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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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keep the feedback coming to me. in the meantime, leaving it with my man, tom sullivan. >> and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates making final push for votes ahead of the new york primary next tuesday. it's a primary that donald trump he's expected to win by a landslide in part because the voters of new york have not forgiven or forgotten ted cruz's quip about new york values, that was evident who cruz and trump shared the same stage for the annual new york gala. >> what are new york values? because you know, people are disputing. >> i'm not disputing and the new yorkers aren't disputing, and most people than new york and watched what we have done.
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>> i will admit to you i haven't built any buildings in new york city, but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. >> i'll take up the battle of new york with the chairman of the state's conservative party michael long. he'll be here, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders have officially stopped playing nice. the democrats taking part in their most contentious debate yet, one that featured plenty of yelling. >> hold it. hold it. that is not accurate. >> i have stood on the debate page with senator sanders eight prior times. >> interesting comment, but you didn't answer the question. >> i did! yes, i did! >> can i ask -- may i please. i think i have the microphone, wolf? >> go ahead, senator. >> yes, i did, no, i didn't. it was full of it. i'll have a full report and discuss the presidential race with the "weekly standard"'s fred barnes, and a little later
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we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. our top story, the republican race for the white house, one that donald trump is still insisting is rigged. >> we have a rigged system. the republican system is rigged. and you look at colorado where they're having a big march later or something is happening but the people are angry, i would have done great in colorado. >> but it's trump expected to win the big numbers in the upcoming primaries, and trump is also apparently so confident about chances in new york, he's looking ahead and campaigning in connecticut tonight coming up a week from now. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is in hartford with our report. >> reporter: with a 32-point lead, four days before the new york primary, donald trump could likely coast to victory, but he is not letting up, with
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a goal to get 50% of the vote in every congressional district and take home every available delegate. >> you're going to remember this day, and you're going to remember your vote on tuesday, and you're going to look back at that vote, and you're going to say that's the single greatest vote i ever cast. >> reporter: trump is vowing if he becomes the party's leader he will change the system of selecting a nominee. in a "wall street journal" op-ed wrighting -- . >> reporter: as trump supporters in colorado protested the way delegates were chosen there, rnc chairman reince priebus said trump should focus on other things. >> up to the states to set the rules and they've done it, so i think we need to move on from complaining about the rules, i think. >> reporter: trump also accused ted cruz of hypocrisy
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writing -- . >> it is not surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row, he's unhappy about it. he's entitled to complain. >> reporter: cruz is taking more steps to ensure trump doesn't win at a second ballot at the convention. in wyoming who picks 14 delegates tomorrow, cruz operatives had the delegates sign a pledge they would stand by cruz through thick and thin. >> this year in particular for a potential for a contested convention, things can change quickly, alliances are made and i want to make sure our folks who support ted cruz from wyoming remain with us the entire time. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich is hoping to put in a respectable finish in new york, polls show him in second place behind trump. today in the town where teddy
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roosevelt was inaugurated in 1981, kasich compared himself to the legendary president. >> teddy roosevelt rode into this town and rode into washington and said you get with me. teddy was like me, i'm like teddy, we raise hell and shake everything up. >> reporter: what trump's complaints about the delegate selection process is about motivating voters. if he can convince them votes are taken away, he may get more out to the polls between now and june 7th. tom? >> thank you, john roberts in connecticut tonight. hillary clinton mingling with the hollywood a-listers, as bernie sanders heads to the vatican. considerably calmer day for both candidates than yesterday's debate. clinton and sanders met for final debate before new york's primary and wow, did they not pull any punches. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has the report. >> reporter: before jetting off to san francisco for the first
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of two fund-raisers with george and amal clooney, hillary clinton stopped in harlem. >> i would be very honored to earn your vote next tuesday. >> reporter: and despite holding a double-digit lead here in new york, clinton is trying to shake off complacency among supporters. >> people are saying we know she's going to win, no, no! we can't know that unless they show up and actually help us win. >> reporter: bernie sanders went further than clinton to get out of new york, traveling thousands of miles to the vatican, claiming the gamble of leaving the trail was worth it. >> it was so moving to me that it was something i could just simply not refuse to attend. >> reporter: both candidates may have simply been happy to get out of dodge after a nasty brooklyn brawl. >> but i don't question her judgment. >> reporter: in what may be their final face-to-face debate. >> i am sure a lot of are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour! . >> you know, wait a minute! wait a minute!
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wait! wait! i have stood on the debate stage -- >> if you're both screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear from either of you. >> reporter: a feisty sanders landed jabs, the clinton camp thinks he came across as angry and struggles with specifics how wall street speeches and campaign contributions impacted clinton's votes. >> we cannot come up with any example, there is no example. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. >> secretary clinton called them out? my goodness. they must have been crushed by this. >> reporter: and clinton has another big dollar fund-raiser friday night in san francisco with the clooneys and another with the couple saturday in los angeles. two seats at the head table cost over $350,000. 13,000 times sanders' average contribution of $27.
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he shook hands with the leftist libyan president morales who called himself the biggest environmental nightmare. >> it is far more severe today. >> reporter: sanders joining calls for a moral economy that have been issued by pope francis, though he did not get a one-on-one with the pope who wants to stay out of u.s. election. bill clinton lashed out at sanders over the debate saying he didn't like some of his sneering comments. tom? >> ed henry. thank you very much. joining me the executive editor for the weekly standard and fox news contributor fred barnes. fred, the democratic thing was a hoot. they went after each other. let's start with the republicans. this business about the process and reince priebus and others in the republican national committee are saying hey, those are the rules follow the rules. trump's point in his op-ed was
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no, we want to reform the rules to make it not a delegate vote so much as it is a popular vote of the people. >> it is in most states. that's what a primary is. when you have caucuses which trump doesn't seem to be complaining about, that is usually members of only one party, or you have primaries where republicans only let republicans vote, they don't let independents vote and don't let a discerning democrat vote. there are all kinds of different ways that delegates can be selected, and in some ways they don't seem to be particularly fair but they've been around for a long time. so trump, it's not that the process is rigged as trump says. if it's so rigged, how did he get so far ahead? he's doing pretty well. and look, primaries have grown, and maybe eventually every state will have a caucus or a primary, but the republican party and the democratic party could decide themselves in every state what kind a process
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they want to have, and donald trump knew head of time that the process was going to be in colorado. >> is this something that -- let's stick with the republicans again. has the republican party lost people? have they lost them to the independent listing? i've seen different articles but i'm not up to speed with the numbers on that. if so, shouldn't they try and somehow be nice? people call my radio show and say my vote doesn't count anymore? >> i think they should. look, both parties lost a lot of voters to independents. and the best way to bring them back is to invite them into the primaries. have more primaries, invite them in, allow them to vote. don't just restrict the primaries to members of your own party already. bring in democrats, and once they're voting in your primaries, there's a much better chance they'll be a part of your party.
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so it makes a lot of sense. what trump is talking about. as far as 2016 is concerned, you can't wait until after an event happens and a convention and then complain. what you have to do is play hard in the process that you're going to have to deal with.. >> is this creating a lot of noise? a lot of attention to keep the attention on him and get all the publicity free media? >> well, he's a master at that. of course, he does. if there's not an issue out there that's pointing to him, he'll create one, and i think that's what he's doing right now about the rigged vote. he's talking about new york values. that's an issue that works for him. the more he talks about it, it obviously doesn't help ted cruz, and when there's a lull, you just have to wait a little bit and trump will come up with another issue. one of the classic examples is
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when he said there was a lull and now all of a sudden he said we shouldn't let any muslims come into the country. it was a huge flap for days and he's still talking about it. >> very good at filling in the gap if there is that lull. fred barnes, good to see you. >> thank you, tom. >> we're coming right back. much more. stay with us. donald trump and the rnc caught in an escalating battle over delegate rules. the rnc defending its process, trump calling it rigged. is this feud hurting trump's campaign or helping it? we take it up with republican strategist here next. and when one skier out of 500 make a mistake. 500 make a mistake. th
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. tom: donald trump holding a rally at the connecticut convention center in hartford, connecticut right now. the big contest is new york of course, next tuesday, we just heard donald trump mention to the crowd in connecticut that he is expecting that he will pick up the 1237 votes before the convention, but the connecticut voters, they're a week later than new york. it's april 26. a whole bunch of eastern states on that day. the latest polls show trump
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with a 24-point lead there. trump talking about, a lot of things tonight in what he called the rigged system, we'll keep an eye on trump's speech for new developments. the one item is he thinks he's going to make it all the way before the convention. joining me a republican strategist who worked on mitt romney's presidential campaign, and a republican strategist who served in the giuliani administration. and let me start with you, susan, this whole business about rigged, and i know the party says no, it's not rigged but, of course, they want to hang onto their rules, they made them. keeps them in power, doesn't it? >> it is, in fact, the party's rules, the rules were set long before donald trump came into the scene and started doing well and before any vote has been cast. he has been masterful in turning this around. last week the stories were how he will fail to get 1237.
11:18 pm
so many problems in his campaign. he's going to lose this state. he lost in wisconsin, now turned it around to a message that people can get united behind, the system is rigged. it's working well for him. tom: it is working well for him. and the analogy i have, this is a business network but it seem like this is a hostile takeover by the members of the republican party against the leaders of the republican party. does it look like that to you? >> well, like my grandmother norma jeanne williams used to say, not every rule is a fair rule, and the people of colorado, specifically the state gop party there did operate within the bounds of the rules set by the rnc. however, to many, the voters specifically that were generally caucus in the election like this presidential election feel as though those rules are unfair, and i can understand why. they didn't have the opportunity to get involved in the process as they normally would and literally the party
11:19 pm
insiders decided who the delegates would be, given ted cruz the 34 delegates that were available. >> that happens in a lot of other states as well which donald trump did well in. tom: susan, we had a clip from steve king at one of the meetings yesterday, the congressman from iowa, he came out and said there is no populist vote, and the people want to feel, they know about the electoral college in november. they gripe about that too, but i think a lot of people are taken by surprise that their vote did not directly impact who the candidate's delegates will be. >> that's certainly fair. remember, donald trump, when he had to explain his bankruptcies away. when people lost millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs, he said i play by the rules like lots of other people do. those are the rules. i play by them. donald trump, these are the rules and you have to play by them. again, that being said, he has shown tremendous political talent and agility in turning
11:20 pm
this story around. tom: so will this be much ado about nothing if he does, of course, get the 1237 before the election or the convention, but it seems like it's going to come down to that june 7 primary in california. >> if i may say, colorado was the only state to not have a primary or caucus on the republican side. so this is not some situation that has occurred in every other state. this is a very special and unique set of circumstances. i think it will come down to perhaps california. i think he's going to do very well in new york. but i think at the end of the day it definitely plays in the public perception that the system is rigged. to credit ted cruz -- to ted cruz's credit, he did send folks out. he got the information august 15th, put people down there. donald trump didn't have anyone down there, didn't have a campaign organization, he realized as a businessman, per
11:21 pm
my opinion he started that. tom: everybody giving ted cruz kudos he has probably the best ground game. we hear about it, this is a result of the people like you, the pundits or the strategists that are saying ground games are important, it really does show up. >> they are important but we also must mention that ted cruz, if you want my opinion, he stole a lot of delegates from dr. ben carson by putting out information -- we got to keep that in mind. tom: that, too. thank you. >> thank you. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- meantime participants, check this out in a downhill ski race got a little tripped up. 500 competitors trying to reach
11:22 pm
the bottom of the hill as fast as possible but three skiers collided. it did not end there. the crash had a domino effect. that brought down nearly everyone trailing behind. luckily there were no major injuries in the pileup. you can say dominos on the slopes? up next, our military is being stretched to the breaking point. president obama's budget cuts forcing the marine corps to go to shocking extremes. >> so basically you had to cannibalize this plane, to get other squadrons airborne? >> yes, ma'am. >> will this plane fly again? >> we plan to have it flying before the summer. >> by the summer? >> if not before. tom: we'll have an exclusive report, you don't want to miss
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. tom: the military budget cuts taking a toll on our troops. united states marines unable to get aircraft off the ground because they don't have the
11:27 pm
right parts to repair the aging fleet. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin traveled to two marine corps stations to give us a firsthand look at the cuts that are putting our nation at risk. >> this is the -- when the landing gear door came off, this is the hole it made in the intake on the way down to the engine. >> reporter: he is a maintenance manager for squadron of hornets deploying overseas. this particular jet bombed moammar gadhafi's compound in libya in 1986. it's still flying. they tried to cannibalize the hinge from a museum jet on display on the u.s.s. york town. >> very, very old to be flying for an aircraft. these are designed to fly for 6,000 hours. >> reporter: the marines are extending them to fly 8,000. budget cuts that reduced the force to 30,000 fewer marines and wars that were supposed to
11:28 pm
end but didn't are making it harder to patch the old planes together. >> imagine taking a 1995 cadillac and trying to make a ferrari, make it faster, more efficient but still an old air frame so the aircraft is constantly breaking. >> we don't have enough to do the added work. >> reporter: sometimes it takes 18 months to get parts for the early model f-18 jets. this f-18 has to deploy again in july. >> where are the wings to this plane? >> good question. they're on other jets. >> reporter: colonel harry thomas deployed to the pacific with ten jets last year, only seven made it. a fuel leak caused his f-18 to catch fire in guam. instead of ejecting he landed safely, saving taxpayers $29 million. back home in south carolina, skin cracks forced this f-18 into a hangar. >> we don't know where the engines are. in another airplane somewhere. >> reporter: you had to
11:29 pm
cannibalize this plane to get other squadrons airborne. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: will this plane fly again? >> plan to by the summer. >> reporter: he has deployed six times to iraq and afghanistan. right now only two of 14 planes can fly. marines deploy in three months. >> we're an operational squadron, we're supposed to be flying jets not building them. >> reporter: pilots are not getting the flying time they need. training time is down 50%. you are supposed to have 1500 hours, right? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think is causing it? >> everything goes back to funding. >> reporter: u.s. military funding has declined to $560 billion last year. automatic spending cuts began in 2011. delays in the state-of-the-art joint strike fighter which is slated to replace the f-18 but plagued by cost overruns
11:30 pm
leading to a perfect storm. nearly highly trained mechanics left for jobs in the private sector. >> coming on the backs of our young marines, they're the ones working 20-21 hours a day getting them ready to go on deployment. and the likelihood of a ground mishap or making a mistake and the pressure to perform is where i see the bigger safety risk. >> reporter: can you see the stress in the force on the faces of the pilots but especially in the faces of the maintainers. >> we have to get the aircraft in the air for the troops in combat. >> reporter: in new river, north carolina, colonel sean oversees the three ch super stallions, the workhorse of iraq and afghanistan. >> we didn't have a period afterwards, there was no time to catch our breath. >> reporter: of the 147 helicopters only 42 can fly right now.
11:31 pm
27% of these super stallions are mission capable. >> you can really see how much stuff is in there and how easy it would be to miss a small minute detail that could eventually potentially cause a fire. >> reporter: lieutenant general dog davis ordered the marine corps to refurbish all of the helicopters with jury-rigged fuel lines repaired in theater to keep the birds flying. davis oversees marine corps aviation and loses sleep over it. >> the biggest thing is after 15 years of hard fighting and deploying around the world, we don't have enough airplanes in the fly line to make sure the marines are ready to go and go out the door. >> reporter: are you losing guys from exhaustion? >> absolutely. there's only so much can you look a young marine in the eye and say i want you to do one more for america and apple pie,
11:32 pm
and at some point that gets old. >> reporter: brown's squadron deploys to the middle east in the coming days. at marine corps air station beaufort, south carolina, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> the chief of navy operations says they are working on increasing the budget on maintenance. hope so. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. new york set to be a landslide win for donald trump, but he's not letting up on ted cruz or his new york values comment. >> those are new york values. every small act of kindness. tom: we take up the race here next with the chairman of the conservative party of new york, michael long. and big waves mean bigger false. wipeout of the year nominees are in, and we have the video for you, when "l
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. tom: donald trump dominating his rivals in new york. a new "wall street journal"-nbc poll shows trump with a 29-point lead in new york. 54%, to john kasich with 25%, and ted cruz is a distant third with 16%. trump also winning over a key voting bloc in the new "fox news poll." this is among very conservative voters now, as the support for trump, you can see it 50%. up 15 points since march.
11:37 pm
cruz support tumbling down 14 from 48 down to 34. joining me michael long, chairman of the conservative party of new york state. michael, just before we started, you said i've never seen anything like this, never seen anything like this. how long you been doing this? >> as chairman of the party since 1988. a long time. term limits is not one of my key issues. tom: tell the audience about the new york conservative party. it's a party, it's not just conservative republicans. >> we are a bona fide we're the third largest party in the state of new york. we were formed back in 1962, we're 53 years old, and we have elected our united states senator, we provided the margin of victory for ronald reagan in 80 and 84, ran bill buckley for mayor in 60 and 65. tom: your beginnings was john lindsay and you're going but
11:38 pm
he's a rhino, the mayor of new york, and that was when the anti-rhino thing started with you guys. >> the beginning was rockefeller, lindsey and javits, and we were the conservative party became the alternative to the liberal domination by the liberal party at the time. tom: rockefeller republicans. >> rockefeller republicans and the democratic party was pulled in by the liberals. tom: all right. react to this "fox news poll" that says very conservative, trump is going up, cruz is going down, i thought ted cruz was, if any, his support from the very conservative side. >> it's clearly, ted cruz is the most conservative candidate running of the three right now. he clearly is a constitutional conservative. we're playing in donald trump's backyard. i'm not taking anything away from donald. he's got plenty of publicity. he owns new york, drive through manhattan and all you see are trump signs, not political
11:39 pm
posters but on buildings he owns or has built. so trump is, look, like ted cruz in texas and beat donald trump, certainly donald trump has to win new york. this is his hometown. tom: here we are, in the middle of april, do you have any idea how this is going to turn out? >> no, i don't. i wish i could tell you for the last 12 months, i've been wrong in every event. tom: and you everybody else. [laughter] >> and i've never been that wrong in my entire career. i've been in politics -- >> are they tearing up the rule book. and this whole beef about the rules and we made the rules and the rules you knew about, sounds like people are angry about everything government and they want to tear up the rules. >> i understand the frustration of the people, i understand how donald has tapped into that frustration and people have responded, as bernie sanders is tapping in on the democratic side. tom: yes. >> but the people who want to
11:40 pm
burn the house down, got to be careful. if you burn the house down, sometimes there's no house left. we'll have to be really careful here. look, conservative party has been the outside group here in the state of new york for all these years, so i can understand that, i respect it. the leaders of the tea party movement. so donald just came along to tap into the right -- tom: are you worried about a divorce, republicans splitting? >> no, i'm not worried about a divorce. we've run our own candidates over the years, we don't always endorse the republican party candidate. we try to -- tom: you got your own. >> we try to force an alliance. tom: michael long, great to talk to you. >> great to be with you. tom: thanks for your experience, appreciate it. the world surf league wipeout of the year. el nino -- kind of like the republican party here. el nino credited for the swells
11:41 pm
that took the surfers wipeout of the year isn't an award any of the guys set out to win but the $3,000 grand prize will cushion will blow. the winner will be crowned april 23rd. ouch. up next, trump campaign manager corey lewandowski speaking out saying he was blindsided by reporter michelle fields's allegations of battery. >> here's the crazy part my sum conversation has been on videotape. i never met her before to the best of my recollection, you've seen the videotape and now unfortunately millions of people have seen the videotape. tom: we take that up with the favorite video hosts mike and favoryou both have a perfectd driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
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. tom: corey lewandowski today speaking out after a florida prosecutor dropped charges against the trump campaign manager. lewandowski claiming he tried to call the reporter michelle fields shortly after the march incident, but she never returned his call. >> pick up the phone, turned all my phone records over to the district attorney office to show i called her that evening. i never heard back. the campaign never heard back. she didn't want to become the story here, have a private conversation and say this is
11:46 pm
what i think occurred. tom: new information there. meantime, joining me is from san diego, kfmb radio show mike slater and don giordano who can be heard on 1210 wpht. this story from hartford a few minutes ago donald trump saying he does see he has a way to 1237 prior to the convention. let's listen. >> you can have millions of people that aren't going to vote and hopefully that's all. okay? hopefully that's all. but they're very, very angry and disenfranchised and then we have a rigged system on top of it, but despite the rigging i think we get there before the convention, i think we do. tom: well, i think we get there. dom, start with you, there's no shortage of self-confidence from donald trump, but you look at all the number people crunchers and they're going i don't know if he's going to make it.
11:47 pm
what do you think? >> no, i don't think so, tom, and i think it's fine to hold that out because trump has been very skillful. i think he had a team that was substandard in colorado and that's why he lost the votes. but by saying this is rigged and sticking with that and talking about we'll still get there, he's getting his base fired up again to believe they're going to overcome this rigged system and that's exactly the way to keep momentum going. tom: yeah, he's very good at making sure he gets the attention and the subject as being the topic of the day. mike you had ted cruz on your radio show, is that right? >> yeah. tom: he was blaming the drudge report for being a trump attack dog of some kind, right? >> i think they have been. let me answer your first question. california is the last state to vote, but this is what's interesting about the cruz camp. we vote on june 7th, but 70% of the mail-in ballots in
11:48 pm
california or 70% of the ballots are mailin and those go out may 10th. the cruz campaign was here ready to roll. they are ready to peak in may and trump just named his california campaign manager. he's already behind the 8 ball in california, and i think it will come down to california. we have 172 delegates. way more than any other state. >> i know. >> trump is behind here. >> i grant you, ted cruz has been given credit for having a much, much better ground game, but california is a lot bigger than iowa, andom, you know california, there's 13 or something different television markets, the republicans are central valley, the coast which is democrat. so both the ground game, that's a big state to have a ground game that will be effective. let's put it that way. >> given that number of write-in ballots, in pennsylvania we have 54 uncommitted delegates, they don't want to tell you who they're going to go for on the
11:49 pm
ballot. we have no way of knowing. i started a campaign to identify the people and the cruz camp to the point we've just been making, they're all over this. people tell me they haven't heard or starting to hear from the trump campaign. this is evidence that donald trump is winning the air war but on the ground war, cruz is all over it. tom: yeah, and hired these guys, we get the stories about them, but he seems to be late on this whole business, but let's get to the national poll, we had "fox news poll" out yesterday about this time, and what was catching my eye was that donald trump is ahead, but look at split between
11:50 pm
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. tom: amc theaters changed their decision on texting in their theaters. earlier this week the chain ceo announced the chain was considering allowing patrons to text during some screenings as a way to attract millennial customers. his comments did not go over well. a backlash on social media and
11:56 pm
amc announced forget it. texting will continue to be band i love ceos who stick with their guns. >> it's obvious he heard me and andy. we were protesting. we had signs outside of our local amc theater. our voices carried. tom around don't like the texting thing? >> no, kids should be necking in the theaters. put the phones away. >> i feel like i'm in "grease" right now. i don't go to theaters very often. i don't get out enough.
11:57 pm
>> they can say what they want about texting being banned in theaters. it's the worst ban ever. everyone is texting in theaters. it's not just millennials. i see groanups, generation x baby boomers texting with the brightness turned way up. tom: you go to a restaurant and people taking photos of their food. i love my iphone. but steve jobs created a monster. did you see the tonight show with jimmy fallon and his impersonation of donald trump and ted cruz? you have guys do an i are ref rantddo an irreverent news. is it important for presidential candidates to do these kinds of shows? >> that ted cruz i am pers nateor was amazing.
11:58 pm
tom: he was much better than the donald trump impersonator. >> cruz did a decent job. he played it off pretty well. president obama is the best at doing stuff like that. cruz' comedic timing isn't that bad. there is just something about him that isn't funny. i thought he did a decent job. tom: the gop gala dinner in new york, donald trump gets up, he has his black tie, everybody is listening to him, a couple thousand people in the ballroom. john kasich gets up and everybody is listening to him. then ted cruz gets up. there is no respect for this man in new york.
11:59 pm
as soon as he starts speaking people get up and start visiting and talking to each other. it was rude, it was awkward. >> i had the pleasure of going to a few galas in new york. it's all about the see and be seen. trump is a part of that and everyone gets that. ted cruz is there. >> it wasn't a protest against him. >> those are new york values. if cruz had talked and said nasty things about mississippi values and gone to a dinner in mississippi, the same thing would have happened. tom: thank you very much. in our online poll, 95% of you say the way delegates are selected should change after this election. we'll see. that's what donald trump
12:00 am
basically said in his op-ed. he wants to make sure and change the for the future. that's it for us tonight. dr. ben carson will be amongt c. in the meantime, good night from new york. >> announcer: this show has never been solely bin investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from box business head quarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." gargary: welcome to "wall street week." i'm gary kaminsky along with maria bartiromo. maria:


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