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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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the most intriguing d interesting sty today. back it up. liz: not russia bombg syria agagain. these e celebrities are saying reddening to move e toanada. islet altmanever left when he threatened grge neil cavwill take a pitch for me. is yours. >> don't you just n't go, go. inible things very muchstuart. in the mime, voting underway in thee crucial as datefor considering the batch andhat pennsylvan will go as an unitted slate to cleveland. evenllowing for thahehe betting seems to me thatald trump cod be looking at picking up 80, 90,00 of those deles. anyone's guess connmcshane on donald trump playing delicate game.
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he is at the trump tower ine york. >> thas right. another trumelection night. he's expecti it be a lebrory mood once again tonight theame trump expected to sweep five northetern days starting today. beforeeove on and start lking about california and other states down the line, ther is the pennsylvania doue have to watch tonight into the nvention first of all of thhealth of fox business network chalkboard with a good 71 delegates at stake remeer nnsyania is a good-sized day. 95 given out in new york, but on7 go to him as the statewide winner. a very sange political state. the other 54 are free agen and onthing we notice in pennsylvania reporti on the imary, last wednesd was cruzz campaign on top ofhis. handing out flyers tryinto g
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ople to vote for a specic delegates. former that the fire given to , you could see his family a was a normal flyer zooming in and taken a clor look, weoticed specific names at the btom saying these are my delicate. they won't have a me next to them on the ballot on tuesday, but go firin cleveland as complicad as that sounds. we were hearing of a me organizedrump campaign. but the next day wdidndn't noce any of these types of players being given out and started to wondewhether ump was playing day yesterday though and bold in west chest pennsylvania a da before the primary, and trump has his n fire. i took it home with me. yocan get a look at what it ys. the trump delegatein youralso congressional district.t. if you are in pennsylvania, and
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jim cole office, those are delegates. trump apparely we would presume s done hisearch anknows or thinks those people vote for him in cleland. it sounds mplicated because is, but it's one of e many stories to watch tight because unless there are a other surprises me at things we don't know about this,nd is expeed to be a big night for donald tru. he will speak with ira reporters gathered herere tonit around 9:00 yet t after the results thereof. neneil: thank you very much bere we get to ouour guest of what is in store for donald d trump, we are getting some newss on print, of course )-riright-paren we cod go thursday hehe passed away. his sistster is just filed a leg document sayinthat herer brother leleft n no will. some reports accordiding to tmc and other sources to the senate ststated $309 behehind. othersrs say it could be maybe half that. it is safe to say roughly
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five d days since he passed awa, and his catalog of mususic has sosoared in valueue. some say it is easily doublele e value of his essay,, espspecialy ththe word that he left behind enoughgh music, even music v vis to filill 30 additional albums. at we are told right n now is his sisister is saying there iso will, so she has asked thehe prprobate court in mininnesota a special administrarator. under minnesotota law, someone dies withoutut a will pass along to the nearest b blood relative. prince has four other r half brbrothers a sisteters. ththey presumably would be the beneficiaries of this vast estate. we shohould also point out his parents passeded away.
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he leas no children, two former wives, but i am at t pass this along to o saalready the wheels are in motion to divide up the proceceeds of probably oe of the more successful entertainers in recent t memory with 150 million to 35050 milli, and the r real money comes inn l that is yet to tururn out so may albumsms. ththey could dwarf the value of ththe n when he was alive yet ke youosted. on the chancesf donaldld trump pullining five state suite pennsylvanania given the 54 delelegates that will be uncommitted when all i is said d done. the thinking seems to be t thatf donald trumpmp on this day, he would eventually get the delegates. when you get i it back? that's right. the delegate vote at the conventition suppoporting whoevr
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they want t on a first b ballot. trtrump wiwill be so close to gegetting 1237 that he's going o mamake an argunt to be unbound delegates say i amam within 50 o 60 of thohose as being the nonominee. this is why i deserve it. and they will be psusuaded that the argument. we are s starting to see a lot f gop membmbers warming to the ida of a trump domination. as we starseeing more dd gearshshift io o place, same as thmemessage of unity at the convention will play idodona trump' flavor. neil: : we're getting word word that goverr r will be w with mie pence totoday. penchahas not committed any candidate atat this juncture. he's not wh h othecandidate, bubut again committed to nono o. indiana is the next ucucial battleground because t that is a ek f from today.
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57 delegates at stake there. i would agagine for ted cruz that i is his waterloo. he'sotot to do welll there. t there's no questi. that is israel that lalasthahae toto get a chunk of delicate before thehey gogo int calalifo. if he wins indiana, it becomes a total pass. asashley is right there some gop establishment bennnning to accept it. i don't know if ththey arerearmg to a nomination, but crucially imimportant and the 54 unbound delegates inin pennsylvania i believe a lot will bted uzuz people w w will be verery loyal and willot b be persuaded by trump of these close. neil: whether trump wi nnnnsyania. but that uncommititd slate still go with cruz? >> yeah. thdedelelegate but then i got elected as a a cruise delicate. neil: got year.
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looking at thisowow, if somehow ted cruz could tnn it aroround with kasich ceasee a and disistn indiana, obviously the fact he iseeeeting with governor pence leads me to think kasich migight not be sticking to thahat arrangement. what do you make of thth? >> on papeper the plan made sen. the anti-trump candidas s in the rarace should bind together. they should've done it a long time ago. doing it nowow makes no sense. we see reports tt t kasich is meeting g with governor pence ad he also said yesterday that no way is he telling suppororters n indiana to ve e for c cruz. that kind of puta a damper on the dl saying that i'm goioing o step b back in iiana and oregon, which by the wayhose two states areroportional to mr. ted cruzould pick up deletes in those two states. they are stilloing to split thvote, which is the ultimate
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go to prevent donald trump d nominee. they really need to o bind together if ththeylan to do that and they really eded to ststayut of each other's way.y. but t then again they are both running for the same spot. neil: i'm alalwa suspicious. w will watch closelyly. >> a at a time in politics and other coalition commentsts i was going to fall apart. kasich quickly realilized the chances of becintrump'p's vice present go down if i jn with cruz so i can't dohat. ilhe was falling fast in indiana. why woulyou give good chan of doing oy. who am i to judges a po woul say. thank you, guys ry muc iuess one of these committed guys that eryone is rolling right now. very gd toave you, david. who has got thedge in your eyes
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in a greatuestion. first on knot in maryland delegate delegate p. i'm only on the ballot. neil: was ting not? >> have on voting day both throh presidenti and then you pick delegate per coressionalistrict. so we will know at the end of the day who those are. after at, the state convention will pick another 11 afthat. neil: if you knew that you uld be the guyou're certainly one of the 38 toepresent maryland, where reggie wayne? >> kasich. th's a pretty easy choice. i've been supportinget before weren't for his father in t white house heading towas governors because theyave to get them do and they are realistic and balanc budgets and work with other people and they ar creave and innovative.
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ne: unfortunately, itot working governor kasich. jeb bush whehen was running flora. who is your backup choice? >> i think i've got wait and see. the other two peoplhave to prove me they are presidential timber anthey've got a ways t to goo prevent to me and i think if you ok at ththe voters, two thirdsf the fos outhere are thinking the same thingt least as it relates to trump t another data point here. we've hahad cantese conventions and the republican side t have bn contested or open and of those, sen times we've come out with a winner at the convention who i not in first plac ne: you are quite right about that. abraham lincolcomes to mind. jas garfield comes to mind. worked out fine for th of those ntlemen. but you are righ it isn't necessarily a disaste aryou woied that it's going to be quite lerally a
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convention? >> i have no idea. this is obviously a very strge year. it's going to be an historal year regardless. i thinyou make sense to go backnd look at history and of course cong in now, i used to play basketball in the litime between now and the end of this game. ere's a lot of work to be done by all these cdidates. i guesin 2012, ron paul got 190 votes ev though his name sn't on the ballot so to spe at the cvention. these things happen and theris a path. we know what the rul are now. buthe rules could be changed. neil: the rules are ing to be changeand it's going to raise eyebrows regardless in camp or anoth. we watch close. i wish you well.
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we will see. thank you very, very much. for r those of you just tuning n on prince and his esestate, is looking at the e enttainer never had put together a well. anwhat happepens in minnesota if you don't have a well and you pass away, the immediate flesh and d blood of the beneficiaries are the e t to get the money. that would be anyone of fivor six immediate siblings. his sistster is alady filing the paperwork to make sure s she is amg them and she is speakingng on behalof eitheher their sibling, half brothers a and siststers who also feel that thy are due a share of that estate. as some e put it as high as $300 m million. tmc another's saying it'ss not worth ququitthat much that prince is spendingng aot of a loof money in his final years. it is safe to say that sininceis passing, hisis library of music has sort of valulue and the fact that he left so muchch of i it
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behi could dwarf whatever fires we are hearing now. more after this.
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you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> welcome back to that end. i i am transfixed with a preview after e e bell today. it comes with a lot of exrtrt papatitients when you look at wt apple has been expect themem. they forecasted revenue a ththose numbers will be down. will this be t f first year that the e iphone is decreased year-over-year in terms sales. we show you vevenue here over the e papast several quarters. you can see it c continues to pk a with 51.97 billion in the second quarterprprofit expected to come in a$2$2 a share. welslso want to take a look a at
12:18 pm
iphone sales of the stst several quarteters. you can seththere has been a nicece uptick, but the growth ra is actuay y supposed to be down in this era ererall sales may be down yeaovover-year. we are alswawatching the ipad, softening sales are deaead, butt is the apple watchch the apple watch you can see 12 too $13 million asn n estimate sold in the first year, even thouough analysts have bebeen very bearih about the w watch and the sales relatively sofofteaeard a solid numb c compared to the first year o of the iphone in june00007 at 6.1 millionninits. wewe will be watching to see i the price/lastst month is doing wonders for sales, but ovalall we will be watching differtt itits, but if coursehehe ip makes u up two thirds of revenue for apple. back to you, neil. neil: thank you very mh. theray, back to litics before next guest, doldrump is treating not only wt' ing on in the republican rac
12:19 pm
but the demratic. sanders has beenreated terrrribibly with delegates and otherwis he shod run them as an independent. i ght read this as a side of what he would do if were passedor the republican nominaon. ump has among the facacthat rnie sanders of who we is no big fan sa he has been treated poorly by all of the superdelate thatsort of mohed into sort of a twisted day of her abili and hillary clinton's far wh in ct if u look at edged delegates, the race is much higher in earning sanders is getng the shorter end of t stick. extreme weaer a big issue for 25 million americans today.. we are talking tornado extreme. more on that. >> hi, neil. this ithe time of year we tend to see tornado across tornado alley and that is the ect what we are pdicting over the next
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to 24 hours. we already have watches in pce for parts of missourast of kansas city until 2: p.m. central time. we'll see more watches and tornado watches we go through thevening. sere thunderstorm warning to your east of kansas tyty, large hail, heavy downpou. couple ingredients remain fo severe weath as the cold air om the north. e warm front, all the moisture is well inhe clalash of those two air masses is one of the main ingdients they need for the severe weather and thatats at we are expecting overnigh tonight. you can see shaded in orang and red, this is whe we think all of those ingreent componentsill come together in the atmosphere and give us perhaps long-lasti damaging one trackornadoes. anywherehat you u see on the yellow hue on thmap, this is whate call hatched area again where everytng is going to converge together d bring potentl fovery bad, ngerous storms. you have no weather radio, make sure it is on overnight
12:21 pm
because storms can actlly happen overnht when pepeople are papaying close attenti. make sure u have a way to know you have a tch or warning in yr area. 00 p.m. and the rest of the weather will set i overnight tonighis the front continueto movee etward, tomorr the risisk diminishes a littleit, although we e looking for potential severe storms aoss the mississippi river valley, again wita hail and damang winds and alsinto thursday. toght is the night. we haven't seen a big torno outbreak this year and we uld see one in the next uple of hours ge back to you. neilit is scary enough for adults of you thinabout it, but wh they get done is help kids without this. you've got this beneficial f adults, ings you should be aware of. tell uabout how this helps kids. >> well,s pants sometimes we don't know howo tell her kids by severe weather has been. with friday you n sit down. w is the time to prepa in an event course if you live
12:22 pm
across tornado alley. my main go is to educate kids but also entertainmeme. freddie as an entertaining fg that lets you broadcast and in this bk we actually introduce a new w chacter, a storm chaser named to fuller. i know you've read about it so d't give the book away, neil. u know, i'm my main poi is to educate kids can educate parents andake them aware of how th can prepare in advance for severe weather situation said that takea little bit of a scare out of it. il: it doe with the limited time yo have. >> you like the pictur, too? neil: now, i d my pictures. i'kidding. very good, ver helpful. and in tse days, very time. thank you veryuch. tell me what target is dng. bathros arare open to anyone, whatever you want do.
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ne: i don't think target saw this com 700 boycotting the retailer over the new bathroom licy. target is ying whatever you think you are or fl you are, have at it. it is s envent, whatever you want to use. dr. alida king on ether this goes too far. the respect and sensitivivity towards transgender fololks gett > meal, i agree with that argument, without discusussion. today's and never one ing we at want tususthe me restroom use, hower we happen to feel
12:27 pm
about gender, sexuality or whatev. how are we going to explaito e little chiren, the young adults and to those does w the judeo-christi values have always livedn a nation that had a certain amount of or w are we g going to expln to everybody passed the law and all of a sudden everybgoes in to use the restroom and a little gl says w why's that guy in here and mommy has toay you can't call a guy. you can't call him girl. that is too muo o try to explain to a little child and a law cannot make the chil derstandt. neil: think of your e, think youdad. what wouldhey y about thi others have arguedn this community it is veryuch h a can to civil rights. >> it is. i rememb m my dad in the 1950s in paris. it was a prayer warrioior as strategistitith my brother martin luther king junior. dad wainin pis and he was
12:28 pm
trying t to get a restauran and amica the bathrooms were marked m and women, but they were also marked black a white. of coue in paris it was just openen restroo. regardless of color at everything. you st go it is e batoom. daddy is looki for men, women, lack him away. he says i need to goo the bathroom and she saywe imported bathroom. she sayse, we. i'm trng to appear but she sees tommy. i can imagine that typype of confusion as we are looking at our little chiren.n. he was e explainining it to us,t we still have the order r we are accustomomed t to here. there e judeo-christian values. there is the psalms, m morals to consider, but we stillll want to be compassionate. we don't want to be rude o or meanan, that thou thought is not going to make that famamily, little girl, litittle boy
12:29 pm
understand these complexities. neil: i have two younger children. i'm very sensitive to ose aling with these transnder issues, but i'm also cogzant of my kids. i seek to be sensiveve to a small sle e of the people which is fine. ththen we are ignoring everyone else and theirir sensitivities d concerns, namely parentsts. i'm thinking of young women inin the middle of the e night to goo a gas station. >> they don't know who t they my confnt in n the restaurant. neil: that's a a b bigoted argut is td. >> it's not bigototed becse you jujust don't know. nonow we have to really teach or children, protect ouchildren, tch our children. for the lady who nds t restro at 3:00 in the morning and does andoesn't know what e should encounter. these are valid concerns. they are not mean-spirited theyey are not hateful. we le evebody.
12:30 pm
neil: what abouthe man who thinks and feels that hes a e-man or vice versa. ll, i say, sir, that ia questi and it's a valid questi and i care d i am concerned about your life and i shou be. hohowever, the place to debate d deal with that i in settle it is not t right now in the public rerestrooms of america. neil: thank you. good seeing you agagain. you know werere going to get a n of e-mail on this. i'm m going to send it all to o. i'm k kidding. good to see you again, my friend. we are getting more on thiss situation, prince didn't h havea will. itit is going to the next of f n which would be his sister and five other s siblings, who will share upwards of $300 0 million estate. i should posit here ththat could
12:31 pm
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neil: b bankers paying totoo much. thsource of all evil. sort of raining down. at least control it more. peter barn with the latest on that. >> wall street has bn a punching date. financial regulars are not posing tougher rulesn ec of world and higher compensation. limiting the financial csis. u just put it so sply. strehing out the. that someone cou earn their boldness. a bad deon-making gets the firm in trouble. approving the opsed rules this rning. other regutors have to do something, two. hillary wants more tax, in generaral.
12:36 pm
hurting some folkswall street. bernie wants to breauphehe big banks. paying f free llege for everyone. to quote a a famouous line, when paterny pledge gets a paddli. thank you, sir may i have another. back to y. >> you quoted it brilliantly. thank u very much. >> it is a a screensaver on my desktop.p. >> whoho was after that said, thank you. give mee another. >> it was kevinn bacon. onone of the first roles. amazining. peter. ank you very muc charligasparino is here. what do you u think of thihis? >>t t is stupid.d.
12:37 pm
it is ababout time to move o we beat him u up. i do not know.w. bernie sandersrs. breaking stories aboutow the nkare doing these ridiculous ripoff. michael was onone of them. he was a traitor. i do not remember bernie s sands being arndnd when i was doing that stuff.. talking about heating up banke by the way, clearlrly, donald trump was an anti-nknker. donald trump was a client ofof bear s stensns. his broker. i would say alall of this is moe puput a call posturiring. particularly, , the hypocrisy on the left on this. when you start seezing the nks,s, you were squeezing the welfare state
12:38 pm
>> why? the tale is going to go elwhere. >> a lot of f the money intock options. s stock as opposed to cash. neil: : camake even enforc this? we b baid you out. you wiwillee foreverer. there are some divisis s in doodod-fnk that allow some of this stuff. i believe at this isis confrontational. how can the fbi -- byby t way, theyey a not the main bank gulator. the federal reserve was i in on at original meeting. i want to know how they could impose extra. >> what s the stock been doing after technology ceos anthe higherps. >> youou have to pass a godod f. >> a have dodone it before.
12:39 pm
bernie sandersrs starts writing the planksf f the democratic pop foform. a a quick roll quote. hilllly clinton will be forced to be a sociaialist. >> thahank youou, buddy very, vy ch. phil flynn witith some news. among some other st of deveveloping developopments in e energy secector. earnings and r revenues for thee ys go south. now their ratings as well. they are e extraordinary. we have not seen anything lilike this since the great depression. oil prices are actuaually going higher on this news. it is going to be a lot t harder to meet demand in thee picture.. you are seeing i investment get away from these big energy companies. rough like beingng a sec or that
12:40 pm
is i in big trouble right now. we will l see billions of dollas of less investment i in energy. they arere not getting producedn the future. we wilill paying the price for this down the road. this type of retrenchmhmenent ie energy indndustry. having to go back t to the early 2000's.. having to come in anand buy mobile. making profits turning to losses. obscene e cutbacks in the industry. the booming busted energy, youou know, will not be good for everybody. what is good for oil i is good r america. >> thank you very,y, very much. wewe are getting a bit of a clarificatioion now. what money and o oil if any hur behind. noill, h his sister is a map. no known welell.
12:41 pm
she has asked ththcourt to appoint a special administrator. leave the law the way it w works in minnenesota as it does in may states. if someone dieies without a wil, it goes to next ofof kin in normally is a gator of the state,e, if theris such a ing to the oldest survivining siblig i dodo not know where this particular sisister stands in this. ththere are six half-brothers ad sisters. she hahas already asked that ths move forward in that the process begin because her brotheher did not leleave a w will. in this they valued anywherere from 150 milillion to 350. all of the music, potetentially0 hours wortrt growing exponential. we will have m more after this. ♪ here's thehe pn.
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the e oor of the new york stock exchange. stocks have momoved back into positive territory. nasdaq is still ststruggling too positive. at&t among them. exexpect earnings-per-share to increase. investors will be e looking at what kind of vidideo plans. panerara bread also reporting later tododay. the average rang i is overweight. rerevenuisis expected to increae year-over-yeyear as well. buffalo wild wings who does not like chicken wings. from what t has been $440 millin yearar-over-year.. ststocks reporting after the be. for cavuto coaoast-to-coast afte this. ♪
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♪ ne: donald trump tweetg bernie sanders is being trted badly byemocrats. he should sh theand run as anan independe. your reaction now from bob case on that. sena what do you think of what donald trp is saying? he could btelegraphingis own pl. what do you make o this? i think he is referred tas
12:47 pm
superdelegates. he it being treated right whato you think? >> i do not think the democric candidates wilbe taking advice from dond trump on how to create unity othe democratic party. when this process is over, and i think secretary inton will be part othe ninee. >> i know polls are fleetin ople have bitter fights befo convenon. one of threeanders supporters said they would nosupport hillary clinton. and angst at they have. one the better terms. the establishment. wh do yo say? >> i have been a partf lot elections.. two of them e very, very
12:48 pm
tough. it does take a le while for people to come togher. if we work at it, i kn seetary of clinton will be that kind of leader a nominee. we can work gether and get everyone on the same page. there so much at stake for our party we he to make sure that we have the kind of unity tt wi lead to a ctory in november. il: even though you may say that it will h much to do about notng. a lot of theare feeling pretty ill. what wld you recommend that she do to ach out? >> i think that she willo what she has donethe past which is to bring peop togetr. that is her record as a senar in new york. secretary stateone of the reasons she had such approval
12:49 pm
ratings as secretary of ate is because people saw her worki on tough issues inrying to reach ground. somemes, as you know, foreign policy is not always the subject. think she achieved a lot of that. the baground, the experience, to be a good unier. neil: senato thank you very ch. we appreciate i neil: more infortion on this situation with prince. it is a full sister. his full-bloed sister. has five other half-brother and sisters she s gone ahead and and ask fordministrator. e way it normally goes, in most cases, i do not know at
12:50 pm
the specifific rules a in minnesota, the nt of kin would be the automatatic and a fh areas which ululd includeher. and then the five other half others and sisrs. all potentialeneficiaries. worth50-$300 million. we want to keep you poed. we a learning that print left a vast library omusibehind. we are told 39-40 albs. dozens of musicideo sosome of them dating back to te 1980s. far more than miael jackson (. far more tfrank sinnott child le behind. prince has more in t tt vault them was ever releas to the public. that is what t they call a vast estate. ♪
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> welcome back, everyone. we are learning more. throck star prince passed awayay at age f 2 his full-blooded sister. did not lve a well behd. go ahead and approve a court adnistrator to handle. reallyly, depends on what othersrs wld be saying.g. >> this is h his only full livig sibling.g. he has five papastiblings based on my account. to from his father.r.
12:55 pm
two that are still left. the s sister has asked the c cot to appoint a special administrator. that wouould happen in the case whwhere there was no is that toy -- executive administrator. given n the size of his estate.. 300 millioion is the top. just given the recorord sales tt wewe have seen since death. about 65650,000 albums, if not more than that. yet to be released. thousands ofof hours of music videdeos. how do we know, it will ars ou nowhere. >> this is my guess. this iat my tells me.
12:56 pm
the lawyers e not talking to her. think that it is hard to believe that frien died th no eate an in place. neil: you need a wl for that, right? estate after his deathng the thatould read my guess. i could be wrong. going ahead of team prince. what does at tell you not talking to her or that ther in fact a well. agagain, it always goes u ugl by t the way, the full siblilin. e has two nephewsws and their are two ex-wivives involved, to.
12:57 pm
neil: it's's going to get nasty. stick arououndnd. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: you know what i lolove, special coverarage of political tutuesdays. we a automatatically move on toe next tueuesday. indiana is very large. that is a week from today.. that could be inin waterloo. that is s where you have to w w. no-fly overstayed here. you did not t mentntion john ka. did not say he was comoming g to indiana. that is a metaphor,, perhaps. acrossss the way is ninja warri.
1:01 pm
maybe that is an approprpriate metaphor for case they c can't cruz. beating donald trump. as you point out, the e focus relatitionships here. it is all over. i talked to senator cruz abobout it. cruzuz here in indiana. case thecan the e western state. so, what thehe matter will be, t this p pointwe do not know. ouour fox news poll eight and a couple more fiberer six..
1:02 pm
itit is a dogfight in indndiana. itit is very clear to me. it is soso aprpropos. obviouslsly edging on this agreemenen if he e is going to an event in the s state.. p mackey said, y you know, you should vote for me. voters are s smart. they know who o to vote for. he does not have a r realistic shot to win indiana. neil: we w will watch closely. thank you, my friend. bernie sandeders is getting a shout out. we have blake bergman in philadelelphia with the very latest on thatatallout and soo much more.
1:03 pm
hillary clinn. blake.e. >> hi ththere, neil. absolututely gorgeous fall day here. bernie sanders was taken advavantage just a little bit a while agogo. ouout in about shaking hands wih voters there. before that, that teterminal. food lovers paradise. can attest already thi morng. he pennsnsylvania area, the biggest all state 384 deletes in play. ha of them will come from the state of pennsvania tonight. out of the serdelegates as well. you get about 460 delegates at will be awarde the demoatic side.
1:04 pm
two about 400 or so sho. e hundred d delegates plus the superdelegates. quite possible s is doing very well here in pennsylvania. neil: thk k you very, , very mu. on t the front runners. what is goinonon right now. what is happening on t the republican side. what looks like e a pretty shalw agreemenent on the part of ted cruz. anand john kasich to not mess in each other's supposedly ststrong turf. christian, they are t t sticking t that. >> right. in this election, it i is really cool tbebe an outsider. i do not hate thatat t talk of s
1:05 pm
agreement will talk k either the candidates in any w.. esespecially when it comes to millennial's. millenni's me e up what could be thehe largest voting bloc in 2016. republicans really have failed so far to o the meaningful effos toto reach out to this huge gro. they do not cacare about abtions. they have uplilifting positive ways to show millennial's. >> i thinkhat people like bernie sanders. that hpening for the two froront runners. in order for them to amplify message. getting bend and talking about issues that attack millennl's the most. we have not real seen that
1:06 pm
from either candidida. you ca assume that you will get the support his b bgest coalioion which is the millennial ction. think that he is sayinis undoable andtupid. i ink in order for donald trump to really have aessage that hillary and dond resume millennial month they ha to start ing about these issues anand how they can provide som level of solutio versus none at all. >> the last time a repubcan 18 youth vote was ronald reagan. after a publi ipresidential candidate lost it. what do they have to do win it bac >> if they want to win theouth te, they need to combat this messagwith the media. the e d cranky dad telng their teenage son,o.
1:07 pm
>> so much negate image are given flng arod all the time. they need toork on reflecting their ssage in a positive way. it iprettyilarious, actuly. soist is a rock star amo thmillennial generion. a bajob mart. i want to ve you free stu. we will make thaevil mister burns ople of the world pay for it a all. it is a great opportuny r republicantoto push back and say, hey, r solutions will reward you for hard work. >> i havavenother theory on the appeal of bernie sanders. seen in the eyeses of youn peope as genne articles. they speak their mind. sometimes bluntly young pple like that straightrwardness and
1:08 pm
directness. i wonder if hillary clintoends being the nominee, she take out for granted. voting forer. donald trump. 20,000 democrats whi, to republicans, voting fo him. that m be where we are missing. derestimating. what do you thinofhat? >> a very important point. i was thinking the exactame thing. the person that can capilize on this e most is donald ump. the keep it rl attitude. the be hont. i think that donald trp does very, veryell with that. he has an ececomicculus messag so long as he can explaihow at impacts milleial's, more millenal's get behind the message. i do not tnk that hillary inton would be able too the same thing she comes as very
1:09 pm
inauthentic. will be the same in the general election. neil: i apologize. all right. bottom le. i think all the vote up fofor grabs. what is e consensus. i'm number a lot of ople say that ronald reagan would le particularlyoung people. thatashen. knonow what has happenedinince. the markets on gen day, convictis about them and everhing else. they do not real cou for anything. until we are there ithe mome. me prices are suddenly stabilizing. ey are on the rise. maybe that i allhat takes if is recovy keeps going. ♪ show me movies with romance.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> w we give so much. the latest one. home p prices. year over year. a lolot of folks saying, look at this. housing is back.k.
1:14 pm
let's ask real estate experert. what do you think?? >> it has been back. back in my book is getting badad to a t two-5% average. roing across the c country. the market wants to o beradual. dodoub digitits. i think the volatility- s southern florida comes to mind. nonot acss the boaoard. sellining site on scene. that k kind of reminds me of wht was gogoinon right before e real estate crarash. what t to make of that?t?
1:15 pm
>> neil, youou nailed it right n the head. we are in the night inningng i not going into a recession. money has beenree for r eight years. all of this quantitatative easig has basically driven devepment. we h have a lot of inventory of new constructionon coming online that we e will have to burn off over the next couple of years. first-time homomebuyers are stil not in the market the way thatat they should be. thirty plus% of thee market. the oversea buys are startiningo pull back on the chinese. the rurussians. the middle east. i i think that it is becoming a buyers market. i i am not a pessimist, i am a realist, neil. neil: i wonder. you alalways have the first-time buyers. the pickens are slim. how can ththis work upwards?
1:16 pm
>> some ways, the pickens aree slim because t the investors are competing with those firirst-tie homebuyers.. our perspective is m more heaviy focused on suburban marketets al across the south. all across t the m midwest. we are not very focused on manhattan,n, south beach or san francisco where you have crarazy anomalieies going there. neilil: would t they remain j jt that. it is interesting g what greg jt said. the way the markets hadad seen e case shiller prices go up, the majojor gateway. sometimes su deceleration through prices.s. neil: : you are hearing thihis. potential l home buyuyers. using it if you will..
1:17 pm
looking around. what do yoyou expect in the wees and months ahead? families getetting their kids ready for hohool etc. >> out will be songeger thanan biased sprpring. traffific on websites. titivity out in the field for homebuyersrs and investors. thfrfriendship we have is the last 15 yrs has been the marketing soararing anand the mt vomitingng. likenyny stress test. make them rurun hard, the heart rate goes up. after they gp, the deceleon going back to a stanng heart rate. when you see places ke phoenix is a great examp ththey had somground ton or they sell. becse ohow far more andore, for sort of
1:18 pm
levels offs. even the gateway city. gointhrouga minor corrtion because of where the are. the majority not livin those gateway cities. ling back into normal aga. next message is cerertainly comiming from all of that. gentlemen, b b well. getting g this alert from the pentagon. 90%. why are we upping o our troops n syria? whwhy?
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
>> wcome back. i am joe ling kent. all of that free food actuay work at chipolte. wall street is forasting a $0.9r share los
1:22 pm
expect it to ce in. shares are down more than 3 30% because of foodborne inesses breaking out last summe the e american csumer is feeling a little less confidt these dadays. a reading of 94.2. it shows that americs are pret confident about how the ecomy is doing rightow. twitter also reporting earngs after he closing bell." all eyes will on user growth. declining quter over quarter. not expect inc. any good new re. on 308 million people use twitter. inors with a 10th of a share. twitter, though, sll not rning a prophet after r going public were then twoears ago. back tyou. neil: incredible. thank yovery much.
1:23 pm
ok at these markets. look at the federal reserv meetg. i guess hay rakes now. theyould in june. they m knock this ole year. >> there is a zero chance of being put on tomorw. that would be a bbshell. i cannot imagigine. here is the thing. we have heard all alonong at the fefed data depependent. ifif that was true, they would have raised rates a a lot more a long time ago. whatat does it come down to? what does the fed carebout? we are c concerned about global market turmoil. we are not going to raraise rat. do not expect us to do anynythig right now. or ithe forereseeable future. markets have gotten better.. oioil stabilize. rallying over 10%.%. 12%.
1:24 pm
doeses that mean stability nowo? yes. or, is there s something else going on? over and over agn lilike an alalar bell. talklking about the strong doll. over and over and over again. worrrrying about the dollarr gettining stronge they will stay -- tomorw. especially given that the ecb in the bank of japan are all o on this mission t to keep their currency weak. to conontie accommodating. you will never raise rates. neil: i ink thatat they are woworried. i don't know whahat they are worried about. potentially imploding. i do not know. worried ababout something. there wawas plenty of evidence o gigive them a chance to pull the trigger. they have nott wanted.d. now they are stuck.
1:25 pm
brazilil is on the verge of a cp here. thososmarket have ran amok. then what? what is going on inn china? >>aising rates. more of that money c comes here. it puts them at a disadadvantag. >> it t makekes it harder for brazil. >> serving as cells abroad. >> whahat is china going to do? whatre the saudis s going to do. i have heaeard thahat befe. twice in theast twoo years. both sides you get y your finges burnt. >> getting deeper and deepeper into a politicalal year. they d do not like to do it. spsparingly. if condititions warranted in the things w were running away, woud they bee hiking? >> look at it two ways here. some pololitical bias here. i i do think that there is a lot of back channel tatalk yellen did go to the whitete hoe
1:26 pm
and met withth psident obama recently. a weweek and a half ago. it is nonot unusual let's just say, my eltonohn sunglasses. you know, what whave going on here is yellen does not nt to ck the boat. she es not want to upset rings. she does not want toreate more turmoi the white house does not wt at. congress does t want that. nting that right now. we can say that. number two. >hatever they have done, which is not, it has been good. you werehinking that, ithey wereo commence with another braid type,llll of that would unral.l. >> potential, , itouould. i came into this weeththinking everyone was gngng to be scared
1:27 pm
about a hawkish statement totomorrow. a are in this prison all world whwhere the senate goes anothe way. everyone is worried abtt apple. it kind of tells me e at all three of tsese s stocks, bad nes wi c ce out in those stocks could rally anyway. the intetelrint. trading g down at first. rocketing it b back up. we have seen stranger ththings happen. the and ralallied. it shoulhaveve went down. it r rallied. what is going onon here. > all right. real quick oprintsts. leleft no will. do you buy that?t? >> think you left a willll and it is hiding somewewhere. we will find a tasurure map p wh new w songs it. i am talkiking i hope it happen. it is a great loss. the story is not over. we will find some intereststing stories. ththere was a message of that
1:28 pm
is. a genius.s. might be alive. >> he was trololling us a little bit. there was something goingg on. i i do not understand what he ws saying. neneil: 940 albums. musicc videos. all right. take care my friend. in the meantntime, you know that votiting is underway. states up for grabs. already we have se 6 60,000 democrats swiwitch jujust tvote republican. ♪ itit's intelligentnt enoh toto warn of danger
1:29 pm
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the 2016le. 's where brains meet brawn. lee the gle350 for $599 aonth at your local mercedes-benz dealer. . .
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1:32 pm
neil: well, agine more than 60,000 penylvania democrats jumping to ne themselves republican to vote in the gop primaryhere. he is onef thm. he is penylvania residen formeremocrat, now supporting dona trump. and, boy that is a bigg effortt shshow you support foror a candidate. you have a lot of other people with you. why? >> my rereason for supportingg donald trumpp and changeged to e republican n pay was that, origiginally i was a republican, swiitched back to d demrat to hehelp frieiend rurunning for ll political pition. and then enter dononal trump. at first, i foundimim, somewhatt
1:33 pm
outspoken. ve entertainining,nd but not the same old politicallhetoric. we really enjojoyed listening to m. th main crux of the reason for donald trump in my opininion, donald trumpmp cares. after listening g to him in h hs speeches and the debates h he cares about the peoeopl he doesesn't need the aggravatin of being presisident. cares about our military. on f foxews there was a repep done by bret baier regarding our military whichch only confirmedy fearss andy cononcecerns about r military. he allso has concernrns about trade. in my opopinn i believe h he iss morere professioioly and pesonally experienc about trade t th any other candidate thugh his businesses hehe has done. we know he careses about vetetes and infrastructure. basic trust. pepeople that i know trt donald trump. i believe him. i trust him he is honest. he e is sometimes extremely hont with people and extremely honest with himself and people. neil: some peoplele look at that
1:34 pm
it i is eye ofeholder, quite ririgh his positions are inconsistent. hehe wnt a tradede war r with c. he doesn't want a tradade war wh china. he thinks t transgenders shouldd hahaveathroom rights. he dialed that back, that's not what i meaeant he wants to hikike taxes on rich and says no, you didn't quite get that right. wantnts tariffs, doesn'n't want tariffs do you know what yore getting with him? >> i feel a leastst this point in timeme wh the candidates that weweave he has brought up issues that need addressed inour country. i think t tha the roomm for adjustment and what he i doing with that, he himselflf will surrouound himself with politic, with p peoe when hee becomeses pololitally connected with people,, that there will bebe bt intnterts of the countrry. regarding the bath r roomssues, regarding those other issues that doesn't affect me. people say at trumpmp campaign adququarters. pick youour battles. some say i'm worried about bathroom he is going intoto. iaid what aboutt your jb with
1:35 pm
the coals mines or something? that is wh i'm reallyly concerned about. neil: that is fair enough point. rox, , i want to get your tata n just his demeanor, thehe way you mentiod, he is very blunt and speaeaksis mind. some say y th could c cause him problems. that he is so b blunt, some even say c crass, that he is a great, relayingng areat message butt he as thee messengeger is ruining t for himself. what do you think?k? >> weell, what i thinkk is, when we look at that, andnd tt's his stylyle. he has createed, when you look t s popularity, where he lies, that who is to say that the right way orhe wrong w way to approach what we'rere doing inin american politics. mean h he has majority amount f he n news. has p positive news,or the bad, or nt so positive nws. he is in factwon or captured most of the major news timime. but i i also when i look, when e lo at donald trurump we lok at hias far as whwheri stand in my communityty o hope, and we
1:36 pm
understand that he can be crass, that many times thehe way youeal with people, you need to deal with somepeople in d different ways than o others. neilil: l right. > i believe he is the hopeor americans. where i livive inmy community, e know jbs in pnsylvania arare 40% reduced of industry we have. where i live i myy middle community, armstrong county,y, coal is one o major industries. if donald tru d do not get electe if d dond trump does not get elected coal mining towns where i i live will be ght towns. they willll be h history, curt. th is ourur concern. an he is the concerned. neil: y express you're support eloquently. thank you very, vy much. >> t you. neil to some not quite so enthusiasm o mr. tmp, in fact, john kasich s srter. former mhigan congran, john hoekstra. youeard wha ro-c speaking for
1:37 pm
tens of thousan of pennsylvania democratho for donald trump and wha you makof that,t he was ying? >> itlearly showsy people are very,y,very interested in dld trump. he's thehe anti-establishment vote. peopleare angry at washgton. theye angry at politicns. you know, this is o of the reasons that think one like john ch has, has done well with democrats and withhe statef ohio becau he hasome in he has shaken up that state and neil: what do you ma of this deal he ccted wi ted cruz and whether hes sticking to it? he is indiana speaking. wantto meet with governor pence. me thinks there is n deal or he is not honoring it? actually, neil, the deal was mos inerested in the on between you and govern where he would thehe president andhere i heard the twof you talk about you being his vicesident candidate. neil: he ted about th.
1:38 pm
he r rescinded it. i thin he doesn't like italians. i forga him for thahat. i know ted cruz and hn kasich are up agait this monolithic figureho could capture all the votes andenying him the 12 votes. i don't k itisolsion. doesn't fit techni definition of collusion, main done in secret, this is out in the open, but did they hurt themselves and may haveve held dold t. >> they may have ed donald. the media read way too much into it and they wi coordinte their campaigns. e expectation governor kasich wold tell people whoke him in indiana, don't te forme t vote for ted cru simple agreemenere was, kasich s sd, i going pull resources of indiana. the vs -- nei but he is not pulling himself out of indiana. he is ing the governor.
1:39 pm
you're wder thahanhis i wll ev be, i readnto that, wait ainute, you're not walking your own talk? >> i think he i going to meet with the governor. s going there for a fund-raiser. i don't believe that is doing an campaign ents. i'm not sur what he is doing in terms of havingianterviews and those types o thing but you know, john, both these gentlemen are m of their word. i tink agreementase' pulling reses out of these various states. you ete here. i wi focusomewhere else. that is exactly what they're doing but not dng anything more than that. neil: do you think, congrsman, if dald trump winshe state outrht, i know pus egates will go as uommitted sl they should h hor the w of pennsylvania in the event donald trumpins your state?e? >> pennsyania if donald trump wins overwhelminglyhe induals that are technically uncommit probably should follow the will of their state. i mean,ou kn there has to
1:40 pm
be some integrity rough this process in thoice of the voters needs to be hear because most iortantly, we as republicans neo come together inovember and rtf that is king sure thatse of us who going to the convention represene will of theeopl the stateo that they stay loyal to thearty, but most importaly, they st l to our noe because the most itant thing we elect up with of tse individuals to be the next prent of the united states. neil: all rht. cgressman, very goodching up withouagain. thaw, very, verery much. >> good seeining you, neil neil:in the meantime, lot tourists love go any placece where there is water but to on that wateter and what they're ing on thwater and the vehic they're using to be on that water, we let's just say it's probably not going to b what you think.
1:41 pm
i am benenedict arnoldld, thinfamousus traitor. and d know a thing or twoboutut trading. so i trade with e*trtrade, where true traders tradede on trademarked trade platform that has all the..... get off the computer traitoror! i won't.t. (cannon sod) puput under a microscope, be i won't.t. we can see all t b bacteria that still existsts. polident's uniqu micro clean formula works in jusust 3 minutes, killining 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for r a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every dayay.
1:42 pm
. .. >> i'm adam shapiro lilive on te flooofof the nenew yorkrk stock exchange.
1:43 pm
the dow keeps m moving between positive and negate e territory. right now the dow is down 2727 points. s&p 500 ju w went into negative territory. it's basically ft,t, just below the flatinine. nasdaq is also down n about 12 points we've got someararnings reports comiming up today. as you know, apple everybody willll bpapaying attention to tt wexpxpect a swing of 4% when they report revenue. expeeded to be $51.9 billion. yeargogo revenue was $58 bibillion. twitter reporting todaday. nfl deal hasn't kicked in yet.t. peoplele excited about that revenue. chipolte mexican grillll,, c can ththeyget back on top after problems with the cocoli. revenue expected to down 28%. ebay wl report with revenue around $2 billion.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
ne: : all right. itit's not that tourists don't like going on the wateter for vacation, just mayaybe not the type of water or vehicle youou would expect. ashley webster on aa river cruie liner with more. reporter: we are cruising european-style. rolling g down the danube river into austria. in f fact m on aboard the scenic amber. a newly krisistened boat that cn
1:46 pm
handndle 170 passengers. latest in the flfleet to keep up with growing demand.d. half a millilion north americans take a river cruise in e europe this year. that is s twice as many as just eight yes ago. despite terror attacks and mimigrants crisis dominated headlines in europe, touristss have not been frightened away yt least comes to cruise on thehe river. >> w when you look at the end of the day you look at t risks i undersrstand people's fear. but september 11 didn't ststop people going to new yoyork orr living in new w york. i think terrorists win n if you stay away. and, i don't think that the threats are really that largege. paris i think the polilice are w doing meme in brussels, i think probably the safest plplaces to be. that is s my personal opinion. reporter: big g questionhow much does it cost? starts at abouout or $400 perer person per day. it can go upup to $1000 per pern
1:47 pm
per day if you wawant to ve like a a king or queen. i hahave to . my butler is w waiting for me in ththe suite. neil: looks pretty cool. doesn't look like e you will get seasick onef those. es the governmen hpower toestrict your pay? well, if youork in the banking industry, ybe. those lookg to do just that. you will be beneficiary of tt. afr r this. you both have a
1:48 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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♪ neil: all right t the government lolooking to crack down on bank, investment bankeker, ceo, relatd pay it is too high and incentive to do risky things t to get us l into trouble again. fdic,arious groupups are looking
1:51 pm
a a way to take the sting out of that a and try to spread those riches out over more e years before bananke can do anany har. that's what they s say. connecticut attorney general george jepson on that. he joins us righnow, to talk abouthis. he ibig backer by the way of hillary clinton. attorn general, very good to have you. >> nice to be on. >> d do you support this effort? >> i do. it is a dest step but in a a positive d direction. my office e has led investigatis into three signinificant wawalltrtreet institutions and we've been a party too investigations a anduite a large mber of others and it shouould be no surprise to you someme of the behavior, not everybody, b t behahavi of some folks that work there is pretty shocking. this is a momode step in insuring that if, if misbehavior, misiscouct is discovered, that the assetetto be clawed ck will be clearly available. neil: l right. one of the pvisions in thihis if someone gets a b bonus, sen ars, if any problems happen,
1:52 pm
after that they go back to g g the ney from them, but if you apied that to any indusy or fortunes whehere can turn sout that is slippery slope, ist not? >> you're right abouthat and that's why those in governnt make judgments abouthere, to draw lines on slippery slopes other instri donon't send the nation into the greatest recession since the eat deprsion. and e folks would baffected by this are part and parceto the industry tt did exactly th to the american people and to the wld economy. neil: i see what you'reaying, general, but o of things i woulsay, they were not without meone providing weapons to d so, right? thgovernment, there was a time under repuan and democratic administrationwhere gettin rtgage was almost became lik a birthrig, not a goal and banks were incentivized to d just that and provide those mortgages. now given that opptunity, boy they're cleverthey will come up with way to colteralize, package that, takedvantagege of
1:53 pm
th, yet in that whole process no one wenafter fannie mae and freddie mac whoome say are re culprits and others are loing in this latest jiggerining are mpletely free of any chaes? >> you'rnot ong to rais issues le this. it wn't ju fannie mae and frdimac that misbased. wasas ratings iustry, my service led the 20-ste -- neil: no d, but are awe ayed this will spill oveto others, that you cha talent away from that industry, fng we'll go elsewhere, we'll g abroad? we'll go to her industry enrely? >> think compensation they receivsufficient to keep them where they are. neilwell, a lot of them the compensation is greater telogy ornternet. >> that doesn'mean that they have the skills in those aas. a skilled trader may not have
1:54 pm
code-writing skikills for examp. neneil: i understand. bottom line you see thisis as happening soon? >> yeses. to the best t ofy knowledge it's, a numberer of parties s nd to have sign-offs but ththink it is a prurudent, reasonable step. neil: attorney general, , ank you very, very much. >> thanks for having me.e. neneil: all right. boy the way y voting underway. five states are on the line. delegates on the line. how it turning o o? we'll take a early l look after this.. ♪ ininnovative sonicare technoloy with up to7% more bsh movements veus oral b. get healthier gums i 2 weeks guaranteed. invation and you.. phililips sonicare. save when you buy the e mo loved rechargeablele toothbrush brand in americaca.
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>> all rigight. voting underway. ta l look at some delegate counts here staing. followed by cruz. you do the math. 39392 is whadonald trump needs
1:58 pm
re the convention in july. 182nit gop delegates up for grabs. we spoke abohis saturday. important ss. philadelphia one s the are really two key cities for tonight. big steel countries. inng manufufactu jobs back to the u.s. john kasich worn in th surb. pride.a little b of hometown philadelphia right her a littit farther north. you haveentown. another place wh tribes message very much ma sen
1:59 pm
a numberf delegates available and up for g. thirtyht. the largest amountilable for tonit. and large lel. there will be a of focus on maryland all.. we will be busy tonight. >> ringing thatt down. donald trump wning pennlvania. i feel like i can say tha a sense tt i'm a two-year point, donald trump can withe popular vote. crews could spook him. fifty-fo unbound delegates. >>ll right. >>ou will be working later on on this. delelegates up for grabs it kd of changes.
2:00 pm
the attention docrats. closing the deal. trh regan i think, tonight, , it wilill be very iereresting. trisish: it will be interesting will b fun. thank you very much, n neil cavuto. itit seems to be following up r. i am tshsh regan. heading to polls t today. getting closerer to the delegats he needs. you knknow that one,totopping donald tmpmp. united todayay.


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