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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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i mean, voters are excited to go to the voting booth, and then they learn that their vote doesn't count? how is that fair? i want to hear from you, i'll see you back here tomorrow. enjoy this nice weather on east coast a as we look at a market that is just up, i'm sending it to liz. liz: yeah. about one and a half points away from dow 18,000, but it's finally made an appearance again, exactly two and a half hours ago, first time since last july we've even seen that number. we're watching oil like a hawk at this hour. it's doing a late afternoon about-face. it had been down more than 6%, paring nearly all of those losses. the markets, the economy and what we pay for oil sure to play a major role in the race for the white house. all five presidential candidates spending the day campaigning in the empire state one day before the crucial new york primary. republican front-runner donald trump meeting with a diverse coalition of supporters after spending the weekend blasting
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the gop establishment for what he calls rigging the system. trump fuming over what he calls colorado's voterless victory, but coming up we've identified the next three states mr. trump may peg as rigged. democratic front-runner hillary clinton staying on message at this hour. she just spoke minutes ago claiming today this is a live picture, actually, she's still up there, claiming she will go even further than the president when it comes to helping immigrants. you're looking at these live pictures of the former secretary of state meeting in midtown manhattan. the comments perfectly timed to today's supreme court hearing on the very issue of immigration. our political panelists on whether trump and hillary have what it takes on whatever issue to hold off the challengers in new york. meanwhile, bernie sanders wants to break up the banks. you've heard him say that before. so does the minneapolis fed president. the difference? neel kashkari has a detailed plan on how he will do it. that plan actually just got more
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detailed in the past two hours. coming up, neel kashkari is with us in a fox business exclusive on not just the what, but the how he will break up the too big to fail financials. plus, the latest stunning video from the devastating earthquakes, opec's disaster in doha and hamilton saving face. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: okay, with all of what i just articulated, the tax man come earth. only a few more hours to file your 2015 taxes, and while people are scrambling to file returns, the dow is scrambling to stay above 18,000 or even get to it. we first crossed the mark today at 12:31 p.m. eastern. right now we're just a few points, make that five and a half points below it. anything can happen in this last hour of trade.
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we shall see if we get there. we're watching it every second of the way. the doha dust-up might have been considered a huge bust from a global policy standpoint, but here in the u.s. oil settled at $39.78 a barrel. some of the biggest movers -- and, by the way, the s&p energy sector is the big leader right now -- exxon, chevron, schlumberger, all of them moving higher. the low of the session was $37.61, so we are well above that right now. what else is at work here? magical world of disney, responsible for most of the gains on the dow thanks to this. the company was upgraded by pivotal research, and the movie "thejungle book" this weekend earning $104 million in north america. i don't like kids' movies, that one looks really dramatic. i like drama. i like leopards or whatever that was. shares of disney moving higher by 3%. it's a leopard, right? black leopard? something?
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we'll get back to that in a second. to politics and the polls. well, they are set to open here in new york tomorrow morning, but the campaigning in the empire state still going fast and furious. team fox business coverage, peter barnes at trump tower with the republicans and adam shapiro in midtown covering the democrats. we're going to start with the republican. buckle up, folks, we are officially in the home stretch in the 'em state. it was quite the victorious weekend for senator ted cruz. he won 14 of 14, all the delegates for the wyoming state convention on saturday. but trump, not happy. earlier today senator cruz made an appearance on "good morning america," and he called out his pouting -- and i quote, pouting -- rival are, donald trump, who says the system is rigged. >> senator cruz, how do you respond to what he's saying? >> well, listen, donald is not a complicated man to understand. he doesn't handle losing well. there have been a total of five states that have voted in the
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last three weeks. in those five states starting from utah, north dakota, wisconsin, colorado and wyoming, 1.3 million people voted in those five states, and he lost all five. we have won five in a row. and donald's upset, so he's throwing a fit. liz: wyoming, of course, is in the rearview mirror. it's now full speed ahead to the big apple. on your screen, the delegate count stands at 756 delegates for trump compared with 559 for ted cruz. there are 95 delegates up for grabs in new york. fox business' peter barnes, as we said, right there at trump tower in midtown, manhattan. peter, look, the new york victory for trump, what does that do for him as it clears a path to maybe the next state, but more importantly, what does it do for the gop nomination he wants to snag? >> well, liz, over the weekend trump said that a good showing here in new york, getting most if not all of those 95
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republican delegates was, quote with, vital to his campaign for the republican nomination. so we'll see where he ends up with it. he's expected to get the lion's share of delegates tomorrow once all the votes are counted, but i've seen some estimates that his, that he could get as low as 60, and his rivals could get others based on some modeling of some of the congressional districts throughout the state. nonetheless, trump is not taking any votes for granted. he headed off to buffalo just a little while ago where he's going to hold a campaign rally tonight and where he is acting like the presumptive front-runner and testing out some new, tough lines against hillary clinton. take a listen. >> and then, of course, we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary, folks. she's been crooked from the beginning, and to think that she has a shot at being our
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president, crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. >> reporter: clinton herself was asked about this line of attack on a television interview yesterday, and she said doesn't bother me, i'm not paying attention. [laughter] liz, back to you. liz: peter, thank you very much. listen, never a dull moment. then, of course, it ramps up when you're here in new york. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders doing more than holding on in new york. listen to, 28,000 people showed up for his rally in brooklyn yesterday, but then you look at this. the presidential hopeful took advantage of the nice weather in new york city today where as he was out walking, he came upon a verizon protest. yes, the union that represents verizon workers was there, and sanders charged straight into the thick of it. check this out. look at this. he is walking through it. i'm not going to say that the crowd parted like the red sea, but, boy, were they excited. lots of selfies, a lot of chants
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of bernie, bernie. sanders still trailing hillary clinton by a significant margin in new york, but when asked how he felt about tomorrow's vote, here's what he said: >> good. large voter turnout. i think we're going to do just fine. i'll talk today to make sure there is a large voter turnout. liz: people driving by yelling bernie, bernie. how is hillary clinton feeling about tomorrow? let's get to adam shapiro. he's at the hilton midtown where mrs. clinton just spoke at a go tv event. [applause] >> reporter: well, liz, she's still speaking, although she's about to wrap with up, but the latest polls, at least the real clear politics average, shows she's growing her lead over bernie sanders. at this point she has 53.6% of the democrats, and sanders has 41.6% of the democrats. she's addressing this crowd talking about women's issues, promising to protect reproductive rights but also fighting, she says, for equal pay. here's a little bit of what she
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had to say. >> when the opposition organizes to go after one of us, they're really going after all of us. they have gone after unions to undermine the american labor movement, they have gone after planned parenthood and the work that it has done and the very basic constitutional right granted to women under roe v. wade to make our own decisions about the most personal health care choices. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: now, mrs. clinton is starting to wrap up, but you should know that her husband was on the stump for her earlier today, and he said nothing is guaranteed despite the growing poll numbers. >> anybody before an election is live anything a dream world. i've had elections where i won
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every county in my native state, and i was still nervous before the election. >> reporter: so hillary clinton charged and ready for tomorrow. the primary polls open at six a.m. liz, back to you. liz: wow, adam, you know what that articulates a mirror image of the bernie side, and that's get out the vote. adam, thank you very much. we're going to have much more on the race for the white house in just minutes. sanders' campaign advise arer or chuck roca is coming up. we're going to talk to him about what his candidate must do to nab more delegates in new york. the dow, as we mentioned, touching 18,000 for the first time since july. we're about ten points below it at this hour. so as we battle to break the psychological level for the dow, what should investors be watching for? how should they play it? or should they just step aside and watch it happen? let's get right to the floor show, traders at the new york
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stock exchange, cme group and the nymex. tim anderson, to you. we hit it at 12:31, again at 12:43, we're slightly below it. does it matter to a trader like you? >> not at the margins. if we close 10 or 15 points below or above, today is about the impressive turn-around we've had in oil and, clearly, the strike against the cue beatty -- kuwaiti state oil firm very much negated the lack of an agreement in doha. and oil is has come back from down being 4% deficit to really being very close to unchanged. and a lot of people that were betting against an agreement in doha has kind of scrambled during the day to cover a lot of shorts they put on last week. liz: sure. i think that's exactly what's happening, alan. you're down at the nymex.
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as we look and see exactly what tim was saying, look, there's a strike in kuwait. not to mention the fact that as of yesterday kuwait's output is down 50%. so perhaps it's sort of the belief that drives the price back closer to where it was a couple of days ago. but this is a pretty dramatic about-face. i would venture to say this earlier, price was down nearly 7%. >> well, the way i'm looking at it is this is very short-lived. i think we have a little bit more rally here, but that's it. we're going down. there's an oversupplied market. they couldn't come out with a meaningful agreement. this is not good for crude oil. yes, we did have some events that happened that bolstered crude oil a bit. i also think there's some longs in the market that don't want to get out just yet. we had a big dell selling come in around the 42 level, and i think we're going to see that again if we dorally up, and from there not much higher after that, down we go, and i think we're going to see $32 in not the distant future. liz: okay.
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it settled at $39.78. i just want our viewers to know that. mark sebastian, what brought the market back up above 18,000? got great, great box office numbers in for disney, so that's a dow component that's pleasing the charge. hasbro has some great numbers out. but what else? doesn't it have to be more than those two names, or combined does that do more for consumer discretionary that lifts the whole boat? >> i think it was the break between the s&p and oil itself. we saw oil open almost 7% yesterday and the s&pes are down almost half a percent. that sends futures traders, they almost universally came in short stepping in to cover. then we just have a total sandbagging of earnings season coming in here. so the expectations that were set heading into earnings season are so low, it was almost universal hi impossible for companies to miss expectations, and that's really what's driving the market higher.
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we've had kind of the panic in oil. even if we get back to 32, doesn't really matter for the equity markets the way it did. liz: shouldn't. >> that panic is over. and now and sandbagged earnings. if earnings are going to be better than the street is looking for because expectations are so low. liz: yeah. the expectation is earnings will be down about 7.7%. i know, mark, you probably know this, maybe, allan, you might and harley too, but the dow has crossed that 18,000 line 0 times -- 30 times today. so you've got to stay with us all hour. we've got 45 minutes left. thanks, guys, good to see you. our lovely traders. closing bell, as i said, we're about 45 minutes away. i mentioned hasbro, frozen toys, disney toys, it's done are well. and "star wars" toys, giving the toymaker a pop on wall street. hasbro's revenue and profits beating expectationings. look at the stock, jumping 5.5
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president for ticker symbol has. up next, we just showed you bernie wading into that crowd of verizon workers. he wants to break up the banks, he's said that many times, but he recently had trouble explaining how he would do that. minneapolis fed president neel kashkari wants to do the same thing, but he's got the plan. he actually just added one new component to it. he's here in a fox business exclusive to tell you how he'll do it. that's next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> how exactly are you going to break up the big banks? >> you mean a big bank break-up? >> yeah, a break-up. >> you break 'em up! once i'm elected president, i'll have a nice -- in the white house gym, i'll go to the big banks, and yada, yada, yada, they'll be broken up. [laughter] liz: okay, so while marchty david's -- larry david's bernie sanders couldn't articulate how he plans to break up the banks, our next guest considers doing things differently, and he has launch add year-long plan to insure big financial firms won't be bailed out by you, the taxpayer, again.
3:20 pm
the man behind the plan to which he's just added one new component joins me in a fox business exclusive, minneapolis federal reserve ceo and president, neel kashkari. welcome, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me, liz. liz: you just smoke to the -- spoke to the minnesota chamber of commerce, and you had three points you articulated a couple of weeks ago, now you've added a fourth. i want to put up on screen the original three. break up the big banks, make sure they have more rainy day funds, taxing rev las leverage,d here's the fourth, alternative resolution mechanisms. mr. cash carry, you need to tell me what that means. >> sure. well, those are four options that experts have approached us with as ways of solving the too big to fail problem. we may be adding more in the future. we're keeping our minds open. once a bank gets into trouble, how do we make sure the
3:21 pm
government can allow it to fail without causing chaos in fan markets? you remember when -- in financial markets? the dodd-frank law, with its living will and the resolution mechanism built in there, is trying to allow banks to fail. we saw what the results of the living wills at the biggest banks, many of them are still too big to fail, so some other experts have proposed, for example, new chapters of bankruptcy or other alternatives that could allow regulators to wind down a bank, to haircut their bondholders, keep it running but not bring down the whole financial system. and we -- this is a really complicated issue. we're trying to dig into a lot of detail to make sure that taxpayers are not on the hook, and the financial system is sound and safe. liz: what do you worry about, neel? and i ask because you watched and participated in post-financial crisis dealings to try and fix the situation. please tell me what you see now that is extremely worrisome to you when it comes to the big
3:22 pm
financial institutions. >> well, the biggest risk right now that i'm worried about is just that we're running out of time. if we don't act while we still remember how bad the crisis was, i'm afraid we're going to turn the chapter on this. we're going to tell ourselves, hey, this problem can't happen again. and in 20, 30, 50 years from now we may face another terrible crisis like we faced in 2008. as you know, societies tend to forget. everybody moves on. we need to deal with the crisis once and for all, deal with the too big to fail issue so that 20 or 50 years from now we're not back in the same situation. liz: everybody thought that dodd-frank would make sure, and we were promised this, that there wouldn't be too big to fail banks. and part of it was, folks, you guys running the big banks have to have capital requirements, meaning a lot of cash on the books. so i believe they have been at about 3% of shareholder capital. now they've upped that to 6% which is a lot of money to have as dry powder. why isn't that enough?
3:23 pm
you say that needs to be raised how much higher? >> well, one of our presenters from stanford presented a plan that said it should be around 25%. liz: whoa. >> you know, nonbanks typically fund themselves with about 30% or more dam. and yet -- capital. and yet our banks are running at single digits. if they only make a minor decision in some of their investment decisions, that capital could all be wiped out. and then it's the taxpayers -- liz: do you agree with that number, 25%? where do you stand on that? >> well, i think it needs to be a lot higher. again, just think about a minor mistake. a minor mistake, a 5%, 6% mistake, and your capital's gone. and so i think it needs to be a lot higher than it is, but i don't want to prejudge. we need to look at all of the alternatives, do the cost and benefits and then figure out what the right answer is. so we're only early in our process, but we're making good process. liz: before we go, the smaller guys, the regional banks have been terribly affected by bigger
3:24 pm
bank regulation. they've been almost held to the same standards. meantime, i think it was more than 500 regional and smaller banks went under during the financial crisis, and the world sure viefed. -- survived. should they be excluded from some of these onerous plans that you, in your mind, have? >> they should. i'm focused on the biggest banks that could bring down the financial system. my view is if we can really address the too big to fail issue, then i'm hopeful we can relax some of the regulations that are weighing down the small and mid-sized banks that are not be at risk of bringing down the u.s. economy. i agree with you 100%. liz: okay. will you come back? we really appreciate your perspective. >> absolutely. thank you very much for having me. liz: neel kashkari. okay, 36 minutes before the closing bell rings. we're at 17,986. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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liz: breaking news, take a look at the dow jones industrials. up 96 points, but we are just seven points away from hitting dow 18,000.
3:29 pm
we've been there, what, more than 30 times today. but it's the first time we've seen 18,000 since last july are. look, folks, it is a key psychological level. not sure it means anything more than that. but the volume is thin. we need to tell you it's running about 10% below the one-month average, suggesting that traders are lacking conviction when it comes to this rally. either way, it's a nice number to look at if you're bullish. breaking news, the broadway smash hit hamilton just won the pulitzer prize for drama. hamilton is the first musical to win the drama award since next to normal which was back in 2010. and it appears alexander hamilton himself is safe for now, at least when it comes to the bills in your wallet. last year we told you there was a lot of talk that the first secretary of the treasury for the whole united states would be removed from the $10 bill or even maybe share it with a woman. this past october i sat down with secretary jack lew who hinted he already had a design
3:30 pm
in the works, but we pushed him on what it was. the $10 bill redesign. [laughter] everybody talks about this thing. how running high with emotions. >> we're going to honor alexander hamilton. we're going to, but we're also going to have women on our currency, and there are going to be depics of what it means -- depictions of what it means of to have democracy in america. i also have made clear that the $10 bill is the first bill to come out in a new series, and there are going to be some changes in some other bills as well. so stay tuned. liz: okay. the stay tuned is happening this week. in large part due to the popularity of what you're seeing, this hit broadway show, hamilton. it seems like the treasury will be rethinking its strategy. there are reports it seems more likely andrew jackson will get the boot off the $20 bill. kind of less popular. and will be replaced by a woman. but once again, breaking news. himhamilton just won the pulitzr prize for drama. who do you think should be the
3:31 pm
new face of the $20? [laughter] andrew jackson, you're done! not for sure, but that's probably what's going to happen. who should be on it? a woman that you like? connect with us on social media, let me know. @lizclaman is my twitter handle, like our facebook page, and all the links to everything we do is on 17,986. we are watching this number extremely closely. will we hit it in just 29 minutes or close above it? we're watching it minute by minute. donald trump may have the majority when it comes to new york republicans in the latest polls, but it isn't stopping him from going after minority voters. the donald's diversity push and whether it will help put him over the 50% mark for a clean sweep of the empire state, the primary in just 24 hours. that and more next on "countdown." the dow is up 90.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average right now, 17, 990, up 93 points. watching this minute by minute to see if we can close above that key psychological level. the s&p 500 right now is up 12 point toes at 2092. now, prices are stabilizing here after an oil worker strike in kuwait slashed the country's output by more than half. major oil producers failed to agree to cut output over the weekend. check out morgan stanley shares, up about six-tenths of 1%. the wall street bank's first quarter profits crumbled by more than half. now, a key metric, return on equities, came in at 6.2%, missing estimates. much more "countdown" coming up right after this.
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liz: republican front-runner donald trump already furious about what he called the, quote, voterless victory for ted cruz in colorado, is gearing up to face upcoming primaries in states with more tricky delegate rules. here's what fox business and "countdown to the closing bell" found. in indiana, folks, you need to know that the republican party chooses its delegates before the primary occurs, and so far only 1 57 appears -- 1 of 57 appears to be a trump supporter. pennsylvania, trump is leading in the polls there, but 54 out of the 71 delegates there are unassigned and can vote for whomever they want in a convention. then there's west virginia with a six-page-long republican ballot that places the delegate elections behind the state and county races. voters may not even finish that.
3:38 pm
of let's bring in fred barnes along with steve murphy. fred, look, them's the rules, and we've said this before, but starting to look at state after state with different ways of doing things. that's the way it was organized as a democracy. but is this going to be a turning point in changes that eventually come to pass? >> well, it may, but not this election. you know, maybe in 2020. donald trump and people who work for him either knew what the rules were in these other states like indiana and west virginia and pennsylvania, or if they didn't know, they were, as trump might say, losers. they should have known. i mean, it's just ridiculous for them to pretend like somehow the election is rigged against trump. he's way ahead for one thing, and -- but i do give him credit. by using this argument that it's rigged and it's unfair and i'm being cheated, that's become the number i one issue. that's the headline, that's the headline every week, and he's good at maintaining those top
3:39 pm
headlines. liz: well, i'll tell you what ted cruz's campaign might be better at is patiently reading the fine print in the rules of all of these states. that brings me, you know, to the democratic side of this, steve. is one candidate smarter at doing that than the other? the clintons are extremely experienced, but bernie sanders seems to be racking up the delegate count too. >> first of all, on the democratic side, the rules are different. the candidates have control over who the delegates are on the democratic side and have had for 30 some odd years. no, bernie is 2.5 million votes behind hillary, and hillary a couple hundred elected delegates ahead of bernie sanders, and if bernie is saying he's going to win the new york primary when every single poll shows him ten points or more behind, i think he's setting himself up for either i win this one, or i start moving out of this race. liz: although we had a new poll, and bernie was really gaining on hillary. so i, i venture to always really
3:40 pm
look at these polls cautiously. they're changing moment by moment. fred? >> i'm talking about the new york poll. liz: in the new york poll. but in the national polls, sanders is starting to gain on hillary. fred, looking at, say, for example, we have sanders at 46%, hillary's at 48% in the fox news overall poll, i want to get to john kasich because we're short on time. does he have to finish ahead of cruz in all of the states that we just talked about, whether it's indiana, west virginia, etc., to actually get to the convention and stand a chance? >> well, it would sure help if he does it, you know? i don't know whether he can get rid of this you have to win a majority of the delegates in eight states. getting rid of that rule's going to be hard, but it would be impossible for him to have a successful fight to get rid of that rule and then be on the ballot as a presidential nominee potentially if he's losing to cruz everywhere. i mean, look, he's won in one state, ohio, his home state. liz: i know. >> the truth is kasich, i think
3:41 pm
kasich has the best chance if he's nominated to defeat hillary clinton, but he's so far from being nominated, it's impossible. liz: steve, we've got to run, but donald trump is now calling hillary crooked, just like he called ted cruz lyin'. does any of this stick beyond his own voters? >> no. donald trump has a record high negative of his own to worry about. and calling hillary clinton names isn't going to make a difference. liz: thanks so much for joining us on a busy day. more on the break for the white house in just minutes. we've got bernie sanders' campaign adviser, chuck roca, we'll talk to him about this and much more coming up. the dow just three points away from dow 18,000. we've got 19 minutes to go before the closing bell rings. will we hit it? will we go above it? we're on thin volume. but still up 100 points for the dow. it was a total failure to communicate for opec this weekend.
3:42 pm
leading to another plunge for oil. the reasons for the rifts and the doha disaster. more importantly, will it affect the prices you pay at the pump in the near term? more "countdown" coming up, on the way. ♪ ♪ tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. liz: breaking news, i have my finger on the confetti button, but we're not break it out just yet. i want to see a close above 18,000 before i press the button. we are above it right now, 18,000we are above it. miserable ministers at a much-anticipated meeting in doha, qatar, yesterday, and that's because the meeting is considered to be a failure by at least most of them as the major players involved were unable to
3:47 pm
come to an agreement on cutting global oil production. that sent oil prices plummeting more than 7% in today's trading session. but guess what? recovery. now we're down only 1.5%. let's bring in a man who has long distinguished himself asking having the best track record covering crude, fidel gate on the phone right now. fidel, why did this doha talk fail? we knew it would, we told our viewers nothing would come of it, and sure enough, nothing came of it. >> well, basically, it was dead on arrival. saudi arabia tried to put pressure on the iranian government, and the iranian government called their bluff. and they said we are not, not only that we are not going to adhere to any accord, but we are not even going to attend the meeting because -- [laughter] they said it's a joke. liz: that's right. >> so the saudis are playing more geopolitics than economics. liz: yeah. >> at the end of the day, they had no intention whatsoever of
3:48 pm
bringing oil prices back up to a realistic level. they want to punish russia and iran because of their meddling in the middle east. saudi arabia 's top priority is security, not economics. they have about $700 billion in foreign assets that can bridge the budget gap for another four or five years, so they have more breathing room. but the iranians don't, and the russians don't. liz: why then, fidel, oil plummeted about 7% overnight and then early this morning. why has it recovered nearly all of its losses? >> because of short covering. a lot of people were betting bigtime that that is going to bring oil prices much lower, and they will stay lower. but they forgot one thing, that oil prices are artificially low and unsustainable at $30 or $40, and they will have to see much higher level, above $50, in order for us to have an equilibrium in the marketplace. liz: yes or no, are we going to
3:49 pm
get above 50? doesn't sound like it. >> before the end of the year we're going to hit 50, and before the end of next year we're going to hit 60. liz: he knows his stuff. we just had a trader no way, it's going to 32. please join us again. fidel gheit of oppenheimer. after a whirlwind weekend ahead of tomorrow's primary, a record crowd gathered last night in brooklyn. here are the pictures from it. senator bernie sanders came with a message: doesn't matter if he wins new york, he just are needs to do well enough to stay in the game. so how much does sanders need to clip hillary's lead to call new york a win? i'm joined now by chuck rocha, bernie sanders' campaign adviser. okay, give us the numbers. >> well, i'll tell you this, starting tomorrow there are 1,661 delegates up, and there are less than 200 delegates separating the two candidates, so this thing is far from over, and we have the momentum. bernie's won the last seven or
3:50 pm
eight races, and is up tomorrow, and we're going to let the people's wheel be heard. liz: there was a star-studded event in hollywood, george clooney was the propellant behind it, and suddenly somebody said, boy, these tickets were expensive, a lot of money in politics, and he -- it seemed -- agreed with bernie sanders' message that, yes, there was too much of that in politics. what did you all make of that? >> well, i think that the actor, i think other activists on the democratic side understand what citizens united has done to our elections when they said corporations are people and let people give unlimited amounts to these super pacs, and these coordinated campaigns where all bernie sanders has are millions of individuals giving $27 a shot. over six million individual contributions. that's what democracy should be about, the will of the people, the people giving you money and a little bit every month to say i want my values to be heard, and you're the candidate i believe in. liz: well, that was very
3:51 pm
interesting to see mr. clooney raise all that money for hillary and then, of course, there you are. kind of agrees with bernie at least on one thing. i'll tell you who does agree with bernie, spike lee, who put out a brand new ad that had a lot of appearances by african-american actors, and i think that this was an interesting move, because he was going with a lot of people of color, a lot of women in here. where bernie in the past has been weak. what are your internal numbers showing about how he's doing with these groups that he really needs for new york, certainly? >> well, we see in every state the more people who get to know bernie sanders, the more votes he does. when he started out nine months ago, nobody knew him outside of vermont. it took a long time for people to hear his message, and when they did, they moved to him. they didn't do it overnight because it took a while to understand exactly where he stood. every day more people come onboard, more people of color, people like me who have been here, lived here, care about their jobs staying in america, hear about the message of hope,
3:52 pm
and i think that it's resonating. that's why you see him winning all of these states back to back leading up to new york. liz: well, harry belafonte joining the feel the bern team. good to see you, chuck. >> thanks for having me. liz: keep it right here. all the action tomorrow night, neil cavuto and the fox business all-stars covering every angle beginning at 7 p.m. eastern, don't miss it. closing bell, we're just eight minutes away. the deadline for yahoo! bids, today. but could tomorrow's earnings report for yahoo! after the bell spell doom for embattled ceo marissa mayer? who's in, who's out, who will win this one? and will the bulls win dow 18,000? we'll know in eight minutes. you can't move, we're at 17,997 this very second. don't leave me.
3:53 pm
. . . .
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3:55 pm
liz: we are minutes away from the closing bell. we are just slightly, there we are, dow 18,000.
3:56 pm
will we close here? i'm not so sure that is the big issue. guess what? we have big-name earnings coming out after the bell. including ibm. hi, lori, what are you seeing there? reporter: liz, we have ibm and netflix die out with latest quarterly earning after the bell. we're expecting some significant price moves on the back of these earning results either up or down. ibm is up a little bit ahead of report. investors expect $3 of volatility either up or down from ibm as a result of its numbers. netflix, other volatility, 6 1/2 bucks. let me give you a couple quick he details. ibm, look for cloud, mobile security, big data to be in focus. the numbers, $2.09, first quarter on 18.3 billion in revenue. ibm met or exceed eps in the
3:57 pm
next six quarters. amazon has competing product, netflix is struggling under the competition in the space. liz: lori, thank you. we need to talk about yahoo!. the clock is ticking as potential buyers interested in all or part of yahoo! need their bids today. new name flashing on the wires, possibly to jump into the unbelievable race as it clicks down, we have kevin kelly. y. , yellow pages. this is a company, yp. yellow pages. i didn't know they had this much cash on the books. >> this goes to private equity coming in really wanted to strip yahoo! of the big overhang they have. they're really bloated especially what they do with their platform and as well as their advertising. yp can come in. they have a big sales force. they have 3300 salespeople this
3:58 pm
he can sell who's ad digitally. they need the background, older media than yahoo! is interested in it. liz: stock is flat. yp holdings, "daily mail." have you peg ad winner? >> everyone is pegging on verizon coming in. they can monetize the core asset. right now you look at the stock price, it is being negative value. it is a hamper. yahoo! japan as well as alibaba is really the monetary value of the company. so verizon can come in, put it on their mobile platform. that is the exact problem marissa mayer has had with the company. she a has not been able to deliver. david: is -- liz: is she out. >> shareholders voted her out. she bungled everything. decastro brought him in from google with the big pay pack edge and acquiring tumbler for one billion dollars. they will rely on facebook ads.
3:59 pm
market voted her out and verizon won't need her. liz: as soon as we know who getting the winning bid, we're looking slightly below 18,000. 17,999. do you think we get there? first time since last july? >> i think we do get there. disney is helping. they upgraded today. tomorrow is the biggest telling day for the dow this earnings season. ibm reporting after the bell as well as goldman reporting tomorrow. those are two of top three constituents in the dow. that will dictate. liz: disney is the driver, folks at least today, up about 3%. as you look at this not a lot of conviction. we've been up and down 32 times a at the 18,000 level alone. >> absolutely. apple is weighing it down. disney got up frayeded because it is trade at low historical evaluation.
4:00 pm
liz: kevin kelly. listen, dave. do we have it? we're straddling the line. i pressed the button. yes. i pressed the confetti button. dow 18,000. remember, folks still has to settle. we don't know for sure. david, melissa, you guys take it. melissa: we'll take it. david: well at least we can say the dow was hitting 18,000 today. melissa: there it is. david: looks like it will close and settle above the 11,000 level, just by three point but we'll take it. here is where we're ending the day. all indices are up. not just the dow. the nasdaq is up substantially as he well. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis and this is "after the bell." we'll get you right back to the markets but first here's what's happening at this hour. all right, we are less than than 24 hours away from the first voting in new york. candidates are out in full force. crucial contest for


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