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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i am dagan mcdowell, maria bartiroma was off this morning, it is april 15th, top stories at 6 am eastern time, four days until the new york primary, candidates focus on appealing to new yorkers and their values. >> we understand if we lift the burden of washington, jobs will return. >> anyone who helps clear the rubble and the rescue, those are new york values. every small act of kindness. >> i do believe folks in new york will forgive me on the big mistake i made when i had that scalding piece of pizza and touched the pizza pie with it but i do know how to eat pizza. dagen: this is the latest fox news poll shows donald trump has expanded his lead over ted cruz and john kasich and is out with
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an op-ed in the wall street journal, more on that coming up, bernie sanders and hillary clinton squaring off, taking on issues from wall street to qualifications to be president. the latest from the campaign trail. for illegal immigrants taxpayers on the hook for sending illegals back to their home countries in style. one chimpanzee making an incredible escape from a zoo. dramatic video coming up. you don't want to miss this. movie theaters once a safe haven from cell phones, not anymore, the nation's largest theater chain might allow texting. overnight, markets edging higher, grossed a mystic product in china, we are waiting for these growth figures at 6.7% growth. to europe we see weakness in early trading across the board. in the united states, looking at the future, we have lost across the board.
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that and more coming up this morning. jack otter, good to see you both. we have a can't miss this morning, that is why we are so excited. co-author of two books with donald trump, former new york governor george pat tacky, america's cup ceo joins us to talk about the outrage returning to new york harbor for the first time in 96 years and former rnc chairman and secretary of veterans affairs jim nicholson straight ahead. not going to tell you which hour you have to wait for. donald trump seeing record high support for the republican nomination among gop voters in the latest fox news poll, trump holds an 18 point lead over ted cruz, support shrinking dramatically in the last month, only leads third-place governor
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john kasich by two points, donald trump pouncing on that last night. >> right now he is number 3 in the polls in new york and many other states and nobody even knows who number 2 is, they don't know. it is amazing the way some names just stick to people. dagen: joining me is beverly carter and also real quick politics, caitlin, welcome to both of you. the period when donald trump was supposed to have his worst week ever look what he did in the polls. >> politics change very quickly. a good night in wisconsin and colorado, unclear, more
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sympathetic to his voters, the show is being rigged and trump is on his way to winning new york and from there you go to maryland, pennsylvania, states where you lead by 20 points in new jersey and california so 1237. dagen: new jersey is a winner take all states. to your -- talk to me about how he has been and get to this wall street journal editorial, he has been able to use thato his advantage which is what he writes about in the journal today. >> fascinating to watch. he wasn't prepared, has been criticized to scoop up the delegates, and able to say and appeal to his base of supporters they are out to get me and as if
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he is gearing up for potential loss. if he isn't able to secure the delegates he can point to this and say they had it out for me from the beginning. >> let me attract those delegates, by 50, if you get those in the last primary and the convention. dagen: he is close to 1237 going into that convention and they deny him that nomination, it is going to be brutal. how will people react to that? it has been interesting the last couple days, he switched the narrative to i want to return the election to the people which i think is an interesting shift from complaining to say i'm bringing it back which goes back to the make america great
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narrative. dagen: let me ask america a question. how has the system been working for you and your family, no wonder voters demand changes i want to point out new york post. >> that is what he said yesterday. i like three of the papers but i really don't like -- dagen: the new york daily news d hillary clinton but the daily news has been like pravda lately. >> the daily news has had a huge effect on the democratic primary with this scathing interview with bernie sanders. dagen: there was a hot debate, john kasich was asked on the other side of the aisle bernie sanders on hillary clinton the latest fox news poll clinton has 48% of the vote down 55% last month, sanders 46%, decline for clinton comes from women, support falling 11% while sanders was up 9%.
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>> does secretary clinton have the experience and intelligence to be president? of course she does but i don't question -- i still question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq, the worst policy blunder in the history of this country. >> the spotlight is in new york, some things have been said and senator sanders did call me unqualified. i have been called a lot of things, but that is the first. dagen: you were there, who won? being in that audiences a better indication than watching it on television. >> it depends on what their goals were. hillary clinton definitely wants to help sanders's momentum. he won the last several contest. they have been able to share delegates given the way democrats are proportioned in democratic races and she is still ahead in the democratic count and has the superdelegate
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count, she wants to win by a large margin and put the race in her rearview and focus on republicans. she has not been able to bring this race to a close. sanders has raise a lot of money, he has been talking about things like this which appeal to his constituency and raise questions whether the party can unite at the end of this whole thing so i don't think this debate will change the outcome of the new york race. hillary clinton will probably win new york but if she doesn't, that would be a humongous blow to her campaign and psyche going forward. dagen: a lot of the back and forth were things we heard before, the argument about minimum wage and releasing to goldman sachs, arguing over guns but i said and you can disagree with me please, if bernie sanders is not willing to go after the one thing in the news right now, the email server and use that whether she is
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qualified to have bad judgment he is not using all the tools at his disposal. >> i am sure he regrets the debate several months ago when he said we are tired of the emails, thought he would be a 15% candidate at the time. but now has a real shot at the nomination. he can't really go there now, you said you are tired of it and you are bringing it -- it is ridiculous to me. dagen: we are going to show you, ta a look at this, a gop super pac taking aim at clinton, calling her the new nixon. >> what i have stated from the beginning to be the truth. >> i want people to understand what the truth is. >> the american people come to realize i have not violated the trust. >> by the end of this campaign people will know they can trust me. >> the entire story.
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>> i turned over everything to turn over. >> i want those emails out. >> let you down. >> i am sorry, i take responsibility. dagen: this gop super pac is doing what bernie sanders won't. >> sanders get more mileage from democrats when he goes after her for the speeches. something that was brought up by democrats, they point to the money she has received from wall street speeches. they never bring up the email scandal in the democratic primary. in the general election when facing a republican, there will be several more hits like this and because sanders has not plaited up she hasn't had the practice of responding. dagen: i want to get your take on the effectiveness of this ad. republican candidates are fighting it out and it is bitter on the campaign trail this super pac is looking ahead to
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november. >> a big reason sanders is doing as well as he is, people don't trust hillary. you have to focus on the general, donald trump will be the president because he is the nominee. >> the reason these emails are not getting my niche play on the democratic side is the republican side is so chaotic, there is no clear end. that is the democrats's advantage. dagen: i will give you the final word. nixon? >> very effective ad. when eight out of ten depending on the polls don't trust hillary clinton that is one more reason not to trust her, really effective comparison but i agree on the democrat side, the most effective attack on hillary is she is in the pocket of big business and i am on the side of the people, those attacks work but the issue she has got is
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trust and this is a really good swing at her. dagen: keep an eye on those superdelegates because they turned on her in 2008. it was great to see you. take care. make sure to tune into foxbusiness for special coverage of the new york primary starting at 7:00 eastern tuesday night on the foxbusiness network. i have done some of these, i know how fun they are. they are wild and woolly and this is a must-see tv event. straight ahead microsoft joining the fight over privacy between tech companies and the government, we have those details. clash of the screams. in an effort to draw younger moviegoers into the theater one company could start allowing something they have been advising against for years. we will tell you about it.
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dagen: a massive fire in jersey city, new jersey. cheryl casone he has that and your morning headlines. cheryl: we want to bring life pictures from fox affiliate in
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new york wnyw. this is a dense neighborhood in jersey city. this blaze has engulfed five structures, the fire started last night. firefighters father had it under control. it struck up again, they are monitoring this. at least 14 people have been displaced that we know of, 12 adults, two children. this fire thought to be under control, sparking up in a densely populated area in new jersey across the river from manhattan. also this, in business, microsoft taking a stand over customer information. the tech giant filing a lawsuit saying it is unconstitutional for the government to search personal data in secret forcing the company to stay silent about it. according to microsoft it received 5000 demands for information in the last 18 months, nearly half with gag
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orders preventing it. finally, this, days away from the tax deadline, house republicans calling for impeachment of the irs commissioner. in a house hearing yesterday lawmakers accused him of failing to comply with subpoenas and allowing documents to be destroyed and the irs is not to be trusted. during the weekly news conference paul ryan blasted the agency saying the irs has misled the american people. >> the irs misled americans. cheryl: this political obstacle for impeaching him, many american surprised he is still running the agency because of what happened. dagen: exactly the reaction when i saw video of him the other day, still running the irs. a lot of people confused why he
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dagen: the chief executive and chief operating officers of the wounded warrior project fired last month after it was revealed the organization was only spending 60% of their operating
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budget on programs and services. to put that number in perspective the disabled american veterans trust put 96.5% of their operating budget toward programs that serve veterans. joining the is the author of successful philanthropy, how to make life with what you give. new york city philanthropist, what are your thoughts on what happened with the warrior project, and when someone gets ready to give and donate how do you make a decision about who to give to? >> there are three things i generally tell people to follow and the first is take a look at their pn dell statements and generally a charity should not spend any more than 20% of total revenue on overhead. it is the 2080 ratio and take a look at their management and
6:23 am
make sure they are running a good ship and the managers, the people, board of directors and people within are all found and you can do this by reading articles, going on their website and if you know some people involved you can ask them and find out and finally you have to follow your passion and if you are interested in the cure for cancer you might want to get involved with a charity following what you love which is cancer research. dagen: we were talking in the break, that is where my heart is, with animal charities and animal-rights charities. there are some charities that have a hard time raising money that are in great need here. some charities have a much easier time raising money, maybe
6:24 am
animal charities, veterans, cancer but what about other ones people should be looking at? >> there are all sorts of charities and an individual needs to follow what they believe in first because if you are going to be committed you will of what the charity does. if you are interested in an anti-poverty charity i can think of one on the board, really helped the children of new york city, one out of three children at the poverty level and educational support, recreational support is what we do. it is very important. >> people who run something like wounded warriors are committed to the good cause, sometimes they take a wrong turn and in this case it was spending too
6:25 am
much money on plane tickets and not enough on people who are supposed to benefit. how does that happen in organization and how are they prevented from happening? >> i am not sure how that happens. looking at charity navigators, one of the websites, charity navigator and i saw 34% of their $3 million budget in 2014 went for fund raising and i think that is a high number, that is $100 million. when you see a number like that a red flag goes up. i advise taking a look at numbers on charity navigator. if you are very sophisticated you can look at a charity 990 form and even the better business bureau analyze charity. dagen: speaking of fundraising what do you make of the presidential election cycle? you have donald trump who has been self funding so far, bernie
6:26 am
sanders who has raised astonishing amount of money, small amount of donors. >> this is complicated and confusing. i don't see a front runner. dagen: there is you with jeb bush. >> i just think people are holding back a little bit because they are uncertain and as time goes on we will have a better picture. dagen: the money is there. >> people are giving but right now it is a little slower. dagen: it was great to see you. the book is successful philanthropy. this time of day it doesn't move like that. it was great to see you. >> thank you for having me on. dagen: coming up taxpayers picking up the tag to deport illegal immigrants by using
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell. friday april 15th, at almost 5:30 a.m. eastern time. candidates focusing on appealing to new yorkers and their values. this comes as the latest fox poll donald trump expanding lead on rival ted cruz and john kasich. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton battled and it got hot. qualifications to be president. [cheers and applause] >> but i do question her judgment, i question a judgment which voted to the war in iraq. [cheers and applause] >> the worst foreign policy in the history of this country. >> my judgment, well, the people of new yorker voted for me twiet to be their senator. dagen: flying private, taxpayers
6:31 am
on the hook for sending illegals back to their country. incredible escape from the zoo and the fight to get him under wraps, the dramatic video is coming up. safe haven from cell phones, why the count ris' largest theater chain may allow texting. checking the markets this morning. take a look at the future. slight gain b yesterday. take a look at oil, we are looking at declines ahead of the opec production meeting coming up this sunday hovering still above $40 a barrel. much of donald trump's campaign focus is on u.s. relations with china, he has slammed the nation for stealing american jobs and having unfair trade laws. >> what china has done is the biggest theft and the greatest
6:32 am
theft in the history of the world. a guy like me can't be bought by the interest. me, i'm working for you, folks. that's what i'm doing this for. that's my whole theme, we are going to take jobs from china and méxico, from all the countries that are taking our jobs, our jobs are disappearing from the country and we can't let it continue to happen. our companies are leaving and going to other countries, we are going to stop it and stop it fast. >> i think you have to be very careful because devaluation they can take away the business carefully. they've been doing that. they are building massive plans in china and they can take your plans away very quickly. that won't happen if i'm president, if you have one of these politicians as president, it'll happen very easily.
6:33 am
dagen: despite what you might think he does have supporters in china. curtis chen, good to see you. >> a lot of asia respects a strong leader or rightly or wrong leader. you look at china right now. very strong leaders, maybe they're getting more coverage of trump, what they're not doing right and what they're not doing wrong. when it comes to strong they are seeing him strong and talking back. dagen: how much are people talking about donald trump in asia and china? i was in canada over the weekend and everybody we wanted to know about trump. i was in europe and the only thing they could asked me if it's good or bad. >> it's really not a lot. it is donald trump.
6:34 am
just like here in the united states, people want a better life, that's what they're focused on and they're seeing that donald trump is speaking for some issues that have relevance in asia. job creation, and standing strong. let's move away from china and the rest of asia. people there are fans for donald trump because he was standing up to china. it's the opposite. he's winning supporters because she's strong against china. >> at the leadership level, how trump seen, really, he's an unknown quantity, you look at almost any other presidential candidate and you can have a pretty good sense what they would come to a summit meeting. trump, who knows what he's going to do. is there a bit of a concern? >> a lot of uncertainty of what he might do. that applies to all candidates. dagen: hillary clinton has gone
6:35 am
so far left she's not running on her husband's platform. what her husband did. there's no daylight between her and bernie sanders on a lot of the big issues. >> one the big issues is trade. all candidates have come out against this transpacific partnership. what do they really stand for? hillary clinton was a strong supporter of tpp, now she's against it. dagen: his policies shifted based on what donald trump resinated. what he was saying. >> if you look at or own u.s. political process, sometimes they say one thing to get their party's nomination and then they move to the center, maybe we will see on the republicans and democratic side. dagen: let's talk about china's
6:36 am
first quarter gdp. right in line with the xltation. what is going on in the economy? is this shooting and the numbers are real. >> i don't think anyone really knows if the numbers are real out of china. dagen: yeah. [laughter] >> we are going to talk about china, the china damage and if i were to summarize, china is still growing and slowing. there's all kind of consequences. are they trying to be more aggressive in the south china sea because they need to unit when their country is slowing down. how will china deal with the rest of asia in the south china sea in terms of business. when they look at a donald trump, a secretary clinton, what will that mean to the u.s.-china relations, the reality right now
6:37 am
is why is donald trump popular in some areas is because asia is pragmatic, they are going to work with whoever is the u.s. president. they want a strong leader who stands up for china for the most part. dagen: great to see you. yes, fox -- >> see y'all in la. dagen: i love la. private jets generally thought of how the rich and famous travel about but what have we told you that's how illegal immigrant are being deported and you the taxpayer are footing the bill. later changes can be coming to selected theaters near you. it's bad. we've got the details ahead
6:38 am
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dagen: man in the hat is taking but you won't believe what he's saying, cheryl casone has the story and more right now. cheryl. cheryl: good morning, dagen. he suggested that he wouldn't hurt a fly that's why he took off from the airport. his fellow terrorists intented to bomb areas to u.s., russia and israel. u.s. taxpayer shelling out $300,000 to deport illegal immigrant back to their home countries. some of them on private jets, that's according to british newspaper daily mail. $116million last year to transport more than 235,000 people, the biggest number of
6:42 am
illegals forted to méxico. nounng rall inft swgs, mpanrecaing ree mols oswin aft it receed t repts aer sts llinto t grod. luckily no injuries have been reported. and i have to bring this, dagen, chimpanse fled from the zoo. before zoo schools were able to sedate him. it will take a few days for him to recover and his adventure on the electric polls. dagen: he was right mad. cheryl: freaking out. dagen: they couldn't control him. the fifth time i watched it this morning.
6:43 am
i want to get talk about story about deportations and illegal immigrant being flown on private jets. this is what the american taxpayer doesn't know anything about. lee: i don't know, we were mad when the executives, ceo's of auto makers went down to testify in private jets and now -- dagen: they drove after that. lee: now we are sending illegals home in private jets. what can we say? dagen: $116 million, several on gulf stream force. that would be nice. they hired a 767 to same some illegal back to nigeria. dagen: i've never been on gulf stream even parked on terminal.
6:44 am
[laughter] >> john edwards. thank you very much. there must be a reason here. dagen: they can come up with a reason for anything. they can come up with a reason for shrimp on a treadmill. cheryl: happy tax day, everybody. you will feel good when you write that check. dagen: in case you missed it here are some of this week's top moments from the show. >> well, i wouldn't tell mr. trump how to run a hotel but i will say nato continues to be highly relevant for the united states. he's up against the donors, the special interest, many in the
6:45 am
media, many in the party. that's a remarkable thing. >> this is not all a television show running for the president of the united states. >> those running for delegates can make a at the same time that we are not going to overturn democracy. they know that their vote is going to count. >> as to the deputy delegate, i don't know what to make of it. it does seem a little cokey. >> i had a good half hour with my uncle mitt. i didn't have that conversation with him. >> would you consider voting for the libertarian candidate if donald trump is the nominee? >> certainly. why not? it's politics and it's an election and this is a rough game, if you can't stand the side of your own blood, don't run for anything because you're
6:46 am
going the see plenty of it. dagen: >> brings for revenue, the men negotiated a better contract. is there a simple response to that? >> it's a little difficult when you're negotiating from an unfair playing field. that's where we did the negotiation from under the ceiling. dagen: he's planning on being very rich. >> i plan to be very, very rich. i'm definitely not. >> in one, one thousand, you have to commit. maria:i know. [laughter] >> water with -- it doesn't have the thickness that a jell-o would. maria: why would i want water for a desert
6:47 am
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dagen: cheryl casone with some of the stocks on the move, cheryl. cheryl: bank to report fist quarter earnings this morning, decline in earnings in stocks and revenue. i also want to look at valiant right now. it's closer to selling a big part to the company and turning to investment banks to discuss their option. finally, of course, dagen, we are looking at oil prices ahead
6:51 am
of sunday's opec meeting. there's hope that they will agree to freeze production and take oil off the market. we will see. however, the international agency sees limited impact to action. say good-bye to oil glut. twenty cents more than you did last month to fill up the gas tank. dagen: boo. thank you, cheryl. texting during a film, but is the total number of frequent movie goers falling by 10%, do away with the no texting. we've got six thumbs right here. [laughter] >> comedian dave smith.
6:52 am
joe, i have a feeling i think -- i have a feeling i know what you think. >> okay, i wish i had more thumbs and i'd point them all down. amc does not care about you the viewer, they care about the business and they want to boost profits but at what cost to society, okay, already these phones are ruining our lives and we should not bend to the trend. dagen: how is this a good idea? >> i have so many things to say about this. i would like to see it go even further. this announcement made me laugh. no matter how many cookies trends you tell people to turn it off during the movie, people are just doing it. dagen: not if they're in the movie theater with me. >> you're the movie theater police. [laughter] >> this is a company that is
6:53 am
betting of generations of attendance, they are acquiring screens across the country. they're investing in concessions, fancy-food offerings. they need to sell tickets and they can't shun entire generation. dagen: dave, you look like the guy who texts on the theater. >> it's taking all of my will power to not check my texts right now. dagen: because i'm boring you. >> no, i agree it's a great move. people already is doing this. no one pays attentions to messages who says don't text. they tell you not the litter. have you ever looked at the floor. no one follows the rules. he specifically said it's not going to be texting theaters.
6:54 am
>> you will have to pay employees overtime or hire more people to man those theaters and ticket pris argointo g . >>ot itheye on minum ge. >> maybe we check emails on our phones, look at the high schoolers, middle schoolers, young kids like kids these days will never set foot in an establishment. >> maybe the ceo's of corporations. slippery-slope, t. lip screens are annoying. you'll admit that. >> i agree, they're annoying. >> so is the guy slirping soda.
6:55 am
>> on amtrak they have the quiet car, they get that car to be swhat quiet. but there's no way to get the whole train to be quiet. you have one theater that's for not texting, you have a better chance of stopping people from doing it. >> that's a great analogy. >> you lose a customer for life, amc. >> i can't help that joanne got the wrong ticket and is being molested in theaters. dagen: i really don't want to be arrested and i get so aggressive with the people sitting around me in terms of the noise level. i just stay at home and watch netflix. >> there you go. they're competing in so many other screens. they have to bring millennials . dagen: thank you so much. lively, y'all have to come back.
6:56 am
etf, baby, the financial sector had a big move this week. cheryl casone has look. cheryl: take a look. over the last week has gained almost 7 and a half percent. today is still young. we will see how it does today. this is because of the financials and companies like jpmorgan, bank of america coming out with aaronings, this is -- earnings. we should say really quick that this is the best week in more than a year for this etf, kbe. we will be right back with mornings with maria. happy friday. ♪ ♪
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common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. dagen: good morning, maria bartiromo is off today. i'm dagen mcdowell, it's friday april 15th, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. four days to go for the new york primary, candidates work to go appealing new york voters and their values, this comes donald trump expanding his lead over ted cruz and john kasich. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton squaring off last night in new york city, it got hot, the two taking on issues from qualifications to clinton paid
7:00 am
speeches on wall street. >> secretary clinton, the question was about the transcripts of the speeches to goldman sachs. [cheers and applause] >> i've said, look, there are certain expectations when you run for president. this is a new one. >> i am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that i gave on wall street behind closed doors, not for 225,000 but 2,000, not for two centss, there were no speeches. dagen: we have the latest from the campaign trails. diana ross recovering from an accident. suv hit limbo as she headed to pennsylvania. we will have the latest on her condition. tax day, well, it's here. the government is spending your tax money to fund research on why people cheat on their taxes.
7:01 am
first it was all-day breakfast, mcdonalds is testing all you can eat french fries. detail straight ahead. why will you live a pillow and just live there. turning to markets overnight. despite chinese gdp, reading on economic growth there coming in as expected at 6.7% growth. over in europe we have seen slight weakness across the board. we have losses but they're contained at the moment. here in the united states we have seen a little bit of selling pressure. we had a bounceback. terrific week for financial stocks, we have citigroup earnings out this morning. all of that with me jack otter, good to see you both. >> good to be here. dagen: very fired up. i'm going to let jack lead the interview. you can't miss that. some of the people coming up, best selling books with donald trump.
7:02 am
five-time world champion, russell joins us to talk about race returning to new york harbor. secretary of veterans affairs jim nicholson will be here. all that straight ahead. you don't want to miss any of it. donald trump seeing record-high support for the republican nomination among gop voters. he now only leads third-place governor john kasich by two points. this is the democratic race ahead of new york primary. hillary clinton seeing a 48% favorability with sanders trailing behind only two points. two democratic presidential contenders squared off in a heated debate last night. adam shapiro is standing by with more. hey, adam. >> good morning, to you, the new york post called the debate old people yelling at each other but
7:03 am
the debate was really if you watched contentious with both candidates attacking each other. let's go to the poll numbers, as you said fox news has released a new poll late yesterday in which nationally, survey of voters nationally, clinton has 48% of the democrats and sanders 36%. in new york with the lead is around a double-digit lead but on a national level 48% to 46%. in regards to the debate last night, sanders attacked clinton for accepting money from wall street. clinton attacked sanders for his position on guns. take a look at lighter moments where sanders responded to money issue. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh my goodness, they must have been crushed by this. [cheers and applause] >> was that before or after you
7:04 am
received huge sums of money by speaking engagements. >> i called them out on their mortgage behavior. i also was very willing to speak out against some of the special privileges they had under the tax code. >> now, going back to the poll, the new fox poll, clinton had a sizable lead over sanders nationally just as early as february 16th, but rather in march 16, clinton had 65%, that gap has almost disappeared and clinton 48 and sanders 46%. there was another question on that poll that was interesting. do you think that -- putting the name of the candidate, has the integrity to serve as president? clinton got 48% and sanders got a 70% positive response. dagen, thank you. dagen: thank you so much adam shapiro doing terrific work in the field. adam, take care.
7:05 am
donald trump blasting ted cruz at fundraiser last night. ted cruz warning of hillary clinton and consequences of presidency. >> you take a guy like lying ted cruz, lying ted, lying ted. you know, he talked about new york values. did you see the debate? he talked about new york values. [shouting] >> if hillary clinton becomes the next president for four or eight more years, the people of new york know full well what comes from that. dagen: joining me now a man that coauthor two books with donald trump. best-selling author robert is here. great to see you. your take on trump and his
7:06 am
ability to communicate and turn even the most negative situation that he faces into something that's a positive. >> well, trump is a great man and i like his courage to speak out. you know, for example, the thing that the campaign is rigged and i agree 100% with him. who in the world determine ifs your vote counts or not, the republican party, the democratic party? what are these things of super pacs? it's not one person one vote. you know, when i was in high school we study it had electoral college. are you kidding me? who are those folks? that's not the way it is and
7:07 am
that's what donald is saying, our election system is rigged. that's the problem right now. dagen: and i want to follow up with that because donald trump has written an op-ed in the wall street journal about that criticizing the delegate system and imposing the question. quote, how has the system been working out for you and your family, no wonder voters demand change. but let's focus on this because he did -- he's focused on this more because of what happened in colorado. do you think that he is now, bob, getting a campaign in place that's really going to be able to run up the delegate numbers before that convention? >> well, i would love that and i'm voting for him. i support him not because he's my friend but he's the best man for the job at this time in history. now, if you want more of the same you vote for hillary. you want change, it's donald trump. now, unfortunately he's going to shake it up and a lot of people
7:08 am
do not like the change he's going to come -- bring. and i think really that's the issue right now. he is going the change things. you want the same, vote hillary, you want change, it's donald trump. that's why i'm voting for him. lee: let me ask you this, i find it fascinating right now because the rules have been the rules for a long time. the other side is saying specially with colorado, the rules went in place in august, why weren't people complaining then, why do you think now this has become such an issue, why do you think now people are so outraged that the people's voices, that every vote doesn't count? >> i think that's what donald trump is saying, he's actually speaking against the party he works with rnc, who are these guys controlling, who gets what. the voters voted for somebody, the other candidate wins, what is that? i thought it was one person one
7:09 am
vote but it's not the way it is anymore. >> robert, i think you're mixing things up. the hanging chads were obviously a serious problem but it was a technical error. nobody liked that whether democratics disagree with the way it was resolved, republicans liked the way it was resolved. it wasn't somebody rigging something. in colorado the rules have existed for some time. everyone knew what they were. the person who won kind of likes that and the person who lost doesn't like that. i'm not sure where the rigging is happening. >> it should be one person one vote. if hillary gets ten votes and donald gets 12 votes, donald wins, but that's not the way it is and that's what donald is saying and the american people are saying. it's not populist anymore. as donald say, it's rigged.
7:10 am
they make the rules so they control whether your vote counts or not. what is the super pac? what is that? >> i would agree there's way too much money in the country. citizens united and how that's it happened. dagen: trump doesn't have one. do you think donald captures the nomination with the 1237 in delegates before convention? what's your prediction? >> well, obviously i would love to have him do that. i don't know. he has brought up too much to the surface that's not right to america. the reason i'm voting for him -- i don't know what changes he will bring but there will be change and by god, we need change. everything is rigged exactly. yeah, we wrote the rules, we should know about it. who gave you the right to write the rules. it should be a populus vote.
7:11 am
who gives them the right to write the rules. dagen: we will see you very soon. make sure to tune in to the special coverage of new york primary next tuesday right here on fox business. coming up the federal government spending tax money to find out why people cheat on taxes. ironic study next. from all-day breakfast to all you can eat, those things, french fries, just think about it, let your mouth water, a new marketing, mcdonalds could be frying up here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
dagen: diana ross hurt in a car accident. cheryl casone with details. cheryl. cheryl: good morning, diana ross was injured when an suv ran a red light and ran to her limbo. the singer complained of head and neck pain. her show went on in pennsylvania. she's a pro.
7:15 am
messaging app snapchat has moved ahead favorite from teens. 28% said that snapchat is most important social network. you share pictures and they die afterwards. anyway, just last fall 30% of teens instagram what's most important followed by snapchat. the deadline is monday. an agency spending 60000 grand to see why people cheat on taxes. the national science foundation felt it had to pay for the research. if project is going through
7:16 am
2018. there's still time to complain if you feel the need to do so. dagen: people cheat on the taxes because the tax system is so complicated, that you can, right? cheryl: they make it pretty darn easy. dagen: how do they rationalize spending money on this? how about reforming the tax system rather than figuring out how people are abusing it? >> $600,000 is a a lot of money for a study like this. they want to understand why people are cheating and how to make the whole thing better, they can do research for way cheaper than this. this is more an issue that you can look at and say what is the government spending its money and can we make this more efficient and shouldn't we outraged as taxpayers that this is how our money is being spent, couldn't they be doing more with less, jack.
7:17 am
>> they changed the form, well, the number of dependents plummeted the next year. apparently, i know you're a big fan of dogs but you don't feel they should be deducted as children. dagen: yes, i do. >> people did and suddenly that number and muffy wasn't a deductible child. 150million households. that's a big number to get your head around. if we are going to do this, we have to do it right. >> spending money on catching people that are filing under false social security numbers. it was incredible. >> yeah. >> that's just not our problem. >> how about not going after conservative groups, too, that's another whole can of warms, thank you, cheryl. coming up golden arch is making
7:18 am
another big move. is this possible? all you can eat french fries, could be coming to mcdonalds. would it be successful? an idea from a franchisee from the midwest. terribly exciting, we can't wait, straight ahead.
7:19 am
7:20 am
the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
7:21 am
dagen: futures edging lower, investors focusing on earnings as reports roll in. volatile start to the year has many investors on inch. joining us now with what you
7:22 am
should look at and where you should put your money john, we don't see him nearly enough and will magoff. gentlemen, welcome back. huge bounceback in the market. >> 1973, yeah. dagen: has the market got an head of itself getting that we are getting in the earning season. >> we are just flat on the year. we had such a big down in the beginning of the year. people started trump and obviously bernie sanders on thor side. it reminded me at 1968. from march to the election rose 20%, so we could see the same thing. the market rallies as we get
7:23 am
towards the election, instead of falling because we already fell. dagen: about the fundamental backdrop in the country, worries around the globe the u.s. looks okay based on everybody that you talk to. fundamentally in the u.s. economy r the drivers there to really get stocks off the mat here? >> right now, we have -- we have the first-quarter and gdp relied down, they're expected to pick up in the year. that takes a lot of the bank balance sheets kind of off the table, the worries to having to liquidate all this paper. that's positive, right. we have the meeting this weekend, whether they say anything in consequential. brazil is in a bold market. janet yellen said going from four tightness to two is huge.
7:24 am
that's wrong, that's fine. but the markets are healing because global rates are zero. so, you know, the longer we have zero rates the more -- the easier for banks, consumers and companies to rebalance their balance sheets and obviously for future growth. >> i would agree that the central bank dominated market and a lot of the recovery you saw in the first quarter were the big quarter, yellen speech and helped lift the market. obviously last fall there had a plot of rates and with all the international situations, they mentioned uncertainty a record number of times compared to the last four or five years, they transitioned from a data-dependent fed to uncertainty fed.
7:25 am
dagen: i will point to the front page of the wall street journal. japan subzero rate policy has had negative effects on the market, in the money markets there, trading has whitherred, instead of falling the yen has surged to 18-month high against the u.s. dollar. that's a potential negative on the horizon, is it not? and these presidential candidates don't like janet yellen. >> you can always find potential negatives all of the time. i look for potential positives. what the duration risk is in term of what percent change -- dagen: read that too because i'm a nerd. >> in denmark they're paying consumers every month a portion of their mortgage back to them.
7:26 am
we are talking about fannie and freddie. they are talking about principle reduction. people that are still under water. the g20, we want to embrace growth. they are looking for policies whether it's deficit spending, whatever it is. we need to have growth drivers. there's so many different things that we can do and we need to do them. i think we should be issuing not 30-year paper but 40 or 50-year paper. dagen: they even talked about that. >> they should, though. dagen: what were you going to say, jeff? >> some fiscal policy, that means racing up more debt but a lot of economists say that's the only lever that we have to pull right now. >> i think that's true. >> did you just say take on more debt? >> no, that certain countries
7:27 am
have the ability due to budgets to increase the portion of debt, like japan actually went from 1 and a half percent of their gdp ratio to 3%. that's a 100% increase. that's a big deficit change just for china. >> that's globally. here domestically the fiscal policy is not existent. so if you want to see gdp get up above 2% -- dagen: yeah. >> the election cycle is going to start having people talk about fiscal policy which could then be a positive for the markets. if you get fiscal plus monetary it could be a good thing. there's just dysfunction in dc which is a positive. dagen: i know who you are watching in the morning. >> unfortunately the hotel -- [laughter] dagen: we will change that. good to see you both.
7:28 am
coming up booking by phone, one air line got rid of a ridiculous fee. the world's best sailers are coming back to new york city. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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7:31 am
dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell on this friday, april 15th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. just four days to go until the new york primary. the latest fox news poll shows donald trump expanding his lead over ted cruz and john kasich. >> i guess number three in the polls in and many of the other states, and nobody even knows who number two is. >> pay very close attention to in this election season. you see, you really have two paths. you can either go into that room and tell them how bad everything is, or you could walk into that same room, and you can recognize the struggles and the problems and the anxieties that people have, and you can talk to them about how we solve those problems. dagen: at last night's republican gala, hundreds of protesters filling the streets outside of new york city's grand
7:32 am
hyatt. we thought it'd get rough out there. at least 30 people were arrested, and traffic jammed everywhere. also because bernie sanders and hillary clinton were in town squaring off last night, the two taking on issues from wall street to qualifications to be president. delta making changes that are actually good for fliers? how you can save when booking your next flight. that's ahead. and first it was all-day breakfast, now mcdonald's is thinking about all you can eat french fries. for the first time in nearly a century, the america's cup is returning to new york city. we'll talk to the ceo of that race straight ahead, and jack otter's really excited about it. futures are down across the board, slight losses on the dow, s&p and nasdaq. we're taking a look at oil as well, declines ahead of the opec production meeting on sunday, a loss of about a buck a barrel here. former new york governor and presidential candidate george
7:33 am
pataki announcing his 2016 endorsement last night at the new york state republican gala at manhattan's grand hyatt hotel. >> i've decided i'm going to endorse governor john kasich for president. two things. first of all, the republicans have to win. i do not believe hillary clinton is fit to be president of the united states. john kasich is the candidate who doesn't just beat hillary clinton, he trounces her and will help us to regain washington. and then the second thing, greta, is once we win, you have to be able to govern. our country is divided because of the politicians, and john kasich has a history of bringing people together and governing successfully. dagen: and look who's here. former new york governor george pataki joins us right now. thank you for getting up. >> good morning, dagen. talking about -- dagen: what was the reception for i eat pizza with a fork john kasich? [laughter]
7:34 am
>> it went extremely well, i think, from his stand powpt. dagen: what about ted cruz? there were some reports that people were eating and not paying attention to him last night. >> well, this is new york -- [laughter] it's hard to keep a crowd's attention. but i think john kasich did very well. i think donald trump did what he does, he bragged about himself the whole time. i built this building, i built that building, and i don't think that went over particularly well -- dagen: yeah, but see, again, that's why, and i'll argue that that's why he resonates with people, because it doesn't sound like your typical stump speech. this is what i've done, here are my accomplishments. >> it's not your typical stump speech, but it's your typical donald trump. i am great. anything i think is the most brilliant thing the american people have ever heard. this is not a guy who understands the issues, who understands the nuances of policy. and i'm all for political
7:35 am
uncorrectness, but i'm not for stupidity when et congresswomans to -- when it comes to policy. dagen: but he has figured out how to connect with a big chunk of the -- >> absolutely. the american people are angry at washington ask and at politicians, and i totally understand that. i schaffer that anger. i share that anger. washington does not act in the people's interests. but trump is not the solution, john kasich is. dagen: let me ask you this then, because if john kasich is in this race, he is looking towards the convention because it's mathematically impossible for him to get to 1237 in the delegate count. but if you're counting on multiple votes at a convention and have the delegates elect him as the nominee, that goes right to the point that people are mad at the system and mad at the republican -- >> the conventions are a horrible idea. they produce candidates like abraham lincoln and dwight eisenhower and teddy roosevelt.
7:36 am
we need to have primaries where we nominate someone whos' unelectable -- who's unelectable in november. john kasich can win, will win and will change washington. >> i've got to ask you about the primary system. last night at the democratic debate who was getting all the cheers? it was bernie sanders with laugh lines with, you know, explosive points that would never win in a national election, but he had that crowd. >> right. >> and we see that with donald trump. >> absolutely. >> really get that base riled up. how do you change this process so both parties could nominate people, actually have are to win the middle, work together -- >> yeah. i think that's a critical question. the american people aren't divided, the political class has divided for their own self-interests. we have to get more people to participate in the primaries. you know, you look at the vote totals, and as a percentage of
7:37 am
eligible voters, most stay home. what i'm urging republicans in new york is don't stay home. don't just look at the tv and get angry. support a candidate who can unite americans and win, and that's john kasich. by the way, dagen, i have to say one hinge, i'm inspired by the unlimited, free french fries at mcdonald's. if i had thought of that when i was running for president -- [laughter] dagen: that's an idea. i want to ask you, before you with endorsed kasich, you endorsed marco rubio who to keep every delegate. he won while running for president. >> i think he should. those delegates voted for senator rubio. and i believe that at point certainly on the first ballot they're committed to the candidate that they ran supporting. so i don't think conventions are a bad thing. you know, you hear the term brokered. it's going to be chaos. every delegate is free to decide who they believe is the best
7:38 am
candidate. i don't think that's an inherently bad process. >> we say it's not what you say that matters, it's what hear. so there's a big sentiment out there that this is no longer about the people electing the candidate, this is about the establishment deciding. how do you respond to that when we're saying the people have voted, the people have decided, and we're now going to decide -- >> i think you're absolutely right. it is about the establishment deciding in the democratic side. bernie sanders has won eight out of the last nine primaries and yet hillary gets the delegates because they have a rigged system. the convention tell gates are pledged to support -- delegates are pledged to support the candidate that won those votes at the primary or, but only on the first ballot. i don't think it's a bad thing to have people have the freedom to say i think this is the best candidate not just for the party, but for the country. dagen: real quickly, kasich money. how's his money?
7:39 am
>> i don't know the status of his fundraising, but i do believe that he's going to have -- i know he has the resources -- dagen: the coin to stay in it. >> he's in the whole way. this is a path to victory for him. it's a narrow path, for sure, but he can win it, and if he gets the nomination, he's going to be the president of the united states, and he's going to be for the first time in a while a very good president of the united states. dagen: one more thing, completely off the political -- >> i'm a jets fan. dagen: governor? you are? good. i'm not a giants fan. >> i am too. it's been rough. dagen: you stay with your team. >> republican in new york, you get used to not winning. [laughter] dagen: i want to bring up that governor andrew cuomo recently signed an mma bill into law, officially legalizing the sport that you banned back in 1997. >> it was the right decision, both -- when i banned it it was the right decision -- dagen: why? >> it was a brute port, there
7:40 am
were no health checks and medical standards, and the it was something where there was enormous risk. obviously; it's a violent sport, but enormous risk of injury and death to the performers. since that time states have put in place regulatory policies, checks so that you make sure someone is healthy before you get into the arena, and i think it's become a major sport -- dagen: so you're onboard with this. >> i think it was the right decision then and now. dagen: come back soon. >> be happy to. dagen: i'll work on my southern absent. >> i don't want you to lose the accent. craig teag thank you so much. even though i've lived in new york for 22 years. governor pataki, take care. coming up, the changes that airline customers are cheering about. plus, all-day breakfast? now mcdonald's is frying up its next big idea, all you can eat february. fries could be -- french fries could be coming to you. and before we head to break,
7:41 am
here's ted cruz having some fun on jimmy fallon last night. >> what is your stance on immigration? >> first of all, we need to put an end to president obama's amnesty. >> well -- [laughter] >> and i believe we need to secure the border for all. >> once and for wall -- [laughter] >> and start enforcing the rule of law. >> law spelled backwards is wal! [laughter]
7:42 am
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7:44 am
and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. dagen: it is so rare these days to see a fee disappear, but cheryl casone has that story this morning and more news. >> it's rare to see an airline do something nice for its customers -- dagen: although the flight attendants are always very nice. >> well, yes. well said. delta airlines has stopped charging extra for booking your flight by phone saying it's easier for customers, and they
7:45 am
don't have to pay that $25 fee per ticket when they purchased over the phone, $35 when you pressure at a ticket office. a -- purchase at a ticket office. 49% of travelers hated those fees, and they were complaining to dell -- dell that. how about this? all you can eat french fries. a 6500 square foot restaurant in missouri in july is going to feature all you can eat fries, earth tone couches, huge kiosks to let customers personalize their burgers or chicken sandwiches, and your order will be delivered to your table. are you a french fry person? dagen: yes. i don't eat them very often, because i can't stop. one of my favorite things on planet earth are french fries. >> it's a vehicle for the ketchup as well. >> and i'm a big ketchup eater as well, or mayonnaise. >> thank you. >> good job.
7:46 am
>> i just was telling dagen about this. look at this grandmother in the united kingdom freaking out while using the face swap app. [laughter] >> that was nan, as she's called. she was testing a series of filters from beyonce to marilyn monroe. and finally, there's good news for booze lovers, your brain can be affected by just smelling alcohol even if you aren't drinking it. researchers had participants wear face masks, the subjects were told to press a button when they saw an image of a bear bottle on their -- beer bottle on their screen. those of those who smelled alcohol were more likely to mess
7:47 am
up. if you smell a drink, it makes you want to drink it. if you smell alcohol, your body responds by -- dagen: just like french fries. >> pretty much. dagen: you smell french fries -- [laughter] you like this mcdonald's idea? >> the fraternity party the next morning and the beer has been sitting on the floor for about 12 hours, nobody going to want to drink it. dagen: yeah, thank you for reminding us of that smell. [laughter] from college. >> oh, my. dagen: mickey d's all day. all you can eat fries, i don't know how they could do that nationwide because of the cost. >> it would probably bankrupt them. this guy, obviously, he's going to try it as a stunt. i mean, it's going to be the thing for a day or two. dagen: you think people hang out at starbucks all day, you offer all you can eat fries, people are not leaving. >> i love the fries, and afterwards i don't feel so good after i eat them.
7:48 am
i have to say that. but they taste good at the time. dagen: i will even eat them cold. coming up, one of the most iconic harbors in the world, the america's cup returning to new york for the first time in nearly a century. five-time world champion russell coots joins us next. ♪ ♪
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
♪ ♪ sail away, sail away, sail away.
7:52 am
dagen: new york city is awesome, isn't it? look at those shots. pretty terrific. the legendary international sailing competition, the america's cup, comes back to new york city for the first time in nearly a century. the multi-day event sponsored by louis vuitton brings a collection of the fastest boats into the world's most, i'm going to call it the world's most iconic harbor or one of them. maybe sydney is up there. the preliminary events are scheduled for may 7th and 8th where teams will position themselves for the world championships held in bermuda in 2017. joining me now is ceo, five-time world champion sir russell coutts. great to see you. >> great to be here. dagen: how long dud you work to get the race back into new york harbor? >> well, i think it's always been an objective to get the race back here. of course, it originated here in a way because a group of very influential new yorkers challenged the best of the
7:53 am
british fleet and brought the cup back here, naming the cup after them. it's got quite a history here. dagen: i'm going to let jack take over, because jack's a sailor man, but talk about the course and where it's going to be. >> well, the modern america's cup, it used to be raced out to sea, and not many people could see it unless you had access to a boat and you could get out there. but now the racing's right in close to the shore. dagen: we can show a map of it too. >> well, it's right on the hudson river in between battery park and the statue of liberty. so you can watch it from the shoreline. it's free to the public. and you can either go down and watch it from the shoreline or bring a boat down and watch it from the sides. >> these boats are incredibly fast. what most people probably don't understand is they actually go much faster than the wind. if the wind's blowing 20 miles an hour, that would be your max, but these boats can go 45 miles an hour.
7:54 am
in a space that small, you're going to be back and fort constantly. >> well, it's very athletic these days. in fact, we put heart rate monitors on some of the sailors last time, and two of the sailors their heart rates didn't drop below 180 beats per minute in the race. they can manage the boat around the tight confines. >> one interesting thing also is the television coverage. it used to be that watching a yachting race on tv was not the most exciting thing, but there's new technology that shows you can see the grid line and it shows who's ahead. what are you trying to do to boost that audience? >> that's one of the main things, to make it more understandable. and, clearly a non-sailing place can know who's winning or losing, and they can see that clearly from the graphics. that was one of our major foxes, and also define -- focuses, and also defining the field of play. before it was a wide open space,
7:55 am
and there wasn't any relativity to it whereas now you can follow the race within the confines of course boundaries and, you know, that mix it more understandable as well. dagen: talk about the cost of putting a team together. have the costs continued to go up as the technology has improved? >> well, the technology's obviously fantastic. it's always been part of the dna of the america's cup, but the teams voted to race the races this time in smaller boats, so they voted by majority vote to do that. and and also make the rule more similar between the boats, so less about the technology differences and more about the skill of the sailing teams. and, of course, that promotes closer and better racing which is great for the event, and an actual fact, in the first three events of the louis vuitton america's cup world series -- there's four events, there's been three different winners. that shows it's a very, very competitive series.
7:56 am
>> can you handicap where it's going to go? america will be in it, because we're the defenders this time around. internationally, who are the top teams, and can you take us all the way to the finish, who's going to win? >> well, it's hard to pick right now. emirates team is leading the standings followed by usa and land rover racing. but the team from sweden's very, very good, the team from japan's very, very good. as are the french, you know? so it's really too tough to call it -- dagen: and how fantastic it's going to be to watch these teams compete against, with the statue of liberty as a back drop. we're lucky to have you back here. >> well, the new york's backdrop is fantastic. dagen: we will welcome you with open arms. good to see you. take care. jim nicholson weighs in on the election coming up, and david axlerod slamming hillary clinton on twitter.
7:57 am
plus, feed it to the dogs, one business bringing the food truck craze to your furry pals, your furry babies. ahead. ♪ ♪ voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight.
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woman #1: plus, it's an easy and effective way to burn more calories. voiceover: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain, high blood pressure low energy and increased risk of heart attack. it even slows your ability to burn calories and lose weight. woman #1: stand up for yourself! man #1: get inmovement... woman #2: ...the affordable, and award winning, standing desk. voiceover: stand up for your health with inmovement, the affordable standing desk. and for a limited time, get free shipping! and remember, every inmovement desk comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. dagen: good morning, i am dagan mcdowell, maria bartiroma was off this morning, it is friday, april 15th, top stories at 8:00
8:00 am
am eastern. four days until the new york primary. the latest poll shows donald trump expanding his lead over ted cruz and john kasich. all of the candidates focusing on appealing to new yorkers and their values. >> if hillary clinton becomes the next president for four or eight more years the people of new york know full well what comes from that. >> everyone who helped clear the rubble, those are new york values. every small act of kindness. >> i really do believe the folks in new york will forgive me for the big mistake i made when i had that scalding piece of pizza and touched pizza with a fork but i do know how to eat pizza. dagen: hundreds of protesters filled the streets outside new york's grand hyatt, 30 were
8:01 am
arrested. also in the city bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off, to qualifications to be president. clinton facing criticism over libya, this time president obama's former chief strategist david axelrod tweeted today marks the third anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. you are looking at life pictures from the finish line in boston. from quarterback to congress, tim tebo could be a shoe in for an open house seat and food trunks are a hot trend in many cities across the country but what about a truck for dogs? we talked to the owners of one of the few that exist in this country and you can see that. take a look at markets this morning. futures on a 420 loss, we have
8:02 am
that out of china, gdp at 6% growth in line with expectations so no movement on that front. all of that is coming up this morning. lee carter has been here all morning, baron online editor jack otter and arthur aidalla. >> it is friday, 8:00! in 2:00. dagen: what makes you think i have only been drinking? >> you are too responsible. >> tweet us your legal responses. >> free legal advice all morning long. dagen: back to politics, the democratic right tightening ahead of the new york primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in a heated debate. of the 23 this is where bernie sanders had his rally, the race between sanders and clinton getting very tight, this is a
8:03 am
poll of voters nationwide, 48% would choose clinton over sanders, that because there is a two point difference, 55% wanted clinton over sanders so the race definitely tightening. in new york the attention is towards the april 19th primary which is tuesday at the debate last night. they went after each other on all kinds of issues. sanders attacking clinton for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from wall street, clinton attacking sanders on gun issues but the key question was what happened earlier in the week about who is qualified and who has judgment to be president. here is what they said. >> senator sanders called me unqualified. that was the first. the people of new york voted for me twice to be there senator.
8:04 am
president obama trusted my judgment to be secretary of state of the united states. >> people talk about how important the primary is but clinton is going to california for some fundraising. sanders is heading to rome attending a vatican education workshop but he will not get a meeting for the folks. dagen: good to see you. adam schapiro all over the story, foxbusiness. the other side of the aisle donald from going after the system yet again, writing an op-ed in the wall street journal, important to point out donald trump has gone after the wall street journal and now has an op-ed. part of it, let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? voters demand change, like bashing the system, he is seeing record high support for the
8:05 am
republican nomination among gop primary voters on the latest fox news poll, trump old in 18 point lead over ted cruz who saw his support shrink dramatically in the past month and only leads third-place to governor john kasich by two points, donald trump pouncing on support last night. >> right now he is number 3 in the polls in new york and many other states and nobody knows who that is. they don't know. isn't it amazing the way some names just stick to people? dagen: joining us as former rnc chairman and secretary of veterans affairs jim nicholson. i point to donald trump and what happened in colorado and he turned around and made it positive for his campaign. what do you say?
8:06 am
>> you can say that is pretty clever but the rules have been clear since last october about how that was going to work. i don't have a horse in this race, supporting jeb bush, catholics for bush, but now what is important is they know the rules and follow him, if they don't make out the way they wanted to, you man up and don't organize well enough at that time, each state is somewhat unique but has always been out there since last october. dagen: trump is touching not just on colorado and what happened there but the potential for a brokered convention. why should we trust people who made the will to substitute in the presidential election and the entire delegate system. >> i will support whoever that set of delegates pics to be the
8:07 am
nominee. dagen: you will support trump? >> whoever the nominee is i will support but i don't agree with an indictment of all those delegates but grassroots people have been chosen from the precinct level have worked their way through the state system, got themselves elected to the state convention and presented themselves as a delegate to be chosen in a primary, each state is different but they are the heart and soul, representing the people of this country and i agree with trump, there is a system that served you well, implying that it hasn't but that is not their fault, that is obama's fault, the democrats have been running the show for eight years, the slowest recovery in the history of real wage loss, a week of national security overlay, there are a lot of things.
8:08 am
>> as a lawyer from the legal perspective, if donald trump doesn't achieve the delegate count and go to a brokered convention and all kinds of horsetrading going on and somehow or another, the person who received the most votes nationally did not become the nominee, what message does that say to people who took time out of the day, got to work late to go and vote, and behind-the-scenes things that happened at the convention and all of that, what does that say to the world? >> that this is a great system. often presidents get the most electoral votes and don't have the popular vote. >> how the system was set up and
8:09 am
these conventions are the same way and the point to focus on is majority rules and it takes half plus one which is the majority and there is a lot of precedent. dwight eisenhower, abraham lincoln, i got elected chairman of the rnc on the sixth ballot. there is a lot of precedent for openness. the winner has a majority. >> do you suggest the delegates know better than the people? >> delegates are representing the people, people chose them to be there. >> what if they are not choosing the will of the people? dagen: if cruz didn't win a state and delegates vote for him? >> that example would be a good mark for ted cruz's organizational abilities and got
8:10 am
people organized which any candidate can do. some are bound, most of them are bound on the first ballot and are not bound so if they have a strategy, you vote the way you are bound you have to respect, but if you are unbound vote for me. that is how i got elected chairman of the rnc. dagen: david axelrod slammed hillary clinton on twitter saying unless she genuinely feels -- and hillary expressing regret for lessons learned on libya? this is pretty out there and aggressive to do this. what do you think? jim? what do you think of that? >> it is accurate but understated. she is very culpable for that, and the whole vacuum that was created, leading from behind,
8:11 am
think not just of thousands but millions of people who have been dislocated because of their in action and lack of leadership. dagen: in action and lack of leadership, taking care of our veterans, talk about what private companies are doing to sign jobs for people who served our country and put their lives at risk. >> phenomenal what is going on, the best program is the chamber of commerce, the higher our heroes program, responsible for the hiring of 500,000 veterans but there are many others, most of corporate america closely connected with this, the most important thing we can do for veterans after they separated is to get them back to work, they
8:12 am
are used to unit cohesion and they are kind of alone and fall into bad habits and get back to work or back in school soon, corporate america stood up tall to help veterans. dagen: thank you for being here, take care of yourself. the florida congressional seat, party strategist, the shoe in, what does tim tebo think? a traveling food truck, the latest case has canines, i am excited about it. my dog's tail would be wagging and i am nodding my head.
8:13 am
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dagen: more terror arrests in the united kingdom, cheryl casone he has details on that story and other news. cheryl: that is right. officials say five terror suspects are in custody in the uk, three men and one woman were arrested in birmingham last night and one was arrested at gatling airport earlier today. the arrests were related to
8:16 am
attacks, among the brussels airport bombers, and the focus of the british investigation. a former manson family court member may walk free for decades after she was part of the brutal murder of a california couple making the recommendation that leslie van heighten be freed, her 20th parole hearing. she was 19 years old at the time of the killing in 1969. the decision to release her, she is 66, rest in the hands of the parole board and the california governor. football news today, the rams made a big move could get a franchise quarterback, rams acquired the number one overall pick from the tennessee titans, gave up six draft picks in exchange, it is clear los
8:17 am
angeles is the top pick, in need of a qualitative quarter for a long time. the surprise retirement of a key congressman has republicans eyeing tim tebo to run for a seat. two weeks ago he hinted to ainsley ehrhardt he might be interested in a political career. >> about politics, such a good role model. >> crazy, isn't it? in this time in my life. >> you are saying your tone. >> may be different someday. dagen: that would be intriguing. that is what he said then. 71-year-old representative andrew crenshaw said he is going to retire. dagen: millennial's may be new to the workforce but that does not mean they are not thinking
8:18 am
about retirement. how they are saving, straightahead. one west coast city has found a way to combine two things, food and dogs. we tell you about the new business catering to canines. keep it here on foxbusiness.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
dagen: smokey robinson. with tax a looming americans are looking closely at their finances. a new survey shows how differently generations approach managing their money.
8:22 am
joining us is aaron levine and cheryl holliday who is with us to discuss all. young people. are they saving? that is the first question. >> they are trying to. they are very aware of the need to save, more aware than we were when we were younger but it is a challenge and a lot of competing priorities, things they are trying to save for, especially getting out of debt, thinking of buying a home, the challenge of putting savings toward retirement has fallen down. dagen: what about the way they think about retirement, setting goals versus older generation. >> absolutely. and retirement is redefined by millennials, 40% of millennials saying retirement is about financial milestone or savings goal, not age which the previous generation, the age in which i
8:23 am
retire, talking about financial milestone. more importantly over 50% said retirement to starting something new, and a passion of mine, the whole idea of retirement is starting to change from where it was. dagen: that is a private conversation. be change -- you have the right to remain silent. dagen: i will share this because i don't think it is particularly incriminating but this is a conversation i have had with more and more recently, try to retire early so you can live a life of leisure before you are 65 or 70 years of age. >> millennials are very
8:24 am
idealistic. they are also hamstrung by a number of things, takes money to make money, millennial's are graduating with debt, more and more every year. we are not going to be able to rely on social security like -- dagen: people believe it won't be there? >> they don't trust it. and they don't trust it. millennial's are skeptical of the stock market. and a significant chunk of retirement savings, and investing as much as they think but there is a subconscious skepticism. >> that is why the idea of planning and helping didn't plan. 40% of millennials give themselves a c or worse in planning for retirement savings. just 38%, if you see this, you don't see the teacher, you talk to someone. what we need and millennial's need to do is get self educated
8:25 am
and reach out and that is what they have to do, have someone sit them down and have a disciplined long-term plan because it is challenging given what you are trying to think about. >> when i got a c in school i was thrilled. wasn't going to be put in the doghouse. dagen: look where you are now. >> one of the keys is the advantage, you can start saving your 20s, compounding over 40 years is incredible but the idea of retiring, and they need to start now. >> a financial milestone, not an age. and get to a number that allows me to do things. more time with loved ones, what number do they need. so you don't have this huge
8:26 am
unattainable nest egg, and a comfortable to get out of the treadmill in work. >> that is an important point because not only are these people, also getting married later, and events prosecuted retirement. and you only live once, why not go to france, they tend to drop money, planning than older generations. and focus in their 20s. and take advantage of those things. dagen: and get your income down. and thank you so much. great to see you this morning. still to come forget guantánamo bay. a new study finds terrorists held in prison in the united states, we have the details behind that shocking finding.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
>> welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. april 15th, your top stories at 8:29 eastern time. the a ceremony for the boston marathon bombing, looking at
8:30 am
live pictures from the finish line of the boston marathon. we'll take a closer look at the war on terror over there and rit here at home. straight ahead. four days to go until the fox news primary. donald trump expanding his lead over john kasich and ted cruz. at last night's gala, hundreds of protesters were outside of the grand hyatt and with bernie sanders and hillary clinton also in town it was gridlock galore. the two taking on one another on issues ranging from wall street, hillary clinton's speeches to investment banks to overall qualifications to be president. president. >> what i don't question-- i don't question her judgment, i question a judgment for vote for a war in iraq.
8:31 am
the worst blunder in history. >> he had to question my judgment, the people of new york voted for me twice to be their senator. dagen: one chimpanzee making an incredible escape from the zoo in japan. it took a long time to get him, well, down. that dramatic video is coming up. food trucks, a hot trend in cities across this country, but what about a truck for your doggy. we talked to the owner of one of the few that exist in this country. and finance citigroup, the latest to report earnings and declining profits where the numbers came in above expectations and that stock is jumping. that's a trend all week. financial stocks are strong. futures are showing a lower open. the dow was up slightly yesterday. today marks the anniversary of the boston marathon bombings that rock america just three years ago, leaving three
8:32 am
spectators dead and more than 360 people wounded. now as we look back at the terrifying day. what could have been done to prevent the bombings and how can we stop future attacks in this country? joining me now is defeating jihad author and council emerging founding member, sebastian, good to see you. >> you, too, great to be here. dagen: going back to this poll, given the anniversary of the boston bombings. in one of the fox news polls, in one of the top, even the top five issues concerning those, the most important is the economy. terrorism was up there, but it wasn't number one and i wanted to get your take on that. >> surprising. i'm not sure that really reflects reality. i think a large part of this election is going to be a national security election. look, the facts cannot be argued with. 2015 saw the highest incidents of jihadi plots on u.s. territory since september 11th, 2015.
8:33 am
not only that, and people need to understand the facts and we've reported this on our website, threat we have arrest ed or killed 98 people in america linked to ice sits, not all jihadi, just isis in the last year and a half. the threat is real, it's on our shores. this is fox business, i get it, we have a danger of jihadis in america. dagen: and talk about the arrests. have they been a function despite an administration that clearly is fighting terror here and abroad is not priority, number one? >> look, i work with these guys, with the guys of the bureau and law enforcement. the guys that are pounding the street and looking for jihadis, they're being pressured by political correctness that's out of control. the white house five years ago
8:34 am
prohibited the use of the word jihad in law enforcement or military training. so, how are you going to understand the enemies? your enemies of the soviet union says don't mention the word communism because it will put off russians. we have to get the pc censorship out of the training and the way we prepare today. dagen: arthur. >> the obvious question, why are we eliminating the word jihad? what is the horrible effective nature of it? could you give me a definition of it in a way that's appropriate for morning audience. >> in a thumbnail, this administration decided that terrorism is the result of poverty and lack of education. people start to become terrorists because they've been disenfranchised. everybody knows that's totally fallacious. if that was true, half of india or china would be terrorists. what's missing?
8:35 am
the ideology or jihad. we're not allowed to talk about that because it might offend somebody and it's political correctness. dagen: and the issue of guantanamo bay is a hot issue and the president is going to close it any means possible. there's a new study that found out that found the most notorious terrorists are held in prisons actually here in the united states. an investigation by the new york times found there are currently 443 convicted terrorists here in prisons in america. what's your take on that, sebastian? >> this is a hot bed of radicalization. the prisons are one of the ep centers, and it started 15 years ago. do you remember the shoe bomber richard reid? his mother was catholic, his father was a protestant and he converted to islam in prison and then chose the mosque that would be most radical and tried to execute his plan. we're seeing this path again and again and again, people inside our federal penitentiaries converting and
8:36 am
walking down the road of. sandra: he had aed. dagen: what are you going to do about it? >> most of the people in there aren't coming out. and that's the super max and-- >> but they convert a kid they know who is leaving going on probation next year or three months, then-- >> i will say that the bureau of prisons, dagen, does a pretty good job of keeping these people separated. my father was involved with the world trade center bombing case in 1993. i mean, there were times he couldn't find his client because they just disappear for a while. there's not a lot of interaction between. they're pretty diligent. >> they're pretty good, but it's a real human intelligence challenge and you have to have resources. we have some people going undercover into the prisons to monitor this, but not enough. this is a human intelligence challenge. dagen: is this an argument for closing guantanamo bay-- >> gitmo is to house unlawful
8:37 am
combatants, and people who shouldn't be in prison because we scoop them up on the battlefield. you're not taking them to court. you want to put them away so we are safe and remember-- >> and not release them back. >> we have a minimum 30% recitivism rate from gitmo. the people we release, a third of them are going back to the battlefield, what's the logic of releasing them. dagen: any final word? . final word, we can win this war, but we need leadership to win it, that's it. dagen: it will fall on the next president. >> it will, absolutely. dagen: thank you, sebastian gorka, defeating jihad. and one student who might be studying along a robot. he's ready to hit the books. later, one city that's stepping up its food truck game to cater to canines when we come back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back, everybody. we're about 15 minutes from the opening bell. -- 50 minutes from the opening bell. declining profits, the numbers came in above expectations and the stock is on the move to the upside. apple edging lower ahead of the open. the tech giant and the fbi return to congress next week over their heated encryption battle. valiant moving higher as it looks like the pharmaceutical company is selling 0 of major parts to the country and turning to investment banks for options. >> moving to donald trump. he was talking about the bible. cheryl. >> donald trump revealed his favorite bible quote during a radio show in rochester. when asked to name a bible
8:42 am
quote that stands out to him. trump said, an eye for a eye from the old testament. he says we have to be firm and strong and learned at that from the bible. he did not say that it was later renounced for a check for a check. a handful of ceo's saw a nice pay day. 11 companies reporting 30 million dollars last year for their chief executives. top 5, from viacom, 54.2 million, orcle 52 million and also at oracle, catz, 53 million, and roger iger for disney 44 million and ishrak,
8:43 am
39 million. and look at the robot for school in japan. pepper will attend english classes even though he has an exceptional set of language skills in his brain, he will be encouraged to learn. >> montgomery business in japan. a chimpanzee escapinescaping, t cha cha, he climbed an electric pole. good grief, poor baby. >> cha cha was on the loose for two hours before they were able to sedate him and he fell. he is okay. it's just going to take him a few days to get over the drugs they gave him to get him off the electric power lines. back to you. >> oh, there, i mean, you know, i wouldn't climbing any poles in jamaica. they shoot you down. >> or if you climb the pole, don't eat any sedatives.
8:44 am
>> vicodin and vodka when you're climbing the pole. dagen: on that note. every woman knows what's that like, a man you can't control and he's just angry. >> to a national audience? >> okay. owners and dogs alike lining up at the new food truck that caters not just to mankind, but mankind's best friend. the barkery with the 8-year-old rescue puppy, bernie. not sanders, of course. stick around and hear all about their endeavor. bernie is adorable and looking right at the camera. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. colorfully-diverse.
8:45 am
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♪ you ain't nothing, but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing, but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ ♪ well you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine ♪ ♪ they said you were high class ♪ >> it's elvis. that's how you wrap up the week, talking about elvis and dogs. seattle stepping up its food truck game to cater to canines. the pet obsession in seattle has gotten to be so big that dogs now outnumber babies in the city by over 20%. a city with an abundant gast gastronomic food culture.
8:49 am
>> and my next guests have the seattle barkery. they're here along with their adorable rescue dog bernie. good so see you, i have two rescue dogs and they hit me in the heart and they are my fur babies. how is business going? >> it's been going great. you know, we were out in seattle and come the sunny days, everybody was out with their dogs. it's great. dagen: do you expand this to other cities? if you're just run one truck, how do you grow beyond that city? >> that's a decision that we need to make really quickly here. we would love to expand and obviously an option, as well as wholesaling and adding a second truck. whatever enhances our business the best is the route we'd like to go.
8:50 am
>> what kind of treats do you sell and do you bake them yourselves? >> yeah, i bake everything except the chicken feet and the duck next, he does that, i can't do that. but the bacon puff cake is our number one, mini donuts peanut butter, turkey peanut butter banana bones. dagen: it sounds like both my dogs would want. did you bring treats with you. >> we did. bernie has been snacking. dagen: i want to see bernie, lets he a take a look at bernie, see him gobble up one, bernie, what are you eating bud? does he do tricks? >> that's a mini cheesy donut. dagen: this is a dog owner question. how many treats can you reasonably give a dog without
8:51 am
the dog gaining weights? my dogs are 15 pounds and charlie leans toward the fat side. >> you know, i would say one to a day. it's definitely a treat, right? you don't want to overdo it. we have two little guys as well and you know, bernie is almost 60 pounds so he gets a little bit more. he also likes to scavenge them $. >> from the lawyer's point of view. trademark yourselves, and it's a great idea, novel idea. and make sure the guy down the block doesn't steal it from you. >> well, there are a few other treat trucks we know of, one in alabama, one in indiana, one in tennessee. >> and start taking care of yours and this way the guy next door doesn't come up with a truck. dagen: do people think you were
8:52 am
crazy when you started the idea, or were folks supportive? >> i think our parents are supportive and our friends. what they said behind closed doors, who knows? i think they've always thought we were nuts anyways, but now, you know, everyone's coming out of the woodwork and saying how proud they are of us and it's been really nice. dagen: you're making a living off the truck? >> yeah, yeah. i do it full-time and we can pay our bills, you can't ask for more that and we take a vacation like once a year. >> i'm not on board 100% quite yet. i'm on the truck two to three days a week, but, yeah, we're giving it a shot here. dagen: that's great, guys. thank you so much for being here and good to see you, dawn, ben and bernie and i'll say that, please go out and rescue a dog. adopt a dog. if you want your best friend or several best friends. these of my two, i don't know if you can see them.
8:53 am
ramon on the left and charlie and the sign of course says the only thing better than a margarita is two margaritas and the same thing goes for dogs. thank you so much. take care. >> thank you. dagen: final thoughts from our panels. if case you missed it here are some of the top moments from the show. >> well, i wouldn't tell mr. trump how to run a hotel, but i will say nato continues to be highly relevant for the united states. he's up against the donors, special interest, media, many in the establishment. that's a remarkable thing. >> this is not on a television show running for the president of the united states. >> those of us who are super delegates now can make a statement that we're not going to overturn democracy to make sure that people don't think it's rig and their vote is going to caught. >> a delegate, i don't know what to make of it. it does seem a little hokey to say the least.
8:54 am
i think that hokey is probably the best word for it. >> i was actually in d.c. a week and a half ago and had a good half hour meeting with my uppingcle mitt. i let my dad tell him i was going to be a donald trump delegate. >> would you consider voting for the libertarian candidate if donald trump is the nominee? >> certainly, why not? it's politics, it's elections. if you can't stand the sight of your own blood, don't run for anything. [laughter] >> men's establishing brings in more revenue, there was argument that the men negotiated a better contract. is there a response from that. >> in terms of negotiation, it's difficult negotiating from an unfair playing field. we're looking to break that and get into a negotiation with the
8:55 am
association. >> i plan to be very, very rich. >> you've got plans in place for that and you're not about to give a majority to the government. >> definitely not. >> 1-1,000, 2-1,000, you've got to commit. >> it's water with-- but it doesn't have that thickness that with a jello would. >> why would i want water for dessert? shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:58 am
♪ >> time for final thoughts, everybody. jack, you first. what's on the cover of barron's? >> we've got a great story about a beloved industry. i can't talk about it so i'm going to talk about this, top 100 financial advisors and how the best financial advisors are setting up their clients for what's to come in the market. a lot of contrarian stuff, emerging markets, very early. >> your take on what's going on in the presidential race. >> i've got to say this year, later states, we matter right now and i can't remember a time where we did so much. so, everybody should get out
8:59 am
there, make sure you're registered, vote every, whatever people are saying right now it does matter. hour voices do count so we should be getting out there and letting our voices be heard. dagen: and arthur, final thoughts, you brought some photos. >> last night i want to thank mitch modell of the named modell, one of the gentlemen i know, he opened up new bar, italian hierarchy. it's roads anna sotto, local fox 5 and others, and 35th in manhattan. dagen: you look good. >> i look good, you better get your eyes checked. dagen: thank you, arthur. thank you so much. that does it for us, but "varney & company" is coming up, but varney, i know, he's-- stuart owns, not owns, but has
9:00 am
a couple of dogs and we were talking about the dog treat truck out of seattle, stuart and your dogs are amazing. jake and bailey. i can't stand it. you would take jake and bailey to the dog treat truck, wouldn't you, stuart? >> what? no -- yes, i am confused, okay? i am confused, but those are my dogs, jake and bailey, they are purebred kohlies, they're conservatives, conservatives to boot. they will not set one paw in leftist seattle. do we understand. dagen: these are private business owners, stuart who went out on their own and started a dog treat truck and making a living at it. stuart: we're stretching this out too far. the dogs on the screen. good morning, everybody. there were times when it looked like fight night, the clinton sand e sanders clash. there was no mention of growth


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