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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 20, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: what a guy, what a guy. i am giving neil cavuto 18,100 on the dow. it is yours. neil: thank you are a much. we are sort of reassessing exactly like the upper hand. i have a feeling that the donald trump big he does say and i quote ted cruz inside a bun in the race. now all he can do is be a spoiler. never a nice thing to do. i will beat hillary. answer ted cruz. >> donald trump won in those states.
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[inaudible] upon winning his home state, the characteristic declares this race is over. and the rest of the voters would quietly go home now and allow him to give the general election to hillary. all would be better. neil: all is not better than the differences i don't see these two sides agreed are shaking hands on pretty much anything anytime soon to the "washtington examiner." herein while both are they now are not giving up any ground in what could be a trump family state next week when 172 delegates are up for grab. >> damascus not look very good for ted cruz. however, it could look good for head is able to deny trump of
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the 1237 delegates which is still possible. even though he may not be able to win the nomination outright, he can deny trump and if that happens, his superior ground game with winning these delegates. the fact he is preferred but not loved by the gop establishment could give him an upper hand if you get to the july convention in cleveland without a winner. neil: i am wondering with some of the size of donald trump's victory last night and of course these% gain. but now all trump has to do with 53% or 54% of the remaining delegates. that is a lot more friendly to him than having to win 60 or 65%. >> that's right. the next these days are going to potentially so this up for him because we're looking at other new england in the mid-atlantic
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area. this is not ted cruz territory. so it is favorable to term. again, and it's greater than 50% not guaranteed however very possible. in other words can you contest are really going to matter. we've been saying this all along. the protecting congress really means the final say are having a big say in all of this. the next two contests could potentially make it a greater likelihood. if he doesn't, that opens the door to a possible victory by another candidate ted cruz potentially an outsider. neil: we will see what happens to thank you very much. we get the feeling it still isn't fully behind donald trump. on a couple of days ago when mitch mcconnell was joking. he was optimistic that there
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could be additional ballots. but now we have indications the rnc is having a class at powwow in florida before the convention and that prompted talk once again that party insiders might want to do something to stop donald trump. if the timing of the meeting before the convention. this is the last big shop for them to do so. but again, it does bring out the helicopter crowd. is there any truth to that in maybe to the detriment of mr. trump. let's ask the florida speaker of the house. you were not in the donald trump fan club, but you don't see that as a last convention kobold going on here. what is going on? >> know, i don't see it as that.
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i haven't been in the donald trump fan club because he said some reckless things. he's quieted down in the last to the last two weeks which is a mild. this medium as you said is a medium that happens all the time and it's very normal in this process for this chin. i don't think anything out of will take ways. it is an opportunity for donald trump, senator cruz, both of them in their campaigns and surrogates attack about each one's pathway to the nomination. we seldom of tamil trouble get the 1237 votes. yet a big knife that is a long way to go there with all these delegates there's over 160 delegates in that room and grassroots leaders around the country with an opportunity for both campaigns. neil: how does the 160 brake down? >> is all over the state. the state committee man or woman. the chairman of the public and party state. i talked to the chairman of the
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republican party earlier today. he reiterated to me this is a very normal meeting and he doesn't think anything crazy is going to happen. neil: i think you're a straight shooter, but i do wonder, i'm not in that camp and saying sometimes they really are to be good. i suppose a mitch mcconnell is some of paul ryan speaker of the house is given clearly aimed at mr. trump, kind of analogous to what you just did there. neil: i do think that the party is going to have a hard time wrapping his arms around donald trump come in and day with delegates necessary to win. but the new point if he does. i get the impression they will
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put us in some obstacles given a chance. am i just being jaded, cynical, what? >> i totally agree with that. donald trump is to get the 1237 delegates he needs to be nominated for the convention, they should be concerned. the reason is people are worried about the viability of a candidacy in november. can he win with the things he said come the things he's done, the people he's offended. that's a big concern. i agree with you. if donald trump can so this thing out between now and california in early june and he goes into the convention with less than 1237 delegates, the odds are still in its favor to walk out of the nominee. there's a lot of uncertainty in the convention and crazier things have happened. neil: 1236 is not good enough. the odds are going that way. i covered this last night, a lot
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of republican insiders. i just got the feeling even one short they would put the hammer down. we will see. >> it could be. it's really in his hands. if donald trump with the bombastic nature committee insults and all the things he's done that he thinks got into the place he is today. he's got a chance of pulling this off. if he goes back to a style of insulting everybody, he's going to find himself looking for friends. i think a lot of this is up there. we need some friends. that language is going how to close the deal. we'll see what happens. thank you vary, very much. neil: we talk about ted cruz being mathematically eliminated. technically that's not right.
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by the democrats are saying bernie sanders technically is that right. the dnc communications director. good to have you. this way you can address on pledged delegates. it's true that sanders can't pull it off here. i do know at a minimum he can stall hillary clinton for getting the delegates she will need to be the nominee. would he think of that? >> i'm not here to make in the delegations. we have an exciting contest and we still have 19 contests ahead. we are excited about the fact that both of our candidates are generating pretty good enthusiasm. we saw in new york about 710 democrats voted in the primary in new york are excited. the primary race has actually been good for the party. >> is normally a friendly democratic. the turnout numbers more to the
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point have been rather depressed or democrat. by the way, the comparison years ago when it was a unique situation i grade you. the republicans turn out, maybe just the sheer number of candidates first in the race has been much stronger. does that worry you? >> you raise to really good points. on the first one, wisconsin was consistent in terms of those with our candidates. we see is a much broader trend of things we're looking at in terms of our data. in terms of the other dynamic you're talking about turnout, we have done very well. you are right to does and it was a unique year. if you look at all other elections prior to that, we actually outperformed them in the two candidates have actually turned down almost as many voters in most of the contest. neil: when you talk about that, you know, obviously donald trump
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has a negative number off the chart. hillary clinton's are high, too. but does that help issues pitted against someone like that she could acknowledge high negative, but his are much higher. the only difference i see is that his are very high, that he still had time since he's kind of new in the eyes of the american people to bring them down. hillary clinton and i suspect this kind of etched in stone. what do you think? >> at the imposing in this campaign is there's a lot of ugly campaigning and that's led to the numbers we are singing. use of kevin mccarthy, majority leader of the republican house said the entire purpose of the benghazi committee whistleblower hillary clinton's poll numbers. both candidates have a chance to try to whoever our nominee has two bigger mover advantage by
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senator sanders would for senator clinton's position to improve imap by introducing herself as the general election public. i think what we are looking at right now you have energy because we go back to the point you're making. silly clinton assigned within 10 million votes, more than donald trump will senator sanders has earned more of a ted cruz for john kasich. >> 17 and you're obviously not going to get as many votes. >> i think we've done well in terms of where we are. looking at the general election, whoever our nominee at the republican nominee is and it certainly looks at donald trump after last night will be hard for them to take the nomination away from him after he's basically mathematically -- in the party. a third of sanders or never vote for hillary clinton.
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something has to go on in your party as well. they can sort this out. we will see what happens. thank you very much. okay. thanks for having me on. is meeting this hour. the relationship to put it mildly already strained going in. what happens now? you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: talk about a convention of the two-hour meeting wrapped up between president obama in the saudi kingdom. a lot of this had to do with a 28 pages of 9/11 report that many members of the royal family make government officials could have been higher to the 9/11
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terrorist attacks. keep in mind those attackers did come from saudi arabia. that was one thing the president should eventually be released. it's quite another but the president on the part of 9/11 families and others to go ahead with saudi arabia and that's where he drew lines saying that could be a slippery slope. without his intervene to say we are going to start selling unwanted he of course under president bush, so much else. ambassador, what do you think happened at the meeting? >> well, you have to step back and look at what we are facing, neil. we are releasing the aftershocks in the region of the every idea which set off tectonic shift in the geopolitical structure of the entire region.
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and that has been i think exacerbated by the rather weak and vacillating policy towards the region which is open opportunities for the iranians to play ms. shift and of course that is what concerns the saudi's. that's a major reason for the can turn. the other matter is obviously something else. we are seeing a fundamental shift in the geopolitics of the region which makes the saudi center countries nervous. >> to think if we didn't have the iran situation that the tone of this meeting would be different? in other words, the idea of suing the government and pretty much failing in the past, that this would not be nearly the dataset. that the iran thing, it might've been the case, but it's changed everything. >> yeah, it has.
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what if we didn't do that deal with iran. everybody in the region knows it's done it. everybody's watched us talking about withdrawing from afghanistan on and off policy towards syria. so they are quite understandably nervous. i think it is essential for the united states if it's going to leave the region which seems to be the intention of the administration. it is irresponsible not to establish a balance of power in the region and the balance of power in the region means supporting the weaker party. the weaker party in this case is the area does. neil: so what would happen if the material got out. they had connections to the planning of those attacks. that alone!
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it clearly way. whatever information that can be her hack declassifies should be made public government. i can understand the president because it would have potentially quite an impact on the way americans view the saudi's. so i can understand the concern. and beyond whatever whatever can be declassifies should be. trained to do is mention their sound is a contested convention. even for a penny gets on the tarmac personally. that was not the case here. that's a pretty big side to the president of the united states. >> yeah, the saudi's have been signaling discomfort long before the iran deal with may.
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they were publicly negotiating with the iranian. the text of the deal is not the important thing. it is the itself was done and how it should so we'll geopolitics of the region. that is what is a concern. the saudi's will find little ways like downgrading the welcoming party. they will find ways to make clear their unhappiness. neil: what is right here after this whole dustup was to say you know what, you try something like this, all those hundreds of billions. technically you could make the art that but it would obviously help both. >> well, i think they are concerned to be they don't know what pages either. they are concerned. i agree with you. so i'm not $750 billion is where they'll put the money.
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they can spend it on their own country or something. it hurts them more than it hurts us. neil: thank you very much. always good having you on. neil: in the meantime, if you are looking for the summer, you don't pre-take a seat and they are going to pick one for you and probably one that will be a tad more expensive. probably one that will cost a lot more. whether you want to breathe on the plane from the plane from the regular to cross your legs on the plane. they are all going up.
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neil: well, it looks like it's all official. what a co-beginning to report that alexander hamilton can stay on the 10-dollar bill. that could they show winning winning pulitzer prize. it helps your cause.
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we are told that jackson, sorry, andy. you're going south to you. you are up to $20 bill unlikely to be replaced by american abolitionists. where andrew jackson goes i have no idea. if they did make a broadway show accent. i told you, america. i had no idea this was going to happen. that's not a guy is good [inaudible] you have to forecast them extra dough because the fees are going even higher. i actually applied private brands. >> that's you. you are talking about yourself. neil: tommy what's going on. you know they charge you for everything. you want to walk on the ground. they charge you for without whatever it is.
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i think -- so now they have a and i was looking at this time delta called called main cabin or economy, which in my mind sounds like almost the same thing. now what they are talking about is when you can select if you get cheaper there, loud codec to 20 hours before it's all gone. you have to pay more. they are doing it and it to qa. southwest pays an extra $15 each way in which case you are likely there's metal flask. >> you don't get to pick your seat cover. neil: now after the fact they say this is crazy. >> if you want to pay up or pick
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your seat )-right-paren. it's basically going to cost you $40 more. >> if you choose the lowest fare, they tell you cap pictures eat. you just have to wait. 24 hours before you get before you can e-mail the suspect your seat. but this is what i would ask you. are they worth the same? they are kind of not worth the same. maybe they shouldn't be priced the same many ways. it is worth more. neil: for me, i think the people next to me should pay less. they don't do it that way. >> i hate those on the adage. do you think they're very small >> and not comfortable. it's going to be like cattle. everyone will be standing in ropes. >> that could be delightful. they found another raiders
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chargers. this is area american, very entrepreneurial, makes all kinds of sense, good for big guys. you should pay more if you want to be on the aisle. no? neil: malice, thank you. neil: thank you geared >> did we achieve anything here? i'm going to go do my show. neil:'s economic capitalism, it is certainly the case in new york. by the way, a majority of republicans are the same way bush wins john layfield is hated.
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find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. trish: we want to bring you up to speed on the latest in houston and the major flooding that has covered the entire area. you see the heroic rescues and the number has picked up. tween 9 people are now dead in houston floods, 1150 homes have been damaged, the independent school district is slated to reopen today but there is more rain in the forecast, one to three inches coming after 18 inches of rain fell on the area,
12:34 pm
we are talking 240 billion gallons of water, a flood warning you heard so much about in central texas throughout louisiana through east texas continues to be in place, the cost of that damage in that area, $5 billion. neil: just incredible. neil: when it comes to wall street, when it is something in new york, the mecca of the financial community. do you think wall street helps? and the margin is 2-one. republicans felt the same way, not by the same numbers, 40% to
12:35 pm
43%. john layfield, john, everyone hates you. what did you do? >> on television 4 years. neil: what is going on? this is the financial capital of the world where republicans are saying we are not that impressed. >> this has gone on for years in our country. you need a common villain and that is what you are seeing, the demagoguery message coming out of allstate and starting to resonate. neil: it is resonating too. >> donald trump has resonated as an outsider. more people dislike everything else people like donald trump, something that is the appeal people see donald trump as an outsider, they dislike the system that badly. neil: when it comes to republicans and how they handle the financial community, they take it for granted and the
12:36 pm
relationship many democrats judge is in their respective dna but they have got to explain themselves better, the importance of wall street, the benefit of banks or whatever because cynicism is rampant even republicans in new york, don't process the system, or the trump term, feel that is rape. how do you deal with that notion? >> it is a matter of what you said, if people explain themselves but nobody feel sorry for the rich guy. after the depression fdr went after wall street. andrew jackson who is now off of the $20 bill went after the banks while william jennings bryan sent a message against mckinley. anytime you have a malaise in the united states they choose to go after the people that can't defend themselves and that is the rich, the banks and wall street. it happened throughout our entire history.
12:37 pm
neil: the fallout from wall street, the fact that it is overdone, long memories about that and a lot of people say can they get back to the sense of fairness or will it stick? >> they are not without blame. it is something that after this election, without wall street we don't have insurance or a loan system or a system of financial finances in the country. a lot of things these guys do, they don't explain themselves very well. once you see these guys, the rich guy in his mercedes or maserati and that is not -- doesn't resonate with the american people. neil: bad apples ruin it for the whole cart. not you. helps everybody out from bermuda which i deeply admire.
12:38 pm
mentioning andrew jackson here, getting ripped off the $20 bill. taking on the wall street of that age. kicked to the curb. here we go. in the meantime donald trump taking get to indianapolis, 27 delegates at stake, jeff flock following it closely. hi, jeff. >> sorry. did i lose you for a second? may have lost you for a second. did you ask me something important? neil: go on. >> i am sorry, this went out at the last moment. trump rally indianapolis, 57 delegates not next week but the week after, these are important delegates, not just because they
12:39 pm
had to the total and every delegate is important but these delegates, they have been chosen by party leaders. they will be bound on the first ballot by what voters do at the ballot box two weeks from now but on the second ballot they would be unbound and john kasich says he has locked up half or more of these delegates to vote for him on a second ballot or going forward. we haven't done any polling in indiana so we don't know where things stand so why is trump here today? he wants to plant the flag, ted cruz will be here tomorrow, the governor in this state says he has not endorsed yet, meeting with trump, he is going to meet with ted cruz at a republican dinner and meet with john kasich
12:40 pm
as well. neil: jeff flock in indiana. for the democrats, 53. a crucial state. meanwhile fast food players, snap players are already talking about weakening demand, there isn't much going on in their business, not growing as fast, immediately start thinking of the food police, people tirelessly working out or they won or so they think.
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides, we are seeing dow jones industrial average up 67 points, had been down 20 but a popping energy turned the market around, energy was a big loser, energy the best form of the day, the s&p up 5, the nasdaq up 17, we are seeing the tao stocks today hitting lifetime highs, mcdonald's, united health, johnson & johnson, when you look at united health all the brokerages are raising their price target, exiting obamacare next year. that got a jump, johnson & johnson with pricing power, better sales and mcdonald's doing great, up about 9% this year. they have been expanding in
12:43 pm
asia, second day in a row hitting an all-time high, the best performer of the tao as well. more cavuto coast-to-coast coming up after the break. and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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neil: stunning news on andrew jackson. i want to pass that along. it could explain why he was bumped off of the $20 bill. before we get to that coca-cola, look what is going on with the stock. it is getting climate having sides of weakening demand for
12:45 pm
its product here, there and everywhere. maybe the fast food police have won. greg, what do you think of that? >> i do.water. they had a series of acquisitions to move away from the sugar area and try to catch up and gain the following and they missed the entire generation. not just millennial's but baby boomers, my generation, i don't want my children drinking coca-cola. i search for things that are healthier with less sugar content but they have done a series of acquisitions over the last few decades where energy drinks, all sugar. almost more than their standard line. a drink that was loaded with sugar at the time, they are going to need to acquire their way out of this.
12:46 pm
neil: when you look at it, even a broad they don't go through the whole thing. it develops to do that. even demand, ebbing from those high levels, what is going on? >> it is not that but the key thing, look what happened to the average lifespan, over the past hundred years incredible how long we are living, a different set of problems for the economy and government. it is worldwide, i'm interested not just in non-sugar but gml, we see that -- neil: going the other way. >> that was an easy thing, always a segment of the market. there will always be a market,
12:47 pm
what is the trend? where is it going and coke is missing or has been missing that they have to diversify other sugar drinks and diversify into things. the 20 they are known for that. >> look at the product portfolio. they have a wide diverse portfolio. the fact that other beveragemaker shows me they are interested in the diversification, that is a key portion of the strategy but they have to buy things that draw millennials in and they will buy it. neil: it is not politically correct but neither is andrew jackson. now we know why this happened to andrew jackson, why he suffered what alexander hamilton avoided. there was a broadway show and it was horrible. after this. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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liberty mutual insurance.
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>> big news from the treasury department, harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill, harriet tubman a major figure in us history, civil war abolitionist who fought for a way to freedom and rescued many others who helped find their freedom on the underground railroad. an interesting piece of trivia, in 1856, offered $40,000 as a reward to capture harriet tubman, and she will soon be on the $20 bill. maybe it will be all about the harriet. neil: i am glad she will be on
12:52 pm
currency, i welcome her, the hamilton thing was on its way to until the broadway show came out for the pulitzer prize so that saved the day for alexander but as i said before there was a similar show on andrew jackson, my floor director reminded me there was six years ago, called bloodied buddy, andrew jackson, apparently it was not in the same caliber of the hamilton show but it reminded folks that he was a raucous guy. it opens up showing american cowboys and prostitutes on stage led by andrew jackson, talked about jackson was eager to strip the english, spanish, french and pretty much any native american he could find of their land, even their consciousness in the united states who takes a long time but they found it. goodbye, andy. all right, america, now we know. thank you very much.
12:53 pm
the broadway show, proceed cautiously. proceed cautiously too when it comes to the the go virus. a lot of people assume the odds of it happening over here are low, maybe in latin america, not here. it depends on who you talk to so we brought the best of the best to pick it apart. doctor anthony looks and examines all these threats, what is real and what is not. what can you tell us? when the institute looks into this how do you assess the zika threat right now? >> the threat, we are aware in south and central america, quite vulnerable, they will have a major outbreak, they already have in the territories particularly puerto rico, 475 locally transmitted cases. what the american public should
12:54 pm
understand is the difference between a travel related case and a local outbreak. we have 350 travel related cases of zika in the united states, people have gone to south america, the caribbean, got infected, came here and got sick while they were here. the zika case is travel related but what we have not seen is local transmitted cases, and south america, came back and a mosquito in the united states invites another person and you get local transmission. we would not be surprised that it is likely we will see some low degree of local transmission of zika in the united states particularly around the gulf coast states and the reason we say that is historically there
12:55 pm
have been other similar, transmitted by the same mosquito, infections called dengue and chicken good you which have been in that region and we have for the past couple years, local outbreaks of dengue in florida and texas and the local outbreak of chicken goon you're in florida. we have been able fortunately to contain it and prevent it from becoming sustained. neil: you visited that region, you had it, come back home, what are the dangers where it passes along? >> if there is local transmission it would be checked before it got to the point we believe it would be danger for people to be in that region. you have to understand the likelihood of there being a disseminated enough outbreak to cause that kind of concern is low. it is not zero and that is the
12:56 pm
reason the cdc is very much on top of this to monitor this if it happens and if it does, try to contain it. neil: thank you very much, we appreciate that. we will keep you abreast of these developments. alexander hamilton, think about it, the guy never became president of the united states, treasury secretary responsible for monetary -- a guy who did and was considered one of the great presidents gets kicked off currency. that is life. that is life. more.
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. . .
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neil: all right, we are picking up the numbers. we dragged the poor lady back. where donald trump now stands on the nomination, he hopes he could secure the deal before he
1:00 pm
get it is cleveland. >> yeah, niel, he's the only one that has a chance. as it stands, here we are. here is trump. the message from last night to senator ted cruz, he would need 100%. niel, we know that's not possible. john kasich needing more than 100%. so as far as what comes next. here are the states. i know your guests have been going through it. it seems that donald trump is going to have good chance in north eastern states. high name recognition. it is worth noting john kasich born in pennsylvania, in the western half, so perhaps he will pick up some speed there. i just want to point out the granddaddy of them all, that is, of course, california. there's a lot of people ying this -- eyeing.
1:01 pm
we know there's a meeting today, niel, even if he doesn't get 237, even if he gets 1100, you know what, that's good enough. neil: the others will get within one. >> depends who you spend with. neil: tough crowd. there's a pennsylvania contest. that's a big one, but when you look at the breakdown of the delegates. those, it's a whole other thing. conel with the latest. >> what's interesting, is i think, pennsylvania will be the most intriguing just because of what you talk about, the delegates given on the republican side. it's about convincing voters but about convincing real-life delegates as well. pennsylvania, it's a big states. you have 71 delegates at stake here next tuesday night.
1:02 pm
out of those 71, if we do the math on this on the chalkboard, 54 of 71 are not bound at the convention. that only leaves 17 to the statewide winner if that makes sense. let's say donald trump has been doing very well in the poll, if he wins here, that's only part of it, a lot of this falls on his new delegate manager and his team. how can they convince the free agents, if you, to vote for trump at the convention? it takes a little bit of explaining but i will do my best to do it. it's incumbent on campaigns to get people to run to support delegates and then get the word out to the people, hey, listen, vote for x, y, z delegate because they are going to support your candidate at the convention. it's a little complicated but very interesting to watch how it plays next week. on the democratic side it's much
1:03 pm
more straightforward. she and bernie sappedders will compete for 189 delegates for the state of pennsylvania. like they do in other states, they will give them out on a proportional basis across congressional districts. fairly simple. another state for the dem rats. for the republicans we will watch closely but all the way to the convention because the 54 delegates can do whatever they want when they get to cleveland. neil: it's the kind of thing that worries my next guest. do you think congressman that's going to be a hurdle, let's say your candidate wins pennsylvania but he doesn't win the delegates? >> i disagree with you on that, we need the delegates. pennsylvania has come together in the past and i have faith in confidence in my people in the state of pennsylvania that they will go with the winner.
1:04 pm
neil: 54 delegates, congressman go to the convention uncommitted? >> they go to the convention uncommitted. pennsylvania -- they have paid attention to this. what do the voters of pennsylvania want? the research that i've done and the time i've been involved in politics, i see delegates coming and casting their vote for what the people of pennsylvania want. nile neil: all right, you know it doesn't work that way. let me step back and get your thoughts on a ballot going on. republicans having meeting representatives sort of outlining plans, how they are going deal with rules and all of that, it's the big pow before cleveland.
1:05 pm
anything you are worried about? >> i take paul ryan at his word as well. they are going to make sure that the rules are followed. we may not like the rules as they stand out but they are the rules. we have to get in the game to win the game. so i have confidence in the leadership here in pennsylvania, but i make this perfectly clear, i think i did it before with you, if i see anybody trying to steal the constituents' choice, i will be the first one to go on your show and call these people out. neil: do you think it should just be with ted cruz and donald trump? it should just be those two on the multiple ballots? >> whatever the rules call for and i have been studying them and i know what they call for, look, kasich is in this, cruz and trump. when it comes to a second vote, i will not tell somebody to get out when they have to right to
1:06 pm
be there, they've been there all along. neil: right, what if it got multiple ballots between your candidate donald trump and ted cruz and on the second or third ballot, just those two on the ballot each and every goaround. could you accept that? >> absolutely. anybody is going better than hillary clinton. neil: we have the most delegates, we lead them by hundreds of delegates, that is ted cruz, we should get the nomination, you're still saying it's 1237 or bust? >> 1237, that's the rule. neil: congressman, thank you. >> you're welcome. neil: you might be watching in the corner screen with the dow. new high for the year. less than 200 points or 1%, not even at all-time high reached
1:07 pm
more than a year ago. we are keeping a close eye on it. better than expected earnings that will sort of be a good economic middle sort of a balancing way as well as immediate stocks and the growing optimism, they have money in their pocket. all right n the meantime, the water crisis in michigan and now talk of criminal charges jo ling kent has the details. >> jo ling: the attorney general charging three individuals, at least three people for tampering with evidence. state and local officials. two state regulators have been charged at the department of environmental quality so long with one flint employee, you can see that this event is getting underway right now. the flint employee is a water-treatment supervisor.
1:08 pm
now these are felonies and misdemeanors expected to be levied as well. this is months after water source was switched into the flint river causing lead-contaminated water from people in flint to be drinking and being exposed, bathing in this water. what we have right now is breaking news. three individuals charged and we may get more as this event proceeds in flint, michigan. a very serious political matter for the governor as well who is under fire for letting this go on for so long. back to you. neil: all right, thank you very much. meanwhile we are getting reports, isis is plotting summer attacks, maybe a series on european beaches. they have done this a few times. the biggest i think it was last june when they struck beach and
1:09 pm
38 were gunned down, including 30 british tourists. now that they are expanding, not only shooting people up at a beach but paying off vendors who work those beaches to help them out
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: this happened a couple of times but this one is scaring some folks because new report that is isis is trying to double up on the success going after tourists on beaches. they took out 38 tourists straiping them as they were sunbathing or swimming. now they want to expand that to popular european beach haunts and recruit some vendors who
1:13 pm
serve ice cream, soda, you name it. a lot of times people are contracted out and a lot of them do it for pennies on the day. maybe we have to screen these guys. deputy of the secretary of defense, secretary, this is a whole new kind of a scare than just getting out there, something of hitting european communities particularly those that depend on tourists because people say i'm not going. but i'm sure it's just as possible in the united states, so what do we do to be vigilant? >> it is possible in the united states, niel, the only thing we can do is get more intelligence on possible terrorist groups, and you do that by penetrating wherever these people are likely to be, and, you know, things what the new york police were doing before mayor de blasio was
1:14 pm
doing. neil: but they were doing that before first attack, even more so after the first attack and yet, i don't know what they do screening vendors or whatever, then all of a sudden like a lockdown situation at a beach. so they don't know how far to go. what do you suggest? >> well, i don't know that you can suggest anything. there really isn't anything. we have to rely on our intelligence people and quite frankly our guys, the fbi, cia, they're all whole lot better than tonesia. so we have got to do a lot more, we have to make sure that we are doing things like the things that mayor de blasio didn't want to do and doesn't want to do.
1:15 pm
when the fbi is going into these places and frankly listen and gather intelligence and spy on people, that's something that they need to do and pardon me to have nypd and all of the local police people doing the same thing is really a good deal and hopefully they can all get together and share information. now, i'm not convinced that's going on but it needs to be done, it needs to be done very urgently. neil: what i was wondering about and i parentally i learned in some of these cases, not all of them, they payoff vendors those who are unhappy, feel they could or should be getting more money, some of them, not all of them are getting paid pennies on the dollar so a little bit of bribing. they can be into bombing. >> maybe a smaller step than turning them into a suicide bomber. that's the real concern you have.
1:16 pm
it's not just the people who could be smuggling weapons in but the people that are going to come and perpetrate the attack. these guys are the ones you need to spot. it's logical for them to go after beaches, hotels and these places places are pretty much unprotected and limited access to them. it's a soft target. the terrorists are going to be looking for these places to penetrate and get weapons and get bombs in and we are going to see some of this unfortunately. it's almost inevitable. neil: it's great getting your expertise. i appreciate it. highs for the year yet again and by the way, we are not too far from all-time highs reached last may. so after a year we could be looking at a new record on the dow or closing in on one. we will keep an eye on it for you and why mcdonalds is helping. why all of a sudden turnaround in housing could be helping as well.
1:17 pm
charles payne picks it all apart after this
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
jo ling: coast to coast, microsoft will stop making new x box 360 consuls. the company will continue to still existing inventory. microsoft share are slightly lower on that news. mcdonalds hitting another life-time high. fourteenth high of this year and the fast-food chain isn't looking to slow down. it is testing bigger and smaller versions of big mac. the grand mac is made with greater patties and buns. anyway, meanwhile intel announcing it is cutting 12,000 jobs. that's 11% of the workforce.
1:21 pm
intel hope to go cut cost as a personal computer market continues to shrink. intel shares have been down about 1 and a half percent today. some good news for the housing market, existing home sales rising 5.1% in march to annual rate of 5.33 million units. this was much higher than analysts expected all all four region saw growth in march. niel, back to you. neil: all right, jo ling kent, thank you so much. others make it look good and some make it look bad. the more important thing right now is the x box 360 pointed it out. why is microsoft doing this, getting rid of the console? charles: generate the demand. neil: 360 rise in value? i only ask because my boys have
1:22 pm
700 of them. [laughter] charles: it is, it happens all of the time. neil: on the housing thing i'm confused. we get a lot data with housing than we used to but the latest one is pretty good. it's a slowdown that worry us earlier on or this sudden surge in existing homesales? charles: i think it's a combination of things. number one, number one most important as we are still not getting the new buyer, historically that's a 40% number, we are still hubering around 30%. now, on one hand, you can say that's good. they will start to trickle in as the economy gets better and millennials move out of the basement. so construction workers are coming on. you look at the report, the construction jobs are really starting starting starting
1:23 pm
starting starting starting the soar. the prices spike too quickly. i think the prices went up too quickly. again, it was supply and demand. the smaller under 100,000. nobody is buying those. neil: is the supply situation, i know many, many more come out underwater where they are more than what they are worth, their home values have not reached what they were in 2006, early 2007 before everything hit the fan? charles: you're right, the number is around 4 million. it's a huge significant number but it's a drag and the psychology of a lot of people in particular neighborhoods, where maybe my house are okay and too many in my neighborhood to make it worthwhile to try to sell it. the supply issue is something that swings in a housing area that overbuild when things are
1:24 pm
good and underbuild just when people start looking for houses. neil: i was thinking of you in new york primary. the surprising ill-will republicans and democrats have toward wall street. charles: new york state. 63% of dems and 49% of the republicans. it's shocking because it's the pulse of this city. of make of it the narrative that people -- i don't disagree, i don't disagree that that plays a lower manhattan to where we are right now has done a disservice to america. i think they got greedy and and got away from core business banking, putting the seed money for factories that were opening in the country. the problem that bothers me a lot, owning general mills with wall street.
1:25 pm
from time to time it is. the trading can be rigged from time to time but over a long period of time. yesterday 200 stocks closed at 52, these are names that we all know. we all know home depot, we all know whirlpool, we all know coke, we all know pepsi, we all know mcdonalds. these are the things we know. we've been talked of becoming part-time owners. neil: the fact, that by the way, greeding, you know what, they will find a way to repurpose to make more money and sure enough they did. in all of this sort of going back what happened, no one looks at fannie or freddie. there's an ill-view -- why don't we throw the guys?
1:26 pm
>> 1979 when i know -- we told people you must lend people when they meet criteria of borrowing. we got a thing called fannie and freddie mac. neil: we should remember that it was the gun that put the guns on their heads. charles: jimmy carter started it and bill clinton put it on steroids. run to go -- [laughter] charles: a lot of people never thought about committing a crime. that doesn't sound too bad. neil: that's where you get the anger. all right, thank you, charles. thank you very much.
1:27 pm
boy, oh boy, is he running with that one. he's really got to get out of the race. [laughter] neil: is this a great country or what?
1:28 pm
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neil: all right you always hear the dust-up with the republican
1:31 pm
party if donald trump wins the nomination there will be hell to pay. jeb bush is not going to the convention. john mccain will not go to the convention. scott walker told the "milwaukee journal sentinel," even though donald trump is not first choice, even if he goes on it win he will support him. he will support the republican running against hillary clinton in the fall, whoever that is. so we'll see how that sorts out. comes at same time that donald trump is in indiana right now. he is meeting with governor mike pence. also in toe chris christie -- in tow, chris christie. i don't know what is coming of meeting in indiana. crucial election two weeks from now. 57 delegates at stake. if they think they can take out ted cruz there, a state he is polling very, very well, maybe beating him by a big amount, that could be it or so they hope. many others say it will go to california. we shall see.
1:32 pm
peter barnes meanwhile, with a big powwow going on in florida. rnc folks getting one last chance to discuss rules, what will happen before the convention and this is the last chat before that convention. peter? reporter: neil, it has to be a pretty big deal because both ted cruz and john kasich are showing up here today. they will lobby top republicans ahead of the meeting of party's rules committee tomorrow afternoon. they may consider some of the rules in july. without reciting the 47 page rule book or getting into rule 40-b, they want to make it easier for a not trump candidate to be considered at convention. they think that trump will likely lose to hillary clinton in the fall according to the polls. so they're looking for someone, perhaps with fewer delegates or someone who hasn't even run, a mitt romney type of white knight
1:33 pm
or somebody like that. now one of the rules, for example, says that no candidate can be considered for the nomination unless he or she has won at least eight states or territories. that rule obviously hurts governor john kasich who has only one one state, his home state of ohio. cruz and trump are fighting to keep the rule which limits competition to their candidacies of course and limits prospects for a contested convention. kasich is down here for lobbying to change that rule amongst other things. rnc chair reince priebus called on not recommending any major changes to the convention rules. he says the environment is too politically charged around these issues. he wants to punt this to the meeting of the rules committee and convention rules committee the week before the convention in july. of course with trump and cruz now controlling the bulk of delegates, i have a feeling that might happen. back to you. neil: since they control the bulk of those delegates, peter,
1:34 pm
i would not see them happily changing that 40-b rule and getting someone like john kasich on those ballots, right? reporter: that's what i mean. since trump and cruz control the bulk of the delegates, they're, they have a lot of sway here. so, don't, i don't expect rule 40-b to be changed here. any recommendation to change it to come out of this meeting here in florida. it will be punted to the convention. neil: i gotcha. thank you very much, peter barnes. >> have a good day. neil: john kasich would not suit him well since he had surprisingly strong second place finish in new york, took a couple delegates as a result. trent duffy with his campaign, national campaign advisor. trent, what do you think of that, ultimately if they don't change that rule that you have to win eight or more contests whatever it is, by that definition the governor wouldn't qualify. so he wouldn't even be on the ballot which would leave it now with just ted cruz and donald trump presumably going into multiple ballots or as long as it takes to settle the race between them.
1:35 pm
how would you feel about that? >> well, neil the only rule that matters at the convention is 1237. you have to have majority of delegates to do anything. you have to have majority of delegates to get nomination. you have to have a majority of delegates to change the rule. if no candidate reaches that 1237, whether 40-b or 24 or other rules in place the convention has to go back and decide again. neil: but do all the convention delegates decide that? because, between cruz and trump they control all 70, 80% of the delegates. it will be in their interests not to change that rule right? >> well, sure it will be in their interests but all the delegates have to approve the rules. the rules committee is made up of such 25% of the rules committee can recommend a change. if again, if no candidate reaches 1237 majority delegates under the nomination they go back to the drawing board over and over again. neil: well, it is conceivable, you know the system far better than it is conceivable first ballot, just say trump and cruz
1:36 pm
going at it, neither gets 1237. they go to the second ballot. still those two guys they don't get it. on third time you freed off a lot of obliged here to fare obligated delegates. and maybe on a third try one of them gets it. but your guy never gets a chance? >> well, john kasich is going to get a chance because we'll continue to gather delegates and we'll have a good conversation. neil: they have got to change that rule. as it stands that now, you won't even be allowed be to voting. >> sure he will. once those 1237 delegates that are not going to vote for trump or cruz. then they will go back to the drawing board. neil: to do that you have to change the rules. to that you have to change that rule. they don't change that rule, remember they control, cruz and trump delegates have the lion's share of control of delegates, right? so your guy could be pushing and shoving you could be pushing and shoving to get yourself in on a vote but the as rules stand now, those two would be ones duking
1:37 pm
it out for 1237, not john kasich. >> no, john kasich will have a chance. only rule ma that thers you need 1237. neil: i understand. you're tacking past each other. but to get that give your candidate a shot to 1237 you have to change the rule so he can be in the mud doing it. but he is not allowed to right now. >> and delegates, majority of the delegates may decide to do that after they decide that they don't want trump or cruz. because trump and cruz will get in a bloodbath in november, they can't beat hillary clinton. john kasich is only one. neil: i know that argument very well. >> okay. neil: i feel like -- like abbott and costello. you can't get there. you're quite right. they have to get the rule change to have your guy to do just that we'll see what happens. >> sure neil. neil: very good having you. we'll take a look what is going on wall street right now. the dow up close to 80 points.
1:38 pm
this represents a high for the year. and also not too far, about 1% away from the all-time high reached almost a year ago. if you would have thought back around february 10th, 11th, we were at the lows, people potentially staring at a bear market, we're up close to 20% since then. it is amazing so far. all right, meanwhile president obama met with the saudi king. did anything get resolved? they met for two hours. oh to be a fly on that wall. a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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1:40 pm
>> very good afternoon, live from the floor of new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with a fox business brief. for the dow today the magic number a 18,312. we're less than a two points away from the dow all-time closing high last reached a year or so ago. you can credit crude. crude is flying today. all talks about inventory data report, chatter about a meeting with output producers in russia, but really, really simple. you have a contract expiring today. everyone is racing to get on the right side of that closing contract price. with our rally we do have stocks hitting all-time highs today. estee lauder, the makeup company, neil send, even though they're down a little bit, they hit all-time highs in the session. american water works all-time high. lower at the moment.
1:41 pm
let's look at yahoo! after reporting slightly better than expected optimism. more after this.
1:42 pm
neil: president obama met with the king of saudi arabia. that probably went really well. they're furious about the fact there are 28 redacted papers in the 9/11 report, that trace
1:43 pm
saudi arabia, some high officials in saudi arabia to the 9/11 attackers, we just don't know. even president obama says that probably should be out there some day but where president obama drew the line is suing saudi arabia's sovereign government over that, allowing families to try to collect monies. he says that could be a very slippery slope. enter kennedy on this idea. you're big on information, right? get that out there. >> yes. neil: what do you make of his argument and the saudis argument, don't sue? >> eat a bag of rotten ham sandwiches is what i say. how dare you. how could you possibly say that? what i want it know from the 28 pages how high up in the saudi government. neil: exactly. >> what is the culpability there. how dare you tell these thousands of victims family members there can be no reciprocity? where is the justice in that? where is the american president standing up for american lives? why do we have a unholy alliance
1:44 pm
with company essentially a dictatorship, so whole opaque. that is incredibly offensive and before you get to the fcc and isis over in the middle east. neil: they claim be careful what you wish for. saudis and of course the administration. saudis of course, whatever. they're claiming we'll sell all the t-bills. >> go ahead, sink your own economy before victimses families go after what is left. neil: president says, says, that could endanger a lot of american lives if other countries try to do the same against us. then it will, sovereign countries going after sovereign countries, whatever? >> each sovereign country shouldn't be supporting terrorists who kill thousands of americans in that country. i guess that is where i draw the line. neil: that is a very good point. there is a great distinction with 9/11. it is not like any event. >> legislation by the way is incredibly narrow in that regard.
1:45 pm
it is not this wide scope where you can sue pretty much anyone for anything. this is dealing with culpability on 9/11 for victims family members. neil: all right. so, by that definition, in belgium or in france we've had attacks or even in this country, sue the host government if it screwed up, if it was doing a lot of stupid things, communication was lax, you heard all that and opens up a pandora's box? >> i think there is difference between intent or incompetent. if you're incompetent government which most bureaucracies are by definition. that's one thing. i don't know if you can go after them for payback when your family member has been killed. neil: the difference somebody screwed up and didn't connect the dots. >> if there is intelligence failure, that is incredibly tragic. however if you have a government that is investing in terrorists whose reason for living and
1:46 pm
dying is to kill americans, i think that is completely different story and one that the president owes people in this country to address and address people in this country, instead of putting that iron shield around saudi arabia. neil: well-put. i had ambassador paul bremer here a little while ago, and he was saying, look, i hear the argument. i also know we don't have any many friends in the middle east. after this iran deal we have fewer still. i was thinking to myself if saudi arabia is the best of the bunch of friends, leaving aside israel who we also alienated we're hurting. >> maybe we shouldn't be in the middle east in the first place? maybe we should look at turkey, essential open door policy to syria for terrorists that radicalize from the west? i don't think we look over there, a sorority doesn't want us to be a part of it. the president has moral obligation to go to the gcc,
1:47 pm
this is your backyard, this is your problem, this is your religion and put responsibility on them once and for all. he doesn't have the backbone, strategy or clarity to do it. neil: he wouldn't be the first president to kowtow to the saudis by the way. >> absolutely not. neil: my point we're still beholden to them oil and all the rest we're doing alternative energy thing which is fine, have at it, we're killing off a lot of stuff we do have. politicians like governor of this state says no to fracking. we're tough on coal. i say all and everything so we depend less on guys like saudi arabia. >> you're absolutely right. all-in on everything. let the market direct you where the best, cheapest places are to get fuel. neil: the we depend on these knuckleheads the better we are. >> look at tesla. look at tesla the new model and hope people that they will invest thousands of dollars in a car they haven't even made yet. there is hope we have alternative viable energy sources in this country. we have to keep addressing
1:48 pm
ourself why this administration do we have the cozy relationship? is it just oil? get off the oil. neil: tesla car you have to plug in a plant that is burning dirty oil. >> exactly. neil: i love that. thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: meantime, ben carson how this popular vote thing actually is going to work in donald trump's favor. after this. ♪
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
has been long out of the race. it's true. former presidential candidate, dr. ben carson with me right now. doctor, good to have you. >> thank you. just for the record i did send a letter month ago asking me to remove my name. neil: i'm sure you did. i don't blame you. such is the plight of ted cruz that he is placing behind people who are out of the race. but sometimes these ballots are made, very, very early. i saw, you know, warren harding on mine. so it could change. i understanded. but let me ask you about this race now. do you think, and i know you're backing donald trump, that it's important he get those required delegates to 1237 before the convention? >> well, i think that is actually the preferred method obviously because it's not clear to me that many people in the party understand the turmoil that will ensue if we go into a contentious situation. and you know, nobody really has
1:53 pm
a lot of experience with that. you know, it's been, you know, at least four decades since we've had that kind of situation. neil: you're right. >> and it is not something people have been paying attention to, but this happens at a time that is critical for us because we're right on the edge of determining whether we're going to be the kind of nation that our founders envisioned. or a european style nation. that is big decision. neil: are you troubled though, doctor, even paul ryan apparently called folks doing this out on it, that, john mccain isn't going to go to the convention, jeb bush already said he had no plans to go to the convention, that it sends a signal, folks aren't happy? >> well, they're not happy but, you know, they need to look at the big picture. they're looking at how they feel. i don't like this person. i don't like this situation. so i'm taking my marbles and i'm going home. well all that is going to do is
1:54 pm
end up electing hillary or someone like her. they have to be able to understand that. why do republicans always find a way to self-destruct no matter how good their situation is? it makes no sense. neil: nevertheless, you have said, when it comes to tone and how you act in public that is important. obviously there are signs the trump campaign is responding to that. he made a number of key hires, including those who will be looking at that convention strategy and getting some stray delegates. but i think it is even in tone, doctor, hiring of paul manafort the way donald trump handled his very brief to the point, not entirely scripted but reading from cards, victory statement last night, that cooler, calmer heads are taking control of things in the trump campaign. obviously that is a delegate balance but what do you think of of that?
1:55 pm
>> well, it is not even about trump or his campaign. it is about the people, it is about the will of the people and what the leaders of the party must begin to understand is that a lot of this enormous activity that we've seen this year, unprecedented activity, is because the people have decided they want a say in what is going on in our country. and if they neglect that, they're going to create a disaster for themselves, but more importantly, for those coming after us and for our country. that's why i'm appealing to people to try to look beyond themselves. neil: all right. >> i know it is difficult. it is difficult. but it can be done. neil: let me ask, while i still have you sir, you might have heard that the treasury is announced that andrew jackson is getting kicked off the $20 bill. harriet tubman, african-american abolitionist is going on and i
1:56 pm
don't know where andrew goes now. what do you think of that, harriet tubman on the face of u.s. currency? >> i think andrew jackson was a tremendous secretary, i mean a tremendous president. andrew jackson was the last president who actually balanced the federal budget. where we had no national debt. neil: and here he gets kicked off the $20 bill. >> in honor of that we kick him off the money. neil: are you anti-harriet tubman? >> no. i love harriet tubman, i love what she did. we can find another way to honor her. make a $2 bill? neil: or give it to him. resolve it that way. >> yeah. neil: dr. carson, thank you very, very much. >> good to be with you. neil: we'll have more after this.
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neil: look at the records for the year, getting close to an all-time record. what would andrew jackson think of that? kind of weird because we didn't have wall street back then but it doesn't matter, you are getting kicked off the currency, kept to the curb. trish: donald trump says you need a big win to the empire state and he got it. new york voters, he got a whopping 60% of the vote and not enough delegates to make it mathematically possible for ted cruz to get to the magic delegate number of 1237 needed to lock up the republican nomination. welcome to "the intelligence report". i am trish reagan. we have donald trump and hillary clinton commanding victories putting them closer to their party's nomination and both talking like they have the whole thing locked up. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight.


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