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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  April 3, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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>> can i get a ric flair move. >> whoo. >> thank you for joining us. the cost of freedom continues right now with cavuto on business. before the battle in the badgers state, the clinton clash over campaign cash. >> i have money from people that work for fossil fuel. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> hello everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. hillary getting heated over aegss she's accepting money from fossil fuel companies. those allegations also coming from the bernie sanders campaign. is this an issue or not? jerry willis, charlie, ben stein, and adam. dagan as you saw subhosting on
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bulls and bears. jerry. >> what's wrong with the oil and gas industry? but she says she's not taking money from them. she is taking money from them employees of them. it seems to me that the woman just protests too much. >> the bottom line, right charlie, progressives painted the oil companies as evil, evil, evil for years. >> and i don't think they're evil just for the record. i want to make a point. i think this was a very good moment for hillary clinton. she got in the face of a lefty lunatic who was maligning her record. listen, it's one thing to take money from the companies themselves, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with that it, but that's a deference between taking money from lower level employees of the companies. and i think she's has every right to take money from employee of companies. >> you know, ben, i've got to tell you, made hillary look, she had that emotional ump that people are looking for. i don't think a mail candidate could have gotten away with that, what do you think overall this issue of any of the
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candidates taking money from big oil? >> i think it's fine. look, big oil is us. big oil is our friend, it's our neighbors, they're the people that make our cars go. they're the people who heat our houses in the winter and cool our houses in the summer. they are us. america is in very large measures dpentd on oil and other fossil fuels. why this hatred? i don't know. there's something deeply sick and psychologically off about it. i think it has to do with the envy of the intellectual at their keyboards with what they see as the cowboy riding range free. >> he just entered they are adam, all right, adam. >> adam's the marlboro man, let me tell you. >> thank you, charlie, thank you. this is one of those magical moments where charlie absolutely nailed it. i agree with exactly what he said -- >> shocking. >> not only do i agree with you
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all, but oil and gas companies are companies, they're good corporate citizens, except when they're not. just like every other corporate citizen. but, what she's doing, what charlie is pointing out is that this positions her to be presidential which is going to be very important in the general election because we've got one candidate who says i'm the president of all the united states including all companies, they're part of our country, and another candidate who doesn't act presidential, repeatedly. i think it's fine she got upset. >> good that she got upset, i got that part, the human part, adam, you know the left better than anyone else, how come for every thing, how come big oil is being evil? >> when you have a 10% tax rate, but somehow, exxon. >> it's not hard to understand.
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we do need to cut down on greenhouse gases. we do need to cut down on fossil fuel, those are sort of facts. now that doesn't mean that the only way to go about doing that is to demonize these companies, but that is what people on the left will do. >> from a portfolio standpoint, i think that was a good moment for her. she got in the face of a loony lefty and told that person off. >> want to step too far? >> no. >> stepped too far saying there should be some punishment for people that get abortions. >> huge court case called citizens united. people are allowed to contribute money. fossil fuel corporations are selling legal product and it's necessary to do that. why are we on their case? it has to do with that. >> we weren't on their case. >> i'm bringing in jerri for a
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second. you're not on their case, but i'm talking about the lefties. >> hillary said it was not the companies, it was from individuals. even she would not admit, if she was getting money from these large corporations, she would be intimidated to even say that. so there's still a problem there, right? because these corporations are allowed to contribute. >> sure. >> i don't have a problem with that. i don't have a problem with the fossil fuel industry. my family works in the coal industry for goodness sake, i have no problem with this, but she is skating the fact over and over and over again. she wants it's probably a little important. >> looking at candidates scene aing okay, who are the corporate sponsors of your candidacy and to break their chops on that. that's what we should be doing. we do know that -- >> why would you break their chops on the corporate sponsors?
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>> why not? >> i don't understand. >> because -- let me make this point. i'm not saying that, i'm talking about something else. they just may, just may, ignite, maybe i'm just too much of a conspiracy theorist, they may have undo influence in policy making. >> all right ben. >> i don't see what the fossil fuel companies have done wrong. >> nothing. >> they are selling a legal thing. >> they lobby. >> let him speak. >> i see these people on the west side of l.a. all around me. they make and envy the oil men. they have envy of what they see as well endowed power and manhood. >> endowed? >> well, that's what i hear. that's what i hear. i don't know. >> once again, once again, i have to bring adam in after ben stein -- >> i've already stated my position here. these are clearly legal companies don't legal things. you can hate them. i mean, they do -- >> why would you hate them?
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why would you hate these companies who -- guys, one second, adam, why would you hate companies that provide jobs? >> it's not exxon? >> i understand -- you know -- >> adam conrad, why do we hate them, conrad? >> i'm not saying this is my position, but you can have the position that i don't like the product these companies make. >> you may think this is an extreme. provides a lot of jobs. but you can say with quite good justification, i don't like tt industry. >> surely you're not comparing the oil industry to pornography. >> adam making this argument. why can't you just learn about corporate influence on governments? candidates process to raise the
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minimum wage across the country. if they get their way. >> the the donald attacking scott walker for his handling of his state's economy. the primaries on tuesday, a referendum on conservative policies. plus no work, no food stamps. it could be a reality for as many as million americans. is it unfair or a step in the right direction? we'll see you at the top of the hour.
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business. have a good day. protesters sounding off across the nation adds hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off in wisconsin over who can hike the minimum wage higher, which charlie says will only make the job market weaker. charlie, $15 minimum wage is already here, is it too late to stop it? >> who knows. i think it's not too late to have a debate about this, economic debate. listen -- >> who has the debate by the way? we have protesters and
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politicians. >> here's what i would say, charles, i want people to make $200 an hour minimum wage. i would like that. i would like the minimum wage to be $200 an hour. if that were the case, there would be no minimum wage jobs, and i think with the economics of this shows when you raise the minimum wage to like around the levels they're at now, particularly in some of these states, like california, where they need, they need these types of jobs because they have an influx of immigrants coming in, you lose jobs. corporations figure out how to automatic and get by with less and that's what they're doing. and this is just going to make a bad situation even worse. >> geri. >> look, do you know how many people make minimum wage around the country? it's only like 3.9% of workers. it's nobody. if you care about how much money people make, don't worry about the minimum wage, make the economy grow faster. that's going to make it happen. >> you know, ben, that's a great point and half of those three percent that geri are talking about is teenagers.
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this is a political issue and the progressives push it hard. >> well the children are wealthy, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and bankers making it an issue on college campuses. they're not worrying and the minimum wage. they get paid by their parents as they're smoking pot and playing video games. and believe me, i know this from experience. >> oh. >> and we know the certainty, raising the minimum wage causes unemployment. that being said, it's fine with me if you want to raise the minimum wage, it's perfectly fine with me. i'm happy to pay $10 for a big mac. >> you could afford it. you could afford it, right? >> i love big macs. >> here's the bottom line, in addition to the wisdom that ben gave, rich parents when you creep down to the basement, make noise so your kids can put away the weed. but adam, you know, we hear that this is a compassionate thing. even though anyone who studies any economics understands,
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ultimately this hurts the very people it's supposed to help. >> well, some of them. not all of them. i mean, i think, i think geri ears point was interesting that this is an issue that makes a lot of noise, but it is only important at the margins in terms of the macro numbers. will it hurt jobs? yes. will it help the people who get those $15 an hour jobs? yes. and to charlie's point, businesses, businesses are doing all of the things that you say businesses are doing anyway, charlie. >> they can. >> you know why adam, they're doing it because their cost structures are going up -- >> no, they're doing it because it's the right thing to do for business. >> why is amazon automating everything? because the costs are up. >> well, i mean, i think to your point, charlie, it speeds up the process and puts more pressure. >> right. >> they will evolve and they will use artificial intelligence and robots, we know that. this is why i think the whole thing is dumb because we shouldn't be arguing in this country about minimum wage, it
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would be maximum wage, the next hundred years will be the knowledge century while america's arguing about this, china is churning up engineers by the hundreds of thousands and those are the great-paying jobs. >> and we do that, look, it's not about how much you get paid in the first job, it's about where you're going from there and what you're going to be paid in the next job. >> and education, it's all of that education, education is the answer, you cannot legitimate prosperity for an individual. you've got to have this person get education and skills. >> i agree with everybody here 100%, for a change, we're all kumbayaing here. >> yeah. >> even me? >> and you. >> with an asterisk. >> one of the reasons why is donald trump has been so popular, and i hate to bring in trump, but he's speaking to people that have fallen through the cracks, and right now min wum wage does matter to a certain amount of people. the problem is, pointing out to them that your job prospects will be even less.
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>> those are two different sets of people, they're like 50 years old and whether they can get up to speed to the new economy remains to be seen, but they have a reason to be upset, but back to the minimum wage part of this thing also, you know, it does affect outcomes of elections in things like that. that's the disingenuous part, you have to believe that these progressive politicians know the real deal. someone's crunching the numbers for them and saying this is going to have more economic hardship than not, yet they promote it over and over again. >> i tell you what, since we're all getting along so famously today, here's the bulletin thatly throw you. the unions as we've discussed many times on it program are not dead yet. they still want their political power, there is no doubt that this is an important issue for them. and to the that they can get donald trump supporters as charlie identified and correctly, i think, to support them on this, that's an opportunity for the union. >> you know, but the only problem is the economics are horrible on this, adam. >> the economics -- >> whether or not they will --
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>> and let him speak, what are the economics? >> the unions love, the unions love a higher minimum wage because that means that their wage, which is above that but for skilled workers seems more reasonable. they would like the minimum wage to be $20 an hour, that way their wage can be $35 an hour. they love that. >> always the undertones with those unions. let's lee it there. hey, as iran -- >> charles's father was in a union and i am in a union. >> all right. >> and he would break -- >> iran's ie tole ya threatens to send are we about to ease up yet again?
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the debate. >> do not raise the minimum wage. >> i would not raise the minimum. >> i'm not going to support a donald trump as a candidate. >> the decisions, now, tuesday, as the badger state decides, go with fox business for the ride, lou dobbs at 7:00, ben neil at 8:00, as long as it takes for the candidates, this means everything, for at the end, this means business, fox business. be there! >> well, chalk up another potential win for iran in this nuke deal. a new report saying the u.s. could ease up on another
6:53 am
sanction, this time letting iran use american dollars when it does business with other countries. now, paul ryan weighing calling president obama out, the house speaker saying this administration is going out of its way to help tehran open for business. we saw north korea lobbing more missiles. is now really a time to get soft on sanctions? >> there's something going on with obama in his head and psychology in which he likes these authoritarian tough dictator states. he likes these states that hate america. i don't know why. there is something odd about it. no sense letting up on iran. the american people love iran n iranians, but the government of iran are the most dangerous people in the world. they want to kill israel, they want to kill the united states, why would we ease up on them in any way whatsoever, i cannot
6:54 am
imagine. >> adam, i know president obama thinks some sort of -- the carrot rather than a stick but at some point you got to break out the stick, too, no? >> well, we have the stick. the stick exists. we aren't layering on another sanction here. i'm not a big fan of this move but we are trying to honor the letter of the agreement that we already agreed to unt. if you don't agree with that agreement you won't agree to trying to honor it. >> we knew it was a terrible deal, charlie, in the beginning. firing missiles, snatching our sail sailors, laughing at us and threatening us and building n e nukes. >> and we continue to roll out the red carpet. kind of an odd juxtaposition, we give them everything, we give them the store, they can hate us, they can basically put guns to our soldiers heads and threaten to kill them yet we tell israel we want you to go back to the '67 border. >> brilliant, god bless you, god bless you. >> what is it? this is the president of the
6:55 am
united states. think how absurd those two aim e images are. >> we give iran 1$100 billion ad they want to sell this oil traded in dollars. now, they can exchange dollars. every piece of leverage we had in this deal, little to begin with we're giving away. >> didn't we always say this is one step we wouldn't take, we're not going to do this, we will never do this, here we are. >> it's weak willed here, weak spine. i think it's a mistake. i think we never should have signed the agreement to begin with. here we are and now we're laying down even more. >> all the people that live -- i know a lot of iranians that live in the u.s., they hate the government. >> sure. >> they hate those mulalahs. when i saw iran in the 1970s, it was a country going -- markets up big time.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. stocks to buy in the middle of this market rally. adam. >> ishares russell mid-cap growth. as the dollar gets stronger, smaller companies will do a little bit better perhaps because of less international exposure. >> you like that one, ben? >> it's fine.
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any broad index is fine. i love the fact i managed to evangelize adam and get him into ind indexes. i like the eti, very broad index. er a long period of time they will do great. >> thank you very much. fantastic stuff. now, dave asm aran on fax. >> so walker came out today. i wrote down notes about wisconsin [ boo'ing ] >> he certainly can't endorse me after what i did to him in the race, right? but look at this. by the summer of 2015, wisconsin was facing a 2$2.2 billion 2 yer budget deficit. that's a terrible. >> the republican front-runner knocking the wisconsin governor in his state. this before the wisconsin open primary that happens tuesday. some here say trump's attack on walker i


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