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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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to end on. crystal wright with me there. a quick reader here about japan. we'll keep you updated on what is happeningin response to the earthquake. charles: we end the week on a whimper on wall street but it's up for the week. we are just four days away from the new york primary. donald trump hold a commanding lead. but will he get all 5 delegates. as the fear of a brussels attack moves through europe. germany is debating whether to ban sexy ad.
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>> the republican system is rigged. it's a rigged system. you look at colorado where they are having a big march later or something is happening. but the people are angry. i would have done great in colorado. they said we didn't change the system, he knew the rules. when i joined the campaign in june, they had a system. after they saw i was going to win colorado, they changed the system. and they went to a deal where the bosses picked the delegates and the people never growth got to vote. charles: that was donald trump continuing his attack on the fine print, if you will of the gop process. he also published an editorial that asks how has the system been working out for you and your family. in the meantime the rnc responding to donald trump's criticisms by releasing a memo
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arguing every rule in he primary was provided to all the campaigns way back in october. this as we are monitoring the approach from colorado protesters going on right now. it's not just pro trump. it's a lot of people who feel like the system was rigged and they were jipped. we are getting a lot of angry people and a civics lesson. adriana, i know you are a donald trump supporter. what do you make of the rnc saying everyone knew the rule and this is just our grapes? >> i have some say there is truth to that. it is the responsibility of he candidate to know what the rules are when the elect begins. i have sympathy for donald trump because everybody knows the establishment is behind establishment-type candidate. there is a big never trump movement and he has the card stacked against him which is very unfair.
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we are seeing that play out during this election. charles: even after the delegate situation, i guess we can call it an inadvertent tweet with the colorado gop hashtag never trump. as far as the process do you think donald trump had enough time to understand it? >> he definitely had enough time to understand it. what he didn't think he needed was the money to get the ground game and the organization that he needed. he felt funding his own campaign. i think he was caught flat footed. what we are seeing him do is regroup. he hired rick wylie to kind of get a grasp about these rules, and to get a better understanding of them so he can move forward in a more organized fashion. charles: i remember trying to understand the colorado thing a
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couple month ago. i lost track, i couldn't figure it all out. there is something to be said for the entire process. delegates who made up their mind, and states that haven't voted. you can argue if someone wins 33% of a state and gets 100% of the delegates, that that's unfair. do you think whoever wins this thing, the voters will get more in the future? >> it will take a lot to overturn the process. but donald trump attacking the process and the institution responsible for the delegates threatens to overturn everything and call the process into question in the future and change the way thing operate. charles: i think a lot of people want to see that meltdown, daniel? >> a lot of people do. it's not without warrant or
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without -- people don't want it. obviously a lot of people do. when al gore lost, he got more votes than george w. bush but lost the election 2000. he said this is the system, we play by the ruled. what donald trump is saying web's not going to do that. he would rather blow up the entire system than do that. we have never seen that before. >> he can't blow up the whole system. this is more -- he's going by the rules. there is no way he can do that unless he wins the presidency and take on the rnc. i think what we have here is the general public was unaware of the minutia of the process. when we start look at the rules and start figuring them out,
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it's like, whoa, this system is a little rigged for the public and people don't like it. charles: in the midst of it all it's like changing a tire on a car that's moving. but it is galvanizing donald trump supporters and it might play to independent and other people who have not picked a candidate yet. do you think it will work for him from an election process. >> while the system is legitimate and it's not changing anytime soon -- charles: you mean you like the system. >> fair or unfair, the rules are out there. what's not clear to people is every state, all of them can make changes up to the last moment. and that gives an air of a lack of transparency. this is what tripped hillary clinton up in 2008.
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she didn't follow the congressional district. donald trump has to consider himself in a hostile takeover state by state. the question is not whether he understood the rules. did he set up in time with manafort and others to stop the takeover. charles: hostile takeover or not, we saw ted cruz's numbers come down in new york. i'm not sure if there is a correlation to this. some people believe because he waltz beedbecause he was the bey of colorado, it could be a tossup. >> i think donald trump, this is the right strategy for him. this up against them -- this us against them mentality plays into how he's running his campaign. he's raging against the machine. and we see the same thing with bernie sanders. he thinks the system is rigged as well.
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he's fighting against an unfair system. bernie is in a similar circumstance. he can win a state and hillary clinton walks away with more superdelegates. it's different how we have two different elections, two things happening. but moving forward, no american can be happy with a system like we had in colorado where millions of voters -- their voice doesn't count. they were blocked out of voting. this seems very undemocratic and we have seen the video of the republican voter burning his election pass. charles: what we see is the cordon * supporters are all over this and you wonder how far it will go beyond that. daniel. we talked about donald trump blowing up the system. but i believe the gop is willing to let anything happen to hold
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on to power, even if they lose a big chink of voters. they will not yield the power they have. i don't see them giving this thing up. >> this kerfuffle exemplifies what this election is about. it's about attacking the system and for the republicans it's's about maintaining a system that worked for them in the past and they hope will work for them the future. it will come to a head at some point, one side has to win out and it could change the course of american history. charles: neil cavuto will keep you updated on the primary in new york on tuesday.
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i want to show you a sneak preview of managing partner on capital, who thinks is the best president for wall street. >> house the best president for wall street. >> i think it's hillary. i think. >> it am not that crazy. many people told us they think they know what they are getting there. >> i think she is the most sane actor of them all. reporter: this is going to be a great show. watch it it's on in a couple hours from now on fox business. why are any lynnials eating this stuff up? who pays for the ipads? we'll be right back.
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>> the reason why in virtually every contest we are winning by very strong margins younger people. the older you get, 45 or younger is i think people are sensing that establishment politics and dependence on wall street and big money interests is really never going to address the crises that we face. charles: that was bernie sanders at last night's debate continuing his attack on capitalism and to his point, millennials eating it up. rejoining me now, daniel halpert along with gina louden.
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verizon joined the strikers here. i have friends who work at verizon. they all make over $100,000 a year and have incredible packages yet they are being portrayed as victims. somewhat we are seeing here is the same thing donald trump is talking about. more and more jobs are being outsourced overseas. this companies are make billions in profit, they are not investing in america. they are investing in china and sri lanka. it's not about being against capitalism. if you free trade should also be fair trade. when you have china's minimum wage at 75 cents and ours at
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$75, that's not fair trade. charles: am not a business decision to build a car here and put it on a ship and send it over there. some of the things we think are shipping jobs are opportunities out of this country. if you are working outside in new york city at verizon making $120,000 a year with a high school diploma, i think you are overreaching. >> millennials fail to understand raising the minimum wage kills jobs. >> that's not true. not even remotely. >> can i finish? this is the other thing that happens. nobody wants to talk about what union bosses make and what unions have done to corporations in america and how much union
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boss may be at fault for our jobs being shipped overseas. if we are going to have the conversation, we should have the whole conversation. nobody les our jobs going away, so let's have the whole conversation. charles: there are echoes and intertwining messages for donald trump and bernie sanders. but that's not you a the country was built. do you think we are going to go that way? >> i don't think so. there is a reason bernie is take on verizon. obviously bernie sanders is trying to highlight that and implicitly suggest there was something untoward about her making a lot of money in a short amount of time from a company that has business in front of the federal government.
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donald trump has a similar argument an claims to not be bought and paid for by the special interests. a lot of people feel there is something untoward going on with our policies. charles: we note american public is hurting. but the reasons why and the solutions could be even more dangerous than what got us near the first place. i want to first of all talk about de paul university. the chalk thing. they are the latest university to ban it because donald trump's name was found throughout the campus. tweet me your thoughts. i want to show you the breaking news. you are looking at footage from the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake in japan. buildings damaged. highways crumbling. a bullet train derailed. there have been some deaths.
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we'll keep you updated on fox business.
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>> it's shocking how some people call themselves liberals, but i call them repressies, they are trying prevent others from expressing their views on campus. the best students are those who don't feel offended. if they feel offended they redouble their answers and become smarter and smarter. charles: that was allen -- winds reacting to the wave of chalk on university campuses. de paul banned it. the president wrote while these appeared on campus at a time of significant racial tension in our country and on college campuses.
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de paul is no exception. allen - derschowitz. >> i disagree with the tone from baby boomers and those who continue to condemn millennials saying they want an open and inclusive society. we are the most diverse society in american history and we are the next great generation. what we are saying is more inclusion. that's part of the problem. >> they didn't do that either.
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>> i do agree with you that i'm no fan of boomers in that respect. but colleges are being ridiculous. i'm not a donald trump supporter. but when chalk is an aggression. you don't go to college to have your ideas reinforced, you go to learn. there is a toxic climate on universities where people think they are at college to be the educators. charles: someone said goldman action changed their policies for millennials. >> millennial shaming. it's wrong. >> i want to bring you in. there is something wrong about this when richard says this is
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the most diversified age group in the history of america, that's true, but are they ever going to be able to have honest conversations with each other? >> that is a good, fair point. if you find donald trump's name drawn out in chalk, what do you think about isis beheading coptic christians and china repressing human rights on a daily basis. do you even know in saudi arabia women can't drive? there are so many things to focus attention on, and millennials are so shelters and frightened that they melt at the word trump in chalk, they have a rude awakening when they graduate college. >> to be honest, we are the bravest generation.
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not only did we fight the war in afghanistan, but we have a generation who said yes to gay marriage and marriage equality. >> i tip my hat to those millenials. there is a large swath of them. i do hope you guys carry that mantel. we'll come back. in the meantime we are awaiting a donald trump rally in hartford, connecticut. we are going to take a look at that next.
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charles: we are less than an hour away from a donald trump rally that will go down in hartford, connecticut. i can feel the vibe from here. reporter: there are a lot of people here and more continue to come in. connecticut, one of five states to go to the polls a week after new yorkers do. and the big state of pennsylvania. donald trump lead in all of those states. long before he gets there he hopes to have a big head of steam on. the latest polls show him running 32, 33 point ahead of ted cruz. it was at that new york republican dinner last night,
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donald trump basically had the crowd eating out of his hand. when ted cruz came up, to show how unpopular he is in new york state. 4/5 of the people were not paying attention. they were eating their dinner and talking among themselves. the cruz campaign wasn't happy about that. where he could fare bert is in pennsylvania going after those 54 bad delegates. why is he so popular? it's because of history. los night at that dinner he reiterated we had done in the city but people appreciated him showing up. i think he can safely say tuesday will be a good night for donald trump.
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he hopes that starts a big ball rolling between now and june 7 to bring him to a majority of delegates before the convention and john kasich and ted cruz will do everything they can to stop it. some analysts say even if he gets more than 50% of the states, he may have trouble getting all of the delegates. can donald trump bring home all of the delegates, all 95? gina, the rules here are pretty complicated to a degree. we have been hearing all he need is 50% plus one. but that's not the case. >> i think we are at a point where it is about momentum.
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but according to polling that momentum wasn't happening in voters' living room. i think donald trump there will have such a landslide, cruz will be at risk of becoming a spoiler if this route becomes statistically impossible as we advance beyond new york, it would be a problem for him. that's the win trump is looking for. charles: the key is, if donald trump does get this 50% but doesn't get 95, some people will look at that as a small letdown. something that mr. hamper him to a degree. >> i think he's going to do really terrific in new york. not only has he built so many
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fantastic companies there, he's gotten their giuliani hasn't given an official endorsement. and he's gotten the new york post's endorsement and most people love donald trump in new york and he's dominating in the polls by double digits. i expect he will walk away with 85% of those delegates it's a complicated system. you have to get over 50% in each of the districts. the momentum is in his favor. he's beating cruz and kasich. charles: steve, we know he's popular in the tri-state area. but he has to do extraordinarily well in each of the districts. >> thank you, colorado, you ignited a firestorm across this
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country that will begin in new york and take those delegates and sweep across the country. we can talk about delegates all we want, but as the prior guest just said, a firestorm started and the american people are speaking out. charles: you would say that's cute, but you can't win the nomination without 1,237. donald trump will probably get all 95. if he doesn't, that's a failure of donald trump's. he's still going to need to get 53% of all of the outstanding delegates. the math isn't there. charles: he's dominating in maryland. >> he will get close. >> the establishment wants to suffer tremendous losses in september. >> you mean when donald trump had the ability to go out, he
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knew the rules in august. he could have put a ground game down. charles: we are going to come back and talk about it. i would love to go on. we have some other things to talk about. this is amazing. german lawmakers are calling on a ban on sexy ads like lingerie ads because they want to stop migrant sex attacks.
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from icy ocean waters... to your kitchen counter. on. pure. pristine. each one its own delicious arctic prize. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free . charles: germany thinks they have a solution for migrant sex attacks. ban sexy ads. we'll debate it next.
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charles: british police arrested five suspects in a counter-terrorism sweep that
6:40 pm
authorities said was connected to the brussels and paris attacks. meanwhile germany's justice minister is using the migrant crisis as a pretext to stop sexy ads in the hopes it might stop sex attacks. this is just nuts. how far has the westphalen? >> well, look, on the story about the limiting sexy ads here. i think there is a misconception that this old as time we hear it all the time over and over again. that victims of sexual violence somehow are capable of inciting attacks because they are sexy or provocative. the parole problem is the minister proposed a ban on sexy ads in direct response to the cologne attacks. i don't think he had bad
6:41 pm
intentions it's part of a bigger issue where germany is trying to tamp down on what they call sexism in the media. charles: first they tried to cover it up. these are women new year's wearing sexy outfits and the migrants thought they deserved what they got. >> it sends the wrong message. i'm pretty pro-migrants, but on the condition they come and embrace our culture and become westernized. charles: you were out in europe and met a lot of migrants. did you sense any of this? did you ever feel violated at any point? >> you see both sides of it. the vast 345 majority wanted to embreaks western culture. some lot of them were concerned
6:42 pm
about their daughter's futures. charles: the daughters they left behind. >> the daughters they brought with them. you did see some who wouldn't touch a woman's hands. charles: from a law enforcement perspective. i think this makes the law enforcement job even harder. you are given a green light. >> this is why we need term limits for politicians worldwide. something happens up here. the priorities should be on protecting the people from terrorism it makes it difficult for law enforcement because their priorities have to change. >> i have to ask real quick. the five arrests in britain. we are starting to see arrests fan out all over. any hopes the european countries will learn how to work with each other to prevent this rather than working from behind? >> these recent arrests were done by a consortium of belgium,
6:43 pm
french and the u.k.'s mi-5 which indicates they are cording with one another. there is a troubling pattern where they share intelligence in the aftermath of terror attacks when they need to be doing it 365 days a year around the clock. maybe this will set a precedence tore moving forward. charles: we have a new fox news poll that says the economy is in bad shape. people are generally bummed about the direction of this country and we lost our optimism.
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charles: 89.7, a sharp decline from a month ago. look at it broadly longer term it continues to underscore a serious bleakness. this index peaked in february of 2000. it was at 57 when we crashed in 2009. but it's barely up. the market has gone up. then in more recent years public sentiment is people aren't feeling anything in this economy. take a look at the fox poll. if the golden age of america isn't over, it feels like it is or the cloud are on the horizon. joining me now daniel halper and gina louden. there is a survey about how
6:48 pm
populations think about the world. in china they say the world is getting better. in america the up in is 6%. what is going on? i know it's economic, but is it deeper? >> it matters how people feel. when people feel good, they spend money. it's psychological. that's my background. how people feel about an economy can be just as important as what's happening. we do have our enemies controlling our oil almost 100 million people have slowly dropped out of the workforce in america and our jobs are being shipped overseas. people have a lot to be discouraged about. no matter how much the administration wants to tell us everything is hunky dory, americans are feeling something entirely different. >> there is an amount of self-fulfilling prophecy. if people don't make it happen,
6:49 pm
it doesn't happen. but a lot of people are at the point they don't believe it many going to happen again. >> a lot of people will feeling wage stagnation. 20 years ago something like 9 in 10 chinese were in abject poverty and now the number is closer to 1 in 10. that helps a lot in consumer confident in china. we went through that transformation a long, long time ago and that perhaps explained the rift in our differences. you are likely to be wealthier if you live in america. so the economy is rebounding a little bit which is good. a lot of people aren't feeling it and that perhaps explains it politically. but hillary clinton who is running the most conservative campaign, she want to keep the same policies barack obama has had. so i think politically that's
6:50 pm
where it is. >> all great empires fade. they have at least in the past. roman empire, british empire. are we at that point psychologically or is there somehow that we can get a booster shot? >> cue the star spangled banner. i don't believe that. the way people are coming out for these non-traditional candidate, insurgent candidates, how determined we are to fight back against a political system that has put us where we are. it is about people in the establishment like hillary and also republican administration that put us where we are and the american people in our fiber, we are going to fight back. i'm very encouraged by that. charles: we are moment away from
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. charles: we are just moments away from a donald trump rally in hartford, connecticut where thousands are expected. rick leventhal is live there. >> reporter: couple happened protesters, a smaller crowd than new york city and pittsburgh on wednesday. they are boisterous, and hearing a lot of the same chants we heard in a couple of cities. according to protesters saying no to racism and sexism and bigotry and homophobia. the hartford police wanted to be sure this was a peaceful demonstration, and separated the protesters from the trump supporters, you can see folks now streaming inside the convention center. i want to show you how many
6:55 pm
trump supporters there are. the line goes through the parking garage. it starts here in the driveway and stretches down to the right. loops around and goes out inside, they're expecting 8800 people inside the convention center. the event was supposed to start ten minutes from now. no way the crowd is going to be there by then. they'll probably have to delay it a little bit. we spoke with the hartford deputy police chief about preparations for the event. here's what he had to say. >> as you can see there's trump supporters with the agitators as well. so they're getting their mix of that now as there is. we would address any situation as it arises. we have had unrest, they are here to de-escalate. we're not here to intimidate or arrest people, we're here to de-escalate. we adapt to each situation as it unfolds.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: and the deputy chief told me they learned from the experiences of other cities and that's why they're handling this situation the way they are. they had big events for political events, this is the first one of this political season which obviously is like none we've ever seen before. charles: absolutely, rick leventhal. have a great weekend. although it looks like donald trump has new york in the bag. if he doesn't win 50% of the vote in each of the 27 districts the delegate could be in jeopardy. adrianna, again, we know the process is complicatid and think there's a lot to be said about the swings of momentum and donald trump on the middle east is just virtually unstoppable. >> yes, he certainly is. i think he's going to do fantastic in new york, and that all the northeastern states like connecticut, maryland, rhode island, the list goes on. pennsylvania. and that momentum is going to be unstoppable.
6:57 pm
let's not forget. donald trump has two million more votes than ted cruz. that's enormous. it's not -- shouldn't go overlooked. so i'm disappointed personally as a republican myself that the establishment won't gather, rally around the front-runner. this is the path leading into the convention, they corral around the front-runner. this time they are not. and that's actually going to hurt the party because millions of trump voters and supporters are not going to appreciate any shenanigans at the convention, and if they pull a stunt the establishment types and nullify the will of the people. there's going to be major blowback and people will leave the party, including myself, charles. charles: richard, we're seeing something similar to this start to evolve also on the democratic side. >> hillary clinton when she ran initially, this is going to be a coronation, this is not a coronation for hillary clinton. fighting for every single vote.
6:58 pm
all likelihood she will win tuesday in new york and probably the nominee. she's going to have to wrap her arms around them and unite the party. hillary clinton is going to have an easier time than the republicans are, there is so much divisiveness in the republican food fight or the crumpbattle with ted cruz is trying to fudge the numbers and change the rules and donald trump has the most delegates and the most votes and shutting him out the process. i got to tell you, i think what you'll see at republican convention is fireworks. a lot of them. and at the democratic convention hopefully you'll see our party say look at fireworks over there, we're just better. charles: that might save the day, everyone grease, i think the narrative is if cruz gets it, donald trump supporters will be upset but less egregious than if they were to hand it to kasich or fresh face, cathy.
6:59 pm
>> this is a hard process campaign. when you look at how hard all of the candidates have worked. staffs tremendous credit to. hand it to someone else would not feel not right but people were unheard, so paul ryan has spoken out about this, this week. charles: nobody believes him now. [laughter] >> he's being clear. there's no comeback, no comeback. charles: this is the guy that said no to the speaker job 73 times. kelly, do you think the gop can survive if trump came out of process with a nod? >> i do. the reason is there was an nbc survey monkey done that said 50%, it's not a large number but 50% of trump supporters would back cruz, and i've been in the field interviewing different trump supporters, they're comfortable with people going between the two candidates. so i don't think there will be any massive division within the
7:00 pm
party if cruz gets the nomination. charles: it won't be ugly and boisterous no matter. what have great weekends, we appreciate it. at home, we appreciate it. the numbers have been great. appreciate it. keep the feedback coming to me. in the meantime, leaving it with my man, tom sullivan. >> and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates making final push for votes ahead of the new york primary next tuesday. it's a primary that donald trump he's expected to win by a landslide in part because the voters of new york have not forgiven or forgotten ted cruz's quip about new york values, that was evident who cruz and trump shared the same stage for the annual new york gala. >> what are new york values? because you know, people are disputing. >> i'm not disputing and the new yorkers aren't disputing, and most people than new york


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