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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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$245,000. someone makes the top of the robb report 2016. thanks for joining us today. stuart, take it away. >> i certainly will. good morning, everyone. it has been a bad week for donald trump, a bad week for the republican party and it's only thursday. punish women for having an abortion. that is what trump blurted out in an interview. a media uproar appeared within hours he offered a clarification. women are big and good to play. it got into the interview unprepared and created a major gaffe. behind with women voters in 10 points behind, trapped out faces another firestorm. the republican party hopelessly split after what the candidas have said about each other, unity of his near impossible. on our program today, the trump debacle. hillary clinton and purdy sanders had a field day in the stock market could care less.
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neuheisel all over the place. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: viewer watching the fastest growing up or. fox business broke rated records in the first quarter of this year and we are beating cnbc consistently. yes, we all adults to you. let's get serious, shall we? bad week for trump. bad work for republicans. good week so far for the stock market. monday, tuesday, wednesday. looks like we're on a roll. flat to slightly lower when the market opens a muslim 30 minute. the price of oil to give in stock prices. this morning at $8 per barrel.
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let's get to trump and is now revived comments on women, abortion and punishment. five days before the all-important wisconsin primary. joining us, ed henry chief white house correspondent in new york today. thanks very much for being with us on a pivotal day. bad week for trump, bad week for republicans. you are reporter. you played that badly middle. >> good week for hillary clinton. i'm on the road here, little nervous about her home state. she's up by 12 points on the latest quinnipiac poll over bernie sanders. six out of the last seven when bystanders issue is playing defense and watching what is happening on the other side. lack of unity on the republican side, bush and comments by donald trump. on the road she has trouble with excitement comment as he asked them among women who should be excited about the possibility of the first >> president in american history. you know a public site women
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now? donald trump's comments. it reminds me when i was covering 2012. he had a bad hand. people didn't like him all that much for the economy hadn't come around. they made this referendum not on barack obama's first for years but that rummy and horrible things he did as a businessman and obama won. hillary clinton, if the referendum she can't win. comments about abortion and other such is got a good chance. stuart: how about the fbi. we hear today reports that hillary will be interviewed. that word was used. interviewed by james khomeini, high-profile case. >> you might want to do it himself. also a certain amount of thoroughness to make sure this is done right. here's the thing. the clinton camp continues to tell me want to get this out of the way. she wants to be exonerated. when the fbi is on her case, no imacs having a cloud over you. they do want to get past one way
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or another. she think she will vault the election. is either an indictment or something short of that time it is a scathing report from the fbi. negligence of classified information hand around a while. stuart: i noticed how you abated that. it might bad week for trump, bad rate or cnbc apparently. stuart: which are of course my judgment that it's a bad week for trump in a bad week for public immunity? >> it is in the short term a bad week for republican unity. if you're a republican this morning saying i want to stop trump and have a contested convention, these comments might actually galvanize the anti-trump for us is to say whether it's ted cruz or somebody else. he got to stop him from getting the delegates to get a clear win for the nomination if you see my point. this kind of episode might galvanize the anti-trump forces. on the other hand, i've seen him
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a lot of pickles. he's got nine of every single one of come out stronger. stuart: i'm not sure he gets out of this one. but that's my opinion. let me lay that on straight. it plays it straight down the middle. he reports the news. that's what he does. he's very good at it. tamara holder on the other hand is a democrat benches on the show this morning. here she is your problem. let me ask a question before you answer something. >> i feel like this is a toned down version where before i had been a crazy democrat or the crazy lefty. i feel like i'm moving more toward the center today. stuart: our viewers are eagerly urging you. hillary said she can't wait to be interviewed. >> she's had time to get your stories straight.
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nobody wants to be interviewed by the fbi. my other life is that i'm a criminal defense attorney and i've never met anybody who is like i can't wait to go to the police department and talk to them whether you have your attorney. whatever you say on the rack or does i was going to come back and hurt you. the problem is i can't wait to talk to them. she doesn't want to talk to them. stuart: great danger, is there not? >> here's the thing. i am not defending her. what this could be as we are not looking to necessarily charger criminally. we are looking to say this has clearly gone on before. other people are doing it. maybe people we don't even know that's been reported are doing this and if it's more of a policy in place we need to make a legal, create legislation but it wasn't at the time. that could be more of the flaw. stuart: would you accrue through would you agree with the apollo
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ticks are detrimental to hillary? >> i don't think it is hurting her much as republicans would like it to hurt her. stuart: republicans are hurting themselves. >> they are hurting themselves. it's also gone on for so long everybody sees to it. stuart: tamra, stay there. much more for you. more prisoners being with this from gitmo. what we have? >> a dozen according to the pentagon talking to congress within the next coming days through the next couple weeks, 12 gitmo prisoners will be released to two separate countries that were not identified. 91 detainees at gitmo right now. president obama took office there were 250. they have been whittling it down considerably. either the remaining detainees were charged with planning and supporting the 9/11 attack. 5% estimate is very conservative go back to the battlefield and rain gauge on the war on
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terrorism. stuart: thank you very much. a far from the trump debacle, the ongoing story of the republican split. the three remaining candidates are at each other's throats and unity in november seems very unlike me. that highest of farmer communication director for the republican national committee and he joins us now. i say unless it's very very much by opinion. the gop split is irreversible. can you say? >> i disagree with that. very serious divisions within the party. i wrote yesterday about divisions i saw firsthand working for eric cantor in the house of representatives. after two years after republican conference meeting for another meeting i became convinced will be needed to have as a party was to have mom and dad essentially fight in front of the kids and i was going to be ugly. nobody wanted it to happen but it was going to have to happen. basically ted cruz versus the
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jeb bush marker rubio playing at a party and all the suddenly saw the crazy uncle show up at the dinner party and start insulting everybody in the room. we thought would've happened to this dinner and his party? ultimately, if donald trump is not our nominee, with the highest negatives, the most unfavorables of any candidate in modern presidential history. we have so much more that unites our party. with so much more in common with each other and so much more different than what the democrats have. we can agree so easily again hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it sent to the voters to decide. stuart: when i cannot see if donald trump is not the nominee, i can't see his supporters, all those new people in the republican party saying okay, we will go for cruz or kasich. if it is cruz or kasich as the nominee, i can't see them winning over donald trump
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supporters. this is an irreversible split. it is, isn't it? >> i don't think it's irreversible. obviously democrats have their own divisions which we see in their debates and town halls as well. ultimately at the job of the candidate to appeal to voters, i think some of the has been overestimated. if you're ted cruz or john kasich, you have to make the case. one of the problems republicans will face of the tunnel turn it to 1237 and is not the nominee that's a real problem and not the narrative bias to do. if donald trump doesn't get to 1237 and come it such a donald trump to prove he's the best salesman in the dealmaker come and negotiate her of all time. if you can close the deal, he may unite the party somehow. he has the highest negatives of any front runner. stuart: they will go higher now. thanks for joining us. appreciate it.
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we started this morning with heavy-duty political stories. now they're making things out. here's the gas that maybe won't get as much play as the trump statement. that is presidential candidate eating pizza with a knife and fork. ashley: culinary controversy. stuart: even i know you shouldn't do that. we've got your period takes the first bite with a fork in after that he uses his hands. but, >> those vegetables on it. that's why. it's not just shoes. >> as they looked at the piece of pizza, five at the end was still a little sloppy. stuart: the man picked that up and it follows.
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it folds in the middle in the commuter bike that. but it's extra floppy. knife and fork is acceptable. stuart: let me give you some advice. a man with the upper-class british accent should never say -- we have new video this morning from inside the hijacked egyptair plane. the moment one of the passengers asked for a picture with a hijacker. we've got that coming up for you. plus, a muslim was on to the accusation that there's something wrong with islam of so many most of us take a terror. >> 5% of 1.5 billion people is 75 million radical muslims in the world. how did so many people get their religion wrong?
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stuart: robert jeffries is the pastor of a church in texas. he appeared on hannity last night. he said there's something serious wrong with islam. roll tape. >> there is something within islam felt that causes its followers to hate us. certainly terrorists. only 5% are. 5% of 1.5 billion people is 75 million radical muslims in the world. how did so many people get their religion wrong. the 2.2 billion christians in the world. you don't have 5%, 100 billion christians wanted to chop people's heads off and burn them alive. there is something terribly wrong here. stuart: joining us now, robert merrill, trustee of one of the biggest mosques in america at 8000 muslim families worshiping there. he joins us now. you heard that exchange. pastor jeffrey saying there's something wrong with islam. you discount that completely?
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>> i don't discount it. i just disagreed vehemently. it's an absolute cannot. nothing intrudes about what the weather. stuart: are there not parts of the quran which does why aggression, for example? are there not such parts that are open to interpretation by extremists in their favor? >> absolutely. there are extremists who have distorted teachings because they are not there to be aggressive. they are there to show you how you can defend the faith of my to physical attacks on islam at the time when the koran was first revealed when there is actual act of fighting going on. those parts of the quran gave you just education for being able to defend your faith and defend it in an aggressive way. stuart: how do you explain such a large number of people within
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islam resorting to the most brutal form of terror imaginable? >> first of all, good thing he is a pastor because he would never make do as a mathematician. his statistics are purely invented. stuart: ignore the statistics. how do you account for those large number of terrorists within islam who resorted to terror? >> we can because this is not anything to do with religion. they use religion as a cloak to mask their true desires. they look for political power and groups all over the world actively seeking power try to find justification for doing it. in their case, they use islam. it has everything to do with trying to seize and hold power. stuart: okay. i think if you win out in public and made that statement dramatically, lots of american muslims saying that out in public on the streets.
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you and i talked about this before. i think your message would be better received. the map we are trying. we have a program we are going to launch in the next several weeks exactly aimed at doing that. we need to have better control of the whole narrative. we need to get their views out so we can get people to understand what we are truly all about. stuart: would like to help you get that message out. >> gray, thank you. thank you for having me. stuart: very well. how about this. five stars of the u.s. women's world cup championship soccer team file in a wage discrimination. they are paid far less than the players on the men's team. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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9:24 am
carly coit, alex morgan, all saying this is ridiculous. we get paid a fraction of we are the ones who generate interest in the supported a lot of money overall. the stresses of air. where's the equal pay? >> camera, i'm going to agree with you on this. if you bring in the revenue, you bring in the tv ratings, you bring in a sponsorship from your pay should be equal to the guys. no question about it. >> and you are bringing in the metals in the championship and actually doing your job in winning. the thing is that this is a culture within women's sports as a whole. we have nike, under armour, reebok not given the sponsorships like they do to the man. stuart: that is directly rated to the revenue. >> it's all about how at the cap women athletes demand. $80 million in 2016 versus our number one top female soccer player $400,000.
9:25 am
stuart: rinaldo brings in enormous tv audience with incredible revenue. the top female star in america does not. >> the lowest paid soccer player still makes more than the highest-paid female. train to the lowest paid soccer player males still brings in more. that's not the judgment. still brings in more revenue from tv ratings than the highest-paid female star. >> why is that? the soccer teams are spending more money on the men and the women. stuart: people are watching women like the watchmen. out of time. all right. check stocks. we are entering the first three months, the first quarter of the year-end dow. 18,000. i am not going to jinx it. we could be there by tomorrow afternoon. remember how google, anything to put that video on the screen. there are reports they are at it
9:26 am
again. they may be getting rid of smart home appliances division, spelling that out. what are they up to? back in a moment. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. ...
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>> i became convinced that what we needed to have as a party was to have mom and dad essentially fight in front of the kids and it was going to be
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ugly, nobody really wanted it to happen, but it was going to have to happen. we were set up for that to happen. basically ted cruz, wing of the party, versus jeb bush, rashingo rubio wing of the party and all of a sudden we saw the crazy uncle show up at the dinner party. stuart: he's right. we've got a nasty spat within the republican party. how is that for an opening gambit. it's 9:30 eastern time, the market is open. we're expecting a pretty flat open maybe up 5, 10 points, no big mover, at least not at the opening bell. come in for commentary, ashley webster, liz macdonald. larry levin and dr barton. remember, please, stocks have been on a roll, three straight gains. >> they need a doctor. stuart: i sense we're on a roll, dr. >> i think we are. i think we've had a change, a sea change where it used to be a year ago anytime we got bad news it was good because they thought the fed was going to back off. we're back into that and i
9:31 am
think it's a time to buy those dips. stuart: buy the dips. ain't much of a dip right now. >>. larry are we on a roll, yes or no? >> yes, buy the dips, even if you don't see them, i think you can buy this market for a while. stuart: it's march 31st, april fool's day is tomorrow. last trading day of the month, obviously. which stock did well in march liz: verizon, caterpillar, wal-mart and some have been an evel knievel motorcycle jump, some of those stock turns. cue the buzzer, change in leadership here. [buzzer] >> called your own buzzer liz: let's compare it to the stinkers for march, gopro. stuart: that's interesting.
9:32 am
starwood intrigues me liz: owned by 39 different mysterious investors and marriott. stuart: this morning, it's at $83 abouter share. how about oil? it's often a good indicator for the stock market. it's sitting well below $40 a barrel. 38 and small change right now. dr, you say, we're not going any higher, are you saying we might go down again? >> i don't think that we have 26 in the gun sights right now, stuart, not anymore, but i see us staying in this 30 to low 40's range for an extended period of time because we're just getting so darn good at pulling that stuff out of the ground. stuart: that's not altogether bad for the american economy. >> it's not altogether bad, but we have such a huge contingent of energy stocks that are in the stock market and if we go back and keep those lower numbers, we'll start having problems with defaults in the high yield market.
9:33 am
stuart: for bid, don't want to here that. s&p the ratings agency have downgraded china to negative. without getting into the weeds, larry, what does it mean for me, for our viewers? what does it mean for america? >> i think right now it doesn't mean a whole lot. if you want to be long the stock market, you're going to be in good shape even if china is falling off a little bit because of the fed, what dr said before. the markets will keep going up unless we see a really big drop in china's numbers which i don't think we're going to see. i don't think it's an issue and this market wants to keep going higher here in the u.s. stuart: thanks, larry. we're hearing about mcdonald's, what is this? planning a thousand restaurants in china? there's a china connection liz: ramping is up. 1300. ramping it up through 50% through 2020. mcdonald's have seen sales popping and seeing its recovery from that food scandal where it was selling tainted meats from a supplier, they're performing
9:34 am
better than yum. people in china are saying rotten chicken at k.f.c., not happy about that, it appears they're switching to china-- to mcdonald's there. you can get pineapple pies a andment different things. ashley: a different menu. stuart: chipotle is not doing well. it was an all-time high for mcdonald's a moment ago. they're doing something interesting, they're going to start a burger chain from scratch, i think. they're calling it better burger. is this from scratch? >> it's from scratch. stuart: whole new territory? >> not a terrible pr move, stuart, let's get some attention away from what's been happening and the bad same-store sales growth that we've seen. we've had it happen with jack
9:35 am
in the box and taco bell. jack in the box has been a model. stuart: the burger chain, is that the way out for the chipotle. >> they say what they did with chipotle and the great growth that they could move that into the burger world. let's take a look at this, we're up 25 points, the dow industrials at 17,742, try to do the math, that's about 250 points away from 18k. we're on 18k watch, everybody. today is the launch of tesla's new model 3. nicole, tell me about the stock and the car. >> well, this is pretty cool because you know that the model x is about $100,000. the model s is close to $70,000. this is the brand now that they're going to put one out, a model, this newest one, the model 3, and this will be $35,000. the stock is up 1/2 a percent.
9:36 am
elon musk is going to have a confidence and going to look at the model 3. you're going to get it and they're trying to look at the broad based customers to see if it's affordable. i'm not sure you're going to get a tesla model 3 out the door. i think it's going to be 50 or $60,000, right. nicole: plus, plus, plus. the analysts think it's going to have a lot of bells and whistles. stuart: you brought us a name you like, it's on the screen. under amour, you think it's going up? >> i think it's going up. i think they're going to get a great hit as the nba season winds down. steph curry their bell cow, doing amazing things. stuart: the what. >> bell cow. stuart: that's a new one to me. and they have jordan spieth.
9:37 am
>> jordan hasn't been playing as well this year as last. they've got to win jordan's game and especially in china, they're catching adidias for number two in china. stuart: practice today for masters in augusta. ashley: i love the masters. stuart: look at facebook, i don't play, but i love to watch it on tv. ashley: fantastic liz: calm and peaceful. [laughter] >> stuart, it's like watching mr. rogers' neighborhood. stuart: royal dutch/shell. a messenger chat. ashley: it's directly between the airline and your messenger, a messenger app. stuart: can i get these on the planes. ashley: you can get flight
9:38 am
information, check in, all of these things. it's direct contact between you and the business, royal dutch airlines without the middle man and it's been hotels that have been doing this, wal-mart, great for facebook because it's a way to-- it's great for the companies, but it's great for things because you're using this as a conduit. stuart: the airline is the conduit to get this messenger app in front of you from facebook. ashley: right. stuart: that works. okay. and the stock is 114, i think, on facebook and 117 is the all-time high. all right, first, it was google selling the robot maker boston dynamics. you remember the fancy video that we showed you? extraordinary stuff. now they want to get rid of something called nest. that's their smart home appliance division. it makes your house energy efficient. you can control it at a distance. ashley: you can. stuart: why are they selling? >> they bought it in 2014 for massive 3.2 billion dollars. stuart: whoa. ashley: by all accounts, sales
9:39 am
not reportedly reaching expectations. what you get with these products, that's what you get smart service, smoke detector and a home monitoring video system. bye all accounts they bought in about $340 million in sales last year in the market isn't that bad, but not good enough for the money they paid and not where they want it to be. stuart: i wonder if google is reversing its long-term practice of getting into everything like amazon. ashley: yes, it is. stuart: and retreating from everything liz: they said they are. >> getting ready for a brain drain there, also. the nest employees that came over, that acquisition, their options are vesting so they're going to be free agents. they're worried about losing a lot of talent as well. stuart: there's always something. and look at apple, please, the fbi has agreed to help an arkansas prosecutor unlock an iphone. this, of course, after the fbi or somebody helping the fbi hacked into the san bernardino shooter's iphone.
9:40 am
it's a pandora's box and it's been opened liz: and this is a terrible story. basically two teens shot and killed, patricia and robert cogdale living north of little rock. one of the teens was being raised as the grandson. so the fbi is helping crack yet another iphone for the prosecutor on the case. they want to know who they were communicating with and because the teenagers are pleading not guilty so they wanted to see the trail of e-mails or communications. stuart: who is hacking into the iphone for the fbi? liz: that's a deterrent for apple that the iphones are hackable. stuart: whoever hacked the san bernardino phone liz: don't know. stuart: nabisco's ceo, the company plans to move 600 jobs to mexico. that would seem to be something in trump's favor.
9:41 am
>> the fact that trump and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are blasting this move by nabisco. they're protesting outside of irene rosenfeld's house outside chicago. basically the chicago factory for nabisco has been there since the 50's and they're moving half the work force to mexico, the pay is so low in minimum wage is measured by the day. oreo's, ritz crackers, they're upset and the union is out in force. stuart: i want to bring larry levin in before we say goodbye to everybody. larry, which candidate for the presidency do you think will be best for the stock market? >> donald trump, no question about it. pro business, that's what we need. we have to be thinking about businesses here in the u.s. maybe donald trump is president, he sets the rules right and trade right so they're not sending nabisco jobs to mexico. we need pro business for sure. stuart: em a--
9:42 am
i'm glad we came back to you. thank very much, everybody. check the big board. we are 11, almost 12 minutes into the session and we're up about 18 points. 17,734. and then there's this. salmon in north korea, a possibility. the government sending a stock warning, kim jong un told people to chew on roots. and this time on nuclear weapons, he says the use of nukes in europe is not off the table. more varney in a moment. ♪ hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week?
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>> all right. look at this. new video released from inside the egypt air flight that was hijacked. the moments running up to when the passenger took a picture with the hijacker. ashley, what is this? >> this is remarkable. you see, in fact, that's the infamous picture. prior to that in this new video you see him called up to the front there and the flight attendant saying come on up, we'll take a photo and then here you see the flight attendants casually walking around and give him a drink here. stuart: that's the hijacker they're giving a drink to. >> they'll be sitting down and holding a conversation and chatting. don't forget she has an explosive vest around him and says he's going to blow it up. stuart: doesn't look like much tension. ashley: very casual and bizarre thing. there are cameras everywhere. stuart: hijackers should remember that.
9:47 am
donald trump is going to say i'm going to say a domestic policy gaffe with his aportion policies and contentious foreign policy remarks when he talked about nukes in europe. listen to this. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using a nuclear weapon. >> i would never say that, never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about in europe? >> i'm not taking cards off the table. >> and you're going to use a weapon in europe. >> no. >> say it that-- >> i'm not taking cards off the table. stuart: join us an expert and analyst in previous administrations. jillian, welcome to the program. >> hello, stuart. stuart: i hit -- hesitate to call that a gaffe, saying not taking anything off the table, but nukes in europe? >> a lot of foreign policy, but there was also the nato comment and he talked about potentially allowing japan and south korea to develop nuclear weapons,
9:48 am
too, which was almost worse than the talk about europe. stuart: do you think it's worse, do you think it was a gaffe? i think you could make thease that if you said, okay, south korea, okay, japan, bearing in mind what north korea is doing and china is doing, maybe you should defend yourself, maybe you need a nuclear deterrent, it's a legitimate position to take. >> to be fair to him, he had thought that through. that wasn't an off the cuff kind of remark. he had an actual justification, he said, you know, we don't want the united states any more to spend the money to protect these countries with nuclear power. we want them to arm themselves and take those costs on. it's a legitimate position. i don't agree with it, i think it's short-sighted. if you're one of the americans who believes our position at large has deteriorated, wait until we turn our backs on longstanding allies in central asia. that will really hurt us. stuart: was there, i hate to use the word establishment, was
9:49 am
there a gasp of horror from the foreign policy establishment, when he came out with the nukes in europe and nukes in south korea and japan comment? >> there was a big outcry. he's been talking a lot lately about sort of rejiggering our position vis-a-vis longstanding allies, western european, central asian, these are the bed rock foundations for us, this is how we project military power abroad and how we do a whole lot of intelligence gathering, how we maintain prestige. so the idea that we're going to find of throw hes-- these alliances by the wayside, that's why you see me laughing in response, it's almost beyond analysis. stuart: beyond analysis. what do you say. stuart: bearing in mind that he said, he's the frontrunner for the republicans. can you see a change in our stance to the world, big
9:50 am
changes coming? >> yeah, big attitude change. exactly, even if it's hillary clinton, i think she's -- you know, even if in a general we had a democrat, she's going to have to take the country in a very different direction because in the 21st century, as we all know, the biggest threat we're facing is radical islamic terror, our strategy is not working and needs to be reinvigorated and someone's going to have to do it. stuart: jillian, you know what you're talking about. >> thank you. stuart: let's go to north korea, kim jong un warns north korea to chew on roots of plants. the country may be headed to a famine there liz: the dear leader is saying, it comes on the deal sanctions north korea because there are thought that china continues to help north korea. the last time they had a
9:51 am
famine, 2 million people reportedly died. it gets assistance from the outside world and food aid. this time it's been serving a tremendous doubt. the chinese worry that north korea could flood into china. ashley: the irony is that kim jong un is about 300 pounds they estimate. as he gets bigger he says you have to live on roots. stuart: they've got a hostage maybe they're trying to parlay into food aid liz: good point. stuart: something different, a home shopping network just for guns. it starts today. we're talking about it next. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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>> well, how about this? a new tv channel launches today ap it's called gun it. v. it's essentially a home shopping network exclusive for guns. valerie is the co-founder with us now. okay, so i'm watching the gun tv show, the channel, and i like that particular model and i either call in or i e-mail in, whatever it is. how do i get the gun? you send it to me directly? >> we do not. hello, stuart, it's good to be with you, sir. stuart: good morning. >> you can log on to gun when it launches simultaneously
9:56 am
with our onair launch for a fluid experience. call our toll-free number and talk to our customer experience representatives and take your order and ask for your zip code, they're going to pull up a list of firearm dealers, regular brick and mortar retailers, once that happens and transaction is concluded our fulfillment partner drop ships to that dealer and we notified you we're excited to let you know your firearm arrived at your local dealer go on down and once the background check is cleared and doesn't stop there. we support the consumer post sale with safety and training. stuart: i take it that the local gun dealer gets a piece of the action, right? gets some kind of fee involved here? >> they participate in the full retail sale of the product. stuart: do you have a complete range of guns available? i mean, could i get an uzi,
9:57 am
just taking that. >> you can't get an uzi, stuart, but we will have a broad range as we scale the network. woo are' starting off six hours a day, seven days a week. as we scale and more advisors come on board, we plan to have a wide array of products for every interest. stuart: i'm sorry to interrupt you, i've got 30 seconds, how much went into that to get this project off and running? >> i don't know how much exactly, but i can tell you it's been a lot, but we're well-funded privately and look forward to-- >> 5? >> under that. stuart: 4? [laughter] >> it's a financial program, you know? >> it's been a several million dollar investment for sure. stuart: there you go, and starts today. valerie castle. thanks for taking time out to come on the show. >> thank you for having me. stuart: donald trump commits had a crucial gaffe ahead of
9:58 am
the wisconsin primary and hillary clinton and the fbi, second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> i'm going to call it chaos on the republican side and wisconsin votes republican primary days from now. the republicans split. donald trump's latest comments adding fuel to that fire. as for the democrats, bernie leads in wisconsin ands' making a move in hillary's home state of new york as well. plus, the director of the fbi is about to interview hillary about that e-mail scandal. come on up, california, wake up, everybody. hour two of "varney & company," by the way, the flagship show on the fastest growing television network starts now. ♪ >> yes, we've got a full political plate for you this morning, first look at this, the dow industrial is pretty much dead flat, however, we're
10:01 am
closing out one terrific month, march, and a pretty good quarter, too. in a few minutes, by the way, an ultra bear will join us. he's using the word crash. look at mcdonald's hitting another all-time high, we're on the show this morning, 126 for mcdonald's now, it's up 6% just this year. and how about this? new video and it's coming in to us right now from paris. protesters clashing with police. workers upset over strict new labor rules. oh, you would have thought it's something new and terrible, no, no, it's labor rules. >> the socialist government of france, stuart, had the audacity to suggest that french workers, may, may have to do a 48 hour work week and that companies should have more flexibility in hiring and firing. the reaction, you see it. theres' a whole slew of different industries height today, even the eiffel tower has been shut down, people
10:02 am
didn't show up to work and unemployment in france stubbornly at 10%. stuart: ouch. all right, now let's get to politics, shall we? donald trump commits what i think is a big mistake with his comments on abortion. okay, so he revised them, but he made it initially. listen to what ed henry had to say on this program last hour about it. >> these comments on abortion might actually galvanize the anti-trump forces to say, whether it's ted cruz or somebody else, stop him from getting the delegates to get a clear win for the nomination, if you see my point. this kind of episode my galvanize the anti-trump forces. on the other side i've seen him in a lot of these pickles and he's gotten out of every single one and come out stronger. stuart: lisa is with us, a republican strategist. >> hi, stuart. stuart: good morning, again. we appeared together on a radio show earlier. >> we did. it was fun. stuart: my premise then and now is donald trump is having a terrible week.
10:03 am
the republicans are having a terrible week, and i don't think donald trump on this occasion, i'm not sure that he can recover from this one and you say what? >> i would say all of that is accurate. look, i have no doubt that the mainstream media is after donald trump, but he really stepped in it this time. the problem for donald trump is, he has continued to reaffirm the concerns of the anti-trump group with some of the things that he has said and done just even in the past couple weeks alone. s' reaffirmed concerns among women voters. if you look at polling, i think it's almost seven in ten of women have an unfavorable viewpoint of him. he's reaffirmed he shoots from the hip and shoots from the lip and reaffirmed concerns among conservatives on where he stands on issues. stuart: the latest poll in wisconsin, it was taken before trump's comments on abortion yesterday, it shows that ted
10:04 am
cruz is in the lead by 10 points. we've got cruz at 40, trump at 30, kasich at 21. i don't see -- that's a significant lead for ted cruz, bearing in mind these comments from donald trump yesterday, i think trump is-- looks like he's going to lose wisconsin and he doesn't want to lose wisconsin. he desperately needs it. >> well, and it certainly looks like he could lose wisconsin. cruz has gained 21 points in one month alone and we've seen a big pipeup on donald trump and it's not just the mainstream media. it's also conservatives. if you look, the conservative radio hosts in wisconsin hold a lot of clout, especially charlie sykes and he went after him hard in an interview that donald trump did with him. charlie sykes questioned him from issue viewpoints to also the spat with ted cruz over their wives and he really stuck it to him and there was one headline that said that he walked into a buzz saw. so, you know, that was bad and i think those things are taking a toll on him in wisconsin. stuart: all right, i need your
10:05 am
judgment on this because donald trump has made some-- some would say outrageous statements before, but he's come back. he's gotten momentum back and keeps winning. do you think he comes back after this one? >> it's a tough call, stuart, because you're right, there's been so many things that people pointed to saying that this is his demise, this is the end of donald trump and he's been able to sort of turn it around and bounce back. i think the tellers are going to look ahead to wisconsin and seeing how that goes down and the following week to new york, a sit that he should really do well in. if you look at real clear politics average up by 38%, so ted cruz gains there, i think he's in trouble. stuart: so new york could be his way back because he's out front in new york something like 38 points, you're right, 38, 36 points. >> it's pretty significant. stuart: thank you for our secretary -- second meeting of the day. blake burman is with us from oshkosh, wisconsin. are folks there talking about
10:06 am
donald trump there and what he had to say yesterday? yeah, they are indeed. firstoff we're at the 56 thr wpf farm show in oshkosh, eastern part of the state. the crowd here largely to do with agriculture and anybody who has something to do with farming or dairy farming to business and financing, it's all under one big umbrella here. the folks we talked to feel that donald trump put his foot in his mouth on this one. the first person i was talking to here earlier today did this to me pointing to his foot saying that he thought that trump shot himself in the foot on this one. as you know yesterday, there were a couple of different events. the first thing that trump said and then clarified. while me and you and our colleagues follow this second by second press release by press release, a lot of folks here either heard one part of the story or another, while some heard the entire complete picture. something to think about when it deals with messaging and how that relates to all of this.
10:07 am
just one final sentiment, stuart. stuart: yeah. >> one sentiment real quick, talking to the people here, they say they are just dissatisfied with everyone, democrat, republicans, the five options here, they don't like what it on the plate, but a lot of them tell us they plan on voting on tuesday or or most likely voting on tuesday. stuart: thank you. the markets are pretty much dead, pretty much flat. you could say we're a strong rally away from 18,000. todd horowitz is here, and he's not buying it. you're a frequent commentator. appreciate that. you're telling us in the background here there's this enormous problem all around the world with what central banks are doing and not accomplishing and you used the word crash, crash coming, right? >> yes, and there is a crash-- good morning. stuart: good morning.
10:08 am
>> great to be here. and chicken little, it's over. the central banks are doing dramatic amounts of damage to the overall economies around the world. every time you devalue the currency, you create less opportunity for the middle class to survive and make more money. you create less opportunity for the banks to be wanting to want to lend out money. the banks are having the biggest problem of them all. the banks are too big to fail and we bailed them out. i don't know why. now they're not lending and the premise is built on them lending money. they're not lending money and not making enough. so we're going to end up with a bigger problem. stuart: are the banks keeping a great deal of money with the federal reserve because the federal reserve pays a reliable interest rate on it. >> yes, with the full faith and credit of the united states government, they're taking at zero and giving it back in full faith. they get to lend it, but on the street they can lend it out
10:09 am
nine to one and that's where they make ney. they're not making enough money on their money which eventually will create this. stuart: and you've said this a long, long time and the crash doesn't come. if you say that kind of thing on television, you've got to give a time frame. >> within the year. stuart: this year? >> this year we'll trade down to the 1500 on the s&p. 2070, you say down by the end of this year. >> by the end of this year. stuart: central bank activity-- >> the game they're running printing money, when you take a dollar and this is what you have left from 1913, federal reserve. >> oh. stuart: i do take your seriously. i do, i do. okay, so within the year, 20% down on the s&p 500? >> i think there are too many problems that we've created. stuart: we hear you todd. thank you for joining us in new york. more protests and outrage start
10:10 am
in kansas, pro trump messages upset students at university of kansas. i thought that was at emery. ashley: that happened last week and now we have it in kansas university and a lot of the same reaction, stuart, for students upset. the staff of the school at ku wiping out the sign saying, listen, it wasn't pre approved. we may have allowed you to do this if you came to us first. but students upset. they say they're very troubled by classmates who support a racist, sexist, demagogue. stuart: get out of here liz: what's terrifying is that this trump outbreak scare is headed west, it is causing universities to review their chalk policy. the staffers there at the school, they say this chalking was not pre approved so we'll remove them. stuart: therefore, they decide what signs can be put up in chalk. ashley: in chalk. stuart: on the floor.
10:11 am
ashley: yes. stuart: stunning liz: it's terrifying for students. stuart: got to tell you liz: university of utopia. stuart: and in chicago, protesting outside of the home of the nabisco chief bus they plan to move 600 jobs to mexico? liz: people are upset about it, the union striking there -- excuse me, protesting. this has been going on a month. they're moving the factory that makes oreo cookies, and ritz crackers been there since the 50's to mexico. this is squarely in the sight of the presidential candidates, people running, trump, clinton and sanders is pointing to this as bad trade deals. stuart: i'm not surprised. your job goes to mexico, you're going to say something about it. chaos in turkey, u.s. military families ordered to leave. we've got word that border
10:12 am
shooting migrants as they cross from syria to turkey.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
> >> the watch people, profit down. guidance lowered, the stock down 10%. we have an update on the gitmo prisoner release. ashley, more are coming out, i believe. ashley: yes, in fact, about a dozen the next several weeks. the first two will be this weekend, stuart, going to an unnamed african country. there are 91 detainees in total at gitmo, 35 cleared for release. every time it happens it has to go through congress and pentagon and congress the 30 day gap. ultimately. 35, to my count, leaves about 55 prisoners left, once these detainees are put out. there was 256 when mr. obama took office so slowly, but surely they're coming out. stuart: we know not where
10:16 am
they're going or what they're doing. that's the story. i've got reports from turkish border forces they're shooting to kill syrian migrants trying to get into turkey. the syrian observer for human rights, 16 migrants including children have been killed trying to cross from syria to turkey in the last four months. elliott abrams is with us now. it seems to us, as we look at what's unfolding in turkey, that the entire country has been destabilized in the extreme. people often say to me, okay, that's happening there, what does it mean for us here? can you answer that question? >> i think it means, first of all, the president of turkey right now kind of embarrassing timing for him. i think it means a lot more for europe. europeans just did a deal with turkey in which they said we'll give you 6 1/2 billion dollars, we'll allow turks to travel in europe without visas if the
10:17 am
you'll take syrian refugees. well, if they're killing syrian refugees instead of taking them, the deal is going to fall apart as we enter spring and summer which are the good weather times when more and more refugees are going to go to europe. i think it's really destabilizing for the deal between turkey and europe and for our european allies. >> i just don't see how that deal can go through. there are 78 millioneople in turkey, almost entirely muslim. and they're going to get visa-free entry to western europe by june of this year? that's part of the deal they got with the european unit. it simply seems like an absolute nonstarter, which means that the refugee deal is a nonstarter with europe and they're still in the same mess they were before. >> i agree with you and i say it's going to have one other impact, this mess, this refugee mess. we're not so far from that vote in england about getting out of the eu. i think all of this pushes
10:18 am
england in the direction, pushes the u.k. in getting out of the eu. we look at that, we're an island, we don't want to be part of that. stuart: how about here in america? isn't president obama considering allowing tens of thousands of those migrants to come into america? a politically very brave move, but risky nonetheless? >> very risky. about a week ago, secretary kerry made the genocide statement about the treatment of christians an ana and yeah-- yacides and others. and the president would say that's discriminating against muslims and i don't think it is, it's treating persecuted people better. if the president is going ahead
10:19 am
with tens of thousands, i think you will see political impact against him and in november. stuart: so we thank you very much for appearing this morning. i'm sorry for cutting it short, mr. abrams, i've got a breaking story. but thank you. there's an update out of brussels, what do you have on that. ashley: the brussels airport will partially reopen, stuart, tomorrow night, friday evening. about 800 departing passengers per hour. about 20% of its normal flight traffic, thank you. this is one of europe's busiest airports. stuart: it's a hub. >> yeah. >> more than 23 million passengers a year. this was damaged, but about 20% capacity. stuart: what an extraordinary disruption. despite the humanitarian, the bloodshed. ash, thanks. less than had a week before the wisconsin primary, one of the newspapers says hillary clinton may not even be qualified to be
10:20 am
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> fitbit. well, it's a winner today. it's been down in the doldrums. but today, it's a winner. why? because it shipped more than one million of its blaze devices in its first month of availability. up it goes about 6%. best buy, there's a winner. the investment firm barclay's likes it, that's good enough for a 4% gain. next case. our guest was on this program yesterday, blasting donald trump. well, in the interest of being fair and balanced, he's back to bash hillary clinton. the latest editorial in the
10:24 am
milwaukee journal sentinel is titled, clinton's abysmal record on open government. david haines, editorial to the sentinel makes it back to varney. david, who is worse, trump or hillary as president? >> well, good question. [laughter] i'm not sure i'm going there yet, but we could talk about open government and i think they're both pretty bad on that. stuart: is that your only criticism of hillary, she promised open government and that's not what we've got? >> it's important to note that we're not taking hillary on policy. we're saying she's bad on secrecy and this is not just the secret e-mail server in her basement which was only there for one reason, to hide the ball from the public. it's also about a long record of obfuscation and secrecy. stuart: at this point in wisconsin it looks like bernie
10:25 am
sanders has the edge over hillary clinton on the democrat side. he's up three or four points on hillary at the moment. is that correct? >> that's correct. the law school poll, one of the best in the business, has sanders up by four points, within the margin of error, but he's up. stuart: now, if you don't like hillary, and you really detest donald trump, who does the milwaukee sentinel-- milwaukee journal sentinel. who do you like? >> well, we endorse john kasich on the public side earlier this week and we endorsed him because we think he's a real conservative, but he also can think independently and we like that. the democratic side, we're meeting with senator sanders tomorrow and we'll see after that. stuart: could you really see yourselves endorsing a socialist? >> you know, it's a strange political year, stuart. anything could happen. stuart: don't get out of it. will the milwaukee journal sentinel, is it even remotely possible that you would endorse
10:26 am
a socialist for the president of the united states of america? >> i think it's unlikely that we will endorse in that campaign. we don't endorse normally. we broker our policy of not endorsing on the republican side because of the sort of egregious nature of that campaign. i don't think we'll endorse at all. we'll hear senator sanders out and think about it afterwards. stuart: when you write your editorial on bernie sanders, come back and see us, please. we'd love to hear what you have say about a socialist being president. thank you, you're a good sport. appreciate it. a socialist-- i can't believe it. settle down, settle down. stuart: donald trump's abortion gaffe, i'm going to call it that, outrage sparked on both sides of the aisle. next we've got a trump supporter, the question for the next person. can trump recover from that?
10:27 am
and we're also talking to a bernie sanders supporter. sanders has a real shot at winning in wisconsin and in new york, it's a long shot for new york, but beyond that, we'll see. ..
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: i call that dead flat, when you are up 0.59 on the 17,000 index i am okay to say dead flat. mcdonald's anything but, another all-time high, up 6% this calendar year and that is the 647th high for the her. barclays cut its rating and price target, said it is going to go down to 70, targeted at 81 right now. about tesla. today's the day they launch new models 3. they say you can get a stripped-down version of the
10:31 am
$3500 out the door, not sure if it will run, looking more like 50. how about the price of oil, still well below, moving up a bit, $38.87, gold, percentage gain in the first quarter is 16.5% up, the first three months of the year, the biggest quarterly gain in 30 years. gold 1237 right now. let's get back to donald trump. i say he made an extraordinary gaffe when talking about abortion yesterday. joining us is former mccain-palin communications aide epstein. your guy, you are a trump supporter, that was a dreadful mistake yesterday. >> it was not a good day but politicians make mistakes and he has only been a politician for
10:32 am
eight months. >> it wasn't just a problem with the issue of abortion and punishing women. it was a problem, the man went into a big time interview totally unprepared and he didn't handle chris matthews well at all. >> there is a negative to be not being a politician and that is speaking off the cuff but he is -- other candidates on either side of the aisle, he is someone -- in the general against hillary he will do very well and there are month to prepare for that. it was not a good day, completely agree with you. stuart: how many care about the retraction, the news went out there midafternoon yesterday. donald trump says women should be punished for having an abortion. >> the news went out, a different view. lauren: -- stuart: he made a couple outrageous statements before. and he has recovered. >> he is a tough candidate.
10:33 am
he can recover and here is why. whether you are a woman or man, you care about national security and the economy is was a pragmatist president, not someone who takes a hard line on any one issue except to making america strong and secure. stuart: do women listen to that, punish them for having an abortion. >> what you need to do, you don't have to win numb 100% of women or even 50%. if we win 40% of women, do very well with white males which trump is doing, he will do well. you can recover, he will -- stuart: he wins back women who are disaffected, to put it mildly, win them back? how does he do that? >> what are the other options? john kasich appeal to women, but he is doing terribly in the polls, he only won ohio.
10:34 am
ted cruz has no shot. he is not a national candidate. he is the rex santorum of the race, he is doing well in a race there and here. >> polls put him 10 points. >> another poll puts trump two points up in the general election. as a republican i would not want to see ted cruz against hillary. he would get beaten worse with with women. trouble do better with women. stuart: you are putting a brave face. >> i am a brave guy and i am confident. stuart: thanks for joining us. take a look at pittsburgh, pennsylvania. bernie sanders is expected to arrive there shortly, holding an event, they are lining up with signs right behind him. interesting mix of people, most of them look to me to be very young. he will appear at that podium shortly. we may see a little bit of it
10:35 am
when he starts talking. latest poll from wisconsin shows bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton. 49-45. with us now a bernie sanders supporter. the mayor of madison, wisconsin, your honor, that is the correct form of address, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. stuart: madison is a known hangout for leftists, i think you will agree with me on that, it has a university there, also left. i had a bodyguard in madison a couple years ago. you are for bernie sanders, you think he is going to win the whole thing, do you? >> with success here in wisconsin and the momentum going into new york, california and remaining states over the next couple months i think senator sanders has an excellent chance of being the next president of the united states especially with focus on the economy and creating american economy for all of us.
10:36 am
stuart: are you buying a massive increase in taxation, a huge increase in government spending, much more government, that is what you are buying, that is what you really want. >> keep in mind as we go over the history of this country over the last 150 years since the civil war, it is government investment in infrastructure and human capacity that grows the american economy and that in turn generates more taxes to pay for the needed repairs to roads and highways, communications systems, what makes this country great. stuart: i disagree with you. i think you have to stimulate private enterprise to grow the economy. we have a difference of opinion. >> we have a difference of
10:37 am
opinion. stuart: i hope i don't need a bodyguard next time i go to madison but -- >> i can't imagine why anyone would say you needed a bodyguard. stuart: i was making a speech in the middle of the controversy about unions and i had two police officers had to escort me to the podium where i was speaking and escort me back to my hotel room. that happened to me because i'm with fox. >> next time it will be me. stuart: you are on. your honor, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. now this. this is on the apple fbi story. after the fbi got into the san bernardino shooters's iphone, they have agreed to unlock more iphones. liz: terrible story, patricia and -- they are murdered by two teenagers, one of whom was being
10:38 am
raised as the grandson. this happened or the little rock. now apparently the fbi and department of justice has been saying to local prosecutor on the case yes, we will try to get into the iphone used by one of the killers in this horrific death. we have seen 5 dozen instances, cases across the country, the apple iphone may be cracked by prosecutors, 175 iphones, manhattan da wants to get into those iphones in criminal cases. stuart: the pandora's box is being open. we don't know who is opening up the iphone. liz: who developed the technique. stuart: but somebody did it and now everybody wants these iphones open. stocks at numb 109, not suffering at all. i'm going to talk fast food. i am a customer. mcdonald's and jubilee, stocks going in opposite directions,
10:39 am
start with mcdonald's please, new high? nicole: new high second day in a row, seventh time this year. new high as mcdonald's announces looking for franchisees, they want to expand in china, south korea, hong kong, 1500 restaurants and this just adds to what they have been pushing, monopoly promotion, mobile ordering we talked about this week. this is the plan and a new high. stuart: we understand they are starting at a new burger chain. is that correct? >> that is right. mcdonald's has gained 30% over the last year, jacoby lost 30% so now they are trademarking better burger, they want to add to their other small chains. did you know they had pizzeria local and also southeast asian food chain. they are expanding, you know we talked earlier in the week about word bush, they won't have a sales recovery until 2018 is the best case scenario after the e. coli virus. stuart: stop another chain with a different name. it might work. thank you very much indeed.
10:40 am
please look at this video. that is naples, florida. i know that track very well indeed. >> go out on your morning walk and you see a panther. show me the script, what is it again? it is a panther. we are reliably informed by our control room that it is a panther. liz: what would you do if you saw that in naples? stuart: take the video and sell it. beautiful creature. a few been a to go you heard a donald trump supporter's take on the abortion gaffe, next, one of the biggest trump critics who must be over the moon. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
10:41 am
was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
10:42 am
stuart: if you don't tune in every day, 9 am eastern sharp, you are missing some great stuff. you are highlights from today's show. >> when i am on -- she has trouble with excitement and enthusiasm even among women who should be excited about the possibility of the first female president in american history. you know what excites women now? donald trump's comments. >> i am not defending her. i think what this could be is we are not looking to necessarily charge you criminally, we are looking to see, this is clearly gone on before, other people are doing it, people we don't even
10:43 am
know, more of a policy in place that we need to make illegal. >> trump has brought in some new voters, some of that is underestimated. if you are ted cruz or john kasich in your the nominee you have to make that case.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: breaking news from one of the world's hotspots, turkey. and explosion. ashley: in the southeastern parts of turkey, one of the largest cities close to the syria and iraq border. there are reports of injuries, this coming just after the pentagon ordered the evacuation of the family and us personnel of the military and diplomats in that area saying we need to get you out. they are aware how stable this part of turkey is especially near the syria and iraq border. stuart: turkey is destabilized at this point and that is a very big deal i think. i am going to make a bet here. our next guest popped a bottle of champagne after hearing donald trump's comment on abortion and the outrage that s standard is with us now.
10:46 am
i am saying that was an extremely serious political mistake. he went into the interview unprepared, shot from the hip and said something simply outrageous. can he recover? >> he has recovered -- he has done this routinely over the past six, eight month and recovered over times. can he recover? it is possible. you have seen these kinds of mistakes from donald trump so many times. while he has managed to come back and still win 30%, sometimes in the 40% range in these republican primaries, i think the prospects for his general election victory if he were to become the republican nominee grow dimmer with every one of these incidents and the prospects for republicans in senate races and house races are grim. you are looking at a potential bloodbath if donald trump is the nominee because of comments like this and other once he made. stuart: another theme we are
10:47 am
following is republicans are, i use the word hopelessly split, irreconcilable he split. you are not in your head. you agree? >> i do. i don't think the split is a cause of donald trump as much as a reflection of splits that existed before but were hidden. you long had in washington and outside washington the actual establishment. that word is over lose as we discussed before but there is a real republican establishment, the street crowd that never want any changes, afraid of any real disruption and on the other hand conservative movement types who have been looking to break up what ted cruz called the washington cartel and actually see some policy innovation. i don't think donald trump is the leader of either of those
10:48 am
groups. stuart: i made a foolish comment that you probably popped a champagne cork because of what trump did yesterday. i shouldn't have said that because this is a sad moment. for those who want to see growth in america, prosperity in america, free market in america, dynamic capitalism in america, we have taken a huge hit. that is my opinion. what is yours? >> i agree with you. i know what you were saying. i have been a critic of donald trump, i remain a critic of donald trump. i think the reason i have been so critical is because of things like this. this is not the first time he has made a gaffe of this magnitude and we don't need to go over the long list of these but the idea that he is going to have made these for eight month the republican primary when people are willing to forgive or the past some of these gaffes and that that is not going to affect him in the general election, people making that argument are whistling past the graveyard. there is a new projection from the center of politics at the university of virginia showing donald trump losing all seven
10:49 am
key swing states to hillary clinton in a head to head matchup. the polling in a state-by-state basis is grim as well in a trump/hillary clinton magic. people saying donald trump would be hillary clinton in new york, a new quinnipiac poll this morning showing she beaten 53 to 33 and his unfavorable sos are so deep, for those who do want a conservative revolution in america move toward more markets, more freedom, it is a sad moment because of comments like this, we have seen them in the past and we can expect more in the future. stuart: thank you for joining us, we will see you soon. got to get to the price of gas because it keeps going up, roughly up a penny a day. we are now at $2.05 as the national average but listen to this, there is an estimation
10:50 am
that we consumers have saved $10 billion because of cheap gas so far this year. the first three month of the year, that works out to $45 per licensed driver saved in the last three months. two dow stocks hitting record highs, mcdonald's that numb $1.26 and change, coca-cola 46 and change, something completely different for you, this is really different, russian oligarchs throwing the world's first billion-dollar wedding. ashley: how can you spend that? his 28-year-old son marrying a 20-year-old college student in russia. the estimates may be up to $1 billion, or twee 9 tier wedding cake, very swanky venue, and completely covered in flowers but the wedding dress cost us$26,000. i don't think that is anywhere near what you would expect for a billion-dollar wedding.
10:51 am
however they did bring in some big-time entertainments, j low, sting, a few other than these guys make 1 million. stuart: i call that hyperbole. my take on donald trump's abortion gaffe coming up after this. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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10:55 am
hard, should abortion be punished? donald trump says some in the republican party think so, should women be punished? yes. they has to be punishment in some form. immediate outrage, punish women? trump is way behind in the women's to vote and now this. within hours the trump campaign put out a clarification, women are the victims of abortion, he says. but the damage has been done. under pressure trump revealed he went into the interview unprepared on a very important subject. he shot in the hip and blundered into a major political gaffe. it has been a bad week for donald trump. in the run up to the wisconsin primary, he gave an interview to a popular radio host without knowing the radio host was hashtag nevertrump kind of guy. with another radio host he gave factually incorrect answers to questions before hanging up
10:56 am
abruptly. trump's campaign manager charged with battery. a poll shows intent points down in wisconsin and then he says punish women for having an abortion. very bad week. very bad week. if anything it has been even worse for the republican party as a whole. three remaining candidates are at each other's throws. unity in november appears impossible. hillary clinton and bernie sanders and their media followers are all over this and rightly so. america is a few months from choosing a new president and voters see one party hopelessly split and a leading candidate who frequently doesn't know what he is talking about. you can't blame the left for having a field day. the right has shot itself in the foot and then in the head. these are self-inflicted wounds from an angry party and out of control candidate. no one who wants to see a prosperous, strong america can be happy about this.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: coming up at 11:00 politics rules the day, five
11:00 am
days before the all-important wisconsin primary. republicans divided. the big winner, president obama. he has destroyed the republican party, so says dan henninger, the wall street journal guy. don't forget the democrats, they are in disarray. the head of the fbi will question hillary clinton within days. monica crowley says president obama doesn't want hillary to be the nominee. both of them will join us in a moment but first, breaking news from turkey, an explosion, several injured. ashley: a car bomb targeted at a passing police vehicle, going off in the southeastern part of turkey, and the kurds and we have seen a wave of these types of bombings.
11:01 am
stuart: it destabilizes turkey and you brought the report that the turks are shooting -- ashley: 16 refugees shot to death. stuart: isis targets jewish children and withdrawal of american families of diplomats and military personnel. now an explosion. another explosion. politics, domestic politics, dan henninger, wall street journal guy, washington times online opinion editor monica crowley. it is always ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald. donald trump makes those comments yesterday, tried to walk them back in, he says women should be punished for having an abortion. as he finished? >> i don't think he will be invited to host saturday night live anytime soon. that will alienate him from
11:02 am
this. the question is has he touched a third rail with a large portion of the electorate? it is entirely possible that he has. nobody running for anything from student council on up would say anything such thing. if it was a pitch for the pro-life vote it will backfire against him. nobody is in favor of punishing women for having an abortion. has he finally gone too far? he may have. stuart: he went into a big-time interview totally unprepared, not knowing what he was going to say on an extremely important issue. that makes you wonder is he fit to be occupying the oval office? >> i asked this many time, when was he going to up his game instead of believing he could wing it in all these situations? he went into a crucially important interview in wisconsin with radio talkshow host charlie sykes who has been opposing him
11:03 am
and apparently was surprised sykes was against them, actually said that on the air. where is the staff preparation and his own preparation on the subject? cannot keep that act afloat all the way to the nomination. stuart: monica crowley. he has recovered from similar statements before. can he recover from this and regain momentum? >> he is not a politician. because he is not a politician he is immune to a lot of constraints that have constrained traditional politicians. he is there and the chaos candidate talking about smashing the existing order, that is tantamount to bringing a lot of his success. the problem is he has attacked a key constituency that you need as a republican candidate. women tend to vote democrat anyway. any republican candidate will have a hard time. his negatives with numbers among women in the general electorate,
11:04 am
not only improve those numbers but even though he tried to clean them up last night and backpedal these kinds of comments may create an intractable problem with the constituency he needs to approve upon to get elected. stuart: dan henninger's column in the wall street journal today says president obama's greatest triumph is he destroyed the republican party and reagan's legacy. a pretty hard-hitting comment as it usually is. explain. >> i don't think i have to explain the disarray in the republican party. that is evident for everyone to see. one wonders where did this come from? in obama's first-term republican spent most of their time attacking barack obama, not voting for dodd-frank, not voting for obamacare. in the second term something changed. even though as we have discussed on this program, going on eight years, the obama economy has been very weak, caused complete deep anxiety in the electorate,
11:05 am
wage growth is down. in the second term republicans decided to blame each other for not rising in the polls and decided to coming up with policy alternatives to the reagan legacy like supply-side tax cuts, deregulation, the argument that only benefits the wealthy. so this week in the new york times, the long article, and belief among some republicans that ronald reagan is an arcane, archaic subject, we don't need to support that legacy, we have to go in another direction. the result has been republicans are simply knifing each other, tearing each other apart and no self-identity anymore, no one knows what the republican party stands for. democrats stick there solidly for the same thing, voters know what democrats stand for, have no idea what republican stand
11:06 am
for. stuart: dan henninger in virtual despair but i will move along. the email scandal, the fbi reportedly is going to question her within days. this is a serious thing. you are questioned by the head guy in the fbi in the middle of the campaign. liz: this tells us the investigation is in its last phase. according to reports, they are interested in talking to her inner circle and a few others, surrounding the target with evidence and interviews and usually interview the target last. so mrs. clinton will be the last person they interview. this portion of the investigation on her email server or mishandling classified material is in its final phase but there is another part of this investigation of the clinton foundation, whether she commingled her work. liz: questioned within days, you will get some sort of resolution
11:07 am
to the indictment. >> referred or not. either way it will be a problem. stuart: more at moe prison is going to be announced, is it this week? liz: 36 have been cleared for release, a dozen detainees will be released starting this weekend. two detainees going to an undisclosed country in africa. we don't know where they are going. this is on the heels of a special envoy from the pentagon, paul lewis admitting americans have been killed by released detainees, estimates range from one in eight to one in three, between the president obama administration, returning to the fight. stuart: the president is taking a significant political risk. >> he is putting his presumed
11:08 am
party nominee at risk, hillary clinton. dianne feinstein once proposed legislation in which they would close guantánamo. hillary clinton with a cosponsor of that legislation. if i am a republican i want hillary clinton to address whether she still supports barack obama's intention to close guantánamo and what was just described. of the one another black mark for hillary? >> yes. it creates another political difficulty for her because she is walking a tight rope anyway. he has to put some distance between herself and president obama but not too much because she was his secretary of state for four years. stuart: that does it for the rapidfire section of the first part of the 11:00 hour. dan henninger, i am saying goodbye to you. you can stay there. check the big board, we are less than two hours into the trading
11:09 am
session, and 255 points, probably not today. ashley: the webster ratio fully in place. stuart: two now stocks, mcdonald's and coke hitting all-time highs. up 16.5% in the first three months of the year, the best performance in a quarter in 30 years. i wonder what that tells you. looking live at pittsburgh, pennsylvania. bernie sanders took the stage at a rally, the crowd went wild when he walked in, the arena holds 4,000 people. we will monitor this and bring you any highlights. maybe he talks about trump or hillary. we will keep you posted. surely he will go after the billionaire class. if you look at the latest poll from wisconsin, senator sanders leads hillary clinton by four points.
11:10 am
joining us now, bernie sanders supporter, your guy is up in wisconsin but is 30 points down in new york state. that is a big hill to climb. >> quinnipiac poll came out earlier today that have bernie down by 12 points, he is closing the gap. we have seen this happen in many states and we have two weeks before the primary in new york. we are optimistic he can take new york. stuart: your guy wants to debate hillary in new york and she seems to be running away from it. any progress on getting a debate going? >> hopefully the clinton camp will see the light, that americans want to see candidates debate, want to see them debate in an important state right before a primary. it is quite shocking that hillary in her home state would run away from a debate from
11:11 am
senator sanders. we don't understand it. the american people want to see it and hopefully the clinton camp will see the light. stuart: you understand it. she is ahead in the polls, why give up a lead by engaging in a debate which you don't want to have. you understand that. >> i'm not saying they are trying to do something strategic, they are being strategic but it is mistreating the american people and mistreating the voter. stuart: people on the left, i asked all the same question, what do you think should be the top rate of federal income tax? right now it is 39.6%. what do you think the top rate should be? >> bernie sanders's plan is a little bit above that i think. it is not radically changing. we in the bernie sanders can't believe -- stuart: he is talking about 92% being acceptable. >> no, no, no, no. if you see his published plans on his website nothing says 92%.
11:12 am
i believe the number in his plan is somewhere in the 40s for the top rate. those of us in the sanders camp are those of us who believe those at the top, the top 1% should pay their fair share. stuart: they are. they are. paying their fair share. >> know they are not. stuart: listen to me, listen to me. i'm going to be personal about this. i live in new york city, i pay federal, state and city taxes, i make pretty good money at fox and my tax rate is 60%. you want more? >> as far as your city and state taxes, bernie sanders is talking federal taxes. stuart: do you think i should pay more? >> i don't know how much money you make. stuart: it is irrelevant. >> it is not irrelevant. i don't know how much money you make. if you are a billionaire, yes.
11:13 am
stuart: wait a second. it is okay to take 60% of a person's income if they are making what was a? $1 million a year? >> i said if you were a billionaire you should be paying more. right now billionaires and those in the highest strata of the american economy are getting too many tax breaks and we know that to be true. stuart: you don't actually because you don't earn $1 billion a year. you may have established wealth of $1 billion total. are you proposing to tax that wealth? a wealth tax? >> i am not saying people who make $1 billion, billionaires who make hundreds of millions of dollars, people on wall street making money that is astronomical and not paying their fair share. that is not a mystery in america. stuart: do you think i pay my fair share at 60%? >> i don't know how much money you make. i wish i made the money you did. everyone don't you think 60% is fair share?
11:14 am
don't you? >> it is relevant how much money you make. if you are someone in the middle class, 60% is not fair.
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
if you are somebody -- stuart: it was fun, thanks for being with us. i got to go. a hard break, no choice, back in a moment. stuart: it was the moment donald trump calls the most beautiful of his campaign so far. a former beauty contestant suffering from a terminal illness came to his rally in wisconsin to thank him for his support. will tape. >> i received from you a handwritten letter that says to the bravest woman i know. >> i remember that. i remember that. an amazing woman. are you coming along okay? >> no, sir. but that is okay because i am here so thank you in person. that was my biggest dream.
11:18 am
stuart: that young woman, melissa young, joins us now. welcome to the program, great to have you with us. can you see me okay? >> i can. good morning. stuart: didn't donald trump know that you were going to the rally? >> he had absolutely no idea. i didn't even though if i physically could make it. that was a big journey for me, 2 hour drive, had been in the hospital, it was really important for me to go, and i was praying i could thank him in person. i wanted to support him. stuart: you wrote him a letter saying you liked his style, liked him as a candidate, he wrote back to you a personal note. why do you like him and the candidate? why are you supporting him?
11:19 am
>> i did not write him. i wrote him a note later. he reached out to me first. i wrote to him -- i met him in 2005 when i competed in the miss usa pageant representing the state of wisconsin. i met him then and won ms. congeniality. we formed a special connection then where he greeted me calling me miss personality and years later i am now ill and fighting hard for my life and years later he reached out to me when he heard the news. i was in the hospital, send me letters and find photos saying stay brave and you are the strongest woman i know and got me through a lot of tough times especially from someone i looked up to my entire life. that i wrote him a letter to thank him and explain to him how he changed my life. stuart: how do you feel when you
11:20 am
came out at that rally? you got trump's attention? he spoke directly to you? how do you feel? >> i don't think words can express the way i felt. i was overcome with emotion. i wanted to thank him. i was afraid when my day comes and i am not here anymore that i was never going to get a chance to thank him in person and i felt like a letter wasn't enough. it was emotional, overwhelming, i was so thankful he took the time to hear my words and leave the stage, he made a promise that my son would be taken care of. stuart: i am almost out of time, donald trump we see in public, tough guy, somewhat harsh, but you know him personally, is he a gentle man in person?
11:21 am
>> yes. he is the kindest man i have ever met. he has a heart of gold. i met him, the most generous kind of man, talk about what he has done for my son, he doesn't to to his horn, and these kind gestures, and able to share that. stuart: thank you for sharing that with us. >> thank you, stanley. stuart: i am going to change the subject entirely, diametrically different story, have an update from turkey about that explosion. ashley: following it all morning. this was a car bomb attack on a
11:22 am
police bus carrying police officers, southeastern turkey, one of the largest cities in the region. at least 20 injured. this is an area predominantly run by kurds who are in an ongoing fight with the turkish government a cease-fire that didn't last, these types of bombings more and more. it has become remarkably unstable. stuart: a huge impact on the european migrant crisis and america with president obama saying we want to take in tens of thousands of refugees. a developing story. first it was emory university. students at the university of kansas are upset over pro trump chalk messages on the sidewalks of campus. we have more campus lunacy for you in a moment. you both have a
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: paying attention to tesla stock, up $3 at the moment because today is the launch of the new model 3, starts at $35,000 and goes way up from there. pro trump messages written in chalk show up at the campus of the university of kansas.
11:27 am
students complain. some compare those messages to the confederate flag. monica crowley is with us. obviously free speech as you and i and everybody understand it is in flat-out attack on campuses. >> this is the logical result of decades of the radical left infiltrating college campuses, education all the way down to the kindergarten level, so now we are getting generation after generation, this is the first big wave of them to come out and not only not embrace the first amendment but willing to dismiss it outright and that should be thad a -- terrifying for every american. stuart: an article in the la times to professors who teach the constitutionality of free speech, their students they say, all of them, are willing to have restrictions, significant restrictions on free speech. >> teachers have to warn students we are about to discuss contentious information. stuart: you have to warn students we are about to offer an opinion that may not be
11:28 am
yours. >> it is so insane but it is also dangerous because this country has a first amendment, the founders mated the first amendment for a reason. you cannot have a free society that operate successfully if you do not have the guarantees of freedom of speech and assembly and religion. these kids we are sending into the real world totally ill-equipped for the real world by the way, if they -- stuart: should be doing something. >> they pay 60 grand a year in tuition. where are their parents and where are the college administrators? they should come in with moral clarity and stand up for the first amendment and tell these kids what is up. stuart: weight. hillary clinton email scandal, this headline from judge andrew napolitano, the clinton administration into the dangerous phase. the judge is next.
11:29 am
stars of the us soccer team file a wage discrimination complaint, far less than the us men's team, do they have a case?
11:30 am
11:31 am
.. ..
11:32 am
stuart: here is to change. stick to bit stock is down a long, long time. the company shipped more than a million of the devices in the
11:33 am
first month of availability. that has got up 6%. best buy is a winner, too. barclays likes it. it is up 3.5%. senator ted cruz appeared on late-night jimmy kimmel live last night and they had some choice words for his family and on donald trump. roll tape. >> i dislike obama's policies more. but donald -- donald is a unique individual. i will say i was watching the early part of the show. if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and thought donald in the back of camera, i'm not confident which pedal i would push. stuart: that was good. i'm going to take you to john kasich holding a press conference in times square in new york city. he's been addressed in the recent made by donald trump. >> people it served our country so honorably.
11:34 am
people like john mccain. he has called on nato basically to be abolished although i can't figure out what his position is today. i happen to believe that nato needs to be strengthened. nato needs to be strengthened and turned for missile in military organization into an intelligence and policing organization that can work across borders to make sure that we can begin to create safe areas in europe, forcing people to work together, to gather intelligence and also learn how to properly police. it's absolutely critical now in a world where we have people intent on destroying mass because of our way of life. believing that if they destroy us, that somehow that gets them a path to paradise. this morning i had a long conversation with my former colleague, chris shays, who i
11:35 am
spent a lot of time over the middle east, particularly working with the kurds. and as we talked about coming out the depth of the commitment these people have, what is behind it? the notion that we are all infidels, we are all evil people and it is their intent to earn the strip to paradise based on destroying a spirit people and attitudes like this -- stuart: a couple hundred yards from where we are sitting here in manhattan. john kasich holding a news conference. talking about foreign policy. earlier he was talking about donald trump. not very complimentary. we broken right before and i have been showing video of ted cruz from jimmy kimmel live last night. you are a crew supporter. i predict you that the republican party is not as split, irreconcilably split here
11:36 am
the two sides can never get together no matter what they do after the convention. what do you say? >> well, first about the republican party was formed in 1854 and they met for the first time in wisconsin. at the time to reform there is a better force between the north and south over slavery. the party survived that. he survived the civil war in the 1850s they split again but the conservative side of the party. and they survived that split. so i'm really confident that the gop will become the gnp. stuart: i don't doubt the party will survive. the question is will it when it is hopelessly divided. that is my word, hopelessly divided that they can't win, can they? >> let's look at ted cruz. the wisconsin state slogan is onboard. ted cruz said this was older
11:37 am
group of individuals doing 100 turn out today. he's the number 12 rallies. he is soaring in the polls and i think his message is resonating very well. yesterday he had a celebration of strong women with carly fiorina, his wife and his mother, eleanor. i don't think a lot of people really tell the people really eleanor is the american dream. she's the first woman to go do college and her family, a mathematics major at rice university. ted cruz message is one of hope and prosperity, restoring jobs in america. the sanctity of life and dignity of the mother. i think that this message is going to resonate well in this country. ted cruz has a darn good chance of being the nominee. stuart: we hear you. extra joining us. sorry i can't be sure. we spent a little time with john kasich it moving on, hillary clinton in a scandal because she is going to meet shortly with an
11:38 am
ace at the fbi director james called me. this is a big deal. now entering a dangerous phase for hillary clinton. she says she can't wait to be interviewed by the fbi. what is this dangerous phase? >> stuart, good morning. even i'm sure. even on truth always good to be with you even remotely. the choice you must make about whether or not they want her to be interviewed at the fbi. the fbi and bites you in at the very end of their evidence gathering, when they already have a mountain of evidence about you. you can reject the invitation. she has stated in advance of the receipt of the invitation that she will accept it. should she or should she not. if she accepts the invitation and goes in there, and they know more about her than she knows what they know. they know a great deal about all
11:39 am
of her deceptions and lies. they know a great deal about her e-mails. if she lies there misleads them, she will compound her legal problems. no white collar criminal defense lawyer worth his or her salt would allow the client to be interviewed by federal prosecutors or the fbi. it can only help them. on the other hand, if she doesn't go win, she has a serious political problem because she stated many times she can't wait to get in there. is she actually going to be interviewed by jim comey himself? that would be unprecedented, but it would not surprise me because he's a hands-on detailed person who stole all of us who follow these things that he is getting daily briefings in the fbi agent managing the investigation exactly where they are and what they accomplished. stuart: if and when she goes into this meeting, does she have a lawyer with her? she's got a voyeur with her.
11:40 am
could it mean over and say you don't have to answer the question, hillary. could she refuse to answer some questions that answer others? >> yes. she can do that. she can stop answering and leave whenever she wants. this is not under oath. the penalty for lying in this environment and the penalty for misleading in this environment is the same as if she had been under oath. this is the classic martha stuart environment where she told one lie to one fbi agent in one conversation, and she ended up spending six months in prison. they are more interested in her awareness of the espionage from the failure to secure national security secrets in which he participated in whether or not she lies. if she does fly, that is icing on the cake or that's another count of the indictment. stuart: i've got very little time. this team on trade seems to be coming to an end point very
11:41 am
soon. within weeks later about an indictment. yes or no. >> within weeks we would hear something. i've been saying all along, director comey has hinted at may as recently as january. by then it will be out of the fbi's hands and up to the justice department to make a decision. bear in mind the fbi doesn't work independently at the justice department. the justice department already knows that the fbi has accumulated. stuart: will watch you on special report tonight. see you later. i will show you some video. can't get enough of this. is a wild panther on the loose in naples, florida. i happen to know that pathway. i know it very well. they have a high boardwalk go into the swamp. transport is a beautiful creature. stuart: and muslim only dating and social media website. some controversy.
11:42 am
more on what is this all about, sharia friendly social media? that is next. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with their fox business brave. dow industrial average up 11 points. rocks in the best month since last october for stocks october for stock here. the dow and s&p up 1% for this year 2015. ibm, morgan stanley with an overnight rating.
11:44 am
microsoft doing well. ellen and johnson & johnson under pressure. would you up lemonade 4500 workers? energy is the best performing group of the day. we have seen at losing recently. it's doing very well here. all of barrels. looking at fiat chrysler. lacuna card technology. a lot of stories about alphabet and apple getting into car to allergy. thought business starts at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there.
11:45 am
11:46 am
stuart: john kasich has wrapped up his news conference in manhattan. he said donald trump is not going to be the nominee. john kasich that this goes to the convention. i want to update what is happening in turkey. the big explosion there looking at it. >> southeastern turkey, a car bomb targeting police forces driving by in some sort of van or bus. we understand at least six dead. four of those we know our police officers or 20 more wounded. we could say the turkish army in this part of the country is in a pitched battle with kurdish forces and we are seeing this ramp. of course this is a very un- able part of the world. trying to get through from syria and iraq into turkey. was that this all morning and it's just really amplifies the
11:47 am
instability of the region. stuart: well fed, ashley. thank you. an app developer who helps muslim related sites and companies. shahid i know the,a labs cofounder is with us now. welcome to the program. you have helped make a dating site for muslims only, which i understand i am told is sharia friendly. can you explain sharia friendly to me for a dating site? >> a very loose term, it governs how they run their lives. the lives. they did a nap is no different than any other niche dating out that target than the other group of people. but it is specifically designed to do is specifically for muslims growing up and living in the west who don't want a midwestern american identity behind but do want to find partners to share their faith. stuart: if it is sharia family, i do want to be facetious and sarcastic, but can i have four
11:48 am
wives? >> i've never heard someone use a sharia friendly to describe this out. now, of course not. people are using a two to partners like anyone else get muslims in america abide by the law land. i don't think there is a movement of people that expand that. stuart: i didn't want to be facetious. enough for now. stuart: if it's a muslim only dating site. >> people can join if they want to to match with muslims and if the matches mutually accepted,@. it doesn't exclude people. just focuses on muslim identity. stuart: does that set muslims apart. we are talking about integrating all into this wonderful country. isn't there a tendency to split apart with a website like that? >> look, i've been building apps
11:49 am
for 20 years. i know them in and out. two different approaches addressing muslims good one is to put them in a box, what i call the man a model which is take something from the west and kind of crippling derrick thomas runs. the other i prescribe to uto allow people to express themselves and their identities in whatever way they want. the whole reason it exists is specifically to integrate with others. for example, an app called launchpad and their biggest campaign last year was to rebuild black churches in the south. that's an example of integrating with everybody else. that's what i believe the market wants. the other model is limiting people's choices. >> we appreciate it. thank you. some of the country's biggest companies having second thoughts about sponsoring the republican convention. they don't like trump.
11:50 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect!
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11:54 am
hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by more than 30-point in new york state. we are three months from the gop convention. the organizers facing a problem. it's not a split in the party. if the major companies are hesitant to sponsor the convention. let me guess. they don't like drunk. >> they are being pressured not to bike trunk. this is a group called color change. they came up after the tray upon my tenets of them. they pressure companies not to donate like coca-cola, google, at&t, not to donate any money or services to the republican convention. coca-cola donated something like $600,000 in the 2012 cycle is only committing $75,000 this time around. color changes saying in a petition to allow companies than i consider donating to
11:55 am
republicans in a sponsorship of a chump like convention will be an endorsement of this hate filled and racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company. now you have mr. trump talking about the potential for riots if he was not nominated and that harkens to the images of 1968 with democrats in chicago. if your company you have to wonder to you what your brand associated with what might be an issue in cleveland. stuart: you also have to figure out whether or not they have a valid rad of a boycott of those products and services if they do indeed have a convention. >> in the case of coca-cola was chosen not to show the color change website because there's a coca-cola bottle with the coca cola logo adulterated and this is something that would reoffend to. you can look at it. there's a lot of pressure on the companies. stuart: my guess is the pressure will be successful.
11:56 am
>> you do not have to disclose prior to the parties do not disclose the donors until after the convention. stuart: that's interesting. liz: at trump as saying there could be riots. you want your brand associated with that? tell investors that 27 points as we speak. back in a moment. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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11:58 am
stuart: moments ago in new york city john kasich held a news conference and said flat out donald trump's not going to be the gop nominee. roll that tape. >> i don't believe that donald trump will be the nominee. this will go to a convention. senator cruz needs almost 90% of the delegates going forward toud avoid a convention. stuart: think that's his strategy, take it to the convention and maybe he will be the shining star who emerges -- >> well, he's still in it. he can't win based on delegate count. he's been called the spoiler,
11:59 am
but is he picking up the extra votes from trump? i don't see trump supporters jumping on john kasich's bandwagon because he's an establishment politician. so very interesting. stuart: i just don't know what the fallout is going to be from donald trump's remarks about women being punished for having an abortion. okay, so he rolled it back, or tried to, later on. but i don't know what the fallout -- >> you wonder ife passed the tipping point. >> we keep asking. stuart: that's a fair question. at the moment with the big wisconsin primary coming up next tuesday, the latest poll i've seen shows that cruz, ted cruz, is ten points clear of donald trump. >> he is. stuart: and that poll was taken before trump's comments. who knows what's going to happen with those polling numbers now. >> right. stuart: on the democrat side, i do want to come in again and say that in the new york primary april 19th, hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by, what was it, was it 36 points or --
12:00 pm
>> tightening. stuart: it's huge. >> but sanders is from new york -- >> he's a brook brooklynite. connell mcshane -- >> good to be sheen. good to you you. cavuto coast to coast, and an election alert is how we start things off. good to be with you. everybody says they have a jam-packed show, we really do. trump under pressure in wisconsin, his rifles have been pounce -- rivals have been pouncing on the abortion comments from yesterday, a barrage of attacks coming from radio hosts, very important in the badger state. we'll talk about that. stuart was talking about the polling, just about a ten-point lead in the latest polling out of wisconsin for ted cruz over donald trump. the trump camp coming back and saying, listen, don't read too much in to just one poll, and to that point, fox has a poll coming out, fox business network on lou dobbs tonight unveiling


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