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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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business' neil cavuto. the polls about to close in new york just seconds away from 8:00. and neil cavuto. you will want to stay right where you are. good night. [♪] noun fox business network coverage of the new york primary. here is neil cavuto. neil: it's a beautiful night. it could be a beautiful night for the frontrunners. 95 delegates up for grabs on the republican side and 247 for the democrats. the expectation is both of the frontrunners come into this race needing a little civility. donald trump after getting stunned in wisconsin is trying
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to move he many the guy to beat and he could add to that today. exit polls are all over the map when it comes to ganging where our viewers and -- gauging where our viewers and voters stand. donald trump is going to do egg he can to secure the mom nation before he get to cleveland. hillary clinton hopes to put the insurgency that resulted in the likes of bernie sanders winning 7 out of 8 contests. but he's not getting more delegates. an 80-delegate gain in the process. the one to watch tonight is donald trump, and what he does. and all the other moves behind the scenes and what he has been doing. we go to trump headquarters in new york city with the latest from there. reporter: they are ready to have a celebration here at trump
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tower set up in the lobby of the building, largely for one of those press conferences we got used to when trump was down in florida. we'll see how many questions he takes. but the campaign has been in the news. moving out it seems to go to the reports, corey lewandowski moving out and paul manafort the delegate manager, his workers, his men and women he's bringing in to run this campaign to a different level to try to get to the 1,237. another home state candidate has done this a number of times. three home state candidate. when you do that, the setting, the way they run their campaigns and the venues they set up on elect tonight, it tells you a lot about the candidate. ted cruz is not here in new york tonight but we covered his home state venue.
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the place was called the red next country club. it was so texas and so loud you could hardly hear yourself. it was a celebratory atmosphere. we should have known when we went to florida to cover marco rubio's home state that something was wrong when they packed us into the lobby of a college basketball arena. the actual gym had been set up for an event that never happened. shortly after, marco rubio dropped out of the race. john kasich won his own state of ohio. trump tower is so donald trump. he lives here. he lives upstairs. you have the trump ice cream, the trump grill. we'll hear from him. we'll see what he says after the
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result come in. neil: lou dobbs going to the studio. we have marco rubio here. donald trump wants to right what has been a bad press, destabilizing ship. he turned things around with a couple of key highers. and he's back with poll numbers that look pretty impressive. but he wants to win big tonight. lou: he does indeed, and it looks like he's set up to do decisively that. i got a head count of connell talking about the trump towers. the whole campaign has turned out to be so trump. he has deftly reorganized his campaign. he put aside the charges that were to hound cory lawn d corey,
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those dismissed. everything has been turning right for donald trump over the course of the past week. if he can win 80 of the state's 95 delegates, that would be an extraordinary momentum add to a campaign that seems to be ready to move ahead stronger than before. neil: just for those keeping track right now on this republican race. 95 delegates at stake. you get 14 for winning 50%. if you win each of those by 50% or more you get all three. if you get less the second-place finisher picks up one or two. >> if he gets 80 of the 95 delegates, it's as close to a sweep as you are going to get.
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if you look at the political makeup of new york state, you can see it's advantage day just for the frontrunner, that's donald trump and hillary clinton. 62% of the people have a bachelor's degree. then the bronx where people live in poverty. then people from wall street living outside of new york close to hillary clinton. there is reason to believe the front runners are going to have a real sweep, donald trump and hillary clinton. neil: the polls in the city opened at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. but most polls upstate new york, it was new. it's weird that we'll get results from upstate new york first. lou: 75% of all the democratic votes come from new york city.
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75% of the republican votes come from outside of new york city. new york stiff itself is kinds of an illusion. when you are dealing with republicans. sandra: irepublicans.. trish: if he's successful getting out of the delegates, there is a lot of the diversity in this state. if he can capture new york with that serious momentum as he moves on to other states, and perhaps telling, because california is going to be a big one for him, his next big test after new york. and if he can get new york with this diverse population and diverse economic population as well ... neil: maria, the fact of the matter is new york is a tough one for republicans to win.
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the last republican that point was ronald reagan in a general election. that's and rough one to repeat from '80 and '84. all right. congressman steve king from the state of iowa joins us. he's a ted cruz supporter. the argument is maybe your candidate got pout much town so as to not be embarrassed in town. he's focusing on pennsylvania where he's polling competitively. that's an odd state where 50 delegates go off to cleveland uncommitted. but the sense is he won't here. do you think in the end that new york values comments came back to bite him in the hiney? >> we should be reminded that was a comments donald trump himself made about the contrast
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between new york and iowa values. ted cruz was on the mark when he said that, but that got changed along the way with the dialog that was tide into donald trump. the issue was that in sort of making a slap at new yorkers. that he couldn't and hasn't recovered from that, at least here. >> it was donald trump that said perhaps he would have a pro-life position in 1999 if he had iowa values instead of new york values. that was what ted cruz referenced. i watched as the dialogue and narrative has been transformed sometimes from what was truth and fact into what turns out to be a fiction that people believe. >> the better part for at least the senator to get out of new york, move on here. but if there is a possibility
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that he performs dismally and finishes third tonight, do you have think he's wounded going into these big primaries next week? >> i don't think he's wounded, not any more than anybody who didn't win ohio. this is donald trump's home state. i think you will see cruz support upstate. i think kasich has done better than we thought he would have. you have got to focus your time and energy where it pays off. i gave a speech in new york a few years ago where i gave 9 yards of the conservatism. and when i was done, i thought i offended everybody in the room. but the rabbi's wife student and said i had forgotten what i believed when he came to this town 20 years ago, but i have no one to talk with. tomorrow morning i'm going to start talking about those constitutional values.
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that's new york, that's the city at least. neil: we'll take a quick break. we are 50 minutes away from polls closing here. the oddity is where they open the latest is where we get the results first. we do have a democratic race going on. many argue with the superdelegates, she could pad that lead tonight or be in a struggle that will send us all the way to philadelphia, their convention site. more fox business live coverage of the big race for the empire state. for the first time in decades it does matter. new yorkers have always seen themselves as the center of the universe. this time they are right. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. trish: welcome back to our special primary coverage of the new york state primary. take a look at the democrats. 68% say the long campaign has energized their party, while 27% say it divided it. it's a different story on the republican side. 57% say this campaign divided the party where 39% say it
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energized them. we are taking a look how people are voting on the republican side. 9% are voting for a candidate, but 0% say they are making their choice to vote against another candidate. so interesting data there. that brings us to our final exit poll. among new york republican voters, they say if there is no majority going into cleveland, the gop should nominate a candidate who has the most votes. only 25% say they should go with who the delegates think are best. so very interesting situation here as we look at this new exit poll data. neil: the empire state is odd. the other numbers that appeared in other states and nationally showing there is not much of a reaction to the candidate. converse are you what has been
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trepidation among the republican field and the back and forth in new york doesn't translate nationally when the party, given the turnout is optimistic. adam shapiro near times square at democratic headquarters. they are betting on a big night tonight. what's the mood here? >> the mood is more energetic than what we saw last week when hillary clinton addressed the national network d action network. let's get into what they are both doing. this is an important night for clinton and for sanders. sanders is saying it's not going to happen. sanders hit the campaign trail in pennsylvania. we have video of him taking the stage in penn state.
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he's rallying his base, college student who are wildly enthusiastic when they support bernie sanders. you have seen the polls that say if he does not get the nomination, they will not vote for clinton. sanders is speaking to the crowd at penn state. he says hillary clinton should watch her back. >> i don't want you to tell anybody this. keep it. but secretary clinton is getting a little bit nervous. reporter: maybe, maybe not. clinton voted this morning in chappaqua, her adopted state new york. and then left town. she went to washington, d.c. to address a conference of unions. she is back in new york, she'll be at this rally and she is turning her attention on to donald trump.
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>> republican frontrunner for president actually says waynes are too high in america. i said before, i do not know who he's talking to. because americans deserve a raise. reporter: when you ask the mood, the energy level, watching sanders supporters versus hillary clinton supporters. the sanders supporters are incredibly enthusiastic. yesterday was the first time at least in new york we have seen the clinton supporters get riled up. neil: carol maloney, a big hillary clinton supporter. congresswoman, great to have you here. we talk about no matter who win this nomination. they are asked to kiss and make up. but a third of sanders supporters don't think they
8:20 pm
could vote for hillary clinton. a high percent and is hillary clinton supporter would have a tough time voting for him. can by gones ever be bygones? >> after new york when she continues to build on the popular vote divide and the delegates assigned divide of well over 202 votes. it's very, very hard to catch up. >> really hard with those superdelegates. >> she is going to be the democratic nominee, and i believe we'll come together and work together as we have in the past for victory in the fall. maria: i would like to ask you about policy. 70% of people are worried about the economy both on the democratic and republican side. what do you think is hillary clinton's most important message
8:21 pm
when it comes to how to create jobs? >> i think it's focusing on the economy and showing the record of democratic presidents. since truman the economy hasandr democratic presidents than republicans. we have to remember it was the former clinton presidency that built 22 million additional private sector jobs. neil: she repudiated the trade policies that got the boom going. >> that's being debate and we'll move forward. under president obama we created 14 million jobs. david: what do you do with the 40% of democrats who think it many okay to vote for a socialist. particularly the millennials seem to favor socialism. you are a centrist democrat.
8:22 pm
a lot of these democratic presidents who had good economic record are rolling over in their graves thinking a socialist may be the flag-bearer for the country. >> the majority of democrats are voting for hillary clinton. david: is socialism consistent with the democratic economic platform? >> it is not. david: then you have a problem. 40% of the party is socialist you have got a problem. >> a lot of people are telling me they will vote to send a message. when we unite, no one is better, we need to continue to lead the world. we are the on super power left. we are the economic power of the world. we need to continue that. trish: are you pleads with where we are currently?
8:23 pm
>> absolutely not. i wouldn't be happying in he american who want a job has a job. trish what is the reason for the anemic growth? >> we were shedding 800,000 jobs a month under president bush. the democrats turned that around and we have had many, many months, the longest stretch in history of economic job growth. it's not enough. we need to create more. if you look at the track record. since truman, the economy and private sector job growth and the overall growth of economy has been stronger under democratic presidents. i know i'm right because i said it on the floor of congress. republicans attacked me. we had it fact checked by
8:24 pm
annenberg policy center. david: why are 85% of democrats in exit polls unhappy with the economy? >> because we need to do better. the prior administration we were losing jobs. not good enough. we need to do more. it's nice to see you somewhere beside the floor of the stock exchange. let's build this country up. get more jobs. neil: that's how good these guys are. thank you, congresswoman, thank you very much. >> it's been fun. neil: ted cruz is already preparing for pennsylvania. that's a must do well event for
8:25 pm
him. reporter: that's right, neil. the cruz campaign is competing for every single delegate. carly fiorina making introductory remarks. we expect senator cruz to be out here momentarily. we had a briefing from one of cruz's top campaign advisers on the effort the cruz campaign has undertaken and launched in pennsylvania because 3/4 of the delegates, more than 50, will be technically uncommitted to a candidate next tuesday when the republican voters go to a poll, just 17 of the delegates will have the delegates name and a candidates name after them and those are for the statewide delegates. but the rest of them are decided by each congressional district. there are 18 consciousal districts. and it gets more complicated than new york.
8:26 pm
every delegate is up for grabs. the cruz campaign is telling us, it has been working hard to make sure all the voters in each of these districts know which delegate is for cruz so even though it won't on the ballot, they will know they are voting for ted cruz. it will be hand to hand combat here next tuesday. neil: you are almost using that golf whisper voice. it is odd. 71 delegates. but more than 50 of them are uncommitted. they will go to cleveland on an uncommitted slate. therein lies the strategy of ted cruz to try to get them as he did in which oklahomaing and colorado. d as he did in wyoming and colorado. pal dino runs the campaign here
8:27 pm
in new york. he says that's part of the argument of a rigged system, that a candidate can do that and not follow the will of the people. the cruz people say there is the will of the people, the laws as we knew them, the rules as we knew them. carl is next. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here. a few weeks ago,
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>> 95 gop delegates up for grabs in the state of new york. it's possible donald trump does do a clean sweep of the state. unlikely by the is possible. he has a lot of support from a lot of different parts of the state. there are areas where he could be challenges. this county in particular is one, o o nerks ida county. trump has to have a 50% threshold to get all the delegates in a given county. if we go into new york city and look north of the city into
8:32 pm
bronx county, heavily hispanic. that's where donald trump could see a challenge from senator cruz. if you go out on to long island. you have nassau, and sufficient. as far as the 95 potential gop delegates, donald trump could have as many as 83. but we'll wait and see. neil: ted cruz is addressing his supporters in philadelphia. we'll be monitoring that. carl pa paladino is with us. you have said if your guy doesn't win it, trump supporters will fold up their tent and leave and the party will be gone.
8:33 pm
do you still stand by that? >> i think way was saying at the time, neil, if trump is jerry er gerri rigged, but if they try to play with it i think it american people will revolt on that and you will find the end of the republican party as we know it. neil: if the rules are you have to get to the number on the first ballot. the rules that exist now, only a candidate who has won 8 states can be on that ballot. and they have successive ballots and ted cruz wins in successive ballots. would you still stand by that? >> i don't think the people would have a problem if they saw
8:34 pm
it was a legitimate win and it wasn't people playing games. it's the game thing that the press has been pondering on recently. and the opportunity for gaming. you don't change rule 40-b and allow a guy like kasich to have an opportunity. kneel require's hard to hear. i apologize. you want those two going at it. whoever emerges on top, you are fine. you prefer donald trump, but if it's cruz, you are okay with that. you just don't want to go outside that petri dish of the candidates who have been in the race. >> we don't want to go outside the petri dish, right. i agree with you. neil: i just made that up on the fly. congressman, thank you very much.
8:35 pm
i don't know if you had a chance earlier on. if you caught this on the radio, it was very riveting. sean hannity going at ted cruz. and the issue was this arcane way we go about selecting delegates. cruz didn't like it. sean hannity is next. ur rates
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save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. neil: we are 20 minutes from polls closing in new york state. sean hannity is one of the nicest people in this business. but i'm catching the kind of drift he had with ted cruz earlier today on his usually popular radio show, and it got nasty, i'm thinking either hannity is in a bad mood, or he hasn't had dinner. sean, it's good to have you. so what happened? sean: it took me by surprise. everyone is talking about the delegates. the big story out of states like georgia over the weekend and
8:40 pm
south carolina and colorado and other places are, what is the cruz campaign doing in terms of courting delegates that are otherwise committed to donald trump in the first round of balloting, and i was asking him about it, and he kind of went back at me a couple times and said that's a trump question. i said now it's not a trump question. i think that's a question voters need to understand. most people have never been through this process before, they don't foils as closely as you and everybody on the set does. and i was a little surprised that he didn't want to answer it. we didn't get to the answer i would have liked to have heard. neil: what the issue is, how he gets the delegates in colorado and wyoming where there isn't a statewide primary or caucus. he gets an uncommitted slate that becomes his slate. he picked up 40 or so delegates
8:41 pm
that might cushion the blow if he loses badly in new york. he knows people wonder what's going on. he's following the rules, but what was his response? sean: i was not implying anyone is broke the rules. but most people don't understand it. one of the things i have been advocating. republicans are not as corrupt as the democrats with the superdelegate issue, literally if you strip away the superdelegates on the democrat side. you have hillary and bernie sanders neck-and-neck. on the republican side it would be a much closer race. on the republican side i think because it's a national party, i think there ought to be limited choices given by the national party to the states. if they want to be a primary state tore caucus state, that's fine. i don't like a convention because not every person participates. like in colorado. i think all the people in colorado would have liked to have had the opportunity to go
8:42 pm
out and vote. and it's only 5,000 people participating when it could be over a million. if they want to be proportional or winner takes all, i think every delegate should be bound at least on the first ballot. in a state like pennsylvania which is coming up in a week. if you win the state you get 17 delegates. but the rest of the delegates are unbound. when you go to vote you are voting for delegates and you don't know who they are associated with. so it get crazy. david: people who are generally favorable to trump like rush limbaugh think he's protesting this too muchow. he says if you don't like the way colorado pinged their delegates. you thanked sick months to study the rules and you could have gone in there and forced a change in the rules or bert adapt to the rules. what about that? are his complaints turning into
8:43 pm
a whining now? >> 100% that's accurate. ted cruz did outwork every other candidate in colorado. he showed up. everybody knew what the rules were ahead of time. that's not my issue. my issue is going forward the system could be more inclusive which is what i would like to see. i think what many troubling to a lot of people is why didn't people participate? the headline on drudge is nobody is voting in these state, but then the delegates are being distributed and they seem to be going to one candidate. probably ted cruz has worked harder and i give him credit for that. maria: what do you think is going on behind the scenes knowing we have connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania, california, and indiana which cruz is really working already. and that's in may. what do you think is going on behind the scenes in terms of
8:44 pm
these candidate luring the delegates, making sure to lock these people up ahead of the key contests? >> it's a great question. what do they get to you have a delegates? i understand that they can pay for their airfare. they can pay for their hotel, they can pay for dinners. so is that going to come into play? i think the reason why i like the voters participating, because then the delegates go and will represent their vote at least on the fir ballot if they are found. in terms of courting the delegates, it's a legitimate question we need answers to. what are the candidate if they are offering anything. are they paying for hotel rooms and buying dinners? the bigger question i'm concerned about, if you look at the comments of mitch mcconnell and john boehner and mitt romney, they are all talking about a white knight
8:45 pm
candidate coming in at the last minute if they have a third or fourth ballot and that's troubling. >> for any candidate to come out and try to take the nomination effectively away from the two guys getting close. i don't know how you win a national elect because you would be so hated by some of these cruz and trump supporters. >> the quick answer is, if somebody wins more state and has millions of more votes and hundreds of more delegates and they don't get the nomination, you have created recentment, chaos and a busted party. sean is going to be on the fax news channel later on tonight. but i don't want to promote him. sean is already offered to have you dvr him and continue watching us. he comes on at 10:00.
8:46 pm
he said dvr him because you will get everything you need right here. i think i got that right. sean: i think you got it right. neil: sean hannity, the guy is a rock star. polls will be closing in 14 minute in this state. anything could happen. turnout is heavy in both parties. the weather was perfect today. what's going to happen in 14 minutes? we'll see. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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jo ling: democrats and republicans agree on this, 51% say wall street hurts the u.s. economy. if you flip over to the republican side, you can see the same thing. 64% of new york democrats say that wall street hurts the u.s. economy. we want to show you data on the democratic side of this big race here. 70% of democrats say regardless of who they vote for, they believe clinton will be the nominee going into the convention this summer. some interesting data, especially on the wall street front. the number one issue for the republicans and democrats in new york is the economy. neil: thank you very much.
8:51 pm
the feeling seems to be the feeling aren't there between the sanders and clinton camps. a third sanders supporters say they won't vote for sanders and almost as high among clinton supporters saying they won't vote for sanders. what's going to happen? >> i'm not going to predict what the margins will be. but within about an hour, hour and a half, hillary clinton who currently has a $2.5 million person lead in the popular vote will expand that in new york, and hillary clinton who lead bernie sanders by 700 delegates, my buddy sean hannity would say not enough, she'll expand her delegate lead. neil: that's not what i asked. will it be enough when they get to philadelphia that they goat
8:52 pm
make up? there is real acrimony between the two. >> both parties are experiencing pretty divisive primaries. on my side i'm discouraged bernie sanders has gone from the candidate of idealism to throwing low blows at hillary clinton. but here is what's going to happen to democrats. when you come out of that convention united, and we'll heal this -- you and i had this conversation before -- the separation democrats may have now as a result of clinton and sanders pales in comparison to the divisiveness we are seeing on the republican side. both parties will have to do some uniting and heal some divisions. and my party will. lou: in the interim we had lou
8:53 pm
dobbs, polls closing in 7 or 8 minutes. the issue is not on winning, but winning big. lou: i suppose with every contest, but this one is as you say, it's imperative donald trump -- has built such momentum and has gone the so much established in his cam paint two weeks. d in his campaign the past two weeks. if he has around 80. anything over that by any degree will be remarkable. i just think it's very important to him to do that. it is to some degree a game of expectations. he has an opportunity in this instance to set up the remain defendant contest in this primary, and drive forward that 1,237. >> the bottom line is up until
8:54 pm
now he has been criticized as not having an organized enough game ground. ground game. and ted cruz has. that's why ted cruz has been getting these victories. but how he sets himself up. he has changed in the campaign. california will really be critical. >> it's surprising. he hasn't had a better ground game. this is a guy who built a heck of a business. he needs to know what he's doing. why didn't he bring in people earlier on that could have said, you need x, y and z? david: $67,000 spent by donald trump. he thought he could do this on the cheap and now he realized he can't. that's why he hired this new team. the question is, is it too late.
8:55 pm
lou: he has been responsible with his money. an has done remarkably well. now he's moved from the entrepreneurial period to the organizational corporate part. neil: we'll go with some of those campaign changes. this idea he's getting serious about this, given some recent hires. more than that and polls closing in a few minutes. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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>> this is fox business coverage of the new york primary. here is neil cavuto. no welcome everybody. we are right outside of fox headquarters on the fox business network and we are moments away, 30 seconds away from the polls polls closing here pretty good deal of attention is on this date than it's ever been paid attention new york because it's so late in the process that it was an afterthought but new yorkers who traditionally see themselves as the center of the
9:00 pm
universe anyway finding reality has caught up to them for both the democratic party and the republican party there are proverbial political ship has come in. this state does matter and the delegates 95 for publicans and to have 47 for the democrats. it will go a long way towards getting us a sense of where this is all going and we can say on the republicans i don't trump's picked up the empire state. the only issue now is the margin. we are not quite so comfortable on the democratic side and saying that hillary clinton are bernie sanders has. that's not necessarily an indictment as the boat as it is as much is getting about elsewhere. remember the first thing i said precincts are coming in from upstate new york not new york city and that is ironic cousin in upstate new york and places outside the five boroughs of new york city, they didn't get to


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