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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m. on the east coast. republican race likely headed toward a contested convention. candidates are fighting for votes and delegates ahead of the new york primary. ted cruz sweeping delegates in colorado over the weekend and front runner donald trump blasting the system. >> it's a crocked system, folks. we have a corrupt system, it's not right. we are supposed to be a democracy. we are supposed to be -- we are supposed to be you vote and the vote means something. maria: outrage, fake boston globe cover targeting trump, here are the front runner's response to this coming up. hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders in wyoming, yet earning the same number of delegates. the latest delegate count and polls straight ahead. new details this morning, terrorist attacks on brussels, bem gum authorities are now revealing that the terrorists planned a different attack. bidding for yahoo is on.
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daily mail now the latest to be interested in the company, we will take a look at the bidders. meltdown at the masters jordan sepeth's collapsing costing him almost a million dollars in prize money. futures indicating higher opening. that's going to set the tone for the week. nasdaq s&p 500 also in the green. getting a check at oil. 39.56 this morning. down almost half a percent. all those stories coming up this morning and with me fox dagen mcdowell and georgette. we have a can't-miss lineup. steven miller is with us. fox news senior judicial
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analysts andrew napolitano and nancy pelosi's daughter and she's also a clinton superdelegate. coming up, you don't want to miss this morning. the fight for delegates. controversy in colorado over the weekend after ted cruz took all 34 delegates despite there being no primary or caucus in the state. trump still leads with 743 delegates. the other side of the i'll also up for debate. bernie sanders takes wyoming, eighth win out of the last 9 contests, despite the victory both sanders and clinton will take the same amount of delegates, 7 diliggates -- delegates. republican front uner donald trump lashed out this system.
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>> it's a crocked system, folks. in all fairness, take a look at what happens in bernie, he wins, he wins and i hear he doesn't have a chance. this is a crocked system, folks. you have a corrupt system. it's not right, we are supposed to be a democracy, you vote and the vote means something, all right. you vote and the vote means something. we have to do something about it. maria: despite controversy, trump holds demanding lead in primary next tuesday, latest polls give him 54% of the vote with ted cruz 15%. on the democratic side hillary clinton has 57%. daniel harper, good to see you both, thank you so much to --
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>> the reality it sounds for funny for trump all of a sudden to decide the system is rigged when this is just how it's been working. people tend to complain when things don't go their way. your staff don't understand the way louisiana allocates delegates, maybe makes people scratch their heads. maria: it just doesn't seem like it's fair. georgette: no, it is rigged. however, it is the way it has been. there are rules. people misunderstand. this isn't about the people's vote. this is about the republican party picking a candidate and that's done at the convention and at state conventions. there's a misunderstanding about
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. i was a delegate because the hierarchy pick it is delegates. it is rigged in that respect. you see people year after year at the conventions for that reason. maria: people don't realize that this has been the case for the longest time and also let's not forget what georgette mentions, this is the republican season. >> election process itself isn't perfect and wait you can win majority vote and not win. [laughter] >> he very respectfully dismissed himself, said, you know, these are the rules that we play by and this is the
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system, it's imperfect but it's better than all the other systems and we are going to stick with it and removed himself from the states. donald trump is going to do something totally different. he's going to blow up the system if he's not the chosen one despite him not being in line to pick up all the delegates. by the way he hasn't gotten 50% in the votes in any of the states so far. it's not he's dominating the race, he is doing much better than everybody else but he's still weak. maria: dagen, he's been doing better than everybody else for a long time now. >> it's an imperfect system that he's negotiating with here and it's going to yield imperfect results. dagen: georgette, i want to ask you this, though, because it's a rigged system and donald trump is talking about it. but if you're running for the presidency, you know that. it seems like that the trump campaign, they finally hired paul to manage the delegate
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process, but late and they've gotten caught with their pants down so to speak. in the louisiana situation where cruz has won i think ten more delegates than donald trump in louisiana even though trump won, you know -- that campaign found out according to wall street journal when the wall street journal called them about that story. that's not having your belt tightened. georgette: look he was a busy man that got into this race. i have to tell you even as a delegate it's very difficult to know how it works because it's different rules in each state. he is now after wisconsin was a wake-up call for him and what people don't realize is that we have 33 republican governors, their operations on the ground are important, how do you think cruz won wisconsin? and trump is going to have to face that now, and without an
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organization in which cruz hasy- maria: cruz has that organization. georgette: amazing that organization. not seen since obama that kind of organization. maria: really? that good. georgette: he has been building it for years. it's late to be picking up these. >> this is on donald trump's shoulders. he's funding his own campaign. he's been able to manage the dialogue this entire election cycle and now it's turning against him. this is really on himself. he could have managed this a lot better than what he has so far. georgette: self-inflicted. maria: look at the democratic side of the race. there's also debate here. controversy over the delegate count there. >> it's kind of the same exact criticism which is bernie sanders supporters suggesting because they have the same number of delegates in wyoming the system must be broken. you think the system is broken, say it before the system doesn't
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work out the way that you want it to work out. and, of course, to the trump question n the case of both of these candidates, what it comes down to is looking at the organization, looking at how well they understand how some really complex and rules works. he's going to higher the best people, the smartest people, in health care, he's going to put them all in the room and figure it out. that kind of undermines a little bit. same way with bernie sanders. sanders has more grass-roots organization, unless they can actually get it done in terms of winning more delegates and gaining increasing momentum going into the convention it's not going to work out. georgette: well, trumple -- trump is a fast learner. he's about to take new york and the map is looking pretty good for him from this point on, so
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again, we can continue to ride off trump but he's the energizer bunny that keeps on going on. maria: we will see you soon. up next, talk about a true american hero, one new jersey cop saved three lives in three days. major photo shop fail. a shot of beckham's thigh is missing in a vogue. coming up later ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here.
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maria: welcome back, the third suspect of brussels attack taken into custody. cheryl casone with the headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. the so-called man with the white hat seen at brussels airport is in custody. man identified as mohamed abrini confessed of being the third attacker after being detained. was planning all second attack in france but was forced after suspected paris attacker was arrested and felt authorities were closing in.
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president obama sat with chris wallace where he reacted to the recent string of terrorist attacks. >> the job of the terrorists in their minds is to induce panic and induce fear and get societies to change who they are and what i've try today communicate is you can't change us, you can kill some of us but we will hunt you down and we will get you. cheryl: a new jersey cop being called a true hero after he single-handily saved three lives in three days. a woman nearly killed by her husband, but the officer performed cpr to save her. received a heart-belt thank you from the victim's family. victoria beckham posing pictures from recent shoot for vogue dhiena, fans are claiming foul.
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well, you can take a look for yourself and decide. photoshoping that never happens in fashion, though. finally, let's talk about yahoo this morning. wall street journal reporting that the owner to have daily mail could be taking stake. verseon, aol, verseon owns aol. a lot of potential buyers for the company. rough, rough few months. >> they have done to 5 million to four and a half billion down. this is a very valuable asset booya hoo can't -- but yahoo
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can't monetize and they can take a peek at the business. dagen: the daily mail is interesting because the newspaper has being an internet juggernot. you go on the site and the ability to deliver adds and monetize this, they have a pretty decent mobile app but i wanted to point out with marisa myer coming in. it was in decline but she hasn't been able to stop it. >> she had the board behinder -- behind her and she had time, she had investors behind her and she
6:17 am
completely bungled it. when she was given keys to the kingdom and you're having to sell it off, i think you have mismanaged this and it's reflected in the share price. maria: i think you're making a good point. they were looking for her to be the savior. dagen: one of the top guys left almost immediately. maria: we will take a short a break. more of this coming up. speaking out against the new treasury tax rules including anderson. he will join us to talk about that. later a masters' health down. twelfth pole mistake costing him almost a million bucks. back in a minute
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maria: good morning, we have breaking news right now. patrick burn taking a medical leave of absence. he joins me right now on an exclusive. you will be taking a medical leave of absence. tell us about it? >> 30 years in china i contract hep c. i will give you the facts. stage 4 last summer. seem to have gotten through the treatment but it's been harsh on
6:22 am
me and on top of -- i've actually had now 106 surgeries, 51 sometimes they stopped my heart and another 50 times chemically. i have four months before i get to my next decision point and i figure i'm going to enjoy. maria: what's the next decision that you have to make? >> depends on what happens with the -- depends on whether things come back, so who knows. but i'm sort of waiting out four months and i feel very badly because of this medication i've been on and on top of all that, it's like 200 times they put me under and it's just getting a little old and i have to take a break. maria participate we appreciate you telling us right here, has the illness gotten worst, have you felt the effect of the illness gotten worst?
6:23 am
>> it was really bad between the heart and everything else, it was bad for the last several years, more heart problems and all kinds of other stuff, but, yeah, i it got really tough over say -- it's gotten really tough in the last six months. dagen: patrick how are you being treated? there's a lot break-through drugs. >> unfortunately those don't work that well. the ones being developed in the u.s. don't really work -- 23% success rate, so then they can go to more dram -- dramatic measures. i'm not scared one way or another but i don't mean to alarm -- it's kind of funny now, you can't sort of shuffle things
6:24 am
under the table. you have to explain what the disease is. maria: you were making a recommendation to the board who you would like to see as the acting ceo. did you get pressure as a result of the implications of the sickness? >> not at all. we have a wonderful which includes an attorney who has helped us. test been wonderful to have him on the board. no pressure at all. i'm in a lot of pain and so i have a great -- i'm proposing the board a wonderful ceo. he's our general counsel. he's the man who built not razer and came up with the idea for some ear buds and they needed adult supervision. they hired this buy.
6:25 am
two and a half billion dollar company and perfectly capable of leading as ceo. >> you're being very transparent about it. the most exciting things that has happened is blotching technology. that seems to be revolutionizing the financial space. can you talk about what you're doing in that space? >> retailer over a billion dollars, we did that just to get experience with the blog chain. we knew that the blog chain could be apply today a lot of other things in the world including and specially wall street, wall street process, long history with wall street. we have been at the forefront at the applications to wall street where we built an fcc approved ats, dark pool that can change securities.
6:26 am
overstock first company and made announcements in the last few weeks that we are computer share, has come out and be involved. maria: you've been so active on individually, do you expect to continue doing that, sort of while you step down from the company? >> oh, no, i'm completely unplugging. i'm going big mountain skiing in alaska and i'm going to go skiing for a week or two and then maybe sit on a beach somewhere and swim. maria: we wish you the best. >> maybe i will see you some day. maria: ceo at overstock. coming out outrage over boston globe. all fake news. we will talk about that. golden state warriors tieing jordan's chicago bulls with only one game left, can the warriors make history?
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should do him good monday morning, everybody. top stories right now. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. republican race directly contested convention in ahead of the new primary where trump is an elite a week from tuesday.
6:30 am
outrage over "the boston globe" cover. what a charm presidency would look like with an entire page of fake news. he went on the attack. questions over delegates on the side of the race. hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders over the weekend this year and the same number of delegates. earnings season kicking off later today when alcoa reports after the closer looking to the winners and losers ever while the growth be in the earnings season. the golden state warriors for winning its 72nd game in a single season. will they be able to make it 73. plus the meltdown at the masters to report for jordan speith. >> my goodness. maria: look at what went wrong coming out. futures at the higher opening for the broader averages. its markets overseas.
6:31 am
this morning at the start we are looking at money moving into stocks. dow industrial to open up 50 points. "the boston globe" publishing a fake issue of the sunday opinion section. it slams gop front runner donald trump. the newspaper showed what it thinks a charm presidency will click one year into the future. the satire headline in the front page of the paper reads deportations to begin with smaller headlines raining u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families and markets sank as trade war looms. the harsh critique sparked an evil reaction of the week and i the newspaper worthless. >> how about that "boston globe," worthless, sold for a dollar. they made up a story. they pretended trump is the president and they made up the whole front page of make a loose story, which is no different from the whole paper. i mean come of the thing is made
6:32 am
up. maria: joining us right now, talk show host howie carr. thanks for joining us this morning. what did you make of that? it was all fake news. they wasted an entire cover. >> i know, maria. it wasn't on the front page. it was in the opinion section. maria: so why appeared to >> it was april fools' day. they have a terrible reputation for having fabricated columns, fake jayson blair, where he learned his trade before he went to times. donald trump is right. they want the paper for $1.1 billion in 1993. they lost hundreds of thousands of readers, hundreds of millions of dollars. they were going to put the paper down. they were losing $80 million a year. such a bad, rotten, lying newspaper. and now they put this fake page out there.
6:33 am
i don't understand the timing of it. it is more than a week after april fools' day. most people in the media don't give into april full text anymore for obvious reasons. they have this overheated editorial insight to gop messed up donald trump. it reads almost exactly like the editorial that ran in february before the massachusetts primary. donald trump got 49% of the vote, 31 points ahead of john kasich. they obviously have no clout in the republican electorate not to mention the larger community. it brings back all these memories of bad journalism by the globe. maria: no wonder it's failing. >> you wonder why americans trust 80s car salesman over the media. this is a perfect example. when this happened to journalism? it's almost difficult to use that word.
6:34 am
this is "saturday night live" and it's bad. if they paid a billion dollars for this paper is a billion dollars too much. this is a paper that justin showed down. maria: what they have ever done the sailor clinton? dagen: no way come and know how because they would have accused them of sexism. you are starting to hear more of that. der mccaskill, nails on a chalk board, bernie sanders says she is not qualified and he has to back track on it is the undercurrent. they are playing a very interesting game because if they anticipate they will go. >> they are not the only ones. let's be honest. dagen: that's a very good point. >> in her corner for a long time and we are watching them play out. this is an extreme example of supporting her. >> one of the other points you
6:35 am
can make here is one of the headlines in the paper's new label and targets absolute and price. tamil trump casinos or defend the sites going after reporters he didn't like. can we have a little truth here? who went after citizens united? who went to shut down a a documentary sheep from unflattering to itself. donald trump was just thinking about it. but she went to the supreme court. she still says she's going to shut down the first amendment when it comes to criticizing politicians. who is the real villain here? maria: unbelievable. dagen: this is a ridiculous cover. we go back months and months for that. donald trump does need to start thinking about if you write down what he has said, if you see it in the headline, he needs to live with that reality that you
6:36 am
are going to see it in print "the new york times" today. mainstream media has the story about how his back and forth on issues where there it is nuclear arms in japan and south korea to even the use of torture. he does have to live with that. >> i agree. but about the other candidates but never do this but hillary. one of my favorites from bernie sanders says he told john harwood there were too many different choices for americans. can we bring up some of these things? he said that women fantasize about being gang by three men. why is all this stuff off the table are barely on the table with donald trump is open season on him. >> it is a fine line with donald. part of his appeal if he says that a lot of people are thinking us politically not correct.
6:37 am
he goes to some extremes i agree. he got to be careful. part of donald being pummeled in his success as he doesn't sound like the politician. because now we are in that phase. people are looking at the issues going wait a minute. where do you stand on this? maria: you said earlier he could've had this wrapped up months ago had he done more of what she's talking about. rally your sulfur on the issues. >> unequivocally he could've wrapped this up a long time ago because you can control in the dialog. he is self funding. he has chosen to attack the system instead of figuring out how to work the system. maria: final word from you. >> he has benefited from his tax. for instance in massachusetts and new hampshire, "boston
6:38 am
globe" is very unpopular. he's been saying the same things you heard him say yesterday about the globe in the manchester union leader. it is beginning to backfire now. that is how is god where he has his ids attacks that resonate. maria: will be listening on the howie carr show. good to see you, sir. thank you so much. expecting a higher opening for the broader averages today. alcoa, went to watch will kick off earnings season today. will report after the bell tonight to report declining earnings and revenue for third quarter in a row. sap, the software giant with weaker than expected results. a slow start to the year in the u.s. it did however backed its full-year outlook to the stock edging howler. when the earnings will be done.
6:39 am
>> it is how much that will move to market this week as bank earnings. that is the biggest overhang and went day. everyone else coming out on thursday. they are the second-largest factor in the s&p 500 is 17%. they will dictate the market moves for earnings season. especially because janet galan is moving at 3:00 to talk about the economy. maria: janet yellen, and jack lew. >> they are going to be talking about too big to fail. maria: jpmorgan reports on wednesday. the estimates come down going into the earnings season. corporate executives speaking out. our next guest is this only puts u.s. companies at a disadvantage around the world. golden state warriors tying the record for the most wins. they only have one more game to break the record.
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treated to the treasury department penalizing companies that move headquarters overseas for better tax rate. including our next guest who believes these nose create more of an opportunity to invest in the u.s. brad &-ampersand. welcome back.
6:44 am
speed bag thank you. great to be here. maria: you thought almost immediately when pfizer walked away. this is a huge deal. the 10th largest company in america and they made it much more expensive and difficult for the deal to take place. >> so much so that they stop it. >> what you think about the new rules that do just that i'm up at the clamp on mergers and havi america. >> i'm not in favor of companies saving america. the reason we had the companies want to leave america is that the highest corporate tax rates in the world. we wind up double taxing income by american based companies. both the president and the republicans and they are business tax policies to
6:45 am
regulatory changes one of the worst solutions we could've had to the problem. maria: we are highest industrialized tax at 35%, dage mcdowell. you can't compete like ireland does. >> you heard from the ceo of pfizer's family begged congress to do something about it, but the white house won't agree to corporate tax reform unless it is an overall tax hike in terms of the revenue. in terms of the way the white house has handled businesses were 392 regulations, the major issue that president obama's administration in the last seven years. would you want to run a company at this point given the headaches, given the regulations and attitude in washington? >> yet, i still would. the president yesterday said the country is in the strongest position of any country in the world. all sorts of strengths we have.
6:46 am
part of the reason the economy is growing faster than most developed economies. we really got a lot of structural strength. i think what we are doing is diminishing our competitive strength in sydney diminishing our rate of growth. i would find that this is still a great opportunity, a great place to run the company. they could be so much better and we could be growing so much faster. if you look at the practical implications of most of those regulations come and they get in the way particularly small developing business is growing. that's what those of us job creators are talking about trying to get to the change. >> this is government at its worst. meddling where they shouldn't be. in the private sector business because basically they don't know anything about it. most of them are lawyers. but frankly, none of them have had to make a payroll.
6:47 am
they don't understand the supply chain and the regulators making his regulations have no idea the effect it has. >> it is going to stifle investment. >> you have to pay much more in terms of regulatory fees. you're not going to hire new people. >> why was pfizer and allergan trying to get together because pfizer has $25 billion of cash overseas that they want to put towards here the united states. that was the whole basis of why they were tried to move ashore. and the money back home. instead of enabling pfizer to put it to work in the united states, they actually stifle the period here's the question to you. ceos who control the companies, are they going to hold back and wait through the election cycle? maria: have been doing just that. >> yeah, they are.
6:48 am
economists covered a couple weeks ago the regulatory environment actually entrenches -- diminishes the dignity and entrenches existing behavior from corporations. it discourages investment and competition from coming on challenging larger companies both of which are bad for growth for the economy. i strongly agree that you are right also that those folks in government are not interested in the practical ramifications of the regulation on decision-making. maria: great inside it is always good thanks for joining us. we will take a look at what happened to jordan speith at the masters next. here's some of last week's tops moments from the program. >> if you are not nominated, you can't be canceled. all the speculation about somebody magically showing up
6:49 am
eight and a half in. >> shenanigans at the convention. drop in somebody other than the two who have been out there working will destroy the republican party. >> my colleagues and i have punched a premium on not just getting better and jobs. it is creating choices. >> i want to address the taxes and the secretary of treasury is the person who is the expert on this. it is complex and there's winners and losers in the heart thing to get through congress. maria: move that higher city can see what you're doing. that's the one that looks like a cell phone. wow. reaction to these commercials on all these gorgeous women. if they really making people want cheeseburgers? >> we introduced a week or two said that people in the restaurants can get familiar with how to make them.
6:50 am
when we run the ad, sales go up. maria: the real-life jerry maguire is here. how is coming back from bankruptcy as citing a first-round pick. this baseline is dagen: show me the money. maria: that's what i'm talking about. the >> in 2010 i went into sober living in a set of nothing also be sober and a good father. a couple years ago we got refunded and have one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. maria: apollo 11 astronaut talking about how space travel has changed since he was on the moon more than 45 years ago. 30 seconds to see who gets the most baskets. >> let me know when you catch a period maria: joining me ,-com,-com ma michael camero. good to see you. >> good morning, maria. you are my america.
6:51 am
maria: you are the best.
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back good michael jordan, the golden state warriors have arrived. good morning. the >> good morning, maria. what a sunday in sports. the meltdown of the masters and the warriors tied a record. in a victory to set the nba single-season mark, the warriors trailed early on. staff curry, a 65 shot didn't count because he missed the bus there. 65 feet. he could hit from outside the rain in the fourth quarter.
6:55 am
golden state just took over this contest and would go on to beat the san antonio spurs 92-86 as they now have 72 wins on the season. they've had michael jordan chicago bulls 20 seasons ago for the most wins of an nba season. they will go for the record wednesday night against the memphis grizzlies. if you want to be at the game at oracle arena in oakland, it is going to cost a pretty penny to see the warriors take on the memphis grizzlies. look at the most expensive ticket. $15,900 would get you a vip courtside seat. you get to sit on seth curry's flat. that's a lot of money. the cheapest is $380 that does not cover the tissues because they are nosebleed seats in that horrible arena. dagen: did we see the choker around the world? >> they choke on the water.
6:56 am
and the post says chokes on spieth. the guy lost a lot of fun yesterday. let's look at the 12th hole. jordan said he was set to become the youngest that to back winter, the youngest two-time champ in this first shot on 12 altogether the goes right into the water. he drops the ball, tries it again and this time straight into the water. the golf ball was thirsty. maria: did i hear that they were having a baby? >> this story is great. we've all seen the highlights. danny wille too took the advice and fed beef up all, his wife was expected. the two day was yesterday. little good will it know that his due date was to be a major champion. he would not have been able to
6:57 am
play in the masters had his wife delivered on time. she delivered i think 10 days early. will it went to the masters and you see him here. the >> when spieth presented him with the jacket. it was all over twitter in terms of the kind of banners underneath. >> the most important thing that came out of this weekend was the biggest winner was under army. seth curry as well as jordan spieth. maria: kevin plank is one of the best. >> humans $1.8 million for winning the masters. jordan spieth, 880,000. maria: thank you very much. trump's campaign policy adviser, stephen miller. back in a minute.
6:58 am
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so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. maria: good monday morning, everybody. monday, april 11th at top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast that republican race headed towards a contested convention. candidates running for votes and delegates ahead of the primary next tuesday. ted cruz sweeping delegates in colorado. cia director john brennan taken a shot at donald trump and ted cruz saying he would not use waterboarding that the future president demanded it. i will talk with policy adviser stephen miller in the program. questions every delegates on the democratic side of the race as well. hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders yet earning the same
7:01 am
number of delegates this weekend. her e-mail investigation still loving. president obama addressed it during an exclusive interview with fox news chris wallace. >> i continue to believe she is not jeopardized america's national security. >> judge andrew napolitano with his take coming up. the death of the newer country new orleans player jeff smith. jordan spieth costing him nearly a million dollars in prize money. get ready to pay more for netflix. pay more if the company is raising some prices. practice this morning up in higher this monday morning i headed the all important first earnings quarter kicking off tonight and all the major banks supporting nader in the week. stories coming up. features expecting again in detail about 70 points. with me, dagen, kevin kelley and fox news contributor georgette moscow.
7:02 am
happy monday. a cant miss lineup this morning. trump campaign senior policy adviser stephen miller is with us. judge andrew napolitano appeared former mississippi governor and rnc chairman haley barbour stops by in the depose his daughter is a clinton superdelegate. she will join us as well. you don't want to miss it so stay with us. our top story this morning. controversy in colorado after ted cruz took 34 delegates despite there being no primary or caucus in the state. trump is still living with delegates 743. cruz has 545 delegates.trampledn the near primary race with the latest polls giving him 54% of the vote. ted cruz 15% of the vote. adam shapiro standing by at newcastle new york with the latest from the other side of the aisle. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria.
7:03 am
hillary clinton will be here for a fundraiser later this morning. this is the total delegate count. superdelegates plus the pledged delegates. 1756 to bernie sanders 1068 after the democratic caucus in wyoming each got seven delicate even though bernie sanders soundly defeated hillary clinton, he's won eight of the last nine contests against mrs. clinton. according to fox news, she is beating him in new york but we are still eight days out from the near primary and that's one of the reason she is going full-court press in places like newcastle. later this morning a conversation with hillary. this afternoon she will be in washington for a conversation on gun violence. also launching a new ad campaign. take a quick look. >> he says we should punish
7:04 am
women who have an abortion. mexicans who come to america should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and americans stand for. >> you hear that she is turning her attention to donald trump. bernie sanders launching another turns his attention thing is a real knee-jerk or the missile resonate with voters who might like ted cruz when he talks about your values. bernie sanders same thought years, sports in new york or rocklin born native son. that purpose, the fundraiser this morning at $500 for the cheap seats. one.dollars mid-level. $2700 for a preferred see where you get red faced with mrs. clinton. maria: adam shapiro in new york.
7:05 am
republican front runner at donald trump/not over the weekend over the delicate system. watch. >> this is a crooked system, folks. i am not a fan of bernie. i couldn't care less. as far as i'm turned, i couldn't care less, but he wins and he wins like me. i 1 millionth of millions of votes. we've got a corrupt system. it is not right. we are supposed to be a democracy. we are supposed to be you vote in vote means something. we are doing fine. we should have wanted a long time ago. trade to bring in a donald trump campaign senior policy adviser stephen miller. takes for joining us. >> great to be here. maria: clearly on the democratic side of the race at the hillary clinton superdelegate, it seems people are questioning the
7:06 am
fairness of it. >> a lot of people are learning for the first time just how much the delicate system is in some ways disenfranchising the voters. you can think of a more germanic example than what happened in colorado. i mean, you have ted cruz who styles himself more recently as a man of the people, crowing about a delicate win in the state that canceled. i repeat canceled its election. there was not an election in colorado. maria: and yet the delegates went to cruz. >> just for a sense of the magnitude, think about this as an example. let's say that you are a soldier in colorado who served overseas in iraq to provide iraq with a faith in secure election. ever with the purple fingers a few years back.
7:07 am
that soldier and colorado, she can't vote for or she wants to be our president. cruz should be demanding an election in colorado if he is a man of the people. >> stephen, if you run for the president, presidency of the united states coming you know this going in. it does seem like hiring and getting the campaign to gather that the trump campaign with not prepared for this. that is not the candidate who spent out there. he's the leader. he is the ceo. he didn't have his ducks in a row up until recently. >> there's two separate questions. should there be an election? should one person out one go. the trump campaign says yes, the cruz campaign says no. the second question about parading in a system where people don't vote it was strategy should you have?
7:08 am
obviously we will do the very best we can. >> you should've said that last year saying we are -- before the primaries and caucuses ever started. >> here's the bigger context in that. donald trump beyond anyone's wildest dreams to fight any expect patients that they could've said her candidacy. he's up against the donors come the special interests. many in the media, many in the establishment. that's a remarkable thing. people have to realize as you go through the process you constantly have to raise their game and raise your game. none of that changes the fact that the people of colorado were disenfranchised. >> one of the reasons people are disenfranchised is because they are not sure about the policy. we keep talking about the things on the outskirts and not necessarily policy.
7:09 am
we had my mcguinness on last week on the committee for a responsible budget. in $19 trillion in debt in the next eight years does not add up. the tax plan is incredibly costly. i would like you to take us through his economic plan and how it relates to creating jobs and how he expects to eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years. >> one of the things he needs to understand about our debt situation and deficit situation is welfare spending primarily that is the largest item in the federal budget. it's about a trillion dollars a year. more than we spend on medicare, more than defense. getting people back to work off of welfare will do more to reduce the deficit than any other single program you could imagine.
7:10 am
if you reduce the tax burden substantially in the regulatory burden substantially curtain back overseas capital and on top of that change our trade deals for a full employment economy, you will save hundreds of billions of dollars a year just on welfare expenditures alone, not even counting trillions of dollars in new revenue. the economic recipe will do more than anybody else to reduce and ultimately pay down the debt. maria: what kind of growth which you expect? my mcguinness says in order to get these numbers to materialize you need 16% economic growth. that's the projections you have? >> we are not forecasting 16%. i do think this is a very big difference between us and senator cruz. maybe one of the most important
7:11 am
differences. senator cruz is a demagogic supporter of cheaper goods are always better. if china can devalue currency, that is good. what ted cruz doesn't understand this growth is driven in part by net exports. the gap between how much we export in how much we import. right now the cap is a trillion dollars a year. depending which estimate you look at, a full percentage points from gdp year after year after year. it's not a coincidence the slow growth era began in 2001 after china entered the world trade organization and we begin seeing the huge spike in our annual trade deficit. nor is it a coincidence that last quarter we had anemic 1% growth and we also notched in 2015 are largest ever trade in goods deficit with china. maria: you've been so articulate in terms of the issues around immigration which is why went down trade.
7:12 am
most people would say free trade creates economic growth. how do you push back to those people questioning your stance on the transpacific partnership, tpp trade deal. >> to me this is the difference between demagoguery in ideology versus fact-based reasoning. we had decades of data to review in the peanut trade deals. in the late 1960s you can look at the share of people working. the percentage of men age 25-54 not working has tripled since the 1960s and i really expect big-time after nafta and after china. you can also look at wages. wages have been stagnant for four decades. the middle class is also 10 percentage points smaller than 1970. metric after metric after metric
7:13 am
you seen a shrinking installing that the middle class. you would think you'd see that in the conditions for working people. whose the economic powerhouse in europe, germany. germany maintains a strong manufacturing base. any chairman today who says i wish we'd spent all of our manufacturing to china. >> will quit, policies around terrorism. your take on what john brennan said in terms of listening to trump should he win the presidency. listen to this. >> i would not agree to it. maria: how about that. the head of the cia saying he's not going to do waterboarding if president maria: exit. >> the historical record clearly shows that the waterboarding that occurred to a limited number of people after 9/11
7:14 am
helped old mentally overcame number of terror attacks and was essential in disrupting the al qaeda terror network which really took a huge hit in the years after 9/11. the evidence in the record is clear the value book not actionable intel. the other half of it in another big difference is trump has said we should have a temporary pause on migration from these countries to improve security screening method. to us that's common sense. maria: great to have you as always. thank you so much. stephen miller. we will be right back.
7:15 am
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at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. >> maria kummer retired nfl football player will smith was carried by a guy man. a prominent member of the new orleans saints team that won the super bowl in 2010. smith was killed by a gunman who rammed his car t. smith near the front quarter. the suspect arrested at the scene. if i'm out $1 million. police maria: determining motive for this. there may be a connection between a lawsuit against the police and 2006 over the shooting of his father.
7:18 am
he had been warned well spent the night of the shooting. 219 or college student shot and killed in baton rouge, louisiana. victims were shot during a gunfight between two men. a 22-year-old suspect charged with attempted second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon. this guy really had to be hungry. the guy on the screen broke into a five guys restaurant in washington d.c. early friday not to steal money, but to make himself a burger. police say the suspect followed the delivery guy into the place and waited until he left before going in guide. he made himself a cheeseburger, got some water and mud. anyway, must've been hungry or drunk. anyway, loyal customers to netflix get a big thank you from the company. customers pay $7.95 with
7:19 am
standard hd service paying an additional $2 starting next month. 17 million subscribers affected by the price i did they raise it for new members last year. orange is the new black. you have to pay for it. >> event last year is only for new customers. and now people get hit. maria: thanks, cheryl. there is a brand-new food craze taking over new york city. we will tell you what will leave you hungry for more. back in a minute. ♪
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back. the largest division care company in the country with 80 million members. making glass is the ultimate wearable device. a startup focused on using data to track i related issues. joining us now is global ceo jim grant. good to see you. you brought one pair of glasses. tell us why they are so special. >> we are working with other companies to develop the wearable technology into the frame is held. this pair of glasses you can tell by looking none of the built-in to this temple is a wearable device similar to a fake date or devices people are used to wearing today. you can track all the standard steps and call a raise ,-com,-com ma but when you wear
7:24 am
your glasses come in this of your body you're able to track so many things like how you're walking. a coach will tell if someone is favoring one side or another, get them out before themselves. someone dealing with parkinson's or ms learning to walk again, you're able to track data and understand how their walking is impact did either improving or not and put a plan in place. >> isn't advanced enough to say i have an infection in my eye? i just had a corneal ulcer. if my qaeda earlier my doctors told me it would have been -- will this summer there's an infection in my eye? not for that. the most important thing is an awareness that people should get an annual eye exam. if you go to the dentist twice a year or your teeth fall out. we need the same type of training. what a doctor can determine by
7:25 am
examining eyes every year, all kinds of diseases before a general practitioner. early signs of diabetes, high cholesterol from an annual eye exam. maria: how would you characterize that i business ?-questionstion? >> its expanding and we are continuing to grow as an industry. back to awareness and access. but we focus on as a company is the idea of being i business to individuals. we want to make sure we are able to provide accurate and eyewear in as many channels as we can. basically what the consumers demanding. by 2020, 50% of our numbers will be millennial spirit we need to make sure we cover channels and that's why the focus. dagen: glasses are cool again number one. in terms of collecting the data, i don't want all that
7:26 am
information about the altair. i don't want it in a cloud. i know what you tracking it. >> absolutely. it's a completely voluntary program. you have to make a choice that you want to be involved with your doctor, with your medical teams on this idea. basically enriching your electronic medical record with personalized information for what you do day in and day out. but it's completely voluntary. any of the data used for the would have to be anonymous or not gated in your information would be safe. maria: and there's nothing dangerous about having all the technology a right here by my brain. >> not for what the testing the show went. there's always been that scare with cell phones. >> so if you're thinking about apple watch, people want that before fashion for devices. with that happen?
7:27 am
>> great question. our goal would be to develop this and all sorts of eyewear. not just sports eyewear. we work with nike and calvin kline. we do while the design and development of their eyewear. we will be building these wearable devices as well. maria: jim, great to see you. jim the grand joining us there. bsp. hillary clinton subway troubles aren't going anywhere. especially hilarious recaps of her taking over the internet. a "saturday night live" tape. an epic masters meltdown. how the 12 hole cost the defending champ, jordan spieth nearly a million dollars. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep.
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good. welcome monday, april 11. top stories 7:30 a.m. republican racer is a contested convention. candidates having delegates in the new york primary week from tuesday where trump is still in the lead. soothing delegates in colorado. trump blasted the system. she explains the situation. >> i've been a delegate at four
7:31 am
conventions. no, it is rigged. however, it is the way it's been. there are rules. maria: will talk about that. delegates on the democratic side of the race. hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders in wyoming, yet she heard the same numbers of delegates. it all started at the 12th hole. maria: that was painful. look at what is going through his mind this morning to the booming business. men's journal with their top five picks. you want to stay with us for that. features indicate a higher opening for broader averages on wall street. again a 60-point of the dow jones industrial average. earnings expected down in the
7:32 am
first quarter. hillary clinton addressing the controversy that moves over a presidential campaign. the democratic front runner dismissed the idea she will be taken away in handcuffs or allegations saying there is no chance that we'll have been. >> they live in the world of fantasy and hope because they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. there is not even the remotest chance that it's going to happen. they've been after me as i say for 25 years and they said this about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false but kind of ridiculous. >> president obama addressed the scandal this weekend, guaranteeing no political influence in the justice department investigation. >> i guarantee there's no political influence you in any investigation can acted by the justice department are you guys not in this case but in any case full text.
7:33 am
nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the justice department because nobody is above the law. trip to germany right now, analyst judge andrew napolitano. he was pretty adamant about that answer. >> u.s. he is facing a lot of speculation. information is linked from the fbi and sources around the fbi that the evidence against her is compelling, is told here is probably enough to get an indictment. if that doesn't happen, somebody way high up, attorney general herself or someone in the west wing of the white house decided we don't want to indict hillary clinton right now. the president has said that's not going to happen. the president revealed an alarming disinterest or ignorance about the
7:34 am
classification of confidential top-secret. maria: do we have that soundbite? let's run it and then get comments. >> is classified as classified. the stuff that is really top-secret and there is staff being presented to the president, secretary of state or you might not want going out over the wire but basically stuff you could get. >> area go. classified and unclassified. >> there's three categories. confidential, secret, top secret. confidential may differ bill that could embarrass the country paid sticker remains if revealed it could harm the country. top secret means they could gravely harm the country. the federal laws put these things in those categories. not because somebody put a stamp
7:35 am
on them with one of those three words or phrases that because of the essence of what's in the document health. mrs. clinton on her first day in office recognize or obligation to recognize the stuff whether it's marked confidential, secret, top secret or not. >> that's a great point. can you comment on the fact that it's gross negligence in not for a criminal? her intent was to prevent e-mails from becoming public. isn't that enough? >> normally negligent in is not enough. negligence is carelessness. >> there are degrees of negligence. carelessness is the lowest level of negligence. gross negligence is the highest level. but gross negligence is sufficient to justify a prosecution for a notched because the courts have said so because the statues to go.
7:36 am
the rare federal statute where the government doesn't have to prove intent. but they can if they want to because there's at least two e-mails were mrs. clinton cut and paste. remove the classified and senate to the fax machine you have whether it's a secure fax machine or not. that shows an intent and a pattern to avoid and evade the espionage. >> you have to give immunity to a former staffer which is interesting. the most fascinating it shouldn't the president say he cannot comment on an ongoing investigation? maria: that is more important. dagen: is he sending a message? >> i don't know what message he would be sending. the fbi is going to go where the evidence takes that no matter what the president and political
7:37 am
people around him walk. can you stop an indictment from happening? of course he could partner. he could also say i don't want her prosecuted in this time. comment in this area for a variety of public policy reasons, even political reasons than you are by attorney general. if he does that, the fbi will leak all the evidence that it has supporting that. >> the secretary of state should not be commenting. >> i've got to believe her confidence in this and what she said that it wasn't going to happen. she is so confident about this. >> what she says that it's a dog whistle to the fbi, by which i mean the fbi is watching everything she says on television and on her campaign appearances. when she dismisses the significance of the
7:38 am
investigation, when she mocks it, but she predicted the outcome is that nothing will happen to me, that aggravates them. that didn't mean them. they are human beings. maria: bride pat leonel community to up his close aides going out and talking to the fbi the last couple weeks. everything else is leaking. is there a recommendation to indict? >> is a choice for her. the political advice would be yes. the legal advice would be now. when you have a client, a white-collar client, intelligent person asked him to speak to the fbi, you never let them speak to the classic mistake of martha stuart. on the other hand, she is posted so many times something inconceivable. nobody believes her. she said it so many times. if they invite her and amber
7:39 am
peels that, they will leak that. >> is top secret and top, top secret. >> and very confidential. >> talk about having a sense of humor. there is classified them as classified. i wish i had known that. maria: judge, good to see you. coming up, i'm not done for the ages. how jordan spieth loss a masterly done once it all whole. take in new york by storm. how it's an obsession for food enthusiasts. back in a minute.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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7:43 am
maria: welcome back. a meltdown for the ages. call for jordan spieth with a five shot lead on the 12th hole this weekend. two water shots in a bunker change today big-time causing sub two from going from a big way to last place in the span of minutes. as for psychologists dr. jonathan bader. thank you for joining us. what is going to raise mine? >> first of all, this is a dominant player. in order to choke you have to be dominant. it is so disappointing not only for him but for us. a guy here who's been at the absolute best in the game in its
7:44 am
crushing for us because we empathize with him. what goes on here is when someone is at the highest level of the game and you come in to defend the title, there's a lot of pressure on the u.s. and athlete. if you don't know how to deal with adversity, it can be extremely challenging. maria: only one way to go. >> golf is such a hard game. so much skill involved. are these the toughest athletes? >> there's no team, no way to be able -- you really can't hide mistakes. in golf, everybody is watching you and it increases but mccaw sports psychology arousal. you get more amped up. and it's good. you want that. you want to be prepared. if it gets too much, if you miss a shot from you get inside your head. you don't have a method for quiet in your mind, you're in
7:45 am
trouble. dagen: don't you think he has a method? even at his level of play that he has worked for sports psychologist and still got the best of them. >> i'm sure he has. what i know it's all golfers bring in the coaches say let's bring on your sitting except he changed his routine. at the end he said let me keep my coach a few extra days. he might be nervous as we all learned performance. but he changed his method and that could have been some of the reason you saw that. we all show up to work with a different version of herself every single day. it's about how you train your brain to be prepared for diversity. when something goes wrong, then you're in trouble. >> what would he have done in the moments after he started to go down? >> stick to your routine. trust yourself. commit to your shot. in order to do that, you have to have a healthy self talk.
7:46 am
a way to communicate with yourself. if you read the things he says, there's an element of self doubt. this is a guy whose young. he is a master, a dominant. it takes time to really feel comfortable out there on a circuit like that in front of the bright lights. to have a sense of knowing how to trust yourself and practice that trust. >> something got inside his head. is there danger it happens again because once you have been start to psych yourself out. somebody on twitter scolded me about using the word choke. doing live tv i know something about choking on live tv. >> what we do, you say when things get rough, would you do? you try to shake it off. that's not a dancer. the simplest way to do it, the
7:47 am
very simplest way is to focus on breathing. it's so easy. i tell every professional athlete if it can be put on one page as they take don't do it. i work with the lead performers in every arena. first responders, you name it. if you can't say it in a season is, don't say it. learn how to breathe correctly. diaphragmatic rating in and out. know how to do that. it's very easy to learn. i can teach anyone in 10 minutes. focus on breathing. center yourself. way before people like me. >> show us how to do it right now. what you want to do is we know that breathing is relaxing. if you can breathe more or less six breaths in and out or minute. it's impossible to do that. the way you do that is by counting. so we count three seconds or for
7:48 am
seconds there for a second. we will do three. three seconds out of breath with a two or 32nd pause. hold on. maria: don't stop here will stop breathing. >> in 11,000, 21,031,000 out. in, 11,000, to 1000 -- al. you've got to commit. >> and my breathing and not much on the subway? >> be careful where you breed than what you breathe in. dagen: i started suffering from panic attacks when i was done and my mother taught me this and it works. maria: i learned it in yoga. it changes the way you exercise.
7:49 am
>> it's all about appliance sports psychology. what can you learn and how can you apply to business and parenting, et cetera? >> thank you. a $22 billion industry. after all that breathing we might need a few to bring you the most popular craft burrs. if you're looking for a sweet snack, we've got you covered. rainbow cake taking over new york city's desert scene. we will tell you all about it when we come back. you shouldn't have to go far
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maria: welcome back. have you heard about the craft market. 22 and one third billion dollars. churning out more than 31 alien barrels a year. 121,000 jobs in the u.s. last year alone. the editor of men's journal picked their favorite american craft beer. matt allen, senior editor at men's this is a tough job. >> very hard. a lot of work goes into it. maria: give us your take on what sells. >> i brought five that represents what's going on in america right now. this is called teal 41 from washington. it is barely stronger than a light but has a ton of flavor. great sunday afternoon beer. over here we have a lager from california.
7:54 am
blogger is a classic german they really haven't gotten into until now. this is sort of an american take on it because there's a lot more hops. maria: y has crafted beer taken off so much? >> part of the whole food in. people realize they can get great local food that tastes better. >> iua kraft beer drinker? dagen: he doesn't look very discriminating in terms of. >> you said it's kind of the lower calorie side. all that good stuff. >> we've got a urban barrel aged out. it is really sort of getting into an ongoing trend. brewers are pushing limits of what beer can be. it's made with coffee and chocolate and its age for almost
7:55 am
a year before they release it. dagen: so you are saying it tastes kind of like dirt. >> no. would you like to open one up? this one here is red angel in asheville, north carolina. this is an ale brewed with four pounds of raspberries for every gallon and aged in a wine barrel. they wanted to create a beer that was similar to the experience of eating fresh rest areas. in a very different beer for maine called swish. cologne where i come from.
7:56 am
>> they didn't use darker in it. it's got tons of hobbes. whereas this is several pounds of raspberries. >> is a full craft beer sam adams? >> it's been around 30, 31 years. certainly the most widely available, one of the first. maria: is kraft beer more expensive? >> some of these are more expensive, but your peeve though pilsner, those are about $10 a six-pack. >> to distributors getting in to the majors, how are they getting the shelf space? >> a lot of distributors save they are like a budweiser. there's also independent ones coming out. a lot of it is state-by-state rules and how it can be distributed. >> max comic thank you so much for the 411 on this.
7:57 am
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. freshly made in the japanese tokyo-sttradition.noodles. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at maria: good monday morning. i am maria bartiromo. your top stories right out 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. republican race headed towards a contested convention.
8:00 am
the head of the new york primary week from tuesday. ted receiving delegates in colorado. front runner donald trump blasting the system. >> at the cricket system. we've got a corrupt system. it is not right. we are supposed to be a democracy. we are supposed to be used to be youth vote and the vote means something. maria: questions over delegates on the senate race as well. listening to bernie sanders of it this weekend coming as she earns the same number of delegates as he did. the latest delegate count straight ahead. the terrorist attack on brussels. belgian authorities are failing to terrorists initially planned a different attack. let me tell you where they wanted to strike. earnings season has arrived. what it could mean for the rest of the year ahead. the numbers are out this week. it will set the tone for markets. meltdown at the masters. jordan spieth collapsed, costing
8:01 am
nearly million dollars in prize money and taking the internet by storm. we are looking at this coming out. markets this morning indicated higher. a higher opening for broader averages on the kickoff to the fourth order earning season. nasdaq and s&p 500. all the stories coming out. joining me this hour in this morning, dagen mcdowell, recon capital kevin kelley and george had. great show so far. lots to come this morning. our top story right now is the fight for delegates. controversy in colorado after ted cruz took off 30 for delegates despite the fact there's no primary caucus in the state. overall theories account. trump leading with 743 delegates. cruz has 543 delegates. the latest polls giving his 54% of the vote and ted cruz 15%.
8:02 am
adam shapiro standing by in newcastle, new york at the latest from the other side of the aisle. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, maria. a fundraiser underway at 8:00 a.m. a conversation with hillary in newcastle which is around town part of the same area. $500 to $2700 a ticket to a breakfast with her. the latest delegate counts you mentioned by him in a much bernie sanders among the caucus democrats and they both got seven new delegates that the final count when you include everybody is hillary clinton 1756 to bernie sanders 1068. one week out from the new york primary, she lays bernie sanders. 53%. the only area where she does not leave sanders is among men. hillary clinton has launched a new ad this morning in which is going after someone other than sanders. take a listen.
8:03 am
>> he says we should punish women who have abortions. mexicans who come to america are and we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stands for. >> maria, hillary clinton may be turning to bernie sanders. launching his own this morning in which he talks about new york values. he's born in brooklyn, and native son heading the state trying to beat her in the april 19 primary. back to you. maria: so exciting. both headquarters and the sanders and hillary clinton did. adam shapiro joining us right now. mississippi governor and former chairman of the committee, haley barbour. thanks for joining us.
8:04 am
the chances of a contested convention for a gop would become a more real. >> it is becoming more likely than not. it's a very hard path for donald trump to get 1237 delegates. he's the only one that has any chance of doing that. 30 points in new york. he can get there mathematically, but it's a mighty hard road. maria: what is your take? she's a delegate and she was very clear earlier. she clear earlier. she sent him a delegate, but it is. >> well, georgette and i have been friends a long time that i would disagree on that. democrats have a large percentage of delegates on automatic delegates. the republican side is 168 out of well over 2500. it is very much different on our side. i delegates are generally like did either under state law
8:05 am
either by a primary state party convention or the state committee. they are not appointed by anybody. the democratic side has a large percentage they are. they are super delegates and frankly that is most of the difference between secretary clinton numbers and senator sanders. >> haley, i see what you are saying. i've been to six republican conventions, a delegate at four and basically it's different in different states. state parties pick their delegates. they are basically picked at the top of the party loyalist to go to the convention. so when i use the word, that is what i meant.
8:06 am
basically this is not about the primaries and the grassroots picking republican nominee. it is about the republican party picking the nominee. in fact, a lot of the primaries are closed and you could only vote if you're registered republican. as a delegate committee's delegates come from the state and usually it is a group of prominent republicans at the very top of the pyramid and not state that basically a lot for delegates. >> host: does trump have a point in getting upset by this? >> guest: first of all, the republican nominee for president not to be republicans. anyone that considers himself or herself a republican and vote in our primary. as georgette says, the primary determines how delicate it shall be, who they should vote for. the individuals who are paid are
8:07 am
picked by the state convention, not by the primary. very few states have found it to be a worthy system to put delegates names on the ballot. very few. and for the conventions to pick the delegates, it is very appropriate because as we've seen from ted cruz and we've seen in the past from ronald reagan or pat robertson or whatever, the people who can organize on the round, people that get people with enthusiasm who go to the county convention, go to the state convention. there is real value for that later in the general election has this is not only television show. >> it would be chaos in cleveland if trump were cruz does not get the nomination from the republican party. >> well, the person who finishes with the largest number
8:08 am
delegates automatically when. the answer is no and both parties. for 200 years, both parties have required the nominee to get a majority of the delegates and if they don't get a majority on the first ballot, then there will be a second ballot. let's don't forget if the rule was to ever get the most delegates get the nomination. abraham lincoln would never attend president. maria: that's the point. the rules are the rules. the tram supporters are going to be upset. speed not have crews are trump doesn't get it, wouldn't that be chaos? maria: why necessarily would that be chaos? >> i'll tell you why i disagree in that you've got a lot of people voting for them. in fact for the open primaries that republicans.
8:09 am
so if it's the one that takes the nominee, and they have a right to go to the voting process on the floor and pick their nominee. if it isn't crews are trump, it's that they've chosen someone else. >> the people didn't choose that person. maria: governor, go ahead. >> reagan got the most votes in the primaries. a million votes. president ford won the nomination. reagan didn't complain. reagan knew the rules. >> it's like the electoral college. i'm sorry. those are the rules.
8:10 am
dagen: one as the governor. didn't trump know the rules when he started running? i know it plays today i am antiestablishment to talk about it now, but are you surprised he wasn't better prepared for this. >> let me put it this way. it is clear that it's been hard working and effective on the ground. like sanders, cruz has done much better in caucuses states where the primary went to trump. the cruz people worked aggressively like in louisiana. those are the rules. they have now come to work for trump who has been a managed conventions for previous candidates for president. very much involved with gerald ford in 76.
8:11 am
the last contested convention. but yet, the trump people did not focus on this very much if at all. maria: on the super delegates for hillary even though bernie sanders is winning the popular vote. the word on that real quick. >> they have a system where so many people are automatic delegates and that takes it out of the hand of voters any influence on the automatic delegates. we don't have that system. we don't let our national rules overcome with the states want to do. generally our national will says that the state wants a primate that their business. but everybody's got to play within those rules. maria: governor, good to see you as always. thank you's much. governor haley barbour. the golden state warriors making history. young golfer jordan spieth cost a big paycheck.
8:12 am
taken the internet by storm, the rainbow cake -- raindrop cake. a live demonstration of the weekly creation next. stay with us. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
maria: welcome back.
8:15 am
new details emerging after belgian authorities arrested a third suspect in last month terrorist attack. cheryl casone with that and the other headlines. cheryl: that's right, maria. good morning. that man in the hat has confessed to being a third attacker after being detained. prosecutors revealed he was planning a second attack on france but was forced to change the target of brussels after suspected pair pares attacker was arrested in salt lake authorities were closing in on him. president obama sat down with chris wallace on fox news sunday where he reacted in the recent string of terror attacks. >> the job of the terrorists in their mind is to induce panic, induce fear, gift guide you to change who they are. what i've tried to communicate is you can't change us. you can kill some of us, but we will hunt you down and we will get you.
8:16 am
transporter a story that sounds like the tv show gilligan island. the u.s. navy rescuing voters for an uninhabited island after their boat hairbreadth these. sailors were forced to spend two miles to shore at night after the vessel was with a huge way. they were on the island for three days and maybe planes spotted they had spelled out on the sand the word. that's exactly what you should do if you end up on a deserted island to yourself. over the weekend, disaster hitting jordan spieth at the masters. he bogeyed 10 and 11. two shots on the water in the par 312th. the bogey behind the winner ended up winning by three strokes and a second masters appearance. the first englishman back in 96. he shot five under 67 in the final round.
8:17 am
also in sports, the golden state warriors tied the record for most wins last night. said kerry had 37 points in the warriors ate the san antonio spurs for their when the 95-96 bulls for the record. the warriors have one game left and they need to win to break the record. they will finish the regular season at home. quite a game. finally, i love this one. berkeley is preparing to ask its bankers if they have any friends. the question the top of a staff survey expected to be distributed in the next few weeks. employees have to name their best friends at work. collect and make friends in the workplace are more likely to stay loyal to her the hope of this is going to culture the bank. i think it's a great idea with all the friends in this building makes a huge difference to like the people you work with. maria: agreed.
8:18 am
dagen: that is the secret to success of the people who work here. we deeply admire and love each other. maria: and management. really love management. >> people on berkeley's friends at each other? that's weird. maria: earnings season is here. winners and losers straight ahead. then we have the internet sensation the raindrop cake in studio and the chef who created it. we will be right back. ♪
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maria: welcome back to earnings season gets underway. alcoa reporting, corporate report cards to show weakness in the first quarter. joining us right now is s&p analyst, let it out. good to see you. thanks for joining there were high. what are you expecting for the first quarter? >> at not a pretty picture. expected to decline 8.1%. the thing here is seven sectors out of 10 are expected to report declining growth. this isn't just energy messing things up. we've got a lot going on. ex-energy growth to be negative point x 3%. maria: energy will be done,
8:23 am
manufacturing. >> you also have tech. those numbers came down substantially over the last week. goldman sachs, morgan stanley that, morgan stanley the two that were cut by 20% and now it's a lot driven by expectation for every type. we heard janet yellen last week or the next dictations have come down significantly. not a good business for capital markets and they don't have a lot of products so sure. >> so for the marketed as the raindrops without getting wet. we have recovered from that. financials are the second-largest or the s&p 500. the report this week. what are earnings look like and is it dependent on their guided and going forward. >> guidances always keep key. the financial growth is negative 6.1%. that was reduced from flat a week ago. that is how bad analyst eric again this year to go. we need interest rates to start
8:24 am
again. that is something we've been waiting for. >> each quarter seems to be another trough. and that is kind of adding up after three quarters of this. when you look at it that way. >> if you look at the full-year numbers, numbers have come down so much that if you look at the s&p 500, over 17 times which is high compared to historical average about eight times. my thinking here is first quarter the numbers have been cut by 900 basis point. we haven't seen that biggest cuts in the first quarter of 2000. maria: in the last couple weeks we've been talking about how analyst after analyst cutting estimates of the first-quarter numbers overall. we will see a selloff of these numbers come out. >> numbers coming in a lot better this quarter than they did. >> here is what is actually
8:25 am
going on. the fed should actually raise rates given how well the economy has been doing. when you look at what chairperson someone has said. the dollar has gotten weaker, which is actually the tail wind for earnings because they've been reporting on a constant currency basis. it's a risk on environment, but the warriors next year. we no earnings are coming down. it is what they are guiding going forward. >> let me ask you about financials worst-performing groups in the s&p 500 down more than 7.5%. by the analyst catching up to one investors already do in terms of earnings? >> investors are much smarter than analysts. they move much faster. the market really doesn't care. we saw that last quarter. earnings are down 4% in the
8:26 am
fourth quarter of last year. the market took a nosedive quickly in the first quarter here but it went right back to flat again. i don't really think the market is trading off of earning. it's trading off global concern and economic data. maria: what was the data? >> the best that areas consumer discretionary. 11.4%. then you've got telecom with 7.2% in health care with 2.9% growth. that is -- the good news is the consumer discretionary sector with the really good numbers out of the come news that have reported. carnival cruz line. we will give for that are supposed to do well. zero, otto, internet. >> verizon was one of those up 14%. that is it. maria: good to see you.
8:27 am
thanks so much. senior analyst. still to come, the calorie free dessert taking new york to be by storm. we will tell you why raindrop cake is all the rage right now. with so many options available, who has the juiciest burger? coming up, back in a minute. s of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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>> good monday morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's april 11th. your top stories 8 a.m. on the
8:30 am
east coast. the republicans likely headed to a contested convention, and the primary, donald trump is in the lead. and ted cruz took colorado delegates over the weekend. trump addressed the issue. >> whether it's me or bernie sanders, when i look at it and see the victories that i've had and the victories that he's got and look at the establishment, i want to tell you, it's a corrupt deal going on in this country and it's not good. it's not good. and it's not fair and not fair to you people. maria: new questions over delegates on the democratic side of the race as well. hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders yet she earned the same number of delegates that he did. we have breaking news on that straight ahead. at britain's yahoo! daily mail, interested in acquiring the assets. the cake takes the internet by storm, the rain drop cake
8:31 am
sensation and dessert sensation coming up. the dow jones industrial average up 50 points on this, the kickoff to the first quarter earnings season which kicks off tonight with alcoa, the controversy over hillary clinton's super delegates grew over the weekend. bernie sanders won wyoming giving him eight wins out of the last nine contests. despite the victory, sanders and clinton will take home seven delegates. hillary leads the delegate race by only 250. when you exclude super delegates, but when super delegates are included, mrs. clinton's lead increases by nearly 700. joining us right now is nancy pelosi's daughter and hillary clinton's super delegate, christine pelosi. good to see you. >> good to see you, maria. maria: thank you for joining us. so you are a super delegate. we have another delegate here in the studio, and she's a delegate for the republicans and says the game is rigged. do you think that things are rigged? >> well, i would say this, and
8:32 am
good morning georgette. >> good morning. >> i would say this, i've been to 41 states campaigning over the last ten years doing my campaign boot camps and everywhere people say the same thing, why should we bother if the fix is already in, if the establishment's already going to win, if the machines aren't working, if the outcome is predetermined and startening 2008 when i, as an elected member of the democratic national committee and a super delegate, started what some of the grass roots called the pelosi club, where in my mother and i both super delegates said our vote at convention should go to the pledged delegate winner. i've been fighting for reform because i think that when you have super delegates, it's important for us to go to the convention and weigh in on the platform, but we should not overturn the democratic process and this year, i teamed up with the bernie sanders supporter to say in february, we're on team democracy, i'm going to work my heart out for hillary and my
8:33 am
friend is working her heart out for bernie, when there's a pledge delegate winner we're going to support that winner and i would urge every to support us. >> isn't it window dressing when you say you make it appear that there's some super delegates are going to be for bernie and some are for hillary clinton and that's isn't true. i mean, the super delegates are for hillary, it's been set up for a very long time, and are you really telling us the super delegates aren't committed to hillary? that's not what we're seeing. >> i'm telling you in june, i think that all of the super delegates ought to go for the winner of the pledged delegates, even bill clinton. >> the winner is set up by the . but if the winner is count of delegates, a delegate count, then you decide before who the winner is because you're super
8:34 am
delegates and you decide-- >> all i can do is-- >> in the primary season. >> well, i can vote for whoever i want, georgette, it's a democracy. if i have a candidate i'm going to speak out on his and her behalf and that's why i testified in 2009 after we went through the same issue with barack obama and hillary clinton in 2008, i testified that they ought to reduce the number of super delegates from 20% down to 5% and should just bind us to the winner. >> that sounds-- >> if they had accepted that we wouldn't be here today, i still think that my idea is a good one. >> i think it is, but the point is, you haven't had the reform and right now we see bernie sanders has won eight of the last nine and yet, she-- hillary clinton's way ahead because they put in the super delegates for hillary, not for bernie. >> well, to be fair earlier you said-- put them in for barack obama in 2008. the reality is until you have
8:35 am
this reform, those of us who are super delegates now can make a statement now that we're not going to overturn democracy. that's the best that we can do. >> yeah, sure. >> to make sure that people don't think that it's rigged and know that their vote is going to count and that we're going to be accountable to the american people. we want all of these hillary and b bernie supporters to get together after the june primaries are over. all we can do now until we reform it for next time is to demystify it this time, but i agree with you, georgette, when you say that it does feel like if there are a group of people who have the power to overturn what the american people are doing by turning out to primaries and caucuses, you're going to increase cynicism and decrease turnout and i think that democrats and republicans ought to be encouraging more team not left. maria: christine, do you worry about that-- . dagen: it's dagen mcdowell, in
8:36 am
terms of bernie supporters regardless of what happens, they're going to feel like they aren't represented, and that that-- because much has been discussed about fissures and a decline in the republican party. what about the democratic party, you have a giant swath of young voters who are for bernie who will feel like they're robbed. >> well, again, i think i have a way to resolve that which is for everybody to quite quickly acknowledge and support the results of the pledge delegate count, but, yes, bernie sanders has brought in people to expand the base and hillary clinton has gotten 2.5 million more votes and a couple hundred more pledged delegates because of her work to consolidate the base and we need all of the people who have been involved in the primary to stay on for the general, so, again, outreach, respect, and pledging to support the winner of the
8:37 am
pledged delegate contest is, i think, a step of the democratic leader, i feel it's important to take-- i tell you i have some great friends who support bernie sanders and we're fighting it out right now, but i'm confident we can come together in june. >> we want to talk about this, this hilarious talk on former secretary of state's subway experience last week. i'm sure, did you see snl this weekend, christine? >> i did not, i did not. maria: watch this. >> too excited after the warriors victory. [laughter] >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. [laughte [laughter] >> it's been a while. this isn't working, this card. [laughte [laughter] >> it's the best way to get around. >> i guess no matter, no matter what the contest is, if you're parodied on "saturday night live" it's a good thing.
8:38 am
what do you think about that, christine? >> well, i don't know, i have a clipper card out here in california and i use it all the time and sometimes it doesn't work, of course, lucky for me, i don't have the national media watching me as i'm trying. i hope she takes it in stride. i tell you, i was born in new york and my sister alexandria still lives there, there's really nothing quite like new york politics and very rough and tumble. you guys are tough. i don't think we're going to be that tough when they get to california. maria: christine, great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. maria: christine pelosi there. coming up, it's the all american burger battle. talking about the latest fast food craze sweeping during burger chains and of course, there's the minimum wage. if you have a sweet tooth. what about a dessert with no calories? that's the raindrop cake taking the internet by form and we have it in the studio and the
8:39 am
chef who came up with it. we'll talk about him coming up. ♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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>> welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. we're expecting a higher broader average. yahoo! is up this morning in the pre market after britain's daily mail reportedly said it's considering a potential bid for the troubled internet giant. the bid for yahoo!'s core giant, it will be a hotly contested battle. alcoa kicks off first quarter earnings. it's expected to report declining revenues for the third straight quarter and we heard from s&p capital that expected earnings are expected to be down 8.1%. mcdonald's rolling out what
8:43 am
might be the biggest big mac, four hamburger patties between three sesame seed buns. four patties, three buns. the angry whopper topped with a pepper infused bun. and who can forget the carl, jr. and hardee's creator who stuffed an entire picnic in a sandwich. and joining us is famous dave ceo, ed, good to see you. >> thanks for having me, glad to be here. >> that's a lot of sandwich, these burgers, so we're getting bigger and bigger in terms of burgers, that's what's resonating with the american people? >> i think anytime you have new news about a menu you're going to get people excited about coming in and trying things. it's never about the single hamburger or multiple, it's always about the total meal and use and how you fit that into your life style.
8:44 am
it's fun and i don't think that people should eat a whole bunch of those things, but it's a pretty good idea. maria: we've got such a competitive market for burgers. dagen, you've got shake shack, in and out burger and smaller companies in to get the burger market share. what do you think is going on. dagen: fat burger, whataburger. and are consumer demanding a better quality product out there? >> i think so. and it was always a great struggle to are me to get people to understand how good mcdonald's food really is because if it's fast, it can't be good, which is nonsense. if you went to the peninsula hotel and had eggs benedict you'd be eating 540 calories, you go to mcdonald's and you get 300 calories. and the same canadian bacon and thomas english muffin and
8:45 am
everything except the holland -- hollandaise sauce. >> how does it play into the calories and calorie count and fattening of america and obesity problem? is this just bigger with more calories and how does that play? >> well, if it was 100% of their sales i'd get worried myself, but the fact of the matter is, it's a unique marketing opportunity, it's something to have new news to talk to the consumer about. you know, and the hamburgers are a pretty mundane creature and you've got to do something to get people excited about your food and that's one of the ways to do it, but if you look at the obesity problem in the united states, the largest percentage here in communities where there's not access to a variety of food. it's not about hamburgers, it's about the total diet. there is no such thing as bad food, but a bad diet.
8:46 am
>> let's turn to the minimum wage, california and new york moving towards $15 an hour in minimum wage masses reportedly on the list. what type of affect is it having on your industry? >> well, you know, it's inflationary and, you know, you talk about going from an average wage of $10 up to $15 for a new minimum. you're talking about a 50% increase in wages. you look at that, the small businesses are going to get crucified with these rules and you know, the joint employer stuff, the union organizing and these restaurants can't afford that, and keep in mind, franchising is probably the best small business model in the world. and this serves to destroy that, whether it's the restaurant industry or the daycare business or the bet care industry. it's inflationary and it's going to cost-- >> governor cuomo says this is about fairness, this is about people needing to live above
8:47 am
poverty. you think it's a job killer? >> i say i know it's a job killer. if you go back and look at the average volume of a typical fast food restaurant 25 years ago and the number of employees they had, the head count is down 50% in these restaurants. they're going to substitute equipment and robots, you know, i went to the restaurant show last may, and it was a shock to me to see robots making pizza. you can't live with these kind of wages and-- >> robots will not be able to make a better pizza than you. that's not going to happen. >> so we're starting to see-- and we're talking about franchisees and hamburger because they can't pass the price on to consumers. are we going to see some of the corporations, mcdonald's allow the franchisees to increase the price of goods?
8:48 am
>> no corporation has a right to tell franchisees, what they're going to do, they're going to do what they can to survive. they're going to raise prices and get rid of people. the number one cost over food cost is labor cost. there's no way around it. maria: ed, good to see you, thanks so much, sir. come back soon. >> look forward to seeing you again. maria: ed rensi. america's next food obsession now that we're done with burgers. how the raindrop cake is taking new york by storm.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
♪ oh honey, oh, sugar sugar ♪ ♪ you are my candy, girl, and you got me wanting you ♪ >> well, we all have a sweet tooth, but for those of you who worry about extra calories, there's a brand new dessert everybody is talking about, the rain drop cake is a calorie-free treat that is taking the internet by storm. and darin brought this treat from japan. this was already popular in japan. >> yeah. maria: and you sort of crew up op things like this? >> yeah, i remember being served this type of dessert, served with fruit syrup and fruit on top. this is a common dessert in asian cultures and i want to introduce it to the u.s. the it doesn't have a lot of
8:53 am
flavor, but you appreciate it mainly for the texture, it's cool and refleshing and delicate and many people think it's going to taste like yellow and this is nothing like yellow, the most common reaction that we get. and then we top it with the roasted soy flour and adds a flavor to if for the combination of sweet roasted flavor with a light, refreshing texture and it's just like a palate people haven't experienced before. dagen: so it has calories with the syrup, but not a lot. >> it has sugar so calories, but the cake itself-- >> how do you do it? >> serve it in a bamboo boat and we squeeze some syrup there and serve like that. and you can mix it around, and you want to kind of get everything combined to get the full experience. maria: dagen, try it.
8:54 am
dagen: what i want to do, i want to stick my finger in it, but i'm not going to-- >> and explain agar. >> it's a jelly, it's alternative to-- it's sea algae and no animal products, it's vegan friendly. >> it's about the texture, so, this is an intense sugar syrup that you created, but it's water with-- but it doesn't have that thickness that a jello would. maria: why would i want water for dessert? what about the chocolate. >> it's like a very japanese thing, isn't it. >> minimalistic, simple. >> if you've eaten the bochy ice. maria: i answered my question, it's actually delicious, that's why you want it. no calories, light and refreshing.
8:55 am
>> you get all the flavor for least amount of calories, you know? good calories economics. >> why is it popular in japan, do you think? >> it's common and probably here because it's new, but in japan, i think, you know, it was a twist on something that we're all familiar with the emoji cake. dagen: the experience of eating not just the taste, but the texture. >> in japan, t cuisine is interesting, and they put in a lot of delivery and presentation as much of the flavor experience. maria: it's delicious, gelatin and mineral water. the raindrop cake. stay with us. we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
8:56 am
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♪ ♪ move a little closer, want to hear you whisper ♪ ♪ come on and settle down inside my love ♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts from our panel. kevin kelly? >> it's earning season starting this week. and the banks are leading it off, the bulk of the banks, so financials are going to dictate market action. there's a lot of great value especially on companies that have yield. the 10-year treasuries are at
8:59 am
1.73 and core cpi at 2.3%, you're getting the negative real yields on treasuries. >> it's fascinating. >> what does it mean for the average guy and gal that wants to invest in the market. what does it mean? >> they should look at companies with good balance sheets and you talk about the s&p analysts, like a verizon wireless, something like that. >> we're not talking about this election season is that we have 34 senate seats that are up and 24 are republican. dagen: hello. >> okay, the top of the down-- what they call down ticket. who is at the top can really, really affect those elections and we're worried. maria: the republicans are worried they're going to lose the senate. >> absolutely, almost more worried about that than they are winning the presidency. maria: that's an important point. dagen: i'll end with this brief, just brief inside your
9:00 am
own head, choking, you know, having a meltdown. >> am i breathing right? >> we had a lessen on that earlier. just breathe. good to see everybody. kevin kelly and dagen mcdonald. and "varney & company," over to charles payne in for stuart. >> we've got a lot of stories for you and donald trump calls it a corrupt system as ted cruz grabs gobs of colorado delegates and your opinion, is it fair or just the rules? same thing on the democratic side, maybe worse. bernie sanders going after hillary's super delegates, he can't win without them. his new line is maybe hillary's judgment isn't as high as it should be. that's a good line for him. and a cia chief says absolutely


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