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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i maria bartiromo. coming to you live from the roof of our thoughts are studios overlooking new york city where it is primary day tuesday, april 19th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast or the battle for new york front and center this morning. the polls are open at the polls are open at the spymaster reeks of crisscrossing the state from the candidates of their last bid for those of you fight to the finish line. donald trump hoping to sweep all of the 95 delegates on the republican side. hillary clinton taken a more cautious approach. >> when we do, we are going to get a little bit of the race. they all say traficant all say trump against clinton is going to be the greatest voter turnout in the history of our country and i think that's true. that's why there is a good thing. it good for us. the more people that come the better. historically, our country has done very, very poorly in voter turnout. >> we also have to get ready for the general election, which is
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going to be really challenging. maria: the latest on the race and what new york means going forward. devastating flood in houston texas had five people have been killed had hundreds others rescued from highlighters or thousands left without power. more rain in the forecast today. dramatic pictures to mr. in toronto, canada. a woman jumping a fence into a tiger enclosure. for that say why she risked her life to do so. condi a blast and jc hit with a lawsuit on the title by one fan says the rapper trick users in netflix to watch today. the company reported earnings for subscriber growth. however the output disappointed to beat analysts and investors concerned about slowing growth the stock under pressure this morning. global markets rebounded smartness oil prices helping
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stocks recovered from a weakness yesterday. nikkei average the big winner overnight. the top performer at gain of three and one 3%. see in strength across the board and european indices of between two thirds of a percent and two and a quarter%. the dax in germany, in the u.s. expecting a higher opening for the broader averages. at 67 points on the dow jones industrial average oversee money and the s&p and nasdaq. this after the dow industrials closed above 18,000 yesterday. the first time that happened since july. all a fantasy come to you live from the roof at the fox stauber camcorders. joining us this morning for the show, sandra smith in "the wall street journal" john hills in rats. happy new year primary day. a lot of fun. maria: lights outside. the post just up in. this is the city that never sleeps.
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>> what makes this remarkable this particular election is three candidates are new yorkers. one is the adopted state hillary clinton. and then there is one from brooklyn, maria. i knew she would raise the roof. we are sitting in the center of it all. maria: baptistery. stay with us this morning. form up on the chief of staff of the best. congressman peter king, kasich advisor trent duffy and democratic congressman charlie wrangle. you don't want to mess it appears to sandra, john and myself for the next three hours. give me your primary election officially underway. 291 delegates in play for democrats. then decided stake for republicans. donald trump is the path of the republican side was 756 delegates so far. hillary clinton had with 1759 delegates so far. that does include 469
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superdelegates. trump and hillary clinton also made clinton also leading respective parties in new york according to an average of polls from real clear politics to trump up a nine-point lead over ted cruz. bernie sanders inching closer to hillary clinton, trailing behind by only one plane at this point. all five candidates speaking of yesterday making their final push for the entire states. >> making horrible deals, with people that don't know what they are doing. companies are moving to mexico and everyplace else. we have nafta, which is by the way the clinton deal. and as you know, he'll clinton was married to crooked hillary clinton. you know that. you know that. and that is a total disaster. >> i think is the donkey of the decade.
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>> he does scare me. >> you all look like you want a political revolution. >> is popular and there's not difference between bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> i've said for months that is basically blown off by you folks are that folks are not as foucault to an open convention. maria: things are getting interesting. joining us, republican strategist and talkshow host richard fowler. good to see you both. new york. how important as you look ahead to the next upcoming contest the pennsylvania, california and in may, places like indiana. >> it's really important for donald trump and hillary clinton because this is largely about delegates. you have to win in nine delegates he needed to clinch the nomination. both donald trump and hillary clinton are coming off of a couple bad weeks. for donald trump, senator ted
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cruz and wisconsin also picked up delegates in wyoming and colorado. a lot of articles and conversation about his lack of organizational strength. donald trump will really want to bring it home tonight in his home state of new york and one shared delegates. hillary clinton wants to do everything she can to lead bernie sanders in the rearview mirror. she'll need a big win tonight in new york to help her do that. maria: your thoughts on new york and the importance for this election year. >> new york is important for donald trump. if he can do well tonight which all the polls indicate he will, this will give him the momentum going into the other northeastern states. pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut and this could lock up the nomination for donald trump. he only has to win 50 some odd% of the delegates to have a real shot at this thing. this will give them an opportunity to do it which is
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why he has been something like crazy. for the democrats, hillary clinton has to do really well in new york city if she plans on becoming the nominee for the democratic party. bernie sanders has to show his bio oil which will allow him to raise more money on mine for the next couple weeks as he goes into maryland and pennsylvania. either way, tonight is the big night. >> financial services, the largest industry in new york. characterize the economy. what is going through voters minds? when you look at industries, financial services, health care. >> there's an upstate and downstate issue here. donald trump and bernie sanders playing better upstate. you will see donald trump talking about all the terrible deals and we saw that, on the terrible deals that hurt manufacturing upstate.
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downstate this is more hillary's area. and wall street, wall street did really well with the clintons in the 1990s and that is something both bernie and trampled the hammering her about. >> they continue to say where are those transcripts from the speeches for which she received $250,000. bernie sanders has been hitting even harder on those items in recent days. when you look at the contest on the left, you look at hillary clinton almost trying to make it look like it's a really tight close race would pull it obviously still shows she is by far and away the front-runner of the race. >> we also see signs of hillary and new yorkers hurrying trump going after each other, signs of a national campaign to look like. hillary talking about trump units carry guide and transaction about how crooked she is.
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if that's where campaign to come away look at a lot of crooked and scary. >> one and 3 million people, 27% of new york voters are ineligible to vote today due to the fact favor of register outside the democratic party's. that is a significant number of voters say their party affiliation was switched without their knowledge. he said, are your thoughts on this? is that a high number to you? does that surprise you? >> this one is interesting. i think republicans should be voting in primaries than democrat should be voting in the democratic party. i believe the individuals who fired the lawsuit, the party affiliation was switched without their knowledge. that's the problem for individuals who filed the lawsuit. quite interesting because they have one of the earliest deadlines to such party affiliation which i believe is last october.
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a lot of these guys don't even know that they're going to vote for until the final week heading into the primary. that does create confusion for voters who may be started paying attention to the race at the last minute or until the past month or so. >>t makes syndication part makes syndication part in terms of word new york rose. >> that's absolutely right, maria. the fact you have to set your registration in october of almost eight or nine months prior to the primary seems to be annexed questionnaire process for disenfranchising voters. but the democrat and republican side. this time we saw some famous folks. the trump kids will not vote for their father in the third fortunate. go back to one point sandra made about hillary clinton trying to downplay her win tonight. this way hillary clinton is doing it. she understands she has to bring this party together. recent polls indicating 13% of
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voters plan not to vote for her if she's the nominee. a lot of work to do when it comes to soul-searching and soul mending. like a church service to get us back together. the republican party will have to have a resurrection. >> should make sure her supporters go out and vote for her. >> she has a much better ground campaign right now when it comes to the general election. that will help her. >> she's got a better ground campaign. that is where we see the shakeups going on in terms campaign. >> maria, one of the big problems is the lack of an acs on. bernie sanders has had the enthusiasm. it is not super delegate on his side, but it does have the enthusiasm. i think bernie sanders needs to be making a lot of hay about the wall street transcript.
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this is the perfect wedge issue. not only does it show hypocrisy and hillary clinton but also really had to her trustworthiness problems facing in the democratic contest. maria: that's why he started to mention it recently. thanks so much. we appreciate your time. we will see you soon. tune in for special coverage tonight of the near primaries at 7:00 p.m. eastern. a pmi will join neil cavuto for an in-depth analysis and insight you can't miss. join us tonight on the fox is this network beginning at 7:00 p.m. with lou dobbs is coming after devastating floods rocking the houston area. powerful images thanks. house of cards and pull her house not enough to save netflix. you can turn for that shares deep in the red headed io pen. talk about waking up on the wrong side of bed. fedex employees accidentally shipped himself. back in a minute.
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. we are live from the roof of arafat is in a studio overlooking the big apple 30th
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of her is primary day in new york did my mac coming out. the first historic flooding hit in houston, texas for the evacuation of hundreds of homes and thousands of others without power. cheryl casone downstairs with the details on the other headlines. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. five people have been killed and many others injured in the houston area after historic rainfall and flooding hit the region, thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and rescue her is over 1200 high water rescues yesterday. during the month brought cass, when abc were porter's quick thinking saved a man trapped in the floodwaters. watch. >> with the car. spend. swim. are you okay, sir? >> i'm okay. >> do not think the water was
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that deep? >> my car was under. >> heavy rainfall is expected to continue in that region throughout today. netflix shares plunging in the free market for free market this morning after reporting earnings today. the giant added 6.5 million subscribers in the first quarter which was better than it acted that sailed over the forecast for the international business as well as warning about a slowdown in u.s. expansion. finally this. one fedex employee decided to take a nap on the job and he woke up a few states away. an unidentified ground crew worker loading shipments onto an aircraft in memphis around 4:00 a.m. when he accidentally nodded off, only to wake up a few hours later as the plane approached an airport in texas. apparently he woke up medfly. he knocked on the door but the pilot was no panic. the fbi met the plane but no criminal charges were pressed against him.
6:18 am
back to you upstairs. maria: that have to be a tough morning for him. >> in a bad dream you wake up and you don't have your pants on or something. maria: you're not in a whole different city. it's not just an economic. >> can we talk about netflix? i feel like i've been binge watching house of cards down forever. even that didn't help the success of that show. we are seeing slow down there. >> the good news is subscriber growth was strong. they be to expect patience for the executives couldn't give much color in the forecast is that the crystal ball is cloudy but the expansion overseas to cause gyrations in the results. this was a lot of concern going forward. here at home they've got to combat rising competition. amazon in the picture. a growing list of court coders out there. they're raising prices in that environment.
6:19 am
>> i agree with you. i see good newspaper revenue up 18% and the fact that there is in crisis is good news because in a weak economy, nobody can raise prices. they say they raise prices 2% of the next few months shows they have some power over advertisers and the networks, their carriers. maybe this old bit of good news as well. maria: and deed. you want to see pricing power. the situation is so many companies today doing well in the u.s. that is the international story debated and questioned. >> you have to wonder how house of cards is going to play. they might censor the whole idea. >> if i were to maria they would do just fine. >> exactly. a short break looking at crude oil snapping a four-day losing streak today. what that means for marketing your money next to it later, dramatic video for woman hopping
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maria: welcome back alive from the roof of arafat as number of studios overlooking the big apple were of course it is the battle for new york under way. oil prices topping $40 a barrel this morning after falling for four days in a row. so fun at the cma group with oil trading. another busy day. >> another busy day. after that disaster in toho. in the globe right now. oil workers strike in kuwait is not enough for a million dollars a barrel out the global marketplace. if it goes on for sometime and we'll be difficult difficult to replace barrels. legacy and declining production across the globe in the united states shale oil production tanking right now. thinking production and latin america and problems in nigeria and iran were concerned about for a mass production to meet
6:25 am
demand. that year. maria: thank you so much. so fun in chicago. we are here in new york. i want to feel like a $40 a barrel this is a positive. we route the way down to 20. >> and might look incentive for consumer. john also got to tell us we are not seen that show up at the consumer love all. we didn't see it show up at $20 a barrel. the small tick upwards and changing consumer habits. >> i think we are talking about the raw commodity here. they're talking about stocks. the dow jones industrial over 18,000. steamroll momentum in the stock market. if anything, elegant consumers to lift and stop for folia start arising. there is little risk unrest off trade going on for.
6:26 am
it will be seen now since the fed said back in march that it's pulling back, it's going to be slow in raising interest rates. proceed to risk a massive starting to rise. one reason the prices rose. it also sent to u.s. stocks higher. watching today can we hold about $18,000 a barrel. goldman sachs earnings coming out before the open. maria: that's an important one because earnings overall has beaten lowered expectations. the cfo of ibm coming up as well to give a sense of the business climate. earnings part of the stock market rally story. here we are at the beginning of the reporting season. >> a lot of financials are hoarded have complained about their trading revenues. a few ago they were all worried america in the were all worried america in the winchester is what hurt the net interest margin. if it's trading revenues, the trading has turned up during the
6:27 am
last couple months am maybe we are getting positive news of the calls that come after the report. >> markets looking up 70 points in the dow jones industrial average. we'll take a short break. when fantasy and connie was showing the superstars trick users into subscriptions after false promises of being exclusive place to find the latest album. the first phase. >> at the parents do. they lie to their kids for their own good. >> other parents aren't lying. they believe in their children. >> no they don't. [laughter] maria: doris roberts who is the best known is the best known bob for plan a meddling mother in the sitcom everybody loves raymond has passed away. the actress earned four emmy for her role in the program is also not for her work on broadway and the silver screen. roberts was 90 years old.
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma coming from the roof of the foxbusiness network studios overlooking the big apple. it is primary day in new york, top stories at 6:30 on the east coast, battle for new york in the spotlight, the polls have an open 30 minutes after the face of in the empire state, presidential candidates are in a fight to the finish line.
6:31 am
>> you all look beautiful. and you all look like you want a political revolution. if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow we are going to win here in new york. >> the democratic nomination. maria: we will hear from voters straight ahead on the program. here are dramatic pictures from a zoo in toronto, california, a woman jumping over a fence into the tiger enclosure. why she risked her life to get in there. kanye west and jay the in a lawsuit on the streaming music service title. one fan says the wrapper tricked users to go on title. goldman sachs is the stock to watch, reporting first-quarter results ahead of the open. like it's years goldman expects to report a decline in profit as it had lower trading revenues.
6:32 am
keeping an eye on bank exposure to energy loans. coming up we talk to the cfo of ibm to get a sense of where the quarter is. oil rebounding today helping to drive stocks higher. in asia the nikkei was the top performer, it gained 3 and two thirds%, higher overnight. we are seeing money moving into stocks, mining stocks, check out the german dax index that 2%, the cac quarante at 1% and the s&p up 1/2%. in the us a similar situation, we are at the highs of the morning or close to it, down the street is opening 60 points after the dow closed above 18,000 yesterday for the first time since july. polls open 30 minutes ago as empire for the empire state kicked off months ago. we are here with sandra smith and john hilsenrath on a glorious morning.
6:33 am
the sun is coming up. david miller is at a polling station on long island with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the polls have been opened in new york state. we are at a polling station in nassau county, long island and so far despite the polls being open for about half an hour only one voter has yet arrived. that is expected to change, today is a crucial day for donald trump and hillary clinton, both of them are expected to have a very strong showing in new york state but the question isn't if they are going to win. the question in the minds of many, how much will the margin of victory be? that is crucial in determining how many delegates they will be awarded. now a new national poll reveals this could be a nailbiter for some of the candidates. starting with the republicans,
6:34 am
this paul from nbc news and the wall street journal shows donald trump at 40%, ted cruz with 35% and john kasich with 24%. donald trump has done some last-minute campaigning in buffalo, new york saying ted cruz is not someone who deserves to win the votes of new yorkers. he went on to say he expects to do very well in new york. donald trump could take away all 95 delegates if he does meet a 50% threshold and that would be crucial to him avoiding a contested convention. donald trump kept up the pressure on his opponents, listen to what he had to say. >> we will so ted cruz who hates new york, when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and no new york
6:35 am
values, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote, he approved nafta. >> reporter: john kasich did last-minute campaigning, he won't when the primary by any means according to the polls, he is attempting to cherry pick a number of districts where he could pick up some delegates and pose an obstacle to a runaway victory by donald trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton expected to do know very well in new york state but nationally could be a nailbiter for her. nbc news and washington journal have a new poll that shows nationally clinton has 50% with bernie sanders 48%. only two percentage points difference. to focus less on bernie sanders and more on potential republican
6:36 am
opponents. listen to what her opponent has to say. >> hoping to do well tomorrow, wrap up the democratic nomination, get ready for the general election which is going to be really really challenging. >> reporter: what is noteworthy, there are 247 delegates at stake. many of them are independent and eligible to vote in this primary and that could be a real obstacle for bernie sanders in trying to do well and win some of those delegates. maria: he would be the biggest loser in that group that can't vote. the latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton ahead nationally. the front runners and the entire field, when it comes to transparency. judy miller is here with the
6:37 am
pulitzer prize-winning journal, author of two best-selling books and spent 85 days in jail to defend a reporter's right to protect confidential sources. she joins us with her take. you have a problem with this transparency. >> reporter: what stunned me is, ted cruz capped versions of new york values which i call and exercise in chutzpah, but when donald trump embraced the barack obama talking point which was they lied, people died, referring to how we got into the war in iraq donald trump said we were lied into the war in iraq because they lied about wmds, they knew there were no wmds, i was covering that for months and years before i have been writing about iraq and saddam hussein. what was terrible and i wrote
6:38 am
about in my new book is we got it wrong. the intelligence community got it wrong, journalists got it wrong, because the intelligence community got it wrong, they couldn't believe saddam hussein was going to give up his wmd but that is not a lie. donald trump is a new yorker who knows what happened here to us, knows what happened at the trade center, ought to know why the president was so concerned about protecting america against the threat of terrorism. >> he talked about thousands of people cheering. >> he used 9/11 and distance himself from the iraq war which has been a disaster. but because of the way it was executed, not because of the decision to oust a terrible man who oppressed his people and also threatened his neighbors. >> is that transparency or just politics as usual? people twisting the truth to
6:39 am
make a point. >> when you are a republican candidate and embrace a democratic left-wing democratic talking point you have some explaining to do. maria: you wonder how this will play out. voters i think have made their decision in some case, then there is that 3 million people who are unable to vote but we will see what you are zeroing in on is important because you were there and you were a reporter and you know firsthand or this is something the average guy -- >> a lot of people watching this race look at donald trump and what he is saying and wonder if it is strategic and thought out or if he didn't think through those thoughts before he shared them. >> that is the problem. i know foreign-policy and experts who were asked to brief donald trump and willing to do so, but actually he never has time to talk to them and that is one of the many questions about donald trump, does he really
6:40 am
take this seriously? >> shouldn't we be talking about hillary clinton if we are talking about transparency and international connections? is that a fundamental part of the story? >> she has this albatross hanging over her which is her vote for the iraq war and that is what bernie sanders has been using against her, she got us into the war, she has bad judgment whereas hillary, whatever else you say about her is far tougher on foreign-policy than any of the other candidates, i am talking about the republicans as well, much more assertive. >> hillary versus donald trump in a position where the democrat is the supporter of the war and the republican is the one speaking out and saying the whole thing is a sham. >> that is an irony. i don't think anyone has pointed it out. maria: your book is now a paperback on shelves, a reporter's journey on shelves
6:41 am
right now by judith miller. thank you for joining us, tune in for special coverage of the new york primary tonight beginning at 7:00 pm eastern and again at 8:00 pm i wo for in-de analysis and results and insight you can't miss, join us on the foxbusiness network. take a short break and another day, another kanye west controversy. one fan is suing the wrapper for allegedly lying to build his business and later, the day is finally here, new yorkers head to the polls to cast their vote in the new york primary. dagan mcdowell is hitting the streets of manhattan to see what voters have to say. we are live this morning, join us back in a minute.
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maria: cheryl: i am cheryl casone he. we will get back outside to maria in a moment but first your headlines. first this with the supreme court, supreme court justices are considering a 26 state challenge to the administration's plan to avoid deporting 4 million undocumented immigrants whose children are us citizens. the court has eight member since the death of antonin scalia after the senate argument yesterday, it is possible the panel could be deadlocked 4-numfour. this would kill the immigration plan for the rest of president obama's time in office. a kanye west fan is suing the singer claiming he lied. justin baker claims he fraudulently offered the life of pablo would be available on
6:46 am
title. the album wasn't released for free on apple music and spotify contending the value of new subscribers could be worth $84 million for title. a woman in toronto took a big risk to rescue -- a hat. video surface that showed a woman jumping over a protective fence into a tiger's been to recover her hat. as she grabbed the had the tiger pounced and lunged towards her. it is primary day in new york city and we have a lot going on particularly on the streets of new york city and dagan mcdowell is standing by to see what voters had to say. good morning. >> good morning, donald trump, we are outside trump tower between 57th and 56th st.
6:47 am
between fox news and foxbusiness and we are lucky one of the candidate is headquartered in new york city, we were here before sun up to catch up with the folks who were out already to see who they are voting for. take a listen. tell me why you like donald trump. >> best candidate. dagen: what about him? >> he is best for the economy, a businessman. we need a businessman to run the company. dagen: we talked to a lot of people registered to vote in new york city and are not voting. one guy i had to chase down said i minute union, i am supposed to vote but i am not going to do it because i don't like any of the candidates. i want to talk about turnout. one estimate i saw for gop voter
6:48 am
turnout in new york. it said 800,000 republican voters which is a 26% increase from 2008 when it was mccain, romney and mike huckabee it was earlier in the year but we will catch up with more people. i'm sure some protesters will be coming out as the sun comes out. cheryl: i am sure they will. dagan mcdowell on the streets of new york. we will get to maria bartiroma, beautiful day in new york. i want to take a look at market futures, looking at a higher open, the tao up by 50, s&p higher by 9, nasdaq up 31, and earnings season is underway. where can you expect markets to go from here? we have that discussion straightahead. but first.
6:49 am
the broadway musical hamilton making history yet again just one day after jack lew announced alexander hamilton's face will remain on the front of the $10 bill. it joins rent and of course line is one of the only tween 9 musicals in history to win a pulitzer prize, named winner in the drama category.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
maria: we are coming live from the roof of the foxbusiness studios. is primary day, we are
6:53 am
highlighting the empire state. the dow industrials cost 18,000 since last july. including johnson & johnson, and in the first quarter, $1.54 a share, and the management portfolio -- marianne is with me. we have been talking about earnings at the end coming up in a few minutes, why would you characterize the first quarter season so far? >> reporter: the market is set up for some expectations that are better. we are looking for earnings to come in down 9%. remember earnings have been in a recession. we had negative earnings growth rate and what the market is looking for is whether it will be another third quarter where at the end we have negative growth rates, we have the ability to drop here but this is a week where we get a bulk of
6:54 am
earning so it is too soon in this. period. we are talking about boiler earnings. maria: what is stabilizing the market? we are talking 18,000 again on the dow jones industrial average, oil is back above 40 with a backdrop to earnings looking okay? >> the market is looking at oil, that is the old bull market. it is about how companies build their earnings, not just earnings the top line revenue growth and you are seeing companies come in but not beating on the top line. the market will look at both. >> tell us what kind of market this is, we are talking about a bear market where every few days bad news out of china and the market tanked and looked like people were worried we were going back to 15,000. the policy is easy and we are up
6:55 am
18,000. it seems like a schizophrenic market. do you think it is fundamentally going up or going down? >> you say schizophrenic, we say episodic volatility. we think it is going to be a happy market, a sideways trading market, we have called it the buffalo market, sometimes gets a little lazy and we think the market could be right going into may. >> my dad who is watching this at home, where can he expect it to be by the end of the year? >> we think the market -- don't forget about mom. we think the market will have a flat year. we think it is 2000 on the s&p but that does not mean there are not opportunities in the marketplace. our clients need a come and growth and when you compare it to the bond market the bond market is extremely expensive, the opening market is attractive
6:56 am
with yields higher than ten year treasury on the s&p. there is growth in technology, consumer staples are a pocket to look at and some select industrials. >> that is where we got a little -- maria: asking a question, looking at the tao right now just below 18,000, the market all of a sudden gets really popular on main street and when we hit record highs let me remind everybody the record closing high, 18312 that was may of last year. if all of a sudden we are a stone's throw from there and then go above their do you get a flood of new investment in the
6:57 am
stock market? >> the market is at the same multiple when we had a high last time, the market is trading at 19 times earnings, you are price for perfection. that is a little bit expensive. >> trading at high multiples with exceptionally low interest rate so when rates are so low we should have high volatility. >> you can't get any return. there is no alternative. the term wall street is using. the market selloff even in the low interest-rate department. let's look at the fed raising rates in june and the market has to face that and we think we get episodic volatility. maria: quoting the futures market below 18,000 as we see but closed above 18,000 yesterday. anything out of the ecb? >> i am looking past the ecb to the bank of japan. we could see another set of easing measures. maria: good to see you both, we will be right back live in new york city.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: coming today, and overlooking the big apple. and it was 7:30 am, the polls are open for an hour. candidates making the votes. it will be a fight to the finish line.
7:01 am
>> we have nafta. and bill clinton was married to crooked hillary clinton. and that was a total disaster. the hard-working people including immigrants. and >> president obama making ways on proposed by the 9/11 deal. rick snyder, facing fallout of the flint water crisis. and earnings season runs on.
7:02 am
and i will talk to the chief financial officer coming up about what propels growth going forward and characterized the earnings period. that is helping prices for stocks, look at asia, and it gained 3 and two thirds% overnight. and mining stocks leading gains of strengthening commodity prices. this after the dow industrials happen close above 18,000 the first time since july. we are looking at money moving into stocks. we are up 56 points, all those stories coming up all morning is sandra smith and proactive communications marks toronto. thank you for joining us. got a lot ahead particularly in
7:03 am
this election day. and and democratic congressman charlie reagan coming up in the program. and the primary is underway. donald trump is in the lead, 760 delegates. it was 469 superdelegates. they are leading their respective parties in new york according to some polls from real clear politics, adam schapiro standing by in new york city. adam: we are at ps 51 in hell's kitchen. voting has started, the polls
7:04 am
will be open until 9:00 pm this evening. people are starting to trickle in, long lines during the presidential election in hell's kitchen, we expect the turn out, and expected to grow as the day goes on. hillary clinton is going to be in washington dc delivering a speech machine will go back to new york city for a rally tonight over in midtown. bernie sanders will be at penn state, he is so popular with college students and young people, he will be calling again for his theme, a political revolution. sanders, keep in mind is going toward the pennsylvania primary which is a week from today, donald trump is the only candidate who will be in new york all day today. last night he was in buffalo and had a brain slip. here is what he had to say. >> nothing nicer than usa. what i want to do is talk for a
7:05 am
second, i wrote this out and it is close to my heart because i was down there and watched our police and firemen at the world trade center after it came down and i saw the greatest people i had ever seen in action. i saw the bravest people i have ever seen including construction workers, every person down there, that is what new york value is about and i wrote out a little something and want to talk about new york values that we all know so well. adam: you heard him say 711, he meant 9/11, perhaps he was thirsty and had a brain slip. john kasich and ted cruz, john kasich is going to annapolis, maryland for a town hall, ted cruz is in philadelphia looking like bernie sanders towards the pennsylvania primary. we will be here all day and we will watch the crowd as they
7:06 am
come into vote. maria: we will be watching you and coming back to you often. the war of words escalating as candidates on both sides of the aye make their final push to win new york votes was a republican hopefuls going on the offensive attacking each other at their campaign rallies. >> ted cruz is way down in the polls and john kasich is not even showing up. i think he has won 432 and he is governor of that state and if i spent another two days i think i would have beat them in that state. >> do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton? or do we unite behind the ted cruz campaign and beat hillary clinton? >> what you are hearing from me you don't hear from those other two. i am telling you we can fix problems and bring people together. maria: bernie sanders making a final push to steal votes from hillary clinton while secretary of state clinton is shifting her focus to the gop front runner
7:07 am
donald trump. >> you all look beautiful. [cheers and applause] >> and you all look like you want a political revolution. this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. [cheers and applause] >> when we started this campaign we were 70 points behind secretary clinton. today in some national polls we are winning. >> the donkey of the decade. >> has gotten the most. >> he does scare me because what he is saying he would do is wrong for our country. maria: joining us is chief of staff under president obama bill
7:08 am
daily. good to see you, thank you for joining us. what do you look at as most important as we await results out of the new york primary, what are you going to be gauging in terms of navigating? >> the hometown candidates win, hillary and donald trump. if hillary wins the question is what is the tone of bernie sanders? it will be pretty obvious that mathematically it is impossible for him to get the nomination. does he continue with the harsh tone or does he then begin to pivot for more on the issues and attacking her, with the federal election laws, fundraising, does that continue? it gives her the opportunity three month before the republicans decide, they will decide who their nominee is gives her enormous advantage to take on the republicans early and not be dragged back by bernie sanders. maria: does it tell us about the general election, the strike we
7:09 am
are seeing from folks like donald trump and hillary clinton in new york? >> not just in new york but around the country, there is a lot of interest and anger out there that both trump and sanders talk about what is going on with the economy but remember the electorate in the general election is a very different electorate. these turn outs are relatively low compared to what will come out in the general election a very different electorate. not is left for the democrats and not as right for the republicans when you get to a general election and that is a major shift for all the candidates. maria: can we talk about the right for a second? donald trump has finally alluded to what his nickname will be for hillary clinton and he said that would be crooked hillary. she calls him the docking of the decade. what is the general election matchup look like if we see donald trump go head to head? >> analogous to the gong show. that seems to be the tenor for
7:10 am
donald trump, that started last july. the american people who voted in a general election for president take this very seriously. the show we have seen on both sides in the primaries, talking a relatively small group of people that participate in the primaries compared to the general election and people look for experience, attitude, can they see them as president of the united states, being the world leader? that is what the president is. that is a big challenge for donald trump. >> candidly, the notion that bernie sanders might start talking about policy is wishful thinking. his crowds are growing, not shrinking. his money is growing, tens of millions, i don't think hillary clinton will have a quiet three month before now and the democrat nomination. what do you do with bernie sanders is the big question.
7:11 am
>> he has to define what he needs from the party and what he needs in concessions or whatever he is concerned about. he talked in generalities about the revolution. this is a guy who has never been in the democratic party. i don't think he has ever been to a convention. >> hillary clinton is quite the opposite. the challenge for democrats is what do you do with bernie? that is a problem. >> he is addressing a lot of issues bernie wants to talk about. in the general election it won't be like right now a fight over whether the minimum wage are to be $12 or 15. in the general election it will be republicans saying don't raise the minimum wage. that is the big advantage for her. not that she is fighting over 12 or 15 but whether you leave it at 795. maria: let me get your take on president obama weighing in on 28 pages of classified government reports on 9/11. here is what he told charlie rose, on whether he read the
7:12 am
report. >> have you read it? >> i have a sense of what is in there but this has been a process we generally deal with through the intelligence community. maria: what do you think of that? he is saying no, i didn't read it. >> there is so much around the 9/11 report you can probably ask anyone in washington did you read it all? there is no question. maria: he will meet with colleagues -- >> by the time he meets with them he will have read it. a great concern he talked about is if the law passed, we put our soldiers, diplomats and businesses at risk around the world for actions our government may take and that is pretty extreme. new york has enormous sensitivity, the families of
7:13 am
9/11 victims, but that will put american businesses if it passes -- maria: the economic threat, the fallout -- >> that is not the reason, i don't believe in that threat. i am talking about the liability of the government and the companies around the world, soldiers, diplomats, based upon actions of the government, that is an in on this shift. >> to give the companies some sort of alternative. >> i don't disagree. maria: $750 billion in security treasuries. do you think they would do that? >> if they want to destroy their own economy they will do it. maria: it will cripple them. it will be some dysfunction in markets too. >> shooting her head. maria: great to see you.
7:14 am
thank you for joining us, tune in for special coverage picking up at 7:00 pm eastern with lou dobbs. at 8:00 pm i will join neil cavutoill take a short break an rick snyder saying bottoms up, his plan to drink flint michigan water for the next few days, back in a minute. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way.
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maria: we are alive from the foxbusiness studios in new york city overlooking the big apple and the battle for the studio underway, more on the presidential election coming up but time is running out in ecuador after the earthquake, incredible story of hope yesterday. cheryl casone he with the details. cheryl: with 400 dead after the devastating earthquake a story of life yesterday, rescuers pulled a man from the ruins of the hotel, the 35-year-old man called his mother on his cell phone to say he was alive and under the rubble. the quake struck on saturday night. michigan's governor says he will
7:18 am
drink flint's water for a month to show that it is safe. rick snyder took 5 gallons of filtered water from a house that was confirmed to have high levels of lead, he and officials say the water is okay, that he should drink it too. flint is under a state of emergency, and the water was not treated properly. according to reports, target is raising wages for the second time in a year increasing its minimum wage to $10 an hour starting next month. this increase follows the lead of target's competitors including walmart who made a similar move and facing pressure from labor groups, demanding higher pay for workers across the country. back to you upstairs. maria: still to come shares of ibm down, the worst revenue in a decade. the company is seeing bright spots. we will talk to the ceo of big blue coming up, the new york jets and buffalo bills, now rex
7:19 am
ryan joining donald trump, what he had to say coming up next. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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cheryl: shares of ibm lower, 145 to 145.70. big blue the worst quarterly revenue numbers in 14 years capping off 16 straight quarters of decline in revenue but it is a turnaround in the works. joining me is the cfo of ibm and
7:23 am
vice president martin schroeder. ibm has been in a massive transformation in terms of focusing on the growth business. where are you in this journey? >> we are making a lot of progress investing heavily in our strategic imperatives. our strategic imperatives represent the areas our clients are moving to and asking us to move them to like cloud, analytics and things like the new ways of engaging with their clients was where we invest we grow quite well and obviously we are in markets because we are the incumbent and enterprise, markets that are declining so we shift our investments and we see very good progress. maria: the divestitures, the acquisitions we have seen, tell us where you allocate capital and energy in terms of where the growth story is at ibm. >> in terms of acquisitions we have been very active over the
7:24 am
last 12 months so we spent $9 billion over the last 12 months which is more than we invested in a 12 month period, in numb 1004 years this is the biggest investment in acquisitions and that supplements our organic investment as well in research and development which we maintain pretty consistently over the years, now we are focusing on a cloud platform that is global so for instance we have a video offering in the ibm cloud that will allow not only the leaders and those bringing video like medium entertainment companies through a cloud offering but now we are bringing new clients onto these platforms and where there is industry expertise we can help retailers and automakers take advantage of video delivered by the cloud. maria: you have an installed base of fortune 500 companies trying to adopt new ways of doing things. what are you seeing from your customers in terms of how they want to transition their business and what they need from
7:25 am
the cloud transition. >> no matter which geography, the trends are very consistent. they do want to take advantage of the agility of the cloud but importantly they want to link that to existing systems and then that allows them to apply analytics. our view on analytics is the future of analytics is big data, cognitive, so much data from all these new sources that you can't program computers anymore to find the answer you want, you need to let the computer interrogate and understand your data and find a way to interact with it so globally, move to the cloud to get that agility, move to the cloud through mobile devices and things and make sense of all the data you are collecting so you can learn more about it. maria: i love what you have done with watson in terms of having the supercomputer analyze
7:26 am
particularly its impact on healthcare has been extraordinary and a huge help to doctors. look quarter to quarter, we like to look long-term on this program so give your sense of what you are seeing and expensing -- we have a conversation on this program every day that business will be stepping up and investing in it, but we haven't seen it on a broad-based level. >> we see investors, customers investing where they see new opportunities to reach their clients so they are investing heavily in moving to hybrid clouds to take advantage of their data. we are in the traditional it state where we compete heavily, building new marketplaces so we have created the watson health business, we continue to believe that will change healthcare and the essence is applying cognitive technology to the
7:27 am
massive data to get better outcomes to bring in the ecosystem of our partners, providers into the healthcare system to get better outcomes in a more productive way. maria: if you step away from specific in terms of ibm how would you characterize the economy? what does this tell you about what businesses are feeling? a lot of businesses are sitting on cash. do you expect that to change? >> with our customers we see two things, it will always be this way and creates an opportunity for us. a big part of our business is helping our clients become more productive and helping them get more value out of the system. productivity for our clients means reduced revenue and that is the way a lot of service in the business is structured, we take on their work, deliver value, move them to the future and do it in a way that allows them to deliver productivity. but a big part of the business is moving into the future when we create new value, things like
7:28 am
watson and cognitive so businesses mixed between the two. they take their existing it systems and make sure they are as productive as they can be and reinvest and that is what the revenue stream represents. maria: what kind of your do you expect? >> another year where we make good progress in the strategic imperatives where we grow double-digit and shift our investments. we now have with us $9 billion in acquisitions over the last 12 months and a lot of new content coming online, not yet in the revenue performance of ibm so we will see that trail in over the year and continued investments to make sure those are growing and delivering the kinds of results our clients expect. maria: one of the largest companies in new york, do you have an opinion on a candidate that has the best plan for business? >> we interact with every government around the world, we have big clients everywhere so we will follow along and make sure we can work with all the governments that we have an open
7:29 am
innovation policy. maria: the international story is that slower than the us? >> we see pretty good growth everywhere. there are certain places we have seen challenges because we either had big years in the past like brazil but we are seeing pretty good growth opportunities around the world. maria: thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. we will be back live from new york city with more coverage of the primary, stay with us.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
maria: good tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo coming to you live from box business network studio gratis of course is primary day. your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast and the battle for new york polls have been open in about an hour and a half they been opened so far after crisscrossing the entire state of presidential candidates make in their last bid and it would be a fight to the finish. >> this has been an amazing campaign. i don't want to believe the polls. they are beyond anything that anybody sees. we love this cd. the other folks couldn't care less. we do care about new york. we care about new york alive. maria: will take you live to the streets of new york. donald trump getting support
7:33 am
from the sports world good buffalo bills coach rex ryan introduced in the front runner at a rally yesterday. it comments straight ahead. no said curry, no problem. when will he be back with the golden state warriors? last night's big playoff game coming out. features indicate a gain of about 60 points in the dow jones industrial average. dow industrials at 18,000 yesterday for the first time since july. we do have a rally this morning. voters in new york headed to the polls which open at 6:00 a.m. this morning for most of the entire state. david lee miller at a polling station right now. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. the new york primary is primarily about new yorkers. both donald trump and bernie sanders were born in new york city and hillary clinton has this as her adopted home state. clinton and trump are the two
7:34 am
are expected to win today. the question isn't if they will win, but really by how much they will win because today, maria is all about delegates. 95 delegates are at stake for the republicans. trump needs to win as many as possible in order to avoid a contested convention and in order to win all the delegates, he has to need a 50% threshold. on the democratic side, hillary clinton, former new york senator is also expected to win today at 247 democratic delicate. they are awarded proportionally. bernie sanders is at a disadvantage because many of his supporters are independent and they are not allowed to vote in the democratic primary. voters recognizing the importance of today's primary are enthusiastically casting their ballot. two voters now that were
7:35 am
randomly chosen. >> i didn't vote for bernie. i don't have any problem sharing that. he's an authentic person that really speaks to what's important. the things he says about free tuition for at least public universities. that is important. i do think that it is time for wall street to help out the middle class. >> who you voted for and why. >> john kasich. i think he is more moderate kind of represents my views a little better. reporter: maria, it is going to be a long day and possibly a late night. the polls don't close until 9:00. >> data connectivity macs are much. david lee miller. republ trump corti new york voters is standing by what he calls new york values. >> and i saw the greatest people
7:36 am
i've ever seen in action. i the greatest people i've ever seen including the construction workers, including every person down there. that is what new york value is about. maria: tremendous right now is peter king. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: here we are in new york. what are you expect in this morning and going into the closing of the polls tonight, congressman? >> all i can tell his donald trump will win very big. the only question is yet all of new york's 95 delegates. i'd be surprised if he got less than 85 or 90. he's in a position to sleep almost every congressional district if not all of them. a few smaller than the city he met the others take off and make a showing in. i've not endorsed donald trump it up to you certainly on long island where i'm from an also places like queens, staten island and brooklyn is extremely
7:37 am
popular and talking to people upstate company told me the same thing. today is going to be a donald trump to enter public inside. on the democratic side, it appears hillary clinton will win. i would not be surprised at bernie sanders makes a strong showing because it tapped into the democratic race. the intense voters come out in eight-year primary. it's somewhat disproportionate almost. more attention, the higher vote is going to be. the general election doesn't matter as much. maria: that's a good point. if you have those highly motivated people coming out of new york on you have to believe it does try and wade into a boat come the general election. i was in brooklyn yesterday and i didn't see trump signed about the boroughs. do you think this conversation around 9/11 comes back to digging in on the 9/11 stuff.
7:38 am
i was there as well on that horrific day. they are very sensitive to what took place that day and started ted cruz really bought into it. but do you think at some point people are going to say we can talk about other things as well? >> the purpose of the new york primaries appropriate. 9/11 is something i want to remind people of. it has to be done in the way are not exploiting it. i love so many friends and neighbors so i know it is news to me and he appeared he should make the point and then go on. it is something that has to be handled. >> i am here with sanders smith and marx the run-up.
7:39 am
sandra: congressman, it is sanders smith. good to have you again. when you reference that you would be set arise to see bernie sanders have a strong showing in new york today, what would you have to see to indicate that the race is closer than people think? right now analysts are saying hillary clinton has to win by double digits to show that she really swept this day. what are you looking for a mode the good for bernie sanders? >> urban centers to get or to six, 7% of the vote. it shows in the race for the long haul. he's able to get it felt like that. just seen a demonstration he had a prospect park in brooklyn on sunday in washington avenue park 27, 28,000 people last thursday night. he definitely has the support, which by the way is the way it's almost a mere image of donald
7:40 am
trump. donald trump also has the republican support. people waking up this morning will rush out for donald trump, bernie sanders. they may vote for hillary clinton or john kasich. but not the same energy. >> what about the idea that 3 million people are not eligible to vote today because they were registered outside the republican and democratic party. do you think this is a significant amount? >> it is. i believe in having a close primary. the people in the party should pick candidates. i don't like the idea of people coming in from outside the party to be selecting their candidates. especially the more local elections. you have people's grip somebody else's primary. i want republicans to pick republican candidates and democrats to pick the democratic candidate. people should know the rules. if you want to vote in the primary after registered by a
7:41 am
certain day. >> congressman, good mning. you yourself considered a run for this nomination. are you satisfied with the gop race right now and what do you want to see moving forward for the issues he would've campaigned on for the nomination? >> i'm really not satisfied. the reason i say that as i wish we had a candidate who is more knowledgeable on foreign policy and who had again a backup of positions. donald trump, a lot of what he says i don't agree with. what bothers me the most as it doesn't seem to have the substance behind it. ted cruz is not fit to be president. that's a personal thing. i just don't like the guy. john kasich is very qualified, but he hasn't been able to break through. donald trump if he can clean up its act, right now we have shown that yet. >> for what it's worth testing could use some policy moving
7:42 am
forward. >> basically what donald trump should do a show that he can talk with an expertise on these issues, not just give these quick opinions and not back them out. the issues are too important. too complex or reduced to soundbites. maria: good to have you on the program. thanks so much. overspend peter king joining us in washington. special coverage of the new york primaries kicks off at 7:00 p.m. eastern and ap have at a joint neil cavuto with more in-depth analysis of results and that you can't miss. join us tonight on the fox business network of 7:00 p.m. eastern. golden state doing just fine without seth currie who sat out because of a medical injury. what will the star player returned? later, it is d-day for the big apple. most polls. most polls open from 6:00 a.m. this morning. dagen mcdowell talk to new yorkers about the race. hear what they have to say as
7:43 am
they hit the streets. back in a moment.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
maria: welcome back. quite a night for golden state for his handling the houston rockets about sr, trim 11 months night. you're not standing by in the newsroom. people are worried and sad turn a lot of us out on an injury. >> you have to in 16 games to win the nba championship. this is an opportunity to get the guys some rest. still plenty of spice and the warrior spirit came to an open against the houston rockets last night. unable to play because a right ankle injury. clay thompson beat the man who would take over for the golden state warriors.
7:47 am
early on a 26 was shot and would keep going. scored a game-high 34 points for the warriors including a trail of three pointers. thompson cashing in at the free-throw line hitting 15 of the 16 foul shots. where is taking a commanding best-of-seven series. things at home. warriors 1115 coming up thursday in houston. a couple days off for south korea to rest his ankle. last night in the nba playoff the dallas mavericks at a game apiece to house one in oklahoma city by a point you to do replay overturned a basket after the buster with an okay season and the two nothing seriously and the toronto raptors at the indiana pacers winning by about 1098. maria: you know, jared, it is a great story. you know, i think people are really tuning and they want to make sure he gets back on track. let me ask you this because people are talking about sports as it relates to the campaign
7:48 am
trail now. joining donald trump yesterday, the buffalo bills coach rex ryan. listen to this. >> there's so much i admire about mr. trump good one thing i've really admired his you know what, he will say what is on his mind. so many times you will see people -- a lot of people want to say the same thing. but there is a big difference. they don't have the courage to say it. it's a great honor for me to introduce donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> area code. is that surprising to you? >> by no means that his true racks i cannot probably the most outspoken head coach in the national football league. talkin bout not spoken candidate that got the right guys for his coaches go.
7:49 am
the opening and kosher menu basting. they played new jersey's others in their representation. >> i think it might've been a bit of a gap in donald trump's speech just then. didn't he reference those two amc championships by rex ryan one? >> that could be a problem. maria: you know what, i miss that. in your post rooted up in addition to the 711. these guys are out there. >> rex ryan is the donald trump of the nfl so it makes perfect sense. he's outspoken. he speaks his mind. makes a lot of sense. maria: cello works. more politics in buffalo. >> very smart. donald trump has been one of the smartest politicians for a non-politician that i've seen. thank you we will see later.
7:50 am
today is primary day in the big apple. voters headed to the polls might get stopped on the streets of buying around dagen mcdowell. she will bring us your findings. that run the empire's date. stay with us. ♪
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> dutiful shots of new york city. live from the roof of our fox business network studios this morning. you're in the big apple voters have begun handing polls across the state. transplanted in the streets of new york city to see what voters have to say. if already spoken to quite a few people. diversifying groupies got there. reporter: absolutely, maria. if the traffic is really picking up. so far i have yet to meet a ted cruz supporter. all the other candidates are fighting candidates are finding some love out here. did you vote already? >> i did. i bought on shelter island where he had the home. i sent in my absentee ballot a couple weeks ago. reporter: who did you vote for? >> i'll be honest i voted for him to read. and stood in front of trump tower but i voted for hillary. reporter: that's perfectly okay. this is new york. did you feel about bernie?
7:55 am
>> i think it's good ideas, but i don't think a lot of crack color possible. reporter: who are you going to vote for? >> bernie sanders. he speaks more for the people and i like that. reporter: are you voting today? >> now, i'm not. i'm an independent. reporter: how do you feel about that? >> i feel we should be able to voice our opinions come especially on primaries. reporter: that woman really had liked john traub -- kasich. people drive by now yelling at us. that is so new york. i also love being out here with new york's finest. that's the next new york. maria: shadow to new york's finest. great stuff. we are here with sandra smith and marx to run out.
7:56 am
she basically said we should have our place on primary day as well. we can get a sense of where the independent thought. by the lake of my blog a trump is a registered independent. that's why she can't vote for her father in the primary. >> you've got a sinai. you've got to register to be in the game. you've got to be in it to win it. they should've switched over to have an impact. new york for decades has not had any of those on the outcome of the nominations. they should've registered with one of the parties. maria: this is a good point you bring out. >> it meant a lot by dennis todd. for many reasons. one reason is happening earlier than it has historically. a lot of people say california is the one to watch. we'll talk about that life. communications adviser and
7:57 am
charlie rangel is with us. you won't want to miss it. thoughts to come. back in a moment. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions,
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. come and live from the rooftop of our studios overlooking the big apple where it is primary day. it is tuesday, april 19. top stories 8:00 a.m. on the
8:00 am
east coast the east coast at the battle for new york front and center today. the polls have been open for two hours after weeks of crisscrossing taped on the candidates make their last bid and it'll be a fight to the finish line. donald trump hoping to sweep up and 95 delegates on the republican side. hillary clinton not taking a bit of a cautious approach. >> when we do, we are going to get a little bit of a race. they all say it is trump against clinton. that is going to be the greatest voter turnout in the history of our country. by the way is the good thing. it's good for us. the more people to calm the better. it's a great thing because historically, our country has done very, very poorly of voter turnout. >> we also have to get ready for the general election, which is going to be really, really challenging. >> the latest on the race in late new york needs going forward.
8:01 am
president obama making waves of comment on the proposed 9/11 bill. he admitted he had not read the actual pages in question. devastating flooding in houston, texas. five people at and killed. hundreds of others rescued from high waters had thousands left without power. more rain is on the forecast today. your outrage over the pa. the agency allegedly shredded documents related to veterans claims possibly affecting benefits. packed into the pentagon to get paid for it? by the defense department is looking for outside help to the company reported earnings last night, but the outlook came in below expert patients weighing in on the stock. as you can see, netflix open and lower this morning. the broader market expected to open higher this morning. ibm one of the biggest drags on the dow industrials. dow industrial to open up 50 points. we spoke with the cfl down a component that will shave about 46 points in the dow jones
8:02 am
industrial average. we would be actually seen again dabble but we are not because of ibm this morning. coming up in the program this hour. with me this morning, fox business network sandra smith and mark sereno. good to see you guys. a glorious day new york gave >> feels like the teacher let us outside for class. sandra: maria, you are so in your element. maria: the polls are open. the new york primary election officially underway. 291 delegates at play. 95 delegates at stake for republicans or donald trump is the attack on the republican side did 756 delegates. hillary clinton is ahead with 1759 delegates. this includes 469 superdelegates, both trump and
8:03 am
hillary clinton with respect to parties in new york according to the average pulse for real clear politics. adam shapiro is standing by at a polling booth in new york city. have they gotten any more crowded in the last two hours? good morning to you. >> it started to pick up. good morning to you. i want to show you people are coming in to one of the polling stations in hells kitchen, a part of new york city where you might recall their incredibly long line for the presidential election later today. we'll talk about candidates. donald trump in buffalo last night. a lot of new yorkers who taught about think back to when you say the ice skating rink in new york city. the city spent six years to fix that, was way over budget. he came in and did a three month under budget. and then there's bernie sanders. young new yorkers love bernie sanders who rallied last night and said it's time to pick up the political revolution. here is bernie sanders in his own words.
8:04 am
>> we win when the turnout is high. we lose when the turnout is low. tomorrow, let us all do everything we can to make sure that new york state has the largest turnout in a democratic primary in history. reporter: hillary clinton will go to washington d.c. later today then come back this evening after delivering a speech in the nation's capitol. she'll be back this evening for a rally of supporters in midtown at 9:00 p.m. on the polls close. kasich and ted cruz not a new york. kasich in maryland. >> adam shapiro in new york. joining us right now is kasich campaign advisor trent duffy. thanks for joining us. john kasich is in maryland today. what is the strategy at this point? do you look beyond new york?
8:05 am
for a long time, governor kasich has been trailing in the number two spot. >> that's right. we are looking for a good day new york, maria. at the rooftop thereat looks lovely. kasich was campaigning very hard in new york and we're very hopeful we will pick up some delicate and key congressional district. he is looking forward to maryland, connecticut, rhode island as we go forward and has been second in new york were his .25%, 26%. he is also second in all the states on the 26th. that's the key to deny donald trump at 1237 he needs on the first ballot and continue to pursue a delicate that he is the only one that can beat hillary clinton. poll after poll show him as the only one including ted cruz. delegates will be patient.
8:06 am
it's a landslide win with john kasich for one-bath doomsday scenarios where this is senate, supreme court embraces with the other two. maria: that is why he stayed in the race despite people saying why are you in this race because we know you have won only one state. the convention then anything can happen going into the convention who do you think john kasich is taking votes from? is he taking more votes or donald trump are hurting type cruise. what do you think? >> i think he's taking for both candidates. for one, the main reason it is best qualified to be the president of the united states and commander-in-chief. excellent economic record, job creation and job growth. but he is sort of viewed as more of an independent if he will. it's funny donald trump mentioned in the scared some weeks ago that he was complaining john kasich was taking his boat as if he owned the sloth. he's a principled conservative with a good record and he stayed
8:07 am
in the race. 90 days to go before we get to cleveland. he hasn't released his tax returns. there's a lot more to learn. sandra: what you think of the most tax returns? >> i have no idea. that's why we want to know. sandra: i heard you in a recent interview. contested gop convention. this is obviously what you and your candidate are hoping for. you pointed out that only three of the types of those contested convention as the front-runner emerges the nominee. the other seven was not the front runner which is the best case scenario for you. how do you think the people feel about that that the guy that got the most votes going and that's not meant to be the nominee. what is the reaction from the people? >> i will not predict that. i would say the majority of voters are not picking donald trump. if he gets the majority of
8:08 am
delicate that support them on the first or second ballot, he wins. if ted cruz does that, he went, too. we don't think that'll happen. that's why there's a furious race for delicate to look at all the candidates involved in c. who is best ready to represent the party. we have to start playing this race forward. what happens to this imac? what happens to the supreme court? these are questions delegates are starting to have a family realized donald trump and not have a lock on it. that is a new phenomenon they are wrestling with. they look at ted cruz and see how you get destroyed in the general election and doesn't change the map at all. look at the one remaining candidate who not only changes the dynamic of the race. but whence in purple states and blue states. that's what they really care about. maria: the governor getting a little testy with a reporter who pressed him on that matter.
8:09 am
listen to this reaction. >> at the end of the day, the republican party wants to pick somebody who can win. can i finish? i'm answering the question the way i want to answer it. do you want to answer it? what do you think. maria: that's what people love about john kasich. the governor speaks his mind, too. a lot of people talk about donald trump speaking his mind. one of the great things if he likes to engage with the press and he likes to eat his way to new york. i did not eat a bagel with a fork this morning, just so you know. look, john kasich has a plan. our process has been very promising. we are going into states where we didn't have committed delegates. that is all part of the process. there's a long way to go.
8:10 am
this race has been completely able and it will continue to stay unpredictable going forward. maria: if things stay the way they are the kasich at their place right now, looking ahead at the convention, you'd be fighting after a first ballot, you would be fighting against the establishment to i believe what to see paul wright are made from in there. do you think between g7 in july 18th is john kasich's moment. the ability to influence the race by negotiating. >> now, that is a crucial time. he took himself out of the race last week. i actually believe them this time. he feels strongly about this. i do not see any groundswell of support. i don't and he has any chance of winning. if they did a poll about him
8:11 am
versus clinton he would lose. you make a good point and that is why we are focusing on an active outreach. we are very sophisticated. that's an exciting conversation where courage. we are talking with delegates in indiana. next tuesday, connecticut, delaware, rhode island. later we've got california and not a say in may. but his most important to get the delegates? which state? >> august 8th. it is most important that nobody gets 1237 on the first ballot. everybody knows that must trump holds a rabbit out of the hat, which we don't think it's possible.
8:12 am
it is just part of a conversation but who is best to represent the party in november and to protect republicans up and down. they are starting to realize that this is not n-november but a generational damage that we could have if we choose the wrong guy. there's a lot of time. mark makes a good point. we have a lot of time to train and of the primates and people gather in cleveland to have the conversation. really the only one that has a prayer. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we will seize them. make sure to tune in tonight for coverage of the new york primaries to 7:00 p.m. eastern. 8:00 p.m. i will be joining neil cavuto for more in-depth analysis and insight you can't miss right here on the fox business network. can you imagine thomas zander smith and mark soprano if donald trump takes this and becomes the spoiler of the entire election.
8:13 am
>> hugest acknowledge they want to potentially negotiate a deal before the convention. i think he acknowledged that. >> they'll try to negotiate with delicate. >> are hoping he doesn't reach the goal negotiated deal during that time. maria: state of emergency in houston to report. deadly flooding from the rest is still underway. is the worst of it over? we'll have details. rumor has it apple has been running a lab in germany. who was employed and why? stay with us. back in a moment. ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
good tuesday morning. coming to you live from the roof of our fox business network studios overlooking new york city where it is primary day. new video coming in moments ago. the hometown cast their vote this morning in the presidential race. as you can see right there. meanwhile, watching the rest of the race unfold. we want to take you now to texas because there's historic flooding hitting houston forcing the evacuation of hundreds of homes, leaving thousands of others about power.
8:17 am
cheryl casone and in his room at the details. >> that's right, maria. at least five people that i have been killed and many others injured in the houston area after historic rainfall and flooding hit that region. thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and rescues performed over 1200 high water rescues today. during the broadcast one reporter to be quick thinking saved a man in the floodwaters. >> leave the car. that's when. -- swam. >> thank you. >> are you okay, sir? >> my car is under. cheryl: heavy rain throughout the day, maria.
8:18 am
according to an investigation by the inspector general, do his department of veteran affairs has been systematically shredding documents relating to claims that investigators at the department of veterans affairs find 10 benefit offices around the country and the report concludes accidental shredding was tapping into 10 offices. it was likely widespread throughout 56 regional offices. a federal appeals court is a billion dollars banned by the nfl. confession lawsuit filed by former players calling the agreement imperfect affair. a small group of players had objected to the deal because it did not cover potential big density degenerative brain disease that has been linked to repeated to the head. finally, couldn't apple car be a reality soon? a german newspaper says it's operating the facility staffed by 15 or staffed by 15 or 20 top class employees from germany's otto and his tray. cooper says the team is comprised with engineering software, hardware and does
8:19 am
background than that it could be an incubator for the rumored apple car design. the rumors are all sustained apple's first car will be electric. back to you. >> absolutely. that is certainly believe. thank you so much. president obama admitting he has not read the sacred portion of the 9/11 commission report that may tie saudi arabia to the 9/11 attacks. but stands by his veto threat if any bill passes to release him. details on that next big we are live from the top of the fox business that orders in new york on this new york primary day. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪
8:20 am
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8:23 am
maria: welcome back. president obama admitting last night that he is not read the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report that some senators say outlined a network of people that helped plan september 11th attack on the united states. listen. >> cap you read it? >> i have a sense of what is in there. but this has been a process which we generally deal with through the intelligence community. maria: joining us now is former navy pilot intelligence operator via gabrielle. good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. you say there are emotional and political forces. we talk about this because the
8:24 am
president has headed to saudi arabia today. they are already threatening that if this deal goes through they will sell $750 billion in u.s. treasury creating massive disruption in our market and he hasn't actually read the pages. >> emotional and strategic and political issues. the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia on a covert day says is a long-standing relationship. there's much that happens between saudi arabia and the united states that the president admitted he had not read those pages. when i say a motion all, the families, survivors of the families, the people who died in 9/11. it is important to them that the president understands what happens in the new rule saudi arabia played in this whole horrific event. at the same time it's important to keep in that the president is right. that's a decision whether or not that should be declassified as
8:25 am
the decision the intelligence community should make with the understanding of this date, bob and powerful relationship. maria: how do you see it? >> limit point now. the president did not say i did not read those pages. i do not believe him. i think he knows what is in their and i think he's playing politics with this issue. for me, he needs to come up with an alternative. but the legislation is an appropriate, then what is for the sake of the families who suffered such great loss there must be an alternative and i don't like i was playing politics with the 20 most important pages for the report. >> saudi arabia after the beginning denied involvement. the president is about to make his trip over there. how do you see a a relationship with saudi arabia today? >> the relationship is strained now. we've had a long-standing important relationship with saudi arabia, kind of the great
8:26 am
stabilizer and it comes to sunni muslims in the region. they view our relationship with the development of a wooden stick closer ties, but a moral good relationship with diovan is that in mm. it's been threat in the relationship. also look at the big picture in the region, how the region cannot saudi arabia have shared intelligence with us. yemen is the first example of the way that's important for us to have been mutually beneficial relationship in the region. your point is well taken. we don't know if the president has read papers or not. i bet you bite now he has because he realizes that the import. the bottom line is the families need to feel like their president understands and wants to understand and know the problems. at the same time when you talk about the bill, it's a completely different issue. i serve on the intelligence community. i have protection under some of the sovereign immunity that we
8:27 am
have. it is such an important thing that i found this level in the news don't necessarily understand the granularity of how deeply impacts could be if i were to go away. >> that's a great insight. thank you very much. we'll be watching to see what comes out of the trip for the gulf states conference. it's not even about this. he's going to participate in the gulf state conference. take a short break. the polls open in the new york city new york primary officially on. taken with towel talking to real new yorkers about their pick for the president. you don't want to miss it. back in a moment. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. good morning everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. we're live this morni the rooftop of the fox business network studios overlooking the big apple. it's primary day and the top stories, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the spotlight on the battle. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton voted earlier this hour in her hometown of chappaqua, new york. after weeks of crisscrossing the state, it will be a fight for the finish line.
8:31 am
>> you all look beautiful! and you all look like you want a political revolution and if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we are going to win here in new york. >> hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination, but, but, i'm not taking anything-- >> we will hear from voters straight ahead on the streets of new york. nasa releasing a new video of the northern lights. more of the amazing pictures to show you coming up this morning. netflix is what we're watching, the company reporting earnings, but the big news is in the outlook, it was below expectations and that's weighing on the stock this morning. as you can see, another loser this morning, goldman sachs, the stock is down now by 1%. the company reported a decline in first quarter profits. market volatility dragged down trading and banking investment businesses, that stock down almost 1%.
8:32 am
you're also looking at weakness in ibm. we're looking at a higher from the broader averages, earnings news that came out the last hour or so, the market has come in a bit. we're off the highs of the morning and ibm will shave about 46 to 50 points from the dow jones industrial average this morning because it's down about 4% right nowment we're live from the roof of the fox business network studios this morning where it's primary day. voters have begun hitting the polls across the state and dagen mcdowell hitting the streets to see what voters have to say. dagen, over to you. dagen: hey, maria, i know it's busy out here right now. still no ted cruz supporters, but i have to give it to the voters that i've talked to, they have given a lot of thought to why they like their particular candidate. here is a gentleman i just spoke to. did you vote today? >> yes. dagen: who are you doing to vote for? >> trump. dagen: why? >> time we have a businessman
8:33 am
in the white house, time we get somebody that economically understands what this country needs and i think it's time for a change, a real change. dagen: trump versus clinton in november. >> clinton. i -- there's no way. i mean, i hope people start to open their eyes and see this is somebody who's special interests, constantly. you look at her and say there's no way she's telling the truth. dagen: do you think that trump can beat hillary? >> yes, when he starts to go after her, benghazi and the e-mail scandal and all of that, i think he's going to hit her a lot harder than any of the other republicans could do. dagen: maria, i think the question tonight is, again, you talked about this for days if not weeks, not if trump is going to win, but how much.
8:34 am
the they've prepared in trump towers for the speech. there are fans outside of the buildings to take selfies of them with the sign by me. maria: some say he's going to get a landslide. what they want to see in order to have confidence that he continues in the lead, he's got to get 80 of the 95 delegates in new york. dagen: right, to keep him on track to potentially still get to 1237. we talked so much about open conventions and what happens there. you know, don't count him out. there's still a path, a tough one, but still a path to get the nomination before cleveland. maria: we'll see. dagen, thank you. see you, dagen mcdowell live on the streets of new york stay polling voters. joining us is new york congressman and hillary clinton supporter charlie rangel.
8:35 am
you've got to be feeling good about hillary clinton this morning? >> it's exciting, i think it's going to be trump and clinton and off to the main event. maria: let me ask you about bernie sanders and the tight race that we're seeing. i mean, yesterday we saw bernie sanders supporters throwing dollar bills at hillary clinton's motorcade as she went to the george clooney event. what did you make of that? >> i thought it was pretty silly, it shows the frustration, but nevertheless, i think he's had his best shot in new york and the hillary clinton campaign should end the bernie sanders campaign. i hope we can bring him on in and make him a democrat, rather than a socialist democrat and get on with winning in november. we stand a great chance not only to regain the white house,
8:36 am
but as relates to the senate and maybe the house. it looks like it's going to be a fantastic year for democrats. maria: i know that you've been spending some time with hillary, campaigning for her. she was criticized for shamelessly pandering for votes yesterday in a radio interview, asked one thing that she always carries with her. listen to this. >> what is something that you always carry with you. >> hot sauce? >> really, in your-- people are going to say she's pandering to black people. maria: okay. is it working? >> is that what she was, she's pandering to black people and wants the black vote? >> no, you'd be surprised the number of whites that use hot sauce, and i do, too. it never entered my mind--
8:37 am
>> do you carry around hot sauce, also? >> i do and i don't like asking for it. in the south you go in, it's ketchup, mustard and hot sauce, and so, it never entered my mind that she was pandering. maria: wow. >> and if she was, well, so what, that's what voting is all about. maria: so you think that the black vote goes to hillary. i tell you, donald trump is out and about as well in the african-american community. >> listen, nobody in the african-american community can think of anything that bernie's been in and out of the house, the senate or even in vermont, i mean, it just so happens that clinton is an all-time advocate of the same things that we believe in. it's not bernie's fault, but it's the life style and too late to get on board. and that's over with, that's over with. she's really going to close
8:38 am
this thing down in new york tonight. i'm excited about it and i just hope that those that are following bernie sanders can stick with us for a fantastic victory in november. that's what counts. and i do hope that the republican party picks up the pieces and rebuilds the republican party that we can be proud. this country needs and deserves a two-party system and trump has destroyed the republican party. maria: trump has destroyed the republican party? some might say he's getting votes from both sides, he's expanded the republican party. getting dems and independents to come out. how has he destroyed the republican party. >> there's no way that they can vote in the republican primariment no such thing as a cruz vote in new york state, it's a trump vote and he says
8:39 am
he's not getting-- what happens in the convention-- >> you make a good point. because some people are voting for others because it's an anti-clinton vote, by the way. i want to get mark in here, by the way. congressman. >> congressman, i think there are plenty of republicans that can learn from democrats like you about race relations and criminal justice reform, but yesterday on another network you said the republican party has the ku klux klan. now, congressman, that's only not true, but it's not constructive. did you say that yesterday? >> well, i probably said it and misspoke. what i really meant was that trump is saying he was unaware that duke was connected to the ku klux klan. we know that he was talking and trying to pick up people to support him from that-- >> and saying that the party has the ku klux klan, you didn't talk about trump, you
8:40 am
talked about the republican party. >> there's no question that i misspoke. but one thing is abundantly clear is that the klan will be voting for trump and there's so many different pieces that republicans are not proud of that belong to the democratic-- that belong to the republican party and let me make it abundantly clear, it wasn't that long ago that democrats the same way, felt the same way. we democrats had the ku klux klan, we had the dixie-crats and they've shifted from the democratic party and they vote republican. >> no, no, no. >> i misspoke in saying that that's not what the party stands for, but right now, we really don't know what the party stands for. >> that's fair enough and don't want anything to do with the ku klux klan or anything to do with them so that's fair enough, i appreciate that very much. but i think that trump is--
8:41 am
>> and thank you for the clarification, good to see you. >> good seeing you. maria: thank you so much, congressman charlie rangel there. >> have great day. maria: you, too. netflix winning fans worldwide and the company may see a slowdown going forward. jo ling kent will bring that. and nasa releases an incredible video shot from space of the northern lights. they're showing dancing ultra high definition lights when electronically charged fotons collide with the atmosphere. pretty interesting enough. back in a moment.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:45 am
♪ ♪ follow me downtown ♪ >> welcome back, it's primary day here in new york. we're live from the rooftop of our fox business network studios overlooking the big apple as part of our coverage. we're looking at netflix this morning, the shares plunging in the premarket after reporting first quarter earnings last night. jo ling kent is in the news room and has the details. jo: netflix 9% into the red despite the fact they had a strong beat on subscribers. last quarter they added a record 6.7 million new subscribers worldwide and handily beat expectations. 1.96 billion in the first quarter, but it was the forecast for the current quarter that's bringing shares down and netflix expects to add 2.5 million new subscribers, a big miss from the more than 4
8:46 am
million the street is looking for. the problem, there's lots more competition at play and about to get worse. when asked about amazon's stand alone streaming service, the co-founder had this to say. >> we're seeing growth in the overall internet tv market. of course, that's displacing linear tv and it's natural that everybody is coming in as they realize the future is internet tv. in terms of our shows, we're very excited about what we're doing, not only are we expanding the number of original series that we're doing, but we're expanding into original movies. >> hastings says there's big competition from facebook and reading, the typical books and entertainment and on the earnings call, he's bullish about the future and they have no interest in live sports currently and plan to hit 100 million subscribers mark by next year maria and we continue
8:47 am
to watch the stock, it's sinking more than 8%. i a great success story. what will hit your wallet for your money. we'll tell you about it, voters in the polls to find the president's replacement. the latest from the empire state after this break. back in a moment. ♪ .
8:48 am
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8:51 am
stocks on the move, ibm. they reported the lowest revenue in 14 years. investors are worried about the cloud and mobile divisions. and the stock is down better than 4%. big blue looking to shave about 46 points off the dow jones industrial average. we're watching shares of yahoo! as well. set to report earnings after the close tonight. this as reuters is reporting that yp holdings is looking this morning as a new suitor this morning. the digital advising business was formerly called yellow planning to submit a bid for that company. so we'll be watching, if in fact, that is new bidder. president obama may be in the sunset of his presidency, but his policies may have a lasting effect on your wallet. in the post-obamanomics world, a new book "rich is not a four
8:52 am
letter word", terry, congratulations. >> thank you. maria: clever title. congratulations on the book. first start with obamacare, this is obviously one of the regs out there that has so many people. >> obamacare has raised prices for everybody, not just people on obamacare who have seen their prices go up, premiums and charges, also people on employer plans, those prices have gone up as well. so the reality is now, you've got to take control of your medical costs. you've got to fight back and give people strategies for doing this. number one, realize when you get a bill, that's a legal document. it's too late to negotiate for any of this stuff. you've got to know what you're paying for and how much you're paying ahead of time. one great place to go is health care blue and give you prices. as you may well know, in a city of new york, you can pay any price you want for anything. let me give you aoscopy. for a colonoscopy you can pay $2500 or $25,000.
8:53 am
>> wow. >> the difference in the service, none. maria: are you kidding me? how do they get away with the difference in prices. >> i'm sorry. >> how do they know? >> people don't check it out and the ditcheses. why would i negotiate for health care, that seem dangerous. >> doctors do. the dr. jeff wright was trying to pay for his son's surgery and he did the same experiment, calling around town to see what people are charging for surgery and found a big, big differences. maria: mark, we were talking early about the obama administration going off in the sunset and going out were a bang. >> i'm of the belief there's a window and there will be beyond our belief. how do we prepare for it. >> that's the problem in my view, you don't know what's coming around the corner, right? so you have to be prepared
8:54 am
ahead of time and that means making sure that you have enough savings set aside for any eventuallity and making sure you're preparing for anything that can come. and goes down doubly hard for business people. it's not just your personal 401(k) or savings at risk, it's your business as well. i want to tick off a couple of things the president thought was a great idea, i thought was a terrible idea. when it comes to college savings. sandra: you're always hot on this. >> i'm always hot on this. the president wanted to get rid of the premier vehicle the people pay for college and remove the tax benefits. maria: i remember that. >> he wants everybody in community college free for two years, how is that ever going to work? and maybe people don't want that choice. the issue is, how to maintain your choices, your freedom of choice, and get what you want and pay for it and that's what i talk about in t the book. maria: gerri willis, "rich is
8:55 am
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♪ >> welcome back, we're here with our all-star panel. final thoughts? mark, it's been quite a three hours. >> a great morning, maria, thanks for having me. look, new yorkers get out and vote. don't assume the die is cast. get out and vote and go out and buy gerri willis' book, what new yorkers should do. i want to get a hot dog cart out here. maria: you've been having way too much fun. sandra: it's been a lot of fun, thank you for having me and looking forward to tomorrow. i'm going to be watching the market, close above 18,000 in the dow yesterday. just a short amount away from an all-time high. and the stock market maybe another close above 18,000. watch the number noon, our lucky die is bret baier from the fox news channel. maria: that's going to be awesome. i'll be there 12 p.m. on the
8:59 am
fox news channel. we showed the market, sandra, and, yeah, we're up. a higher opening, but the earnings news has taken the oomph out of the rally. sandra: netflix is showing. and the financials, and ibm as well. maria: this is interesting. sandra: as you noteds, there's a fed meeting near the end of the month. maria: next week is a huge week, on tuesday, primaries, connecticut, rhode island, delaware. maria: tuesday. >> 172 delegates that day will have an impact on the race. maria: we're focused on new york, but next week. california june 7th and may dates, indiana in may. we'll be all over it. good to see you. >> thank you. sandra: maria, i'll see you tomorrow. maria: we'll be watching that number on the fox news channel. tune in tonight to the special coverage of the primaries, 17 eastern and i'll join neil
9:00 am
cavuto at 8 p.m. with analysis. that will do it for today. see you tomorrow bright and early. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, maria, and thank you very much. good morning, everyone, where do we start? money or politics? let's go with money, on the graphic. look that, yeah, against all the odds, your stock market investments are doing very well, ladies and gentlemen. we start today above 18,000, one good rally from a brand new record high and we will be going up at the opening bell. ashley: that's the old amazing graphic? >> stop it. ashley: must have a very low budget. >> i want to look at my ira, finally. stuart: politics, new york has already started voting. turnout very strong. the polls suggest a big win for trump. hillary has an 8 point lead. she must win her adopted home


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