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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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lowest level since last october. let's take a look at these numbers as we head towards the closing bell. [closing bell rings] they're happy at nyse and nasdaq. go to david and melissa francis who will pick it up here after the bell rings in just about two seconds. melissa: stocks climb again today. the dow ending at a new 2016 high. look at that!, up better than 85 points. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman and this is "after the bell." new at this hour, right now donald trump and bernie sanders both holding rallies in wisconsin with less than a week to go until that state's crucial primary. we're just getting results of a brand new poll showing up with of these men had a huge turn around over his rival in the state. wait until you hear what happened. we have big results coming up. melissa: donald trump currently making a pitch to voters in badger state and might need more
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support than he originally thought. fox's blake burman at the rally with this one. blake? reporter: donald trump in middle of a whole lot of news here in the state of wisconsin. he is behind me right now on stage for a town hall in appleton but there was, this is second stop of the day for donald trump. before this he was north of us. in between he held a town hall of sorts with msnbc and there was an exchange back and forth with donald trump and with chris matthews, of course one the anchors over there at msnbc. and he, the exchange was about abortion and whether or not banning abortions and what kind of punishment should there be if any. donald trump said if abortions were made illegal there should be some form of punishment for women who end up breaking the law though he did not say exactly what kind of punishment, how long that should be. afterwards the trump campaign sent out a statement, as you can see trump is on stage right now but he sent out a statement and i will read that to you, quote,
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the issue sun clear and should be put back into the states for determine nations. like ronald reagan i'm pro-life with exceptions which i outlined numerous times. that is statement from trump a little while ago. as you mentioned separately, completely separately, there is poll out from wisconsin, marquette university, the law program releasing a poll showing ted cruz could potentially be surging ahead of donald trump. cruz has 40% of the republicans in badger state. that is 10 points clear of trump. after that john kasich at 21. trump didn't specifically address at that poll per se but did talk about polling in this state and why he thinks he will outperform. here was trump a little while ago. >> i think we'll have a lot of crossover votes. you will have democrats coming across. independents coming across. people that never voted before coming across. no poll, i think polls don't take that -- polls are not even taking that into advantage.
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not really discussing that. reporter: wisconsin is open primary which means independents and democrats can cross the aisle should they choose. trump behind me on stage. you probably can hear him. he has been going now for better part of half an hour. lots of nice in wisconsin today for trump. send it back over to you. >> very animated reading behind you there from some papers. looks like he was on quite a rant there. what a day tore donald trump. reporter: we heard him. melissa: it was big one. coming up i will ask former governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee his thoughts on those comments that blake just mentioned that are making news and really burning up internet about abortion. we'll ask former governor huckabee about his thoughts and trump making those comments. that is coming up. david: what a day. donald trump trying hard to win the wisconsin gop primary by hitting state's republican gop governor hard. trump has been hammering governor scott walker who
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formally endorsed ted cruz earlier this week but trump's attacks on governor who is popular with the republican base may have cost him. here with reaction "fox news sunday" host, chris wallace. great to see you. what an election season. i've never seen anything like it. i'm sure you haven't either. this attack on popular governor, at least popular among republicans is fascinating. i'm wondering if it hasn't hurt him in the polls? because back in february donald trump was leading in wisconsin 30% to ted cruz's 19%. but look how that turned around. today's poll, same organization, ted cruz is winning by 40%. trump is behind by 30%. that is february poll. then you can switch over to today. extraordinary turn around, chris. >> yeah. i don't think it has much to do with either governor walker's endorsement or the fact that donald trump is pushing back on governor walker. first of all, i think these
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endorsements, we pay more attention to them. in addition to which trump's support is anti-establishment. so, you could argue that not having support of the establishment, and he doesn't in wisconsin, you've got the governor, you've got speaker paul ryan who is wisconsin congressman, you have a lot of local state legislators all backing cruz, or at least not backing trump, i don't think that is the big issue. i really think the big issue, trump has had a terrible two weeks. when you think of it, what has trump been talking about for the last two weeks? it has been insult game, vis-a-vis ted cruz's wife heidi and his own wife, melania. for last 24, 48 hours, question whether he assaulted a former breitbart reporter michelle fields or not. trump seems to have to get back
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to talking about people's lives, how his policies will affect them, things got him to front-runner position in the first place, like trade, like immigration, like taking on establishment, talking about all this personal stuff and talking about his campaign manager whether he assaulted a reporter i don't think that is doing him any favor at all. david: well, the way he is attacked the governor, not to belabor the point, but is just based on some facts that aren't there. he suggested that the state went into a two billion dollars deficit as a result of what the governor has done when in fact there hasn't been a deficit in wisconsin. it has a balanced budget amendment by law. it has to turn in a balanced budget. he is attacking based on things that aren't true. you don't think that affected gop base and their views of trump at all in wisconsin? >> i think if, fact checks were the basis for his support he wouldn't be where he is. david: good point. >> and the fact is, a lot of the things he said about scott walker, that he has been
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saying in the last 24, 48 hours are things he was saying about him that helped drive scott walker out of the race. i think it is trump spending too much time talking about his wife and ted cruz's wife and his campaign manager versus reporter. he ought to look back. every reporter is kind of a frustrated campaign manager. he ought to fet back to talking about issues how it affects people's lives. that brought him to this position in the first place. david: last question, chris. wisconsin is open primary. could it be trump is trying to play for democrats crossing over for him? >> sure that is one of the secrets of his success, go after so-called reagan democrats, blue-collar democrats or independents who are disaffected, don't like the political system and see him as a voice for their discontent. david: fox news sunday host, chris wallace. chris, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: bernie sanders hitting the stomach hard in wisconsin today as he prepares to square
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off against rival hillary clinton in the state's primary vote on tuesday. but can sanders pull off a surprise win in the badger state? jeff flock is live in wisconsin with the latest on what the candidate is doing to boost his chances ahead of wisconsin's important he vote. jeff in. reporter: on the campus of carthage college here in kenosha, wisconsin. melissa, if donald trump is looking for people to cross over because they are disaffected i don't think he will get any in bernie sanders's camp. this is a real barn-burner. look at numbers from the marquette poll, now in the lead pretty strongly as bernie sanders over hillary clinton. numbers are 49-45. back in october hillary clinton had a 53-point lead. where he is winning big? well, young voters like folks here on campus at cath than college. he -- carthage college.
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he gets 83% of the voters 18-29. the guy running the poll says that is pham noll. she only gets 12%. for women, where you expect her to do pretty well, running at toss-up, 48-46. her strength, non-white voters places in the democratic party, milwaukee. leads sanders 53-42. it is a real horse race. you talk about people being disaffected by process going to trump, i don't know a lot of those people in the crowd were sanders folks we talked to today, who feels like he is the guy who bring as real breath of fresh air and he is not really a free trader either. he kind of has similar views to donald trump when it comes to trade and jobs going away. melissa. melissa: jeff flock, thank you so much for that. while sanders seals the lead in wisconsin, hillary clinton is facing off a general election with trump in her home state of new york. listen. >> when some say we can solve
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america's problems building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against each other, well, this is new york and we know better. melissa: oh, democratic front-runner is targeting trump without question while stumping for new york city today but her new york native bernie sanders isn't giving up the fight in the state either. chris wallace is back to weigh in on this one. chris, you said you're a frustrated campaign manager. so i will hold you to that. if you were managing hillary clinton's campaign, do you think this is the most effective way for her to run in this primary in new york, just to go straight at trump? >> well, first of all, let's talk about wisconsin which is very important. melissa: okay. >> because sanders has won five out of the last six contests mostly caucuses. if he were to win an open primary in wisconsin, very close to michigan, so there would be a chance that he could. of course he surprised clinton in michigan, that would give him a lot of momentum. there are two weeks between wisconsin and new york. as far as new york, she wants to
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make it seem like the primary is over, she's won, she is the nominee and she is going after trump. to the degree she can avoid giving bernie sanders any oxygen, that makes some sense. on other hand i don't think it is going to work. not to say that sanders is going to beat her. sanders will not go away quietly. he comes from brooklyn. he reminds people of that all the time. he will campaign aggressively in new york. if he wins wisconsin he will give her some trouble look, by all rights she should win. she was the senator from that state for eight years. melissa: right! >> having said that he surprised a lot of people so far. there are certainly at least pockets in new york i think he could capture. melissa: you think there is really a chance she could lose new york? that would be unbelievable. >> i think it is unlikely she loses the state but he could give her a good run. look, if he gets in the 40s, against her in new york, it is pretty good. then he goes on to other states. on april 2.
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you have got races in bunch of states along the east coast. rhode island, connecticut, pennsylvania, maryland. so if he runs or even close to even in new york, that would be a pretty good performance, especially if he wins wisconsin. melissa: in your super expert opinion do you think this whole idea of superdelegates flipping over at the last minute because he has all this momentum? is that fantasy? is that a possibility? how do you really feel? >> i think it is only chance he has got. obviously there are four, 500 superdelegates committed to her already. that puts this from being slightly close race, she still has a lead of a couple of hundred pledged delegates, that is what puts it into a landslide. so it is the only hope he's got. the argument he has to make in the end i have momentum and i have the passion. yes, you got a lead but you have a bunch of southern states like mississippi and louisiana that will probably go for republicans anyway. so in the swing states like wisconsin or michigan where conceivably a pennsylvania on
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the east coast i have got more support than you do. is it likely to happen? would i bet the farm on it? no. but it is the only argument he can make. he has to make it come happen. melissa: chris wallace, i love you. you're the best. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for that. we should -- i will save that piece of tape. melissa: perfect. david: tickled him pink. another story affecting americans overseas, parts of turkey is now considered too dangerous for some americans. families of u.s. military and government workers have been ordered to leave southern turkey because of security concerns. there have been reports isis planning an attack specifically on jewish schools in the country. the state department also warning all americans to avoid traveling to the region, especially near the syrian border. >> meanwhile more americans fear another terror attack here in the u.s. is imminent. the startling results of a new poll coming up. david: i don't know if you heard this but iran's supreme leader
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says the key to his country's future is not in talks, it is in missiles. melissa: no kidding? we knew they thought this. david: lt. general tom mcinerney responds to the latest threat. melissa: behind the scenes battle for special delegates that could make all the difference winning the republican nomination. we were just talking about this. bret baier will give us more. he will break it down for us coming up. >> even though i won i get less delegates than the guy who doesn't win. you think that is fair? honestly, you think it is fair? somebody said well you have to know, you don't have to know anything. i got the most votes. i should win. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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4:18 pm
market strategist at bubba that is bubba for president by the way. he is not endorsing a particular candidate. is this a trend or is it a bubble? >> it's a bubble. always been a bubble. you can't have market continue to bo up based on what federal reserve says and what they do, devaluing dollar, negative interest rates, giving free money on street. markets run in cycles. this is greed sy kel. david: clearly fed can move markets. markets are moving the fed. that is where they're getting all the cues. do you agree? >> i agree the fed is strictly watching what wall street does, if the markets get in trouble, what happens, fed comes out and does something. david: fed is not supposed to do that. make sure the dollar is solid and unemployment is down. by the way, talk about bubbles if fed is creating a bubble, there is talk about another condo bust looming in miami. "wall street journal" had a big piece about that today. >> of course, when you understand, when you bring in too much cheap money into people and you force people to do
4:19 pm
things they're not accustomed to doing, outstretching their budget, buying these things, all of sudden they don't have money or jobs. you have a fed for last three fed governors or chairman, whatever there are called have been bubble builders, greenspan, bernanke and yellen have done lousy job what they're doing. all they do is devalue the dollar. that is their goal. david: if you think we have bubble now with the fed is doing, imagine to negative interest rates? >> scares me to know end. every time they go out and talk scares me to no end, every day, four governors talking. what are they talking for? who needs to hear them? >> only thing they can do is with interest rates is go negative. they have done it in europe and japan. doesn't help the economy. >> we've done nothing. all we see is trouble. biggest problem nobody is talking about car companies selling future for cars now.
4:20 pm
$10 trillion in net. banks are in big trouble. because they are lending money. david: when will it pop. >> i can't give you date but guaranty it does. this. >> this year down 10%. david: taking a plane for chicago. thank you, todd. melissa: people in texas, oklahoma and arkansas are enhanced area of risk until friday where storms could get tornadoes. meanwhile, warnings are set in louisiana where heavy rain is expected to bring back massive flooding. wow. david? david: all right. now to terrorism. more than a week after brussels was hit by horrific terrorist attacks, the city's airport is still closed. more on the investigation into those attacks. wait until you hear this, coming up. melissa: plus donald trump, oh, he may have a whole new problem with women. the republican front-runner advocating some form of
4:21 pm
punishment if abortion becomes illegal. coming up, former presidential candidate mike huckabee is going to chat it out with us
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melissa: iran's supreme leader declaring missiles are the key to the country's future. the ayatollah saying on his website, quote, those who say the future is in negotiations, not in missiles, are either ignorant or traitors. if the islamic republic seeks negotiation but has no defensive power, it would have to back down against threats from any weak country. here to weigh in retired lt. general thomas mcinerney, fox news military analyst. thank you for joining us. what does this statement mean to you? >> well it means to me, melissa, that the iranians are going to develop nuclear weapons, they are going to have at least a nuclear deterrent. around they may use nuclear
4:25 pm
weapons and give them to terrorists. so it's a very dangerous omen. by them saying, that nuclear, that missiles are part of their strategy, they are saying nuclear weapons are part of their strategy. melissa: there are two things that people on the other side would say, number one, he is the ayatollah. he needs to talk tough to his own people. it doesn't necessarily represent what he thinks or what he is doing or what the real leadership thinks. what do you think? >> i think those people don't know what they're staying -- saying. when the ayatollah says that, that's exactly what their policy will be. there are no ifs, ands or buts in that dialogue because he is the supreme leader. melissa: it is interesting, when you dissect the second part of the statement it is true m when he says you seek negotiations but you have no defensive power, you have to back down against threats even against the weak.
4:26 pm
that's true. i mean, isn't that the way america operates as well? i mean you have to negotiate from a position of strength. so, by definition what he is saying is kind of true and logical, right? >> there is no question about that. they will be far more effective in their negotiations if they do it through strength. we say peace through strength. they clearly do other ways. they do expansion through strength. melissa: right. >> they have a different ideology. that is the difference, melissa. melissa: yeah, but what he says seems to be true through and through. what is the appropriate response to this, do you think? >> we gave away all our bargaining chips in the nuclear negotiations when they gave them $100 billion right up front. we should have parceled that out over three-to-five year period but we didn't do it. we're in great trouble. it should be major part of the pre endings did debates. if i were king i would in fact negotiate, terminate that
4:27 pm
negotiation or, it is not a treaty. it is an agreement. i would terminate it immediately. i would with our allies in the region start taking covert action on the iranians to force them to get rid of their nuclear weapons and a regime change. melissa: sir, thank you for your time. good to see you as always. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: david? david: the u.s. military announcing it will send hundreds of tanks and other recall a mored vehicles to eastern -- armored vehicles to eastern europe. the defense department says they will be stationed there on permanent basis to support our nato allies. they are increasing presence in the region in hopes of further deterring any further russian aggression. messa: republicans bracing for messy path to the finish line. >> nobody will have enough delegates going into the convention. ted cruz needs almost 90% of all the remaining delegates to be the nominee. that is not going to happen. trump needs about 55% or more. that is not going to happen. melissa: coming up, bret baier
4:28 pm
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of terrorism on american soil. according to new reuters poll, 64% of americans believe that there will be a terrorist attack here within the united states in the next six months. terrorism has been a top concern for u.s. citizens since the paris attacks last november. david: brussels security cabinet meeting last week over the terror attacks in the city. the local airport tykes new measures to begin limited sels with the latest. hi, greg. reporter: hi, david. more than a week after the at saks we're finding it could have been worse. belgian officials with very strong assistance from fbi agents are combing through laptops and mobile phones they have seized from terror suspects. they are finding out they might have wanted to hit targets around the corner from the metro station where they hit a large
4:33 pm
bomb and left a lot of casualties. found on a hard drive, images mapped and planned of the home and the office of belgium prime minister charles charles michel. the images left people. the infamous man in hat or man in white seen with two other suicide bombers in surveillance videos at the airport, there is new speculation that the man could also be the second suspect in the metro bombing. that is he could have been at the airport and hour later cohave been at that station. it is only three miles apart. no confirmation of that. now under treatment at a hospital in salt lake city, those two mormon missionaries who were injured in the attack at the airport we were telling you about, they were brought
4:34 pm
back for treatment there. one other american was brought back. all told, 12 americans were injured, four killed. right now 55 victims remain in critical condition. 32 were killed. and it doesn't end here. french authorities late this afternoon saying that beginning with a raid last week just outside of paris, they have broken up what they call an imminent threat of an attack to france. one person was arrested there. a lot of weaponry seized. two more accomplices arrested here in belgium. one in holland, a real european-wide network of terror. one final note, david. last couple days there is report about sms texts going out to young people in the molenbeek area of brussels. that is an area we have reported from, that is a hotbed of islamist recruitment at very least and terror. we got in touch, fox news with the person that was highlighting this. there is at least one text out
4:35 pm
there, the concern is there could be more. there could be serious recruitment. when we've been speaking to people there, they have been telling us there is face-to-face recruitment in the radical mosques in the area. also from islamist agitators. it is fertile ground, and the concern is, david, not just these attacks that passed, there could be more. back to you. david: a lot of recruiting going on in most mosques. greg palkot, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: republican candidates are not just trying to woo voters but trying to sway delegates in their favor. more than half of the people needed to win nomination have been assigned. are candidates preparing for messy convention floor fight to the nomination. fox news's james rosen has details on this one. this is turning out to be quite a wild one, james? >> yeah, no question about it, good afternoon, melissa, and david. the struggle for the allegiance of delegates and even probable delegates to the republican national convention this summer is taking place on a hyper-local
4:36 pm
level with the campaigns tapping networks of state party organizations to help them navigate the byzantine rules under which each of the states operate in selecting an programing of its delegates. gop front-runner donald trump has vowed to file a lawsuit and an internal challenge within the rnc over reports that his nearest rival, texas senator ted cruz despite losing the louisiana primary to trump on march the fifth, could draw enough support of unbound delegates and rubio supporters to overtake trump in the pelican state's delegation by as many as 10 delegates. >> we have millions of votes more than cruz, millions of votes more than kasich. we had an interesting one, where we won louisiana, and then i found out even though i won i get less delegates than the guy that doesn't win? do you think that's fair? reporter: for his part, despite highly adverse delegate math, senator cruz still insists he can avoid a floor battle in
4:37 pm
cleveland. >> will you admit tonight a contested convention is your best bet to get the nomination? >> not remotely because -- >> you think you can 85%? >>, a it shoely. our path going forward is 1237. most of races coming up are winner-take-all or winner take most. reporter: trump has hired veteran gop strategist paul manifort to run his campaign's delegate tracking operation while ohio governor john kasich turned to stuart spencer, the veteran gop strategist who helped president gerald ford stave off convention challenge from ronald reagan in 1976. in nailing down the second ballot support, the various gop candidates are having to do something they find very distasteful, to break bread with that much reviled yet frequently consulted the beast, the republican establishment. melissa: this certainly turned out to be very interesting one to report on, james, to say the least. thank you. appreciate your time. david.
4:38 pm
david: i can see james writing his novel as we report on all this. melissa: that's true. david: senator marco rubio has new strategy to stop trump from getting the nomination. florida senator won 171 delegates from 21 states before he dropped out of the state. he wants to make sure they vote for him in the first round of contested convention. here to break down rubio's role, bret baier, host of "special report" on fox news. we we go into the weeds, pull back to look at broad picture. if trump does not get the nomination, what does trump do? >> well he heads into cleveland, first of all, david, good afternoon. he heads into cleveland with not as strong a hand. if he is short of 1237 the going bets that whole thing flips. 60/40 he doesn't get nomination because of manuevers at the convention in cleveland. if he has the number, if he has the majority, most people say
4:39 pm
there isn't going to be taking the rug from under him once he gets there. david: bret, i'm going even further than that. suppose at end of the summer somebody else is the nominee for the republican party. does trump run as third party candidate? does he endorse somebody else, maybe even a democrat? what do you think he does? >> well, i don't know. obviously donald trump is unpredictable how he reads things, what he does. last night he said he is not going to honor the gop pledge and neither did kasich or ted cruz. david: right. >> whoever is the gop nominee. they all signed this piece of paper which is now meaningless. and basically, i think trump, we will be too late to run an independent run because you can't get on all the ballots that you need to get to if he making that decision in july. david: right. they have sore loser laws in many states that prevent him from running. >> 20. david: texas among them.
4:40 pm
rubio now has 111 delegates. he wants -- 171 delegates. he wants to use them as bargaining chip against trump. how does he do that? >> he has written a letter to all the states that held primary/caucuses before he dropped out. they have requested holed on to his delegates until the convention. now different states have different rules, as you just heard james go into. it is a little byzantine. it is a little archaic, he has written a letter to all of the states, he wishes to hold on to his down delegates until cleveland. and then to tell them, at the end, where he would like them to go. now, that is not going to work for some of them. some will be unbound right a way since he dropped out. others may still be on the rubio ticket, once you get to cleveland and he becomes a king-maker of sort. david: it will be a mess, bret. it will be a fun mess for us to cover but a mess. >> get your abicus.
4:41 pm
david: thanks very much, my friend. bret baier, catch a special fox news reporting, at 10:00 p.m. see him every night at 6:00 p.m. on fox news. melissa: start saving up millenials, on numbers you might need for retirement. plus the politically correct hairstyle. a confrontation between two college students has now gone viral. it is making waves across america. >> do you think i can't have a culture? oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. melissa: millenials better hope they make a lot of money because they are going to need it. assuming 2% rate of inflation, new studies show millenials born in the early 1980s, will need $1.8 million socked away for retirement to retire comfortably. those born in the late 1990s,
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need up $2.5 million. save your pennies my friends. david: i remember that was real money. confront station caught on camera, when a young man was stopped and harassed for wearing his hair in dreadlocks. >> you think i can't have a hairstyle because of your culture? why. >> because it is my culture. you know what -- >> you know i was egyptian culture? are you egyptian? >> are you egyptian. >> no but doesn't matter. >> [inaudible] >> you have no right to tell me what i can do. huh? >> where is -- >> stop touching me. >> don't put your hands on me. >> no reason, i don't need your disrespect. >> why are you doing this. >> everyone -- david: adam shapiro is here. i don't know where to begin. there are so many different levels of political correctness war with each other, shows how
4:46 pm
this melts down. >> add to the vocabulary from trigger warning, microaggression, cultural appropriation. that is the answer of man confronting the man were dreadlocks of cultural appropriation. you would think her beef he is wearing dreadlocks and because he is wife, appropriating african culture dreadlocks of the problem with this, you see her intimidating and harassing him not allowing him to pass. according to san francisco state university code of student conduct. you're not allowed to do that. he called the campus police. he filed a report. i have spoken, repeatedly to the press as at sfsu. this is being becomepped up once investigation is done. supersecret double probation campus investigation. i say that somewhat sarcastically. that happens ad universities across the country this is under the department of education office of civil rights. they will investigate if there was some kind of intimidation here.
4:47 pm
and then i asked, what's the consequence for what she has done here? they won't answer that question. and their code of student conduct does not say what the consequences are. but you have to ask the question, if this were reversed and been videotapedded as it was, what do you think would happen? david: unbelievable. adam shapiro, thank you very much. melissa, the bottom line is, people wonder why, donald trump is so successful in his tirades against political correctness? this is why. melissa: i love very end, why are you filming this. the person said for everyone's safety. that is actually true. when you see these confrontations break out, you know what? start recording everyone will behave, get their hands off each other. the whole thing is crazy. david: run amok. melissa: donald trump is back on the hot seat. the gop front-runner sparking a firestorm after calling for punishments for women who have illegal abortions. if they become illegal. we're going to talk to former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee about what he thinks of these comments
4:48 pm
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melissa: donald trump facing serious backlash after making controversial comments on abortion. in exchange with chris matthews the gop front-runner calls the issue, quote a very serious problem and that he is quote, pro-life. when asked what he would do if the united states outlawedded the procedures, if there was a ban in place? trump said, quote, there has to be some form of punishment if abortions were performed illegally. here to weigh in governor mike huckabee, former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate. this is really dicey and we haven't seen the full interview because i don't believe it has aired yet but there are excerpts out there. and it looks like, he says, so you're for banning it? he says yes.
4:52 pm
and then he says, there has to be, trump says, answer is there has to be some form of punishment. chris matthews goes on to say for the women? he is referring to if there is ban in place and abortion is illegal and trump says yes. mike huckabee, i mean, it blew up within seconds, all over the internet. all over social media. what is your response to this? >> sure. melissa, i don't think you will find anybody more pro-life than me and i have long advocated that we protect unborn children and give them their constitutional rights of personhood under the fourth and 15th amendments. i still believe that. having said that, no, we shouldn't punish women. i'm going to tell you why, it is something i learned back in previous life. i had 35 years ago when i was a pastor and counseled women who had abortions. women who have abortions almost inevitably are victims
4:53 pm
themselves. they're pressured by boyfriends, mother, grandmother, friends, maybe by the circumstances they're in. we don't solve anything by punishing the woman. and i just don't think that is an answer. the purpose of ending abortion is not to see if we can punish somebody, so we can save somebody. and so i, i really respect donald trump but i think on this he didn't think that through. and i would counsel him to think about the fact that there is nothing to be gained by punishing the woman who again, i believe, is more often than not the victim in this situation. there are two victims in an abortion. obviously the baby but also that woman who sometimes feels very desperate, feels trapped and, what purpose does punishment serve? melissa: well, i mean the campaign is already trying, it seems to walk back this comment. there was a statement put out later that said, i don't think i
4:54 pm
have it here, but said basically in effect this should be something that states should deal with. it should be a states rights issue. you know donald trump, i guess you could see, i'm not defending the comment in any way, but he was perhaps following the logical train that if something is illegal and somebody breaks the law there should be punishment for that, but he hadn't thought through sort of this would offend basically everyone. i mean, on every side of this issue. >> if we have to punish someone, but, melissa, if we have to punish someone, punish the abortionist who made money off of it. that is reasonable. that is fair. somebody took a fee to take the life of a baby and never gave that baby due process as is guaranteed in both of fifth and 14th amendment. i may have misspoken earlier. the, fifth and 14th amendments. so, yeah, that's, that would be fitting. but not to the mother. women don't need that additional
4:55 pm
burden own on them after going through what is probably already a very traumatic experience. melissa: what advice would you give to donald trump right now as he is sitting back and watching this whole thing explode? >> i mean i think the right thing to do look, i wasn't think about that question. it was posed to me. i hadn't really thought through it. now i have here is my view. let's not punish women. let's accept that there are two victims every time there is abortion. there is the baby and then there is that woman. and let's save all the lives. save them fiscally. -- physically. save them emotionally. save them spiritually. let's not see how many lives we can destroy. let's try to heal and recover these lives. and, that is how i think, i would advise him to answer it. he hasn't called to ask for the advice, melissa. if he does that is exactly i tell him. i already told him first. pass it on to him. melissa: i'm sure he is watching. he had a tough week with women. this will not make it a lot
4:56 pm
better. mike huckabee, thank you for coming on. love to see you. david: mike has the answer, gave it to us first. you can never be too prepared for a job interview but you bet you never see these questions coming. wait until you hear them coming up. ♪ [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are. so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. >>
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
melissa: i mentioned the statement from the trump campaign. he said if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation or any state were permitted to ban abortion under 8 or federal law, the doctor or any person performing this illegal act would be held responsible, not the woman. my position has not changed. like ronald reagan i'm pro-life
5:00 pm
with exceptions. that's the latest statement from donald trump. dave report susan b. anthony organization, a pro-life organization. said you should not blame the woman, she is already in trouble. >> wisconsin is very important. it's becoming more and more important. we have a movement going on, it's an incredible movement. it's a movement we haven't seen maybe for a long, long time. deirdre: less than a week to go to wisconsin. the race for delegates, a new poll indicates a shift in the tight race. presidential candidate and current trump supporter dre ben carson is my guest. 42 delegates are up for grabs in the badger state.


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