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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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thank you for joining us. good night. [cheers and applause] kennedy: that music means it's time to start the show and end the week. i'm watching the democratic race and watching both brain dead fighters tap dancing in between wind mills. both candidate look like they are actually showing up to fight. the wisconsin showdown has turned into a throwdown as each is trying to disqualify the other with a series of new barbs. >> she thick i'm quote-unquote
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not qualified to be president. i don't believe she is qualified if she is -- if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest fund. kennedy: you may not like that but it's not a disqualifier in the sense one would be disqualified if they compromised national security. if you hadn't politically castrated yourself with the public affirmation of damn emails. >> senator sanders campaign
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manager said something inflammatory on our air saying the clinton campaign, they need to be careful not to destroy the democratic party merely in pursuit of her own ambition to be president, very strong word. your response to that idea. >> i mean it's just ludicrous on the face of it. kennedy: no, madame secretary, this is ludicrous. after the fool, here is mrs. clinton's biggest worry about bernie sanders. >> he's never even been a democrat by his own admission. kennedy: you mean he's not a member of the guilded country club you and your husband have been building the last 40 years?
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they spent time creating their own establishment in an anti-establishment elect your. you know who doesn't care about your democrat i cow? the millions of bern * supporters. on the show tonight, if the gop hold a contested convention. bret baier joins me with a new report shows americans spend more on their taxes than food, housing and clothing combines. and a round of ted cruz trivia. the winner get any respect. the loser gets smothered. join a i oh. i'm kennedy. hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders just taking turns sucker punching each other over who is qualified or least call tide to be president. both, neither? it's dave smith, a comedian and host of part of the problem. we have the author of "finding mr. righteous." welcome, everybody. so finally hillary and bernie, they are going at it. think i what we wanted for so long. of the two of them, who is actually least qualified tore unqualified to be president? >> they are both disqualified because they haven't gone negative until now. he should have been attacking her a long time ago. he left the email alone ken rsh now he feels he isn't go to the
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email because he shut down that corridor. he should have attacked her long ago. now it's too late. she i right. he hasn't been a democrat. he's been proudly a socialist for a long time. kennedy: i want to be part of my team where i make money and get a job. so let's talk about democrat versus republicans. who is worse right now with the infighting? >> the democrats infighting is lame because they are not going after the worst thing. >> what is the worst thing? >> bernie is talking she is taking money from special interest and dictators. the foundation has taken lots of money. they just want to talk about special interest.
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hillary can go after bernie for special interest. kennedy: and the va. how many people died on his watch when he was the head of that senate committee? i want to know from you, dave. does hillary clinton shrivel your dumplings? >> she is not human. i think at least she should have an advisor around her who is human. maybe stop pretending to laugh when you think something is a ridiculous question. you can just say that's ridiculous. you don't have to do that fake cackle. it's accurate to say bernie sanders hasn't been a democrat his whole life. but it shows a tone deafness to this campaign. is your argument he hasn't been
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part of this establishment for the last three decade? that's why people like him. we can go after bernie for the va and go after hillary for taking tens of millions from the saudis. it's like someone running on jewish issues and taking money from the nazis. kennedy: the fact he said she has never raised money for democrats. she can eventually parlay fave because it's a tub of corruption. and they are spooning it out into those jugs like moonshine. this is a late-night comedy. too late. kennedy: we have much more with
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the panel. and a battle for the republican nomination has hit the big apple. it turns out ted cruz is having a harder time than he did in wisconsin. republicans are hoping to knock out trump at a brokered convention and they will pick a white knight. bret baier joins me wi at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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kennedy: the latest real clear politics average poll, donald trump has more than a 30-point lead in john kasich and ted cruz in the upcoming new york primary. he's campaigning against principal rival lyin' ted. >> you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york value like we are no good. i started talking to him about the world trade center, the incredible bravery of everybody. our police, our firemen, our everybody. kennedy: on his hand, ted cruz is having trouble mustering support in the empire state. the daily news graced him on the cover.
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in the bronx 100 supporters showed up. >> this is an immigrant community. you are not welcome here. >> we are at forefront of climate change. people are dying, ted cruz. kennedy: because of climate change? that's a bit extreme. >> only the forefront of climate change is where they are dying. kennedy: the young man was so passionately aroused. >> send the illegal immigrants up front to fight climate change. we'll stay back here. kennedy: they are willing to do the work. llisa, what a difference two das make.
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>> why wouldn't an immigrant like ted cruz go to an immigrant community. he probably expected a warm welcome. kennedy: he thought he was going to use his boyish charm to win people over. >> she thought he was at hamilton. he thought he had the hottest ticket in town. >> they are screaming. how do you see this playing out in new york? >> trump better step it up. 53. he should be at 55. this is new york. they kept talking about wisconsin. that's the proving ground. he's going to deliver. if he doesn't exceed 50% all across the state, that does not bode well for trump. if you are here in new york, if you can't win in a primary in new york and you can't win big, where everyone is brash, he better win big or it's a very bad time.
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kennedy: he could win all those delegates if he gets above 50 person *. then he has to win every congressional district. 75 delegates still doesn't put him in the best zone. in new york a much more natural fit for donald trump. it goes to show you have the violent mood swings of the race. you don't have to be a democrat or republican to be entertained by how quickly this changes. >> everyone has won their home state. encase itch. besides little marco. again like i said with hillary. i don't know who the people advising ted cruz are. whoever looked at this guy and said you know where he would do well? the bronx. kennedy: they should send him
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for a cheese tasting in the hudson valley. >> he should be running around the upstate districts. if he can take a couple of them away, he deprives donald of a big win. kennedy: it's like california, when you get outside of the populace areas into the rural community. go to the dairy farms and cheeseries. >> just don't put on the hat. kennedy: the panel is returning a little bit later because it's a special game night. we are about to play fact or fiction, the ted cruz edition. first up if republicans hold a brokered or contested convention, could someone not running for president become the next president?
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kennedy: hello and welcome back. donald trump reman is the republic koon frontrunner even after a bruising week. but he needs to win 59% of the remaining delegates. that makes contests like pennsylvania and california crucial battlegrounds. look who's here. bret baier, fox news chief political anchor and host of "special report" with bret baier. let's discuss donald trump a little bit. if for some reason he doesn't get that magical 1,237, what does he have to do personally
5:20 am
between now and then to get those necessary delegates? >> it's more and more likely it will be a contested convention. we won't know until california which is june 7. but it looks likely we are heading into a situation where he may be 30, 40, 50 delegates short. what he has to do is what he's doing now. he's staffing up on the delegate front. he has a d.c. office specifically going after unbound delegates. it's a ballot process. the first ballot if he can't get to 1,237, he need to convince his supporters, delegates that have been bound on that first ballot to stick with hip so he doesn't lose support.
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kennedy: if he can't get the extra delegates required after that first ballot. they will scrap the whole thing. this race has been so contentious within the party. if for some reason it goes past that first ballot and they don't have a nominee. do you think the republican party and those involved in the process are going to go with someone like ted cruz or john kasich or if trump is scrapped, do they scrap everybody who is left running? >> it's a big if, but ted cruz would be the next logical choice and if the cruz people could convince the kasich and rubio people by some kind of deal that he would get the necessary delegates to get to the majority. you have contests that line up specifically for ted cruz, especially in the midwest, out west. he compete right now. the latest poll out of california has him trailing
5:22 am
donald trump by 6 or 7 percentage point. say he's at 900. he could cobble together with some other candidate like rubio and kasich enough to get to 1,237 potentially. kennedy: he has to bank on that ill will for donald trump to turn the tides in his favor. some politicos are saying romney or paul ryan could swoop in and become the nominee. is that possible or is it just fun for us in the media to chitter chatter about. >> is it possible? you are saying there is a chance? yes, there is a chance that they could have paul ryan come in and the 7th, 8th ballot. nobody can get to 1,237, and they say he can. he comes in and it break and they give it to him. it's just so tough to believe
5:23 am
the cruz people and the trump people would somehow be okay with that. kennedy: i can't imagine they would be. i can't imagine their delegates would be. if paul ryan gets that far it will destroy any future and national ambitions he has got. he has to play a careful game right now. is ryan the guy if it make it that far? >> that's the conventional wisdom in washington. he was the reluctant speaker of the house candidate. he says he didn't want it. then he's the guy that can get the number. he's playing the same game now. not tonight, take my name out of it. and the establishment is saying their dream is it's totally deadlocked and paul ryan is the savior.
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kennedy: if you are called, will you run? >> no. no. i like covering this stuff. kennedy: we'll cover it with a blanket and put it to bed. bret baier, thank you very much. find out why this monkey is wearing a snow suit. and the new "star wars" trailer is out. if you think you have seen it all. i have got a clip that i when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here. a few weeks ago, you didn't even know where here was. now the only thing you don't know, is how you're gonna leave. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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but had it staying with that social worker when they took tub away from your parents? slow-mo guys slowed down the vapors. look at that butting venom at the camera. dancing in cloud of coral and yellow plasma. egg looks so pretty when it's slowed down. everything except for this. [♪] yeah, i would like to explain that footage. topic number 2. you guys, the trailer for the next star wars film is out.
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>> look what you do when we catch you. what will you do if they break you? you continue to fight. what will you become? ken require was recently entitled "going rogue." but "star wars" the force awake's turned out a little different than the first draft. it was written as a comedy.
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[♪] kennedy: that's so fun. topic number three. kevin hart is a comedic superstar. but perhaps he won't be a star in his own sky until he moves out from under chris rock's looming shadow. is there room for two pint sized delegate featured urbanites? not for this woman who thinks hart rocks for all the wrong reasons. pleasure to meet you. will you come to my show tonight? it's called rock the world. kennedy: she thinks he's chris
5:31 am
rock. but know "rock the world" will be very funny. it reminds me of this uncomfortable exchange when samuel l. jackson was congratulated for another's commercial. >> you are as crazy as the people on twitter. >> they all look the same to you? >> gracious. topic number 4. winter isn't entirely over in russia. if you have some kind of weird helper month ski you use to raise livestock, make sure he's dressed in layers. that's a monkey in a snow suit. now what's this little guy doing?
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this little monkey is checking on a goat. i have no idea. it takes a lot of work to train a monkey to babysit a goat. doesn't it? goats will eat anything. even monkeys, i'm pretty sure. in these united states, we use monkeys and chimps but we use them for scientific testing and laboratories. see? they train those chimps to talk. what fun. so much for practical. topic number five. do you remember when the world was transfixed by the rat that's drug a piece of is a twice its
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size. there was another curious and hungry rodent joining a filthy buffet. i give you mcdonald's wrap. there he goes. is that fresh graham cracker? i'll take the butter fingers over here. look at the size of that tail. before you upcheck your belly full of nuggets. that rat was? thailand. so maybe that little guy was on the menu. you know what they say, when in rome [bleep]. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" tweet me @kennedynation. you can also find me on instagram. use #topicalstorm.
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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. kennedy: it's been a few weeks since our last game night write assemble a crack team of pantists to play fact or fiction. here is a synopsis of the last few games. >> you just meade that up? >> you make up the most bizarrely weird false things. every one of the false things is too weird. kennedy: with one question lift's virtually impossible for
5:38 am
tom to win. >> i got one right in the history of this game. we'll see if he does any better today. we should call it tom shi-lose because that's all he seems to do. this -- today's contest is a case of crews or false. -- cruz or false. you guys ready for question number one? let's play. when visiting wisconsin ted cruz refused to wear a cheese hat and photo. >> i think the people of wisconsin wear their cheese hats
5:39 am
so elegantly i wouldn't want to intrude. ken require is a fact. dave smith and tom shillue. he would not wear the iconic cheese hat. are you ready, shillue? public policy polling. a left-leaning polling firm included a question in their survey of florida voters if people thought ted cruz is the zodiac killer. is that fact or fiction? that is in fact fact. they are a bunch of evil liberals. using power statism to keep people down. question number three.
5:40 am
ted cruz's real first name is fidel, fact or fiction. everyone says that's wrong and everyone is right. that means the game is tied in this round. good thing there is only one round. it's a level playing field just like to bernie sanders wants. lyndsey graham joked in certain situations it would be acceptable to murder ted cruz. is that fact or fiction. let's see the evidence. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial this the senate, nobody could convict you. kennedy: murderous little bachelor there. that is fact. everyone got it right. everyone still on the same
5:41 am
plain. four down, three to go. can you beat shillue? >> i'm going to try. i don't know if i would love or hate to give him his first win. but he wouldn't know if it's a real one. maybe i cheated. ted cruz previously expressed openness to compromising with martians. is that fact or fiction? you guys are too good for this game. ted cruz said i'm willing to compromise with anybody. i will work with martians if they are willing to cut spending and reduce the debt. he should have said i'll work
5:42 am
with republicans, martians, even democrats. ke number six and we are still tied. this is a barn burner, it's villanova versus unc. after meeting ted cruz at a charity event. betty white is quoted as saying who is that doughy vampire? that is fiction. she said,hala, ted, and he said you had me at hola. question number 7. this could be the tie breaker. this could be a big one, tom. wish them ill will. and maybe for the first time in
5:43 am
the history of history you can win this game. we are playing cruz or fiction. ted cruz he diction. ted cruz was kicked out of his college fraternity for being unlikeable. is that fact or fiction. lisa, you have lost. now we go into question number 8. i knew it was an odd number. you are still in it. you could win. only one point separates you from the men. after ted cruz renounced his canadian citizenship, prime minister stephen harper held a good-bye party and said ted cruz is the abraham lincoln of sarah palins. you got that one wrong.
5:44 am
there was one question left. tom, this is a big night for you. question number. you guys ready? in a fill busker against obamacare, ted cruz performed a monologue from the princess bride. dave, you are tied for the lead. tom and dave, he read green egg and ham, he quoted ashton kutcher and performed a darth vader impression. >> i always watch a filibuster all the way through. you and dave are tied with 7 apiece. but we have consolation prizes for you including goat cheese from the green room. here is the tie breaker
5:45 am
question. you don't need your paddles for this. how many times has ted cruz argued before the supreme court. >> twice. >> three times. the answer is nine time. nine times. that means dave smith you have won again made tom the biggest loser. >> i didn't come in last this time. tom and lisa and dave, this has bent highlight of my week. thank you very much. only outdone by colonoscopy prep. a lot of viewers have written about the small laughing fit i had last night.
5:46 am
i'll read your emails. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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kennedy: president obama, you old so and so railing against companies relocating abroad to avoid paying high corporate taxes. calling it one of the most insaidous corporate -- insidious tax loopholes. brian brenberg.
5:50 am
you said when we talk about corporate inversions and companies leaving the united states to go to other countries that we are confusing symptoms with problems. the problem isn't companies are going overseas. we have the highest corporate tax of any developed in the world. the third highest overall. the on countries that have a higher tax code are chad and the united arab emirates. we have had 100 companies relocate the last four years. >> we were talking about election night. i think the argument is make it a better climate here. reduce taxes here.
5:51 am
it doesn't have to be crony capitalism. >> i don't want to see companies moving overseas. this is a great place to do business. the problem is our tax code. europe has lower corporate tax rate on average. france has a lower corporate tax rate than the united states. when you are in that situation, it's time to make a change. nobody has to like this happening but you have got to find the right answer. what we are doing now is playing around the margins. kennedy: they are not just demonizing corporations. there is a new report out that says this year americans will give more money to the government in taxes at the federal, state and local government than food, housing and clothing combined. >> this year the arm american will work until april 24 until they pay off the state and local
5:52 am
taxes they owe for the year. we have to remember those sorts of things when we hear about the rich need to pay their fair share. kennedy: you point out the top 20% of income earners get less than 20 cent on the dollar back in benefits. by contrast. this is from you. the bottom 20% of income earners get $18 in benefits for every dollar they pay in federal taxes. >> our tax code is so progressive. it's already very progressive. the transfers of wealth are good. is the government the right entity to transfer and spend this money? is it better in their hand and private citizens' hand? i have serious questions about that. kennedy: of course. your head is filled with doubt when you read these numbers. what are you getting for your
5:53 am
tax money. thank you very much, brian bren berks rg. coming up. you're mail. thanks so much. that's next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. kennedy: time for drinky. if you have got a bathtub full of salamanders, tweet at me and i'll make fun of you on national television. it's time for viewer mail. toby, i don't understand half the things you say. you have worn out my google button. patricia rivers sound off. @kennedynation. you have the most obnoxious
5:57 am
voice. how can anybody watch you when you sound that way. turn your sound up. josh what he says wow, totally hated your show tonight. you are so losing my interest. between you and me, you never had mine. matthew tbarns asks, you have to warm up. i don't believe you don't wake up stellar every single day. baby, i do, i'm humble, it's one of my best qualities. this show is like being covered by kittens and puppies, feels good but smells bad. yesterday during "topical storm" this happened.
5:58 am
and broken toes is for the win. the internet did not disappoints. here is some of what you had to say. another great show. who laughs like that on any news show. thank you for losing it. very endearing. scott tweets you busting up over that psycho looking cat awesome. you are not a robot. no, i'm not a robot. i'm just a normal human gal who can't go outside when it rains or i'll short-circuit. before we go we have a special sneak peek of john stossel's special libertarian forum. it airs tomorrow night where the
5:59 am
libertarian candidates square off. here is a look at liberty. john: you support the second amendment, the individual's right to own a gun. but some with criminal records or mental illness get guns. should there be any limit? >> i think we should be open to a debate and discussion over limiting guns to mentally ill. i convenient seen any argument that at some point isn't going to prevent me from getting that gun because i'll fail some sort of litmus test to do that. >> don't you think king george would have declared the col theo nirks sts to be mentally ill? you can follow knee
6:00 am
@kennedynation. and thank you so much for watching the show. have a beautiful weekend. it starts now. . good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump unexpected clearing his schedule, skipping the colorado republican state convention saturday, a campaign spokeswoman confirming the front-runner will be campaigning throughout new york. part of the reason trump may be able to do that is because he's leading ted cruz in all of of the polls in upcoming primary states, including new york. a brand-new field poll out of california shows trump with a 7-point lead over cruz. a "washington post" poll out of maryland showing tru


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