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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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trish: you know, we e talked earlier how hillary clinintois slamming donalald ump for his lavish lifestylele, t is hillary clinton beining hypocritical? join my page and telell me what you u thk. liz, over to you. liz: super tueuesday 3.0, the nenews is developing fast and furiously. donald trump eing bernrnie sanders on to dump t the dems ad go independedent at this hour. hillary sayiying whatever sandes does, shshe'got enough to blast past bernie. anthe kasich-cruz alliance mabe developing stress fractures riright now. trump spokespersonon kririna piererson and robert wolf join s live how their candidadates are preparing g for the primary crcrus stocks bussesed by 18,000, not there at t the moment as wal streetet sticks to the samame o portfolio allocatition, the bullish guy with a billilion to invest says time to o shake it up.
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we'll tetellll you exactly what says y you shod be changing now to m make mo money right now. and we're rolling on thehe rive o over a half a million americans spent a pretty pennyn on river cruisises last year. ththat number is only risingng h the tide. asashley webster breaks down th boomining business live from th danube river. we're less than anan hour to th closing bell. waitining on dow 18,000. slightlyly bow it here. anythinganan happen in the last hour of trade. you u know that. so let's start the "countdown." . liz: look k at these numbers on the bobottom of your screen, th markets are in a h holding pattern at this hour a as investors s anxiously await the federal reserve. we're inin the midst of a two-dy meeting on interest ratetes. decision d day is tomorrow, and because of that, looook at this. the ocks donon't want to move much right now. the dow down just five points.s. ththe s&p p up one, nearly two pointsts, you could call it fla
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at the moment. this, as the volumume remains very ligight. if you're wonderering what are the chances of a ratate hike tomoow? try goose egg. the fed futures are pricing ini a 0% chance e of aate hike totomorrow. more l lika 23-25% chance for junene, but that's not right no, certainly. this coupled with the babank of japan announcing its rate decision on thursday has investors on edge. that'shahat you have. nonow that we see the asian markets move down 86 poioints fr japan, back to ameririca and stocks that yoprprobobably own. one in p particular, procter & gamble. this is a coanany that makes puffffs, joy, gain, downey, shares are actually movingng don 2% after announcing q3 eararnins that beat estimamates but offerd a bleak outltlook for next quararter. what you see is colororing red for big names inin your portfolio. to polititics, voters in fie states are heading to the primary polls at this ur as s
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trump fans descend, connnnell mcshane is live at the t trump towers in nenew york where the trump camp is s hoping for a sweeeep. blake buburman at hillarary clinton's s headquarters i in philadelphia whehere clinton ha a bit of home-fifield advantage, a and jeff flock following g the ted cruz campain to indndianapolis widely regard as the statate that may make th difference beten a nomininatn it's that time again, folks,s, yet another super tutuesday, boh democrcratic andepublican contests taking place at t this hour. yoyou know the states, connecticut, m maryland, delaware, pennsylvanania and rhode islaland. with so many delegates up for r grabs, anything could devep p except o on the republican side specifically delawarare, winner take all, and d maryland, which isis winner take most. ththis critical night could be huhuge for dald trump. a mamajor win n in all five sta would d give the billionaire businessman a much stronger holdld on ththat elusive republn
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nomination, something rivals ted cruz and johohn kasich are tryingng to stop b by divvying the remainining primary states. connell mcshanliveve at e trump tower in no, you couould quote the "walall ststreet jour" and thjournal is saying ththe map is shrinking for t trump's foeses, connell? >> r reporter: it's fair at thi point. wewe'll have a better idea afte totonight and better idea after next week in indiana.. no doubt about it pecteded to be a big night for tru.. a question of how big. you werere talking about delaware, a simple s state the way the delegates are giveven out. the other four arere not. pennsysylvania is the most mplicated. in a state likike connecticut there are opopen questions for donald trump. can he get t to 50%? one thing we can report jujust from beieing with trump over th last week or so,o, his campaign is getting organized in n terms of how it plays ththe all-important dedelegate game. the question will be whetherer that organization happenen too late, say, in pennsylvania where 54 of f e delegates will
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be allocateded as free agents going g into the convention. just last t dnesday as an exexample, w we were in philadelphia a and alerted t liteterature the cruz campaign was handing ouout. it looook st like regular campaign literature, but if wew zoom in on the cruz literarere, you see he was telling h his supporters to vote for c certai delegates in p pennsylvania. so those delegates wouldld support him m at convention. now it definitely y took trump few diesesatch up. here's a a look at another flye that we picked up yesterday ata a trump rally in westchehester, pa, he was urging suppororters o vote f for, quote, trump delegates, as hehe called them. he d didn't seem thrilled by it. > we have a rigged system, w have a corrupt system. this whole thing with h e delegates isis ridiculous. and you have to gogo out, and yu haveve to get your beautiful delegate card and you have t vote for your degates.
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the delegates! [ cheers ] >> crazy! >> here'the story, and they said m trump, wheyou go up there, you catell them to take the card for e delegates. that not a cool thing to say duri a speech. vote forhe delegates, i've done my job. >> rorter: tonighthould be a replay of last tsday, trump tors set up for a small numberf guests to be invited in. he will make a statementround 9:0000.m. sterern, after the polls are closed. z: always interesting, isn it connell. fox business wl carry at. connell, tha you very much. as we contin to the democrs, hillary clinton poiseded to extend lead by swping all five states tonit. thoughival bernie sanders has some hope of ciming a victory in rhode isld. blake burman covering the democrats ve from hillary clton headquarters in downtown philadelphia.
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ifif she sweeps l five states does that in essenceakher the inevitableemoctic nomine >> reporter: yea ivitable, liz, is one way u could put it. when you look at nbers and how this all breaks wn, hillarclinton is notot going to clinch the nominatn tonight in theory, mathematicay possssible, but by the way the demoats break things out proportionally, she coulget a whole lot closer tthe end of the ne. let me show you how thisll breaks out. five stas tonight, you went over them, i won't name em. here in pennsylvania, is half of the delegates award. 38in total. if hilla clinton were to get 55 or 60% of the delates, whatever that mber might be, anythingver 50% by the t time it'sll said and done, that wod make it somewhere around 200 spotentially. right now, she has 1944,ount itp when you include the super delegas, a little more an 400 short.
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if you werto get her to 200 o closer, pretty much bridges the gaphen all the states eventually come oin. bernie sde was here in phphiladelphia earlier thi morning. he was doing retl stops at city hall and redding termin which is o of the big food joints here, and he s asked at certain point is he going to think about getng out of the race and called that estion absurd. by the way, liz, you menoned briefly the twt from donald i'll rea to you, he e is suggting that bernie sanders run a t third party dependent. here's what trump tweeted toy and i'm quoth. bernie sders has been treated terrib by the delegates, democrats and otherwise, h shouldun as an independent. beie sanders wife, on another network, said thatin't going to hpen. that has never beesanders' inteion to play the role as spoiler. anpating clinton after a
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day of campaigni in indiana, byhe way. liz: blakethank you very ch. we saw that in the lascouple of hours and said we'vgot to talk abouthat and lklk about what wouldxtending her lead for clinching theomination for hillary clinton, joining me bigtime clinton suorter robe wolf. great to have you here. >> great to be on, liz liz: two major deloping stor the bernie sanderisissue of donalald trump ging him on. thsecond one is if she sweeps tonight, h how mh closer does she get? or is that it? s getting the nomination. i think she's gng the nomination, sweep no sweep, up by mins of popular votes by over 70% ol delegates combined as a supe if you have nnsylvania, rgin, florida and ohio, we want you aa democratic caate. and e's going to be winning all e states. she already won ohio buble
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digiflorida by double gits, virginia and she's going to win by double digit pennsylvania. liz: if u put it ther, it's logical. bernie sders has the momeum, momentum doesn't mean math andath wins you the delegates,ms he is embolden by the fact is hauling in, robe, $4million per month, small donations, thas we, the pele, and have you donald trump saying hey, it not fair. you just saw the tweet tt blake burman swed. it'sot fair, bernie is treated unfairirly. what are t chances bernie goes as independt. >> zero chance he goes as independent. liz: why zero?o? one, 's already come out he's goi to be a democrat. number two, he's been voting with democrats for yearsbut i think more iortantly, what he'sonone in helping get out vote is good forhe democratic party, it'not a negative. at we have to make sure is a lot of t things he is speaking for and who he' speaking f continues to aclerate.
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i also think when you t down to the factsthe secretary and senator sanders don't have tt manydifferens. democrat party actually pretty much leans left togher and on most ofhe social issueshey're similar. >> you kw r. ishe going to move a little bimore to the center? it almt seems just to get bernie's aura of halo light, she's gone really left, it seems. willheo more centrist in the general election? >> liste ihink at the end of the d, you're fighting for the swing states wch are predomintly those that sit in thpule area.a. i think both parties have moved re left and re right. >> absolutely. >> the queion is what are going to be the real, , not different an a other caaign. ithe economy and foreign policy. and i think at the end of e da those are the two book ends. the fference is, this year the preme court is going to take a frontta, center stage, and think at that
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int, that will be more of what say the other issue that people want to me sure that mypinion are democrats in office. liz: you're noat 32 advisers, a company yo founded, yowerere at ubs - -- ubs chairman of ubs americas. >> for 30 years. >> you are well entrenched i in wall street. liliz: 80 days ago she said she would possibly release thehe tet of speeches she gave, she has s not done so yet. you have been to one of the e paid speeches anand what would e so bad? >> i haven't. > i know the wealth managaget side had president clintonon an president sh at their events. whwhen you go to the events, yo want to o hear frorom someone ws a secretary of state abobout foreign policycy. ththat's what you want to hear. liz: why notot release it if that's whahat's in there?
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>> at the end of thehe day, she said s she'll release it when - maybe e trump gave speeches or crcruz gave speeches. why would you say here a are speeches. you don't need to.o. wawait until the general electin and force the issue. maybe at general leck,k, she forces trumpo releasase taxes. therere's always a trade. >> you don't w want to give up somemething without getting something. > exactly. liliz: robert wolf with 32 advisers. coming up, fair and balanceded. donald trump's national l spokesperson katririna pierson whether she expects a a sweep tonight, which i'm guessining se will say yes, bumomorere importantly, will that pusush donald trump into o a re, quote, presidentntial tone. got to hear whwhatat katri h hao say. do not move yourial right now, remote,e, whatever you are watching us on. looking atat the heat maps t closing bell rings in 47 minutetes.
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apple facicing pressure after te bell. invevestors are worried that th greatest innovation, the iphonoe could be temporary dowowall for the shares, but peelining away the headlines, could t there bea surprise to the e upside in apple's numbers?s? jo ling kekent has your insider secret guide to the tetech giant's latestst report. alliliance foods may have been s struck but stress fractures are e starting to sho fofor the presidentialal nominan on the repepublican side. the noise getting loududer and louder, who's listening, ron christieie and christy setzer hash it out next on "c"countdow to the c closing bell. dow is down 21 points. show me movies with explosions.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. . liz: t taka look at this. silicon valleyititan is reporting sesecond-q-quarter rnrnings after the bell, the stock is slightly lower, downn ababout .62%, investors e e expecting a big move in n the stock after-hours. applple shares are held not just your p porolio but pension portfolios across the country.y. while everybody talalking about hoapapple is going to shshow year-over-year sales decline for r the rst time ever for hohones, the real story is ememerging, and you're gettingtt
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from us, let's letet jo ling gie t to you. there is apppple technology that evererybody on the inside is taing ababout, but everybody is talking about the iphone.. reveal it, jo. >> reporter: that's ghght, liz, the e story here, apple's winnin streak may be coming to anndnd today after r the closing bell. the hohone maker posted first ever yearly decline nishgsgs phone sales. 54.4 million iphones, th iphone makes up two-thir o of apple's revenue. reremember they warned sales would d be down overall. whwhat are the analysts lookg here, $2 s share in profit, 51.9 billion dollars in n revenue, you compare that t it' down from 58 billion this time last year, that would be t first decline in 1 13 years. that's's w all eyes are on otheher categories too, like sasales in china and the potential slowdown thehere, and of c course, the apple watch.
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so far hasn't been able toakake up for the softeningng iphone sales, they slasashed prices by 50 bucks, , see if that has a material effect. m milon watches were sold in the first year, afr r all the bellyy a aching of slow sales tt is a handy bt t of the first watcsosold in 2007. apple has enen climbing steadily, arares are expected to move 3.7% uoror down tomorrow based oththe news todaday. ththat's something to watch fo your portfolio. and more news on the apple terrorism fronbrbreaking today, the e "wall street journal reporting that thehe fbi has decided to keep e e san bernardi i iphone hacking a sesecret. the fbi will tell the whwhe house it knonows very little abththe toolol and does not recommend lachching a, quote, inteternal government review about whether to sha t the hahacking method with apple, t company, liz? liz: and everybody sululd know wewe have the numbers after th bell.
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e e second they become available, they t t the tape, fox busineness has them. let's talk about politics oncec again. looks like the tru t train and thhihillary express are on track k to reachesespective delegate count destinationons i tonight'prprimaries. no cdididate wants to be left behind at the atation of cour, , so what will be tomorrow'sigiggegest story? a possibible campaign derailmen, somebody jettinining themselves out? let's ask k mocratic strategist christy setzerndnd republican sttetegist ron christie. i don't like to go with th obvious narratives, guys. ro s start with you. whwhat narrative are you watchgg that i is less obvious that can informrm our viewers that they ne t to be right on top of the story. >> liz, m m a big "star wars" fan, i'm looking at e e john kasisich and the ted cruz alliance and saying t this similar to the rebel allncnce taking on the empire? and as donald trump p represese the empire.
3:22 pm
seririouy, look, it's going to bebe very interesting torrow morning. we're gointoto s trump had a g g night, a very important night but still hasn't cncnched it. what i'm lookingng at after tonight, we've o only got ten more contests left, can kasich and cruz band toththern n the bebel alliance and d stop trump frfrom the 1237 number. liz: looks lik the r rebel alliance has a greentitick fracture, looks like it's s a little wobbly, i't't it? >> governor kasi h had a very interesting ininterview on the "today" show, and d matt lau keptpt trying to tell him, are you tellinfofolks vote for me in this s state and others. he wouldn'sasay it. this is a pledge worked t t between the two staffs, noththe candidates themsmselves. the two ntntlemen have not spoken about this formlyly, the campaign s staff is trying to formrm the alliance. liz: blame thetataffers!
3:23 pm
christy, in the last two hrsrs wenonow that donald trump has come out and startrted to nudge beieie s sanders. go indepependent. >> rig.. liz: obviously, that benefefits donald trump, and by the wayay, katrina pierson n is going to join us, she, of course, iththe trump spokespersrson. wh d do you think is the narrative atat should be developing right nowow? >> i don't thinke e goes indendent either. i inink the question is about bernie sandersnenextteps. right now w he hasas two obviou titions. one e he can go all in, more negative than he has o on llary clininton, thinking he can turn some more e of those supporters or delegates, you know, thi last gastrategy. and two, here's where i' hoping he eshis, try to generate something posive out of what he de with the campgn. bow to the matathematical realiy and y maybi'll do something li howard dean did afterer 2004. he knew he wasn't ing to be e president or the nominee,
3:24 pm
buended up running for dnc chr and embodying the -ste strategy that his campaign was about. and beinown for that, wh heould have left as more or less a laughingstock. that's the line m looking at rit now. z:on, looking at the developments ovethe past couple of days.. the fact is that donald trum hathe e most delegates and voters are coming out in force. pluralits dot nenecessarily mean ts is the guy everybody wants to see up there. have yeavy hitters saying ll get b behind whoever is the reblican nominee. do you bieve that? or do you think we geto the open convention situatn and it wl be an all-out cker punch fight, right, left, sts flying? >> i d't thi it's a sucker punch fight. we've had ten conventionand produced the likesf raham lincoln from a contested convention. the notion we are a dided party t of cleveland is a wrong one.
3:25 pm
the rulehave consequences and if mr. trump can't g 1237, that what the rules say and we go to a convention and fi a unifying candidate. conventions e held to have the consensus candide that the e party can rallbehind, i justst don't think tt's donald trum li you are behind the guy in polls including "x news po"s can beat hillary. in the end, a kasich-cruz tchup, who is the winner there? kasich is much more conservati because he comemes ofas so moderate as compared toto ted cruz and donald trump. liz: pretty moderate? i've covered him for aut 20 years. >> in the and scheme of thgs. there is also the ideahat he willave much less time to get ouhis positions. people for theost part don't know w kasich is. that gives hlary a b advantage. liz: christy setr, ron
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. liz: we're s sti kind of freezing here in new york, butu the summer travel season, we'r'e told, is almost here, , and if you're lking f for a alteternative way to travel through europe, river cruisising suddenly the hot thing. nearly half a mimillion americas went on n onof those. taking a river cruise throroug
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all ththe autiful rivers of europe, and that number isis climbing fasast. ashley webster joining us on the e luck pup, tell us about i. > rorter: some people get the best assignments, cleaean living. we are in the ultraswanky reption area of the latest boat on thflfleet here, and as you saidid, e number of north americans sailing their r wa through europe, up to hahalf million, and this s is luxury. the marble, the chrome, , the steel, and e everything else. follow m me here. i have the folks wororking hard at recepepti. feels lilike you are at a luxur hotel but you are floaoati on the river.r. this is one e of the seang areas where e pele can stop, have a a cup of coffee. we have a highndnd restaurant
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at the otherernd, and a fire side as well, that you don't't ve tclea which is wonderful. got to give you localllavor, liz, thihis is a grgroup called foot thrhrow, it's traraditiona, they are gearing up p practicin for concert t down stairs. reminds meme o c che chase in europeanan vation, just hope nobody gets hit. 17170 passengers on this plane - on this particular boat, 4 442 feetet lg, that's the dimension, and how mucuch dodoe all of this cost? 300 to -- ststar around 300 per rsrson per dayay, going up to $1,000f you rereally w want to liveve le a king and queen. i was thinknkinabout joining in, i don't ththinthey'll let meme. no better way, liz.. you've t traled a lot. i'm going to sit down n he,
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that's's dntown linz. we h have all the windows which is b beautiful. one e ofhe best things is everybody, everybody gets s a butler. and mine is georges.. geges, thank you very much, , cheers, he's been looking aftetr he all day. a lot t of hard work left to do liz, so i'll carry on n ando my rt for t theeam. liz: i need that. you want t to e my butler? come here, austin. ep georges up. cawe keep georges up. this is my butler. >> thanks, ashley. >> austin, t thiis georges. georges will givive austin tips. liliz: save me schnitzel. >> yes, georgege will bring you anything. yes.s. liz: okay. ththank you.
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the clososing bell 27 minutes ay. markets arare about flat as you can see. donaldrump still notot mcing words s when it comes to rivals ted cruz andnd john n kasisich when will th quote, more presidenenti trurump he promise emerged. katrina pierson, why d't't w ask her? she tells us next. she is standing by thehere. she is. hi, katrinina, don't move. by the way, define presidential. at does that mean to you?? you can twtweet me -- by the w waywe're at 45,000 twitter followers. thank k yo everybody. get upup to 50, and then it'a party. fox business sipippy cups for all. that's about all we have f for swag at the moment. dow w is unchanged. lo at ththat. ththe pursuit ofealthier.
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. liz: indiana's big primamary is next week,k, stealaling some of super tuesday's 3.0 lilimelight. why? inindia is crucial to the republican race. it has a major number of dedelegate up for grabs. . can senanator d cruz win the state as part of plan to b block donald trump from gettining the required number ofof delegates t snag the nomination. jeff flock i is live in indianapolisis with an update. >> repororter: you know where i am? john kasich said he e wasn't going campaign here, didn'n't yy he was g going to come herere a fund raisise. the e cr-kasich alliance, that's the ameriricawarriors nja set, that mamay be apapprriate metaphor for the cruz-kasich effort.. the two of them e in the
3:40 pm
state at the same time. we'll be at the rarally tonight east of ththe ty at the hoosier gym where they fililmethe movie "hoosiers.s." the latetestololl from fox says8 points in the lead is donanald trump, but the poll wadodone before the cruz-kasich alliance. we'll l see where it goes from here. liz: w we sure will. a lot has s chged. keeps changing, you needed t wawatch all of our team coverag starting tonigig, 7:00 p.m. eastern, following s sup tuesday 3.0. donaldld trump holding very fas onto hopes o of sweeping the polls s in all five states in today's primaries. reminder, trtrumis expected to spk at 9:00 p.m. eastern night at trump tower in nenew york after the resultsts are announced. trump hahas en under attack as you heard d from rivals ted cru and john kasicich o formed this alliance in an attttem to
3:41 pm
prevent trump p from winning th delegates needed to clininchhe nomination. haeffort that worked and where does h he stand as he tris close the deal? trina pierson with me liveve, is it indiana, katririna? >> i i t mr. trump is focused on c closing out tonight. of c course we're moviving int indiana. ofof course, when we talk about reaching that goal o of 37, prior to a convention, it t waa fefew ys ago, liz, where the candidates, bothth othe other candidates were saying it was imssible, nobody is going toto get there. we're going to a a cvention, and all of a sudden trtrying jon rces becausese ty knew this whwholtime that donald trump was on track to secure thehe nomination prior to o a conventi. liz: i have to tell you, i canan remember going back to n novber and thininking about this today katrina, where peoeoplwere sitting right xt to meme, pundits and saying rememember, it's e early, back when rudy giuliani h hadun, by february
3:42 pm
he's out. donald trump m may be out. he's far from m ou ththat said, you now have th alliance but have sothing th the new york post broughtht up today, that is s marco o rub. ttle marco not so little anymore. he has 171 comommied delegates that he possibly cououldontrol toto move to the cruz side, the kakasich side or what have you. how are you going to hanandle that? >> mr. t tru already said he doesn't likekehe whining and diningng odelegates. he wants to put hihis ssage out therere. evenen to marco rubio supporter and delegates whwho are supporting rubioio in florida fr ththatatter. there are plenty of delegagate looking at mr.r. tmp, mainly beuse they s see what the vovoters in ththe repupublican have b been saying. we've beenen tfrom the bebeginning that donald trump n't get a majority as cacandidates drop out, they're going to coalesce around othther people. and the lalatest "fox news poll showows nald trump is going up anand nator ted cruz is going
3:43 pm
down. so the r rhetoric isn't matchin the results. mr. trtrump has millions more voters. hundreds more dedelegates, he hs the excitemement, the enthusias, the only repepublican who has densnstrated he can win in the northeast, the south, thee west, even amomong hispanics. when w we look at november, republicans are starting t to realizize nald trump is the st republican for the candidate. liz: you talk about nevada a and how he wonon t hispanic vote. he won a a plurality of 30%. >> puerto ricoco, he beat ted cruz with hispanics in flolori and new yorkrk. there's a consensus ththere. liliz: there is. we have to asksk b something that developed in the last couple of hours. donald trump egging on b bere sanders. we can show you u thtweet, b in e essence he was saying berne is treated u unfairly and shoul abandodon the democratic par and run as independent. is he pulling this stuffff o on
3:44 pm
his own, is this somethihing pal manafort, , hinew campaign adviser is pushing for? >> if we go back to the beginnining when mr. trump entered ththe race he raised hi hand. he feels if there is injususti inin t political system, voicess shshould be heard in. the case of bernie sandersrs, unlike o on e republican side, bernie sanders dn'n't stand a chchan because of the super degate system. he's outut tre, fighting, heas support d excitement b behd his s campaign, why not give those e people an option in november, whwho will not suppor llary clinton and don't wawant to vote republblic. liz: i got to get toto t, quote, presisidential issue because it means dififferent things t to fferent people. dold trump brings it up and d says thehey' telling me to be more presidential. my dauaughter is tling me to b mo presidential, et cetera.. i imagine e pele are telling him, make it highebrowow, d hehe is pushing back is. the next headline wewe'rgoing to rd or one of the nextxt headlinenes is paul manafort is
3:45 pm
leavinthe e trp campaign becaususe donald trump is not taking his advice? >> i i don't think so, from the beginning, we said letet tmp be trumump,nd he's mentionebebeing morere presidential when the tie is right, and really we're talking about t a nditioning prprogram. nonot cessarily presidential. hehe has fun at rallies. he jokes, hehe laughs, he entertrtai. his fans love hihim. liz:z: this is true. >> w when you hear about the unpresidenenti comments they're at these rallieses, d the crowd loloves it. they ungauge him, adadorhim. when he has fun with the individus. lolook at aipac, another speech this w weeon foreign policy, you will see a presisidential side of f donald trump. but when he's s ouththere among his supporters who are v ver excited bebecause he's going to be the next presidident of the united states, and manany them have watchched him and his famiy for decadedes. is is a eat moment in american histotorynd peopl shshould sit back and enjoy it. liz: katrina, greaeat to havave you. thk you very much. >> good toto bhere.
3:46 pm
liz: busy lady, shshe always ges in frorontf the cameras. apprececiate it. any time. liz: closing bell,l, 1minutes away.. again, preretty flat market in advance of tomorrow's federaral reserve decisionon, there probobab won't be a decision on rates. but goldman sachs nonot st for wall street anymore, but c can main street really afford to do business with this massisive bank? chare e breaking the story next on "countdown." plus it't's that time of yer again, s sitting down with the richest mind in business.. warren buffett and companyny joining me nexext monday live from berkshire hathaway annualal meeting in nebraska. the orac o of omaha's children, howardrd, suzy and peter, join e live right here from thehe fame woodstock fofor capitalists, yo don't want to miss. it stay tuned.
3:47 pm
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. liz: a s struggling goldman sacs now ofoffering savings aounts for asas litittle as $1 and certifates of deposits, cdcd for $500 hoping g to attract th avaverage joe. isis this addition of smsmall accounts g good enough to keep goldman sas s levant? are you saying golan shs isn't relevant? >> is this like 1979. cd's? liz: i gssss. >> bank deposits they came ouwith thihis -- they have a bank, a l o of e wall street firmsms have nknk. goldman only dealt wh h the super rich, now tryi t to take baby s steps to be a player for main street. liz: like citi? >>ikike cigrgroup. we did an clusiv interview
3:52 pm
with dicick bovey, called it a decade of marketing for ststock pricing. puup a chart. liz:hehey just did. >> my producer called up dicick again totoday and said be spspecific. tetelllls what you didn't tell cnbc or bloomberg. liz:igight, he w o on cnbc yeststerday. >> but tell us whahat you wouldn't tell themem. and d what he said was thi and doubled down on crititicism in the interview with us s and sai goldman neneeds to be sold or merge withth a big bank. z:z: wha >> that't's what he is saying now. liz: they're notigig enough. >> veteran analyst. onofof the senior guys covering wa s street is saying this if isis company is going to survrvive in this environment, a enviroenent of dodd-frank, an environment enen you can't adade, you can only do certain thin, , low risk things, it needtoto sell to a big bank. interesting because ldldman cacame out, i think one of the
3:53 pm
alalysts said jpmorgan should be broken out. dick be is saying the oppoposite. find a bank, mererge with it or be bought by it asap or goldldmn sachs stock pricice is going to be stuckck. liz: whichch nam >> he wasn't specifific, but there's a lot of cananadian bins out there atololdman sachs could d merge with. liz: rbc? >> yeah, thehey're out there. we should point ouout, we raa a lot of thiss by ldman. on the recor a a spokesperson doesn't want to commenent. this is like nearly impoibible fousus to do in this environment. ththere's a lot of pressure onss toto get smaller, not to get bigger. i think what bovesasaying point-blank,f f you're a shareholder of goldm sachs, this is somebody that everody that owns this stock, and th is aidely held stock should keep in mind. if you think is gog to get out of t dole drums a
3:54 pm
hasn't recovered price fm 2007, right bere the fincial crisis, the only ing has to do is somethin transformational, e transformational tng he's saying, it has to mee with a bank or be bouought by bank. liz: thion the heels of you talking aboutarrela merging with tudor >> tho are smaller firms. what i mentionedesterday, two fairlyrominentnt boutique banks, this is not enoh business, if it'not enough for goldman, finitely not enough for them. liz: charlie breaks it. ahead ofhe ail policy meeting nouncement which is tomorrow, we have one exrt o says no tter what the federal reserve doessomething coming, you need to know about. the markets are at because ththeye waiting to hear about tomorrow. we've got it today. stayuned. there's a lot of plas you never want to e "$7.95." [ beep ] buyou'll be glad to see ihere.
3:55 pm
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z: right now some things are changing with the rkets and way people are investingou ne tt aside what you have ever k about investing because my next guest he hat a new strategy to protect yourorio from somethg that is coming. joinin s steve blumenthal, cm-f capitanagement group. what is coming >> re ion is coming. z: why? >> we have o one s or seven years. we're late in this cycle. globally i think we're i recession. we're not immune. so you see signicant slolowdown inarnings. you see signific slow d over- liz:t quarter wead 1.4% growth that not a recession. >>e had a lot of firepower from the fedrchahasing assets to stilate economy. liz:z: rates hike and markets he up. >> it did. and mainly fed drin. you get a whisper o intention positive or dosh marketsts rally. you go the other wayarkets
3:59 pm
sell off. liz: either wawe're hanging by thre, that is your tory. recession one or two yea? >> inside of two yrs. liz: what do we do with our money, tradional allocation is 60% equities, 40% fix. >> theroblem we have equity valuations very high. what is gnificant, tells you a lot about how retu will be 10 years from now. looking zero to 2% equity retus after inflation becae of 1years because the markets have been so bid up. when you he interest rates at 1.9%n treasury you factor in flation. we're looking flat returns liz: flat return he will explaiin just a second wh you should do with the money. hold on one 2nd, we have breaking newout the white house. nortlawn, offifials,olice, secr service. we have dogs, bomb-snig gs descended the north lawn specifically othe white house and we don't k know wh yet they
4:00 pm
are searching for. you can sethere doesn't appear to be urgency aboupeople although ourameras may be rhaps on a location that doesn't show exactly whas going on. right now the news thaweave, we do have some police, we hav somexperts looking at this. in fact officials cleared th white hoe lawn at the moment. so, that has used up our time. we'll pusteve blame men that's allocation on faceok page. steve, i sry. you haveo come back really on. >> thanks fohaving me. z: breaking news. steve blumentl. as bells ring, fed chief jet yellen wre waitingn her for tomorrow nt to give it to david and melissa with the breaking ne. david: thank y very much. 'll l be watching story and watching markets and polics. melissa: stocks xed ahead of tomorrow's fed mng. i'm melissfrancis. david: i'm david asmanththiss "after theell." inddition toreaking news at


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