopened and the threat is over. the police officer that was hit with the shrapnel is reportedly going to be okay. this all happened -- as you can see the u.s. capital building. the visitor center area which has the most security guards in that area.
3:35 pm
but, again, congress is on recess right now. there's no lawmakers around. many of the aids are there too. so it's rather quiet at this time of the year. but, again, the police officer's expected to be okay. the gunman we believe is one person responsible is in custody and on the way to the hospital. probably at the hospital already. and that's what we know that the threat is over. let's bring in lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, thank you for joining us. you know, we look at these scenes, and we see all the officers surrounding the capital building. and made this point several times. it's very difficult to prevent something like this. this was a person who hadn't gone through the first checkpoint yet at the visitor center. they were getting to that point, pull out a gun for whatever reason. it's not something that you can stop, but it appears the response was very quick and very effective. >> yes, ashley, it's great to be with you. and hats off and kudos to the capitol hill police. i know many of them. and they do a fantastic job. and the great thing was that there was no injury to any of
3:36 pm
the civilians that the that were there at the visitor center. but, again, we have to understand that dc has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. so, you know, gun laws do not prevent criminals from taking criminal activities or actions. law-abiding citizens will abide with it. now, when you look at what has happened of course last week in brussels and this incredible, you know, terrorist environment that we live in, we're just going to have to be more vigilant when it comes to our security protocol. ashley: lieutenant colonel, just stay there for two seconds. i want to bring viewers this news. we understand that the nypd, new york police department responding to a suspicious package now near the marriott marquee right in time square. that's a picture of time square where the world meets. just around the corner from the studio here. the marriott marquee, 1,500 block of broadway. bomb squad we understand on the scene. the area is being secured. no easy task as you can see
3:37 pm
from this picture to secure an area in time square. it is obviously an area that many, many tourists come to, to this great city. and one of the areas they want to visit, a lot of it is pedestrians friendly now. but we understand a suspicious package at the marriott marquee right there in time square. the bomb squad with the nypd is now on the scene figuring out what may have -- if anything. of course we'll keep you up to speed on that. let me bring you back in, lieutenant colonel allen west. you know, we live in a free society. it's difficult stopping anyone from walking around walked up to whether it's the capital building or whatever and opening fire. that's the price we pay i guess for the kind of society that we want and cherish so much. based on what we've seen going on in europe and perhaps the depth and the, you know, the how widespread the terror network appears to be there, how concerned are you about that in this country?
3:38 pm
>> well, i'm very concerned. because if you look at what is up there in northern virginia within the last three months, you've had five individuals that have been arrested on isis-related terrorist activities. that is the exact same place washington d.c. virginia area that. the strategic memorial day o memorandum was found in a 2004 raid, written back in 1991. so we have these enclaves in america. ight for isis.. paul, many so we need to be as vigilant. i don't want to see us flave police state. but we have to move away from this whole political correctness and worry about, quote, unquote, profiling and have to use trend analysis. because that is the only way that you're going to be able to piece together the puzzle so that we can start to dry up the sanctuaries -- not just
3:39 pm
overseas but also here domestically. ashley: being vigilant. what do you mean by that? just if you see something suspicious or someone acting suspicious, you should immediately contact someone. many people are afraid to get involved. >> well, that's the sad thing, ashley. because when you look at what happened in san bernardino. the home of syed farook and tashfeen malik number one, she should not have been admitted to the country because she gave false information on her fiancé visa. her residents information. and the second thing, we had neighbors that were witnessing, you know, see something say something, they decided not to say anything because we have created a culture in america -- and probably in western civilization that we denigrate. so instead of saying something about syed farook's house, people did not want to be told that they're a islam phobe or racist. they kept their mouth shut. just the same in belgium when you saw the people with the one glove on their left hand. we have to start teaching
3:40 pm
people to pick up on these trends and see these things, you know? there are many things that we learned over in the combat zone in iraq and afghanistan. how do determine if a male was wearing a birka instead of a female? because those things leave to lifesaving events. ashley: well put. let me put things up to speed again. capitol hill shots fired this afternoon at the visitor center. the white house. the main complex on capitol hill all put on lock down. people told to shelter in place that there was an active shooter situation. that shooter is now in custody. was injured. maybe shot but not life-threatening. we're not sure on that. but is being taken to the hospital. a police officer also hit by shrapnel in this confrontation. the officer expected to be okay. also on the way to the hospital. we're told that that subdivisiosituation has now been resolved. we also have word that the new york city police department is on the scene --
3:41 pm
looking at a suspicious package left at the marriott marquee right in the middle of time square. the bomb squad is on the scene. this is time square -- i mean it is crazy busy any time of the day or night. and this is what it looks like on a monday afternoon. so they are checking that out. they're trying to secure the area. we're continuing to keep an eye on that. no easy job securing an area time square 3:41 in the afternoon in new york city. but we'll continue to keep an eye on that. all right. we have someone else on the phone. john cardilo joins us. former nypd officer. john, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. let me ask you really quickly about the bomb threat. based on how heightened we are in this day and age, is it unusual to have a suspicious package in new york? i would say not. but are we on high alert and is that why we're giving this particular situation more attention? >> yeah. i think that's probably the case here. we've been on high alert in
3:42 pm
new york city since september 11, 2001. and the bomb squad responds to suspicious package calls quite often. ashley: yeah. >> on the heels of brussels and paris, it doesn't surprise me that they reacted as they did on this one. it's quite sound security protocols actually. ashley: you know, john, much criticism has been pointed at the belgium authorities for just not seeming to get a handle -- and then their ability to take in intelligence information and actually share it with others. i would imagine that the new york city police department is very, very well trained and very, very up to speed on all the latest techniques. but can we ever be fully prepared? >> well, you're 100% right, ashley, and the nypd i would have to put up there with the fbi and even the cia with their intelligence gathering and the ability to act on intelligence. but, no, there's never zero
3:43 pm
tolerance ever in law enforcement. and you can never lull yourself into that false sense of security to think that there's ever going to be. it's a very low tech attacks like brussels, like paris, that keep us awake at night. this of us who analyze this who work in this world. so the nypd, they can't stop them all, they do an outstanding job with what they can stop. ashley: and how -- what about the relationship with the public? how attuned do you think we are? we all in being the eyes and ears for the police department and and all the counterterrorism folks because ultimately if you see something suspicious, you should report it. but there are many people out there as we saw in san bernardino that are reluctant to do that. >> yeah. absolutely, and i heard lieutenant colonel. ashley: yeah. >> who came on prior to me. he's 100% right. we tell people if you see something, say something. but when they do, the progressivesville vie them for being islam phobic so you don't have it both ways. and i would urge people to go with their gut. you know their neighbors.
3:44 pm
if you see something, say something. don't worry about what you're going to be labeled. worry about national security. ashley: all right, john, stay right there if you would. i really appreciate it. let's bring in bowe daedal, former nypd detective. he's seen it all on the streets. bowe, you've been a proponent of -- let's put aside political correctness. let's keep our eyes and ears open and call it as it is. we have a suspicious package in time square right now. we've had a single shooter incident at the capital which appears to be resolved and the threat is over. these are different times, aren't they? we've seen what's happened in belgium. we have to be on alert all the time. >> well, there's one good thing. someone reported that package. and these bomb threats occurring quite often in new york. and it's just a good autopsy sign that people are reporting a bag that's left behind. because it will probably turn out to be nothing but then again you can never be 100%.
3:45 pm
again, my good prayers go out to this officer that got shot over there in washington or hit with shrapnel or however he got wounded, i just hope that his recovery is speedy. but we have to realize one thing. we're facing this threat. complacency can't be set in here. we have to be on guard all the time. and the capital is a target the same as new york city is. and part of my thing about political correctness is, look, we've got very, very fine muslim people that live in neighborhoods that have great families and the most important thing in life is to take care of their families and the safety of their family. you know, when i talk about -- i don't talk about going into muslim neighborhoods and putting a presence there like storm troopers. what i talk about is having a lot more muslim police officers. uniform and plainclothes, which can speak out. they can talk to people. you know, what's going on? you see something suspicious?
3:46 pm
i drive by, you call me over, let me know. we have to have that communication back and forth. that's the most important thing is intelligence. bill bratton and john miller are doing a great job. prevent machine guns on our streets and all of that. but what we want to do is stop the attack from happening before it happens. ashley: right? >> and we all have to be together. and we all have to be present and have also opinions there. you know, political correctness is very good. but if i'm searching for a gangs up in east harlem robbing people all over the place. i'm going to use under covers that are spanish or black other whatever. so let's be real about it. if you're looking for muslim terrorist hiding in muslim neighborhoods, you've got to bring muslim people in there. ashley: right? >> people that can speak arabic. people that can blend in. and there's so many good american muslim people. so i don't think that it's a bad thing. because certainly they'll want
3:47 pm
these people to be taken out and eradicated out of their neighborhoods so they don't have to have the threat of being blown up with some bomb. ashley: bowe stay right there. let me bring in gerri willis in, she's been following all of these events. gerri, what do you got? >> well, i was looking into the capital visitor center complex, which is much bigger than you probably presume. there's some 580,000 square feet of space. three floors underground. so this is a massive area. it can hold as many as 4,000 visitors. and all kinds of spaces for conferences, for meetings, there's an auditorium, this was open back in 2008 about eight years ago. so if it's been a while since you've been to the capital, all of this has changed and changed dramatically. it's really a vast space at the visitor center complex
3:48 pm
there. 580,000 square feet. hold 4,000 visitors. really elaborate to hold the many, many visitors who come to washington each and every year and want to see the capital as the centerpiece of our democracy. and of course you've got to think as this kind of thing goes on, there are moms and dads all over the country thinking about should we go? should we visit given the events that are unfolding right in front of us. ashley: all right, gerri, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. ashley: yeah, that visitor center much bigger as you may realize. and also heavy presence there of police officers. so when this loan gunman it happens pulled out a weapon, there was a number of people there to respond to that. again, the gunman in custody in washington d.c. injured on the way to hospital a police officer hit with shrapnel on the way to the hospital but apparently will be okay. and we're continuing to see the lock downs will be lifted. we understand that the house senate and library of congress
3:49 pm
buildings now open for routine business. we're told the threat is over. so a loan gunman situation. so that's the good news. and, again, washington d.c. pretty quiet this time of year. congress is in recess. lawmakers back home with their constituents doing their home business. and many of their staff also take a break at this time. so not as many people on capitol hill as you would normally see. but, again, this happened at the visitor center. mike former nyc homeland security. with former nyc homeland security. mike, thank you for joining us. we are obviously on high alert. but as we see what's going on in belgium and elsewhere, we always ask the question can it happen here? i would imagine that all the -- the -- as we informs washington d.c. and we've seen a bomb scare response in time square, we're very much on high alert and very well trained. >> one of the things that has changed obviously whenever you
3:50 pm
have these types of incidents is that the circumstances always come back to what would we do? what are the vulnerabilities we have here? and certainly a place like washington d.c. a loan gunman would be in the visitor center. we don't know what the motivation is but something that security forces are always concerned about. particularly after things happen around the world. whether it was the attacks or obviously san bernardino. always something that everyone is on high alert for. and the problem of course is they're random. there is no warning. and so there's a factor that sets in. but there's been enormous resource of major things like new york, l.a. washington d.c. and we just have to continue to provide that kind of resource and vigilance. ashley: mike, hang on two seconds. just more news. fox news reporting that the police officer wasn't hit. two officers did exchange gunfire with the gunman. we understand that a bystander was the one who was hit by some of that shrapnel and
3:51 pm
taken to the hospital. obviously always a lot of confusion and news is always very flued around these situations. but we understand now according to fox news that no officer was hit. but a bystander was in addition to the gunman themself who was taken with some injuries to the hospital and the shelter in place has always been lifted for this folks inside the capital buildings in that complex. so the situation has resolved itself. we're trying to get a handle now on exactly what happened. mike, just back to you very quickly. do you think the people of this country fully appreciate the threat we face? it's always somewhere else. i know we've seen incidents here. we've seen san bernardino, we've seen other incidents. but are we fully prepared for what could come when we look at the events in brussels? >> so after 9/11 what i've noticed is that there were circles of concern. in new york city the communities, terrorism community play a large part of your psyche ten years, 20 years, it will be there.
3:52 pm
you have less of an awareness. less of a concern. but nonetheless, it's something -- even in new york you don't always appreciate the efforts that are made on a daily basis. and so that's just the way it is. and that's okay because in a democracy and we're supposed to live our ways the way we want to live them with security. ashley: john, let me bring you back in and let you in on that. it's hard to think what's not going on in your backyard. i would hope the people are very aware with the threat that's posed. >> well, i would have to agree with my colleague. the further you are moved from an incident and the further away from n time we are from an incident, we tend to become desensitized, less critical. but, look, the federal bureau of prisons is now restoring privileges to american taliban john walker lynne. to me, that's ridiculous. but as we move further away of him being captured, taking up arms against americans on the
3:53 pm
battlefield, he becomes less of a perceived threat. he's certainly not. so we do need to become more vigilant. it would take another attack here. god forbid it would happen. but we need to be more complacent. ashley: bowe, what are your thoughts on that? >> yeah. i think the real tragedy is with the federal government stopping the funding to new york by $50 million plus they should be increasing it because new york is the target, happen, and always will be. 9/11 i was down there when that occurred. and then the whole world -- i mean you could have kept anybody's phone. the patriot act, everything. but then all of a sudden complacency sets in. my biggest problem here is people have to be aware. and also the cops, the security personnel, hey, we're in a war. you've got to always be aware. you can't let your guard down. and you see somebody that looks suspicious, you've got to go there. and that was one of the things that i got really upset about them taking the stop.
3:54 pm
because they were taking a lot of guns off the street. and then all of a sudden people's rights were infringed. not the person carrying the gun but they're rights because of you searching them. i've got a lot of problems with that. i want to make sure we have less guns on the street and certainly we have -- is our biggest fear the terrorist attack hitting new york and or washington. and we are targets of new york. and washington also. and washington this time of year is the cherry blossom time. the most beautiful time of the year. and people should go to washington and look at those beautiful cherry blossoms. don't let terrorism or a nut like this with a gun take that privilege away from enjoying beautiful washington d.c. ashley: that's nicely put. but let me bring back lieutenant colonel allen west. lieutenant colonel, thank you for sticking around with us as we try to make sense of what are has going on this afternoon. it has been resolved and also no bomb threat in time square. that's been resolved as well. so that's good news. but it does put your nerves on
3:55 pm
edge just a little bit. and i would imagine that this is something we're just going to have to get used to. >> well, it's sad to say that. but in this new 24th century battlefield, there are no borders or boundaries, ashley. and one of the things we also have to come to understand is that sometimes these things happen. and they are -- they're probing attacks. they are opportunities for people to see a response time. how you do respond. i mean we saw that in iraq and afghanistan how, you know, these complicated ied attacks went from just the attack itself to being able to attack the responding column or, you know, the medical support that comes along with it. so you're right. we just have to be incredibly intune to the new environment because the if that field is everywhere. ashley: it certainly is. and we see that on the news every day. catherine herridge joins us now with fox news. kathryn, where are you? and what can you tell us? >> well, i'm here in washington. and i got a phone call very early in this whole
3:56 pm
incident from a contact who is staffer on capitol hill. and was working out of the ford office building. people who know the capital complex, this is one of the offices that's furthers away from the capital building itself. probably about a 15 to 20 minute walk. and they were leaving the building. and as they were trying to leave the building, the capitol hill police came rushing toward the doors telling them that they needed to get inside and shelter in place and stay away from the windows. and my contact said they were not acting as if it was a drill. and there was some confusion because earlier today there was some kind of drill on capitol hill. but in any event, this seemed like it was the real deal. also because there was no -- usually there's, like, an overhead in advance that a drill is coming; right? ashley: right? >> this was not the case here. d then overa period of about 15 minutes, they were getting steady updates.
3:57 pm
and the most concrete update they had is that the shooting took place at one of the screening checkpoints at the capital visitors center. this is the area between the capital building and the supreme court. this is on the north side if you will of the complex. and it was at a screening checkpoint, and it said there was an injury with shrapnel. i'm not sure what to make of that choice of words at this point. but there was an injury with shrapnel and that the shooter was down, and it's not clear to me whether the shooter is injured or whether the shooter was taken out. now, law enforcement at least for now, is not saying who is individual is or what their motivation was. but i think it goes without saying that people are a little keyed up right now, given what's happen in the last week. but we can't really jump to
3:58 pm
conclusions except we did have a shooting situation on the hill. it appears the injuries were limited maybe even to just the shooter itself. ashley: yeah, it seems like the situation resolved itself. and thankfully probably in the best situation it could other than we do know that there were some injuries, some shrapnel injuries. catherine herridge, thank you so much for taking the time to bring us up to speed. yeah, really appreciate it. let's go back to lieutenant colonel allen west. we understand there are reports of this particular individual who started all of this. set off a metal detector as he went through in towards the visitor center. of course that detector goes off. he pulls out a gun at which point police start to engage in some sort of confrontation with guns. i mean it seems to me if you have a gun and you're going through a metal detector and it goes off and you immediately pull it out, it seems to me you're ready to do just that. to start firing. >> yeah. you're absolutely right. obviously this individual, their goal and object was to
3:59 pm
get into the capital visitor center and fire off -- fire off as many rounds as they could before they were, you know, brought down into submission or killed. so this was definitely something -- a planned attack. but, again, if you have not been up and around the capitol hill area, the police officers there -- many of them former military -- are some of the best that you can find. ashley: yeah. >> they're very attentive to, you know, the actions and people in and around the area. and they still allow people to enjoy the capital. i mean i used to get up at 5:30, 6:00 in the morning to go run past the capital. and, you know, they're there. they're there checking buses. they're there checking, you know, people to make sure that nothing is happening. and they keep an eye out. so it's just once again, hats off just the same as, unfortunately, had the lady who tried to run through the barrier with a car. they were able to stop her from doing that. ashley: thank you so much, lieutenant colonel allen west for joining us. very much appreciate your time
4:00 pm
and everyone else. shooting situation resolved at washington d.c. a bomb scare not a scare now in new york city. and, oh, yes, the markets finishing higher. melissa and david will take it away as we sound the closing bell on wall street on this monday. >> all right. as ashley just mentioned, stocks ending the day up a bit today. but the big news is not in the market. i'm david asmand. >> and i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell brand-new at this hour. washington d.c. law enforcement now looking into the identity and motivate for a gunman at the capital's visitor center. the shooter now in custody was shot. he is on his way to the hospital. a police officer also injured by shrapnel with minor injuries. although we've seen conflictive reports on that front. we will keep you up to date. lock down on capitol hill are being lifted on several government buildings.


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