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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 22, 2016 5:00am-5:11am EDT

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♪ nicole: breaking news this morning it is raining purple around the globe as the world mourns the sudden death of superstar prints. we have the latest developments in the death of an icon including reports on a possible cause of death. i am lauren simonetti. nicole: i am nicole pedallides. we are following the latest developments from the campaign trail is donald trump and ted cruz battle it out for delegates
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on supertuesday. lauren: the tao is back below 18,000, checking on stock market futures friday morning, dow futures down 28 points, nasdaq down 14. nicole: the nikkei up one.2% hoping a weaker yen lifts japanese exports. nicole: volatility continues in the oil market falling 2% yesterday. let's check in where oil is trading, it is up a 12:45%. lauren: two big tech giants posting disappointing profits. shares of google and microsoft under pressure ahead of "the opening bell". nicole: a no-hitter in the second of his career as the cubs pound the reds. lauren: without the injured stefan curry the golden state warriors lose by one point to the houston rockets. we have the highlights. it is 5:01 in new york, it is friday, we made it, april 22nd,
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welcome to "fbn a.m." for the latest breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. nicole: prince's that and that sparks an outpouring of grief from fans, hundreds of people gathering outside the studio in downtown minneapolis. an autopsy is scheduled for today. tmc is reporting days before his death he was treated for a drug overdose after he made an emergency landing in illinois. rick leventhal has more. ♪ >> reporter: he was an innovative singer and songwriter, incredibly talented guitarist. a musical icon rewrote the rulebook according to the rock and roll hall of fame which described him as a trailblazer that may dance music that rocks and rock music that had a brisk
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backbone. >> the word genius gets thrown around too much. he is one of the few pop artists who deserves it. >> reporter: the pop superstar was found dead thursday morning at his home outside minneapolis. prince who stood 5 feet we inches tall was a giant releasing 39 albums during his 35 year career including 1999 and purple rain selling 100 million records worldwide with hits including little red corvette and when doves cry. in 1993 prince made headlines for changing his name to a symbol in a dispute with his record label. for the next we 7 years he was called the artist formerly known as prince. he eventually took back his name and return to warner bros. a few years ago and never stop recording music. sly, sexy and provocative. reaction from the entertainment industry included stunned, this can't be real from justin timberlake, katy perry says just like that the world lost a lot
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of magic, rest in peace, prince, thanks for giving us so much. whoopi goldberg said this is what it sounds like when doves cry, kevin break and wrote lots of guitars gently reaping today. he suffered a serious bout with the flu. the sheriff's offices it is investigating the cause of prince's death. nicole: president obama issuing a statement saying, quote, few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly or touched quite so many people with their talent as one of the most gifted and prolific musicians of our time, prince did it all. sales of prince's music sword, five of his songs including purple rain and when doves cry surged to the top five spots on itunes. lauren: he sold 100 million records worldwide, was not a fan of streaming. to politics, donald trump
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campaigns in pennsylvania ahead of the primary on tuesday. according to the latest average holes from real clear politics trump leads his next closest opponent senator ted cruz by 19 points, connell mcshane has more. >> he came out early and gave the crowd what they came to see. >> pennsylvania has taken harder hits on trade than just about anywhere else in the united states, not good, not good. the state of pennsylvania has lost 35% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001, not good. >> reporter: these large rallies will continue with protesters being dragged out, there is another side to the trump campaign. it is being led by the new delegate manager. >> it will have traditional elements. these two sides must work together since pennsylvania has
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54 delegates that are essentially free agents the go to the convention in cleveland and vote for whoever they want. trump himself plans these crowdpleasing rallies and venues like this one. he has one planned for delaware later today. lauren: ted cruz making a campaign stop in maryland. blake berman has the latest on the war of words between the texas senator and donald trump. >> ted cruz slamming donald trump for comments the republican front runner made on the today show. trump was asked about north carolina's lgbt bathroom law which says people must use a public bathroom based on the sex listed on their birth certificate, trump suggested north carolina should not have touched the issue. >> north carolina going through with all the strife on both sides, leave it the way it is. there have been very few
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complaints with the way it is. >> reporter: ted cruz released a statement saying trump's position matches with liberal elites as he put it. at an event in frederick, maryland outside the dc beltway ted cruz said trump was bowing to political correctness. >> a few months ago donald told us he could be the most politically correct person on earth. i guess he is showing us what that looks like. i am waiting with anticipation for the new baseball caps make pc great again. >> reporter: ted cruz's maryland stop was brief, he moved on to indiana. maryland has 38 delegates in play and the polling suggests it is trump who was on top by double digits with john kasich being trump's main competitor. nicole: thank you. on the democratic side of the presidential race bernie sanders says winning the party's nomination is getting more difficult. >> it is a hard path.
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if we do not have a majority it will be hard for us to win. nicole: he regrets how nasty the new york primary against hillary clinton got and is angry about a tweet from clinton supporter calling sanders's latest fundraising appeal a fraud because it tells supporters he still has a path to the nomination. sanders says he is being attacked by the clinton people very unfairly. lauren: president obama has arrived in london for talks on prime minister david cameron, uk politicians are livid over the president's plan to urge the united kingdom to remain in the european union. a referendum on the matter on june 23rd. president obama plans to have private lunch with queen elizabeth and dinner with prince william, his wife catherine and prince harry. lauren: a rare miss for microsoft, growth in its cloud computing segment grew in the third quarter by 3% but that was down 5% in the previous quarter
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and earnings per share missed estimates by 2 sense, microsoft shares up 34% in the past year, something to keep an eye on. alphabet missed wall street estimates for revenue as well as profit, the company built traffic for its mobile advertising service. results being hurt by the strong us dollar. shares fell in after-hours trading but they were up in the past year 46%. nicole: starbucks is quarterly sales numbers missed analyst estimates for every region where it operates. the coffee chain also came out with a disappointing forecast, shares fell 4% in after-hours trading, starbucks shares up 27% in the past year. there was a mixed report, earnings for the latest quarter were up 10% but the credit card company reduced its revenue outlook because the economy has not improved significantly. shares fell 4% in after-hours training.
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shares are up 25% in the past year. lauren: all the stocks in the pre-markets, we will get you caught up on global market action we have been seeing overnight. you have the shanghai composite in china up 2%, the nikkei in japan up 1.2%, the hang seng by 7% and because we in south korea-1%. nicole: stocks to the downside to the tune of 1% for the german dax and london footsie. the cac quarante in france down 1/2% lauren: let's see how futures are shaping up, down a little bit, looking at the tao it is 17 points, the s&p down a point, the nasdaq down 10 but apple shares in the nasdaq, the s&p a big player, widely held stock back in bear market territory. nicole: oil gain $.14, golds down $2. lauren: on wall street week, bob
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alstyne, he said when he makes investment decisions especially during election season the rhetoric you see on the campaign trail doesn't influence him. >> just don't listen to the campaign rhetoric of people who want to get elected. we look at what is going through, what will become law, does it affect the free cash flow of companies and industries we own or are looking at but


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