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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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95 to 5 not bad. thank you. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: mercy, look what i'm watching, welcome to the week, the best part of your day. now i'm watching ground game. eclipse the gum flapping, and world supreme negotiator appears to be melting down. donald trump's media eclipse has served majority of his presidential quist, but -- quest so far, but. trump does not seem to deliver on his promises of artful negotiation. so now he is a little further down in delicate count, than he would like to be.
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and party pals whose crucial votes made decide his fate, you ul think they man, could easily sway the pawns, he should be delighted to use his natural skill set to secure nomination by what should be for him, ease jeff means at his dispose all. but, jump sounds whiney. >> what they are trying to do is subvert movement in crooked shenanigans. >> you sheen shenanigans, no, yeah, that is right. anthony: kennedy: art of the donald has hire a weathered establishment hack to secure those fickle delegates, all too common in politics. >> i acknowledge we did not play in colorado, i acknowledge they have taken approach to county conventions they don't care about the party. if they don't get what they
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want, that is is not going to work. kennedy: isn't that what donald trump has been doing the entire time. he is dominating in the empire state, with over 50% of the vote. thanks to his nontro traditionalism, he can't get a handle on ground game. he is both out mid by a campaign that is busy reading fine print, it may be a stupid unfair system, but sudden being a masterful negotiator all about using that sim to your advantage. until you are in a position to change it? worry for trump campaign is, he may blow his 5 shot lead going into final round, and spieth himself out of the race .
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trump may be munsonned in cleveland. >> munsonned? what the hell is that? >> you know munsonned. to be up a creek without a paddle, the whole world in the palm of your hand, and blow it, a figure of speech. kennedy: he could add a sad new figure of speech, and getting trump to have presidency in palm of your hand and lose it all, due too our own failures, #so sad. president obama said his administration will not interfere with the fire fbi probe of the hillary clinton e-mail server. >> should we believe that? >> charlie debunks what a trump supporter is. and finds sympathy on the way, i am kennedy.
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kennedy: donald trump reins supreme, ted cruz he is winning the ground war to be g.o.p. nominee, can cruz out maneuver the donald. let's ask the party panel. fox news contributor. sabrina chafer, you guys are in for quite a treat. so tell me, pete, shouldn't the trump campaign have read fine print, when it comes to the rules and various states. and how delegates are meaded out. >> assuming they would bump rush the process, with media and money by getting those votes that bow would happen, from minnesota we had a caucus
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system, i have seep them, county conventions, and district conventions then state. state. >> little marco. >> you know, if you don't organize on first day, you will lose today. this is slow process, with campaigns can beat the pants off those that are not. kennedy: in places like colorado they are not just decided at one, vepght, i event, some decide, among themselves at various parties, trump, screaming unfair. kind of a weak response from them. are you surprised? >> i am not surprised. brings me back to fourth grade, i did not do my homework assignment the night before, and guess what, i did not do well, that day in class, you have to plan ahead.
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but this plays into his play book,. kennedy: it is not just washington these are individual states, state parties deciding for themselves. >> i am confident that last august when colorado changed its rules nobody thoug trump would be on ballot. i think this is him trying to get around that. kennedy: i don't think that there was a ton of forsythe, you are right about that. if you were donald trump's handler, how would you make him feel better today. >> i don't know if you could, but i think that is working, because, whole reason people support trump is they say, establishment is not listening to us, they don't care what we know, she successfully spinning in colorado, those are rules, seeing, so people who support him will support him more hard-core because of this, this will intensify. not about making him feel better.
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he will not feel better, but about getting as mean people as possible to be angry with him. kennedy: he is about to stumble on a bunch of statue of liberty size momentum, all eyes on new york, gearing up for a crucial primary. hillary clinton as well, according to latest fox news poll, trump well ahead in his own state. beating john kasich, by other than 30 points, above that 50%, and hillary clinton, maintains a highly lead her own over senator bernie sanders, kind of her home state. if you count carp i carpet bagging. does new york feel the race, is it more important than wisconsin. >> i don't know for trump but i think it is interesting for hillary clinton, she is expected to win this she is ahead over 50%. but, what is interesting this is not about voters, bernie
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sanders support is a momentum. a movement, it is quite possible that those voters could getting it and ride that wave out, that would be telling, and concerning for clinton campaign. kennedy: they have 8 days to do this, sanders campaign with 8 days to make up 16 points, that is two point a day, you don't want to lose that much weight, can they gain that much momentum. >> there could be a couple surprises in this cycle, that is a lot to make up, they are under performing in new york city, he thought he would do well. kennedy: why do they like hillary? >> a good question. >> i don't know why anyone would like hillary. kennedy: they elected bill de blasio, and he is possibly being investigate by fbi, that makes hillary clinton case, saying see they inves investigate everyone. is there anything right about this election.
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>> no, but, i am not a member of either party, maybe i will have a home some day. >> libertarians could organize. go get off the couch. >> i don't mean to laugh. >> i'm sorry. >> true. >> that would mean libertarians would have to stop being libertarians. kennedy: pete, how dare you, take it back. you can make fun of your own family. you can still come over for christmas but you have to spring that bis -- bring that big casserole. >> i think there will be surprises still to come, i think we have a long way to november. kennedy: we do. it is exhausting to think about it, in some ways there is no shortage of stuff to folk fun at, but then, it only
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april. >> and the same cast of characters. >> but they are getting smaller. kennedy: i think they could, insert weirdoes. >> true. >> they could borrow some from my family, "boston globe," makes a fake cover page, with an imagined trump presidency, i ask my panel what would a hillary page look like. >> are there big developments he is sweeping under the rug? stay right here.
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kennedy: this week, "boston globe" released what they call a front page in trump's america, a satire, dealing with mass deportation, frightening libel laws and soldiers disobeying the president's orders to commit more crime, that was not the actual front page of the paper. how about a hillary clinton white house? let's ask the party panel.
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can we drum up any ideas? they are back. cat, i will start with you. benefiif "the boston globe" would be fair and balance, what would a hillary presidency look like on their phony bologna editorial. >> it would beyond, that all she says. you know about that is i don't know. everyone moves on. that is great kind of. i might start doing that. kennedy: any other candidate did that,. >> you i am a female, i feel like i share too much with people openly, that i know might make them judge me rather than say, i don't know why someone would have said that, i did not do that thing. that is gross. >> would she cry sexism. >> yes, just like, she would not even be on the paper, she knows that more people sieve her fac see of her face they dislike or merand more. it is true.
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you know, it would be like of the people who criticized her. they are sexist, it would be more like taking other people down. less hillary is when you like hillary more. kennedy: true, she was popular when she went from soggy bottom to who. let's talk about this i know people were outraged like oh, they are being mean to donald trump because he is a conservative, i was like, no they don't sell newspapers, they are trying to be funny. or telling ted cruz, the daily news did to take the fu train, are they just trying to sell papers? >> 100%. they are trying to get out absurd each other. get a bunch of clicks point to people that lose money, say we're a viable. that is what they are doing. i think if hillary coverd it would be clinton pardons self. bill clinton internship program off to rocky start. kennedy: do you think that
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donald secretly loved it 1234. >> i think so. >> and more things to rail against. >> people are tired of this election, if we can't poke fun at what is to come how do we make it through november, i tell, if hillary clinton is winner it will be least fashionable white house we've seen in many years, the fryar, you know. >> i think that bill clinton could wear evening gowns. >> little girls crying how they are treat the unfairly in school. it will be horrible. kennedy: i think that, obama presidency has been worse for race relations in this country, people had a lot of optimism that it would be a big turning point for us, in many ways we took a few stipes back, i hope it does not happen for sexism and gender disparity.
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>> on article, why now? 9 days after april foolsa. >> that would have been good one. way better. >> they were sleeping they forgot, wait we can maybe -- do the whole month of april. kennedy: they could have done it on sunday after article fools. kennedy: sure. >> they messed up. >> they did. >> they messed up. "boston globe." yeah. >> gosh, under of mash holes. >> can we say that. >> we did. >> pete, you are a veteran, a salute you. >> you can say that. >> expert come up with a measurement to determine if you are crazy or not. president obama said that white house will stay away from fbi investigation of hillary clinton private e-mail serve ir. there is a crucial aspect he is not talking about.
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, author has the analysis you need, that is next. stay here.
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you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. kennedy: hi there, i'm in my happy place, president obama reaffirming that white house will not interfere with fbi's probe of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, but also defended her behavior. >> i said, she acknowledged there is a -- a carelessness. >> she will be treated. >> guaranteed, full stop, nobody gets treated differently with the justice department.
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because nobody is above the law. kennedy: excuse me. joining me now, fox news legal analyst, ar -- art. >> pleasure to be on. kennedy: the president said his administration is in no way going to interfere with the investigation. it his public declaration, and opining a form of influence. >> i don't think it was a fox news alert, that he said what he was supposed to say, nobody is bigger than the law. who he is sending vibes and messages to, that is in his own mind, obviously he is speaking to a fox audience, he was stuttering hillary has
8:23 pm
admitted to -- careless. sometimes careless is criminal, that is also negligent or reckless, you can be indicted for, that i don't think at this second, with what we know that hillary clinton is out of the woods, i still think that james comey will sit down with loretta lynch and give a recommendation. it will be for her to turn that back on james comey, he has so much credibility, he is a straight shooter, if he said, my fbi agents have this evidence, here it is, almost impossible for her to say no. kennedy: do you think that the fbi has been good about not leaking the information or has it been leakier than it should be? >> well, there officially not that we know of a grand jury presentation.
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>> we would know about that. >> it is supposed to be secret . i think relatively speaking they have been pretty good at controlling the leaks. there has been a lot of mi misinformation, timing of this out,ike impope to figure out yet so important. what if it is after the convention, it is september, they empanel a grand jury. someone the frontrunner doing president of united states will have a grand jury empanelled again them is hard to believe. kennedy: she almost has a 50 /50 shot of being the leader of the free world. that is such an important
8:25 pm
case. i think that is why she lost 7 of last 8 contests because there are a lot of questions about her character, what happens if she is indicted. >> i can tell you this much, human beings that are indicted by federal government, likelihood of them pleading guilty to exphg something i believe is 90 percentile. the likelihood of her plieding to somethinpleading to something is high. i am glad that president obama put that out there on the record, that you know there will be no influence. whether that accurate or not, i'm not 100% sure. kennedy: she laughs like a schoolgirl on nitrous every time she is asked about this. there is nothing ser --
8:26 pm
serious or measured about the way she answers this boarder line rude. >> she knows, if she is gone and a republican wins white house, barack obama knows that last 8 years -- will get almost erased. obamacare will disappear. he needs her to win. kennedy: you are right, she is the only thing that secures his legacy. >> i think that is why she has it degree of confidence. kennedy: i admire you. >> and you too, especially your car. it goes with my hair. kennedy: come back soon, you are great pinch person, go have a beautiful night. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, what sort of dog breed makes the best hockey player? top canadian scientists testing dogs on ice. topical storm is next.
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kennedy: when your labyrinth is infested with minatars, this is the "topical storm." topic number one. sometime you just crave a good calorie-laden cheeseburger. but what if it's 3:00 in the morning and all the five guys have gone home for some reason? one guy broke into a washington, d.c. five guy and made himself a tasty burger. he didn't steal from the cash remember sister or walk away with spendive equipment. he broke in, made himself a meat sandwich and left. who would have so little will power that they would rather break into a store rather than
8:31 pm
i have a theory, it's chris christie, and he's the hamburglar. topic number two. this next "topical storm" sent in care of bob quick of southampton, pennsylvania. dogs have been bred over the centuries to perform specific tasks for their owners. dachsund were bred to play hockey. never not funny. they are cute.
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they are even good at it. better than then in * devils. but can dogs capture the true essence of hockey, sportsmanship? yeah, when they put on the foil. that was from "air bud 8." just before the dog kills all the surviving mighty ducks and eats them alive. topic number 3. does hollywood have another bloated and boozey power couple on its hands? prepare yourselves for bromance and battery. nicholas cage and vince neil scuffling in sin city.
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after their skirmish this weekend that ended in a bear hug and two pairs of the most tender lips almost touching, the world is wondering if they are the new jay-z and beyonce. they hugged it out in a man-brace after nick stopped vince from smacking down a lady. it could have been another case of cage rage that we have seen before. whatever the case. i'm fully aroused. if i got to hang out with these two i would never be leaving las vegas.
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yeah. topic number 4. tip of the hat to erin's. it just beat the guinness world record for the world's longest human mattress domino chain. take a look. they are having the time of their lives. to pull this up, they had to
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line up 1,200 humans and mattresses for 13 minutes of human dominoes. but remember be if you encounter a mattress in the wild, alert your local animal control agency. never not funny. bring on the primates. topic number 5. ever since travis the chimp tried to bite that lady's face off non-human primates have been suspect. this monkey didn't like the way his human counter part was waltzing along the street minding his own business. so it did the on thing a monkey can do when it runs out of options.
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he drop kicks him in the back. monkeys have been in the news quite a lot. including this fella who terrorized a brazilian bars with a knife. maybe he had concerns over the zika virus and his fertility? you have got a monkey on your roof. they can't all be cool as this cucumber. i give you as a monday gift the smoking chimp. he just looks so cool doing it. i haven't smoked in 20 years. but seeing that monkey makes we want to -- i know, it's a chimp, shut up. i show you that gorilla doing bong relationships. but this isn't colorado.
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you can tweet me @kennedynation and find me on instagram using #topicalstorm. should students be able to take medical marijuana to school? colorado is eyeing the problem. later charlie leduff heads to trump country. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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kennedy: today the colorado state legislature reviewed a new law that would allow students in that state to use medical marijuana in public schools. currently they can use edibles at school as long as the district agrees.
8:41 pm
so far no district agrees. and they would be administered by a nurse or parents. so gaylord focker would give your gummy bears. ifer doing out percocet and ritalin and nyquil and god knows what else in public schools, why not medical marijuana. >> these are outslier cases, kids with terrible diseases like kreeb ram palsy. i'm asupporter of legalizing marijuana. but i think we need to be a little bit sort of with freedom comes responsibility, right? i think having edibles is something we have to talk seriously about. i do think it's a veal conversation.
8:42 pm
>> give the kid the weed. >> i used to have to go to lunch every single day to get my ritalin in the first grade because i had some behavior problems. i would lie and say i was going to gets my allergy medicine. but if i could get my speed, why can't they get their weed. >> if you are willing to be the faces of this movement. kennedy: one of these case the parents were giving the kid medical marijuana in the form tsp oil. you saw a case where a little gi the only thing that helped herb was a specific kinds of tac oil. unfortunately it's still a clumsy business. are you opposed to sick kids getting well.
8:43 pm
>> of course there is examples where this will be useful. but i just feel like what could go wrong, more drugs in schools. >> you are repro-seizure -- so purchase pro-seizuring children. >> there is a way you could administer it. it has to be administered by a parent or nurse. >> you can't have them walking around with a backpack full of gummy bears. kennedy: researchers at knox college illinois identified the traits, jobs and hobbies that make people creepy. if you are watching the show you may already been creepy.
8:44 pm
clowns, taxidermists, sex shop owners, funeral directors and taxi drivers. i do have the body of a clown in my freezer. >> you called me creepy twice. here is the thing. i was once romantically involved with a clown. he was not dressed as a clown -- i was over the age of 18. it was only a few years ago. but he was in clown college. i think taxidermy is cool. when i die if they can stuff me that would be awesome. does that mean i'm creepy or you have guise just don't know how to live? kennedy: are we leaving something off the list? >> one thing that stuck out to
8:45 pm
me was people find tattoos creepy. i don't know if that's an age differential. i'm wondering do people 65 and plus think tattoos are creepy any was surprised birth taxi driver thing. kennedy: the on people who have tattoos are people in prison and sailors. and that's it. you were saying you were hard from the get-go. what are the creepy things that men do? they here at -- they leer at women and touch them inappropriately. >> i thought transgender -- kennedy: that's what hillary clinton is fighting for, equal
8:46 pm
opportunity. >> creepiness. i wonder for a minute if some of the women's groups, my progressive counterparts initiated this study. who else would couple with 95% of the people being labeled here are men. >> i was watching the early part of the show. kennedy: fit weren't for leering, i would get so little action. so i celebrate the leerers. this has been a glorious day and nighttime full of reckoning. my heart is full. my seat is warm. coming up, charlie leduff tracks down a trump supporter. stay here.
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kennedy: establishment republicans have been quick to depict trump supports as angry white big ots with welfare checks and a bone to pick. they painted a picture of a theoretical drug addict named mike from new york and speculated why such a person would rally for trump. he went looking for michael new york opioid addict and found something else. take a look. >> isn't that a mike? >> not that i know of. i don't know everybody. >> no mike? >> there is no mike. there is a kevin whose dad's name is mike, but no mike.
8:51 pm
so let's settle for kevin. do you use? >> i'm a nurse. i used to work for general motors before that before they moved to mexico. reporter: kevin says world trade and wall street have done nothing to improve his life, so he looks for something new. however crude and obnoxious. >> i would probably vote for trump, you know what i mean? >> how come? >> he's hitting all the right spots. >> what have the republicans done for you? >> i don't really know, to be honest with you. being a republican, no. i can't answer that. >> belittle a man, you lose him,
8:52 pm
you lose his son and you lose your party. kennedy: here now is charlie leduff. when you went to that town you can't find any drug addicts named mike. did you find a lot of kevins? >> i didn't find a single mike. this little town is 8 houses wide. it's four corn and i canned it out of the air. if you want to write by the and imagine wham going on in our head, get off your fat asses and do your job and stop taking the economic numbers and torturing them and twisting them. wages have gone down. the wealth has disappeared. there is no work, if you can't figure it out go to your niche party and do what you do at your convention.
8:53 pm
cern they make a sizable block. >> they are half the party. what does a white working class person mean? they don't have a college degree. you could be typing for aliving, i guess that's working class base you don't have a college degree. why do they go to trump? he just says stuff. cruz just says stuff. clinton if it's working for everybody else, she just says stuff. we want something done out here. in that piece the kid, the kid that apparently these people don't take take care of, he want to join the military before going to college. this poor nice kid, because he want to serve his country. how about that? that's where we come from. i read this stuff, i watch this stuff, and it doesn't fit what i'm living and what people around me are living. wake up, national review and the
8:54 pm
week and "huffington post" and "new york times." get out here and honestly reflect what life is. kennedy: life for donald trump is about to make a big momentum shift. he will do well in new york and pennsylvania, but it doesn't seem like that will be enough to salvage his candidacy going into a contested convention. and i think there are people like kevin who get frustrated at the thought that their vote won't lead to anything. >> that's the last thing you are going to take from a working man is his vote? that's the only thing that make him equal. we have four wings in this state. i don't hate anybody, i'm not upset with them. whoever we pick i'll respect the choice. but before we get to respecting the choice, let's respect each other.
8:55 pm
kennedy: i respect you, charlie. >> well, you are not the media, you are kennedy. my mother like you. kennedy: bring her to new york city and we can do some cannonballs. charlie thank you for being here. appreciate it as always. coming up if the presidential candidate had super powers, what would he be? there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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kennedy: when you think trump supporter or clinton supporter or burn victim, what comes to mind. one man's studio hit the street in new york city to find out for me. >> trump supporters are. >> loving him right now.
8:59 pm
>> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, oh, you are all losers? >> hillary clinton supporter are. >> they are followers, not doers. >> hillary clinton supporter are all the queens. >> anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president. >> who would bernie' super power be? >> mind control. >> what's super power. >> if you could have one super power what would it be? keep my own brain. >> to pick ss everyone in the world off. period. kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show tonight. tomorrow i have judge andrew napolitano and charles cook and andy levy.
9:00 pm
you can follow me on instagram and facebook@kennedyfbn and >> they were recognized as the best team of the 1860s. >> their 155-year-old baseball card... >> we are looking at a very significant piece of baseball history here. >> and she's looking at a very strange inheritance. >> he's my great-great-uncle on my dad's side. >> which one is he? >> now here's the payoff pitch. >> one of the big ones. this was a family heirloom. >> will there be joy in mudville... >> he was looking for a piece of the action, but i didn't know that. >> ...with jamie at the bat? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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