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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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5 days ago. donald trump beefed up his campaign staff ahead of a contested convention. he is railing against the system. not everybody is having it. >> i am funding my own campaign. >> donald has been yelling and screaming and stomping his foot. an awful lot of wine. >> corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted for battery after you alleged incident. a new conference later today. new criticism of the tsa from american airlines. the company is warning people
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may be missing their flights because of the tsa's performance. one of the best examples of government waste on treadmills, we will look at the congressional pig book. the golden state warriors winning their 73rd game of the season setting a new record for the most games won in a single season and an end of an era in los angeles, kobe bryant going out with a bang scoring 60 points, all the highlights coming up. we are on it. jpmorgan set the tone yesterday with better-than-expected numbers, futures looking at a possible pullback. big rally in stocks. in asia gained across the board on the heels of that triple digit move for us stocks. the nikkei and japan up 3-numfour%. european stocks today, the s&p
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down a fraction. 25 points hire, although stories coming up in the program, dagan mcdowell and michael bloch, good to see you, you are just back from rome and we want to hear about it. maria: chris collins is with us, the chairman of donald trump's presidential campaign, retired general and fox news military analyst jack keane with us and to have a smiley stops by and ron paul coming up as well. you don't want to miss it. as for battle for new york heating up, presidential hopefuls on both sides of the spectrum hitting the republican front-runner donald trump. >> donald is unhappy about this. he has been yelling and screaming and stomping his foot and an awful lot of whining and the simple reality is anytime
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the people vote against donald he screams the voters are stealing the election. that is actually how elections work, the voters choose. maria: the front runner for the front -- the nomination was asked in a television interview, david duke and other white supremacists supporting the campaign he played coy, the same donald trump who led the insidious birther movement to delegitimize resident obama, called mexican immigrants, rapists and murderers, wants to ban muslims from entering the united states and the list goes on. >> this campaign is about the
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understanding when we stand together and asian americans. when we do not allow donald trump to divide us there is nothing we cannot accomplish. maria: despite the push back donald trump standing by his opinion blasting the republican party's corrupt system at townhall with sean hannity last night. >> politicians, i am funding my own campaign. joining us fox news contributor with us this morning, good to see you. what is your take on all this? he continues on the system is corrupt. >> a couple things are happening. the trump campaign did not understand this entire system. hillary clinton did not understand it in 2008, barack
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obama did. he worked it and got the nomination. it was remarkable because to a degree he has benefited from this process far more than he has been hurt. if you are in a winner take all state, he has taken these delegates. trump is coming dangerously close to undermining his frontrunner status come he remains the front runner but by talking like this i think he has anticipated falling short of what he said he was going to get. maria: he is connecting with people who look at the system and people in the states, not really republican national committee problem, people within the states who are diehard republicans, not just colorado but feel they don't have a voice, the way the party leadership has set up these rules state-by-state, it is foul and flawed, if he can connect with those people who might not
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have been trump supporters -- >> you are right on the fairness point. it is somehow unfair. he has not had a lot of primary wins lately, something that animates the populist diaspora in the republican party, let's talk about fairness. on the democratic side superdelegates are party elders, party official. on the republican side when talking about delegates you are talking about activists, people being hand selected. maria: the rules have been in place a long time and most people lose rules. >> like playing games, it is not all fundamentals but it seems like trump is playing this game, and has twisted the knife a
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little bit. then it gets me, the whole thing is rigged. colorado and this process why is it allowed to happen. to undermine hillary, and closer to the nomination no matter what. as far as i am concerned -- maria: trump's pressure. we are viewing in on this. and i said last night, he takes lemons and makes great alcohol, delicious -- it is better than lemonade. >> he doesn't do anything without doing it deliberately. he knows the system, figured it out. and pretty much flipping the
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card table over. maria: he is not going to be prosecuted. it will be announced this afternoon by palm beach county, what are your thoughts on this? >> it was an unfortunate incident, and required a prosecutor. maria: looking at the video. it is a rough-and-tumble trail. i think corey lewandowski should have apologized immediately, and to have created this kind of criminal element around misconduct, it was a stretch too far and shows the problem with the trump campaign but no humility, no contrition, no moment of saying we may have done something wrong. dagen: if that is not the national image, and people who watch us and follow on twitter,
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we reported this news about corey lewandowski the way we reported the initial move and legal move, they will not be charged. on both sides of it. >> i was never a fan of the pilon created as a result. both sides are not completely in the right, and it was a right outcome and don't prosecute a guy, i have been there. sometimes you do things spur of the moment. bernie sanders and hillary clinton joining the picket lines, verizon workers, speaking in support of the workers who are striking against verizon in new york city.
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>> just a poster child, so many corporations are doing today. in this campaign, sending a message to corporate america, you cannot have it all. maria: >> engage in real stations. this has been going on for months and to come to the table and reach an agreement, workers here, i know from that in my senate years still workers and deserve to have a fair contract. maria: throw the fuel on the fire. mc adam issued a stern response, calling sanders views uninformed and just plain wrong, goes on to say our financial statements show we have paid more than $15.6 billion in taxes the last two years, 35% tax rate in 2015 for anyone counting.
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according to mrs. clinton's tax records she was paid 2 $25,000 for speech she gave in 2013. she has that and here she is on the verizon picket line. >> the inauthenticity of her message is being revealed, why bernie sanders won eight of the last tween 9, no one is buying hillary clinton as champion of the worker. you can have your misgivings about bernie sanders, has a deep-seated belief and knows how to articulate it in a way that is genuine and authentic but bernie sanders has been successful, he wrote a letter to treasury secretary jack lew against the merger between pfizer and allegan, guess what happened two weeks ago? they changed regulations to make it impossible for that merger to happen.
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bernie sanders has his finger on this populist progressive part and hillary is tone deaf. for anyone who doesn't think his candidacy whether he wins the nomination or not is not going to have an adverse impact on her level of enthusiasm among his base is not analyzing this properly. dagen: what about adverse impact on business? kudos to mc adams for stepping up and calling out what is a lack of economic reality. we can talk about it as the morning goes on. these workers make an annual benefit package of $130,000 and they have been offered a 6.5% cash wage increase, they don't even want to lay off jobs, just change the work rules. this is the wireline business, the rotary phone business, fiber-optic internet service, a shrinking percentage of operating income at the company. when -- these are not little guys, these are union workers, the fight for 15 rally going on
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outside in a state that has already taken the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it is about unionizing private businesses, part of the progressive movement and it is dangerous for job creation in a country where the economy can't grow. maria: fuel on the fire like that. >> good luck creating jobs and growth in that mindset. everyone should be taken care of, you can admire sanders's authenticity. maria: leave that question out there. thank you so much. coming up a record date for the nba as stefan curry and the warrior steal the spotlight and kobe bryant riding into the sunset, we will hear from the legend himself and jack nicholson coming up. help wanted at tsa as long lines cause thousands to miss their flights, the government agency is scrambling to fix staffing issues ahead of the travel season, tell you about it next.
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and the headlines. cheryl: good morning, president obama's remarks following a rare trip to cia headquarters in virginia to meet with the national security council where they discuss the next step in the fight against isis. the president acknowledging the difficult road ahead but said the us coalition has made much progress against the terrorist group in recent months. >> today on the ground in syria and iraq isil is on the defensive, our coalition including partners on the offensive, we have moment to him and intend to keep that momentum. maria: we are watching the texas team avoiding jail time, in a drunk driving accident in 2013. and violating probation, a judge ordering the affluenza teen, one for each victim of the failed car crash, golden state warriors making history by winning their
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game following michael jordan's team for most wins in a single nba season and kobe bryant paying his final game last night, the future hall of famer capping off his 20 year career by scoring 60 points, and exclusive interview after the game and asked them if it is ready to leave the lakers. >> are you sure after that performance, did you want to leave? >> yes. >> how do you describe his career? >> legendary lakers fan jack nicholson was at the game last night. maria: he is like a regular at the games. still to come forget traditional insurance plans, there is a new alternative that will save you a bunch of money. we will tell you about it.
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outrage over airport security lines, american airlines slamming the tsa, back in a minute.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> corporate america, bad news, change is coming. [cheers and applause] >> you are going to have to start paying your fair share of taxes. we are going to use that hundred million a year to invest in our infrastructure and create billions of decent paying jobs.
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>> you may pay a little more for better jobs. people never say that. these people that don't know what they are doing. i am a free trader but the problem is you need leaders on your side that know what is going on. they don't know what is going on. we have leaders that don't have a clue. maria: the economy, one of the top issues for american voters this election season, economic data and earnings roll on, we are waiting on bank of america and wells fargo, initial jobless claims out this morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern. the best way to get the economy moving again is sustained wage. jeffrey cleveland, good to see you. characterize the economy. >> there are weak spots but people are missing a lot of strength particularly in the labor market. we are through 70 months of private-sector job growth which
6:24 am
i think is wonderful and the last two years in the job market are the best since 1999, we are adding numb 2000 a month on average. >> the job has been strong, the rate is slowing down. i want to know where are the wages? we see encouraging signs. maria: we have 2 look at the report. >> the first one was first. there is a tracker i like to look at, the atlanta federal reserve, median wage tracker, and year over year, it is not unusual to see wage growth given the slack we have had in the labor market but that has been
6:25 am
squeezed out. we are down 5% on the unemployment rate. some presidential candidates might focus on the real one. that is down dramatically since 2010. wage growth is coming. to your question on the consumer, a lot of noise and not a lot of signals in the retails data that captures a small percentage of consumer spending so i don't think if you are an investor you are sitting at home thinking about the data. dagen: people who crow about retail sales point to auto sales and autos were week in the most recent monthly report. it has been one area of considerable strength that looked week. >> on a monthly basis you had volatility like autosales but you smooth it out and look at a 12 month average, they come
6:26 am
roaring back to the 17 million annualized or higher. maria: that was not the case last month. >> that is my message to investors. we can get a lot of signal but is it telling us anything? maria: stocks are at highs for the year, we are at 1.6%, strong demand for the 10 year auction yesterday, something is wrong with that picture. long-term interest rates can't be that low and be bullish on stock market. it is a weak environment. >> there are not enough safe assets globally. investors have a lot of cash, foreign-exchange managers and liquid asset treasuries meet that need. they might not give the economic signals we think a low treasury yield has given us.
6:27 am
>> liquidity issue, let's rush into this. maria: good to see you, thanks so much. the obamacare fiasco, so many users with short-term fans enrolling in government programs and the government spending money to study shrimp on a treadmill, latest coverage, you will not believe the ridiculous thing the government is wasting your tax dollars on. we will report back, stay with us. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april for teens. countdown is on. five days to go until the new york primary. donald trump pushing a wall along the mexican border at a rally last night. john kasich still not taking it seriously. >> i would say within two years from the time we start here we will start quickly. we will start quickly. it will be a real ball. >> i have very little doubt that would happen. they can't wait to build that wall. traded to the fight for 15 is that if the pictures this morning in new york or fast food workers protesting for higher pay. we will take you there live. lots of protesting in new york. long lines at the airport. when american airlines is pushing back against the tsa this morning.
6:31 am
one of the best-known examples of government waste, shrimp on a treadmill. we will work at this year's congressional so-called book. a look at why sellers have been lowering prices. you want to hear this one. i met for the record books but the golden state warriors win in the 73rd game of the season. most kids wanted the single-season. the end of an era in los angeles. kobe bryant played his final game last night going out on a high note scoring 60 points. investors waited on earnings will set the tone. bank of america and wells fargo. yesterday jpmorgan set the tone with you than expected numbers in that set the tone for a big rally in stocks. features indicate a lower opening, pulling back from yesterday's triple digit move. health care costs on the rise in america due in large part to premiums that the affordable health care act. americans are turning to short-term health policies as an alternative to plants purchased
6:32 am
through the exchanges. in fact, sales of short-term plans last year were 150% higher than in 2013. joining us now to explain the move toward short-term policies as firmware new york lieutenant governor and the author of beating obama cared, betsy mccoy appeared good to see you. you brought along the affordable care act. >> it's not so affordable which is why consumers are fleeing to short-term plans. the reason is they don't want to pay for all the costly and unwanted benefits granted to this law. >> this is 2000 pages. one of the things people were saying when they were pushing this through as the lawmakers didn't even rate it. dagen: how could they read it? when you piece together this kind of hideous patchwork quilt of laws, you don't really know
6:33 am
the outcome. we are just beginning to see even with the cadillac health care tax it was supposed to be put in and it got kicked out and delayed a little bit because lawmakers are worried, particularly democrats but that will do to the cost of the employer health insurance market. maria: walk us through what's been happening. >> this is what i professor president must say it teachable moment. two of the lessons are americans don't want a one size fits all washington decide health plan that includes things like pediatric and adult care if you don't have kids come with maternity care if you're a man or a family to want to have kids. substance abuse programs if nobody in your family has any desire to take drugs. you are forced to pay for all those things. it is one of the things that made the plan so available. don't try to sell the same plans
6:34 am
to someone who is healthy for the same price. it's like saying i can read a chihuahua and a great game for the same price. you just can't. 5% consume 50% of the health care because they are very sick. you can't sell plans to sick and healthy people for the same price for the healthy people run away. true to some and more americans choose to short-term health policy. is that what people should be doing? >> if you are young and healthy and you don't plan to get pregnant. because the something guy for that happens, you are legally entitled to sign up for the affordable care act. maria: if you go for the short-term plan, you get a penalty. >> you get a penalty. the short-term plans are less than a third of the price. after you add the penalty it is still a good deal.
6:35 am
you can't buy them in new york. you can't buy them in massachusetts. in some states people are literally captive to their own state laws that prevent them from buying affordable plans as well. >> are in a lawmakers talking about the short-term plan getting a penalty? >> chances are the do-gooders in states like california will try to make them illegal once they realize what's going on. >> is a cut in the binder in half? >> repealing about mccarran letting them choose the health insurance they want. >> if republican gets elected in the white house, this is a train -- >> you don't think it will happen? >> i think it's hard to completely rip it off. >> you are wrong. 11 million people out of a population of 318 million have
6:36 am
signed up for plans. it is miniscule. in fact, obama hair is already made death spiral. maria: hillary clinton says she's not going to appeal about medicare. >> five out of the six big insurers have signaled they are heading for the exit because they are trying to sell these. dagen: this all goes to the point is how do you pay for this when you have people who are sick whom are paying more money for their policy. they have tried to make out the individuals as part of a math cover the cost of people who are very, very ill. some of them to take care of themselves. it does somewhere. >> that's right. a 30-year-old man stuck with a bronze plan that is a $6000 deductible per person is never going to get a penny back for all the premiums you pay us. umass will pay for car payments
6:37 am
instead. >> the crazy thing is just too big health insurance mergers to help economies of scale to get these guys going and make a survivable and as for shame and other regulators with the same allies are saying you can't march us. maria: before you go, we've been talking a lot about high tax states where people are leaving in droves. david tepper is leaving new jersey. >> new york, connecticut. maria: becoming lieutenant governor of new york, the tax story -- >> they are voting with their feet. connecticut is the latest. the populace is leaving connecticut. taken a nosedive in connecticut. new york a little less a game a little tax relief to the middle class. it is not great. new york is one of the heaviest tax states.
6:38 am
the whole northeast corridor has been antibusiness aura about it. they are controlled by democrats in by democrats and are taxing the heck out of everybody. maria: betsy, good to see you. thank you for bringing the mother with you. the affordable care act. maria: the just plain robust to the art of keeping your cool. the latest raise the government is managing to waste your money. the tsa gets its fair share of criticism. blasting the agency for how it handles airport screenings. we will have the details back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back. in a report on federal government waste. the tab is rising 21% in waste from fiscal 2016. cheryl casone at the story. cheryl: good morning, maria. good morning, guys. it's called the but he once again highlighted what it sees as the first port pro-government projects when it comes to spending. among the $255 million for the joint fighter airstrike aircraft come it's been in development 15 years. it is now four years behind schedule. $85 million for house office buildings. this is against government waste speculating that it will be to help renovate the office building, a 10 year $750 million project. they are spending it on themselves. good for them. some pictures we are getting right now here in new york city from affiliate wabc. mcdonald's customers may be created in several cities by demonstrators calling for pay $15 an hour.
6:43 am
organizers say they are planning another day of strikes. they protest targeting the most stores and dozens of cities including as you can see in new york city, this is expected to grow throughout the day. the protbuild a campaign to raie purchase and encouraging in a moment. but targeting mcdonald's working conditions and low pay has become a major political issue. the airport security lines have been getting longer. american airlines the latest in a growing number of critics that the transportation security administration. the agency isn't doing enough to make sure passengers make her flight. a spokesman said the line at the checkpoints nationwide have become unacceptable during spring break in march. 6000 american passengers missed flights because of chat point delays. we are looking at los angeles, miami, atlanta, philadelphia. the big thing now is the summer because they are saying if he
6:44 am
will travel this summer, two hours you should be there for a domestic flight. three hours for international. they are trying to train tsa agents. maria: we were talking about this in the break because we are global entry participants. some of the lines are not always so thin. dagen: no. that also includes tsa free. i haven't flown once in months and months where he went to the airport and the tsa resigned as so thin. listen, you pay for this. you go through a background check. you're supposed to not take your shoes off. it's supposed to be a 400 charter line. you go through the metal detector. maria: that's why you spend the time to do the background check. they've never open the line. maybe it's a staffing issue. >> part of its staffing issue. the tsa misstep in the planning.
6:45 am
their thinking was more americans are going to sinai. they haven't had the enrollment numbers they expected when they started it three years ago. dagen: didn't stop selling it as a service. maria: and stop charging for us. >> iowa's question misappropriation of resources. i want to commend the custom officials who saved us all by stopping us from smuggling in apple that was my daughter's mac back into the country. the dog came over and started working with us. and apple in the back. dagen: what a great dog, though. >> dog was great. dagen: if you don't check in for your flight and it didn't finish out to the airport less than an hour before the flight, the airlines will give your seat away. datawindow paid above you. so they use it as an excuse. and it happens all the time.
6:46 am
maria: give it three hours. >> i don't fly anymore. i will take a train. maria: service delay. in the tsa. it is not glitz and glam pair by tough markets are selling for 60 take prices lower. back in a minute. ♪
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6:49 am
♪ maria: welcome back.
6:50 am
taking a look at stocks on the move. chipotle at an early action. an upgrade from jpmorgan. the stock has been down in the wake of a food safety crisis. the shares have lost 34% in the last year. watching financials this morning. earnings are coming in a black rock with its decline 20% lower from a year earlier. the stock this morning at 348. bank of america adjusted in the tape right now. the sooners a 21 cents per share beat expectations and is coming out to strong result yesterday from jpmorgan. we will look further at the bank of america quarter coming up your luxury home sellers reduce asking prices across the country. in january about 4% of homes priced at $5 million above were sold for less than asking price. that is a massive increase compared to a year earlier. joining me now are the stars of bravos million dollars listing new york stars.
6:51 am
thanks for joining us. brien, what are you experiencing? you know this firsthand. you just love the apartment a state million dollars. tell us about the market right now. >> i think the market is in a strong great place. the difference now compared to a year ago as people are treating. people are willing to negotiate in apprentice prices have been reduced. what's happening is an adjustment. it's like a chiropractor. prices are too inflated. people are willing to do deals. it will sell for me. it's not going to sell for 10. maria: do you think it's a buyers market? >> it is definitely. because of the record-breaking prices that sellers were getting two years ago. they are still expect dean to have the same results and
6:52 am
because of the over supply to the market futures, buyers are little bit more careful and calculated and they are no longer paying the prices they were paying before and setters are starting to see that. maria: what do people want in the luxury apartment or home? are there other things that compensate for a few lower the price that i need this. >> it depends. if it is a resale they want things not just a broom swept in as is condition. they will come in asking for stronger demands of buyers can start dictating closing days. they will start dictating closing costs here and there. if it's new construction in new york city, you really start to play with closing costs are closing costs are built-in to rid iraq rates. in the areas of the city where you have no supply like the east village. i was just talking to someone in the green room. there's nothing.
6:53 am
if you go to the east have no control. maria: it's really about supply. where lcc supply changes in the market right now? let's take new york. >> midtown and that time is heavily filtered the supply. you have a lot of options. even a $5 million by million dollars buyer, there's a lot of things to choose from. downtown east village places sacred point brookland, nothing to buy. things just move, move, move. we have a project just over 50% the result from my office in soho. or go to 57 straight a mark with a for three-month in favor of working on some thing together right now and buyers walk around and see other things for four days. the price point is $50 million. two years ago you couldn't do that. you would walk around for our new seen everything. maria: some people feel that what we see in terms of sellers
6:54 am
seeking prices down as an indicator of what's to come. is this the beginning of a larger selloff in real estate right now? >> you are saying that buyers see the more they wait the more immature it comes to market and keep on dropping prices. they are selling for 15% to 20% discount. the buyers are not desperate and they can afford to wait so they become more patient. the more patient the real sellers start to drop prices and the ones that are not real sellers can take it off the market or just wait. i'm not in the market nobody is too much. maria: hysteric indicative of the rest of the country? a similar situation? >> there's a ripple effect. we have offices in miami and l.a. in a month later they will call me stressing about the things i was stressing about a month ago.
6:55 am
maria: are you seeing more supplies people want to sell more? in terms of the seller, would you see? >> yeah, of course. i've loved 2016. people are actually trading. that's a big difference. when the market is going straight up or straight down, someone's always been difficult. but market is now leveled off. you've got people willing to sell and buy enough that we want. maria: ryan, do you think this is the beginning of something bigger? people wonder if these prices coming down mean we are entering a period of just perhaps a tougher real estate market. >> no. people are watching the election heavily so people are treading into november seeing what is going to happen because the election is a little bit weird. they are confused and nervous. especially foreigners we took a lot of internationals in new york city. they are particularly concerned of their watching.
6:56 am
after november and the markets going to really bounce back and everyone that didn't die between now and november -- i missed it again. maria: is very candidate that you think is better? donald trump is a real estate tycoon. if he wins, what does that tell me about real estate? >> the market will continue to stay strong to matter what happens. maria: user people are looking at the election. >> they are. people get nervous. maria: be sure to tune in to the new season of million dollar listing on bravo. congressman chris collins is here. the cochairman of tamil chomps presidential campaign. retired general fox news military analyst joins us and former presidential candidate ron paul also with us. all of that coming out. you don't want to miss it. back in a moment.
6:57 am
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better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. maria: good thursday morning. i maria bartiromo. your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. five days to go into the new york primary. donald trump beefing up his campaign staff ahead of a contested convention. corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted for battery after the alleged incident last month with a reporter. details coming up. bernie sanders putting the pressure on hillary clinton in her home state.
7:00 am
>> this is a tough race for a game that we are taking on someone who obviously was the united states senator here for eight years. i think we've got a surprise for the establishment. maria: hollywood feeling concerned. the concert festival coachella looking festival coachella looking to honor the democratic socialist with a blog friday called bernie chalabi at danger zone. russian warplanes flying dangerously close to a military warship. general jack keane will weigh in on these developments and continue to break news. the golden state warriors won in the 73rd game of the season last night. the team set a new record for the most games won in a single season. the end of an era that los angeles trade kobe bryant played his final game scoring 60 points. all the highlights coming your way. bank of america beating
7:01 am
expectations. the stock edging higher on the news. more about the bank of america quarter coming up. features indicating a bit of a pullback this morning. just fractional after a major digit rally yesterday. major averages at the highest for 2016. all of those stories coming up this morning. with me, dagen mcdowell and rhino trading partners daniel block. bank of america was got to talk about. we've got lots to talk about this morning. congressman chris collins is the honorary new york cochairman of the presidential campaign. retired general fox news analyst jack keane with us and from pbs, author cap :-). and also presidential former presidential candidate ron paul. stay with us for those interviews. the war of words escalated as candidates make their final push ahead of the year primary to a bank. big mac at politicians.
7:02 am
i don't know if you folks know but i'm finding my own campaign. they hate that. we have to bring their daughter back into it. the bad part is i could win. maria: donald is very unhappy about it. he's been yelling and screin an lo whining. and the simple reality is that many times the people vote against donald, he screams the voters are stealing the election. well, that's actually how elections work. the voters choose maria: august is donald trump as to what conservative lawmakers. the republicans already in first researcher. those representatives are encouraged to bring colleagues who may be one to throw support behind the trend campaign. true to me now is congressman a
7:03 am
campaign cochairman chris collins. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> at a journey this morning. maria: does talk about the meeting but donald trump is coming to meet with colleagues. what would you like to take this morning? >> we are seeing donald trump's campaign is transitioning into reaction mode. we will have to face hillary clinton in the fall. we need to be united in our efforts to advance his reaching out to lawmakers to record and districts around the country are sure we are carrying the message of his time for america, getting jobs back and standing up to her enemies including russia, especially what you saw yesterday. it's a very natural transition. he's adding folks to his staff to deal with the delicate issue come convention time. this is a campaign maturing in moving forward and we know that on tuesday the 95 delegates that come out of new york are really
7:04 am
going to give him momentum to what we hope will be the 1237 number. maria: why do you think it's been so tough to get your colleagues on the trump campaign? what's stopping them? >> if you look at the 247 republican members of congress, most of them don't endorse presidential candidates. maybe 30 or 40 word. but a couple hundred will say all politics is local. i have my own issues that i'm running for reelection this year 2016. the minute you endorse someone you put yourself at odds with a big donor or someone else in your district. most members are cautious and they are running for reelection. i will support the republican candidate. come november to defeat hillary clinton. let's see who our candidate will be and then they moved into their own election. maria: day again.
7:05 am
dagen: congressmen coming to think think the voting rolls in places like colorado, is this a bigger change based on what the voting public has seen and how flawed the system ends. flawed as this kind word. >> maria, the system is different in every state. new york has 27 congressional districts and 14 delegates depending if a candidate gets 50%. ohio is winner take all. colorado was in a way just the political bosses picking the delegates if you will. that is what it is. it is a hodgepodge around america and it just is what it is. each state created their own rules. we have to play by those rules. you may not like them in each case, but our focus right now is new york. mr. trump is in a position to win on 95 delegates. that is the momentum he needs to start getting near the 1237 number.
7:06 am
maria: when you make of the campaign manager cory lewandowski will not be prosecuted. the palm beach county state attorney. what are your thoughts on the whole situation? >> to me that was just an overly aggressive individual trying to take this matter where it lost to anyone that saw the video simply saw mr. trump's campaign manager was running interference if you will but a very, very aggressive press corps that day. there was no assault going on. it is a shame that it had to reach the point it was that the media jumping all over it. in fact, things like that happen. there's actually a bit of a sympathy that are that the public starts to think people are picking on mr. trump. he's been held to a different standard than the other candidate. at some point we say enough is enough. let's move beyond this.
7:07 am
>> congressmen, the game right now is get to 1237. get the nomination. what is the priority within the trump camp? is that extending the party commissioning of willingness to work together are more appealing to the people as these unsuccessfully to this point. >> this continues to be an appeal to the voters as we have new york coming up. pennsylvania, new jersey, california near the end of the cycle. mr. trump will continue to focus on is energized base, especially emphasizing securing borders, getting jobs back to national defense. that is still the communication that will occur. in every case other than colorado, it is the voters choosing their candidate and had the delegate. at the same time, you need a dual track to make sure and some of the additions to mr. trump's campaign by making sure he is not caught unaware at the
7:08 am
convention. hopefully we'll get this done on the first ballot. if they moved into a second or third, that is in the rules are basically thrown out the window and becomes a free-for-all. as we move forward, mr. trump's campaign staff will have to grow and all of this is really a campaign maturing and one that a lot of this field will be the candidate. the operation to two other members of congress and to bring them on board what exactly it is we are doing. the same team come november. >> they are clashing with police outside a trump rally. he took a moment to blast the protester. i want to get your reaction, sir. >> let me see who is that person. raise your hand. are you an agitator? let me see. who is it?
7:09 am
are you the one? your voice is very weak. look, he's leaving now. who is he? he's going home to mommy. maria: what about that, congressman? would you make about that? he said trump is being held to a different higher standard. is it because of things like this? >> again, all of us running for president have trackers, protesters. the first time i first time a man is in a chicken suit because i was not debating my opponent. politics is politics. to call out a protester is actually a very effect is way to communicate with your crowd that there's somebody perhaps disrupting the campaign. the other one that did that
7:10 am
effectively was chris christie. he's always been known as a tough talking blunt speaking individual and frankly that's what the public wants from the nonpolitician. the chief executive will call people out. career politicians are a little more cautious. people are saying the time for caution has come and gone. the massive the country is in today as we want someone that is chris christie's. i applaud mr. comfort given up, calling him an out. an individual turns to amaze, what does that tell you? maria: congressmen, thanks so much for joining us. thank you. later today and fox business, turn to blake burman's interview where cory lewandowski, we will hear the knowledge that he is not going to be charged. you will stay with us for the interview. the democratic candidate hillary clinton bernie sanders continued their head-to-head battle.
7:11 am
adam shapiro is standing by in new york with the details. over to you, adam. reporter: good morning to you, maria. washington square park. bernie sanders channeling his wealth redistribution. last i sanders is doing the same thing talking about raising taxes on corporate america to raise $100 billion for spending. he equated this to a political revolution. here is sanders in his own words. >> what this campaign is about in your presence here tonight, those that you all understand is not just about electing a president. it is about creating a political revolution. >> 27,000 people to that event far more than hillary clinton's event at a place we call co-op city affordable housing for
7:12 am
several thousand people. holding an organizing event. they will debate sanders and clinton on the issues they keep campaigning about. talking about breaking up the big banks. clinton will talk about the need to do that in a structured way. behind me right now, the sheraton hotel where clinton spoke yesterday. sanders will speak to that today. maria: thank you so much. speaking of their vermont senator, music and bernie sanders go hand-in-hand and next week's coachella festival in california. plenty of fans feeling the burn that they finally named bernie shaw love. that is day to draw between 1,503,000 people. take a short break.
7:13 am
up next, russian jets buzzing a u.s. navy ship. while they called the active simulated attack. lessig lamented california's san records while much of its lack of core. the highlight from the nba's big night. ♪ ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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7:16 am
maria: the investigation continues into the shooting death of will smith. attorneys in the case plane to the public. cheryl casone with the story right now. train for attorneys on both sides make public statements over evidence. one key point is discovery of the loaded gun inside smith's vehicle. investigators found a fully loaded revolver inside the hummer driven by cardinal hayes who allegedly shot at and his wife. smith was killed in that attack. peter thompson and his family caught in his conference yesterday afternoon to an is that smith was not armed when he was killed. this other headline, new balance calling out the obama administration for allegedly reneging on a deal to the transpacific berger should did "the boston globe" shoe company decided to stop criticizing the deal last year so it could bid on a military contract.
7:17 am
but the business. it will endanger workers jobs. investors in florida and greet after the war memorial in gainesville apparently smashed by vandals over the weekend. the monument honors u.s. service members who died in the wars in iraq and afghanistan and after said her mother as though officials say will cost more than $2000 to make repairs although they were going to renovate the memorial as plain before. hopefully they can get donations from some people out there. maria: straightahead, western states to the fallout caused by the toxic landfill. the senate is going after the protection agency. we have this story. later a pair of close calls with two russian fighter jets approached a u.s. battleship yesterday. retired four-star general jack keane will weigh in on this. back in a moment.
7:18 am
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maria: western states dealing with the fallout caused by last year's devastating 3 million-gallon toxic mines bill. it poisoned the water supply thousands of people. a federal investigation blamed the epa for this bill. senate republicans are planning a field hearing next week and for the first time in 12 years the committee plans to subpoena the head of the environmental protection agency. gina mccarthy to appear at the hearing. senator john barrasso can't epa response to this bill unacceptable. he joins us from washington d.c. good to see you. thanks for joining us. it's unbelievable jayna mccarthy made a statement the other day and is something along the lines that the republicans win the election, we are going to dig in better than ever before. no mention in terms of the epa's
7:22 am
performance and how they just don't take responsibility for it. >> no, they caused this bill. it has been devastating to the communities and states involved and we are having this hearing next friday which is earth day. instead, president obama and jayna mccarthy went to be in new york to sign the agreement from the paris climate deal when the epa caused the poisoning of a river in the united states. it's completely irresponsible. maria: how did the epa do it? walk us through what happened and what mistakes were made. >> it was a claim that. they knew there was an area under pressure and yet the people working there under the control of the epa caused the disaster. the spill occurred and they didn't notify people because this is not an area where people would've seen it. the communities downstream that weren't informed. the tribes were not informed extended periods of time.
7:23 am
the mustard orange colored poison and this is the river which people live, where their trinket water comes from and toxic chemicals are fair. maria: way of looking at the pictures right now and it disgusting. dagen mcdowell, in other words they did this and try to lie about it and hide it. dagen: absolutely. senator, what do you want to happen from these hearings? what do you want the epa to do about it? >> they've been irresponsible in a number of ways good right now we need to have testing to know how the water is at any given time so people can know when they can use it and when they can't use it. the epa has been slow with the monitoring, with the testing. they want to give it the result, not current camisoles which is what people in the grammy. the epa says have taken responsibility.
7:24 am
no one's been punished or no one's been disciplined at all. they just want to forget about this, whereas you know it's a private company had caused this bill, there would be all kinds of repercussions. the government would be all over that. so the government has this kind of a two-sided approach. what they need to do versus what a private company needs to do. it is a double standard and it's wrong. the epa has gotten too big, too unaccountable and they need to be held accountable. the people in the area are very kind turned right now because there is snow is melting, edition the water is running into the river and its churning out. the poisons that have been deposited down in the river better coming back up. maria: here is michael block, senator. >> what does this mean for the epa? should it be strapped, replaced? how much should a private
7:25 am
airplay even though this is not their fault here. >> the epa has gone way beyond its original authority when it came into place in the early 70s in terms of issues at the time. they have become such a purifying agent in some ways in such a contaminating agents and others. they need to be held accountable. we have unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats. and this year and the reason we have to do this subpoena is because they didn't want to show what. that is what today is so offensive. they said will send the written testimony. they were not willing to come and answer questions. we haven't had to issue a subpoena. i will tell you the issue is bipartisan by the members of the indian affairs committee to say someone had to show up and answer questions. we have been issued a subpoena since the days of jack ever bought in the criminal activities going on back then. maria: unbelievable you have a
7:26 am
subpoena to show up. meanwhile they are pointing fingers at private companies all the time. the epa getting scrutiny from the republican candidates. gina mccarthy fired back. they will not go down without a fight if the gop wins in november. here is the quote, senator. the epa's rules get scrutinized like no other. they would have to go to the same level of scrutiny by any president should there be a reversing direction. what is your take on this? >> well, the epa has been reinterpreted and applause. from years ago with the epa has done now has nothing to do with current or new legislation. it's a reinterpretation of all flaws and that's what they are using to go after poll, to go after energy, to go after land use, water use. it is a land grab essentially where they are calling all of the waters which primarily come
7:27 am
under the control of the federal government if its navigable water. other waters are under the control of the states. they wanted all, which is a huge grant of authority and land controlled by the federal government and specifically this epa. maria: we will be watching this meeting. thanks very much. senator john barrasso, thank you are sharing this with us. coming up next, russian fighter jets getting a little too close for comfort in the baltic sea, running a simulated attack near a u.s. battleship. general jack keane weighs in on what this is all about. history made in california last night. one end of a legend rides off into the sunset while another claims another record. lots of the very latest. back in a minute.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
. r . maria: good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 14, your top stories right now, 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. five days to go until the new york primary donald trump beefing up staff ahead of a possible contested convention trump reiterating stance from mexican border well to water bordering. >> dher chopping off heads o drowning people in big steel cages we can't water board? that is not that is not -- the secret to success that i can tell you. maria: donald trump campaign
7:31 am
manager corey lewandowski reportedly will not be prosecuted, for battery, after the alleged incident last month with a reporter fox news network blake burman will speak with lewandowski later today tune in for that coming up later on the day. russian jets buzzing a u.s. inactive ship why officials are calling the act a simulated attack, what it means for our relationship with the kremlin, i will talk with general jack keane coming up, maria sharapova charge may be thrown out rules could affect our case coming up, a night for the record books, the golden state warriors winning 73rd game of the season, setting a new record for the most games won in a single season, also the end of era in los angeles, kobe bryant played final gam last night, going out own a high note scoring 60 points, all of the healths of the night comingup a morning for earnings bank of america under pressure 15% lower in trading revenue that was one of the issues weighed on results take
7:32 am
a look, this morning we are expecting bank of america shares to trade lower, when you strip out certain things people are saying perhaps this company earnings actually came in below expectations, we are going to look at the quarter it will i important points coming up, meanwhile, futures indicating a flat opening for the broader averages as you can see there, russian fighter jets, making what officials are calling a simulated attack, near u.s. battleship yesterday united states military released this video of the incident showing russian warplanes within 1,000 yards, of uss donald cook, joining me fox news military a analyst general jack keane, general good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> what is your take on what went on yesterday? >> well, it is what it is, it is certainly harassment of our warships in the battle ic sea but this is these friction points others have been occurring sometime it is part of a largely strategy maria that russia has, they really want to break the -- the transatlantic alliance that we
7:33 am
have, with nato, european allies they want to weaken it, and this intimidation is designed for a european al lewis as much as it is for us by that i mean, that ship just came out of a polish port conducting a training mission, with polish helicopters and next month is a major training exercise taking place in poland. so this is -- primarily designed for the pols to demonstrate russia is strong powerful can embarrass united states part of overage strategible russians have not only weaken a i liance between united states and it in a oo but at some point actually trying to break that alliance. maria: so is it also russia fleking muscles at u.s. in some case taunting u.s. we know march 14 putin announced withdrawing russian forces from syria a surprise, did not discuss it with president obama. or tell anybody advance feels
7:34 am
taunting us since. >> i think your point well taken, for a number of years now, somewhere around four, in my judgment, russia has been very aggressive with the united states they believe that we have with a very passive policy, in responding to them, and responding to their ambitions in eastern european in syria i bless they play psychological warfare with our president they have his number so to speak clearly take advantage of the leadership they believe united states has which is not going to respond, which is weak, and they are going to continue to be a very assertive until the end of this administration in my view. >> extraordinary president obama spoke at icia headquarters yesterday in virginia discussing next steps in the fight against isis the president acknowledged the difficult road general but he said u.s. load coalition has made progress begins a
7:35 am
terrorist groups in recent months the sound bite your reaction. >> today on ground in syria and in iraq, isil is on the defensive, our 66 member coalition including arab partners is on the offensive. we have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum. maria: hard to know, general what are your thoughts on that are they on defensive? some certainly true not the whole story, the kurds have taken back territory in jooir iraq isis took demonstrates isis is not 10 foot tall, iraqis themselves with some assistance from us, has begun to take back, the major territory that they lost to isis a long way to go there, probably until next year, to be able to take back mosul true statement that there has been some progress made in taking back territory. what is not being told is that isis has expanded into nine countries with three more about to be affiliated with
7:36 am
them they have a worldwide following, where that -- the terrorist radicalized killing he citizens in tunisia turkey lebanon as we well know paris france, brussels belgium and also san bernardino california those attacks are actually going to continue so isis while defth its territory having lost some territory is able to do what i just described with expansion rad cad clyde ralliedlizing others, they main a safe ohioan three weeks ago military leaders in testimony before senate armed services committee told the senators that we do not have, a plan, to take down the safe havana in syria, actually, the center of gravity raqqa astounding revelation part of the story president is not telling us. maria: i see let me get your
7:37 am
take on news last night we learned isis yesterday put out this hit list targeting moderate muslims including hillary clinton aide huma ab din what do you make of this list isis released latest edition of terrorist magazine targeting several prominent muslims keith ellison of minnesota british "politico"s, huma. >> well, isis masters of psychological warfare they constantly pushing thoughts views, et cetera, isis wants to occupy all muslim labbing will kill muslim nonbelievers to do that also are as opposed to any muslims supporting western values western ideas in this case supporting democracy capitalism obviously huma abedin supporting clinton
7:38 am
he manifestation supporting all that a veiled threat on surface of it, but, nonetheless, it its followers enjoy it demonstrates reach psychological reach demonstrates also, the strength of their ideology this you they oppose western values what americans, and other people in europe stand for that is what is at the bottom of all of that. maria: more of the same, remember a couple months ago the letter, that was sent to donald trump, with some of the greatest military names, obviously, to talk about his foreign policy, and why he needs to listen to the generals, let me ask you about donald trump's comments on water bordering, what your hearing on the campaign trail general. >> well, i don't comment on any candidates' views on policy or about these, maria because i want to maintain my independence so i -- i am
7:39 am
frankly not able to deal with that i'm sorry. >> would there be a situation, where the military would not take orders from a potential president if it was against what they believe? >> the military will follow any lawful order issued by a commander in chief whether they agree with that order or not their place is not to choose, whether they agree with policy or not. their place is to execute it. and certainly they would not follow any unlawful order, i can say that with certainty. >> of course -- general great to have you on program thanks so much for your insight. >> good talking to you -- >> always good to see you general jack keane joining us straight headed the world antidoping agency changing rules could they work in maria sharply sharp sharapova favor. >> might not be the time an an alternative investment the record breaking details when we come back, back in a
7:40 am
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maria: welcome back world antidoping agency changesed a rule dealing with deposition cases may not help maria sharapova cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: story continues to rock the tennis world, good morning, the new rule deals with, a suspensions can be lifted if hearing panel determines athletic took it before it was banned january 1 later tested positive sharapova announced early march she failed a test taking medication it is primarily to treat heart and about cardiovascular diseases she took it for magnesium deficiency and family history of diabetes. >> sprint, a web video some
7:44 am
said racist shows sprint ceo asking when i say t-mobile to you a couple of words, well then a white woman next to him responds oh, my gosh first word came to mind ghetto ceo can be heard saying yes as crowd erupts defended ad before taking it down after customers tweet about objections to it, and get this. there is a new record price for rare air maid bureaucraten hand bag red crocodile bag 290,000 dollars, maria. >> wow. >> it was bought by two former owners with idea of turning a profit basically they bought this thing they knew they were going to resell it, you know, they say it is like cars, you know a car will be value they say bags go up, if you use it, the bags, this has diamonds on
7:45 am
it really is a beautiful bag but full of white gold and diamonds 298 only paid 222. >> better be beautiful for 300 grand. >> i mean, it is they are saying this is a new way to make money as investment forget -- art juror like chanal won't lower prices that is the thing there is never you are going to go to have a discount sample sale on chamed stuff people say these things hold value, but is it actually an alternative vote. do you think. cheryl: no, that is a con some woman is working on. no asset bubble. >> ideiday oi thought with birkin bag named after jane birkin, right, married to who is the french singer, think about it. >> -- thank you for saying it like a frenchman. >> exactly but it is i don't
7:46 am
want to call it a con, but they have always put the i didn't get out there, that you have to be on a waiting list to get bags, you can't get your hands on them, and if you cultivate a relationship with somebody at one of the stores you could buy one i can never i use my pocketbook as a carry on, so it is completely destroyed, i would never -- >> you say the value goes down but i -- there is some high end designers does hol value. >> if you carry the bag it gets -- i mean i like there is a french company i trash those bags what do you do with them sell it? >> and have bag. >> it is i loved every minute of it this bag what was original purchase price in the first place? like is this -- >> 222. >> sold for 2 98.
7:47 am
>> -- i would have -- >> important thing hold on a second, i have bone a t-mobile user 15 years as john rocks, t-mobile is greetnk sprint's quality of service one word, i can't say on tv. >> wow. >> kind of stop from us talking about purses. >> get your -- what happened. >> the phone is great t-mobile. >> i will say this about t-mobile, t-mobile kicks -- the fanny in stores, any store it is unbelievable what ledger has been able to do with the employees and the spirit of them, there is a little like apple, pretty crazy. >> awesome. >> good. >> thanks, cheryl see you later coming up historic night in california last night nba says good-bye to legend says hello to new top team in history live to san from an for a live report with jared max, back in a minute. ♪
7:48 am
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. maria: it is official, number 73. the integrates in nba season now belongings to the golden state warriors. >> huge night in golden state as warriors claim both of the record in nba history, jared max at the game last night he joins us with sports, good morning, jared. >> good morning, maria quick turnaround, absolutely motivating, i i left light felt part of the movie hoosiers by end a small town
7:52 am
type of feel never doubt golden state warriors would get 73rd win of the season out of the gate like barn busters went out took lead on memphis up double digits in first quarter never looked back seth curry absolute best last night seth curry needed 8 three-point shots 400 for the entire season no player had 300 in a season stepf wound up with 10, 400 pointers on season scored 46 points last night did not even play the final quarter, as warriors win game easily 125 to 104, amazing night for seth curry warriors celebration at oracle felt championship game confetti fans screaming the largest party i have been to in my life, outside of maybe times square new year's eve that feel 20,000 people packed into oracle.
7:53 am
>> jared there is so san antonio who else has a chance beating the establishment title? >> san antonio is only team that has any shot at all i think that they do have a legitimate shot to beat them, for the title. gold sta haseen roug so mh pontiay meally now a couple days to recharge before they take on thank you houston rockets, you know it is interesting, the golden state warriors a few years ago, weren't on nba map across the country outside of the bay area, suddenly, almost feels like america's team, before the game i caught the up with golden state head coach staph i asked about just this, how rare it is a team so dominate i don't universally liked. >> i think we are like nl guys seth curry, does not dominate through intimidation he dominates through skill looks >> he looks like he could be your little brother.
7:54 am
very well said, before the game i watched seth curry down by court jumping up and down like a kid you talk about being loose as a as go going outscoring 46 points, about unbelievable. somebody scored more than seth curry last night, about 370 miles south of oakland california, staples center los angeles kobe bryant's finale lakers win a game, and keep houston rockets in playoffs as they knock out utah kobe bryant last night scored 60 points, tempted to 50 shots, 55, 5-0, not 15 but 5-0, 60 points in nba career finale 22 of 50 shooting played 42 minds lakers win over jazz talk about the hot ticket in the golden state, the average ticket cost on stub for lakers 1100 dollars for the warriors 545 dollars pb would you believe that 545 dollars is even more than the highest nfl game this past season denver
7:55 am
green bay game cost 525 on the average it was all about basketball the nba golden state last night. >> you know when you look at -- i mean, kobe bryant's career, it was emotional to see final game reaction from fans how exciting must have been as well. >> it was interesting, maria that almost two vacuums in touch with folks in l.a. only thing they knew a lakers game oh, there is the a warriors againing tonight? north in the bay area it was almost an after thought about the lakers, it was a game the warriors' game was over when i found out i have gones doing radio report on fox news headlines 24-7 somebody said kobe scored 60 i said really i thought he was joektsdz bking g way in style. maria: . >> the whole of america is behind the golden state warriors you said seth curry was jumping up and down like a
7:56 am
kid i think rile curry hems his image a pistol. >> talk about likable, you almost think a clown serious game to get ready for, and he really was bouncing pawn playing around with fans, dancing whatnot seize to see why people really like this guy why people rally around his team they are america's daem who hates the warriors? >> great stuff. >> thanks for getting up he early for us in san from an. >> any time great. >> he so a you in new york jared max next hour, how to live the best life you can tbs tavis smiley joins us, former presidential candidate ron paul to weigh in on the delegate controversy. back in a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 14 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on east coast, five days to go until new york pryor donald trump beefing up can i staff ahead of a possible kwsted convention railing against the system not need is having it. >> -- it is the politicians, and you know i don't know if you folks know but i am finding my own campaign they hate that because they hate -- >> donald is very unhappy about. he has been yelling and screaming, and stomping his foot. and awful lot of whining.
8:00 am
>> meanwhile, donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski reportedly will not be prosecuted for battery after the alleged incident last month with a reporter, fox business network blake burman will speak with lewandowski today tune in to fox business network for that, a college that is harder to get into than harvard we talk to founder of the school later this hour a night for the record books the golden state warriors setting new record for most games would-be in single season the end of era in los angeles, kobe bryant's playing final game last night, going out with a bang earning rave reviews from arc jashg nicholson long thyme lakers' fan. >> -- >> bank earnings rolling in bank of america under selling pressure after reporting a sharp decline in trading revenue, adjusted earnings above expectations but investors selling this morning wells fargo out in moments we bring the report as soon as it hits wiser.
8:01 am
>> infuriates a flat opening a huge rally yesterday a pullback this morning with just by a fraction for major averages on wall street all of that coming up in the program this hour, with me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, rino trading partners michael block republican pollster frank good to see you. >> i have really looked forward to this. >> a great lineup coming up as battle for new york heats up, presidential hopeful fups both sides hitting at republican front-runner donald trump. ch. >> the simple reality is any time, the people vote against donald, he screams the voters are stealing the election. well, that is actually how elections work. >> he has called mexican immigrants racist and murder%, he wants to ban all muslims from entering the united states, and the list goes on. >> what this campaign is about
8:02 am
is the understanding that when we stand together black and white and latino, and asian american and native american when we do not allowto the donald trumps of the world war ii deivide us you been there is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> despite stacks donald trump leads nationally among republican primary voters, trump is 42% of the vote, cruz 29% of the vote kasich 18%, trump's lead has shrunk now down to 13 points compared to 20 points last month, joining us right now senior writer at weekly standard fox news contributor ste steven hayes thanks for joining us. >> delegate situation trump attacked says system riding
8:03 am
rigd if you look at colorado donald trump making a stand -- ways to improve for sure, i think you have people both in the establishment, and grass wroots, who think that that is not a very good set up not a good way of selecting, having said that, those rules have been in place since last summer, i mean there was a denver post article on august 25th, of 2015 laying out the changes. ted cruz had people on the ground in colorado for 8 months, donald trump hired first ground person last week. so, trump simple got out organized i think got out man you've eroded. >> what reince priebus is saying. >> art of the deal talks about knowing details knowing the person you are negotiations with how can you not know details staff caught flat flooded the flat-footed embarrassed in north dakota
8:04 am
embarrassed in tennessee, he was embarrassed in louisiana incredible trying to blame establishment specific campaign mistakes your reaction to that? >> well, yeah, i think he is you know part of it major theme of his entire candidacy taking on establishment hitting back at establishment doing that from the very beginning, occasionally departs from ma message says he will become establishment if he gets the nomination but look this is something that he knows will get his supporters in particular, fired up, and you know a lot of his supporters at least judging from my intaksz with them have not taken time to go back and look at you know what the colorado rules were back in august. and simple happy to accept trump's assertion that this is all somehow rigged against him. >> can i look at this from a bigger distance than just standing in denver so to
8:05 am
speak? like never before, though, with particularly with social media, the internet 24 hours news cycle voters on both sides, democrats and republicans, are seeing rules that are put in place that in some instances if partly he woulders people with most control if they would be the like who is leading in the numbers they can somehow put somebody in they do like. >> there is no truth so trump says something, that isn't accurate, and there is no way to hold him accountable his own voters. >> this is going on the state level frank for years and years and years, not just colorado, and rules you the in place in colorado, but in terms of the control that the party elders have over who delegates are aren't american people dismayed with the rules that -- what are rules -- >> if they have been in place. >> right, how people were being elected.
8:06 am
>> i think that is a fair point, it is worth but not as if voters are pourls if they want to make changes they can affect changes do their best to affect these changes maria talking to ron paul later one thing his supporters did they went around to state organizations, and did very best, to change the rules, to affect changes they wanting met resistance no question the party establishment both nationally and in several states, took on the ron paul supporters and saw them as a threat to existing order, but not as if voters apowerless. >> colorado in rare view what states are coming that up have idiosyncrasies trump campaign should be aware of proactive about circumvent everybody frankly shooting against them. >> all the campaigns. >> the big one i think is --
8:07 am
april in he pennsylvania 17 delegates go to winner of the state they are bound delegates, but 54 he pennsylvania delegates do not go unbound delegates in pennsylvania a newborn of the people actually running to be delegates selected without identifying necessarily who they are going to be supporting if they are elected, as unbound delegates cruz campaign not surprisingly aggressively working ground to make sure their candidates are that the people who go to vote for ted cruz want to support ted cruz are supporting delegates' candidates who will support ted cruz in cleveland this summer. >> stay with us we want to get yours and frank's take on the next set of races because this is important, northeast a lot of races in may, that are going to be closely watched fairs dm democratic candidate hillary clinton bernie sanders wrapping up rhetoriced a a.m. shapiro in new york with angle
8:08 am
good morning to you. reporter: good morning again maria, bernie sanders is going to be here at s sheridan to speak to action network this morning hit on themes breaking up big banks, attacking wall street he did that last night, in washington square park the campaign said 27,000 bernie sanders supports showed up to hear him do just that attack the big banks in wall street part of his pledge if he becomes president, to change america, and put it in a new direction, here is what he said to the people listening. >> what this campaign is profoundly about is understanding that real change never occurs from the top on down. it is always from the bottom on up. [cheers and applause] . reporter: hillary clinton was in the bronx campaigning co-op city affordable housing with
8:09 am
graeth number of people have immigrant backgrounds, campaigning towards debate tonight sanders and clinton debating in brooklyn you can expect them to play to bases, quick on polls bernie sanders speaking today to the national action network -- is losing the clinton when you look at polls among mechl democrats voting in primaries roughly 60% of that vote he closed gap overall with democrats within 10 points. >> extraordinary, thank you very muched a adam shapiro in n york steven? >> it is pretty extraordinary you look at bernie sanders,drawing 27,000 people, own a cold new york tonight you look at the fact that he laced 45 million dollars in march out raising hillary clinton front-runner by 15 million dollars, it is truly a remarkable movement i think bernie sanders is right to
8:10 am
call it a movement for those of us who believe in capitalism a scary movement a frightening moment you look at exit polls in my home state of wisconsin, where you had 70% of voters more than 7 in 10 voters said they thought bernie sanders about about about socialist views about right or too conservative makes you think that people, capitalists have to remake the case for free enterprise once again going to be -- 2 points, number one everyone calls him bernie non calls him sanders they call him bernie call her clinton versus bernie personalized the snap chat generation two to one they thip socialism is better than capitalism not remaking you actually have to change an entire generation of people, now decided that free stuff is better than working for it. >> do they know what socialism means. >> i don't think. >> it doesn't matter they vote that way, and to them it is
8:11 am
whatever grows on trees, they don't want to pay anymore, i blame business for not teaching young people the rules of the road. i corporate america made a big mistake only trying to sell products should be selling the system. which we are lucky enough to be here. >> lack of wage growth that we have seen in this country people feel a sense of -- ennui at webest about the nation who is at fault is it government? or is it business. >> maybe the individual, who didn't learn enough the school maybe the teachers didn't teach enough 40% americans live paycheck to paycheck, out of money after 30 days. in thend they think that is a talent so they have to live with those -- >> it is going to end badly if you see free college who is paying for it. >> i am moving. >> not thinking about that
8:12 am
steve look at this ted cruz acknowledging what has been a roller coaster of an election, watch. . >> going on a realliroll tweeted out, that video of him on a roller coaster, and saying many people compare the upset and downs of the campaign to roller coaster, we decided to see for our ourselves. >> funny i am nor any attempt to when candidates let off steam part of this even side having said that i am not sure, doing a roller coaster in a suit is way most people do this, so i am not sure that many people identify with what -- >> what about you frank senated. >> resonated only one does national television with sneakers i can understand
8:13 am
being a little bit different than average. >> would you discourage people from doing that. >> i would have toll hymn take jacket off loosen tie be a heal human being for two minutes. >> good to see you thanks. >> thanks. >> see you soon maker tune in to fox business network tuesday night for special coverage new york primary 7:00 pm eastern fox business network, a shart break history was made in california last night. >> it is official, number 73, the greatest player in nba history belongings to the 2016 golden state warriors. >> golden state warriors claiming best record in nba lift another show stealing performance down the street kobe bryant basketball fan actor jack nicholson next. >> is it disneyland private property selling fast a big price tag, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. maria: welcome back, major big banks rolling out quarterly results cheryl casone with numbers headlines good morning to you. cheryl: good morning watching stocks bank of america first quarter neither profit fell 18% from a year ago on weak trading, but the adjusted
8:17 am
profit 20 cents a share matched expectations revenue fell to 19.7 billion dollars, short of the estimates, stock trading, slightly legislator right now premarket, and latest blackrock came in below expectations, profit at world's largest asset manager falling 20% from a year ago revenue short of analysts forecasts but shares are up, about 2012% over last three months a lot of reports -- about 12 percent restructuring would include layoffs, toyota saying 2016 model year avalon camry cars were recalled because of risk of injury to front set a passengers makers front passenger air bag air bag may not deploy as intended to, in a crash with certain conditions airbags may not have been calibrated properly at the factor factory for 17,000, 2016 model avalons, and camry sedans, the end of
8:18 am
era in los angeles, kobe bryant playing final game last night, going out on a high note earning rave reviewers from actor jack nicholson longtime lakers' fan. >> always been here always been in los angeles always played great for, you know, like any other virtue i couldn't virtuoso. >> we have seen him a lot the ride came to end last night kobe out in style, i scored 60 points game gains jazz lakers won 101-96, kobe scored twice final miment of the game to help lift to victory. >> warriors won record 73 games last night beat griz reese 125--- obeying chicago bulls record behind seth curry 46 points the first player to make 403 in a single season this is wild but i got to
8:19 am
bring this to you happiest place on earth got happier you can make disney world your if you meantime overwhelm golden oak resort within walt disney world single family homes for sale prices starting two million dollars, about nice the homes a few perks early morning safari neighbors agree to buy exotic friends at animal kingdom complimentary transportation to theme parks half homes sold out. >> wow. >> i know, they look beautiful. >> and warm. >> cheryl casone straight ahead fralutz says june 7 important at a we will find out why top three loans to live life to fullest about those lessons throughout his life and sharing advice for
8:20 am
the he 2016 presidential hopefuls. >> the details in other stocks on the move back in a moment. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
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8:23 am
. maria: welcome back next guest rose to critically acclaimed radio television personality in an indiana trailer credits success to lessons learned from family and notable luminaries like mya angelo, tv host author of 50 for your future lessons down the road tavis smiley joining us. >> thanks for joining us. >> how are you. maria: i am great, i know that of you learned a lot of lows on those along the way you had a fantastic career, let's go through your lessons first, then i want to talk
8:24 am
broadly what we're seeing in news they see days. >> first you can't fit in stand out at the same time what do you mean? >> first of all, you ain't down bad working your way up i think it is true you can't stand out at the same time people in business understand this that you have to have a product that is unique and he hopefully better than competition, but in the lives we live legacies trying to lead have to find a way to live authentic lives be who we were meant to be not transcend to who we are i find a difference in who we are actually makes the difference how we ascend up at a leader. >> that is how you are authentic i am the same i would like to say your next eleven be humble with creativity and are a gracious with success probably my favorite lessons of them all. >> it might be your favorite because comes from a great american named quincy jones i have been fortunate to have
8:25 am
been a friend with q, many years i don't want to call him old i love hanging around folk chronologically gifted because so much to share q is would be of those people i say what is most important lesson you learned he paused a second said pretty simple i learned to be humble with creativity and gracious with success if you don't get that then there is something wrong with you. maria: that is why i am grateful for family because any time you know it is hard, to be humble, as you are rising and climbing the ladder you stayed humble why for me i feel family do you feel the same is that what it is for you or remember roots all the time? >> it is the same thing for me. it is my full name my fate my friend roots, that i think determine our routes you all oots, determine routes roots determine routes in life i am exhibit aof that but, also, that i think that before honor
8:26 am
comes humility if you would be honored by peers by family by friends by society if you are honored by them first remaim humble. >> next lesson do what you believe not what you find expedient. >> isn't that a lesson for all presidential candidates for that matter all of us trying to navigating lives face more vulnerabilities than possibilities the only way you get through that period of your life, is to have a mission statement, every business has a mission statement every organization, agency has mission statement i believe that we have to have mission statement for our own mission statements that is for our own lives, too many of us find i think on a regular basis, situations where we are tomato tempted to do what is right or expedient oftentimes we withstood to do who is a
8:27 am
expedient long term not best steady is. >> why do you think emblematic. >> peep will do anything for votes say anything for votes i thought your conversation earlier talking about donald trump i just believe where mr. trump is concerned has most the best relationship of the longest relationship i should say with wall street i just believe he doesn't possess the humility or human anity the kind of integrity or civility we need in a leader right now another way, there is a fine line between off tyou cuff and off the wall remarks more prone to the former more likely guilty of the latter the delicate fragile relationship between political instability and market volatility if donald trump your nominee i got to think long and hard about that guy might have deleterious impact with with off the cuff remarks on a regular basis. >> athen is theity making sure
8:28 am
you know what you want to say saying it the way you want good to sea you thanks so much we will see you soon tavis smiley joining is, harvard acceptance rate for class of 2020, falling south, 6%! that is the acceptance rate we've got one college to tell you about that is even harder to get into than that any other ivy league stay with us back in a moment. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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>> good thursday morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday, april 14th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. five days to go until the new york primary. donald trump is beefing up his campaign ahead of a possible contested convention. and holds the lead. apple encryption, the fbi will not reveal how they hacked into the iphone. the founder of a school later this hour. a night for the record books last night. golden state warriors for the most games won in a season. and end of an era in los angeles, kobe bryant, what he told after the game. >> kicking it off and last road game, and this is harder.
8:32 am
>> what are you going to miss most. >> the training of it, preparing for games, preparing for, you know, the top players in the league. and you know, coming together with my teammates. maria: the top story in business this morning, wells fargo out with this hour and peers reported a decline in first quarter profits. hurt by declining oil prices and one of the largest lenders in the energy sector. checking the broader markets, we're well off the lows of the morning, dow industrials now expected open up one point. michael block, thoughts on this, and earnings setting the tone once again, right? >> earnings setting the tones and jobless claims came in and not surprising. cpi, everyone is talking inflation is finally going to lift. the cpi is a little light. maria: up 1/10.
8:33 am
just hit the tapes. >> we've had this incredible run based on oil and then jp morgan came out. how is bank of america going to get higher fees when there was the m and a market. we've had a nice run. maria: you're not going to buy into the banks on the earnings then? >> no, i'm waiting and waiting, if the people want to run them up and drink the kool-aid and say, hey, this means everything better and by the way, these things are cheap. i'm not in a rush here. dagen: i want to point out the m and a business is not going to completely perhaps. it's slowed down, but you're not going to see the mega deals and the government, god forbid intervened in horrific ways, but you'll see transactions. >> the monster fees are gone, but the small and mid cap may have more m and a. maria: we've got to mention the price of oil, all the way up
8:34 am
above $40 a barrel. one of the reasons the markets have stabilized. we've got a production freeze summit coming up on the 17th. is that going to-- >> breaking news, we've been talking about this for a while and maybe takes care of the supply side, assuming the saudis, russians and iranians and qataris are going to agree to a freeze. but if there's oil that slips out and did. maria: take a look at the campaign trail, the delegate count on the republican side, donald trump 755 and ted cruz in the 500. the candidate needs to hit, 1237. randy evans thinks that donald trump might be able to wrap up the nomination with that. if donald trump exceeds 1100 votes he will become the
8:35 am
nominee even though he won't have 1237. and that trump will be able to pick up enough unbound delegates to push him over the top. joining us is former congressman and candidate himself, ron paul. sir, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: we've been debating the rules all morning and every day and you know, the rules are 1237. what do you think? would donald trump get it even if it's falling short under that number? >> well, if that's his net total and he's short, i don't think he will and i don't think he should. but, you know, they're dealing with these rules, but the rules are, in politics are made to be broken just like the rules in government. generally, i think the political system is sort of like the government. they're broken, they're arbitrary and favor one group over another and of course, i went through that four years ago, how at the last minute they can change the rules. so it's a messy business for sure and i think that people are starting to wake up.
8:36 am
i think it might be a little bit late to really restore sanity to this country, economically and in other areas. maria: so walk us through what you did go through. it's true, you actually faced very similar situation and we're having this controversy about the delegates, even if you get the popular vote, you're not getting the delegates? >> right, but we were well aware of the rules and we actually thought rules were made to be followed and the system had been made so that a competing candidate that might not have all the money and all the, you know, all the prestige would still have a chance. so they said, well, you know, if you get five states and you have plurality, you get to be recognized and give a speech, something happens at the convention. it gives you a little bit of a chance. maria: yeah. >> and we had a little bit of a chance, nothing like what trump has done. but we qualified to participate in the convention.
8:37 am
but they got hysterical because we were dealing with issues and they didn't want to deal with that and they didn't want to touch anything. so they panicked, we can't have ron paul give a speech, have him nominated, that would be horrible. and they changed the rules and they're biting them because they want to do the same thing. the rules aren't necessarily bad, they were set up. the other thing that people don't understand, the way they're set up, some of the states if they choose to make their election a straw vote, that's essentially what was going on. i know that's essentially what was on in iowa and we played-- we actually won iowa. we had, you know, 80% of the delegates because we knew the system, but they just changed the rules at the last minute, but it was a straw vote and a lot of states do, nothing wrong with straw votes. maria: wow. >> so that trump is off base when he says it's rigged. a lot of rigging going on, but i don't think he understands how the rigging works.
8:38 am
maria: congressman, we've got frank luntz with us this morning. frank. >> congressman, a pleasure to see you, it's been a while. i've got ask you, who is the freedom candidate in this race? you were the freedom candidate four years ago. who is that person this time? >> rand paul, you know what happened to him. so, i guess i've been really pretty shocked because i've looked at the 20th century as the death of tote ta totalitarianism and people were coming around and saying, i like libertarians, i'm libertarian on this. i'm shocked at this country. this describes to me how sick the country is and how panicked they are where they can rally around-- >> so congressman. >> looks like we need socialism, but reflects what's going on in the universities.
8:39 am
>> would you consider it possible voting for the libertarian candidate if donald trump is the nominee? >> certainly, why not? there you go. >> why should i throw my vote away. i think that people's votes should count. and people who say progressive and green party, i'm wasting my vote, not if you're disgusting. hillary is not a progressive. she's a neocon and she could run as republican. if you're a libertarian, vote libertarian and make your vote count. just to vote for the lesser evil. maria: dagen. dagen: congressman, do you think that we're talking about socialism, do you think that it's not just in name? do you really fear that these policies will take root even regardless of who wins come november? >> well, it is a tricky thing about defining socialism. they're going to take root,
8:40 am
whether we're going to stop them, whether we're going to stop the expansion of government and control of our markets below, you know, zero interest and all of the nonsense going on. and the teaching over the last 70 years-- seven years, deficits don't matter, print more money. that's the problem and that's going to continue. the names have changed because actually sanders is not a pure socialist. he's an extreme interventionist, keynesian who wants to plan the economy and use his authority to redistribute wealth. that is socialistic, but you know, they still deal with corporations. maria: he's not making any-- he's out and saying he's not making a secret of it. michael block is here. >> congressman, i see the g.o.p. as being very anti-libertarian here as you and frank have pointed out. i see emphasis on anti-immigration, pro-life and anti-gay rights and about the
8:41 am
republican party focuses on that, could they be more libertarian, if they say people should do what they want to do and smaller government in these respects. >> a lot of times they paint me as an isolationist which is false. they put on sanctions and telling people what to do, i want free trade, i don't want managed trade and all of the government managed trade like we have now, and trump makes some points on this, but, no, i think the libertarians, at least i had a modified version of it because i think that an active aggression is killing a live fetus. and we have to deal with that. there's a different position for-- libertarians they don't march lock step. as a matter of fact, even the libertarian party, i'm a little bit annoyed because they're getting to be a little more war mongering than i like. i like nonintervention.
8:42 am
i like minding our own business and bringing our troops home and they're not there anymore, but that's certainly what our founders advised for, stay out of tangling alliance. maria: frank luntz says we're going to a contested convention, do you agree with that? >> i think the odds are pretty good on that. i wouldn't bet against that because, you know, the republicans have dug a big hole for themselves. if they let trump walk away with it on a first vote, you know, that's-- they can't tolerate that, but of course, they're going to be in a deep trouble if they prevent it and you let cruz or nominate cruz, so they're really in a box and i just wished people would emphasize that the-- a lot of people would like, who are libertarian and conservative, who cares about the republican, helped destroy the republican authority. what about the democratic party? are they much better? i don't deal with that. i don't like to deal with the party thing. i want to deal with the principles of free market and of sound foreign policy and
8:43 am
protection of civil liberties. maria: right. >> and when that-- that revolution comes, believe me, it will infiltrate all parties because the revolution of 100 years ago changed everything about the monetary system and welfarism and war and so it's in both parties. so, really, if -- there is no difference between the two parties. i know that's all we hear about is this argument, but that's all just a charade. maria: wow, congressman, good to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. maria: and ron paul. you believe we're going contested? >> if there's a time for an independent ron paul candidacy that would mean, this is that time. >> i wish he were running based on what we just heard. maria: and how a bill i am will impact your privacy. and it's the toughest college
8:44 am
to get into, no, it's not harvard. joining us just ahead. cloop
8:45 am
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8:47 am
>> we have breaking news to report, an earthquake striking southern japan according to the usgs. it was a 6.2 magnitude quake, no tsunami warning has been issued yet. there have been no reports of damages or casualties. we'll bring you that as it comes in. it's just hitting the wire. take a look at some of the stocks other than banks we're watching. on the move, of course, the banks in the news on earnings. chipotle is upper nearly 3% ahead of the hoping. analysts going from overweight to neutral. stock has been beaten down in the wake of the food safety crisis. j.p. morgan tells clients it's an attractive entry point. and delta airlines, first above analyst expectations, looking at a key revenue measure to fall in the current quarter. legislators publishing a draft
8:48 am
of a controversial encryption bill in the wake of the san bernardino case. >> ranking member feinstein proposed legislation that would force companies to cooperate and give technical assistance to a government entity that wants data. and feinstein saying that terrorists are criminals are increasingly using encryption to foil law enforcement. we need strong encryption to protect personal data and know when terrorists are plotting to kill americans. when could the government force companies to hand over that data? in the bill it says espionage and intelligence cases, foreign intelligence cases, federal crimes against a minor, serious violent felonies and federal drug crimes. so far the bill does not detail what kind of penalties would be levied if a company doesn't comply. we know according to reuters,
8:49 am
it would not support this kind of bill, but oregon senator ron white tweeting out a-- i will do everything -- and i have a feeling that silicon valley is not with this one. maria: changing a start-up, a school more difficult to get into than harvard. back in a moment. of us a unique individual, help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit
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to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
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>> welcome back. ivy league colleges are super selective and among the toughest to get into. harvard's acceptance rate for the class of 2020 is only 5.2%, but if you think that's super competitive think again. minerva school has acceptance 1.9%, this is a for-profit college start-up, offering a unique education. joining me is the ceo of minerva project. >> thank you for having me. maria: you say you're building a perfect university and there you are and market street, you've got neighbors like twitter, spotify, uber, and is the environment, the back drop in terms of san francisco and, you know, innovation part of what you're getting at minerva? >> yeah, it's a big part about it and the thing about minerva, any university has things that it needs to work on.
8:54 am
the difference is that we set up minerva as an institution that ierates all the time. and we teach them practical knowledge what they can do in the future and despite starting from a higher base, we continue to get feedback from students and improve every day. maria: why is it so hard to get into? >> well, we are an institution that is set up to train, find and then train people who are going to make, what we refer to as decisions of consequence, they have decisions on others much more so than themselves. toe to find people who have the intellectual curiosity and force power, the humility and passion to succeed in those types of environments is extremely hard to find so we reject something like ten valedictorians for every one that we admit and we really have to find people who we believe are going to run the
8:55 am
major institutions of the world in the future and give them the kind of training that prepare them to do that. dagen: i will ask questions that more students need to ask and their parents, how much does it cost? >> very good question. so minerva is an extremely intensive environment, less than 20 students in them. attention in your class environment and career support, immersion in the city and students live in seven different cities across the next four years, san francisco and then they live all over the world and tuition at minerva is $10,000, you have to pay for room and board and live and eat so the total price tag is 28,000, but well under half of the traditional ivy league university where the majority of your classes will be lectures. maria: how do you make it affordable?
8:56 am
it's a debate across universities, how do you get the price down. >> the question is less about what we strip down, more what other universities bulked up. tuition 1965 and adjusted for 2015, tuition at private evie league would be $10,000 a year and what's happened in the interim is that universities got into this crazy amenities race where everybody has to build a nicer football field and lawn and everything else and so they build the outrageous campuses. maria: you want to take athletics? >> that's right. we're in favor of students exercising and we live in great cities and plenty of parks and you know, public recreation activities, but we don't think that people should pay $10,000 just for athletics every year. maria: and frank luntz is here, a polster, and that's why we've got bernie sanders resonating with free college, frank luntz. >> and that's why i clearly need to exercise if anyone does. [laughter] my one question, how is the
8:57 am
teaching different there. how do the professors, i know personal interaction, do you teach differently. maria: real quick. >> we teach different, lectures are banned at minerva, protesters can't talk for more than four minutes at a time. you want to engage students in active learning. students participate in every single class and assessed how well they do in class participation. we don't do tests we look at their project work and class participation. the other way we do it. maria: right. >> simply is we do our courses on a proprietary internet platform that we've built. even though the students live together they don't go to a physical classroom. they actually in a very immersive environment and teaching much richer. maria: good for you for this innovation. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
8:58 am
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>> my thanks to my panel. dagen always a pleasure, stuart varney take it away. stuart: i shall. good morning everyone. today you're going to see business, that's private enterprise confronted. all across the country. it is the $15 an hour minimum wage movement, you're looking at it right now. this movement has morphed into the democrats presidential campaign. bernie sanders and hillary clinton going all out to criticize and demonize business. the banks, the billionaires, wall street, they're the villains and you will see this play out today. meantime, wall street continues


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