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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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if trump loses or gets less than 50%, all sorts of combinations could happen. melissa: absolutely. beautiful day outside. everybody on their way home. no excuse not to vote. should be good turnout. should be exciting day. david: hope you join us and watch with us tonight. melissa: there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow and hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> you're going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years, and you're going to say that is the greatest single vote i have ever cast. >> the reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. thank you for coming. i hope you can help me tomorrow. [applause] get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york! [cheering] >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this
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country around! [applause] deirdre: new yorkers are voting in the primary. we are four hours away from the closing polls in the empire state. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is what is at stake. 95 gop delegates. donald trump expected to get the majority. for the democrats, 247 delegates are available. hillary clinton expected to carry the state. she has the endorsement of governor of new york, new york city mayor and its senators. a few progressive pockets may to to brooklyn-born senator sanders. for more, fox business senior washington correspondent peter barnes is with me now. so, peter, what are your sources telling you? reporter: well, deirdre, it looks like based on the polls that trump will win most if not all of the 9 a delegates up for grabs in new york today -- 95. giving him a nice boost to establish himself more firmly as the republican front-runner. after this string of delegate
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wins by ted cruz in these recent state conventions in wyoming and colorado, cruz winning dozens of delegates there because he really knew the operations on the ground game around trying to get delegates at conventions but ted cruz and john kasich both apparently just conceding the fight in new york to donald trump. they are not even in the state. they're both in pennsylvania today, campaigning where, i'm actually there too in philadelphia where ted cruz will be having an event tonight to launch his pennsylvania campaign. 71 dell gaats up -- delegates up for grabs here. the rules here unusual. 17 delegates attached to a candidate's name, committed to a specific candidate. 54 will be elected as uncommitted delegates. this is the kind of thing ted cruz, excuse me, donald trump has been railing about. the way the system in his words
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is crooked and rigged. here is what he said to "fox & friends" this morning. >> if you win and you win and have millions votes more. then all of sudden somebody tries to steal your delegates thaw won with the voters. you win delegates with the voters, everybody celebrates. then they try to pick them off. they give them trips. they give them lunches and dinners and hotel rooms. it is such a crooked system, you wouldn't believe it. it is horrible. reporter: the cruz campaign for one put out a statement refuting all of that saying that ted cruz has been winning thee delegates fair and square. deirdre. deirdre: thank thank you. peter barnes with me there. there is a fight over the delegate rules in both parties. on the republican side, rnc rules committee fielding a lot of questions. on democratic side there is deep criticism of the superdelegate system. if you take superdelegates out of the equation it is a tighter race between hillary clinton and senator sanders. fox news reporter dan springer
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is with me. dan, sanders team critical of the superdelegates because it puts them at a disadvantage but that is the system, right? >> that is the system. it is not going anywhere because democratic superdelegate system is being called poisonous, undemocrattic, even corrupt. that is by democrats. 470 superdelegates are supporting hillary clinton. compare that to 40 for bernie sanders. so far despite a big winning streak for sanders, not a single clinton supporter has jumped ship. sanders won seven of last eight nominating contests over the last month. over that pan he won 2/3 of pledged delegates. but in those same states he is down 25 to 1 in superdelegates. washington state for example, sanders trounced clinton getting 73% of the vote, but all nine pledged superdelegates, governor jay inchesly and both u.s. senators are backing hillary clinton. sanders supporters say it is
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simply wrong. >> it doesn't reflect the will of the people. it doesn't reflect democracy. we need our elected officials to vote the same way that the people vote. otherwise these elections don't matter. reporter: in new york, where voters are deciding of course today, 36 of the state's 45 superdelegates have already pledged their loyalty all for mrs. clinton but there is a national campaign to change that around. a couple of websites have popped up, one calls itself a hit list. the other, a call for superdelegate democracy. they ask people to call, email, and post on superdelegate's social media accounts their displeasure with the system and their support for clinton. some of these postings warn elected democrats if they don't switch to the guy who won their state, they will get voted out of office next election. there are rallies like this one in olympia, washington. bernie sanders started talking about it on the campaign trail. it might be starting to have
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some effect as a few delegates are giving themselves an out. >> i'm going to support the democratic nominee and be proud to do that, whoever that is because we have two great candidates. reporter: party leaders say superdelegates have never been the deciding fact tore in nomination process since being created in 1982. deirdre? deirdre: dan, thank you very much. dan springer joining us there from fox news. speaking of the primary process, my next guest says america is not a pure democracy. the notion of one man one vote was never accepted by the founding fathers. reknowned civil rights lawyer, harvard law professor, author, alan dershowitz is with me. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. deirdre: is the primary process fair? my guess no, but i want to hear from you. >> it is fair. the rules established in advance. everybody knew what the rules why were when they started to run for president.
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is it the best system? no. it is not best system. you win overwhelmingly in a state that will not go for you in the general election. you get a lot of delegates. that makes no sense. smaller states, least influential knock candidates out of the race. deirdre: new york is quite excited. it is usually button you had up at this point. >> framers were frighten of the democracy. it is republic if you can keep it one of the founders. electoral college, people forget 2,000 a guy named gore won presidency of the united states by having more votes than a guy name bush but bush became president because electoral college. yes, why should we be surprised we have something less than a pure democracy way we nominate people. deirdre: let me ask you as a legal expert, for example, the trump campaign says the cruz campaign is following letter of the law, not the spirit of the law and therefore the system is rigged.
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from an argument, logical argument standpoint, what would you say? >> you should follow the letter of the law. that is the law. the spirit of the law is vague. you can be very general, what do you think the spirit of the law is. the letter of the law has to be followed. it is interesting to me hear some same people who want to see hillary clinton indicted for her emails when clearly she did not do anything that violated the law because what she did at the time was perfectly legal. and none of the material was classified. now, they're complaining, oh, we have to follow, we can't follow letter of the law. we have to change the rules. you can't change rules retroactively. there is provision in the constitution, talk about spirit, ex post facto, what the law is the at time what you have to follow. the law is the letter, not spirit. deirdre: her defense indeed. i want to stay with the democratic candidates. she mentioned hillary clinton. you say one thing that concerns you greatly about senator sanders, his campaign, his
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foreign policy, he is not pro-israel. you feel like the general american public doesn't realize to what extent that is true? >> he is very not pro-israel. he is second-guessing israel's ability to defend its own citizens from the kind of bus explosion we saw yesterday. terror tunnels we saw the day before. he has never been to israel. he was there 30 years ago in a kibbutz from very left-wing -- let him go to where president obama said. when he saw rockets coming at my children i would do anything to stop them. deirdre: president obama is taking a lot of criticism for not being pro-israel, you're saying senator sanders is less protective than the current president? >> it is not very close. obama has been very good on israel's security. he said israel should defend itself against the tunnels but, what sanders is saying, 10,000 people were killed, it is 700. israel acted disproportionately. that is code word. the problem i see is that he is appealinging to the hard left,
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anti-israel, not progressives, repress serves. people who don't want free speech rights. people bust up demonstrations. >> he said tax the rich. give free programs out. we've seen in the past at least it doesn't work -- >> i'm worried more about his supporters than him. organizations like move on. people from "black lives matter" who are perfectly willing to say we can't respect anybody. we have to break up demonstrations. stop other people from speaking. free speech for me. but not for i want to hear bernie sanders. renounce those people who are supporting him. i don't think he has the guts to do it because he will lose votes. deirdre: alan, i want to ask you before we let you go. you taught senator cruz at harvard. you said he was brilliant student? >> brilliant. deirdre: what do you make of his campaign and idea he could be the nominee? >> i'm shocked as well as he has done because his views are quite far right but he has understood the law. he has taken advantage of all
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the little technicalities. he is a great lawyer. and he is proved to be somewhat better politician than i would have guessed. i recently introduced him at event. i like ted so much i wanted to stay in the senate forever and ever and ever. we need ted cruz in the senate. just one. but he is not my candidate for president. i like him personally. as professor i have to tell the truth. he was one smartest students i ever had. let the public make a choice whether they like his policies. deirdre: alan, come back. a lot of subjects covered. alan dershowitz, reknowned civil rights lawyer, harvard professor. well-known author. polls will close in four hours. we'll bring you the first published poll. a lot at stake in tonight's primary. >> you're going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years, and you're going to say, that is the greatest single vote i have ever cast. deirdre: so tune in tonight.
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it's a heated new york primary race. lou dobbs, neil cavuto, the whole team, myself included starting seven p.m. eastern. we'll be all over results and bring you analysis as soon as it comes in. with big primaries, potential shake-ups. donald trump is changing staff. trump supporter, former senator scott brown is my guest. he will give the take on the inside baseball an the campaign in new york. also former hewlett-packard ceo, former presidential candidate carly fiorina with me as well to respond to trump's latest attacks. there are two billion people
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>> we stand here today, there are two and only two candidates who have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination, me and donald trump. you know it is easy, to talk about making america great again you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles an values that made america great in the first place? deirdre: stakes are getting higher. in response donald trump's campaign are getting reorganizing. his campaign director stuart jolly, two days after former walker campaign director, rick wiley, hired to manage donald trump's ground operation. here is trump trillion on the staff changes. >> when you bring in new people, we're bringing in high level people, the one who ran walker's campaign, i did very well against walker but he ran walker's campaign. he was and is a very top guy, but when you bring other people,
5:17 pm
i could see some people their feelings get a little bit hurt. i don't know most of these people. deirdre: former massachusetts senator scott brown endorsed donald trump. he is with me now. senator, always great to speak with you. is this reshuffle because of the losses in colorado and wyoming? >> no. something i called for a couple months. stuart did a great job. i worked with him in new hampshire and massachusetts. saw first-hand what he had done. taking the fledgling operation and actually doing wonderfully in the early part obviously of the election. what you need know though, it is different level. it is more national. going and getting to the convention. it is take aground game and expanding it beyond quite frankly the capacity the campaign had at the beginning. so everything you're seeing right now is stuff i've gone through, anyone who run a campaign actually gone through to expand and treat it more like business and corporation and
5:18 pm
expanding and expanding so you can cover all bases. >> senator, let me ask you, should people who say is this too little too late. you have. you have sense of timing and campaign. should the ground game been focused on by donald trump five weeks ago? >> it should have started in iowa. he recognized that. that is why i got involved in new hampshire and massachusetts and others in others to propel him and 200 delegates, soon to be 300 delegates ahead. what we're seeing right now, i don't think it is too little too late. the convention is obviously not for a period of time. he will do well tonight, pennsylvania, connecticut and row island. he will have momentum in indiana. that where will be the pivotal point in election process. don't forget i said five months ago i thought it would be resolved in california. i'm hoping i'm wrong and it is resolved earlier. deirdre: meantime republican
5:19 pm
leader mitch mcconnell saying he is optimistic that the rnc, the convention in july will need a second ballot to decide the party's nominee, which sounds like he is not in favor of trump. subpoena donald trump, at what point does he get so-called, cooperation from the establishment? >> well, when he gets to 1237 is about only time he will get the cooperation. if he gets pretty close, 40, 50, 60 delegates. at that point i think if he does, if he has around that number he will get the nomination in cleveland because you have some really experienced people that have gone through this process before that will go and track down those delegates. listen, i have a lot of respect for mitch. i worked for him for three years, when he did with 41 senators, running circles around harry reid is amazing. when we find out we have nominee, may not be the one we want, we'll have to figure out is it hillary or is it going to
5:20 pm
be trump or him? or cruise? mitch didn't like cruz. he hated him. i don't know what the relationship is now. so, i would rather have somebody there you know you wan work with. i think key for donald trump and for ted quite frankly will be picking a vice president that can actually bridge that gap. somebody who brings party and people together. i think that is critically important. deirdre: sound like you're thinking trump-cruz potential ticket? >> i said that two weeks ago. if we're divided as we are, makes total sense to have the two. surround you and pick cabinet members. a lot of people exceedingly talented part of this process. i think you bring everybody together that way. deirdre: at least two weeks ahead, former massachusetts senator scott brown. thank you very much, senator. >> thank you. deirdre: new york polls closing in less than four hours. first exit polls scheduled to be released this hour. we'll bring you data points as soon as they come in. don't forget to tune in tonight. this is a heated new york
5:21 pm
primary race. lew dobbs, neil cavuto the whole team, 7:00 p.m. eastern myself included, that is the time we start. we're all over it. president obama criticizing a bill that would allow 9/11 victims families to sue nations that join terrorism. the judge joins me next to let me know how he sees that from a legal standpoint. >> i think we should have seen it a long time ago. i think i know what it is going to say. it will be very, very profound having to do with saudi arabia and saudi arabia's role on the world trade senter and the attack. and that is very serious stuff. you know, again i've said it for a long time. we attacked iraq and frankly by attacking iraq, they were not the ones that knocked down the world trade center.
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>> if we open up the possibility
5:25 pm
that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other government, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. deirdre: president obama is blasting the justice against sponsors of terrorism act that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue nations such as qatar, saudi arabia, ones that are accused of supporting terrorism. the white house is signaling that the president will veto this bill if it reaches his desk. fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano is with me now. judge, what do you make of this, the idea that president obama is saying you know what? i don't want this to go through. if we allow our citizens to sue other countries, other countries will try to sue us. is he right? does he have a point? >> he has a point. it will probably open up the american government to lawsuits elsewhere but think about what happened here.
5:26 pm
the 9/11 commission put together a spectacular report after three years of work and president george w. bush i'm not going to allow 28 pages of your report be seen. i've read it. my administration read it and my administration read it but i will not let anybody else read it. we know from information that it deals with the relationship of people in the saudi government, using their own funds, not saudi government funds to cause help the people that caused 9/11. why shouldn't the american people know about that? this legislation being supported, has broad support from al franken, to rand paul, chuck schumer, there are clearly enough votes to override the president's veto which would allow american citizen who has been harmed by 9/11 to sue any government directly involved in 9/11. so it is very, very narrow scope. it is an exception to a 1976 law
5:27 pm
that gives blanket sovereign immunity, meaning you can't sue another government to all governments in the world. we've already made one exception for iran. this now seeks to make another exception for saudi arabia. deirdre: so, judge, knowing the system as you do, what do you think is most likely to happen next? >> i think law will pass both houses of congress overwhelmingly. the president will veto it. for the second time in his presidency his veto will be overwritten. it is very difficult for members of congress to go back home and not let these people even though we by this time will know the saudis are involved in it. it was reprehensible george w. bush to classify as secret those 28 pages. equally reprehensible for barack obama to wait until the middle of his 8th year in office before declassifying it. he hasn't said he will declassify it but he can do that
5:28 pm
on his own. yes, yes. deirdre: is there security, i'm trying to think of both president bush and president barack obama -- >> here is -- deirdre: what is so incendiary that they are so fearful? >> here is president bush's argument, here is the argument he made and we'll find out if it holds water when we see the pages. his argument was it will reveal our sources and methods for acquiring intelligence information. i don't think that is the case. my thought, i haven't seen the 28 pages, is from former navy secretary, john lehman, a republican on the committee who wants it released. governor tom kaine, the chair of the committee, a republican wants it released. co-chair, congressman lee hamilton, a democrat, wants it released. senator bob graham of florida, a democrat who wants it released. again you have bipartisan members of the 9/11 commission who want these 28 pages
5:29 pm
released. 9/11 was 15 years ago. american people have the right to know what the government believed caused it to happen. deirdre: especially for victims families, it would be important for them. >> particularly for victims families who received some compensation but will have another resource to seek compensation. you can't put dollar figure on human life, especially human life intentionally destroyed. especially human life intentionally destroyed by another government! that is not the way the american system worked. deirdre: love having you here. judge andrew napolitano bringing us clarity. all right, new york polls scheduled to close in less than four hours. first exit poll data points will be released at this hour. we'll get you information as soon as we individual. in the race for new york, hillary clinton made comments about white privilege. some say she is continuing to pander the african-american community. we'll tell you what subject in particular, which comments
5:30 pm
sparked let's say, as the judge says it has to do with hot sauce. carly fiorina stepping up for senator cruz over allegations of his infidelity. >> more definitely "the national enquirer" piece on the record you have never been unfaithful to your wife. >> if i may -- >> i asked the senator that question. >> i'm going to comment okay? >> do you have first-hand knowledge of his marriage? >> i will comment this. is it example of media playing to donald trump's tune. deirdre: she stepped up to donald trump who says new yorkers hate ted cruz. carly fiorina is my guest next. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. i've got 9 days left before retirement. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry.
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>> we are going to show ted cruz who hates new york, when you look at that debate and see how you talked about us and new york value. here is a man who turned down sandy money for this state and we had lot of things coming into new york that he voted against. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. deirdre: republican frontrunner donald trump reminding new yorkers of senator ted cruz's new york values comments. it's possible donald trump sweeps all 95 delegates in the empire state.
5:35 pm
>> we are in a position where we would like to see if we can close it out. i think we'll get to the number. i think today is important. we hope to have a big day today. when i first started people said i was doing this for fun an' having a good time. then we are by far in first place. we have millions of votes more than anybody else, including cruz. he talk about how we are doing. we should do well in new york. deirdre: my next guest knows the political and business world well. she is a former republican presidential candidate herself and former ceo of hewlett-packard. glad to have you here. you endorsed senator cruz in march. when you endorsed the senator you said we'll have to beat
5:36 pm
donald trump at the ballot box. when you hear trump's confidence and see his momentum, is it possible for senator crew to beat him? >> of course. that's why you have donald trump whining about the rules at the convention. he's not as confident he can get to 1,237. it was why rudy giuliani said let's cut a deal and hand hip the nomination. that's not the way the nomination works. he will have to win it fair and square. everyone expects him to win new york. california is coming up as are many other important states. as donald trump -- if donald trump cannot get to 1,237 delegates, he won't win the nomination.
5:37 pm
deirdre: an rnc committee member said even if donald trump falls short of that official number, as long as he gets close enough, it's good enough. here is randy evan >> someone could get to 1,100 and not get the nomination. but if nobody gets to a thousand delegates neither trump or cruz i think we'll see a free-for-all free-for-all. deirdre: does trump seem inevitable because the way randy evans made it sound. >> rules exist to make something fair. that's why the 5 yard line is not a touchdown in football. these rules that done there are keeps complaining about have advantaged him greatly so far.
5:38 pm
while he has gotten about 36 or 38% of the vote, he has gotten 43% of the delegates. mat overrepublicans are i am plaqueable in their d the majority of republicans are i ae implacable when it comes to donald trump. he's flaunting the popular vote of the people. deirdre: the senator cruz picked up some support from people who don't like donald trump. but on the other side, congressman peter king earlier this morning made some very blunt criticism of senator cruz. here is king's comments. >> i'm not endorsing ted cruz. i think it would be cyanide if he ever got the nomination. deirdre: what do you make of
5:39 pm
comment like that? and he's not the only one. >> i like and respect peter but i disagree with him stre -- strenuously. i think donald trump is closer to hillary clinton than he is to a conservative. republicans have an opportunity to nominate a conservative who says he will do what he's going to do, who will fight the system in washington, d.c. donald trump is that system. he has taken advantage of it all his life. so i think it choice is very clear for republicans and conservatives who care about their principles here. the only choice honestly is ted cruz. deirdre: we'll be checking in with you again. thank you so. for the time. love having you here. carly fiorina, former ceo of
5:40 pm
hewlett-packard and former presidential candidate her receive. new york polls scheduled to close in less than four hours. the first exit polls scheduled to be published this hour. we'll bring them to you as soon as they come out. hillary clinton called out for pandering to african-americans. we'll tell you what the topic is. radio host david webb is with me. he went out in the rights and he was speaking to lots of supporters. among them, bernie sanders supporters asking them why. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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somewhat do you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? hot sauce in my bag?
5:44 pm
>> hot sauce. >> really? i want you to know people are going to air pandering to black people. >> okay. is it workin'? deirdre: that was part of a popular new york radio show called "the breakfast club." donald trump responded. she carries hot sauce like i carry hot sauce. it's so phoney and pandering and so terrible. deirdre: david webb is here. fox news contributor. you are cracking up. >> by the way, at least this one was funnier than colored people with bill deblasio. there was humor because she had a supporting cast.
5:45 pm
if donald trump and hillary clinton are the nominees for the respective parties, trump doesn't care that she is a woman, and he will turn the deal up on her. and from his deal wisconsin the clinton, i suspect he will have some inside details. deirdre: she said is that working? if you can fake sincerity, you have got it made. it's a charisma problem at the very least. >> i'm going to credit hillary clinton. that was actually a funny line. is it working? what's had about it, 40 plus years. decades of blacks being used by the democrat party and look at their future and current situation. unemployment among black teens and black women and black men.
5:46 pm
look at where it is. look at the inner city urban policies. what have you actually gotten. so while they can yuk it up and i'm fair to give credit to funny is funny, i'm not politically correct. but what have the dreamers gotten in all the actions argued in the supreme court. we are on a business show. let me ask blacks. is your income going up? is your opportunity going up? have your wages been stagnant? and have some of you lost your jobs? what have you gotten? by the way be i prefer hot peppers better than salsa. deirdre: we are writing it down. if we take to you breakfast we have your order written down.
5:47 pm
intel says it will cut 12,000 jobs globally. that represents 11% of its workforce. as you know, intel posting earnings this afternoon and these job cuts are part of that reaction. it seems like trump is the only candidate still campaigning in new york. we are monitoring a live kasich event in maryland. we'll be bringing you there if john kasich says missing importance. new york polls closing in two hours' time. jo ling will be back with me with the latest data.
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deirdre: new york voting under way. jo ling has some exit data. first of all want to show you awe along the democratic voters in the new york state primary, what kind of qualities do they sneak their candidate in the number one quality is having experience and bringing that to the table. but a close second is honesty, to be trustworthy, and the third most important quality is cares about me. coming in fourth, winning in november. we are also going to take a look at the republican top qualities as well. voters voting in the gop primary say the top quality for them is someone who can bring about change. 35% followed by someone who shares their values. in a close third, they want a
5:52 pm
candidate who tells it like it is. also in this republican race. winning in november is not such a priority. it's interesting to see how this will play out. polls still open for a few more hours. >> okay, thank you. jo thing kent with us there -- jo ling kent with us there. deirdre: mitt romney says hillary clinton will win the race if trump or cruz drop out. >> i could have said mitt, drop to your knee, he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging me. he said oh, i'm not big like him, the's the great businessman. since then i have done much better.
5:53 pm
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>> i think cruz and kasich would divide the vote and that would make it easier for in trump to win the winner-take-all congressional districts and state to reach the 1,237 or get close enough to it to persuade the uncommitted delegates to get the victory on the first ballot. deirdre: we'll talk about those comments from romney in just a minute. but you are looking at a live shot of a tase itch town hall. in just a few moments in annapolis, maryland. you heard former massachusetts governor, former presidential nominee, mitt romney, warning if case up and cruz stay in the race, romney will win the
5:57 pm
nomination. tucker carlson, great to see you. he's almost saying to crew or kasich, one everybody you has. cruz or kasich, one of you has to drop out. >> here is the truth. it will be tough for the party to nominate a guy who got fewer votes than the other guy. the expectations people have for democracy, that's going to be a tough sell. deirdre: in new york there are 95 gop delegates up for grabs. at least electively from our research seems to be at least right now possibly going to trump. it's going to get harder after tonight to be against trump. >> in pennsylvania cruz will make up a lot of ground.
5:58 pm
he may come in third and still get the majority of delegates in pennsylvania, up is the system. what's the incentive to defend those rules? i think the party does itself a disservice by defending a system that's clearly not a good system. deirdre: people are saying on both side of the aisle, the rnc rules committee and on the democratic side the superdelegates. >> those rules are to diseven pran chiedisd todisenfranchise . nobody is denying that. deirdre: rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york city, said the rnc should give the no
5:59 pm
nation to trump. >> if this were a congressional elect the candidate with the most votes would be the congressman. it's the tomorrow way it can work in a democracy. bill clinton didn't, both times he was elected. the party is going to stand in the way of the guy with the most popular support is insane. this is not an endorsement for trump. deirdre: if you were a betting man ways your call after this evening? >> i think sadly bernie will fall short of what he need to get. if he can keep her under 10, that's a dramatic moment in the democratic party. i don't think it's going to happen, but i'm praying for it. deirdre: thank you for watching us on "risk and reward." we have coverage all evening with lou dobbs and neil cavuto.
6:00 pm
we'll kick thing off at 7:00 p.m. in the meantime my colleague charles payne is here and "making money" start now. [♪] charles: blue chips, oil, all higher today. voting under way in new york states. the polls will close in just under 3 thundershowers. donald trump is expected to. -- will close in just three hours. donald trump is expected to take his home state. state.


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