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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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lawyer lawyer breaking news morning. super tues3 is here, voting justegins in a few hours from now. on the gop side donald tru appears be in the driver's ses s he rips the political alliance betweened cruz and johnich. good morning, m uren simone cheryl: d good morning, i'm cher casone, i'm in for nicole petallides. bernie san says he will support hiy clinton if he los nomination contest, t he has key demand wait till you he them. lauren: inveors on hold ahead of key central banks meengs, checking in stock market futures
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. p and nasdaq gning 2. cheryl: in asia ing on meeting of cenentral bk. half a percent and in chine sang high -- shanghai composite. well, twof t bigiggest reports of the quarterre today after the bell, will apple reven shrink for theirst time in 13 years and can user gwth return towier. we willelyou whwhat to expect. hail as large as softballs, severe weat in -- weather the centl partf the united states. cheryl: bad ne for golden state warriors, we will ha the latest on --
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uren: it's april 26. lcome to fbn:am,m, firstook at morning maets, breaking news and what to exct for the day ahead. cheryl: well, it is supepe esday. connecticut, rhode island, marynd and p pennsylvania. front runner trump expect tod sweep all five states, strgly criticizing for alicensend three other upcomi primaries as the texas senator ando governor defend their strategy. in business you go to jail for at but it's collusion. he was reduce day nothing last week in new york. he got almosno votes. the guy had practilly nothing. no nothing.
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sich is doing terribly, kas is one for 42. >> governor kasichade e decicision to pull out the sta of indiana and focus te d energy iother states and we made the decisn to go all in in india, indiana is going to be a critical state. it's goioing tbe at the cross roads these primaries. >> look, this is aatter of resources and we are rning a national campaign and we wanto apply our resoces where we thk it's going to be assigned effectively. >> cheryl: 118 deleges up for grabs. cruz has 559nd kasich 14 1,7 delegates are needed to win the gop nomination. make sure to tune tonight. thatat starts at 7:00 p.m. easrn time right he on the fox
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business network. uren: on the democratic side hillary clinton isxpected to have clean sweep or multiple victories but in a town hall evt, bernie sanders, clilinton needs to ado some proposals in order to unit the partlinton ststand big her track reco, listen. >> i thi if we end up losing d i hope wdo not and if hillary clinn wins it is incumbent upon h to tell millions of peop who right now do not believe instablishment economics who haveerio misgivings f candidate has received millis. >> there other areas where i have a track rord and i think that's why i have 2. more llion votes, i'm winning because what i standor and what i he done and what my
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ideas e. lauren: he are the numbers, clinton has one thousan944, sands 1 1,192. cheryl: geining all the numbers in. [laughter] cheryl: back to the gop p side, governoror kasich gettg g some questions about his deal witith nator cruz. blake rman has the details from maryland. blak 38 8 delegates in play in maryland today, t the mosbound among e five states, john kasich was t last three of the republics to campaign here. monday he was pressed out his alliance e two camp apes will dify up the states with the goal o tryi to keep as many delegates therfrom donald trump while campaiing in pennsylvania, kasich downplad that arrangent.
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>> don't see this in any big deal. i'm not going to snd resources in indiana and hs not going to spend in other pces. what's the big deal? ble: it is highly possible that trump walks away wi all or mt of the8 delegates later today. back to you new york. cherblake berman in ckville, maryland. thanks, blake. lauren: before the keystone state votes. here in pennsylvaniae will be up against a strange degate systememthey have 71 delegates around the state there e 54 others that are essentially free ages going into the convention. after this for trump it'll b onto indna with a former basketba coach bobby knight is said to campaign ang mr.rump
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later in the week, as folater today and tonight they will speak to reporters in ump towers. in pesylvania, thank you. chyl: forecasters predicting powerfornadoes, heavy winds and lalarge hail in cenal plains, 69,000 square le area stretchingo northernklahoma ansouthern northboun a tornadtouched in south sale nebraska,. >> and there's a storm sysm rit here in the northeast, it's raini outside. apple is expected toeport its first year-over-yr decline.
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expected to drop compared period. we will be watchinfor the number of monty active users, that number inhe frth arter fefell, many analysts ar loing fofor monty active users toncrease, slightly t 307 millio watch apple and twitter, those rests as soon as they're released weill ve th for you today. ch: global market action overnight, fir to asia, japan'nikkei down half a percent. ncerned about what the central bank in pan is going to report and alsoso concerned abouthe u.s. fed and hang seng gning half a percent. south korea's kospi a court oa rcent. >> ts morning the ftse is up a quarter 1%. the cac in paris just
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fractionally. vp shares arup. a company that repted profits declined 8, cheryl, but that was betterhan expected. cheryl: ange from the story, certainly. s&p is up by 3 and quarter, nasdaq pointg up almost 4 pots. lot of tech-heavy mpanies coming out with reports toda laur: : that's a gain of 29 cent gold ving back four bus, $1,236 an oununce. cherylyl: here is hothe dollar is trading ainst currency, the greenbk looking like these like the pound and the euro, see we n get the board up for you. there we g everybody is actually upgainst the greenback, the euro, po, even the japanese ye lauren: yield anden-year
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treasury standing at 1.9% this morning. chyl: justicdepartmentntas given the green light toharter communicions, 55 billion-d-dollapurchasese of time warner ble and brighouse network. the second larst broad band providers. can conditions aimed a prprotection of consumers and mt also approve this mega deal. laen: here is a look at t thee adlines in today's editionon of the wall s strt journal. inin asia, markets ahead of jaja and the e femeetings, investors are e a bit nervous aheaead of central bank i in both japan and u.u.s. the fed meets s toy. wal-mart to drive e wild oath organinic food brarand was dropd two years a and hershey gets
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swsweeon dry meat. heherbie reports earnings before the opening g bell today. cheryl: : three dow components u want to watch today. popost the earnings ahead of planned release time. it happened after sending partial release to reporters last night. producucts ranging from post-it notes to sand papaper. xppeded roro report higher earnings. howeweve looking for decline, vestors are going g to look for resultlts p&g. both expected to fall frfrom jut a year ago. a lot t of big earningngs. lauren: absolutely.. would it be anotother super tuesday for donald trump the front runner expected toto
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inteet all five e state primaras today as he contntinue to blast political liance b blamed at him between ted d cruz and john kasisich. >> and in business you go to jail forhat but there'e's llision where they're coming together because they are getting been badly. la: uber may have paid $100 million tsettle a lawsuit with some ivs, but it's not over, could uber drivererjoin union next? first look at morning markets keep it t right here
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chyl: 5:15 a.m. right here in neyork. let's get you caught up on wh's hpening on right now. it's pmary daynd despite alliance of d cruz and john kasich donald trump appears sweep all five. hillary clintoexpected to have a stronghowing ithe imaries today, her opponen bernie sanders say ifs he se it is nominati, he would suppt clinton but expect her honor some of hisrosals. and a a slew oearnings out today including apple and twitter reporting after the be. applcould see a revenue decline inhe first time and over in twitter they will focu
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on monthly users. checking u.s. stock rket futureres ahead of the openg ll. dow pointing hier in the premarket. nasdaq looking h higheby almlmot 5. lauren, what is happeng now? lauren: anks, cheryl. th fight is far from over. asrivers in california are now rtnering with labor june, jothan hunt has the details. >> lauren and chyl, uber may have set t two class-a lawsuit tbus battles with its driverers are far from over. the union announcingng that uber drivers in california apprproacd them seeeeking with benefits and dispute resolution p procedures, legal and tax services advocacy assistance and a songer voice on the job. in a statement a union o officil said the are poised totoelp, adding, ququote, we welcome any
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ububer drivers seek to g go impe working g conditions, byoming today they will hehelp drivers have a stronger voice andd improvee standards for drivers n california. uber drivers will l not actually join the union but will l insted become part of a a app-based associatioion andd the t teamsts have been organingng small memeetings with uber and o other ride-sharing driversrs. the idea to give driversrs some protection that they don't currently get giveven they are clasasfied by uber and others like lift. drivers in california a and massachusetts. uber says mostitdrivers prefer the flexibility of being independcontractors. perhaps the most sigficant rtthe settlement for the the mins of us who use uber,
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the drivers will be able to for tips, so if you been under thpression that the tip was included, that i defini not the casee anymore. lauren andheryl. uren: jonathan hunts, thank you. cheryl: comip in sports more banews for the golden state warriors, their star curry wl miz two weeks with anee injury. >> t tre's no -- nothing ical needed, like i said it unfortunate but we have a ga itwo days and we will focus on tt and we will move forward thbest we can. cheryl: also i in the playoff oklahoma city thunder eliminining the mavericks moving onto rouound two. forecasters we weather in the cenentral part of the country. we have forecast w with the weather machine. the fed gives a two-day meetetig today, thahat's going to be a market mover.
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right now s&p up 3 a and three quarters, nasdaq up by 5 a and a half, you' w watching fbn:am, fifirst look at morning markets and breaking news. show me movies with romance.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. cheryl: let's t you caught up on global maet action overnit. a loof eyes on bank of jap meeting. shanghai 1.6%. ho kong up half a per cacan he behe and korea's kospi a arter pernt. he in this count a little bit of a betr story on thi
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tuesy after monday's lo. u.s. stock market tures looking positive. s&p up by 4 and a quarte lauren: nasdaq was down the days in a row. let's show you commoditiesith up arrow. it's at 28 cents a barrel. cheryl: moneto srts. nbnba playoffs looking a lo diffent aftenews of curry expectay stay in sidelines, curry sprained hisisight knee duringunday's game and will miss first round of playof a part of send if warors. 4 games to 1nd now advance to semifinals. that begins on saturdaday. cheryl: okay n hockey, the s st.
5:24 am
louiuis eliminated stanley cub chchampions, game 7 of western conference quarter fininal dallas, that's in the secocond round. gogointo basaseball, detroit fielder, then d dropped in front of them. hehe me a team gesture with a few choice worords hehe was embarrassed and apologizized to detroit fs, chago did w. lauren: i likehe c circle over his moh so you can't see what he said. foteorologist janice acking it on for us. >> y yeah, i want people to be n alert tonight t if you live acrs tornadado ally, we have all the ingredient's for severe outbrerk
5:25 am
including g for long-lasting dangerous s tornoes, okay so we watch it h had low pressure move out of the rockies, a lot of t e gulf moisture makingng contact here. our cold front, our cold a air from the n north, meteorologists have been looking atathe set up for days nowow and we dobl thate -- do you bebelieve we are going to see the p possisibility, no weather radidios could save your life s so make sure they are on specially as you go o to sleep. there's you seset up again, the storm predicictions saying all e main c components are going to come togetether for severe wther outbreak and then n wednesday te threat dimininishes a little bit but across the missisissippi rir valley, ohio valleststill threat, , heavy rainfall and rnadoes. we have big primaries s today. we could actually sesee some shshowers and thunderststorms fr this r regn. if you're going out to vote,
5:26 am
make sure you brining umbrella d later on this afternrnoon we cod see some thundererstorms and we will keep you up to o date on tt as welell. it's busy in t t fox news extrememe weather center. back to you. lauren: i think people a a going to vototin the rain, what about you,heryl? chcheryl: i think so. well, comingp super tuesday 3 st about to get underway wit voting on ve key states, on the democratic se bernie sands says he will support hillary clinton as nominee if he loses, but he's making som demands. >> if secretclinton wins it is incumbent upoher to tell millions of peopleho do not lieve in establishment politics. >> i'm winning and'm winning because what stand for and whaty idealsre. chyl: om politics to money, ths also bigews on the front, wl -- you're watching fbn:amfirst
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you go firirst.
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cherylbrbreaking news this morning, super tuesday 3 iss here. voting begins in just a few hours for r five key primary states in the norththeast. onon the gop side donald trump pepears to be in the driver's seat as he rips a popolitical alliance between t ted cruz and john kasich. gogo m morning, i'm cheryl casoe in for nicole petallidides. lauren: on the demococrac side bernie sanders s sayhe will support hillary clinton ifif h lose it is nomination ntesest bubut he makes some key demand for her.r. cheryl: : in the markets invests on hold today ahead of k key central bank meetitings in japan and in this country andnd, of course, we h havearnings. ahead of mu - -- tures.
5:31 am
lalaur: we will take it. awaitingng a meeting in japan. nikkeialliling down and s shai composite risingng me than a half percentnt. cheryl: oil prices are shaping up today. gain of 34 centstsat probably helped bp a lilittle bit. lauren: there e yo go. cacan user growth return to twitter? weill tell you what to expect comingp. cheryl: heavavy winds, tornadoes and hail as s large as softball, forecasterers warning of severe weather in centrtral part o of e united states. laururen: bad news for golden state warriors, we w will have e latest on star curry's injuries. the oklahoma city y thunder in d out thdadallas mavericks.
5:32 am
cheryl: welcome to fbn:am, fifit look at mornining markets, breakingng news and at to exct for the y ahead. lalauren: it's super tueuesday , presidentitial primariries are d in these five ateses today,, connecticut, rhodede island, maryland and pennsylvaninia. front runnerer donald ump is expect today sweep today's contest. trump criticizininted cruz and john kasich for their aiaiance in three upcomining primimariess the texas senator and ohioio governor defefend their strateg. >> it's collususion. in business you go to jail foror that. it's collusi whehere thehey're coming together because they a e getting beaten b badly. he was rededuce today nothing lt week in new york.. he had no tetes, the guy had practically nothing, no dedelegates, no nothing g and kh is doing tererribly, kasich is 1 for 4 >> kasich made decision n to pul
5:33 am
out of india and focus time and engyn other states and we've made the disioto go in inndiana. indiis going to be a crital state, it's going to be at the cross roads athe primaries. >> look, this is a matter of resosources and, you kw, ware running the national camign d we want topply our resours wherwe think they can be used more eectily and it's all digned to stop hillary clinton from becomin president. laen: trump has 845, cruz 559 ankasich h 148, the magic mber, 1,237,ly never forget that number. those e the number of delegates needed to win e gop nononation. programming alert. our coverage rig here on fox buness starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. cher: hillary clinton is expected to have a can sweep or at least muiple victories in today's pmaries, in a town hall last night rival beie
5:34 am
sanders sayshat clinton needs to apt some proposals in o order to unit the partif she become it is nominee, cnton stands by her track record, listen. ihink if we end up losing and i hope we not and i secretary clton wins, it is cumbent upon her to tell millions of people who rht now do not believe iestablishment politics oestatablishment economics o have serious miivings about a candidate who has receiv millions of dollars follow wall stre a other special interests. >> there are so many aas where i'm more spefic, where i have a track reco, where i explaid what i will do. i am winning and i'm winning because of what stand for and what i have done and wt my ideas are. [cheers and applause] eryl: 384 democratic delegat up for grabs, clinton has 1,944 and sanders 1,0.
5:35 am
all right. wellobviously we are watching a lot of things in the marke today. laur: yeah. cheryl: biday r primaries states up fograbs. lauren: and nnsylvania. that'sn thgop p side of things right w, it's inteing howw we are seeindonald trump campgning in pennsylvaniaa before the keystone steotes. >> so as voters go to the pos across five stes in the northet trump is the favorite in all of them. here ipennsylvania he will be up agast verery strange delegate system. ey have 71 delegates around the state but only 17 to the statewide winner, therare 54 ores who are essally free agts going into the convention. after this for trump it'lle to indiana where the former basketball coa bobby knighght is said tcampaign along side mr. trtrp later this week and
5:36 am
for tonight trump willll wch the returncome in with friends and family and speak t to reportersn trump tower in new yorork. laururen and cheryryl, back to u to the studio. lauren: ththank you so much. cheryl: back to the gop siside, governoror kasich getting tough qutions about hihis s deal with senator r cruz, blake berman has the details frfrom marylanand. >> 38 dedelegates are inlay in maryland today, ththe most amout of bouound delelegates among the fifive states. john kasich was the last of f te three republicanans to campaign here, monday h he wass pressed about alicense with h tecruz with indiana, oregon and n new mexixico. the two campaign wills divvy u p the states with goal to keep a s many delegates there from dodond trump p while campaigning in pennsylvania, kasisich downplayd that arrangement. >> i i don't see this as any big deal other than n the fact that i'i'm not going to spend resoues inin indiana and he's not goingo spend ththem in other places, so what? what's's the big deal.
5:37 am
blake: trumpmp is the favorite here i in maryland, this is a winner-take-all state brokenen down by ngressioional district. it is highly posossible that trp walks away with all oror most of the 38 delegates laterer today. back to o you in new york. cheryl: all riright, blake bermn in maryland. thank you, b blake. ururenen: 25 million people bracing for severe weather todaday. heavy y wis an large hail in some central and souththern plan states, the most dangerous weather, stretching from northern oklahoma toto southern nebraska including the oklklahoa cici area. a tornado touched down, look a t this in soututh central nebraska sunday night. no repeports fortunately of injuri or seririous damage. well, fox meteorologist jananice beanan is gogoing to have the lt and if the rain will l imct folks heading g to the polls.
5:38 am
chyl: well, back to your money, apple and twitter are ing g to report after the close today. apple repoport decline and iphoe sales, 68% of ththe company's revenue, both revenunue expected to drop compared from a year a a period. investors who follllow twitter will follow active users. dithat numberrow? fell 335 milillion and many analysts are looking for mononty active users to o maybe increase slightly, , back up to 307 million, y you want to stay wi fox busininess for apple and twitter's results ter r the bell . laurenen: right now get you caut up on globobal market action ovovernight. mostly up arrowsws for you this mornrning with the exception of the nikkeiei in japan falling hf 1 percent. yoyou have the hang seng and hog
5:39 am
kong up half of 1% a and the koi in south korea up halalf a quarter. cheryl: speaking of changeges which get it is centraral bank story, w will britain lead the europeanan union, still kind of wahihing the story. ftse up and cac c 4040 in parisx and g germany 34 points. lauren: p fututures higher by 5, nanasdaq futures returning to te plplus column up about 10 points this morning.. a remininder t that volume, thtd ghtest a all year. chereryl: three rough days for e nasdaq. for commodities s right now, you have oil 301, jumped i in thlast montnth or so, gold is gowown 3.
5:40 am
lauren: charter communications 55 billion-dollar pupurchase of time w warner cable and brighthouse networorks, the merr will c create the second largest u.s. broadband p provider and t thirird largrgest video p provi, apprproval included conditions, protecting competitition and consumers, ftc must also approve ththis deal. cheryl: herere ia lock at the adlines in tododay's edition o f the wall strtreet journal. the first one caution asisian markets. investorors bibit nervous. both o of ose meetings this week. second headlinine wal-mart to dp wild o oatorganic brand. the line was i introduced two years ago in orderer to bring inexpensive ganic prprodts. nonot much now.
5:41 am
protein n bars, i don't know. earnings before ththe llll, we will see whahat happens. lauren: i don't know abobout tht one. stocks to watctoday. dupont reporting bet internall revevenue than expected first-quarter resusults and raising its fullll-yr guidance, a big oopsps for the agriculture and cmical compapany after setting g rease. we will also hear from 3 3m, m k of thousandsds oproducts from post-it notes toto sd paper. analysts lookingng for a decline in renew. invevestors looking over resulus results from proctor&g&gamble. both e expected to fall fr a area ago. cheryl: will it be super tuesday for donaldmp, front runnersting the political alliance betweened cruz and john kas aimed at stopping
5:42 am
trump in its tracks. >> ibusiness you go to jail fothat, is collusion coming ther because they are getting beaten badly. cheryl: latest on peruesday 3. cruises inin europe are big business. we will have a live t from asey weber, he is in germany this morng. you're watchfbn:am, first ok amorning markets and breaking news.
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5:45 am
lauren: goodororning it's 5:45 a.m. right here inenew york. it's primary day in five e eastn states, connectcticut, rhode island, maryland and pennsysylvania. donald trump aeaears ready to eeeep all five. trump continues to call l the cruz-kasich effort agagainst him pathet.. hillary clinton isis expected to have a strong showing in the prprimaries today f he loses the nominatition, he would support clinton but he expxpects her to honor some of s s proposals. a slew of earnings o t today including the big ones, applple and twitter reporting teter the ososing bell. plple ululd see a renew decline for the first time in 13eaears
5:46 am
and ov at twitr,r, investors will focus on monthly titive users.s. is the nber r going up. checking market futures. s&p futures up by 4 and a hahal, nasdaq futures gainingng 7. that's a look atat what's happppening now, cheryl.l. ereryl: all right, lauren,ly tell you what, r ready for vacati?? vacation season righght around e corners,any americans looking to europe to get agoway y om it all. lookt e business of river cruises, good morning, very relad ashley webster. ashley: i'm so cheryl, yes, hi. enjoyi a little down time in a luxury hel floating on a ver. t me get up and put my orang juice wn and we are ard the amber, theiver cruise boats,
5:47 am
like i saiit's a luxury hotel that floats down theentral of rope on the river r system. this particularoat cristen yesterday. it's booming, th's doubled the amount of people thawere doing is very thing just eight yea ago. so what's the attraction, we, simply you g to float down the river while you e the sites of europe go o by. you can also -- there's many stops that are takenyou can take free tour, you can e thbicycles they ve on board d go exploreourself. who does it appeal to? ll, to the retired cwd, the crowds that n't want to get on huge ocean liner with thousands of others, this bo only handles about 169, 170
5:48 am
pagers, so the aommodations, luxurious, everyone s a balcony and it's a very interesting perience to have the riveflowing by and allhe europe scenery going by. we are isouthern germany, just down the bend of the river tre is austria, expeing julia andrews pop out and start singing. you know, cheryl, we lea in out three hours and head dow e river to austria, it's a re tough assignment, i voluntred because that's the kind of guy i am. ereryl: thank you for takingne for the team,, ashley, real quick, how m much -- how much ds it cost? ashley: i was s goingo get t that last, it's not cheap, once you play it's ll inclusive, no cash, n nothing, everything iinincluded.
5:49 am
it canosost up to a thousand dolls s a day per person. ururen: bam. asashley: you take a five-day trip, $10,000, but the busesess is booming becausese people like how w eaeasy it is to sit here d float through europe.. cheryl: nonot a bad assignntnt r you. lalauren: have fun, mr. webster, no singing forou. [laughter] lalauren: bad news for sports, curry will miss plplayoffs becae of knee injujury. >> nothing sugar call neededed, like i i said, it's unfortunate but we have a gagame in two days and we wilill focus on that ande will move forward e e best we can. lauren: oklahoma city ththder eliminate the maveris and move onound two. we will have the highligs for you, heavy winds a tornado and hail as large as soft walls, forecaers warning ofevere
5:50 am
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uren: welcome back, let's ta look at sports, nba playf oking different ter curry expected to miss twowo weeks, curry sprained rig kduring sunday a anything like night's game. do oklahoma city thunder b beat thdallas mavavericks 118-1-104 last night twin 4 games to 1 and advancto semiconference.
5:54 am
a federal appeal for oveurned, a lower dge ruled that new england patriots tom ady must serve four-game suspsion imposed the nfl, the ruling can be appealed to the sreme court but so far no wo from brady or h attorneys. well, a long way from competition but tiger wood pled a few holes yesterday. he played the n he remember -- remonial st. he haso date when he will play again. cheryl: : lookoks s pretty goode swing. not bad. lawyerer haur sure did. chcheryl: f fox meteorologist je bebean has been tracking it all anand has it allll. >> good morning, chery a and lauren, we a are watching the tential for ingredient's fofor severe outbreaks s staing this
5:55 am
afternoon into the overnightht d into tomororrow, you look at our low that's moving across thehe rockies, the cold front, thehe warm front allll of the moisture coming in from the g gulf of mexico a and we have the cold ar from the north. the clash of those t twowo air masses is ing to give us thehe potentntial for hail, damaging wind and, yeyes, tornadoes, we already have severthununderstorm watctch in effect in parts of nebraska and thunderstorm warnings, want to mamake sure yu stay alelert. vere threat through the overnight. some o of thareas we call this tornado ally wherere all the conditns comtogether durining springtime for tornadodoes and e are expepecting that tonight. again stting thihis afternoon abouout 3:00 p.m. for parts of oklahoma and t the overnight whn people are s sleeping so be on alalert. have ways to get your alererts. tornado threreat, this is what e call a hatched area,a, we think all of the components are goinig to come togeer, , all the
5:56 am
ingredient's and we wiwill see potetential for large destructie and very dangerous tornadodoes ladidiesonight the night to ma sure that you have all of yourur ways to get your weather alelert ifs u liveve aoss the central plains. cherylyl: texas where they have had so much flooding.. >> absbsolutely. laururenwe will run down global market action overninighbefore we hand it over to mornings s wi maria, stay with us.
5:57 am
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cherylylasia markets kind of under essure. big central meetgs in n japan and in thicountry, two-day meing, that is tod, a little bit of eect. ftse is about 18 points, cac dodown about 5 and in german da, 10,293. some green arrowbebetttter than what we saw yesterday. dow is poiing higher in the premarket. s&p is up by 3nd nasdaq is up uplmost 4 points. commods, there's your l. 4294, goodness, take a lookok at gold.
6:00 am
that is it for fbn:am, handing it over to mornings with mar, maria, i will seyou in a few minutes. maria: hpy tueuesday, i'm maria baom it t is super tuesday, we've got your toptories right now, 6:00 a.m. on e east coast. the bale for the east ununderway. polls opening right noin conneccut. donald trump andillary clinton holdg strong leads and hope forking a sweep of tod's contest. candidates on e defensive fightingor votes up for grabs. >>hey are coming together because they are gting beaten badly. >> negive is what works, people want to bhopeful, we are just going tkeep plugging ani ed your support tomoow, after we finish this, hopefully i won'scw this up. >> if you're a conservative, there's only one conservative in


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