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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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massive document leak detailing shocking offshore bank account. how the elites use tax heavens including those vladimir putin. what we learned from the so-called panamá papers coming up. the race for wisconsin coming up to the wire this morning. candidates fighting for every last vote going into tomorrow's big contest. donald trump highlighting policies in last night's town hall. >> i like people -- i like the workers, i call them the workers of the country the best. i don't necessarily like the very rich even though i'm one of the very rich, but the very rich are going to end up probably paying more but there's incentive for them to invest in the country and create jobs. maria: delegate coming up in the program. investigators working to find the cause of yesterday's derailment. at least two people were killed after train hit construction equipment. snow and fierce wind drowning --
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downing trees rather, and damaging buildings leaving more than 250 homes without power. the connected to new level, toyota is using facial recognition to help open your car door when you don't have any hands free. mixed markets there. shanghai composite close for a holiday in china, in europe, however, we've got markets moving up. energy stocks keeping a lid on gains but we do have oil prices moving lower and stock prices moving higher. in europe up, in the u.s. expecting higher opening. today we get the factory order's report out. that is typically a market mover. the dow industrial ahead of that expected to open at 25 points. nasdaq, s&p also higher. all that coming up here this morning. maverick pack national morgan
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ortegaus. former texas governor rick perry joining us this morning. he was a passenger on that weekend's amtrak train that derailed. we are going to hear right from him in terms of what we went and fox news senior andrew napolitano. a busy program this morning. first off, they are calling the panamá documents, rich and powerful and they have been leaked. jo ling kent. >> jo ling: 11 and a half million documents linked far larger than the edward snowden leak. the documents reveal the secrete offshore holdings of 140 government officials and politicians around the world, among the most notable revelation a document detail to
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go billion dollars in transactions laundered through banks and shadow companies by associates of russian president vladimir putin. how much closer fifa ethics were to corrupt practices in originally thought, also some offshore holdings by prime ministers of iceland and pakistan, the king of saudi arabia and the president of ukraine. the documents were leaked by law firm and specializes in helping people set up offshore holdings and according to newspapers, one of the partners said that 95% of our work consists in selling vehicles to avoid taxes. maria. maria: there you go. it's all in the papers this morning. thank you so much. we go to campaign trail. candidates are struggling this morning. ted cruz holding a slight lead over donald trump according to this poll with cruz in the lead
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and the texas senator also claiming additional 18 delegates with a victory in north dakota delegate race, all the delegates are unbound. their loyalty is not 100% certain by any means. trump sending message to the voters participating in town hall last night with fox news' vetta. trump claimed rates for the middle class are going way, way down under his plan but the very wealthy, well, they won't be so happy. on the very rich, we have things in the very rich that are so unfair to the general public specially the hedge funds guys, carried interest and different provisions that are very complex and aa lot of people wouldn't understand, but i'm getting rid of carried interest and frankly the ones that i'm concerned about, i like the workers, i call them the workers of this country the best, i don't necessarily like the very rich even though i'm one of the very
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rich, but the very rich are going to end up probably paying more. maria: joining us now fox news contributeor mercedes. >> good morning. maria: what do you make of those comments, i don't like the very rich but i like the workers, putting that aside for a second, in terms of tax plan, did you learn anything new? >> no, not really. he had layed out plan last year and his goal is to attract that middle class and also the blue-collar workers which has been part of his base. he's making it seem, which is very unlike other republican candidates, that the wealthy, the very rich are going to be penalized. that to many republicans out there is an attractive economic plan, despite the criticisms that others have said it's going
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to add trillions to the debt. maria, i have to tell you, where trump has been focusing on and where he's been strong has been on economic message and reaching out to the middle class as well as to those that are the blue-collar workers that have felt the impact of many of trade policies in the united states. maria: for sure. the other interview with washington post, he said he was going to eliminate the debt in eight years. $19 trillion in debt wiped away in eight years, is that doable? >> it's doable unless he treats it like casinos in atlantic city. the problem with that united states treasury bonds are collateral for so many financial institutions and for so many transactions. if you renegotiate the value of that collateral, the whole
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system collapses. maria: yeah, but -- jon: it's like when the housing market collapsed that was the collateral on all the mortgage bonds and our system collapsed. u.s. treasuries, they're the air that the system breathes on. maria: he's also talking about redoing trade deals, morgan. morgan, right the first thing on my mind the tax plan of renegotiating the debt of where is congress in all of this, it's great to be king but we have a system of checks and balances so none of this stuff is going to happen. the senate is going to approve all of this. he has to work with congress and maybe a democratic-controlled senate. maria: really important point. mercedes, what's your take on debt comment and as well as comparing trump's tax plan to somebody like a ted cruz which is a flat tax, which is very different but cruz also wants to
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eliminate loopholes including carried interest. >> that's right, for donald trump his goal is to say it's the art of the deal, i'm going to renegotiate the trade deals with these countries and that's my ticket to reducing or eliminating the national debt. you also have to cut spending and as morgan mentioned, congress is going to play a critical role. donald trump's strength the fact that he's going to say, hey, i'm going in here, i'm going to bring republicans and democrats together and we will make better deals and negotiate better deals. we know with congress it's very slow moving to get anything done. maria: what's your take on the other side hillary clinton getting heat over question. [inaudible] >> i have money from people who work for fossil fuels.
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i am so sick of the sanders' campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. maria: clinton responding to criticism on meet the press. first take on that exchange, mercedes? >> when clinton is a bit unscripted she comes harsh and to sanders' point has been fund raising capability. he's been able to attract small donors. i mean, he raised $44 million in the last quarter. this is a candidate that's still the clintons are saying, he can't get the nomination. with that being said, hillary clinton where is she getting her money, from corporations, from wall street and that's a narrative that's been told in states in democratic race. maria: she reacted on meet the press yesterday. listen to this. >> they are misrepresenting my record. i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who, you know, believe this and they don't do their own research and i'm glad
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that we now can point to reliable independent analysis to say, no, it's just not true. maria: jon, morgan, your thoughts? jon: i like seeing candidates unscripted with the veil and smile, good for her for speaking up. morgan: this is the effect that bernie sander has had not only democratic side but republican side. getting ready of carried interest. this has changed not only democratic side but republican side. jon: that's a really important point when carried interest is being shut aside by both leading republican contenders. morgan: and ted cruz. maria: that's going away.omment. >> well, you know, i think right now we are looking to see what's going to happen in wisconsin, wisconsin is going to be sort of
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the fire wall against trump, but trump has an advantage going into these other states in the upcoming weeks. so that's what we are looking closely at is tomorrow's race, which is hoping to at least put a fire wall in terms of donald trump. maria: tomorrow is wisconsin, two weeks later you have new york, connecticut, pennsylvania and then, of course, california. mercedes good to see you. we will see you soon, mercedes. make sure you tune in for fox business for wisconsin primary tomorrow night. we have breaking news, we want to get you right away, alaska airlines, it is confirmed will acquire virgin america. deal $4 billion. fifty-seven dollars a share, virgin america shares, take a look at the stock this morning. later this hour we will talk and hear from donald trump from gretta's interview how he looks at merger and what he's
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expecting mergers. straight ahead another train derailment outside of philadelphia. details coming next. blue origin, successfully launched and landed rocket, the stunning video of the picture-perfect landing, back in a minute, next. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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>> maria: welcome back, deadly amtrak derailment leaves two people dead. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: investigators continue to look into multiple factors that may have caused derailment from train traveling to savannah , georgia. the train was carrying about 2040 passengers, one of them forbes media chairman steve forbes, he is going to be joining you, maria, this morning. glad he's okay. meanwhile today strong winds and winter weather are causing
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massive damage across parts of the united states. winds reaching 55 miles per hour knocking down power lines and killing at least two people and leaving more than 19,000 customers without power. and amazon founder and ceo jeff, blue origin successfully launching rocket in atmosphere before safely landing it. this happened over the weekend. this is the third time in four times that mr. besos has completed a launch in west texas. maria: and why is that? it's amazing how perfect the amazon launch has been? cheryl: maybe that's part of it, i don't know. maria: billionaire's race going on in space, jon. who is winning? jon: i think it's the private
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sector. that is what happens when the public sector retreats from the economy. we have space shuttles that nasa was doing all of this work many years ago. they retreated and now we see the private sector stepping in and doing their own rocket launch. cheryl: so much for nasa. there's a lot of talk about get to go mars sooner than later. look at richard branson and what he has done. we are all going to space. jon: only the government could handle. only the government had the resources to do technology or launches like this. we are seeing with a lot of resources going into it. maria: it's a good story to see this kind of innovation. today the news of the day obviously is that he is selling virgin america to alaska air, it was some -- there was some speculation about competition between jetblue and alaska air, obviously alaska air wins this. cheryl: he was ahead of this, he moved the stock on this news and he was right, the bidding war began, looks like it's over now.
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it's going to be regulatory issues potentially with this, but overall the deals lock solid jon: in addition to airlines, i'm looking at hotels, the starwood deal is fascinating. we had the chinese company looking to get in to buy starwood and they are now backed down. maria: give us your take away on that? jon: journal has a big story on this today, i'm trying to understand what's going on, what we are seeing in china is firms trying to get their money out, individuals trying to get their money out. there's downward pressure on currency. if you flip that paper over, we have a big story. i think the chinese authorities are getting concerned about the money flowing out of the country, all right, step away from this deal, we don't want to be a part of that. maria: that's what it's a part.
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don't forget driverlessars. a new partnership to create new technology that among things will automatically sense your presence. adjust seating when arms are full. the nfl will not like this, facebook is refuse to go update status when it comes to streaming nfl games. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. toyota announcing partnership, toyota connected, new car technology, think one car using the cloud to talk to another car miles away, how about sensing your presence and opening doors automatically specially when your hands are full. i want to bring in zach hicks, toyota connected, zach, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. thanks for having me. maria: this entire story is fascinating to me because it feels like auto makers are going through a massive new revolution with technology. >> we are partnering with microsoft and focused on data science and data analytics and creating cutting-edge services
6:24 am
as well as government agencies as well, and internally we are on every aspect of titta -- toyota from design and what's happening in the car and knowing about you and your preference and making it less confusing and turning it more human. i can give you an example of that, the next time you say i'm hungry, you can ask the car, hey, a great new mexican restaurant down the street and table at 7:00 o'clock, you want me to book it. maria: that's unbelievable. the convenience is obviously. if you're talking about your car becoming this whole new place where all my data and personal information is, it's almost like my car becomes my phone. how do you protect that kind of
6:25 am
data? >> yeah, that's a great question, maria. that's one of the key reasons why we are partnering with microsoft. i don't think any company can go alone on something this big and that important, we are partnering with the whole auto industry as we form the auto isack. maria: jon hilsenrath. jon: how far are we from the cars driving themselveses? >> that's certainly in the future. i don't see them necessarily overnight. toyota is on the road. but we are seeing many driving today, so today in many of the vehicles if you're driving traffic stop and accelerating we are going to take the action and bring you to a safe stop. i'm sorry? jon: will grandchildren be sitting in cars that drive themselves? >> i think so too. people like freedom.
6:26 am
i think you will see both. if you want to be able to do other things in the car, you may not have to worry about driving. if you want that great experience -- maria: morgan. morgan: i'm curious how the regulators impact all of this. these cars are producing tens of millions of minds of code and regulators are old school and seem to be behind you, toyota and other companies. how does regulation play into this? how do regulators keep up with what you're doing which is innovative and interesting? >> technology is always ahead of legislation and we get that, i think through our partnerships and partnering with the government and other country's governments, we can't do this alone. it really is an ecosystem where we need to partner together. we want their partnership. maria: are most of the cars made
6:27 am
in the u.s. or in japan, zach? >> well, we make about over 70% of the vehicles here in the u.s. are made here in the u.s., but we try to produce vehicles locally wherever we sell cars. maria: got you. thank you so much. we will be watching. really exciting things for toyota. we will be watching. facebook withdraws bid. find out why the social media giant decided not to play ball after all. world war ii veteran awarded five medals for service 70 years after returning from the war, we will tell you why it took so long to receive the honor. just an amazing story, coming up back in a minute.
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into monday morning and maria bartiromo. it is monday from april 1st. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. candidates fighting for every last vote going into tomorrow. avenue bush for john kasich to get out of the race. he sat looking ahead for that convention. >> i think he hurts me more than they hurt cruz. he's got one win and 29 nonsense initiative in the unit. >> is possible for republicans to throw the election away. nominated donald trump would do that. >> kids will spend less time
6:31 am
focusing on deeper and kardashian and in more unhealthy of the presidents. maria: merger monday. consolidation to the airline industry. alaska airlines need a job live to acquire virgin america. valued at $4 billion. breaking news this morning. racking up nearly $10 billion in model three orders. elon musk traded that the company received orders at the low price again. i'm to america to expect in a higher broader averages. indicating the dow jones industrial average. onto the campaign trail to go. it is in its final hours. the latest polling shows that presumably in the buckeye state. tromsø on top when it comes to delegates heading into tuesday's primary. truck making a parents, given a
6:32 am
second back to his controversial pro-life comments and put her battle with ted cruz and his wife. >> do you agree it was a mistake? >> is a hypothetical question, i would've rather they entered it in a different matter. >> wasn't worth you to spend it? >> if i had to do it again i would miss scented. i didn't think it was particularly bad, but i probably wouldn't have sent it. maria: republican strategist roger stone. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. maria: you try to walk back about heidi cruise, which is very unflattering. as the sole pressure from the women vote? >> he has to retool little bit in the core issues that have gotten to where he is. the whole cul-de-sac was probably not an official to anybody. it's not about bias.
6:33 am
it's about the future of the country, the economy, a coherent foreign policy address in their trade balances. that's what he needs to keep talking about. maria: a lot of discussion about comments related to the economy. one of the comments he made was he believes he can eliminate the bad, cut the country's debt within eight years come in $18 trillion obviously. we are going to see a massive recession and it's a dangerous time to invest in the stock market. when you think about those comments? >> it's about the trump economy. china would be far more effect if the terrorists actually. he is an across-the-board tax cut, and aggressive when for bringing $2 trillion back into the country for taxation. he would be the first president in modern times not beholden to any special interest or lobby group and therefore he might actually try to cut federal and
6:34 am
income is something no president has done in his lifetime. george w. bush massively wasted. >> have you eliminate $19 million of debt in eight years? >> i'm a political strategist. i would like to have someone who tries to cut the federal deficit. we haven't had effort. >> they come in and say they are going to wind up with more debt. maria and i have been trying to understand. have you get from it initially and zero in an economy that grows. maria: you've got to cut spending. we know that the spending is. there's growth isn't going to get you there. >> you need a combination of growth in real spending discipline which have not had in recent history. discipline in this environment means entitlement spending. go out until retirees are not going to get your social security. maria: maybe that's what it
6:35 am
takes. >> $1 trillion in my bank accounts now. $1 trillion in budget funds. every previous has the money. before we go cutting entitlements with trump is adamantly opposed to. maria: it's interesting he's predicting recession even that the fears have really receded. a big march for the stock market ms reverse. >> one of the things you'll need to learn and you could help him is what he said and what the president said carries a lot of weight in the economy and stock market. it's a little bit dangerous. your words carry some sort like you to be more careful about that. i'd like to ask you about the politics. i think it was quite interesting
6:36 am
links previous thread delegates will go into the convention to be the ones basically make in the rules. what happens to the other delegates ever be a comic jab, walker, what happens to those delegates because it looks like trump will be fighting to get the 1237. >> with another makeup that the rules are credentials committee and they could be ratified by the faux convention could be more important than the first ballot vote. as there was in 1952 is barefoot bay. you've also have trojan horse delicate than the state to vote for donald tram. the texas party has filled the streets with long-term
6:37 am
supporters. there is a danger there. the other point is we have an inconsistency in the party rules. there's a rule today that you have to have your name put in nomination coming up marker would be number of delicate, 100 plus pledge to the date on trends stay. how did they vote for him if his name is not in nomination? the whole committee has to figure that out. >> trump should have a majority of delicate based on how many contests is one. >> it actually does some work that way. each state produces two members for the rules committee usually affected by the delegation, but in some states by the state committee. >> does the trump campaign need to get smarter about understanding the rules? >> that any question they brought in milk partner. he's the single best convention
6:38 am
strategist and organizer. at work over is a solid veteran of the process. yes they are playing catch-up because the trump campaign strategy devised by trump himself has been communication space. now they have to shift quickly to an organizational base strategy to clean up the rest. maria: two questions on the heels of that. taking both the delegates for me. he wants them to get out of the race. the same story keeps coming back. donald trump threatened a third-party run if he does not secure republican nomination. rnc chairman lance previous responded to that. >> he wants to get to the convention. and nancy want be president. you shouldn't be littering up the process because that's what he's doing. maria:.of course was that john kasich commentary. and then we have got this. listen to this. >> i just want to be treated -- it's not a question of win or
6:39 am
lose. it's a question of treatment. i want to be treated fair. >> at the candidate is willing to commit to the principles and values of our party, then they ought to just tell us. if they commit to it, they should do it. maria: what about that? he keeps going back and forth about the third-party run. >> you are already late. i was involved in getting him on the ballot in 48 states and that's what the party. there is no third party to nominate another candidate so you would have to run as an independent. that is an even more uphill fight. that is a $50 million endeavor. >> is in the constitution party on every ballot? >> are on the ballot in about 12 days. only 12. libertarians are in the states. i think it's funny integrated 13 or 14. maria: i think i hear you saying -- >> i think it's going to be the
6:40 am
republican nominee. it will be trump on the first ballot or paul ryan on the fourth. maria: wow, paul ran on the fourth. maria: he said very clearly this weekend is going to be someone who's running. not paul ryan. >> he doesn't control the delegates. my guess is john kasich hopes it will be john kasich, but it will be trump on the first. maria: great stuff. thanks for joining us good roger stone. turning to fox business beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time eight )-right-paren the fox as if that were. take a short break and a race for anna foster writes his name at good while they are no longer looking to have the right. a police chase on the san francisco bay rage. to track down nature wildlife. the details are next.
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maria: welcome back. evacuations at newark airport after a fire with the second time. cheryl casone with the latest. train for hundreds of people are forced to evacuate early this morning after the fire broke out about 1:00 a.m. in a boiler room smoke before the fire was put out and the terminal was reopened. the fire started again a short time later, leading to a second round of evacuations. was brought under control. people were allowed under the terminal 90 minutes ago. no injuries reported more details this morning. >> facebook with the nfl. last month it was interested. now they reportedly as they
6:45 am
spoke was not happy with the nfl advertising model and the problem with those games that were part of the deal. early morning poll is shopping traffic on the bay bridge in california. not a suspect. patrolmen were chasing this small chihuahua. i have a patrol officer was trying to pick him up, but he started running down the length of the bridge, heading toward san francisco. team of officers were able to catch him. he assigned by the way. maria: that is cute. he is scared. he was on his way and he was going to get there that little dog. cheryl: he is funny. maria: he was so determined to
6:46 am
get there. you go, chihuahua. cheryl: at one were really quick, maria. a 92 world war veteran honored for service 70 years after he returned home from the war. william johns presented with five medals including a presidential citation in good conduct medal over the weekend. saying he forgot to apply for the medals after he came back home in 1945 and now i've got the metals for him. came back from the war. >> he came back to get on with his wife. cheryl: i met a world war ii veteran on friday afternoon. harold, 95 years old, still walking on the streets of new york, hanging out. he's a neighborhood guy. what were you doing? world war ii. >> regeneration. transfer the greatest generation. maria: heartwarming story. >> is a great story.
6:47 am
i'm going to normandy to tour the beaches. i can't wait. my grandfather was there. >> that's where medical landed. it's something to see. pre-orders over the weekend. how the company has earned a $10 billion payday before they . take a look at one of the highlights from the 51st academy of country music awards last night. country legend dolly parton teamed up with katy perry in a live duet. ♪ if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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maria: welcome back to it expecting a higher opening today. stocks on the move this morning. merger monday. alaska airlines requiring virgin america for $57 a share value to $4 billion. alaska airlines winning the war over jetblue. virgin american shares rising over american. that is why you see the huge move in the stock this morning. tesla shares up this morning at 5% in the free market. ceo elon musk tweeted out they have received 276,000 orders for the new model three sedan. documents at $10 million in sales in the car hasn't even gotten to production yet. staying on the markets right now. futures indicate a higher opening following the friday's jobs report. that would build 215,000 jobs added to the economy last month.
6:52 am
the focus on the federal reserve in the path of future interest rate and where that will have been. today we get the durable goods orders report out. that happens in his typically a market mover. we spoke with fomc voting member of the meta-masher on friday. she taught about the fed and gradualism. >> we don't have to meet until april and i want to see data coming in. my best guess at this point is the economy will evolve in a way that will entail bringing interest rates up gradually sometime this year. when it is, how many i can't tell you at this point. i can tell you i anticipate the economic development will entail to continue on the gradual year. maria: you wonder if the site in central banks in general become less relevant. join us down as raymond james, chief investment strategist. gentlemen, good to see you.
6:53 am
thank you for joining us. let's talk about the sentiment backdrop. gradualism is why to you, while the rest of us just saying this to increases by the federal reserve this year? >> i came into the year thinking i'd be shocked if there are any more than to increases. right now i don't think there's an increase until after the election. maria: after the election because the fed does the on again involved an election. you've got to them. that's one possibility. september right before the election. >> the fed would refer not to do anything, but they will certainly change policy is necessary. in terms the right of master's comment about april or possibly june, first-quarter gdp according to the appendicitis six tenths six tenths of 1%. corporate earnings for the first quarter looks like it's going to
6:54 am
be down 5% to 10%. it's inconceivable to me they could tighten policy given those numbers and probably chew may be too rarely. our best guess to be one or two hikes may be, but certainly the back half of the year. >> you're putting together a backdrop of the economy that looks like its growth,, but his slow growth. donald trump says we are going into recession. that's not what the deal is. >> you are showing s&p 500 members. the market is coming back. with the market is telling you is a very slow growing economy and that's what the fed's expectation is. if donald trump negotiates $19 trillion worth of debt we probably are going back into recession. i want to push back at one point that the fed doesn't want to do anything before the election. if you look at the way they behave in the past come in 2012 they started moving towards ending their kiwi program in 2012. in 2008 day about them in others to read right before an election. 2004 they started raising
6:55 am
interest rates before an election. i think they see the economy moving in the way they expect. you raise a really important point is every going to get the numbers they want the 0.6% growth in the first quarter. we've been through this almost every year. they are going to be saying baby will be heading into a slowdown. >> to some degree there's some seasonality. they were supposed to fix that a year ago. this question as as to whether they did. you get a first quarter and the numbers start to come out. if we can get a better set of data, corporate earnings and economic growth, diapering september into play and i agree with john. i don't think the fed will not do anything because of the election. if the data is there for mr. ripley a hike -- >> i will tell you what matters more than the presidential election and that is the u.k. voting on whether to stay again. if they are worried about financial turmoil, financial
6:56 am
instability, they might say let's wait a little bit longer. maria: that is june 23rd. a fair amount of skepticism out there that they stay in. a lot of people feel the u.k. will leave the e.u. >> i was at the lunch last week. you were probably there as well. maria: is supposed to be there but i have to pull out. >> i was looking. i didn't see you. inflation, unemployment. but yellen spent time talking about was concerns about international, concerns about financial market volatility and certainly the potential in june would certainly fall within the category both of those. maria: that is another unknown if let's talk about putting money to work. we are getting the slow but they growth story, g1 on stocks missed an ironman? >> i absolutely think you own stocks here. when people start being bosses
6:57 am
and fixed income portfolios which you get in the back half of this year. you will see individual investors push into names they know, stocks by 10% or more forever. maria: part of the reason for the rally and march of people thought we've got some negative early in the year that it was a bounce back. >> you at one of the worst starts to a new year history down 11% or 12%. we were discounting recession. the economy started to put up better numbers on the board and made a pretty strong bounce back to that point with corporate earnings not so good, we may see little bit of a correction before resume higher. maria: we will leave it there for a little bit later. good to see both of you gentlemen. we will be right back.
6:58 am
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and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. maria: good monday morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 4th. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a massive document leak with offshore bank accounts. how the elite use tax havens including those connected to russian president vladimir putin. what we find from the panama papers coming out. the race for wisconsin this morning. candidates fighting for every last vote. the threat of a contested convention still has donald trump not ruling out a third-party run. >> are you ruling out running as an independent third party candidate? >> i am by far a front runner.
7:01 am
i want to run as a republican. >> but if you don't get the nomination? maria: we will see how it goes. maria: will take you back to the badger state coming out. griese starting to deport migrants to turkey today as part of the java country made with the european union. we will bring you there. and a gun that looks like a smartphone? the creator of the gun i'd met the internet coming up later this hour. this is a messy story. features indicate a higher opening for averages. dow industrial to open up 30 points. back to reorders out this morning. sometimes that is a market mover. all of that coming up this morning. morgan ortegas and "the wall street journal" john hilson math. thank you for joining us this morning. former republican presidential candidate rick perry and steve forbes.
7:02 am
steve forbes as a passenger on a stick and train that derailed. judge andrew napolitano will join us along with former nba player antoine walker. domestic coming up in the program. they call them the panama papers. 11 million documents detail off shore accounts of the famous and powerful and they have been leaked. jo ling kent with more on this story. reporter: good morning, maria. 11.5 million documents stretching back 40 years. 2.6 terabytes of data far larger than the edwards noted blake. according to the consortium of investigative journalism, the usher holding up more than 140 government officials and politicians around the world. 29 of the "forbes" 500 richest people are on that list according to mcclatchy newspaper. here's some highlights. one document details $2 billion in transactions laundered through banks and shadow companies by associates of russian president vladimir
7:03 am
putin. how much closer experts were to corrupt practices. another refound offshore holdings by the prime minister of pakistan, king of saudi arabia and president of ukraine. documents come from a law firm specializes in helping people set up offshore holdings. according to "the guardian," the law firm says 95% of our were consistent valid vehicles to avoid taxes. the cofounders and they have not engaged in any wrongdoing into breaking news right now according to the bbc, a spokesperson has come out and responded to papers saying putin in russia, country stability and election is the main target. maria: wow, basically saying this is foul play. we know there's a lot of internationals on the list. what about americans? >> we know there's some americans associated. i'm going through the papers to
7:04 am
figure out who the main players are. 140 big players here. maria: the king of saudi arabia and the crowd prints around this. they really don't know exactly what the government does with their money or how the princes spend it. that is interesting to me as a former treasury analyst at my head was spinning because not only is there a lot of information so everybody involved, fbi, treasury committee hs will be going to these. because it's 40 years back, i think the historical record even if it's not for a current investigation as an analyst whenever people from the u.s. government go through this, they will be able to see the benefits of the sources. double provides much information from an analytical perspective on how things were done in the past. >> you think there's a lot in here that the u.s. investigators didn't know. have they been lucky not to sing along or is there a lot of
7:05 am
material a lot of material that went missing before? >> that's really interesting question. they have a lot of access to information. if you have an investigator at fbi is looking at a money laundry case, the information will be incredibly helpful for some current cases though for how we track -- >> taxation office is investigating more than 800 bucks just to add these dealings with the firm. we see this play out. >> some of the banks are involved in this. maria: thank undo the campaign trail. republican presidential candidates making a final pitch to voters in wisconsin but may be a pivotal state. blake burman in wisconsin with the latest. good morning to you, blake. reporter: good morning to you from badger's territory big country madison, wisconsin you can see behind me. tomorrow night could be a very big night for said cruz pick the latest polling in wisconsin
7:06 am
shows he still has the lead. the poll comes from cbs news over the weekend and have them up six points over donald trump pier 43-37. that is on the fox business poll that had cruz hilsenrath just the other day. all three candidates, cruz, trump and john kasich would be a part of town hall on the fox news channel in wisconsin tonight. trump had one last night with credit in which he defended his talk of trying to restructure nato. >> all of a sudden they never thought of it that way because of not focus on terrorism which is a big album we have now. we have to go to japan and germany and saudi arabia are they have money like nobody's ever seen money before. we defend all these countries. we are not properly members for the kind of money we're spending. we are spending so much money. we are like a policeman to the
7:07 am
world. reporter: 42 delegates inside wisconsin tomorrow night. as for the delegate count, donald trump holding commanding lead as he tries to nail down 1237 before the convention. more delegates than ted cruz and john kasich combined. yesterday north dakota held its state convention. it is a very unique process over there. essentially they chose 25 delegates that will represent north dakota at the national convention. the cruz campaign declaring victory yesterday that the trump campaign saying that is nothing more than been. 25 delegates are essentially free agents. back to you. maria: thanks so much. blake burman and wisconsin this morning. joining us now is newt gingrich supervisor, of the -- how are you feeling going into wisconsin? talk to us how you think this plays out and how important wisconsin is overall for the gop
7:08 am
nomination. >> well, as they gestured in the report, obviously trump is down 10 points to ted cruz and dan six points on the cbs poll. if trump does the wind, wisconsin would fall just short in their projections of summing up the nomination before the convention. but i believe trump has just had the worst week of his campaign. almost exactly eight years ago, barack obama had the worst week in his campaign because that is when the jeremiah wright controversy exploded in a cast that off with this famous speech about race. now he had a lot of help from the elite media that donald trump is not going to get. the upshot is obama eight years ago managed to worst week of his campaign and went on to the nomination to be elected. if donald trump can do that, he will be well on his way as well. he's got new york, pennsylvania, california coming up.
7:09 am
he should do very well in those states. he's very well-positioned. the only thing donald trump needs to do is decided he wants to win. i think he's decided that. i can't tell him what he wants to do other than go on megyn kelly. i think he told maureen dowd and has called saturday that he should probably do that. that's the only thing i would recommend is to try and get on the megyn kelly show. other than that, he will know what to do. if he wants to win, one thing we've learned is you can learn any can't progress. maria: it sounds like you don't they wisconsin matters saw that much. we know his liking in wisconsin. >> good morning. good to see you. i haven't seen you since new hampshire. i disagree with you on wisconsin i think it's incredibly important for the ted cruz campaign for them to do well in when they can wisconsin. the way of i'm looking at the delegate math, i think it
7:10 am
difficult for trump to get to 1237. if wisconsin goes the way we think before the convention. if that happens with fahey guest at 1237 but doesn't get there, what do you think happens to the voters at a convention. that convention. that's a cruz gets the nomination. he trump voters go away? similarly trumped up the nomination, what about 50%, 60% of the party to feel comfortable voting for him? i see a huge party split here. i don't see how you put humpty dumpty back together again. am i wrong? >> i do agree wisconsin is a must win for ted cruz. i think trump could survive losing it, but it's cruz went back and say momentum on the democratic side. her defenders up in the polls and if he wins, that gives him tremendous momentum from new york and he could beat hillary in her adopted home state.
7:11 am
it's a very important primary. but i will say is i believe contrary to what we hear from pundits, the idea we have a contested convention is borderline fantasy. to say that because people are looking at 2016 but not taking about who the delegates are of the republican party. many are elected officials for state candidates. in 2018 if we thought the 2010 tea party way was a big deal, you will have a two party afterwards in 2018 if you have delegates have been a donald trump or any before the convention. if these are 100 delegates, as donald trump would say, he is going to make deals and frankly you will see in my opinion these delegates of the republican party of so-called elites are not going to have the stomach to take us to the convention and allow a free-for-all. i don't think that's going to
7:12 am
happen. i think trump also it up if that happens when i don't think the party will be divided provided we don't have any behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the kind of stuff they're talking about for north dakota has unbound delegates. maria: that make it show on hilsenrath from "the wall street journal." >> what does he need to do to correct course at this point? obama gave a speech to adjust the racial issue. what issues to stumble trump made to address to turn things around? >> he needs to talk about the issues that got him where his days, which is trade. what a coincidence that the first time in a century we started running trade deficits. the wall street lucre, the wall street bankers were luxuriating and they punted into the cbo housing market.
7:13 am
this is all connected. he needs to talk about the trade issue, the wall street issue, borders, national security. they are talking about nato. what he is talking about word and sharing. if japan and south korea simply spout 1% more of gdp on their own defense, that would be about $200 billion. that's a third of our defense budget. but donald trump is talking about is not crazy. it's entirely real estate. it's crucial going forward. he needs to talk about the issues that got him where he is. he did a great job talking to "the new york times." he did a great job on fox news sunday. he has been somewhat contrite. he submitted his not perfect that he can make mistakes. it's kind of like if you buy tesla and take it home to your spouse and show her, look how fast this goes in u.k. two
7:14 am
speeding tickets while you're driving. she said maybe you can take it back. wait a minute. it's very reliable. that is where trump is. maria: thank you so much for joining us. we want to take a short break. coming up, millions of americans granted to get taxes finished on time. the new scam that could threaten information good baseball season now on false claim. but you need to know about opening day. that is today. back in a minute. you both have a perfect driving record.
7:15 am
until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back. tragedy after an amtrak train kills two construction workers south of philadelphia. cheryl casone with more on the headlines. trade for good morning, maria. the passenger train traveling from ear to savanna, georgia when it hit a bat: when it hit a bat: a try. to crash or rail lead engine. more than 30 passengers were sent to hospitals with injuries that were not life-threatening. coming up, we'll speak with "forbes" media ceo steve forbes who was on the train. train for brussels airport reopened yesterday for the first time since the terrorist bombing that killed 60 people 12 days ago. a number of passengers boarded flight. they handled three flights yesterday. the first one headed to portugal
7:18 am
with 80 passengers. though, the tax deadline just 11 days away. and now there are concerns about cyprus these stealing tax information. a phishing scam is targeting companies, tricking workers and unknowingly forwarding w-2 forms to a phony e-mail address. a lot of major corporations conduct business. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of workers potentially falling for this. he basically gave an e-mail saying hi, it's maria bartiromo your boss. i need information on your dubya to naca have to send it to her. it is a complete scam. maria: the story of the journal, money investing segment today coming at the height of taxis when millions of workers fill out the federal and state returns. this scheme is simple and effective because of when you get the e-mail.
7:19 am
>> everything is being sold on the dark web. all the information is an fraudulent tax returns. cheryl: what is the government going to do about it? >> this is very antifeminist of may, but this is why i got married, so i don't have to do my own taxes. he takes care of it. maria: okay, okay. he is your taxman too. >> he is. god bless him. cheryl: every company is on high alert about this. employees just out now. >> handed off to an accounting to take care of. maria: coming up, the stage is set, ready for takeoff. tonight's big championship game. plus not so super after all, batman versus superman. next. back in a minute. show me movies with explosions.
7:20 am
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comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back. happy monday, everybody. north carolina tar heels taking on the villanova wildcats in the march madness finale. jarrett match with all the anticipation. >> a big game tonight and this afternoon. good thing you have cable tv or satellite package because tonight's basketball championship will not be shown on broadcast tv. it is a battle between east coast teams. villanova will pay the championship game since 19 it's either the wildcats upset georgetown. underdogs at 2.5 points against north carolina tar heels playing for their sixth title overall in
7:24 am
their first in seven years. the tar heels win tonight to mark the third national championship at carolina for judge roy williams and i would move him past legendary tar heels coach dean smith. big game tonight. just a coincidence the 2016 baseball season schedule was released for last year's playoffs. the first time the two teams met in the world series the previous year of a dopamine night. the kansas city royals last night jumped out to a four nothing made on the new york mets just like the world series. they held on to beat new york last night. the stadium was for-3. seven more games on today's major league this fall schedule with an early start today. brought manfred will ring the opening bell at the stock exchange. here in new york 20 minutes ago of us knowing. not ideal weather for the yankees astros game this afternoon. david price of make his debut with the red sox. he will pitch today in a post
7:25 am
about these and make kershaw go for the dodgers against san diego. felix hernandez for the mariners. opening day including madison baumgartner. against the milwaukee brewers. who's watching opening day baseball? i will take my nap can certainly be watching. maria: it is not starting off the way i would like. you've got snow coming down. but that's not beginning very well. >> i am focused -- it is a probative focus on march madness. it is carolina wins another acc team wins. duke won the national championship last year. two schools eight miles apart hogging all the limelight. >> in east coast matchup on television ratings. they always want to maximize the viewership at the start time. tonight starts at 98 team eastern time. you started so late so you get people watching across the
7:26 am
country. i have a feeling the majority people on the east coast tonight and it's a school tonight and at the school may come a work night and they probably lose viewers, even more with the office pools. i will keep some of the senate. >> my little boy is in it. maria: opening day, ncaa. who is watching more of why. >> i love baseball. i love the food and energy. i can't wait for baseball. maria: a hot dog, not shows. >> this year they are offering a cheeseburger dog. maria: quite the menu. >> public would not kosher. maria: jerrod max. a gun that looks like a cell phone. how they react to this new product. we will talk with the maker. batman versus superman not so heroic after all. the crash landing back on earth this weekend was very
7:27 am
disappointed box office opening numbers. we will be right back. ♪ we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. . . maria: good mopping morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo it is monday, april 4 your top stories right now 7:30 ap on east coast. the race for wisconsin coming to the wire, candidacy
7:30 am
fighting for every last vote going into the big contest tomorrow on democratic side hillary clinton facing questions overeel sustained in sunday's show interviews. >> i think that -- anybody who is actually looked at this, has concluded that i have now put out all of my e-mails going to ask others for e-mails ask a everybody else who is in public office. i am the one who he has o done it i did it case i thought it was the right thing to do. >> she went on to say that she has not yet been approached by fbi, we know that fbi will be asking to interview mrs. clinton in short order, fox news senior judicial analyst a judge andrew napolitano will weigh in ahead of that a gun looks like smartphone? creator of the gun likability up internet, straight ahead we've got to bring this story looks like a cell phone, and he is seeing increasing numbers in terms of orders. not so superafter all record decline of batman versus superman at box office ahead could have called that one,
7:31 am
futures indicating markets open higher this morning take a look where we stand dow jones industrial average looking up 35 points factor orders report this morning, that may very well ask tet the tony for markets we are looking at continued bullishness on heels of the jobs numbers out on friday, concerns among gun advocates about potential for president obama, to pass tough gun control measures in final months in fact office my next guest creating a handgun made to look like a smartphone followed up to fit in your back pocket ideal sequel founder ceo circle, joins me right now with more on that, thanks very much for joining us good to see you -- >> good morning, maria thank you for having me on the show. >> why would you design a gun that looks like a smartphone? do you see anything irresponsible about that. >> let me start how it began i have a concealed carry permit carrying pistol with jacket over it one point when i stood up, some young boy glimpseed that, and made a big statement
7:32 am
about that i had a ginn it was a little bit of embarrassing situation what i thought there has to be a better way as far as controversy, sure whenever you do anything different or outside the box, you are definitely going to be, creating controversy. >> but the point is that what this mistaken for a slaen if you reach yourslope for your cell phone, if -- if somebody thinks it is a gun, or thinks a cell phone it is not the idea that you are concealing what it looks like -- seems to me to be outrageously irresponsible. >> i don't believe that is true maria i have seen the concealed carry market full of weapons e-mails concealed as what i am doing i don't feel that it is irresponsible i think that it is a gun, it is not a smartphone people have to treat it like a weapon, you have to care for it liej like a weapon make sure obscured like that keep away from children, and behave responsibly wilt i don't
7:33 am
believe you will see issues you feel you will see. maria: okay what kind of reaction are you seeing right now because this is really important you are seeing the, people many clamoring to get this sales really on the move? >> orders? >> we're not in sales yet we are just in preorders, going into preorders, but yes we have a lot of interest in it, worldwide, so it is definitely creating some interest. >> jon. >> an airspace issue what if people use this weapon to sneak through to sneak through security? at airports and then you've got people potentially bad intentions with guns on airplanes? >> again that's you know but knowing what your looking at because you have never seen it, when this gun goes through an x-ray is a gun barrels hammers trooishg mechanisms a trigger, cannot detonate metal did he technician x-ray we are happy to work with department
7:34 am
homeland security make sure they get x-rays on it train on it long before it comes to market if one is intent on sneaking weapons on to a plane there are a lot of wise to do that already tsa already faced with that i don't believe you are going to see that wdz item. >> this is morgan o who do you see as ideal customer you talked about gun in pants i can see women wanting this in their purse who is your target demographic audience here? >> well, we've had you know, believe it or not, just come from everywhere but we have a lot of professional people people that wear suits, scrubs, dresses, you know as you mentioned, realtors have go out into places that they don't necessarily know, or with people they don't know at all, by themselves, if -- really just going to be a concealed carry handgun much like otherwise at any marketplace today. >> how powerful is this gun tell us capabilities. >> other thing people need to
7:35 am
realize this is a defensive weapon double shortl shot derringer 380 caliber to defend in close quarters there are many other guns on the market that hold more shells in our smaller than mine, and more powerful than mine if you are intent on causing someone harm, this is to defend yourself with, that is the purpose of it. >> that is why i asked the question because people need to understand this is not -- i mean this is in terms of of the range of powerful from a gun, this is on the lower end. >> yeah so we did that intentionally again, it is a close quarters weapon you are being approached by someone who is intent on doing you harm, rather o you have a shortdance to deal with that threat that is what you will use this gun for. >> what do you attribute this -- sharp increase in gun ownership we were just looking at numbers, in december, gun sales were up highest, number, in two decades. >> well, there's two things one you mentioned president
7:36 am
obama trying to bass stricter gun control laws has people afraid secondlyly if you look at uptick in all the rviolence the one this ohio keeps coming to mind guy walked go a stroont started hacking people with machete those incidents on uptick shootings at recruiting stations those kinds of things i think people are coming to the understanding we are first line of defense out here the arms -- armed legally armed i should say, law-abiding citizens, oftentimes police can't be everywhere they do a super job but you don't know when things are going to break out when you are in the middle of. >> it what kind of information do you collect from the person who buys this gun? >> what kind of information is required, to buy such a weapon? or vetting of the people who are want to go buy this gun? >> if any. >> that is a great question. that is a great question, no. you have to go through all vetting would you through to purchase any firearm the fbi check they check your credentials make sure your
7:37 am
background check is clear, you can't just go buy off a web site and have it delivered to your house you have to go through all the same required background checks to purchase this weapon agency you would any other handgun. >> what is the point of want to go conceal it if you have a gun wouldn't it be better let people you are with know that you have a gun? >> why conceal it as a cell phone? >> well, i think part of that is again, it is a little bit of people not knowing what the concealed carry market is, that i have on right now i could probably sequel four different weapons on it you look at it had with me whole time easier to keep it conceal it in event you need to use it readily available. >>. >> move higher so we can see what you are doing, that is that is the -- >> gun looks like cell phone. >> yeah, that is when extended this is when closed this is a
7:38 am
plastic model not a prototype a model to show the size and shape, i think, i think why people want to conceal from it people just what just happenednk that you know you are opinion this was bad idea some think carrying a gun any capacity bad idea, and there is people that work with very liberal antigun people don't want them to know that you could be with a client not fond of people carrying guns you need to have opportunity to defend yourselves if if you follow second amendment right to carry a gun that is the reason goutsdz in a way keeps people from having a negative conversation about it with you while you are carrying them. >> what is the price. >> retail expected 395. >> thanks very much for joining us this morning, sir appreciate it. thank you. >> circle from ideal sequel, grooets sends to -- more than 200 migrate immigrants the details next not to super ticket sales back to earth.
7:39 am
>> highlights from music wards last night dolly parton teamed up with pop sewer star katy perry first live duet back in a minute. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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greece sending migrants to turkey chefrl chefrl with with the story cheryl: right maria listen to thising at dawn ferries began making migrants to turkish coast according to eu
7:43 am
officials those deported not aplied for you asylum eu turkey reached deportation detail last month to limit amount will have migration over to europe. >> well, police in thailand say three people were killed in a train crash into a double-decker bus carrying people headed to the vaications, taking a group of broke, from a factor to southern island for holiday trip video footage showed bus solely crossing railway train plowed into it, it full speed. well, listen to this fans stuck outside a cowboy stadium for hours thousands of fans could not enter at&t stadium wrestle mania 32 ticket skaeners would not work after wi-fi went down fans from shaquille o'neal, rapper snoop dogg waiting for hours. >> the story, even after big
7:44 am
decline, batman versus superman held on to top box office brought in 52 million dollars, second weekend the drama had 5th largestdrop for a film opened over 100 million this was pulled in 680 million bucks so can't wait on that, but look at utopia from disney number two and big fat greek wedding 2 came in as well, 3 and new movie that jumped into fourth, more than 8 million dollars, are miracles from heaven, 7.5 million, i had good feedback superman after you saw it thank you for saving me three hours of my life. >> i know you didn't really. >> i liked it didn't love it. >> thank you i appreciated that time i got back. >> the fact that it is still number one tell us how bad the other movies are? >> good point. >> setting up sequels, money
7:45 am
makers more to come in this vein. >> talking to michael about it he saided this has to take out something like 8 hundred million dollars o almost a billion-dollar to betraying even right, numbers if they don't catch up will be clear that it was a disappointment. >> because of the cost at the same time, morgan you are dead-on about the fact this is setting up more films okay with the box office performance, because they know they want to compete with, the maribel o motive, characteristics "captain america," ironman all those guys. >> having a hard time k k competing with disney juggernaut we saw "star wars," i thought it wasn't as good as "star wars." >> it is have a reasonable doubt to know who good guys are in this two good guys fighting wech other. maria: exactly you are absolutely right i went into
7:46 am
movie thinking why batman against superman critics agreed with you. >> cheryl as you. cheryl: you bet. maria: state department ending review of hillary clinton e-mail server this as we white the find out whether clinton will speak with fbi over probe judge andrew napolitano will weigh in on that next, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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7:49 am
maria: welcome back state department suspending plans for internal review of secretary of state hillary clinton e-mails to avoid conflict with fbi investigation mrs. clinton says she has not yet been contacted by fbi, about this investigation, and interview.
7:50 am
>> has fbi reached out to you yet for an interview? >> no. they haven't. >> back in august we made clear that i am happy to answer any questions that anybody might have, and i stand by that. >> joining is fox news judicial analyst judge napolitano good to see you. >> what did you think she said look -- i will talk about to whoever wants to talk to me. >> also said looking forward to speaking to fbi a farce no one when subject of a criminal investigation by fbi is looking forward to talking to them she is in a dammed if she don't you dammed if she does if she goes in will trip her up made so many materially misleading statements, to the public, to the benghazi committee basically -- fbi aware of everything she says if she doesn't go in prudent legal advice. >> don't go no.
7:51 am
>> prudently legal vice lawyers not to let clients speak to people investigating them if she doesn't go in, follows the want prudent legal advice trench rows because of statements like that. >> we know fbi does not complete an investigation without speaking to the subject. >> well. >> that interview is coming. >> without asking the subject, in she, of course, can say no, fbi does not have ability to xhoel y exc compel you -- >> cap she put it off till after election. >> no she can't delay here is how it will work fbi will say to her lawyer we have a lot of information, we are planning to present to a grand jury, and much of it is about your client. is your client interested in coming if, and discussing it with us if so, she has this window four or five days for you and her to come in talk to us we're not telling you he ahead of time another problem
7:52 am
she doesn't know what they are going to ask her but make ourselves viable to talk to her they will do that, after they speak with her aides. >> doing now. >> probably doing that this week. >> judge, i couldn't believe i read this this is around a-year anniversary that the scandalized broke a year seemed quite a long time for the fbi to do this investigation considering to relevant to election is this out of normal bounds of investigation. >> no for a couple reasons, one that was a lot of -- technical obstacles in retrieving what mrs. clinton thought she had erased from the server, and second, she is former secretary of state former senator from new york wife of former president, leading person to become a democratic nominee want to make sure all t's are crossed i's dotted a huge team working on this, director comey is
7:53 am
getting daily reports very unusual because he has so much on his plate daily reports of the progress of the investigation. >> let's say forsake of argument that she is not indicted what happens to future secretary of states, what is outcome if not indicted there has to be so many sort of implication how people operate in the future or are they above the law. >> there were rules. >> not only were rules. >> -- there are federal statutes most serious things she appears to have done from public record not obviously not knowing what fbi knows, is the failure to safeguard state secrets that is called espionage a crime can be proven not only by intent we have that there is e-mail in which she tells underlings erase the secret marking, and fax to it me using a regular faction machine no won will know it is secret i have to read it the crime can be
7:54 am
proven by gross negligence on first day in office had a two-hour fbi tutorial, the end of when signed under oath a statement setting fort what she was told in that tutorial among which are following, you are obligated to recognize state secret whether confidential secret top secret or not your negligence can form basis for espionage progression she agreed under oath. >> let me ask you -- >> why turn around have done this having been through that review? >> why what was at stake for her -- >> do you know. >> don't want people reading e-mails bottom line doesn't want public to have access. >> very weak, that she had that tutorial. when she hired this fellow pagliano paid 5,000 dollars to commit a crime to migrate a public and secret state department stream from government computers, to her
7:55 am
own server did not tell fbi folks who gave her tutorial she was planning on. >> getting ducks in a row knew where the line was before -- >> in my view saying at risk of trying to get into a -- she in my view wanted to avoid scrutiny of the president, the public, the press and much of the state department outside of her inner circle about what she planned to do destieblize libya. >> no one else had a server in basement. >> while fbi. >> no other conclusion to come to other than what you just said didn't want people in her e-mails. >> secretary condoleezza rice general collin powell o occasionally used gmail accounts a farcry from diverting everything there is
7:56 am
two lawsuits against her two federal judges have come to the same conclusion, it is more likely than not there was a speciconspiracy in office of asset to evaded federal law. >> panama papers major leek not a lot of time weren't surprised offshore. >> yes, i am surprised at the enormity of it remember it is not criminal, certainly not criminal under american law but hugely embarrassing, to the politicians and you no better than i probably banks that have been involved. >> going to talk about banks impact in program. >> thanks so much judge andrew napolitano. >> former republican presidential candidate former texas governor rick perry with us substantive substantive was a pager. >> anton walker with us this morning in studio back in a moment. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems,
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so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. . maria: good monday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, april 4 your top stories right now at 8:00 a.m. on east coast, a massive did you mean to leaks shocking offshore bank accounts how elite used tax heavens including those connected to russian president vladimir putin, and british o prime minister david cameron what we learned from scowled "panama papers" coming up race
8:00 am
to by to wire candidates fighting for every vote into tomorrow donald trump highlighting tax policies last nightos town hall event with greta van susteren. >> i like i like the workers i call them workers of this country the best, i don't necessarily like very rich, e very rich 37 but the very rich are going to end up probably paying more but there is incentive for them to invest in the country, and to create jobs. >> also coming up donald trump take on market the economy where he also made some important comments we will bring those comments, investigators are working to find the cause of yesterday's deadly being a attract derailment at least two people killed after a train hit a piece of construction equipment, on the tracks, forbes media chairmen steve forbes on that what i know when it happened will tell us about the experience later this hour, wild weather twitters midwest snow winds downing trees daimdz buildings, more than 250,000 homes without power this morning, march madness comes
8:01 am
to end, tonight national championship will be crowned tonight we are lookinging to oaks with normaler formr in icaa champ star antoine walker with us lost 108 million dollars, now looking to help athletes plan their financial future markets this morning expected to open higher take a look waiting on factor goods that report coming out, this morning, may set the tone the markets expected to open up 25 points on the dow jones industrial average. all stories coming up in program joining me this morning, maverick morgan ortegus, jon hilsenrath good to see you, calling them "panama papers" 11 million dollars documents detailing offshore accounts of the rich and powerful, they have been leaked jo ling kent with the story. jo ling: getting global reaction to these leaked documents 11 1/2 million of them going back 40 years from panamanian lawmaker mossack fonseca, according to analysis by consortium the documents reveal current and former
8:02 am
offshore holdings more than 140 government officials politicians around the world one document details two billion dollars in transactions you landered through banks shadowed companies associates and friends of russian president vladimir putin, russian government is responding, saying those documents are targeting putin in upcoming elections not offshore activity, also in china chinese president xi jinping brother-in-law two bring ittish virgin island companies not help theing xi jinping anticorruption plane in china. >> soccer -- in the mix he and father owned a shell company megastar enterprises to evaded taxes, the report saying he is suing, u.k. prime minister david ram ron late father created a holding company massive fortunate in protected company when asked whether british prime minister cameron's family still has money cameron spokesperson said it is a private matter, and right now, in australia
8:03 am
government is springing into action there taxation office says it is investigating, more than 800 wealthy citizens for possible tax evasion, linked to the leaks. >> we've got evidence of hinz more australians that are structuring their finances, perhaps some for legitimate reasons others perhaps making use of offshore tax havens to avoid taking their fair share that affects us all. >> in europe french president hollande saying good news going to help france track down all the people who have evaded taxes. >> unbelievably story. >> to campaign trail? the whole perception that we have seen in american public a whole game is rigged, you know when you look at wall street when you look at banks you look at everything that is look at washington, there is a really sense among public that
8:04 am
you know if you are working paying your taxes, you have all these other people in positions of power, who are doing all this all these other shenanigans begins a you -- >> 500 banks. >> giving ironically, fuel to people like donald trump, who he just said he is a billionaire, too. >> -- no americans caught up so far -- >> 11.5 million dominates looking through everything what we do see are u.s. companies maybe linksed because of law firms, banks, but so far no prominent americans linked that i can see we do have hsbc, credit suisse all big banks american companies do use, is actually have been working in concert with this law firm what we see the is 500 banks registered, over 15,000 shell companies. >> this becomes a new wave of money laundering cases. >> we should point out a lot of he allergy banks societaled already with these very cases. >> yes. >> that is true. >> 40 years -- >> wave of oasis legal
8:05 am
department going to have to regenerator a new line of defense. >> what a -- >> money. >> you thank you so much doing that just today tracking that money jo ling kent on trail candidacy scrambling in badger state ahead of wisconsin primary cbs poll shows senator ted cruz a slight lead over donald trump in state 43% of the vote for cruz, this as texas senator claimed additional 18 delegates with victory in north dakota delegate race for cruz all delegates in the contest unbound so loyalty is not one hundred percent certain, front-runner donald trump inciting fear with dire economic warnings in interview with "washington post" trump warned quote i think we are sitting on economic bubble a financial bubble i am talking about a bubble where you go into a very massive recession joining us right now former republican presidential candidate former texas governor rick perry governor good to see you that you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria good to be with you. >> i know you are supporting ted cruz a lot of comments
8:06 am
from donald trump there, that are pretty serious comments number one he says, that we are going to see massive recession, said stock market is not safe because we are in a bubble going to see a huge sell-off he also said able to turn around the debt story, eliminate 19 trillion dollars in did he go to over 8 years what is your take on all this governor? >> well, certainly, senator cruz has put a plan together that will get this country back on track, when he -- you talk about that -- flat tax, when you talk about allowing people to get away from the regulator restraint they have seen at irs -- allowing, those dollars that are offshore to come back, and not be taxed at some incredible rate growing out of economic mess the way to do i it, plus obviously reducing size of government i have not looked at donald trump's plan you know i don't
8:07 am
whether numbers mesh or not but, having been the governor of the state that unquestionably, led the mason in job creation, wealth creation over the course of the last 14, 15 years, we know how to do this, senator cruz' plan, does follow a blueprint i will suggest future of this country can be bright and i think going out and trying to scare americans, that you know, the end is in sight, woe is america economically is not necessarily a -- a way to run a campaign. from my perspective, i think you know people are looking for hope, with a good future not this dire prediction, that everything is going to hell in a hand bag. >> very fair point why we are discussing these comments, this morning, from trump, but
8:08 am
when it comes to ted cruz, governor, the issue here, is people are questioning whether or not he can beat hillary clinton, so, you have on one side, donald trump, about who obviously has his support, and on the other, john kasich but looking at ted cruz himself, people i mean from a gop standpoint, does he have personality a sentiment widespread support to actually about beat hillary clinton in the general election? >> well, let's say that -- senator cruz does in fact get the 1237 delegates that are needed that may probably will occur. in a contested convention i don't see either one of these accounts getting to that fath from my perspective but when you go into that convention and either donald trump or ted cruz, you know i don't think kasich is going to reply a role in this from my perspective, but i think, i
8:09 am
think -- i think senator cruz has the savvy has the ability, to come out of a contested convention with nomination at that particular point in time his ybt elect his wife heidi a keen effort between, the senator and his wife, when it comes to being able to reach out to i mean, donald trump has a woman problem let's face it he has a problem with minorities. heidi and ted both i think are going to be very, very cable general election candidacy to not only bring this country together, but to bring a lot of people that are for donald trump today because they are looking for an anti-washington outsider ted cruz is. >> governor remember get morgan in quick. >> good morning governor the way i ins the convention on first biologicalot jeb and
8:10 am
rubio delegates will be voting for -- but disconnect ballot oebl jeb came out supported cruz, but rubio has been actually pretty silent few weeks has most delegates of one not currently in the race where do you see rubio delegates going on second round? >> i don't think anyone just because you have the delegation that these individuals are going to be bound they are not going to call you up say hey, marco what do you think i ought to do they are -- >> cruz? >> they are going to look at this and make a decision, i think their mostly very thoughtful activity republicans looking for consistent constitutionalist ted cruz fits that bill donald trump has been very glish inconsistent i think that
8:11 am
dives discome for the totive republicans when you think pennsylvania they talk about peninsula 160,000 people that changed from democrat to the republican side, and. >> or another that is the proof donald trump who is going to be bring in -- >> listen, i think when you look at ted cruz, when you look at his plan for this country when you see and you know that he is a consistent anti-washington outsider, that those trump people should be fairly comfortable that they are going to get what they want and that somebody, to break up this cartel whatever you want to refer to it in washington, d.c., that there is you know, there is really somebody out there, that is going to not be business as usual, but will put a conservative a consistent skrv
8:12 am
on supreme court. >> that ma it is to skrvz and rnz that is the point, does it matter, in a different way to those people that trump is bringing in, let me ask you this governor perry i want to look at video things got haetdz outside of trump rally in west ellis wisconsin last night required police to step in, the scuffle started after a group of protesters brought in an american flag and trampled on it, the group has done this at other rallies, look at this person trampling on the flag, what is your reaction to this governor? >> makes you mad as hell what it the reaction. but we know they are trying bait people into doing things that make a -- a film clip a video clip, that can show, that there is all this you know discomfort raucous nature going on at these rallies my hope and goal don't take the bait if is one wants to be a
8:13 am
fool do something like that that is on them not on us, and, so, yeah, we're mad as hell when we see people do that great symbol of america. >> i got to ask you about what we learned about your voting i know you are supporter of ted cruz we've got reports you did not vote in texas primary did you vote for cruz. >> -- you better believe i voted for cruz i voted for a wholly host of other people, and united states portfolio service is the one i am mad at, so, you know i our runoff is going to be i believe in may, so not only i am probably not going to use the early voting process, until i get comfortable that it is going to get to my little county of fayette county texas, so i talked to my voting registrar individual that oversees that i went down personally to register there, put in my application, for my voting by mail, i got it i filled out
8:14 am
sent back in, it didn't get there, so -- you know, the -- the pony express would have done a better job than i wouldn't you states postal service i suppose in this case. >> i will see you soon governor rick perry joining there yous. we'll be right back. .
8:15 am
8:16 am
maria: welcome back, amtrak says service resumed there may be delays between philadelphia and wilmington del away
8:17 am
following a fatal descent yesterday cheryl casone with that. cheryl: good morning that passenger train traveling from new york to savannah georgia yesterday when it hit a backhoe on the track. amtrak says crash derail the lead engine, a fire official says more than 30 passengers were sent to hospitals with injuries, but not life-threatening. wild weather strikes in northeast over weekend winds more than 50 miles an hour, knocked out power to more than 80,000 commerce, even though technically spring snow fell in upstate new york accompanied by wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. also this story this morning, alaska virgin america 2 1/2 billion dollars beating out jetblue in bidding war charlie reporting friday alaska air was drd in plying virgin one-year high on that news. >> a town hall hosted by greta van susteren last night presidential candidate donald trump said that he would keep a close eye on mergers.
8:18 am
>> i don't like a lot you end up one big fat airline some are not example running well i look at it carefully i look a lot might be not republican thing to is a i if we don't have competition to keep competition we are going to have a lot of problems with the country. cheryl: virgin america likely a close look from government regulators. >> good story line you put in front of us cheryl, because on one hand you do want competition, jon hilsenrath in every industry airlines included on the other hand do you want the president to be able to say look i am going to stop these deals? >> two strong up and coming airlines that are getting together, don't we want to encourage strengthen in the airlines industry so alaska airline rated very high in terms of service, and customer satisfaction, and the same with virgin atlantic do we want this is an example of the
8:19 am
strong getting stronger why should government get in the way of that gentleman for a long time in order to see profitability in the industry most people would say it is because too much capacity in the sky. but you need consolidation, to help the -- the -- >> it would be hard to argue there isn't a lot of choice if you go to kayaks in one of these a lot of choices that you can pick from. >> so there is competition what you are saying. >> looking at comments from a political perspective, i think you know for me very reminiscent of teddy roosevelt, i think that is a persona trump is trying to take on in terms of taking on big business, i think that he would be if he is going to be political about it he would be better off maybe talking about big banks, or something that affects americans more than alaska airlines, it is a very it is continues to be in the populist vapor pursued not a conservative economic policy
8:20 am
popularism we have primary states coming up a lot of democrats -- >> you think part of political strategy to try to appeal to the populous vote in new york and california. >> -- >> might be the strategy, i think you are hitting on something here because when you look at contests ahead after wisconsin it is all northeast states. >> look at. >> new york new jersey california. >> doing this pennsylvania may be why trump comments over weekend about -- kasich is doing quite well so far in polling. >> and the statement he made about taxes, the rich -- much more, that also fits with what you talked -- >> against mergers focusing other countries pay more for our security obama talked about. >> he wants. >> not traditional republican. >> democratic talk abouting points. >> exactly. >> a lot of disfaekd bernie supporters if hillary gets this nomination. >> and they go to donald trump
8:21 am
how would that be. >> amtrak traiven derailment left two people cede more than 30 injured newer philadelphia our friend steve forbes was on that train, he will join us for the firsthand account of the accident you don't want to miss it. he's next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed.
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand,
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can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back voters to polls tomorrow morning in crucial state of wisconsin, we are senator bernie sanders, hopes to claim another state from hillary clinton, he is doing so well, blake burman in madison wisconsin right now looking at that part of the race good morning to you. >> hi maria good morning again, it is this part of the country midwest big 10 states
8:25 am
bernie sanders has done incredibly well to the west of us here in minnesota sanders won that state to the west of us in iowa, really jump started his campaign with one-point loss to hillary clinton, down to the south of us illinois was a two point race to east of us in michigan he mounted that come from hidden upset win, in wisconsin polling shows once again this part of the country it is going to be very close, very competitive the latest poll from over the weekend, comes from cbs news shows, sanders up 2 points over hillary clinton, here in badger state 49 to 47, that comes after or i fox business poll that had him up 5 the real clear politics average is 2, it will be very competitive we believe here. tomorrow in wisconsin. after that, all eyes will look east to new york, sanders from brooklyn hillary clinton, of course, was the sitting senator there in new york, and currently right now, both sides are going back and forth on when and if they will be able to get together, and debate.
8:26 am
yes maria right now there is between two, a debate about the debate. maria: i am confident there will be but i am not the one negotiating it that is going on between our campaigns i do know my campaign has been really trying to get a time that senator sanders' campaign would agree with. >> i think that we will reach an agreement people of new york deserve to hear us, discussing the important issues facing that state, and facing the country. >> meantime maria sairndz campaign continues forward and march he raised 44 million dollars, comes on top of 43 and half million dollars that was raised in february, whatever happens, here in wisconsin, tomorrow, win, lose and, yes, even potentially draw it is going to be clinton-sanders for the foreseeable future going forward. >> amazing what is going on there thanks so much blake in the middle of all the action, madison coming up i am shooting hoops with o former
8:27 am
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8:30 am
i maria bartiromo. it is a day, april 4th. your top stories monday morning on the east coast and candidates fight for every last vote going into tomorrow. a renewed push for john kasich to get out of the race. however, still looking ahead to the convention. >> i actually think he hurt me more than a hearse cruised. frankly, kasich has one win and 29 losses and they shouldn't even be in it. >> is possible for republicans to throw the election away. nominated donald trump would do that. goodnight kids will spend less time focusing on bieber and cardassian and more time on how we elect presidents. >> yesterday's deadly anthrax derailment. two people were killed after a piece of construction equipment. "forbes" media chairman steve forbes. r. fred lewis on that train. he will tell us about his first-hand experience coming up in pass low -- elon musk weeding
8:31 am
out the company received 226,000 pre-orders at the low price again. the stock on the move of 5%. march madness coming to an end. looking ahead to the action with ncaa champ and mbas are antoine walker. he lost $108 million. now is that in the health of athletes than for their financial future and not lose that kind of cash. checking features come a higher opening, but i should point out we are well off of the height of the morning. we are waiting on factory goods orders and that will be out in about an hour. at this point a market pulling back from the highs but still looking higher. senior u.s. officials telling fox news the next round of guantánamo bay prisoners transfers will begin this week with undisclosed and africa.
8:32 am
we put it on the money trail in terrorism, how u.s. banking laws for his money underground. let's bring in deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, coley simpson and alex sanchez is the president of the bacon association. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. shrimp to give us your estimation in terms of how this plays out with guantánamo bay prisoners. where do they go? >> yet, so there's 91 guys now are in 15 countries. 51 from yemen. these two if they leave the island will go to some african country. we'll find out where they go in that country will have to mitigate the threat that those guys pose like all the transfers that guantánamo is closing by attrition. the obama administration endgame is to get to an irreducible number, maria, maybe 30, 40, 50
8:33 am
guys and go to congress and senate got a bring them here to do it. we will see whether the political will is to do it. maria: an incredible amount of debate to do this. give us the money part of the ankle, how money is pushing basically what's going on underground. >> are bankers are patriotic. brief 2 million reports last year 17 million cents 2001. 9/11 changed our world totally including in our banks. every time we see anyone of any suspicious activity we let the fbi gnome. as you notice and see the federal banking regulators have second on the strategy. our banks have closed thousands upon thousands of accounts. they want nothing to do with it because of the risk involved in the monitoring of it. not the money's gone underground and you cannot see it, check it out. organizations like the fbi are very concerned.
8:34 am
the money is overseas now. you saw the journal article. >> two thirds of u.s. currency circulates outside the u.s. the government has a very hard time keeping track of it. it's the lifeblood of the terror financing. we are having a harder time figuring out what u.s. dollars and up in the hands of isis. the question is are we losing the money part of the anti-terror game? >> as far as our banks are concerned, we are spending tens of billions of dollars in monitoring systems. the risk involved for us, we are not law enforcement. we are doing the best job we can train to see who deposits these monies. when you open up an account today at a account today at a bank, they want to know everything but the money came from. if we can't monitor, we close it appeared we never. the federal banking regulators think our strategy has been too harsh because the fbi is telling
8:35 am
them we don't know where the money is. the journal article over the somalian money transfers taking hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to divide every month. per is the money going? >> does the fbi need to be one step ahead of criminals? what about the argument this is prudent for the financial system not to have a list of transactions going through. i see that as a good thing for the formal financial sector not to have the money going through it. >> that's why we're not doing it at all. the real problem for bsa patriot act issues, the bank secrecy act in florida, for instance, it is homegrown mom and pop businesses of americans that we've closed down in our banks that have nothing to do with any terrorist nation or terrorist region. >> .selig about policy of a bank, not the government's problem. >> two different things here because we are trying to follow the money story, but we also follow the story of guantánamo bay closing.
8:36 am
there is a big debate as far as we don't know where inmates are going to end up. a lot don't want them. >> that is true. gehman wants them back, but there's really not a country for them to go back to the configure them will make up there. they've gone to dozens and dozens of countries at the director of national intelligence says about 30% have gone back to terrorist act davida. the number is higher. some number of these guys are finance guys. these guys know how to push money around. they take basically money from people who take control and keep taking money. because our treasury department, at the eye another folks have been successful in cutting off a good bit of my devices, they shape people down for more money.
8:37 am
treated to the gitmo transfers are happening this week. you think guantánamo bay will be closed down ultimately. >> i don't know when it will be closed. the detention measure will close down whether on this administration's watch for the next administration's watch. the fact is we are still at war. we are in a state of conflict and you can detain the enemy. so if that war continues, we will have to continue to kill and capture detainees. where you put them, i don't know. >> is this going to do the same thing happening with the money driving people we are detaining offshore into the hands of third-party governments who are going to mistreat even more than we did in guantánamo. >> yeah. that is the million dollar question. that is a great point. if we stop getting in the business of capturing and detaining people, which we are doing on a grand scale like we used to or we are transferring people, hold them for a period
8:38 am
of time and let them go to other countries at the very spotty human rights record. we are essentially transferring the risk of not only holding these guys, but lowering the bar in terms of the human rights standards to treat other people. it just not a good team. maria: we will leave it there. alex sanchez, florida bankers association, do you have a candidate at their list of donald trump? >> obviously we had two of our homes as far as in the campaign jab? or rubio. let's talk about that another day. >> is coming back down. they have been stronger and smarter this time because no more 10%, 5% down. most of these transactions have been 40%, 50% down to make sure
8:39 am
buying condos do not walk away and they have skin in the game. >> you promise we won't have another bubble? maria: would not be nice if we could make a promise? alex sanchez, good to see you. someone from the thank you very much. next, steve forbes is with us in studio after being on the amtrak trail that derailed yesterday. we will get his take on the white house race and also his worst hand account. be right back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
maria: welcome back to investigators looking into what caused yesterday's derailment of the amtrak train, which was traveling from europe to savanna, georgia. that left two people dead, 35 others injured. steve forbes is on the amtrak train that derailed yesterday. thank you for joining us. we are glad you are okay. you are not impacted physically. >> right. our prayers go out to the families of the two workers killed in those two injured.
8:43 am
maria: what happened from your standpoint? >> fortunately i was in the last car of the train between philadelphia and wilmington going into wilmington and suddenly felt a sudden halt like somebody in a car hitting the brakes and leasing have been hitting the brakes. you knew this was not a normal slowdown. they came to a screeching halt at the coffee was in the air. other than not, we weren't impacted. there's the smell of rubber like the brakes were burning. that went away so we just decided what to do. we would not get off a potential life track. a half-hour before somebody came back and said first responders came in about half an hour instead is anyone injured. they are obviously working on the two cars. maria: or 30 minutes you are basically in the dark waiting for somebody tell you something and all you had with the feeling that you hit something. >> yes. an explosion and then coming to
8:44 am
a screeching halt. and then nothing. >> it looks like in these pictures, video of some of these cars going off track. did you have any feel about? or were you kind of study? >> we didn't have that feeling feeling -- maria: didn't feel like you were on track or off track? did you at some point now you derailed? >> in our card, no. we were on the track to a little tilt, but nothing that would suggest you are about to fall over or anything. >> we would get all the details and more in the investigation, but it is still shocking to me that it still happened a train was able to head. i find amtrak after the other derailment that put an early warning systems. >> they've apparently done so so
8:45 am
you don't get trains crashing into each other head-on. there's apparently no system for construction workers to talk somebody who could say a train is coming in next minutes, get off the track. >> to crash in his book was a doing right there. >> on a plane they have backup systems. the main system goes, why wasn't there a back of pa system so you can tell people. we knew better not to try to get off the train, but say something happens, stay calm, we'll be tending to it. maria: how did amtrak do with it? how was the amtrak response? >> other than the lack of information, the first responders were terrific and they came on after a half-hour they asked who was heard in 20 minute later he said you get off the train and there are plenty of them there helping you get down. we weren't olympic athletes so you didn't have the normal platform there. you had to cross a field in the
8:46 am
little work and they were there to help you at the first responders were excellent. the local church in the gymnasium did a good job. they got the coffee there. the response was good. the first responders on the local town. a little town called trainer, pennsylvania. maria: thank god you're okay, steve. tell us where we are in terms of the presidential election. have things changed in the last couple weeks? >> yes, senator cruz and donald trump. both have to ramp up again come a step their game. donald trump when he made the statements about nato and south korea and japan getting nuclear weapons, you don't do with the state senate campaign. if you make a big policy suggestions can you do it in a formal speech. you show people you thought the thing through. the shocker in the abortion was not just an answer. 10 months into the campaign and the republican primary you have the answer down.
8:47 am
>> aegis of the rich people are going to pay more and higher carried interest charges. >> well again, he's got a flat tax plan. maria: do like ted cruz better. >> yes. it depends how you do it. if you do it by getting rid of production and lower rates across the board, there's something to be sad. maria: he hasn't been clear on how he did it. >> not at this stage in the campaign. maria: that the high order. >> ted cruz is beginning to do with the substance. he cannot just be an ted cruz and went in the northeast. he's got to lead with a powerful message and people look at the message. maria: steve, great analysis. we are so happy you're okay. from rags to riches, how some athletes are trying to start trash. after blowing millions on their
8:48 am
careers are three-time nba all-star antoine walker in the studio. it was fun. ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back. might type into terrell owens have earned hundreds of millions during their careers only to eventually filed for bankruptcy protection. my next gas, no exception. a 13 year basketball career including the nba championship in multiple all-star appearances earning approximately $108 million. then he filed bankruptcy in 2010. jordan may write now is former nba all-star -- andrew watkins.
8:52 am
good to see you. antoine, this is a story we talk about over and over again, you make all this money and numbers there. what is the big state. tell us your story. >> its lack of education. you come in the league at a young age. i came in at 19 years old. didn't have any knowledge of having money. my first was a $5.5 million deal and you become a millionaire overnight and you don't know what to do with it. we don't understand taxes. we don't understand lifestyles. those are some of my problems. i do very expensive lifestyle. i have been fetishes that i liked materialistic things. cars, watches, homes, clothes. all of those being split apart. and then you get to the investment world that sometimes we don't know about that you learn about in college and you put your money in the hands of other people to take care of it.
8:53 am
maria: this is a story we've spoken about in the past. athletes make a lot of money and buy a lot of stuff and lose the money. >> it is. and creating global sports entertainment, we want the opportunity to begin educating athletes at earlier stages of their lives starting with student athletes and being able to get antoine involved with what we are doing, to give a practical example of not making mistakes in being better equipped once they come out to start making are more informed decisions about what they need to do and how to get it done. >> elite, not just the nba, but the nfl where there is so much risk of life damaging injury. do these flakes have to take more responsibility for a late to make sure they give not just a few years of great wealth but a lifetime of sustained financial security? >> the education part sometimes in a transition about finances.
8:54 am
global sports entertainment has a situation where they can break it down, help you evaluate different areas of aikido link about when you come into the lake at 19. i love having a platform to share my story with them, but also gives an education on a scale where they can understand it. >> that's pretty amazing. the nba only gives you an read -- a quick introduction and that did in your whole financial life after that is up to you. they don't stay involved? >> not really. it's sad to say they don't. you get a crash course, a four-day period we get different stories about finances. i never had a guy like antoine walker stand red meat talking about his financial situation. a guy go into the same problems i would route. i would've had better choices and thought process in mind. maria: could point.
8:55 am
but the number one most important value that athletes need to understand? >> it somewhat basketball championship coming up tonight. we want these guys to think about drafting the right team, having a game plan and sticking to the game plan out of the day. these individuals are millionaires overnight. the millionaires and they don't have a lot of background or experience in what they're doing. getting a grasp around a grasp of imus immediately have been able to leverage people like art and antoine out there telling the story they can relate to because they've gone through situations historically. >> is such an important subject. appreciate it. stick around. we've got some fun for you. i want to hear the late tonight. we'll get into it. we will be right back. john hilsenrath, good to see you. morgan ortega, always great. we will be right back.
8:56 am
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maria: who is your pick tonight? >> north carolina. they are the people's team. before the tournament started. they will overcome the villanova cinderella story. maria: it's unbelievable what's been going on. has it surprised you? >> syracuse getting to the final four was amazing. maria: how about michigan state out of it in three seconds? >> a massive 80% of the country's basket. maria: whoever gets the most back in 30 seconds. i'm ready. i don't even have a shot here. >> i just got one. >> called on, now. >> who is counting antoine? >> i got two. >> i got for her. five.
9:00 am
maria: three. >> seven. let me know when you catch up. dagen: come on. you are killing me. five. i'm not bad. i've got six. >> let me know when you catch a good maria: 30 seconds. seven. we've got to go. antoine walker. give me a high five. not bad. thank you so much for joining us. over to you, stuart. >> i want to do cricket tomorrow. what is wrong with that? good morning, maria and good morning, everyone. the british prime minister's late father. a long list of world leaders and their families caught up in a massive tax haven scandal. big names, big


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