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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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7:00 p.m. eastern. lou will reveal the results of our very first fox business political poll. best in the business. dana blanton put it together. voter preferences particularly for wisconsin but a lot of other things. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: after 24 hours of mayhem for donald trump, this tweet just had a very nice meeting with reince priebus and gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. with the wisconsin primary in just view results of a new fox business poll will be released at 7:00 p.m. ahead of that positions are shifting. blake burman on the ground in the badger state. blake, what is the tone like? reporter: hi, there, deirdre, first off we got fresh reaction
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from the tweet you described from donald trump. rnc is trying to necessarily play down the meeting with donald trump that leader reince priebus had with republican front-runner trump earlier today in washington d.c. here is a statement from the rnc they released moments ago. i will read from it, quote. the chairman and mr. trump had a productive conversation about the state of the race. he chairman they say is in constant communication with all the candidates and campaigns about the primary, general election and convention. meeting an phone conversations with candidates about their campaigns are common. and will increase as we get closer to november. so that is the statement from the rnc about this trump meeting. however, deirdre, keep in mind, this meeting took place 24 hours after donald trump made comments about abortion which he then reversed and 48 hours after he said he would no longer abide by the republican pledge. it has been a busy day for donald trump in washington, d.c. it started out earlier in the day with him taking meetings
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with his foreign policy team, his advisors, that he unveiled just a couple of weeks ago. he met with that group. he also rolled out the house leadership committee that will help him bridge ties between himself, his campaign and the folks in washington, announcing duncan hunter, jr., chris collins, first two lawmakers to endorse him as part of that committee. as all of that was going on in d.c., north of him in new york was john kasich earlier today and kasich was trying to make the argument not only can't trump be the republican standard-bearer, but kasich said he is not fit to be the commander-in-chief. take a listen. >> it appears as though when he does these events and people press him, he becomes unmoored. and then has to spend a lot of time figuring out to correct all the mistakes that he made. i have to tell you as commander-in-chief and leader of the free world, you don't get do
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overs. you need to be able to get it right the first time. reporter: deirdre, donald trump will be back here in wisconsin on saturday. he has a couple of events in the northern part of the state. john kasich, ted cruz will be back here tomorrow night. there is a dinner sponsored by the republican party of milwaukee that they will be part of, donald trump will not be. as far as mood here in wisconsin. we're at farm show in oshkosh. they're breaking down. folks tell us they will be voting on tuesday, many people we talked to are undecided. that goes for both sides of the aisle. deirdre: blake, it is going to be good. blake burman with us from wisconsin. with his take on the race we bring in somebody that knows the system so well, former house republican majority leader tom delay. congressman, welcome back. we're glad to have you. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: full disclosure for viewers you are supporting
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senator cruz. what do you tell his critics to say his appeal is not broad enough to beat hillary clinton if he were the nominee in the general? >> are you talking about cruz? deirdre: yes. >> cruz has an incredibly broad appeal with the republican base, with the tea party people. 60% of those voting in the republican primaries did not vote for trump and most of them voted for cruz. so, no, i think he has a strong appeal because he is smart, he understands the constitution. he is a man of faith. he make as incredible role model. so, no, i think some people just don't like him but they respect who he is, and what he stands for. deirdre: and you think they're going to get over it, even if they don't like it, him as a person for whatever reason, they will put that aside, is what you're saying? >> well i think that is what the republicans especially are looking for.
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we've all been looking for someone who is strong in character and someone who understands the constitution and can lead this country in the direction of a limited constitutional government. and is strong on foreign policy. and trump is not it. that's obvious because, if you add up the delegates right now, there are more delegates that are for somebody else other than trump than trump has. people don't seem to understand that. and with 60% of the republican voters voting for someone other than trump, people need to sort of focus on that. trump may be the front leader among three candidates right now but i don't think he is going to get the majority. deirdre: what do you make -- >> at the convention. deirdre: what do you make of the tweets from donald trump trump which will read from the memory, the statement response from the rnc?
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so trump tweeted out, had a very nice meeting with priebus and the gop, looking forward to bringing the party together, and it will happen. which is decidedly optimistic. it speaks to unity in the party. however the rnc statement which blake burman brought from wisconsin, is decidedly list committal and calmer in tone. what do you make of the difference. >> sounds like trump. we'll win, win, win. make america great again. we'll have most important trade issues -- just sounds like trump. i'm wondering if he went in there with the question he had or demand for changing the rules so that if you have a plurality, you win the nomination? this is a man who said he would leave the party if we changed the rules. now he wants everyone to change
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the rules to fit his plurality. i hope chairman priebus stood strong. we'll stick by the rules. if you get a majority, you're the nominee. deirdre: let me ask you where the opportunity lies as you see it for senator cruz? donald trump had a very rough and fractured the past 24 hours. he made extreme statements on all kinds of subjects. dr. ben carson who endorsed donald trump on the show last evening. here is what dr. carson said in response to some of trump's comments on abortion. >> mr. trump stated if there are punishments, if abortion is made illegal, the punishments should be directed to people performing the abortion as opposed to woman who is already being punished in the situation. deirdre: congressman, how do you see senator cruz coming out
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reaching out to half the population in the u.s., which happened to be women? >> first of all, ben carson, in that statement shows why he couldn't last as candidate. he wasn't ready for prime time. he hadn't talked about these issues in this case, he doesn't understand the pro-life movement, on those of us who are trying to protect the unborn and babies from being killed. same thing is happening to trump now. it is getting down to where people are getting really focused and asking tough questions, what is in the inner man? what do you really believe? and nobody knows what trump believes. cruz understands it. pregnancy is not a punishment. a baby is not a punishment. so, the victim here, victim here, talking about aborting babies. the victim is the baby. we're trying to save the baby
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from being killed. now that has to -- deirdre: do you think trump was pandering and as you say, doesn't understand the conservative stance, tried to do it and then had to real back? >> well he doesn't understand it period. i mean if you listen to a speech by trump, it is incoherent. there is no depth to any of issues he brings up. he doesn't understand any of the issues. he has never dealt with these issues. he hasn't spent what he should have done over the last year, studying these issues so that he knows where he is and how he stands on these issues. and develop those principles on which he can stand. he hasn't done any of that. i think that is starting to come out. people are starting to see it. that's why there was a big, there has been a big swing in wisconsin coming up. trump was leading wisconsin up until a couple weeks ago. now he has fallen behind. he is not doing as well in new york as he was.
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i think we're at that point that trump subpoena starting to implode. people are looking for somebody else and, they're looking for a strong person that stands on principle and that's cruz. deirdre: and i hear what you're saying. sounds like tuesday is going to be pivotal. tom delay, former house majority leader -- >> not just, deirdre, not just tuesday. tomorrow is the convention in north dakota. nobody is talking about that. deirdre: i'm glad you brought it up. >> delegates will be picked. in colorado coming up in a few days. there are 100 delegates in the next few days. deirdre: 100 delegates as you rightly point out which are quite significant. tom delay, we thank you as always. former house majority leader. >> thanks for having me. deirdre: support irof senator cruz. while media going full throttle every time you see a protest at a donald trump event, did anyone hear about bernie sanders recent protest? we'll show you details after this.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> when you have a campaign built on personal insults, attacks, now physical violence, that has no place in a political campaign. it has no place in our democracy. and i think it ice really unfortunate development but i do think it helps clarify for the voters what the trump campaign is all about. deirdre: senator cruz expressing disgust at trump's campaign. voters show up in droves for some in support, some in protest. sir sus xm patriot david webb
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back from wisconsin. he spoke with the protesters. david, i'm glad to see you. we're going to play some of what you heard. >> are you protesting donald trump? >> yes. >> what is the policy that you object to? >> all of it. >> just like things he says about women. >> like what? >> i -- too many -- >> he does not, does not support other races. >> he has got too much money. >> he has to be respectful for us, to everyone because we don't want that kind of people, leader for our nation, because i think he is entirely un-american and in way he goes about his politics. >> he is very homophobic and racist. and he is just, he is just fear-mongering. >> are you working with a group? you've got a uaw sign right there. >> donald trump has accused me of whatever. no, i do not. yes, i am union. union is standing.
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>> with the way things are, i think, trump is getting a lot of ground because he is -- >> support bernie sanders 120%. deirdre: david is with me now. so, david i have to ask you for full disclosure, that is a range of people. in other words you didn't find and edit out a lot. >> no. here is what i did. i went to the university. there was a protest there. i went into the crowd. i walked into the protest. i talked to them, what you see is a fair representation. i went over, that was in appleton. i'm sorry in green bay. then i went to appleton. in appleton there was a big thing at the radisson. walked up and down the lin blocks long of supporters for trump. walk along the line. mixture of all people, you name it, age, gender, range, they
5:17 pm
were all there. on other side i didn't cherry-pick. i went to everybody, tell me, i didn't prompt them. just tell me what you oppose. i heard some crazy answers. he wants to deport all immigrants. what was really disturbing was students. the fact i'm at university, a lot were students, students against trump and they couldn't tell me the policies. a lot of them were bernie supporters. some were hill hi supporters. some didn't give support either way. deirdre: people didn't give you details, what he said about this issue because? >> they would say some things you know he didn't say. tell me what he said it? was it in a debate? was it in a speech? you may not give me exact date, tell me some and where he said it? give them credit, a lot of students in the university, more of them didn't believe that we should disrupt the rallies. and some of them were going to trump rallies to hear him. deirdre: okay. worth noting.
5:18 pm
i want to ask you because fair and balance, we want to say that there are also protesters at bernie sanders rallies. >> right. deirdre: there are pretests for every candidate. i moan there were some signs, there is one there, animal liberation now. >> right. deirdre: you know -- >> here's the difference. and by the way, look, i don't have a dog in this race. you played the sot of senator cruz in the beginning. doing same thing that bernie sanders and hillary clinton is doing. he casting violence at trump and putting his name in it. the fact there has been, there was a older gentleman, who wasn't much of a gentleman, punched a protester at a trump rally. that is wrong. a guy showed up at trump rally in kkk hood and so bait people and "black lives matter" and soros group. deirdre: they are pushing buttons of crowd. >> they're not there to push buttons. they hand out leaflets.
5:19 pm
they say how to disrupt. go as far as your conscience, yesterday i said is it okay to disrupt. some of them said, yes. well what about in the first amendment. in case of trump this is okay. this is deliberately being pushed at him. i'm not exonerating for him to take responsibility. we don't go to bernie sanders rallies on the right, start disrupting them, breaking them up or trying to bait people. we may have disagreements arguments, violence? find me violence by someone on right at bernie or hillary rally. remember tea parties? i'm wind of the founders, tens of thousands people in new york. we didn't have any arrest or violence. what happens, the left and hardcore left has an agenda, disruption, breaking down things, making sure that the violence is part of it. is part of their operational model. deirdre: provocation. david webb, thank you. glad to see you back from wisconsin. back in new york city. >> good to see you. deirdre: student outrage, warning more pro-trump chalk signs are being investigated and
5:20 pm
we're heavy in sarcasm on that word. this time at kansas university. one studenis defending them. also from prison to the battlefield, a new report that guantanamo bay prisoners are scheduled to be released. a former cia senior intelligence officer says this specific action directly puts more american lives at risk. >> i will keep working to shut down the prison at guantanamo. it is expensive, it is unnecessary, and it only serves as a recruitment brochure for our enemies. [applause]
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>> we assume that there are going to be out of four or five, 600 people that get released that, a handful of them are going to be embittered and still engaging in anti-u.s. activities
5:24 pm
and trying potentially to link up with their old organizations. deirdre: that was president obama last year vowing to close guantanamo bay. the pentagon reportedly planning a dozen more transfers from the facility to two countries. one a former al qaeda fighter. he is from yemen. he has been on a hunger strike since 2007 but there are 91 prisoners remaining, 15 of which are considered high level. worth noting, nearly 20% of the transfers returned to fighting. that stat is verifiable of july 2015. with me now former cia senior intelligence officer, retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. >> hey. deirdre: thank you, sir for the time. 91 prisoners left who we will assume be set free. how can the cia counter what seems like a very bad decision at a very bad time? >> well both di and cia both. this is pentagon effort. what has to be done is accepting
5:25 pm
reality which we face. look, these are the most hardcore prisoners left. those which were kind of recoverable, those who were kind of periphery of 9/11 attacks and those incident were release adlong time ago. so these are the hardest of the hard, the most guilty, if you will. and my problem with you will whole process -- deirdre: let me stop you there. i'm just curious. >> sure. deirdre: i'm sure the president has reasons, it just doesn't make sense to most civilians in the sense that what is the trade? he said because of bad optics. it inspires, future generations of terrorist to hate us further but seems terrorist was hate us either way. >> there is no evidence anybody going to gitmo, some reason for them to continue to do it. other things they use to recruit. gitmo is not one of them. the president is completely naive or lying to the american people, let me be clear on this elsewhere within this context we have no place to stick current prisoners we're now taking.
5:26 pm
peter cook, spokesman from the pentagon, high value detainees we're capturing in iraq and syria, we have no place for them. we need to retain the folks because they have been involved in killing people and also for the intelligence value. let me be clear on this issue alone regarding killing people. these people engaged in the 9/11 attack planning and they were also engaged killing americans. if they did those acts of terror here in the united states they would be facing life in prison. deirdre: then they go home and they're heroes i assume? >> exactly. they get released, go back and they are rock stars. even if they don't go back own the battlefield, let me be clear, if they don't go back to pick up a gun, they are inspiration for those that maintain terror links. it is lose-lose for us, that we don't stand for in our culture, those who violated international law, to justice. they committed acts terror and killed americans and they should be held accountable for those crimes and president obama is letting them off. deirdre: worrying indeed.
5:27 pm
on that subject a chilling report from harvard researcher that claims that terror groups such as isis are evolving and could get nuclear weapons very soon. >> absolute absolutely. deirdre: what dud think of that report? >> we looked at red teams, regarding al qaeda. let me say this. there are a behindful of countries which have nuclear weapons they may be willing to deal with it. isis by itself technology or time to develop what we call a pit, build all component together to build a nuclear weapon. they said they will acquire one. best funded terrorist organization ever. there is no reason to doubt them. any threat they made so far they followed through on. this is another one. loose nukes they run between 600, $800 million a copy. there is russia, russian sources. there is north korean sources and pakistani sources. just a mater of time before someone figures out a way to buy one of these things, to get lights and put it in the hands of al qaeda, i'm sorry isis.
5:28 pm
so a matter of time i think. they're seriously pursuing it. deirdre: the material, i'm not saying even encased in a bomb. >> do it dirty much easier absolutely. deirdre: retired lieutenant colonel thank you for your time, tony shaffer, glad to have you. >> thank you for having me. deirdre: italian designer dolce gabanna going with a line of fashion trends, accusing them taking part in enslavement of women. my next guest agrees. people outraged about 2016 trump signs on campus. same thing happening on a campus in kansas. the student who called out his administrators next. >> you expect them to stimulate intellectual curiosity, expect some sort of debate, if you're conservative, if you believe in limited government, if you believe in supportings israel,
5:29 pm
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5:33 pm
students i can pressed their outrage. it happened first at emory university. josh, you told us you were upset that emory's president conceded to the protesters and legit mid their claims. it seem like it's happening now in can as. >> it's not surprising. it seems to be the narrative of today intolerant left. if you don't believe the way they do, if you don't support the policies and the path for the country they do, they seem to not want to be open to your viewpoint. deirdre: that's the point of university. >> exactly. that's why i went to college. they want to have different discussions and learn from different people. that's a shame because it doesn't seem like that's happening. deirdre: let me ask you about
5:34 pm
emory's president who picked up his own chalk and wrote his own message saying emory stand for free expression. are you satisfied with that action? >> i mean, he finally did that. it took him a week. it took a lot of pressure and conservative voices standing strong demanding that he stand for the first amendment and standing for these trump supporters right to write in chalk to support their candidate. for a week he legitimized left-wing protesters who wanted to silence student for being trump supporters. he wrote in chalk that emory supports free speech and i'm glad he did that but i'm sorry it took a week. deirdre: here is what bill maher had to say. >> i don't deserve to feel bad at my school.
5:35 pm
i so badly want to drop kick these kids. deirdre: there is some consensus. bill maher used to consider himself a liberal. but he's having a laugh at the student' expense. >> he said he wanted to drop kick them into places where there actually is pain and suffering. some student said this was a violent action and they felt they were going to die. that's amazing to me. supporting a political candidate would bring about that response? i'm hopeful that will happen in the future. deirdre: it seem like an extreme reaction for other reasons. student at emory university. an italian designer going full throttle with an islamic fashion throttle with an islamic fashion item. they are being accused of taking
5:36 pm
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deirdre: an italian designer is producing fashion for women in the middle east. a french fashion designer slammed the designer. designers are there to make women more beautiful and give them their freedom. these creators taking part in the enslavement of women should ask themselves some question. gabrielle. what do you make his comment.
5:40 pm
should they rethink their strategy? >> they should rethink their strategy. they are glam'rising something and getting into a bizzing strictly for money. a burka that strips womb and of her identity. this is the summit wolf oppression. women cannot even feel the air on their skin or the wind in their hair. enjoy life. these are the simple things we take for granted. women in the middle east are being beaten if they don't wear the burka. they have a flesh clip they clip on women's body and pull their skin and cut their skin if they are showing any skin on their hand or feet. deirdre: for full and fair disclosure. it does seem money motivated.
5:41 pm
you have dkny, tommy hilfiger, but we have seen gore ad for dolce and gabana. >> i come from that part of the world. i was born and raised in lebanon. i am from the middle east. i can tell you the burka is not about a fashion statement. it's hiding women behind walls and stripping them of their identity make them feel like they are nothing. they are there as made and a baby factory to make babies. the burka is not about a fashion statement. a lot of the country's super rich citizens are leaving.
5:42 pm
10,000 millionaires have left the country so far. one pastor says the recent attacks are causing people to flee france and that can be traced back to a problem with religion. >> there is something within islam itself that causes its followers to hate us. not all islamics are certainly terrorists, only 5% are. but 5% of 1.5 billion people is 75 million radical muslims in the world. how did so many people get their religion wrong? there are 2.2 billion christians in the world. you don't have 100 million christians wanting to chop people's heads off and burn them alive. there is something terribly wrong here. deirdre: a whole debate that happened last night on sean hannity's show. does the mass ex dulls of rich people surprise you?
5:43 pm
>> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. i remember being on a flight coming from canada into the united states. seated next to me was a french businessman fleeing the islamic growth in paris. and that was 10 years ago. the problem just became worse. this is what hatches when you are seeing a rights of islamic radicalism all over europe. people who can get out are getting out because they are concerned about their future and the future of their families. they seeft writing on the wall. deirdre: hopefully there will be progress to come. thank you for the time. glad to have you here. action for america founder. donald trump is not ruling out using nukes against europe. vie. and by consistently breaking apart risk
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deirdre: five days to go until wisconsin. the search for delegates pen more intense. we'll show the top web searches. latoya is here from google friend. what questions are coming up most on google? >> they reflect an interest in getting out the vote. when is the wisconsin primary, how do i rick sister to vote. people can register the day of the primary. and how many delegates are at stake. people are doing the math. >> each candidate obviously has his group of support. but as far as the issues, what do people in that state care most about?
5:48 pm
>> over the past 24 hours we saw a little bit of change. gun control is number one be but number two is abortion probably based on the comments donald trump has made the fast few days. deirdre: what do people in wisconsin want to know about him? >> there are no top questions about the remarks he made yesterday about abortion. the top questions is where is he in wisconsin? is he going to be in green bay. people are tracking his moves to see what's next but not necessarily asking questions about some of his remarks he made in the past. deirdre: what about ted cruz. >> it appears some of the remarks donald trump has made. people are saying what is his
5:49 pm
name? deirdre: for john kasich? >> there is a lot more biographical questions. how old is he and how do you pronounce his name. deirdre: at another events he had a mismatched suit. latoya, it's great to see you. latoya with me from going the trend. breaking news. capitol hill shooter charges handled down. solar are you russell dawson of tennessee was charged with a confrontation with officers at the capitol visitors' center. it carries a statutory of
5:50 pm
maximum of 25 years in prison. we have a quick break to take. when we come back. anding fighting back. the company is considering charges against the f.b.i. for cracking the iphone. also hillary clinton may be asked to answer questions from the f.b.i. or her private email server at any minute. the judge will be back to give us his perspective on those stories. >> we don't know what government employees other than huma abedin and hoik used the clinton email server. we don't know where records are that were withheld by mrs. clinton. she says half of them she and her lawyers deemed to be personal and they somehow disappeared. we don't know where they are but we want to get access to them. there are two billion people
5:51 pm
who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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deirdre: the f.b.i. may question hillary clinton and her aids about the email server she used as secretary of state. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is with us. how risky is it? april 15 is even important deadline for her and her aides. judge napolitano: hillary clinton is facing what i think characterize as a perfect storm of legal misery. at the same time her aides have been asked to testify under oath about whether there was a conspiracy in the office of the secretary of state to avoid and evade federal transparency laws in two freedom of information act case, the same aides have been called into the f.b.i. and
5:55 pm
asked to chat with the f.b.i. on whether mrs. clinton engaged in espionage by exposing trusted secrets. deirdre: you are saying there is an overlap happening. judge napolitano: there are two civil cases filed by judicial watch. one looking for record about benghazi, the other look for records about huma abedin and whether she was being paid for two jobs while she was doing one. two different judges, one appointed by ronald reagan and one by bill clinton said there is evidence of a conspiracy here and i want you to take the compelled testimony of her aides. if you come up with more evidence of it, i'll let you take the testimony of police clinton. in the same week that is happening the aides have been called in to chat with the f.b.i. they can refuse to chat with the
5:56 pm
f.b.i. or they can go in and talk with the f.b.i. once the aide have spoken to the f.b.i. there is one step left, the interrogation of mrs. clinton. she can decline to do, but shined kateed she'll chat with them. they know more about the case than she does and they know about the deceptions she has been engaged in. though she won't be under oath be it's a felony to lie to an f.b.i. agent during a formal interrogation, it's also a felony materially to mislead the f.b.i. during a formal interrogation. deirdre: you mentioned judicial watch, we had the president of that non-profit on the show. here is what he told us he's looking for. what would you consider an even more solid victory you find in susan rice's emails. >> what we want are the emails
5:57 pm
that weren't turned over by mrs. clinton to the government. she only turned over half the emails. we don't know what government employees other than huma abedin and hillary clinton used the clinton email server. we don't know where record are that were withheld from the government and the american people by mrs. clinton. deirdre: judge, is it likely there will be new information? i know april 15 is the make or break time for these additional depositions. what more can we see? >> it's likely we'll learn a lot more from the lawyers' interrogation of the aide then we'll from the fine. and tom fitten may report what he learns. they have broader latitude, they can ask about more subjects that f.b.i. can, and the testimony before his lawyers is under oath and compelled.
5:58 pm
the testimony before the f.b.i. is not compelled. the witnesses, her aide can stop it at any time they wanted it's not under oath and it's in secret. all this happening at the same time, i call it a perfect storm of legal misery for her. it doesn't look good for her right now. you have a team of f.b.i. agents determined to bring what they have against her before a grand jury. final step is to ask her for her version of these events. deirdre: i wanted to ask about. >> the legal matter. apple considering a legal across against the f.b.i. basically pressuring the f.b.i. to release how they hired that third party group and successfully hacks the iphone of the san bernardino killer. what does this say to you the fact that apple wants to sue the f.b.i.? judge napolitano: it says this
5:59 pm
case is not going to go away. did the f.b.i. succeed in getting in this phone or did they just tell us they did because they didn't want to lose the lawsuit against apple. there are members of the law enforcement and the intelligence community that believe the f.b.i. did not succeed in getting into the phone. but if they did, then apple has a right to know how they did. and that's what apple is going to try to find out. apple is on an interesting path. before this case, whenever the f.b.i. broke someone many encryption, they told the person whose encryption they were breaking, how they broke it and what was acquired. deirdre: we know this is not going to be the last case. right now this is about apple. but this whole tension between silicon valley where big tech and the government, this is probably just the first chapter of that.
6:00 pm
judge andrew napolitano. a quick note on the markets. you saw market pretty much unchanged on the day. but just worth noting, a big quarterly win for the dow, up 1.5% and the s & p up just under 1%. "making money" with charles payne start now. charles: donald trump wrapping up a meeting with the rnc, and tweeting that it was a very nice meeting and he looks forward to bringing the party together. we are only five days away from the wisconsin primary, and it could be a turning point for the 2016 race. we are just hours away from the wisconsin preference poll, the first on fbn.


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