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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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both sides made their point. maria: leave it there, monica crowley, anastasia, dagen mcdowell, thank you. the ladies running the show today. big show tomorrow. do join us. "varney & company" starts now. stuart: i'm a guy, can i get a look in here? thanks, maria. [laughter] the headline this morning is not politics. no, we've got something to make you smile. there will be another solid stock market rally 29 minutes from now, yeah. the trumpets. good morning, everybody. look, the world is on fire, the economy is slowing, profits are down, but the dow industrial average is on a role. only a few points from an all-time high. thanks, janet yellen, what a terrific stock market booster she is. all right, now to politics. the republicans are totally split. all three candidates thinking twice about their pledges of support for the nominee, no matter who it is. they're thinking again about that. and donald trump stands by his
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campaign manager and he says watch the tape of the battery incident and we will ask, was that really battery? the sensitivity industry rolls on, a black woman objects to a man in dredlocks. cultural appropriation, ouch. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. everybody. cue the smiles, look at this, janet yellen goes easy on interest rates, cue the bulls. we will open at a new high for the calendar year. what's going on, liz peak, columnist with fiscal times here. i could pour out endless negatives, it's on fire, and the global economy is down, profits et cetera, et cetera. we're close to 18,000. how do you explain in? >> because investors do not want to change a winning game. for several years the game has been follow the fed, the fed
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isn't going to raise interest rates, the stock market will do well and by the way, a lot of janet yellen's comments at the economic's club yesterday had to do with international risks. so what does that mean? china is slowing, six months in a row of down manufacturing numbers out of china. all kinds of problems internationally, that means more money is coming to the united states and looking for safe harbor. so the stock market right now is benefitting from the fed and it's a reaffirmation yesterday of her early announcement that she wasn't going to be as draconian about rate increases, but also, we look like the best game in town. stuart: we're the best game in town. we can't handle a quarter of a percent rate hike. the fed doesn't think we're that strong enough. >> that's the down side of her message. stuart: the bottom line this morning, we're going to open up 100 points and it's because of janet yellen because she says go easy on the interest rate increases and that's what it's all about. >> long live janet yellen. stuart: we hate the fed, but we
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love it-- we don't navel gaze on the fed. and politics, please. trump campaign manager cory lewdowski charged with battery. he grabbed a female reporter earlier this month. you're looking at the video. they're calling for his firing or suspension. donald trump though standing by his guy. roll tape. >> she's grabbing my arm, not supposed to. she broke through secret service you see me trying to push my hand in my arm. she's got a pen in her arm not supposed to have and she's a very aggressive person who is grabbing at me and touching me, maybe i should file charges against her. they want me to destroy a man's life and the other two candidates, kasich and cruz, oh, he should be fired. fired for what. stuart: here with me arizona state treasurer jeff dewitt, the guy who is for trump in arizona, you run his campaign in arizona.
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je jeff, i've got to question this concept of battery. i understand it's a legal word and applicable in this instance. when i saw the word battery i mean something completely different, not what happened with that reporter and donald trump. >> right, and it's a very harsh sounding word, but from my understanding and the way that florida applies it, it's touching someone who doesn't want to be touched. it's kind of how it was used in the police report, i read through the police report and it was basically she was touched when she didn't want to be touched, but at the same time, if you approach a leading presidential candidate who has secret service protection, and you touch that person, you go through the secret service and touch that person with something in your hand, i would think that a reasonable person would expect to be touched at a certain point. stuart: are you questioning the credibility of the reporter? >> well, there are a lot of
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people questioning that credibility. if you look back to a few years ago, apparently she made a claim against the nypd when she was a reporter covering the occupy wall street movement. she claimed that the nypd pushed her to the ground, similar claim, and i believe she said they had beat her with a baton or something and there was a picture of it and the problem i have of it, the picture looks like the nypd officer is helping her up. he's offering her a helping hand. it doesn't to me look like she's pushing her down. there were similar claims made before and she also apparently made a claim that someone groped her in the past and looking for notoriety. stuart: a female reporter grabbed from behind and she charges battery and they file charges. >> from the sound of it she's a serial complainer and maybe looking for attention. this is the most ridiculous tempest in a teapot, were it know the that everyone was out to clobber donald trump for violence related issues in his campaign, i don't think it
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could have gone anywhere and solved if lewandowski apologized to her the day after. it's ridiculous, the battery thing. stuart: they've jumped all over this. the bottom line, the g.o.p. is split, it's divided. >> it is. stuart: there is no hint of unifying the party. just listen now to the three candidates when asked if they support the nominee no matter who it is. listen up. >> well, anderson, as you mentioned, what i said is true, i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is. >> if the nominee is somebody i think is hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. stuart: jeff dewitt, trump guy, this helps hillary, doesn't it? >> certainly does. the longer that we stay divided it does. and i get those emotions, i myself was involved in a very contested three-way primary in my own race in the republican
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primaries a few years back and i get that candidates can get really, you know, some hurt feelings, but it is time to rally around those other two gentlemen and i are good friends now and we need that to happen in this race. the longer that it goes on, the better it is for the democrats. an and the only saving grace is that the democrats have their own hotly contested primary right now and that's helping us, whoever resolves their issues first i think is going to have the lead going into the fall. stuart: liz, your comment? >> well, look, i think, yeah, it's terrible that everyone is so divided, but i can kind of understand after the incredibly personal back and forth, why this is going on. i would hope, indeed, that someone begins to notice that voters in you will a the recent surveys are coalescing around donald trump. he's over 50%. and three quarters of republican voters are pretty much content with the fact that donald trump is going to be the nominee. it's time for ted cruz to begin to get on board with that. i understand he's still
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competing and that's fine, but let's, you know, let's bring it out of the gutter and he can help. i mean, donald trump is self-inflicting wounds and so is ted cruz at this point. at this point they both look not very credible, credible. stuart: knock it off. >> yeah, yeah come on, enough. stuart: jeff dewitt, thank you for joining us and liz, you stay there. this time yesterday we brought you news of the egypt air hijacking. one of the passengers held hostage convinced him to take a picture. this is in the middle of the whole euro deal. >> 26-year-old from the leads in u.k. stuart: he's an englishman? >> the best selfie ever. he asked one of the crew on board to translate to the he hijacker, would he mind if i take a selfie with him apparently the hijacker said, okay.
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he has a suicide vest on no knew in it was real. mr. ennis is a health and safety officer. and saying it was incredibly wreckless, what the lel-- hell were you thinking. and whatever you do do not draw attention to yourself. his mother was on the phone, said don't draw attention to yourself. >> not a kid that listened to his mother. stuart: we shouldn't be laughing on it. i wanted to check this out. that planet-- okay, that's the planet jupiter, if you noticed, there were little flash on the right-hand side, that's believed to be an asteroid. we bring you interglat particular activity on "varney & company" with big time stars here. and an asteroid striking jupiter, thought you'd like to see it. other stuff for you as well.
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up next, the threat of isis spreading in turkey. as you heard yesterday, they are now targeting jewish children there and families of american military personnel in turkey told to leave the country, just too dangerous. there goes another formerly stable country. we're dealing with it. more varney in a moment.
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>> clashes breaking out between police and asylum seekers and a refugee camp in greece. they are at the border. >> we are at a boiling point, a lot of aid workers quit last week in protest saying that taking these people and taking them back to turkey as the current eu plan is inhumane. they say they want no part of it. so we don't have the control and help for the aid workers, we've had another wave of refugees, close to a thousand in the last 48 hours landing on greek islands. under the new rule those people should be picked up and taken
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back to turkey and it's a complete and utter mess. stuart: it's not going to happen in this conflict. listen to this, ash. in turkey, isis reportedly having an attack against turkish children and telling military and diplomatic personnel, leave the country. it's too dangerous. joining us a former special operative jason beardsley is here. all right, jason, it seems to me that once stable turkey is no longer stable and that's a real problem militarily, diplomatically for europe and america, what say you? >> thanks, again, stuart for having me on. turkey is an utter most as your previous guest just stated and this is a signal, turkey, they've been playing both sides of this fight for a long time. we've seen a lot of attacks, six or seven attacks in the last six or seven months that resulted in something like 200 people killed, tourist areas and everything.
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this is the state department signaling and the pentagon signaling, hey, look, we're in a place where we need to put more pressure on the president to clamp down on his internal stuart: a lot of people ask me why do you cover this so much? it doesn't affect america. it does affect america, because president obama wants to open the door for some of these refugees to come to america. what do you think of that? >> this absolutely affects us here on the home front. not just us, but in europe, too. and we came out of brussels attack last week. turkey has been complicit in facilitating migrants and refugees from syria and black market oil pipeline that isis is using to move their profits into their network, so, what we need from the president and what he's showing in this case, we need to put more pressure on turkey to become an ally in this global fight against isis. stuart: it's more than just
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turkey. we're making the point that turkey is destabilized, but it's the whole of europe. maybe that's an extreme point of view, but it seems that much of europe is looking at the migrants out of north africa, flowing from turkey into europe. i call it an invasion and that it's destabilized. am i going too far? >> it's going to sound like it, but a lot of migrants have not been vetted and we've admit that had we can't vet them. a lot of people are causing these communities to become isolated from the european communities, from the american communities, we haven't seen it to that extreme in america, but in pockets like in brussels. if you don't call that an invasion, you might call it a soft invasion or something, but we know that it's problematic, until we get our hands on this and either stop the flow of unchecked, undocumented immigrants into those places we're going to be dealing with
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those terrorist threats on our home front, in our allies home front, over and over again. >> jason beardsley, clearly stated. thanks, jason, you can come again. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: all right, everybody, look at this it's a market bear shah galani, haven't seen him for a while, he's been missing, perhaps because he's a bear or that the dow will open at a new 2016 high. take him off the milk carton, he's here and coming up shortly. first, a young white student confronted by a black student on a college campus because he wears his hair in dredlocks. it's not part of his culture, she says. watch this. >> you mean, i can't wear this type of hair style because of your culture-- do you know egyptian culture. are you--
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>> oh outrageous. stuart: that's the latest campus free speech incident caught on camera. it started because the young man wears his hair in dredlocks. joining us is the editor in chief of campus report starting look, i could take the view that the young lady was joking, that she was kind of making a joke out of it and it shouldn't be taken as seriously as we're making it out to be. what say you? >> i think she was taking it far more seriously than either you or i could ever take it. look what happened here. she confronts him about it and despite the fact that the man tries to disengage, she gets in his way and grabs his sleeve. when you're joking with
9:23 am
someone, you're not grabbing at them or certainly don't grab at the camera recording the event. i think she was serious about it. stuart: have we reached the point where ear people can dictate what you wear and who your hair style is? >> we absolutely have. that's seen every day at the leadership campus look at clemson university the school was forced to apologize for serving, you know, mexican food and having sombreros and theme clothing. this is the sort of thing because of the idea of cultural appropriation, the idea that you cannot wear something that's not from your culture, especially if you're not a minority culture, you end up situations like this one, someone wearing dredlocks, minding his own business. what are we going to get into? will german ic the only ones
9:24 am
able to drink beer and-- >> you're kind of making a joke about it, but i think it's a very serious thing and the onus is now on the authorities. what are the authorities going to did? up until now they've always taken the position you've got to be more sensitive. you're in the wrong because your hair is in dredlocks. you're in the wrong because you wear a sombrero. turn it around, open yourself up. okay, you're sensitive, but i want my free speech. that's what i want to hear from the authorities. >> that will be nice to hear from the authorities certainly. now, of course, campus police were called to this incident and san francisco state university, the school where this incident took place has confirmed it did in fact take place, so assuming what we saw was real, fsu is going to have a situation on its hands and whether or not they say, look, you can dress how you want, you can talk about what you like, you can say what you want, but we cannot condone, you know, grabbing at other people physically, and attempting to physically intimidate them just
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to try to silence them or get them to change their style or clothing like that. they have to come out and condemn this. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. thank you. getting ready for the market to open at a new high for the calendar year 2016. open up your computer and check your 401(k). green arrows coming up in a couple of minutes and this, donald trump standing by his campaign manager. later this hour, judge andrew napolitano, is this what you're looking at now, was that really battery? more varney in a moment. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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[announcer] stay in the flow with quickbooks self-employed. start your free thirty-day trial today at join-self-employed-dot-com. >> from the sound of it, she's a serial complainer and it does look like maybe she's looking for attention. i think this is the most ridiculous tempest in a teapot, were it not for the fact that everyone is out to clobber donald trump for violence related issues in his campaign, i don't think it would have gone anywhere and would have been solved in 30 seconds. >> even this morning, that's still the political story of the day. corey lewandowski donald trump's campaign manager charged with battery. was that battery? you saw it. we will ask a-- simple battery, i should correct myself. simple battery.
9:30 am
we will ask judge napolitano, battery, really? raised eyebrows there. we're starting off the market, about ten seconds away from the market action, you're going to like it. we're going to go 80, 90, maybe 100 points at the opening bell and by the time we're fully opened up, we're expected to be at a 2016 high. we're off and running. immediately we are up 29, 38 points, here we go, boys. ashley webster is here and so is liz macdonald and shah, the guy who says we're going straight down. he dares to show his face on "varney & company" when the market is going straight up. account for yourself there, shah galani, how were you so wrong? >> i made a lot of money on the way down and-- >> a lot of money on the way down, what about our viewers? >> if they'd listened to me, they would have, too. i missed most of this rally and
9:31 am
i'm sort of like the deer in the headlight. the central bank action, and fed following up by what the ecb did. i thought the fed would make another rate hike, and raise the dollar a little bit. the opposite. dollar has gotten hit. and the beaten the stocks and the momentum could take it a good bit higher. stuart: save the best until the very last. could move it a good bit higher. dan stes -- i don't think you is a this? >> i want a defense job. he thought the market would go down further and that's a good call and like that he's calling it going up. as far as my view on the fed, i didn't see the valley coming this month. i thought we'd come up a little bit, but this has recovered most of it. where we'll return is
9:32 am
determined by economic data. stuart: we should say a big thanks to janet yellen for boosting our stock market. thank you, janet. how about apple? liz, i want the latest on the san bernardino iphone. it's been opened, who else wants to get into it? >> now, a number of federal prosecutors. we have at least five dozen cases where federal prosecutors in states across the country want to get into apple iphones. also, cyrus vance, manhattan d.a. has iphones he'd like to get into. the other development. multiple government agencies would have to sign off and whether the fbi could give it the technique to get into the iphone. >> the bottom line, i thought that was bad news for apple, but apple stocks is up this morning at 108. maybe it's flowing up and the dow is up 100 points. maybe apple is moving up in an up market. >> rising with the tide. maybe that's the case, but there's another story on apple. they've got a deal with major league baseball, they're going
9:33 am
to provide every team with ipad pros. that's not going to affect the stock. you want to be bearish on the stock? >> and it would be hard, i did get out of it, but i don't think this apple news is going to move the stock one way or another. great pr to have it in the dugouts, but they've got competition elsewhere. >> it looks good for apple though. if you watch the baseball game, it's got microsoft on the sidelines. >> and everybody with apple, put a big sign. microsoft, good for apple for that one. all right, we are off, yes, we are up about 100 points. but there are some tech stocks that have taken a beating this calendar year. start with goe gopro down, but up a fraction. fitbit down 50% this calendar year and even in an up market it's down a little bit more. next one is twitter. would you believe that twitter is down pa full 30% this year?
9:34 am
it's up just what, 19 cents as of this morning. so, no bounceback for the thoroughly beaten down thus far today. any of those you like on sale that you would buy? >> on a long-term basis absolutely not. on a short-term basis, i would trade all of them. i would put a bid on them here. if the market continues to go higher, some managers will rotate into the beaten down stocks and they could get a nice little lift. >> so you would trade for 50 cents? >> no, i trade for a few dollars, for 10, 15, 20%. if the market continues and tries to reach new highs, these will get new bits. stuart: some are day traders, jump in for a day, an hour. the transaction cost, the cost of buying that stock is so low, you could make a profit on a ten cent move. >> day trade. a risk reward position to do that here. ashley: day trading these days. >> have the algorithm. stuart: some movers for you,
9:35 am
how about lululemon, did well during the holidays, look at that, up eight nearly 9%. higher sales at carnival cruise line despite the seasickness, a 3% game. sun edison, i'm waiting for the music. we haven't put them on fed watch, but we will. we shall' doing it anyway. one of the units said it had substantial risk of bankruptcy. >> well, it's down 9 1/2%. how about energy stocks, oil is up today. and that is giving the energy sector a boost. by the way, in one hour we'll get the latest read on the supply of oil. >> oil up, well, about a buck, so according to the ratio, the market should be up about a hundred. >> you're right, it is. oil is up a buck and the dow is up 111. webster triumphs yet again. >> here is story for you. would they're going to cut 4500 jobs.
9:36 am
boeing? >> people are going to be retiring and they're not going to fill open positions. they're going to do voluntary layoffs. we're talking about 4500 jobs by the middle of the year and whisper numbers, double that. the stock is a dow component. here are reasons, number one, they're competing against airbus and seeing demand for their cheaper jet and they still have back pay from the dreamliner, remember the dreamliner, 787 dreamliner, $30 billion that they have to recover in deferred costs for that. stuart: thanks, nicole, it's interesting. how about tesla. oil down, what, it's up today. price of gas around $2 a gallon. tesla is an electric car and here comes, what is it, the tesla model three. ashley: model three will be the prototype will be unveiled tomorrow. they say they have this in production by the end next year and analysts say it's going to
9:37 am
be late, maybe not available until 2018. elon musk says it's going to be the electric car that's going to change the industry. analysts say, yeah, they believe that the average configuration for this should be closer to 60,000. stuart: oh, so-- would i pay-- >> you can put down $1,000 tomorrow to get your reservation in. stuart: would i buy a $60,000 electric car no matter how nice and fast it is if the price of gas is at $2 a gallon? would i do that? is it in my economic interest to do that? >> elon musk said in january, low gas prices are hurting electric car sales. >> we're seeing more ride sharing companies and that's going to create competition. >> for all automakers. what about driverless cars? >>, but do take a look at facebook. i think that's really close to its all-time high. we're at 116, 117 and small
9:38 am
change was the all-time high. the oculus risk, they own this, the virtual reality headsets launched yesterday. by the way this weekend's ncaa final four will be live streamed and you can watch it, this is the wrap around. >> wow. stuart: and your oculus. >> it's the coolest thing. they've set up cameras all around so when you put on your virtual reality which you download through an app, you're court side. you're watching the action court side, you can have live commentary if you want, your own scoreboard, it's the coolest thing ever. think of the applications, what about nfl, soccer, you can be down on the touch line and see anything you want. it's not-- it's going to be 180 degrees not full 360, but-- >> wait, i hear a negative comment from shah galani. >> facebook is the only one of the stocks that's done well and
9:39 am
fabulous it's going to continue to go higher. this technology is fun and i think they haven't found really the base use for it yet at $600, it's expensive, but i think it's going to-- >> i'm thinking of buying the stock at the high liz: if you buy the product and it's at 180 degrees, you can cut your dramamine pill in half. stuart: show me google, please. wait, this is another good one. google is offering land lines, remember the old phone with the cord, the whole bit, the land line. doing the charades again, it's a phone. for $10. a land line, what is that a month? liz: yeah, it is. $10 a months and it's unlimited calling, caller i.d. you can keep your current number and the other thing, if you're not at home. you can forward your land line to your mobile device. that's interesting. and all of them will be in the cloud.
9:40 am
no, that's a different price, a good question, but it's now just in nine cities in six states. stuart: the guy with the british accent, can i call over at world. can i call me mum? [laughter] >> still with google, blocked in china, this is a big deal and soon not just them, any website made outside of china will soon be blocked. i'm not quite sure i understand this one. ashley: it's the latest effort to continue to build the great firewall of china. whether this is actually enforced or not strictly, but anything domain name registered outside of china, all internet service providers have to block it, so, in otherords, you know, we already know that the wall around, they're already banned. the wall. [laughter] >> it's not funny. ashley: no. stuart: china locking itself off and surrounding itself by the wall and blocking anybody and everybody from the outside
9:41 am
liz: you've got to wonder how long it will last. stuart: who knows. stuart: states go back to making people work for food stamps. mississippi starts today, i think there are 12 other states on board liz: kansas and maine as well. the president said that food stamps are stimulus. the first time ever working age adults outstrip the disabled and elderly and children who are son food stamps. we hadn't seen that. now more than half according to government agencies, 42 stamps waived work requirements and now they've brought it back. stuart: dan, we've left you out this morning and i'm sorry about that, but i want to bring you in. i want your comment on the dow jones industrial average now up 130 points, last word to you. >> well, you know what? we're reaching that 18,000 level so elusive late last year. can we get there? i don't know. if we see decent economic data it's possible. the fed is being accommodative
9:42 am
and the way that things are going now. it's pretty good. stuart: last word to shah galani if you want to do an mea culpa. 127, 129, 1770 is where we are. >> next, judge napolitano on whether or not this is simple battery in anything, but legal terms. this, too, first lady michelle obama, schools will be fined if they don't serve her lunches. more varney next. ♪ a great part of using the usaa car buying service
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>> i believe this is a new high for mcdonald's, 125.92. that's indeed a new high 125.92. what's going on with mcdonald's? donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski charged with simple battery. that's a misdemeanor. he grabbed a reporter's arm. roll tape. >> she's grabbing my arm, she's not supposed to, she broke through secret service, she's grabbing my arm, she's got a pen in her hand she's not supposed to have. she's aggressive person and touching me and maybe i should
9:47 am
file charges against her. they want me to destroy a man's life. and kasich and cruz, oh, he should be fired. fired for what? judge napolitano is here. [laughter] >> fired for what? >> look, when i saw that, i understand that it is battery, it's strictly legalistic terms. you touch someone who doesn't wish to be touched, that's battery. i've got it, but in any other context, that's not battery at all, is it? >> it's not criminal battery. it may be civil battery. this is no place for police and law enforcement. this is the moral equivalent of being jostled in a subway, of being bumped into by somebody trying to get across the street. not every unconsented to touching is a criminal event and the police and law enforcement and prosecutors have no place getting involved in this.
9:48 am
but they later charge, is it the police? >> the police have laid the charge in the strict terms. law, it is a misdemeanor battery. >> the prosecutor has what is called prosecutorial discretion. we're not going to charge under these circumstances and the exercise of that discretion is appealable. you cannot ask the court to order the prosecutor to prosecute someone. now, i say this, i said this with a couple of calfiats, and you know i have a financial relationship with donald trump, i've not selected a candidate publicly, but i'm going to talk about as the one i want to win. you also know and like and respect michelle fields and worked with her here at fox, but this is not a criminal event. if she believes she was injured or harmed by what she says mr. lewandowski did, she can see him civilly where the level of proof is lower and the police and law enforcement are not involved and she'll have to
9:49 am
proof to a jury what her harm was. stuart: why did it take, was it a month? >> that's the first question the police will ask, why did you wait a month to file this? well, they taunted her. face it, donald trump taunted her, they taunted her and she decided to respond to it. inappropriate. stuart: is it a legal ground to sue, or press the charge? >> it's not an appropriate use of law enforcement. the courts in florida, the police in florida, the prosecutors in florida ought to have better things to do to maintain public safety and protect our rights and property. stuart: are you implying that the authorities in florida had an ax to grind against donald trump? >> i don't know that to be so. i don't know who the prosecutor is. i know they're publicly elected in florida. i don't know if this prosecutor is involved in the presidential campaign at all, but this is a case that should be dismissed and never should have been filed in the first place. stuart: i think that sums it
9:50 am
up, judge. >> now they're furious at me. stuart: judge napolitano. take a look at this, direct from wisconsin, that's sheriff david carr, he's here in new york city. does he agree with ted cruz's call to patrol muslim neighborhoods? we're going to find out in a moment. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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9:54 am
i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> officials, various officials who have to do with transportation are saying today that trains, our railroad system is a soft target for terrorists. look who is here. milwaukee county sheriff david clark. frequent guest on the program and a welcome guest to new york city. isn't it obvious that the train system is vulnerable, but isn't it equally obvious you can't do much about it. you're a cop, you can't do much about it, can you? >> there are some things you can do. we're an open society and we want to keep it that way. we're vulnerable in a lot of areas and our transportation systems are among those, here is what you have to do in order to do this efficiently and effectively. you have to use a risk-based
9:55 am
model and do a threat assessment. so you look at train stations, you look at train routes and look at the airline system. you do those things and you use this model to take your limited resources and apply them to that. anywhere where large amounts of people use for transportations, it's done in europe, they use more trains there than here. also, cargo on the train routes. threat based assessments and risk-based models. stuart: that's all you can do, you don't have the resources and equipment and manpower, you just don't have it to cover the soft targets? >> no, which is why you use a risk based model and have the resources and use them more in new york and-- >> sheriff, i figure it's the position. >> crazier people have tried it. [laughter]. stuart: let me move on. ted cruz has said after the brussels attack, he's in favor of patrolling muslim neighborhoods in america. you're a cop, you would do the patrolling, you'd organize the patrolling, would you do it?
9:56 am
>> sure and we already are. in new york they're doing it under the agreement which allows the nypd and their demographics where the public would do. they're not doing rogue surveillance or rogue spying, they're looking for hot spots and radicalization and all sorts of things. we have an obligation to protect their communities as well. stuart: i didn't know they're doing it already. >> sure. stuart: active patrols. >> the hand shoe agreement. >> it's court ordered, there were complaints about the tax particulars it surveil muslim communities. it's called a hand shoe, i don't know where the name comes from, but it allows them to protect the civil liberties and help defend this country, communities at home and helps
9:57 am
to defend against plots and radic radicalization efforts. had they done so in san bernardino, they knew something wasn't right and they didn't know who to go to. we have to get over the notion these are no-go zones. that's not fair to the muzlim communities. and we have to go in the community, the officers that have muslim, arabic, and they understand the customs. stuart: you're in new york to take an award and a well-- well-deserved award. anytime you want to come here. >> i'll take you up on there. stuart: and are they piling on donald trump?
9:58 am
another radio host, another one challenges him forcefully so he hangs up on her. that's coming up next or shortly. an atheist offended by a water tower built on land donated by a church, the with the church's name on it. they're offended. the second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
good morning, california. it's 10:00 on the east coast and open up the 401(k) statements. you're going to love it. the dow and s&p at new 2016 highs. the world is awash in terrorism. the global economy is slowing down. profits are down here, but look at that stock market go. thank you, janet yellen. we'll deal with that. first off, it's a big day for politics. less than a week, the wisconsin primary, the republicans are split, flat-out split. the democrats not much better. we've got it all covered for you. our two starts now. ♪
10:01 am
>> well, anderson, as you mentioned what i said is true i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no, i don't general way. >> and if the nominee is someone i think is hurting the country and dividing the country. >> i can't stand behind them. stuart: there you have it, all three g.o.p. candidates say they may not support the nominee in november if it's not them. ashley webster is here and liz macdonald is here i say to both of you, it's bad for the party and good for the democrats. ashley: absolutely right. and you have ted cruz and john kasich saying they can't support donald trump if he's the nominee. and donald trump saying he's not supporting anyone. and it's turning off the voters and frankly to your point is pushing more and more people to hillary and democrats. stuart: fast forward to the point where the republicans do
10:02 am
eventually come up with a nominee. the party is still split because these guys are all saying, no, we're not going to support them if it's not me. >> according to-- >> you can't mend the split liz: it ends in tears either way. even john kasich is saying in a prior contested g.o.p. conventions the frontrunner became the nominee only three times and they may be headed to that in the convention. stuart: looks like it. not just the republicans who are split. bernie sanders is going after hillary especially in new york state, which is hillary's home state. ebony williams is here. look, i think the democrats are split. it's not as bad and overt as the republicans, but they're split nonetheless, hillary and bernie, i don't think that split is bridgeable and you say? >> i say exactly right. look, bernie is doing something if you pay attention, he's calling her out, stuart, on not being a true democrat.
10:03 am
and look at the new york, bill deblasio he's publicly endorsed hillary clinton and even his daughter has said he she's for sanders. hillary clinton's chief strategist says, well, we expect bernie to campaign like a brooklynite, but she'll campaign like a senator. stuart: what's the hidden message to a-- wait a minute, let's be honest here, is he referring to the fact that bernie sanders was brought up in a jewish household? >> i didn't go there, but i think that's a fair analysis. i think it's certainly talking about-- you know, they're taking issue with his tone. senator sanders' tone, he's brash, too abrasive and they're saying they won't debate in new york until he changes his tone. stuart: she's scared of him. she doesn't want to debate him in new york, do anything not to debate. >> you can think of what he wants of his policies he's a
10:04 am
socialist, he's had kid gloves and hasn't gone after her with the e-mail thing. the clinton campaign, they're not use today a contested primary in a state like new york and it looks like they may have one. stuart: we've said the split among republicans doesn't look like it's bridgeable. they'll get a nominee, it doesn't look like everyone is going to support the nominee. >> is it the same for democrats, unbridgeable, that even though they have a divide-- . and she said she will consider donald trump over hillary clinton. stuart: she did, susan, she is answer on the left. why would she do that? >> some progressives view hillary clinton as a fraud when it comes to progressive. she'd rather see a political revolution and get that from donald trump, she is are susan sarandon's words, not mine. they prefer disruption to more
10:05 am
politics as usual. stuart: i didn't know that. >> it's mind blowing to some people. i know some people in the social circle they'd rather choose between bernie and donald trump than more politician is. stuart: is your mom still watching. >> she is. stuart: is she watching right now? >> she's watching now. stuart: hi, mom. keep that smile because we're going to take you to the markets while you've got reason to smile. let the good times roll. >> did you go french on us? >> not yet. we have a rally, i think we can say that honorably, the dow is at the high for the year. 17, 761, it was a bit higher earlier. all-time high for i think the s&p 500, also for mcdonald's. stuart: now, is it just all day breakfast. ashley: that's a big part of it. they're hitting their sixth all time high this year alone. one year ago that steve easterbrook took over as ceo of
10:06 am
mcdonald's and an amazing job getting back to basics. they've cut costs and refranchise and brought in all-day breakfast, rewards programs now, mobile, or mobile ordering and they are-- turn this thing around, going from strength to strength. one year as ceo, he's done an amazing job. what about chipotle. stuart: well. ashley: at one point it was the opposite way around. look at chipotle, a huge downgrade yesterday and analysts saying they may not be able to pick up sales again until the end of 2017 at the earliest, so, look at that chart. stuart: if i'm not mistaken, chipotle is down about $300. didn't they reach 750 and now-- >> that was within the last two years, they were the darling of wall street and everywhere else, look at that chart liz: they haven't figured out where the source of contamination came from. stuart: that's a big problem, pr for sure. stuart: i want to talk about tesla, they're going to roll out, i think the prototype
10:07 am
tomorrow. it's the-- what is it? liz: model three. stuart: with a base price, totally stripped down of 35 grand and you say what? >> well, morgan stanley is cooling to tesla right now. it's not so whiz bang. that's the issue, the cost of this thing all in is above 60 grand, that's about-- >> that model if you've got it all in. >> that's about half the cost of a house in certain parts of the country. with oil prices going down. the administration said we're going to hit a million electric car vehicle sales a year by this time. now they're pushing it out to 2020. people are not really going for electric cars right now. stuart: i just wonder if the electric car is the base of the tesla corporation or is it the battery factory which may have a different type of battery for the storage? >> that could be a breakout, yeah. stuart: if that's a breakout, that stock goes up. but if it's just electric cars, i'm not with it. all right, now this, u.s. officials ordering military
10:08 am
families to leave turkey due to what they are calling continued security concerns. just as isis reportedly planning an attack targeting jewish children. there has been a lot of unrest and danger, quite frankly in southern turkey on that. ashley: especially close to the syrian border and the state department saying to americans here, who would want to go there, don't travel near the region, especially near the syrian border. they are he a pulling out families of the military and diplomatic workers, close to 700 people will be moved out in pretty quick fashion. they're concerned how unstable the region is, but it doesn't include ankara and istanbul, the area where we're seeing the most unrest liz: nearly half a dozen terrorist attacks since the summer, i believe, according to data. turkey we have been reporting supposedly is going to take in a million refugees from europe according to an eu deal. i'm not sure how they can do that with all of this unrest.
10:09 am
stuart: i don't see how you give visa-free access to 78 million turks into western europe as part of this reef gee. i don't see it. ashley: i think we're sending a message. don't forget the president of turkey is coming to u.s. tomorrow. guess who he's talking to, vice-president biden. stuart: not president obama. ashley: i think they're sending a message to turkey. stuart: i'm going to stay on the person and handling of it. former fbi assistant deputy director of counterterrorism. welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i want you to talk about president obama's response to what is obviously a worldwide growing terrorist threat. what do you make of the obama response? >> well, i think that the president's strategy, arguably this is one, has bee complete failure, and you can measure it a number of ways that if you go back to the 9/11 commission, they made three major points and remember, this
10:10 am
is when everybody got along and there was at least a bipartisan concensus on how we should handle terror. they said three things, they said, first of all, we've got to take the fight to the terrorists, if we don't take the fight to the terrorists, we're going to be fighting them here. president obama's just not doing that and he is not going to do that in the few months he has left this office. so if you look at it one other way, we're going to lose a year by the time we get somebody in that hopefully will address that point. secondly, we have to call it what it is. the 9/11 commission report called terrorism the transnational threat of the future and they said particularly, we're talking about radical islamic extremism. we can't talk about that. people are discouraged from using the term and that all comes from the white house. finally and i think most important, we saw an example of that this past week, the report said we have to go abroad and stand up for american values and i think a major news report was literally missed by
10:11 am
everybody almost last week. and that is when the president was down in argentina and was talking, and said, looking, choose communism, socialism, what's the difference essentially, choose what's best for you. that's not taking the american message abroad. i think the terrorists understand that and this is not going to work until we have a strategy that focuses on those points. stuart: the terrorist incidents, vicious terrorist incidents are occurring with such regularity these days, i think it's reached the point where we in america are genuinely concerned about the immediate future, the immediate terror threat that's before us. is my judgment of the american mood the same as yours, that we are now at the-- well, we really do feel threatened? >> i think so and i think we have these conflicting messages. on the one hand, we have people
10:12 am
telling us, including the president, go about your daily life. well, you and i can tell people that. the president still has to have a plan. he has to have some action that he puts behind that to make it safe going about our daily life. that's not happening. the other thing we're not talking about, but americans are understanding, but we don't push it enough, that is we're not just talking about terrorism of the islamic radical variety. we're talking about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorist organizations like isis and al qaeda have long had a goal to get their hands on wmd. when they get their hands on weapons of mass destruction they'll use them and then you start to get into much more significant and serious types of discussion. stuart: yes, you are. >> and again, president obama is wrong on that. that's a threat to our very liberty. stuart: terry, you were a counterterror expert and when you say things like that, we really do get the point and we really do feel the threat. thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it.
10:13 am
thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yet another wisconsin conservative radio host taking on donald trump and i mean taking him on. and trump hangs up on her. we're going to hear her story after this. >> i appreciate the time, the generosity of time today, donald trump, it was actually really fun. he just hung up on me, that's okay. [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
10:14 am
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10:16 am
>> you're going to like this. the dow jones average is 17,764 near the high of the day, we should say a big thank you to janet yellen. ashley: thank you, janet yellen. stuart: going easy on interest rates. that worked for us. the wisconsin media really taking it straight at, going straight after donald trump. this is the headline in the milwaukee journal sentinel.
10:17 am
by any measure, donald trump is unfit to be president. all right. liz, did they say anything else? what else liz: a lot of bullet points in this article. no to bigotry, no to contempt for women and minorities, they're essentially saying that he is unamerican. they're also essentially saying when you look at what he's talking about, torture works, kill families of terrorists and his lack of depth on policy that he's just in it to win that he possibly would faint if he had to do policy once in office. stuart: okay, that's a pretty solid condemnation i would say. now watch this, this is from yesterday. a.m. talk radio host vicky mckenna talking with donald trump. roll that tape. >> how about this? how about wives and kids off limits? >> well, that's okay. all you have to do is tell that to cruz because he started it. >> if i can $. >> best of luck to you, vicky, best of luck. >> i appreciate the time, and
10:18 am
the generosity of time today, donald trump, it was actually really fun. he just hung up on me, that's okay. stuart: all right, you heard that right at the end there, trump hung up on her. joining us now, the radio host, vicky mckenna, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me on the program. he hung up on me. stuart: it seems like all wisconsin media are going after donald trump, in a very strong fashion, the milwaukee journal sentinel and charlie sykes the other day and now you. why is everybody so anti-trump in wisconsin? certainly in the media, why? >> well, i wouldn't say everybody is anti-trump. but in at least from my area of media conservative talk radio, he wasn't going to get an easy pass on wisconsin talk radio like he's gotten on national talk radio and national television. we're serious people, part of a movement, conservativism in our
10:19 am
state and we take activism and the grass roots extremely seriously here when donald trump blasts into wisconsin and consults conservative reforms that a lot of us have worked for and worked hard for and faced tremendous opposition for supporting we weren't going to take that lightly and he wasn't ever going to get an easy ride. stuart: which conservative reforms in wisconsin has donald trump opposed? i'm not being pejorative, i'm not familiar with that line of attack on donald trump. tell me about it. >> donald trump criticized governor walker for tax cuts in wisconsin that he claims increased our budget deficit to $2.2 billion. none of it's true. the tax cuts are true. we didn't have a 2.2 billion dollar budget deficit. he came in and said that scott walker should have raised taxes in wisconsin not cut taxings. increased spending in wisconsin not decreased spending in wisconsin. and these were a lot of hard-fought challenges and
10:20 am
battles we had in the grass roots in wisconsin. for donald trump to blast into our state and call us all a bunch of suckers for supporting scott walker and for supporting conservative reforms is offensive and insulting. stuart: now, that's interesting because you raise a very valid point. most people respond to what they think donald trump represents, bigotry and racism, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but you're saying, wait a minute, trump's flat-out wrong on what he's saying about policy and has it applied to wisconsin. that we want to hear. now, i'm interested in the tax cuts. anything else? >> essentially said that scott walker and the conservatives in our state legislature don't fight, that we don't know how to win. we don't know how to get things done. we don't know how to grow our manufacturing base. our manufacturing base in wisconsin is strong. he said it was terrible. you know, we have shored up our regulatory environment to make business more amenable in wisconsin, he says it's a terrible place.
10:21 am
he called us hateful on, you know, outside media, outside the state of wisconsin yet he comes into our state and tries to expect to get us-- the conservatives in wisconsin to vote for him. well, you can't not do your homework when you're going into a state like wisconsin, when you have talk radio media as as long as it is in wisconsin grass roots that's been developed. sure enough over the past seven to ten years and think you're going to get an easy ride and he didn't get one. most of our disagreements with donald trump are on policy although what he said about women i take personal offense to. stuart: okay, vicky mckenna, substantive criticism of donald trump and we welcome it on this program. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: that was good. ashley: interesting. stuart: very interesting. actual policy statements by donald trump. ashley: a lot of detail. stuart: this one is going to make you angry, a church donates some land so a town can build a water tower. the church has one request, put
10:22 am
the name of the church on the tower. the atheists don't like that. you shouldn't have to go far
10:23 am
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> oh, we're all smiles because the dow industrial is at a high for the here or close to it. we were a bit higher earlier, but we'll take 17,750. how about this all-time high for mcdonald's as well. $125 a share. please look at facebook. close to an all time high. it needs to get to 117.59 up another buck and then you'll have an all-time high for facebook. how about this? the small town in oklahoma broken arrow, a water tower there is offending atheists. fox news has been following the story, take us through it. how did it get started?
10:26 am
>> well, the town is growing, stuart and since the town is growing they need more water so they're going to build this million gallon water tower. the problem, highest point in town where they want to put the tower is owned by the first baptist church of broken arrow. they visited the church and reached a deal. the church was going to give them the land to build the water tower along with some easements, but the caveat was they had to agree to put the name of the church on the side of the water tower, how, look, that's a pretty good deal. that's what they did. then someone complained. somebody from the freedom from religion foundation. now, these are the perpetually offended atheists and free-thinkers out of wisconsin and say that's against the law it's a violation of the constitution and the name of the church has to come off the water tower. stuart: they've got a lot of town, they sue the town and forcing the town to get their own lawyers and they're a
10:27 am
wealthy group, the atheists. >> they're not stupid atheists, they've got brains, and deep pockets and love to go after small towns and communities that don't have a lot of money to eradicate christianity from the marketplace. they may have picked the wrong town. broken arrow says we're not doing anything, they haven't broken the law, a contract is a contract, but the atheists are still threatening to sue. i've got to tell you, i've covered these folks, freedom from religion foundation, these atheists don't have the sense god gave a goose. [laughter] they're perpetually upset about something, perpetually. stuart: that's a line that will live forever. they don't have the sense that god gave a goose. >> but lord love them anyway. stuart: that's funny. >> the preacher says they now have the big egest banistry.
10:28 am
stuart: you can come by anytime. >> oil, we're now at 39.49. we'll find out in moments the supply of oil, how big is it? when we get that number in a couple of minutes, that could move the oil market and maybe the stock market, too. the dow, a new high for the year thanks to janet yellen. we've got the columnist who is going to tell us if we really should be celebrating. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
10:29 am
t-i-a-a. ..
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10:31 am
stuart: breaking news. the amount of oil in storage. ashley: an additional 2.3 million barrels, not as big
10:32 am
a bill as the expected and oil continues to make gains up numb $1.18, almost $39.50. stuart: as oil goes, stocks go. the dow industrials holding on to 122 point gain blues not bad. numb 124 up, oil also up. no question with the ashley ratio. you got a number on the overall amount of oil sitting in storage? liz: more than 930 million barrels. you know what else is happening? this is ahead of the key opec meeting, talking about having a limit to oil output but that is a moving target as they moved to newfield the size of ecuador. they keep moving the limit so oil will still -- still be a rocky market for oil. ashley: more than 4%. stuart: look at that stock market, now we are up numb 132 points. we can thank the price of oil for this but we can really think
10:33 am
janet yellen for this because -- ashley: a combination of the two. stuart: going easy on raising interest rates, a weak global economy. stuart: ashley: dollar goes down, oil goes up. stuart: janet yellen says go easy on raising rates, the dollar goes down, therefore oil goes up, therefore stocks go up. we got it. we are up numb 132 points. s&p 500 new high for 2015, 2069. look at these individual stocks, which are dow stocks, mcdonald's, all-time high, coca-cola, united health, all of it except coca-cola moving up, all dow stocks contributing to a numb 130 point gain for the dow. come on in, tenured professor of economics, peter morici wears
10:34 am
the bowtie, celebrating this move on the dow? >> i wrote a column in the baltimore sun, we are in the stock market, very solid, the rally was well-founded and we should expect to continue upward. i think oil should go $50, $60 a barrel and that would be a good thing, domestic production should come back and corporate profitability will include the second quarter. stuart: a bullish peter morici, good to have you with us, good to see you. a column said a bad economy favors political outsiders by the name of donald trump, ted
10:35 am
cruz and bernie sanders. >> we have two world, taylor two cities, people in the stock market, things are looking better but for people in the oil market things are looking better, for the ordinary guys wages continue not to move. the obama administration reminds me of the first george bush administration, we are creating lots of jobs, things are getting better, they are not. that is why ordinary folks are turning to them, and the kinds of solutions he is suggesting. stuart: i look at these job creation numbers, we are doing 200,000 new jobs a month. i keep questioning what kind of jobs are they? a lot of part-time jobs mixed in. is that accurate? >> a lot of part-time jobs, a lot of contingent jobs where you work month to month, you may be full-time but you are working month-to-month and that keeps the wages down because they are said to dispatch you, replace you and so forth so they are not
10:36 am
good jobs from that point of view. stuart: the economy and the stock market, you are a happy guy? >> economics is about labor and capital. when i think of capital which is knee i am fairly well-off, i am happy. the economy is treating me well. when i think of labor, i am not so happy. i'm going to my 50th high school reunion in june. because of where i grew up, you have economists, pharmacists, machinists, mechanics and so forth. i have a feeling only the former group will show up because the latter group had a tough time of it and that is the way things go. stuart: you where your age very well. you don't need that tenure. thank you for joining us, always appreciate it. how about this for a headline? the isis barbarians are already
10:37 am
inside our gaetz. that is the title of an op-ed by our next guest. welcome former congressman, republican from colorado. make your case. let me reverse this. if the barbarians are inside the gates, i take it you favor donald trump's exclusion of muslims, foreign muslims coming into the country at least temporarily and you favor ted cruz patrolling muslim neighborhoods by the police, in favor of both of those? >> all of the above. probably a year before donald trump made that statement i wrote an article for the same publication in which i said the same thing, indeed we had to stop muslim immigration into this country. it is a horrendous problem. no one wants to deal with it for rightly. when you try you are subject to the epithets that come at you, racist, zine of hope but the
10:38 am
reality is if you are truly concerned about our nation, our culture, western civilization, you better get serious about the issue of muslim immigration. stuart: the counterargument, europe has a huge problem with muslim immigration because muslims are in isolated areas, cut off from the rest of society. that is not true of the united states where muslims are, generally speaking, integrated into our society. you are shaking your head. you don't think that is true? >> i really don't. go to dearborn, michigan, and tell me how integrated they are. there are enclaves and there always have been for people coming to this country. certainly italians, irish, germans, everyone came, tried to find people who spoke the way they did, had the same cultural background, and gathered together in ghettos. that is the nature of all
10:39 am
immigration. over time the other groups moved out and became more integrated because of a couple things. one, perhaps the most important, their desire to assimilate in the past, desire to become americans. this has changed, not just for the muslim community but for immigrants in general. the assimilation process has stopped. it stopped because we don't want them, the progressives here are held at the throat by something -- i call it the cult of multiculturalism that tells everybody there is no reason to assimilate and people coming who have no desire. we have enclaves developed. the problem with muslims is these enclaves create areas in which others can thrive, even the nasty ones who are hard to get to. stuart: we appreciate your point
10:40 am
of view, welcome to the show, good stuff. let's go to nicole leds on the new york stock exchange. what is this, lulu lemon, must be a good day if you are highlighting lulu lemon. what is going on? nicole: this is a sector report, you know that i love lulu lemon and then some, great years, 200% gains but all the weight of the last few years they were suffering. they had two bland merchandise and citigroup said their thesis about lulu is over, margins better than expected and outlook is too conservative, the second best day of the year in the last 52 weeks. stuart: i think it was worth breaking into, lulu lemon up 10%. thank you very much indeed. less then a week before the wisconsin primary.
10:41 am
the republican party is flat-out split. here is my question for a former mitt romney advisor, is mitt romney to blame for the split? more varney in a moment.
10:42 am
ashley: white college student confronted by a black student for wearing his herring dreadlocks. this is what you missed.
10:43 am
have we reached the point where other people can dictate what one wears, what your hairstyle is, have we come to that? >> we absolutely have. we see that every day at the leadership institute, clemson university, the school apologize for serving mexican food and having sombreros and theme clothing. because of cultural appropriation, you cannot wear something not from your culture especially if you are not a minority culture, you end up with situations like this, somebody wearing dreadlocks, minding his own business is accosted over it.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: i own microsoft, i am cheering this thing on. the all-time high is $56.85, we are getting close. a big new valuation for the messageing apps known as snapchat. jo ling kent is here. >> currently worth $16 billion but that valuation is scheduled to go up now. fidelity, one of the big investors, just boosted its valuation by 62% according to reuters. stuart: what is so wonderful about snapchat?
10:46 am
jo ling: they are taking on facebook as they issued a new update and updating their messaging feature, now you can make audio calls and video calls in addition to the messaging and cool stickers you can add. stuart: snapchat is totally private. >> one of the hottest social communities. stuart: all i need is the snapchat apps, get it on my phone. i can message you for free. >> they are trying to make money and the valuation question, they have been doing it by partnering and doing new advertising within the apps. and questioning, download the apps for free and having those messages and videos that disappear. stuart: somebody want to buy them? apple has 200 billion -- >> the ceo said no because he
10:47 am
knows he believes is company is going sky high and two numbers you need to know about, 7 billion daily video views on snapchat and numb 100 million -- stuart: really? jo ling: those are the facts. we are going to get you snapchat and see how you like it. stuart: you are on. liz: hillary clinton joked she should be using snapchat. stuart: calm down, to politics, the real subject here. the republicans split, all three candidates thinking twice about the pledge they made to support the eventual nominee. not if it is not me, they are saying. spokesman of the united nations, rick grinnell, you were a romney guy, weren't you? >> weren't we all romney guys? stuart: you were a big time supporter, i think you worked
10:48 am
with him, did you not? >> yes. stuart: this is your fault. mitt romney has gone out and started the big split in the republican party. what does rick grinnell have to say for himself? >> i would say the casual observer who is not really watching the details would think that because they didn't see the behind the scenes brawl we were having as donald trump started to take off in certain states. a lot of people were very concerned from the beginning that donald trump was attacking george w. bush, john mccain, he was attacking all the republicans, ironically while he was attacking republicans and attacking tax increases, tax cuts, calling for policies that were not republican policies he was rising in the polls. a lot of people began to think is he a plant? is he close to hillary clinton
10:49 am
so that this whole idea that democratic voters are switching over to support donald trump, is that problematic? a lot of people, maybe he is working with hillary clinton. stuart: he is not, is he? >> i am not sure anybody knows that. it doesn't make sense that he is rising while bashing republican policies. stuart: bashing other republicans, get him out of the race so he is the guy. >> he has taken it to a new level. he is bashing traditional republican policies and yet he is rising. a lot of democrats are switching their support. there is a new piece of information in pennsylvania that 65,000 democrats have switched their support to donald trump. why are they massively democrat, coming over to support a republican in the republican
10:50 am
primary? a lot of people are asking questions. stuart: maybe they like the candidate, maybe they like donald trump, maybe they think he can do something about the status quo, that something needs to be done. >> my point is how do you -- how to democrats like the republican in a republican primary and the same candidate is supposed to unite republicans as he is bashing them and their policies? stuart: i don't think this split is solvable. i don't think you can reunite the party at this point. >> i would agree because the new people are not republicans to be when the new people coming and are not republicans. how do you reject the guy, the only guy who is bringing new people into the party? how do you reject that? >> it is not about rejecting him. if he doesn't get the 1237, we shouldn't break the rules, no one should be calling for breaking the rules.
10:51 am
if he doesn't get the 1237 all bets are off and the republican activists, if you don't like it, get involved as a delegate, trump supporters everywhere should be going and playing by the rules and getting into the delegate process. if they are not doing it they are not smart. stuart: thank you very much, you can come any time you like. we will be back. more varney, we will continue in just a moment. there are two billion people
10:52 am
who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
10:53 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light.
10:55 am
liberty mutual insurance. stuart: a slogan for the times in which we live. i am sensitive, i am aggrieved, therefore i win. think about it. everyone is oh so sensitive these days and everyone is oh so offended, everyone rushes to denounce the offender and the aggrieved become victims. in our society the victim must always turn into the winner. countless examples of this. in california a white man with dreadlocks is accosted by a black woman. she complains, she is culturally sensitive, there is an investigation. and marie university, vote for trump signed in shock spark fear among some students, they complain, university president says they have a point, they
10:56 am
win. some high schools the american flag is banned, immigrants are offended, they win. in texas a large cross on church property offends atheists, they sue, don't know whether they won or not but there lawsuit cost the judge a lot of money. there is a water tower in texas built on church land donated by the church with the church's name on it. the atheists are offended and they sue. politicians jump on the sensitivity bandwagon too, trump's campaign manager is charged with battery because he pulled a female reporter away as she was touching the candidate. trump fosters violence, say his opponents. suggest restrictions on muslim immigration and you are a big it. the list goes on and on. we seem to be in a permanent state of sensitivity, we seem to be looking for a grievance. what people say, even what they wear becomes fodder to the sensitivity industry. i am sensitive, i am aggrieved, therefore i win. you don't have to like it but that is regrettably the way it
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: donald trump about to take the stage at a rally in wisconsin, a town hall at saint norbert college, six days away, winner take all. coming blake berman. he is in appleton, wisconsin, where donald trump will another campaign event. i want to know, have you seen any sign at all of an organized disruption at either trump event? >> so far not yet. the local newspapers in the green bay area where the event is going on and in appleton where donald trump will speak in a few hours from now are both reporting there are organized protests amounting to a couple hundred here, a couple hundred there, but our producer on the scene at the rally says there
11:01 am
are only 20 protesters at that event, here in appleton we haven't seen anything at all to date. you see the line behind me, this even four hours from now, supporters, 100 or so lined up but everything outside of green bay in appleton so far calm would be the word i would give you. stuart: thanks very much. as we wait for donald trump we are joined by stars from the fox news channel, gretchen carlson, ashley webster in the middle. sandra smith, pleased to know you quite well. you are first up. donald trump faces extraordinary criticism in wisconsin media. really strong, full throated opposition to donald trump in the wisconsin media but this is a state he has got to win. >> i look at it as the new new
11:02 am
hampshire because this could reset the race. if donald trump loses wisconsin it is a whole new ballgame because what turned out in wisconsin is trump versus the hashtag never trump campaign, john kasich or ted cruz or somebody else at the convention. that is what we have come down to because it is like new hampshire. stuart: that could reset the whole rating. looking down i got a message. >> turn your phone off when you are on the air or at least turn off the ringer. wisconsin will be huge as far as keeping track of delegate count. if i were to keep things serious i would say wisconsin is a state that faced serious racial divide than the economy is number one. they have seen huge job losses and this could be a major focus for donald trump if he is able
11:03 am
to move past protests that are being organized, i didn't believe it until i checked it out myself. you can go to craigslist nancy bernie sanders supporters putting up money, $15 an hour for four hours to protest these donald trump rallies. stuart: thank you, sandra smith. >> turn off that phone. scott walker endorsing ted cruz makes a difference in wisconsin. usually endorsements don't matter but that makes a difference. stuart: conservatives in wisconsin are rallying around ted cruz because of authorization, i got to move on to trump's campaign manager charged with simple battery. we have all seen the tape of what happened. to me looking at it, doesn't seem like battery. only in the legalistic sense can you say that. >> in your sense, you are
11:04 am
thinking malicious intent. in florida it doesn't matter. when you look at the video we saw the video that was vague but then the camera and video released from donald trump's video cameras were more revealing, looked like there was physical contact made. stuart: does that make it battery? >> i am not here to decide that. donald trump said there was no physical contact with this reporter. the video shows something different and this is evidence in a court room. they had an eyewitness and audio where right after that happened she said oh my gosh and used an expletive, did you see what just happened, there is eyewitness, audio recording and video. where you get into difficulty is that night he said she is delusional, i never had contact with her. trump that night said maybe she made it up.
11:05 am
those are the problems. ashley: if he apologized the next day it would have all gone away. stuart: a male reporter grabbed from behind and pulled back, would we be hearing this? >> let's not get into the gender thing because i think anyone who has ever been a victim as a woman or a man of any assault. to say she made it up, it is for the court to decide. >> for the court to decide, if she was seriously offended by that. after many years in the business it gets rough and tumble sometimes, things like this to happen but it is entirely up to what the court decides. stuart: welcome back to the show, the gop split. all three candidates have gone back on their statements that they would support whoever the nominee is. you say this might be the split, might be good for the party. >> i said it on the real story.
11:06 am
this is all about change in our society, in politics in the republican party and in the democrat party as well. you are seeing it on both sides. i am not saying they should go in and have this in fighting. not that that is good for the party but change is good for the party. stuart: seems to me this split, you can't reunite it. >> i saw your take, it was a valid point that many are discussing in the party. huge discussion with judge alex for rare, a lot of people agree it is time for a change and this is naturally, organically brought on. what party emerges from this? what that republican party looks like, we have yet to see. ashley: having more than just two parties? >> a lot of people are speculating that -- ashley: or you have chaos within one party because you can't put them all under the same umbrella.
11:07 am
you are seeing that in the republican party, those on the far right and those on the middle. stuart: i assume you will promote "varney and company" on your show. >> i already did on my social media account. only if you take a picture with me. could we take a picture on your phone that you were looking at? if we take a picture together i will promote. stuart: done. smile, everybody. almost at their high for the day. don't bring that stuff in here. the dow is up 140 points, thank you, janet yellen. look at oil, we received the oil inventory report in the last hour, there was an increase in the supply of oil in the pipeline, not as much is expected so the price of oil stayed up, $40 a barrel. that is good for the stock market. mcdonald's, another all-time high, the sixth record high this
11:08 am
year. microsoft, i do own a tiny fraction of it, $55.47, getting close to its all-time high of $56.85. you don't know whether i bought it at $56.85. look at the share price of metlife. a court -- ashley: federal -- this is all to do in the wake of the economic crisis, the financial crisis, metlife does not want to be designated too big to fail company because it comes with all sorts of regulations. they took it to court and the judge granted relief saying they could overturn that designation. big celebrations at metlife, not such a good day. stuart: it is good, not to be too big to fail. how about this one? several states will once again start requiring able-bodied people to worked for there
11:09 am
welfare. >> it is a great idea and it is working in kansas and also working in maine. they found a 4,000 people on welfare who had won $22 million at the lotto, they forgot to check that. ashley: they were not going to say anything. stuart: in maine, using their food stamps in florida to go to disney. >> another part of the story. times have changed since the obama administration lifted these requirements. a lot has changed. when president obama said this, food stamp recipients didn't cause the financial crisis, wall street did. he lifted those requirements. unemployment was over 10%. we are below 5% now. time for something to happen. stuart: and we are an extra $8 trillion in debt. that does it for today. gretchen carlson and sandra smith from the fox news channel.
11:10 am
make sure you promote "varney and company". foreign-policy please. i say turkey is crumbling under the weight of the migrant crisis and domestic terrorism, there is a report that isis plans to target jewish children in turkey. and tells diplomat families to leave the countries, too dangerous. come on in lieutenant colonel allen west. it seems to me turkey is now really destabilized and that is extremely bad news for europe and bad news for america too. >> absolutely right, good to be with you. we have to put this in historical perspective. in 1453 when the ottoman turks conquered constantinople and it became istanbul, that was the last great islamic caliphate, the ottoman empire. after world war i it was defeated. modern-day turkey, wanted to have a secular muslim state.
11:11 am
when you fast forward to today, read some of his speeches and understand his rhetoric he has been courting these islamic jihadist groups. there are clear indications turkey has been supporting groups like isis financially and allowing them to transit across his board. the islamic jihadist group such as turkey has clearly in their sites because they want the restoration of that islamic caliphate, the ottoman empire, to have americans and jewish citizens in turkey is an aberration to them. stuart: a lot of people say to me, you do a lot of reporting on europe and turkey but what does it mean to me? what does it mean to america? what does it mean when turkey is destabilized? what does it mean to us here? >> look at what happened with libya being destabilized, you have isis and various islamic
11:12 am
groups using it as base of operations. imagine if a modern state such as turkey falls under the control of islamist groups and right now you have terror environment, domestic terrorism happening and that is the land bridge to get you into europe. we see so many migrants transiting through turkey to get into europe and we know isis found an additional 3 to 400 million military age males, turkey becomes that launching base which if you study your history is exactly what happened when they were stopped at the gates of vienna in 1683. stuart: quick test for you. assemble was constantinople. what was it before constantinople? but you don't know. >> it was the byzantine empire. stuart: it was by sandy him,
11:13 am
excellent. allen west passes the test. appreciate you being with us. now this. could be trouble for hillary clinton. a federal judge says we are entitled to more details on the scandal. i pose the question to the judge, are we any closer to an indictment? he is on his way.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: you are looking at norbert college in wisconsin. donald trump will hold a rally that will start any moment. we will bring you the action when it happens. we have breaking news on general motors. the ignition switch recall. and the lawsuit. ashley: us jury announced a verdict in this case and found
11:17 am
general motors liable for the defective ignition switch, the first verdict since the recall. this could open the floodgates. stuart: stock has not reacted to it, down $0.06, i won't call that a reaction. liz: you have been hit with hundreds of lawsuits, 2.6 million cars have been recalled, reports indicate they knew about it. stuart: how fortunate judge andrew napolitano is with us. andy the lawyers moved to dismiss the complaint and they lost that. this will be resolved by an appeals court that the appellate court does not get involved in. gm may still escape this by claiming it is insulated by bankruptcy. stuart: that is why stock is
11:18 am
hardly reacting. andy they are making a prudent prediction. stuart: new this morning president obama releasing more prisoners. ashley: drug offenders had their sentences commuted. a third of them serving a life sentences, some had firearms violations bringing the total to numb 48 which was more than six presidents combined. it is a big issue for the president, obama getting rid of strict sentences for drug violations. stuart: back to hillary clinton's email scandal. a second judge has agreed the conservative group judicial watch can pursue what is known as legal discovery. judge, without getting into the weeds because i don't know what is going on, does this enhance the probability of an
11:19 am
indictment? andy >> it increases the probability of misery for mrs. clinton, two judicial watch lawsuits, one looking for records about benghazi, one looking for records about huma who was employed by the clinton foundation. the state department says we don't have records and they didn't. the new york times did some digging and found the server, mrs. clinton created 60,000 emails. both judges said to the state department you are not answering our questions truthfully, i think there was a conspiracy in the state department when mrs. clinton was secretary of state to evade federal transparency laws. two judges independently of each other said you can take the testimony under oath of her inner circle and if you show me evidence of that conspiracy you can take her testimony. the same five people in the inner circle who will testify in both of these cases, knocks on the door from the fbi this weekend being asked whether they
11:20 am
want to explain themselves to the fbi in the email scandal and the next step after asking them in is to ask mrs. clinton herself. this is a perfect storm of misery for her. her closest aides must testify, one freedom of information act case about her email. another freedom of information act case about her email and what they know about her emails. stuart: we should expand the concept of the bill to the entire democratic party because if she is the nominee, it looks like she will be, they have a problem. >> the democrats should know about this before summer lest they have a catastrophe this summer in which they nominate her on day one and she is indicted on day two. stuart: will they know about it before summer? >> i suspect they will. i think the government will decide how to proceed against or criminally in may. stuart: coming to a boil. here is a headline from an influential newspaper in wisconsin which holds its
11:21 am
primary next tuesday. by any measure donald trump is unfit to be president. the man behind that headline tells us why he wrote it next. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
11:24 am
>>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: you are looking at donald trump at saint norbert's
11:25 am
college in wisconsin. we will take you there when the fireworks start and there will be fireworks. less then a week until the wisconsin primary. the media in wisconsin is turning on donald trump. the milwaukee journal sentinel headline is this. by any measure donald trump is unfit to be president. david haynes is the editorial page editor. why such a strong condemnation of donald trump? >> good morning, stuart. thank you for having me on. our editorial board felt strongly that trump is an empty suit. this is a man in the words of michael garrison of the washington post, has not thought about issues, he has thought about -- when you look at what trump has set about sending back 11 million undocumented immigrants, and impossible idea
11:26 am
which would divide families, frankly and an american thing to do. there are other answers to the problem. stuart: i don't want to argue with you, but often -- i don't take donald trump at face value. he says something because that is an opening bargaining position. it will change over the course of time as the negotiation proceeds. >> i think trump's supporters will tell you that. a trump rally in wisconsin, home of house speaker paul ryan, spoke to a number of people. trump supporters have been mischaracterized in lots of ways. these are hard-working, working-class people. what trump says, we have to take at his word. when trump says he wants to keep muslims out of the country i think we have to think that he would try to do that if he was president. i think this idea that this is more the art of the deal, we are
11:27 am
not buying it. stuart: we hear you and thank you for being on the show. it is a critical time in wisconsin. we appreciate you being here. on the left of your screen donald trump speaking live at saint norbert college. i am not hearing what he is saying but i am looking at him and he appears to be relatively restrained, he is not waving his arms around or speaking rapidly it appears was can we dip in for a second, get an impression of the tone. >> i intend -- puts it down -- then he lies. he is a liar. stuart: just as i said. a bit more restrained, not waving his arms. he waves his arms and talking about lying ted cruz. another 30 seconds. >> the votes are being cast. been has left the race. a lot of those people voted for
11:28 am
ted cruz. after the election was over, he called ben, i didn't know anything about it. i would like to apologize. oh great, makes you feel better. these politicians are bad dudes. they are bad. what? okay. i thought that was a positive statement. not another agitator. i call them agitators as opposed to protesters. protesters are fun. agitators are semi professional. we have some professionals also. we are doing well. we have millions of votes more than ted cruz, millions of votes more than ted k-6. john kasich. numbers were certified in missouri so we won missouri, had a recount and it was certified, we got 300 something more votes which didn't matter because we
11:29 am
won the state but we won missouri. we had an interesting one, louisiana, because of let's go with politics, let's not use any other word than politics. i get less votes, how would you like to be in a position like this? you go out and campaign, make speeches, made a lot of speeches in louisiana, final speech was amazing, we were at a hanger, the hanker was massive airplanes, 747s, the place was packed. i won. i found out even though i won i get less delegates than the guy who doesn't win. do you think that is fair? you think it is fair? somebody said you have to know anything. i got the most votes, i should win. it is very simple. i got the most votes and i didn't get the most delegates. [applause] >> the republican party has not treated me properly in my opinion and they haven't.
11:30 am
they haven't treated me fairly. i have millions more votes and we have a movement going on. millions of people are voting that didn't vote before. many are voting for me. the people coming across our republicans but tremendous numbers of democrats that like trump, tremendous numbers of independents, and something i love, people who have never voted before. people who have never voted before because they never had anybody they wanted to vote for. we are getting tremendous numbers, i didn't know there were so many people. when i do handshaking and signings, i tell you what, every 20th person says i never voted before. these are 30-year-old people, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, in tennessee we had one that was 90 years old, a woman, an incredible woman, beautifully dressed and everything, she had a trump sticker on her dress and i said that is unbelievable. she is 93.
11:31 am
everyone knew about it, big story in tennessee. she said she voted for the first time because she really believes in what i am saying. what i am saying is borders, strengthening the military and taking care of our that's, that's are being treated horribly. without our that's we would be nowhere. stuart: we are going to stay with donald trump when he says something really germane and he did just say something interesting. the republican party has not treated me properly, not properly at all. yesterday he said he is going back on that pledge to support the nominee whoever it is. if it is not him he won't support the nominee. he enhanced that point of view. am i on the right track? keeping the split in the republican party very much alive. ashley: ted cruz and john k-6 said they would not support the nominee, made failed attempts --
11:32 am
>> they are going into a chaotic convention. stuart: i believe the auditorium where he is speaking only holds 700 people. i was listening for a raucous crowd. you won't get it because there is a maximum of 700 people in the auditorium. i want to bring in jan brewer, former arizona governor, trump supporter and republican. thank you for being on the program. perfect timing by the way. donald trump just referred to the split in the republican party. he is not going to support the nominee if it is not him. you are a trump supporter, what do you make of this? >> i am a trump supporter. i have been a republican for 50 years. i know how the republican party operates and works. there has been a frontal attack on donald trump during this election blues not only from insiders but certainly from a lot of the media.
11:33 am
they were the ones who forced donald to support whoever won which we always come and support our nominee, we battle it out and now we are seeing everybody going in the other direction. it is unfortunate. it is fracturing our party. stuart: if you go into the election regardless who the candidate is with a split party that is not giving you numb 100% support, odds are you will lose. agree with that? >> absolutely do. the bottom line is we need a candidate, we need a party that will go forward against hillary clinton who i assume is going to be the nominee. bernie is doing a pretty good job, he has a good ground game going. we as republicans, the party of the big 10. it continues and continues, the
11:34 am
assault, stories, mix up. it is becoming almost unbearable. we want to listen to the candidates, republican upset. and they want something that will speak for them, not be controlled by who wants who on a higher level. i am a grassroots campaign or, we are seeing that arise in our country today and for them to move forward in the fashion they have been moving forward is very unfortunate. stuart: wouldn't it be good if donald trump called down a little bit. made some approach to his opponents in the field? he is talking about lying ted, the republican party is all against him. not so sure that is a wise policy if republicans want to win in november.
11:35 am
>> i believe ted cruz certainly has misspoken, has said things in campaign sometimes things happen. it is documented he has done things, lying ted, not being a truth teller is a better soundbite but the bottom line is we had a one term senator as president, do we need another one? stuart: we hear you, we know what you are talking about, former governor of arizona, thanks for joining us. thanks very much indeed. as we watch, we are not listening to donald trump but we know what he is saying. as we watch him i am inclined to think he has calmed down a little. i said that just as he was talking about lying ted and waving his arms all over the place but he does look a little more restrained than what we are used to, just a tad. megan mccain is here, republican
11:36 am
and critic of donald trump. >> my former governor. stuart: you folks from arizona, well represented today. don't you think donald trump should be a little ecumenical, reaching out to his opponents? this split in the republican party is not doing anyone any good. hillary is looking great but republicans are not. >> we really have an opportunity to win the white house, all these attacks on ted cruz, attacks on women, taxon wives, no time in history this will play well with anyone. i wish we would focus on the task at hand. another terrorist attack happened, christians were attacked in pakistan on easter sunday. a lot of things to talk about. i am sick a bout talking about this tabloid reality show.
11:37 am
stuart: yesterday when corey lewandowski was charged with simple battery because he grabbed the arm of a reporter trying to get to donald trump and touched trump the anti-trump people went ballistic, this is typical of the violence you get from donald trump, typically anti-female attitude. do you think that was battery? in the legalistic sense it was battery. when i say the word battery i say something completely different. >> you think it is right to put his hand on a woman ever? stuart: if she is approaching a presidential candidate and you are doing something about security and you have to restrain a person who is touching the presidential candidate yes, it is legit. >> it is the job of the secret service,
11:38 am
i'm not asking a legal opinion. the definition of battery if someone putting his hands on someone. i'm not a lawyer, but what i'm told it's battery. stuart: if the reporter had been a man. >> this is very comfortable for me to be asked on television and i grew up with the kind of family and the kind of father that it's not okay. i want to talk about isis. i want to talk about things that matter. trim to the antitrust people make it a field day out of this charge a battery. >> is on the campaign trail with my father. i've never seen anything like this happen. i understand things are chaotic and situations on the campaign shall come up with specific situation, a campaign manager put her -- his hands on a woman
11:39 am
and she had resisted charges -- prove it. stuart: is though reporter had been a man -- >> if he had bruises, you should have pressed charges. she had bruises on her arm. did you not believe her? stuart: okay, let's talk about the republicans split. i do want to go into detail, but i will tell you, the bruises were here on her arm. the video shows she was held here on her arm. i'm not saying she's line or anything else. but if you bring up the issue of the bruises, i'm going to answer it. >> for me as a woman, this is going to ruin michelle field life. it will definitely ruin her career. stuart: by would've ruin her life? >> is -- i'm not a journalist and a political comment later. you wanted to be about your opinions, writing and work.
11:40 am
she was on tmc yesterday. no journalist got no real journal to be on there i believe. i feel bad for her. i really do. stuart: do you think the split is fixable in any way shape or form? >> donald trump needs to reach out to different people including people like me. it is the later he needs to unite the party. i don't know how a come back from that. it is not just from supporters and antitrust people appeared its not just the antitrust people en masse. we all need to unite and if you get 1237 delegates, he's the nominee. he doesn't have a get. i'm not going to vote this time around. if he comes out and apologizes to my father and a bunch of people he's offended and neck in calais, i'm happy to rethink their spirit right now it's very emotional and very intense for those of us who have fought for the republ i've done this for the last
11:41 am
eight years am i going to college campus is, talking to teenagers about how they should vote republican. we can't access. stuart: thanks very much indeed. good stuff. the gop split on day. there is a split among democrats, too. we will tell you all about it in a moment.
11:42 am
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stuart: botched escape video from california. the young white man has dreadlocks. he is dreadlocks. if the cost of bag dreadlocks. he is accosted by a young black lady who doesn't like him having dreadlocks because he is white. adam shapiro doug this story up for a state that is the video he discovered. mic and what i think i'm seeing? >> it appears to be. their sister called -- think of the movie called cornrows. people believe that cultural appropriation is an offense, a micro-aggression to people of
11:46 am
color who would not take him not take aim at bad movie because she is white and that is what you witnessed there. the women identified although we've not been able to reach or so i will not say her name. the young man is identified as cory goldstein, a dj and and a student family cisco state university. he issued a statement. he posted to youtube and you see him. you can read what is happening. he posted a statement saying someone attack of this group thought she could attack meme based on my locks that's not okay. she tries to stop him and then he pushes her out of the way and then she grabs him and pulls him back down. he filed a police report with the campus police. san francisco state university issued a statement box. we run the phone with them yesterday. they said the university promotes the rights of campus. she has the right to say i don't
11:47 am
like dreadlocks which he doesn't have the right to stop them. we are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate the incident or applicable university channels. here comes the key question. what do you think what happened to him and what will happen to her? was called the university to find out the disciplinary procedure. they will comment on it. i've looked at the code online. they go to a whole list if you can't do this, can't do that. they don't say what it would be. >> what a disgrace. you are going to be told what your hairstyle can be depending on your color. great story, adam. thank you for digging it up. good stuff indeed. let's move on to democrats. senator bernie sanders right after hillary clinton and her home state of new york. former obama white house senior
11:48 am
director. thanks very much for joining us this morning. bernie sanders wants to debate hillary in new york state because there is a primary coming up in new york on april 19th i think it is. three said no, no debate until you change your tone here but is that all about? >> well, the language and tone is very interesting comment from several recent weeks attacked by bernie sanders directly on hillary clinton in which he went after her record on trade, also went several of his followers have gone after her in terms of her talent and the coded language. the back-and-forth is very interesting to watch, but ultimately the campaign if you are able to get enough delegates and that's really where -- stuart: it's interesting.
11:49 am
i want to date you until you change your tone. the nastier aggressive or masculine tone. the >> a lot of people are feeling fatigue and for her not want to do another debate won't hurt her and i may certainly given it an edge to get another debate in because it gives him more time in front of a knot is going head-to-head with her. now she's in the late inches in the late far more than president obama. it doesn't work to her advantage to necessarily be side to side on the stage particularly in an era where they tend to dominate. >> a senior aide says bernie sanders is going to campaign like a brooklynite. is that a veiled reference to bernie sanders coming from a jewish background?
11:50 am
>> with them, brooklyn is a diverse place in new york city and certainly has a lot of pictures as well. you could say it's a rough and tumble variety of things. largely stuart: had hillary and his home base and asked for by the campaign to make inroads where she has consistently dominated. california and pennsylvania are key states coming up in the primary season to win by more than 20% in order to back up the nomination. the bernie campaign do whatever they can at this point to be able to narrow the lead. stuart: thanks very much for joining us on the interesting subject. we appreciate that. a conservative women's group that is backing senator ted cruz. the rumors about his own faithfulness to his wife change that? we are going to find out.
11:51 am
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>> the greatest story today was gary player, a golfer, great golfer, one of the great golfers of all time. they used to say he's diminutive. he worked harder than any human being. he worked harder than any other golfer, but he was a small guy. he had a good, headed far, great golfer. everybody started them from south africa. always kept himself. he's like 80 years old, phenomenal. he still looks like you did 20 years ago. but gary player worked hard and he was the worst time, maybe i've heard it again, but the harder i work, the luckier i get. he worked so hard. stuart: donald trump moments ago getting conversational and this approach these days. our next guest says he is endorsing senator cruz for president and the website run by and for women.
11:56 am
now what puts you off donald trump? is it what he said about women? >> which particular instance are you talking about? he has said a lot about women. stuart: you have endorsed ted cruz. you are not going with donald trump. is it because what donald trump has had about women? it's not. >> no, that doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help donald, but he says about women. it does help hillary clinton if she had that been the nominee. she wanted to go into a debate with donald trump it is a republican nominee as a big gun. the champion of women as soon as he says one thing that disturbs donald trump, he'll go after her look because that's what he does. i've been listening to him since the late 80s, 90s. sorry mama is to listen to him on howard stern.
11:57 am
but he has been really denigrating women for many years. i am supporting senator ted cruz because he is the antiestablishment candidate. he has made the same promise is that donald trump has made, only he's able to back them up. >> it's got nothing to do with women per se and donald and women or cruz and women. you just think cruz is the guy. he's the best candidate out there. got that? >> absolutely. for me, senator ted cruz is absolutely the best candidate. and with donald trump i have serious concerns about the campaign promises he's making. everyone on our side was so mad about hope and change. it was smoke. it was the mariners. donald trump is doing the same. >> have got to jump in. he took up your time.
11:58 am
i'm very sorry about that. we will be back with more "varney" in a moment. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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stuart: i hate to do this, but we are living with a giant sinkhole in florida. i'm also giving you 100-point rally on the dow. charles: thanks a lot. "cavuto coast-to=coast." less than one week away in all three gop candidates are now backing off their pledges to support the party nominee. moments ago in wisconsin, donald trump piled into his party. take a listen. >> republican party hasn't treated me properly in my opinion. i've got millions of more votes and we have a movement going on. charles: blake irvin in wisconsin at how this all plays out on the campaign trail. >> hi, charles.


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