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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 4, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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hillary clinton. jo: ted cruzan that is not going to happen. we are totally out of time. i'm pleased to say neil cavuto is back with his rifle position. neil: thank you for a match. thanks to charles payne for his hard work in my absence. donald trump down on this intimate day, bad recession with candidates. all the major ones crisscrossing. most of them was confident, but some spread out in new york to make the point that they are the ones to close the deal for respective parties. donald trump and what he had to say about the likelihood of a severe recession come up what he terms a massive recession yet again. donald trump moments ago. take a listen. >> what i said is we're going to go into a massive recession. i also think i'm president that not going to happen because i'm going to straighten things out
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before it happened. it's going to be en masse. neil: i want to go to ford o'connell on this. you think about what he is saying there. in the middle of a boom back in the market, very good employment report. don't buy everything you see. if that's resonating or is he leaving themselves vulnerable to criticism? i don't know if it's a mixed blessing saying you're missing it. what do you think? >> he's definitely been himself hoping that he wants to be honest in a straight shooter and even though the market is booming, main street america doesn't go that way and they don't listen to someone like donald because it's obviously a success. and so much that helps them but one eponymous pylon it's hard. neil: one thing i find that you can never have people piling on you. they are right down below financial lanes in and out of the tech financial territory. when i started listening to a trump was named and believe me
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he's not a fan of the show, boycotts the show. and people don't like me. i'm not going to take it tentatively. 94 s&p companies to date are already both further earnings. that's the second-highest level on record that we've had thus far since we've been keeping track of this thing. the first quarter acted to see an earnings contraction in the fourth quarter of the road. you could make the case there are problems and if they do evident themselves, he's going to let pressing. >> i absolutely think donald trump will look like a genius if we do slip into a recession. it goes back to my point. a lot of voters listening when people pylon because a lot of working-class america does not feel like they are actually experiencing a boom. the president of the united states said were increasing jobs and making progress. as long as they are not feeling it, donald trumps in a great
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position. neil: no one, even though economists are not fans of donald trump will readily say jobs are bad. they're just not the great paying jobs that used to be a night as the yanks to which he appeals an address is. how long can not hold for him as he loses key constituency groups within the minorities? >> of donald trump will render republican nomination which is an open contest and the electoral vote and that is a very tall order. in fact it's only happened once in a modern era in 1984. neil: you know what i wondered obviously now with been traveling in his polls ahead of wisconsin that is going to try to double down on not populist pitch that he thinks a lot of average folks, many of whom in wisconsin among them, that he is with them. the kind of double down on that as well with this talk of hiking
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taxes on the rich. listen to this. >> i like the workers. i called and the workers of this country the best. i don't necessarily like the very rich even though i am one of the very rich. the very rich are going to end up probably paying more. but there's an incentive for them to invest in the country and create jobs. neil: what you think of the rich pay more? i think he's talking about deferred interest. he's hinted a surtax on the very wealthy and finding the very wealthy are. having said that, republicans by and large do not like hiking taxes on anyone. there is an appeal to saying that everyone else will get a tax cut. how do you think that falling? >> exactly raising taxes is no conservative. understanding what his tax plan is built around protecting the little guy and looking to stimulate job growth.
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let's understand what's going on. donald trump is in political free fall. if he doesn't win the nomination, he will look back to last week in this week as the turning point to which the bottom dropped out and basically will have no one to blame but himself. he's trying to stave off the bleeding, put the ship in the right direction and focus on mainstream america working-class america. neil: thank you very, very much. the issue about wisconsin, 42 delegates at stake. you know the drill in and of itself it doesn't set the whole state or change it dramatically, but it could be part of a trend that could deny donald trump at 1237 delegates. how likely is that? a showing in wisconsin translate to other states. new york, pennsylvania, said rep. >> you can certainly so donald trump's path to the nomination to passing the necessary number of delegates in momentum because
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they will be a two week as well be trained this contest and the ones coming up in new york and so forth. he so obviously has a pat to clinching the nomination and all the though figures to do better in state like new york, new jersey, possibly pennsylvania. and the path will be slower and more prolonged is still possible. neil: i was reading a column in the "washington post" today in which he posits the argument, there is a realism settling into donald trump i not be in a struck both and this could be his final moment another broad types attack controversial remarks in the past may be a differentiator here that's resonating in the polls in wisconsin. but they donald trump loses wisconsin. play that out for me, the impact of that. neil: here is the thing. donald trump is poised to
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potentially lose wisconsin tomorrow night. as you mentioned, ted cruz has gained 21 points. we see a lot of cracks in the armor so to speak with his recent comments and missteps with women voters. now we see seven in 10 women voters with an unfavorable opinion of donald trump. after wisconsin new look at the new york primary. donald trump: above 50% for he stands to potentially get -- that the state to get delegates there. then you had further into northeastern states like pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island were donald trump is poised to my maryland is well aware they are poised to do well in. guess we are seeing cracks in armor, problems with the donald trump campaign. that being said, i don't think you can overstate it too much because we have been to the next two days in the coming weeks that this northeastern states where he's poised to do very well. neil: one of the arguments in the washington post with the
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argument that maybe if people start slowing down, even within a hundred delicate, paraphrasing here. the party might well come an alternative. the idea that you didn't get all that close. when all is said and done, you didn't get nearly that close. it's a matter of math, how close you get to that number. >> well, actually seen republicans the numbers, seemed to missteps his campaign has made over the past several weeks, seemed a general election numbers where he would lose key constituencies by overwhelming margins and the houston senate possibly at stake. there's a renewed sense of the on behalf of republicans are getting the necessary delegates. i used to think that if donald
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trump came close to the number, the republicans might start to rally around them. neil: how close? >> i think he has to get the exact number are. you hear a lot of republican. neil: it's not a matter of getting to your side of it. if the polls beyond 150, 200, you can make a credible argument. >> i agree. i think donald trump has to get the majority vote in order to clinch this thing. reality is a lot of people in the republican party, conservatives and establishment members of the party who do not like donald trump. they see him as a huge problem as the republican nominee. not just with concern to the white house, but also the senate. republicans are defending 24 seats. president obama won in 2008 in
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2012. i believe republicans are descendents of a fetus a bigger problem not with the white house to keep in the senate and retaining the seat than the majority in the house as well. the broader concern for a lot of these republicans who do not support donald trump. neil: i wish we had more time. thank you very much. there is something shifting here. more republicans seem to be willing to entertain the possibility of someone else. bernie sanders getting the bond of democratic parties with a straight of recent wins. certainly when it comes to raising money he gets a lot of attention for that. $24 million in the latest month. every single month of tears steadily rising. even prior to these winds come to steadily losing. jeff flock on that phenomenon. reporter: and by the way, i would point out what we heard from donald trump about raising taxes on the wealth you, a whole room full of people who think that's a pretty good idea.
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this is a union hall and forgive my low voice but i would don't want to disrupt the senator as he speaks to uaw local 95 here in wisconsin. he is crisscrossing the state today. senator clinton or secretary clinton i should say i don't want to say she's given up on them, but she hasn't been here in a while. he will be doing a full day of campaign stops here today. i think it's fair to say she's trying to lower expert patient in this state in case it doesn't come out the way she'd like it. she's kind in the latest polls. the latest one shows a tightening almost a 5030 split between the two. to make the point about campaign contributions. this is a roomful of people, many of them used to work at the gm plant extract data. they have contributing to bernie sanders even though the delegate count is not comparable to secretary clinton $44 billion up
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to 44 million in march, 56% came from people contributing $200 or less. about 20% of secretary clinton fund raising and marge came from people with $200 or less. the grassroots is still out there for bernie sanders. they like what he has to say. just that break up those big rigs. it's ridiculous. neil: jeff, if you spoke in a louder voice rather than a golf channel voice, do you think they would throw you out of there? reporter: no, i've never been called a liar at eight donald trump rally least of all are in a. neil: thank you area, very much. [inaudible] i always love that. they can call that off. i'm so loud. get out of here.
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you have seen this all panama controversy, offshore haven. but did you see who's been suckered and are part of it are orchestrating hiding potentially billions of dollars for folks? you got vladimir putin, britain's prime minister, the syrian president. and i could go on and on. but why do i have to when we have a special report coming up double-digit that. i mean, this is 11.5 million files to you. 72 current and former head this date. diagnose how many celebrities. it is bigger than big. the one common theme is [inaudible] show me movies with explosions.
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comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. 's neil: well, i am sure the panama papers with the same controversial rank to a head different scandals. this could be a big one. the panama papers seem to be revealing. a number of top global leaders past and present to have been used in panama is a large tax evasion center. at the behest and in deed at the accepted that the panamanian government. it is a little bit more involved
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in whether legalities are an average investors is anyone's guess. some of the mightiest players on earth including vladimir putin of russia and the prime minister, just started adding it out. fast and furious. jo ling kent on the fallout. jo: that's right. the global action is adding up quickly. document 11.5 million a law firm in panama and they were the 101 of the biggest lakes and other other types of documents. what we hear now is in opposition in iceland, colin or the prime minister to face a possible snap election after he did not disclose them they purvey aside in the offshore company. here's some exhibitor -- other examples. one document detailing $2 billion in transaction wandered through banks by associates and friends of vladimir putin. the russian government pushing back and it has nothing to do
12:19 pm
with offshore accounts. meanwhile, the president said three, his brother-in-law has been lifted in his panama papers as well and this comes as these neil: can give knew an anticorruption campaign in china. one more thing for you. final messias in this document to showing a shell company to have a tax and say in messias going to sue. neil: well, especially when leaders denmark are not in all. thank you very much. i don't know how bad this could get. we are very early into that. there's a lot of documents to sit through this. what you do think of this? >> if you do international cross-border economic dignity, you are going to use structures designed for that.
12:20 pm
of course you find those in international financial centers of switzerland, panama, hong kong or for that matter delaware, miami, you name it. if there is an issue, a real story, the fact that maybe some fraction of these people maybe they didn't actually fully comply with their own country tax laws. but there's something illegal about having an international company or an international trust. that is what rich people do. someday i would like to join them. >> it allows such thing in our country is required to seek out the alternatives if you do report to the irs. they seek out lower tax havens, obviously they crunched the numbers legal to do. where you draw the line is those
12:21 pm
that go a little bit further. we too early to tell if that the case. to that vladimir putin may have aliens, many in panama, that begins to question where the money comes from and what they doing over there. >> but that is really a story of whether or not vladimir putin including the russian treasury. the fact that whether he puts it in a bank in st. petersburg or a bank in london or new york, the fact that he is stealing money and politicians do that all over the world. i'm not just picking on vladimir putin and maybe the brother-in-law of the chinese or has done something wrong. but my concern on the issue is there's a lot of folks on the left and high-tech government and some international bureaucracies like the always duty to want to shut down the offshore world not because they think vladimir putin is a good guide, but simply because we want to destroy competition so
12:22 pm
government varies able to raise tax rates like the 60s and 70s. neil: it's no different when we try to stop companies from setting up shop servers use and lower tax environment. there's nothing wrong with them doing so at the politicians don't like it. they could also problem in these companies wouldn't do it. having said that, it is way too early in its 11, $12 million document going on here. i'm wondering if there's a lot of hollywood types on this list and others who might be going around, preaching about paying a fair share, the rich pay more, feel the bern, bernie sanders stands. i have a feeling it's a sense of what we do. the hypocrisy of that will come back to haunt them. >> there's no question as no question this huge no question as to topography. i've written up a left-wingers in the above assertion, which left-wingers from the clinton administration in the 1990s.
12:23 pm
there is a big difference between tax evasion which is illegal and tax avoidance which is legal. when american companies move offshore, that is because our tax code is bad but they're not doing anything illegal. when people move from california to type this, that absent california politicians but they are not doing anything illegal. i hope it never does become illegal even though some politician would probably want to make it that way. i think the lesson we should learn as a lot of what we are eating in panama is a function of very high tax rates and in some cases of course very corrupt government that people want to feel their private initial information from. neil: thank you very, very much. donald trump likes the fact and the business guy in the race. i know this stuff inside and out. when he said he could wipe out a trillion dollars in debt in eight years, did he just proved
12:24 pm
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neil: just a question. do you hold any puerto rican municipal debt. they have their way. you are not going to be a day of last right now and have the dad on the puerto rican government with the bondholders would prevent puerto rican guy from withdrawing any money. going to have more on this. by selling could essentially make it anyway. puerto rico is knee-deep in a world of financial hurt. obviously they just want to make sure they stop the bloodletting. we will have much more on that. by the way, and we told you earlier about donald trump
12:28 pm
insisted the $19 trillion debt over the last six years or so book your ears. jerry weller's crunching the numbers. is that even possible? >> i don't think so. $4 trillion, even if you are going to pay about his spending, $3 trillion a year. you would have to have the annual budget that does not seem possible. there were other problems because guess what, not just $19.2 trillion in debt as it is at this very moment. at the end of eight years it will be $26 trillion, an additional $6.8 trillion because as you know, this expansion expands and expands. a lot of people calling into question whether this can happen or not. most folks say no. a trump advisors said maybe what we can do is sell some of our assets. apparently we only have about $3.2 trillion worth of assets
12:29 pm
and i am not counting national parks, forests and museums here and guess what, the gao says you can't sell yosemite, can't know national park because by federal law they have to be held by the federal government. this just seems like an idea that's not going to happen. on the other hand he's the only candidate talking about our debt which is terrific. it's a good thing to talk about his plan. not sure it's going to work. neil: does the other get into the notion, the one that strategy by just boosting growth rate from 2% to 3% you could make a dramatic move to not only narrowing deficit assuming he does then the money, but even addressing the debt which is an accumulation of all of those deaths. >> he did not speak about that as far as i can tell in this interview by bob woodward for the washington post. he seemed to gloss over the
12:30 pm
details. think about this. senator bernie sanders, feel the bern. here is the fella that would guard national debt even with the programs he wants to put in place. you know, certainly bernie sanders does not have a plan and no other candidate is even talking about this important issue. neil: you are bright. nothing at all to compound or worsen. just by osmosis allowed it will grow at a trillion dollars over two years. just on it on. thank you very, very much. credit for addressing that commits euro credit for addressing it with realistic solutions. you are here to talk about a convention. what it means without anyone having the 1237 delegates to be the nominee. then what? not a matter of just getting close here but if you're not even remotely close? it seems to be the new said around republicans. now what?
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neil: all right. puerto ricans soap opera. now, lawsuits on behalf of those who owned the dead and those that own money that supports the debt. liz: this is breaking. it is first on fox business.
12:35 pm
there has been a lawsuit. the big-money government of this puerto rican debt which is very distressed right now. they would like to file a lawsuit. this would be a little disconcerting to anyone that says i want my money out now. this involves a lot of municipal bond funds. sources are telling fox business that this lawsuit has just been filed. the suit would be that muni bond holders from withdrawing their money. this matters to our viewers, why? they have been explaining all the way through. they have explained nearly 70% of municipal bond funds have some type of exposure. as this bubble was forming, a lot of it was tax-exempt and
12:36 pm
tax-free. maybe make a lot of money on this. it was fine until the rules changed back in 2008. puerto rico fell into puerto rico. now people want their money out. it will not be able to get it. neil: others have faced the same conundrum in the past. you cannot forcibly prevent people from selling, or can you? liz: government loss right now. you have complete mayhem. it was quoted in the lawsuit. fox business has attained this. it is imperative that government on holders assets be preserved so that things remain calm and heavy and so they can figure out how to get order rico out of recession. good luck with that. it is a commonwealth. puerto ricans.
12:37 pm
having the fund to exposures to it. neil: meanwhile, focusing on wisconsin. there is a big primary tomorrow. here is what is getting a lot of people's attention. the badger state. goes on to win it. and then further weakens the odds. not just by a little, but a lot. then there gets to be a search for an alternative. blake with the latest on that. >> shooting down a possibility that it would be someone other than him or donald trump emerging from a potential
12:38 pm
brokered convention. we are in madison, wisconsin. we were with ted cruz. trying to make the argument as the concept of the brokered convention was brought up. it would only be him or donald trump should it get ted out point. he basically said that anything else is a fantasy from the washington establishment. if donald trump does fall short, if cruise fall crews fall short, he will have around 1000 delegates. >> here was crews speaking just moments ago. >> the rules are the rules. if you want to win, it is a valid box. this pipe dream in washington. at the convention, there will parachute in some white knight
12:39 pm
that will save the washington establishment. it is not going to happen. >> one of the names that has been talked about, house speaker paul ryan. he was on the show earlier today. he slapped it down as fast as he possibly could. back to you. >> thank you very, very much. what are you make of this? this idea, find an alternative to either of these guys. how well would that go down? >> even doctor carson said that today. after california, nobody has 1237. we have not seen the half of it. so much of it will be decided. what is rule 40 going to say?
12:40 pm
you have to win a certain number of states. right now, it is eight. >> 50% or more of the vote. >> that is right. do they lower the threshold? right now it looks like the crews and trump people are working together behind the scenes to have some kind of a threshold to keep kasich off the ballot. crews and trump both believe they can win head to head against each other. the mac taking the delegates. see if they can seize, you know, half or more of those which is wishful thinking. it would be enough to bring one or the other 21237. >> do not forget rubio. he won three states.
12:41 pm
also, i go back to what i call the swipe or fact her. >> i remember. >> ronald reagan was so close to gerald ford. almost got in there. >> neither got to the convention. a big challengers with the delegates necessary. that would have just barely out and him the delegation and nomination. can they settle all of these differences? if i walk out here without the nomination and i have the most elegant going in, not fair, not right. >> even lindsey graham. trump has such a commanding lead going in.
12:42 pm
so close to 1237. he would do harm to the republican party. neil: serving this country honorably. we have rules. in the case of the republicans, close is no cigar. >> here is a key point. the delegate selection process. it is the same process we have had since 1980. if trump has had one weakness, it is about lack of campaign structure. i would say this, though, neil. he may have begun to move in the right direction. it helped in north dakota this weekend.
12:43 pm
it should have been a lot earlier. >> why didn't you just give me the home run. because you are three quarters away from home base. like that analogy makes sense. i will have more insight. i can tell you this, though. $15 minimum wage. it is now law in the golden state. $15. other states are expected to entertain map. they already had the nation's highest wage in effect right now. then the issue becomes, how did you pay for that? after this. ♪
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12:45 pm
nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow is down. the s&p is down one. we do have some names hitting
12:46 pm
lifetime highs. these dow components have hit lifetime highs today. the fourth day in a row without. then we will turn it to the gun stocks. under president obama's presidency. 800%. we are saying those stocks under pressure. we are seeing that you can see them. down $6. ♪
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12:48 pm
♪ neil: all right. alaska and virgin islands combining. donald trump knows, not appreciating it. >> i do not like a lot of the mergers i am seeing. you end up with one big fat airline. if we do not have competition, we will have a lot of problems in the country. >> when is the last time you flew commercial. what now? >> i think that there's a bigger
12:49 pm
story here. that is donald trump on the economy. against mergers. straining pretty far from the republican or conservative orthodox. this one is going to far. >> this is not like american islands buying everyone else. i think the bigger issue here, i believe, is him on the economy. if the market believe that he would be president, you would see a hit to the market. it would not be up 50%. if you bought the stock on a report, to either jeff lou, also alaska airlines.
12:50 pm
making 50% of your money. that would not have happened. the stock would not have gone up that much if donald trump was going to be president. if people thought it was legitimate, they would say -- neil: -- charlie: the donald trump, and the trust would stop this deal. they do not think that he will be president. a do not think that bernie sanders will be president. there are services that track this. >> you did not address this merger itself. >> there is a bigger economics going on. that is trade policy. >> do you like virgin america? and the airline? >> you are right about that. they have different sleep.
12:51 pm
virgin has an airbus fleet. neil: i will leave it at that. >> stick together. >> absolutely. >> you will be joining us tomorrow night. >> the only thing that scares donald trump more is you. you and a pumpkin spice latte. [laughter]
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12:55 pm
a very smart guy. educating me on what is hip and now. making me look like a fool. very good to see you. get on board. it will be hot, hot, hot. it never did get hot. it may still. what is going on? >> very much a fad. a lot of that technology became what is virtual reality. you put on a set. things pop out at you. neil: was at one reporter, it left a scar. >> yeah, me.
12:56 pm
being back how you took this picture. >> absolutely. my wife took this picture of me. neil: what happened? >> it was just on for a wild. maybe two hours. it is up to you. they recommend taking some brakes. >> do not do it too long. >> think that this could be another three deep. >> i think that there is something going on here. it comes across gimmicky. that is right from the get go. they look very silly. >> can it be a little tamer? >> there are slightly smaller ones. you slip your phone into a device. you put it on.
12:57 pm
those are good, but they are not great. much higher resolution. much higher. it really feels like you are on top of mount everest or underwater. >> thank you very, very much. that is the latest. unlike ted cruz is doing. to smn ♪
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
teen donald trump still not ruling out the possibility that he could bolt for the party. the fact that he is even mentioning that goes back to what he feels like a republican mainstream. reaction now from mark serrano. look, i have come into this party. it has made no commitment to me. how bad, how ugly does this get? >> trump is crazy like a fox. in this case, i think it is really not an actual third party
1:01 pm
bid. it really is the threat. comp is the master negotiator. i think it is just maintaining a threat. also, the signal to the establishment and the party bosses that says he will not take the shenanigans lightly. >> everyone cowers these threats. now, the latest thing is i should get this nomination. it should be mine. i cannot support anyone else. who is sounding like the spoiled brat here? >> it is part of his image. >> if you do not have the delegates, you do not have the delegates. they do not understand all of
1:02 pm
these to justify if you are ahead. >> in dealmaking, it used are from the most extreme. also, what i think is very interesting, after 107. trump is very close. under the 1237 or have a few delegates to buy. if you come short, there is a six week. before the delegation. neil: he has not been doing that well coming to the table with the deal that you see ted cruz doing. maybe those that are not committed. crew supposedly has the better ground game for this. the trump people will say that he is trying to steal the delegates. others say that he is just being true. >> yes.
1:03 pm
>> all right. there we go. trump is a little bit late to this part of thegame. not anymore. even in tennessee on saturday. a big fight taking place there over a handful of delegates. he will not be outsmarted anymore. neil: very good seeing you again, my friend. mark cerrado. it is interesting to look at all of these various dings going on. you can help me with this. if ted cruz were to win in wisconsin tomorrow, he will be in the position to do better in future states. drawing trump further away from that 1237 delegates. hemay be 200 delegate votes shy.
1:04 pm
an argument for that strategy, making trump look less inevitable. >> i think that there is. the hard math. just the feeling. being able to show the momentum. signaled the voters and fact yours. he is viable. if it works here, it has worked in the states to calm or it happens to end up as a contested convention -- >> you know far better than i. not so much for ted cruz. a religious vote. very conservative pope. that would be a game changer. why and how is that changing? what happened? >> you are certainly right.
1:05 pm
wisconsin is not known for having a lot of evangelical voters. they should work in donald trump's favor. the big thing about wisconsin is, voters like to think of themselves as knights. they value common sense. they value the straightforward approach. they want to know what candidates will do and how they will accomplish that. donald trump comes in with a lot of bluster. it can be attractive at first. his brash rhetoric and some of the other candidates has not necessarily gone over well. >> the wisconsin media. i do not mean to put you all in the same description here. critical questions that he got. commanding specific solutions.
1:06 pm
he recoiled that. >> he is not used to that. it is hard to say that wisconsin is any different on that. voters here have been through a lot of elections in the last few years. two standard elections and one recall election. voters here are extremely engaged. a little more depth. a little more substance. they want more. neil: thank you so much. >> thank you, neil. jo ling: there is another race going on on the other side. you may think that that is not falling on bernie sanders or his supporters. connell mcshane is here to bring it all down. connell: intrigue for the
1:07 pm
democrats. we do it by the numbers first. then we look they hundred and 83. that is the number needed to clinch the nomination. ranked up and pledged delegates. 1243. these super delegates. whomever they choose at the convention. 671 delegates short now of hillary clinton. mrs. clinton. bernie sanders, 935 delegates have pledged senator sanders at this point in the race. he has a long way to go. 1379 if he is going to clinch the nomination. obviously, we will watch that very, very closely.
1:08 pm
states like new york and pennsylvania. even way down the line to california. picking for bernie sanders theater is delegates or more. not only does he need to start winning, he thinks he will in new york. he needs to start winning by wide margins. sanders is just winning by a pointer to. very difficult to pick up this ground. neil: is the idf to deny hillary the nomination? she seems to be throwing these superdelegates on a fast train. to hold her shy about, what republicans are using to stop donald trump. connell: much more difficult to say that. it jumps to mind right away. home state. she goes into these big states and she wins by a wide margin.
1:09 pm
stopping her has been difficult because of that. there has not been as many delegates at stake. a much taller for the democrats. >> passing on a compliment call. what does connell mcshane really be like? anything up. i get that same question. fifteen i am sure you do. good luck, man. if he is in trouble, he certainly has a funny way of showing it. the money he is raising and in certainly from the way he is sounding. just moments ago. listen. >> a large voter turnout. going into new york state. i think we can win.
1:10 pm
if we win in new york state, between you and me. [laughter] neil: all right. is hillary clinton nervous? would she be nervous? we have hillary clinton supporter on that. what do you say? start toppling together bigger wins in bigger states. >> i think that he will win wisconsin. i think that it will be very close. we know that the delegates will get split. probably only coming out with a few more than her. he is from brooklyn. he moved to vermont. that makes a difference. saying that she is nervous, that is very interesting. it appeals directly to the supporters. winning more votes than bernie sanders. a million more dan donald trump,
1:11 pm
for that matter. i think that she is certainly being cautious and smart and making sure that she is well organized. we all remembered what happened in 2008. a very strong confident woman. 2.6 million more votes from him, she knows who she is and what her campaign is about. neil: he had a much mark added field up until lately. leaving that aside, is it really about him wanting to stick this because she may be forced to drop out or she may be indicted. >> he does not say it, but there is little reason. >> oh, i think so. i think he will stay out to the convention. i totally believe him when he says that. there is no reason really four him to drop out.
1:12 pm
i think that everyone should look at the "new york times" piece today. how there was some regret on the side. bernie sanders got into this race because he wanted to make the great economy and issue. not because he wanted to be president of america. neil: this take apart strategy. that would have undone all that he had early on. going after the rich because they are screwing it. >> people like him. he is sweet and he is fair and he comes off as a likable guy. >> i should have capitalized more. the e-mail stuff and all the other stuff. there may be something there. we do not know. >> i think that democrats
1:13 pm
especially do appreciate the tone. now it is only 7% that think that it is a serious issue for them. of course they will say that. neil: i am sure. 93% say that. >> i do think -- okay. >> all right, jessica. always a pleasure. thank you very much. in the meantime, this is very weird. the europeans and what they do not want. along comes greece with this deal with the eu. i am thinking to myself, does turkey know that. turkey is not really that eager. after this. ♪
1:14 pm
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1:18 pm
high alert. striking yet again in the region. a little bit less than two weeks ago when we heard. sort of unleashing dozens of the elements. throughout the european capitals. we will keep you posted. what a lot of european leaders are saying is the source. now they are just trying to shift that problem away. ridding europe of this headache that does not go away. easier said than done. i would assume, i was told that this is not the case. the turks are on board with this. many are not. >> the turks will be on board if they are friendly to them.
1:19 pm
they will not be on board when they want to stop some of these refugees. >> they have some sophisticated digitalintelligence that they can use. many of these individuals are fleeing areas. they do not have proper identification. it is largely missed by the media that are just re- tweeting donald trump. this is a huge story. what we saw today, european borders. they are now pakistanis. a whole bunch of people have heard angela merkel's demand that europe open up their borders and let everyone russian. within 60 days. i think that this particular
1:20 pm
issue is one of the main reasons why they want to pull out. when you go to the front line, eastern europe, the hungarian president, saying that this is a disaster. merkel was saying we are welcoming everybody. come on in. neil: i don't care what your views are on donald trump. they are not being accepting. when they are doing the very same thing. just be prepared to admit. >> absolutely. i have not endorsed anyone. donald trump should be able to have a press conference. talking about the influx.
1:21 pm
it is not just an illegal mexican issue. a well-established train of people who come in around the legal process. this is about everybody. let's have a big high with a big date. donald trump saying, i told you so. he could do well here. she says, come on in. it is a dangerous policy. >> it is dangerous. i wish more could. like you just did. thank you very much. scary stuff. he is right about that.
1:22 pm
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1:25 pm
>> welcome back. i am chilling can't. a massive data leak. the panama gathered by the international consortium. expected cases of money laundering and tax avoidance worldwide. associates and close friends. the document also revealing the prime minister involved. governments around the world are now investigating. the white house now not commenting on the issue. states must continue to count
1:26 pm
all residents. not just those eligible to vote. not deciding whether the district should have the name number of people or eligible voters. more bad news for con edison. misappropriated $231 million. this comes just days after warning that smith edison may be filing for bankruptcy. neil: thank you very much. on fire. obviously, a really, really cool company. people are now buying their cars. a new model out that they will not be able to get their hands on for a year. it does not matter. >> going like tracy. a small car.
1:27 pm
a compact car. they are selling them for 35 rands. it actually goes a little bit higher. >> a federal tax credit. one reason why they are attracted to buying them. all things are going well for tesla. this is numbers as they exist. maybe they will not get it turned around. the problem for tesla, they are doing this all on their own. they are doing it for everything.
1:28 pm
from chevy's point of view, it will be profitable with the cars that they are doing. making a ton of money selling a pickup truck. they have a large company. the 15 having said that, it is interesting. plug it in. connell: you said that keyword is cool. neil: i am not driving that. connell: yes, you are. neil: when i am looking at this, i am giving a compliment here. they are selling all of these in a very low gas environment.
1:29 pm
>> i am not here to defend it. [laughter] connell: when it runs over you, nobody would even know. >> that is right. very smart people in this company know that gas prices will be a lot higher. >> thank you very much, connell mcshane. i want you to look at the down right now. something horrific is about to happen. all of the economist. all of these market watches. talking about a colossal recession. warning about the real estate crisis. warning about regularities in the banking industry. i had no idea who donald trump was then. standing up by saying something. donald trump being vilified.
1:30 pm
♪ . .
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
neil: all right. after a very worrisome january, stocks rebounding in february and march to end the quarter on an up note. yet taken that news, along with improving jobs numbers, and some other pickup in retail sales activity, $10 billion plus in orders foresight unseen, tesla folks want to get their hands on for year, year-and-a-half, you
1:34 pm
would think now is not the time to talk about a massive recession but donald trump is, sending out a warning perplexing a lot of economists. not a bad idea to perplex them by the way. mark madsen says no one can predict the future. to say it is dire or otherwise is rather extreme. gary, donald trump is saying, essentially what you're saying, be careful, be careful, be careful. what is wrong with that. >> neil, after eight or nine years of zero percent interest rate, 15 to $20 trillion of money, now negative rates, countries buying up their stock and bond markets what do we have for it? massive debt explosions around the globe. here supposedly the sane country in the world where 1% gdp and predictions for this quarter, less than 1%. i don't think it's a reach to think that we could be on the precipice. one never knows but with all that easy money, that is all we have for it? i think there could be a lot of
1:35 pm
trouble lying ahead. neil: mark, that could also be waiting for ba dote. eventually a for a broken clock naysayer will be right. eventually optimists will be right. what is the issue you have with trump is saying now? >> well, i think the issue that i have with it, it makes investors focus on the wrong things. they shouldn't be focused on the next 20 minutes or next 20 months. they should be folks kissed on next 20 years. neil: 20 years? i don't have time for that. no, no. i don't have time for that. we're in the can -- let's get through the show. 20 minutes left. so. >> wait a minute even if you're 65 today, chances are you will have another 20 to 30 years left. you better think about inflation. you better be thinking about the long term. neil: -- some say last 30 years chickens are come home to roost. having said that, gary i will raise this with you.
1:36 pm
a lot of companies are guiding consensus estimates a little lower, there is prediction this quarter we finished will be down quarter, earnings contraction, where there is smoke there is potentially selling fire, but is he getting way ahead of himself? >> look. here's the issue. markets are pretty smart in the long run. i know we had a rally here but very simply, if earnings are coming down and markets are going up, valuations are going higher and eventually markets will come down. i have had this thought process that everything's a okay as long as markets cooperate. last eight weeks you had all the countries easing monetary policy more to get markets back up. i'm worried the next time down, that is when all things come home to roost. that is something to be watched very closely. neil, you said it best, earnings going down four quarters in a row. this is not good news. these are facts, not opinions. neil: mark, give me the bullish
1:37 pm
case he missed? >> look, the bullish case is all of that is already in the price today. everybody knows that information. the only thank is going to change prices going forward are unpredictable and unforecastable information and data. and the reality is that historically the next 100% movement in. market is always up. so i want to -- neil: markets when he talks about -- he is talking about a grand recession, a big recession. markets might be a part of that. this idea the world can't go on way it is going on feeding on debt, the fact it has, done so very nicely in the face of all of that is remarkable but it is getting long into the tooth. that is it what he is saying, mark. do you agree with that aspect of what he is saying? >> i don't because in the long run all market drops, even if they're 20 or 50% are always temporary. so everyone knows you should buy things when they're low, not, you know, not when they're high. if the market does go down in the short run how about this?
1:38 pm
buy more. don't own just u.s. own 12,000 stocks in 45 different countries. equities long-term are the greatest wealth creation pool. no one can predict next 20 months. >> i have to say big recessions happen because of too much leverage and debt. we have more leverage and debt that we have in 2008 because nobody ever learns their lessons from the past. and that's where the big worry comes. i don't know what is going to be the trigger but it has to be something to watch. again, i'm dealing with facts here not opinions. debt has skyrocketed. it is something to be on the radar. neil: gentlemen, i want to thank you both. you argue your positions very, very well. donald trump talking about a grand recession is talking about hiking taxes on the rich. listen. >> but the very rich will end up probably paying more but there is an incentive for them to invest in the country and to create jobs. neil: dave maney with us right now. he didn't spell out exactly how he would hike taxes.
1:39 pm
ending carried interest which a lot of folks, conservatives rich guys agree should be something that should be addressed. i think he has mentioned a your tax on super wealthy. -- surtax on super wealthy. didn't define who is super wealthy. i think it is guys like you. do you think that pitch makes sense now, raising taxes on anyone? >> i don't think it's a really a pitch. it is statement of the moment. i mean look the guy's tax plan which sendly thing he has committed to writing, would blow an almost $11 trillion hole until deficit and the only thing he said he'll do on wealthy is close loopholes that end up -- generating $9 billion. that is 1/8 of 1% of the hole blows in the deficit. shows up, maybe your surtax, this and that, like so much
1:40 pm
"the donald" does is spur of the moment nonsense. neil: if he gets rid of carried interest and special treatment it gets, a lot of ceos, rich guys lamented, what would be the market reaction would you think? >> i think the market, i think if someone came out said i have a comprehensive deficit and debt reduction plan. here it is. it might look something like simpson-bowles plan was torpedoed by president obama. if someone says i have a responsible plan we all pitch in and do a little bit, everybody shares in the pain i think market was stand up and cheer wildly. but of course mr. trump is saying, no reductions whatsoever in entitlement spend. by the way i want to fund a national health care plan. it is very, very difficult to take him seriously at all. i don't think the markets would take, i will nibble around the edges or eliminate the reduction on, deduction reduction which is
1:41 pm
his nonsensical tax plan says. neil: if they had to choose between that type of a policy and hillary clinton policy where would they go? >> you know, i think markets, we talked about this a lot of times here together, neil, i think markets dislike uncertainty. neil: yes. >> i think he is one big bucket full of uncertainty. if you ask me i'm guessing markets would say we'll take the devil we understand versus the one that is incoherent. neil: dave, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> good to see you. neil: we were mentioning hillary clinton, there are issues that could torpedo her campaign including this fbi investigation into her emails and all of that. she is saying she has not yet been interviewed on the fbi. ted henry, what is going on there if anything, ed? reporter: good to see you. hillary clinton is willing to talk to the fbi the has not been contacted yet. it is interesting when you talk to our senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano never heard of people saying they're
1:42 pm
eager to talk to the fbi. usually when you're being investigated by the fbi you don't want to sit down with them. if you believe you're innocent, you don't want to create a problem saying something under oath that might actually backfire on you. in this case hillary clinton has certain reality beyond a legal reality which is the political reality. if it looks like she is not willing to talk to the fbi, even if she says and believes she is innocent of any crimes and will not be indicted that would be a big political problem for her not talking to them. they frankly told me in the clinton camp, they're waiting on the fbi. they're hopeful she will be a, exonerated, and b when they want to talk about it, she will do it and get this past before the democratic national convention in july. of course the broader issue for hillary clinton right now she is winning big-time in the delegate hunt over bernie sanders. he keeps winning these contests. he is staying in. he raised $44 million in march. that gives him fuel to stick around.
1:43 pm
he is poised based on latest polls to potentially win in wisconsin tomorrow. hillary clinton campaigned here in new york for five of the last six days, not spending a lot of time in wisconsin, all but conceding that state because she wants to focus on her adopted home state of new york. had a rally short time ago here at javits center. 248 delegates at stake, she believes if she loses wisconsin tomorrow she can make up for that and then some if she wins the new york primary. neil: a poll of democratic voters, nine out of 10 don't think it is going anywhere. nine out of 10 republican voters do. what is the deal with that? all being politically motivated? reporter: no. sure there are people in the clinton camp who believe it is politically motivated, when fbi, non-partisan law enforcement agency conducting an investigation, that obviously is not partisan despite what her allies want to say. what you're getting at in the poll numbers, democrats, yes,
1:44 pm
largely want to move on. don't believe there is any there there. that's why we saw bernie sanders say back in october at first democratic debate he doesn't care about the email issue. look back at "new york times" today in a long outtake what has gone right and what has gone wrong for bernie sanders and people in the sanders camp saying in private maybe he shouldn't have done that. maybe he should have gone after the email issue. it is not just about emails. it is issue of honesty, trustworthiness, that has been coming up in other polls obviously. bottom line, it is not big issue in democratic primaries. if hillary clinton gets democratic nomination based on other numbers cited you can bet donald trump, ted cruz any other republican nominee will make it front and center. neil: i have a feeling. ed henry, thank you very much, my friend. >> good to see you. neil: melania trump is campaigning for her husband, the done and. will that make a different -- "the donald".
1:45 pm
will that make a difference and is she resonating? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
1:46 pm
>> very good afternoon. live from the floor of new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. check out shares of group upon, daily deal site having a nice day. stock has been down over who% last three months here -- 40%. good news for groupon, got nice investment. private $250 million investment from former cfo comcast who will join groupon's board.
1:47 pm
they will do some deals and other business with comcast. comcast shares are off .3 right now. pfizer, merck, health care as a sector having strong performance. 2%. 1.6%. apple is one of the leading gainers on the dow. shares up 1 1/2% for apple. but dragging the dow lower, consumer discretionary a problem in the sector. nike, for example, off more than 3%. ge down 2 1/2%. cisco off .8. more "coast to coast" after this.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
>> most dangerous man alive right now in my opinion. [applause] running around, didn't you read history books. you don't want nuclear proliferation. you want fewer, not more nuclear weapons. neil: most dangerous man alive. i'm sure like me, is joy behar talking about fox news radio host tom sullivan? no. she is talking about donald trump. enter mr. sullivan on her thoughts. >> which is a good point. usually as talk show host our buddy rush limbaugh, for example, has been most dangerous man in america for decade or two. neil: now there is leadership swap? >> yes. and, certainly no news flash to me. of course she thinks anybody who doesn't agree with her point of view is most dangerous person.
1:50 pm
i think, it is interesting to hear other people's views. i don't find them dangerous. i find them interesting. but for some reason joy behar and people like her are afraid to hear another view. neil: but do you think -- >> on "the view." neil: it gives fuel to the argument with the hellacious week he's had? >> about, well -- neil: ticking off pro-lifers and pro-choicers, comments he made on the economy and markets? we all make mistakes but he made a lot of them in the last week. >> here's the thing, neil. it is easy to get caught up in the rules of political correctness and political campaigns -- and political campaigns. neil: no, i'm just saying -- >> he is violating all those rules. people still supporting him. people supporting him it is not about nukes or abortion or not about anything of those things. they're really angry and frustrated with politicians that have said i will do things for you. neil: no doubt but you always go
1:51 pm
against the grain which is admirable but, that he is going against it almost too much? at a time he should be shoring up that lead that he has and looking and sounding presidential, i'm not trying to rap him on personal basis, he is not doing that. that is what could hurt him tomorrow in wisconsin and maybe further down the road? >> well it is 35, 38% crowd that don't care. you're right. if you're going to get to the 40s or 50s, you're going to have to make people expect you to act like other politicians because, we have that perception that police officer should not have a zz top beard. there is perception to presidential candidate and, he doesn't fit it. and so people are afraid because he doesn't fit the perception. neil: fair enough. tom, always good seeing you. i wish we had more time. >> me too. neil: he is tesla owner. i'll leave it at that so much more to get him back on and see if we can humiliate him.
1:52 pm
you can't humiliate him, tom. would you want to mandate recess in your schools for your kids? there is effort in new jersey being blocked by a certain governor there. what do you think? every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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1:55 pm
i am not going to support donald trump as the candidate. >> the decision is now. tuesday. as the badger state decides. lou dobbs at seven. neil had eight. as long as it takes. this means for everything. for fbn, this means business.
1:56 pm
fox business. be there. neil: the law. the mandatory. the state of new jersey. they are looking at doing just that. the governor they are telling me not too long ago i thought it was a stupid idea. >> you, essentially, never took it up. >> i think that their teachers should be able to decide. this is crazy government run amok. all the problems we have two deal with. worried about recess. part of my job as governor is to veto this stupid bill. i needed it.
1:57 pm
>> it should be mandated. it should not be mandated. you are saying that it should be. why? >> studies indicating that not having recess it leads to better test scores. that is the argument that they have viewed if you look at the american academy for pediatrics. an extra five minutes in the classroom versus earning off all that energy, i think we really need to have it. teachers are under so much pressure now with standardized testing. they need to get that information to the children.
1:58 pm
they will have more time so the kids can enjoy recess. having the legislature mandate a certain amount of time, that should be up to the school districts and the parents involved there to decide did. >> they are not getting enough recess. they are cutting recess and all these different schools. neil: if you do that where are you coming from? that is not enough time. neil: five minutes less time for lunch. >> i understand.
1:59 pm
>> the way we can deal with this is without legislating it. neil: you think it goes too far. is that right? >> i think it has gone way too far. >> a really important issue. to call this stupid -- >> it is not about the children. legislating every single issue. having to buy a school lunch or what they have to do during the day. that is not up to the legislature. >> many are cutting. >> you argue your points. by the way, you will be denied
2:00 pm
recess because you did that. it is a big issue. trying to keep our kids same. are they pushing it too much? trish regan has young kids of her own. whether they should be mandated or not. trish: good to have you back. thank you, neil. expected to take the stage in a minute. just one day ahead of the wisconsin primary. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. happy monday. that is that a trump rally. expected to take the stage in a minute. he competes they are in wisconsin. ted cruz coming to us as well. we will go to that. wisconsin, a critical battleground.


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