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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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communicate with the public. the policy speeches he's giving, will that help solidify his support? >> i don't know if it will solidify ... deirdre: we have to leave it there. sorry. we'll come back. charles: the night we have been waiting for. 42 republican delegates up for grabs. on the democratic side they are chasing 86 delegates. we'll have the details for you with our special election covering. >> we have the latest early exit poll data. it's very early. i want to show you how women republican voters are indicating their choice. trump made some comments that
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may have moved women voters one way or another. cruz continues to lead the women's vote. the interesting thing hereby is cruz continues to lead with women the same double digit margin he has in other states. i want to show you independent as well. 43% of independent say they are going for trump. 38% saying they are going for cruz. lastly the top candidate quality, what do wisconsin primary voter want the most in their candidate? it's all about change. 36% want that. 32% want a candidate who can share our values, that's something cruz traditionally led
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in previous state races. telling it like it is is 19% and winning in november is 1%. charles: how is it looking there, blake? reporter: good afternoon. this room will start to fill up in a couple hours for ted cruz it was first in, last out campaigning through the the state. he was the louisiana one standing and he hopes he will be the louisiana one standing on top when the numbers roll in. he was bouyed bid governor scott
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walker. trump is doing some retail politicking today. he told reporters he thick he will do well in wisconsin today. >> we'll have a big surprise tonight, folks. >> we can win fairly easily. if we win wisconsin, it would be a big help. reporter: john kasich left the state. he did so several days ago. the way the delegates are broken out. it's possible case up lead with none and whoever wins, trump or cruz, they could take most if not all of those 42. charles: wisconsin predicted every gop nominee going back to 1968. if ted cruz can take hold of the
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banner state, can donald trump prove that the polls are wrong and change history? tucker, how do you see this shake out. >> if he were to win tonight, i think it would be over. we are look at five primary after this. the mid-atlantic regional. he's ahead by almost 40 points in new york. it's not about getting ted cruz to 1,237 as much as it is stopping trump. charles: if ted cruz were to win by double digit, it doesn't change who, is the states you are -- who wins the state you are talking about but it could narrow the grab. >> at the convention he could
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make his case, i could be the nominee. i don't think people are expecting cruz to get to the majority of delegates. that seems unlikely. charles: it will be much harder for donald trump to get to that manic number, too. >> what crew is doing with his team, maneuvering for delegates in other states. this is an ongoing maneuvering aspect trying to convince people, not just when you are on the ground, but they are also watching the news. attitude, what the exit polls are saying, how you are convincing other people, and that's key. the listing of percentages with who become the nominee. notice the individual-got a massive amount of support also became president. so you can also look at the nature of how the wisconsinites
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vote together and if it's a big push and what it says to the rest of the country. >> to the point tammy is bringing up. the republican who won the gop primary. mccain at 55%. bob dole at 52%. only ronald reagan had a low percentage. no one, nor brown, from the gop side has gone on to win a nomination. can we overplay how important wisconsin is for those 42 delegates but in terms of the emotions or as a litmus test for where the gop stand at this moment? >> i reflect back to a week ago, then a week before that. and every state is the most important state. let's keep it in perspective. it's 42 delegates.
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by rights, ted cruz should crush donald trump with the amount of negative advertising by the never trump people, by the establishment, by all the conservative talk show hosts. he should get crushed. if he doesn't get crushed, that says a lot. in the northeast i think ted cruz will have some real problems in that area. if you are saying 42 delegates stop trump. i don't see how you stop trump. ted cruz is still at 80-plus percent. charles: the game's trying to play is get to the convention, then hash it out over there. behind the scenes he has done a better job getting delegates. he's winning delegates in states where he outright lost the vote. this could give him some momentum. i'm sure you believe that.
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>> i do. there has been a lot of pole dancing going on this week, and ted cruz is leading the polls with women. he has engaged in old-fashioned retail politics with his wife heidi cruz and governor scott walker. he stabbed a network of 200 volunteers. conservative talk show hosts have been pummeling trump over the comments about women. that's why i think the focus is on wisconsin. charles: donald trump has a unique situation where most governor endorsements haven't proven to be effective, but maybe this will. is there any carryover effect? >> i think there is because
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cruz's message about women. the fact that he believes in dignity of life and the sanctity and dignity of the mother have resonated with women voters. i predict he will carry 32 delegates. >> if the election were today i would vote for mr. cruz. but i wouldn't lose sleep if mr. trump were elected. the issues that are women's issues, are jobs, are the economy, is snagsal security. the -- is national security. the argument about abortion and how we are viewed is a bit 80s and 90s. we care about these issues but there are other issues that women care about as much as men do it's a mistake to think they are going to be moved.
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charles: tucker, today in mississippi, a law was passed with respect to gay couples. you see what's happening in north carolina. and all of a sudden abortion. i know it feels like the 70s and 80s and we don't talk about it anymore. but considering the supreme court, could these issues start to roar back with gop standard bearer social issues? >> it's not really settled. i think many people agree with the supreme court decision on gay marriage. this is why roe versus wade is an issue. that's why obamacare is still an issue.
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anything that is chosen for the american people without a debate. the talk of picking someone like paul ryan is insane. charles: the wisconsin primary results could be a turning points for donald trump and ted cruz. we'll be right back. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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and stay here tonight. i know you have a baseball and basketball game. we'll go quickly tonight. charles: donald trump addressing a sparse crowd, especially for him. according to former candidate now trump supporter dr. ben carson, he tells me donald trump is going to announce his pick to fill the vacant supreme court seat. >> i think it would help them if he would indicate who he is going to be working with, and particularly what kind of people, and maybe some specific names for supreme court nominations. i believe he will be coming out with those very soon. charles: joining me now, lisa booth and senator scott brown. behind the scenes ted cruz has
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been accumulating delegates and there is talk of -- there was a political story about some disarray within the trump corporation. maybe now is the time for him to get this stuff together, and maybe by doing so, coming to the public with policy speeches will go a long way toward that. >> that's a great suggestion. i made that a couple weeks ago. it's important to get out there, use a teleprompter. couple with a great statement on where you stand on issues and let them know specifically by using policy speeches. you sit down, you hammer out with your key allies, associates and advisers. it's the appropriate time for it. charles web's obviously listening to you. charles: you, me or dr. ben
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carson or all of the above. when people say what is your foreign policy approach, people are saying you are beyond that. remember the aipac speech was a roaring success for him. and maybe that might be the kind of thing that would mitigate some of the getting in off track here. but policy and fine-tuning the message. >> that's been donald trump's biggest problems. he was criticized for a lack of substance. we saw it with his most recent misstep about women and abortion. he was criticized for not walking into that interview with the amount of knowledge he needed, a general lack of understanding on the issue of being pro-life and even groups like susan b. anthony who have been fighting the good fight for a long time. so i think he does need to get out there to try to answer some
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of those questions about his general view point on issues and substance. reporter: all these candidates have stuff on the internet including ted cruz. but we are at the stage where it becomes more of a two-man race, even ted cruz will have to start to articulate more. what's the difference between him and the other two candidates. >> ted cruz is the smartest guy in the room when it comes to foreign policy. but i wanted to go back to your point earlier about wooing delegates. both sides realize there is a shadow campaign going on. the possibility of having a super bowl at the republican convention is become a possibility it's hand to hand * combat. as he gets beyond california where he and trump are running then the polls, i think that's
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where we'll see our last stand. i believe we are into a brokered convention. charles: thanks a lot, guys. bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. this guy is on a roll. he says he's going to gain on her. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. charles: hillary clinton has 1,712 delegates and bernie sanders 1,100. bernie sanders has no showing he's going to slow down at any time. he continues to pledge he will stay in the race until the
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convention. there is sanders with a packed house, 10,000, 15,000, raucous, exciting people, he's winning state after state after state. >> here's the thing as i sight, it's pretty sample. bernie sanders wins caucuses because he gets the activists out. he wins states that are open to independents, not just democrats. and he wins states that are mostly white. wisconsin is kind of his last stand. when he gets to new jersey and mark and california. the superdelegates, i think the republicans would die to have superdelegates this year.
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they don't think having a socialist at the top of the party is a wise thing to do in a general election. even if she loses by 10 points, that's why people are reacting like they are. they take it seriously. it's not challenging her at the end. charles: it has pushed her to a large degree out much her comfort zone. there is something to be said for the bernie sanders and elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party. they are a force to be reckoned with. >> and they are the future of the democratic party. millennials love bernie sanders and love elizabeth warren. there was a great column in the "new york times" about how
6:25 pm
undemocratic this process is. they want someone who will go into the general election and win. charles: the republicans are probably thrilled they don't have superdelegates. the old saying is if you are not a liberal when you are young, you are not a heart. if you are not a conservative west when you are older you don't have a brain. >> wait until they start paying taxes. >> hillary clinton could not differencate between socialism and the democratic party. the enthusiasm is on the delegates' side and bernie sanders isn't. for bernie sanders, this is about principle, this is not about winning. for hillary clinton this is solely about winning. we have seen her flip-flop on every single issue. so that's what bernie sanders'
6:26 pm
m.o. is. charles: 42 gop delegates up for grabs today in wisconsin. we are going to give you the breakdown next. stay tuned with fox business all night long. our primary coverage is the best, and it begins right after this show. so particular around. -- so stick around. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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charles: the white house continue the as wisconsin voters are heading to the polls. the state i critical, but how does it break down. deirdre bolton breaks it down. deirdre: wisconsin front and center. 42 gop delegate up for stake. i want to show you the three counties we'll be focused on. milwaukee is one of them. you can see these clean sweeps if you like back in the last contest, charles. the idea being this whole area is where the majority of the gop traditional electorate is. this will really count here later tonight. most of these people more than likely will go for senator cruz.
6:31 pm
governor walker endorsed senator cruz. and trump came out hard against governor walker. but if we go back into wisconsin, i neglected to show you this hope toll range. trump may get some support up there, there are a lot of blue collar workers. so trump expected to do well there. on the other side of the ticket if we focus on the western part with madison, that's have much all about bernie sanders. he spent week there and is going to have a great amount of support. that could be making thing tougher for hillary clinton as they head to new york in the middle of april. charles: if cruz sweeps all the delegates donald trump will need 52% of the remaining delegates. wisconsin may change the narrative going forward.
6:32 pm
tammy bruce is back along with liz peak. people are downplaying the significance of a cruz victory. a month or so ago donald trump had a lead in most of the polls here. this could be significant. not so many change the outcome but making them more competitive. >> it's a good night for ted cruz to prove he can beat donald trump. i think if he wins i don't know how they stop him from getting the 1,23 delegates he need. if he doesn't win and krut put in a good -- cruz puts in a good showing. one thing bugs on the street is wisconsin has very reliably
6:33 pm
picked the winner all the time. by the way, so did illinois and some other state who have gone for trump. charles: the thing i wanted to ask you tammy and liz. the money part. i think the money has been so-so. but people are saying if he wins by a healthy margin, the anti-trump money will come pouring in like crazy. >> think is the case with any donor. they need to see that you are serious. very often the governor endorsements don't matter. but this is interesting when you have a rubio who had he important endorsement for kansas and still lost badly. ted cruz, they are saying endorsements don't matter. but ted cruz make them matter. the walker endorsement matters
6:34 pm
because he comes with a infrastructure. so he's earned that now. he's making use of this. that's what has to happen. if you are going to be an organizer who's going to change everything, you have to be able to do that in washington as well. charles: in the recent days there was one poll he was ahead in. there i no doubt that the bad week of last week is sort of behind donald trump. do you think you have got enough of this renewed momentum to surprise everyone tonight? >> i do think ted cruz is going to win. the key number is how much of the vote does donald trump get? if he gets 5%, i'll find it many the demographic that beat him and not the last two weeks. i want to find out if this support has softened.
6:35 pm
those with higher education, higher marriage rates and religious adherence do favor ted cruz. charles: cruz doing well amongst evangelicals. thanks a lot. trump reveals how he would force mexico to pay for that border wall. and president obama said the idea is ridiculous and would crush poor mexicans. is it legal? would it work? we'll be right back.
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charles: donald trump tells us how he's going to make mexico pay for that wall.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
charles: we now know how donald trump is going to make mexico pay for the wall. he suggested he would stop remittances from the united states to mexico. is it feasible? is it legal? president obama spoke about this briefly today. obviously he wasn't enamored with the idea and suggested this would harm poor mexicans. do you think that's the message americans want to hear. >> i wonder if donald trump has run this by the hospitality or agriculture sector. of course, he hasn't. i thought the whole point of a trump presidency was to enhance the economy, not depress it. charles: what he's trying to say is the illegals cost americans billions of doors and that is an economic issue. but having said that should we
6:40 pm
be more concerned about poor mexicans rather than poor americans? >> he's talking about building a wall. since '09 there has been a net outflow of people from the u.s. into mexico. would you never know that if you watched all the cable channels. but it's indisputable. right? charles: so you are proving the point that you can get people to self-deport. let me switch over to senator brown for a moment. here are some of the issues i have, senator brown. this includes legal and illegal immigrants. legal americans who go to work and make their money and say i want to send my money i worked hard for anywhere want to send it and they are saying no you can't do that. i think that's a tough one. >> i do, too. but i'm more concerned about the
6:41 pm
poor americans and the poor mexicans. tino for a fact the first thing he will do if he's elected is started construction on that wall. that was one suggestion. there are other suggestions. we give foreign aid to mexico. we can give them x less a certain amount over a period of years. we can charge fees for mexicans coming into the united states. there fills numerous ways to raise revenue. the simple fact that this president has more interests in going after the corporations trying to maximize their dollars to help their shareholders employ people than he is to deal with this problem since he has been in office is reflective of why we are talking about this. people are irate as the benefits and access to all the free things they are getting and they are not u.s. citizens, and something has to be done. >> one of the things donald trump is talking about is a
6:42 pm
tariff on goods coming in from mexico. i wonder if he delivered the message to walmart customers that he will have to pay 25-40% more. he will write it into law himself which we know he can't do. i think a lot of the policies trument put forward resonates with some people, very hard to implement. charles: money gram and western union stocks weren't down today. so i think people are going to wait and see. the ford small karl production being shipped to mexico. it will create 2,800 jobs down there.
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charles: ford gave a major blow to united auto workers. they are going to build a small factoryn in mexico after the uaw pushed them for higher wages. donald trump slammed the investment saying this transaction is an absolute disgrace. our dishonest politicians and special interests are controlling them and laughing in the faces of all-american citizens. this ridiculous job-crushing transaction will not happen when i'm president. rebecca bird. one thing i would like to tell the audience. since 2004, hyundai, general motors, mazda, daimler, bm weather, all announced auto projects in mexico. i think to a degree ford would
6:47 pm
be at a competitive disadvantage. if they don't build their cars there. >> we'll be hearing that theme i'm sure from donald trump on the campaign trail. this development plays into his hand politically. this is social has been talking about for months on the campaign trail. but donald trump and other politicians have different approaches in terms of their response. and clearly this is not just ford, bum other companies migrating south of the border. donald trump thinks companies like ford should be punished for doing that. he would probably agree with you that americans should stop bying ford as a result of this decision. ford emphasizes they do most of their business in the united states. most their spend and manufacturing in the united states.
6:48 pm
other republicans say make the business climate better in the united states and they won't be migrating to other countries. charles: with taxes, regulations and fees, and all the problems including the union, it's tough to make money. we saw the auto industry almost go caput *. >> i understand why the auto industry is doing this. but if you are donald trump, you look like nostradamus. he should be credited for bringing the ill effect of globalization to the forefront. whether it's nabisco, or chrysler or ford. i think what we need to be look at is trump said is smart trade. we have a $5 billion deficit with mexico and $1 billion with canada.
6:49 pm
and these are our neighbors. we have to be getting a little bit more even. i'm not so concerned about canada. charles: can dance trade deficit was less than a billion, mexico's is huge. many americans under estimate how many american jobs are tied to exports. i think it will be tougher than people think it will be. >> we are the number one exporter in the world or were until last year. china is the big winner in all this. this is not a communist country. we don't tell our companies where to build factories and manage their business. wage rates in the u.a.w. plant are $70 versus $8 in mexico. but let's make businesses more welcome in the united states. charles: polls in wisconsin will
6:50 pm
be closing real soon. we'll go live to milwaukee to a cruz rally and outside of the trump tower here in new york city. by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. charles: 42 delegates at stake, talking about the gop primary, really been heating up coming in today. a win in wisconsin for ted cruz makes it a lot harder for donald trump to clinch the magical 1237 number you keep hearing about. blake burman and connell mcshane have the latest for you from ted cruz's election headquarters in milwaukee and trump tower here in new york city. first to blake in milwaukee. blake? >> reporter: hi, there charles, good afternoon, good evening i guess east coast time from milwaukee. ted cruz expected to be here in a couple hours from now. still a couple hours here left of voting all across the badger state. you always get a sense of feeling of how the candidates
6:54 pm
think they're going to do in the states based on whether or not they hold an election night rally there, and ted cruz is the only one here left standing here in wisconsin. the polls started to turn for him about midweek last week when a marquette poll showed that things were favoring him 10 points, same with our "fox business poll" and cruz stumped all across the state. tonight he is the last one out, and he was buoyed by the support of the sitting governor, the former presidential candidate scott walker, but also conservative talk radio all across the state that helped walker in his past elections, also trying to get ted cruz across the finish line in this election. as far as the crowds go here in wisconsin, i can tell you from what we saw in brookfield earlier this morning, a suburb where we were, a suburb of milwaukee. it was folks streaming in left and right, they're anticipating record crowds here across the state of wisconsin.
6:55 pm
both republican and democrat. the local news yesterday, charles, was warning people leave a little extra time. pack a little patience. this isn't a standard-type turnout that they are used to every two or four years here. one of the polls places i heard someone say, only nine minutes, not bad. they were coming in and have a couple hours left in wisconsin where, ted cruz will address snerpts milwaukee a couple hours from now. potentially a big night and big night would be picking up all 42 of the delegates. charles: winner take most. thank you, blake burman. we are hours away from the polls closing, trump headed back to new york, connell mcshane is with us from trump tower. how's it going there. >> reporter: interesting, charles, donald trump working hard across the state of wisconsin, number of rally, added events to schedule. but earlier today he did fly
6:56 pm
back to new york, he's inside his residence where he'll watch the results like the rest of us do. no election night event planned for mr. trump. may be a campaign in transition at this point, which we'll talk about in a second. worth revisiting in wisconsin. the rough week that mr. trump had coming in. looking at trump's troubles on the 24th the retweets of unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife heidi. the 29th corey lewandowski charged with simple battery. the next controversial comment about abortion. all said, trump's unfavorable numbers among women going up, poll numbers going into today, had been going down. we don't expect to see him tonight but we will see him tomorrow night as the campaign is going to shift the focus to mr. trump's home state of new york. he has a big rally for out on long island. the point of being the campaign
6:57 pm
in transition. we heard from the aforementioned corey lewandowski earlier today saying mr. trump is planning more formal speeches about policy issues. we expect them to be more scripted in the large rallies he's become known for and expect that to start over the next few weeks. that is something you watch out for going forward, but tonight, mr. trump will be watching for the results to come in from out in wisconsin. charles: his digs will be nicer than ours. connell mcshane, thanks a lot. >> reporter: absolutely right. charles: polls are closing soon in the crucial wisconsin primary. what's at stake in the badger state? senator scott brown is back, lisa boothe and kirsten haglund. want to emphasize again. i know you are on the trump train, but is there any way can you acknowledge to a degree if cruz comes out with a convincing victory it changes the race a little bit?
6:58 pm
>> well, obviously, give him a few more delegates, almost got a 300 delegate lead, and this is one state. remember, last week was an important -- they're all important, i said this is going to be resolved ultimately in california, said that months and months and months ago, that being said, one of the guests said if cruz gets out with 32, that's huge. if he gets out of there with 32, i think he's failed, especially with all the amount of money and the stuff that's been going after donald trump. cruz should crush him. if he doesn't, he's failed. charles: tammy, the money and the negative stuff will continue. >> this is a good test. you think it's going to stop for the general election. you've got to be able to overcome what happened in the last month. if somebody should do, it it's donald trump. it is a mistake to say this is over for him. this is the test. you've got to be able to overcome the gop machine which is incompetent and staffed with fools. charles: but has a lot of money. >> and overcome the nature of what the legacy media does.
6:59 pm
this is a great test. mr. trump can do it. i think a trump-cruz ticket will overcome and get this nation back on our feet. charles: kirsten, i agree with that 1,000%. i'm not sure we're there yet. what do you think what happens after tonight? >> interesting, exit polls are coming in right now. late deciders came in for trump, 38% compared to 36% for ted cruz. this night isn't over yet. this is going to go all the way to the convention. as far as cruz signing onto a trump ticket, i don't know if that's going to happen. if it did, that would be stronger than anything the democrats can put out. charles: what do you think, lisa, the thing the early exit polls had cruz at a 10 percentage-point lead. >> the problem for that is you get to new york on the 19th and then a series of northeastern states that trump's going to do quite well in. i think the trump train is never going to stop.
7:00 pm
charles: the home cooking is going to smell very good. >> charles real quick. what happens if it's a trump-cruz tickets, they're going to get together. charles: i've got to cut you off. we're going to introduce you to lou dobbs, the best election coverage starts right now. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's 7:00 on the east coast, 6:00 in wisconsin where polls closed in just two hours. it's a battle between two candidates who learned not to like each other, front-runner donald trump and senator ted cruz locked up in a tough fight for votes. cruz looking for first primary victory in a month and trump would cement his path to the republican nomination. >> you can have a big surprise tonight, folks, big surprise. >> you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee. if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next


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