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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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but th bad news is inin there d state capitols everywhere they ep addingg more r red tappe. they should stop, but they fox news reporting in jerery city, new jersey. right over there is lower manhattan whehere the t twin tr of the world trade center o onc stood.d. 15 of the 19 hijackers l livedr movedd to the state off new jejersey. a decade after the a attacks th world trade center is risising again. neww buildings will be finished in aboutut two years' time but e iconicic skylinene of manhattan remains incncomplete to this da. on that fateful morning 3,000 pepeople died in new york. at the pentagon in washington and in shanksville,
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pennsylvanania. after exhaustivee studies by congressss and the 9/11 c commin therere are questions we are stl asking today. who r really helped the 19 men? whwho helped them to me around our country largely undetected dd was this man a at the center of t the plops of 9/11? we begin o report withh catherine herrididge >> january 5th, 2000. kuala lumpur, laysia. in a conondo overlooking a golf cose, a dozen operatives including these tw future hi jacker gathered for a meeting. ththe purpose, disiscuss detail the cocoming plots to bomb the uss cole in the gulf ofden and the plot plan. it was a terror summit. since the -- ctured and
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recorded phone calls. itas 60 miles outde t capital. the house was osama bin laden's erations center. thealll came in a and the tsaud that would highjack the pla spoke. >> i remember theictures clear as day. >> mark was an fbi agent assigned t work wh the cia's osama bin la ent. >> theeeting wsurveilled. there had been a meeting. these peoe were coming in. follow th. take their photographs. se w whathey're doing, where they're going. th ha what happened. we had no i what they we doing. t some are visas to the u.s.
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>> then the cia refused to sha osee with other agenciesuch the fbi and borr patrol which allllowed two to lerally walk into the unitestates in theos angeles airport a week after tummit of terrism conclu >> we blew it. >> withhat advance ne we could have gotten liste device in condominium unit. the director o of the cia had jt said that al qaeda, bin laden,n wass number one priority of the agenencyvery effort should be given to corraing them before theyttacked us. >> formerator bobraham co-chaired with then coness port goss io the inqu this was a repased a halfilon documents which finished in doststic 2002.
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graham wrohe acclaimed intelligence mtete and a new novel "keys to the kingdom." >> ts i probabl one of the most painf tngs about me or things that i regret, i could not tell the burea about what we were tkingabou we are gettingroval fromhe ss's station to tell the fbi. it was cia protected infmati only. >>er the terror summit nished 23-year-old snee and 24-year-oldadar a arred in bangkok. unlike osama binin ladaden who from a wealthyhy sauaudi family was familiarr with the west, these two sauaudis had n never to america.
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what's so signifificant about them? >> they wewere the first of the9 to come to the united states. number two, they almost immediately began receieiving substantiall assistance from th saudi government or representatives o of the saudid government. >> a saudi cititizen living in n diego was o one of the first people to help thehe highjackck on our shorores. in thihis docunt, thehen 42-yr-old had been in the u.s. on a snt vis since 1993. >> is there any record that he wa a studentn the u united statates? >> h he professed t thate was a studen i checked with the univeversity that he said he had attend. they had no recor of hisaving been astudent. >>s a reporter for the san diego tribune, kelly thornton s aware of him. >> he was very wellnownn the community and thought to be by some a saudi y, spying on other saudis for the federal
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vernment and oftenad a video camera. >> he w collecting a salary of a ghostmployee of a subsidiary for a saudi aviation company. then this sty. >> when he com up from sanan diego athe requestf the cons ul for polical and cultural affas in the saudi consulate in los angeles, we don't know what happened inhe one-hour meeting that the had. as soon as the meeting was over biumumi and hisriver went to a specific restaurant a ended up at a table next tthe t hijacks which led to him asking if they would be interested in relocating fro los anles to s diegohich ey agreed to do. >> how likely is it t that somee will have a a chance meeting wi two hijacker here were 134 middleastern restauras in los angeles in january of 2000. we had a statistian do a
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probabilityt four people would end up at the samee place at t same time. and iwas in the more than 5 milliono one tegory. >> 5 million to on >> yeah. >> remeer, theirst two hijackers here no n nothing abo gettingroround california and speak no e english but the ever heful bay umi had somomeone in mind a stude a at gross montcollege. >> he told me that byumi was the one whoho ask him to do that. modar was fluent in english and spokeell and the hijackers did not speak so well. heas asked to help them get driver's licenses, social security numbers, tt kind of ing. >> the hijackers walked int the
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country legally b the entry into the u.s. from canada was anything butlegal. >> he psents his yemeni passport. shortly after recving his.s. visa he travels to sandiego. within aeek of his arriv he has filed an apppplicatition fo asylum claiming to be a citizen of somalia fleeieing persecutio. he further says h he entntered united states through new yoror utilizing a fraudulent italian passpo in the n name of franco de polo. >>he chicken? >> righ within a four-month time period. >> pat brandy has been a flighg instructctor f for 26 years. why do you belie t that p is the planehey flew. >> this s the only cesahat we had at the time >> whawas it like toealize youave been flying inhe same plane tha the hijkers h beening in? >> it was ann eerie feing,g,
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ththat's where itt all started from. >> t the hijackers moveded here biumi signed t lease. in the 9/11 commission repeports a refereren to fouour phone cal on february 4th,2000. >> the fbi w aware that h had hadontact with al l qaeda figures. >> jn berger, author of jih joe. filed a freedom of infortition act. >> heasas involved in charities. they had c cut the investigatio orortly before thenvnvestigators had arrived andnd decided ttt h was not worth investigangng anymore and dropp it. >> what was the relationship like bweween al lauky and theii ckckers. >> that it t was a close relationship andnd al lauky m m have beenn one of t f peoplee
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that t they shared with w what wewere there for and the plotff 9/1111 was going to be. >> lo and behold, it t wass a t period. i wasas analyzing phone nbers -- >> in an exclusive interview with fox news. m bush explains how h discovered thelinks. >> there is a phone cl from al bay umumi's phone to al awlaki. what the p phone call w was or the pne call was between, it's only spececulation. you can makake a rationall conclusion that therere was contact at that titime. >> whoho was at the welcomiming party that al bayumi thrhrew
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. >> the first two hijacackerse
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living largege in san diegoo courtesyf bayumi's wallet. >> their life-steecame pensive. they liked to go to bars a they spent a l lot of money. hosni wanted to m marry one of e strippers he had met at the bar. >> bayumi w one of the individuals who hadad been subje of a countnter-terrorism invevestigation or inqnquiry by fbi a and lo and behold ends up being reallyyery helpful. executive dirtor eleanor hill remembers details that shine a brighter lig on the u.s. support. >>ayumi has phone calls with al awlaki. >> joi inquiry states there is no bank documentation suppoing the reimbursement of theonies al bayumi from the two hijackers. if the 9/11 mmission report says the hackers paid them on
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ee spot. >> ournvestigation didn't find any record to suprt the arment that the had reimbursed bayumi. >> bayumi held party for the hijackers andideotapedhat rty. >> he had one party tontroduce hosni a mitta to an inner circlele of k muslims primarily sais in san diego. the video's cameraman was a wealthy 22-year-d,layton morgan. he was searcng for answers in radical islam. this document morgan is deribe as, quote, a trust fu kid whoad grown up wealthy. i ted to obtain the videotape and thebi refused saying it wasei used in a ongoing investigation. ifhe is an ongoing investigation of anydy on the tape. certainly it would seemhat anwar al awlaki wouldld be the
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candidate. >> al awlaki was connected to these guys and was a a spiririt meor to them. i was told they would behind closed doors and have prite sessions toer. >> soon aer the par the two hijaers changed addresses and moved io this home witthisis fbi informant. >> a very importantnt figuree i this plot who had recently gone throug a verery difficult divore an had a largeacant e. >> it was askeded thatheikhh wa still liviving in california.. he was a indian bornn muslim claiming he had a doctorate and casionally taught english at colleges. fox news cld not confirm this while the congressional inquiry wrote about sheikh. the 9/11 commission did not even though commission investigators interviewed hihim. >> he w was doing for the unite states what bayumi was doing for
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saudi arabia. in a sense. >> he told me that he mentioned airst name. >> he was one of the several people that was never made available to ourur inquiry. >>hy did the fbi denyou access? >> the asset program is so sensitive that they didn't want to have a didiscsurere. i found thato be a dingenuous answer given the fact that this want as paid handsome. and yet head two of the hijackers living i in his home d aprently never tol anybody. then there was lot of negotiation, which atne point had sheikh sing i will testif if you, the joi iniry, will givee immunit from anyuture
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prosecution. >> since the only thi you can conclude is th he felt that he had very damaging informatn. >> that he wanted immity from something, and that somethingng had to doith his relationship with these two hijackers. >> did you ever speak to the fbi rect, robert muer, about that block? >> absolutely he is the one who id the reas we're not giving y access to sheikh is because the asset progr is veryaluable an we cannot have a outside intrusionnto it. >> did you feellhat was an honest answer? >> well,hat was the director's answer. >>id the hijacke use a it's true what they say.technolh ever. the all-new audi a4, with apappe carplay integration.
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vestigation with ec shawn. >> the col fe of this -year-old egyptian is seared into american memory. he would crash into the wor trade center's north tower. >> he is the ringleader. he clearly new everything and everybodod and what their roles were. >> he heenickeked by khalilid sheikh mohammedd to be the lead hijajaer. he had livived as a student in cacairo anderere in hamburg, germany. june 2000. he left s d diego moving out of the hee he shared with fbi asset sheikh. it was a temporary good-bye to awlaki. experts say he headed to yemen to recruit other hijackers. touched down inlorida having flown there from prague in the czech republic via newark, new rsey.
11:23 pm
first op,venice florida, on the state's gulf coast wheree settled with the pilot who would fly unid flit 175nto the rld trade center's south tower. already there was a lebane m who would csh united fligh 93 into therounin shafrpnkville, pennlvania. they m this video together as theieir last will and testament. in san diegogo all started taki flying lesson ata was consisteny o the move, flyingg tpain in january 2001. afterr he returns, they moved again intnto this apartment coral springust outside miami. were they usi aupport networ which hadn in pla in ame for decades? >> what you have in terms of a support system another layer of peopleho kindd ofnow wha these guys are abouut don't want to ask lot of ququestions.
11:24 pm
ndndrew mccarththy was thehe le prosecutor in the world trade center bombingf 19 >> to the extent thathehey can give them som help whether it's w withousing or money or or ning, theyan later whoever asks them aboutt they were simpl fulfillg thei obligion as muslims to help other muslims. >> o person in floridahoho seemedo fit the bl was a en 26-year-old chemistry mor who now has a $5 million prpric on his head for his alleged role in al qaeda today. he is a saudi born in sauaudi arab and came tohis coury during the 10s with his family. >> his father was a translator for the blind sheikh. >> this is the brooklynn mosque home to the har could have islamic egyptia clec al rk
11:25 pm
with a nan. >> hee had g given the authorit for t the killing of presint anw anwar saddat >> he a aested hureds. >> what was the rationship between them? >> rivals. one is running an eian terrorist organization. and around the s same time that abdulacachman is runningng the islamic group. > they wouldo their separate ways. one meant pakistan where h he met up withth osa bin laden. shakeame to america in 1990. >> when he got her he was alreadad surstar.
11:26 pm
>> why d we let him in? >> that's the 64 zillion dollar question. onone is tryryin to keep him ou. the otr isiving him a green rd as a religious rker. the blind sheh didund raising tours throughhe united states. >> in ather sect of 9/11 thisbi document writteneeks after the attackcks withld the name of man who, quote, in october 1992 hosted a pty for sheikh omar rachman. the regssssional joint inquiry. > 9/11, howevever, names the party host. >>r.osos non is named? a saudi nional who would later be in san diego and cording tonvestigators a close associatef bayumi. yes, the they same man who signed the leaseor the hijacks and threw them a party. baback in 1990 the blind sheikh inspireded another missssion. novemberer 5, 1990, gun shots rg
11:27 pm
out in a n new yorkhotel. nosar, follower of the blind shkh at the brooklyn m mosque guns d down a rabbi. >> out of nowhe cam some person, st him right here,, and the blet came right out like that. he h been practicing for years. he was part o the blind sheikhkh's cad re of leaders. >> three years lat another foer of the blind r raik droshee a van withh explosis into the garage o of the wd trade centers. >> it's amazing t that only sev lives we losost in ththe world trade center attack. >> i october995 the blind sheikh was convicted of terrorism and snced to pron but the pernal translator and h family mov to sth florid >>here was another terror cell linknked in the blind sheikh an
11:28 pm
al qaeda that was bed in the ft. lauderda area. and that was the community in which adnan shuk ra ruchen was going off. >> new details of t hijackers movements in ararizona, florid virgin, connecticut and new jersey, and why was anwar when you booked this tririp, you didndn't know we had hundredsf f thousands of placeces to stay all ovover the world. or thahat we searched billions of f flights to geyou here. a feweeks s ago, you di't even know where here was now the onlyng you don't know, is how y you'rgonna leave.
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itune's chart. watch the fox business nwork fo t the latest inususinesss an financial news. fox business giving y you powero prpepe b the sg of 2001 th keyures in the 9/ plot were welablied in america. besides takg 727 flight simulator lessons at opa-locock airport, the two moved intohis apart inoral spring florida, just north of miami. living in this house in nrb ramamar was another man who was raised in america because hisis fatherer was thehe blind sheikh
11:33 pm
translatoror. >> he goes too school at browar commununity college. > he he is giving a c c presentation at thecollege. but experts say he wasn't only pursuing an education. >> during the late '90s he had been approached by aocal muslim who was tryingo put together a terror cell. >> he was rruitedo be in at plot b but got spooked by it. >> the fbi believed he may have snsniffedd out their infororman instead he went to pakisistan a trained there.e. >> after allegedly training witt al q qaednan was back in south florida. buried in the last page of this declassified 9/11 1 domement is mention t that adnan and adada totother on may 2, 2001, fivive monthshs before the attacks. >> an iigration officer who said that ada a anonother man and shuk ra juma camee into t tr office. . >> shortlyly after he disappppe, lilikely in pakistan, where hees
11:34 pm
killed in 2014. >> he is a trained operative who poses an operationalal threa to e united states. >> you see almlmost a 20-year history herere going back to th mosque in brooklyn, too florid and allegegedly being with momohammmohamed at atta. > secrets of 9/11 lay deep i america's southwest. >> al qaeda has about a presence in aririzona almost since al qaa was founded. >> the connections t to arizona run far deeper tn any obviously anyf theheothers. >> now at the goldter institut mark flatten has been an investigative repepter in arizona for o or 28 years. >> he hadeeere ii believe '91 taking classes at th university offarizona. >> during the nine yeaearsetween 1991 and 2000 sasai natio honi hon joour. pilot of flight 77 that hit the pentagon had moved in and o outf arizona at least three times
11:35 pm
ststying english and taking flying ssons. >> a lot of peopleho have been connected subsequently to terrorism h had been to the tucn area and studied in the tucson area. >> peoplee such as a al haj. >> he was one o the first mbs of al eda. >> was now in prison for the 1998 bombings of the u. embassies in africa. in t the '80s he was plane shoppiping for bin laden in the grand canyon ststat >> he asked an american citizen to purchase plane on behalf of osama bin ladeden. went t to whas called bone rd and bought aairly large cargo jet for bin laden. >> this is the pla bought for bin laden. >> it was transported to sudan and subsequently the crashed theplan >> the deep roots of islamic exextremism in arizona remain a secret of 9/1111. >> the f fbi and cia issued a
11:36 pm
joint intelliligence report tha deated aririzona as a lon time nexus for arizon i was able to obin a copy of the report for the freom of formation act but everyg except the headers werededelete. >> phoenixbi specialgent ken williams was sususpicious. >> agent willis gained areat alf noriety because of the phoenix note w which he authore in july of 2001. >> describingeral flight schools in arizona thatad an usually large number of middle eastern stude trainingthere, particular saudis. >> t memo states osama bin laden is trying,quote, to esish a cad re of individuals whoho will be in a sition in the fure to conduct terror activity against vil aviation targets. the declassified pts o of the memo don't name those two men but named radicalized -year-old lebanese national. he was a disciple or advoce
11:37 pm
of osa bin laden. william noted that in 1999 drove two men to the phoenix airport f alight to waington, d.c.. >>wo individuals had got up on an americaest flight out of phoenix, wentnd tried to esseially jimmy or force their way into thehe ckpit and were stopped. and they said, oh,e thought it was the bathroom the tory post 9/11 became that this wasssenentially a dry run, that ts was a way for themm to see h how hard it wouould be to up o out of your seat, walk to e cocockpit and go into the copit. >>enator grahamoted that on at least five occasions subra and hanjoor trained together at thee same ft school. the memo feln deaf ears. >> itas a priority at th time. it didn't rise above the background noise. >> by theime williams sentt his mememo hjoor a and hazmi were go. hang leftt three mononth
11:38 pm
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>> we need to speak the truth, evenf it sounds bitt. >> in january, 2001, anw al
11:42 pm
awlaki became imam at ts mosque within months flight 77 hijackers hazmi and hanjour would follow their spiritual keeper. >> not losiana, or michigan or new orleans. they end up in falalls church, virgrginia, next to the mosque that t the imam is al awlaki. >> he again asked people who were his followers to helhese guys with d.s, with driving themaround, finding apartments. > another secret o of 9/1/11 n, 28-yr-old jordanian. he ran illegal driver's license hemes in newjersey connecticut andirgini and had apartments i all threestates. >> an i investigation lead camep frfrom our virginiaa office ask us to run down andnd locatenn individual b byhehe name o of a baba expecte to motor vehicle driver licenses addresses similar to the hickers'.
11:43 pm
>> we're comoming up to where atta'shone cards was found. >> fbi special ant l led the bomb investigation team in patterson,n, new jersey and tald about the 9/11 c caseor the firs time. >> h found out we re looking for him, no doubt. when he got tipped off he wasnn connticut at the time. he walked into thenecticut offi of the fbi and said, by thway, i jt happened to meet the hijackers. wewe knew it wasn' true. >> it wa still september. our patterson office called me and said, peter, are y you sittg down. >> he is an fbi specicial agentn the fbi field office. >> t ts is the first live persrs. >> yes. >> how did he meet t t hijackers? >> his first story was h he met them at ththe local 7-eleven. he bumped into wha he recognized as two saudis he looked at them asaid, hey, i kno you'rerom out o e. do you need a placeo live. what can i do t top u? >> h second story involved
11:44 pm
this man, annlder roomte. >> ra baba. >> i know him. >> the two men lived here i this patterson, new jersey, apartment and latern virginia. fox newsws found shay awesa sti living in the u.s.s.. >>a hawes was always very w well dressed anytime we dealt with him. ver worked. never had a job. uring the course of our vestigation we found thate had made a call to the saudi embassy in washihington and als made a calll to the saudi embasy in russia. >> t ten months was spepent investigatatg the relationship with the hihijackers. >>ee admitted that za hawesa told me to go to the imam a and
11:45 pm
asask him for work. >> when he went he saw thatt he was in a fight with somebody at the mosqsque. he said i didn't feel he was a religious man because off the argument. then hee went into the prayer area. after the prarayers were over, turned arounund and the two hickers were stand there. we thoughtt was ry, verery strangee that they picked him t sist them to get anpartment wehe was four or five hundred oth people ther >> how many tis did y you see hamzi and hanjr. >> i think t tis. bring them to thehouse,o eat some food. i was s them as very nice. >> we asked him if h is a religious man. he said he didn't pray and didn't go to anyny mosques. >> are you ligious? >> no. >> w why would you go to a mosq. >> i am bad muim. >> how did you meet him?
11:46 pm
>> i am upset a about that, really. everybody have t to do somethih for them. >> he just didn'tt go down ther andd meet these p people by accident. they had to have a network.k. >> bukowski and bushelieve he taskededim to h help the hijajackers. ththe 9/11 commission shared th suspicion butt didn't include shayay awesa. and there is thihis connecon. >> a search of al shibh's apartment in n jersey. the people foundhe faxax numbe for the virginia mosque where war aawlaki was woing. >> it wasnother thread tha tiesl awlaki to the 9/9/11 pt. >> the hackers moved quite a bi they kept moving frequently. >>his is t the apartment that ra baba found for the hijackers in alexd
11:47 pm
alanan alexandria, virginia. >> in 01 ra baba fnd the with two n room mates. it was a road trip in hell. the five menrove upi- and stayed two nights in cnecticut at thi motel in room 73. 75hone calls were made t lote flight schools, car agencies and aptmen. >> they argued over money. and ty wante to move on. iuessss itust didn't pan out up in nnectit. al ra baba suggested'll take y to patterso >> he said tt was thehe lt time he had seen them. the next day they movedo patterson. >> ty settled he for three months on union avenue and stayed on t the third floor up here. >> investigators placed ra baba in patteon for les than two montnths before 9/11. >> t this is where hanjour used computer. >> we have a witness putting
11:48 pm
ayad with him at the library. he denied it. >> i think wee got 9 90% of the story. >> cing g up we dig d deeper an ask what happenedd to the peoeo who helelped the hijackers, whe are they now. some o the answers y'll find stunning. why was anwar al awlakiki, the n who may ow i inherit al l qaeda vite the e-clasass has 11 intelligent driver-assssist systems. it recognizes pepedestrians the e-clasass has 11 intelligent and alerts you.. rns you about incoming css-traffic. cameras and radar detetect dangers you don't. d it can even stop by itlf. so in this crashshest, one thing's ssin a h. the 20-class. now receive t to a $3,000 spring bonunus onhe e350 sport sedan. now receive t to a $3,000 spring bonunus ah, myoor mouth breather. alleies? stuffyose? can't eep? ough.
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> two days before the 9/11 attacks, anwar al awlaki was back in southern cornia uc irvine attending aal for a man also known as h-brown who wa e eventually convicteded killing a georgia deputy sheriff. >> on september 11 he
11:52 pm
wasfulullyiwas flying from san diego to washiton,n, d.c. >> in the c chaos following t t murder of 3,000 people the idenentities of the 19 hijacker emerged. 15 why saudi citizens. last points of contact were tracked d down including al awli who was interviewed fifi times between sepmber 15th and 19th. he was quick to go on aedia outletour for islam. this email obtained exclusively by foxews confirms he was invid to andttended aunch inhe white houseining room. many people are copied on the invitation fromhe offe of nel counsel. a lawyer wte shearticularly like how he addressed h the average middl eastern perso perceis t the unitestates. beside the kwn relationship wi at least t three of the
11:53 pm
hijackers h he h had a rap shee with arrests for prostcutionon d anotother for loitering around school. >> is this lunch shocking? >> it m have been another example of what the department of defense was unaware of what the deparent of justice and fbi knew about al awlakiki. >> days later he left the countryndnd three m months later an arrest was issued for passport frau >> there was a mysterious return the united states in october 2002. despite the outstanding warrant as fox reported last year al awla was released from federal custody on the orders of an fbi agent. >> i wrote your concern in a fox report about the 2002 decision to release al laki. >> iould be happypy to look int the er. >> aft this hearing congressman wolf's office was told the fbi director csidered th matter closed. one weekfter thehe foxews investigationn was firstst broadcas the chairmaman of the house homeland security
11:54 pm
committee sent thiss letter t t atattorney generale holder. it confirmrmed congress has oped an official investigati into al awlaki's possible involvement in thelanning and execution of e 9/11 attacksn the uted states. king and frank wol announced they have introduce legislation. what hapned to those who facilited the 1 hijackers? the party thrower. b bayumy lefttan diego before the attacks. he was detained at scotland yard at the request o the fbi.i. but. >>hehe fbi never showewed up so theyey had no alternaveve but t relelease b uma. an h he returned to saudi arabi. >> abdullalah triedoo remain in the u.s. >> after 9/11 1 he tried to mar memebody. >>e w t tryryg to protect his
11:55 pm
imimmigration status. >> he was deported to yemen in may 2004. ra bababa was c chaed with doment fraud and dedeported to jordan in july of 2003. hismmate is still trying t to stay hehere >> he n now hasas a social secu number and he is freee move about in thiscountry, wch is sheful. >> he w was to be deported. he went into immigrarationourt and somehow downplayed his involvement withh t hijackers. and he was subsequentlyy grante asylum. >> authorities are s still tryi toto deport m. and thehere is this secret. >> there were 27 pages in t joinint inquiry tt were redactcted >> well, i c can't tell y much because it's a statesecret,, classifified, but it rated prarily to ththe saudiole in the united states in thehe mths leading up to 11. >> would i be correct to assume ththat the pages dealt with the money ail? that was parart of it.
11:56 pm
>> a aignificant -- > aajor part o of it. >> yeah. >> like a a house of mrorshere is somethingnteresting about the enemies we facece so are american bor or raised here >> do you believeve rht now that there arslamicerroristst cellse in the united states that want to k kil
11:57 pm
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12:00 am
to thisday.y. as y you've just witnessed ther aretrong reasonsns to look baca and continunue the investigatio into the secrets of 9/11.. r fox news a great week, we hav go.ox news a great week, we hav as hot spopots arise around e rld, our military is powering down. most of you in the army know is that the army is rereducing s size. >> i worry about the capapabili and capacicity to win in a majo fight. >> with the armrmed forces gettg new marcrching orders -- >> male rotc cadets werere essured by the militaryo walk ad in wom's high heels. >> i found that entirencncident just kind ofof bizarre. >> is the new u.s.s. military ready to facace new threats? >> you'r're sending the messageo the e st of the worlyou're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threat


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