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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 18, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is monday april 18th. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. final push for votes in new york. donald trump holding strong lead in the polls heading to primary tomorrow. trump fought back against the system. >> you're allowed essentially to pay off these people. you're allow today pay off these delegates and, again, we want to be smart, we want to be fair and it shouldn't be allowed, so they go out and they're wining and dining, you have no idea what's going on with those delegates. it's a crocked process. maria: on the democratic side both hillary clinton and bernie sanders holding events in new york city, two hitting all five in the weekend, hillary took on trump while on campaign trail. >> if i am the democratic nominee, what i'm concerned is how he goes after everybody else. maria: latest coming up on the
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count down in new york straight ahead. deadline for your tacks. tax day deals that will help you pay off in paying uncle sam. no deal after key producers did not reach an agreement on freezing oil production. powerful earthquakes strike ecuador and japan overnight. state of emergency declared in ecuador after hundreds are killed and then in japan sony, toyota and honda suspending production citing damage to their plant. drone hitting a plane, we will have the details coming up. moorkts this morning watching the oil selloff this morning is being felt around the world in asia overnight declines across the board. japan facing the fallout of last week's earthquake. in europe stocks are aging lower in early trading right now. take a look. we are talking about fractional gain -- fractional losses,
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rather across the board. futures are indicating a broader opening for the averages. we are now off of the worst levels of the morning but expecting a decline in 35 points in dow jones industrial average. morgan stanley out this morning and ibm later. with me dagen mcdowell and mike murphy and anthony scaramucci. good to see, everybody. dagen, great show on friday. dagen: thank you, it's an honor to sit in that seat. maria: great morning. donald trump's son and executive vice president with the trump organization, donald trump, jr. joining us this morning. new york republican chairman ed cox judicial analyst and ed davis along with the ceo of popeyes. the battle for new york. the latest cbs poll shows donald
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trump has commanding lead. leading senator ted cruz by over 30%. the candidates ying the hall of 95 delegates available in the empire state. trump, of course, still holding on to the big lead in the delegate count but cruz added to total this weekend taking all available delegates in wyoming this weekend. despite the loss donald trump spoke about his chances to take nomination at a rally yesterday in new york. >> i think we are going to make it without having to, you know, rely on the bosses. i've spent less money just about practly than anybody and i'm in number one position by a lot, don't you want that for your president? don't you want that? maria: senior congressional david. david, good to see you. david: good morning, maria. maria: calling it all rigged and crocked in the face of these are
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the very people who he's trying to partner with, the gop establishment or leadership? david: right, everybody gets on board for establishing these days. he's organizing foot soldiers that he's going to need in the fall. that's why i think it's possibly could work on the short-term but such a risky strategy on his part. despite what mr. trump is saying, he's doing the very same thing of what he's doing in nevada. he's paying travel costs so he can elect delegates that are loyal to him. this system is not design today channel the popular democratic will of voters. it is designed to produce a
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conservative-republican nominee to represent the republican party, and in so while i think that the strategy to sort of work t it, makes some sense and understandable, gets away from what this whole system is designed to do and that's why the rules are set up the way they are. maria: it's interesting to see him the way he's talking to the very people that he's going the need. having said all that, are you expecting a sweep tomorrow? >> well, yeah, of course. donald trump is going to crush it in new york. he's going to do it very well next well with states in the northeast and mid-atlantic, we move may where cruz is going to have a good month in indiana and nebraska and other states and ultimately it's all going to come down to california. maria: yeah. dagen: david i want to bring up something you just said. let me just channel people listening at home when you said the system is not design today channel the democratic will of voters. people at home go, what, you
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have more people that watching this election cycle because of the mass communication available on social media, the 24/7 news cycle on television. maybe people who weren't grass-roots republican workers within weren't aware that it was so lopsided in the states. david: you bring up a very good point from a political perspective. we have not had a contested convention in 40 years. the point that i'm trying to make here, the way democratic and republican nomination systems are set up is to protect the party so that the nominees they produce put forward the agenda the parties are designed to prosecute. and so if you're -- if you're a republican and you're in the republican party, what you're trying to do is, i know this sounds fantastical you're
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securing to make secure. it's put forward to put a conservative policy agenda and win elections in that manner. that's why you have that care about this thing. i understand why it may rub voters the wrong way, but i think for context, we need to talk about what we are really dealing with here so we know what our base starting point is. maria: yeah, yeah. let me switch to the other side for a moment, dagen. a group of bernie sanders supporters taking aim at hillary clinton throwing one thousand dollars in cash at motor caid by george clooney, look at the pictures. the event is coming to fire for the strag staggering price tag.
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$350,000 a couple donated to the host. george clooney addressed the protest over the weekend. listen to this. >> i think it's an obscene amount of money. we had protestors last night in san francisco, they're absolutely right to protest. the sanders' campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right, it's ridiculous that we should have this money in politics. maria: i'm sitting here scratching my head. he's the host and he's talking about how obscene it is, dagen, what's your take? david: i understand that people look at the vast sums of money raised for political races and they kind of shake their head and to some people it sounds awful but it's really part of free speech and you can't win an election without raising money and paying for all the things that it takes, bernie sanders is raising obscene amounts of money
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but it's coming mostly in small donations from, you know, grass-roots americans, and so it's people are going to have the make their own judgment, i don't think there's a problem with raising money and donating money for something you believe in and every time, and i have seen this over the years, every time the federal government passes a law to constrict how money is raised. that's how we end up with 527's which led us to super pac's, you really make it worse by trying to -- in the view of the people that care about it this get view of politics because it's simply impossible. maria: let me get mike murphy in here. mike: i was with new yorker, do you think donald trump goes out raising money and b start spending money to get infrastructure in place? david: really good niece.
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from all that we know, we don't believe donald trump is liquid enough to self-bunked -- self-fund a campaign. he's going to have to explain why he's not bought and paid for. and number 2, they're really behind schedulewise, they should have been investing for months to prepare for a general election. you want donald trump and you care about the things that he talks about then, you should worry because winning a general election in the united states against hillary clinton or bernie sanders who are going to have very well-run campaigns and probably hillary clinton and those people know what they are doing, there are a lot of different states with complexities, you have early voting that starts six to eight weeks beforehand and absentee
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voting and if you're not investing in an infrastructure, what the republican national committee can give you in terms of data is simply not going to be enough if you're not prepared. it's what republicans learn er the past eight years and so it's a huge problem. maria: david, have you endorsed anybody? david: of course, i'm an analyst and reporter, i will tell you what i think is going to happen and why but i leave that to some of the colleagues who get to put their own stamp on things. maria: good to have you in the show this morning. we will see you soon, sir. anthony: you need 15,000, 33,000-dollar checks to run for the presidency. maria: 15,000, 33,000-dollar checks. anthony: the fact that the trump organization doesn't have that
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in place is worrisome because you can do the primaries apparently on the tv but you do need the grass-roots to get in there and raise money to create that field operation. maria: do you agree that he doesn't have the liquidity to do that? anthony: i don't know, i will take him as his word that he does. he's going to need the help. my guess is he will need the help? 5 and a half billion dollars a year. maria: wow. anthony: so you're spending $2 billion to select a president every four years, i don't really see the big deal on that. the hype -- hipocracy from george clooney anthony: to spend $2 billion over four years when we are spending $5 billion in potato chips in the country.
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maria: that's good analysis. we are live bringing you all the latest as it happens tomorrow night. two powerful earthquakes strikes ecuador and japan, expert say they might be related. more than 5 million tax returns to ease the pain, we have tax day freebies and deals. so stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, three recent earthquakes on thursday and saturday morning on japan and saturday night in ecuador causing mass destruction. cheryl casone with the latest. cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria. killing at least 41 people. landslides from the second earthquake destroyed bridges making it difficult to reach the area. major manufacturers including toyota and honda and sony have shutdown operations. death toll in ecuador after hit
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by 8 magnitude earthquake. injuring more than 2500 along ecuador's coast. it's too early to tell if the earthquakes were somehow related. there's a british airways aircraft carrying 250 passengers when it collided with a throne. this could be the first collision of its kind worldwide. there are have been misses in this country, fortunately no one was injured in that accident. challenging whether president obama overpresented authority with unilateral action to protect people from deportation. texas filed suit to block 2014 immigration plan. tax day is here. yea. it's a pushback from april 15th, giving us extra three days to file income tax returns this year.
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you can take advantage of many special officer, just to mention a few. yankees are giving out special ticket prices starting as low as $4. 50% off popcorn, boss tone market, sonic. maria: i like it. everybody sent their taxes in? mike: extension. dagen: extension. i think if there was an -- anthony: it's right here. five-dollar margarita. dagen: okay, secrete. maria: chili's. dagen: why ruin the tequila? [laughter]
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maria: major oil producers are failing to reach a production-freeze deal. that went flat. what it means for marketing around the world? oil down 3% right now. a russian fighter jet flew close to plane. we will have the pentagon's response. back in a moment tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, a busy day for markets this morning. we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages. stocks having impressive run. up nearly 15% just in lows in ning isy. crude oil. tumbling after the meeting in doha cutter ending without an agreement to freeze production. there's now concern that the dow climb to 18,000 put on hold as oil prices pull back this morning. joining with his take is ceo john hurdle. good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> nice to be here. maria: oil is obviously one of the issues this morning because we didn't get a production-summit cut. do you think hahs going to have impact on markets for a long time? >> i don't think so.
6:24 am
i don't think it's a big of surprise. you've seen reaction. given that oil is higher than its low. it's natural that they want to keep pumping. i don't think this was much of a surprise. i think it's more on the stable picture here. anthony: that good for the u.s. economy, joe? >> stable low prices are good. having said that, the best producers, the energy sector, are going to continue to make money. the end of last year we began accumulating on weakness and that looks like it's been a pretty good idea. we are all about price and chief investment manager, asset manager, our first style point is about price, valuation, so interestingly brazil which you've seen do so well lately was a price issue. it just got to cheap that it was kind of price to despair and so it's always apractive.
6:25 am
maria: you think the emerging markets are going to break out here. there's a vote to impeach demarus, the president of brazil. >> that's been anticipated for quite a while. that's the confirmation of anticipation. if you're an investor, not a trader, the real cash flow, the price the cash flow, 8 to 10% real, with the united states 4-5% real over the next three to five years. about ant you are willing to take some additional volatility to get the extra real return? >> absolutely, that's the key issue that everybody is facing right now. zero real interest rates all the way up to ten years, the elephant in the room is low returns, so you've got to go to where the returns are. what i think people don't understand, is they really have
6:26 am
two choices if you're in a broad diversified portfolio. you have to live with lower purposes or lower volatility. and that means that the worst thing that can happen is that people commit to this, you know, chasing higher returns, normally higher returns and chicken out when they see volatility and they sell at the bottom. that's the worst. be conservative and academy cem lower terms or live with higher volatility as you pursue higher returns in the next three to five years. mike: you're talking about allocating some money there. the u.s. is kind of the best heaven or the best place to invest. you're talking about allocating some money in there, just to clarify to people at home? >> right, if you're going to overweight that, you might be 10 to 12. great point. having said that, rank order of attractiveness, efa, united states is third.
6:27 am
the united states is safer, there's no question but the price is higher. at the end of the year, ratio which is the adjusted pe ratio is 26 for u.s., it was 20 for japan and 15 for europe. maria: wow. anthony: take a little bit more risk in terms of volatility because you think the real return is in the long run? >> absolutely. we are trading volatility risk for price risk. we think price is the trump card always. anthony: who is going to be the next president? >> john kasich. maria: good to have you on the program. thank you so much. john hurdle joining us there. we will take a short break. trying to improve women safety by banning men. we will tell you the story coming up. dagen: yeah, baby. [laughter]
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>> good monday morning, everybody. it is monday, april 8. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton holding a strongly to the the polls heading into the primary. fund raising a key issue on the trail. trump and bernie sanders raid and how they are doing things a bit differently. >> i think we are going to make it without having to rely on the bosses. i spent less money than
6:31 am
practically anybody a name and number one position by a lot. don't you want that for your president. >> we have done it very differently. we've received 7 million individual campaigns averaging $27 apiece. unprecedented in american history. maria: meanwhile, tax stores offering consumer special deals and freebies across the country. no deal in delhi. oil prices tumbling this morning after key producers did not reach an agreement to freeze oil production. a close call with the russian jet to report a warplane rising by an american reconnaissance plane days after a russian fighter jets flew very close to a navy warship at the end of last week. it is deadline day for yahoo! pre-takeover bid sent to be made today. harassment of the pac to make that big. features as furniture markets open lower. oil prices lower setting the
6:32 am
tone for equities are the dow jones industrial average down 22 points on the heels of weakness across the world. asia under pressure. candidates on both sides prepare for the final push before the new year primary tumor were sensible amendments delegates are up for grabs. fox news john robert is here. >> donald trump really had the political arena to himself. he insisted yesterday he could get 1237 delicate maturity necessary to clinch the nomination before the convention in july. it's clear like he does better better when done the vanities in for some rough waters. over the weekend in wyoming who has 14 delegates to ted cruz. in georgia he left a bunch of delegates to ted cruz. they are about to go for trump. i'm just not playing this delicate game. i don't want to spend the money to do it. i do want to go to the trouble. if i wanted to play the game, i
6:33 am
could. >> nobody is better toys than idea. i can put them in the best science in the best results anywhere in the world. i can put them in the best places in the world. california high something that everything away. it's a corrupt system. >> he does want to play the game of what he says is a corrupt system. the republican national committee does not set the rules nationwide. state-by-state suggests it's not a corrupt system. it's a lieutenant for a long time. i spoke with the chairman. here's what he told me. >> whether the convention or primary crocus, we are not a government entity. we are political party and political parties have been nominating candidates to the delicate process for a very long time and this is the way we do it and we have a right to choose the way we nominate people.
6:34 am
>> they have a right to choose the basic discord in the mix. i've got an e-mail between the republican national committee and members on rules in hollywood, florida. members of the committee say we need to change the rules or suggest changes in the rules. the july to mention because we are afraid the rules might leave open the possibility of a paul ryan even though he said no to come in. i have been enough for bruce ashe at the rest of the members. he says he is concerned the rules as they exist now could allow the presiding officer to unilaterally reopen nominations to a candidate to be nominated for dispute is more acceptable witches with so many rank-and-file republicans across america to fear. the way the rnc has been handling this as a breach of our trust. there's going to be an interesting meeting because reince priebus has said no. we are not considering any suggestions about rule changes at this point. maria: what to think about this?
6:35 am
do you think it's? >> of course it's great. the question is how will they change it. it's been going in the direction the last hundred years. >> reince priebus did tell john it is ranked the way we wanted to it. we are not a governmental entity. we are allowed to do it. did he say that or did i miss that? >> it's a great system against any one candidate. the rules were changed after he got in the race because people saw him rising. a lot of rules were written in august of last year. just as drunk by then. but they were adopted in late september and october. potentially he's got a case to say as i was rising from the debris rules were put in place. dagen: justice scalia wrote under the first thing that under this amendment political parties can make up the rules.
6:36 am
>> they are doing at the exact way they want to do it. >> case in point of what happened in georgia over the weekend. donald trump handily won the state of georgia. get when they were select in delegates, ted cruz blew him away. delegates are bound under the rules of the party to vote for trump on the first ballot. after the first ballot to vote for who they want to support. maria: really kind of fascinating. >> trump suggested that the rnc doesn't mean in they will be in progress july. he said i hope it doesn't come to violence. i'm not not suggesting afloat, but there's that other current update that there could be trouble. maria: john kenneth thank you. john roberts. all it takes is one driver michael pala to start his own right hand service focused on safety can specifically for women. because a the chariot for women at launches tomorrow.
6:37 am
michael joins me right now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. maria: what is in english as it's just women and no man? how really going to build a business around that? >> for eight months when i was a farmer uber driver, 60% to 70% of my passengers were wounded. i noticed you don't see many women uber travers and at night you never see them in uber travers, but thousands of women would love to try for a rideshare company because you can make some great extra income. because of the unsafe practices that i've noticed over the eight months, there's a huge demand for women driving women. maria: chariot for women. what do you think about it? dagen: a really is appealing to the female driver as opposed to the female customer.
6:38 am
what kind of unsafe product uses are you talking about? >> unfortunately it's easier with the news, thousands of women just read the basic uncomfortable conversation to a separate driver would say you can't get out and get out until you give me a kiss. i heard that hundreds of times. two sexual assault. i have two daughters in an amazing wife and some of these stories or just heart wrenching. since i started chariot for women i've been getting thousands and thousands of phone calls across the globe of women and men telling me stories that just are very safe. we are making sure that we have the safest rideshare practices in the industry. >> michael, competing with uber is not a cheap thing to do. where did she get the financing? how are you finding it? >> this will probably blow your
6:39 am
mind but i started the company nine weeks ago. when you do something right, everything falls in place. after i had in them for a headache young man almost od in the back of my car, i got a phone call from my friend who was a plumber. i told them my story and this is 10 minutes after this happened. he said just let you know i'm worth x amount of money. if you are going to did this come you never have to worry about money. i am basically self-funded and for nine weeks ago until today i've not had to worry about any money at all. maria: good for you, michael. thanks for joining us. good luck tomorrow with the launch. >> thank you for having me. maria: chariot for women. oil prices after efforts by major oil producing companies fail to agree on a production freeze. we will take you to the cme group next-line after this check
6:40 am
on oil markets. we are now at the lowest of the morning. a reconnaissance plane bearable by a russian jet just two days after a similar incident last week. we've got the details. wall street gets new life on the fox business network friday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. saturday and sunday morning posted by very own anthony scaramucci in the house today. and gary kaminsky. catch us on the fox business network. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. for the second time in the week, a russian jet has come too close to you a ship or aircraft. cheryl casone with the story and other headlines. transfer the threat, murphy appeared that morning. a russian fighter jet through dangerously close on thursday over the baltic sea. the latest incident that we are showing you right now from last tuesday when a russian jet does the uss donald cook in the
6:44 am
baltic sea. the latest incident came so close that the wings for just 50 feet apart. the navy says the u.s. jet was operating in international airspace. at no time did across into russian territory. here's a feel-good story for you on this tax day morning. a customer outside of dallas less much an 18-year-old a big tip at a thousand dollars to be exact. the original bill was a thousand oaks. she was so overwhelmed she started to cry. today finally as the deadline for preliminary bids for yahoo! and a handful of potential buyers pay verizon is one of the top companies expected to make a bid today. stories about a lot last year and yard to do profit from video services online advertising. "the wall street journal" says verizon's primary competition might come today from private equity firms.
6:45 am
a stock tof the show. stock futures looking lower. we are the lows of the morning. one of the big issues is oil. opec's meeting with major exporters in qatar ended without an agreement to freeze production. this is the production presummit. phil flynn this morning will join us there. oil pulling back to you still talk about dirty $9 a barrel. phil flynn. >> you sure are. a much higher price because the market has been getting a balance. we've had low prices encouragiencouragi ng more demand. we've seen a lot of production destruction here in the u.s. and overseas. take no mistake about it. this is a hot disaster for oil-producing countries. you know, there is a big possibility they were going to get a deal. it looks like saudi arabia blocks away from the deal at the last minute. this has a lot of other oil producers that showed up very angry right now and it really shows you the politics have changed in saudi arabia want to
6:46 am
come to oil production. they used to separate politics and oil production. i think they are coming together under this new machine. a new saudi arabia coming to opec and no agreement today. back to you. maria: fills one with the latest there. low oil prices pulling markets lower. mike murphy, i don't think there is so much expectation that they would stick to a production freeze anyway. >> i couldn't agree more. the price of oil just even the possibility that there is some sort of production. the main thing to the cashier in the oil market is that the market is working itself out. you see production cuts in the u.s. and other countries starting to balance the price of oil. i don't think we necessarily need opec to come in and cut production. the market itself is balancing. thirty-nine dollars, $40 a barrel of 50% firmer at those two months ago. that is the free market in action and that is exactly what
6:47 am
we want. >> why you think they're so much volatility? >> a lot of people are in the market trying to gauge where the debate that come alongside in the short site. they move from portadown to 27 was really a lot of shorts coming into the market in my opinion. and then you have the snapback from 27 up to 40. i think that's a lot to do with it. >> stocks look senseless here. >> it depends how you value them. if you look from price-earnings model and believable stay in the high 20s, they are probably not cheap. all of a sudden if we have four new dollars to $50 a barrel oil, a lot of equities would be chief. a lot of them have paid dividends insured at balance sheets. if we start to see the price higher, that's great. >> i do want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there's no reason to come to a come to an agreement or bright at this moment. but they need to do is to further pressure here.
6:48 am
vladimir putin in a van and so why come to an agreement right now. >> what i should look at in terms of the impact on stocks? obviously a big story today. oil down on this lack of a deal but you've got the ecb meeting this week. first-quarter earnings day day. going into the peak part of the first-quarter earnings. of course it got so, impeachment of the president. >> i want to a u.s. earnings. again, we talked and we know the bar has been lowered for u.s. companies. if they come in and make the garlic thanks dad for slightly exceed the bar, you have the opportunity for the market to close this. we are 2% off recent highs. a peak jitter that you could see a push up to new highs. >> i am with mike. more focus on emerging markets can on emerging markets can that be u.s. equities here in a trading basis for a cheap. maria: morgan stanley, ibm,
6:49 am
general lack trick likely to dictate the tone. >> for sure. >> that's a good price at in the near term. maria: take a short break paper will tell you what amazon is taking on netflix. the first "saturday night live" with house speaker paul ryan. state ninth 2016 election. >> i am not running. my family is my priority right now. >> baghdad, didn't some of our best presidents kaman of the contested convention? >> like eisenhower mike in? >> you're right. there'd be a lot of historical precedent if i were to run. that's just not my style.
6:50 am
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maria: welcome back to big news out of the nba playoffs. the skateboarders beat the houston rockets in the first game of the series. the point guard picked up an injury that could lead to sidelines again too. jarrett mass at the headlines and sports. >> the collective gasp. while this coming from the bay area. stassen currie suffered a ankle injury that the win over the houston rockets. while the birds are far from being a one-man wrecking crew, the team needs pitching to win a second straight championship and this is why the warriors are handling the situation. they've only played one playoff game. it takes 16 wins to get the nba title. sequeira rolled his right ankle to the end of the first half on saturday. i don't see a scenario where all the scenario where i'll be out, but he also knows that the leaking number two. obviously if it's not right and about risk of further injury,
6:54 am
that's the only thing we have to worry about. you don't want anything more serious to happen. head coach agrees and he's the one who makes a decision whether or not he will be playing a game number two. steve kerr says will not let them play if there's risk of making it worse and we hope is in the playoffs for the next couple of months. we don't want to take any chances. can the warriors went with us at currie? yes, they can win. consider this. saturday against the houston rockets, warriors outscored by 20 points when he was not on the court rockets outscored golden state by two. game two is tonight inaknd, california, which by the way come the coolest experience ever. watching that 73rd day of last wednesday night. remember the movie hoosiers. a small-town basketball high
6:55 am
school, picture that put on the entry above all. almost by the green bay packers are so special blend of field. very much a community party. to make sense if he is not good. >> he would have a lot of time off. what i love is when they got up in the stars space not only to defend themselves, but right when he came out. >> it would really hurt without them. he was knocked around a few times. people screamed in the pressroom, get him out. get them out of the game. shaun livingston was started currie can't. san antonio is the only team who could stop them. the spurs looked awfully good yesterday against memphis. dagen: peyton manning was fair. he was there hanging out with joe gibbs until earnhardt junior. they didn't care.
6:56 am
i'll help you. >> we're talking sports. dagen: and nascar. maria: she just cut you off from bringing up the outset. maria: we will get to the piazza jersey. so they bought it. that'll be your headline tomorrow in sports. >> the jersey is here. and a clock. maria: it is coming. we're going to show it to you. next hour is next hour a sweet spin on what has been a nasty race for the election. a small-business owner who sees cookies flying off the shelves pay she the shelves the issues that this coming up. executive vice president with the trump organization. donald trump junior stopped by this set. new york state republican chairman ed cox. judge andrew napolitano, former boston police commissioner and
6:57 am
popeye ceo cheryl bosch elder will be with us. you don't want to miss it. stay with us. al plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
6:58 am
6:59 am
maria: i maria bartiromo. it is funny, april 18th as top story on the east coast. both the new york holding a strong lead in the polls.
7:00 am
going back and forth through the nickname >> he's been cracking a shot at being our president, crooked hillary clinton. we can't let that happen. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself. >> today is tax day. offering consumers a special deals across the country. we will bring it to you all had. no deal in delhi over the weekend. oil prices are tumbling after key oil producers did not come to an agreement to freeze oil production. saudi arabia issuing an economic warning over the 9/11 bill. this ahead of president about ms. tripp to the region this week. wild weather in texas to report heavy rain and tornadoes over the state. all of the details ahead. profiting from the presidential
7:01 am
race, one speaker thanks to cookies decorated with faces of the candidates. we'll talk to her. pickering is wrapping up. better-than-expected earnings and earnings and revenue in the first quarter. reading on ibm, general electric and a whole host of others this week. i had about the markets are trading down. take a look at the selloff in oil in asia overnight for example appeared to clients across the board but the nikkei in japan down 3.5%. several companies including toyota and honda say that they are going to halt production. take a look a european markets here. mix story as german dax index trades up a fraction. for the most part, fractional losses there. teachers in the u.s.a. lower opening as well. certainly off of the worst levels of the morning. donald trump signed an executive
7:02 am
vice president with the trump organization. also with us this morning from the new york state republican chairman, fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. boston former police commissioner ed davis joins us and ceo of popeye's, cheryl bachelder will join us. you do want to miss any of that. join us for the rest of the program. top story of the hour a battle for new york paid 98 delegates up for grabs. trump soho is a big lead in the delegate count. despite ted cruz taken all available delegates in wyoming over the weekend. donald trump stood on the offensive thing in the delegate system that he is called rate. >> people are winning by a lot. we have a big vote coming up on tuesday. the vote is so vital and we have to win by big numbers because we have a system that is absolutely great. we have a rigged system. you are allowed essentially to pay off these people.
7:03 am
you are allowed to pay off delegates. again, we want to be smart. we want to be fair and it shouldn't be allowed. so they go out and they are wining and dining. you have no idea what's going on with delegates. it is a crooked process. maria: joining us now executive vice president donald trump junior. thanks for joining us. it does seem a little weird that the delegates really are at the end of the day the ones who choose the nominee. but that's been the case a long time. >> it's probably time to change that. the gop put you through god knows how many. it doesn't mean anything. it would be one thing if there was a there was the gop and say we'll give you candidates. they have a track record of giving you guys the general
7:04 am
elections because of this process. it's because everyone wants something to the president said they create a system by which they can manipulate because they've been involved in long period of time. you basically tell people your vote doesn't mean anything. maria: have been sent back of your father still in the lead. we've got a big contest tomorrow. how are you feeling? the family rallied around her father. tell us what goes in your strategy going into new york on tuesday. >> it's just been great. he's going around the state that they have within the warmth come in the excitement has been incredible. it is going to be incredible. maria: there has been a lot of remarking about the ground campaign. your campaign versus ted cruz campaign feels like ted cruz has been really focused on the organization of the ground campaign. a lot of people say the trump campaign has not. he just has to be people obviously. do you feel you need to make
7:05 am
some changes given what you are seeing? >> we've brought in people that they do. we are new to the game in this way. we've been focused on the people. that's a novel concept in politics. we actually want to get the people who haven't had a voice in a long time to buy the blue-collar americans that the people who made this country great. they are speaking now. we are going to work on a delicate game and get that up as well. those people in the end we'll see a as you want to the people what you want. >> you had a big readership presents for the trump organization in terms of the international expansion. he oversaw scout and an expansion of the terms of the golf course. he oversaw a number of developments in europe and asia. do you feel the need to mend fences in anyway given the commentary out there like, for example, we know what was going on with the vote.
7:06 am
where are you in terms of that? >> i'm doing deals in india, indonesia. honestly, partners get it. they say what he is saying is correct. in mexico and china, the big politicians say it's really dangerous. they definitely don't want a guy like that in there. he will actually factually change. he's done these things. when things. the naysayers and refuse to talk, i have seen him do deals with people of all different ethnic studies, all different back runs from all different countries. and he does it. he gets along with them just fine. he's very charming. but there comes a time when you have to put your foot down and say what it is. he's actually speaking the truth. it's actually going to say this to most people say as they were
7:07 am
worried about it being taboo were not politically correct. eventually you have to speak your mind. maria: i want viewers to understand you've been among the international list of the company. >> when they say he's got no foreign policy experience. these other guys have never left the united states. he's actually done deals for a snowman is at risk, other people's money cyprus, where he's got something to gain or lose people from all different walks of life. everyone else in washington said they are, group of one person at a 500 in a room pontificating. it's like academics. they talk about it, but they've never done it. they are played at other people's money. he has experience because he's actually done deals in those countries. maria: and at the same time he resonates because donald trump on this a known for coming up with the answer people that actually stick. lighting cad, low energy as it relates to jeb bush. now a new name for hillary
7:08 am
clinton. i want to render sound bite and get your reaction. >> and then of course we have crooked hillary. she's been crooked from the beginning. and to think that she has a shot at being our president, crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. maria: did he talk to the family when he it is coming up with these names? is this as his prize are we expecting them to come out? >> total surprise to me. the nicknames stick because they're so much truth behind them. lie intent is a classic. one thing to another. he puts it up and tells you what you want to hear and does the opposite. with hillary i'm a pretty good student of mathematics. there is no statistical possibility given all the controversy surrounding her that nothing is true. but because she's such a big part of the system and the democratic machine, of course
7:09 am
the rather lynch, she going to prosecute? probably not. it is very stacked in right to benefit the people enough power and ask prevents other people who are outsiders of politics and playing them again because they don't have the rolodex. maria: hillary clinton has the experience of being first lady, senator and obviously secretary of state. when he is up therapies to nominate, when he sat there in the general election debate against hillary clinton, what did his strategy to make the people in a perception out there that he would be a better president than hillary clinton? >> what about the people she left behind benghazi? my guys to endorse this is one of those people. he's become a good friend of mine. they are leaving americans in battlegrounds. he's not going to talk about
7:10 am
anything other than the facts. maria: i know new york is home for you such is home free of such my feel good about it. but the following to say you've got connecticut, delaware, maryland and pennsylvania, rhode island, beyond that is new jersey and california on june 7th. but as the strategy of this important states? >> why simple we are going to win. we're going to keep doing what we'll do. we will speak to the people committed they will turn up and show up and vote for us. it has been a landslide when you talk about the number of voters that have come out for us. the people we brought to the gop. and yet they don't want to embrace it because the little cadre, the clicks a form for everyone works for everyone else and never one has been someone's boss as well as employee. they see that into trump committed. this guy this guy will change the game. i may not have a coach job in this administration. hopefully the people are starting to see that. >> obviously voter output and
7:11 am
voter count is fair. good to see you. thank you for joining us. we'll be watching. donald trump junior there. hillary clinton looking beyond new york as well. adam shapiro is standing by with that angle. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. on the eve of the primary and new york, simple gnome is show hillary clinton maintaining her double-digit lead. real clear politics a survey of democratic voters from april 6 to april 15. 53.5% favor hillary clinton over bernie sanders. 41% is just one issue over the weekend. the other was the fund-raising. mrs. clinton in california attending fund raisers that to get into was hosted by george clooney and his wife. anywhere from $33,400 up to $333,000 to be a cochair. the bernie sanders supporters
7:12 am
have their own fundraisers outside the clooney fundraiser and threw dollar bills and hillary clinton's motorcade as he by on the way the fundraiser. all of this raising the issue about how george clooney talked about that on a sunday morning talk shows. >> i think it's an obscene amount of money. we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. their right to protest are absolutely right. it's an obscene amount of money. the campaign is absolutely right. it's ridiculous to should have this kind of money in politics. >> insane amount of money, but it didn't stop mr. clooney from stopping to spend $353,000. here is the bernie sanders had to say about it. >> this is the issue of american politics today. a government that represents all of us are just 1%. sublimest of candidates like secretary clinton be dependent on big money interests.
7:13 am
>> of course both candidates will be in new york today. hillary clinton will have a get out the vote rally sometime around noon and bernie sanders among the 50. back to you. >> adam shapiro is the latest. tune in for special coverage of the new york primaries tomorrow. 7:00 p.m. eastern is where we kick it off. every last vote on the fox business fabric live. join us 7:00 until 11:00. the department of homeland security says you should uninstall quicktime immediately. the details next. one company or unions and suites to what's been a bitter campaign. get to the top salaries. you guessed it. the remark of the children's cap classic. jungle book weekend box office numbers. coming up next.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back. a letter in parts of the country. cheryl casone at that. cheryl: that's right. flooding right. flood and entertain us at the south states of the weekend. write the text is inundated by
7:17 am
strong as severe thunderstorms after tornadoes were spotted. texas rangers postponed again with the baltimore orioles. their first rain added almost three years. severe thunderstorms produce large hail the size of golf. oklahoma, kansas as severe weather causing flooding there. anyone up for the department of homeland security to pc users to use quicktime. officials say the video player has two bugs that should be uninstalled immediately. a top cybersecurity firm says apple is no longer issuing security updates for the software despite the bugs which could be used to launch attacks on pcs. finally, they set the box office. >> come on, moakley. let's be on her way. >> i'm hoping beluga party for hibernation. >> not for hibernation but i napped a lot. mari disney, king of the ticket sales this weekend topped the box office at the
7:18 am
second-highest opening ever. $103.6 million behind last year's seven open with 147.2 million. barber shop the next that opened in second place at 22.2 million. the boss came in third. and rounding out the top-five, you're a fan favorite, batman versus superman told in another $9 million into tokyo at 8.2 million. berea, back to you. maria: quick action of one coach dave and the little girl picked incredible video you can't miss coming up next. small business owner cashing in on the 2016 race and excitement. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back at the saudi arabian government threatening to sell a few trillion dollars worth of u.s. assets in response to a proposed bill that could hold the kingdom partially responsible for 9/11 terrorist attack. genetic data sorted out a senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. what a story. saudi arabia says look, if you allow this bill to go forward, putting the saudi arabian kingdom partially responsible for 9/11, they will sell out the treasuries and create dysfunction and are marketed. >> okay, so in 1976 and the federal government enacted legislation that essentially makes for a governance immune from reach by federal courts no matter what the foreign governments did. an exception for that was iran
7:23 am
because of the iran hostage taking and other terrorist and i'm lawful activities traced to the iran government. there is a movement in the senate and it has support from everybody from al franken to ted cruz, from john corn into chuck schumer. i've given you the name of the four people that sponsor the legislation and they rarely all agree on one day, which basically says if we can trace 9/11 to anyone in the saudi government or any assets from the saudi government, the courts can reach that asset. so what is the saudi government doing? they have real estate you can see from where we are now in order to prevent a federal court from seizing the assets so it would be here to satisfy a judgment if there is a judgment. they plan to sell the assets. you guys would know better than i what would happen to an asset owners are for sale. the value is going down.
7:24 am
that's one category. we know what they are because it's public registered did what we don't is how much you that they have. we think 750 billion. maria: $750 billion in u.s. treasuries to be dumped on the market. that will create a massive selloff. >> i wouldn't call it a massive selloff. we are talking about it already so it's not as if the markets are preparing themselves. the u.s. treasury market is so large. you have a near-term treasury, longer-term treasury so we don't know the makeup of oliphant. if this ever came to fruition, which of all, people have to take treasury at their hands. >> there's no chance they will do this. no chance. >> you have to remember there's a tremendous amount of jawboning, but the u.s. navy is helping these guys get the oil out of the eastern province of saudi arabia than the persian
7:25 am
arabian gulf and now to the rest of the world and there's no way they will do this. they are just posturing right now because of the politics. >> and of course the president is on his way there. he hasn't done this yet, but he probably will threaten to veto the legislation. maria: the white house is trying to kill the bill. >> i think he's only had one veto overridden his entire presidency. that of course would expand the jurisdiction of federal courts just to the saudi arabian government, just traceable to 9/11. not for all purposes it is a very narrow piece of legislation that grants narrow jurisdiction. the lawsuits would start immediately. >> what it comes down to is it's not like kindergarten or first grade. the world is very grave. they are part enemy, part friend. at the same time there's bipartisan pressure to reveal to 28 pages of the 9/11 report
7:26 am
which address the culpability of high rank in both the saudi's do not necessarily in that government is significant people in this society and have the money was used to finance and fund the disaster of nine to 11. but that also has bipartisan. verse or two jake he would lift the bill on those pages. >> back in january, he told us he would be: not a lot of international trips this year. he's going to saudi arabia this when day. >> he wants to be in a place. they are more fond of him overseas than we are here in the united states. >> remember those pictures from europe. when he was first elected.
7:27 am
all of those people. dagen: he does on comedy shows and late-night shows that goes overseas. >> today the supreme court will decide whether or not to be enjoined from enforcing his orders on immigration. if they tied a bow, he will be enjoined in the bid the first time since harry truman that a federal court has prevented the president from doing what he wanted to do. tree into his fantasies obviously. >> a tie goes to the decision below. maria: judge, good to see you. judge andrew napolitano. up next, saving a student from serious injury. grabbing her a split second before she had the mat headfirst. the incredible moment caught on video. we've got all the details for you.
7:28 am
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bartiromo pigmented cover april april 18. top 37:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton holding strongly from the polls heading into the primary tomorrow. bernie sanders holding out hope for solid showings tomorrow. >> a lot of people say i might not like burning as much as hillary, but at the end of the day we must defeat trompe. they must not allow republican from the white house. some of those people, as a strong candidate. maria: meanwhile, stores trying to pass the pain by offering consumer special deals and freebies across the country. get your taxes in today. disappointments in delhi over the weekend. the oil tumbling after key producers did not reach an agreement to freeze oil production. it is patriots' day in boston. the running of the boston marathon. boston police commissioner ed davis about how the city has recovered from the attack three years ago.
7:32 am
amazon fired a thread at netflix. another step into video streaming offering a stand-alone service. how much it costs coming up. features indicate a lower opening today. now at the lowest of the morning. expected to open down 40 points. this on the heels of a selloff overnight in japan as well as weakness across the board in europe and about a 3% selloff in the price of oil. turning to the campaign trail. candidates on both sides preparing for the final push for a sizable number of delegates are up for grabs. fox news john roberts at the latest. >> good morning, maria. donald trump in for a big victory taking on the lion share if not all of the 95 delegates in making his closing arguments on an economic perspective, some hope for and chinese foreign minister lu shu wei who says a 45% tariff on chinese goods is an irrational sort of prospect. donald trump saying that goes to show what i have been saying all
7:33 am
along that we don't have a good deal of china. donald trump continues to make the case of delegate selection process is skewed in favor of candidates who are not named donald trump is what happened over the weekend and wyoming ted cruz took him 14 delegates. also delegates pledged to him in georgia. they are bound to vote in the first ballot, but thereafter ted cruz game. donald trump suggested over the weekend at a rally in syracuse the republican national committee will begin for a rough july unless they do something to change the system. yesterday morning at a press conference he was asked about that. here was his first aunts. >> you are going to have a very, very upset and angry group of people at the convention. >> i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. i'm not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i don't think it will. i will say this. it is a rigged system. it is a crooked system.
7:34 am
>> chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus disagrees of course. no one is taking anyone votes away. here's what he told me. >> the delegates are enfranchised to the voters whether any primary or caucus. we are a political party in the political parties have been nominating candidates to the delicate process for a very long time. this is the way we do it. we have a right to choose the way we nominate people. but there is some discord in the ranks that a lot of big meetings coming up this week at the national republican committee in florida. members of the standing committee on rules suggest they want to propose new rules for the convention which would make it more difficult for the presiding officer at the convention to change things midstream.
7:35 am
they want to put firepower in the hands of the delegates. the chairman of the committee on rules friday they are afraid the presiding officer could unilaterally reopen nominations to allow a candidate to be nominated at his feet as mark set to go which is exactly what so many rank-and-file republicans fear. a lot of people across the country who are fearful that neither ted cruz or donald trump will become the nominee. paul ryan has been suggested taking himself out of the game halfway to the convention and someone who didn't participate in the primaries could become the nominee. >> yes, absolutely. even bakeries have election fever. bring the spot has found a way to cash in ahead of thursday's -- tuesday's primary by churning out some cookie-cutter politicians and they are flying off the shelves at a faster rate they could be carried. cupcake market under sarah silverman. good to see you. thank you for joining us. you just open your cupcake market café a week and a half
7:36 am
ago. >> saturday. we had to close monday because we had no cupcakes upcoming updates that, no cookies left. maria: was at s? >> i think so. i had one answer grammar and so grab them and an later everything was gone. it's been really great. dagen: can you keep up with demand? >> no. dagen: these have to be in such high demand because of the focus on the primary this year. >> i had paid all of them. the iceni. the icy network with a super difficult to work with and it takes usually four days to get at least 75 of them done. maria: first you had the idea digestive cupcakes and cupcakes and cookies in his cupcake market and that was there. and the lightbulb went off and he said i think i'll pay presidential faces on them.
7:37 am
dagen: dede stencils? >> yes, first i drew the painting because i went to art school than at the parchment paper and i usually put the icing and then i can pay just by looking at the drawing i did. maria: wasn't bad, just put, just putting the faces on the cookie that created a huge demand? were they selling well before that? >> well, i have been opening day. maria: what has been the best-selling cookie? >> at the good question. they all sell out and i make them equal amounts. so they are all the same basically. dagen: you do know the headline is donald trump and hillary clinton have very similar hair. color and style. >> i did that just to save time because these cookies take me about four days to get done.
7:38 am
if the butter sugar cookie and on top of it is wrote a scene so it's very sugary and nice. dagen: i did to bernie sanders that he would do to the country if elected. maria: on a make sure my cookie is free. >> poor, bernie. >> this is my sweet tooth. sorry to step in here. i bought my bernie sanders want to be free. he wants everyone to be free. chewing two congratulations to you. sarah silverman joining us from the cupcake market. we'll take a short break. tune in for a special coverage of the new york primaries tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. i will join neil cavuto at 8:00 p.m. the analysis you cannot mess up the fox business network. we will take a break and come back with amazon. have a company fires in their
7:39 am
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maria: welcome that debate changes and on. cheryl casone was it. cheryl: it looks like amazon is going after netflix is offering everett monthly subscription for tv and movie operates what it called sprint video. it will be at $8.99 a month subscription service and also an option for the entire bundle of prime services. then it is free shipping, music library and original tv shows and movies at all august cap in its is netflix is hiking prices.
7:43 am
let the games begin. a real shot for more than 5000 high school students to receive acceptance letters to the state university of new york at buffalo. by mistake a school spokesman sent letters to an incorrect e-mail lists. the students were told about the mixup within four hours of receiving letters good but they still have a chance because their applications are under review. some of them i'll hopefully get in. this video took the internet by storm over the weekend. that is a quick thinking gymnastic coach who grabs his 11-year-old student in midair just before she would've had the mat headfirst. you can see that girl up losing her grip on the uneven parallel bars between obama. the cybernetic competition in canada. they are both okay the defense called a hero. dr. year. >> thank goodness because you're standing right there. these are the kinds of things you see a newer like i i hope she make it because it looks so
7:44 am
hard. dagen: you want to talk about great coaching. i watch this video about a hundred times over the weekend. >> i spent my weekend in the gymnastic meet for my daughter's. i saw something similar happen. the coach should react quite as quickly. the girl was fine. that person is a hero, save that little girl for sure. >> reparations for the 120 friend of the boston marathon under way. thousands of runners ready to hit the chorus. later one of the most famous home runs in history. the jersey that mike piazza wore the mike piazza wore the night he help new york city recover from the 9/11 terrorist attack. by then our studio. great story, not. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
7:45 am
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maria: welcome back. pressure on stocks this morning. a couple of minutes to watch. netflix is spamming chat with her squirter results after the closing bell today. and those looking for subscriber growth in the u.s. which has been loaded with demand. .down 2% this year. take a look at apple. an analyst report from tgi security command said the company plans to revamp the iphone next year. apple will replace the traditional aluminum case with all glass case better for wireless charging of self-service. apple reported that they need new cutting-edge curve display at june head of the open. participants in the boston marathon get ready to participate in the 120th running of the race this morning. what are some security changes and challenges three years after the deadly bombing of boston. tune in us now is austin police
7:49 am
commissioner, ed davis. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: is the city ready at this point? what measures are in place since that fateful day three years ago? >> has been an enormous amount of work done and the city is certainly ready today. commissioner adams and pat and out there walking the field. he's going to be around the finish line this morning. there's a significant increase in spending on security here. the cost of quadrupled over what it was in 2013. maria: as far as sentiment, people want to make sure they are out and about to say we will be resilient once again. >> is no question about it. just bowman, who was terribly injured lost both his legs in the incident. he said the other day this is a scary place for him. but he is down there. so many runners that an appetite
7:50 am
imputations out there on the hill today. it does show the resilience and courage. dagen: what about how the security needs changed from year to year question or new threats, new concerns. >> well, we watch each one of these incidents as they are unfolding. what happened in san bernardino, what happened in paris and brussels. we are changing our tag they to address the kind of issues we are seeking. technology is playing a huge role in this. it is extremely expensive and not as the fact is. the mac when you consider the fact that so many runners want to be fair, the sentiment is there, the country is cheering on boston. you have to expect changes in place. at the same time you like any other race. you don't want to necessarily change the way we do things. >> right.
7:51 am
there's a balance that has to happen. you don't want the event to be an arcana. you want to make sure people feel good coming to the event. for the last two years we've been watching this very closely. boston has accomplished. this is a very open event. they feel safer, but it not overwhelming and that's really important. >> could you go over the safety tips and recommended people watching in general for viewers how to make them more authority and more safe. >> certainly appeared one of the things they stress that this event is still carried the packages, but that pack and big back that home. you know, try to pay attention to the crowd, too. you know, the department of homeland security teaches a run,
7:52 am
hide, site strategy in dealing with anything that happens. the bottom-line is that something unusual unusual happens, get away from it. start moving away immediately. if something bad occurs, the best thing you can do for you and your family as to literally put as much space between you and the citizen at possible. maria: good advice. mike murphy. >> new yorkers will be watching boston today in boston strong. we are all in this together chaired by the boston marathon to go off without a hitch. >> we still hate the red dots. don't listen to much. >> it's great what you guys are doing for the race in spite of anthony. what you guys are doing is great to make people feel safe. we are rooting for you guys. >> no question about it. i had dinner last night with bill bratton and ricky and we talked a lot about security in new york and the chief was there, jim is not caused by the
7:53 am
different things to your consent. we are doing the same things here working on the issue. maria: what about go pro cameras? are you in favor for the police department? >> absolutely. i've been an advocate for that for years. i think when you look at how helpful cameras were turned pursuing the suspects were years ago, all the officers should have them. they should have the ability to turn them off and on when appropriate. but it does make a big difference no question. maria: commissioner, good to see you. thank you so much. >> go red sox. maria: he just got bad. now you know better. but stock market for a second. first-quarter earnings. ecb meeting thursday. oil prices down. what is your take, guys?
7:54 am
>> and watching earnings. with pepsi, morgan family and the banks are very important. people want to see what the banks will report. morgan stanley similar to jpmorgan, they come in with better earnings. the banks with a beaten-down stature if they can rally or people can start to rotate money out of other areas into the financial sector, that would be very good for the market. the mac one thing about financials docs as they were so unloved and earnings season about the estimate down rapidly really close to the reporting. they looked attractive based on the valuation. some of these consumers get the names are at or near all-time highs. they have a lot to prove in the earnings season whether you talk about mickey d's or you name it. a lot of the dow stocks. trade to ibm reports this week. by bellwether for the week will be ge. it will really give you a sense of the industrial economy. the industrial side area where
7:55 am
we've seen recession fears. >> it's been out there for a long time. what we want to hear from ge as things are improving slightly in every facet of the industrial economy. lower expectations, csx last week not as bad as people anticipated. ge will give us a good reporter. >> mike and i are in the same camp. stocks are okay here. dakin brought up to 10 year treasury. if you look at stuff on the dividend discount is relative to other assets come to you with a large-scale institutions waned in stocks. the earnings are okay. the market will rally into the summer. maria: next hour, the psychology of saturday night live. how it could affect the way people though. homecoming for the ages, our very own anthony scaramucci is returning to peace in the u.s. mets history back to his right to place. that coming out.
7:56 am
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maria: good morning, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. cap streets right now and am on the east coast or the final push for new york for new york is on. down the trampled in a strongly to the polls to tomorrow's primary. ted preserving delegates in wyoming over the weekend. trump is fighting back against the system.
7:59 am
>> you are not essentially to pay off these people. you are allowed to pay off these delegates. and again, we want to be smart. we want to be fair and they shouldn't be allowed. to date the lab and they are widening and dining and you have no idea what going on with the delicate. >> hillary clinton and bergin sanders told an event at new york's eddy. hillary took on trump from the campaign trail. he turns out to be the republican nominee, find the democratic nominee. i'm concerned about how he goes up there everybody else. >> a closer look at the saturday night at the fact tender boat. stores are trying to lessen their deals and freebies across the country. meanwhile, no deal in delhi. oil prices tumbling to not reach an agreement oil production.
8:00 am
the home run that gave new yorkers a boost after september september 112,001. the jersey that mike piazza were that day sold in the private art. a few years ago but it will be headed home to citi field to do what scaramucci. coming up on mike piazza's jersey. morgan stanley earnings up this morning. porter profits still well above that patient. the stock is up this morning about 2% ahead of the open. the broader market indicating a lower opening. the dow industrial pretty much steady from where it's been the last hours. near the lows of the morning about 50 points of the dow industrial. all those stories coming up. with me, fox business dagen mcdowell, rose clip m. murphy and host anthony scaramucci. can't wait to hear about the jersey, anthony scaramucci. we begin with politics the hour.
8:01 am
hillary clinton looking beyond new york is bernie sanders and supporters around the attack. adam shapiro is standing by with details. >> when you say on the attack of you say well over a consumers of your primary. this is critical not only for sanders but for clinton. let's get right to the real clear politics poll because clinton maintains her lead among new york democrats. we seen the story play out before. right now clinton had 53.5%. 41.0. this is the poll of democrats between april 6th and april 15th. but in the story play out before because michigan was leading in the polls in michigan. here's what mr. anders said on the today show. >> the bottom line is let's look at the real poll tomorrow. generally speaking pullers underestimated how we do.
8:02 am
20 points down in michigan. the main point i think as we have a message resonating all over this country. with enthusiasm, energy. politics and economics that they want real change. they want leadership to stand up to the billionaire class. >> dignity or paul says hillary clinton may change or double-digit lead, but it is your sanders said the real poll is tomorrow. clinton will be at a campaign organizing events, you get get out the vote event running time. mr. sanders will have a rally among arab silly. back to you. adam shapiro and new york city today. to the other side of the aisle, the average joe's for honor donald trump still in a commanding lead your trump holds 52% of the vote. john kasich has 3% and ted cruz said in third place with 18%. the candidate i am a haul of 95
8:03 am
delegates in the entire state. terms of the agreed that cruz added to his total this week and taken all available delegate over the weekend despite the last donald trump spoke about his chances to take the nomination out of rally in new york yesterday. >> i think we are going to make it without having to rely on the bosses. i is and le money just about than practically anybody and i'm the number one position by about. don't you want that for your president? >> joining us to talk more about it is republican chairman ed kotz. let me get your take on what to expect here. we are all thinking trump will have a commanding lead. >> is going to do very well. does he get over 50%? it is under 50% in under 80 to 95 delegates, he will have a hard time winning the first ballot. it is about 80 he has a chance of winning but then he has to go
8:04 am
want to do well the other mid-atlantic states as well as indiana and very well in california west coast. >> you have a super hard job because you got to manage all these big egos. if he becomes the nominee for the state chairman microsoft going to rally. >> he's going to need us. he's going to need the party even though he's attacking it now which is good politics. he hasn't filled out the organization. >> will bygones be bygones? we supported? >> you bet. he has shown a remarkable political talent for a person has the first time in the political arena. to put it out there in a way that it sticks. >> 1997 but in the very cute now. that's a menace by fire watching them in mrs. nixon had a lot of
8:05 am
talent. who do you think richard nixon would say about the rise of donald trump? >> he's got a lot of talent. >> in terms of the donald trump rhetoric, it's broken,, and does that help get voters out this point? or not because if the system is rigged, why maven going to bother? >> particularly with his voters, get juiced up. at the same time, he's bringing on palm and affair. he's bringing on rick wiley. he's very close to reince priebus, the political director of the rnc. while he said one thing publicly, it will excite his voters. on the other hand is planted inside game. maria: dear boy paul ryan when it aired? he's not running for president. >> absolutely. you must be setting the agenda. he cares about policy. it was the battle over those bright policies that he wants to
8:06 am
set the agenda as speaker of the house. the agenda is much better than a platform at the convention. >> if he becomes the nominee and has to go raise $500 million, do you think he will be able to do that? >> i don't think so. that's why he's going to have to rely. but, the rnc has a 100 aliens or more ready to give to his demented he is the candidate. the rnc and the party will be extra crucial to his win in the general election. >> you got to raise three to $500 million. >> he hasn't had to do it. he's done very well with very little. he's got 50 organizations called republican committees and 50s days. >> has actually been hurt by the lack of money and the lack of investment in his candidacy which we saw in some of the state. that plays into it.
8:07 am
>> ted cruz has used the funds. donald trump has the funds but has not used to them to do a very good ground game. ted cruz is winning in the ground game. donald trump has turned the message around so he is turning it to his own advantage but any scripted. maria: ted cruz has denmark organized campaign. that's why you see them in california looking ahead to june 7th. our message to the other side of the aisle. a group of supporters say that in that hillary clinton earned $1000 in cash at her motorcade as it headed to a fund raiser. the fundraiser with the event coming under fire because it was $353,000 per couple. all these people throwing 90 at the car. george clooney addressed to protest this weekend. listen to this. >> i think it's an insane amount of honey. we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in payment disco.
8:08 am
they are right to protest. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it's ridiculous we should have this money in politics. maria: what hypocrisy. he is hosting the event. >> i love it because it has a double meaning. she has played the public office only to make private gain time and time again. you can see throwing dollar bills can have another meaning, too. she is cricket. that is what is now labeling her as. the fact is she and her has been have been out there making speeches. her husband sometimes makes this beach paid by people who had matters before her as secretary of state. >> for george clooney to say it's an obscene amount of money when 25 million for a movie also sounds like a lot of money but he doesn't reject it. a lot of liberal hollywood wants to talk down money when it helps them, but then they're willing to take money when it also helps.
8:09 am
>> it also plays with trump fans. maria: does anybody know where the money went? nobody got out of the car. where is the money? maria: i thought it was tomorrowland and they were angry about that. all right. give us one more look at the contest ahead of new york. there is obviously very important on your home turf. >> this has been very exciting for the new york public and party. or is the first time we've had an exciting presidential primary. going on beyond the northeast and mid-atlantic states where donald trump will do very well in indiana will be king. that is made and it's absolutelabsolutel y key. i think you'll find a lot of negative that there's fact to trump in a huge push.
8:10 am
if he wins that, he's on his way to the first ballot. dagen: louisiana is winner take all. >> no, it's winner take most. you can get three delegates in each congressional district. which is what happened in the content, would have an illinois because he had the plurality's tip relatives went to wisconsin. >> accrues campaign is looking forward to the neck contest. they think is a good position in indiana and other places. >> montana, nebraska. maria: good to see you. ed cox. tune into our special coverage of the new york primary is tomorrow. it all kicks off at 7:00 p.m. join us for the results and analysis you cannot miss )-right-paren the thought this network. apple recovered millions of dollars worth of gold after i found. a surprising number. and a home run to new york city recover from the 9/11 attack. the jersey that mike piazza were
8:11 am
that night now coming back to new york after sold for record price at auction to herbaria anthony saturday. we will have the jersey and studio coming out.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
maria: welcome back. devastating earthquakes in ecuador and japan. cheryl casone with the stories. cheryl: that's right with the death toll in ecuador continues to rise up to the nation's strongest earthquake in decades. officials say 272 people are dead and 2500 injured among ecuador's coast. they continue to dig for survivors. japan is brought to two powerful earthquakes a one thursday and another on saturday. 41 people were killed. toyota, sony and honda have temporarily closed their factories there. johnny depp and his wife have apologized to an australian court. the couple appeared in a video that was played in a court today. listen to this. >> i'm truly sorry they were not declared. protecting australia is important.
8:15 am
cheryl: plea guilty to falsify troubled document into a survey last year when he was summoned the latest private movie. prosecutors agreed to drop charges when heard pleading guilty to a lesser charge of falsifying quarantine documents. oil prices under pressure after yesterday's meeting of major acts orders and guitar come to collapse without an to freeze production. the door is not closed on a potential freeze but as he does all the other major oil producers will agree to it. talk about caching and arnold iphones. according to an annual environmental report, apple recovered more than a town of the precious metal from recycled iphones last year. this was about $40 million. gold is used in consumer electronics and resist corrosion of next week or electricity. apple has been ramping up recycling in recent years and they've got the program that
8:16 am
allows customers to recycle and the apple device at any apple store. great for us, great shareholders of apple. maria: savior of fun. thank you for that. let's talk about oil. got a gig or investment take on what's going on this morning. nobody expected libya and iran to come to the table and say we will production. you do hope with saudi arabia might be something. again, you had news out of kuwait but there's a strike there. it will take 1 million barrels per day off the market. >> in the u.s., production is down. although oil could correct 5% to 10%, we stay mid-30s. maria: down 4.5%. that's very unlikely with the american president traveling to saudi arabia this coming week. my guess is after he leaves
8:17 am
saudi arabia or during a press there whether the saudis are going to be a little. a lot to discuss with the president. i think this will be tied into it. dagen: they party had an impact because saudi arabia wanted to put our new oil producers here. show producers out of business. they certainly her production. the forecast next year is about 8 million barrels a day here in the u.s. down from 8.6 million. that's a huge draw down. maria: it's already had an impact in putting shell companies out of business, which is what they wanted to do. >> to jump on market, widens because 22% from a 24% of energy related. >> they have exposure. maria: by with anthony scaramucci acquired the jersey that might be off toward when he had the historic home run that helped new york city get back on it after the 9/11 attacks?
8:18 am
the jersey is coming back home. anthony is here and we're going to talk about it after this break your competition the fast food space is scarce as consumers look to eat more healthy. popeye's has seen sales grow every year since 2009. we'll get the recipe recipe for success was the el even if the minimum wage is going up. he's ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back of the site for $15 minimum wage after last
8:22 am
weeks protesting we know how workers double what about companies themselves. joining me now as cheryl bachelder, she's got some goodies here on out. good to see you. thank you for joining us. before we get into all this fried chicken and delicious food on fact food on fact, when asked about you about the $15 minimum wage because we've spoken to various franchisors that manages the business is to say they are going to have to make a decision. cut jobs, lower the number of work hours. how do you see it? would he do in the face of $15 minimum wage? >> there's three people involved in that decision. the employee would want to pay a fair wage. but there's also the guest who wants to share a prize. there's the local business owners who deserve a fair profit. if the minimum change were to move up as fast as the $15, the only two lovers in the business are to raise prices and to lower for employees.
8:23 am
neither of those are good. our preference is to go at a modest rate of increase that we can handle in the business and all three parties are served well. maria: you have been super successful. but cannot popeye's in the growth story. the stock has had quite a run. how do you do that and make sure you are still growing even as costs go up. >> our first priority is to satisfy our guest in our top sales. topline sales in the $20 million restaurant in the last several years and as a result owners are building within 200 restaurants both in the u.s. and around the globe. the key is to grow topline sales. >> you've seen from competitors like mcdonald's in the face of minimum wage kiosks, automated systems. i don't know how that could work. but if you look that bad a something? >> technology will absolutely be our allies around product to be,
8:24 am
making sure we can run a restaurant as efficiently as possible. you'll see a lot of gas in technology and also a lot of technology in the back of our restaurant to run more efficient. maria: despiser 15 movement is funded by the union. why are you against a higher minimum wage? are they trying to unionize you guys and they said that doorway and to say we could do the better wages and exemption from the minimum wage if you unionize. is that what's going on? >> most of the manufacturing businesses that move jobs offshore is. i think that is why you see the units focused on service industries today. what we want to focus on is job creation. when we build 200 restaurants prebuilt 30 employees per restaurant to grow our u.s. economy. we believe that the best path to
8:25 am
prosperity. breakfast is a great opportunity, but right now we are focused on growing lunch and dinner it's not business and that is then laid into her sales growth. maria: where's the innovation? mcdonald's wants to do breakfast all day. what are you doing differently? >> wide-awake feature a $5 big box which is her famous bona fide fried chicken. we also offer a lot of innovation and boneless products like ribs or chicken, tabasco flavored chicken. >> this guy has had one french fry in his entire life. maria: that's all you need sometimes, cheryl. dagen: where i come from, a snack is a chicken leg. and a coca-cola. maria: is all about customer service. if customer service. is that what is your win? >> our go forward plan is to be as famous for service and food.
8:26 am
it is all the training you to best experience possible. >> the best-selling therapies have but i can remember. thank you very much. maria: potatoes, rice. >> the fries are good. maria: they really are. >> is little biscuit. maria: thanks a lot, cheryl. still to come, and emotional homecoming for the ages. how are owned anthony scaramucci is burning scaramucci is bringing back a piece of new york mets history. a legendary chariot that mike piazza more to do if he had the iconic homerun. "saturday night live" focuses on bernie sanders about his plan to break up the big banks. >> once i'm elected president will have a nice white house team. then i will go to the big banks. i will sit them down and got down and out, yada, yada, they down and out, yada, yada, they will be broke in a period
8:27 am
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... >> good monday morning, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's monday, april 18th. 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the final push for votes is on. donald trump and hillary clinton holding strong leads headed into the primary tomorrow. earlier in the program i spoke with donald trump, jr. and asked him about his fathers comments. >> if those candidates are going to win, it's not like they have a stellar track record.
8:30 am
they have a track record of losing in the general elections because of the process. the elite, everyone wants to think they can be president and they can manipulate it because they've been involved in a long time and basically telling the people their vote doesn't mean anything. maria: meanwhile, it's tax day, stores are trying to lessen the pain, offering special deals and freebies. we'll bring you the deals. and difficulty in doha. 4 1/4% after key producer did not reach an agreement to freeze oil production. it helped them recover from the 9/11 attacks. the jersey that mike piazza war that night. anthony scaramucci is coming up. it's deadline day over yahoo!. and this is the deadline, reports say that verizon is at the top of the pack in terms of the best showing for its bid. futures beginning with a lower opening for the broader market.
8:31 am
and we're looking at oil prices down, and that's weighing in equities around the world and the lows of the morning right now. the dow is expected to open down 1/3 of a percent. spotter once again for this week for one of the funnier moments, it's the legendary sketch and comics take on the democratic debate in brooklyn. how, how? >> once i'm elect president,i'll be in the white house gym, go to the big banks and sit them down and yadda, yadda, yadda, they'll be broken up. >> no, no, you can't yadda, yadda at a debate and you yadda, yadda 'd over the best part. >> no, i mentioned it. >> secretary clinton, doesn't it suck to be the only groirl i
8:32 am
a group of guys? >> yes, my sister friend. maria: and they're paying homage to their days on the set of seinfeld. do the satire portrayals of our candidates actually influence the way that people vote? joining us is dr. cooper lawrence. good to seyou. >> thanks for having me. maria: thank you for joining us. we know what snl was instrumental in doing to sarah palin. >> right. maria: do you think that was because of nl? >> i think it's pretty hurtful. most people that watch snl don't follow politics as closely as you guys do, you kind sound bites here and there and you watch snl and solidify things about a character that makes them a character rather than a candidate. so you start to think about them in these terms, rather than in the terms of what their ideas are. maria: they haven't been able to take donald trump down and they make fun of him every week. >> well, he's a tv guy.
8:33 am
his presence, we know him from presence, he's not a politician on the floor and what was he voting for? we saw him on so many shows and know who he is, not much they can do, he has an identity. dagen: he's over the top in terms of his personality, how can you make it better when they started doing donald trump this presidential election cycle, i thought to myself, all the jokes are so obvious and kind of not funny, like where do you take it? the best part when donald trump was actually on the show in that drape parody and playing like cell phone-- and that was funny and it made him likeable. maria: made him very likeable and that's definitely the risk. >> if they're trying to scare somebody, they make them likeable. you know, i thought that donald trump was kind of cool and now people undecided thinking, you know, he's charming, maybe he can run my country. maria: the host this weekend, julia louie dreyfus took a
8:34 am
direct shot. >> i want to take a minute and apologize to the people in america what's going on in this election. you know, when we started doing our show, the idea of a presidential candidate being a cursing, narcissistic buffoon was supposed to be a joke. maria: wow. >> that's pretty harsh and also because people know who she's talking about without saying the word trump. it's pretty clear. the other thing is, when we make a choice about a candidate, our brain makes an emotional choice, so, we're already emotionally attached to a candidate. you can tell me anything about somebody, if i care about them. the best example, bill cosby, look at die-hard fans, unwilling to believe he's a rapist, despite the evidence. once you decide you're emotionally detached to somebody, you're done. >> and do you have to be a na
8:35 am
nars-- narcissiuist to run for president? >> and people who are narcissist narcissistic, in-- >> that's not a personality disorder and-- ments not from a diagnostic, they don't need medication or anything, they're higher on the narcissism scale than a regular person. maria: broadcast journalist. >> it's great for snl because of the type of election season we're seeing now and different candidates, but i think it's going to end up hurting hillary. because you have the liberal hollywood and mostly liberal and wants to knock people or candidates like trump, but i think in the depiction like especially on "saturday night live" it depicts hillary clinton as kind of crazy, you know. maria: right. >> that could end up hurting her. maria: i'm glad you brought it up, what do you think? >> it's hurtful, she's trying
8:36 am
to be taken seriously. she has so much with her. she should look, haters say there you go. >> she said the actress that does hillary clinton says it's hard for me because i'm a hillary supporter. >> she wants to play her with love and she has to do other job. it's kind of like a friar's club roast. dagen: it would be hard to find a political candidate to be hurt as much as sarah palin. she were highlighting her shortcomings. and a lot of the script that tina fey did was almost verbatim what sarah palin said in the interviews. >> and sarah palin is li-- hillary clinton is somebody we know.
8:37 am
and tina fay, i'm almost interested in tina fay than what i didn't like about sarah palin. >> who was it who did tony romo, and maria bartiromo. >> they played donald trump and did so good. what did you think of the portrayal? don: i loved it, i thought it was fantastic. >> she had ever last thing. they did me twice after the first debate, she had my pin that i had on and the second debate, she had my pearls and the look. it's pretty, it's amazing. >> they can do things with love and make you more likeable. they have that power it's impossible to make maria more likeable. >> thank you, maria tony romo. thank you for having me. cooper lawrence there. and netflix, eyes on closing bell. why analysts are looking for growth slowdown and worried about growth at home.
8:38 am
then it's a new york miss homecoming, . how we got the jersey worn on the first game following the attacks. it was in flushing queens and now it's here next.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a monday. we're expecting a lower opening for the broader averages. take a look at the stock. netflix among them. reported earnings after the closing bell and they're concerned with the lack of subscriber growth. the on-line service seeing first quarter domestic subscriptions increased to 46 1/2 million and this could be the peak for total u.s. subscribers, the under some selling process this morning. and the on-line retailer is giving customers the options to
8:42 am
pay a separate monthly subscripti subscription, costing 8.99 a month and compared to the standard nearly fees. cheaper than netflix. the race for yahoo! is on. watch that, verizon reportedly topping the pack of suitors, jo ling kent with more. >> good morning, today is the day, the deadline for the preliminary bid to buy yahoo! and try to turn this ship around. according to the wall street journal, verizon is at the head of the pack, followed by bain capital, tbg and daily mail. yahoo!'s assets could command between $4 and $8 billion. the and yahoo! could be an addition to the verizon family. market cap, 32 billion stake in alibaba, unable to spin off and verizon acquired aol last year for $4.4 billion. just as noteworthy are the companies opting out, including, time, alphabet or
8:43 am
google, comcast and barry diller's iac. and reporting after the bell tomorrow as well. there's attention on yahoo!. maria: why did the other companies back out. for example, iac? were they looking at this and saying how do you monetize it, where is the growth? >> i think part of it is that and the strategy, who are the 1 billion monthly users and what kind of value can they add. maybe they don't want to invest. maria: would you buy this? >> i would not. when you talk about suitors, verizon, tim armstrong did a great job running aol and if they were to look at the assets that come with it, i think he would do a much better job than marissa has done. >> when they experience the 1996 brands effectively,
8:44 am
turning into the 2016 brand, i guess the other thing here is that one of the wall street, we get. jeff smith at star board is act advising on this thing. george w. bush words, so the question i have, is this something that happens in the next month? do you think? >> well, we're going to see here is, this is the first deadline, right? and we've seen a couple of these, we may see some of the potential suitors reacting to the earnings news as well that comes out and later this week, and so, i sense that it's going to go on for a while even though there's been a rush and a deadline, it seems like they're taking it methodically. >> what about marissa mayors. >> if they replace the board, it seems like she would be out. depends who purchases, if we can find the right price. maria: there must have been debate, a number of board
8:45 am
members stepped down. and there's a-- >> and there was an attempted spin-off of the alibaba asset and then is it enough, reverse spin, so what you see is a lot of pressure on this company to figure out what the deal is and other people continue to advise the activism culture is playing a huge role in what yahoo!'s future is. maria: good to see you, jo. thank you so much. the futures indicating broader average ahead of the opening. and straight ahead, a jersey that mike piazza war after 9/11, and it's headed home thanks to mike scaramucci. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious
8:46 am
skies and amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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8:49 am
>> this one has a chance. home run! mike piazza and mets lead 3-2! . maria: what a moment in history. baseball history on september 21st, 2001 after new york met mike piazza hit that home run to give his team the lead and helped new york city get back on its feet after the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11. the jersey that pizza wore that night was sold by the mets in a private sale three years ago and is now returning home to new york after it was sold
8:50 am
again for a record $365,000 at auction, to and they scaramucci and two other investors. here to present the jersey is ken goldman, the ceo of goldman auctions. thank you for joining us. ins a historic moment right now because you're presenting the jersey to him. >> a big shout out to jim mccann, 1-800-flowers and my old boss, called me on the way to opening day, maria, last friday and said we've got to buy the jersey, here we are. maria: why was it so important. he gave you the idea. you want to have this. >> i think there's a symbolic metaphor in this jersey about new york and resilience, the country's resilience. we had this unspeakable horror that happened to new york and the united states, and it's about life. it sends a message to children, get back in the batter's box and swing for the fence, no
8:51 am
matter what is happening in your world, you look at this jersey, i want people to see that and that's why we're going to leave it on public display for the rest our lifetimes and our children's lifetimes. maria: i want to ask you where it's going to be. ken, the truth is i remember being on the floor of the new york stock exchange on september 17th, the day that the markets reopened after september 11th. there was a feeling, okay, we're down, but not out. we have resilience and that's why that's important. mike pizza enabled that with the home run. >> it was a great sports moment and great moment in mets history. one of the few times that a sporting moment can transcend sports and be a part of america and culture and really represent something bigger than just a game and that's what this jersey means. maria: which is why the mets-- >> new york, put it that way. maria: that's important because the mets were criticized initially to selling it to a private person, before, anthony, you brought it back to new york. >> the mets admitted that
8:52 am
mistake and we'll move on. i'm a small minor owner as is my other partners in the jersey. so we feel it's now part of the mets family and put it on public display in places where michael and his father vince piazza want to see it, at the hall of fame, and a museum and down at the 9/11 memorial when appropriate. >> i knew to my collector base, it would be something significant. and my goal as an auctioner-- >> stop touching my jersey. [laughter] >> you own it now. >> okay, i'm sorry. >> make sure the general public and the sports fans like anthony, like tony, were aware that this was happening. so, to-- you know, my job, of course, is to get the most from my consigners. >> get in the shot, in new york. >> and true mets fan.
8:53 am
>> how do you feel as a mets fan to see this like this. >> it's great to see it, thank you, anthony. maria: how do you preserve this, anthony? i know you're going to have to-- >> that's a good question. he's been to the hall, and they're going to work with this thing to get it hermetically sealed so that it's preserved for many generations. maria: ken, how would you like to see this take place and moving it to different museums? >> i think where it's most appropriate. the mets are going to retire his number and makes sense, he's going to be inducted into the hall of fame and makes sense, the jersey is there for his induction year on significant memorial events of 9/11, it's important to be at the 9/11 museum, but it's up to anthony and partners where they want to display it. the goal is to keep it on long-term public display. >> with michael in mind. wherever mike wants the jersey we'll put it. we talked to michael before we made the final bid to ken the
8:54 am
night before and so he's very happy with the situation. and i think the last thing i want to say, we are going to have this at the salt conference with us, and bring those guys out there, including jeff and mike from the hall. maria: he gets the $365,000. that was the whole criticism. hey, for that kind of money, that should go to the victims or should go to something related to the 9/11, people who are impacted. >> well, you know, sometimes when you're thinking about art and artifacts, you have to look at it from the future generations, and from the symbolism that something like this represents and so, what we really wanted to make sure that we bid a high enough price so we could take it out of that private investor's hands and put it back in the public domain. the last thing i'll tell you, i understand he's using it for college tuition, it's going to good use, but more importantly, maria, this is the city of new york. the place you and i really, really love and i could not see this thing leave our great city. maria: yeah, that was great that you moved on that. ken, good to see you.
8:55 am
thank you for joining us, ken goldin. congratulations. >> anthony, go mets, baby! . maria: final thoughts coming up. it's that time. if you haven't remembered to, pay your taxes. back in a minute. awesome. ♪
8:56 am
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>> pressure pressing down on me and pressing down on you ♪ ♪ under pressure ♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts from our all-star panel. anthony scaramucci, congratulations to you. >> thank you, maria. i like the markets, earnings better than expected. maria: earnings are supposed to be down 8%. >> supposed to be down, but i think the expectation is down worse than that and i think they'll come in better and good for the market. maria: and mike murphy, the price of oil. >> congratulations to a true new yorker, anthony, much more than mets and baseball, the jersey an awesome, a part of history forever. a what i want to watch is oil, i think it will move back up into the mid 40's and help the
8:59 am
oil equities and markets in general. maria: you need stability in order for the stock market to have stability, right, dagen. dagen: that's right, and commented, i got emotional watching that piazza home run. >> it's metaphorical for us in life, things to do when bad things are happening. dagen: that jersey symbolizes greatest in this country. maria: resilience. dagen: i may not have been born in new york, but i'm a new yorker. >> the values. dagen: i've been lost twice in the city, run over by a car, i'm a new yorker. maria: wow, all right. that will do it for us. mike furley, anthony scaramucci. great show, we're watching the show and of course, it's a big week for earnings and that will drive sentiment. that will do it for us. "varney & company" now. stuart, over to you. dagen: i will take it. good morning, everyone, we start a new week and it's a
9:00 am
whole new ball game and politics in money. bernie brought in his biggest crowd yet. s' slipping in the polls. hillary dances in washington heights and looks to win the vote in empire state. and trump tries a new quote, crooked hillary. and he now has 51% support. ted cruz takes the wyoming delegates, he played by the rules, but trump says it was rigged. that's politics. now money, no oil production freeze. down goes the price. we're back to $38 a barrel, but stocks not down much. we may still challenge 18k today. the pope brings migrants to italy on his own plane. it's a humanitarian gesture and brings the holy father right to the center of europe's political crisis.


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