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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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taking down energy grid but taking down dtc for instance. liz: joe grano. former ubs chief. [closing bell rings] the dow, 18,048. how about that? melissa francis and david asman take it here with five hours before the polls close. melissa: the dow ending mixed. dow managed to stay above. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." at this hour, voting underway way now in new york. it has been nearly 30 years since the empire state played such a big role in the race for the white house. the heat is on for the front-runners. both need a huge win to take back momentum. for donald trump it is imperative for him to grab every delegate possible. we're hours away from the first results. >> donald trump eyeing the victory in new york but it will not be easy.
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the done and needs to get 50% of the vote statewide and each congressional district to win all the empire state 95 delegates. that is a lot. connell mcshane at trump tower in new york city. what the mood like, connell? reporter: interesting new york atmosphere, a lot of onlookers on fifth avenue in new york, a look at media horde gathering here. thinking mr. trump will come out. he is not. it will be inside. they're expecting a big night the trump people. the question is how big after night can he have? we saw mr. trump, left his residence and went to local synagogue and local polling place and it was an honor to cast a vote for himself in the presidential race. you have to think he will be more interested, not so much how
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many votes he can get here. he is widely expected to win but how many delegates he can come away with. looking good when we look at overall dell bat count. 765 for trump, 559 for ted cruz. 95 delegates at stake here in new york. what is important, only 14 are statewide. say trump gets over 50% of the statewide vote. that will give him 14 delegates. there are 81 others they are battling it out for in the individual congressional districts. that is the big question for tonight. the question is where does this campaign go for here and who will be leading it? a lot of stories the campaign manager corey lewandoski being upstaged the new delegate manager to some extent, paul manafort. one of lewandoski loyalists reportedly left the campaign. they have a political insider that used to be on the rules committee.
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some people say it is too little too late, he is trying as he might to get to 1237 before the convention. new york is a big part of that. melissa, as we head outside of trump tower, it is like a back to the future moment for donald trump. the last time we were here and saw this candidate in this venue, when he came down the escalator with his wife melania. everybody remembers the shot. that is when trump announced he was ruining for president in june of last year. a lot has happened between now and then. he is back where it all began, his own residence, trump tower. what hopes will be a big joyous moment tonight. as you point out it comes down to delegates. how many can he get. melissa: that's right. no one saw the trump go down escalator when that happened. they were watching the woman in front of him, right? connell, was anyone looking at him this that shot. not even me. definitely not. see it again. which will never forget this i saw the dress is phenomenal.
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no one is looking, try to look at -- you can't do it. not possible. all right. thank you so much, connell. david: hate to tell you it wasn't the dress. it was the woman in the dress, melissa. that is another story. meanwhile the new york primary in middle after major reorganization of trump's campaign staff. how will change in management affect his race for nomination. here is lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business of course. thanks for coming in. >> good to be with you. david: what do you think about the reorganization? >> i think it is smart. moving as much money as he is into next couple months of primaries -- david: $20 million. >> more than he spent in any previous month in the campaign, moving manafort and wiley up. wiley the more controversial selection because there was a lot of dissatisfaction with him as you know in the scott walker campaign and untimely -- david: did -- some way -- >> some saw premature end to
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what should have been a promising campaign. many blamed wiley. david: is that right? there are some people in the trump campaign who are not happy. connell just said the national field director stuart jolly has quit. in the past couple of primaries he hasn't done so well. >> he has not done so well. he moved up to new hampshire, did very well. set up those victories. even as he was in charge the southern strategy. so, sometimes a shake-up is good just because it's a shake-up. manafort is afy who has a reputation of getting it done. these are his moves. with obviously as he calls them, the boss's blessing. and it shows a commitment to winning that i think voters are going to react to. david: now you mentioned that some successful candidates have shaken things up to their benefit. ronald reagan was one of them. he fired his campaign manager john sears but he fired john sears on the day of the
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new hampshire primary. that give him a long time to settle in with a new manager. >> right. david: we're a lot closer to the convention. >> a lot closer but also a very important convention approaches in july, 1237 is the magic number and trump does not want to take obviously any chances on leaving any opportunity, know. david: is there time to run -- >> what he is running a john sears could not have imagined or could ronald reagan this. is campaign driven by his personality, his capacity to grab so-called free media and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of it. and at the same time he is committing now to traditional media which is, he is going out and spending millions of dollars for paid media, to get his message across and this message on immigration, on trade, on the establishment that is the
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problem, whether it be the rnc, whether it be the convention, or whether it be the business orthodoxy and establishment, which is innovating and creating opportunity which trump promises to do. david: the establishment again says only person beating hillary clintoin the polls is john kasich. there is only one primary which you say what. >> i say this is all bunk and really irresponsible of journalists not to pay attention to reality there is no worst form of polling which is inexact at best, to do hypothetical projections of head-to-head are the most unreliable numbers possible. and to project months ahead to the general election as to who would prevail, i don't know, can you tell me who will get indicted? can you tell me who is going to stumble? who is going to have have a problem in staffing.
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we're watching one of the most exciting campaigns in history, in my judgement. s.t.a.r.t.s at 7:00 by the way. david: started right now, lou. melissa, over to you. melissa: many say donald trump has upper hand in new york as native to the big apple but there is more to the empire state than just the city, let's not forget. republican presidential hopefuls are been going out of their way to court hopefuls in rural new york. molly line in utica, no new york, taking poll on voters and what is on their minds. what are you hearing, molly. >> they will not be marginalized this election style. democrats and republicans crisscrossing the state and trying to earn hearts, mind ultimately all of the votes of these folks. we've seen a pretty steady stream from out i -- utica.
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from troy. they are trying to appeal to the working class. economy top in mind. front-runner donald trump kicked off multiple state rallies talking about job losses and the decline in manufacturing. john kasich promised in town hall events he was in it for the working people. democrats, secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders hit blue-collar enclaves, buffalo, syracuse. up state voters talked to me about health care and international relations and jobs but they say it is the pocketbook issues that matter to them. >> i think bernie is for the people. >> donald trump. because i feel that america definitely needs a change. >> i'm sick of all of our jobs being outsourced. if i call any company i talk to a foreign person. they have to come back to america. reporter: polls shut down tonight at 9:00. a few more hours for voters to get in here to cast their ballots. back to you. melissa: molly line, thank you so much. david?
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david: breaking news on yahoo!. first quarter results are out. jo ling kent has numbers from the newsroom. jo? >> we're breaking down yahoo! numbers. stock is moving up on the news up 2%. beatings on profits. yahoo! posted eight cents a share in first quarter of 2016. 8.09 billion in revenue. this is slight beat. starwood proxy fight and potential sale of the company. we'll look for news during the earnings call about that. some other numbers jumped out, gross search revenue down about 15% that can not be good news for yahoo!. price per click has gone up by 7%, compared to the first quarter of 2015. so, going through this earnings report we do see that things may be downsized and more efficient in some places but more expensive in others. david? david: jo, thank you very much. you will dig into the report a little more for us later. melissa? melissa: intel out with first quarter results. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with those numbers.
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lori, what do you they look like? >> this is fairly significant report from intel, melissa. not only earnings but announcement after 1.2 billion dollars restructuring plan. so ahead on eps and just about in line. intel is reining in its forward guidance and once again announcing a huge restructuring plan which includes layoffs of 11% of its global workforce. that is 12,000 workers. so the big picture here, for intel, is its transitioning itself from a chipmaker that supplies pcs, which as you know is a shrinking marketplace, to the cloud. we'll leave it there. by the way shares are halted as you see on the screen. we're hearing they will not be reopened for trading because of the gi-normous news release until 4:20 eastern. melissa: wow, lori rothman thank you.
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david: back to the democratic race for empire state. hillary clinton casting herbal lot as you can see in her home state while bernie sanders met with supporters on streets of new york city. fox news's ed henry is in the newsroom with the very latest. that was early this morning. i guess they have gone their various ways by now, ed? reporter: that's right. hillary clinton went to washington to give a speech to some labor unions. she obviously will think she is the nominee and will need their support in the summer and fall for the general election. bernie sanders went on to pennsylvania. that is something hillary clinton is doing on big primary night, instead of sticking around where vote something going on jump ahead to the next big state. sanders maybe under pressure to show that in particular this time because if he does not win tonight, mathematically he is getting closer around closer to being eliminated frankly and so he is going to have to try and show that he still has a hope, a prayer in pennsylvania and four other states that will be voting next week. i think the very bottom line,
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what we heard from sanders this morning, showing that video walking around his hotel in midtown manhattan, told by some others, hillary clinton is suggesting that maybe you're finish tonight. he said she will put you away. he said she will be severely disappointed, that he will shock the world when he wins. polls show he has been down double digits. if he loses by four or five points, yes he wins the expectations game but running out of moral victories if you will. the time for moral victories, beating expectations, he has got to win and win big in state like new york, pennsylvania next tuesday to simply catch up to hillary clinton with the delegates. it is getting very difficult david. david: critical night tonight. we'll be watching with fascination. ed, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: stay tuned to fox business, full coverage and analysis of new york primaries as vote comes in. it all starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here. david: on the roof as a matter of fact. right above us right now.
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president obama just departing right now from joint base andrews air force base on board air force one heading to riyadh, saudi arabia. this coming amid flury of controversy whether saudi arabia had a more intimate role in the terror attacks of 9/11. former u.n. ambassador to saudi arabia has read the 9/11 classified report including the 28 pages we haven't seen of the he will join us with his view what is there. melissa: big blow for obamacare. america's biggest insurer, unitedhealth, abandoning exchanges in several states. how will this affect you and your coverage and your wallet? david: rush limbaugh saying a lot of establishment republicans would actually vote for hillary clinton over donald trump. melissa: i don't know about that. >> the party's primary objective is self-preservation, not winning the white house. in this cycle.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: president obama on his way to saudi arabia amid tension over a possible saudi connection to the september 11th attacks. this as u.s. lawmakers are proposing a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the middle east kingdom. joining me now, ambassador robert jordan, former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia. he is also the author of, desert diplomat. inside of saudi arabia following 9/11. ambassador, we're so happy to have you here on this issue. i want to start with the fact that you have read those 28 pages. what can you tell us about them if anything? >> when this report first came out, i said i need to see these 28 pages. i was told by the cia i couldn't see them. that i didn't have a need to know. i said are you kidding me?
4:19 pm
i'm the ambassador here. of course i have a need to know. i then said, if you don't want an ambassador out here send me home. if i'm staying as ambassador i am seeing those 28 pages. they reltantly sent a young guy out with briefcase and sat me down in riyadh. i read the 28 pages. he took the 28 pages up and left. in my view there is no smoking gun. i can't say anything classified. i think there is information in there that i think the public needs to know. i can't imagine why this administration has refused to declassify these pages. my hope is, that president obama will announce that he declassification on his visit to riyadh. melissa: why is it important that americans know this information? >> because i think americans need to make up their own minds. i think we also need to subject some of the contents to press scrutiny, journalistic community needs to have a chance questions
4:20 pm
they need to ask. but there is also by the way a report out phil zelikow, the staff director of 9/11 commission, when he heard about the 28 pages and saw them, said to the staff that assembled this investigation they should join his staff and look through and further into what's contained in there. melissa: yeah. >> and after doing so they found nothing. so i don't want to characterize it too much. i would say if, i was satisfied after having read the 28 pages that the people i was dealing with in saudi arabia were as they represented themselves to be. melissa: would it damage the relationship if it were out? does it, the president has said things like people might be confused by some of the stuff that they read in there? i mean, people might misinterpret what's in there? is that fair? who does it hurt? >> look, anything you release can be misinterpreted by people with an agenda.
4:21 pm
i would say this, saudis themselves are on record having said this report and these pages should be declassified. so i take them at their word as well. i think they're probably prepared to defend whatever is in there. melissa: how important of an ally are they in your estimation? people in america think they haven't been a great ally to us. right now in riyadh they're angry with the administration over positions they have taken. this is a relationship that has taken a beating lately. is it important? make the case. >> sure. it is an important relationship. for one thing we're fighting terrorism together. let's not forget the islamic state and al qaeda brought down the saudi world family. they want a caliphate in mecca and medina. the saudis are sitting shoulder to shoulder with us analyzing intelligence going after these people. the saudis shared enormous amount of intelligence with us. frankly after the bombings, when i was living there in may of 2003, the saudis finally
4:22 pm
understood al qaeda was a real threat to them as much it was to us. within the next three years they pretty well booted al qaeda out of saudi arabia. now they have to deal with al qaeda in yemen they have to deal with the islamic state that engaged in bombings of shiite mosques in saudi arabia. they are still in the cross-hairs. we have that common interest. we have common interest in reliable supply of oil. melissa: yeah. >> we have common interest in dealing with the muslim world. i think we have common interest in economic relationship. we've just sold them $96 billion worth of military hardware. melissa: we're out of time. i have to ask you quickly. do you think they bear any responsibility, the saudi royal family or government in financing 9/11? that is a question a lot of americans have. what is your opinion? >> i'm convinced the saudi royal family and senior levels in the government did not. they have over 6,000 princes in saudi arabia. is it possible one of them did something? of course it is.
4:23 pm
i was comfortable with the people i was dealing with. melissa: ambassador, thank you so much. i hope you come back soon. you shed a lot of light on the subject. appreciate it. >> love to. david: i would like to know what is in there as well. meanwhile america's biggest health care insurer, unitedhealthcare will be dropping out of many obamacare exchanges. only in a handful of states. the company had losses one billion dollars this year and last year. the move would reduce number of options for customers, particularly in rural and southern regions in the united states. in some cases patients may have only one option for insurance. melissa: wow. the republican numbers game how donald trump's delegates may be free to change his vote to his competition. texas reeling after historic flooding overwhelms the region. >> you're helpless. you feel so helpless. you're happy we have family. god answers prayers.
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david: blake i had a gop rep on yesterday, yeah they can be influenced by perks. reporter: the question how much influence can there be? what exactly is the boundary here. many people we talk to say essentially there is gray area. we'll see if that gets exploited next couple month. donald trump continues to assail the process of selecting delegates. just this morning on "fox & friends," delegates as he put it are getting picked off. listen here. >> they give them trips.
4:28 pm
they give them lunches and dinners and hotel rooms. it is such a crooked system, you wouldn't believe it. it is horrible. reporter: ted cruz team's denies any foul play. alice stewart, communication director wrote me a while ago. i'm quoting. all this about the system being rigged is distraction. trump campaign is trying to distract he is blacking leadership skills needed to be president. free agent delegates would not matter if trump hits magic number of 1237 delegates on his own. at this moment we know it is hardly the guarranty. the federal election commission has a say over this has one sentence rule, that's it, one sentence about delegates and compensation. here is what is says flatly. i'm quoting here. contributions to an individual delegate are not subject to any per delegate limit. however, delegates are not allowed to receive contributions from a wide variety of folks including corporations, labor
4:29 pm
organizations, foreign nationals and federal government contractors. that though, if you read tweep the lines there, leaves the door wide open for individuals and pacs to dangle some incentives should they choose. former fec associate counsel said that could lead lead to interesting convention should it get past the first ballot. >> idea that some shenanigan is not going to occur is unrealistic. in other words i think there will be trouble. you will read about it f prosecutors are serious, it might be like shooting fish in a barrel. reporter: david and melissa, gross points out each state has its own laws. that could weigh over any exchange of gifts before the convention before they get to ohio. ohio itself has bribery law. to show you how there is such gray area, that law was put into place before the contested convention of 1876. here we are 140 years later. david: people are people in
4:30 pm
politics. melissa: amazing. intel has now resume trading. it is down about 3% after-hours. the tech giant will cut 12,000 positions worldwide. david: ouch. melissa: 11% of it is workforce. this is by next year. that is pretty quick. there will be a $1.2 billion charge. david: 11% of the workforce. that is bad. gop establishment crossing party lines? rush limbaugh thinks the party's elite may lead toward an alternative candidate. we'll tell you why coming up. melissa: the heated battle between clinton and sanders. more on that coming up next. >> bernie's going to win, there is no doubt about that. bernie is the solution and the revolution. >> bernie is not ready. hillary clinton is ready for the job on day one. ♪ it's intelligent enough to warn of danger
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4:35 pm
clinton and bernie sanders are hoping to sway voters with new york roots. polls leading up to the primary show hillary clinton in the lead. sanders hopes for surprise victory. joe trippi, joins me now, campaign consultant and fox news contribute. joe, bernie sanders says polls are wrong. always person behind in the state says that. he has been closing a lot in these races. hillary clinton starts out way ahead. voting happens and as he gets closer and closer he closes in. what is your prediction on the democratic side? >> it may be closer than the polls are indicated but i don't see bernie sanders will score the upset win that he showed in michigan some weeks ago. it doesn't look like that kind of voting is going on. melissa: some say if she only wins by single digits that is not really a win for her, that she should be crushing him.
4:36 pm
how close do you think it gets? >> it could get into single digits i guess, but the fact of the matter is, she only needs to get 35% of the delegates in every state going forward. melissa: right. >> even a 50, 50s win does nothing for him in terms of the winning nomination. it is food for keeping his supporters contributing to him and keeping him energized, he needs to win new york 65-35, if we're talking about enough delegates to put enough of a dent. he has to start winning every state. melissa: people said all along this is fake race. she has superdelegates. doesn't matter how close he gets he will not be the nominee. he continues to get money and take a chunk out of her everywhere he goes and he continues to hammer her and how much damage does it do? >> people were worried about
4:37 pm
that between hillary clinton and barack obama. she took it all the way to the convention. ended up making a motion on the convention floor to make it unanimous for barack obama. even as the race was divisive and bitter it wasn't from that point on. led to one of the greatest victories the democratic party has had. yes, he is will keep taking this on because he is funded and because he has got that energy he is being beat the 57-42 in the popular vote. that is not close. she is actually beating him by a lot. melissa: real quick, wildest wildcard of them all, joe biden on some other network. he says that he has more favorability than any other candidates in the race on either side. what do you make of that? what is he doing? why is he stirring that pot? >> one, it's true. two, he hasn't been beaten to pieces by everybody else in the race on either side. trump has, cruz has, hillary clinton has. melissa: why would he stir the pot?
4:38 pm
why would he say something like that to say i'm more popular than democrats in the race? what message is he sending to hillary clinton? >> i don't think there is any method to that at all. that is joe biden. we talked about joe biden being joe biden before. i don't think he has got some secret mission. i think he is stating fact. melissa: joe trippi, thank you for coming on. david: no hidden message, right. rush limbaugh slammed donald trump complaints against gop rules saying he had six months to change them if he didn't like them but he doubled back to criticize the establishment. >> the republican establishment is prepared to volt for hillary clinton if it means holding on to their fiefdoms. the party's primary objective is self-preservation, not winning the white house in this cycle. the dead giveaway for that, you hear some of them openly
4:39 pm
publicly say they will vote for hillary rather than trump. david: that is quite a charge. we've had some republicans say that right here. here to respond, dan heninger, deputy editor "wall street journal" what do you make of this? >> things are getting hot under the collar, at least rush limbaugh's collar. i haven't heard too many people say they would rather vote for hillary clinton than vote for donald trump or ted cruz. david: i heard pataki say it right here, essentially say it couple hours ago on neil cavuto. >> that he would vote for hillary clinton. david: neil put him to it several times. he tried to squirm out of it, but essentially what he said. >> the conversations i have with people generally after they go through angst and torture talking about trump versus cruz all rest of it, but the important thing is defeating hillary clinton. most of the republicans i know it is anybody but hillary. so raises the question i think, david, apropos some of the things we've been talking about here this afternoon, what is
4:40 pm
turnout going to be in november? if hillary keeps sinking in popularity like this, where even joe biden coming out saying i'm more popular than she is, are all these disaffected sanders voters, young kids staying home in november? david: good question? >> or are the trump voters staying home? which side will be more animated? david: so far we have some indication, gop primaries had greater turn out than ever before. >> yeah. david: appears trump is bringing people, obviously in open primaries where he gets democrats and independents voting for him. seems that would give it to donald trump. >> he will make that argument. we're going to know a lot after this evening whether he gets over 50% of the statewide vote and gets over 80 delegates in new york. if he performs very strongly, he is going to be on a roll going into pennsylvania next week. david: now i asked this question to lou dobbs. i will put it to you as well. the election's a long way away. and these polls should be read
4:41 pm
with a lot of skepticism, however, you see it time and again, that kasich is the only one who beats hillary clinton among the gop contenders. kasich wins by, look at this, solid lead, over 51%. hillary gets 39%. for donald trump it is terrible. hillary whips her by double digits. what do you make of that? is that, are we too far away from the general to be concerned about these polls? >> no, i think we should be concerned about the polls. what it suggests to me, we have very, very unhappy electorate out there. "wall street journal" poll yesterday reported that donald trump's unfavorables were 65%. hillary's are 56%. no one ever run for president with over 50% unfavorables. david: we might have both candidates with over 50%? >> electorate goes on strike, none of the above. the question which one of them is able to start pulling those numbers back? with hillary it is hard to see what she can do.
4:42 pm
she is out there trying everything and her numbers keep getting worse. i think trump has the opportunity now to start talking as a kids tell him, in a more presidential way and bring some of those numbers down. david: dan heninger of "the wall street journal." good to see you. melissa. melissa: big race for new york is tonight. why is ted cruz in philadelphia? peter barnes following the senator on the campaign trail. peter what is going on? reporter: melissa, ted cruz brought his campaign to pennsylvania as you mentioned. as you mentioned he will relaunch his pennsylvania campaign at an event in philadelphia at national constitution center later this evening. trish regan talked to his wife heidi cruz about the state of the race and about new york where her husband is not. he is expected to finish the distant third in the primary tonight and get few, if any delegates. >> it is important to know this campaign is a long campaign.
4:43 pm
we have done well in so many different states. we won states all over the country. and today we have loved campaigning in new york. we both lived here before. it was a great part of our lives. i expect the present front-runner to do well in his home state. we did very, very well in texas. reporter: cruz has better prospects in the delegate fight here in pennsylvania with 71 delegates up for grabs. latest monmouth poll from monmouth university has him running a decent second to donald trump here. trump at 44%, cruz at 28%. kasich at 23%. now the delegate process as you may know is interesting here. next tuesday the republican will vote just for 17 of the 71 delegates who are actually committed to a candidate. all the others are elected as uncommitted delegates. trump is already protesting the process here, which might
4:44 pm
benefit ted cruz who seems to know how to operate to get uncommitted delegates. melissa? melissa: peter barnes. thank you so much for that. david. david: yahoo! earnings beating the street. the stock climbing after-hours. latest numbers next. deadly flooding continuing in houston, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. >> my husband got the canoe out of the garage said, let's go. >> it is very surreal. you see it on tv every many times and you don't ever think it will be you.
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4:48 pm
$1.09 billion that was also a beat. it was a drop of 11% compared to last year. in the earnings report ceo marissa mayer seeking to reassure investors, quote, we made substantial progress towards potential strategic alternatives for yahoo!. our board, management and i are completely aligned on the priority for shareholders. yahoo! not formally who bid for company or how much they proposed monday as they took the preliminary bids. it is trying to sell itself. we may get details on the call about ten minutes. more metrics you should know about, display ad revenue for core business dropped nearly a percent. revenue from search ads are down a whopping 9.3%. we're watching yahoo! now. it has been up and down. we're watching it right now. let me just check here. it is up, actually now, 1.6%. david? david: jo, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: all right a life-threatening emergency in texas.
4:49 pm
flooding killing at least six people in the houston area, wow, forcing evacuation of hundreds, knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses. more rain hitting the region today, a day after nearly 18 inches fell in just 24 hours. those pictures are astounding. david: 18 inches! republican fight for delegates in the hands of new york voters coming up. we have ed koch, the man who heads the gop in new york. we'll break down numbers and what candidates are looking for. >> we'll show ted cruz, who hates new york, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote for kasich.
4:50 pm
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melissa: polls close in a little more than four hours in new york which is home to the big apple but the state is home to a wide range of voters. the differences across the state could be crucial to the fight for delegates as trump hopes to appeal to enough voter groups to win all of the 95 republican delegates at stake. joining me ed cox, new york gop chair. we were talking to during the break, a lot of viewers think new york, think of manhattan of the state much bigger than that tell about the values in new york. >> republicans in the bronx are different from those in manhattan or those in southern brooklyn or staten island. melissa: how so? >> if you go to rochester it is different from buffalo. melissa: right. >> rochester is much more corporate. buffalo is much more midwest, rust belt kind of -- melissa: yeah. so what is important to them? the economy? you know what are some.
4:54 pm
things that they vote on? >> they, well, it all depends. each is different. if you take a look at where, for example, donald trump is strong, cruz is strong also. that's, makes it difficult for cruz because he could get shut out completely. southern brooklyn, even though he is strong there because donald trump could get majority there. melissa: you talk about upstate. kind of divided into two separate areas. there is the rural portion and also the portion that focuses a lot on manufacturing, and that sort of things, right? >> it is more complicated than that actually. melissa: okay. >> you have hudson river valley where actually there you find that trump is very strong there. melissa: what is the number one issue? what are they wore i had about? >> jobs. number two issue is jobs. number three issue is jobs. melissa: got it. >> particularly the $15 minimum wage went across-border in pennsylvania. you have that, $9.23. businesses will be, use
4:55 pm
unskilled labor, moving across that border very quickly. when you shut down the natural gas industry in the southern tier, already difficult areas having a hard problem with jobs, you don't see it here in new york city as much. but smaller recession will show similar economic problems here in new york city too. melissa: i've heard a lot of discussions about upstate new york, they're talking about the flip-flop of kirsten gillibrand on democratic side, when she was up there representing her region she was in favor of gun rights. she was 100% points by the nra, rated 100%. now that she has come down to the she is talking different game. >> she was pro-life up there. now she is pro-choice. she has disappeared from the radar screen. i think she will be vulnerable in 2018. what we need in order to win to build up the party. that is what this primary process is about. we set this up on the chance that we would have three or four strong candidates left. we would have our new hampshire moment. by golly we're having it.
4:56 pm
this is exciting primary night tonight. where republican grassroots are showing up and can change the course of nomination process by the way they vote. melissa: very cool. ed, thank you so much. david? david: it is exciting day today. new yorkers could change the race for the presidency. how this crucial primary could do that coming next. poor mouth breather.
4:57 pm
allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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4:59 pm
melissa: voters headed to polls in new york. only a few hours left before critical results come in. david: fox business with full analysis as we get numbers starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will join neil cavuto, lou dobbs, trish regan and maria bartiromo and other all-star guests. think what could happen if bernie wins new york, could change the whole demographic.
5:00 pm
if trump loses or gets less than 50%, all sorts of combinations could happen. melissa: absolutely. beautiful day outside. everybody on their way home. no excuse not to vote. should be good turnout. should be exciting day. david: hope you join us and watch with us tonight. melissa: there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow and hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> you're going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years, and you're going to say that is the greatest single vote i have ever cast. >> the reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. thank you for coming. i hope you can help me tomorrow. [applause] get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york! [cheering] >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this


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