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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: three hours ago we went on the air and the dow was down over 100 points. fast-forward to now and look what i am giving to charles payne who is about to take the con. charles, it's yours. >> thank you very much, stuart, have a great weekend. wisconsin, jobs, oil, tesla, china, and a third party ready to pounce. strap in. this is a very busy friday and welcome to cavuto coast to coast. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. well, here we are. we're just a few days away from that pivotal wisconsin primary and, by the way, don't forget neil's going to be covering it all for you right here live on the fox business network. and right now, though, we're getting fresh details from that brand-new fox poll from fox business, by the way. ted cruz holding a double-digit lead of donald trump in wisconsin. and the bigger win in the badger state. so does donald have a big problem particularly comes to women? morgan with how important this
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poll is. >> good morning or good afternoon, charles. >> good afternoon. we've been seeing donald trump having some trouble with women, and we had the war of the wives coming into the week and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it certainly has. but how much damage has been done? >> i think it's been a a really rough two weeks for trump. especially as it relates to women. if you looked yesterday, the antics that had happened with the campaign manager, with what he said about abortion, the battle between trump and cruz's wives. said yesterday there's no way that trump can win a general election if he continues these antics. and similarly at surprisingly to me was critical of trump as well. so i think, you know, any -- to be fair to trump, any republican presidential candidate going into november is going to be carefully watched by the mainstream media. we can look at the past two election cycles, charles, and we can see that everything that republicans say whether
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they're running for the president or the senate, especially is as it relates to women, it's just scrutinized so much more -- so much more closely than anything the democrats say. so saying that, you know, the numbers that the fox news poll have actually been backed up. pugh research is out. yesterday very similar to fox business' polls. and wisconsin i'll tell you, charles. the number that worried me the most in these polls. somewhere around 42% of republican voters said that they would consider voting for a third party. 13% said they would consider staying home. now, these are disastrous numbers for us. not just because of the presidential election but because the senate hangs in the balance this year. so whether it's trump or cruz or whoever our nominee is, we have some really tough work to do with female voters to get them back to our cause. stuart: yeah, to your point, of course i remember mitt romney and his binders of women in extraordinarily low amount of women voters that he got and certainly that could
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have taken him over the top. but the fox business poll focusing strictly on republican voters -- women and the republican party voting, donald trump's favorability is only 27%. i know he's been pretty proud of the fact that he never apologizes. >> probably reminds women of their husbands. charles: i don't know what husband you're talking about. i have to apologize to my wife when i wake up in the morning. even when she's asleep i say i'm sorry. >> no mine's amazing. i'm just kidding. charles: but you've got to wonder. somewhere in the trump organization is a red box -- red glass box on the wall that says in case of emergency, break and apologize to someone somewhere. and if this might not be the town to say at least to republican women to we start that -- hey, you know what? i've made a few gaffes. i've made a few mistakes. i know he never does it but it feels at some point if he
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wants to get back in the good grace of women particularly that i niche, it might be something he can do. what else we'll do to gain some momentum or attraction? >> that's a great point, charles, i think he needs a new campaign manager and he should put a woman in charge. he's got well respected people that are supporting him, and he needs to start listening to somebody. so if i were him, he has katrina pearson, his spokesperson, but he needs a massive quick core correction with women, and i think there are plenty of incredibly talented republican women who are campaign professionals who i think he should consider hiring. that would be one. he also of course could consider putting a woman on the ballot. charles: yeah. >> with him saying that, you know, it's still a long way until july and cruz and kasich are certainly not letting go. and their numbers are much better with women. charles: yeah. and overall, there's been a serious momentum shift and it's not just, by the way, in wisconsin. even though donald trump has his significant lead in new york, it was over 50% not
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long ago. so 30%, 36%. it sounds fantastic except when you say it was 50%, 53% not too long ago. so i think you've got some work to do. it was a rough week for him. i would focus on the women, and, by the way, if he does go with women, i'm betting on marsha blackburne. that's my personal pick. >> she's amazing. charles: you're not too bad yourself, morgan. thanks a lot. >> choosing me. thanks. charles: all right. well, to the left where the new fox business poll shows bernie sanders right now. edging out hillary clinton in wisconsin. blake burman who happens to be in wisconsin. blake. >> hi, charles. good afternoon here from milwaukee. still good morning here from milwaukee actually. that new fox business poll out has bernie sanders here leading in wisconsin by five points over hillary clinton. 48 to 43. very tight here in wisconsin. this part of the country, the midwest big ten country has been incredibly competitive between these two. you'll remember it was sanders
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that pulled that out of left field victory in michigan just to the south of us and illinois. hillary clinton only beat sanders by two points. just three delegate difference between the two and here we are an fbn poll showed it was a five-point edge with sanders on top. the intensity between these two and the campaigns not likely to slow down after the results of this poll. and before tuesday night's primary here. the latest back and forth between the two centers over campaign financing. and campaign contributions really. to step back a bit here for a second as we know bernie sanders has based a big majority of his campaign on raising individual contributions and tried to put hillary clinton essentially on the take from wall street and from other outside groups like oil and gas companies. well, yesterday hillary clinton was at an event in new york. she was on a rope line. these rope lines after events, the candidates go, and they shake hands. and hillary clinton was
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pressed by someone from green peace about contributions from oil and gas companies. here was that exchange. >> i am so sick >> so clinton there clearly confronting that person and agitated with claims from the sanders campaign. well, the sanders campaign, charles, just they really morning put out a statement. i want to read you the top part of it. and here it is. they say it is disappointing that secretary clinton has level an accusation that think isn't true. it's clear that research dob by green peace she's not just receiving money from individuals who happen to work in the oil, coal, and gas industry. 57 lobbyists from personal industry have personally given to her campaign and 11 of those lobbyists have put more than $11 million to help put her in the white house. so the sanders campaign are
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trying to say these people who are lobbyists are essentially connected to the industry. and the clinton campaign say these are everyday voters trying to back hillary clinton. charles: yeah, everyday voters who happen to make $10 million a year in the oil industry. that's all. all right, blake, thanks a lot. appreciate it. well, to other top story and that's the jobs market report out this morning showing jobs growing at what we would call a healthy pace. 215,000 jobs were added. wage is up. that was the big surprise if you will. seven cents. that's considered huge to former dallas fed advisor on where the fed goes from here. and, you know, it was interesting in my mind that the market's initial reaction was to go lower when i saw nothing in this report that spoke of the sort of kind of inflation that would make the fed go out there. but the market very sensitive about the fed these days. >> absolutely. and, you know, i think part of the turn around came when we got the manufacturing report out shortly thereafter. so a lot of mixed signals
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going on when you consider that manufacturing lost jobs at the fastest pace in this morning's report since 2009. and yet you saw manufacturing technically by another gauge go into a -- go into a recovery mode. so a lot of mixed signals. i think the market is admitting a lot of confusion right now because it can't figure out what the fed's going to do next. charles: you know, daniel, on that point -- and june 1979 there were 19.6 million people working in manufacturing. that number is down to 12 million, 12.3 million. we saw manufacturing doing better as far as, you know, the output with fewer workers. is that an economic reality? because in this political backdrop, we're being told that there are ways to actually bring jobs back, manufacturing jobs back. but is that really -- could that happen? >> you know, i don't -- i don't think these arguments hold a lot of water. i think that the more wage
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pressures companies see the more they're going to continue to push manufacturing jobs offshore and/or increase productivity here by using more robotics. and i think that's just a fact of life. if you look closely at the jobs that have been created during this very tepid recovery, we've had 1.5 million manufacturing jobs lost while we've created 1.6 million jobs for bartenders. and that is the basic reality of a -- an economy why the government has intruded too much into businesses trying to do businesses at a profit. charles: so you're saying at this point it's irreversible? >> i don't think that there's any way to pull the train back into the station. i really don't believe that. and some of the things that have been coming out of the democratic top -- the sanders and the clinton campaigns about raising a federal minimum wage i think would actually exacerbate the problem. if you look at it weeds this morning in the report, you'll
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see people without high school education unemployment rate ticked up at the fastest rate among others. charles: all the other groups. >> exactly. charles: right? >> and i think that's indicative of some of the fallout of where minimum wages have been imposed. charles: i have to go now. but i do want to ask real quick yes or no do you think janet yellen has received control of the fed? >> you know, i see the fed right now as being full of dissen dissent, and i don't think she has full control over her committee. charles: thanks very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: well, stocks are up after a really strong mark and nicole petallides says if history is proof, it's going to be a really good april. nicole, tell everybody about it. >> everybody would love that. they would love to see their 401(k)s and ira to the upside. but april the best month for the dow jones industrial average. i'm going to explain here. since 1950, the dow jones industrials have been average return in a positive way
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1.9%. in the month of april. so hoping history repeats itself if you're a bull. now, in the last ten years, this gets even better. how about all up errors every single april. look at this great graphic starting back from 2006, you see 2%, 5%, 7%, the average gain there is actually 2.8%. so what are we looking at now as we kick off this new month? and seeing up arrows. mcdonald's and home depot. third day in a row it is hitting a lifetime high. as it expands in asia. and urban out fitters at a eight-month high. also have anthropology, and you can see some of the other names. micron tech leading the way. and on the nasdaq, tesla with their new model 3, only $35,000, people like that. they already have orders for 130,000 of those and netflix the darling of last year right now is one of the winners.
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but this year been under pressure. charles. charles: yeah, i love the composition of this year's rally because it's been the old school blue chip names that we consider boring hitting all-time highs like general mills. so i love that. i love that those are leading the way right now. >> absolutely right. charles: that history lesson will help sleep this weekend. coming up the one thing looming over the entire market that could spell real trouble for stock. and next the stunning border video that has border officials looking at this race even closer ♪
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charles: two suspected drug smugglers were caught in this video scaling a fence at the mexico, arizona border. and even more surprisingly, the journalist who filmed this incident said three border patrol trucks were within yards of the men and no agents approached them. ashley pratt says this is why the border is such a huge campaign issue. ashley. >> charles, i think the thing here that's almost musing about this is that april fool's is today and it wasn't yesterday when this was filmed; right? it would be a huge joke to think that we have border patrol agents who can't catch something like this happening. and that instead we have to rely upon journalists to, you know, pretty much show us what is happening at the border. and this is why candidates like donald trump are
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resonating with americans. because when he's talking tough on immigration, this is why this is such a huge issue. when you see this drug smuggling coming in across the border and places like new hampshire where i come from, heroin is such a huge issue up there and people are dying of overdoses. so people have to consider the rise of the epidemic and you're seeing drugs across the border, ther there is a direct correlation. charles: yeah, it's interesting. there's absolutely no doubt donald trump's campaign was propelled. first of all, the wall protecting americans, and it's got two things here. you just talked about the drug aspect. and there's the security aspect. but also the job aspect as well. >> right. charles: this porous border, a lot of people coming in, undermining the american worker willing to do the same job for far less money. and we saw farmers who were saying, hey, you know, if you're going to do something for immigration, find out you
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find a way to replace the wink, wink illegals you kick out. so when people see this video, they're going to say this is my guy. >> yeah. and what's crazy, charles, when we're looking at this election, it used to be that jobs in the economy are the number one on the minds of the voters. and they are and second seems to be am i graduation. when you look at the polling of all the early contests we have seen, we have seen that it plays a huge factor of border security among the minds of many voters out there. and i think that is why because of the direct connection to jobs in the economy. when you're seeing people that are reaping benefits that, you know, we're paying into, into the american tax system, i think that is that is what's upsetting to americans because taxes are so high and yet if benefits are high and given to people in this country legally, that's a huge security concern one and two also economic concern for a lot of americans who feel squeezed at the wallet. charles: you know, ashley, i
12:20 pm
read somewhere recently where illegal immigrant men have 86% rate where they're in the 60s or low 70s. so it's a huge gigantic problem, economic problem, security problem, all of the above. ashley pratt, thank you very much. >> thank you, charles. charles: later on i'll read you a tweet that donald trump put out. i want to note of course that he's noting the border patrol agents have actually endorsed him. that's not a surprise but what a day that this video has come out. and also take a look at tesla. a big day today. popped on that new model 3 that it unveiled. investors sharing. but it could be a little bit early. we'll see and the sck also tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern we have a lot to talk about. making money with charles payne. i'm going to show you exactly why voters are rebelling. i'm going to show you proof of it with the economy. tonight. and every night. 6:00 p.m.
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. charles: welcome back. here are some of your headlines from coast to coast. first california now new york looks to pass a $15 minimum wage. but now protesters are getting their way. i don't know? think they'll stop at $15? i don't think so. and holding off from being public in the first quarter. there were no u.s. tech ipos. believe it or not. that is amazing. in fact, first time that has happened in seven years. and tesla, that's been a hot ipo; right? but also popping big today 175,000 orders for its new model 3. but also prices so low you've got to wonder the impact of electric cars. we'll get into that more in just a bit. now look at china. connell mcshane s&p cut the outlook for china. >> almost funny the conversation we had about the election with china and the big, bad chinese taking our
12:25 pm
jobs as they have been for years. and the reality of modern day china. cut the outlook, not the credit generating yet. maybe going in that direction. the issues we cite, excessive debts one, that's hanging over the chinese as it is other countries. excessive debts, also government spending. what's the reaction of the chinese government any time they're in a issue like this? spend, eskimo. if we have a problem with growth, we'll build some more buildings. charles: do you see what they do in the coal industry? >> in terms of. charles: they're firing 6 million people from the coal industry and going to spend $23 billion to pay them and reacclimate them into society. i mean you're talking about government spending and government controls. i mean that's -- that's almost unbelievable. >> we've heard of retraining workers but not at that kind of a practice. charles: government spending. i mean they throw money at every single problem out there. >> right. so they have this hanging over the economy. the numbers on it are staggering. the s&p looks at it at, like,
12:26 pm
30 or 35% of their gdp. so in terms of the government spending. the way they phrased it, it was not a sustainable level. come on. of course. at some point it's not. charles: right? >> but that's what the chinese will do. they will keep spending until they don't have any money to spend anymore but of course you can keep printing more money. so they will keep spending. how big of a hole are they building for themselves and for us the global economy? we don't know. we assume it will keep growing in china. what the real numbers are, they say 6%. charles: chinese government promised 6.5% growth through 2020 by any means necessary. but i think the first point you brought up politics in america. the irony, i don't know that a lot of americans realize. chinese is spending billions to prop their currency up these days. >> exactly. well -- exactly. yeah. thanks for bringing that back up. i was going to say the conversation we're having almost is backwards. or there's a lag effect; right? charles: right? >> because what's been happening with china been going on for years and years. charles: right? >> and it built up and built up and everybody here was talking about free trade policies helping our economy. a lot of people were buying
12:27 pm
into that. but in their real lives they were seeing something different happening and saying, well, they're really hurting us with their currency because, you know, of their keeping their currency artificially low. as you say now they move in the opposite direction but i can't reverse people's minds. charles: well, for decades they had a very unfair currency and things now have billionaires who are shipping their money out of the country. if their currency keeps going down, the rich people convert it for dollars. so they're in a pickle too. >> they are. thanks a lot. charles: thanks. well, fbn shows cruz winning wisconsin and winning it big time. but is wisconsin the game changer that cruz needs? we'll discuss it after this at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. charles: this is cavuto coast-to-coast. a new foxbusiness poll showing ted cruz with a very comfortable lead in wisconsin but an average of new york polls shows him behind donald trump and even john kasich. what ted cruz needs to do to win beyond wisconsin. you guys are excited out there but you have got to be looking beyond the badger state. what is the strategy? >> we are looking to the convention in june. it will require picking up delegates all the way to the
12:32 pm
california primary which is here on june 7th and ted cruz just left the state going back to the east coast to continue the campaign. we will see what new york and other states look like after the results come in wisconsin. every time we engage in a state our numbers go up and donald trump's numbers go down, we saw that in utah and it is on to june 7th and the convention beyond. before you mentioned being engaged in the states. will you give it a shot in new york and new jersey or concentrate on california and elsewhere? >> from the beginning we built a 50 state campaign organization. i was named california state chairman of the campaign back in august and we named our new jersey chair, two states that vote at the end the process. new york award is delegates on a district by district basis. there are plenty of opportunities, ted cruz was there last week and he will be there next week, new york has some opportunities and the only
12:33 pm
way we when is by engaging everywhere. plenty of people said you can't win in a state like maine. we won. people said you can't do great in kansas, we had a landslide victory, we won alaska. states that demonstrated ted cruz's support is national and we are having a consolidation of support on the republican side. charles: you never had to deal with main values when you won main. how much effort are you going to put in a place like new york where now some analysts say it will be a great moral victory and you can hold donald trump under 50%? >> i am born and raised in new york, when people talk about new york values they are talking liberal new york city values like bill diblasio and so on and the impact of liberal economic policies in new york among the
12:34 pm
highest taxed states in the country, new yorkers repeatedly, nobody wants to retire in new york, everyone wants to retire in florida to get away and shield their retirement from new york's skyhigh income tax. we are going to get there and there are opportunities in new york but this is a long ball game, plenty of states left to vote. the strategic dynamic is donald trump doesn't have the altitude to get the delegates he needs to secure the nomination and we are picking up support all the time especially in california where we were for two days. charles: running a 50 state campaign, but you are picking and choosing states that focus on more than others now. >> we are competing everywhere. we have volunteers engaged in every state in the country, new york, delegates rewarded on a district by district basis, the same is the case here. ch he will get 1237 before the convention. i understand rally the troops and locker room sort of thing but is that in the ted cruz camp to say we will get 1237 because
12:35 pm
it looks not achievable. >> the only person for whom it is unachievable is john kasich who is running as a spoiler. charles: mathematically, 80% of the rest of the delegates or something like that. >> to do that you don't have to win 80% of the votes. in use our we won 69% of the vote but got numb 100% of the delegates. we take a look at that. certainly donald trump has more delegates than we do at this point. it is a steeper climb but -- charles: before i let you go backing off the republican pledge, can you tell us definitively if ted cruz will back the ultimate nominee if it is not him? >> i can't say that. what we have seen is two things. number one, republican voters are not particularly concerned which candidate doesn't get the nomination supports which candidates do.
12:36 pm
number 2, donald trump has done some things which are pretty outrageous over the last couple weeks. no one would have expected he would have behaved this intensely personal way toward ted cruz's wifeand other women. charles: we got to leave it there. you have wind in your sales and making it more interesting than it was a couple weeks ago. good luck to you, we will have you back real soon. republicans are not backing off of the pledge to support whoever the nominee is. tonight at 9:00 pm eastern time, we have some other choices for you. john stossel holding a libertarian forum. talking about third-party candidates that want to be the alternative. he is in studio and joined me now. that is so cool. you are the moderator for the third-party, libertarian guys. negative third-party. charles: libertarianism is on the rise but i don't know there is a bigger part of it. i don't know the movement itself
12:37 pm
connects with people who claim to be the leader of it. *smack -- >> judge and napolitano may be. gary johnson is the front runner, we have three leading candidates based on the first poll of the party and they will debate, we have two leading candidates who are creepy and terrible and anti-liberty, a pro-liberty alternative is needed. it ought to be this year. charles: people say in polls and interviews lean so much toward libertarianism. a lot of people are libertarian to a degree but don't know it, don't connect the dots. >> if you are economically conservative and socially liberal that is libertarian. people think that means libertine and we want to promote drug use, not true.
12:38 pm
we just say the government that governs best governs least, should keep us safe, have some pollution control rules and then but out. charles: counter to what donald trump setting count hall, governments and secure us, should have a role in education, a role in healthcare. >> spy on people, start a trade war. charles: that is opposite, no part of that platform can be partly claimed to be libertarian. >> none of the stuff you mentioned. charles: the movement, what do you think will come out of this? ultimately doesn't feel like these guys are going to win but they keep learning and gaining recognition and more people look in the mirror and have that he pivotally every day, i am a libertarian. >> if they get 5% of the vote they get matching funds, they get on the ballot everywhere, the beginning of a new freedom alternative and the country could use that as we go broke.
12:39 pm
charles: i look forward to it. it is a great thing and it looks exciting. good luck tonight and we will watch, you do not want to miss the stossel libertarian forum tonight after wall street week right here on foxbusiness, see you tonight, john. president obama meeting with world leaders over nukes but also talking up his climate deal with the chinese president. we are uncovering more problems with those green companies. adam schapiro on one big solar company in big trouble right here. adam: charles son edison calls itself the largest global renewable energy developing company in the world. it is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy as we reported earlier this week and it is the target of a department of justice investigation. in documents senate is and founded the sec they say it received a subpoena fromhe justice department seeking information about son edison's financing activities regarding the now failed $2.2 billion bid
12:40 pm
to buy solar, doj once information on a son edison employee who is alleged to have and this is a quote, committed wrongdoing in connection with termination negotiations. they cancel the deal in early march just before son edison filed for an extension to file its 2015 annual report. son edison admits it is the target of an informal inquiry from the securities and exchange commission over the accuracy of statements regarding his financial condition. during an earnings call last year, this was november, son edison reported it had $1.4 billion in cash and sufficient liquidity to cover its $12 billion in debt. turns out not exactly. son edison's market cap in july 2015, $10 million but the start has crashed and son edison's market cap an hour ago was around 1 $70 million.
12:41 pm
son edison like other renewable energy firms did receive some us government grants from us government and state government which total 4 $.5 million. being dragged down by citizen, david einhorn, greenlight capital, the hedge fund guy, back in 2014 was touting this stock as a great by, it was worth $800 million. today, thank you. charles: i am looking for the solar plant in california, that is a big debacle and taxpayers have billions of dollars sunk into that as well. great stuff as usual. oil down on skepticism that opec members will be able to freeze out, the stocks that are being impacted by this move. my dad gave me those shares,
12:42 pm
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charles: oil is stumbling, it has been down this week. let's go to phil flynn at the cme. phil: we are seeing the selloff, rumors that if a saudi arabian prince says they won't talk about a production freeze unless all the countries agree, that could be a nonstarter because he ran says they can't freeze production, they have to raise
12:46 pm
production. and because of the divergence for stocks being higher, and oil being lower, there is a concern, it is negotiated by saudi arabia, this week. the jobs report, the headline number beat expectations, and the price of oil. the dollar relationship with oil for the jobs number. the big thing for the rest of the day, the rate count number, we will get that number in 15 minutes, it continues to fall and another sign that us producers are throwing in the towel. we could see production fall below 9 million barrels a day for the first time in twee 10 years and that could be a game changer for oil going forward. if you can get opec out of the noise, back to you.
12:47 pm
charles: saudi arabia wants to build a $12 trillion fund so when they run out of oil they have something to fall back on. they have to give up the artificially low oil prices. >> they see the writing on the wall, they know their future is in jeopardy, off of traditional gills. i tell you another thing. that is another sign of desperation. for saudi arabia to come out and say we have to change the way we are doing business because of low oil prices they are at the point of pain and that is why they are talking to non-opec producers, if you asked a month ago they would have said there is no chance they would freeze production, their tune changed when oil prices fell really hard. charles: thanks a lot. the new foxbusiness poll showing bernie sanders beating hillary in wisconsin, getting a ton of
12:48 pm
donor support. people thought he was nuts, he got 34 million in march and over numb $100 million in the first quarter alone. jim manley is a clinton backer. i got to tell you something, bernie gaining momentum, and the establishment keeps writing him off. you have a smirk on your face but this guy is a real threat, no? >> no, he is not. with all due respect, senator sanders, nothing has changed from the last time i was here. he will continue to raise a lot of money, continue to draw large crowds like we saw last night. in the end it will all come down to the math. she keeps winning more delegates than he does. that is reality. charles: fast forward, he won the last week the contests, scorched her, beating her in wisconsin, she was 53 percentage points in october, he is beating her by four points in that one
12:49 pm
poll and gaining in new york. would you admit it is a game changer? >> yes i would. not a total game changer but it would change the dynamic. having said that if he wins in wisconsin he will try to ride that for all it is worth. he will build on that to try to demonstrate momentum but even after new york, for the rest of the states it looks difficult for him to get the number of delegates necessary to win. he is in it for the long haul, he is going all the way to california on june 7th, he won'ts a role in the convention. we will see a lot more like we saw last night in brooklyn, the bronx, these amazing rallies, that doesn't necessarily translate into votes. charles: he seems to be getting under hillary's skin just a little bit, the little gnat at the picnic that wouldn't go away.
12:50 pm
>> he is more than a nasty. $40 million, pretty big gnat. charles: let you go, thanks very much, we will have you back soon especially if new york is an upset. the one group that could decide this entire race right after this.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
charles: a segment that lit up our website, small business owners duking it out over there candidate. take a listen. >> he understands what it takes. he knows about taxes, how obamacare is the lousiest thing they ever put out. >> 16% tax, a small business
12:54 pm
owner tweeted the same as exxon corporation. >> taking a stance on reducing corporate taxes which is a good thing for small businesses. charles: what do millennials want in november? we have them here to tell you. alexander smith, kristi, and gianna caldwell. we know millennial love bernie sanders. why i am not sure but ultimately in november who do you think they will go with? >> i am going with trump. i love him, he is fantastic, i love everything he has to say, focusing on immigration and national security and bringing jobs back to america. that is something th is superimportant to millennial's and will get their attention. >> who do you think? >> i think there are two candidates millennial's would love and that is bernie sanders and donald trump. one who has a history of creating jobs, relatively important to go beyond rhetoric and factual history of doing
12:55 pm
something. those who may have experienced the brunt of the economic recession may go to bernie sanders, more government dependency. charles: millennial's have not felt the brunt of it. they have seen their parents, the stock market crash and housing crash. do you think that would be why they would go with bernie? the bernie phenomena and is hard to pin down. is that where it is coming from? >> as a millennial most millennial's these days graduating with numb $100,000 worth of debt, living in their parents's basements and getting jobs as walmart greeter, they haven't had the opportunity to see the level of job growth we experienced prior to the obama administration. in that actuation that is the brunt of the pain they will be feeling having not had opportunities. charles: for old folks like me that is old-fashioned whining.
12:56 pm
you started job and don't get a gold watch the first day. maybe that is just generational. who do you think will get the millennial vote? >> the candidate who present him or herself as the biggest problems all the. our research shows more than any other trait -- charles: who is that? give me the answer. >> what i am seeing with the exit polls, on the democratic side bernie sanders is dominating the youth vote presenting a challenge to hillary clinton because young people see her as dishonest. if you look at exit polls on the republican side it is a mixed bag. you see donald trump with the youth vote in new hampshire, ted cruz in south carolina, john kasich in ohio. young people are still testing the waters thinking who they want to support. before when you tell your friends you like donald trump what do they say? >> a mixed reaction. a lot of friends love him too and support him, has tagteam trump all over my facebook and some friends get all their news from the news and the daily show and have all these
12:57 pm
misconceptions about him that i have to clear up and then they support him too. charles: you guys are fantastic, we got to get you back soon. stocks climbing after a strong jobs report, manufacturing turned this around. the big question, what about the fed?
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
charles: welcome back to "cavuto coast to coast," look at this foxbusiness poll showing ted cruz and donald trump, voters in wisconsin pretty firm about their support for them, but 40% of john kasich voters may change their mind. who may benefit from this? a lot of jockeying and last-minute decision making this election cycle, gerri willis, connell mcshane, you first, before everything. wait a minute. gerri: why would you be that
1:01 pm
horrible to connell mcshane? he is pretty. charles: what about who is going to get the late deciders? gerri: i got to tell you, trump gets late deciders but how many will there be? it has taken karch money, every political commentator on radio, all of the republican party to get ted cruz on top in wisconsin. charles: got momentum. the thing that has helped donald trump, he was crushed in early voting, louisiana voting day, ted cruz had more votes than donald trump. that is starting to change the game. >> because of the 40%, most of those are second choices, ted cruz. ted cruz momentumwise, they buy
1:02 pm
into a trump movement. the world, all these people we heard from, trying to stop donald trump, as the message gets across more and more junk a 6 supporters go to ted cruz, not donald trump. charles: a stronghold for donald trump, does that worry democrat in the general election? charles: i do -- charles: one thingabout polls and actuality. it has gone through, you see states where massachusetts, wide swath of independence and democrat swapped hearty affiliation, in pennsylvania it is in six figures, independent and democrats, they will vote for donald trump. >> you sound like the twitter
1:03 pm
egg that tweets me on a daily basis and says don't believe the polls. 72% disapproval rating according to the last poll, and everybody -- charles: honestly -- i don't understand how democrats -- can write donald trump off. all the crossover voting he is received. gerri: it hurts hillary, it hurts bernie. charles: that is -- connell: one of those guys, i was assuming that to be true, coverage of all the primaries, the reagan democrats, blue-collar democrats and their analysis, that is overblown, that is not the case. already supported republicans
1:04 pm
that made the change a long time ago. if they are right about that this trump phenomena and taking democrats -- charles: the republicans -- republicans right now, it is up 17% unregistered republicans. this is the highest ever. slightly under the obama phenomenon of 19%. even that enthusiasm, the enthusiasm gap, there is an enthusiasm gap. >> enthusiasm to vote for trump or against him? 35% to 36% of the republican base, two thirds are voting against him. not just enthusiasm to get donald trump in the white house but -- >> democrats say that all the time, he has a ceiling, he has a limit. isn't that because there are more people in his party running for president that among the
1:05 pm
democrats? there is a limit. look at the wisconsin poll. i have been looking at them 20 years, looking at that, you see that ted cruz voters and donald trump voters loathed each other, the second choice for both is john kasich. charles: magically bring them together. i want to talk about market stocks climbing. one of the jobs reports, jobs report was better than expected, we were down 100 points. we had 215,000 jobs, lost jobs in manufacturing, that is bad, but manufacturing doing really well, how do you reconcile all of this and these numbers. the market is down 100 points, manufacturing data, first positive number in five months,
1:06 pm
manufacturing going well even though it should jobs. and the sector is going well even though it lost the gig. >> today's jobs report should have been good enough to prompt the federal reserve to normalize interest rates to cause policy to look ahead. charles: what part of it? >> the operative word was should? think about if you look at the headline number at a level where historically you see some normalization of interest rates or emergency levels but perhaps there is a fed that is not just dovish but downright chicken when it comes to future interest rates. why are they concerned? a fragile global economy, more fragile than they anticipated. when you look at the jobs report, lower wage job being created, we haven't created
1:07 pm
manufacturing jobs in this country in decades. charles: the jobs number, now you are admitting it was mostly cabdrivers and bartenders. >> compare the headline number 2 what is really going on. when you listen to the fed comments they are very concerned. we talk about being chicken, and enormous role, and political, by not acting they become political because they are taking action by taking rates below where they ought to be, below more normalized levels they are making a political statement to support the economy. charles: i will bring the panel in. we know that going back to george bush senior, the federal reserve made some moves in the election year, amazing favorability reading and plunged because the stock market was done. the fed has been well-to-do,
1:08 pm
both sides -- >> they are being dovish in their comments, the party continues, everybody have a good time, by stocks, the happiness best is on. charles: no one is buying stocks. americans have taken more money out of the market than putting in. $3 trillion has only gotten a few more car sales. main street is not impacted positively at all by the fed. >> the timing will matter too if you talk about the effect on the election. we had an awful start to the year stock market wise all the way back here. i don't see a convincing argument to say we have a lot more to go here. stocks getting a little bit pricey here so do we just fade along? >> earnings are going to be boring. connell: maybe it is not hire off to the races stock market. charles: the bad news is earnings suck, the good news earnings suck. am i right?
1:09 pm
lower bar -- it is all about comparison. if you come in at a penny last year and lost a penny that is great news. >> it is a function of expectations and we talk about the headline number and unemployment and what is going on behind the scenes, same is true in the financial market. look at the leadership groups here, gold rushing out of the gate in the first quarter. that is not a sign of a strong economy. it is great if you own gold and there are plenty of opportunities. charles: caterpillar is up, ibm is up, walmart is up. >> the leadership areas also include areas like telecom and utilities. you don't want to see those in leadership, you want to the industrials. we came into this area. charles: is the fed trying to prop up everything so a democrat get selected? >> know -- charles: you can be honest. >> janet yellen and i were on a speaker call this morning and
1:10 pm
she said i'm going to admit to you -- charles: you know people believe this is true. >> janet yellen -- charles: janet yellen -- >> you are telling me every republican appointed chairman is trying to pop up that federal -- charles: that is the theory, the janet yellen -- a staunch liberal, staunch progressive and she believes obama's policies should continue and she will do anything to make sure the market holds up by hook or by crook through november. >> interesting conspiracy theory. i tend to think more of our fed chair or women. charles: got to leave it there. tonight at 8:00 pm eastern time anthony scaramucci will breakdown what you need to know about the market on a brand-new wall street week. the third-party, a lot of people say a third party ready to take over, the grand old party, the threat from the right after this. you both have a
1:11 pm
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: new video two suspected drug scalars scaling offense at the arizona border, a film crew caught it all on tape, it is shining a light on the immigration debate and donald trump is tweeting this. for the first time in american history, america's border patrol agents have issued a presidential primary endorsement, me, thank you. tonight on foxbusiness, the first of its kind, john stossel
1:15 pm
moderating a presidential forum for libertarian candidates. here is a piece. >> suppose none of you exist, you have a choice between voting for trump or clinton. >> i would choose the nonexistent. [applause] >> i don't vote for people i don't believe in. >> you are asking me to choose between the case of the measles had a bladder infection. i can't answer that. >> i would vote for the libertarian candidate. i would vote for a third-party candidate. charles: that is tonight at 9:00 eastern. first libertarian candidate gary johnson on why he said libertarians are the best alternative for republicans. thanks for coming on the show. >> great to be with you. charles: i was talking to john stossel about this sort of
1:16 pm
movement, libertarian movement in america that is unrecognized. i find more and more people who believe in the things you believe in but don't call themselves or won't admit they are libertarians. have you seen that? >> the majority of people in this country are libertarian, they just don't know it. fiscally conservative, socially liberal, definition of a classic liberal, that is the category most americans fall in. charles: you got the forum, the presidential candidates, what do you hope to achieve tonight? >> the recognition that in my particular case i hope to be the libertarian nominee. important to point out the libertarian party is the third-party, they will be in the ballot on all 50 states, no one else will be able to do that so the libertarian nominee will be on the ballot in all 50 states.
1:17 pm
balance the federal government, government is too big, tries to accomplish too much and there -- is ineffective doing it and couple that with it is important, individual freedom and liberty is what this country is all about. i think the future of economics is uber accountants, lawyer, eliminate the middleman, direct payments for goods and services to the newly empowered entrepreneur. charles: hillary clinton calls that the gig economy, not in a flattering manner. democrats and progressives think those things are destroying the economy, providing goods, making good jobs, cheaper jobs, undermining the economy, what do you say? >> that has always been a democrat mantra, control economy, crony capitalism,
1:18 pm
republicans are supposed to stand up against that but i don't know if they do much better. they both spend money, both parties have contributed to bigger government. if you want smaller government it is the libertarian that will deliver on that. i was governor of new mexico for two terms, really made a difference in a state that was 2:1 democrat vetoing legislation. i may have vetoed more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined, i got reelected by a bigger margin second time then the first time. people recognize good stewardship of tax dollars. charles: where does the party stand on contributions, takes a lot of money to win the white house. obviously you would take it from small donors but would you take it from big business as well? >> absolutely. there should be unlimited
1:19 pm
contribution but it should be numb 100% transparent. the problem with these superpacks -- super pacs's they are nontransparent. candidates should have to wear jackets much like nascar drivers with sponsorship being the biggest logo. charles: some candidates would have to get those old-school tuxedos with the long tails. some got more donations than others. you mentioned the libertarian party being at all 50 states on the ballot. there has been talk of a division in the gop where the establishment or someone else goes in and hijacks the libertarian party, becomes that candidate to be the alternative. would you allow that to happen? >> it would be wonderful to have someone try to do that because they would have their head handed to them. they are libertarians, i don't think there is a libertarian out
1:20 pm
there, the libertarian out there is me, that i am actually a libertarian, you talk about business business incentive, let's have a zero corporate tax rate, that would create tens of millions of jobs. charles: why have the small window in 10% repatriation, go to zero, watch the jobs grow, do it. i am with you on that. good luck tonight. a lot of people are going to watch. i love the idea and it will be a great success. you don't want to miss it at home. libertarian presidential forum at 9:00 pm eastern right here on fbn. tesla getting a jolt, but how long will it last? we are on it next.
1:21 pm
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1:24 pm
charles: time flies. apple was founded 40 years ago today. look at this. shares up 25,000%. a lot of those gains happened and jobs returned to the company in 1998. something neil cavuto covered closely at the time. neil: was that your mission statement? >> our mission statement is to make some great computers that can make a difference to people. you can take an eye-mac home and be cruising the internet in 10 minutes. try that on a pc you are talking an hour. charles: can you believe that? from a garage to one of the widest held and most successful histories in the history of mankind, company trying to duplicate that, tesla having a
1:25 pm
pretty good day, stock hanging in with news of their model 3 electric car, elon musk tweeting they are at 180 million, is there really going to be an appetite for electric cars? we know these other ones and these other things were doa, tesla has the cool factor but will it be enough? dagen: it is enough right now. these are reservations, $1,000 fully refundable deposit. tesla only sold numb 100,000 cars total and they have 180,000 reservations in a day. it is pretty incredible. some of this, people who line up for the latest phone. charles: some people were camping out. dagen: you can put in reservations online.
1:26 pm
you don't have to go to the store. i was checking that out online. to make comparisons, last year total, there were 160,000 electric vehicles, the high end tesla sedan and the suv, these are mobile computers and anyone who has been in one is blown away by how well it drives, how fast it is, how supercool it is, this is the halo effect. charles: the price point. dagen: $35,000 roughly. the interesting thing about all that demand, this car is not coming out until late next year. you are giving $1,000 interest-free loan for a year and a half or two years to tesla if you get your money back. there is a federal tax credit up to $7500 on these vehicles but it starts to phase out once the company has sold 250,000 cars. once tesla hits that mark you won't get the full tax credit.
1:27 pm
if you get one of the early ones delivered -- charles: some states like california you get an additional one. a lot of rich people buy these cars and they are getting all the tax breaks. dagen: that is true. if this thing is as cool as the fancy sedan i don't know how they make money on it at $35,000 a year. before the stock has been extraordinary. some people say it is ultimately about the battery. dagen: and the factory they built but it is a mobile computer. i think this is revolutionary. the tesla car not much. before have you been in one? dagen: i have been in one but never driven one. if you drive a fast car you get busted going over 100, you're in jail, that is a problem. did you know that? charles: i am a slow dude, i drive slow. the next president, bill clinton flaunting wall street job losses, really proud of this. is that a smart move?
1:28 pm
you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
1:29 pm
. .
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1:31 pm
charles: hillary -- >> hillary says look, i know my opponent says wall street is the only problem but that is not true. there are somewhere between 50 and 70,000 fewer people working on wall street today than there were before the crash because of the banks had failed because of
1:32 pm
the the bill president obama signed and next to the health care bill, the dodd-frank bill. charles: president clinton all but touting wall street job losses yet wall street money is not only fueling much of the campaign and clinton foundation and all this stuff. charlie gasparino, on clintons hitting bankers. what is the heck going on? is that biting hand that feed you? >> i never heard someone in public office tout higher unemployment like bill clinton. that is absurd statement. here is where it was really absurd. i had dinner last night with wall street guys. these cuts among the big banks are coming apparently to the end of the year. every binge -- big bank and private equity firm and wall street banks will be cutting staff. this staff is hitting some of the biggest liberal governments in the country.
1:33 pm
i'm wonder if comrade de blasio is happy about those job cuts going on wall street, mayor of new york city, as president, former president clinton? i wonder if andrew cuomo is celebrating all those job cuts which is going to hurt the new york state economy? i wonder what he has to say to bill clinton? it looks like -- charles: put it this way, senator hillary clinton would not have been happy with those job cuts? >> she would be going nuts that her husband is touting job cuts in her book yard. charles: just tells us though where the democrats are because if bernie sanders is running hard against wall street, he has got her pinned down. the speeches, the six figure speeches he is shoe giving. >> here is what i would tell you when i talk to a lot of pretty sophisticated republican voters, they are freaked out by donald trump. everything coming out of his mouth. every now and then they think
1:34 pm
they can vote for hillary clinton and they know that the democratic party has been hijacked by socialists. bill clinton, brought most moderate liberalism to the new democratic party touting wall street job cuts. charles: maybe but not by choice but newt gingrich -- >> one the more moderate democratic politicians for him to be doubting not just class warfare, but touting unemployment for people that give money to liberal states that democratic party plank will look like politburo plank. charles: he is backing hillary, saying all this stuff is rhetoric for consumption of the voting public. he knows that she will not dot any of this stuff -- >> but here's the problem that john and, listen i know people that think that way too but here's the problem that they face. what will be the platform of the democratic party? you know, you run on a platform. there are certain things you
1:35 pm
have to do to sty in office if you want to be a democrat. she will have to govern left because the democratic party is left. charles: left of where obama is, she has to push it out even more? >> i think so. as bad as president obama has been on business calling them fat cats, did he ever run around saying yeah, great, wall street guys are out of work? that screws new york city and new york state, two of the biggest liberal governments in the world. go, go, keep laying them off. i don't remember president obama ever going that far left. charles: yee. >> think about it this way, the democratic party has brought bill clinton further left than president obama. charles: well, maybe bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have brought them further left. >> that is the -- charles: they're in a dog fight. they're in a dogfight. >> you know what it means to be a new democrat now? to be almost a communist. charles: almost. i think it means to be a communist. >> okay. charles: thanks a lot, charlie. meanwhile are taxpayers losing out from the general motors bailout? liz macdonald reports, how
1:36 pm
general motors they're still benefiting. liz? reporter: good to be with you, charles. democrats have been railing against tax breaks for companies, everybody has to pay fair share. talking a lot about crony capitalism with companies including oil companies. you know what flies under the radar screen is gm and its very rich bailout that cost taxpayers more money than previously thought. let's show according to gm's filings, what it paid to the united states. five million dollars in u.s. federal tax bill versus 908 million bucks to china. gm does not dispute any of these figures. when you factor all in, state and local, effective tax bill was zero. bailout estimated costing $75 billion. why? because tucked into the bailout was a sweetheart tax break deal where gm got to deduct against future profits, up to $45.4 billion. so that really lowers its tax bill.
1:37 pm
so we ran all these numbers by gm. gm doesn't dispute any of it. it does say that it has protected or saved or created 26,950 jobs. well, charles, if you use either of the bailout figures, 51 billion was the initial one. now could be 75 billion. that is range of cost of 1.9 million to $2.7 million per job. the other thing too, charles, you know, china is seeing a lot of gm business. gm is outsourcing its new vehicle development to china. also it is becoming the global export hub for gm over there in china. and gm for the very first time in the history of united states could be the first u.s. automaker to import back into the u.s. a chinese-made vehicle made in china, buick envision. that could be coming later this year. all of this flying under the radar screen as case of crony capitalism. no one talking about it on the
1:38 pm
campaign trail. back to you, charles. charles: some turn around and brag about it. we're told bailout work and they're great and look out for new ones pretty soon. thanks a lot, liz. appreciate. reporter: sure. charles: looking to go nuclear, ben stein says the solution is clear. wait until you hear from ben himself. it is going to be classic. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen.
1:39 pm
that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
1:40 pm
reporter: good afternoon from the new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. stocks are rallying but airline stocks are not taking part today. deutsche bank came out this morning and downgraded the group, citing a slowdown in corporate profits, perhaps leading to weaker demand for business travel. look at that, delta off 3 1/2 points. united continental down 5 1/2%. at the moment if you did still want to buy airline stocks analysts at deutsche bank say
1:41 pm
buy domestic carriers that benefit from leisure travel because consumer spending happens to be holding up. names like southwest, jetblue and spirit airlines. all right let's take a quick look at shares of chipolte mexican grill. the stocks victim of a downgrade from goldman sachs, cutting to a neutral. cut the price target to 500 from 550. stemming from ongoing food safety concerns. much more "coast to coast" after a quick break.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
charles: leaders meeting to discuss ways to stop nuclear threats just as north korea's flexing its muscle missile. missile muscle. peter barnes with more details. peter? reporter: hey, charles. north korea getting attention from world leaders gathered here for the nuclear security summit. north korea firing yet more missiles into the china sea there. the president meeting yesterday with leaders of japan and south korea as well as chinese president xi. china is the nation with the most leverage over north korea and in a statement the white house said, quote, both leaders committed to strengthen coordination and addressing the shared threat presented by north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile systems. this morning on the agenda the president was meeting with xi
1:44 pm
and other leaders on the iran nuclear deal. the president saying it is working to limit iran's nuclear ambitions, even as iran continues to test its ballistic missiles. >> exempt for limited exceptions, the u.s. trade embargo on iran remains in place. we also continue to vigorously enforce sanctions pertaining to iran's support for terrorism, human rights, abuses and ballistic missile programs. that's u.s. policy. reporter: and the administration continues to remind us over and over again that the nuclear, the iran deal covers only iran's nuclear programs, not its missile systems that are independent of nuclear, its nuclear program and that it says, is policed separately by the united nations t has gone with some of our allies, the u.s. has gone to the united nations, charles, to ask the
1:45 pm
u.n. to consider additional responses to iran's nuclear tests, excuse me, missile tests, which could include additional sanctions. charles? charles: peter barnes, thank you very much. well, can anything really be done to stop a nuclear north korea? ben stein, he says he has a clear solution. ben? ben? >> yes? i'm waiting for you. i'm waiting for you to call on me. i'm waiting, i'm standing here in the middle of the desert like a griz i willed old prospector waiting for you to call on me. charles: you're like the wise man who will come down from the mountain to tell us how we deal with this crazy maniac? >> i'm going to tell you. believe me i'm going to tell you. i'm going to tell you. i'm going to tell you. charles: how do we stop them -- i guess they are already nuclear. >> we build, we build an anti-ballistic missile system such as reagan proposeds many, many years ago. we have the technical ability to
1:46 pm
do it. we have the money to do it. why on earth are we not doing it? there is no reason on earth not to do it. there is just nothing at all stopping us except old, outmoded idealogical bs from the left saying that it will be war-provoking to build an anti-ballistic missile shield. we have got to do that. it is a war crime not to protect our country from this maniac with his nuclear missiles. charles: ben, what about our allies? that might be great, we cover california, hawaii. what do we do about japan, south korea? >> we cover them too. we don't want testimony to have their own nuclear missiles. i was, when i was born, the war against japan was still going on. and we don't want japanese to even think of starting another one which they would never do, they are our great pals we love them. south korea are our great pals. among the most wonderful people
1:47 pm
in the world but there is no reason not to have a nuclear missile shield. we have the technology. why don't we do it? mr. obama backed off from doing it. the only president who had full force doing it, mr. reagan. there was a little bit of follow-up from bush 41. a little bit more follow up from bush 43. there has to be a nuclear shield. why don't we do it? why would we let this madman run loose with nuclear missiles he, we could solve the problem writing a few checks? it doesn't make any sense. nothing more urgent on the national agenda than having a nuclear defense shield for this country. we have a crazy person there in north korea with nuclear weapons. why don't we defend ourselves against it? there is no reason? charles: i remember back when ronald reagan started talking about this, the media went crazy. they said, it's dumb, it is "star wars," it doesn't make sense. >> and it worked. and it worked. charles: yeah. >> that is amazing thing.
1:48 pm
like trying to hit a bullet with another bullet and made it work over and over again. now we are a country with very roughly is $8 trillion in gdp. would take miniscule pennys to build a nuclear defense for this country. talking about life or death for the united states of america. life and death for the whole world. why can't we spend on it? why can't mr. obama use his vaunted leadership skills to get congress to go along which i think they would do, get allies to go along. if allies don't want to go along, screw them. if they want to be incinerated by the north koreans that is their problem. we have to defend the united states of america and western pacific as well as we possibly can. we can do it. we have the technology to do it. charles: your sense of urgency is there. kim jong-un saying -- >> very, very, very urgent. charles it is so urgent unbelievable. if adolf hitler said i will not
1:49 pm
raid poll land if you put in tanks and stop me. we wouldn't have had world war ii. why can't the u.s. step up to the plate and do the smart thing? charles: i'm with you, ben. go inside and get air conditioning. i will see you in couple hours. >> i am ready. i am ready. charles: thank you very much. so does donald trump have a women problem? wisconsin native greta van susteren, she is going to weigh in on that next. you both have a
1:50 pm
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: back to wisconsin, the big question, donald trump, does he have a problem with women? in our new fox business poll ted cruz hold as commanding lead over trump when it comes to voters in the badger state. greta is hosting a town hall this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. on fox news. the wisconsin native joins me now.
1:53 pm
all right, greta, even before this week there was talk of donald trump having a problem with women voters. i don't think it got any better. what do you think it goes from here? where do you see? >> obviously the poll says ted cruz is fared by women 19 points over donald trump and that is a commanding lead. so the polls are what the polls are. now are they to be believed? i used to be a big believer in polls until eric cantor had the poll had him had commanding lead over his opponent, and he lost in 2008 i used to predict who will be nominees and president clinton got beaten by president obama, then senator obama. if you look at polls there is no question about it, 19 lead by ted cruz but you know i'm going to wait until tuesday night to see how women did vote. charles: so having said that, did trump, trump campaign shouldn't make any sort of overtures or at least solidify or at least jump-start if you
1:54 pm
will his approval rating amongst women or kind of let it go where it is? >> oh, i think every candidate should be trying to get as many votes as he or she can. obviously with those kind of numbers, donald trump has a lot of work to do based on that poll. i wouldn't ignore any opportunity to get any voter, in any demographic. so, yes, he should do what he can. now what can he do? it is now friday and the vote is tuesday in wisconsin. i know. that is up for the campaign to do. charles: i was looking at a poll and they talked about the tweet with heidi cruz's's wife, again it's a poll, 6of them thought -- 67% of them thought it was inappropriate. this is group he can bring in and get on board because these are side issues. become something of a circus and dominated headlines but -- >> i don't know if i call them a side issue. if this is an issue really matters to you, and if this is
1:55 pm
an issue when a woman goes into polling booth and think he is going to be unfair to women, that will hurt him in the polling booth. i don't think necessarily these are quote, side issues. i think they are important issues. charles: so then having said, do you think it is time -- you will have him on the town hall, do you ask if time to use the olive branch particularly when it comes to women voters? policy might not be out of the question. >> what is the answer? here's the problem, you know, at this point essentially on each of the primary, what is the olive branch? exactly what is that? i don't know. charles: listening to hide did i retweet, the photograph thing, he seems like he is coming around but just won't come out to say it was actual mistake and i apologize. >> if you're expecting apology out of any politician at anytime, charles, i hope you're not holding your breath. this is a lot of problem with politicians, they make mistakes and reluctant to make a mistake. i think donald trump said about
1:56 pm
six months, he doesn't apologize. charles: i got you. i wonder if it is somewhere in his quiver. i've been waiting seven years for president obama to have mea culpa. i want to switch for a moment to hillary clinton, even though she won't be at this particular town hall, this email scandal, i don't think it will go away. you have to wonder if fbi brings her in for interview and gets worse from there. >> she is viable candidate if the democratic party wants her. she will remain viable. i'm a former criminal defense lawyer. i don't know what is in the emails. i only know what i read in the newspaper and only know what everything else does, as a former criminal defense attorney if he was my client i would be worried. i was always worried for all clients. not a good sign to have your client interviewed by the fbi. that is the career defense lawyer fearful based on what you know on outside. charles: 9:00 p.m. sunday. greta, we'll be watching. thanks a report. >> thank you.
1:57 pm
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charles: looking at the big board, nice rally. we'll tell you what it all means tonight. making money tonight. neil, he will be back on monday. right now i leave you in the great lands of trish regan. it is all yours. trish: thank you very much, charles. breaking, u.s. border patrol overwhelmed amid fresh evidence of suspected mexican drug traffickers trying to get into our country. a theme donald trump has been hitting over and over again. will it resonate with wisconsin voters just four days before their all important primary? i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone to the teleexpense report. this just in -- "intelligence report." shocking video of mexican drug dealers scaling our border fence. you see the criminals, scurrying back over the border, they know they're being filmed. these guys are drug dealers. they could have been weapon-carrying isis jihadists. with scenes like this, any wonder trump has been surging.


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