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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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john: bad and more questions from fox anchors next friday. see you next time. [applause] kennedy: it's our last show of the week. i'm watching vigilante billionaire fighter bernie sanders go from popular socialist outlier to worp shipped demi going. as he loses ground, his devout fors further lose their grasp on reality, and instead of giving into political depression, they are embracing sanders as a cult icon, their lust preserving him in the unrequited next after what could have been. bernie supporters put together a
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pit of cheerful propaganda. >> i also have to warn you as we begin this special report, what you are about to see almost defies description. and some of you have may not want to watch it. ♪ bernie bernie about ♪ is a name you ought to know ♪ when you cast your vote in the polls ♪ ♪ you know for certain he will be there. kennedy: no, no. bernie sanders supporters released this bizarre video, and their pinko frenzy for the socialist. it's out of tune and populated by naive socialists that gives rational outsiders that not so fresh feeling.
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let's turn to our current secretary of state and ketchup expert john kerry. >> it's clear what's happening is an embarrassment to our atmosphere. >> i would call it a carnival atmosphere but that's infers fun. kennedy: bernie sanders tells you how bad your life is then promises you a litany of free stuff he will never be able to deliver to make it better. it's like hiring a personal trainer who tells you how fat you are and how you will be consumed which your own folds while feeding you twingies on the treadmill. he will be cannibalized by his rabid fans.
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on the show tonight, donald trump makes some controversial statements about abortion then walks them back. the f.b.i. tonight, now they are cracking a smart phone in arkansas. encryption dead and buried? a gift an inappropriate amount of under wear viewers keep sending me. i have the mail tonight. kennedy. you better believe we have a brand-new fox business poll about the state of wisconsin. it just came out. bad news for hillary clinton. maybe i spoke to soon about bernie and his chances at the nomination may be slim. but he's 5 points ahead of her in the badger state as hillary's email scandal loom severe overhead.
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on the party panel, kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst and michael malik. let's get to the heart of wisconsin. is it bad news for hillary clinton being 5 points behind bernie? >> it is bad news for hillary clinton. she is looking at a map that looks ahead to a lot of states that are going for bernie sanders. because they already finished out most of the red states in the country kennedy: her fire walls? >> exactly. where sanders will continue to win. it's an expression of how frustrated democratic voters are. their heart wants to be with bernie sanders and the kind of economic socialism he's promising. but they have a situation where
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hillary has an enormous advantage. kennedy: when do the superdelegates move over to bernie? >> it happened with barack obama. kennedy: i think bernie is considered to be so extreme by the establishment left that they try to find the same thing the republican party is trying to do with trump. obviously a lot of those people aren't going to shift their vote to bernie where they could have in the first place. is bernie sanders the cult figure i made him out to be? >> i don't think he is. i think get front runners are cult figures. hillary clinton with her youth suits, the only people who follow her are these insane who see no evil, speak no evil.
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kennedy: i was going over some material from rick ross. if you go down the checklist of what makes a cult leader. donald trump is closer to a cult leader based on his followers bernie is truly elevated by people >> also is trump. a cult is a movement that's unpopular with the establishment by the establishment. kennedy: how is it on the democratic side? >> i think it question is what happens with her and the f.b.i. there are two scenarios. the f.b.i. sends its report to the justice department and they decide to prosecute. the f.b.i. send the report to the justice department and they say nothing much here, let's look at other way, at which point you could have a saturday night-like massacre where the
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head of the f.b.i. could resign and the 150 f.b.i. agents working on this all go on leave. kennedy: that would be such a lack of justice in this country, if you want to thrust the revolution in a quicker fashion like susan sarandon does, that's all you have to do>> if you wana distinction between the cults, bernie sanders has much better swag. i had a guest on my radio show who is a big fan of bernie sanders. she made leggings with bernie sanders' face all over them. his swag is better than hillary. >> donald trump has been crowned the god emperor every day.
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kennedy: some of the donald names are extraordinary. well, please don't miss the live fbn coverage of the wisconsin primary next tuesday starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be joining neil cavuto. we'll dig more into that brand-new fox business poll about the gop rate in wisconsin. it's bad news for trump as his controversial abortion comments linger on. later i'll show you a special sneak peek of the stossel presidential libertarian debate. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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kennedy: a brand-new fox business poll has ted cruz beating donald trump pretty handily by a solid 10 points there this comes after an uncomfortable interview for donald trump where he said he would ban abortion and punish women. he said it was the doctors who would be punished, not the women for participating in illegal procedures. ben, these are bad numbers for donald trump and this is a very fresh poll. >> this an interesting poll for a number of reasons.
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wisconsin is an important state. you would gaining support based on the ahe shum of a northwestern state. this is a situation where now he is flailing. he's down 19 points compared to cruz among women and i believe that many a slide that will continue. half of republican women say they are uncomfortable voting for him. you have negatives above 70%. the real question now is if he loses in wisconsin as we could expect to ted cruz. donald trump could go from march 22 to april 19 when new york vote without giving a single victory speech. these are the sorts of things that make a candidate like him seem more feasible in a general elect. kennedy: how many stunts can he pull between now and then?
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this has not been a week where he has eclipsed the news cycle through his own means. there are outside circumstance or thing he said that he had to walk back, and that's an uncomfortable position for him. >> i was in wisconsin two weeks ago giving speeches to business groups and met a number of political leaders. talk show radio is particularly powerful in wisconsin. as well as business leaders and bangers. these are the people who should be the good old middle class who you would think would like trump and pretty universally did not for a lot of reasons. in wisconsin endorsements matter because there is a large infrastructure that can be used. if a congressman come out and said i'm behind so and so. but in wisconsin there is a large and potent infrastructure that just won three campaigns.
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kennedy: and you have a former presidential candidate who is a polarizing candidate in that state. that actually means something. so how does the fairytale end. >> we have california, new york and new jersey coming up. maybe kasich will have a better track. we heard this many times that this is the state that will stop trump's aaccepting. >> do you think that's still the case where new york end up with him losing 0 point to cruz? >> if you look at that poll that just came out in wisconsin, of all the people definitely voting for their candidate, trump had the strongest level of support. >> wisconsin, it's an open primary. so you can be the most ardent bernie sanders support and go in and say i would like to vote or
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trump or cruz and you can do that. kennedy: you have people on both side. the difference with the democrats is there aren't a lot showing up in the fir place. and it's actually a larger margin tore cruz among those who say they are definitely going to vote. i think that's a more substantial block when people say they will vote for this candidate but that loyalty does necessarily translate to people actually voting. >> that's just showing people have made their choice and they are sticking to it. kennedy: if cruz lost wisconsin, if he loses wisconsin, it's much easier for trump to seal the nomination on his own. does it make it impossible to not have a contested convention? >> i think this whole past week has dramatically increased the likelihood of a contested convention.
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when donald trump came out of arizona that you would think he would work to oppose the people supporting him. he has driven up his negatives among suburban women. he looks like aien election candidate who could put the house and senate in play. kennedy: we have 5 seconds. >> cruz and trump will cut a deal. kennedy: he's going to put a liberal on the court and we are all going to die. there are new and bizarre developments on the plane hijacker's selfie photo. california is set to raise the minimum wage to $15. we'll break down the economics
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. kennedy: this week governor jerry brown and the california legislature reached an agreement on raising the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour which sounds great. proponents believe it will raise the floor on the working class. but economists say the laws of supply and demand can't be suspended by legislation. what is the biggest impact on a
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state like california raising the minimum wage over the next six years? >> this tend to hurt the people it's intended to help. if you look at san francisco. a small percentage of the population makes a wage that will be affected by this. but if you move to fresno, you have got 50% of the population who could be impacted. some people will get a raise, but a significant portion that population will lose job opportunities because businesses can't handle the wage increases. what proponents fail to understand is there is no shortcut to higher wages. on thing that gets you there is more economic growth. california just seems sort of intent on ignoring that reality. kennedy: let's talk about some of the bankrupt cities in interior california that are having a hard enough time being ham strong by unions. you have businesses already suffering. so what happens to those small
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businesses that can't afford to pay $15 an hour? >> they either under staff and service and quality goes down. it makes it harder to compete when they understaff. a lot of businesses are moving to automation and a lot of those organizations will begin to do that. that hurts low income, low skilled workers. this becomes a transfer of wealth from low-income, low skilled workers to the high-income, high-tech guy who create the technology to replace them. kennedy: there are plenty of businesses saying we can make row bought and it will save you money in the long run, then who gets hurt, the guys it's intended to hurt. >> the guys in silicon valley love this. the law is creating great opportunities for them. but the entry-level workers are losing job opportunities. nobody talks about this as a
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transfer of wealth and that's exactly what it is. kennedy: it hurts younger and minority workers. something else in california. they want government to come in and force businesses to schedule employees hours two weeks in advance. it's coercion, by the also eliminates flexibility for a lot of companies. >> there are a lot of businesses that require flexibility in their scheduling in order to make money. we know this is the case with hospitals and nurses and doctors. but retail and restaurants are heavy affected by the weather. they need to staff up when the weather is great and staff down. if you eliminate their ability to do that. they are overstaffed or they don't have enough people on hand. either waive they lose money and lose profit. it's the same result you get with the minimum wage. they have no choice but to understaff or move to automation.
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you don't have to do it with machinery. you don't have to pay minimum wage and descroanlts to worry about their scheduling. workers can't compete with that. kennedy: businesses in california aren't going to compete at all. and the state's economy is in so much trouble. the fact that they are asking for more regulations. my husband's business is in california. i don't know what they are going to do when all these things -- in manufacturing when you have intense periods of production and output you can't necessarily schedule two weeks in advance based on materials. >> over time you are seeing any business that can is moving to utah, nevada, austin, texas it's a double whammy of regulation. startups are the worst. the big companies can deal with it. but small companies cannot do it. that's who you are hurting here.
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kennedy: welcome to the part of the show endorsed by more pirate unions because it's rated aarh. and it's sponsored by arby's. this is the "topical storm." australian tv reporter britney klein was invade and maraud by a suspicious parrot. the look of terror on this news bird's face is priceless.
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oh, my god. oh, my god, it's not funny. what if this happened in the middle of the cross? kennedy: why don't you ask jesus snow went through more than having a parrot gently nest on his shoulder. it is funny. but now you can add britney to the hall of fame of newscasters who have been attacked on air by pets. >> what else that? that's because it's hot outside. kennedy: never gets old. topic number 2. the actor did another
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installment of his shower thoughts. >> every bag of chips is fantasized if you are an orphan. beef jerky is really just a meat raisin. every candy bar is fun sized if you love canadian iror are on ecstasy. kennedy: that is deep stuff. it reminds me of one of twitter's finest accounts. bernie's thoughts. have you logged on to bernie thoughts? tax pea koks, the 1% of sphwirds downloaded the apps on my telephone that teaches me how to bring me food. save the polar bears. topic number 3. when belmont university student
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she is so skinny, i love it. topic number 4. what man as are a cultural touchstone that has 20s food of pratt falls for as long as there have been images. three dimensional humans try to mimic their counterparts, but the sliminess makes you go arss over tea kettle. watch. oh, i'm so not disappointed. thanks to obamacare they can get knit back together like humpty dumpty and i get to pay for it.
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topic number 5. you now it's getting to be a nasty republican fight when the two frontrunners' wives get dragged into the political arena and one of them starts cracking jokes about vehicular manslaughter. >> if i were getting in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera, i'm not confident which pedal i would push. kennedy: that's a good joke particularly on the ted scale. he should just follow donald around with a giants sousaphone to rob him of whatever dignity he has. do not start bringing sousaphones to trump rallies. if you have weird stories of you want to see in the "topical
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kennedy: welcome back. earlier this week a lovelorn man high jacked an egyptair flight and redirect it to the island his ex-wife lived on. because that always works. one brave passenger took a picture with the flying nut job and footage as emerged of flight
5:38 am
attendants helped him take the photo. she said she only did it so the crew to relay the image to authorities. was this a good idea for that young man to step up and embrace the hijacker's newfound celebrity? >> i know all my plane hijacking jokes will be edited out. the point is, it's a smart idea when you are a whose table to become personal eyed with our captor and interact with them at a human level. and having photographic evidence is a smart idea. if you see something, snapchat something. right? ken rsh the funny thing is, the co-pilot sent the photograph via whatsapp.
5:39 am
>> was this young man trying to annoy that hijacker? >> i don't know. i think it young man is different from the flight attend damage. it's helpful to do that. but this guy. that would not be my first instinct. can i take this picture with this guy who rant to month us up -- who want to blow us up? kennedy: i always keep a sharpened pencils because they have taken so many knives away. celebrity culture. >> how did that guy get on the plane with a suicide vest on. and what was the mechanism in place once necessity realize he had a suicide vest to take him down and get him down. and the passengers yucking it up thinking this is funny.
5:40 am
the threshold is lowered. if i'm a bad guy who does want explosives in my suicide vest -- kennedy: i do think after 9/11 everyone assumed if someone has been a dip stick on a plane, everyone tackles them. i can't think of anything but bad word. and everyone piles on. but now people are like, oh, we are just chatting with hijackers and their friend and celebrities. >> i was shaking my head, thanks a lot for making hijacking a plane not funny anymore. kennedy: sometimes kt has to.
5:41 am
i take that back, that was rude. lakers point guard recently posted a private conversation he had with his teammate nick young to snapchat. apparently it's a prank. but then the video went viral because the conversation, nick yoings apparently talking about cheating on his fiance who happens to be rapper iggy azalea. is nothing sacred anymore ben? >> this is a situation where you have to feel bad for these multi millan air nba players who no longer have a safe space to talk about these issues. temperature it's one of those situations where i had to watch nick young play basketball for years which was not an encouraging event for me. there is no presence where you
5:42 am
cannot filmed at any time or within any conversation. you have to be on your toes. kennedy: you have to assume everything you are doing is being photographed. if i'm isl is -- if i'm iggy aza i'm thinking i'm the only one who can keep him faithful. >> what about somebody suing all this. didn't we watch gawker go through a similar thing where someone was taped? what happens here. somebody was taped talking about something he shouldn't have been talking about. kennedy: do you think it was a prank or do you think's a moralist?
5:43 am
>> wearing a wire is the lowest thing you can possibly do. and i say that as someone who go to the mall at christmas telling kids that's really not santa. kennedy: just when i was going to ask to you babysit. >> that's robin hood stuff. >> the trouble with santa claus is eventually you run out of other people's presents. kennedy: my children are watching, that's so sad. we'll see uncle michael anytime soon. all right, this was delightful and engage and refreshing.
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you learn something and i feel like a better person. coming up later i'll read through the millions and billions of mess ands you faxed me just this morning. like this one. it says i dig your show's theme song. first the man in black is back. nick gillespie joins me to discuss patrol program the comes reinstated. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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kennedy: asset forfeiture, a controversial practice that allows police departments to confiscate assets and money from people suspected of wrongdoing. joining me is nick gillespie. they suspended the civil asset forfeiture program in december. why did they fighter ban -- bac. >> basically because they could. this equitable sharing program allows local and state police to make certain charge and seize property under federal law which is much more lenient for cops. it's easier to take people's property or assets without necessarily charging them. this is a practice that is widespread at the state, local
5:49 am
and federal level it's a problem. in 2014, cams at every level seized over $5 billion worth of assets. that's more than was lost to burglary and theft. so we actually have crossed a moment where the government or police at all levels are taking more from people than burglars. ken require many really a grab bag. and unfortunately the system bites corruption. >> it -- a lot of police departments have revenue issues. everybody always needs more money. when you see some of these assets, you don't have to prove they are guilty or charge them with anything. but particularly under the federal program you get to keep a lion's share, a big chunk of that. this is in police departments and many law enforcement units
5:50 am
this is a major revenue stream. and it undercuts believability. we have an authority problem where people are losing faith in the government and the courts@and the police for sure. be this pours gasoline on it. kennedy: how hard is it to get your things back? >> you read sad sack stories where they never get it back or part of it back it's very hard if you have never been charged or never been found guilty of a crime it's a very difficult laborious problem and it's a growing one. kennedy: there is another problem with the feds. it's one a day since the f.b.i. made a one-time rare instance of cracking the encryption on the iphone of the san bernardino short and they are already helping with a phone in
5:51 am
arkansas. ways the f.b.i. saying about getting into this phone and what is to keep them from unlocking various phones across the country. >> this ties into the asset fore asset forfeiture argument. as we all note f.b.i. was suing apple. they brought them to court to get them to write a code for the security system. suddenly they were able to crack it without apple's help. were they telling the truth or westerly they trying to get apple to give them information they would be able to use in many, many circumstances. and we don't know now. there is a real sense of confusion about what are the liabilities or responsibility of a corporation to help law enforcement in something where they are not implicated.
5:52 am
apple is willing, if they get a search warrant or a warrant from a legitimate court. if it's in somebody's i cloud they will help get into that because they control that it's under their jurisdiction. kennedy: if they locked themselves out of that cloud in the southbound rrp investigation. >> now the question is what is it f.b.i. up to. there is a question here if they were able to crack the iphone in southbound rsh. in -- in san bernardino. apple wants to know how they did it. because if the fine can crack their encryption and get around their security measures, apple customers have a big problem. i don't think the f.b.i. needs to tell apple how they did it. that's not their job. that's apple's job. but for me the main takeaway is you can't trust the f.b.i., we know this from all sorts of
5:53 am
incidents where they flat out lied or myth represented things. i think -- or misrepresented things. their actions with apple doesn't end well. because you can't trust the cops. kennedy: withdrawing the lawsuit was an admission of failure. did you know you can write love letters to me from prison? hello boys and girls. but i do get lots of stuff from twitter. here is one from jason rose. he says if you were a wrestler what would your ring name be? tequila mockingbird. viewer mail is next. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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kennedy: has life gout down. friends and family seem to pause by? do you finds it increasingly difficult to break through the doldrums day to day? here is the viewer mail. magic fan says wow, you were on mtv? i was in a sleeping chamber for several years. how do you still have a job on air after mtv? earlier this week i talked about how certain celebrities like jon stewart and miley cyrus threatened to leave the country if trump becomes president. joe says if everyone threatening to leave did leave, do you know how commute my -- how great my
5:58 am
commute would be under president trump. brian clark posts i'll personally drive miley cyrus to the mexican border. i'll even pay for the gas. any way you can research possibilities of 3d printing president reagan calling for innovative solutions? we are going to clone him. dennis shannon requests, please tell us how you really feel about issues. don't be so subtle. okay, [bleep]. you not having a job on tv would make america great again. we'll prepare for a meet oaker america then.
5:59 am
presidential candidates gary johnson and john mcafter he square off in a liberty battle for the ages. >> suppose none of you have exist, you have a choice between voting for trump or clinton. >> i would choose a nonexistent. i don't vote for people i don't believe in. you're asking me to choose between a case of the measles and a bladder infection. i don't know. i can't answer that. i would vote for a third party candidate if none of us were up here
6:00 am
here. i'll see you monday night. time to drink. bye. high five. ♪ ♪ good evening everyone. i'm lou dobbs. six days before the winner takes wisconsin primary and the latest poll puts ted cruz well ahead of donald trump. a brand-new marquette university poll shows cruz leading trump by ten points in the race for that state's 42 delegates. the poll shows cruz with 40% support compared to trump's 30 and kasich's 21%. it's been a week of mixed emotions and emotional swings for trump who monday celebrated the birth of another grandson and yesterday, is campaign manager charged with misdemeanor simple battery and today, trump


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