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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 15, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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talking about the dog treat truck out of seattle, stuart and your dogs are amazing. jake and bailey. i can't stand it. you would take jake and bailey to the dog treat truck, wouldn't you, stuart? >> what? no -- yes, i am confused, okay? i am confused, but those are my dogs, jake and bailey, they are purebred kohlies, they're conservatives, conservatives to boot. they will not set one paw in leftist seattle. do we understand. dagen: these are private business owners, stuart who went out on their own and started a dog treat truck and making a living at it. stuart: we're stretching this out too far. the dogs on the screen. good morning, everybody. there were times when it looked like fight night, the clinton sand e sanders clash. there was no mention of growth or prosperity.
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by contrast, the republican event relatively calm. donald trump read from notes, no off the cuff insults, the fights were outside, streets shut down, chaos, 24 arrests. look at this, the new fox poll shows trump extending his leadment bernie closing in on hillary and the biggest shock of all, socialist sanders, beats all the republicans in head to head matchups and beats everyone on likability and integrity. moving on despite the apartment popularity of socialism, the dow is only 70 points and 18,000 and closer to an all-time high. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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read this and weep. you better fill up your gas tank today. gas keeps going up. >> wa, wa. stuart: up another penny overnight. 2.11 is the national average. gas is up 42 cents a gallon from the low in january of this year. how about dow futures. how are we going to open this friday morning? down just a little. not much. here is why we're going to open down, it's oil. it's back to $40 a barrel, down over a buck. a big meeting in qatar over the weekend. tensions between iran and saudi arabia making an output freeze unlikely, down goes oil and down goes stocks. let's get to the polls. this is a national poll, a national situation, look at this, to the g.o.p. first, trump up big 45. and cruz 27 and kasich 25. cruz is a casualty here, losing ground to kasich and to trump. >> to the democrats, hillary's
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lead all, but gone, she had the lead and sanders 36. and bernie beats them all, the republican in two categories, likability bernie wins across the board, 71%, when it comes to integrity he wins again, tamley bruce is here, any explanation why a socialist is running so strongly at this stage in the game? >> because nobody has been talking about him. nobody has asked him hard questions, nobody has drilled down, because he's not considered someone who is going to win. he won't win, hillary has it wrapped up. same with mr. kasich, they're not asked hard questions. bernie is like the bad boyfriend who doesn't do anything and gets everything wrong, buts' adorable and you smile and see him anyway. stuart: the united states of america and a socialist, bernie sanders beats all three republican candidates. >> he's not going to be in charge of anything, but he's
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fun to watch. he makes you smile and that's where that love aware ends. stuart: this is the most important election of our-- certainly my lifetime. >> we're not in the summer yet. everybody knows who's going to be the nominees effectively. it's not bernie sanders, but he's a nice light meringue in the meantime. stuart: look it, that's a perp walk and-- >> oh. stuart: okay, i've got to move on. they don't understand his policies. >> they don't. stuart: and-- >> he makes me smile. i'm losing control of this. let' move on. lots of fire at the democrat debate in brooklyn last night. they went after each other and of course, as per usual, went after the bankers of wall street. roll tape. >> and it says, look, there are--
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there are certain expectations when you run for president. this is a new one and i've said if everybody agrees to do it because there are speeches for money on the other side, i know that. >> let me respond, secretary clinton, you just heard her, everybody else does it, she'll do. i will do it. >> and he went on and on and on from there, but they did not spell out how to return to prosperity. didn't smell out how we get economic growth. washington times political analyst, charl, welcome to the show. >> good to be with you. stuart: what's going on? a debate like that andnot a mention of america getting back to prosperity. >> what we're seeing, on the republican side, record number of peoples turning to the polls and democratic debate, nobody is tuning in, ab nobody is paying attention. people have no idea what bernie
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sanders stands for, he's curmudgeon, it seems-- he's been here and plenty of time to fix things. he's had plenty of time to go after the banks, and what he's done is gotten us into the mess that we're in now. once we're into a general election matchup where you have republicans going after them talking about the issues that people actually care about. on the democratic side, these are fringe issues that hillary clinton and bernie sanders are talking about. on the republican side you're talking about issues that voters in both parties care about. >> so is bernie almost in the lead among democrats? he's outstanding and cuddly and warm or is it because hillary is just not a very good candidate? >> i think that that is the crucial element here, stuart, is the fact that, you know,
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hillary clinton likes to talk about the vast right wing conspiracy and republicans hate her and want to do the stuff to her. the problem that hillary clinton has is that democrats don't like her and we saw it in 2008 and we're seeing it again now. i still think that she's the presumptive nominee because she had such immense backing from the establishment, but it's like trying to stuff a cat in a trash can. democrats don't want to vote for her. stuart: careful, charles, there will be e-mails about that peta will be on your back and you know it. your first appearance on the show. >> good to be here. stuart: thank you very much, sir. now this, donald trump responding to the protesters who stormed the new york city hotel ahead of the g.o.p. gala last night. roll that tape. >> that's the woman right there. she's probably under-- am i right? >> thank you, darling, i don't know who the hell she is, i know she's not a protester, she's on my side. and she's certainly not a--
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i tell you what, you take a look outside, these are paid protesters, folks, they've got the most beautiful signs made from a vac-- factory, it says please call this number. if they're protesters we want those signs made in the basement. stuart: well, look who is here, daniel, the managing director of make the road. one of the leaders of the anti-trump protest. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. stuart: did you have signs last night made in a factory. >> some of the grass roots members they made in their homes and community spaces. this was a tremendous grass roots ground swell against the hate and defines seiveness. stuart: you got your talking point oument. i was asking are you social--
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i personally identify a social democrat. stuart: you want to make america more like europe. social democracy rules in europe and you want that here, is that accurate? >> i think that the people like me who are out there yesterday want to make sure that america is working for working class people. stuart: like europe. i mean, a social democrat, you're a social democrat, you want to make america like europe, more taxes, more spreading it around. >> it's certainly the case that certain european have robust social welfare states that ensure. stuart: they're bankrupt. >> strong safety net for-- >> they're bankrupt. >> that's not true of all european countries. stuart: not all of them, a lot of them. insolvent. >> we are calling for a hate-free new york. stuart: i want to know what you're for. i know you're against trump. >> we're for an america that
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welcomes all people, no matter their religion and we're for the working class people. stuart: what happened to europe, europe welcomed a million and a half migrants and now closed the door and wants to get rid of them because it's not working, no? >> america is a country of immigrants. stuart: yes. >> we have a longstanding history of welcoming millions of immigrants and able to integrate them effectively and we need to continue to build on that record. cities like new york and the-- >> the europe which you want to make america more like. >> your woods, not mine. stuart: you're a social democrat, bernie sanders is a social democrat. he wants to make europe like europe, he said so-- >> we want to make sure this in this country, that we have a country these free of hate and
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division. it's also about the candidacy of ted cruz and new york state combop running on anti-immigrants mra platforms and sending out mailers. stuart: you're an articular spokesman. come back anytime. >> thank you. stuart: look at this video. i've got a a place near there. cape cod. ashley: the compound is nearby. stuart: an estate up there. sorry about that. >> an immigrant with an estate, nice. stuart: stop it. they're on the beach. this is not funny, while they're there, while they're escaping great white sharks circling nearby. there are thousands of them. this is the island on cape cod. ashley: if i was a seal, that's where i'd go. stuart: me, too. then there is this.
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russian jets buzzing a u.s. navy destroyer, you've seen the video and that's the still shot of a plane coming within 30 feet of an american destroyer. john kerry says the u.s. would have been justified in shooting it down. general jack keane-- >> and putin has gone to the cold war strategy, probe with a bayonet. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount,
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it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. >> all right. it's friday morning, we're about 15 minutes from the opening bell. we can tell we'll be down so slightly when the stock market gets rolling. >> to russia, president putin reportedly sees the u.s. and goldman sachs behind the leak of the panama paper. and he thought he sold efforts to influence russia elections. ashley: it's a part of the inner circle, those people
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named in the panama papers, he says it's accurate, but they're not accusing anyone of any specific, this is causing a shadow. this is goldman sachs. and the presidential elections aren't until 2018, but more of his conspiracy theory. >> the assumption is that the russian people will hear about this. the fighter jets, we've looking at the baltic. that one pass there caused a wake that rocked the entire destroyer. john kerry said, it's reckless, provocative, dangerous, under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shootdown. general jack keane is with us. could have been a shootdown. probably never will be, is that right, general? >> it's unlikely we would have shot it down. it was unarmed aircraft. it was provocative what it was
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doing. more likely the altitude was in the correct zone and we would have locked on the missiles and caused panic the signal is shown in the cockpit. i don't know the exact tactics. we've got to draw back from that and recognize strategicically what is happening here. putin's aggression is taking place, he wants to be a world power despite the fact he's got an inferior military compared to hours and problems in the country. the military aggression, we saw it in crimea and harassment attacks around the world to demonstrates his strength. he perceives, stuart, that the united states leadership is weak and fundamentally believes that nato is vulnerable to be exploited. and much of this was really
9:18 am
targeting on the nato countries, that humiliate the united states and that break the strength and alliance that we have with nato. he intends, at some point, i believe, to challenge the existence of nato itself. >> before you go, i've got to bring it to your attention and get your comment. >> iranian general has flo en-- flown to russia. what do you make of this? >> and he's been there before. he's ahead of the iranian revoluti revolutiony guard. this is the supreme leader of iran and controls the proxy fighters fighters. ap he was in moscow to provoke and get the russians to be involved in syria. he was the instrument that provided them to do so, i'm
9:19 am
speculating now that he's back again saying, look, this job spt finished yet. we still need your help. i think that's probably what the meeting was about. >> general jack keane, appreciate it as always. >> good talking to you, stuart. >> no charges for trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. we have the video that started it all. we'll show you in a minute. and hillary clinton going after gun manufacturers, she want to hold them liable for deadly shootings. look at this. >> it would be analogous for holding the ford motor company responsible for the actions of the crazed driver who took a ford and rammed it into a crowd recently. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready,
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> look, i would have resolved this privately if that's what needs to be done, but i never had that contact. to this day i've never spoken to michelle fields. stuart: that was corey lewandowski on hannity last night. look at this, new surveillance video from the incident. it shows a secret service agent walking up to miss fields, the reporter, and reportedly telling her to leave the area. okay, what you're seeing now is where, i believe, is where she's getting close to donald trump, but she was told by the secret service to leave the
9:24 am
area. she walks away and then she walks right back into a restricted area that she was supposed to leave. okay? well, corey lewandowski is not going to be charged and the attention is now focused on the reporter, miss fields. what's going on here. >> i think you saw there the kind of chaos that follows mr. trump. there's a lot of people there of the she's reporter, i think there's a natural tendency to want to get answers. and you look the a the dynamic over all-- >> she's work back in the area. and the young woman says she was injured and pulled back, she has the possibility of a lawsuit for defamation, very everybody, it's the coverup that happens after a dynamic worked.
9:25 am
>> and lied-- >> i don't see how anyone can walk into a restricted area, reach out to the presidential candidate and restrained by security and files suit. this is what would have to be adjudicated. there were a lot of people who were surrounding mr. trump and who were not part of the his team. and we're going to have to let it had play out in the court. i know michelle fields, she's not a liar, but i think she's finding out what it's like to have national attention on her. >> you'll hear from the trump manager. and i don't want to jinx it, but it's possible that we could end at 18,000. only 74 away. >> and switching from droves to the republican side and a lot
9:26 am
of them will be voting for trump. watch this. >> on pennsylvania i'm seeing from the ground that almost 100,000 democrats have switched parties to republican to vote for donald trump. ..
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stuart: a social democrat, you are a social democrat, you want to make america like europe, more spreading it around. >> certain european countries have robust social welfare states, a strong safety net. stuart: they are bankrupt. we pushed the issue. one of the leaders of the anti-trump protests at the top of the hour. it is past 9:30, we are off and running. that is the ncaa champs at the stock exchange, we are running with -- we are -- 71 points away, 53 points from dow 18,000. i don't want to jinx it but that is where we are, tammy bruce is here, scott shelley and jack siegel. all of us together playing happy families. democrats debated last night, no happy family there, no mention
9:31 am
of economic growth or prosperity. what i am getting it is we are six months to the election and on the democrat side they are not talking about growing the economy, they are talking about spreading the wealth. >> it is horrifying, absolutely horrifying that a hard-core socialist and hard-core wannabe socialist have a good chance of running this country. if that doesn't scare investors i don't know what does but think about last night, socialism has a real hard time trying to talk about economic growth because if they do they will be the worry that they are taking the side of corporations, lowering taxes it didn't surprise me but what did surprise me, the overall tone of
9:32 am
that debate. stuart: does that -- why criticize the president that took way manufacturing jobs. why criticize your president who has no growth, than when he came in office, nothing to criticize. it will be the same and we will go forward. stuart: not a factor in the election yet. how about this? is this a factor, china reporting its lowest growth since 2009, 6.9 to 6.7. they care about china slowing fix.7% growth. >> we have to -- the headline
9:33 am
number between 6.7% they are a large part of it. and the us policy very closely. stuart: we are up because we believe janet yellen won't raise interest rates much or much at all. that is why we are up today, china debating socialism in brooklyn, the dow is up four points. >> where else do you put your money? stuart: where else are you going to put your money? >> the market was expecting a worse number out of china. when you saw futures trade down today, it is obvious they were expecting significantly worse and keep in mind we have those two meetings with janet yellen, the meeting with obama, it is depending on bad news and the
9:34 am
bad news isn't bad enough, investors will start to think those interest rate increases are on the horizon. stuart: got to ask the oil question all over again, we are down to $40 a barrel, there is a meeting in cairo over the weekend with the oil producers, he ran versus saudi arabia makes it look like we won't get much output freeze, russia is saying the oil price will go up after the meeting. are we in for another period where we get to 30 to $40 a barrel range? >> a 3 letter answer. with the supply we still don't talk about enough we could see policy that makes oil in a short-term but the story of oil, the decline we have seen, is lower longer and that is the economy. lower longer is not just oil, there are a lot of things, a new norm. stuart: watch out for the new
9:35 am
norm. it is all day breakfast, now they are considering all you can eat fries. ashley: the greatest news i have had in a long time. no matter what you think of mcdonald's, i am a huge connoisseur of the potato in every form. mcdonald's fries are the greatest. of the one another plus. going against the grain. got to be healthy food, fresh vegetables and fruits. ashley: they have a new mcdonald's later for opening. of the one look at charles. ashley: look at that! >> the inner trump mcdonald's, forget political correctness. let's have our fries back. stuart: i love this. i flat-out love this. mcdonald's goes straight up. big news which we watch everything a day. i will start again with chipotle. many people got sick, jpmorgan,
9:36 am
it cost them three years worth of profits. a bounce back. ali baba, the chinese amazon trying to get rid of fake products on their site. the music, we previously put solar companies on deathwatch, stock is down 15% today, independent audit committee found no funny business in its financial report but it is down 15%. another big bank reporting lower profits, come on in, citibank. nicole: sunedison 70% yesterday. giving a little back today, such a wild stock, citigroup up 2.5%, a third of the fourth big bank to report, they have all been stocking it away for the rainy day fund. profits fell not as much as anticipated and as a result you
9:37 am
have an up arrow. the government tested the big banks earlier in the weekend calling it a living will is if it goes into crisis. and they were the ones that passed it. stuart: city makes $46 a share as we speak. the comic look at the down arrows, everyone has these in their 401(k). stuart: another series of big names which you know, amazon, google and fit bit, more than that, loves technology, those three, says morgan stanley, what do you say? >> morgan stanley is the investment bank of choice for all the technology companies in silicon valley so you have to take those research reports with a grain of salt. the fact they are coming out with a by, they basically the
9:38 am
horse has left the barn, they missed the boat on this one. realistically amazon probably has potential, probably some upside but the others i would stay away from. stuart: how about disney? drone racing has come to espn this august. want to explain this? >> it is fabulous, if you have drones that can't hurt anybody this is it. it is literally raising and they have been doing it in europe, you have people can win money. i look at it as robot wars. have you ever seen those? where the robots are -- try to kill each other, this is natural, fun, people competing and drones fighting with each other and beating each other, a fabulous kind of thing. >> don't see how espn will make money. liz: sponsorships with streaming
9:39 am
get better, the mobile devices and everything. a fabulous visual, and -- stuart: did i hear scott agility sounding negative on drone rates. >> a few things together here. and watch drones race rather than getting off of the sofa. >> and the perfect capitalist. stuart: i said at the top of the show -- >> don't think nascar will mean jeopardy over there. stuart: 11 ceos bust through the $30 million a year income barrier. fodder for the left if i ever saw it. ashley: these compensation packages are completely out of line especially when you consider what shareholders are
9:40 am
giving, the head of viacom earned $54.2 million, a 22% raise from the year before. stock fell 44%, that is not there, but bob eiger at disney, $44.9 million actually down 4 present even though stock went up 16% but these are where the buck stops, they offered to pay that money, it should be results based. stuart: i don't have a problem with that. this is the united states of america. better check the big board. we are down but not much, we are down 1.9, 17,00124. the prime minister of canada proposing to legalize assisted suicide. coming up on this program later doctor ben carson is going to join us to talk about the
9:41 am
spiritual and clinical implications of what canada is doing. a new report finds $300,000 a day to let illegal immigrants to get them deported. some of them are going home so to speak on private jets. i thought that would get your attention. back in a moment.
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♪ stuart: what is that music? ashley: gabriel, sledgehammer.
9:45 am
it is friday morning. >> i miss the 80s. stuart: we are up twinto the trn and now this. taxpayers are spending $300,000 a day to get illegal immigrants deported. some of them are going back on private jets. the national border patrol council president is with us. this got our attention. $300,000 a day and some are going back on private jets. what do you make of this? >> it should get everybody's attention. this is the cost, the price the taxpayers are paying for the government to fail to secure our borders. if we secure our borders we don't have this problem. it is unfortunate the right now we do have this problem. stuart: what is this about private jets? it is not everybody going back on private jets but some are. what circumstances does an illegal get a private jet to go back? >> i don't know how the government makes that
9:46 am
determination. unfortunately it is happening and american taxpayers are on the hook for that. stuart: are they going back, we are paying 300,000 $300,000 to send back and are they coming back through the border that you are trying to guard? >> yes they are. we have seen many different programs the government has tried to set up where they deport illegal aliens in different parts from where they enter but what we are finding is once we send them back they come right up across the border again and there are so many making it across the border, when we fail to secure, we fail to secure, so big for them to continue to come the magnet is bringing them over. stuart: you are president of the national border control council, you are a trump supporter, your organization supports donald trump i think. >> yes we do. donald trump is the strongest candidate as far as border security goes and we are
9:47 am
sticking to what candidate is going to secure the border to make the american public safer? stuart: what a wall work? in your opinion is it possible to build a wall and it works? it keeps the illegals out? >> we have seen walls already work. if you go to san diego or el paso or the tucson sector we have walls and those walls do work but we have to be strategic in where we place them. the interesting thing about donald trump if he is willing to have that conversation, willing to sit down and say what do we really need to do? with that we think he can come up with a plan to secure the border. stuart: thank you for being on the show today. time to take a look at these pictures from japan, the aftermath from yesterday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the
9:48 am
biggest it since 2011. after the break, the film producer asked the bill neither science guy about climate change skeptics and got this response. >> what is your thought on skeptics as war criminals? >> we will see what happens. was it appropriate to jail the guys from enron? >> interesting. ♪
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stuart: help me if you can, 71 points. the japan earthquake, 9 did, 800. >> an apartment building that collapsed when the quake hit. 6.2 in southern japan, they were sleeping in the streets, they do not trust them to go back indoors because they are strung up. there was one bright spot. a baby was pulled from the rubble unharmed. stuart: dramatic video. could be an earthquake zone
9:53 am
where it keeps coming. some high profile climate change scientists have retracted their former position. they are now climate change skeptics, they are profiled in a new film called climate apostle. with us is the producer of the film, mark morano. obvious question, what made the former climate change people become climate skeptics. what made them turn around? >> the interesting thing is we feature them re-examining the evidence. scientists testify in the film that in the 1980s they thought it was a slamdunk and they re-examine the evidence recently and realized that is not the case. they are speaking out skeptically. stuart: i these people high profile climate scientists? >> yes. we feature nobel prize-winning
9:54 am
scientist and the most shocking are former united nations and one former united nations scientists, one of the lead authors of the un climate panel report, basically had it with you and alarmism. featured prominently in the film. we feature a french socialist scientist in this film and it goes on from there. these scientists are examining the evidence and we present in this film they are politically left-wing scientists, they voted for al gore, endorse president obama, these environmental activist scientists who are now skeptics. stuart: we played a brief soundbite from your interview with bill neither science guy where you asked him about climate skeptics as war criminals. let's get it out in full. >> what is your thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals? >> we will see what happens. was it appropriate to jail the guys from enron? for me as a taxpayer and voter,
9:55 am
the doubting, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen. i can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations. stuart: i think he is on rather thin ground there. climate change affecting his quality of life. if you deny climate change you are affecting his quality of life negatively. what do you make of this? >> bill night gets huge speaking fees, lucrative tv contracts, it is hard to look at any aspect of bill night's life and say global warming skeptics have really hurt bill night. this is an absurd comment about what is more disturbing about it is he is joining a huge movement of climate activists in wanting to suppress any scientist dissenting and when robert kennedy called for jailing skeptics, putting them in the hague as war criminals build i openly pondering that and us
9:56 am
senators calling for organized crime and racketeering charges against them. stuart: isn't it a sign of desperation if you have all these prominent scientists who have recanted and are skeptics, that is a crack in the scientific barrier so to speak and they go to jail, that is desperation. >> it is desperation but it is also intimidation. what they are doing is sending a message to any young scientist, any nontenured professor keep your mouth shut or you are not going to be able to have a career, you won't be able to get funding or have favorable media, this is about intimidation and shutting down dissent. stuart: hold on a second. >> the irony of this, bill night is not a science guy. he has a bs in mechanical engineer, he took the name the science guy from a comedy sketch show he was involved in as an actor. this is a man who puts on a lab
9:57 am
coat who has nothing to do with understanding the science of it, the nature of it and he is out there talking about who knows, maybe we will have to jail peop, no standup comedian will put me in jail. stuart: see where you land up if you continue with this skepticism about climate change. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. what do we have that is new this next hour. and appeals court in california rejects a bid to end teacher tenure. that is a very big win for the unions which we are all over that. a well-known harvard professor comparing the liberal lunacy on college campuses to the rise of the nazis. alan dershowitz, we are talking to him in the second hour of wynn which begins in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> almost 10:00 eastern time and happening now, john kasich holding a rally in watertown, new york.
10:00 am
new york votes, the primary four days, next tuesday, that's the vote. we're monitoring that event right there. we have a fresh poll on the republican race which shows kasich neck and neck with ted cruz for second place. that's important. also happening this hour, bernier sanders meeting at the vatican. here is a guy who was in new york city late last night and now he's in rome and he's 74 years old and he's beating the democrats in those polls. how about that? all right, we're going to start with breaking news on general motors. what have we got? >> gm announcing a recall over a million pickup trucks, 2014, 2015 chevy silverado and sierra pickups, seat belts, no reports of injuries or--
10:01 am
>> that stock has gone nowhere for a long time. 30 bucks, there you are. ashley: i know. stuart: it's friday. also, now this hour, from california, an appears court rejected a bid to end teacher tenure. again, ashley, back to you, because this is a clear victory. >> it's huge. two years ago a judge in l.a. ruled that california law violated students' constitutional rights to education quality. what this is about, if a teacher gets tenure, it's very hard to fire, quote, unquote, a bad teacher. they may not be doing their job. the class can't be failing. you can't fire them. this ultimately with the state appeals court that shot down the lawsuit, claiming that strong job protection for public school teachers undermines the quality of education. otherwise, reaffirming the tenure that it provides. >> i want to bring in a democrat on this.
10:02 am
democrats are supporters of the teachers union. welcome to the show, i don't mean to spring this on to you, but to us, to me at least, this appears, really extraordinary, the court upholding teacher tenure. you're a democrat, are you in favor of this? >> well, actually, the democratic party has been looking for multiple ways to be able to address the problem of teacher performance. but you will have union leaders, such as in new york, saying that you can't fire your way to a better teacher work force. stuart: wait a minute, you cannot get rid of a bad teacher? a nonperforming teacher or a criminal teacher? you can't get rid of them because of tenure. and democrats are not in support of the alternative, charter schools. you're not in favor of choice. >> oh, actually i-- actually part of it, it's interesting you mentioned that, the secretary of education who
10:03 am
left a few months ago, arne duncan, this was one of his biggest challenges with states. he's against teacher tenure and arne duncan, a democrat, and governor christie, a republican, in agreement you need teacher reform. do you eliminate tenure entirely or change it around so that teachers have some job protection while being held accountable. >> can you ever see the day when a democrat party is in favor of school choice as in charter schools or vouchers or some alternative to the bronxbr- bureaucracy of the teacher's union? >> you have democrats who supported school choice, not at the expense of shoring up the public school system. >> you sound a little defensive. >> well, i am the daughter of a public school teacher, and i am the proud product of a public
10:04 am
school education, now with that said, i can certainly see that there are challenges and ideas, i've had my fair care of bad teachers, i don't think you can blame teachers for the entire problem with the public education system. stuart: i don't, blame the union. stay there, we've got a lot more for you to come up. and back to the markets, we're down not very much, 15 points, 17-9 is where we are. the rice price of oil is down ak 31, it explains to some degree the pullback. you know the addage, oil down, stocks down. and it looks unlikely that there will be a production freeze for oil, that's why it's down a buck 28. maybe challenging the $30 a barrel level. may be. the price of gas, please, 2.11 is the national average. if you're driving this weekend, fill up now before it goes even
10:05 am
higher. how about citi, the big bank, profits down 27%, but the stock is up this morning. 1 1/2%. do you have any explanation of why? >> you've been saying, now i'm under pressure. profits down 27%, but the earnings, the earnings per share as they like to measure, better than expected. all of the banks have been hit on trading revenue. the results not as bad as they thought. kind of in the beginning of the week, j.p. morgan, that's why you're seeing citigroup prices go up. they're not as bad as we thought it could be. >> let's get back to politics. >> all right. i say we're seeing a new donald trump that's more presidential. mere is a piece from his op-ed which appears in today's wall street journal. quote, let me ask america a question, how has the system been working out for you and your family.
10:06 am
why should we trust the people who made every wrong decision for america's will in this presidential election. steven miller, welcome to the program. >> great to be back. stuart: am i saying this right? is this a new donald trump? he was reading from notes. almost looked like he had a teleprompter there. no waving of the arms, is this the new donald trump? >> last night in new york city was a remarkable event and the reception mr. trump received was spectacular and talked about new york values, the grit, the courage, the heroism, to use his words, to make america's wounds heal again and i thought that was great. stuart: has the campaign deliberate changed the tone? >> well, actually, i think mr. trump has been saying for a while that if the campaign season moves on as he nedz
10:07 am
towards being the nominee toward the general, you're obviously going to have to start having to shift towards a general election campaign. now, the primary is by no means over, but it's important to remember the context in which the primary began. 17 candidates, everybody fighting everybody, an unimaginable number of special interest against trump and he had to go and he had to fight the political class. he had to fight the donors, the party bosses. he had to fight the entrenched special interest and he had to fight many people in the punditry class. it's been a difficult road to where we are right now. >> stay there, steven, more in a moment. it seems that donald trump is learning on the job and we've got fox polls latest thereon. we've got one on knowledge. ashley: yeah, has knowledge to serve effective as president is the question. hillary clinton, yes, 63%.
10:08 am
bernie sanders 58%, ted cruz 55, donald trump two-thirds of them say, no, he doesn't have the knowledge. stuart: that's interesting. the knowledge. that's an interesting question to ask. there was a question on likability, the result. ashley: bernie sanders, 71% followed a tie between ted cruz and hillary clinton at 52%, and donald trump less. steven miller, likability, donald trump the bottom of the pack there, bottom of the pack in knowledge to be the president. ashley: and likability. stuart: likability, he's bottom of the pack there. what do you make of this? how are you going to get around that one? >> again, i think it's important to be honest where we are and how we got here. as we speak right now, at this moment, somewhere in this country, there's an ad running from republican operatives attacking donald trump along those lines, trying to drive up his negatives. we're in an unprecedented situation where you have tens
10:09 am
of millions, ultimately hundreds of millions of republican special interest donors who are trying to keep control of the club and drive up mr. trump's negatives. we're going to bring a unified republican party into a general election. a year past, 2012, 2008, 2004, the republican front runner was not in a situation where dollars were pouring in to drive up their negatives. stuart: the guy on the screen there, a guy with a trump hat make america great being pushed around last night where they hosted the g.o.p. gala. he was getting roughed up a little bit. i saw that there. let's go to focus object-- on the democrats and listen to what he had to say about people switching their votes. >> in pennsylvania, what i'm seeing on the ground and real,
10:10 am
almost 100,000 democrats in pennsylvania have switched parties to republican to vote for donald trump. people have come up to me who haven't voted in 10, 20 years, they're coming out to vote for donald trump. i haven't seen energy like that. stuart: with democrat, a product much a public school education with a public school teacher mom. welcome back. that was an important point there. in pennsylvania, they're talking about 100,000 democrats transferring their registration to republican and probably voting for donald trump. that's got to get you guys kind of worried. >> well, you do also have, at the same time in pennsylvania, about 40,000 people who switched to the democratic side. what this is is truly unprecedented prior to a primary especially this late in the season, to have people switching parties so that they can vote. a couple of different reasons. i think the most obvious one
10:11 am
you, trump has tapped into something that neither the establishment or the democrats have tapped into before. the anger of a poor, underestimated, rural or white people who feel like neither party has paid attention to their interests, as they have suffered and i think that's just a matter of fact and a matter of time before somebody was smart enough to really pay attention to that population. stuart: well, be careful how you describe the undereducated rural people, they're voters, too. >> they're voters, a specific slice of the population and trump is the first one to say those are his favorite people. so i'm not using a voter description, i'm using his words. stuart: i love the undereducated. and now you're a good sport. you can come back. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: mars foods, they make uncle ben's and what's--
10:12 am
make some sauces. ashley: yes, sauces, uncle ben's. stuart: they're telling the customers don't eat mars foods more than once a week because-- >> can you believe it? >> that's it's too unhealthy. >> there are certain products says mars you shouldn't be eating on a daily basis, why? because they're high in salt, sugar or fat and because they want to maintain the authentic taste. now they're going to put a label on some of the packaging, only occasionally should you enjoy this not every day. it's a remarkable move. only 5% of the products will have the labeling, but it's an interesting development. stuart: on the same day that mcdonald's, all you can eat fries. ashley: i'm still excited about that icht now this, students at a wisconsin high school take part in an off-campus religious
10:13 am
themed lunch. we'll explain. ted cruz losing ground to trump and kasich in a new poll. a big cruz supporter reacts to that after the break. >> nobody even know who number two is in. they don't know. isn't it amazing the way that some names just stick to people. i served 20 years as a marine aviator,
10:14 am
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10:16 am
e. stuart: stocks down 30 points. why would that be? the price of oil is close to cracking below 40 bucks a barrel. johnson & johnson, the third record for this company, 109 for j & j. in a small town in wisconsin
10:17 am
there's a religious standoff with implications for everybody. ashley: it's complex, but i'll keep it simple. the tradition of the schools, the students are allowed to go off campus to have lunch. and parents said why can't we give them lunch and christian get together. food for the body and nutrition for the soul and dubbed as the jesus lunch. and it took part at a local park which the school district says technically we lease that park so we can call that our property. they don't like the tone of it being jesus lunch. however they're challenging on the basis that so much food is bought they cannot meet food safety standards, how do we know the food the kids are getting is properly prepared. stuart: the bottom line is religion, not healthy food. i want to bring in a favorite guest, congressman louis
10:18 am
gohmert. we've got to get this idea in, the idea that you clamp down on a so-called jesus lunch. from my point of view, i don't want to see our public schools segregated by religion, groups of christians here, muslims here and what do you make of this? >> and i agree with you. jesus said we're supposed to be salt and light, not segregated, but among the people. it's like dick van dijk was saying, i can't put me finger on what lies in store, but i think that what's happened all happened before. look, the pilgrims left holland, and they end up in england looking for releshes freedom and america, so many christians came to america searching for freedom.
10:19 am
harvard, yale, made their students make an oath to loyalty to jesus christ. these are the foundings and has traditionally said, beware of the levin of the pharacese. and what they said scared me because i couldn't believe, thank god for america, because over in the soviet union, they said the educators, these kids are ours. we allow the parents to take care of them, but if they're ever critical of us, we'll take them away because we are the ones that are responsible for these kids. >> it's like a 90-year-old woman said in east texas, he may have a ph.d., but he'll always be a p-h-u-l-fool.
10:20 am
i bet you that superintendent has never gotten on his knees and wept with the children who have emotional trauma. i bet the mothers serving the food, and the superintendent can't stand it. beware. stuart: that's why you're a popular guest because you can answer any question. >> a compliment, thank you. stuart: i want to wrench you back to the election because we've got brand new g.o.p. fox poll that shows trump pulling away. you can't see it, but i'm going to tell you the numbers. trump 45, cruz 27, kasich 25. now you're a cruz guy, but the story of this poll is cruz losing ground to kasich and trump. okay, so it's new york, but what do you make of it? >> well, i think it's going to
10:21 am
be decided by the people that actually show up and vote and decide who their delegates will be, and my understanding is that actually it's going better than predicted, but having been in the army, been in the trenches and in court, i always prefer to be considered the underdog and it always made victory that much sweeter and that's where we're moving, maybe not on the first ballot, but the reason you have 1237 is deals and even though we have one deal maker who is huge in the ability to make deals, he think the people are finding that ted cruz is right where they want him and listen and he's got their ideas at heart. >> he's third in new york, but i figured you understood that. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. coming up, trump manager corey lewandowski cleared of battery
10:22 am
charges in the confrontation with michelle fields. we'll be hearing from lewandowski this morning. liberal on college campuses one the top professor at harvard comparing the protest against free speech compared to nazi germany. we're talking with alan dershowitz today. and the russian jet within 30 feet, secretary of state kerry says we would have been justified in shooting them down. ♪ you both have a
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>> in the latest fox poll, voters spoke clearly. the state of the economy, that's the top concern. and get this, four out of five rated the economy as only fair or poor. but at the democrats debate last night it didn't get a mention, no discussion about returning to prosperity. the words economic growth were never uttered. instead, the audience was treated to a constant wall street pile on, same old same old. more taxes more spending, that's the answer. just think about this. our economy is clearly slowing. the middle class is shrinking and our debt has almost doubled during the obama years. tens of millions of people are not working and the democrats argue about reslicing a shrinking pie. not growing it. this group gets more, that
10:27 am
group gets less. we've been doing this for eight long years, but bernie and hillary want more of the same. go back to the fox poll and there's more reason to worry. socialist bernie sanders beats all three in head to head matchups. a socialist wins the general. there's more, he beats everybody on likability and inat theing great. six months to the election, the economy is sliding and the democrats debate and don't mention a return to prosperity and a committed socialist looks more and more like the front runner for the democrats, one more time, we've never seen an election like this. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
10:28 am
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stuart: we haven't seen anything
10:31 am
like this for a long time. it is an ipo. have you ever seen them? what is going on is the global market, started to trade up 21%. bats is a stock exchange operator, they compete with the stock exchange and nasdaq, 20% higher on day one. maybe that is helping the big board, we are down 40 points, that goes down well, 17914 is where we are, check citibank, profits down, stock is up. how about the share price of amc. yesterday, they were considering letting people text. ashley: we were outraged and a lot of other people were too, adam said got buried in
10:32 am
complacency and a statement saying with your fights in hand, at amc theaters, today, tomorrow, and not through the foreseeable future. stuart: can i chew gum, we are 83 points away. joining us today, charles payne is here and high noon strategist, the president thereof is lisa boone. 18,000 going up from there. charles: we retest the high and then start the next book. the rebound from february 11th led by blue chip names caterpillar up 20%. and this is rocksolid american
10:33 am
companies. stuart: you are in it here. we go beyond 183. up from there. charles: that is the script. stuart: you are a brave guy. you have to be brave to make money. stuart: all right. mcdonald's, the stock price is not going to hurt but considering all-you-can-eat fries. ashley: the waistline. i remember where i was when i heard this news. there is a new mcdonald's opening in missouri, it is amazing but self-serve kiosks, the mcdonald's of the future. stuart: staff on hand, more technology, get rid of the $15 an hour minimum wage people but doesn't go against the grain to eat healthy?
10:34 am
stock goes to a record high? charles: the brain is in this reality. let's hear from you. stuart: do you like all-you-can-eat fries? >> one step further, did them in ice cream. >> if you want to talk fast food. stuart: a new foxhole find 79% of people responding say the economy is in fair or poor shape but their view of the economy, i didn't hear mentioned in the democratic debate, grow the economy and the middle class, that wasn't mentioned. >> they talk about adding, the economy, the democratic party, who has been in charge? president obama is a democrat. what is hilarious if you ask the
10:35 am
democratic debate, hillary's plan and bernie sanders make it sound like there has been an republican in the white house, income inequality the worst in modern times but gives who has gotten richer under president obama? the rich. middle-class families are shrinking because of the overtime rule and obamacare that is punishing business and hurting the middle-class. stuart: how is it possible in this day and age a socialist is a possibility for the white house? charles: desperation. americans are upset, frustrated, this sounds like someone is going to give me things i can't get on my own. stuart: give me free stuff and i will vote for you. morgan stanley is advising investors to buy technology. they have three names, amazon, google, fit bit, that struck accord. morgan stanley, fit bit. charles: they hired a top designer from apple, trading
10:36 am
anyone to put it in a 401(k), down from all-time highs, we are in amazon, blue chips led this rally. as we break out and hot money goes, they know best, facebook and amazon and alphabet/google. stuart: outside, the individual stocks, two russian planes but as a u.s. navy destroyer, that is a couple days old. ashley: john kerry said we could have shot this thing down. it was that. they made 11 flybys. at 30 feet of the actual us ship, vladimir putin, and the resin president said they are doing routine reconnaissance, they look at the video and pictures here. the fact we could have shot it down, what does that mean? vladimir putin pushing boundaries which he continues to do and look at that video. how close despite repeated
10:37 am
attempts over the radio, english and russian to get out of the area, very aggressive. stuart: vladimir putin, the president of high noon strategy, looks like high noon in the baltic sea, shot the thing down. >> this is a cold war tactic by russia called buzzing actually. there was a 1972 agreement that this looks like it violates. this falls on the feet of your and capturing ten us soldiers and shooting nuclear ballistic weapons that fly in the face of un resolutions. charles: turkey did shoot down one of these, the f-16 with two f-16s, turkey did the right thing, buzzing turkey anymore. anyone a provocative charles, if you want his brilliant stock market advice, $20. tune in every day at 6:00 pm eastern time, it is called making money with charles payne on the foxbusiness network. the big opec oil suppliers
10:38 am
meeting this weekend, former shell president john hoffmeister is with us. is this same old same old, talking about an output freeze or output cut but nothing actually happens. what do you think? >> a pretty good assessment that this is all symbolism, the only way to address the issue today is the saudi's and russians to agree to a reduction of oil production, the only way to address it, the way it is now there will be some big egos in the room, they will make certain claims against one another but the elephant in the room is the geopolitical divide between russia, here and and saudi arabia and that will not be addressed in this meeting because they can't. p is not about to back down in the face of a 30-year-old deputy crown prince in saudi arabia and
10:39 am
the supreme leader of he ran only sees the upside which he has the new 1 $50 billion donation from the united states and he will use that money to boost the economy and try to recover their oilfields because they are in bad shape and will take a lot of money to recover. the west will pay the price for this. stuart: same old same old, there we go. sorry to cut this short. i have a lot of news happening, thanks for being with us, we do appreciate it. liberal lunacy on college campuses and harvard's most famous professor is lightning the anti-free speechnt to the rise of nazi is. alan dershowitz is with us coming up next. the new york giants releasing their 2016 game schedule, one team's name left off the list, we will tell you in 20 minutes.
10:40 am
10:41 am
stuart: "varney and company" start every day and if you don't tune in on time here is what you missed. >> we want to make sure in this country we have a politics that is free of hate and division and that is not just about donald trump at the candidacy of ted cruz, it is about the candidacy of new york state gop politicians. >> the problem hillary clinton
10:42 am
has is democrats don't like her. it is like trying to stuff a cat in a trashcan. democrats don't want to vote for her. stuart: >> joining the climate activists in wanting to suppress any scientist dissenting and when robert kennedy called for jailing skeptics, putting them at the hague as war criminals bill nice pondering that.
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: breaking news, an earthquake, this time in mexico. ashley: tectonic plates are getting active, one in japan and the 6.1 magnitude quake off of the southern pacific coast of mexico on the guatemalan border, 6.1, shaking the mexican state, no report yet of immediate damage or injuries but again, 6.1, significant side earthquake off the coast of mexico. but no synonymy warning. we one hour next guest is the famed defense attorney who has recommended o.j. simpson and others, he taught ted cruz. here is professor alan dershowitz. welcome to the program.
10:45 am
you have been saying some explosive stuff about the clampdown on free speech on college campuses and you like and that to the rise of the nazis in the 1930s. this is a surprise for me to hear that from you. >> some people call themselves liberals but i call them not progressives but repressive. they are trying to prevent others with different views from expressing their views on campus. they talk about micro aggressions. they try to prevent me from speaking on the campus because i support israel. i was shutdown, and the university of california. remember how it started in the 1930s, when students at german universities tried and succeeded in stopping left-wing speakers, jewish speakers burn the books,
10:46 am
as justice jackson said when you start by burning books you end by burning people and some of these represses on college campuses today would burn books. if they disagree with them they don't want you to read them. we are fighting and need college administrators to back us. we need students. the interesting thing that is happening is liberal students and conservatives, centrist conservative students are uniting against the extremism on both 5, college campuses today mostly extremists and the hard left and forming coalitions between liberals and free speech. we won the college administrators have to put their foot down and proactively in favor of free speech, you can say that. that is what we need to hear. >> even if it offends people you can say it. you have to develop a thick skin in college, there is no such thing as a safe space in a classroom. i micro regret my students all
10:47 am
the time, i use the socratic method, there was no such thing as a right answer in my class. if you gave an answer i ask the hard question and one of the reasons i love ted cruz is he loved combat. he argued with everything i said. i was in favor of the exclusionary rule, he had his right hand up from day one. that is the kind of student we want. he was a very good student, very sharp. he loved the socratic method and came back and the best students are those who are not offended if they feel offended, they just double their answer that become smarter. that is the way you do it on university campuses. stuart: i see this story even with great dismay because the function of a university is to bring people together and exchange ideas in a vigorous and selectable discussion. that is the way it was when i was in college and i'm sure it was, i hate to see this
10:48 am
beaten-down. >> i teach a freshman seminar. where does your morality come from? i would challenge everything, their parents, their religion, their -- i would challenge them, challenge science, everything has to be challenged. that is what the university is about. no idea is ever safe, no spaces ever safe for ideas. blue and get out there and do it, put some backbone behind these. an honor and a pleasure to have you on the show. never thought you would be on the show. thank you, professor. let's go straight to blake berman joining us from trump tower in manhattan and trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. it is yours. >> good morning, we are with reince priebus -- corey lewandowski, campaign manager for donald trump. we are inside the campaign office. you have been at the forefront of the campaign when donald trump announced his candidacy,
10:49 am
none more so than in the last day and the last month. what is the level of relief relating to the incident now that you have been cleared i the folks in florida, the level of relief for you and the campaign for mister trump as well. >> a great relief to have a palm beach county district attorney's off is not moving forward. i want to thank donald trump for standing behind me and next to me and keeping my job here. most other people in this race said i should be immediately fired and donald trump stood next to me, stand by him like the american people, it has been tough on the campaign, four young kids, it is unfairly done to be honest but i am glad it is behind us and we are focused on the campaign and mister trump made the investment in florida, we took the videotape and turn it over to the palm beach police
10:50 am
department, and without the videotape, would be exonerated. i am thankful for him and his leadership. >> we heard from michelle heels, we haven't heard from you about that night. >> in michelle fields, caught on that videotape, never spoke to her before. and you have seen the videotape and millions of people have seen the idiot tape. my interaction was three seconds long, it was me walking from location to location and you hear me say excuse me and thank you, i was trying to walk between two people, that is the total of what i remember. other people remember it differently. i remember going from a to b and it was an incident in my life, not something that stood out and something just happened, i was available after the incident for any questions or inquiries or to
10:51 am
have someone say this took place in we should resolve this issue and the first thing, i looked at her boyfriend's twitter feed and i did that and it wasn't rewarding, i picked up the phone and called michelle, i wanted to find out what happens. i had never heard from her. this took place, and none of that took place. the twitter feed, let's find out what is going on. i called through that evening and never heard back. what we could have done, a private conversation, this is what i think occurred. and not trying to believable this, it was three seconds of my entire life, be going from a to b and the sum total. >> i want to ask about this before the campaign you mentioned the other campaigns
10:52 am
that suggested being suspended, you would be fired. do you want an apology from them now that you have been legally cleared? >> i don't want an apology. and what they are saying, we recommend we fire you before due process. and someone loyal to his people and stand up for this country and put it first, that is the difference between politicians, and very grateful for him. >> talk about the campaign since we are in your campaign headquarters, i want to follow this. it goes into the campaign, it was a delegate count and a sheet of paper, and how do you get from here to here and do you
10:53 am
think it happens? >> it goes of the -- the trump money goes, very simple. in new york on tuesday donald trump has a great night. public polls indicate he is up between 30 and 50 points. all 27 congressional districts, and the delegates and a bonus of 14 people and 50%. 1237, do well in new york. and in ohio, ted cruz and texas. >> if they get all 95. ted cruz went 42 points, 150 delegates, two third of delegates in the state of texas, the state the nose them best, people who know donald trump best will do well here and after
10:54 am
that. the states that no donald trump, we know ted cruz's best days are behind him, he will not do well here. most likely the reason for that is he made a pejorative term about new york values. new york values are people who work hard, rebuild the city after the worst terrorist attack on our soil ever and people remember that and i think the difference is when you have someone like donald trump who is so much in the city, people turn out in massive numbers to reward that loyalty. >> one minute here, there has been a perception the ted cruz campaign has outorganize you and outstrategized you, points in louisiana. since the michelle fields incident you brought on rick wiley and -- what is your standing in the campaign and how does everything work underneath you from donald trump to the top to you and everybody else? who is running the show? >> first and foremost ted cruz is inside the baseball story, he has won less states in this election than rick santorum who
10:55 am
is running against mitt romney, donald trump has hundreds of delegates more than ted cruz, he talked about second and third and fourth ballots, after tuesday night the election results in new york, he has not been eliminated and that is the story he wants to tell, he continues to lose. people get to vote, ted cruz loses. never 2 our campaign is successful, we have to grow. we have a small, lean operation. i have been working with rick while he for four weeks, five weeks to get him on the campaign, we are finally there. if we are going to go on the clinton machine which has thousands of people we need to grow, bring the best talent possible so we are doing that and paul has a proven ability, over 40 years to get delegates done and put a great team in place. that is what we need now, the days of one or two people making up the core of the team can't exist. i looked at the old campaigns come all the winning campaigns, 35, 40, 50 of the best killers on the planet on that team so
10:56 am
they can be successful. that is what we are building and we are building a big operation, and we will do it here. >> reporter: thank you very much, i will send it back to you unless you have questions. of the one all good, blake berman, great job, thank you very much for being with us. you heard it right there, all good stuff, we will continue "varney and company" in a minute. g people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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stuart: you are looking at what is happening right now, ted cruz is about to take the change in new york state. in the last hour we talked to a republican from texas, a ted cruz supporter, listen to what he had to say. >> you have to have 1237, show you can make deals and even though we have one dealmaker who is huge in the ability to make deals, people are finding ted cruz is right where they want him and he has their ideas at
11:00 am
heart. of the one ted cruz is right where they want him. a new fox news national poll, trump 45, ted cruz 27, john kasich get 25. joining us is a republican strategist, ashley webster is right there. we saw -- this is my opinion from last night at the gop gala in new york city. it was an attempt to change the tone and look more presidential. >> i was there last night, that is when we saw that come through, using notes which i found interesting and much different. he didn't appeal to the new york-based crowd talking about the project. he really did appeal to the whole room and brought down the house. stuart: the infrastructure that he could fix it well and under time and underbudget which he did in the hotel last night. >> it is something he has to
11:01 am
show because a lot of stories you are seeing on the trump campaign shows he doesn't have infrastructure and doesn't know how to get this done so it is important to highlight what he can do. of the when he was there, you watched him on a scale of 0 to 10, how good was he? i don't think you are a trump supported. >> i am not with any candidate but i would say he connected because he connected with the audience and that is what you are supposed to do. stuart: a 9? not bad. >> i have to be fair. let me move on to the democrats. we got a fox news poll, part of it was the integrity poll. the democrats and integrity, who has the integrity to be the president? that was the question? ashley: bernie sanders at the top, 70% followed by ted cruz at 56, hillary at 48, donald trump at the bottom at 40%. these mirror exactly the
11:02 am
question, who is likable enough to serve effectively as president almost the same order and same percentages. stuart: in the same pole bernie sanders was head to head with all three republican's. can he beat them all? help me out here. this is a socialist in the year 2016, beats all the republicans head to head? >> the republicans have been in a bloodied battle, beating each other up with all the debates. it has been ugly. hillary clinton has been around 35 years, she has gone through rough-and-tumble politics in new york and nationally. bernie sanders has not gotten beaten up because hillary clinton is afraid of taking too many shots against him because she needs the support. stuart: he is a socialist. what is going on here? >> should he be the nominee -- stuart: last time we looked -- people like ashley left the old country, europe, because it had
11:03 am
gone socialist, it wasn't working, it was a class divided system. we come to america and look what happens. >> i couldn't believe it. when bernie sanders ran and said he was a socialist i thought for sure this is going nowhere fast but the country is a little different especially in the democratic party. they are going more and more to the left which in the end will hurt them in due time. stuart: i have a hard time believing, i really do. i want more on the migrants crisis, we have news on this from italy. thousands arrived in italy. ashley: this is the prediction and italy says this is because of the border being jammed up between greece and macedonia, the balkans in northern europe, all these migrants have been blocked. what is happening is those from north africa and the middle east to libya jumping on these rubber dinghies and heading straight to
11:04 am
italy. numb 130 coasting it apparently and into the thousands, the italians are taking these people in and this is something that was predicted even though when the deal was struck between the e.u. and turkey to take back these migrants they said no, that is never going to happen. it is happening right now. stuart: that video showed rather large ships. it was picked up. 6000 in one week. ashley: it is only the tip. stuart: breaking point is close. another story from california. the top 1% of earners in that state account for 45% of the state's income tax revenue. 45%. ashley: 90% of all the tax revenue comes from the top fifth of taxpayers. you can criticize the rich all you want but if it wasn't for
11:05 am
them where with the tax revenue come from? stuart: let me throw you a softball. democrats want even more from the top 1%. >> they will start moving out of california into states like florida where that doesn't exist. you cannot tax your way out of bed policy and that is what they are trying to do. they are instituting bad policy we cannot afford and there will be a breaking point. stuart: if you can convince half of the population that pays no federal income tax you can convince that half that they will get more by voting for the left. they will get free stuff. you can win an election on that. >> up to a point. a lot of people hope to be in the new tax bracket, they want to be making more money, they strive for it and also don't like the idea of paying more taxes. the one bernie sanders in the vatican, talking to reporters moment ago. listen to this. >> in my country and around the
11:06 am
world, we are seeing a handful of very very wealthy people become wealthier while most people are becoming poor. the top 1% of people on this planet now own more wealth than the bottom 99%. that to me is unacceptable. it is unsustainable. it is immoral. together we have got to change that. and i have been enormously impressed by pope francis. stuart: it is not sustainable. we get the story of california. 1% of the population faced the revenue and they want more. it is not sustainable. you can't go on like this. >> that is why he can't explain, bernie sanders will do anything he promises, he can't explain because there is no financial mechanism.
11:07 am
you cannot get blood from the stone. stuart: he is 74 years old, spoke in brooklyn last night late into the night and now he is live in rome. don't know if he meets with the pope but he is in rome making statement and is 74 years old. back in new york tomorrow. he is fit enough to be president. that is it for this friday's rapidfire round, thank you very much. check the tao, almost breaking even as we speak, we are down 7 points. despite the fact the price of oil is tumbling this morning, we are at $40.09 a barrel on the verge of dropping below 40. that is the benchmark to drop below, we are up numb $1.42 for the stock market not reacting to that. there is one dow component doing very well, johnson & johnson in
11:08 am
another lifetime high hitting 110 earlier this morning. i believe that is the third record this week. right now we are $109.90. moving on to the democrats. having a fair go at the democrats all day. the left debate before the new york primary missed one major company. the debate was last night but there was something missing. economic growth, return to prosperity. not mentioned last night. the former economic advisor to mitt romney, how can you have a debate about the future of america without discussing economic growth and return to prosperity. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton have a difficult time doing that because they don't have plans that will generate economic growth. their plans are more big government, socialist oriented type policies and they will not lead to economic growth, republicans should be getting this message hard and plainly talking about how people will create jobs and careers, their kids will have a place to go,
11:09 am
place to work where they have families and homes, the kind of things people need here not so much gdp, and more about how economic growth can help people and what democrats try to sell doesn't help people at all. stuart: republicans don't have a sunny side up morning in america positive outlook. they are beating each other up and it is a lot of negatives on the republican side. the democrats, look what i can give you and if you have seen the bernie sanders ads on tv they are all sweetness and light, and they are winning that battle hands-down. >> the sooner it stops the better at this point. i could support any of the three as the presidential nominee. i have references among the 3 but i'm out to support any of the 3. and trying to segregate
11:10 am
different groups, and grow the economy and create jobs for people, and stop talking about all the negativity behind different campaigns. stuart: you are the ceo of c ke restaurants. you are in the restaurant business. there is a movement to move the minimum wage to $15 an hour. you run two restaurant chains. and $15 an hour. >> there are two aspects, states have a right to do this, cities increase minimum wage. in that state or city. when you have a diverse, demographically diverse state like california it is not a great idea. california is prosperous along the coast, most of the people
11:11 am
you are talking about who contribute to 45% of the tax revenue, that is where they live but the interior of california, stockton, bakersfield, fresno, those cities never recovered in the recession, they still have double-digit unemployment and when you impose a $15 minimum wage in san francisco where the unemployment rate is under 4% that has what impact, it comes job down but the city can sustain it. go to stockton which is 80 miles east of the city and has double-digit unemployment, the problem there is for individuals because this $15 minimum wage is going to reduce job opportunities. business hes that are marginally profitable and despite what you hear from hillary clinton and bernie sanders margins in retail business, small businesses in america are very thin, pennies on the dollar and businesses that are close to going under will go under as soon as their lease is expired they will close. people are not going to open as many businesses because the economics don't work, they will
11:12 am
be more stringent and careful with their labor, they will manage labor more carefully which will mean fewer jobs and they will be automated because automation becomes more economically viable when labor is more expensive. it is going to reduce job opportunities for young americans, working-class americans and these are the messages republicans should be hitting on regularly. stuart: i want your time on this proposal from mcdonald's, all-you-can-eat fries. >> one franchisee out of missouri. there are different ways to compete, how to compare the quality of the food, one way to compete is to give the food away, who doesn't like french fries. stuart: mcdonald's fries are very good. thank you very much indeed. a 23-year-old pro football
11:13 am
player retires from the nfl, has only in their two years. why would he do that? concussion. he will be on the show next. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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stuart: we have a football story, the new york giants selectively editing their game. i know what this is all about. ashley: thursday evening is a big day for diehard nfl fans because they want to know who the team is playing, giants put out their schedule for the 2016 season, they are playing the cowboys and saints, vikings, packers and nicknames set for week 3 in washington and they play washington again in week 17. they didn't want to call them the redskins. stuart: official from the giants. ashley: after this another tweet goes out to their website, they happily call them the redskins,
11:17 am
when they put their schedule out, don't want to call them the redskins. stuart: the scheduling guy wouldn't use redskins, the tweet guy would. next guest is retiring from the nfl, 23 years old. why would he do that at that age. here is the former linebacker with the buffalo bills. welcome to the program. you were only in the nfl a couple years, you are not particularly rich. are you retiring for health reasons pure and simple? >> that is the major factor i retired. the headlines will read 23 retired, 23-year-old retires after concussion but there are a lot of factors that went into it including my goals in football and outside football. stuart: do you think you could not get to those goals because of health concerns if you kept
11:18 am
on playing? >> an extreme risk going forward to obtain those goals, the slippery slope and what i wanted to accomplish and what i felt best for my future house. stuart: you walked away, great player, from a ton of money. >> it wasn't. i didn't want money to be the sole decisionmaker, every time i earn money, my future health in my decisionmaking, it is prominent to what i lost for my future family and everything that goes along with that. stuart: you did have a concussion but you hid it from management of the buffalo bills. and sideline, you didn't want to sit on the bench, you wanted to play so you had this concussion. why did you do that?
11:19 am
>> not only do i want to play but i want to make the team. i was an undrafted free agent last season, only playing one season in my rookie year. chances of making a team as an undrafted guy is slim to none, i don't say that confidence, i knew i didn't want to miss any practice or game time and made the decision, play through it. stuart: what changes if any would you like to see in the nfl? >> i have not looked into that, a lot of research is still to come out, a lot of unknowns when it comes to brain injury and concussions in general. i wrote about this in my piece for sports illustrated that i am not indicting football or nfl or attacking them. the more awareness around the subject the better off we will be. stuart: now what are you going
11:20 am
to do? >> great question. looking into a couple different aspects, trying to figure out what i want to do, what i would love to do. stuart: in football, getting out completely, going to banking? >> i did have an internship at merrill lynch, something that intrigues me. stuart: wall street is a wonderful place to be i am telling you straight. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. good man. billionaire david tepper is moving, going to florida because of taxes. later in the show donald trump's campaign manager clearing battery charges, he spoke to corey lewandowski.
11:21 am
blake berman spoke to corey lewandowski. more of this is coming up for you. >> when i looked at the twitter feed hours later, when i did that, i called michelle. you both have a
11:22 am
11:23 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup...
11:24 am
now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i i have this breaking, the nba
11:25 am
approving ads on players jerseys. ashley: they just announced the board of governors of the nba, they are going to put a small catch advertising patch on the front left of the jersey but it is all about the money. it will pay for that. stuart: you and i have seen jerseys on soccer players plastered everywhere, that is real money. ashley: this is the first tiptoe into it, a little catch. stuart: we have a couple of these going public today. haven't seen these for a while, it is back, global markets operate stock exchanges complete with the stock exchange and nasdaq went public today, up 20% on day one. how about that? our next guest is former political reporter for the new
11:26 am
york observer. he quit his job the morning after the paper endorsed donald ump for president. his name is ross barker and here he is now. >> i am typically employed by the observer, two week notice, still working for them. ashley: can't be fired. what is so wrong with donald trump that would make you leave your job? >> it is not about donald trump or politics. the issue was people may know the paper is owned by donald trump's son-in-law and factors went to my decision, it came to my attention, was reported in new york magazine, the editor in chief reviewed donald trump's apex speech, it was a total breach of journalistic code. stuart: you think it is a conflict of interest that you as a professional journalist could work for an organization, newspaper or magazine or whatever you want to call it
11:27 am
which is strongly tied to donald trump, that he was a conflict of interest? >> tied to a presidential candidate, donald trump, bernie sanders, could have been hillary clinton. stuart: john kasich, you would still have resigned. >> if it came to my attention that the editor in chief reviewed a john kasich speech before he delivered it, yes as well as other factors. stuart: do you think you're standing up for journalistic professionalism? >> i would like to think so. it is a personal decision, a very difficult decision. i have a lot of respect for the new york observer but if people want to view it that way that is fine with me. stuart: what are you going to do now? >> nothing lined up at the moment. stuart: you actually hurt your own self-interest. you did not operate in your own financial self-interest but operated in terms of your own professional ethics. >> yes. this is not a financial decision. i have to figure out how to pay my rent next month.
11:28 am
i saved money so i won't be going broke right away. stuart: i admire people of principle, you have principles. if i had principles i would sell them to somebody else but that is irrelevant. good luck to you. good luck. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, cleared of battery, trump was right to stand by his man. watch this. >> when i walked by michelle field i said excuse me, thank you. trying to walk between her and mister trump, excuse me and thank you. i don't remember any more than that. i didn't know anything about it until i looked at her twitter feed hours later when i am accused of being tough.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
stuart: here's my travel advice: fill up your gas tank today, because the price of gas keeps on going up. fill it now. $2.11 is the national average for regular, and that is up 42 cents a gallon from the low in january. now this, donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, speaking out after it was announced he won't face charges for an alleged battery against a reporter. roll tape. >> first time i knew that incident had potentially occurred was when i looked at michelle's boyfriend. i picked up the phone and called michelle.
11:33 am
i wanted to find out what happened. the campaign has never heard from her. she's never said i want to resolve this issue. none of that ever took place. stuart: robert jeffers is with us, first baptist dallas pastor, frequent guest on this program, trump supporter. it seems to me that the focus is now on michelle fields, the reporter who was supposedly battered. your input on this? >> corey's been a friend of mine for a while. i've seen him in six different situations in these scrums after campaign events, i've never seen him act inappropriately. i've got daughters, i don't want them mistreated, but i think when you make a spurious claim like this, it trivializes the very issue of violence against wisdom. stuart: about a half hour ago, i think you were in trump tower -- >> i was meeting with corey and mr. trump as well. stuart: what did they have to
11:34 am
say about what just happened, his not being charged be watery? >> first of all -- with battery? >> first of all, they're very relieved. corey is very quick to say this is an insight boo trump's character. -- into trump's character. all the other candidates said trump ought to fire corey. he did the right thing, and i think that reassures a lot of people. en this i want to know where the story first broke, the media was all over donald trump and so were some of the other candidates. >> that's right. stuart: they said you've got to fire this guy. a man put his hands on a woman. where's the media now? >> you're not going to hear from the mainstream media, and the reason is it doesn't fit their narrative, their false narrative of painting trump as sexist. he's not sexist at all. and since that doesn't fit their myth, they're going to let this go and not say anything about it. stuart: you are a christian pastor. >> yes, i am. stuart: you work in dallas, texas. you're an overt trump supporters. have you caught flak because of
11:35 am
your position? >> i've caught some, but look, when we're supporting donald trump, we're not doing so because we think he's the best candidate to lead bible studies the oval office. we're supporting him because we believe he is the best leader that is electable. and, you know, william f. buckley said when you're choosing a candidate, you ought to choose the most conservative candidate who is electable, and i personally believe that's donald trump. stuart: thank you very much, sir, appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: a bernie sanders supporter says there is enough money for everyone if you raise the 1%'s taxes. roll that tape. >> before we talk about raising taxes, let's focus on where our tax money -- >> no one said anything about raising taxes but you, neil. you pointed to raising -- >> i follow you on youtube. no, i'm using your words. i heard you on youtube talking about raising taxes on the rich and the -- >> when you say raising taxes, you want your viewers who are
11:36 am
crunched financially to feel like taxes are going to be raised on them. when i say raising taxes, i'm talking about bankers, i'm talking about the 0.01%. stuart: okay. it was a big fight and in some ways entertaining. [laughter] come on in please, occidental college professor and a liberal. welcome back. you were on the show before, were you not? >> yes. stuart: and you said that an 83% tax rate was just fine and dandy, did you not? >> i said that researchers think that it is. but, yes, i definitely support higher taxes on the top 1% in terms of the marginal tax rate, capital gains as well as inheritance tax. stuart: and you think that if we did all of that, the economy would actually expand, correct? >> well, according to a 65-year study by the congressional research service, higher tax rates actually did lead to an expanded economy.
11:37 am
they didn't harm it in any way. stuart: really? how about the experience of ronald reagan who cut tax rates dramatically and expanded the economy and state revenues and federal revenues for the next ten years? >> you know, i would have to disagree on the outcome there. trickle down economics was pretty roundly dismissed by the end of the reagan administration -- stuart: no, it wasn't. no, no, no, i'm sorry, you can't get away with that. it produced an extraordinary expansion of the american economy. hausian days -- >> oh, my goodness. stuart: it did -- >> it gutted education, it gutted social services, it created all of these massive problems that cost us money. stuart: it expanded the economy. >> it expanded the economy for a small number of americans. stuart: no. wait, wait, you really don't understand. you don't expand the economy for a small number of americans, you expand the economy. we had 6% growth. we had a doubling in the revenue that came into the federal government -- >> and middle -- he gutted the
11:38 am
middle class! it doesn't affect everyone in the same way. he created rates of poverty, he increased poverty, and he gutted the middle class. stuart: you know, you can have your own opinion, but you can't make up your own facts. he did not -- >> nobody agrees with trickle down economics anymore. it's not my opinion. stuart: he put countless of people into the middle class. hold on a second. the last time you were on the show, you told us you came from a wealthy family, is that right? >> yes. i still do. [laughter] stuart: okay. so you're from a wealthy family. did your family pay an 83% tax rate? did they? >> no, but i sure, i sure wish they did. i sure wish they didn't hide their wealth with dynasty trusts and a variety of other ways that wealthy people use to not pay their fair share. stuart: it's okay for your family to get rich and then subsidize you -- >> it's not okay. stuart: we should all pay 83%? >> no, my family doesn't subsidize me, and i don't think
11:39 am
it's okay for wealthy people to use the loopholes that they do whether it's offshore or not really being taxed very much on the amount they make on their investments. i want a more equitable society, and it starts with taxing the 1%. stuart: taxing the 1%. okay. i'm afraid we've got to leave it there, carolyn, but it was a pleasure having you. give my best to your mom and dad. [laughter] >> will do. stuart: billionaire david tepper, okay, he's moving. this is good. he's leaving new jersey. he's going to florida. now, why would he do that? he's a billionaire. was of taxes, of course -- because of taxes, of course. gerri willis has the story, and my first question is: how much do these billionaires actually pay in tax? >> take a look at this, $60.8 million. that's for each of the most wealthy, 400 of them, u.s. taxpayers. each one of them pay that. i'm not talking about the total, i'm talking about every one of
11:40 am
those 400 wealthiest taxpayers, they all pay $60.8 million each. stuart: and by the way, they don't earn a billion dollars a year, they have a billion dollars' worth of wealth. it is $60 million on average that each of them pays from their taxable income. >> right. stuart: is that correct? >> right. quite so. absolutely right. stuart: i found that astonishing, $60 million each from 400 of them, and tepper's moving to florida. he'll save, i guess -- >> there's no state income tax, and in new jersey there's a 9% state income tax. this is a policy these states choose. so if they want to chase people out, they can chase people out. the reality is that in new jersey they shouldn't cry too hard, because personal income taxes are only 40% of total revenue. so they're not going to go down the tubes because david tepper leaves. and certainly in states like california and new york where the billionaires tend to be attracted, 111 in california, 88 in new york, take a look at this -- stuart: oh, yeah, look at that.
11:41 am
>> one guy leaving, one woman leaving won't make that much of a difference. but let me tell you, those tax policies do drive where people choose to live. stuart: well, also you've got to remember that florida has no estate tax. so when mr. tepper passes, there's no state estate tax, and that's always worth chucking into the mix. gerri, that was fascinating. thank you very much, indeed. hillary clinton, bernie sanders did not discuss how to get the economy back on track during the debate last night. instead, they went right after wall street.
11:42 am
11:43 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. off the lows of the morning, we're slightly to the downside now. the dow is down ten points at this moment, 17,916. yesterday we were about 50 points away from dow 18,000, but it's been a great week on wall street. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p all gaining more than 1.5% this week in at least part thanks to oil, though oil's pulling back today. we did see oil jump about 8% through yesterday's close. we saw some real winners, chesapeake, also freeport-mcmoran, southwestern. mixed today but, again, big gains for the week. chesapeake up 60%. seaworld is to the downside, but it's been relatively flat over the last year or so and, certainly, redoing their news with their orca division.
11:44 am
and twitter, redoing the china scene, hong kong, that is a winner. i served 20 years as a marine aviator,
11:45 am
top gun graduate, aide to two u.s. presidents, commanding officer and harvard national security fellow. i'd say buying a car, uh, can make you as nervous as landing on an aircraft carrier. but usaa car buying service mitigates those fears. uh, they make it a very easy experience for you. find the right car, save money. it's that easy. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. exclusively for usaa members. stuart: big democrat debate in brooklyn last night. that's, of course, the new york primary comes up next tuesday. however, in a very contentious debate, economic growth was not mentioned once. no idea about how to return to general prosperity for america. leslie marsh is with us, a
11:46 am
committed democrat not on the far left, but i'd say moderately to the left of center. am i right there, leslie? >> absolutely. you are correct. stuart: how can you have a debate between the two leading candidates as the economy is definitely slowing down, how can you have a debate where economic growth and plans to prosperity is not mentioned at all? how can you have this? >> stuart, you have a valid concern, complaint and question because the economy is number one regardless if you're a democrat or republican. but remember, last night was not a general election debate. this is a primary debate, and what we saw was a catfight between two people that very much want and need the votes in the state of new york within their party, the democrats. they had to poke holes in the strengths of each other's campaigns, and that's why you constantly would hear hillary clinton talking about bernie's ideas are great, but he can't get any laws passed with regard to them.
11:47 am
stuart: look, both of them want to raise taxes, spend a hole lot more money -- a whole lot more money, and they don't care about the debt. now, i don't think that is a recipe for economic growth. can you tell metait is? me that it is? >> i have seen a failure, and i'm certainly not an economist by any means. but the failures that we look at in the past when we give such tax breaks to the wealthiest in this nation and the idea, it was a good idea, which was that they would reinvest, they would build companies here, they would -- stuart: and they didn't. >> but sending -- no, stuart, they sent the jobs overseas, and they continue. we do not have an opposite sucking sound of jobs going out, coming back from this -- stuart: reagan lowered taxes, set off a decade of prosperity. george w. bush lowered taxes and set off 48 straight months of job growth and debt reduction. that's what he did.
11:48 am
that's what tax cuts did. you can't fool around with the facts here. that happened. >> i'm not fooling around the with the facts, but we also have to look at the lack of reinvestment economically in our own economy. because there was not the job creation there could have been with those breaks. there was not the creation of products, goods and companies here; but, rather, in countries like mexico, china, india, bangladesh. there were investments in turkish bonds, not in american infrastructure, not in american jobs and certainly not in consumerism with products that are made in america or the ability to build and create more jobs made in america. stuart: totally wrong. >> i'm totally wrong. [laughter] stuart: leslie, let's move on to bernie sanders. he's visiting the vatican today. he's commenting on what he calls dirty energy. watch this. >> there is no area where that is clearer than in the area of climate change.
11:49 am
the greed of the fossil fuel industry is literally destroying our planet. the scientists are virtually unanimous. climate change is real, and it is caused by human activity. it is already causing devastating problems all over this planet. and whether the fossil fuel industry likes it or not, we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [laughter] stuart: well, all good stuff. leslie, i'm sure you heard that. do you have any comment? >> well, again, and i find it interesting that he's speaking about climate change when he's going to meet with the pope, because, you know, although the pope may agree with him a bit on climate change, i think he's really there more about income inequality. this is something bernie sanders is passionate about, something that he believes in you look at
11:50 am
him all throughout his career, this is something he's spoken about. the difference is, and as secretary clinton pointed occupant, they have very different ideas on how this should be done, you know? stuart: yeah. >> the demonization of organizations and corporations is not going to lead to a difference in the future with regard to finances or a reduction in pollution, quite frankly. stuart: you're right. good heavens, you are right. [laughter] thank you very much, indeed, leslie marshall. you know, you can come again. >> oh, we're leaving it at that? [laughter] stuart: thank yous for being with us. we will be back in just a moment, everyone.
11:51 am
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: harvard professor alan dershowitz on this program today said the restrictive culture, the anti-free speech culture on college campuses today reminds him of 1930s nazi germany. roll tape. >> in the 1930s when students at german universities tried to and succeeded in stopping left-wing speakers, jewish speakers and others, burned the books and as justice jackson said at nuremberg, when you start by burning books, you end by burning people. some of these repressives on college campuses today would burn books. they don't want you to read
11:55 am
them. stuart: i found that really surprising. i always thought of alan dershowitz as a liberal -- in he is. stuart: and i thought he would be on the -- >> no, he recognizes university campuses should be the very site of heated debate, the sharing. just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you shut them down and not allow them to express themselves. and i find it interesting, the comparison with nazi germany very extreme. but let's be honest, it's kind of similar in the way it's being carried out. stuart: i think the man was right. and he pointed out to me that he is a liberal, but he's joined with conservative people who want to restore the university to what it it should be. >> exactly, he used the word repressives, which i think is perfect. you're repressing someone else's point of view because you don't like it. stuart: it's the extreme left that wants to shut you down. >> right. stuart: i'm really concerned that this is the, a feature of
11:56 am
the modern american university. >> well, school administrators need to get a backbone and cut this out. stuart: on this program this week and last week almost every single day we've brought a fresh example of what we call campus lunacy whether it's chalk marks or a free speech wall that's been taken down, greek week tough that's been canceled, one example after another. >> yep. all it takes is to write trump 2016 right there, and that is able to trigger a firestorm, a controversy where people need counseling and safe spaces in order to, you know, digest what they're looking at. stuart: again, i agree with the good professor when he said it is up to college authorities, put your foot down, be proactive. >> yes, get a backbone. stuart: we welcome free speech here. all right, moving quickly along, canada's prime minister, justin trudeau, announced a national bill to allow doctor-assisted suicide.
11:57 am
ben carson is with us. dr. carson, real fast now, want to look at this in different ways. first of all, you're a religious person, a man of the spirit. what do you make of this move in canada spiritually and morally? >> well, you know, if suicide is wrong, then assisting suicide is wrong too. so, you know, to me that's a no-brainer. are there other ways to be compassionate when people have terminal illnesses? absolutely, there are. without killing them. you can keep them comfortable. there are natural processes that will come along that will take care of them. you keep them comfortable until that happens. but to actually kill someone when you're a medical professional and you have taken an oath to preserve life seems a bit of a stretch to me. stuart: as a doctor, are there not ways to ease -- i don't know how to put this, but to ease
11:58 am
someone out when they are clearly at the very late stages of their life and probably -- >> absolutely. stuart: -- in great pain? how do we do it? >> you know, it really depends on what the circumstances is. let's just go to neurosurgery, for instance. you know, one of the very deadly diseases,ingly owe blahs toma, a high grade malignant brain tumor. and it's not a pleasant way to die by any stretch of the imagination. but what people will frequently do is put individuals on high doses of steroids which will delay and smooth the course. and then when things begin to deteriorate, withdraw the steroid, and then they die very quickly. and mercifully. you know, so it depends on what the disease process is. but there are multiple ways of doing it without actually killing someone. stuart: you're no longer part of
11:59 am
the republican race for the presidency but, doctor, i've known you for many years, and i like you in the role of cultural and moral commentator. will you come back on the show and occupy that role on "varney & company" in the future? because we'd love to have you, sir. >> well, you know, i always enjoy being on your show, and you always use a lot of common sense, and that's something that i identify with. stuart: a compliment from dr. ben carson -- >> how about that? stuart: i'll take it. thank you, doctor, you're a good man. [laughter] >> take care. have a good weekend. stuart: i've just got time to check -- [audio difficulty] we are virtually dead flat, that's all we've got. do you have a final thought? >> well, it's friday, you just got a massive compliment from ben carson. stuart: i did. >> life is good, stuart. how about that for a final thought? stuart: i'm going to turn it over to neil cavuto, and, neil, i hope you don't get into any of
12:00 pm
those big fights like you got into yesterday. i did find it entertaining, but what have you got today? neil: sometimes we can just talk past one another, but it is what it is. we will always make the effort. thank you, my friend. very, very riveting with ben carson, by the way. speaking of going to that next level, bernie sanders -- of all folks -- at the vatican at this hour. now, we don't know whether he will ever get a chance to meet the pope. we do know that he wanted to be there at the vatican where they're discussing the needs of the common man, something that the democratic candidate was so interested in doing in a meeting and in discussing that he interrupted his surging campaign in new york where he has pulled within ten points of hillary clinton. nevertheless, bernie in rome just a few minutes ago. >> when i received this invitation, i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail


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