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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> these rules are 0 "war on t e little guy." each and everyne ofhis is incomprehensible to o m >> i have no idea w what its in this b boo and i'm a constitutitionalawyer. >> the government adadds thousas of payments of new rules.s. >> tough refoforms to protect consumumers. >> they sasay we need morore. >>re are certain timimes we shououldnfringe on your freedom. >> we have to depend on the federal government to prprott ourhildren. >> but they keep paing more laws. now wewe're d drowning in red t. >> i can't eat the y i want, drink waterer the way i want, can't poop the w i want.
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like a disease. li a mole. >> g out of my life. thisacian must ha a license fohis rabbits? >> how is any norma human supposed to understand t this ad follow that.. >> i don't havave that a answer. >> the constitution says i h hae a rightt to bear arms. but whee i live, i can't do this leglyly. >> can't we get rid of some of this? thgood news is that some entrepreneurs t through the red tap >> i chose to be a survivovor, t a victim.m. >> soamilies have a better experien and i can drive a cab. >> welcome. >> all these people e combants in th"warn the litt guy." >> a certain aunt o regulation is good. the proem is they donon't stop. >> i would beut of business. >> with ery one call there came more bureaucratitic red ta.
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>> our goverent addsthousands of new pages of law every year. that's on top of the75,000 pages they passed iprior yes. >> this is just what you see here, just tederal rt. stes, local gvernments add much more than is. >> if you waed to get state, county, and city laws,ou need to rent a bigger building. >> this lawyereff re helps little guyuys deal with the red tapepe. >> thihis is an agenda off contl for s open sake. that's whyegulators do what they do. >> come on. control for its open -- its ow sake. they're not macveilan power frequents. >> guess you haven't alt with very men bureaucra. they like res and live to enenforce r rules. >> undpapaid government function areas. i call them little empmperors. they justifyfy theirir existency creating regulations. >> even marty the mququito is
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regular -- magician is related. i thought how could i be regulad. >> he can't ge outnymoretoo d. marty has entertatained kids for 30 yea, and ten like many ma >> s he uses a rabbit. >> yes! >> a birthday child will make the rabbit magic include --ly appear. >> i was signing autographs and taking picturures. suddenly a badge whrown in a m and the inspector sing, let mee your license, license for a rabbit and she said om noon you cannot use your rabbit until you fill out papeperwork, fill out theline phoenix,x, inspect yo home. i'm sububject to sururprise inspections of momentu >> is t embarrassed. >> very serious.
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>> mar wasas in vioiolation of e animal welfare act. teten times regulateyearsrsave shown up, unannounced at marty's house. >> cannot argue th them. u can't even tk logically with them. >> she wou love it if everybody sai ah. >> i got a newew inspector and i said, did my firstst one retire? she said no, good nenews, we incread our budget and we have more inspectors now. can visit you more often. >> you got this letter. deere dear members of our regulation community.y. sounds like e aa famimily > a a community i don't wanto be a part of. >> t they actutually wanted a comprehensive written n disaster plan detataing every i wouould o withy rabbit in event of a fire, flood, temperatures, ice storm. >> 2ssible disasters they list. inntional attack. animals escape. tornado, hurricane, blizzard. theoverent callshese common emecies. >> t plan came in at 30 pages. >> you say to thes people, come
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on, this is ridiculous and they laugh and say,it is, bu we have to do ts? >> there's more.ugh ever. you're not doingour job if you're a regulato unless you add more o o is stuff. >> that's why government grs new on directioand done shnk. america s cop received aa se of lisch with islandf government power. we're now a sea of gernment power with ever shrinki islands of liberty. >>et's go to the sea of government power. ite like to showou around >> you want a washington, dc tour? ju ten dollars. that's the citol behind me. this i the iuilding. oh, i can't tell you that. at's illegal. >> segs in the city, offers guideded tours around washington on segway.. segs in the citity in g get it? one problem. >> this is illegal. >> it is illegal if you talk.k. >> bill mamane had an idea. tours by segway. > business grows tremendous.
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>> going t t be up to o last year >> but guys in d.c. must take a test a get a government linse to give tours. >> the you have been ging tour >> yes. >> you don't have a license? are yo a bad person? >> i am not. >> she ted to get a license but that's not easy. >> i h toet four persol rev reps, people i have nope over a year. arimal background check, passport photos. >> total cost, $200. >> two or thre weeks later tey i could signed up for a test date, and i took it a week and a half ago and failedy five points >> after the interview she tried again, jumped through more hoops, paid another $115. reok the test, andd finally did papass >> i think trying to m mak sure ththat people get a proper tour. >> we give them a proper tour. ii mean, i i've passed a bar ex. i k know how to give a proper
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tour. >> off to the right, washington, dc, and off to your left,, virgrginiandnd the pentagon. > the rulules are not about safety on segwayays, it aboutut what guides are allllowed to sa. many new rules are limitsts on speech, john was told he had to get a liceeor hi advic columnmn. >>f john rosen is acriminal for giving advice i in his cllom then d dear aieie was onn a 50-r crime spree. > this year i received a letr from attornefofor the kentucky pspsychology licensing board, tellinmeme that i was pacacticig psychology w without a licsese. >> cease andnd desist. you're engaged in unlawful practicece opsychology. >> people all over theountry are getting in touble for giving aice without a linse. i reprent blogger from north carolina who w giving out die tier advice over the intert. he got in troub. i represent vetho was helpin people overseas w have noaccess to veterinarian.
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at guy got in trouble. whis the bigggges victim of abusive laaws >> am i being arrested? >> you needd to -- >> we e ne check you for weapons. >> these menen had the nerve to offer home impmproments. >> a are you kidding me? >> no, sir. this is not ating operation. >> because these j job seekersrd not put up thousands of dollars and take severaral tests, government crackeded down. bureauaucracies at a state licensining ard offered jobs to people on craigslist w who saidi seek work. but when the workers shshed up, this happen. >> california'a's proud of thi they posted this vide online. at a time when unemploymt t is high. our government att people who want to wor an stops people from starting businesses. >> got started, so nowre they come >>he was told, eed a license to help people with taxes.
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>> free enterprise isat sta >> this m, after selling t-ts here for 30 years,as told, you mt sop. >> this is just the rules from friday, december 16th. 's tiny fine print. >>ep. every day is a another book, and you have to know everythining in here or youu can go to jail? >> thahat's right. and i'm a constititutioionanal , and i h have absolulute no ideaa what is in these books. >> each a and every one o of ths incomprehendible t to me. >> and unnecessary. i'm f flipping open this book. this is the department of enery regulationon on the formulaa for determrmining the energy efficiency of a commercialal icemaker. somebody who runs a bar or a restaurant can just goodd to the manufacturerer and say, give men it'smakeker. if it works the marketet will fire out what is the beest
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icaker. >> don't knee reviews -- >> don't need the federal government prininting inincomprehendable formulas and require everybod to conformm thi bizarre standard. i ep getting more of this stuff. and it doesn't go away. it's like aease, li a mole. just eat through. slowly, and you don't exist anore. >> the mexican gray wolf. the humpbaback whale. the sea lion. thesee are endangered speciesesd need protectioion. >> so the endangered species act seems likee a good idealism want ose animals protectcted. but the bururearats always take a good idea d run too far with it. >> it's our j job as ambassadors of the law to protectur nation's speaks s for future
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generations. >> and so the governrnment wan to use land in liana to protect one type of frog. >> we're hauntnted by kaspeper e frag. >> actually ththe mississippi gopher f fro he calls him kaspar t thehost because none of these frogs live anhere near ed's property. >> i looked it up on their web site, d found out thatt by their own publicacations, the fg has not been seseen in the stae of l louisiaiana because our las not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't e exist i is area. >> it doesn't t right now. it has historically. >> why ills it fair to impmpose this on ts poor guy? t that's a good question. right now there aree less than 100 of these frogs in the wiwild previously thousands. they used to be inin louiuisian, and this land owner has five great pos in his property >> the government wen after the man's land after bill snake grou the center for biologicacal
5:12 am
diversity, sd fish and wildlife for not doing enoughh t protect kaspsper here. >> thehe government can just sa, oh, thisis is a good spot? >> technhnically, yes, t that isn't how i w would put it. theyey think that wild ammericas cool america. >> peoplple want to protect endangered. >> absolutely. >> i didn't know there were nine milln species,nd that some e going to -- do all 4 milon preserved?tles need t be y we need to preserve ery one. >> enomic reasonsecological asons, spiritual rains and these are g god's creatures. >> there's a limit how farar weo and i don'tt pretend to know where the line is. i sure as h heck am going to try toto save a a specieses. >> but some roofs hadad an unintended constance fenence. land o officers know itself government finds an endadangered species on t their land the will -- > they can this lan out of commerce too stop it from being developed.d. >> this led toto a new response,
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called, shoot, shovel, andshot up. >> iother words, land owners that sn endangered speakon thr lan sometimes shoots the thing and thenryry it, and then shut up about it. >>t wayouan keep using your lan their job is to preserve endanger species sdn't they preservese thing? >> t should but the frog can't live on our land. it needshe ements. >> says you. >> says the fish and wildlife service. >> it's true to make a w home for these frogs, t the gornment says he'll have to change his land. >> removall the trees, replant w trees, d pdsds that have to be maintain and drained evy six months, pu the frogs back on, burnrn the forest every year. >> he wanted too build housusesn the la. i got rezone for that. no p problem sis fishsh and wildli, we work with land owners. ththey wouldn't agree bebe interviewed ouout the complaint.
5:14 am
instead d they posted thihis v . >> we e are looking forward to working with willing lan owneres in louisiana. >> they tell yoou how to cocooperate. they havenen't this h handbook. >> it's an enormously complex, dious bureaucrat road map. >> 300 in pages unbelievably compx. certainly dn't have aife and de withhis. >>ou couldn't. >> ts is sanan antonio. >> y yes. -- this is san antoninio. es -- this is reasonabl >> yes, if i can understand it, they c undersnd it. >> y y're an environmental lawyer.. what about norormal peoe trying to livee their lives. i see why you lawyerer lovee th. >> i would probably write it defendant t live but it does mae sure the govovernmenent commits itself to a a process that i is transparent and fast. >> fast?t? >> er. >> telling someone t they can'no somethining with their own property to protect an animal everybody's definitio of crazy
5:15 am
>> the environment rules are supp to preserve endaed species. >>ody going to disagree there isn't a core of legitimate vernment regulion out there. but on top of that core, which ismall, there is a giant mountain of usel life-crushing, time-waste, per generati regulion. >> how much money are you out. >> $34 million. >> they that's inconsequtial can my land be take for know reason at all nonimal at all, anybody' ld a anywhere can be taken. don't build a garage or swing set on it. don't even cut your grass. >>all around america land owners, shoot,shovel, a then shshut up about . >> coming up, thhe supreme court says i have a right to carry oe of these, but will my city let me? e small stuff. a mercedes-benz,
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>> what if you want arry one of these for -protection. >> the majority conclud the rightto own a n months to each lbiding american. >> what do that mn tome in my town? >> in new york cy politicians
5:20 am
say -- >> the majority of the people want sensle gun row distributions. >> sensible restctions. whatoes that mean? >> photocopies not acceed >> i tried t get a g licee. they me itery har first, youou must fill out this 17-page form. the fm says i must promise i know the definition of other weapon like switchblade notify, gravity knife,etalnuckle knife, kung fu star. i just want a gunorafety. >> people tis threaten me beuse they don't like what i say on tv. >> i think they have too mh security now. >> after thi appearance, some said i shoulbe shot in the face. so when travel around tn, i'd like to have e optionof protecting myself. >> studies show americans use gunsns every daday to stop crime >> gunofoften stop crimes. >> turns the tables on knife wielding intruder. >> today lawsinin every state
5:21 am
lolow adults to carry a concleled gun. many fear this would leeadoo siege in gun crime but thehe opposite happened.d. >>ioiolence appears to be drpiping. >> yet some t townss likee chic, w w york city, l.a., make it near impossible for people t legally cay y a gun.. >> this is 50 pages. who uerststandsthis? >> it took hours and hours to fill out the forms we had to call thelice partment six tim to clarify what qutions memeant. finall it was done. >> go ahead d and sign here a ai wiwill fill in the rest. >> then you have to goodod in peperson to police headquarters. here t they fingerprinted me, asasked me to list reasons w i should b be allowed t to have a, and then they charge me a $430 applicatition fee. they saidhehey'd get back to me. at least theyy were politete. others t tell a different story.
5:22 am
>> they're rude from the get-go. >> robert martinez s served in iraq and affghanistan. >> i have ten years of mimilitay experience. >> i thi a military vet could keep a handgun in his home r protection. but -- >> it's not so e easy. >> why do you want a gun permit. > to protect my familily. >> m martinez lives in new york city housing proje. >> a couple months ago a maan ws beaten to deeath in frontt of my building. >> hear shots go off and i it's boom, boom, boooom. >> thehe howth the would get a n licens th t turned out to be an ordeal. >> have you theree at 9:00 when they open up at 10:00 an h have you siitting t there until almot 3:00 i in the afafternoon. > they serviceded m within 90 minutes. >> it's john stossel c coming he to get a licenense -- > for you it was 9:00 in me morning until 2:00. >> yes. tide you get at the permit?? >> no. >> t their attitude is people don't need guns. we're the police. >>he police can't get there you have a better sho a ttg the lottery than getting a cop on your street exactly th meime you get in oblem.
5:23 am
>> therocess itself waset up to be an orde. >> glen runs this webite which advis people on navigating the regugulation. >> if you're ts expert, i woulthink it would be easy for you to get people guns. >> it's still an ordeal. it's being useas a weapon. to deter people from following through the process, which can take as long as a year. >> for me it took eight and a lf months. first th told me i had to return to police headquarte for anothern-person interview. is time they demanded i pve an accusati against me had been trop. they said this headli was not enough. i was supposed to produce t iginal court document. they ao told me i had the documents threats against me. fortately i could show them things like this.s. 52 days lateter they sent a leletter rejecting my applicatin for a carry permit. they s said i could get a licene to keep a gunun in my apartment but i feel safe any apartment.
5:24 am
i wantnt a permimit to carry whi might feel threatened.d. but i was told, you failed to demonstrate a special need.. the license adviser told me i had applied for theermiththe wrong way. >> fends of the ling class, that's who t it. everyone else you're out of lu.. >> donald trump got a per notice carry a gun. so di howard stern and robert denear roy. >> thehe ronnyism wayay. many you have done work for sosoe who o knows a senator. that's t aroach. theyey'll get you in front of a mp and withitwo or tow days you'll have a permit. >> these indivuals canfford toay for secuty. my family can't. thers no way innl i'm going to lets lie. >> when we return, the red tape keeps comi.
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people expect the citytyo be regulated so let'seave here and move 600 miles away. helives off the l in north
5:29 am
carolina. pele call him mouain man. >> wh my own hands,uilt everything. whwhen i moved herhere wasn't a clearing, wasn't't a building. >>ver 20 years, his t turtle island e educacation center bece popopular. he taught a thousand people how live like oneers. but last year,he c county told hito shut downwn. > he hadn't gotten permitit. >> nathan mller heads the county boards thatoversees the ilding department. people said his campas unsafe. we don't necessarily kno whether it's unsafe or not. >> the mountain nn told the county inspectors, good away, so they came back with lots of people. > the broughtll these different dertments from the health dartment, tax peoe, the fire marshal, this whole teamlike cars- trucks asas far as you could see showow up, blocked our driveway, cameme in with armed guarards and tookok r ouhome. >> d doesn't it seemikike overkill. >> not really. they merely had their pistols on thee s side. >> he had the opportity, mr. conwayid, to cpera
5:30 am
that raid led to this page report on what t the mountain mn must change. >> just more government overkill. >> weeated this rort in anticipationf litigation. >> a lot of just crazy. th got a picture of our doghouse in there for german shepherd, it's four feetlong. they said this is intern housing. don't know ifheyey tht we had mgets. >> problems with his proper. >> unsafe budings resting on a piece of rock. >> l like a rock solid foundati? we havave been workingwith the health department every y year r over 20 years. they're tling me i can'tivive this way? this is thehe w way ily. i can't eat the way y i wan drkater can't poothe way wancan't sleep in t building theay i want. a new reaucratame in every year, they permitted every yeea, and all of a sudden it's lilike completetely unacceptable.
5:31 am
every think there a are too many rules. >> oh, yeah, i think ththat all the time. but we don't invent the building codes, we're merely the enforcer. >> how is any human supposed to understand t that or follow tha? >> i don't havave the answer. they -- i don't have that answer. if youou look behind me, wee hae 24 statute b backs. i'm a lawyer. i' supposed to know all the ststatutes. builders obviously canan't possibly know w al this,, but ty are taught how to look tisis stufuff f up. >> why don'tou just do what they a? >> if do what they wnt, desty the reason that we'r there. we wanto teach about primitive natural living and they want us to momodern buildings. i'm n going to do what th want me to d >> so what wil happenen to him? we'lget back tohat. fifirst, what will hapn if i try to be a cab driver? wh suld this be illal?
5:32 am
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>>what if before i could get my tv show i had to rst get peission from the competition? if dan rat or die door dia saer said no, wouldn't be re. that makes sin. >>. bruner of kentucky assuhe could start a moving company without havi to get his competitors permissn, he startede. >> putn ad on craigslist, pickckup truck, and we were b by alall summer long. >> people wanted your services. now in just a couple years, you have 30mmployees, six trucks. >> over 30 now, cleancut youngng guys. that sells. >> this cstomer is pleaseded.
5:37 am
> it's beengreat. they show up exactly on time. >> but r.j. soon learned tt pleasing customersis not enough. he g a threateni letter fr state regators. >> we need certificate of necessity sang tt there is room in e market for us to erate. >> cerficate ofecessity. meanin >> the necessity withi the moving markin keucky for another ver. >> wha a business has to prove it's needed? get a license? >> you essentily have to get permission from your own competitn first. >> tim's law firm took the case fo ee. >> when starbucks begant would have had to have gten permission from all the other coffee shops. >> ts right, if you had to prove that ameri needed a new naonal chain of coffee ops, you couldn't prove that. >> no. >> turns out america didid needa new ane of coffee shop.
5:38 am
>> competitionon sts this out better. >> theonsumer is in the driver's seat. >> the competition has veto popowe >> we're wrried about conmer appreciation. healthy companies in kentucky. >> he has his own moving business, kentucky, like hf the state, allows exxisting companies torotest new cocompition, and overer the past five years, 19 compmpans were preventeted om entering the moviving business beecae comp pt -- competitito said th isisting transportation service is adequate. competetition would diminisish r revenue. >> affordable moving, all these her moving companies s, no. we don't wanant to alllow that. what gives them t the r right? we'r're t against new companiess coming in toto kentucky. >>es, you are. you don'ttwant aoving company stealing y you business. >> we don't want thehe scenariof a licensed company going bankpt. >> but mpanies go bankrupt all the time. >> it's e end of the line for circuit city
5:39 am
>> oer borders wentt belly up. >>art of what mkes competition work.. >> a town of 20,00000 people. would it b be neficial to the consumumerto h have 15 moving compmpanies in that area? >> maybe. how do you k kn? >> you'd havave companies that e not in the position tovide a good service to the g gal public. the b bureaucracy can't dececie whetethethere'e's a public needd for a newoving company,y, not even the movovinompanies know that. they havave to try it a and fint by an expeperint. and thesee lawsrrohit that kind o of experiment. >> wouldn't home d depot like to say, no, new hardwaretotore in the neighborhood? you can't open.. wouldn't gm likeke to say that o toyota and honda? > i'm not sure. i'm not ththe one that set the law.w. i'm just avoiding by the law. >>lso, he said, thelder moving companies wnt to protect consumerfrom shady operats.
5:40 am
say i'm coming to pick up yoururniture. i tellou it's $80 an hour. then when i get toour neww house iay, wel younow, willnly charge you 155 hahour. now we have te internet wh people can find -- onsumers go for the cheapest price, john. >> lisisa checked theweb be she hired r. t's somebody they did compan poorl didn take c of their ims, thatat wod certainly ring belor me. >> had you h complaints from people you moved? >> no, no complais. in factt we are t top ranked moving company in thetate according to aie's li. >> startups create much of the job growth in ari. >>ntreeneurs are the wealth creators of r society, the enne of innovatio and progress and job coraction and wealth contraction. >> i assume if i wt to srt a business a moving company would be a good way ter. simple, just nee trus,ome strength, good compete.
5:41 am
>> it should be. you by a truck, paint e word mor on the sididof it and you're i business, and customers like your prodts a services they'll buy from y you. i theve don' theyon't. >> the regulators are not just mean. shldn't there be some rule. >>e want a free market place. ife have an orderly market ace, w is doing ththe ordering? it should be consumers who e ordering and the law stops them from doing at. not protect the public but to protect established business ainst having to compete fairly. that violates libertities. these laws are outrageous and all to go. what's with thetupipid they say that in life, we t thsmall stuff. but when youe building a mercedes-ben there rereally is no small stuff.
5:42 am
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. at if i could mamake some money driviving my own car? anand helpou, too,, wouldn't tht be great? >> your lift has arved. thousands of people alrey do that, thanks to new cell one technology that lets ordinary c ow offer rides to pple.e. le w who want to ride open an applation. this o one is called "lift." othe include "side car." they press a butttton and that flags s a nearby drivever. in thihis case, me. >> we got one. >> lift makes itsts d drivers pt
5:46 am
this ridiculousmumustache on our car.r. it's a marketing gimmick bubut helps the person whoho w wants a pickup spot the car. i also hahave the passenger's phone number. >> yourestination is onheft. >> and his name >> t? >> unlike rmal cabs, lift drivers invite customers toet inthe front seat. welcome. >> welcomethank you. >> is this your fst lift ride? >> my first lift, yes. >> where are you headed? >> tim signed up for lift because it's keeperr than taxis. maybe 20% cheaper. >> i have friends who used it d arrived about it. >> he likeit that lift passengers sit in frt. li's founder says th makes for afrielierer ride. >> you see the pink stacache, the passssenger smimiles, the dr smiles, you get in the front seat, bp and it's a new exexrience of coting with people in your community. you u meet someone with differet political lice offfficers or different music tastes.
5:47 am
companies have beeformed w with drivers andpassengers. thank you, sir. >> have a gogood da >> ncash changed hands. payment by edit card only, a the price is up to the passenger. ife depend like mee could tell his app to pay me less. en he'll have a tougher time getting the next lift ride. >>'m going rate timim. ve him five stars. >> that will make easier f him to hire the nex lift driver. >> on to theext one. >> welmeme. give you a fist bump. have you used liftefore? i have. >> where are you going? >> why would e feel safe getting into a a stranges car? > every i've taken so far has been very nic >> first of a all, not eveveryby can be a lift driver. my carar had to pass inspection, and i had to pasass a background check. but thehe r real reassurancnce s from the passengers and drivers' rating each other. > you can see pictures of th and theirir car, thhey're --heir ting. you get bad ratgs, can't
5:48 am
drive anymore. >> what if the ssenger is obnoxious. >> goes both ways. ratis the drives and tings on theassengers. >> people get rid, i make sme money. a eat deal. who wowould object to that? tax drivers, th cabbies lined up t cabs, th let them s, in protes of carring apps used in t city. >> n ideike lift make tablished industry players angry. >>amn right we are. 's our family. >> we have to pay bigney for lies. we have to getingerprinted. we have toaveomial insurance, pink mustache hass nothing. car has nothing. >>l, not nothing. and the rtings.kground check. but lift driverson't have to obey all the city's taxi rules. >> ty just don't cply with the law bill roush ruuns the biggest cab company in anges. >> yant to ban the competition. >> we're not trying toanan the mpmpetition. what wuld like is to be
5:49 am
competing wiompanies that llow t rules. >> the lift cars havave to me safety standards. >> whose safety standard he state's. >> the lensed as private vehihicl. there's no s safety standards there. ththis is the honoror system. >> actually it's something better than thehe honor syste >> if f i'm checkingng my app ad this driver hahas been c credit seated by hihis passengers, thas not ththe honor system. that's the world policing him. >> tt's all after the fact. >> in washington, dc, bureaucrats go so upset with car sharin businesses th did sting operaons. day, however, d.c.olerates services lik lift. they became too pular regulators to strangle. there's no evididence that regulatedd cabs are safer. >> in new york, licensed d cab driver jumped aurb, hit a woman and a admitted, i shouldnt be driving. ththatat doesn't cry out for les sasafety regulations, a and it actually c cries out forore
5:50 am
vigoro enforcemt the safety regulations. >> of courseththat regugulation kes it hard for outsiders to compete. >> most of theulules that e exis in the transportation industry are designed to proctct existing transportitionrotect existin transportation companies from competition. >> in many cities no ininnovati tataxi company dars open.n. in nashville,e,tennessee,e, bureaucrats demanded t that eve car service must charge at least $45 a ride. >> i have to charge them $45 going fou blocks. nobody's goingg to ride for 45. >> it was all protectionisism, protect taxax industry. >> w when heststarted met liryr, it w was a great success, but t new $45 minimum ended that. >> we lost all ourur cliess and theyey went backtoto taxis. >> he fought nashville's rurule in court but t the bureaucrats wowon. why y woul they want to protect existing bbusiness? >> becausese existing businesse
5:51 am
are politilllly connecteted. >> riright. and in th town t the hotel industry lobbied for a bill that makes it illegal foror me to re my own apartme before i h the shooting, burning,ins-d-needleof diabet nerve pain, thesfeet played shtstop in hh school, learned the horn from my dad and ayeded gigs from new york to miaiami. bubut i codn't bear my diabetic nee pain any longer so i talketo my doctor and prescribed lyrica. rve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nervrve pain. lyrica is fda apapproved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may csese serious allergic reactioions or suicidal ououghts or actions. tell your dooror right away if y you have these, new w or wororsening depress, or unusual changes in n mood or behavior. oror swelling, trouble breathin, rashsh, ves, blisters, musclele pain with fever, tired feelelinor blurry vision. commonide effects are dizzzziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swellilingf hands, legs, and f feet. don't drink alcohol whwhile taking lyrica. don't drive oror use machiney until you knowow how lyrica affects you.u. thomay be more likely torug r amimisuse lyrica.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
really? buzz, wwhas up, man? you left sosome leaves burning out herere. yeyeah. i just-- there was a-a-- i ha- i jjust came in just for a s second. come on, man. ifif it's too hot to touch, it too hot to leave.. you c cou torch the whole neneighborhood. that's s a good poit tre,momo..ey. 9 out of 10 wildfirires are caused by humansns. only u can prevent wildfires. got some extra space in your house? want to mke some money renting it? now you can. >> here's our oom. i think it's pretty nice. here's the stairs. they were going to sand them, but ihink itctually looks cool.
5:55 am
they? who's they >> i think this is their offe. >> victoriaoesn't know much about this apartment because it belongto strangers and she and her mom just arrived. they're e from frida but they nted to visit new yorkity for a few days. anththey prefer totay in a homeme. >> a lotetter than being in a hotel by far. being in the city wi a child isuch more convenient bause not onlyre his breakfts amazing -- >> aistair long renovated his apartment th decided to tryo make some extramoney r renting hiextra space to tourists. >> i just love meeting new peop andndrom all dferent pas of the world. >> that'shy he makes his breakfast part of e deal. advertises on air bnb wch standsor air bed d breaast, trendy loft, sts from times square, $149. in this neighborhood at's cheaper than a hotel. plus julie liked the pictures on the website a comments from prious guests like "the
5:56 am
apartment is cozy. felt like a home awayrom home." >> not only arar we able use the fridge, we have a micwave, fresh hotcoffee. >> i'll ke it. >> julie likes staying in homes because this way her karr gets to learn aittle about how dient people live. >> mey comfortable. >> the rooa-rama website the run by geo and tao. e and her husband created becae they travel a lot. >>hehere must be thousds of apartments ablw inspect. >> how might they rent their home when they travel? why not just to craigslist. >> because on cigslist, you don't know who y're dealg with. we dealt wth people w who just neverr showedup, people who refused to p in adnce becausethey didn't know who we were. >> how do i know i not going toet some guest who is gogoing to tra thehe place? >> there are reviews on the sitete. everythingng is very transparen for both sisides. >> the reviews, the internet feedback, this krorout o sourci is what makes thesese iddeas wo. they k knew that alistair is a
5:57 am
good hohost. alisistair knew less aboutut th >> most gueststs don't have as many reviviews. once i get t their name, illll to do a a facebook search on th, but generally i've had really go luck. >> he's happppy, ty're happy. anand this wonderful new busisi where strangers with mplementntary needs find each other keeps rowing. so, of course, politicians crack down. th politician got a law passed that bans anye from renting eir own apartment to anyone for a timeerd of less than full moh. if you do,ou'r'r an illlleg hotel andd you can be fined up o $25,000. the hol industry supportrts the law, to protetect tourists, the say. >> they walklk into a situatio that is s nosafe, not clean. really? whwhen we asked for names of complaints, her office didn' provide any. >> there a peopl begging
5:58 am
leslators for the laws be erturned. >> deste all the laws sometimes enepreneururs and their customers stillwin. room for nt website lisngs are since new york's law pass ed. liam lik alistair maksome money, people lke the hocktons sa some ney and they have an experience they wouldn't have. i's aming, great, easy, fun. >> the cheaper taxi services survive. e regulators pounce a the businessgrows. >> ah,, the busins is growing inedibly fast. we've had people say multipl times s that lift has restored their faith in humanity. . >> lif and dedecar are now in momore than a dozozen cities. the mountain man refused to close his camp. then his passionate supporters got north carolina's legislature to change the l law to exempt primitive camps. sounds l like the bill was writn
5:59 am
just for him. >> it t was wrwritten jusfor hi. >> andnd they f fixed it sohat was pretty much exempt. >> the mounta man aches kids ain, and the segueway tour continue. rj keeps moving peoplehile he fights icourt >> lookt tha everybody. >> matter can keep his mic showalive. there's a laep ending here. >> yes. >> aft his story made headlines the goment backed off. marty no longer must have a disaster plan f his rabbit. with a little magic and rabbit, if at least for now hae a stay in the rule. >> but you had to have such a dramic story on t front page. most vicms of big govnment suffern silence, but these people fought back. >> he's regulators reaeallydo believe that they're ming the world aetter place when if you listeno all thes stories, we are making e world a better ple. >> some may ver win,ut it's great t that they fight. >> good to be in a room with th amount of people. good to be here together, we'r not thly ones.
6:00 am
>> they are theood news. but th bad news is there and state capitols everre they keep addin more red e. they shoulstop, but they ♪ >> in a wild west ghost totown.. a teenager smbles upon a dilalapidated gold mine... and its owner. she had a " "no trespassing" sisign at the gate. >> does she say, "i'm callin the cops," or doeshe pull an "annieet your gun"? >>t's the start of an uncommon relationsh. i thinking, "you're a smooth operator." >> no, it was just the histo was intetereststed in. >> next thing her family knowsw, the e gus getting theieir strane inheritance. >> i i said, "i certrtnly hope yoyou're on the up-and-up." >> but is this old minine en >> ruth, i got a lot of rerespet for you now. >> or could it stitill make him richch? >> there's still gololre. > this is by far the hottest resultlt that i've ever worked with. >> holy christmas.


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