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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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know what you thought of today's show. i will see you here tomorrow. sending it over to ashley webster who is in for liz liz claman. >> senator bernie sanders and ted cruz in front of front runners six days before the wisconsin primary. cruz leading donald trump by about 10 points in the latest poll by the university law school. the sex senator joined by his wife and former presidential candidate carly fiorina. the businessman trump, just one day after he, cruz and ohio governor john kasich each said, no, they are not likely to event the nominee.
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bernie sander has a 9-point lead over hillary clinton. sanders holding aurally in madison at any moment. despite the numbers, clinton focusing on new york. the senator holding efnlt in -- event in wisconsin. on wall street, markets heading for new highs, the dow jones up 100 points. by the way, we are less an hour to the closing bell. i'm ashley webster for liz claman. let's begin the countdown. it's the countdown.
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s&p 500. the dow up 156 points at one point today. has come a bit. we will take it. while the markets seem to be having some spring fever volatility or the so-called fear index hitting lowest level since october. things calming down a little bit. oil settling at 38.39. snapping longest losing streak since january. metlife nearly up 5% all of defeating the government and reversing of the labeling of it being too big to fail that comes with alls of regulations, other insurers on the move. met life, prudential, all moving higher. but we begin with fox business team coverage of the battle for wisconsin, jeff flock is
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covering democrats and blake berman in appleton where donald trump is about to begin. the latest poll showing cruz with a double-digit lead over trump. 40 to 30%. kasich coming in behind with 21%. is cruz's lead enough and would this be donald's biggest test yet? blake berman is live and is getting all exciting behind him, what's the very latest, blake? >> hi, there ashley, a couple of things on the poll. polling here in wisconsin has been few and far between so a lot of folks were looking to that very poll to see exactly how it would change out here. john kasich at 21,some notable things from the poll.
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that is a 21-point jump for ted cruz since the last poll. for donald trump last month, he was leading by 11. now he is down by 10. cruz has been on the ground here in the state for days. that could be baring some fruit here in the badger state. this is day two for donald trump in wisconsin. he held an event earlier today just north of us in the pier. trump said today just like he did yesterday when we were with himself that wisconsin is ever so important in light of that poll, it wasn't available then but certainly worth watching in light of that poll and repeated it over and over again. take a listen. >> winning wisconsin is very important, on april 5th, you have the date, i hope you'll understand that this is a very important thing because i have for more delegates than anybody else.
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blake: so that was trump before the poll came out. as for cruz he campaigned south of us in madison, state capital. featured his wife heidi and mother elenor. back here in appleton, ashley, this event is going to get underway in about an hour or so, about a thousand people here. we will see exactly how trump reacts to ted cruz. he went after cruz very hard yesterday, layed off a bit this morning. let's see if he put it is foot back on the pedal again this afternoon. >> i will guess, yes, but we shall see. bernie sanders holding aurally -- a rally in madison. sanders taking 49% of the vote to clinton's 45.
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it is close but mr. sanders is slightly ahead. the badger state was one of the earliest roots of the sanders phenomena but can he get delegates to clinch nomination, that's the big question. the latest on what the sanders' campaign is doing to get a leg up ahead of next week. >> the campus from wisconsin, take a look at the rally earlier. i tell you the rallies are pretty amazing for bernie sanders. he really turns out the young people and may well turn out older voters. people like we asked one of the big issues in wisconsin, well, free trade is one of them and in that market polls, democrats that say free trade is a bad yours truly, bernie sanders wins
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that group of voters, 60 to 36% for hillary clinton. bernie sanders said it himself, that is key. >> next tuesday there will be a primary election. it is an extremely important primary election. i hope that we break wisconsin turnout history. i hope you come out. thank you all very much. >> and lastly, i want to leave you with a picture, ashley, i think you might find amusing, owe talk about protestors in the trump rallies, you know there's occasional protestor at the bernie rally too. only these are protestors who think bernie sanders hasn't gone far enough left. these are people from the animal liberation front, people who think bernie sanders is not
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speaking out enough on the ethical treatment of animals. >> protestors of all shapes and sizes, why not jeff flock. thank you so much. we now have two new leaders, the polls have been run before, we know that, hello michigan, for the closer look at the trail that is in the badger state i'm joined now by jesse, reporter from capital times. thanks for joining us. what fascinating times we live in specially when it comes to presidential politics. i just wanted to pick up on the latest poll markett university poll, ted cruz is surging ahead, and that's a 20% -- 21% jump for cruz since the last poll was taken. why do you think that is? >> well, ted cruz has had a strong ground game in wisconsin.
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earlier on in the race a lot of republican were supporting marco rubio pretty strongly and a lot of the supporters have come around to cruz in the last few weeks. that's not to say that there were a fair amount of supporters, wisconsin sees itself as the last potential place to put the breaks -- brake on trump candidacy. >> generally endorsements, don't count for a whole lot. how much did walker's endorsement counted for ted cruz? >> an the markett poll that was taken before walker made endorsement. among the cruz supporters and trump supporters that i've talked. i haven't met anyone who has been swayed by it necessarily, but it's the question between ted cruz and donald trump. the walker endorsement could push people to trump or push people to cruz depending on what
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kind of voter you are looking at. walker approval numbers are going up here. he's back up to 43%. he's start to go get a little bit more popular in in the state so he may be bringing people on that side. >> let's turn to democrats, as we speak hillary clinton is up the street from us and seems to be looking bernie sanders in wisconsin. >> wisconsin was a strong state for sanders. his numbers here have been a little bit smaller but still very strongly attended. hillary clinton has been in the state a little bit this week. she did some events in madison, milwaukee, green bay, while bernie sanders continues to keep doing that she seems to be focusing on the next sight ahead.
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there's still plenty resources here in wisconsin but it does seem in terms of actually having the candidate on the ground trying to make an appeal for voters bernie sanders campaign is outdoing her a little bit there. >> he's doing outdoing her in the energy department. hillary doesn't seem to have that. the question is can sanders voters back hillary because he seems -- she's like to be the presumed nominee. she's still having a hard time putting bernie sanders away, let's be honest, can sanders supporters jump on board with hillary? >> for the most part i think, yes. you do meet the occasional voter who finds themselves undecided somehow bernie sanders and donald trump. at the end of the day a democratic voter is not likely to go to the other side and cast vote for any of the candidates. she does become the nominee as people expect, i think we are
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going to see most of her support carry over from bernie sanders. >> fascinating stuff, isn't it? thank you so much. capital times, political reporter, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. appreciate it. >> thank you, ashley. >> we are waiting for donald trump to come out in appleton, there's the crowd. over a thousand. we will bring you to that event as soon as it gets underway and we will have much more on the battle of wisconsin. so much to talk about, so little time. coming up next, we are heading for the new york stock exchange to find out what's driving the markets. s&p 500 is headed for new highs of the year. how about this, cruise lines heading and profits tripled in the quarter. royal caribbean higher today. look at this, cruising just fine.
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cruises could be benefiting from people putting off the european vacation after last week's attacks in brussels. that could be a factor. the very latest update of terrorist investigation in brussels next on countdown
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ashley: let's take a look at
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this. we have bernie sanders to the right and donald trump to the left. bernie sanders, he's in madison right now talking to his supporters meanwhile up in appleton to the north of there donald trump talking to enthusiastic crowd. everyone has their phones out recording it, taking pictures. you want to listen in now. let's listen to donald trump and see what he has to say. >> we did very well in tennessee. he's from tennessee and travels all over. he's actually a good man. i like the phillipines. >> do you have seats? we are going to be here a long time. they turned away a lot of
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people, a lot of people, but now we are having a lot of friends come in. do you notice how nice and soft and beautiful and do we love wisconsin? we love it. [cheers and applause] >> hello, folks, back there. we have something that's so special going on and it's a movement and wisconsin is very important. ideally who is going to vote on april 5th? [cheers and applause] >> who is going to vote for trump on april 5th? good, good. now we are having great enthusiasm and we are going to have a lot of cross-over votes. you are going to have people that never voted coming across. the polls don't even take that into advantage. i think we are going to do great. we love the democrats if they
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cross over. do we agree with that? and the people that have never voted before. you know, it's amazing when do i shake hands with people or do whatever they call it, the rope they call it. every 20th person says to me, mr. trump, i've never voted before and they will be wearing like a trump shirt. stand up with that beautiful trump shirt. look at this handsome guy. he's shy. there he is. look at this guy. he's not shy. he's not shy. i love this guy. thank you, that's so cool. i haven't seen that shirt around. i don't know if they got that one on television. i have a feeling they're not allowed to but it's been amazing and we are winning a lot.
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we won 21 or 22 states, it was announced that we just won missouri. [cheers and applause] >> we have a movement going on, we have independents and democrats. same thing we continue to hear from him. we will continue to monitor his speech and we will go back if he gets into some of the issues. of course, the latest university law school poll shows him trailing ted cruz. i wonder if he'll speak about that. we will keep an eye on that on the campaign trail. it's less than an hour. it feels like a year already, doesn't it? s&p and dow teaching nearly highs. where do we go from here? great to see you.
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i was reading your mid-day notes. what's going on here, maybe it's too many foolery, what are you talking about? [laughter] >> it seems like whenever you have something like 98, 99 or 100, gentleman -- janet yellen, let the dogs out. dragging that back up to 95. so it seems like we are cooperating with central banks around world. ecp compliance, our currency gets too expensive, it's not good for multinational. it's almost as if there's a global cooperation here to keep our currency, dxy -- ashley: we
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will go with that. also the end of the quarter coming up. we are going to get into earning season. earnings have been pretty awful. does that give the market a reality check when we get the first-quarter earnings? >> so to get higher prices it's proversed but you don't need earn to go support that. so let's say -- let's just reallocate where we are going to put our money and play the areas that we they they'll be bert and you -- better, you have to try to excel in what they give you. ashley: very true. play the hand you're dealt. coming up next, five presidential candidates remain in the race, we know that. could the finances force one of them out before they get to the finish line.
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charley will break it next. ♪ ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses
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being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information ashley: this very minute
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talking to the crowd warming them up earlier, he's getting pretty good at this now, will cause -- [laughter] >> based on what i heard about something else. ashley: campaign financing. that's been a hot topic and questions that remain to be answered. how much money is still in their pockets and would it be enough to get them to the general
3:28 pm
election, charlie, what have you heard? >> there's a whole other story. we will stick with campaign financing. here is the fascinating thing. john kasich now has negative $2.7 million. ashley: he's in the hole by nearly 3 million. >> round it up. donald who has been lending his campaign money has 1.5 million but he can lend himself another 20, liquidate some golf course money somewhere. >> bernie sanders raised 17 million. ashley: yeah. >> hillary clinton is rolling into cash and she has as much as she wants. kasich is telling people that he is going to raise money in pennsylvania ahead of the pennsylvania primary which he's hoping to upset donald trump coming two weeks.
3:29 pm
ashley: 3 million in the hole. >> does he have enough money to make it to the convention or pick targets? the one thing -- the reason why rubio had to drop out post florida even though he was told by donors and we broke the story to drop out, you are going to lose, after florida, after he lost, they were like we are done with you. really you are if you're a candidate unless you're self-financing like donald trump you're captive to your donors, so, you know, this guy -- it seems like we do have a call out to them. >> when you have no money you can't take out all the ads, you can't make strategic moves, you have no money to do it. >> we should point out ken backing chris christie before that is now endorsing kasich, i don't see -- where is the money
3:30 pm
from ken? ashley: money on the gop side going to ted cruz? >> more and more of it and if he wins wisconsin as the latest poll shows he'll get more money. it's going to be hard for kasich to stay to the end. ashley: 75 million for hillary, the stories come out that perhaps the higher-ups in the democrats, those have not kicked in the money yet get behind her and the only one that can win it. >> here is the thing -- ashley: that's unfair to bernie sanders. >> he's run a respectful campaign. if she goes against donald trump and, you know, he's the republican nominee and she's not indicted or james doesn't quit, now there's more stuff coming out about just how serious the fbi investigation, it was in the
3:31 pm
washington post yesterday that the fbi staff has privately concluded that she probably broke some law, whether they bring the charge, we don't know. i think it's going to be hard for donald to beat her because he's going to be very underfunded. she's going to have money hand over fist. ashley: apparently so. good stuff as always. coming up next as the prime -- primary race heats up, clinton taking up donald trump in the fight for new york, a political panel reads between the lines next on countdown. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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ashley: we are less than a week away from the wisconsin primary. one candidate focusing on new york. the state's former senator hillary clinton steaking a claim in empire state. the ad singles out gop front-runner, big surprise, donald trump. >> new york, 20 million people strong. no, we don't all look the same. we don't all sound the same either. but when we pull together, we do the biggest things in the world. when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, turning against each other, well, this is new york. and we know better. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. ashley: we saw half of a trump 2016 sign there. we know who she is talking about. today hillary held an event in harlem. connell mcshane is there with all the details. connell? >> new york matters this year, ashley. i think that is really the story
3:37 pm
with her being here on this day with wisconsin not even having voted yet. she started it off today the at apollo theater taking her shots at her primary opponent bernie sanders, saying she has 2 1/2 million more votes than he does. she also went after the other side. you see how hard she hits some of these themes. hillary clinton even in her speech repeated some of those very same points from that new tv ad you just played for us. >> we don't all look the same. we don't all sound the same. or worship the same either. but we pull together. and when a candidate for president says we can solve america's problems by building a walls, discriminating against people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well, new yorkers know better. reporter: i think we know what a general election matchup would look like or sound like at least between mrs. clinton and donald
3:38 pm
trump but she has some work to do in the primaries first. it is not over yet even with more than 700 delegate lead for senator sanders. i know you talked about earlier in the show how close polls are there. with that, her staff and people running her campaign would love not only to have victory here in new york but a big victory on the 19th of april. that is why she is here now working for those votes. this state, again really matters, not just the democrats, ashley, the republicans, governor john kasich was out in howard beach, queens, today, at pizza place working for votes and looking for delegates any place he can find them. he is already in new york. here we have it, presidential politics, new york style, something we don't see very often but we're seeing it this year. we're just getting started at this point. ashley: new york pizza. connell, thank you so much. wonderful job, connell. appreciate that. donald trump speaking live in appleton, wisconsin. we dipped in a little bit
3:39 pm
earlier. there he is speaking right now, moments ago, making a statement on abortion, donald trump. he told msnbc that women should be punished for illegal abortions if the united states bans the practice, calling it an issue for the states. hillary clinton quickly responded to this tweeting, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. i am now joined by julie roginsky, fox news contributor, democratic strategist, ron christie republican strategist and former special assistant to former president george w. bush. i know you have shaking your head here, julie. what is trump thinking here? apparently taped interview with chris matthews for something that will air later on. he made the statement saying, yeah, i believe women should be punished if abortions were illegal and went ahead and did them. >> i don't know he is thinking anything. he has no filter. whatever comes into his head he says. there are a lot of people who
3:40 pm
probably agree with i am in republican primaries, you're committing a criminal act and a lot of republicans think you're taking a life and you should be punished for make taking a live. i don't think donald trump hasn't. ashley: does this help him in wisconsin. >> what i find fascinating it will hurt film general election he said thus far, men who facilitate illegal abortion under the scenario would not be punished. of course it many about as whole argument democrats effective make on war on women, a man helping woman to commit allegedly crime would have no penalty under donald trump but woman would be strung up with punishment. ashley: ron, as republican strategist what is going through your mind. >> fear, anxiety. julie said is absolutely right. democrats have war on women narrative. trump thrown out red meat that
3:41 pm
secretary clinton immediately jumped on. if you're republican for presidency right now the last things you need to be talking about is abortion. last thing you need to talk about criminalizing act of abortion. i don't care semantics. roe vs. wade is law of the land. i'm a lawyer. don't think it will get overturned. stop talking about it. ashley: sticking with you, ron, get the marquette university law school polls where. he is up 13% by the way. what reflection, what is reason for the surge by cruz? is it the, is it the fact that wisconsin does have a strong conservative base and they just don't buy into the trump movement? >> i think that's right. full disclosure i used to work for governor kasich when he was on capitol hill for eight years. ashley: okay. >> i say this. i think ted cruz has much stronger ground game than donald trump has. i think he is getting folkses out, impressions, knocks on door, signs up in the yard. that is making difference.
3:42 pm
ashley: go to the other side, july. saw hillary clinton in harlem at apollo here in new york. bernie sanders in the poll we referenced is leading by a small percentage, 49 to 45%. she seems to be moving on from wisconsin going elsewhere s that a bad mistake. >> what is interesting about hillary's support and donald trump's support they draw from the same state. they do much better in much more ethnically diverse states. wisconsin happens to be a whiter state than new york. she knows where she does well. she will likely do well in new york, maybe not new york city which tends to be much more liberal than rest of the state. can count on african-american vote and latino vote here in the city where bernie sanders will get upper west side white liberal vote for lack of a better description of my neighborhood. with that sense i understand what she is trying to do. she is former senator of new york. bernie sanders is so new york.
3:43 pm
he has been in vermont 100 years. he is new york. ashley: guy from brooklyn. >> she understands that. i think she understands a threat she may pose to her as a result of that. ashley: rons very quickly we had someone on the earlier show say look, this is crazy but bernie supporters, if hillary is the nominee could jump to trump because they want political revolution. julie is no way. >> only susan sarandon. ashley: susan sarandon making that point. what is your thought on that. >> my thought, i think trump and bernie sanders are drawing from the same pool. ashley: angry. >> disaffected with establishment. we'll screw with the establishment. change things up. nothing in the election will surprise me. a lot more to go. ashley: every day, every minute, you don't know, do you. gift that keeps on giving. ron and julie, thank you for being here. next hour david asman and melissa francis will talk to former presidential candidate
3:44 pm
and former arkansas governor mike huckabee after the bell, immediately following the "countdown." neil cavuto and fox business all-stars have six days. they will give you latest pom results until winners are named in democrat and republican races. coverage in the primary next tuesday, beginning 8:00 p.m. eastern. markets on track to close 2016 at highs. at least highs for the year. the dow up 96, 98 points. up next more questions after the fbi dropped its kise against apple after cracking open the phone of san bernanadino terrorists. going forward what does that mean for apple security, and fight on crime. answers to those questions and more coming up next. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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infamous heat map. visa leading the way. apple up a couple bucks. talking of which we now know fbi can break into iphones, what response can we expect from apple and should the feds share phone-breaking skills with apple. thorny question which pits privacy versus security. joining me is brain link chief technology officer and i.t. expert. raj, thank you so much for being here. we know the fbi found someone or a company to break into a phone. what does apple do? did apple win this battle? our people say they lost and they held their ground and fbi got into the phonyaway? >> apple won the long game. for most of the customers they proved they're fighting for users and not a lapdog -- ashley: even if that user is a terrorist? >> user of a the phone was terrorist but ultimately apple is not marketing to a dead
3:50 pm
terrorist. they're marketing to you, me, business buy. david: governments around the world. what they have shown they have backbone push being back against egregious -- ashley: raj, there are those out there say if there is information that could stop an attack taking lives there shouldn't be -- >> as ben franklin says, those that trade safety for security will get neither. say fbi gets in one way or the other, great. i'm happy from civil liberties perspective fbi has data. what is apple going to do, they have a couple of options. ashley: what will they do? make the security better? >> they will find out from law enforcement or just find whichever company did this and buy the same vulnerability either directly or indirectly and patch in future uses of io. is. ashley: that is not good business model if you have keep buying companies from breaking into your phone.
3:51 pm
>> it is great business model. every corporation, microsoft, google, everybody, except for apple has what's called bug bounties. you know what, break into our products. if you break into our product, break chrome -- ashley: get money. get a reward. >> we get to know how the bug works. gm is doing with new smart cars. every technology corporation in the has publicly disclosed bug bounty of any size or stature. apple is in very great position to either hold a bug bounty or better yet, just buy the companies. they have the money to do it. ashley: is the fbi legally forced to provide apple with the details of how they got into that phone? >> honestly i'm not a lawyer so i can't tell you legally if they can do it. historically the u.s. post has a program where they share vulnerabilities with our manufacturers goes back to founding of our republic. they will tell you how the burglars broke in.
3:52 pm
the challenge for fbi we never decided whether the fbi is law enforcement agency like the police department or counterintelligence agency like cia or nsa. counterintelligence has no legal requirements or social requirements to share what they find with anybody else because that is their stock and trade. because the fbi is dual identity agency they're constantly at war with themselves. are they cops or are they spies? ashley: issue not going away anytime soon. thank you very much for being here. thank you. >> a pleasure. ashley: coming up next, investors getting to wrap up the first quarter of 2016. it has been anwer so far. one fund manager is not expecting first-quarter earnings season to be exactly spectacular. we'll find out why. stick around on countdown. i know what i can expect from usaa
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let's go to the new york stock exchange where gerri willis is standing by. gerri? >> that's right, ash. up a little more than 5%. that is the highest level since january 5th. why? because it beat the government. it does not have to have so-called sifi designation. systematically important financial institution that brings on regulations from washington. here is what the president said. today's ruling validates metlife's decision to seek judicial review of our designation. from the beginning we said our financial model does not pose instability for the u.s. -- to the financial stability of the u.s. they said why did you go ahead with this anyway if this is the result? all eyes of wall street are on the sector. prudential, aig, all doing better, because on the news of this ruling. will they try to fight the
3:57 pm
designation as well? for you, ashley, a little trivia on this case. the fellow who represented metlife, eugene scalia, is son of the supreme court justice. big win for him. ashley: it is, questiongiery, thank you very much. s&p 500 on track to have the officers winning month of 2016. let's bring in rdm financial group ceo ron weiner with a look ahead. things for being here. what is this all about? is this all thanks to janet yellen and fed saying you know what, we'll keep cheap money around longer? >> actually if we cycle back to seven or eight weeks ago, this is the worst start in the history of the s&p. we wrote then you know what? we don't see why it is so bad. we don't see it is great. now it has gone back to zero pretty much, or 1%. that sounds about right to us. the stocks in america are pretty fairly priced.
3:58 pm
stocks in europe and asia. ashley: where does it go from here in your opinion? period of quiet? >> a trading range. there is never quiet. there is reasons that will spark -- emotions taking place, not fundamentals. ashley: what do you like? i look at your picks. you like tech stocks, apple, google microsoft. why do you like apple no we're financial advisors. we're not here to shoot the eyes out of the market. we're here to get our clients where they want to go. if the basket is microsoft, google, facebook, apple, apple being the cheapest but probably the most pour boring right now, hard to believe, three, five, eight or 10 years from now we'll not be in pretty good shape. these guys are the smartest people on planet. ashley: apple with 200 billion in cash, doing nicely. google search engine of choice. microsoft, been around a while. still like them? >> probably in and out the last 15 years probably four or five times.
3:59 pm
now we're in it because it's a different company and a different ceo. they're making use of some of their horsepower. ashley: 30 seconds what are you avoiding and would not touch with 10-foot pole. >> under keep me up at night, bond funds. betting on interest rates staying down here in funds. you can buy individual bonds, that's fine, that's safe but these funds and etfs, they're not as liquid as you may think by pushing a button and selling. that keeps me up at night. otherwise we stay away from europe and foreign markets about 10%. only we're really not sure, given volatility of the world's markets. so we're saving ourselves and being a little bit less volatile. ashley: very good. we have to leave it there. ron, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. rdm financial group. dow and s&p as we say 500 is set to close at 2016 highs. everyone taking a deep breath. vix, fear index down to the
4:00 pm
lowest level since last october. let's take a look at these numbers as we head towards the closing bell. [closing bell rings] they're happy at nyse and nasdaq. go to david and melissa francis who will pick it up here after the bell rings in just about two seconds. melissa: stocks climb again today. the dow ending at a new 2016 high. look at that!, up better than 85 points. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman and this is "after the bell." new at this hour, right now donald trump and bernie sanders both holding rallies in wisconsin with less than a week to go until that state's crucial primary. we're just getting results of a brand new poll showing up with of these men had a huge turn around over his rival in the state. wait until you hear what happened. we have big results coming up. melissa: donald trump currently making a pitch to voters in badger sta


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